How do I solve Meggiora Highlands entrance 2?

  1. I'm actually going to answer this because using forums is against my religion (not really, im just too lazy to look for the proper place and ive never liked forums to begin with).

    This puzzle is deceptivly easy. the four statues are actually candles that you have to light with mieu fire and you can only move lit statues and when you do, the unlit ones move in the opposite direction.

    start by lighting the statue on the far left. then move it onto the closest target spot to it, the bottom left spot. now light the other three statues and move them up so that the far right statue is on the bottom right target spot. continue moving the two that are not on target spots all the way up and in line with the top two target spots. here's where it gets tricky (not really). use mieu attack on the right statue, to unlight it, and the bottom right statue leaving the two left ones lit. now move the top left statue all the way to the left wall. now use mieu attack on the bottom left statue and mieu fire on the bottom right one. now pull the top left statue right and onto the target spot to solve the puzzle.

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