Noble Roar?

  1. To use this skill i need to have Elven Bow equiped but how can i get it? I know its an exclusive only available in Din's but what do i have to do to get it? Can someone please tell me?

    User Info: werty100

    werty100 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Get all Flightstones and search for all Search Points. Then get Natalia's Adventurous Princess title. Also, get Natalia's Labyrinth Princess title (at least)

    Then gather at least 64 Sacred Trees, 1 Dragon Fang (or another Highland Ruby), 1 Silk Thread, 1Charcoal (or Giant Shell) and 1 Highland Ruby.

    Give Din all the Sacred Trees. Then give her the Charcoal (or Giant Shell), the Silk Thread and the Dragon Fang (or Highland Ruby). Then talk to her again and select Special Request. Bows should be available. Select it and give her the Highland Ruby. Re-enter her shop and get your Elven Bow.

    Check the Din's Shop FAQ for the locations and title for the trade items.

    User Info: steen_cloud

    steen_cloud (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0

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