Glitch (Re: Abyssman Costumes)?

  1. Ok, I have done everything that needs to be done to get the costumes (i.e. 2nd playthrough, beat the absorption gate, found the rappigs, and so on). However, the maid never appeared. Is this a glitch or do I have to wait longer? I have continued with the story and have checked back regularly but no maid has appeared. Is there a cutoff to get it (i.e. before Eldrant)?


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    javianjeff - 7 years ago

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  1. --------
    Available: After clearing Adsorption Gate and Natalia rejoins the party<->
    Before defeating Synch in Eldrant.
    (2nd Playthrough)
    Rewards : Luke's "Abyss Red" title.
    Tear's "Abyss Black" title.
    Jade's "Abyss Blue" title.
    Anise' "Abyss Pink" title.
    Guy's "Abyss Orange" title.
    Natalia's "Abyss Green" title.
    Asch's "Abyss Silver" title.

    Go to Grand Cokuma and talk to the maid in Peony's room. She will give the
    characters the Abyssman costumes including an extra one for Asch. When wearing
    these Sentai costumes, sometimes the team members will have a victory quote,
    saying their respective Abyssman names. Luke or Asch must wear their Abyssman
    costumes and must be inside your team to activate this victory quote.

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