Wat i the sword (Nebilim) use for?

  1. I got this nebilim sword from blade rex and i wen to see Maestro Tritheim he said some ting about some fornic arte . so i wen to jade's sister place to ask but noting happen . can some one tell me how to learn te plant fornic arte ???

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  1. sorry for late answer because I just sign up and still new..and seems too late..but I'll try answer your question..

    nebilim is one of the six catalyst weapons..those weapons are more powerful depending how many enemies you've killed with certain character(ex:if luke has killed 1000 enemies,then his damage will be 1000) the maximum amount of the damage is 9999..so,this weapon is a MUST have if you're attempt to challange on very hard or unknown mode.but this won't work if you are not at the 2nd playthrough and hadn't complete:
    1."nebilim and the catalyst weapons"
    2."mieu fire 2" (if you miss the sidequest shiba,then you won't be able to get mieu fire 2...even worse,you can't do this nebilim sidequest)
    3. "mieu wing"

    -key items
    refined fonstone

    here is what you have to do:

    1.1after you got that nebilim,speak to tritheim at daath.
    1.2 to keterburg and speak to nephry
    1.3 to grand chokmah and talk to Emeror Peony(here you'll got the second catalyst weapon for guy)then to malkuth military HQ to jade's office

    2. to St.Binah speak with McGovern then to Glenn and you'll be asked to help find McGovern's rappig..to find it,just exit st.Binah and you'll see rappig.get it,and back to Glenn(received the third,Blood Pain for Jade)

    3. to Baticul,go to abandoned factory and look for it..I'm too lazy to explain..sorry but here you'll need mieu wing and mieu fire 2(you'll get holy quel-whatever it was for natalia..this'll make the 4th)

    4.head to cathedral at daath to see florian..you'll have to search for him afterwards..simply go to a room with 5 colourful fonic glyps remember? the one you use to Mt.Zaleho? now use the yellow,talk to him,done..(got heart of chaos for anise,makes the 5th)

    5.at Hod(well I'm sorry but I'm too lazy to explain..so,I'll just give some hints:
    -have you mentioned a room that there is 2 huge pillars with ladder in it?you have to knock it with mieu attack so it'll fall down
    -go to a room where there are 2 enemies strange with giant orb thingy in the middle.defeat both of them BUT REMEMBER TO DEFEAT THEM WITH LIGHT ARTE OR DARK ARTE. you'll get something light and shadow items.check the giant orb thingy and use the light,or the the dark and the room will rotate..(if you manage it to secret room,you'll get unicorn horn for tear..)

    6.last,look for nebilim's crag at northwest of Keterburg through the blizzard by refined fonstone,albiore full charged.look for a mountain split in half,enter and good luck for fight her..

    if you done then it's all over..now you're able to use those catalayst weapon..
    note:if it isn't work,then you must be miss a sidequest or too late because you need to trigger some of this event from time to time not straightly finish it at once

    hope this is useful and sorry for Hod's explanation..if you can't solve the puzzle,ask again..maybe I can tell you more

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  1. It is a sidequest to fight the hardest boss in the game, you should probably attempt it later in the game closer to end game. The next place you need to go is to see Peony. The point of the quest is to gather the six weapons to unlock something.

    There isn't a planetary fonic arte you can learn. Just to shatter your dreams of a kill all skill.

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  2. For sidequest to beat rhe hardest boss in the game, Nebilim

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