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    Spells/Artes FAQ by Chuc

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                             Tales of the Abyss
                            Spells and Artes FAQ
                         By Chuc / Black Matrix Zero
               E-Mail - sirchuc (at) yahoo (dot) com (dot) au
      ~Introduction to Spells and Artes
      ~Field of Fonon
      ~Artes Listings
      ~AD Skills Introduction
      ~AD Skill Listings
    V1.24 More additions
    V1.23 Added more descriptions, English exclusive artes
    V1.22 AD Skills Renaming, Added English exclusive artes
    V1.21 More names added
    V1.20 US Names added, Romaji corrections
    V1.10 Added most descriptions and made corrections
    V0.98 Corrections
    V0.97 Added event necessities, Mystic Artes and minor corrections
    V0.96 Added Anise's Doll artes, and better arranged artes
          into Tokugi and Ougi sections
    V0.95 Added various artes, Asch and updated FOF system, and the AD Skills
    V0.50 Started off
    Note: To view properly, change character encoding to Shift-JIS.
    Introduction to Spells and Artes
    Artes and Spells operate the similar ways as in older Tales games. They are
    assigned to the appropriate X-Direction layout, and executed in combat when
    the X-direction is pressed.
    artes are divided into Base Artes/Tokugi (特技), Arcane Artes/Ougi (奥義)
    and Mystic Artes/Hiougi (秘奥義).
    Spells however require a charge time before execution. Holding (Tech)
    whilst casting will allow the caster to keep the spell in reserve,
    and when X is  released again, the spell is executed.
    A new system, dubbed the Field of Fonon (FOF), plays around with the six Fonon
    (Elements) to alter (FOF Change) a tech/spell into another tech accessable
    only through the FOF.
    Field Of Fonon
    A colourless circle will appear on the battlefield where an elemental attack
    is used. Be it spell or tech, the size of the circle may vary.
    When a 2nd spell or tech of the same element is used,
    the circle will become fully coloured. Now, artes or spells used or
    targetted in the area will undergo the FOF Change.
    When casting spells affecting a single character, characters have to be within
    the FOF for the spell to change. Alternatively, the caster has to be inside the
    FOF for the FOF change to occur.
    Regular tier spells such as Splash and Nightmare require 2 castings
    to get a fully coloured FOF. High tier spells (like Grand Dasher & Raise Dead)
    only need one casting to get a fully coloured FOF.
    Elemental Base Artes require 4 uses to get a fully coloured FOF.
    But these FOF don't last as long as spell FOFs, and usually aren't as large.
    火 - Fire - Red
    水 - Water - Blue
    地 - Earth - Yellow
    風 - Wind - Green
    光 - Light - Gold
    闇 - Dark - Purple
    Additionally, FOF changes are not limited to the specified Fonon requirement.
    A Wind FOF change can happen in a Light FOF, or a Water FOF change can happen
    in a Dark FOF. Both Light and Dark are interchangable with the Fonon
    adjacent to it.
    Wind ---> Light <--- Fire
    Earth ---> Dark <--- Water
    風 --> 光 <-- 火
    地 --> 闇 <-- 水
    Melee/Range Artes
    Name- US Name *Kanji/Katakana* Romaji/Transliteration (+Requirements)
    TP- TP Cost || Hits- Number of Hits (Or Elemental or Special effects)
    Description - A verbal description of what the arte looks like
    FOF Change - When the tech is used in a certain FOF,
    it changes to the following tech.
    Special Notes/Effects (if apply)-
    Name- The Name (+Requirements)
    TP- TP Cost || Hits- Number of Hits (Or Special effects)
    FOF Change - When the tech is used in a certain FOF,
    it changes to the following tech.
    How the requirements work -
    . Default: Automatically aquired
    . Lv. #: The character must be at or beyond this level.
    . (Arte) 50x: Use the prerequsite artes 50 times
    . Must know (---- skill): Must have the prerequisite arte already aquired.
    . Event: Sometimes the arte can be aquired during an event, or can be
             performed after the event in the story.
    NOTE: Refer to other walkthroughs for guides to event related artes.
    |Luke ルーク|
    --- Sword artes ---
    Fang Blade 双牙斬 Sougazan (Default)
    TP 5 || 3 Hits
    Luke slices down then uppercuts the enemy.
    - FOF Change (Wind)
    Lightning Tiger Blade 襲爪雷斬 Shuusouraizan
    Luke strikes the enemy down with powerful jolts of lightning.
    Havoc Strike 崩襲脚 Houshuukyaku (Lv. 4)
    TP 5 || 2 hits
    Luke jumps up then comes down striking with his foot.
    - FOF Change (Fire)
    Burning Havoc 紅蓮襲撃 Gurenshuugeki
    Luke jumps then crashes into the ground in a fiery tornado.
    Raging Blast 烈破掌 Reppashou (Lv. 8)
    TP 10 || 2 Hits *Knockdown*
    Luke deals damage by exploding energy gathered through his palm.
    - FOF Change (Water)
    Frigid Blast 絶破烈氷撃 Zepparehhyougeki
    Luke concentrates cold fury on the enemy then explodes the then ice-cube.
    Steel 鋭招来 Eishourai (Lv. 12)
    TP 7 || Raises Critical hit rate
    - FOF Change (Fire)
    Coil 剛招来 Goushourai || Raises Offence
    Guardian 粋護陣 Suigojin (Lv. 21)
    TP 30 || All attacks including Spells are blocked
    Rending Thrust 穿衝破 Senshouha (Lv. 27)
    TP 9 || 4 hits
    Luke thrusts with his sword then uppercuts the enemy.
    - FOF Change (Earth)
    Rending Quake 烈震天衝 Resshintenshou
    Luke thrusts, then rips open a chasm that spikes the enemy.
    Demon Fist 魔神拳 Majinken (Event: Luke's arte subevent)
    TP 6 || 1-2 hits
    Luke swings his fist along the ground, releasing a wave of energy.
    Sonic Thrust 瞬迅剣 Shunjinken (Event: Training with Guy in Kaitzur)
    TP 5 || 1 hit
    Luke powerfully thrusts forward.
    --- Arcane artes 奥義 ---
    Guardian Field 守護法陣 Shugohoujin (Lv. 32)
    TP 16 || 1-5~ hits *Light*
    Luke draws a circle around himself, then stabs his weapon into the ground,
    creating a glyph that damages all enemies within range. Also provides minor
    healing to all characters within range.
    - FOF Change (Water)
    Guardian Frost 守護氷槍陣 Shugohyousoujin
    Luke draws a circle around himself, stabs his weapon into the ground,
    icicles then burst from the perimeter. Luke then explodes the construct.
    Light Spear Cannon 閃光墜刃牙 Senkoutsuijinga (Lv. 45)
    TP 20 || 5 Hits
    Luke sweeps up with his sword, sending an enemy upwards.
    He then spins around, and thrusts diagonally upwards, impaling the target.
    - FOF Change (Wind)
    Light Blast 翔破裂光閃 Shouharekkousen
    A remake of a ToD2/ToR Mystic Artes, Luke sweeps up the enemy with his sword,
    then hails a storm of thrusts at the enemy.
    Devil's Inferno 魔王絶炎煌 Maouzetsuenkou (Lv. 49)
    TP 18 || *Fire*
    Luke swipes and scalds any target in front,
    then crashes the ground in front of him.
    - FOF Change (Earth)
    Devil's Maul 魔王地顎陣 Maouchigakujin
    Luke swipes and a floor of cooked ground appears. Luke then crashes into the
    ground, and earth blasts at all enemies within range.
    Swallow Fury 飛燕瞬連斬 Hienshunrenzan (Lv. 53)
    TP 20
    Luke charges through the enemy and uppercuts from behind.
    If the uppercut connects, Luke will perform a multiple kick/slicing
    combo in the air.
    - FOF Change (Fire)
    Shadow Fury 斬魔飛影斬 Zanmahieizan
    Luke performs the entire air-combo with added sound effects and a fiery trump.
    Lightning Blade 雷神剣 Raijinken (Event: Luke's arte subevent)
    TP 11 || 2 hits *Wind*
    Luke thrusts, and a bolt of lightning strikes the enemy,
    Slag Assault 岩斬滅砕陣 Ganzanmessaijin (Event: Luke's Arte subevent)
    TP 12 || 4 hits *Earth*
    Luke jumps, flips, then slams into the ground with his sword,
    sending earth forwards.
    Sonic Blast 空破絶風撃 Kuuhazeppuugeki (Event: Luke's Arte subevent)
    TP 10 || 5 hits *Wind*
    Luke slashes, retreats, then lunges forward, dealing wind damage.
    Fang Blade Havoc 牙連崩襲顎 Garenhoushuugaku (Lv. 16, Fang Blade 50x
                                                      Havoc Strike 50x)
    TP 16 || 4 hits
    Luke performs his high uppercut then comes down with his foot.
    Fang Blade Rage 通牙連破斬 Tsuugarenhazan (Lv. 18, Fang Blade 50x
                                                   Raging Blast 50x)
    TP 21 || *Knockdown*
    Luke explodes with his palm energy then performs a uppercut,
    knocking the enemy far backwards.
    Raging Havoc 鷹爪豪掌破 Yousougoushouha (Lv. 24, Raging Blast 50x
                                                 Havoc Strike 50x)
    TP 23 || *Knockdown*
    Luke jumps and slams down with his foot, then blasts the enemy away with
    power from his palm.
    Rending Fang Blade 斬影烈昂刺 Zaneirekkoushi (Lv. 35, Fang Blade 50x
                                                      Rending Thrust 50x)
    TP 20
    Luke slashes down, thrusts, punts with his fist
    and spins around to let loose a high uppercut with his blade.
    Rending Havoc 穿破斬月襲 Senpazangesshuu (Lv. 38, Havoc Strike 50x
                                                  Rending Thrust 50x)
    TP 22
    Luke thrusts into the target, jumps, slams down with his foot then uppercuts
    the target with his fist.
    Rending Blast 烈穿双撃破 Ressensougekiha (Lv. 41, Rending Thrust 50x
                                                   Raging Blast 50x)
    TP 24 || *Knockdown*
    Luke thrusts into the enemy, smashes it with a burst of palm energy then
    --- Mystic Artes 秘奥義 ---
    Radiant Howl レイディアント・ハウル (AD Skill Special)
    20 Hits || *Knockdown*
    To execute, Mystic Artes can only be activated during Overlimits, and
    during a Arcane arte (ougi) or link onto a FOF change.
    During the arte, press (Attack) to engage.
    The arte must hit to engage the Mystic Artes.
    You can also carry over AD Skills from a previous playthrough, and Luke can
    use Radiant Howl before he's reached Lv. 30.
    Luke cries out and the walls of energy sear those within range, then he
    channels his powers into a concentrated mass which he explodes.
    Radiant Howl Extension (Radiant Howl, Completed 1st Playthrough,
                            Ion to be in the Party, ENGLISH Version ONLY)
    14 Hits
    You can extend Radiant Howl by holding down (Attack).
    Ion pops into where Luke was at the end of his Radiant Howl, places
    his hand on the ground where a glyph appears, and everything caught
    in it will be blown apart by a huge column of light.
    Lost Fon Drive ロスト・フォン・ドライブ Lost Fone Drive (Completed 1st
                                                   Equipped Key of Lorelei)
    100 TP || 30 Hits
    To execute, HP must be at critical levels (Red, 15% HP), be in Overlimits
    and press (Guard) + (Attack) + (Tech) simultanously.
    Luke raises his sword and a wall of searing energy scorches those close, then
    hacks away at a single target until ready to fire a huge beam of light that
    annihilates anything in its path.
    |Tear ティア|
    --- Knife/Misc artes ---
    Pow Hammer ピコハン Pikohan (Lv. 5)
    TP 4
    A toy hammer falls onto the enemy. Chance to also stun.
    - FOF Change (Water)
    Frozen Hammer コチコチハンマー Kochi Kochi Hammer
    A hail of hammer-shaped ice figures crashes onto the enemy.
    Nocturnal Light ノクターナルライト (Lv. 13)
    TP 9
    Tear throws 3 of her projectiles at once in front of her.
    - FOF Change (Earth)
    Inly Nocturne インリィノクターン
    Tear encases the centre of the FOF with a crystal, and any unlucky
    target caught in it is maimed when the crystal explodes.
    Severed Fate セヴァードフェイト (Lv. 31)
    TP 14
    Tear throws 3 projectiles onto the ground around the target,
    creating a triangle of light.
    - FOF Change (Wind)
    Fatal Circle フェイタルサーキュラー
    Tear jumps and throws her projectile into the ground,
    creating a large glyph that batters all within.
    Banishing Sorrow バニシングソロゥ (Lv. 40)
    TP 18 || *Knockdown*
    Tear swings and an invisible force smashes the enemy open.
    - FOF Change (Fire)
    Searing Sorrow シアリングソロゥ
    A big meteor is thrown at the enemy.
    Upon landing, a humongous fiery cyclone envelops the target.
    --- Spells 譜術 ---
    First Aid ファーストエイド (Default)
    TP 8 || Heals a small amount of HP
    - FOF Change (Water)
    Meditation メディテーション || Heals moderate amount of HP + Cures Status Effect
    Invoke Ground アピアース・グランド Appears: Ground (Lv. 9)
    TP 8 || A 50% Charged Earth FOF appears
    Invoke Aqua アピアース・アクア Appears: Aqua (Lv. 10)
    TP 8 || A 50% Charged Water FOF appears
    Invoke Flame アピアース・フレイム Appears: Flame (Lv. 11)
    TP 8 || A 50% Charged Fire FOF appears
    Invoke Gale アピアース・ゲイル Appears: Gale (Lv. 12)
    TP 8 || A 50% Charged Wind FOF appears
    Charge チャージ (Lv. 16)
    TP 20 || Recovers 15 TP to target
    - FOF Change (Earth)
    Tribute トリビュート || Recovers 15 to party's TP (except Tear's)
    Healing Circle ハートレスサークル Heartless Circle (Lv. 20)
    TP 32 || Heals characters gradually within area of effect.
    - FOF Change (Wind)
    Fairy Circle フェアリーサークル || Heals characters within effect gradually,
                             cures status effects and damages all enemies
                             within area of effect.
    Resurrection レイズデッド Raise Dead (Lv. 27)
    TP 40 || Raises a character from KO status to 50% HP
    - FOF Change (Water)
    Regenerate リジェネレイト || Raises all characters within area of effect
                         from KO Status to roughly 75% HP
    Eclair d'Larmes エクレールラルム Eclair Arme (Lv. 33)
    TP 20 || *Light*
    A glyph appears on the ground, accompanied by a cross.
    The entire symbol then explodes with light.
    - FOF Change (Fire)
    Flamme Rouge フラムルージュ
    A column of fire appears, burning all enemies within.
    Enhance Cast スペル・エンハンス Spell Enhance (Lv. 37)
    TP 18 || Reduces casting time for target
    - FOF Change (Wind)
    Witchcraft ウィッチクラフト || Reduces casting time for all
                          characters and Increases casting time for
                          all enemies within area of effect.
    Holy Lance ホーリーランス (Lv. 48)
    TP 34 || *Light*
    A glyph appears on the ground, and multiple lances of light strike the target.
    -  FOF Change (Earth)
    Cluster Raid クラスターレイド
    A beam of energy above the target area sends up spikes that impale,
    then the entire area explodes.
    --- Fonic Hymns 音素譜歌 ---
    Nightmare ナイトメア (Default) - 1st Fonic Hymn
    TP 8 || Chance to put an enemy to sleep *Dark*
    Tear chants the Fonic Hymn that deals damage as well as putting out the target.
    Note: While asleep enemies cannot be killed, but only be damaged to 1 hp.
    Force Field フォースフィールド (Event: Fubrias River) - 2nd Fonic Hymn
    TP 28 || Negates all damage within area of effect.
    Tear chants a tone song that creates a force field that renders anyone within
    it invincible for a few seconds.
    Holy Song ホーリーソング (Event: Yuria City,
                       after defeating Anicula Pulp) - 3rd Fonic Hymn
    TP 48 || Raises all attributes and heals a small amount of HP
    Revitalise リザレクション Resurrection (Lv. 44) - 4th Fonic Hymn
    TP 80 || Recovers HP of all characters in the wide target radius.
             HP Recovery is slow and in chunks (12% x 5 Healings)
    Judgment ジャッジメント (Event: Daath,
                      after getting Lorelei's Jewel) - 5th Fonic Hymn
    TP 32
    The entire battlefield is struck by numerous columns of searing light.
    Grand Cross グランドクロス (Lv. 58) - 6th Fonic Hymn
    TP 48 || *Knockdown*
    A beam of light erupts from the middle of a glyph and shines bright,
    in the shape of a cross.
    --- Mystic Artes 秘奥義 ---
    Innocent Shine イノセントシャイン (AD Skill Special)
    15 hits
    Innocent Shine can only be activated during Overlimits, at the casting of
    a Fonic Hymn (ie. Nightmare, Grand Cross etc).
    Spirals of light damage enemies within range, then with a bright flash,
    any target onscreen blinded to a crisp.
    Fortune's Ark フォーチュン・アーク Fortune Ark (Completed 1st Playthrough
                                         All Tone Songs must be used 50x)
    100 TP || *Knockdown*
    Only activated during Overlimits, using Judgement (5th Tone Song)
    would extend into Fortune Ark. Can only be used once per battle.
    From a floating sphere, Tear commands the purifying lights to rain down
    pain onto all enemies on the battlefield.
    Fortune's Ark Extension (Fortune's Ark, ENGLISH Version ONLY)
    *Knockdown* || Heals and Buffs the party
    You can extend Fortune's Ark by holding down (Attack).
    When extended, Tear opens her arms
    to cast a huge glyph that sears again all enemies and heals/buffs the party.
    |Jade ジェイド|
    --- Spear artes 特技 ---
    Sonic Spear 瞬迅槍 Shunjinsou (Default)
    TP 6 || 1 Hit
    Jade thrusts forward with his spear.
    - FOF Change (Earth)
    Crushing Spear 岩砕烈迅槍 Ganzairetsujinsou (Earth)
    A crystal appears where the target is. Jade then thrusts through the crystal,
    exploding it as well as impaling the target.
    Thunder Lance 天雷槍 Tenraisou (Lv. 17)
    TP 8 || (Wind)
    Jade slices upwards, and a bolt of lightning strikes.
    - FOF Change (Wind)
    Lightning Tempest 雷神旋風槍 Raijinsenpuusou (Wind)
    A tornado of lighting strikes and shears at all within its reach.
    --- Arcane artes 奥義 ---
    Impaling Heaven 天衝墜牙槍 Tenshoutsuigasou (Lv. 32)
    TP 12 || 4 hits
    Jade thrusts forward, lifts the enemy, then impales it whilst in the air.
    - FOF Change (Fire)
    Goring Hell 墜牙爆炎槍 Tsuigabakuensou
    Jade thrusts forward, lifts the enemy, then the tip of his spear
    explodes with fiery goodness.
    Sovereign Gale 風塵皇族衝 Fuujinkousenshou (Lv. 44)
    TP 10 || 3 hits *knockdown*
    Jade thrusts his spear into the ground, creating a whirlwind.
    - FOF Change (Water)
    Mighty Deluge 水塵渦龍槍 Suijinkaryuusou
    Jade thrusts his spear into the ground, and powerful waves of water
    crash onto the enemy.
    --- Spells 譜術 ---
    Energy Blast エナジーブラスト (Default)
    TP 7 || 1 hit
    Energy is concentrated onto the enemy, then exploded.
    - FOF Change (Wind)
    Photon フォトン (Wind)
    Light energy is concentrated onto the target, then exploded.
    Stalagmite ロックブレイク Rock Break (Lv. 9)
    TP 14 || 4 hits (Earth) *Knockdown*
    Spikes of rock burst from the ground, perforating the unfortunate.
    - FOF Change (Fire)
    Eruption イラプション
    An opening to the fiery mantle is created, and blooms of lava sear the enemy.
    Splash スプラッシュ (Lv. 14)
    TP 18 || 5 hits *Water*
    Powerful waterfalls pour their load onto the enemy.
    - FOF Change (Earth)
    Icicle Rain アイシクルレイン
    A cloud appears and it showers down icicles that skiver multiple targets.
    Drain Magic ドレイン・マジック (Lv. 20)
    TP 4 || Drains 10 TP from target, and restores TP to caster
    - FOF Change (Water)
    Absorption アブソプション || Drains Target's TP, and Restores TP to all
    Turbulence タービュランス (Lv. 24)
    TP 15 || 4 Hits *Wind*
    A burst of wind tears at all caught up in it.
    - FOF Change (Fire)
    Flare Tornado フレアトーネード
    A cyclone of flame burns all caught in it.
    Flame Burst フレイムバースト (Lv. 28)
    TP 22 || 3 Hits *Fire*
    Streams of fire close in on a target, then flare up in an inferno.
    - FOF Change (Wind)
    Explosion エクスプロード Explode
    A falling spike slams into the ground and.. explodes (who would'a thunk?)
    Ground Dasher グランドダッシャー Grand Dasher (Lv. 36)
    TP 32 || *Earth*
    A fissure opens up in the target area,
    sending wave after wave of spikes that puncture enemies.
    - FOF Change (Water)
    Frigid Coffin フリジットコフィン
    A area of ice envelops targets, then a large lance of ice crashes
    onto the target.
    Blessed Drops セイントバブル Saint Bubble (Lv. 40)
    TP 32 || *Water*
    An innocent-looking bubble appears, slowly drifting to the ground.
    When it hits, a swarm of painful bubbles pop and crack, destroying all within.
    - FOF Change (Wind)
    Divine Saber ディバインセイバー
    Supercharged bolts of lightning crash around the enemy,
    and a final coup de grace strike finishes off the spell.
    Thunder Blade サンダーブレード (Lv. 48)
    TP 36 || *Wind*
    A sword of lightning smashes into the ground, and then explodes,
    releasing its charged material.
    - FOF Change (Earth)
    Gravity Well グラビティ Gravity
    An enclosed dome traps all inside, whilst extreme pressure crushes.
    Infernal Prison イグニートプリズン Ignite Prison (Lv. 52)
    TP 38 || *fire* *Knockdown*
    A glyph appears and fiery jets blare up all around, scorching those within.
    - FOF Change (Water)
    Raging Mist レイジングミスト
    Both a cloud of ice and a scorching pool of fire appear.
    They mix and create hot-spring mayhem.
    Absolute アブソリュート (Event: Jade's Forbidden Spells)
    TP 48 || *Water*
    The target is snapped frozen then blown up.
    Prism Sword プリズムソード (Event: Jade's Forbidden Spells)
    TP 64 || *Light*
    Many sharp shards of crystal land to form a binding glass-like prison,
    until the coup de grace comes crashing on the construct.
    Meteor Storm メテオスォーム Meteor Swarm (Event: Jade's Forbidden Spells)
    TP 80 || *Knockdown*
    The sky rains with huge balls of rock,
    annihilating enemies across the entire battlefield.
    --- Mystic Artes 秘奥義 ---
    Mystic Cage ミスティック・ケージ (AD Skill Special)
    1 Hit || *Knockdown*
    Mystic Cage can only be activated during Overlimits, and when a
    High tier spell (ie. Thunder Blade, Ignite Prison etc) is cast.
    Jade binds the entire battlefield in a sphere of energy,
    then at his command it explodes in a flash of light.
    Indignation インディグネイション (Completed 1st Playthrough,
                           Thunder Blade must be used 200x)
    100 TP || 1 Hit *knockdown*
    Engage Overlimits and continue to press the appropriate button (R2),
    until the Mystic Artes engages.
    Jade literally calls upon the thunder of heaven to channel its power
    (ala A gigantic bolt of lightning) onto unsuspecting enemy heads.
    |Anise アニス|
    --- Melee artes 特技 ---
    Dragon Surge 臥龍撃 Garyuugeki (Default)
    TP 5 || 2 hits
    Tokunaga performs a large uppercut that sends the target high into the air.
    - FOF Change (Earth)
    Stone Dragon Ascent 昂龍礫破 Kouryuureppa (Earth)
    Tokunaga uppercuts and a rift of earth blows at the enemy.
    Dual Punishment 双旋牙 Sousenga (Lv. 8)
    TP 7 || 4 hits
    Tokunaga begins twirling around, its arms hitting anything within range.
    - FOF Change (Wind)
    Lightning Punishment 雷旋豪天牙 Raisenkoutenga || (Wind)
    A tornado of lighting appears, fueled by Tokunaga's twirling.
    Eagle Dive 鷹爪襲撃 Yousoushuugeki (Lv. 12)
    TP 8 || 2 hits
    Tokunaga jumps up then slams vertically into the ground.
    - FOF Change (Water)
    Frigid Raptor 氷爪襲落 Hyousoushuuraku || (Water)
    Tokunaga jumps, encases itself in ice, then slams onto any unsuspecting heads.
    Shadow Raid 流影打 Ryuueida (Lv. 18)
    TP 9 || 4 hits
    Tokunaga double punches the enemy, then pulls back its fist.
    - FOF Change (Fire)
    Fire Dragon Blast 火龍焼破 Karyuushouha || (Fire)
    Tokunaga performs the combo with fire-fists,
    then ends with an explosive punch.
    Guardian 粋護陣 Suigojin (Lv. 22)
    TP 30 || All attacks including Spells are blocked
    --- Arcane artes 奥義 ---
    Cyclone Shot 空破特攻弾 Kuuhatokkoudan (Lv. 35)
    TP 14
    Tokunaga spirals in a up-diagonal direction towards the enemy.
    - FOF Change (Fire)
    Cyclone Blaze 空破爆炎弾 Kuuhabakuendan *Fire*
    Tokunaga envelops itself in an inferno as it spirals through the air.
    Soaring Blast 翔舞煌爆破 Shoubukoubappa (Lv. 48)
    TP 12
    Tokunaga jumps then slams an invisible force onto the ground.
    - FOF Change (Water)
    Brutal Torrent 流舞崩爆破 Ryuubuhoubappa
    Where Tokunaga would slam its force, a pool of water bursts powerfully forth.
    Surge Breaker 連濤雷光弾 Rentouraikoudan (Lv. 56)
    TP 16 || *Wind*
    - FOF Change (Wind)
    Gungnir'a'GoGo ぐるぐるぐんぐにる Guruguru Gungnir
    Tokunaga whirls its arm then delivers a knockout-worthy punch to the enemy.
    Dual Dragon Surge 爪連龍牙昇 Sourenryuugashou (Lv. 15, Dragon Surge 50x
                                                       Dual Punishment 50x)
    TP 18 || 6 hits
    Tokunaga twirls around, then uppercuts the enemy.
    Shadow Punishment 爪竜烈濤打 Souryuurettouda (Lv. 26, Dual Punishment 50x
                                                      Shadow Raid 50x)
    TP 22 || 7 hits
    Tokunaga twirls around, double punches the enemy, twirls
    then pulls back its fist.
    Shadow Tempest 斬影連旋撃 Zaneirensengeki (Lv. 32, Dragon Surge 50x
                                                   Shadow Raid 50x)
    TP 20
    --- Spells 譜術 ---
    Limited リミテッド (Default)
    TP 10 || 2 Hits (Light)
    A crosshair-glyph appears below the target,
    and a beam of light slams onto the enemy.
    - FOF Change (Wind)
    Spark Wave スパークウェブ Spark Web (Wind)
    A bolt of lighting strikes and creates a ball/web of lightning that
    tangles all caught in it.
    Negative Gate ネガティブゲイト (Lv. 21)
    TP 16 || *Dark*
    A portal releases negative energies that scar an enemy.
    - FOF Change (Fire)
    Crimson Riot クリムゾンライオット (Fire)
    The energies released are imbued with fire.
    Mighty Charge マイトチャージ Might Charge (Lv. 29)
    TP 16 ||
    - FOF Change (Earth)
    Mighty Circuit マイティサーキット
    Miracle Hammer ミラクルハンマー (Lv. 40)
    TP 24
    A gigantic hammer slams onto the enemy.
    - FOF Change (Earth)
    Rock Mountain ロックマウンテン
    Boulders barrage the enemy, then a mega-collectable size statue of a cheegle
    (or just Mieu) slams onto the enemy.
    Bloody Howling ブラッディハウリング (Lv. 52)
    TP 26 || *Dark*
    A whirlwind of dark energies damage all caught up in it.
    - FOF Change (Water)
    Maelstrom メイルシュトローム
    A hurricane of ice and water batter at the enemy.
    Lucky ラックラック Luck Luck (Lv. 55)
    TP 12 || Raises Luck by half
    - FOF Change (Wind)
    Happy Light ハッピーライト || Raises luck and all attributes
                          of all characters within range.
    --- Special Doll-Specific artes ---
    Requires Anise to equip the respective accessory.
    Choupachiki 超ぱちき Stone Head (Item: Heihachi)
    TP 8
    Heihachi-Tokunaga headbutts the enemy.
    Goushouha 剛筝破 Demon Breath (Item: Heihachi)
    TP 12 || *knockdown*
    Heihachi-Tokunaga dual-palm strikes the enemy.
    Pow Hammer ピコハン Pikohan (Item: Great Pirate)
    TP 12
    Chat-Tokunaga throws out multiple toy hammers that can stun the enemy.
    Inspect Eye インスペクトアイ (Item: Priestess)
    TP 8
    This arte behaves like using a Spectacle.
    Beast 獅吼滅龍閃 Shikoumetsuryuusen (Item: Empty Girl)
    TP 16 || *Knockdown*
    Presea's (from ToS) technique that blows an enemy back.
    Divine Saber ディバインセイバー (Item: Rare Genius)
    48 TP || *Wind* (Produces no FOF though)
    Supercharged bolts of lightning crash around the enemy,
    and a final coup de grace strike finishes off the spell.
    Resurrection レイズデッド Raise Dead (Item: Time Traveling Girl)
    40 TP || Cures a character from KO Status
    X-BUSTER Xバスター (Item: Artificial Life Form)
    30 TP
    Tokunaga fires off a huge pinkish-red beam of energy at the enemy.
    Can only be used once per battle.
    --- Mystic Artes 秘奥義 ---
    Final Fury 殺劇舞荒拳 Satsugekibukouken (AD Skill Special)
    Mystic Artes can only be activated during Overlimits, and
    during a Arcane arte (ougi) or link onto a FOF change
    During the arte, press (Attack) to engage.
    The arte must hit to engage the Mystic Artes.
    Tokunaga unleashes a torrent of hard hitting punches, headbutts and slaps,
    finishing off with a burst of energy from its palms.
    Dying Moon 十六夜天舞 Izayoitenbu
    (Completed 1st Playthrough, Able to use Final Fury)
    50 TP || *Knockdown*
    Continue to hold (Attack) after activation of Final Fury to extend into
    Dying Moon.
    Tokunaga is silhouetted a moon backdrop before crashing down into a glyph,
    then delivering a long, devastating uppercut.
    Fever Time フィーバータイム (2nd Playthrough, Lucky must be used 100x)
    13 hits || *knockdown*
    Perform Luck Luck during Overlimit and whilst having full HP.
    However, 20000 gald is spent using this Mystic Arte, unless last
    enemy is killed by it.
    Anise showers the enemy with fast-falling gold coinage, finishing off with
    a fireworks display of Tokunaga's head.
    |Guy ガイ|
    --- Sword artes 特技 ---
    Demon Fang 魔神剣 Majinken (Default)
    TP 5 || 2 Hits
    Guy swings his sword along the ground, releasing a wave of energy.
    - FOF Change (Fire)
    Infernal Torrent 魔王炎劇波 Maouengekiha (Fire)
    Stahn (ToD) technique, Guy shealthes his sword,
    then explodes in a fiery show of force.
    Crescent Strike 弧月閃 Kougetsusen (Lv. 9)
    TP 8 || 2 hits
    Guy slashed up, then slashes down again, slicing a fictitious moon.
    - FOF Change (Water)
    Frigid Moon 氷月翔閃 Hyougetsushousen (Water)
    A crescent-shaped chunk of ice is created and
    smashed apart by Guy's powerful swings.
    Void Tempest 真空破斬 Shinkuuhazan (Lv. 12)
    TP 6 || 3 Hits
    Guy horizontally slashes in an arc in front of him.
    - FOF Change (Wind)
    Dragon Tempest 龍爪旋空破 Ryuusousenkuuha || 10 Hits *Wind*
    A sphere of wind slices at anyone caught within.
    Center 集気法 Shuukihou (Lv. 15)
    TP 10 || Heals a small amount of HP (about 15%)
    - FOF Change (Earth)
    Focus 柔招来 Juushourai || Raises Defence
    Guardian 粋護陣 Suigojin (Lv. 21)
    TP 30 || All attacks including Spells are blocked
    Tiger Blade 虎牙破斬 Kogahazan (Lv. 27)
    TP 12 || 2-3 Hits
    Guy jumps with an uppercut, slices whilst in the air,
    then comes down with a chop.
    - FOF Change (Earth)
    Wyrm Wrath 龍虎滅牙斬 Ryuukometsugazan
    The reincarnation of a ToE Mystic Artes, Guy jumps & steps high into the air,
    then crashes down sending dragon-like beams raging up from the glyph.
    Tempest 裂空斬 Rekkuuzan (Event: Guy's Arte subevent)
    TP 8 || 1-5~ hits
    Guy somersaults multiple times in the air,
    his sword striking anything in its path.
    --- Arcane artes  奥義 ---
    Beast 獅子戦吼 Shishisenkou (Lv. 33)
    TP 18 || 2 Hits *Knockdown*
    Energy is blasted out in a form of a ferocious beast.
    - FOF Change (Wind)
    Thunder Beast 獅吼爆雷陣 Shikoubakuraijin
    Guy blows out a beast then stabs his sword into the ground,
    creating a dome of electrical mayhem.
    Severing Wind 断空剣 Dankuuken (Lv. 44)
    TP 15
    Guy jumps high into the air, and a vortex of wind slices at the enemy.
    - FOF Change (Fire)
    Searing Gate 熱破旋風陣 Neppasenpuujin *Fire*
    Stahn's (ToD) technique, Guy uppercuts the enemy in a fireball,
    then slams into the ground, creating a tornado of flame.
    Sword Rain: Alpha 秋沙雨 Akisazame (Lv. 52)
    TP 20 || 9 Hits
    Guy punts the enemy with his scabbard, then bursts an array of thrusts,
    ending with a flash kick.
    - FOF Change (Earth)
    Eternal Quake 烈震千衝破 Resshinsenshouha
    A giant crystal appears on the target, and Guy unleashes a storm of thrusts,
    ending with the flash kick that explodes the crystal.
    Final Cross 絶破十字衝 Zeppajuujishou (Lv. 58)
    TP 17
    Guy runs his sword along the ground twice, creating a cross pattern,
    and with a commanding point of the sword, light explodes from it.
    - FOF Change (Water)
    Final Glacier 絶衝氷牙陣 Zesshouhyougajin
    Ice bursts from where the cross pattern is, and on Guy's signal, the cross
    Soaring Light Spear 閃空翔裂破 Senkuushoureppa (Event: Guy's Arte subevent)
    TP 15
    Guy spins upwards lifting any enemy, then a slice which blows them away.
    Moonlight Demon 魔神月詠華 Majingetsueika (Lv. 18, Demon Fang 50x
                                                   Crescent Strike 50x)
    TP 18 || 3-4 hits
    Guy slices up, down then releasing a wave of energy.
    Demonic Void 絶空魔神撃 Zekkuumajingeki (Lv. 24, Demon Fang 50x
                                                 Void Tempest 50x)
    TP 17 || 5 hits
    Guy swings, releasing a wave of energy, then
    quickily recovers to slash horizontally in front of him.
    Demonic Tiger Blade 魔神双破斬 Majinsouhazan (Lv. 30, Demon Fang 50x
                                                      Tiger Blade 50x)
    TP 23
    Guy swings, releasing a wave of energy then connects into an uppercut,
    Moonlight Tempest 月華斬光閃 Gekkazankousen (Lv. 36, Crescent Strike 50x
                                                        Void Tempest 50x)
    TP 22
    Guy slices up and down, then draws back to release a large horizontal slash.
    White Tiger Strike 白虎宵閃牙 Byakkoshousenga (Lv. 40, Crescent Strike 50x
                                                       Tiger Blade 50x)
    TP 22
    Nihil Blade Tempest 虚空連衝刃 Kokuurenshoujin (Lv. 48, Kogahazan 50x
                                                        Void Tempest 50x)
    TP 20
    Guy uppercuts, kicks, and chops down, then
    draws back to release a large horizontal slash.
    --- Mystic Artes 秘奥義 ---
    Razing Phoenix 鳳凰天翔駆 Hououtenshouku (AD Skill Special)
    14 Hits || *Knockdown*
    Mystic Artes can only be activated during Overlimits, and
    during a Arcane arte (ougi) or link onto a FOF change
    During the arte, press (Attack) to engage.
    The arte must hit to engage the Mystic Artes.
    Guy jumps in a blast of fire, then dives down with equal ferocity.
    Upon landing, Guy then bursts in a fiery avatar as he sears those in range.
    Brilliant Overlord (Completed 1st Playthrough, Used Final Cross 150x,
                        Equipped Jewel of Gardios, ENGLISH Version ONLY)
    16 Hits
    To execute, HP must be at low levels (Ideally below 1/4), in Overlimits, Use
    Final Cross to activate.
    Guy shealths his sword and with a blinding glow, bombards the enemy with
    waves of energy. He then finishes them off with a flashing orb of energy.
    |Natalia L. K. Lanvaldear|
    --- Arrow artes 特技---
    Piercing Line ピアシスライン (Default)
    TP 5 || 1 hit
    Natalia fires an arrow that pierces through multiple enemies.
    - FOF Change (Wind)
    Voltaic Line ヴォルテックライン Voltic Line (Wind)
    Natalia charges her arrow with electricity then
    releases it in a beam of lightning.
    Storm Edge シュトルムエッジ (Lv. 11)
    TP 9 || 3 hits
    Natalia fires/shotguns 3 arrows at once.
    - FOF Change (Fire)
    Blast Edge ブラストエッジ (Fire)
    Natalia loads her bow with fiery bolts,
    then unleashing a searing blast that travels in an arc in front of her.
    Aerial Laser エリアルレイザー (Lv. 23)
    TP 7
    Natalia spins around, as energy thrusts the enemy up,
    then she fires an arrow into the air.
    - FOF Change (Wind)
    Astral Laser アストラルレイザー
    Natalia spins around, then a blast of energy replaces an arrow into the air.
    Cavalry キャバルリィ
    TP 14 || Prevents staggering for a period of time.
    - FOF Change (Fire)
    Phalanx ファランクス || Duration of stagger prevention is 3 times longer.foretgn
    --- Arcane artes 奥義 ---
    Star Stroke スターストローク (Lv. 35)
    TP 14
    Natalia jumps into the air, and fires a burst of arrows at the target.
    - FOF Change (Earth)
    Quake Stroke ストローククエイカー Stroke Quaker
    Natalia jumps and shoots an arrow into the ground.
    The area then explodes upwards with energy.
    Star Embrace エンブレススター Embrace Star (Lv. 42)
    TP 18
    Natalia fires a barrage of arrows into the air,
    which lands in an area around the target.
    - FOF Change (Water)
    Blue Embrace エンブレスブルー Embrace Blue
    Natalia fires a cloud of ice into the air,
    which hails down icicles onto the enemy.
    Gallant Barrage ブレイブフィード Brave Feed (Event: Natalia's arte subevent)
    TP 20
    Natalia launches multiple arrows in a spread fashion,
    then "shotguns" another barrage of arrows at the enemy.
    --- Spells 譜術 ---
    Heal ヒール (Default)
    TP 20 || Heals a moderate amount of HP
    - FOF Change (Wind)
    Healing Wind ヒールウィンド Heal Wind || Heals all within area of effect
    Barrier バリアー (Lv. 16)
    TP 16 || Raises Target's Defence
    - FOF Change (Water)
    Aqua Protection アクアプロテクション || Defence Up
                                 Duration of effect is comparatively longer
    Recover リカバー (Lv. 19)
    TP 10 || Cures status effects (eg. Poison, Petrify)
    - FOF Change (Wind)
    Purify リキュペレート Recuperate || Cures status effects within area of effect.
    Sharpness シャープネス (Lv. 28)
    TP 20 || Raises Target's Offence
    - FOF Change (Fire)
    Blaze Emitter ブレイズエミッター || Offence Up,
                              Duration of effect is comparatively longer
    Resist レジスト (Lv. 30)
    TP 18 || Raises Target's Magic Defence
    - FOF Change (Earth)
    Anti-Magic アンチマジック || Magic Defence Up
                         Duration of effect is comparatively longer
    Scare Shot スケアベイン Scare Bane (Lv. 38)
    TP 18 || Lowers Target's Defence
    - FOF Change (water)
    Calamitous Bane カラミティベイン Calamity Bane || Lowers defence of all enemies
                                             within area of effect.
    Cure キュア (Lv. 46)
    TP 48 || Heals a large amount of HP
    - FOF Change (Earth)
    Restore レストア || Full HP recovery + Cure Status Effects
    Revive リヴァイブ (Lv. 54)
    TP 64 || Status effect that automatically revives target at moment of KO
    - FOF Change (Earth)
    Angel's Breath エンジェルブレス || Auto-Revive status effect on characters
                               within area of effect
    Healing Force ヒーリングフォース (Event: Natalia's Arte subevent)
    TP 36 || Imbues HP regeneration upon all characters within area of effect.
    --- Mystic Artes 秘奥義 ---
    Astral Rain アストラルレイン (AD Skill Special)
    14 hits
    Mystic Artes can only be activated during Overlimits, and
    during a Arcane arte (ougi) or link onto a FOF change.
    During the arte, press (Attack) to engage.
    The arte must hit to engage the Mystic arte.
    Natalia charges a single arrow with the power of stars and
    fires it into the air. A glyph appears in her target area as destruction
    rains from above.
    Noble Roar (Completed 1st Playthrough,
                Used Piercing Line 150x, Equipped the Elven Bow,
                ENGLISH Version ONLY)
    18 Hits
    During Overlimits, use Piercing Line to activate.
    Natalia summons a bunch of streaming lights that blast at the target.
    Then they dance through the enemy, scorching it. Natalia then readies her bow
    and fires an arrowhead of light that sets of an explosion.
    |Asch アッシュ|
    Note: All of Asch's artes mirror Luke's,
          save for the following spells and Mystic Artes.
    --- Spells 譜術 ---
    Stalagmite ロックブレイク Rock Break
    TP 14 || 4 hits *Earth*
    Spikes of rock burst from the ground, perforating the unfortunate.
    アイシクルレイン Icicle Rain
    TP 18 || *Water*
    A cloud appears and it showers down icicles that skiver multiple targets.
    Explosion エクスプロード Explode
    TP 22 || *Fire*
    A falling spike slams into the ground and.. explodes
    Thunder Blade サンダーブレード
    TP 36 || *Wind*
    A sword of lightning smashes into the ground, and then explodes,
    releasing its charged material.
    --- Mystic Artes 秘奥義 ---
    Rending Saber 絞牙鳴衝斬
     Kougameishouzan (Ad Skill Special)
    17 Hits
    Mystic Artes can only be activated during Overlimits, and
    during a Arcane arte (ougi) or link onto a FOF change.
    During the arte, press (Attack) to engage.
    The arte must hit to engage the Mystic Artes.
    Asch raises his sword and a wall of searing energy scorches those close,
    then he thrusts his weapon into the ground, a large glyph appears and
    light from it damages those in.
    AD SKills
    Another new feature to Tales of the Abyss is the Additional Skill system.
    It resembles a radically expanded upon EX Skill system from Symphonia.
    AD Skills allow player to enable miscellenous battle system features
    such as Free Run, Backstepping, and even the Mystic Artes. The usual stuff
    is also covered like Increased Critical hit rate,
    defensive capabilities and so on.
    AD Skills are aquired by equipping Capacity Cores that provide the character
    with bonus points to a particular stat every time they level-up.
    You will not lose your already aquired AD Skills or stat bonuses
    by changing cores.
    AD Skill Listings
    - US Name *Kanji/Katakana* Transliteration (Requirement)
    - Description
    - Characters that only can aquire the AD Skill
    --- Level ---
    Backstep バックステップ (Default)
    Pressing (Guard) and (Back) allows the character to jump backwards, giving
    some room between it and the target.
    Recover リカバリング Recovering (Lv. 3)
    When knocked into the air,
    press (Guard) to prevent being knocked down upon landing.
    Critical Guard クリティカルガード (Lv. 4)
    Holding (Guard) and directional button (Forward) to perform a critical guard
    (Reduces overall damage recieved.)
    Free Run フリーラン (Lv. 5)
    Pressing L2 allows the character to Free Run
    Magic Guard マジックガード (Lv. 7)
    Holding (Guard) and directional button (Down) to perform a Magic guard.
    Over Limit オーバーリミッツ Overlimits (lv. 15)
    Unlocks the overlimits bar. When filled, pressing R2 engages Overlimits.
    Taunt アロース Harrass (Lv. 22)
    Allows Overlimits bar to charge when holding R2 and attacking.
    Special スペシャル (lv. 30)
    Unlocks Mystic Artes (秘奥義).
    Mystic Artes can only be activated during Overlimits,
    and during a Arcane arte (ougi). During the arte,
    press (Attack) to engage. The arte must hit to engage the Mystic Artes.
    --- Physical Attack 物攻 ---
    Combo Force イフィシェント Efficient (P. Atk 30+)
    In a combo, the amount of damage you do per hit is reduced.
    (ie. 100, 80, 70, 50 etc) AD Skill Efficient lessens the effect.
    Power Charge パワーチャージ (P. Atk 40+)
    By pressing (Down) on the left stick, the P. Atk power of the
    following attacks are increased.
    Item Thrower アイテムスロー Item Throw (P. Atk 40+)
    Allows items to be used on other allies.
    Critical Up クリティカル Critical (P. Atk 50+)
    Increases chance of landing critical hits.
    Heavy Hit フェイント Faint (P. Atk 60+)
    Increases chance of landing an attack that stuns the target.
    Add Combo コンボプラス Combo Plus (P. Atk 70+)
    Adds one extra attack to the normal 3-hit combo.
    --- Physical Defence 物防 --
    Roll パッシブセーフ Passive Safe (P. Def 20+)
    When being knocked up/down, damage recieved is lessened.
    Guard Plus ウェルガード Well Guard (P. Def 30+)
    Damage recieved when guarding is decreased.
    Rear Guard 1 バックガード Back Guard (P. Def 40+)
    Harder for the enemy to break character's guard, even from behind.
    Void Attack インバリッド・アタック Invalid Attack (P. Def 50+)
    Chance to avoid a stun after when hit by a P. Atk.
    Immunity イミュニティ (P. Def 60+)
    Chance to be afflicted with status effects lowered.
    Endure エンデューロ Enduro (P. Def 70+)
    Lessens the stun time after being hit by an enemy.
    --- Fonic Attack 譜攻 ---
    Critical Magic マジッククリティカル Magic Critical (F. Atk 20+)
    Chance to deal critical hits with spells.
    - Jade, Anise, Tear
    Lucky End エンドラッキー End Lucky (F. Atk 30+)
    The delay after a spell is cast is reduced.
    - Jade, Anise, Tear, Natalia
    Heavy Magic マジックフェイント Magic Faint (F. Atk 40+)
    Increases chance of spells stun the targets.
    - Jade, Anise, Tear
    Lucky Magic スペルラッキー Spell Lucky (F. Atk 50+)
    Chance of a reduced TP cost when a spell is cast.
    - Jade, Anise, Tear, Natalia
    Speed Cast スピードスペル Speed Spell (F. Atk 60+)
    All magic capable characters have reduced casting time.
    - Jade, Anise, Tear, Natalia
    Magic Charge マジックチャージ (F. Atk 70+)
    Magic Attack power can be increased by continually pushing (Down) on the
    Left stick.
    - Jade, Anise, Tear
    --- Fonic Defence 譜防 ---
    Void Magic インバリッド・マジック Invalid Magic (F. Def 20+)
    Chance to not be stunned when being hit by a spell.
    Resist レジスト (F. Def 30+)
    Chance of evading status changes (ie. Defence down, Offence down etc.)
    Anti-Element アンエレメンタル Unelemental (F. Def 40+)
    Chance of elemental damage being reduced by half.
    Magic Guard Plus マジックウェルガード Magic Well Guard (F. Def 50+)
    Magic damage received when using Magic Guard is decreased.
    Stat Boost エフェクティブ Effective (F. Def 60+)
    Increases effects of status buffs spells (ie. Defence Up, Offence Up)
    --- Enhancement 成長 ---
    Life Up ライフアップ (ENH 20+)
    Chance of increasing Max HP at the end of battle
    Spirit Healer メンタルヒール Well Heal (ENH 30+)
    TP recovered at the end of battle is increased
    Happiness ハピネスシング Happiness Sing (ENH 40+)
    Chance of increasing EXP at end of battle
    Life Healer ライフヒール Life Heal (ENH 50+)
    Chance of recovering HP at end of battle
    Mind Up メンタルアップ Mental Up (ENH 60+)
    Chance of increasing Max TP at the end of battle
    HP Recovery HPリカバー HP Recover (ENH 70+)
    Enhanced healing effect when recovering HP.
    TP Recovery TPリカバー TP Recover (ENH 80+)
    Enhanced restoration effect when recovering TP.
    EXP Plus EXPプラス (ENH 90+)
    EXP acquired is increased
    --- Agility 敏捷 ---
    Dash ダッシュ (AGL 20+)
    Battle running speed increased.
    Run Away! エスケープ Escape (AGL 30+)
    Time taken to escape is reduced.
    Effect is stacked if activated over more characters.
    Comeback カムバック (AGL 40+)
    After being stunned,
    by pressing (Guard) repeatedly quickens the recovery time.
    Item Pro グッドジョブ Good Job (AGL 50+)
    Delay after item use is decreased.
    O.L Boost リミッター Limiter (AGL 60+)
    Overlimits duration is extended.
    Landing ランディング (AGL 70+)
    Delay when landing a jump is decreased.
    Quick Turn ハイターン High Turn (AGL 80+)
    Delay when turning around is eliminated.
    Aerial Jump エリアルジャンプ (AGL 90+)
    After landing a jump, a 2nd jump can be executed without delay.
    --- Combonation ---
    Rebound リカバリーアタック Recovery Attack (P. Atk 20+, AGL 20+)
    When AD Skill "Recovering" is in effect, normal combo attacks can be
    Step Away ステップアウェイ (P. Atk 20+, AGL 20+)
    Dodging is possible when an enemy hits during a backstep.
    Item Rover ローバーアイテム Robber Item (P. Atk 20+, AGL 40+)
    Successful steal rate increases.
    Jump Combo ハイコンボ High Combo (P. Atk 30+, AGL 30+)
    Able to begin attacking during the delay after landing a jump.
    Neutralizer ラッキープール Lucky Pool (P. Atk 30+, AGL 30+)
    Chance to nullify enemy magic damage
    C. Counter クロスカウンター Cross Counter (P. Atk 40+, AGL 40+)
    Attack power of the hit is increased while the enemy is attacking
    Super Chain ターンレス Turnless (P. Atk 60+, AGL 60+)
    Arcane artes (Ougi) can be linked back to Base artes (Tokugi)
    Ability Plus キャンセラー Canceller (P. Atk 80+, AGL 80+)
    Able to link 2 Base artes (Tokugi).
    Add Combo 2 コンボプラス2 Combo Plus 2 (P. Atk 120+, AGL 20+)
    Adds one more attack to the regular (Attack) combo.
    Add Combo 3 コンボプラス3 Combo Plus 3 (P. Atk 160+, AGL 40+)
    Adds one more attack to the regular (Attack) combo.
    Add Combo 4 コンボプラス4 Combo Plus 4 (P. Atk 200+, AGL 60+)
    Adds one more attack to the regular (Attack) combo.
    E. Plus インエレメンタル Inelemental (P. Atk 20+, F. Atk 20+)
    Chance to increase the amount of damage delt via
    elemental attacks (not spells)
    Magic End スペルエンド Spell End (F. Atk 30+, AGL 30+)
    Recovery time after casting a spell is eliminated.
    Lucky Soul ルーズレスソウル Loseless Soul (P. Def 20+, F. Def 20+)
    When the character is knocked down, chance of TP recovery.
    Nullify アクシデンタル Accidental (P. Def 30+, F. Def 30+)
    Chance to nullify enemy attacks.
    Condition Guard コンディションガード (P. Def 30+, F. Def 30+)
    Decreases the effects of some status effects. (Ie. Poison)
    Reflect ペインリフレクト Pain Reflect (P. Def 40+, F. Def 40+)
    Chance to reflect damage onto the enemy when guarding.
    Status Guard ステータスガード (P. Def 40+, F. Def 40+)
    Chances of being afflicted with Status Effects are decreased.
    Blood Spirit メンタルサプライ Mental Supply (P. Def 45+, F. Def 45+)
    TP is recovered equal to the number of hits delt.
    Resurrect リコール Recall (P. Def 50+, F. Def 50+)
    Chance to recover immedietely after being KOed.
    Auto-Aid オートメディスン Auto-Medicine (P. Def 60+, F. Def 60+)
    Chance to cast First Aid on the character when damaged by the enemy.
    Skill Guard スキルガード (F. Def 25+, AGL 25+)
    Holding (Guard) and Left Stick (Down) brings up Guardian (粋護陣) instead
    of a normal Magic Guard.
    Dash Guard サプレスガード Suppress Guard (F. Def 40+, AGL 40+)
    Cannot be staggered by spells while running.
    Long Step ステップロング Step Long (P. Def 20+, AGL 20+)
    Backstep distance is increased.
    Rear Guard 2 リアガーダー Rear Guarder (P. Def 60+, AGL 50+)
    Becomes more difficult for enemies to guard break.
    Reducer リダクション Reduction (F. Atk 30+, F. Def 30+)
    If The same spell is used twice, TP consumption is cut by 1/4.
    - Jade, Tear, Anise, Natalia
    Item Master アイテムユーザー Item User (AGL 30+, ENH 30+)
    Effects of items used are increased.
    Item Getter アイテムゲッター (AGL 40+, ENH 40+)
    Chance of getting after-battle items increases.
    Effect is stacked if activated over more characters.
    Counter カウンター (P. Atk 30+, P. Def 30+)
    After successfuly blocking an enemy attack,
    pressing (attack) would strike back.
    Pow Hammer ピコハンリベンジ Pikohan Revenge
    (P. Atk 40+, P. Def 40+)
    Chance of a Pow hammer hitting the enemy when the character is damaged.
    C. Combo カウンターコンボ Counter Combo
    (P. Atk 40+, P. Def 40+, AGL 20+)
    After successfully countering, any arte is immedietely use usable.
    Back Action バックアクション
    (P. Atk 25+, P. Def 25+, AGL 10+)
    No Delay after backstepping.
    Rhythm リズム (F. Atk 20+, F. Def 20+, AGL 20+)
    Repeatedly hit (Attack) during spell casting to reduce casting time.
    - Jade, Tear, Anise, Natalia
    Reprise スペルボルテージ Spell Voltage
    (F. Atk 20+, F. Def 20+, AGL 40+)
    If the same spell is used twice in a row, casting time is reduced.
    - Jade, Tear, Anise, Natalia
    Spell Save スペルキープ Spell Keep
    (P. Def 30+, F. Def 30+, F. Atk 30+)
    When casting is interrupted, if the same spell is cast again
    casting time resumes from whence it was interrupted.
    - Jade, Tear, Anise, Natalia
    Rebirth ライフリバース Life Reverse
    (P. Def 30+, F. Def 30+, ENH 30+)
    Regenerates half the amount of damage delt to the character.
    Angel's Tear エンジェルコール Angel Call
    (P. Def 60+, F. Def 60+, ENH 50+)
    Auto-Revives from KO status once per battle.
    Flash フラッシュ
    (P. Atk 30+, P. Def 30+, F. Def 30+)
    Cannot be staggered while performing a combo.
    Resilience グレイス Grace (P. Def 60+, F. Def 60+, AGL 40+)
    Cannot be staggered when casting spells (Some exceptions)
    Glory グローリー
    (P. Def 60+, F. Def 60+, AGL 50+, ENH 60+)
    Cannot be staggered when taking damage. (Some exceptions)
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