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    Story Translation Guide by Spekio

    Version: 2.00 | Updated: 03/03/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Tales of the Abyss・テイルズ オブ ジ アビス
    Game Translation Guide
    Encode: Shift_JIS
    Version: 2.00
    Author: Spekio
    E-mail: Spekio@gmail.com
    Website: http://cyllya.com/talesof/spekio/
    Table of Contents
    1. Version
    2. Future Additions
    3. Introduction
    4. Notes
    5. Opening Song
    6. Story Translation
     Tatar Valley・タタル渓谷
     Cheegle Forest・チーグルの森
     Land Battleship Tartaros・陸上装甲艦タルタロス
     Fubras River・フーブラス川
     Kaitzul Port・カイツール軍港
     Coral Castle・コーラル城
     Kaitzul Port 2・カイツール軍港2
     Transport Ferry Katzbert・連絡船キャツベルト
     Transport Ferry Katzbert 2・連絡船キャツベルト2
     Bachicul 2・バチカル2
     Bachicul Factory・バチクル廃工場
     Desert Oasis・砂漠のオアシス
     Zao Ruins・ザオ遺跡ス
     Kesedonia 2・ケセドニア2
     Transport Ferry Katzbert 3・連絡船キャツベルト3
     Kaitzul 2・カイツール2
     Dao Pass・デオ峠
     Yuria City・ユリアシティ
     Land Battleship Tartaros 2・陸上装甲艦タルタロス2
     Berkend Port・ベルケンド港
     Waiyon Mirror Cave・ワイヨン鏡窟
     Yuria City 2・ユリアシティ2
     Aramis Well・アラミス湧水洞
     Dart Port・ダートダアト港
     Ketelburk Port・ケテルブルク港
     Teor Forest・テオル森
     Sentvina 2・セントビナー2
     Mejiora Plateau・メジオラ高原
     Sheridan 2・シェリダンメジオラ高原2
     Sentvina 3・セントビナー3
     Yuria City 3・ユリアシティ3
     Shuray Hill・シュレーの丘
     Engave and Kaitzul・エンゲーブとカイツール
     Kesedonia 2・ケセドニア2
     Desert Oasis 2・砂漠のオアシス2
     Zao Ruins 2・ザオ遺跡ス2
     Klippot 2・魔界2
     Dart 2・ダート2
     Bachicul 3・バチカル3
     Inista Wetlands・イニスタ湿原
     Berkend 2・ベルケンド2
     Dart 3・ダート3
     Sheridan 2・シェリダン2
     Tatar Valley 2・タタル渓谷2
     Sheridan 3・シェリダン3
     Bachicul 4・バチカル4
     Grankokma 2・グランコクマ2
     Dart 4・ダート4
     Kesedonia 3・ケセドニア3
     Yuria City 4・ユリアシティ4
     Sheridan 4・シェリダン4
     Sheridan Port・シェリダン港
     Earth’s Core・地核
     Berkend 3・ベルケンド3
     Mejiora Plateau 2・メジオラ高原2
     Berkend 4・ベルケンド4
     Dart 5・ダート5
     Zareho Volcano・ザレッホ火山
     Berkend 5・ベルケンド5
     Waiyon Mirror Cave 2・ワイヨン鏡窟2
     Sheridan 5・シェリダン5
     Ketelburk 2・ケテルブルク2
     Ronile Snowy Mountain・ロニール雪山
     Ketelburk 3・ケテルブルク3
     Absorb Gate・アブソーブゲート
     Bachicul 5・バチカル5
     Sheridan 6・シェリダン6
     Yuria City 5・ユリアシティ5
     Dart 6・ダート6
     Collapsed Sentvina・崩壊セントビナー
     Shuray Hill 2・シュレーの丘2
     Collapsed Sentvina 2・崩壊セントビナー2
     Grankokma 3・グランコクマ3
     Bachicul 6・バチカル6
     Dart 7・ダート7
     Zareho Volcano 2・ザレッホ火山2
     Dart 8・ダート8
     Berkend 6・ベルケンド6
     Ronile Snowy Mountain 2・ロニール雪山2
     Bachicul 7・バチカル7
     Kesedonia 4・ケセドニア4
     Yuria City 6・ユリアシティ6
     Feres Island・フェレス島廃墟郡
     Grankokma 4・グランコクマ4
     Cheegle Forest 2・チーグルの森2
     Yuria City 7・ユリアシティ7
     Bachicul 8・バチカル8
     Tower of Rem・レムの塔
     Dart 9・ダート9
     Tower of Rem 2・レムの塔2
     Berkend 7・ベルケンド7
     Bachicul 9・バチカル9
     Yuria City 8・ユリアシティ8
     Absorb Gate 2・アブソーブゲート2
     Dart 10・ダート10
     Radiate Gate・ラジエイトゲート
     Grankokma 5・グランコクマ5
     Kesedonia 4・ケセドニア4
    7. Optional Areas
    8. Translation Notes
    9. Frequently Asked Questions
    10. Credits
    11. Legal Stuff
    1. Version
    2.00: 3/03/2006 The translation is complete. There are some minor 
    fixes that still need to be made. Fixed up some lines.
    1.26: 2/16/2006 Added translations for the Ending, the ending movie, 
    and the cut-scene after Absorb Gate. With the exception of a few 
    lines, the translation is complete. Fixed up some lines.
    1.25: 2/12/2006 Added translations for Radiate Gate, Grankokma 5, 
    Kesedonia 4, and Eldrant.
    1.24: 2/9/2006 Added translations for Bachicul 9, Yuria City 8, 
    Absorb Gate 2, and Dart 10.
    1.23: 2/8/2006 Added translations for the rest of Bachicul 8, Tower 
    of Rem, Dart 9, Tower of Rem 2, and Berkend 7.
    1.22: 2/7/2006 Added translations for Kesedonia 4、Yuria City 6, 
    Feres Island, Grankokma 4, Cheegle Forest 2, Yuria City 7, and part 
    of Bachicul 8. Fixed a few lines from earlier areas. Added new 
    translation notes for the new areas.
    1.21: 2/2/2006 Added translations for Zareho Volcano 2, Dart 8, 
    Berkend 6, Ronile Snowy Mountain 2, Bachicul 7.
    1.20: 1/30/2006 Added translations for the rest of Absorb Gate, 
    Bachicul 5, Sheridan 6, Yuria City 5, Dart 6, Collapsed Sentvina, 
    Shuray Hill 2, Collapsed Sentvina 2, Grankokma 3, Bachicul 6, Dart 7. 
    Fixed a few lines from earlier areas. Added new translation notes 
    for the new areas.
    1.19: 1/26/2006 Added translations for the rest of Sheridan 5, 
    Ketelburk 2, Ronile Snowy Mountain, Ketelburk 3, and most of Absorb 
    1.18: 1/24/2006 Added translations for Mejiora Plateau 2, Berkend 4, 
    Dart 5, Zareho Volcano, Berkend 5, Waiyon Mirror Cave 2, and the 
    beginning of Sheridan 5. Fixed a few lines from earlier areas.
    1.17: 1/20/2006 Added translations for the rest of Dart 4, Kesedonia 
    3, Yuria City 4, Sheridan 4, Sheridan Port, Earth’s Core, and 
    Berkend 3. Added new translation notes for the new areas.
    1.16: 1/19/2006 Added translations for Inista Wetlands, Berkend 2, 
    Dart 3, Sheridan, Tatar Valley 2, Sheridan 3, Bachicul 4, Grankokma 
    2, and part of Dart 4. Fixed a few lines from earlier areas.
    1.15: 1/16/2006 Added translations for the rest of Kesedonia 2, 
    Desert Oasis 2, Zao Ruins 2, Klippot 2, Dart 2, and Bachicul 3.
    1.14: 1/15/2006 Added translations for Yuria City 3, Shuray Hill, 
    Engave and Kaitzul, and some of Kesedonia 2. Fixed a few lines from 
    earlier areas.
    1.13: 1/13/2006 Added translations for Sheridan, Mejiora Plateau, 
    Sheridan 2, Sentvina 3.
    1.12: 1/12/2006 Added translations for Teor Forest, Grankokma, and 
    Sentvina 2. Added new translation notes for the new areas. Fixed a 
    few lines from earlier areas.
    1.11: 1/9/2006 Added translations for the rest of Yuria City 2, 
    Aramis Well, Dart, Dart Port, Ketelburk Port, and Ketelburk. Added 
    new translation notes for the new areas. Fixed a few lines from 
    earlier areas.
    1.10: 1/7/2006 Added translations for Waiyon Mirror Cave, and some 
    of Yuria City 2. Fixed a few lines from earlier areas.
    1.09: 1/6/2006 Added translations for Aczelius, Klippot, Yuria City, 
    Land Battleship Tartaros 2, Berkend Port, and Berkend. Added new 
    translation notes for the new areas. Changed Noel’s name to Noir.
    1.08: 1/5/2006 Added translations for the rest of Bachicul Factory, 
    Desert Oasis, Zao Ruins, Kesedonia 2, Transport Ferry Katzbert 3, 
    Kaitzul 2, Dao Pass.
    1.07: 1/2/2006 Added translations for the rest of Bachicul 2, and 
    the beginning of Bachicul Factory.
    1.06: 1/1/2006 Added translations for the rest of Kesedonia, 
    Transport Ferry Katzbert 2, and the beginning of Bachicul 2. Fixed 
    up some lines.
    1.05: 12/31/2005 Added translations for the rest of Kaitzul, Kaitzul 
    Port, Coral Castle, Kaitzul Port 2, Transport Ferry Katzbert, and 
    the beginning of Kesedonia. Added new translations notes for the new 
    areas. Removed some translation notes that are no longer necessary.
    1.04: 12/27/2005 Added translation for the rest of Land Battleship 
    Tartaros, Sentvina, Fubras River, and the beginning of Kaitzul. 
    Added new translations notes for the new areas. Fixed a few lines 
    from earlier areas.
    1.03: 12/24/2005 Added the translations for the rest of Cheegle 
    Forest and most of Land Battleship Tartaros. Added new translations 
    notes for the new areas. 
    1.02: 12/22/2005 Added the translations for more of Cheegle Forest.
    1.01: 12/20/2005 Added the translations for the rest of Tatar Valley, 
    the Opening, Engave, and the beginning of Cheegle Forest. Added new 
    translations notes for the new areas. 
    1.00: 12/18/2005 Added Table of Contents, Introduction, Notes, 
    Opening Song, Optional Areas, Translation Notes, Credits, and Legal 
    Stuff. Added the translations for Bachicul and part of Tatar Valley. 
    Added new translations notes for the new areas. Added the opening 
    song and its translation.
    2. Future Additions
    - The rest of the story.
    3. Introduction
    This guide is for people who are playing through Tales of the Abyss 
    without knowing Japanese. This is my second translation and I’m 
    hoping that it’ll be a lot less direct then the first one. At the 
    very least it should be very easy to understand the story using this 
    4. Notes
    About the Guide
    When using this guide, it is recommended that you read it in place 
    of the Japanese text while playing through the game. This 
    translation guide does not tell what the characters are doing, just 
    the words that are said. It will be harder to make sense of what’s 
    being said if you do not see the actions accompanying them. I 
    suggest that you stay one line ahead of the text in the game so that 
    you are able to listen to the way the character says their lines and 
    can watch everything going on around them while having the 
    understanding of what is being said.
    Anything you see with a ‘※’ before it is a line I didn’t really 
    understand, and it is my best guess as to what was trying to be said. 
    If anyone has a correction for those or any other lines in the game, 
    please E-mail me at Spekio@gmail.com. I enjoy any feedback. Please 
    do not send game play questions. Although, any talk about 
    translations and in game text are fine. However, do not use that E-
    mail to request translations for any part of this or any other game.
    This guide can always be found at my website:  
    All of my translation projects are there. It also has a way to 
    donate money.
    About the Translation
    I tend to leave name suffixes, so you may want to brush up on them. 
    I even leave the tachi ending on sometimes, which is like a plural 
    for people and means the aforementioned person’s group. Also some 
    names don’t translate well, or carry special meanings, like Doushi 
    or Choushindou. For those, I left them in Japanese. 
    5. Opening Song
    Lyrics : Fujiwara Motoo
    Music : Fujiwara Motoo
    A single glass ball was dropped
    Chasing after it, another one dropped
    There’s just one left over, in one single sunny spot
    From the time that our hearts begin to beat
    We don’t like it, but we take up space
    We continue to protect ourselves, so that that isn’t taken away from 
    Even though I keep my hands clean
    They look dirty
    Before I go on and doubt my memory, I question it
    We’re definitely going to meet
    I use the sound of our pulses, which are the same, to find my way
    I’m right here, I’m always calling out to you
    When my worn out reasons heap atop one another, and the pile sways
    I’ll know the meaning of life
    A mirror, it reflects so that we can both
    Reach out and touch our respective karmas
    Dirty hand to dirty hand
    Now I know its form
    I’m right here, you’re most certainly touching me
    We’re in this sunny spot, enough for one
    Don’t forget that I’m always calling out to you
    From inside of the same glass ball as you
    That’s right, we’re definitely going to meet
    When a cross is built upon my buried reasons
    Then my promise will be carried out
    We’ll become one
    Original Japanese
    ガラス玉ひとつ 落とされた
    追いかけてもうひとつ 落っこちた
    ひとつ分の陽だまりに ひとつだけ残ってる
    奪われない様に 守り続けてる
    記憶を疑う前に 記憶に疑われてる
    ここに居るよ いつだって呼んでるから
    鏡なんだ 僕ら互いに
    それぞれのカルマを 映す為の
    汚れた手と手で 触り合って
    ここに居るよ 確かに触れるよ
    一人分の陽だまりに 僕らは居る
    忘れないで いつだって呼んでるから
    そうさ 必ず僕らは出会うだろう
    6. Story Translation
    Narrator: In ND 2000, the one who inherits the power of Lorelei, 
    will be born in Kimlasca. He will be a man of red hair, in line to 
    the royal family. He will be called the Holy Flame of Light. He will 
    lead Kimlasca Lanvaldear to a new era of prosperity. In ND 2002 the 
    one who seizes glory, will destroy his island of his birth. It will 
    be called the Hodo. After that, until one cycle of the seasons has 
    passed, Kimlasca and Markt will continue their wars. 
    Girl: Now at last. I am going.
    After Cut-Scene
    On screen: Bachicul KIMLASCA=LANVALDEAR 23 day, Rem, Rem Decan
    When Leaving Luke’s Room
    Luke: ……is it my imagination?
    Talking to Ramdas in the Room with the Save Point
    Ramdas: Just now I saw the Lorelei Church’s song expert, Commander 
    Van Grants.
    Luke: Eh? Van-sensei? This wasn’t a training day.
    Ramdas: He is on urgent business.
    ※Ramdas: He will be calling for you later bocchama, so please wait 
    in your room.*5
    Luke: Enough with that “bocchama” already.
    Ramdas: I’m sorry, but until you’re 20 years old, you must let me 
    call you that.
    When Returning to Luke’s Room
    Voice: Luke……I……to the voice……
    Luke: ……it hurts……! That voice from before……is it the same one as 
    Guy: What’s wrong Luke! Is it another one of your headaches!?
    Luke: Guy……huh……
    Luke: ……I’m alright. It’s going away.
    Guy: You hearing things again?
    Luke:What is with that? It’s so irritating!
    Guy: It’s been happening frequently lately. Perhaps it was because 
    you were kidnapped by the Markt Empire……. It was around seven years 
    Luke: Damn it. It’s all those Markt guy’s fault that my head is this 
    Guy: Well, you shouldn’t worry about it too much.
    Guy: Anyway, what are we going to do today? You want to sword fight?
    Luke: Ah, I can’t. Because Van-sensei is coming today.
    Guy: Van-sama? Isn’t today for fencing?
    Luke: But there’s urgent business.
    Woman’s Voice: Luke-sama. Are you alright?
    Guy: Ah, this is bad. Me being here is a secret.
    Guy: I’ll be going before I’m found. See ya.
    Woman’s Voice: Luke-sama.
    Luke: Alright, alright, I got it. Come in.
    Woman: Excuse me. Master is calling you. Please go to the reception 
    Luke: Alright. You can go.
    Luke: Alright, I guess I should go.
    Reception Room
    Luke: I’ve returned, Father.
    Duke Fabre: Please take a seat Luke.
    Luke: Sensei. Are you going to train me today?
    Van: We’ll see later. However, we need to talk before that.
    Duke Fabre: Commander Grants is being sent back to Dart tomorrow.
    Luke: What!? Why!?
    Van: You know I belong to the Lorelei Church’s Oracle Knights.
    Luke: You’re the Oracle Knights’ head secretary-general right?
    Van: Yes. I have the duty to protect Doushi Ion of the Oracle 
    Luke: Doushi Ion? What’s that?
    Suzanne: It’s the Lorelei Church’s leader.
    Suzanne: Thanks to the Doushi, we were able to make a truce between 
    the Markt Empire, and we of the Kimlasca Lanvaldear Kingdom.
    Van: If predecessor Evenos, is the one who ended the Hodo War.
    Van: Then the current Doushi Ion could be called the symbol of 
    today’s peace.
    Duke Fabre: It seems that Ion-sama is missing.
    Van: As a member of the Oracle Knights, it is my duty to search for 
    Luke: No way! If Sensei leaves, who’s going to train me!
    Van: Fufu, until I return to the Kimlasca Kingdom, I’ll have a 
    subordinate do it. So don’t get so angry.*2
    Luke: But I want it to be you, Van-sensei!
    Duke Fabre: Don’t speak like that Luke. Commander Grants will be 
    able to return eventually. Please learn how to endure it.
    Suzanne: Darling! He has horrible memories from when he was 
    kidnapped and his spirit was hurt.
    Suzanne: Because of that his childhood memories were lost……don’t you 
    feel bad for him?
    Duke Fabre: Suzanne. You’re too easy on him.
    Van: However, spending life locked up in a mansion isn’t something 
    that’s a blessing either.
    Luke: That’s right. Why does my Uncle have to keep me locked up in 
    Luke: Because of the kingdom he says, he gave this weird order. It 
    pisses me off.
    Suzanne: It’s because he’s worried about you.
    Suzanne: You’ll have your freedom in three years. Please be a little 
    more patient.
    Van: Cheer up Luke. To make up for not being able to train for a 
    while, we’ll train really hard today.
    Van: Duke, milady. We must get started on the training.
    Duke Fabre: I leave it to you, Commander Grants.
    Van: I’ll go ahead to the courtyard. I’m going to finish the 
    preparations, try to come soon.
    Suzanne: Oh, Luke. Please try not to get hurt.
    Luke: Alright. Geez……
    Guy: I see. Being an Oracle Knight must be difficult.
    Van: That’s why I have to leave it to you.
    Van: The Duke, the kingdom, and also Luke……
    Pear: Luke-sama!
    Luke: What’re you doing Guy?
    Guy: Commander Van is a master swordsman. So I was just asking him 
    for some instruction.
    Luke: Really? It didn’t look like that to me.
    White Screen
    Luke’s Voice: (……what? Something’s coming?)
    Back in Courtyard
    Van: ……Luke! Can’t you hear me!
    Luke: Huh? Oh, yes!
    Van: Are you prepared?
    Luke: I’m ready!
    Guy: Well then, I guess I’ll watch. Do your best, Luke.
    Luke: Yeah, yeah.
    In Battle
    Van: You alright Luke? These are the basic movements.
    Van: First of all, for movement. You can move back and forth with 
    the L-Stick.
    Van: Try that first. When you want to move on, press △.
    Van: Your place in battle is important. Match the situation……
    Van: ……however, that is not all there is to real combat. 
    Luke: It would be nice to be able to swing this sword around outside.
    Van: As you are, you shouldn’t say that. So, next is about attacking.
    Van: You can do a normal attack with the ○ button.
    Van: By combining a regular attack with the L-Stick it will change.
    Van: Slice with just the ○ button. Slash down with down L-Stick and 
    the ○ button. Anti air attack with the up L-Stick and the ○ button. 
    Van: Press the down L-Stick and the ○ button for a wide attack.
    Van: So, as always, try it with that doll as your opponent.
    Luke: A doll again huh……. Well alright.
    Van: When the enemy is flying, or when you’re surrounded, it becomes 
    necessary to adapt to the situations in battle. Don’t forget that.
    Van: Those are the basic attacks. Next, we move to defense.
    Luke: Hey, Sensei?
    Van: What is it?
    Luke: I was thinking, it would be better to just defeat the enemy 
    before you’re attacked.
    Van: Are you saying you could also defeat me like that?
    Luke: Um……that is……
    Van: So then you understand defense is important don’t you?
    Van: That doll will periodically attack. Try defending it with the ■ 
    Luke: Alright.
    Van: Alright, good.
    Van: In battle, defending is necessary in emergencies.
    Van: From repeatedly battling, you can learn more defensive 
    techniques. Please remember that.
    Luke: ……yes.
    Van: Lastly, we move to skill practice.
    Van: Luke, are you prepared?
    Luke: I’ve been waiting for that! Start anytime.
    Van: Use the skill with the X button. The skill I taught you is 
    called “Sougazan”. Do you remember?
    Luke: Yes! Sensei!
    Van: Alright, then try it now.
    Van: Alright, good.
    Van: You’ve already mastered it. That skill is already yours.
    Luke: ……heheh! Thanks Sensei!
    Van: Combine skills with regular attacks and you can continually 
    Luke: Really……
    Van: That is the end. Combine the ○ and X button and try chaining 
    your attacks.
    Luke: Yes, Sensei!!
    Van: Alright, that was good.
    Van: By the way, by repeatedly fighting, you can also learn new 
    Van: In the “Magic/Skill” menu, you should set your skills in 
    Van: Combined with the L-Stick, you can use your skills. Remember 
    Luke: New skills huh……
    After Training Battle
    Luke: What?
    Van: That voice……!?
    Luke: I can’t move……!
    Pear: It’s a Tone Song! Has a Seventh Fonimar has entered the 
    Guy: Damn it……the sleepiness is overtaking me. What is going on, 
    where are the guards!
    ※???: I’ve finally found you, you traitor! Prepare yourself!
    Van: I thought it was you, Tear!
    Tear: Luke: What is this, who are you!
    Van: Don’t! Stop!
    Voice: Sound……Lorelei’s will, will be carried out……open!
    Luke: That strange voice again……
    Tear: That’s the Seventh Fonim!?
    Van: Damn it……. The Seventh Fonim reacted!
    Tatar Valley・タタル渓谷
    Voice: ……uke……wake……
    Voice: ……wake up, Luke!
    Luke: ……you are……?
    Tear: Thank goodness……. It seems you’re alright.
    Luke: Where……is this?
    Tear: No idea……. But that large force sent us somewhere……
    Tear: I thought we were about to be swallowed up by the Planet 
    Luke: That’s right! You tried to kill……!
    Luke: Ouch……!
    Tear: Wait, don’t move suddenly. ……are you injured? Where does it 
    Luke: I, I’m fine! More importantly, what the hell happened? And who 
    are you……?
    Tear: I’m Tear. Somehow it seems a “Choushindou” occurred between 
    Luke: “Choushindou”? What’s that?
    Tear: It’s resonance reaction because we are the same type. You’re 
    also a Seventh Fonimar aren’t you? That was careless.
    Tear: That’s why you were being protected by the royal family isn’t 
    Luke: Ahh, shut up. Be quite for a second!
    Luke: I don’t understand a word you’re saying!
    Tear: …………
    Luke: Say something!
    Tear: I thought you wanted me to be quiet, and now you’re telling me 
    to talk?
    Tear: Let’s start talking then.
    Tear: Since it seems you don’t know anything, I think it’s a waste 
    of time to tell you here.
    Luke: Then what are you going to do after this?
    Tear: I’ll take you with me until we reach Bachicul.
    Luke: And how’re you gonna do that! You don’t even know where the 
    hell we are!
    Tea: You can see the ocean over there can’t you?
    Luke: Is that……the ocean?
    Tear: For now, let’s get out of this valley and head towards the 
    Tear: If we come across a main road, there may also be a stagecoach 
    and we should find a way back to Bachicul.
    Luke: You said we’d come across the ocean, how are we going to do 
    Tear: Listen carefully. You can here the sound of water. There’s a 
    river nearby.
    Tear: If we follow it downstream, we should reach the ocean.
    Luke: ……really, just like that?
    Tear: So, let’s go.
    Beginning of Path
    Tear: ……monster?
    Luke: Monster……!?
    Tear: It’s coming!
    Luke: You’re joking right! A monster……
    Luke: Ahhh!
    After Battle
    Luke: ……phew. Th, that was nothing.
    Tear: It’s too early to relax. Look, there are monsters over there.
    Tear: If you touch one of those monsters, we’ll have to fight it. Be 
    Luke: ……so full of yourself. I got it already!
    Next Area
    Tear: Be careful. This time there not just one of them.
    Luke: ……seriously!
    In Battle
    Luke: What, there’s more than one!
    Tear: Calm down Luke.
    Luke: Calm down? What are we going to do!?
    Tear: When fighting multiple enemies, you can change the enemy you 
    have targeted.
    Tear: By holding down the R1 button and moving the L Stick, you can 
    change the targeted enemy. First, try targeting the other enemy.
    Tear: Right. If you tap the R1 button, you will target the enemy 
    closest to you. Try it out.
    Tear: Right. When you want to attack a weak enemy, or save an ally, 
    respond to your situation and change your target……
    Luke: Aaahhhh!! Do you think I’m going to understand you explaining 
    that all at once!!
    Tear: ……they’re coming.
    Luke: Huh!?
    After Crossing the River
    Tear: It’s the exit!
    Luke: Are we finally going to be able to get out of here? I’m 
    already fed up with this place.
    Tear: Someone’s coming.
    ???: Wow! Are you two part of the Jet Black Wings!?
    Tear: ……Jet Black Wings?
    ???: They’re a group of thieves. They’re a group of three that 
    invaded this area and……you’re a group of two huh……
    Luke: ……humph. I wouldn’t hang around with a bunch of cheap thieves.
    Tear: ……that’s right. My companion might get angry.
    Luke: Hey!
    Tear: We lost our way to the road and ended up here. And you?
    ???: I’m a Coachman. The wheel on my wagon broke down near here.
    Coachman: My water jug fell and I lost all my drinking water, so I 
    came here to draw some water.
    Luke: A coach! We’re saved!
    Tear: Is your wagon going to the capital?
    Coachman: Yeah, the last stop is the capital.
    Luke: Let’s get a ride! I’m already fed up with walking.
    Tear: That’s right. We’re not familiar with the land. Can you please 
    take us?
    Coachman: To the capital, it’s 12000 Gald per person. Do you have 
    that much on you?
    Tear: Expensive……
    Luke: Really? It’s cheap. When we reach the capital my father will 
    pay you.
    Coachman: I can’t do that. You have to pay upfront.
    Tear: ……take this.
    Coachman: This is a great gem. Alright, you can ride.
    Luke: Eh………so you had something really good there didn’t you. Now I 
    won’t have to get my shoes stained.
    Talking to Coachman
    Coachman: Is it alright to return to the wagon now?
    Wait a minute・まってくれ
    After Picking 「いいよ」
    Coachman: Alright, let’s go.
    On Stagecoach
    Luke: ……wh, what was that!?
    Tear: It seems you finally woke up.
    Luke: H, hey! That stagecoach is being attacked!
    Coachman: It’s the army chasing after thieves! The Jet Black Wings 
    that I mistook you for!
    On Military Ship
    ???: Stagecoach over there! Get out of the way! Or else you’ll get 
    caught up in this!
    Soldier: Commander, the enemy has crossed Rotelrow Bridge and has 
    released explosives!
    ???: Oh my. Are they planning to escape as the bridge collapses?
    Soldier: Fonslot startup confirmed!
    Soldier: The enemy has invoked the Fifth Fonim with Tone Magic! The 
    bridge is going to explode!
    ???: Stop it with the Tartaros. Start the Tone Magic Barrier.
    Soldier: Roger! Stopping with Tartaros!
    Soldier: Tone Magic Barrier engaged!
    Back on Stagecoach
    Luke: Amazing! Intense!
    Coachman: Surprised! That’s the army’s newest land armored warship, 
    the Tartaros!
    Luke: Ma, Markt Army!? What’s the Markt army doing here?
    Coachman: It’s natural.
    Coachman: At any rate, there have been rumors of those Kimlasca guys 
    setting up the war.
    Coachman: So that’s way the security is so strict around here.
    Tear: ……wait a minute? This isn’t the Kimlasca Kingdom?
    Coachman: What are you talking about? This is the Markt Empire! The 
    western part of Markt, the Rugnika Plains.
    Luke: Yo, you’re joking right! This stagecoach isn’t headed for 
    Coachman: We’re headed to the Markt Empire’s capital. His Majesty, 
    the great Pione the 9th’s Grankokma.
    Tear: ……that’s a mistake. 
    Luke: How can you say that so calmly! How could you make such a 
    Tear: I’m not familiar with the land. What about you.
    Luke: I’m confined to the mansion. I’ve never been outside, so 
    there’s no way I could have known.
    Coachman: ……that’s strange. You two are from Kimlasca?
    Tear: No, we’re from Markt. We just we had some business and were in 
    the middle of going to Kimlasca’s Bachicul.
    Luke: Shameless……
    Coachman: That’s the opposite way isn’t it.
    Coachman: If you’re going to Kimlasca, you shouldn’t have crossed 
    the bridge, you should’ve taken the highway down south.
    Coachman: But then the bridge collapsed and now you can’t go back……
    Luke: Seriously. What are we gonna do……
    Coachman: We’re headed east to Engave on the way to Grankokma. What 
    are you two going to do?
    Tear: As expected, it’s far to Grankokma.
    Tear: Let’s think of a way to return to Kimlasca in Engave.
    Ride the coach until Engave.・エンゲーブまで乗せてくれ
    We’ll walk to Engave.・歩いてエンゲーブへ行くよ
    Picking 「エンゲーブまで乗せてくれ」: Start Path 1
    Luke: Let’s ride to Engave. It’s not worth walking.
    Coachman: I see. Then, let’s depart.
    Picking 「歩いてエンゲーブへ行くよ」: Start Path 2
    Luke: We’ll walk to Engave and sightsee along the way.
    Coachman: Engave is east of here. Be careful.
    Path 2: Before Crossing Bridge
    Luke: Aah, I’m hungry……
    Tear: I see. So let’s take a break. I’ll make some food.
    Luke: Huh? You?
    Tear: Yes.
    Luke: Hmm……
    Tear: So, let’s eat.
    Luke: Eat? You mean that small amount?
    Tear: Yes.
    Luke: What is this……?
    Tear: ……rice balls.
    Luke: I can see that! Saying that you were going to make food like 
    that, it’s just rice balls!
    Tear: I only have the recipe for Rice Balls right now. Deal with it.
    Here more about cooking・料理についてもっと聞く
    That’s enough・もういい
    Path 2: Picking「料理についてもっと聞」: Stay Path 2
    Luke: Hey, could you tell me a little bit more about cooking?
    Tear: Eh? I don’t mind, what do you want to know?
    Luke: How can you learn to cook different kinds of food?
    Tear: By asking people or searching around you can discover recipes 
    and be able to make all sorts of things.
    Luke: Search for recipes, huh……. It seems like a pain……
    Luke: When I find a recipe, how can I cook?
    Tear: You can cook after arranging the ingredients and selecting the 
    person to make it.
    Tear: Since each person is fond of different recipes
    Tear: when deciding who will cook, it’s important to pay attention 
    to the ingredients.
    Luke: Hmm.
    Tear: So, if we’re finished eating, and finished talking, let’s get 
    Luke: Already! If I don’t chew properly I’ll get a stomachache.
    Tear: ……
    Path 1: Upon Arrival
    Coachman: This is Engave.
    Coachman: If you’re headed to Kimlasca, you should head south 
    through the Kaitzul checkpoint.
    Coachman: Be careful.
    Tear: A checkpoint huh……if we don’t have a passport they won’t let 
    us through. This isn’t good……
    Luke: It’ll be fine right? If I say I’m Duke Fabre’s son, they’ll 
    let us right through.
    Luke: More importantly, let’s explore the town. This is the first 
    time I’ve ever left my town!
    Tear: ……aside from exploring, we need to prepare before we leave 
    town. Let’s rest here for tonight.
    Path 1: In Front of a House
    Luke: Oh, I smell something good.
    Tear: It really does smell good. I want to learn the recipe.
    Luke: Huh? What are you going to do when you learn the recipe?
    Tear: I’m going to make it of course. Right now the only recipe I 
    have is rice balls.
    Tear: We’ll probably get tired of it.
    Luke: Rice balls all the time……that’ll definitely get boring……
    What do you want to do?
    Here more about cooking・料理についてもっと聞く
    Try going inside・とにかく入ってみよう
    Path 1: Picking「料理についてもっと聞」: Stay Path 1
    Luke: Hey, could you tell me a little bit more about cooking?
    Tear: Eh? I don’t mind, what do you want to know?
    Luke: How can you learn to cook different kinds of food?
    Tear: In order to cook, recipes are necessary.
    Tear: By asking people or searching around you can discover recipes 
    and be able to make all sorts of things.
    Luke: Search for recipes, huh……. It seems like a pain……
    Luke: When I find a recipe, how can I cook?
    Tear: You can cook after arranging the ingredients and selecting the 
    person to make it.
    Tear: Since each person is fond of different recipes
    Tear: when deciding who will cook, it’s important to pay attention 
    to the ingredients.
    Luke: Hmm.
    Luke: Anyway, let’s go check out what that good smell is!
    Tear: Won’t we be a bother……?
    Luke: It’ll be fine.
    Path 2: Upon Arrival
    Tear: This must be Engave.
    Man: Oh, you’re traveling on foot these days?
    Luke: You got a problem with that?
    Man: No, that’s not it. There are thieves and monsters out there. 
    It’s dangerous. That’s why people usually use stagecoaches.
    May I ask a question? 
    Tear: What should we do to get to Kimlasca from here?
    Man: Since Rotelro Bridge collapsed, you’ll have to head south to 
    the Kaitzul checkpoint.
    Tear: Thank you very much.
    Man: No problem, see ya.
    Tear: A checkpoint huh……if we don’t have a passport they won’t let 
    us through. This isn’t good……
    Luke: It’ll be fine right? If I say I’m Duke Fabre’s son, they’ll 
    let us right through.
    Luke: More importantly, let’s explore the town. This is the first 
    time I’ve ever left my town!
    Tear: ……aside from exploring, we need to prepare before we leave 
    town. Let’s rest here for tonight.
    Near Group of People in Front of the Inn 
    Luke: What’s this?
    Tear: We won’t be able to get in like this.
    Luke: Let’s look around town while we wait for them to calm down.
    Talking to Woman Cooking Inside the House
    Woman: The pasta will be done in just a bit.
    Woman: ……aaahhhh!
    Woman: Oh no! I’m out of “miso”. Sana-chan, would you get some more 
    for me?
    Sana: Aww, I don’t want to. I’m in the middle of reading.
    Woman: Then, how about you, the one staring over there. Would you 
    get some from the woman at the water mill for me?
    Do it for her?
    I guess I have to・仕方ねぇな
    No way!・お断り
    After Picking「仕方ねぇな」: Start Path 1
    Luke: I guess I have to.
    Tear: Oh, aren’t you kind.
    Luke: Shut up! It’s not that big of a deal.
    Woman: If you tell the woman at the water mill, she’ll cut it for 
    After Picking「お断り」: Start Path 2
    Luke: No way! Why should I have to go do that.
    Tear: ……
    Woman: Oh that’s too bad. If you would have helped me I would have 
    shared some with you.
    Path 1: At Water Mill
    Old Lady: What do you need?
    Luke: Give me “miso”.
    Tear: ……I’m shocked at you. I’ll ask so, step back.
    Tear: Excuse me miss, we were cooking, but we ran out of “miso”. 
    Could you please give us some……
    Old Lady: Aah, I see. If that’s the case, here, is this enough?
    Tear: Thank you very much.
    Luke: Well done.
    Tear: If you’ll excuse me……
    Path 1: Talking to Woman Cooking Inside the House Again
    Tear: Will this do?
    Woman: Oh, thank you. With that it’s complete.
    Woman: As a token of my appreciation, I’ll teach you how to make 
    You learned how to make pasta.
    Woman: Since you went out of your way, I’ll give you the extra.
    You received Engave Noodles.
    You received milk.
    Woman: You should definitely try to make it for him.
    By Food Shop
    Luke: These apples look delicious.
    Store Owner: Sir! You have to pay!
    Luke: Why would I pay?
    Tear: Because that’s what you do! You can’t just take things from a 
    Luke: But they should just collect payment from the mansion right.
    Luke: ……I see. This is Markt isn’t it.
    Tear: In both Mark and Kimlasca you’re supposed to pay for your 
    shopping at the store.
    Luke: Well I haven’t got any.
    Tear: Don’t you have the money that the monsters dropped?
    Luke: I see. I forgot because they’re not gold coins.
    Store Owner: Hey! If you’re not going to pay I’ll call the guards!
    Luke: I didn’t say I wasn’t going to pay did I!
    Luke: ……so, what should I do?
    Tear: Well, I’ll teach you how to shop.
    Tear: (He doesn’t even know how shopping works. Are all nobles like 
    Near Group of People in Front of the Inn Again
    Kerry: It’s no use……. The food warehouse was completely robbed.
    Kerry: Since there was a fire up north, it’s been going on for a 
    Kerry: There are even deserters in that area. Food is becoming a 
    Man: I think it might be act of the Jet Black Wings.
    Luke: The Jet Black Wings would steal just food?
    Kerry: It’s not just food! It’s the most valuable thing in this 
    Luke: What a stingy thing to say. If it was stolen, you should just 
    buy more.
    Store Owner: What! What do you think we were doing, cultivating the 
    field all year!!
    Store Owner: Hey, Kerry-san are you saying the food thieves hit your 
    place too?
    Store Owner: You! You weren’t just stealing from me were you, you 
    stole from here too!
    Kerry: What……. Could it be that you were the one that stole from my 
    food warehouse!
    Man: They say criminals always return to the scene of the crime.
    Luke: You calling me a thief!
    Store Owner: Didn’t you just try to steal an apple from my shop a 
    minute ago!
    Kerry: Alright! I’ll go get a government official!
    Tear: (It would be better for Luke to just get arrested……)
    Rose’s House
    Man: Rosa-san, we have a problem!
    Rosa: Hey! There’s a high ranking official here. Behave yourself!
    Kerry: I can’t! We’ve caught the food thief!
    Luke: I told you, you’ve got the wrong guy!
    Man: Rosa-san, he might be one of the Jet Black Wings!
    Man: Lately he’s been doing it frequently, the food robbery was the 
    act of this guy!
    Luke: I told you I’m not a thief!
    Luke: I don’t live the kind of life where I need to worry about 
    Rosa: Oh my, he’s a powerful boy isn’t he. Anyway, calm down 
    ???: That’s right everyone.
    Rosa: Captain……
    Luke: Who are you?
    Jade: I’m Jade Curtiss of the Markt Empire’s 3rd Army Division. And 
    you are?
    Luke: I’m Luke. Luke Fon……
    Tear: Luke!!
    Luke: What are doing……
    Tear: Have you forgotten? This is the enemy’s country.
    Tear: Your father Duke Fabre is the Markt Empire’s number one enemy. 
    Don’t go throwing your name around carelessly.
    Luke: Really?
    Tear: Yes. There are a lot people around here who were killed by 
    your father.
    Tear: don’t you think we should avoid unnecessary conflict?
    Jade: Is something wrong?
    Tear: Excuse us, Captain. He’s Luke, and I’m Tear.
    Tear: We’re on our way to Kesedonia, but we took the wrong 
    stagecoach, and ended up here.
    Jade: Oh my, then you are suspected of being members of the Jet 
    Black Wings?
    Tear: We are not part of the Jet Black Wings.
    Tear: The Markt Army should have driven the real Jet Black Wings 
    across the Rotelro Bridge.
    Jade: Aah……I see. So you two were riding in that stagecoach a little 
    while ago too.
    Rosa: What do you mean, Captain?
    Jade: It’s as Tear-san said. People believed to be the Jet Black 
    Wings escaped in the direction of the Kimlasca Kingdom.
    Jade: I don’t think these people are the Jet Black Wings. I 
    guarantee it.
    Ion: They just don’t seem like food thieves.
    Jade: Ion-sama.
    Ion: I was a little curious, so I investigated the food warehouse.
    Ion: There was something dropped in the corner of the room.
    Rosa: That’s……a hair of a cheegle a Holy Beast.
    Ion: Yes. Perhaps a cheegle broke into the food warehouse.
    Luke: See! I told you I wasn’t a thief!
    Tear: But you did eat that apple before paying for it.
    Tear: You should think about your suspicious actions.
    Luke: It’s not my fault. I didn’t know I was supposed to pay.
    Rosa: Well it seems like that matter is settled. Don’t you have 
    something to say to this boy.
    Kerry: ……I’m sorry. I got all worked up over the continuing 
    Man: Sorry for doubting you.
    Man: I apologize for disturbing you.
    Rosa: Will you forgive them boy?
    Luke: I’m not a boy.
    Rosa: Ah, sorry Luke-san. How about it, why don’t you just let it be 
    water under the bridge.
    Luke: ……it doesn’t really matter.
    Rosa: That’s great. Well then, I have to talk to the Captain.
    Rosa: I’ll think of something to do to protect against the cheegle, 
    so all of you can go home.
    Tear: Why is Doushi Ion here……
    Luke: Doushi Ion?
    Tear: Lorelei Church’s supreme Doushi Ion.
    Luke: Wait a minute. I heard Ion was missing.
    Luke: Van-sensei said he had to leave to search for that guy!
    Tear: Really? First time I heard of that. I wonder what that means……. 
    It doesn’t seem like a kidnapping.
    Luke: I’ll go ask him.
    Tear: Stop. It seems they’re having an important conversation, so 
    let’s wait until tomorrow.
    Luke: Damn. I’m getting irritated……
    Inside Inn
    ???: Have you seen my companion!? He’s a quite boy a little bit 
    taller then me.
    Kerry: No, I was out for a while, so……
    ???: Awe, where the heck did Ion-sama go?
    Luke: Ion? You mean Doushi Ion?
    Tear: Ion-sama is at Miss Rosa’s place.
    ???: Really!? Thanks a lot♪
    Luke: Wait a minute you. Why is the Doushi here? I heard he was 
    ???: Wha! A rumor like that got started. I have to tell Ion-sama!
    Luke: Hey! …………damn, I never got to hear why……
    Tear: I guess so. But that girl seams like a Fon Master Guardian, so 
    I think it must be an official trip.
    Luke: Fon Master Guardian?
    Tear: Ion-sama’s bodyguards. A special division of the Oracle 
    Knights. They travel with him on official business.
    Luke: So that means that kid is Van-sensei’s subordinate.
    Luke: ……even still, what’s with that missing person story! If that’s 
    not true, I’m seriously pissed off!
    Talking to Innkeeper Kerry
    Kerry: Ah, it’s you. I’m sorry about before.
    Kerry: To apologize, I’ll let you stay for free tonight.
    Inn Room
    Tear: Let’s head to the Kaitzul checkpoint tomorrow.
    Tear: With the bridge destroyed, it’s the only way to return to 
    Bachicul from here. And what can we do about the passport……
    Luke: ……I can’t hold in my anger anymore. We’ll never get back like 
    Tear: Amazing. You’re still mad?
    Luke: Of course. I was called a thief!
    Luke: Hey, what’s a cheegle? They said it was a Holy Beast.
    Tear: It’s a plant eating animal that lives in the forests of the 
    Eastern Lugnika Plain.
    Tear: It has become a symbol of the Lorelei Church in line with its 
    founder, Yuria.
    Tear: It’s just north of this village.
    Luke: I’m going to the forest tomorrow.
    Tear: To do what?
    Luke: To look for proof that they’re the thieves.
    Tear: I think it’s a bit pointless.
    Luke: Shut up. I’ve already decided!
    Luke: zzz
    Tear: Even though he complains so much, he sleeps normal.
    Tear: He seems like a normal guy when he’s asleep…….
    Luke: mmm……huh!? What are looking at!?
    Tear: Ah, sorry. I guess I woke you
    Luke: Idiot! Don’t stare at someone while they’re sleeping.
    Luke: Go to sleep already!
    Tear: Right. Sorry. I’ll do that.
    Luke: Geez. What’s with her?
    Cheegle Forest・チーグルの森
    Upon Entering
    Luke: Hey, huh, isn’t that Ion!
    Tear: He’s in danger……!
    Luke: Hey, are you alright?
    Ion: I’m fine. I just used my Dart Style Tone Magic a little too 
    Ion: If I remember correctly, you two were at Engave yesterday……
    Luke: I’m Luke.
    Ion: Luke……. In ancient Espania it means, Holy Flame of Light. It’s 
    a good name.
    Tear: I belong to the Oracle Knight’s Saint Morse’s First 
    Information Platoon.
    Tear: Sound Chief Tear Grants.
    Ion: So you’re Van’s little sister huh. I’ve heard rumors, but this 
    is our first meeting.
    Luke: Huh! Your Sensei’s sister!? Then what were you doing trying to 
    kill him!?
    Tear obtained the title, Teacher’s Sister.
    Ion: Kill……?
    Tear: Ah, no……. I have my story.
    Luke: Why are you avoiding the answer! Why are you, his sister, 
    after Sensei’s life?
    Tear: That’s……
    Ion: It’s a cheegle!
    Luke: That bastard! I knew they’d be around here! After it!
    Ion: About Van……would it be best for me not to pry further?
    Tear: I’m sorry. It concerns my home town. I don’t want to get you 
    or Luke involved if possible……
    Luke: Hey! I’m losing sight of it!
    Ion: Let’s go!
    Tear: Huh? Ah, yes!
    Next Area
    Luke: Ah! You see that! It escaped because you two were so slow.
    Ion: It’s alright. If we go in a little deeper, there should be a 
    cheegle’s nest.
    Luke: And how would you know?
    Ion: Ah, yes……actually, I was interested in Engave’s robbery 
    incident, so I investigated a bit.
    Ion: The cheegle is a very clever and docile beast. It’s strange 
    that it would be stealing people’s food.
    Luke: ……hmmm. If we’re both headed to the same place, does that mean 
    you want to come with us?
    Ion: Then, you two are also investigating the cheegle?
    Luke: I can’t just stand by while being falsely accused. I guess I 
    have no choice. You can come to.
    Ion: Eh, are you sure it’s alright?
    Tear: What are you talking about! You’re going to take Ion-sama into 
    a dangerous situation!
    Luke: Then what would you do? Just send him back to the village, 
    he’ll just come right back here.
    Ion: ……yes, I’m sorry. I just have to find out. After all, the 
    cheegle is my church’s Holy Beast.
    Luke: Hey, look. You’re face is still pale and you look like you 
    could collapse. So stay close.
    Ion: Thank you very much! You’re a really nice person Luke-dono!
    Luke: Wh, who’s nice! You should stop saying crap like that and just 
    come with us!
    Ion: OK!
    Luke: Ah. One more thing, don’t go using that strange magic anymore 
    either. You collapsed from it before didn’t you. Leave the fighting 
    to us.
    Ion: Are you going to protect me? That’s so thoughtful Luke-dono.
    Luke: You’ve got it all wrong! I said you’d be a hindrance! Stop 
    making such a big deal out of it!
    Luke: And you can get rid of that name suffix too! Let’s go.
    Ion: Yes! Luke!
    Next Area
    Animal: Myu, myumyumyu, myu!
    Luke: Huh? Is that a cheegle?
    Ion: It looks like it’s still a child.
    Tear: (It’s cute……)
    Luke: Ah, it ran away.
    Ion: Because it’s a wild animal.
    Tear: So you said this are has become a cheegle’s nest.
    Ion: They stole food from the village. There should be some evidence.
    Luke: If it’s that stupid of an animal, it should have dropped some 
    evidence around here.
    Ion: Let’s start searching.
    Investigating the Apples
    Ion: These apples have Engave’s mark on them.
    Luke: So they are the criminals!
    Tear: I feel the presence of an animal from inside that tree……
    Luke: That’s because cheegles live inside of tree trunks.
    Tear: Doushi Ion! It’s dangerous!
    Luke: Such a hopeless kid……
    Ion: Please let me pass.
    Cheegles: Myuumyuumyumyumyu!
    Luke: Can they even understand you?
    Ion: The church’s founder, Yuria Jue, was able to make a pack with 
    them. He asked them to lend him their power but……
    Cheegle Elder: ……myumyuumyumyu
    Cheegle Elder: ……are you a relative of Yuria Jue?
    Luke: Hey, the monster is talking!
    Cheegle Elder: It is the power of the ring given to me by Yuria’s 
    Cheegle Elder: Are you relatives of Yuria Jue?
    Ion: Yes. I am Lorelei Church’s Doushi Ion.
    Ion: Are you the leader of the cheegle race?
    Cheegle Elder: Indeed.
    Luke: Hey monster. You’ve been steeling food from Engave haven’t 
    Cheegle Elder: I see. Does that mean you’ve come to exterminate us?
    Luke: Heh, so you’re not even going to deny it huh.
    Ion: Cheegles are herbivores right. Then why is it necessary for you 
    to steal food from humans?
    Cheegle Elder: ……in order to preserve the cheegle race.
    Tear: It doesn’t look like you don’t have enough food. There’s 
    plenty of greenery around here.
    Cheegle Elder: Our companions started a fire in the northern land.
    Cheegle Elder: As a result, the “raiga” that lived in the region to 
    the north moved to this forest.
    Cheegle Elder: In order to feed on us.
    Ion: So you were stealing food so your companions wouldn’t be eaten 
    by the raiga.
    Cheegle Elder: ……that’s right. Periodically we have to send for food, 
    and they devour our companions.
    Ion: That’s horrible……
    Luke: Humph, didn’t you know that? It’s natural for the weak to be 
    Luke: And furthermore, their turf was burnt down.
    Ion: That may be the case, but you can’t say that it’s the natural 
    food cycle.
    Tear: Luke. We’ve confirmed that the cheegles are the culprits. What 
    are you going to do next?
    Luke: Well……let’s take them to the village……
    Tear: But if we do that, won’t the raigas attack Engave seeking 
    Luke: Like I care what happens to that village.
    Ion: We can’t do that.
    Ion: Engave’s food isn’t just for the Markt Empire. It’s shipped 
    throughout the entire world.
    Luke: Then what should we do?
    Ion: Let’s negotiate with the raigas.
    Tear: With……monsters?
    Luke: Those raigas can talk too?
    Ion: It is impossible for us, but if he could take one of the 
    cheegles along to translate……
    Cheegle Elder: ……then I will lend you the sorcery ring to translate.
    Cheegle Elder: myumyumyumyumyuu
    Luke: What?
    Cheegle Elder: This child was the one who started the fire in the 
    northern lands. Please take him with you.
    Mieu: I’m Mieu. Nice to meet you.
    Luke: ……hey. This guy really irritates me.
    Mieu: I’m very sorry. I’m very sorry.
    Luke: Ahh! You’re pissing me off! I’m gonna grill you up and eat you.
    You obtained the sorcery ring.
    After Leaving the Tree
    Mieu: Everyone, watch please.
    Luke: Whoa! What are doing! Fire shot out!
    Mieu: How’s that? It’s amazing isn’t it?
    Tear: What was that? I can breathe fire. The sorcery ring has more 
    uses than just translating.
    Mieu: I’ll do my best not to impose on you.
    Ion: If I’m not mistaken the cheegles are a breathing race right.
    Mieu: That’s right! But Mieu is special!
    Tear: Special?
    Mieu: Since Mieu is still a child, I can’t really breathe fire.
    Mieu: However!
    Ion: However?
    Mieu: The sorcery ring! I can breathe fire thanks to it!
    Mieu: And no matter how much I breathe fire, I don’t get tired.
    Luke: Really. So I guess that means that translating isn’t the only 
    thing the sorcery ring can do.
    Ion: It was originally something to enhance Tone Magic power. Like a 
    kind of Capacity Core.
    Tear: But I can’t say such a large fire could be used in actual 
    Mieu: Myuuuu……
    Luke: But breathing fire is fun isn’t it.
    Luke: Hey, pig monkey!
    Tear: Luke! That’s mean!
    Luke: Shut up! Pig monkey is good enough for this tiny weird little 
    Luke: Alright, pig monkey. You breathe fire on my orders.
    Mieu: ……myuuuu……. ……understood.
    You learned Mieu Fire.
    By pressing the ■ button you will shoot a fireball in front of you.
    Try hitting all sorts of things and watching the result.
    By River
    Tear: The raigas live over there right? 
    Mieu: That’s right. Across the river ahead of us.
    Luke: It’s across the river? But there’s no bridge.
    Ion: I guess we don’t have a choice. Let’s walk through the water.
    Luke: Seriously……. My shoes and pants will get wet. I don’t want to.
    Tear: Then I guess we should leave you here. Someone who is so 
    concerned with keeping their clothes clean would only be a hindrance.
    Luke: ……what did you say!?
    Luke: Hey, pig monkey. Shoot fire at the base of that tree.
    Mieu: Myu?
    Luke: Hey! Do it now!
    Mieu: Myumyumyuuuu.
    After Burning Tree
    Luke: All right. How’s that.
    Ion: I see. The base of the tree was rotting. You’re pretty clever 
    Luke: ……heh, it was nothing.
    Tear: That’s right. Because it was all thanks to Mieu.
    Luke: ……what!
    Tear: It’s not a big deal right? So don’t shout about it.
    Tear: Doushi Ion, let’s go.
    Ion: Ah, yes. Luke, stop being angry, and lets get going.
    Mieu: Let’s go.
    Luke: ……shut up!
    Mieu: Myuuuu……
    Next Area, Across River
    Luke: Hey, Ion.
    Ion: Yes?
    Luke: Where’d you learn that strong skill you used earlier? Could 
    you teach it to me so I can use it too?
    Ion: It’s called Dart Style Tone Magic……umm……
    Luke: I don’t want a troublesome explanation. Isn’t there any quick 
    and easy way to learn it?
    Tear: ……amazing isn’t he.
    Luke: What’s your problem!
    Ion: Please stop fighting you two. I’ll teach you an easy way to get 
    Luke: Seriously? How?
    Ion: Luke, what type of Capacity Core are you using?
    Luke: Capacity Core? ……what’s that?
    Ion: You don’t know?
    Tear: He’s a bit out of touch with the world.
    Luke: Well sorry!
    Ion: Then I’ll give you this……
    Luke: This is a Capacity Core?
    Ion: Yes. It’s like an accessory that applies Tone Magic.
    Ion: It reacts with Tone energy and increases your abilities.
    Ion: Recently regular people started wearing it as a fashion and 
    using it regularly.
    Luke: With this, will I be able to use that skill you used earlier?
    Ion: I’m sorry. Only the Doushi of the Lorelei Church is able to use 
    Dart Style Tone Magic. 
    Luke: What. That sucks.
    Tear: But if you equip a Capacity Core, you’ll be able to learn 
    unique abilities. If you master using them, you’ll become much 
    You can now select C・Core from the menu.
    Luke: How’s that?
    Ion: It suits you.
    Luke: Really, with this I’ll become much stronger.
    Tear: ……only your strength.
    Cave Under the Tree
    Tear: That is……
    Luke: A memory circle……?
    Tear: It’s a healing memory circle. If you stand on top of it, your 
    body will be healed.
    It is possible to recover at green colored memory circles.
    Please use it to restore your HP and TP.
    Further Inside Cave
    Tear: That’s the queen.
    Luke: Queen?
    Tear: As the raiga’s strongest female, it lives in the center of the 
    Ion: Mieu, please talk to the Raiga Queen.
    Mieu: OK.
    Mieu: myu, myumyumyumyuumyu……
    Ion: Are you alright?
    Luke: Hey. What did she say?
    Mieu: Since she is about to hatch the eggs……she said……stay away.
    Mieu: I made a mistake and burned their land, so she’s extremely 
    Luke: Eggs!? Raigas come from eggs!
    Mieu: I was also born from an egg. There are lots of monsters that 
    are born that way.
    Tear: This is bad. The ferocity of the raigas protecting the eggs is 
    Luke: Then, are you saying to come back later?
    Ion: However, if the eggs hatch, the new born offspring will seek 
    out food and head to the town in large numbers.
    Luke: Huh?
    Tear: Young raigas prefer to eat humans. That’s why the raigas that 
    live near towns hunt before breeding season.
    Ion: Can you try asking them to leave?
    Mieu: Y, yes.
    Mieu: My, myuu, myumyu……
    Mieu: Th, Thank you!
    Luke: Do, don’t get the wrong idea. I wasn’t protecting you, I was 
    just protecting Ion!
    Mieu: She says that she’s going to kill us and make us into food for 
    the offspring!
    Tear: She’s coming. ……Doushi Ion and My, please stand back.
    Luke: H, hey……if we fight here, we’ll break the eggs……
    Tear: It might be cruel, but it’ll be easier this way.
    Tear: If we leave the eggs and they hatch, the raiga cubs will 
    attack and destroy Engave.
    Ion: You two! The Raiga Queen!
    Luke: Damn it……!
    In Battle, Raiga Queen %50HP
    Luke: Hey! What’s going on! It’s barely getting hurt!
    Tear: This is bad……our attacks are almost ineffective.
    Luke: You’ve got to be kidding! We need to do something!
    Jade: I can give you a hand.
    Tear: Who’s there!?
    Jade: Please save the inquiries for later. I’ll handle the Tone 
    Magic. Please protect me while I’m casting.
    Luke: So full of himself……
    Tear: Let’s leave it to him for now. Let’s try to keep the raiga 
    queen away from him for a while.
    Luke: Fine, I got it!
    After Battle
    Jade: Anise, can you come here for a second.
    Anise: Yes Captain? Did you call me?
    Anise: Umm……understood. In return for that, please guard Ion-sama.
    Luke: ……I feel like I’m left with a bad aftertaste.
    Tear: He’s kind isn’t he. ……or maybe just na?ve.
    Luke: ……you’re a coldhearted woman!
    Jade: Oh my, a lovers quarrel?
    Luke: No way!
    Tear: Captain Curtis. We don’t have that type of relationship.
    Jade: It was a joke. And please, call me Jade.
    Jade: Calling me by my family name doesn’t seem very friendly.
    Ion: ……Jade. I’m sorry. I selfishly went off on my own.
    Jade: It’s not like you. Behaving like that, even though you knew it 
    was wrong.
    Ion: The cheegles, along with the founder Yuria, are the cornerstone 
    of the Lorelei Church.
    Ion: It is my duty to bear their mistakes……
    Jade: So you used your power for that reason? Didn’t the doctor 
    forbid you from using it?
    Ion: ……I’m sorry.
    Jade: Furthermore, you involved civilians.
    Luke: ……hey. He apologized didn’t he. Stop persisting and just 
    forgive him already old man.
    Jade: Oh my. That’s surprising, I thought you would’ve been 
    complaining that you got involved.
    Tear: (It really is surprising……)
    Jade: Well we don’t have much time. Let’s just leave it at that.
    Ion: Because of the letter you received?
    Jade: Exactly. Well, anyway, let’s leave the forest.
    Mieu: You can’t. I need to report to the elder.
    Jade: ……the cheegle is speaking human words?
    Ion: It’s the power of the sorcery ring.
    Ion: So Jade, will you let us visit the cheegle dwelling one more 
    Jade: Understood. However, don’t forget that we don’t have much time.
    Ion: Luke. Thanks for before. Please let me stay with you just a 
    little longer.
    Luke: I guess you have to. I feel like I’m being boarded like a boat.
    Jade has joined your party.
    Near the Shiny Blue Thing
    Mieu: Something is glowing! It’s so pretty!
    Luke: What’s this……? I guess I’ll take it for now.
    You obtained a Technical Ring.
    Back at the Cheegle Den
    Cheegle Elder: myumyumyumyumyu
    Mieu: myuumyumyumyu……
    Jade: Listening to monsters this way is also amusing isn’t it.
    Tear: ……so cute?
    Luke: Huh? What was that?
    Tear: ……I, I didn’t say anything.
    Cheegle Elder: I’ve heard from Mieu. It seems you were put through a 
    lot of danger.
    Cheegle Elder: 2000 years have passed, I am thankful that you 
    fulfilled the pact.
    Ion: Of course, it’s Yuria’s will that we help the cheegles.
    Cheegle Elder: However, this all started because Mieu burnt down the 
    raiga’s land.
    Cheegle Elder: Now he will atone for it.
    Tear: What do you plan to do?
    Cheegle Elder: Banish Mieu from our family.
    Ion: That’s excessive.
    Cheegle Elder: Of course, I don’t mean forever. If I heard right, 
    Mieu’s life was saved by Luke-dono.
    Cheegle Elder: Cheegles don’t forget their debts. For one cycle of 
    the seasons Mieu will serve Luke-dono.
    Luke: But I don’t have anything to do with it.
    Cheegle Elder: I am not asking Mieu if he will accompany you. I’ll 
    leave it to you.
    Tear: Should we take him with us?
    Luke: I don’t want a pet.
    Ion: Cheegles are the Lorelei Church’s Holy Beast. It’ll definitely 
    be a cute addition to your home.
    Luke: Maybe it could be a souvenir for Guy and the others……
    Mieu: I’ll do my best to be of use to you. Please take care of me 
    Luke: ……I knew you’d be irritating!
    Jade: It seems like the report is finished. Let’s leave the forest.
    Luke: ……so snotty.
    When Leaving the Forest
    Luke: Oh? Isn’t that kid your bodyguard?
    Ion: Yes, her name is Anise.
    Anise: Welcome back?
    Jade: Good work Anise. And the Tartaros?
    Anise: It’s right in front of the forest. You said you were in a 
    hurry, so I brought it as fast as I could?
    Luke: Hey, what’s she talking about?
    Jade: Seize them. The ones who released the unknown Seventh Fonim, 
    was these two.
    Ion: Jade! Don’t be so rude……
    Jade: Please relax. It doesn’t mean that anyone is going to be 
    killed. ……if those don’t struggle. 
    Jade: Good boy. Take them into custody.
    Land Battleship Tartaros・陸上装甲艦タルタロス
    Jade: ……the origin of the Seventh Fonim Choushindou was in the 
    direction of the Kimlasca Lanvaldear Kingdom.
    Jade: It converged in the Mark Empire’s Tatar Valley.
    Jade: If the origin of the Choushindou is you, then you have 
    illegally crossed over the border and trespassed on the Markt 
    Empire’s land.
    Luke: Heh, such a gloomy unpleasant guy isn’t he.
    Anise: Hehe, they said your unpleasant captain?
    Jade: I’m hurt.
    Jade: Well enough of that. Tear, I heard that you said you’re an 
    Oracle Knight.
    Jade: Then Luke, what’s your full name?
    Luke: Luke fone Fabre. The Luke-sama that you guys failed to kidnap.
    Jade: So that means……you have a connection to the royal family, and 
    you are Duke Fabre’s son.
    Anise: A duke……? Dreamy……?
    Jade: Why did you come to the Markt Empire? And also the 
    kidnapping……it wasn’t gentle was it.
    Tear: Aside from the kidnapping, all that happened this time was 
    that my Seventh Fonim and Luke’s Seventh Fonim caused a Choushindou 
    and we got drawn in.
    Tear: It was not an act of hostility against Markt by the Duke’s 
    Ion: Captain. It’s as she says. I don’t feel any hostility in him.
    Jade: ……well, it does seem that way. He’s had a sheltered upbringing, 
    so he’s out of touch with world affairs.
    Luke: Don’t take me for an idiot.
    Luke: How about a request for cooperation instead?
    Jade: By the imperial command of the Markt Empire’s Emperor Pione 
    the 9th’s orders, we are headed to Kimlasca.
    Tear: It couldn’t be, a proclamation of war……?
    Luke: A proclamation of war……your starting a war!?
    Anise: It’s the opposite Luke-sama? We’re going in order to stop the 
    Jade: Anise. Watch what you’re saying.
    Luke: Stopping the war? ……so that means the relationship between 
    Kimlasca and Markt had gotten that bad?
    Tear: I think you’re the only one who doesn’t know.
    Luke: ……you’re unpleasant too.
    Jade: I’ll be letting you free now. I will let you in on everything 
    that isn’t related to classified military affairs.
    Jade: First, let’s get acquainted. After that, if you think you’re 
    able to trust us, we’d like you to lend us your power.
    Jade: In order to prevent a war.
    Luke: If you want us to help, then you should tell us everything 
    Jade: If after the explanation, you won’t cooperate with us, we will 
    have to confine you.
    Luke: What……!
    Jade: It’s about national secrets. Therefore I suggest that you be 
    determined beforehand.
    Jade: Please take your time. 
    Ion: You can have the full story after we can get your cooperation. 
    I’ll be waiting for your answer.
    Anise: Luke-sama?I want to journey together with you?
    Marco: If you wish to give Captain Jade your cooperation, please 
    tell me.
    Tear: Why don’t we walk around the ship? I think you’ll understand a 
    little of what’s going on in the world.
    Mieu: Master! Let’s explore!
    Luke: Selfish aren’t you……
    Talking to Anise
    Anise: Luke-sama? If you’d like, I can give you a tour?
    Anise: Umm……is me being here……hindering you?
    Tear: Not at all. It’s actually helping.
    Luke: Ehh, so you can smile.
    Tear: ……well you’re rude.
    Anise: Aah, don’t fight you two. Let’s go Luke-sama?
    Anise has joined your party.
    Outside of Room
    Luke: What’s that?
    Anise: It’s a Tone Stone. Giving it heat makes it glow. It’s used in 
    place of lights.
    Luke: That Tone Stone, it seems like a glass like stone up there.
    Tear: The Tone Stone is generated when a score is recited. It’s a 
    holy stone. Don’t group it with mere glass.
    Luke: Shut up, enough already!
    Talking to Ion
    Ion: I’m sorry we’ve got you involved in such a serious situation.
    Luke: Indeed. You should at least tell us what’s going on……
    Ion: It is being influenced by my existence.
    Ion: That’s why Jade is being so discrete.
    Luke: Because the Lorelei Church mediates peace?
    Ion: Yes. There is also more but……I can’t tell you anymore right now.
    Luke: Damn, it’s such a pain.
    Talking to Jade
    Jade: Oh my, two blessings at once, eh Luke. 
    Anise: No way? Captain?
    Tear: I’m not……that……
    Luke: It’s not you. He’s talking about Anise and Mieu.
    Mieu: Master, you’re wrong. Mieu is a man.
    Luke: You’re a male!?
    Jade: Now now, calm down. By the way, what about that kidnapping 
    some time ago?
    Luke: How would I know. It was your people that kidnapped me.
    Jade: ……at the very least, I didn’t know about it. Was it in the 
    previous emperor’s era?
    Luke: Humph, how would I know. Thanks to that I lost all my 
    childhood memories.
    Jade: There have been all sorts of displeasures, but I’d like it if 
    you could somehow give us a chance and cooperate.
    Talking to Marco
    Marco: Shall I inform Captain Jade?
    Not yet・まだいい
    Yes please・頼む
    After Choosing 「頼む」
    Marco: Acknowledged.
    Tear: Is this really alright?
    Luke: Whether it’s good or bad, we won’t get anywhere without 
    hearing the story.
    Luke: In any case, I’ve been confined to the mansion until now. 
    Anything is good as long is it gets me away from Bachicul.
    Tear: ……frivolous……
    Luke: Shut up!
    In Meeting
    Jade: Recently, there have been frequent skirmishes in the local 
    Jade: Perhaps a large-scale war is a about to start.
    Jade: It’s been fifteen tears since the truce was made in the Hodo 
    Ion: That is why His Majesty Pione decided to send a letter 
    proposing a peace treaty.
    Ion: Because I am in a neutral position, I was requested to act as a 
    Luke: If that’s true, why did everyone say that you had gone 
    Luke: Van-sensei said he went to search for you.
    Ion: That was influenced by the internal affairs of the Lorelei 
    Jade: As a Doushi, Ion-sama plays a leading role in the reform of 
    the church.
    Jade: Daieishi Morse, leader of the conservative Daieishi faction is 
    manipulating the inter faction conflict to make it grow.
    Ion: Morse wants there to be a war.
    Ion: So I borrowed the power of the Markt Army and escaped from the 
    area I was confined to by Morse.
    Tear: Doushi Ion! There must be some kind of mistake. Daieishi Morse 
    wouldn’t wish for anything like that.
    Tear: Morse wishes for the fulfillment of the Score.*8
    Anise: Tear-san is with the Daieishi faction. Shocking……
    Tear: I’m neutral. Yuria’s Score is important, but so are Ion-sama’s 
    Luke: Hey! Don’t just keep on talking, I’m completely lost!
    Jade: Ah, I’m sorry. You’re just a “bocchama” that doesn’t know 
    anything about the world.
    Luke: ……what did you say!
    Ion: Aside from the condition of the Lorelei Church, we have to 
    bring the letter to Kimlasca.
    Jade: However, we are soldiers of the enemy nation. No matter how 
    much we say we’re emissaries of peace, it will be difficult to cross 
    the border.
    Jade: And the Daieishi faction is slowly starting to get in our way.
    Jade: For that reason, your strength……no, your status is necessary.
    Luke: Hey, old man. That’s not the way you should be asking is it?
    Luke: And another thing, isn’t it proper etiquette to bow to someone 
    you’re making a request of?
    Tear: You should curb that attitude of yours. You wouldn’t want a 
    war to start because of you right?
    Luke: You’re so annoying. ……and?
    Jade: Oh my.
    Marco: Captain!
    Jade: Please lend me your strength, Luke-sama.
    Luke: This guy’s got no pride.
    Jade: Unfortunately, I don’t have pride so cheap as to get angry at 
    something of such a low level.
    Luke: ……alright, I got it. It would be better for my uncle to get 
    Jade: Thank you very much. I have work to do so I must be going. You 
    are free to do as you like Luke-sama.
    Luke: You can stop with the title. It’s sickening.
    Jade: Understood. Luke-“sama”.
    When Leaving the Room
    Ion: I’m tired from all that difficult talking. I’m going to get 
    some fresh air.
    Talking to Jade in the Hallway
    Jade: Do you need me for something?
    Tear: An enemy attack?
    Anise: Luke-sama, what are we going to do!
    Jade: Bridge! What happened?
    Voice: There is a large group of griffins in the sky 20 meters 
    Voice: Total number is unknown! They will make contact in about ten 
    Voice: Captain, please give permission to fire the main guns.
    Jade: You are the ship’s captain. I’ll leave the warship to you.
    Voice: Roger!
    Voice: Confirming target of monsters 20 kilometers forward. All 
    hands prepare for battle!
    Voice: I repeat! All hands prepare for battle!
    Jade: You three. Please return to your room.
    Luke: Why? We’re only being attacked by monsters……
    Tear: Griffon’s are a species that moves independently. It’s 
    dangerous when monsters start acting unusual.
    Jade: What happened?
    Voice: Raiga’s descended from the griffons! They are riding up to 
    the boat and attacking it!
    Voice: The engine……aaaaahhhhhh!?
    Jade: Bridge! Respond, bridge!!
    Luke: Raigas. Aren’t they the monsters that we beat at the cheegle’s 
    Mieu: Yes……
    Luke: You gotta be kidding! That kind of monster is attacking in 
    Luke: We’ll die if they board the warship! I’m getting off!
    Tear: Wait! It’s dangerous to go outside right now!
    ???: Exactly.
    Mieu:  Master!?
    ???: ……impressive. Now, are you going to do as I say from now on?
    ???: Mark Empire Army’s 3rd division captain, Captain Jade Curtis. 
    Or should I say, Necromancer Jade.
    Tear: Necromancer Jade……! You’re……!?
    Jade obtained the title, Necromancer Jade.
    Jade: Well well. I’ve become pretty famous haven’t I.
    ???: It seems that the world is filled with rumors of you, the man 
    who searches for corpses on the battlefield.
    Jade: Not as much as much as you. “Black Lion” Largo” of the Oracle 
    Knights’ Six Holy Generals.
    Largo: Heh……. I thought it would be fun to battle you, but 
    unfortunately retrieving Ion-sama comes first.
    Jade: I won’t hand Ion-sama over to you.
    Largo: Hey! If you don’t want this kids head to go flying, don’t 
    move a muscle.
    Tear: Keh……
    Largo: Necromancer Jade. Your actions have caused a lot of problems.
    Jade: Do you think you can defeat me by yourself?
    Largo: Only if I seal your Tone Magic.
    Tear: No way, an Anti-Fonslot!?
    Largo: I brought it to seal the Doushi’s Tone Magic, but I guess 
    I’ll have to use it here.
    Jade: ……augh……
    Jade: Mieu! Hit the ceiling with the Fifth Fonim! Quickly!
    Mieu: Y, yes.
    Jade: Now! Anise! Get Ion-sama!
    Anise: Yes!
    Jade: You know the meeting place.
    Anise: Alright.
    Largo: You think I’ll let you!
    Luke: ……stabbed……
    Jade: Leave Ion-sama to Anise, let’s retake the bridge.
    Tear: But captain, your Tone Magic was sealed with that Anti-
    Jade: Yes. It will be in effect for several months.
    Jade: But with your tone songs and Luke’s sword skills, it is 
    possible to take back the Tartaros.
    Tear: Understood. Let’s go Luke.
    Tear: Luke!
    Luke: Y, yeah……
    Up First Ladder, Before the Large Open Area
    Jade: Going directly to the bridge through the normal route would be 
    Jade: There is an arch shaped deck right above us.
    Jade: We can take that route to the bridge, so let’s go that way.
    At Door Across Arch
    Luke: ……the idiot just fell down sleeping.
    Mieu: Tear-san, that’s amazing!
    Jade: Let’s take back the Tartaros. Tear, give me a hand.
    Tear: Yes.
    Luke: What should I do?
    Tear: Watch guard over there.
    Luke: ……heh, so I’m burden huh.
    Tear left the party.
    Jade left the party.
    Luke: But I wonder how that attack put him to sleep.
    Mieu: Tear’s tone songs use the Seventh Fonim.
    Luke: That again. What the hell is the Seventh Fonim?
    Mieu: It’s the seventh type of Fonim. It is a sound with the newly 
    discovered seventh attribute.
    Mieu: The Score is also of the Seventh Fonim. It’s special.
    Luke: Ahh, the way you talk is so damn annoying!
    Mieu: I’m sorry!
    Luke: Ah, you surprised me……! You eternally sleeping octopus!
    Luke: Whoa, he woke up……..
    Soldier: D, die!
    Luke: ……stay away!
    After Battle
    Tear: What happened!?
    Jade: This is bad……. That disturbance caused the song effect to undo.
    Luke: ……stabbed him……I……stabbed him……?
    ???: If you’re scared of killing, then throw away your sword. You 
    ???: As expected Necromancer-dono. Tenacious as always.
    Jade: …………
    Soldier: Commander, what should we do to them?
    ???: Kill them.
    ???: Asch. Have you forgotten his majesty’s orders? Or do you plan 
    to against us?
    Asch: Damn. ……capture them and throw them a room somewhere on the 
    Black Screen
    Voice: Luke……can you……my voice! Luke……!
    Room Somewhere on Tartaros
    Tear: Luke!
    Tear: ……thank goodness. You were having a nightmare.
    Luke: ……where are……
    Jade: A room on the Tartaros.
    Luke: That’s right……monsters attacked and……
    Luke: (I……killed someone……!?)
    Jade: Well. We need to escape from here and rescue Ion-sama.
    Tear: It seems Ion-sama was taken somewhere, but……
    Jade: I overheard those Oracle Knights saying they would be 
    returning to the Tartaros.
    Tear: Let’s ambush them and go rescue Ion-sama.
    Luke: ……h, hey! If we do that we’ll have to fight again!
    Tear: What’s wrong with that?
    Luke: But I might kill someone again.
    Tear: ……it can’t be avoided.
    Tear: You kill or be killed.
    Luke: Wh……what are you talking about……! Don’t you value human life……
    Jade: That’s right. I person’s life is a very valuable thing.
    Jade: But if we just sit here and do nothing a war will start, and 
    many more people will die.
    Tear: Right now this is our battlefield. There is neither justice 
    nor evil on the field of battle. Just life or death.
    Luke: ……!
    Tear: Even if you live a normal life, there is still the danger of 
    being attacked by a monster or a thief.
    Tear: That’s why people with no strength hire mercenaries and huddle 
    into a stagecoach to move around.
    Tear: A person with the power to fight, even if it’s a child, must 
    fight. If not they won’t survive.
    Luke: That has nothing to do with me! I don’t know about any of that, 
    I never wanted to come here!
    Jade: Surprising isn’t it.
    Jade: Whatever circumstances you were brought up with, are you going 
    to ignore what’s going on around you……
    Tear: Since after he was kidnapped, it seems he was confined to the 
    mansion for his protection.
    Jade: So it’s natural for him not to know about the world?
    Luke: I can’t be helped! I lost all of my childhood memories! I 
    don’t know anything!
    Tear: Everything that happened is my responsibility. So I will 
    definitely bring you back home.
    Luke: …………
    Tear: So in return, don’t drag your feet. If you won’t fight, then 
    at least try not to be a burden.
    Luke: I didn’t say I wouldn’t fight! ……just that I wouldn’t kill 
    Tear: It’s the same thing. This battle is the same as the battle 
    with the “people” that took the Tartaros.
    Tear: If you don’t want to kill, then just hide behind us.
    Luke: ……then just say you’ll try not to fight as much as possible. 
    ……I don’t want to die.
    Tear: I don’t like to kill either.
    Jade: So you’ll fight after all? It would increase our fighting 
    Luke: I told you I’d fight.
    Jade: Splendid.
    Jade: I order you by the name of Necromancer.
    Jade: Commence operation “Corpse Hunt”.
    ???: What……happened……?
    Guard: The engine power shut down! Control equipment shut down! 
    We’ve lost control of the Tartaros!
    Back near the Room
    Jade: I installed it beforehand. It’s Tartaros’ emergency shutdown 
    mechanism. Restoring control should take them some time.
    Luke: Amazing……
    Tear: Where should we head?
    Jade: To the port side hatch. In the case of an emergency shutdown, 
    it is the only one that will be open.
    Jade: The Oracle Knights taking Ion-sama should also board the 
    warship through the port hatch.
    Luke: But our weapons were confiscated.
    Tear:  I think they should be near by. Let’s search.
    Investigating Container
    Luke: It was surprisingly close by, and nobody guarding it.
    Jade: I think there are guards. Right now they’re running around 
    trying to restore control.
    Tear: Let’s go.
    Your equipment was recovered.
    Entering the Room With Lots of Boxes
    Jade: Ah, here it is. If you move this cargo out of the way, there 
    is a “good thing” behind it. 
    Tear: We should move the boxes.
    Jade: Yes. By the way look, it’s not admirable to make a woman do 
    physical work.
    Tear: Captain, I’ll be fine.
    Jade: Or maybe this noble boy just doesn’t have any muscle at all 
    Jade: Oh my. Although it seems your brain is  made of muscle.
    Luke: What did you say! Don’t take me for an idiot!
    Luke: Wait a second. You’re a man too ya know. Help us.
    Jade: I don’t want to. You’re much younger than me. And my joints 
    ache already……
    Luke: ……fine. Hey, out of the way. I’ll do it.
    Tear: Tha……thank you……
    Mieu: DO your best Master!
    Luke: Shut your trap.
    If you move close to the cargo and press the ○ button, you will 
    grasp it.
    With the ○ button pressed, you can move the cargo by using the L 
    Do you understand?
    One more time・もういっかい
    After Moving the Boxes
    Jade: There it is.
    Luke: This is that “good thing”?
    Tear: Captain, are those explosives?
    Luke: Explosives!? Why that kind of thing here?
    Jade: There is a group that sells goods through illegal channels on 
    Jade: I ascertained that they are concealing dynamiting here.
    Jade: Although this disturbance has made that investigation useless.
    Tear: I see. If you set that on fire, it will destroy the wall.
    Luke: Scary. Will it really be alright……
    Jade: As long as you don’t get caught up in the explosion it’ll be 
    fine. So, let’s hurry.
    Tear: Are we using Tone Magic for the fire?
    Jade: No. We’ll have Mieu do it. You’re up Mieu.
    Mieu: Alright!
    Luke: Hey! Wait a……
    Luke: That was scary……! You did it too suddenly!
    Mieu: Myuu……I’m sorry.
    Jade: No. You did well Myuu. Well then, shall we get going?
    Luke: Ye, yeah……
    Luke: (How can those two watch that explosion with such calm faces? 
    They’re monsters.)
    Near Exit
    Jade: It seams we made it in time. It seems they have arrived.
    Luke: Have they noticed that the Tartaros is shutdown?
    Jade: Of course they would notice.
    Jade: More importantly, my casting won’t be good enough. Please 
    think of something other than using Tone Magic.
    Luke: Whatever we do, because of that Anti-Fonslot we can’t use your 
    petty Tone Magic.
    Tear: The captain is recovering from the Anti-Fonslot little by 
    little. That’s a horrible way to talk about him.
    Jade: I don’t mind. It is the truth.
    ???: Open the emergency hatch.
    Guard: Roger.
    Luke: Hey! Fire!
    ???: As expected of Jade Curtis. Even with your Tone Magic sealed, 
    you can’t be taken lightly.
    Jade: What wonderful praise. Now, throw down your weapons.
    Jade: Tear! Your tone song!
    ???: Tear……?
    ???: Tear Grants……!
    Tear: Regret-Kyoukan!*9
    Mieu: We’re surrounded master……
    Regret: Arietta! What happened to the Tartaros?
    Arietta: With the controls shut down……this boy blew through the wall 
    and ended up here……
    Regret: Well done. They’re restrained……
    Guy: Guy-sama appears magnificently.
    Arietta: Kya……
    Regret: Arietta!
    Jade: Well, let’s try one more time. How about dropping your weapons 
    and getting back inside the Tartoros?
    Jade: So, next is you. Bring the monster with you.
    Arietta: ……Ion-sama……. Umm……umm……
    Ion: Please listen to him Arietta.
    Jade: Those hatches shouldn’t open for a while.
    Luke: Phew……you saves us……. Guy! You came!
    Guy: I’ve been searching. To find you in such a place……
    Jade: By the way Ion-sama. What happened to Anise?
    Ion: Trying to recover the letter taken by the enemy, she was blown 
    out a porthole by a monster……
    Ion: I overheard that they didn’t find any remains, so she must be 
    Jade: In that case, let’s head to Sentvina. Anise will meet up with 
    us there.
    Luke: Sentvina?
    Tear: It’s a town south-east of here.
    Luke: Understood. I wonder if it’s alright to run that far away.
    Guy: What about those guys’ subordinates? Are there any still left 
    on the warship?
    Jade: There doesn’t seem to be any survivors. Leaving witnesses 
    would just lead to a dispute between the Lorelei Church and Markt.
    Luke: ……how many were on the warship? Because this was a secret 
    mission, about half as many as normal. About 140 people.
    Guy: So over 100 people were killed……
    Tear: Let’s go. If we’re caught, many more people will lose their 
    lives in the war……
    Guy has joined your party.
    On World Map
    Luke: Hey, are you alright?
    Jade: Ion-sama, you used your Dart Style Tone Magic on the Tartaros 
    didn’t you?
    Luke: Dart Style Tone Magic, is that the same one you used at the 
    cheegle’s place.
    Ion: I’m sorry. My body hasn’t recovered enough to use the Dart 
    Style Tone Magic yet……
    Ion: I will take quite some time, even though I thought I had 
    Jade: Let’s lest a bit. If he continues like this, his life could be 
    at risk.
    Next Scene
    Guy: ……so that means that you’re an emissary trying to prevent a 
    Guy: But why was that Morse trying to start one?
    Ion: That pertains to classified information of the Lorelei Church. 
    I can’t talk about it.
    Luke: What. You’re so damn stingy……
    Jade: Whatever the reason, we must avoid this war. We can’t let 
    Morse interfere.
    Guy: It seems you’ve got yourself into quite a complicated mess 
    Ion: By the way, you are?
    Guy: That’s right, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Guy. I’m a 
    servant in debt to Duke Fabre.
    Tear: ……what?
    Guy: ……ah.
    Luke: ……Guy hates women.
    Jade: ……simply put, it seems he has a fear of women.
    Guy: S, sorry……it’s not you……it’s just……
    Tear: Then you shouldn’t think of me as a woman.
    Tear: ……I understand. I’ll try not to accidentally come near you.
    Guy: Sorry……
    Jade: One of Duke Fabre family’s servants, then that makes you a 
    Kimlascian. Did you come because you were looking for Luke?
    Guy: Yeah. It was an order from Master Fabre.
    Guy: Since we knew he disappeared into Markt territory.
    Guy: I searched from Kesedonia and Master Grants said he would cross 
    the ocean and search from Kaitzul.
    Luke: Van-Sensei is also looking for me!
    Tear: ……brother.
    Guy: Brother? You said brother……
    Jade: Oh my. It seems like we don’t have time for a leisurely 
    Luke: Pe……people……
    Tear: Luke! Stand back! You’re not able to kill anyone right!
    Guard: You running away!
    Jade: Luke, deliver the final blow!
    Luke: ……uh……
    Guy: Don’t just stare, Luke!
    Luke: ……Tear……I……
    Tear: ……idiot……
    Luke obtained the title, Frightened Person.
    At Night Talking to Mieu
    Mieu: Master. Is Tear-san alright?
    Luke: …………
    Mieu: Tear-san……
    Luke: ……shut up! We should just wait and see!
    At Night Talking to Ion
    Ion: Jade and Tear both talk very seriously. Since it’s their job to 
    Ion: Since you’re a civilian, I think it can’t be helped that you’re 
    bewildered and troubled.
    Luke: Ion……don’t you hate that your subordinates are killing people?
    Luke: Isn’t it your job to save people?
    Ion: It can’t be helped.
    Ion: Unfortunately, the Lorelei Church that used religion to save 
    people is being lost.
    Ion: At any rate, I think I understand.
    At Night Talking to Jade
    Jade: What’s the mater? You look like you’ve got a lot on your mind.
    Luke: Jade, why did you become a soldier?
    Jade: ……does killing people scare you?
    Luke: …………
    Jade: I think that your reaction is normal.
    Jade: You should try to stay out of soldiers’ work as much as 
    Luke: What should I do……
    Jade: Relax. We will protect you until we reach Bachicul. We can’t 
    let you die.
    Luke: Do……don’t look down on me!
    Jade: I wasn’t looking down on you. Running away or defending 
    yourself isn’t shameful.
    Jade: Live safely inside a town, and when you leave, hire a 
    Jade: That is how normal people live.
    At Night Talking to Guy
    Guy: So you’ve noticed. Besides being unexpected, you had also 
    neglected the world.
    Luke: I……didn’t know. That the world outside was in such bad shape.
    Guy: There’s also a reward for killing monsters and thieves.
    Guy: Outside of town, assassinations don’t become a crime without 
    Luke: How many people have you killed?
    Guy: Well. Not nearly as much as that soldier over there.
    Luke: Aren’t you sacred……?
    Guy: I’m scared. I fight because I’m scared. Because I don’t want to 
    die. Have you done it yet?
    Luke: Done it……?
    Guy: ……revenge.
    Luke: Huh?
    Guy: ……just kidding.
    At Night Talking to Tear
    Tear: Are you alright now?
    Luke: ……huh……
    Tear: It’s painful to fight isn’t it?
    Tear: I knew you were a civilian, but it seems I didn’t really 
    Tear: I’m sorry.
    Luke: Wh……why are you apologizing? You were the one who was hurt.
    Tear: It’s not our duty to protect just the people we are charged 
    with, it’s our duty to protect everyone.
    Tear: Getting injured for that reason just means that I’m powerless. 
    That is all.
    Luke: ……weirdo. Overdoing it and only seeing strength as the only 
    way doing things.
    Tear: That’s not it!
    Luke: Hmm……
    Talking to Mieu After Everyone Else
    Mieu: Master. Are you going to sleep already?
    After Selecting 「……まだだ」
    Luke: ……later.
    Mieu: But you look tired.
    Luke: ……shut up.
    Mieu: I’m sorry. But……
    Luke: I said shut the hell up! Leave me alone!
    Mieu: Mieu……
    After Selecting 「……ああ」
    Luke: ……yeah.
    Mieu: Goodnight……
    In the Morning
    Tear: Luke. Wake up.
    Luke: Let’s get going.
    Luke: You can move already?
    Tear: Yes. ……thanks for worrying about me.
    Jade: Guy, Jade, and I will take up a triangle formation.
    Jade: You and Ion-sama will be together in the center. Please 
    protect him during that time.
    Luke: Huh?
    Guy: It’ll be alright even if you don’t fight. So, let’s go.
    Luke: Wa, wait a minute.
    Ion: What’s wrong?
    Luke: ……I’ll fight too.
    Jade: Jade: You’re scared of killing people aren’t you?
    Luke: ……I’m not scared.
    Tear: You shouldn’t push yourself.
    Luke: Really! Of course it is a little scary.
    Luke: If I don’t fight I won’t be able to protect, so I have to 
    fight. I don’t want to hide!
    Mieu: That was splendid master.
    Luke: Shut up you! Anyway, I’ve already decided. From now on I’ll 
    fight without hesitation.
    Tear: ……killing someone is to rob your opponent of their potential. 
    Even to protect someone.
    Guy: ……it incurs resentment.
    Tear: Are you able to handle that?
    Tear: Without running away, without making excuses, can you look 
    squarely at your responsibilities?
    Luke: You said it too didn’t you. It doesn’t mean I like to kill.
    Luke: ……I’ve decided. I will not be a burden any longer. I will 
    carry out my duty.
    Tear: ……but……
    Jade: Isn’t it good? Why don’t we let him show us his determination.
    Guy: Don’t push yourself to hard Luke.
    Upon Arrival
    Luke: Why are the Oracle Knights here……
    Guy: Because Sentvina is the closest town to the Tartaros. I think 
    they stopped by to rest.
    Jade: Oh my, even though you’re Kimlascian, it seems you have a good 
    intuition about the Markt land.
    Guy: I have an interest in travel.
    Jade: So that’s it, I see.
    Tear: Captain, over there……
    Man on Wagon: I’m from Engave. I’ve come to deliver the food that 
    was ordered.
    Guard: Good work.
    Man on Wagon: There will be one more coach coming after me.
    Jade: I see. We can use that.
    Guy: We’ll ambush that other wagon and ride in on it.
    Ion: Let’s try going back on the road to Engave a little bit.
    Tear: Right, let’s go.
    Luke: Don’t just continue to talk when I’m completely lost!!
    Tear: ……you’re such a child.
    On Road
    Luke: Hey coach, stop!
    Rosa: Why it’s Captain Curtis! And also……is that Luke, and some 
    Luke: Obasan. I’m sorry, but could you let us hide on your wagon?
    Guy: We want to enter Sentvina, but there are outlaws after Doushi 
    Ion at the town’s entrance.
    Guy: Would you please help us?
    Rosa: My goodness. But that kind of thing happening wasn’t read at 
    the Score’s Birth Festival.
    Tear: Please.
    Rosa: Alright, since I caused you so much trouble during the robbery 
    incident. Get on.
    Jade: You’re a great help.
    Entering Town
    Rosa: I’m from Engave. I there should have been a wagon that arrived 
    ahead of us……
    Guard: Yes, I’ve heard. You may enter.
    Rosa: Thank you very much.
    Rosa: Well, I must get going.
    Ion: We’re in your debt.
    Tear: Thank you very much.
    Rosa: Don’t worry about it. More importantly you need to be careful.
    Luke: So, Anise is here right.
    Jade: The Markt Army Base was the promised meeting place. ……as long 
    as she’s alive. 
    Luke: You’re always saying bad stuff like that. Well, let’s go.
    Tear: Let’s keep our movement discrete so that the Oracle Knights 
    don’t find us.
    Luke: I got it. Just shut up about everything.
    Guy: What? Don’t get yourself in trouble. Princess Natalia will get 
    Guy: ……augh!!
    Tear: Stop saying stupid things like that.
    Guy: I got it! So don’t touch me!
    Ion: Maybe Guy will be able to conquer his fear of woman during our 
    By the Entrance
    Tear: Hide, it’s the Oracle Knights.
    Regret: Have you found Doushi Ion.
    Guard: It doesn’t look like he has visited Sentvina.
    Arietta: Ion-sama’s companions, Mama’s killers……. This animal told 
    me about them.
    Arietta: Arietta will never forgive them……
    Sink: What happened to that Fonmaster Guardian?
    Guard: It seems she contacted the Markt Army.
    Guard: Although they called it classified information and it is not 
    allowed to be disclosed.
    Largo: If that Necromancer hadn’t delayed me, Anise wouldn’t have 
    gotten away.
    Largo: It’d dishonorable.
    Dist: Hahahahaha! I told you!
    Dist: The one that will kill that ill-natured Jade is this beautiful 
    emissary of god.
    Dist: One of the Oracle Knights Six Holy Generals, Dist of the Rose!
    Sink: It’s not rose, it’s Death God isn’t it.
    Dist: Why I am I not a Rose, but a Death God!
    Regret: I won’t say anything further. What are you going to do Sync?
    Dist: ……hey.
    Sink: I’ll have the Engave and Sentvina soldiers evacuated.
    Largo: But!
    Sink: You’re wounds still haven’t healed. You’ll be killed by the 
    Necromancer. How about being waiting for a while?
    Sink: And the only way to cross the border is from Kaitzul.
    Sink: With the guards stationed like this, if the Markt Army is 
    excited, it will turn into a diplomatic problem.
    Dist: Hey, don’t ignore me!
    Regret: I wonder what awaits us in Kaitzul.
    Regret: Let’s return to the Tartaros one more time and investigate.
    Largo: Messenger! First Division! Evacuate!
    Guard: Roger!
    Dist: Aaahhhh! They must be jealous of my superior beauty and 
    Jade: Damn……. I only injured Largo huh.
    Guy: They’re the Six Holy Generals……. That’s the first time I’ve 
    seen them.
    Luke: What are the Six Holy Generals?
    Ion: They are the six leaders of the Oracle Knights.
    Luke: But there were only five.
    Guy: Black Lion Largo and Death God Dist. Gale Wind Sync, Charming 
    Beast Arietta, Magic Bullet Regret……and
    Guy: The one missing was Fresh Blood Asch.
    Tear: They’re under the direct control of Van.
    Luke: They’re Van-Sensei’s subordinates!?
    Tear: If the Six Holy Generals are on the move, then the one trying 
    to trying to start the war is Van……
    Ion: The Six Holy Generals are in the Daieishi Faction. They may 
    have been ordered by Morse or Van.
    Tear: The Daieishi leader wouldn’t do such a thing.
    Tear: Because it’s a secret mission, I can’t tell you the full 
    details but……
    Tear: ……he left me in charge of a mission for peace.
    Luke: Wait a minute! There’s no way that Van-sensei would ever think 
    of starting a war.
    Tear: My brother wouldn’t hesitate to do it.
    Luke: What! Are you a spy for Morse or something!?
    Ion: Calm down you two.
    Guy: That’s right. It doesn’t matter if it’s Morse or Commander Van.
    Guy: Right now, isn’t the most important thing slipping past the Six 
    Holy Generals and stopping a war.
    Tear: ……that’s right. Sorry.
    Luke: ……humph. I don’t acknowledge people who talk bad of Van-sensei.
    Jade: It seems that’s over. So shall we head to the base?
    Guy: You’ve got a nice personality there don’t you……
    Entering the Base
    Jade: Mark Empire Army’s 3rd Division Captain, Jade Curtis.
    Jade: Can you please tell General Glen McGovern that I’m here?
    Guard: General McGovern is currently with some visitors, please wait 
    a little bit.
    Glen McGovern: Father, that’s why the Oracle Knights are officially 
    Glen McGovern: But restricting their movement was the Emperor’s 
    Senior McGovern: Be quiet!
    Senior McGovern: You know how bad the Hodo War became because of 
    their intervention!
    Jade: You’re in the middle of something, excuse me.
    Glen McGovern: Necromancer Jade……
    Senior McGovern: Oh! It’s young Jade!
    Jade: I haven’t seen you in a while. Former master McGovern.
    Senior McGovern: I’ve already retired. You don’t have to address me 
    that way.
    Senior McGovern: You seems like you should be receiving a promotion 
    Senior McGovern: If it’s true, you’ll become a General while your 
    still young.
    Jade: I wonder. I think that captain is sufficiently honorable. 
    Luke: Jade is that great?
    Guy: It seems so.
    Senior McGovern: That’s right. You were His Majesty’s childhood 
    Senior McGovern: Can’t you request His Majesty to so something about 
    the Oracle Knights?
    Jade: They’re aim is us. If we leave the town, they will also.
    Senior McGovern: What do you mean?
    Jade: It’s His Majesty’s imperial command, so I can’t go into 
    details. I’m sorry.
    Glen McGovern: Captain Curtis. What is your business here?
    Jade: Ah, excuse me. Can you deliver the letter from Oracle Knights 
    Fonmaster Guardian?
    Glen McGovern: That huh. ……I’m sorry, I thought I would open the 
    letter to make sure and confirm the contents.
    Jade: That’s fine. There shouldn’t have been anything in there that 
    would cause trouble by being seen.
    Jade: It seems half is addressed to you. Here.
    Luke: This is Anise’s letter isn’t it? Why is it addressed to me and 
    not Ion?
    Anise’s Letter: To my beloved Captain Jade? It was incredibly scary, 
    but I somehow managed to arrive☆.
    Anise’s Letter: I protected the important item. Praise me, praise 
    Anise’s Letter: It seems the Oracle Knights will be setting up a 
    blockade in Sentvina soon, so I’m heading to the next area?
    Anise’s Letter: Is Anise’s loved (So embarrassing☆ I just confessed
    ?) Luke-Sama safe?
    Anise’s Letter: I’m incredibly worried. Hurry Luke-sama? I want to 
    see you again☆
    Anise’s Letter: Next, tell Ion-sama “hi” for me. Well until next 
    time☆ From Anise.
    Luke: ……my eyes are slipping……
    Guy: Hey, hey, Luke-san. Aren’t you popular.
    Guy: But you need to tone it down. You’re engaged to Princess 
    Luke: Are you joking. That annoying woman……
    Tear: ……what is the next area?
    Jade: Kaitzul.
    Jade: It’s a town south-west of here, across Fubras River.
    Guy: If we go to Kaitzul, we can meet up with Commander Van.
    Tear: Brother……
    Guy: Oh. I don’t know what happened, but it seems you and Commander 
    Van are siblings.
    Guy: I’ll forgive you for suddenly attacking that time in Bachicul.
    Tear: ……understood.
    Jade: Well then, we will be going. Please excuse us.
    Senior McGovern: If you’re being chased by the Oracle Knights, I’ll 
    help you.
    Senior McGovern: I will elect a representative from the citizens. 
    Just ask anytime.
    Jade: Thank you very much. Former Master.
    You obtained the World Map.
    Staying at the Inn
    Jade: Now that you mention it Ion-sama. Where were you taken when 
    they took you from the Tartaros?
    Ion: Sefirot……
    Luke: Sefirot……?
    Tear: Out of the whole world’s Fonslots, those are ten places where 
    they are produced the strongest.
    Guy: A jar of stars. A Cell Particle where the concentrated planet 
    energy makes it easy to gather Fonim.
    Luke: ……I, I knew that. Don’t just assume I’m uninformed and start 
    explaining everything.
    Jade: What is at the Sefirot……
    Ion: I can’t say. It’s classified church information.
    Luke: That’s stupid. You’re irritating me.
    Ion: I’m sorry.
    Luke: That’s right. Jade, what about you? Aren’t you still under the 
    influence of the Anti-Fonslot?
    Jade: My body is still weakened. Because the Fonslot inside me is 
    Mieu: You’re so kind master.
    Luke: You’ve got all wrong! It’s just that it would be a lot of 
    trouble if this old man here collapsed……
    Guy: You’re blushing, you’re blushing.
    Luke: I’m not blushing!
    Tear: Is it difficult to fully cancel?
    Jade: The Anti-Fonslot is like a key that changes its password 
    Jade: I cancel it little by little, but it seems it’s still 
    affecting me a bit.
    Jade: It may not be my former strength, but it has lowered it to be 
    comparable to all of you.
    Luke: Irritating……
    Jade: I’m sorry. I am honest to a fault.
    Luke: Humph. Then I’ll leave Ion to you, oh mighty Captain, and I’m 
    gonna get some sleep.
    Jade: Even so, I’m exhausted. It’s not just my ill health……
    Jade: Could Ion-sama really be the same as Luke……?
    Leaving Town
    Man: Ah, I give up…… I was going to Aczelius, but the bridge along 
    the road is broken.
    Man: Are you also going down south? You can’t cross the bridge, so 
    be careful.
    Man: Well, it can’t be helped. I’m also headed to Engave. See you.
    Fubras River・フーブラス川
    Upon Arrival
    Luke: If we cross here, we’ll be in Kimlasca territory soon.
    Guy: Yes. If you travel a little bit past Fubras River, there is a 
    town called Kaitzul.
    Guy: That are is a demilitarized zone.
    Luke: I want to get home quickly…… All of this is such a pain.
    Mieu: Master, do your best. Cheer up.
    Luke: You’re annoying so shut the hell up!
    Mieu: Myuu……
    Tear: Stop it with those outbursts. Poor Mieu.
    Ion: Luke. I’m sorry that you’ve got involved in all this trouble.
    Luke: Damn……
    Jade: Well, it seems Luke is finished being selfish, so shall we go?
    Luke: What’s selfish!
    Luke: Don’t ignore me, hey!
    A Little Down the Path
    Jade: Luke please wait a minute.
    Luke: ……what is it? Mr. Captain?
    Tear: Luke!!
    Jade: I’ve been watching the way you fight up till now, but it seems 
    you haven’t used a Fonim.
    Luke: Fonim are used by Fonimar right? It has nothing to do with me.
    Jade: Oh my. Does that mean your Sensei only taught about strength?
    Tear: ……
    Luke: Don’t make fun of Sensei! It just wasn’t necessary for me, so 
    he didn’t teach it!!
    Jade: So then you wouldn’t know how to use any Fonim in battle.
    Jade: In that case, I’d like you to learn something that will make 
    you more efficient in battle.
    Luke: Like I care.
    Guy: Luke. He’s a battle specialist. If you want to survive you 
    should listen to him.
    Luke: ……humph. So he's battle hardened huh.
    Jade: Yes, exactly. That’s an ideal monster over there. You can 
    learn by practice.
    Jade: My abilities are limited by the Anti-Fonslot. I don’t want to 
    be any more of a burden.
    Listen to the explanation of FOF?
    After Selecting 「はい」, In Battle
    Jade: Fonim have six types of attributes. You know that……right?
    Luke: Of course! If I remember correctly……the six are earth, water, 
    fire, wind, light, and dark!
    Jade: Right.
    Jade: Monsters have weaknesses to specific Fonim. Please remember 
    Jade: Then I’ll teach you about FOF.
    Jade: FOF is a place where Fonim gathers.
    Jade: Concentrate the Fonim, and for a short time the accumulated 
    Fonim will show on the ground.
    Jade: FOF is a place where if you use an elemental attack, it will 
    be created in that place.
    Jade: I think you should try it once.
    Jade: Tear, please create a FOF.
    Tear: Understood.
    Jade: This is a FOF.
    Jade: When an FOF has no color, it exists as every attribute’s color.
    Jade: At the every attribute level. In short, until the Fonim Level 
    accumulates, it will be denoted by this colorless state.
    Jade: That is the condition it’s in now.
    Jade: In a FOF in this condition, nothing will happen. It is not 
    necessary to pay much attention to it.
    Tear: ……do you understand?
    Luke: D……don’t treat me like an idiot.
    Jade: Next, I will explain about the other FOF.
    Jade: Tear, please.
    Tear: Yes.
    Jade: There are FOF that have attribute color like this one.
    Jade: Stone element is yellow, water element is blue, fire element 
    is red, and the wind element is green……that kind of feeling.
    Jade: TO make a colored FOF, it is necessary to use any elemental 
    attack to accumulate the Fonim Level.
    Jade: By using the same element of the FOF, the Fonim Level will 
    Luke:  So you should use a lot of the same element attacks then 
    Tear:  To put it simply, that’s it……
    Luke: In that case it’s easy. So what happened when the color 
    Jade: ……right. For now, why don’t you enter the FOF and try it.
    Luke: I’m in. Is this good?
    Jade: Yes. In that state, if you use specific skills, they will 
    change into a higher level skill.
    Jade: Of course, you can’t use a skill with an element that doesn’t 
    match the FOF.
    Jade: For now, try testing it out.
    Jade: Face that monster and with the X button try and use your skill.
    Luke: Seriously.
    Luke: Wow!
    Luke: Amazing!
    Jade: Using FOF in battle is extremely advantageous. Please use it 
    Luke: ……I see. Well, I’ll try.
    Jade: Then let’s defeat the remaining monsters.
    Area After Crossing the River
    Tear: ……a raiga!
    Jade: Someone is also coming from behind.
    Guy: Charming Beast Arietta. You’ve found us huh……
    Arietta: Don’t run away……
    Ion: Arietta! Please overlook us. Since it’s you, would you please 
    understand? We can’t let a war start.
    Arietta: Arietta wants to listen……to what Ion-sama says.
    Arietta: But those people are Arietta’s enemies!
    Ion: Arietta. They are not bad people.
    Arietta: No……they’re bad people. That’s why……they killed my Mama!
    Luke: What are you talking about? When did we do that……
    Arietta: Arietta’s Mama’s house was burned down and she settled down 
    in Cheegle Forest.
    Arietta: Even though Mama was just……trying to protect my brothers 
    and sisters……
    Tear: You couldn’t be talking about the Raiga Queen could you? But 
    you’re human aren’t you?
    Ion: She lost her parents in the Hodo War, and was brought up by 
    Ion: Using the power she has to talk with monsters, she was enlisted 
    in the Oracle Knights.
    Luke: Then the Raiga that we killed was……
    Arietta: That was Arietta’s Mama……! Arietta won’t forgive you!
    Arietta: Arietta will chase you to the ends of the earth……and kill 
    Luke/Ion/Guy/Tear: Aaah!
    Jade: An earthquake……!
    Guy: Hey, this steam is……
    Tear: It’s Shouki……!*10
    Ion: You can’t. Shouki is a poisonous gas.
    Arietta: Kya!!
    Luke: Will you die if you inhale it!?
    Tear: If you don’t breathe in a large amount or for a long time, you 
    should be fine. Anyway, let’s get out of here……
    Luke: What are you doing! We have to run away!
    Tear: …………
    Jade: What are planning to do by chanting that Tone Song?
    Ion: Wait, Jade. That Tone Song……it’s Yuria’s Tone Song!
    Guy: The Shouki disappeared……!?
    Tear: I used the same Shindou as the Shindou that the Shouki has.*3
    Tear: It’s a temporary barrier. It won’t hold for long.
    Jade: I’ve heard rumors of that. The seven Tone Songs passed down 
    from Yuria……
    Jade: However the code was complex and there wasn’t anyone that 
    could read it……
    Guy: You can ask later. We have to escape from here.
    Jade: That’s right.
    Luke: S, stop that! Why do you have to kill her!
    Jade: If we leave her alive, she’ll be after our lives again.
    Luke: Even if that’s the case, she’s unconscious. Killing someone 
    who can’t even resist……
    Tear: ……you really are naive.
    Luke: Shut the hell up! You cold blooded woman!
    Ion: ……Jade. Please overlook her.
    Ion: Arietta was my former Fonmaster Guardian.
    Jade: ……well alright.
    Guy: The Shouki will regenerate, so will it be alright to just move 
    her to a safe spot?
    Jade: Other than overlooking this, nobody else has any reason to 
    complain then right.
    Tear: It’s almost at its limit.
    Ion: Let’s go.
    Tear learned Force Field.
    Near Kaitzul
    Jade: Can I have a minute?
    Luke: ……what is it. We’re almost at Kaitzul. What do you want here?
    Ion: It’s about Tears Tone Song isn’t it.
    Jade: Yes. I thought it was strange before. Her Tone Song is 
    different from the one that I know.
    Jade: However, according to Ion-sama, isn’t that Yuria’s Tone Song?
    Luke: Huh? So what?
    Guy: Yuria’s Tone Song is special.
    Guy: First of all, Tone Songs are a spell that uses just the 
    chanting portion of Tone Magic, and combines melodies.
    Guy: It put it bluntly, it doesn’t have as much power as Tone Magic.
    Ion: However, Yuria’s Tone Songs are different. The Tone Songs she 
    left behind seem to have about the same power as Tone Magic.
    Tear: ……my Tone Song is certainly one of Yuria’s Tone Songs.
    Jade: Isn’t there any meaning to Yuria’s Tone Song’s tones and 
    Luke: Is that so? Isn’t it alright to just chant them?
    Guy: To correctly understand the meaning and symbols of the tones,  
    when following along with the melody make a map of the hidden wisdom.
    Luke: ……huh? I don’t get it.
    Guy: ……that’s what I’m talking about. It seems like a secret skill.
    Tear: Ye……yeah. Exactly. You know a lot about it don’t you.
    Guy: I heard it a long time ago.
    Jade: Why are you able to recite Yuria’s Tone Songs? Where did you 
    learn them from?
    Tear: ……Yuria’s blood flows through my family’s veins. ……that’s the 
    Tear: I don’t know whether it’s true or not.
    Jade: A descendent of Yuria……I see……
    Luke: So does that mean that Sensei is also a descendent of Yuria!?
    Guy: ……well, it seems so.
    Luke: Amazing! As expected of my Sensei! He’s so cool!
    Jade: Thank you. If we happen to get the chance, I’d like you to 
    tell me all about the Tone Songs.
    Jade: Especially about the “Great Tone Song”.
    Luke: “Great Tone Song”? What’s that?
    Ion: Proof of the pact between Yuria and the Lorelei Church. When 
    that power is wielded, it is called a Tone Song.
    Tear: ……let’s get going. I think I’ve already answered all of your 
    In Town Past the Inn
    Luke: Hey, Isn’t that Anise?
    Anise: I lost my passport. Please let me through. Please.
    Guard: Unfortunately, I can not let you through.
    Anise: ……uuhh……
    Anise: ……don’t think there’ll be moonlight every night.
    Ion: Anise. Luke is listening.
    Anise: Kyaa? Anise’s Prince?
    Guy: ……another girl.
    Anise: Luke-sama? I’m so glad your safe?! I was soooo worried about 
    Luke: I was worried too. I heard you fought a monster on the 
    Tartaros and fell out of the ship?
    Anise: That’s tight……. Anise was a little scared……. ……tihehe.
    Ion: That’s right. I heard you screaming “I’ll kill you, you 
    Anise: Please be quiet Ion-sama!
    Anise: I protected that letter really good? Praise me?
    Luke: Uh, yeah, splendid.
    Anise: Kyaa?
    Jade: I’m so glad you’re alright.
    Anise: Waaa? Captain was also worried about me?
    Jade: Yes. It wouldn’t be good if we lost the letter.
    Anise: Captain is mean……
    Tear: By the way, how did you pass the checkpoint? Me and Luke have 
    a passport.
    ???: People dieing here don’t need that sort of thing!
    Van: Withdraw Asch.
    Asch: ……Van, you withdraw!
    Van: What are you planning. Don’t you remember the orders I gave you. 
    Stand down!!
    Luke: Sensei!
    Van: Luke. The way you avoided him was clumsy.
    Luke: Damn. Saying that after meeting so sudden……
    Tear: ……Van!
    Van: Tear, put down your weapon. You’re misunderstanding.
    Tear: Misunderstanding……?
    Van: Cool your head. When you feel like listening to my story calmly, 
    you should come to the inn.
    Luke: Van-sensei. Thank you……for saving me.
    Van: It seems like you’ve had some hardships. But you’ve done well. 
    As expected of my pupil.
    Luke: Hehe!
    Ion: Tear. Let’s listen to Van’s story.
    Ion: I think it fighting would be foolish when there is a chance to 
    come to an understanding.
    Luke: That’s right. Branding your weapon at everything. What a 
    foolish woman.
    Tear: Because it is what Ion-sama wishes.
    Guy: So, are you going after General Van?
    Anise joined the party.
    Staying at the Inn
    Luke: Guy, hey Guy.
    Guy: What is it Luke?
    Luke: Shh! Be quiet, you’ll wake everyone.
    Luke: Can you come with me for a minute. Ah, don’t forget your sword.
    Guy: What is this about……?
    Luke: Sorry about having you come outside with me.
    Guy: What is it? Luke?
    Luke: Could you help me with some special sword training.
    Guy: Huh? What’s wrong? Asking me that all of a sudden……
    Luke: If I face a person, I’m not really confident that I’ll be able 
    to swing my sword without being scared.
    Luke: I want to train to break through that.
    Luke: You and I are the only sword users so I can only have this 
    kind of conversation with you.
    Guy: Luke……understood. I’ll do it.
    Guy: So then you ready to learn some new skills!
    Luke: Alright! Let’s go!
    Guy: Whenever you’re ready!
    Luke learned Shanjinken.
    Talking to Van at the Inn
    Van: Have you cooled your head?
    Tear: ……Nii-san, why are you getting in the way of Ion-sama who is 
    trying to prevent a war?*6
    Van: Oh my. Are you still saying those things?
    Luke: It’s wrong, isn’t it Sensei!
    Tear: But the Six Holy Generals tried to kidnap Ion-sama……
    Van: Calm down Tear. I don’t even know why Ion-sama is here in the 
    first place.
    Van: I only heard from the church that Ion-sama disappeared from the 
    Dart Church.
    Ion: I’m sorry. It was of my own accord.
    Van: Would please explain the whole story?
    Jade: I was the one that took Ion-sama. I will explain.
    Van: ……I see. I understand the circumstances. The Six Holy Generals 
    are definitely my subordinates, but they are also of the Daieishi 
    Van: Perhaps the may be under orders of the Daieishi Morse.
    Guy: I see.
    Guy: Maybe General Van was called back to recapture Ion-sama from 
    the Markt Army.
    Van: It might be a possibility.
    Van: Asch, the one who attacked you before, is also on of the Six 
    Holy Generals, but……
    Van: I didn’t know what he was doing.
    Tear: Then Nii-san, are you saying you it had nothing to do with 
    Van: No, not knowing the actions of my subordinates does not make me 
    Van: However, I am not in the Daieishi Faction.
    Anise: I never heard that before, head secretary-general.
    Van: One needs to spend time on the Daieishi Faction, in order to 
    head up the Six Holy Generals.
    Van: More importantly Tear, you belong the Daieishi’s information 
    Van: Why are you here?
    Tear: I’m under Morse-sama’s orders to search for something. I can’t 
    tell you anymore.
    Van: The Seventh Tone Tablet?
    Tear: It’s classified information.
    Luke: Seventh Tone Tablet? What’s that?
    Luke: Why are you all looking at me like I’m an idiot……
    Guy: It’s like you lived in a box……
    Tear: The founder Yuria read the Score 2000 years ago. The future of 
    the world was written on it.
    Ion: Since it was excessively large, it was written on seven Tone 
    Tablets as large as mountains.
    Ion: They were destroyed by various influences, part can be seen in 
    the sky orbiting the planet, and some parts fell to the earth.
    Anise: Markt and Kimlasca scrambled to get the fallen Tone Tablets, 
    that was how the war started.
    Anise: Because with the Tone Tablets, you can know the future……
    Luke: Hmm. So the Seventh Score is written on the Seventh Stone 
    Jade: It is said that Yuria hid the Seventh Tone Tablet after 
    reading it.
    Jade: Consequently, all sorts of powers are searching for it.
    Luke: So that’s what Tear is searching for?
    Tear: I wonder……
    Van: Well anyway, I have no connection to Morse.
    Van: I will give an order to the Six Holy Generals to mind their own 
    business, but I don’t know how effective that will be.
    Guy: General Van. What about the passport……
    Van: Yes. I am receiving a temporary passport from Duke Fabre.
    Van: I made sure to bring some, so if we combine all of ours, we 
    should have enough for each person.
    Obtained a passport.
    Luke: With this I’ll be able to cross the border.
    Van: You should rest before you go. I will go ahead across the 
    border and arrange a boat.
    Guy: So we’ll meet up at Kaitzul Port.
    Van: That’s right. If you cross the border and walk along the 
    coastline, you’ll reach it shortly. Don’t wander off the road.
    Luke: ……heheh. I knew Van-sensei wasn’t a bad guy.
    Tear: I don’t believe him.
    Luke: You’re the one I can’t trust.
    Tear: ……fine.
    Guy: ……such a cold relationship.
    Crossing Checkpoint, Markt Side
    Guard: It seems……you have a passport. Have a good trip.
    Crossing Checkpoint, Kimlasca Side
    Guard: ……that passport!
    Guard: It’s an imperial command from His Majesty to let them 
    through! Go right ahead.
    Luke: So we’ve finally returned to Kimlasca……
    Guy: Not so fast. We still have the “hike” back to your home.
    Luke: But this awful hike should feel easy.
    Jade: It’s been a long time since I was here last.
    Anise: Kaitzul Port is to the south of here. Let’s go, Luke-sama?
    Kaitzul Port・カイツール軍港
    Upon Arrival
    Luke: ……huh? What’s going on?
    Tear: It’s the sound of a monster……
    Anise: That……is Gloomietta’s pet!
    Guy: Gloomietta……?
    Guy: ……ahh!
    Anise: Arietta! The Six Holy General’s Charming Beast Arietta!
    Guy: I……I got it, so stop touching me!!
    Tear: It came from the direction of the port. Let’s go.
    Jade: Hey, Guy. Even if it bothers you, we have to go.
    Guy: I hate women!
    Near the Port
    Luke: ……uh……
    Van: Arietta! Who gave you permission to do this!
    Anise: I knew it was Gloomietta! It’s not good to cause trouble for 
    Van: So all of you are here, huh.
    Arietta: Arietta isn’t gloomy! Anise is a meanie!!
    Tear: What happened?
    Van: Arietta made the monsters attack the boats.
    Arietta: I’m sorry……commander……. Asch asked me to do it……
    Van: Asch……?
    Arietta: Arietta will go bring a mechanic that can repair the boats.
    Arietta: In return I want Luke and Ion-sama to head to Coral Castle.
    Arietta: If they don’t come……I will……kill those people.
    Guy: Commander Van, how are the boats?
    Van: ……I’m sorry, it looks like they’re all destroyed.
    Van: We’ll need a specialist to fix the engines, but other than 
    matter of the mechanics that were taken away, we’ll just have to 
    wait for the training ship.
    Jade: What is that Coral Castle that Arietta was talking about?
    Guy: If I’m not mistaken, it’s Duke Fabre’s villa. I heard that it 
    was abandoned as the war front of the previous war drew near.
    Luke: Eh? Really?
    Guy: When you were kidnapped 7 years ago, you were sighted at Coral 
    Castle you know!
    Luke: I don’t remember anything about that time. Maybe I’ll remember 
    if we go there.
    Van: There is no need to go. Please wait for the training ship to 
    return to port. I will deal with Arietta.
    Ion: ……yes, but that would be deciding to disregard her demand.
    Van: And that is more important than stopping a war right now?
    Van: Luke. Take Ion-sama and return to the border. There isn’t 
    anywhere to rest here.
    Van: I will stay here and suppress Arietta.
    Luke: Yes Sensei.
    Leaving the Port
    Man: Please wait! Doushi Ion!
    Anise: What business do you have with Doushi-sama.
    Man: Charming Beast Arietta kidnapped our captain!
    Man: Please! Please use your power to save our captain!
    Man: He faithfully abided by the Score and was a devout believer in 
    the Lorelei Church.
    Man: Even at this year’s Score Birth, he was relieved to hear that 
    disaster would be avoided.
    Man: I beg of you! Please……!
    Ion: ……understood.
    Jade: Is that all right?
    Ion: Arietta had told me go.
    Tear: I also agree with Ion-sama.
    Luke: Such a rare thing for a cold blooded woman to say……
    Tear: If we just let the people that accept the Score to avoid 
    disaster die, then we would be ignoring the Score.
    Tear: And that would be opposed to Yuria-sama’s ideas. And also……
    Luke: And also?
    Tear: ……nothing.
    Tear: The Score is certainly something we should abide by.
    Anise: Umm. I think we should go to Coral Castle too.
    Guy: If we’re going to Coral Castle, I would like to investigate a 
    little bit. I’ll come along.
    Jade: Arietta is also a female.
    Guy: D, don’t make me remember!
    Mieu: Are you going too master?
    Luke: ……I don’t wanna. Sensei said we shouldn’t go.
    Ion: Arietta said for you to come too.
    Man: Please don’t abandon our captain! He has family members in 
    Luke: ……fine. I should just go right? Ahh, so pushy……
    Man: Th……thank you very much!
    Man: Coral Castle is on the coast land south0east of here. Be 
    Jade: ……right. Shall we go?
    Luke: ……huh? Weren’t you going in the opposite direction of Coral 
    Jade: No, not really. Any direction is fine with me.
    Luke: What the hell is that? Weirdo.
    Coral Castle・コーラル城
    Upon Arrival
    Luke: This is the place I was sighted……? It’s falling apart. Kind of 
    looks like we should leave.
    Guy: So how are you Luke? Do you remember anything from when you 
    were kidnapped?
    Anise: Luke-sama doesn’t remember anything from long ago does he?
    Luke: Hmm……. I’ve only got memories since around the time I was 
    brought to the Bachicul Mansion.
    Anise: Poor Luke-sama. I’ll help you get your memories back!
    Tear: ……it’s strange. Nobody should have been living here for a long 
    time, but it appears that people may be inside.
    Mieu: There are monsters here……. I’m worried.
    Guy: The maintenance captain might be inside. Let’s try going in.
    After Entering Castle
    Luke: So this is my family’s villa……
    Guy: Luke. We need to stay close.
    Luke: Shut your trap! I know that……
    Jade: Luke!?
    Tear: Luke! Behind you!
    Luke: Huh?
    After Battle
    Guy: I told you didn’t I? Stay close.
    Tear: Because you were so reckless, our formation was broken and we 
    didn’t have enough time to prepare for battle.
    Tear: Contemplate that.
    Luke: Shut the hell up! Like I care! What’s the point!
    Surprise Encounter
    You will have a surprise encounter if an enemy makes contact with 
    you from the back.
    When there is a surprise encounter, you will not have the battle 
    party you formed, you will have a randomly selected party.
    Jade: It’s a Tone Magic Doll for stopping intruders. This is a 
    relatively new model. Although it appears worn-out.
    Anise: Ahh! Luke-sama! Anise is super scared.
    Guy: Well, because that kind of monster is here……
    Luke: I got it! I’ll be careful! Damn!
    Investigating Door
    Luke: What’s this door? It’s not open……
    Tear: It seems to be sealed with a special Fonim. I wonder if 
    there’s something important inside?
    Near the Machine After Passing Through The Door
    Luke: What!? Why is this kind of machine in my family’s villa?
    Tear: This is……!
    Anise: Captain, so you know something?
    Jade: ……no……but I have an idea……
    Jade: No, even if I’m convinced……
    Luke: Wh, what……. Is it related to me?
    Jade: ……I still haven’t come to a conclusion. Please let me think 
    about it some more.
    Guy: That’s a rare sight. You getting flustered……
    Guy: I’m also interested. It may just be something you’re worried 
    about, but if it has a connection to Luke’s kidnapping……
    Anise: Kyaa!!
    Guy: ……aaahh!! Stop it!!
    Anise: Wh, what……?
    Guy: ……ah……I……
    Jade: ……the way you were surprised isn’t normal is it. Why are you 
    like that?
    Guy: …………sorry. My body reacted by itself……
    Guy: Sorry Anise. Are you hurt?
    Anise: ……no.
    Ion: What happened? It doesn’t seem like it’s just a hatred of women.
    Guy: Sorry……. I don’t know. I wasn’t this way when I was a kid.
    Guy: I have some memories that are completely lost, so perhaps that 
    may be the cause……
    Luke: You have a memory block too?
    Guy: It’s different……I think. Just a moment……lost.
    Tear: How do you know it’s just a moment?
    Guy: I know. What was lost……was the memory of my family’s death.
    Guy: Enough talking about me. More importantly, what you were 
    talking about……
    Jade: Just as you don’t want to talk about your past, I too have 
    things that I do not wish to talk about.
    Next Area, On the Stairs
    Luke: It’s over there!
    Anise: Luke-sama! Let’s chase after it!
    Mieu: I’ll go too!
    Ion: Please wait. Please don’t do anything violent to her!
    Tear: Wait! It might be a trap……!
    Jade: Oh my, they left without us. Hasty aren’t they.
    Guy: ……they’re such idiots!
    On Top of Stairs
    Anise: Ohh……. I protected Ion-sama. I’m sorry Luke-sama.
    Anise: Oww!? That’s cruel Arietta! That hurt!
    Arietta: You’re the cruel one Anise……! Cause you took Arietta’s Ion-
    Ion: Arietta! You’re wrong.
    Ion: This isn’t what kept you from being a Fonmaster Guardian……
    Guy: Luke!
    Tear: So clumsy isn’t he……!
    Mieu: Ah! Oh no!
    Jade: So Dist is involved too. Well, well.
    Tear: Will he be alright……
    Guy: ……huh? Tear, what’s wrong? Did you say something?
    Tear: N, no. It was nothing. More importantly, let’s go save Luke 
    and the maintenance captain.
    Anise: It’s my fault……. Fumyuu. It’s so mortifying! That stupid 
    Jade: Well well, please calm down. It doesn’t look like they plan to 
    take his life.
    Jade: Furthermore, the one most important to them should be Ion-sama, 
    and he’s still over here.
    Dist: ……I see. So the Fonim frequency is the same. This is the 
    perfect existence.
    Sink: That doesn’t matter. We have to get rid of the information 
    before they return.
    Dist: If this information is so important, Asch shouldn’t have made 
    us use this castle.
    Sink: That idiot used it without permission. He’ll have to be 
    punished by His Excellency afterwards.
    Sink: ……hey, this idiot seems to have woken up too.
    Dist: That’s fine. Since his tuning Fonslots are already open.
    Dist: And now, I must be going. I want to analyze this information 
    quickly. Fufufufu.
    Luke: ………what are you guys………what are you going to do to me……
    Sink: I have no obligation to answer you.
    Sink: Damn!
    Guy: ……huh……? You……?
    Anise: Guy! What’s wrong?
    Sink: Damn……more are coming huh……!
    Sink: This isn’t a normal mission you know.
    Sink: SO unfortunately I will not be the one to kill you. I’ll leave 
    you to Arietta.
    Sink: She’s on the roof with the hostages. Good work on that display 
    Luke: Phew……what’s going on……
    Ion: What’s wrong Guy?
    Guy: ……no. It was nothing. I got this strange disk, so I was 
    thinking about something.
    Ion: Let’s have Jade investigate it later.
    Tear: ……are you alright? Luke. What in the world were they doing to 
    you. I wonder what they were planning……
    Luke: Like I’d know! Damn! Why do all these things happen to me!
    Anise: It’s Arietta’s fault! That brat will pay for this!
    Jade: It was the……rooftop wasn’t it. Running through the same places 
    so many times is such a hassle, but it can’t be helped. Let’s go.
    You obtained the Fon Disk.
    On Rooftop
    Luke: Heheh, don’t think the same trick will work twice!
    Anise: Luke-sama, amazing?
    Jade: That’s was pretty good for you.
    Luke: Stop complaining about everything!
    Arietta: You spit……fire……at Arietta’s friends! I won’t forgive you!
    Luke: Shut up! You’re wasting time you little brat!
    Arietta: Fine! Because I’m gonna beat you and take back Ion-sama!
    Arietta: Mama’s murderers! You’ll die here!
    After Battle
    Jade: As expected, we became her enemies after overlooking her 
    Ion: Please wait! Let’s take Arietta back to the church and 
    interrogate her.
    Ion: Therefore, spare her life here……
    Van: That will be alright.
    Luke: Sensei……
    Van: Since the messenger that was supposed to report the Doushi’s 
    arrival in Kaitzul never arrived, I thought by chance that you might 
    have come here……
    Ion: I’m sorry, Van……
    Van: Nothing will come of talking about the past.
    Van: Would it be alright if I put Arietta into my care?
    Ion: Yes please. Please take care of her wounds.
    Guy: Geese……. Killing Kimlascian soldiers, sinking ships, how is His 
    Majesty and the military going to explain this?
    Ion: After going through the churches proper procedures, there will 
    be punishment, and a report will be filed. That is the law.
    Van: Kaitzul Command Bureau’s Count Almendain has lent us soldiers 
    and a coach. The maintenance captain is also being returning that 
    Van: What will you do Ion-sama? Would you like to return with us?
    Ion: It seems there are other people who also have an interest in 
    Coral Castle……
    I’d like to ride the coach back too・俺も馬車がいい
    I want to walk back・歩いて帰りたい
    After Selecting 「俺も馬車がいい」
    Luke: I’d like to ride the coach back too.
    Ion: ……since we have someone like that, we’ll return together.
    Van: Understood.
    Kaitzul Port 2・カイツール軍港2
    Upon Arrival
    Van: The mechanics are already repairing the rest of the boats.
    Van: When the guy you saved finishes repairing the engine, it will 
    be possible to depart.
    Man: I am in charge of the engine area. We will safely deliver you 
    Ion: Thank you.
    Van: I must report to Almendain Command about the Arietta incident.
    Van: Ion-sama, please report to them in a little while.
    Talking to Van
    Count Almendain: So this is Luke-sama.
    Count Almendain: Don’t you remember me?
    Count Almendain: I met you at the mansion when you were younger. I’m 
    Luke: I don’t remember at all……
    Count Almendain: You were still little then. I guess it can’t be 
    Van: Ion-sama. I have already explained the Arietta incident to 
    Count Almendain.
    Ion: My servant is inept, please forgive her.
    Count Almendain: I expect sincere correspondence from Dart.
    Luke: Oh yeah. Can you send a messenger to my father?
    Count Almendain: A message? I think if we send a written message by 
    carrier pigeon, it will be able to reach Bachicul before you.
    Luke: That’s fine. After this Doushi Ion and Markt Army’s Captain 
    Jade Curtis will take me……
    Jade: ……Luke. You have a severe lack of discretion.
    Count Almendain: ……Captain Curtis, the Necromancer Jade?
    Jade: Exactly. I humbly apologize for not properly introducing 
    Jade: As a representative of His Majesty, Mark Empire’s Emperor 
    Pione the 9th, I am in charge of a letter of peace.
    Count Almendain: ……quite a seedy mission isn’t it.
    Jade: I think that many of the reasons for sabotage can be forgiven.
    Luke: These guys saved me. Try to get along somehow.
    Count Almendain: ……understood. I will try to have a pigeon sent to 
    your home country right away.
    Count Almendain: You can depart by boat tomorrow, so please rest at 
    the port today.
    Ion: We are in your debt.
    Talking to Guard
    Guard: Are you prepared to depart?
    Wait a minute・待ってくれ
    After Selecting 「待ってくれ」
    Luke: Wait a minute.
    Guard: Understood. When you are prepared, please notify me.
    After Selecting 「ああ」
    Luke: Yeah.
    Ion: We are in your debt.
    Count Almendain: Have a good journey!
    Transport Ferry Katzbert・連絡船キャツベルト
    On Ship, Leaving Room
    Luke: (Again……!)
    Voice: Awaken……quickly……to my voice……
    Luke: It hurts!
    Guard: Luke-sama. Commander Grants is calling you.
    Guard: Please wait on the deck.
    Luke: Van-sensei? Alright.
    Talking to Tear
    Tear: So I guess you weren’t an official Seventh Fonimar.
    Luke: You said something about Seventh Fonimar back then too. What 
    is that?
    Tear: Your tutors didn’t teach you that?
    Luke: No idea. Cause I don’t have any memories.
    Luke: You’re memory loss occurred seven years ago didn’t it? Haven’t 
    you studied since then?
    Luke: Because there is a mountain of other things I have to learn. 
    Like my relatives faces……
    Tear: ……all matter is made up of Fonim, Fonim is divided up into six 
    Luke: What are you doing? You interested in teaching?
    Tear: These Fonim are in the planet’s core. Combined with Cell 
    Particles it becomes an enormous fuel.
    Tear: So by passing a Cell Particle along the tone belt in the upper 
    atmosphere, a semi permanent fuel source was created.
    Tear: That is the Planet Storm.
    Luke: So difficult. ……and so?
    Tear: However the Planet Storm caused the six Fonim and the Cell 
    Particle to mutate.
    Tear: And so the seventh type of Fonim was born. That is the Seventh 
    Tear: The ones who can manipulate it with Tone Magic are called 
    Seventh Fonimar.
    Luke: That’s an extraordinary story. But I’m not a Fonimar.
    Tear: Even so, a Choushindou occurred between us.
    Tear: You have the elementary attributes of a Seventh Fonimar. It’s 
    just that those attributes are innate.
    Luke: That’s right, Jade can’t use the Seventh Fonim.
    Tear: Yes. There are very few Seventh Fonimars.
    Tear: The Score reading Scora, and also Healers are Seventh Fonimars.
    Luke: Being able to use a special Fonim, special Fonimars huh.
    Tear: ……sorry.
    Luke: What are you talking about? What’s gotten into you all of a 
    Tear: I……it seems I took your memory loss too lightly.
    Tear: I’ve been saying nothing but bad natured things to you. I’m 
    embarrassed of myself……
    Luke: ……it wasn’t particularly……
    Tear: I’m really sorry.
    Other Side of Deck
    Luke: ……ahh……ugh……!
    Luke: (My body……is moving……all by itself!?)
    Luke: Wh……why is it moving by itself……
    Voice: So you finally grasp it……
    Luke: Wh……who is that!
    Voice: Show me the same power as mine……
    Luke: Are you controlling me!? Who the hell are you! I’m not just 
    hearing things……
    Luke: What the hell is this……! No, stop!
    Van: Luke! Calm down!
    Van: Calm down and take deep breaths.
    Van: ……right. Just like that, slowly take hold of your senses.
    Van: Luke. Listen to my voice. And release your power like that……
    Van: Luke, are you alright?
    Luke: What……in the world happened to me……
    Van: A Choushindou was invoked.
    Luke: Choushindou……? Like the time I ended up in Tatar Valley……?
    Van: That certainly is also a Choushindou. But it was incomplete.
    Luke: Sensei……what’s happening to me……?
    Van: Haven’t you ever questioned being kidnapped for seven years and 
    your house arrest?
    Luke: That’s……father was worried and……
    Van: No. It was to keep you, the only person who could cause a 
    Choushindou by himself, locked up in Kimlasca and out of the way.
    Luke: Sensei, wait a minute. What is all that……. And what is a 
    Van: A Choushindou is the power invoked by the interference between 
    Seventh Fonimars. It destroys and reconstructs all matter.
    Van: Under special circumstances two Seventh Fonimars can start to 
    invoke it.
    Luke: And I can make that happen by myself? Just like now……?
    Van: That’s right. With training, you would be able to do it freely. 
    Wouldn’t that be advantageous in battle.
    Van: Your father and the king know that. That is why Markt also 
    wanted you.
    Luke: Then I was being confined as a weapon!?
    Luke: ……it couldn’t be, this has been going on through my whole 
    Van: That is why it was arranged that you marry Princess Natalia. So 
    you would just be confined to a castle instead.
    Luke: Well I decline!
    Luke: There are certainly plenty of troublesome things outside, but 
    to be locked away in some house just waiting to be used in a war……
    Van: Calm down Luke. First we need to prevent this war. And then 
    you’ll be acquainted with the ins and outs of honor.
    Van: If you do that, you will establish yourself as a hero that 
    protects peace.
    Van: At the very least, you’ll be released from that unreasonable 
    house arrest.
    Luke: ……I wonder. Sensei, do you really think so.
    Van: It will be alright. Have confidence. You have been chosen.
    Van: The power of the Choushindou will make you into a hero.
    Luke: Hero……. Me, a hero……
    Van: It seems we’ve arrived. Let’s transfer to the boat headed to 
    Van: ……cheer up Luke. It wouldn’t look good for the future hero to 
    have such a gloomy face.
    Luke: ……yes!
    Upon Arrival
    Van: I’ll be parting with you here. I must deliver Arietta to Dart’s 
    Investigation Bureau.
    Luke: What! You should come with us Sensei.
    Van: I will head to Bachicul afterwards. Stop saying such selfish 
    things all the time.
    Luke: ……but.
    Van: The boat will leave from the Kimlasca side of the port. You 
    should talk to the Kimlasca consulate. I’ll see you in Bachicul.
    Van: Tear, I’ll leave Luke in your hands.
    Tear: Y……yes! Nii-san……
    Mieu: Master, it’s a new town! It’s full of sand!
    Luke: Shut the hell up pig monkey.
    Tear: (But he’s cute like that……)
    Walking Near Woman Dressed in Pink
    Noir: Oh my, you don’t seem to be from around here……?
    Luke: Huh? What do you want?
    Noir: Even though I went out of my way to look beautiful, it makes 
    you scrunch up your face like that……
    Noir: Spoiled aren’t you.
    Anise: Kya……Anise’s Luke-sama……by a middle aged women……
    Noir: Oh my. I’m sorry little girl……. I seem to be in the way, so 
    I’ll be going.
    Tear: Wait right there.
    Noir: Huh?
    Tear: ……return what you stole.
    Luke: Huh? Ah! My wallet is gone!
    Noir: ……humph. So your not completely stupid huh.
    Noir: York! I’ll leave it to you! Let’s get out of here, Urcy!
    Tear: Don’t move. If you return what you stole I’ll let you go 
    York: ……you’ve got some nerve turning us, the “Jet Black Wings” into 
    enemies. We won’t forget this.
    Luke: So they’re the “Jet Black Wings” huh! If I see them again I’ll 
    beat the crap out of them!
    Tear: That doesn’t seem like something that someone who almost got 
    there wallet stolen should say.
    Tear: By the way, why did you just silently overlook Luke getting 
    his wallet taken Captain?
    Jade: Ah, I’ve been exposed. It looked interesting, it was an 
    Luke: ……you should have told me you moron!
    Inside Aster’s Mansion
    Aster: Well, well. It’s Ion-sama.
    Aster: If I had known you were coming, I would have prepared a more 
    magnificent welcome. You had something to show me……
    Ion: It’s fine since we’re traveling with a low profile.
    Guy: In a mansion like this, it seems like you’d have a Fon Disk 
    Aster: You have good eyes. There certainly is an analyzer here.
    Jade: That’s good. Ion-sama, would you please try to analyze the Fon 
    Disk for us?
    Ion: Will you allow me to use it?
    Aster: The Kesedonia Merchant Guild would do anything for you, Ion-
    Guy: We want to analyze this Fon Disk.
    Aster. Leave it to me. Someone!
    Aster: Take that Fon Disk to be analyzed.
    Servant: Certainly.
    Guy: Please take disk.
    Luke: Ion, you know this guy?
    Aster: We were able to establish this distribution point on the 
    border with the Doushi’s help.
    Tear: He has been an enormous contributor to the Kesedonia Merchant 
    Tear: Since looking back, the church has recognized Kesedonia as an 
    autonomous region.
    Anise: Aster-sama is an amazingly rich person?
    Anise: I’m……so moved? Hawaa, I want to live in a place like this?
    Servant: This is the result of the analysis.
    Guy: Thanks.
    Luke: That’s an amazing amount.
    Guy: We’ll read it on the boat.
    Jade: Well then, let’s go. We’re in your debt.
    Aster: You can come to me whenever you have request. Hehehe.
    Near the Bar, Lower Right Exit
    Guard: So this is where you were. The preparations have been 
    completed. This way to the Kimlasca side port……
    Tear: Look out!
    Guy: Ahh!? 
    Sink: Hand that over!
    Jade: It would be difficult to fight here. To the boat!
    Luke: Damn it! What the hell!
    Sink: I won’t let you escape!
    Guard: Luke-sama, preparations for departure are complete.
    Luke: Depart immediately!
    Guard: Huh?
    Luke: We’re being chased, hurry!
    Sink: ……damn, they got away huh.
    Dist: Hahaha!
    Dist: That was clumsy of you wasn’t it, Sink?
    Sink: You huh.
    Dist: Leave the rest to me.
    Dist: With my Mega Ultra Super High grade Tone Arts I’ll beat the 
    crap out of that gloomy, long haired, four eyes……
    Dist: Wait! Wait, wait! I haven’t finished talking yet……
    Sink: I hit that Guy person with my Curse Slot. I can manipulate him 
    like a puppet whenever I want.
    Sink: You take care of those Fomicry documents. 
    Dist: Mukiiii! So full of himself! I’ll remember that!! I’ll be 
    writing that in my revenge journal!! I lost a part of the documents.
    Transport Ferry Katzbert 2・連絡船キャツベルト2
    On Ship
    Luke: I don’t think they’ll be able to follow us this far.
    Guy: Damn……when I was attacked by Gale Wind Sink, 
    Jade: Please show it to me.
    Jade: It seems to be the study of an isotope.
    Jade: 3.14159265358979323846……. That’s Lorelei’s Fonim frequency.
    Luke: Lorelei? Isotope? Fonim frequency? I don’t get it at all.
    Tear: Lorelei is a general term for the Seventh Fonim’s 
    Anise: If enough of the Fonim gathers together, it will seem to have 
    its own consciousness.
    Anise: If you can control that, you can use high level Tone Magic.
    Guy: Each Fonim has its own name. The First Fonim’s is called Shadow, 
    the Sixth Fonim’s is called Rem, and so on……
    Jade: Lorelei has yet to be observed. Its existence is only a 
    Luke: You guys sure know a lot.
    Guy: Well……. It’s really just common sense.
    Tear: It can’t be helped. You should know it too now.
    Jade: It seems Tear has started being nice to Luke-sama all of a 
    Tear: That’s not it.
    Tear: That’s right! Because a Fonim frequency is emitted from all 
    matter, it’s like a fingerprint where no two are the same.
    Guy: That’s an amazingly unnatural way change the subject……
    Guy: You be quite!
    Tear: An isotope is two things that have the same Fonim frequency. 
    Although none exist that weren’t made artificially.
    Jade: Well, if isotopes occurred everywhere, there would be 
    Choushindou causing problems all over the place.
    Jade: Since the isotope research can be used for weapons, it’s under 
    observation from the military.
    Anise: If you use the techniques from the old research, Fomicry, you 
    can make isotopes right?
    Guy: Fomicry is like a copy machine isn’t it?
    Jade: No, the replicas made be Fomicry are mere imitations.
    Jade: Their appearance is exactly the same but, the Fonim frequency 
    is changed. An isotope can’t be made.
    Luke: Enough! I don’t understand! Stop it with all this difficult 
    stuff. Those documents you have Jade……
    Guard: We have a big problem! There are a large number of monsters 
    in the direction of Kesedonia……and there is an unidentified Tone Art 
    Tear: This isn’t good! Enemies!
    After Battle
    Tear: So there here to stop Ion-sama from delivering the letter……?
    Guy: Are they trying to sink the boat?
    Mieu: Oh no Master! Mieu can’t swim!
    Luke: Shut the hell up! You can’t drown without my permission!
    Jade: However, if they were trying to sink us, they wouldn’t have 
    rushed in here.
    Anise: Then they must be trying to take over the boat!
    Guy: Well well, so we’ll just have to protect the bridge before they 
    gain complete control then right?
    Jade: Exactly!
    Luke: Those Oracle guys really want to start a war don’t they. Such 
    a hassle.
    Jade: Then let’s go without a hassle.
    On Deck
    Sailor: Agh! Bastard……!
    ???: This will be easy for me, Tarlow X!
    Sailor: Return that Tone Stone!
    Tarlow X: No way. I need experiment on it!
    Luke: What happened?
    Sailor: It was stolen! That weird robot stole a piece of the Tone 
    Guy: A Tone Stone fragment? IS he planning to use Tone Arts?
    Jade: I’m afraid it seems so. And what a distasteful robot. Is it 
    really going to do that……
    Tear: Do you know something Captain?
    Jade: Unfortunately, it’s only a little.
    Jade: Anyway, that Tone Stone is a valuable resource. Let’s take it 
    Chase after Tarlow X on the shaking deck. If you run while the deck 
    is shaking, you will trip and an enemy will attack. Walk slowly 
    while the deck is shaking and get close to Tarlow X.
    Got it・わかった
    Tell me one more time・もう一回教えて
    After Catching Tarlow X
    Tarlow X: Damn! You’re getting in my way!
    Guy: If you don’t want to be broken, be a nice little robot and give 
    us back the Tone Stone!
    Tarlow X: You threatening me! That’s shocking! But I’m scared so 
    I’ll give it back.
    Tarlow X: I’ll remember this!
    Luke: He escaped……
    Anise: But is it all right for him to get wet?
    Tarlow X: Gya, zura!
    Jade: Off course we’ll just leave him there.
    Guy: Well, it’s good that we got the Tone Stone back. Here.
    Sailor: Th, thank you. ……I appreciate what you’ve done.
    Sailor: This isn’t something I really need so……
    You obtained a Nobire.
    You obtained Winged Boots.
    On Deck
    Luke: ……where the hell is the enemy’s boss! I want to get this over 
    Dist: Hahaha! Hahaha!
    Dist: You uncivilized monkeys, you should listen to my words. The 
    name of this beautiful man before you……
    Dist: I am the Oracle Knight’s Six Holy General’s Rose of……
    Jade: Oh my, it’s Runny Nose Dist.
    Dist: Rose! R-O-S-E! Dist-sama of the Rose!
    Anise: Wasn’t it Death God Dist?
    Dist: Shut up! I don’t answer to those names! It’s rose, rose!
    Luke: Who’s this guy, you know him?
    Anise: Well he’s an Oracle Knight like me so……. But Captain……?
    Dist: That treacherous Jade was once genius Dist-sama’s companion.
    Jade: What Jade are you talking about?  I’m really curious.
    Dist: What did you say!?
    Jade: Now now, if you get mad your nose will start running again.
    Dist: Aaahhhh!! It’s not running!
    Luke: Ri, ridiculous……
    Guy: You could say we’ve been left out……
    Dist: ……well anyway. Now, hand over the Fon Disk data!
    Jade: This?
    Dist: Hahaha! So careless Jade!
    Jade: I gave it to you. I’ve already memorized it all.
    Dist: Mukiiii!! You made a fool of me!
    Dist: You will regret that after you feel the wrath of my Super 
    Ultra Gorgeous technique!
    After Battle
    Luke: Hey……that’s……
    Jade: He’s not the type that would die so easily. He’s got the 
    living power of a cockroach.
    Jade: More importantly, let’s take a look at the bridge.
    Guy: I’ll come too. I’ll leave protecting Luke and Ion to the girls.
    Anise: What’s this? Could it be that Guy is scared of us?
    Guy: ……n, no way. That’s not it!
    Luke: We are……
    Tear: Let’s check to see if anyone is injured.
    Ion: Right.
    Anise: Being an emissary of peace is tough……
    Luke: ……really.
    Bachicul 2・バチカル2
    Upon Arrival
    Goldberg: I see I am the first to greet you. I am Kimlasca 
    Lanvaldear Army’s First Division General Goldberg.
    Goldberg: Congratulations on returning to the kingdom safely.
    Luke: Thank you.
    Goldberg: We received a carrier pigeon from Count Almendain.
    Goldberg: And there were emissaries of peace traveling with you.
    Ion: Lorelei Church’s Doushi Ion.
    Ion: I have brought a letter with a request from Mark Empire’s 
    Emperor Pione the 9th.
    Ion: Would you please pass the message to His Majesty Ingobert the 
    Goldberg: Of course. I will leave that duty to General Cecil. Please 
    bring everyone to the castle.
    Cecil: I am Major General Cecil. Pleased to meat you.
    Cecil: Is something wrong?
    Guy: I am……Guy. Luke-sama’s servant.
    Tear: I am Sound Chief Tear Grants of the Lorelei Church’s Oracle 
    Knight’s First Information Platoon.
    Anise: I am Music Chief Anise Tatlin, the Lorelei Church’s Fonmaster 
    Jade: I am Mark Empire Army’s 3rd Division Captain, Jade Curtis. I 
    come as a representative of His Majesty.
    Cecil: You are Jade Curtis……!
    Jade: I must bring back painful memories from the battles in the 
    northern part of Kesedonia.
    Cecil: A joke. ……my army was almost completely wiped out.
    Goldberg: I see they have sent a confident and well known 
    Goldberg: I see, does that must mean Markt is serious?
    Jade: Since the current tension on the border is even more severe 
    than the beginning of the Hodo war, so we must become serious.
    Goldberg: It’s as you say. Luke-sama and I will lead you through the 
    Bachicul Garrison and into our home……
    Luke: Wait a minute!
    Luke: Ion has requested that I pass on a message to my Uncle. I’ll 
    take them to the castle!
    Ion: Thank you. You’re very strong willed.
    Tear: I’ll have to reevaluate you. You have a really good sense of 
    Luke: Yeah……well……
    Goldberg: I’ll accept that. In that case, why don’t we let General 
    Cecil take care of the message to the Duke.
    Goldberg: Will you deliver it General Cecil?
    Cecil: Roger.
    Luke: (Alright, this is my chance to become a hero.)
    Ion: So then, Luke. Please lead the way.
    Luke: ……alright, let’s go.
    Arriving in the Main part of Bachicul
    Luke: This is……Bachicul?
    Guy: What are you doing? Don’t look like it’s the first time you’ve 
    seen it……
    Luke: It can’t be helped! I don’t remember it!
    Guy: Right……. You haven’t been outside until you lost your memories.
    Anise: ……this town is amazing! It’s so tall!
    Mieu: It’s many times taller then Cheegle Forest.
    Guy: This town was built to be able to bring the Tone Tablets that 
    fall from the sky.
    Tear: That means it surrounded by a natural rampart. It’s logical.
    Luke: (Damn……. It doesn’t feel like I’m returning home at all.)
    Heading Towards the Castle
    Noir: I see. That’s our field of expertise.
    Urcy: We’ll jump on that reward.
    York: But that will be one big job, Noir-sama.
    Luke: What’s this? You pick pocketing again?
    Guard: So then, I’ll leave it to you. Excuse me! Doushi Ion!
    Noir: Eeh, that boy over there is Ion-sama?
    Anise: What about it, lady!
    Noir: Flat chested little runts should be quiet.
    Noir: I’ll be looking forward to next time boys? Let’s go!
    York: Yes!
    Anise: What’s their problem! Their dressed like a circus troupe!
    Guy: That’s right, they kind of resemble the circus troupe “Dream of 
    Guy: I went to see them once a long time ago, but they don’t have 
    Luke: What! You went to see the circus without me!
    Guy: Ah, yeah, sorry about that……
    Jade: ……it’s got my interest. But it seems they’re planning 
    something strange.
    Tear: ……yeah. And they also seemed to take notice of Ion-sama. 
    Please be careful.
    Ion: Yes. Understood.
    In Castle
    Guard: Right now Daieishi Morse is in the middle of an audience with 
    His Majesty. Please wait a little while.
    Luke: Morse is trying to start a war right?
    Luke: Let’s go in before he starts saying anything strange to my 
    Guard: Please stop!
    Luke: I’m Duke Fabre family’s Luke! If you get in my way I’ll have 
    you fired!
    Ion: Luke, is this really alright? Being this forceful……
    Luke: It’s fine.
    Inside Room
    Morse: We are strengthening Markt Empire’s Capital Grankokma for our 
    own defense.
    Morse: As Engave as our supply point, all the way to Sentvina……
    Albain: How rude! You gave you permission to come in here in the 
    middle of an audience……
    Luke: Shut the hell up!
    Ingobert the 6th: You are……Luke? Suzanne’s son……!
    Luke: That’s right, Uncle.
    Ingobert the 6th: That’s right! I’ve heard about you. You’ve done 
    well coming back safely from Markt.
    Ingobert the 6th: And the ones with you……
    Luke: Lorelei Church’s Doushi Ion and Markt Army’s Jade.
    Ion: Sorry for not keeping in touch Your Majesty. It is me, Ion-sama.
    Morse: Doushi Ion……I’ve been searching for you……
    Ion: Morse, we will talk later.
    Ion: Your majesty, this is a representative of His Majesty Pione the 
    9th, Captain Jade Curtis.
    Jade: Please excuse my rudeness, your Majesty.
    Jade: I have brought Your Majesty, Ingobert the 6th, a letter from 
    our ruler.
    Luke: Uncle. What Morse is saying is bullshit. I’ve seen Markt with 
    my own eyes.
    It might not have been near the capital, but it’s peaceful around 
    Engave and Sentvina.
    Morse: What are you talking about! ……I have told His Majesty about 
    the threat……
    Luke: Shut the hell up! You’re trying to start a damn war! You need 
    to seriously shut the hell up!
    Ingobert the 6th: Luke, calm down. You shouldn’t deliver a letter 
    like that. Even I will not ignore that.
    Ingobert the 6th: Good work on your long journey everyone. First you 
    should rejuvenate yourselves from the exhausting trip.
    Albain: I will prepare rooms for the messengers inside the castle. 
    If you would like I can lead you……
    Ion: If it’s alright, I would like to take a look at Luke’s mansion.
    Albain: Then, if I am not needed, please head to the castle.
    Morse: Please remain here Tear. I must here your report of the 
    aforementioned matter.
    Tear: Morse-sama. I have an obligation to escort Luke to the mansion.
    Tear: Later I will return to you to give my report.
    Morse: ……that is fine.
    Morse: With that Your Majesty. Please excuse me.
    Ingobert the 6th: Luke. Actually, my sister Suzanne has come down 
    with an illness.
    Luke: Mother!?
    Ingobert the 6th: Please inquire with Natalia who is acting as my 
    At the Gates to the Mansion
    Guard: Luke-sama! I have been awaiting your return!
    At Mansion
    Luke: Father! I’ve returned.
    Duke Fabre: I have heard the report from General Cecil. I’m am glad 
    your safe. And also, good work Guy.
    Guy: ……yes sir.
    Duke Fabre: I see you have travelers with you. All of you must be 
    tired. Please rest.
    Ion: Thank you very much.
    Duke Fabre: By the way Luke, what happened to Commander Van?
    Luke: Sensei? We split up at Kesedonia, he said he would come by 
    boat afterwards……
    Cecil: Duke Fabre……. I will go to the boat……
    Duke Fabre: Yes. I’ll leave Van to you. I will go to the castle.
    Duke Fabre: It was thanks to you that Luke was blown away.
    Tear: ……I am sorry to have troubled you.
    Duke Fabre: I heard that you Van’s sister.
    Tear: Yes.
    Duke Fabre: I received a report that you were trying to assassinate 
    Duke Fabre: Was killing Van really part of a conspiracy?
    Tear: Conspiracy? I don’t think I understand what you mean.
    Duke Fabre: Well anyway. Let us go General Cecil.
    Guy: Master was acting kind of strange.
    Luke: What happened to Van-sensei……
    Tear: I will also be going now……
    Guy: In any case, we should also apologize to Madam.
    Guy: Madam probably became ill because Luke went missing.
    Tear: ……that’s right. Let’s go do that.
    In Suzanne’s Room
    Suzanne: Oh Luke! It’s really you……. I’ve been so worried about you.
    Suzanne: I didn’t know whether or not you had been kidnapped by some 
    bad people again……
    Luke: I’m fine. And I’ve returned.
    Tear: Madam, please forgive me.
    Tear: Without knowing what kind of place this was, I came here 
    trying to kill my brother and ended up getting your son involved.
    Suzanne: ……Aren’t you Van’s sister, Tear-san?
    Tear: Yes.
    Suzanne: ……I see. Well this time it seems it wasn’t bad people going 
    after Luke’s life.
    Tear: There has been an assertion of differences concerning Lorelei 
    and Yuria.
    Suzanne: Thank you. Tear-san, I have no idea what happened.
    Suzanne: But please stop thinking about attacking your brother. It 
    is a sad thing for two people who share the same blood to fight.
    Tear: I am thankful for your words.
    Suzanne: Luke. Now that you have returned to me, I will be fine. 
    Please go greet everyone.
    Luke: Ah……yeah……
    In Room Across the Hall from Suzanne’s Room
    Natalia: Luke!
    Luke: Geh……
    Natalia: What kind of attitude is that! Don’t you know how worried I 
    Guy: No, well Natalia-sama……Luke is just shy.
    Natalia: Guy! And what about you!
    Natalia: You told me you would come visit me before you went out 
    searching for Luke didn’t you?
    Natalia: Why did you leave without saying anything?
    Guy: A servant like me can’t just walk into the castle right!
    Natalia: Why are you running away?
    Guy: You already know why!
    Natalia: When I marry Luke, you’ll become my servant.
    Natalia: So start getting used to it.
    Guy: Impossible!
    Natalia: What weird guy. Even though he’s so pitiful, I wonder why 
    is he so popular with the maids.
    Natalia: Even so there’s a lot of trouble. Commander Van……
    Luke: What happened to Sensei?
    Natalia: Oh, you didn’t hear from father?
    Natalia: He’s being suspected of plotting you’re recent escape from 
    Tear: So that’s what he meant by conspiracy……
    Natalia: Oh……who was that……? 
    Natalia: Luke! Don’t tell me that you’ve started on one of your 
    Luke: Why the hell would I want such a cold blooded woman!
    ※Luke: And she’s a knight, not a servant. She’s Sensei’s little 
    Natalia: ……ah. The leader of the current rebellion……Tear-san was it.
    Luke: More importantly, what happened to Sensei!
    Jade: If the princess’ story is true, there could even be a most 
    dreadful execution upon his arrival to Bachicul?
    Anise: Ahh! Ion-sama! The Commander is in big trouble!
    Ion: It seems so. Let’s file an urgent objection from Dart.
    Luke: Hey, Sensei had nothing to do with it! So please, smooth 
    things over with my uncle! Help save Sensei!
    Natalia: ……understood. Since it’s a request from you Luke.
    Natalia: In return, please quickly remember your promise.
    Luke: I don’t remember proposing to you when I was a kid at all!
    Natalia: I know you’ve forgotten your memories. But it is destiny 
    for you to remember those words first?
    Luke: Fine just get going and smooth things over with my uncle!
    Natalia: Awe……that’s mean. Understood.
    In Luke’s Room
    Guy: You must be getting pretty tired. You should get some rest.
    I’ll do that・そうする
    I’m still fine・まだ平気
    After Selecting 「そうする」
    Luke: I’ll do that.
    After Walking Up
    Guy: Then I’ll come too.
    Guy: Leaving your search to an elegant servant like myself must of 
    angered all those shining knights.
    Guy: I’ve got to go brown nose while I give my report.
    Ion: We will also be leaving.
    Anise: Luke-sama. Please don’t forget about Anise.
    Jade: ……it has been very interesting. Thank you.
    Luke: See ya.
    Tear: ……I also have to leave to give my report to Morse-sama.
    Luke: Ah……yeah……
    Tear: You have a kind mother. Take care of her.
    Luke: What are you talking about. You have no right to say that to 
    Tear: I guess so. ……well, goodbye.
    Luke: Hey, wait a minute.
    Tear: ……what is it?
    Luke: Don’t worry about it so much.
    Luke: My mother’s body was weak from the very start.
    Tear: ……thank you.
    Luke’s Room
    On screen: Bachicul KIMLASCA=LANVALDEAR 2 day, Gnome, Gnome Decan.
    Maid: Luke-sama. Good morning. It’s nice weather we’re having today 
    isn’t it.
    Maid: Although according to the Lorelei Church’s Score, there may be 
    some sudden rain.
    Maid: This morning a messenger arrived from Her Highness Natalia, 
    and your presence is requested at the castle.
    Luke: It’s alright for me to go outside the mansion?
    Maid: It seems so.
    Entering the Castle
    Tear: So the Seventh Tone Tablet is in Aczelius……?
    Morse: That’s right. Perhaps Luke could go to Aczelius……
    Luke: What about me?
    Morse: It’s you Luke-sama. I’ve been waiting for you.
    Morse: Captain Curtis is already inside.
    Luke: ……Jade?
    Morse: Let’s go inside.
    Throne Room
    Ingobert the 6th: Ah, I’ve been waiting for you Luke.
    Albain: During an emergency parliament meeting called last night, we 
    have agreed to enter into a peace treaty with the Markt Empire.
    Ingobert the 6th: The peace treaty in the letter, along with the 
    reinforcement has been approved.
    Albain: Currently Markt Empire’s mining town Aczelius……
    Albain: is in danger of collapsing due to the poison from Gnome’s 
    Natalia: Even though we want to save the Markt people, the road to 
    Aczelius is completely cut off by Shouki.
    Ingobert the 6th: However, Aczelius was formerly our territory.
    Ingobert the 6th: Of course, there is also a road connecting it to 
    Ingobert the 6th: With that, I will allow them protection to enter 
    our country.
    Luke: So then, saving those people will become a symbol of peace. 
    But what does that have to do with me?
    Duke Fabre: His majesty has graciously appointed you to a goodwill 
    ambassador of the Kimlasca Lanvaldear Kingdom.
    Luke: Me!? No way! I don’t want to do any more fighting.
    Ingobert the 6th: I have heard about Van through Natalia.
    Ingobert the 6th: We are currently gauging whether or not Van is a 
    Ingobert the 6th: If you go to Aczelius as an ambassador, I will 
    have Van released.
    Luke: Van-sensei is imprisoned!?
    Natalia: He’s being kept in the castle’s basement.
    Luke: ……I got it. If it’s to free Van-sensei……
    Jade: It is good that you obediently stand behind Commander Van.
    Luke: ……shut up!
    Ingobert the 6th: However, it shows much determination.
    Ingobert the 6th: Actually, it would be meaningless if you did not 
    have such a sense of duty.
    Luke: ……huh?
    Duke Fabre: Look at this Tone Tablet. It is part of Yuria Jue’s 
    Fifth Tone Tablet that fell into our country.
    Ingobert the 6th: Tear. Please recite the Score recorded on the 
    bottom part of the Tone Tablet.
    Tear: ……yes.
    Tear: In ND 2000, the one who inherits the power of Lorelei, will be 
    born in Kimlasca. He will be a man of red hair, in line to the royal 
    Tear: He will be called the Holy Flame of Light. He will lead 
    Kimlasca Lanvaldear to a new era of prosperity. 
    Tear: ND 2018. The young one, who inherits Lorelei's power heads to 
    the town of miners.
    Tear: There……. ……there is no more.
    Ingobert the 6th: Well done. In short Luke, you are the selected 
    young one.
    Van: It will be alright. Have confidence. You have been chosen.
    Van: The power of the Choushindou will make you into a hero.
    Luke: Hero……. Me, a hero……
    Duke Fabre: That is why we’ve unfortunately had to keep you confined 
    to the mansion your whole life, but now is the time for you to 
    become a hero.
    Luke: (That’s right……. It’s just like Sensei said.)
    Jade: A hero……
    Albain: What is it? Captain Curtis.
    Jade: ……nothing. So then his companions will be us and who else?
    Morse: As members of the Lorelei Church, I would like Tear and Van 
    to accompany you.
    Duke Fabre: Luke. Is there anyone you would like to accompany you?
    Duke Fabre: Oh, that’s right. I think it would be good for Guy to be 
    placed in your care.
    Luke: Whatever. As long as Sensei is coming.
    Natalia: Father, as an emissary I would like to go with them……
    Ingobert the 6th: If that’s the case, you should have said so last 
    Luke: Uncle. Is it alright if I go meet with Sensei?
    Ingobert the 6th: Do as you like. Your traveling companions will 
    wait at the front of the castle.
    Luke obtained the title Goodwill Ambassador.
    Meeting With Van
    Luke: Sensei!
    Guard: I have already explained the details.
    Van: Right now it is just us here. So I want you to calm down and 
    listen to what I have to say.
    Luke: ……huh?
    Van: Won’t you join me under my command as member of the Oracle 
    Luke: ……Sensei, what are you saying?
    Van: You have not put much thought into going to Aczelius.
    Van: However, by carrying out that duty you will become a dog of 
    Van: And you will end up spending your entire life tied to Bachicul.
    Luke: Why? You told me that if I became a hero, I would be free.
    Van: However going to Aczelius would be bad. I take it you’ve heard 
    Yuria Jue’s Score.
    Luke: Yeah. It said I would lead Kimlasca to prosperity.
    Van: There is more to that Score. “The young one turns his power 
    into disaster, and becomes a weapon of Kimlasca”
    Van: The heads of the church think they can have you start a war at 
    the Rugnika Plains.
    Luke: Me……start a war? That’s ridiculous……!
    Van: Yuria’s Score has never once been wrong. Not even once.
    Van: I want to save you before you’re used for war!
    Luke: But what should I do……. If I don’t go to Aczelius, the town 
    will be in big trouble.
    Van: That is how the Score is written.
    Van: That you will remove the people from Aczelius. And as a result 
    you will cause a war.
    Van: That’s why you should get rid of the Shouki without moving the 
    people of Aczelius.
    Luke: Shouki is like some kind of poison right. How can I……
    Van: Cause a Choushindou and neutralize the Shouki. Afterwards we 
    should flee to Dart.
    Van: That way we can avoid the war, and you can obtain your freedom.
    Luke: ……I wonder if I can do it. Whether or not I can cause a 
    Choushindou by myself.
    Van: I will help you. On the boat we will try and get you to learn 
    to control your Choushindou.
    Luke: ……understood. I’ll try.
    Van: You must not tell anyone else of this plan until right before 
    we carry it out.
    Van: If anyone, especially from Kimlasca, finds out, you’ll lose 
    your opportunity to escape to Dart.
    Luke: Hey Sensei, why are you being so kind to me?
    Van: I guess you’ve forgotten due to your memory loss.
    Luke: ……did I say something?
    Van: I want to go to Dart with you. You said that to me when you 
    were very young.
    Van: You were the subject of many cruel experiments, and you wanted 
    to escape from this country.
    Van: For that reason……I ran off with you. On that day, seven years 
    Luke: Sensei!? The one who kidnapped me wasn’t Markt, it was you 
    Van: This time I will not fail. I need you.
    Luke: ……nobody has ever said they needed me before before.
    Luke: Sensei, whenever I’ve been praised or scolded by you, I’ve 
    always taken it seriously.
    Luke: I’ll follow you Sensei!
    Van: Alright. Then let’s go. In order for you to grasp your future.
    Luke: Yes!
    Leaving the Castle
    Tear: Nii-san……
    Van: I’ve heard the story. When so we depart?
    Guy: It seams Jade has a suggestion about that.
    Jade: It feels strange to be talking with Commander Van but……well 
    Jade: It seems an Oracle ship has been spotted in the middle of the 
    ocean. Probably for sabotage by the Daieishi faction.
    Tear: Captain……
    Jade: It is true. Well it’s not completely confirmed whether or not 
    it’s a Daieishi Faction Ship. Either way the ocean is dangerous.
    Luke: So then what’re we going to do?
    Jade: We will have a decoy ship sent out while we head to Kesedonia 
    by land.
    Jade: Past Kesedonia, the Rotelrow Ocean is under Markt’s complete 
    Jade: It will not be difficult to head to Kaitzul by boat from there.
    Van: I see. I will go along with you plan. I will take the decoy 
    Luke: What!?
    Van: It will be announced that I am traveling with the rescue party 
    Van: In that case, me riding the decoy boat will increase it’s 
    credibility. There is a better chance of them believing that boat is 
    the real one.
    Jade: That will be fine. I do not think there is any other plan 
    better than yours.
    Luke: But!
    Van: Luke. Don’t you have faith in me?
    Luke: ……I understand.
    Van: Well then, I’ll head to the port. Tear, I’m leaving Luke in 
    your hands.
    Jade: Moving in a smaller group will be less suspicious.
    Jade: Let’s try not to take on any more companions.
    Jade: Now that are conversation is over, please wait by the city’s 
    Luke: So I’m left with the cold blooded woman and the woman hater 
    Guy: Don’t say it like that, it could be misunderstood! I love 
    Tear: I wonder about you saying it in such a loud voice……
    Guy: That’s not it! That’s not it!
    Tear: Well, let’s go.
    Guy: Listen when someone is talking to you!
    Somewhere on the Mid Level
    Anise: Luke-sama!
    Guy: Ahh……
    Anise: I wanted to see you so badly? ……but you’re always with Tear.
    Anise: ……you’re so sly.
    Tear: Ah……I’m sorry. But relax Anise. It doesn’t mean that I’m with 
    him because I like him.
    Luke: (That kinda hurt……)
    Jade: Anise. Is it alright to leave Ion-sama by himself?
    Anise: Captain! Well……he woke up early and already left his bed……
    Anise: When I went to search for him, I heard those circus troupe 
    people say that they saw an Ion-sama-ish person outside the town……
    Guy: Circus Troupe? Hey, it couldn’t be……
    Anise: It seems we’ve been had. It’s probably the work of the Jet 
    Black Wings.
    Luke: What!? Ah, now that you mention it, they were talking about 
    something to that Oracle guy. Were they an accomplice!
    Guy: Let’s chase after them!
    Anise: We can’t! Just outside the town, Sink of the Six Holy 
    Generals would get in your way.
    Tear: ……this is bad. If the Six Holy Generals are here, they’ll find 
    out that we’re traveling by land.
    Anise: Huh? Weren’t you going to Aczelius by boat?
    Luke: No, that’s just a decoy. Damn, we have to find a way out of 
    the city……
    Anise: If that’s the case, take me with you! If I get out of the 
    town, I can search for Ion-sama!
    Luke: Jade, what should we do?
    Jade: I guess it can’t be helped. However this time Ion-sama’s 
    kidnapping doesn’t seem to be the work of Morse.
    Anise: That’s right. Morse-sama was mad.
    Tear: So that means the Six Holy Generals aren’t working with Morse-
    Jade: That’s why I said it’s still unknown if Morse wants to start a 
    Luke: What do the Six Holy Generals want with Ion-sama? Last time he 
    was definitely taken to that Sefirot place.
    Jade: It’s just a guess, we don’t have much information. More 
    importantly, how are we going to escape from this town.
    Guy: Wait a minute. ……there is a way. Let’s go to the abandoned 
    factory. We should be able to get there by the trolley.
    Luke: The abandoned factory? Got it.
    After Riding the Elevator Down
    Guy: Ah, that’s right. Can I have a minute everyone?
    Tear: What’s wrong?
    Guy: There’s a place that I thought I’d like to show to Luke. I’d 
    like to take this chance to do it but……
    Luke: Me? IS it an interesting place?
    Anise: But what about Ion-sama!
    Guy: Sorry about that.
    Guy: But could you please take into consideration the fact that he’s 
    been locked up for so long?
    Guy: It’ll be useful for our journey too. Please.
    Anise: ……fine, but just a little bit.
    Guy: Sorry. Sorry everyone.
    Talking to Miyagi
    Miyagi: Welcome.
    Guy: It’s here.
    Luke: What’s here?
    Guy: This is a private dojo. You like sword skills don’t you? You 
    can learn all sorts of skills here.
    Luke: Ehh!
    Miyagi: This is a place for martial arts……yes, so you seem to have 
    some knowledge of that don’t you?
    Tear: You know?
    Miyagi: Well. Those people posses a certain air about them.
    Miyagi: ……however, it appears you have some way to go.
    Luke: ……what did you say!
    Miyagi: Ah, wait. A quick temper is a disadvantage. I did not say 
    you were weak. You’re creativity is insufficient.
    Anise: Creative?
    Miyagi: Yes. Using techniques that way will result in a different 
    way, will result in the birth of a new technique.
    Miyagi: By mastering their use, the possibilities are infinite.
    Luke: How should I solidify my skills?
    Miyagi: That’s why I am going to teach you something now.
    Miyagi: ……and that’s it.
    Jade: I see. I’ve heard all sorts of rumors about Kimlasca’s martial 
    arts……but this is very interesting.
    Miyagi: It is a skill that surpasses all martial arts except for 
    Anise: But we aren’t this country’s……
    Miyagi: Ahh, I don’t mind. The technique not talked about, will 
    never be refined.
    Miyagi: That is why you should tell those who need it.
    Miyagi: Birth and death……that is the order of things isn’t it?
    Guy: I see……
    Tear: Then, perhaps you could show us.
    Miyagi: Feel free to ask me anything you want to know about fighting.
    Miyagi: The door is open for anyone who wishes to know, this is the 
    place to hear everything.
    Miyagi: You should face the path of training that I am offering you 
    and learn well.
    You obtained a Carmine Chamber.
    You obtained a Moon Selector.
    You can now select FS Chamber from the menu.
    Near Right Trolley
    That’s strange. There are supposed to be soldiers here all the 
    Luke: Soldiers? Why?
    Guy: Because people are prohibited from entering.
    Man: Those soldiers were called to the castle and they left.
    Man: Are you also going to the abandoned factory?
    Man: Earlier a young girl took that trolley, but that’s been getting 
    popular lately.
    Anise: Huh? He said someone took this trolley?
    Luke: Well it doesn’t matter right? Let’s get on and go right away.
    Bachicul Factory・バチクル廃工場
    First Area
    Guy: You know of the crater left by the Tone Tablet that fell on 
    Bachicul right.
    Guy: If we continue further inside, we should reach a place where 
    the impact of the fall broke through the natural wall.
    Jade: I see, if this is the abandoned factory……
    Tear: There should be a drainage facility.
    Guy: That’s right. The drainage equipment should already be dead, 
    but we should be able to pass through.
    ???: Well, Guy. You sure are knowledgeable.
    Natalia: I found you.
    Luke: What’s with you? What are you doing here dressed like that……
    Natalia: I’ve already decided. What were they thinking not letting 
    me go out in this all important time of peace where two old enemies 
    have come together?
    Luke: ……are you an idiot? This isn’t the type of world a princess 
    can just go out into nonchalantly ya know.
    Luke: And not just horrible monsters, you’ll have to fight people 
    Natalia: Well three years ago I went on a sympathy call to the 
    battle at the northern part of Kesedonia.
    Natalia: I’m prepared.
    Anise: A sympathy call is different from actual battle. You would 
    just be a burden princess, so I think you should just stay here?
    Tear: It may be rude, but I agree.
    Guy: Natalia-sama. I think it would be better for you to return to……
    Natalia: Silence! I have obtained the Master Rank of Lanvaldear 
    Style Archery!
    Natalia: And furthermore, I have also mastered being a Healer!
    Natalia: I’ll certainly be more useful than some slow minded or 
    unsociable Oracle Knight.
    Anise: ……what, you stuck up woman!
    Natalia: How vulgar. You’re just oozing with ignorance aren’t you.
    Tear: I’m shocked that she is a princess……
    Jade: This has gotten quite interesting hasn’t it.
    Guy: ……that’s why I’m sacred of women.
    Luke: Whatever, just don’t follow us!
    Natalia: I’ll expose you.
    Luke: ……what are you talking about?
    Natalia: What I overheard. While you and Commander Van were in the 
    Luke: Hey how much did you here!?
    Natalia: Just that……you were kidnapped by that man, and that you 
    plan to escape to Dart.
    Luke: ……and before that?
    Natalia: I didn’t here anything. I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop or 
    Natalia: I just wanted to ask you to take me with you……
    Luke: ……if I take you along, will you keep quiet?
    Natalia: Even if you run away, I want you to remember the promise 
    you made to me.
    Luke: ……alright, pinky swear.
    Natalia: ……you don’t hate to pinky swear?
    Luke: Huh?
    Natalia: ……no. It was nothing.
    Luke: I’m letting Natalia come with us.
    Natalia: It’s a pleasure to meet you.
    Tear: ……Luke. It seems I’ve misjudged you.
    Luke: Sh……shut up! Anyway I am the Goodwill Ambassador! My word is 
    absolute! Alright!
    Natalia: That’s right. From now on you don’t have to be so polite. 
    You can drop my name suffix.
    Natalia: If you don’t it might blow my cover and people would find 
    out I’m a princess.
    Natalia joined the party.
    Next Area
    Luke: Hey, Natalia! Walk a little slower!
    Natalia: What’s wrong? Tired already? You guys are very sloppy 
    aren’t you.
    Luke: That’s not it!
    Anise: ……augh. What’s with this idiotic strong bodied princess.
    Natalia: Did you say something?
    Anise: No, nothing.
    Natalia: Doushi Ion was kidnapped.
    Natalia: We must speed up for those people in pain, even if just a 
    Natalia: Am I wrong?
    Tear: That certainly is so, but this area is dark, so I think we 
    should proceed with caution.
    Guy: That’s right Natalia-sama. Why don’t we walk a little slower?
    Natalia: Guy! I told you to drop the name suffix didn’t I!
    Guy: Oh. You did. Excuse……no wait, sorry about that.
    Jade: Natalia.
    Jade: Traveling with six people with you out front and everyone else 
    together is unnatural.
    Jade: Since at the very least you have abandoned your royal status 
    Natalia: That is true. I’m sorry.
    Anise: Huh, that was unexpectedly obedient.
    Guy: Stop complaining about everything.
    Tear: …………
    Jade: Well everyone, it seems we’ve deepened our understanding of 
    one another. How wonderful.
    Luke: ……how exactly? She’s still cold.
    Near Cans
    Luke: The inside of these drums stink.
    Tear: Oil is stored inside them. It seems combustible.
    Area With Bunch of Oil Drums
    Luke: Hey, aren’t those the same type of drums that we shot fire at 
    Tear: That’s right. If we can light them somehow, they’ll brighten 
    up the area……
    By Machine
    Guy: This is the oil supply machine.
    Guy: This thing sends oil to all sorts of places inside the 
    When Pipe Breaks Leaking Oil
    Guy: It seems like oil was flowing in the pipe but……
    Guy: It flowed out of the pipe……
    Near Empty Drum
    Luke: This drum is empty. It looks like I could move it……
    When Pipe Breaks Leaking Oil After Placing the Drum
    Guy: It looks like the oil is filling that drum we put down there.
    Near Exit
    Luke: I smell something.
    Anise: It’s smelly oil!
    Guy: I wonder if it’s left over from when the factory was 
    operational? It certainly……
    Tear: Wait! I hear something……. ……there’s something……here?
    Natalia: Well, I don’t hear anything.
    Jade: No……there is. A monster?
    Tear: Look out!
    Anise: Ahh! It attacked!
    After Battle
    Luke: What was that monster……
    Guy: I’ve never seen a monster like that a round here. So it was a 
    spider underneath all that?
    Tear: Well it’s an abandoned factory. Just a spider being here isn’t 
    strange, but……
    Jade: There may have been a sudden reaction that it caused it’s 
    Fonim to go out of control due to the oil in its food.
    Natalia: ……ah, umm. Tear.
    Tear: What is it?
    Natalia: Thank you. You saved me. ……I’ve been a burden to you and 
    everyone else haven’t I.
    Tear: It’s fine.
    Luke: It’s not fine. You’re dragging us down.
    Luke: By the way, where in the world is this drainage facility……
    Guy: It’s below here……right?
    Guy: That’s……an emergency exit isn’t it.
    Jade: Let’s go investigate.
    Near Emergency Exit
    Luke: Alright, if we go down that ladder over there, we can get out 
    of here.
    Mieu: Yes Master. After we get out of here, we can head to 
    Tear: It is necessary to cross the dessert to reach Kesedonia. There 
    is an oasis along the way, so let’s stop there and rest.
    Natalia: Guy. You go down first. Then if I slip, you can save me.
    Guy: ……you say that knowing I can’t do something like that.
    Natalia: But if you can’t be obedient, it’ll cause problems when I 
    marry Luke.
    Anise: It would be great if Luke-sama was a much more younger and 
    livelier boy wouldn’t it?
    Anise: He an break that wedding engagement any time?
    Natalia: ……what was that!
    Anise: What do you want……!
    Tear: You’re horrible Luke.
    Luke: What! You’re saying it’s my fault!
    Jade: Well, it seems every is getting along great.
    Luke: Are you blind!
    Luke: Return Ion-sama to us!
    Asch: You……
    Guy: Luke!!
    After Cut-Scene
    Sink: Asch! Right now Ion-sama is top priority!
    Asch: Understood!
    Asch: High class huh! And he’s taking along those flirtatious women.
    Luke: ……he……had the same face as me……
    Natalia: ……what does that mean?
    Jade: By the way……Ion-sama has been taken by them.
    Anise: ……ahhh!! Oh no!!
    Jade: Either way, by meeting the Six Holy Generals here, our decoy 
    plan has failed.
    Guy: Then wouldn’t it be better to just go back to Bachicul and take 
    a boat?
    Natalia: It would be pointless.
    Luke: ……why?
    Natalia: Father still believes in Markt.
    Natalia: After decoy boat’s departure, the port should have been 
    blockaded to prevent invasion.
    Tear: Let’s go by land and search for Ion-sama.
    Tear: If Ion-sama should lose his life, there is a chance it could 
    jeopardize the current peace.
    Anise: That’s right! Please search for Ion-sama! Even if it’s after 
    your mission!
    Jade: Please decide Luke. Shall we search for Ion-sama while we 
    Jade: Or maybe, hand over Natalia to His Majesty and have him remove 
    the blockade……
    Natalia: You can’t do that! Luke! You understand don’t you!
    Luke: Ahh! Shut up! Why do I have to decide?
    Jade: You’re the one in charge aren’t you?
    Luke: ……you are really getting on my nerves. We’ll go by land! There 
    would be all sorts of problems if I don’t let Natalia come along.
    Anise: Ion-sama……. I wonder where they’ve taken him?
    Jade: Well since if you look at the direction the land warship left, 
    that would be east from here……that’s the exact direction of the 
    oasis isn’t it.
    Anise: We were already planning to go there. After them, Luke-sama!
    Luke: Yeah……
    Luke: (But anyway……that guy with the same face as me……his name was 
    Asch wasn’t’ it)
    Luke: (……eerie.)
    Desert Oasis・砂漠のオアシス
    Upon Arrival
    Voice: ……answer……! Answer me!
    Luke: Ah……what……!?
    Guy: Luke! Is this another one of your headaches?
    Natalia: Headaches?
    Guy: It’s an after-effect from being kidnapped, he gets headaches 
    occasionally and even has hearing hallucinations.
    Voice: Answer me! You dolt!
    Luke: Who are you……you’re……!
    Voice: You understand don’t you, mirror image-san.
    Luke: You’re, Asch……!
    Voice: Where are you loitering around idiot? Don’t you even know 
    what happened to Ion?
    Luke: You……! Where in the world are……!
    Voice: Zao Ruins……. You weren’t even able to come here, stupid boy.
    Anise: Luke-sama! Are you alright?
    Mieu: Master are you feeling sick?
    Tear: Hold on.
    Guy: Are you hearing things again?
    Luke: I wonder if it’s just hearing things……
    Natalia: You said……something about Asch. Asch the Oracle Knight……?
    Luke: ……the voice just now was certainly Asch. He said Ion was at 
    the Zao Ruins……
    Anise: Zao Ruins!? Ion-sama is there!?
    Jade:  Zao Ruins……is it that Zao Ruins from 2000 years ago?
    Luke: Where is it?
    Jade: Unfortunately, I don’t know. I appreciate whoever told us the 
    place to search but……
    Luke: You’ve really got a horrible disposition.
    Jade: No, no. At such a sad time, I can only be good natured and 
    Tear: Captain! Please stop teasing Luke.
    Tear: Let’s ask the people at the Oasis.
    Luke: ……yeah.
    NOTE: The NPCs around here all say Zao Ruins is to the east.
    Zao Ruins・ザオ遺跡ス
    Upon Arrival
    Guy: Isn’t this it!
    Luke: Inside here huh……
    Natalia: It looks dark inside……
    Mieu: Mieu will breathe fire.
    Mieu: You’re going to breathe fire the whole time? That’s impossible.
    Jade: Because of the wind around here, none of the land warship’s 
    tracks are left.
    Tear: Have they already left? Or are they still here……
    Anise: Anyway let’s go, there may be some clues about Ion-sama.
    Near Sparkling Stone
    Luke: Huh? What’s this?
    Tear: It’s dangerous to approach it carelessly.
    Natalia: But it’s pretty. It doesn’t seem like something dangerous.
    Jade: Oh my, this is……
    Mieu: It’s a Fonim! The Second Fonim!
    Anise: Eh? Why can we see this Fonim?
    Jade: Its concentration is high isn’t it. Perhaps as high as a 
    Luke: I don’t quite understand Fonim……
    Tear: All life and physical structures emit a particular oscillation, 
    or accompanying sound.
    Tear: The six Fonim are classified into individual existences by the 
    combinations of the minute differences in their oscillations.
    Guy: In short, each material is organized into one element. You 
    could be classified as an element too.
    Tear: It’s rare for one Fonim to accumulate so much that you can see 
    it like this.
    Natalia: By the way, Mieu. What are you doing?
    Mieu: I’m absorbing the Fonim into the Sorcery Ring!
    Mieu: The elder said so! If the Fonim is absorbed into the ring, 
    it’ll become more powerful!
    Luke: Hmm. Become powerful……
    Anise: So how’s it feel?
    Mieu: Myuuuuu. The power is swelling!
    Mieu: ……like that. It doesn’t feel like that.
    Luke: What the hell was that? Idiot……
    Mieu: Myumyumyumyumyuuu!
    Mieu: The power……is swelling!!
    Mieu: That’s amazing! It seems it can break anything!
    Tear: I wonder if by increasing the power of the Sorcery Ring, Mieu 
    will learn new skills?
    Jade: Mieu. Please let me see the Sorcery Ring.
    Mieu: Yes!
    Jade: I see……
    Guy: What is it?
    Jade: Perhaps the crystallized Fonim cut down some of the ring. 
    There are characters engraved.
    Guy: Characters? What was carved into it?
    Jade: It’s a tone. It seems this is a new power.
    Luke: What was written on the ring before?
    Tear: It was probably the Fifth Fonim that Mieu had been using.
    Tear: This time, by having a new tone carved into it, he learned a 
    new Tone Magic.
    Mieu: It’s a new power!!
    Luke: Shut the hell up you pig monkey!
    Jade: Looking at the ring, there seems to be one more tone engraved.
    Anise: Really. Then when we another place where Fonim has gathered 
    let’s test it out!
    Mieu: I’ll do my best, I’ll be much much more useful!
    Mieu learned Mieu Attack.
    By holding the R2 button and pressing left or right, you can select 
    Mieu’s different functions.
    Mieu Attack can break nearby objects. Try it out on all sorts of 
    Using the Mieu Attack is similar to using Mieu Fire.
    You will be able to explore more areas.
    Near Rocks
    Luke: ……what’s this, a bunch of rocks are in the way! Hey pig monkey. 
    Break them, just like you did before.
    Mieu: Yes, sir!
    After Breaking Rocks 
    Anise: Ahh!? Amazing!!
    Natalia: I kind of feel sorry for him. Mieu, are you hurt?
    Luke: It’s Tone Magic right? He’s fine.
    Mieu: Luke. I was asking Mieu.
    Mieu: I’m fine. Thank you for worrying about me! Natalia-san is very 
    Tear: Really. How about following her example a bit?
    Luke: ……so annoying.
    Luke: Hey! Hurry up!
    Jade: Certainly resembles someone doesn’t he.
    Tear: Who!
    Guy: Natalia……right?
    Natalia: Well! That’s rude!
    Natalia: Hey! Let’s go, quickly!
    After Green Save Point
    Largo: Doushi Ion is in the middle of the Ceremony of Truth. Just 
    stay where you are.
    Tear: The Six Holy Generals……!
    Natalia: What is this? You! You shamelessly kidnap the one you 
    should be working for.
    Anise: Sink! Largo! Give us back Ion-sama!
    Sink: I can’t do that. He still has some work to do for us.
    Luke: Then even if it takes brute force……
    Largo: What an interesting guy. Show me how much you’ve grown from 
    the timid boy on the Tartaros.
    Luke: Hah……. You talk pretty big for a guy that Jade beat on the 
    Largo: Hahahaha, that may be so! However, that doesn’t mean you can 
    win so easily this time……
    Sink: Six Holy General’s Gale Wind Sink. ……let’s get serious.
    Largo: Of the same, Black Lion Largo. Now, a normal duel!
    After Battle
    Largo: Ugh……!
    Asch: What are you two doing! Scum!
    Luke: That……That was Van-sensei’s skill!
    Luke: Why can you use that!
    Asch: Of course! We had the same schooling idiot! I……!
    Sink: Asch! Stop it!
    Sink: Leave him alone, you’re going to far. Put down the sword. Now!
    Sink: Here’s the deal. We hand over the Doushi. In return, the fight 
    here is over.
    Guy: If you guys are that easy to beat, then that deal isn’t viable.
    Sink: This place is under the desert, don’t forget that.
    Sink: It would be possible to bury you alive.
    Largo: Of course we would also be buried alive, but that doesn’t 
    bother us.
    Tear: Luke. Accept their deal.
    Tear: It’s better to just recover Ion-sama and hurry to Aczelius.
    Jade: We’ve already fallen behind schedule traveling by land.
    Luke: ……understood.
    Anise: Ion-sama. I was worried……
    Ion: ……I’m sorry I’ve been a burden to you.
    Sink: As planned we’ll be heading outside now. 
    Sink: If you go back on our deal, we really will bury you alive.
    Guy: ……he definitely resembles him.
    Natalia: ……being ordered around by these people of humble birth 
    irritates me.
    Guy: Huh? Ahh, right. But Natalia, just put up with it.
    Natalia: I know. Right now I’m journeying and hiding my status as 
    Largo: Natalia……?
    Natalia: ……what is it?
    Luke: Natalia! Let’s go.
    Natalia: Yes……
    Sink: That’s princess Natalia huh……. That’s destiny, isn’t Largo.
    Asch: ……hey, Largo. You and Natalia have some kind of a relation?
    Largo: ……well, that was long ago. I’ve forgotten.
    Sink: It’s not necessary for the Six Holy Generals to know each 
    other’s past.
    Sink: That’s burned deeply into your mind isn’t it?
    Sink: If you are cinders of the “Holy Flame of Light”……
    Asch: ……che.
    Sink: That Guy person……he noticed didn’t he.
    Near Save Point
    Luke: What’s this……? There’s some sort of particles coming out from 
    the memory circle.
    Guy: Ahh, that’s a memory circle with the Escape ability.
    Luke: Escape ability?
    Guy: If you have a Wing Bottle, you can return to the entrance.
    Luke: Ehh……the green memory circles had a healing effect.
    Luke: And, the ones emitting particles have an escape ability 
    huh……there are all sorts of them……
    The memory circles emitting particles have an escape ability.
    If you use a Wing Bottle, you can return to the dungeon’s entrance.
    Please use the shortcut.
    When Leaving
    Anise: Phew. Even if it’s hot, full of sand, and dusty, it really is 
    better to be outside.
    Ion: Everyone. I’ve been a burden to you. I’m always so negligent……
    Anise: That’s right Ion-sama! It really causes a lot of trouble!
    Jade: By the way Ion-sama. What were they making you do? This is 
    also about Sefirot isn’t it?
    Ion: ……yes, in order to defend Lorelei Church’s Sefirot.
    Ion: It is sealed with a Dart type sealing spell.
    Ion: For generations it could only be unsealed by Doushis、but they 
    were trying to open……
    Guy: Why do you defend the Sefirot?
    Ion: That is……the church’s most highly classified information. They 
    shouldn’t be able to do anything after just opening the seal, but……
    Luke: Uhh, whatever. Let’s just hurry back to the town before we dry 
    Tear: Right. Let’s head to Kesedonia.
    Natalia: Agreed.
    Mieu: I agree too.
    Luke: ……shut up pig monkey. It’s sweltering.
    Mieu: Myuu……. I’m sorry.
    Kesedonia 2・ケセドニア2
    Upon Arrival
    Guy: We’ve finally reached Kesedonia.
    Tear: We can head to Kaitzul from here by boat right?
    Jade: If we go to the Markt Consulate, they should give us 
    information on the a boat.
    Luke: ……again……!
    Guy: Luke! Again? It’s becoming more frequent……
    Luke: ……I’m alright. It’s calling down.
    Guy: No, we should rest to make sure.
    Anise: Then let’s go to an inn. We can also think about what to do 
    with Ion-sama……
    Luke: ……understood.
    Near Inn
    Luke: Uhh……
    Voice: Hey! What’s wrong? Isn’t the inn over there.
    Luke: Uh……shut……
    Voice: Haha, you look good like that. We’re tied together. You’re 
    Mieu: Master! Are you alright?
    Tear: Luke, hang on.
    Voice: Alright……try drawing your sword towards that girl.
    Luke: Shut up……! Don’t manipulate me……!
    Tear: Luke! What’s wrong!?
    Luke: No……! My body……by itself! S, stop!
    In the Inn
    Guy: ……what’s happened to Luke?
    Anise: He’s in bad health.
    Anise: If it’s only nursing, getting an old rich man who would die 
    suddenly would probably be……
    Natalia: Did you say something? Anise.
    Anise: ……eheh? It was nothing?
    Tear: ……Captain. Doesn’t this remind you of another time?
    Jade: ……that’s right.
    Natalia: Could it have anything to do with Asch, that man that looks 
    just like him?
    Jade: ……let’s avoid referring to him right now.
    Guy: Jade! Don’t assume importance.
    Jade: I wasn’t assuming importance. I was just thinking about what 
    the most importing thing for Luke to know about himself right now.
    Mieu: Master has woken up.
    Luke: ……what happened to me?
    Jade: No, it was nothing. How are you? Do you still feel like you’re 
    being manipulated by someone?
    Luke: No……not really……
    Jade: Dist probably did something to you at Coral Castle.
    Jade: When we capture that idiot, we’ll have him release that magic. 
    Until then, please endure it.
    Luke: ……I leave it all to you. By the way, what is Ion doing?
    Tear: For know, we don’t know much about the Six Holy General’s 
    objective, so I want to avoid them kidnapping Ion again.
    Ion: If it won’t be too much of a hassle, would you please take me 
    with you?
    Anise: Ion-sama! Morse-sama will be mad! I was entrusted with a 
    letter from His Majesty Pione.
    Ion: So I think I would like to also inform him of the Aczelius 
    Jade: Is that alright?
    Jade: When the mission in Aczelius is over, I’ll head to the capital 
    with you.
    Jade: ……ah wait. Luke is the one in charge.
    Luke: ……do whatever you want!
    Ion: Thank you for letting me travel with you again.
    Talking to Woman at the Markt Consulate
    Woman: Captain. Luke-sama I have been waiting for you.
    Woman: It was delivered from Commander Grants by homing pigeon.
    Woman: It seems Commander Grants is part of troops that were sent 
    ahead to Aczelius.
    Luke: Ehh!? Sensei is too fast!
    Ion: We have to hurry.
    Luke: Guy!?
    Luke: Ouch……! Hey. No way, you couldn’t also be being manipulated by 
    Guy: No……at least I’m not hearing hallucinations but……
    Jade: Oh my. It looks like you’ve got a scar. ……this crest like 
    shape. Could this be a “Curse Slot”?
    Ion: It’s the a Fonslot that takes over a human, one of the Dart 
    style Tone Magics.
    Ion: It reads the information from the brain, it uses the engraved 
    memories, and controls the person……
    Woman: Should I call a doctor or a Healer?
    Guy: ……I’m fine. More importantly, we need to ride a boat and 
    quickly catch up with Commander Van.
    Luke: ……but, isn’t it dangerous?
    Ion: The Curse Slot’s power varies with the distance from its user.
    Ion: I think there is a possibility the user is near, we should get 
    far away from Kesedonia.
    Woman: Then by all means, go on your way.
    Ion: Only Doushi can use Dart style Tone Magic……. He must be……
    Sink: His resistance is stronger than I thought. ……well fine. In any 
    case he’s gotten involved in the Aczelius incident.
    Transport Ferry Katzbert 3・連絡船キャツベルト3
    On Deck
    Guy: That’s strange. After getting away from Kesedonia, the pain is 
    completely gone.
    Luke: What? You made us worry.
    Guy: Sorry, sorry.
    Tear: Then the Curse Slot user was in Kesedonia just like we thought.
    Natalia: Thank goodness Guy. We got out of Kesedonia quickly.
    Guy: Yeah.
    Guy: That’s right, the one who wounded me was Sink, but could he 
    have been the Curse Slot’s user?
    Ion: Probably.
    Kaitzul 2・カイツール2
    Leaving Port
    Luke: That’s right, how do we get to Aczelius from here?
    Jade: It’s north-east, across the Dao Mountain Range.
    Luke: Alright, let’s hurry. We might catch up to Sensei.
    Dao Pass・デオ峠
    Upon Arrival
    Luke: Damn. It seems like we didn’t catch up to Sensei.
    Luke: It would’ve been better not stopping along the way in the 
    Anise: What do you mean by stopping along the way?
    Luke: stopping along the way means stopping along the way. Even 
    without Ion-sama, al long as I’m here a war won’t start.
    Anise: Are you……an idiot……?
    Luke: An idiot……!
    Tear: Luke. I think that was a conceited thing to say.
    Natalia: This peace is between my father and the Markt Empire, but 
    paying respect to the Doushi is still part of it.
    Natalia: I Ion wasn’t here, there wouldn’t be anyone to play the 
    role of mediator.
    Ion: No, that doesn’t mean that both countries have respect for m e.
    Ion: They just want the “Score left by Yuria”. I’m really not 
    Guy: I can’t agree with that statement. Ion is has a deterring force.
    Guy: Even if it’s due to Yuria’s Score.
    Jade: I see, I see. Everyone’s so young. Well, let’s get going.
    Guy: Clever lines, even at a time like this. What a shrewd old man.
    Guy: (However, Luke is a boy, that was really ugly back there……)
    After Crossing the Bridge
    Ion: Huu……huu, huu.
    Anise: Ion-sama!
    Tear: Are you alright? Should we rest a little bit?
    Ion: No……I’m fine.
    Anise: That’s no good. Everyone, we’re taking a rest!
    Luke: A rest? What are you talking about! Sensei is ahead of us 
    Natalia: Luke! Isn’t it alright!
    Guy: Right. It’s a rugged mountain pass. It can’t be helped right?
    Luke: I’m the Goodwill Ambassador! If I say we’re going, we go!
    Anise: You!
    Jade: So then, let’s take arrest. Ion-sama, that’s fine with you 
    isn’t it?
    Luke: Hey!
    Ion: Luke, I’m sorry. It’s my fault……
    Luke: Fine. ……just a little.
    Ion: Thank you very much.
    While Resting
    Tear: Luke. I don’t know what you’re in such a hurry for, but you 
    should stop it with this attitude.
    Luke: ……what. What are you talking about?
    Tear: ……fine.
    Luke: ……what’s with her! Damn!
    Past Second Save Point
    Regret: Stop!
    Regret: Tear. Why are you always moving around with them?
    Tear: It’s Morse-sama’s orders. Kyoukan, why did you kidnap Ion-sama 
    and go to Sefirot!
    Regret: In order to win back the will and freedom of humans.
    Tear: What does that mean……?
    Regret: This world is controlled by the Score.
    Regret: Don’t you think it’s strange that what you do is in the 
    Score’s readings, and therefore how you live?
    Ion: The Score is not to control people, it is a tool to prevent 
    people from straying off the correct path.
    Regret: Doushi. All the many people in the world are being 
    manipulated by their reliance on the Score, even you.
    Regret: If you become a cruel person, even the menu of an evening 
    meal, it’s all managed by your reliance on the Score. All of you are 
    the same way aren’t you?
    Anise: It hasn’t been cruel up until now but……if the Score has the 
    future written on it, then we should live accordingly……
    Guy: As such, the Score read on its birthday has become a reference.
    Natalia: That’s right. And you here your life’s score from the time 
    you were born. So……
    Jade: ……in the end, it’s easy to just live relying on the Score.
    Jade: But other than Yuria’s Score, they are vague and hard to 
    Regret: That’s how it is. This world is out of order. Someone has to 
    change it.
    Regret: Tear……! Join us.
    Tear: I still don’t trust my brother. You’re his right-hand man.
    Tear: Until my doubts about my brother, I won’t return to your side.
    Regret: Then I will stop you by force!
    Regret: Tear……. Get away from that failure.
    Luke: Failure? Are you talking about me!?
    Jade: ……I see. I knew it! You’ve revived the forbidden technique!
    Ion: Jade! You can’t! There are things in this world that are better 
    off not known.
    Jade: Ion-sama……you knew!
    Luke: W……what? Don’t just continue the conversation leaving me 
    Luke: What were you going to say! It’s related to me isn’t it!?
    Jade: ……who’s idea was it? Dist’s!?
    Regret: You mean Fomicry? And what would you do if you knew?
    Regret: There’s no turning back now. Necromancer Jade!
    Jade: This isn’t a joke!
    Anise: Captain……. It’s rare for you to get seriously angry.
    Jade: Excuse me. I was distracted. I’m fine……now. Let’s hurry to 
    Luke: Stop fooling around! You’re always leaving me behind. I don’t 
    understand what the hell is going on at all!
    Mieu: Master, don’t get mad……
    Luke: I’m surrounded by people making an idiot out of me! I’m 
    Goodwill Ambassador!
    Mieu: Master……
    Luke: Only Sensei……. The only one who understands me is Sensei……!
    Upon Arrival
    Luke: Th……this is……
    Jade: Beyond imagination……
    Luke: H, hey, Natalia. Stop, it’s filthy. It might be contagious.
    Natalia: ……what’s filthy? What’s contagious! Don’t say such stupid 
    Natalia: Are you alright?
    ???: Are you the ones from Kimlasca?
    Luke: Ah……umm……
    Natalia: I am Kimlasca’s Princess Natalia. We received a request 
    from Emperor Pione and came to rescue everyone.
    ???: Ahh! I’ve heard from Grants-san!
    Pirope: I am Pirope. The foreman is in the mine over there.
    Pirope: The town’s leader collapsed and I’ve taken over his duties.
    Jade: Where is Commander Grants and the rescue team?
    Pirope: Grants-san is in the mine. Please save our comrades that 
    collapsed there.
    Guy: It feels like the Shouki around here is much more serious than 
    at Fubras River.
    Anise: It looks like it’s terrible inside the mine.
    Tear: Let’s try going to the mine after confirming the condition of 
    this area.
    Tear: Luke!
    Luke: Ah……, ahh……yeah……
    After Entering Aczelius’ 14th Mine
    Highman: Sound Chief Grants!
    Highman: I am Highman. I have something to tell Morse-sama about the 
    Seventh Stone Tablet.
    Tear: Good work.
    Ion: The Seventh Stone Tablet? Could it be that you’ve found it!
    Highman: Yes. We just have to dig it out and confirm it……
    Ion: Tear. Please confirm that it is the Seventh Tone Stone.
    Ion: We will catch up with the rescue party.
    Tear: Understood. I’ll leave the town’s people to you.
    Deep In Mines
    Natalia: Please try to hold on. We’re going to save you.
    Jade: ……it’s strange. I don’t see the rescue team.
    Luke: ……ah……! Again……
    Voice: Don’t move ahead any farther!
    Heading to Next Area
    Jade: ……there’s something strange going on above us. Let’s go look.
    Voice: Don’t go inside! You won’t be able to go back! Listen to me!
    Luke: ……you think you can order me around?
    Talking to Van
    Van: So you’ve finally arrived.
    Luke: Sensei! This is where you were? What about the rest of the 
    rescue team?
    Van: They are in other areas. Doushi-Ion. Will you please open this 
    Ion: ……this is a Dart style seal. Then this place is also a Sefirot. 
    But opening it would be meaningless.
    Van: No. It is necessary to resuscitate Aczelius.
    Luke: Ion! Please. If Sensei says so, it’ll be fine.
    Ion: ……understood.
    Voice: Stop! Don’t go in! Do you plan to destroy Aczelius!
    Luke: What are you talking about! I’m just going to neutralize the 
    Shouki here. This is…… the same as the Zao Ruins, and Shuray Hill……
    Van: Luke. Come here……
    In Lower Room
    Van: Well Luke. I f you go down to that tone machine, the Passage 
    Ring, the Shouki will be neutralized.
    Ion: What does he mean? Can it be neutralized?
    Luke: I can do it. I am the selected hero after all.
    Back in Mines
    Jade: Tear! Is something wrong, there was a disturbance……
    Tear: Captain! The rescue team was killed!
    Tear: It seems the Oracle Nights that captured the Tartaros ambushed 
    the rescue team and wiped them out!
    Jade: So that’s why we haven’t seen them. In order to hinder the 
    rescue of Aczelius……
    Tear: No, they are staying here by my brother's order to kidnap me.
    Jade: What do you mean?
    Tear: When I went to investigate the Seventh Tone Tablet before, it 
    turned out there was no Seventh Tone Tablet.
    Tear: Anyway, at that time I was swept away by the Oracle Knights.
    Jade: Why you……?
    Tear: It’s my brother! He didn’t want me getting involved……!
    Tear: Where is he! He’s trying to do something horrible!
    Asch: Hey! If you have time to stand around and talk, then do 
    something about that rubbish! Die!
    Tear: ……Onii-san is……
    At the Passage Ring
    Van: Yes, concentrate just like that.
    Luke: …………
    Van: Now……“Foolish replica Luke” release your power!
    Luke: Wh……what’s happening!? Something inside me is……
    Van: Luke. Listen to my voice. And release your power like that……
    Voice: When I indicate for you to release, release all of your 
    Fonslots, and fire a Choushindou.
    Voice: For using this power, the password is……
    Voice: “Foolish replica Luke”
    Tear: ……Onii-san is……
    Tear: Planning to destroy Aczelius!!
    Van: ……you’ve finally been of use to me. Replica.
    Luke: Sense……I……?
    Asch: Damn! We weren’t in time!
    Van: Asch! Why are you here! I told you not come!
    Asch: ……sorry about that.
    Asch: And not just me. I’ve brought that sister of yours that you 
    were trying to save!
    Asch: ……let go! I’ll rot here too!
    Van: I planned to save Ion, but it can’t be helped. I can’t lose you.
    Tear: Nii-san! I knew you were a traitor! Didn’t you say you would 
    maintain the Outer Shell!
    Tear: The people of Aczelius and the Oracle Knights on the Tartaros 
    will all die!
    Van: ……Mestearika. You should also know it. The foolishness and 
    ugliness of the world.
    Van: In order for you to understand that……I want you to survive.
    Van: You have Tone Songs. With that…….
    Jade: This is bad! The mine is collapsing!
    Tear: Stand near me! ……quickly!
    After Cut-scene
    Mieu: Master! Thank goodness!
    After Talking to a Few Party Members
    ???: ……uh……uh……
    Tear: Is someone there!
    John: Daddy……. It hurts……Daddy……
    Natalia: Please wait! I’ll save you!
    Tear: You can’t! This bottomless ocean of mud is made up of Shouki. 
    If you go in carelessly I won’t be able to save you.
    Natalia: But what about that child!?
    Tear: We can use healing magic from here. It might reach him.
    Guy: Hey! This is bad!
    Jade: No!
    John: Mom……my……help……me……Daddy……help……
    Anise: It’s breaking up here too!?
    Jade: Let’s go to the Tartaros. We’ll put out a distress beacon and 
    try to hold out on top of this mud.
    On Tartaros
    Jade: It seems like we can move somehow.
    Tear: There is a city called Yuria City in Klippot. It should be 
    west of here.
    Tear: At any rate, let’s head there.
    Jade: You seem knowledgeable. After we’ve gotten away from here, 
    please explain.
    Use the L Stick to turn left and right.
    Use the ○ Button to advance forward.
    Use the ■ button to go in reverse.
    You can also use the L1 and R1 Buttons to turn.
    If you are touching a port, you can use the X button to dock.
    If you are not entering a port, you can not get off the Tartaros.
    While you are on the Tartaros, you can’t save. Please be careful.
    Heading West
    Guy: We keep going and going, and nothing. ……is this really 
    Tear: ……there is no meaning. The world that all of you live in is 
    called the Outer Shell.
    Tear: Stretching up from Klippot is a pillar called the Sefirot Tree 
    that supports the midair continent.
    Natalia: I don’t understand……what you mean.
    Tear: A long time ago the “Outer Shell” was here in Klippot.
    Anise: I can’t believe it……
    Tear: 2000 years later, the Shouki engulfed Aldarant and started to 
    pollute the land.
    Tear: At that time, Yuria read the seven Scores, escaped from the 
    destruction, and discovered a path to prosperity.
    Ion: Yuria’s Score proposed a plan to raise up the former shell by 
    using Sefirot.
    Guy: So that was the beginning of the Outer Shell, huh. That’s an 
    extraordinary story…….
    Ion: Yes. The only ones who know of this are people of the Lorelei 
    Church at the Eishi rank or higher and the people that live in 
    Luke: Then Tear is from Klippot……?
    Ion: ……anyway, we’ve fallen into it. We were saved thanks to Tear’s 
    Tone Song.
    Jade: Why did this happen? From what you’ve said, Aczelius was 
    supported by a pillar right?
    Ion: That……is because of the destruction of the pillar.
    Anise: Why did that happen?
    Luke: ……I don’t know! I was just trying to neutralize the Shouki!
    Luke: I was told that if I caused a Choushindou there the Shouki 
    would disappear……!
    Tear: You where tricked by my brother. And the pillar supporting 
    Aczelius was erased.
    Luke: No way. That’s not……
    Jade: ……Van ordered you to go near the Passage Ring.
    Ion: The Passage Ring produces that pillar. So it’s as Tear said.
    Ion: I was careless. Van trying to make Luke do such a thing……
    Jade: ……Luke should have at least consulted us before hand.
    Jade: Even if there was a possibility of neutralizing the Shouki, it 
    would have been better to have the citizens find shelter.
    Jade: ……even if you say it now, it might be something that can’t be 
    Natalia: That’s right. Aczelius was……destroyed. How many thousands 
    of people, in an instant……
    Luke: ……are you saying it was my fault……?
    Luke: ……it……it wasn’t my fault.
    Luke: Because Sensei told me……. That’s right, Sensei said to do it!
    Luke: I didn’t know this would happen! No one told me!
    Luke: It wasn’t my fault! It wasn’t my fault!!
    Tear: ……Captain?
    Jade: Let’s return to the bridge. ……if I stay here I’ll be irritated 
    by those foolish words.
    Luke: What with you! I was trying to save Aczelius!
    Natalia: You’ve change haven’t you……. You’re like a completely 
    different person than you were before you lost your memories……
    Luke: But none of you were able to do anything! Don’t just blame me!
    Ion: You’re right. I’m powerless. But……
    Anise: Ion-sama. You should stay away from this lowlife.
    Luke: It was Sensei’s fault! It wasn’t my fault! Hey, Guy, right!?
    Guy: Luke……. Please don’t disappoint me so much.
    Tear: I thought you had at least a couple good points……. I was an 
    Luke: ……wh, why! Why is everyone blaming me!
    Mieu: Master……. Cheer up!
    Luke: Sh……shut up! What the hell do you know!
    Mieu: Because I also……because it was my fault that lots of my 
    friends died……
    Mieu: That’s why I can understand your feelings master.
    Luke: Don’t group me with you! Don’t group……
    Further West
    Jade: I’m getting an extraordinarily strong Fonim reaction.
    Jade: In the western direction.
    Tear: That is probably Yuria City.
    Near City
    Natalia: I’m starting to see something!
    Anise: ……that’s, a waterfall?
    Jade: The shell’s ocean water falls creating the Great Waterfall. 
    The city is inside.
    Guy: Won’t the water pressure crush the Tartaros?
    Tear: It will be fine. Near the surface the moisture vaporizes.
    Jade: Then let’s dock.
    Yuria City・ユリアシティ
    Upon Arrival
    Anise: Fuee……! This is Yuria City?
    Tear: Yes. The mayor is inside. Let’s go.
    Tear: ……are you just going to stay there? Everyone is going to the 
    mayor’s house.
    Luke: ……after all, everyone blames me. I don’t want to go.
    Asch: Rubbish till the end! Failure!
    Luke: ……you!
    Luke: Why are you here! What happened to Sensei!
    Asch: Heh! Even after being betrayed it’s still “Sensei” huh.
    Luke: ……betrayed……? Then Sensei really did make me……
    Asch: Damn! If I would’ve noticed his plans sooner this wouldn’t 
    have happened!
    Asch: You are you! Why did you use your Choushindou without 
    Luke: Even you’re blaming me!
    Asch: Of course you’re to blame! Stop joking around!
    Luke: It wasn’t my fault! It wasn’t my fault! It wasn’t……
    Asch: Stop joking! Or is the replica’s brains deteriorating!?
    Luke: Replica? Not that you mention it, Sensei said it too……
    Asch: ……You still haven’t noticed! Ha, you’re a laughingstock!
    Luke: What……! What are you talking about!
    Asch: I’ll tell you. “Luke”
    Tear: Asch. Stop it!
    Asch: Your thinking, why does he have the same face as me?
    Luke: ……you know?
    Asch: I am a noble born in Bachicul. Seven years ago I was kidnapped 
    by that scoundrel Van.
    Luke: ……no……way……
    Asch: It’s true! You are a deteriorating duplicate human. Just a 
    Luke: You’re lying……! It’s a lie, a lie, a lie!
    Asch: ……can you do it? Replica.
    Luke: Stop lying!
    After Losing the Battle
    Luke: ……no way……I……
    Asch: I won’t acknowledge it! This kind of rubbish is my replica!
    Asch: By this kind of rubbish, my family, my place in the world……all 
    of it was taken away……. By this miserable vomit spewing replica!
    Asch: Die!
    Look obtained the title Replica Doll.
    Tear: ……are you there? Asch!
    Luke’s Voice: ……why am I wearing Asch’s clothes?
    Tear: Asch!
    Asch: I hear you. Keep your voice sown.
    Tear: Anyway, I am going to talk to the Mayor……Grandfather about the 
    launch of the Tartaros.
    Luke’s Voice: ……what happened!? Why did Tear look at me and call me 
    Asch’s Voice: Can you hear me? Luke. You are over here.
    Asch’s Voice: We are perfect isotopes. In short, you are a replica 
    that is the same all the way down to your Fonim frequency.
    Luke’s Voice: I……I’m not a replica……
    Asch’s Voice: It is possible to communicate between a perfect 
    replica and the original through your Fonslots.
    Asch’s Voice: To open up your Fonslot to me, we operated on you at 
    Coral Castle.
    Asch’s Voice: After that, you heard my voice many times didn’t you.
    Luke’s Voice: Then right now my voice is inside your head……? Then I 
    really am……
    Asch’s Voice: It’s not just my voice. I controlled your body. ……well 
    I guess rubbish like you couldn’t do that.
    Luke’s Voice: ……don’t make a fool of me! I’ll do it!
    Meeting With the Mayor
    Teodoro: What is your impression of Klippot.
    Asch: Just like the rumors……it’s not a place that feels good.
    Teodoro: The sky is covered by Shouki and the Outer Shell, and the 
    land baring the mantle above is a flowing liquefied part of the 
    Teodoro: It is not a place for people to live.
    Luke’s Voice: Then why does he live here?
    Asch: ……then why don’t you migrate to the shell?
    Teodoro: You know don’t you. We have the role of guardian. We can’t 
    leave this land.
    Luke’s Voice: Guardian? ……what do they guard?
    Asch: It seems raising the Tartaros to the surface is not impossible.
    Teodoro: Installing the Tartaros with Fonim activation equipment 
    just like the Passage Gate.
    Teodoro: If it’s just once, stimulate the Aczelius Sefirot and you 
    can grow the tree one more time.
    Asch: So by riding the Sefirot Tree it will take us up to the shell?
    Teodoro: Indeed. However is that Land Warship necessary for that?
    Asch: It’s necessary because I say so!
    Teodoro: Understood. Will you be mobilizing the Tartaros immediately?
    Not yet・まだだ
    Mobilize now・移動する
    After Choosing 「移動する」
    Asch: Mobilize now.
    Teodoro: Then let’s go. 
    Land Battleship Tartaros 2・陸上装甲艦タルタロス2
    On Tartaros
    Asch: Can we move the warship with just four people?
    Jade: Just the minimum movements.
    Anise: Hey, the Sefirot is the pillar that supports our Outer Shell 
    Anise: So then how do we use it to go up?
    Ion: The Sefirot is a place where the planet’s Fonim is concentrated 
    and the Cell Particles pulls upward.
    Ion: The upward pull of the Cell Particles is an artificial force 
    called the “Sefirot Tree” a pillar.
    Guy: In other words the Cell Particles can push us up.
    Jade: The temporary effect of the Cell Particles by activating the 
    Sefirot will be used as a sail for the Tartaros.
    Natalia: I hope we can return safely.
    Asch: ……don’t worry. Begin!
    After Cut-Scene
    Jade: It seems we’ve risen up well.
    Natalia: This is in mid air, I can’t believe it……
    Guy: And now what? Where should we take the Tartaros?
    Asch: Van frequently goes to Berkend’s First Fonim Machine 
    Laboratory. We’ll gather information there.
    Anise: The head secretary general?
    Asch: I misunderstood Van’s objective. In order to learn his real 
    objective, we need to examine his actions.
    Anise: But me and Ion-sama want to return to Dart.
    Asch: When this business is settled you can return. I just need 
    people to control the Tartaros.
    Guy: Then wouldn’t it be better to use your own subordinates.
    Asch: I can’t do that. My actions would be leaked to Van.
    Natalia: It’s fine isn’t it. I think it’s necessary for us to know 
    his objective too.
    Ion: It’s as Natalia says.
    Anise: ……well if Ion-sama says so, I guess I’ll help.
    Jade: I also have things I want to know.
    Jade: Let’s work with Asch for a little while.
    Asch: Berkend is east of here. Help me out.
    Berkend Port・ベルケンド港
    Upon Arrival
    Natalia: If I remember correctly, Berkend is your father’s territory. 
    A long time ago at Berkend you two……
    Asch: ……the town is south. Let’s go.
    Natalia: Asch……
    Talking to Spinoza in the Laboratory
    Spinoza: You’re Luke!? No……Asch……?
    Asch: Ha, the Kimlasca traitor still stays shamelessly in this 
    town. ……you make me laugh.
    Natalia: Traitor? What do you mean?
    Asch: He took part of my kidnapping.
    Jade: You were practicing the taboo Fomicry……!
    Asch: ……Jade. It’s as you suspect.
    Spinoza: Jade! Necromancer Jade!
    Jade: It was forbidden to practice Fomicry on living things.
    Spinoza: If you’re a Fomicry researcher, then I’d expect you would 
    want to try it at least once!
    Spinoza: Isn’t that right Jade Curtis. Or should I say Dr. Jade 
    Spinoza: You are the father of the Fomicry plan!
    Spinoza: You made dozens of replicas didn’t you!
    Jade: I won’t deny it. The one who invented the theory behind 
    Fomicry was me.
    Spinoza: In that case you can’t blame me!
    Jade: Sorry about that. I guess you’re saying I should protect you 
    because I’ve committed the same crime.
    Jade: I don’t prefer to lick my own wounds.
    Jade: I am conscious of my own crime. That is why I it is forbidden.
    Jade: For living replicas there is the problem of technological and 
    moral obligation.
    Jade: If you’re a researcher, then you should have known. What kind 
    of fate of the replica must meet from the very beginning.
    Spinoza: I was just……helping Van-sama with the Safekeeping Plan he 
    told me!
    Spinoza: If it’s just storing data on replicas……
    Asch: Safekeeping Plan? What is that?
    Spinoza: You, didn’t know!
    Asch: Just explain it!
    Spinoza: ……I can’t say. I can’t tell you anymore then I’ve already 
    let slip.
    Jade obtained the title Fomicry Proposer.
    When Leaving Room
    Researcher 1: No good. We’re getting low on Fonimin. Without it, we 
    can’t make replicas.
    Researcher 2: Already? It’ll be a while before they harvest more 
    from Waiyon Mirror Cave.
    Researcher 1: That cave has all sorts of useful things, but going al 
    the way to the Rardeshia Continent is a lot of trouble…………
    Leaving Laboratory
    Natalia: What is Van planning to do by collecting information on 
    Anise: I would think it would be to create replicas but……
    Asch: ……we’re going to Waiyon Mirror Cave.
    Natalia: The cave on the Rardeshia Continent to the west? But why……?
    Jade: You’re planning to investigate about the replicas right. It 
    seems Fonimin can be harvested there.
    Jade: And also……
    Natalia: And also?
    Jade: ……well, all sorts of things. The Rardeshia Continent belongs 
    to Kimlasca. Markt doesn’t interfere.
    Jade: Dist was a former Markt researcher, so it would be a good 
    place for him to take refuge and steal Fomicry technology.
    Asch: That’s enough chatter. Let’s go.
    Anise: ……buu. We should go with him, right Ion-sama?
    Ion: That’s right. Right now he should just follow what he says.
    Guy: Well I’m getting off here.
    Asch: ……why, Guy?
    Guy: I’m worried about Luke. I have to go meet him.
    Anise: I’m shocked! You should stay away from that idiot.
    Guy: I worry about him when I’m not around because he’s an idiot.
    Guy: And also if it’s him……I believe he can recover.
    Natalia: Guy! Aren’t you his servant and his friend?
    Natalia: The real Luke is right here.
    Natalia: He may be the real Luke. However……that idiot is my friend.
    Luke’s Voice: ……Guy, thank you……
    Jade: You’re free to go visit him, but how do you plan to return to 
    Yuria City?
    Asch: ……there is a place called Aramis Well northwest of Dart.
    Asch: If the replica returns to this Outer Shell, then he should 
    pass through there.
    Guy: I’m sorry, Asch.
    Asch: ……humph. I knew you would pick him.
    Guy: You heard from Commander Van? Well, that alone isn’t the whole 
    Natalia: What do you mean?
    Guy: ……it’s nothing. Well then.
    Natalia: Luke! Are you going to stop him!
    Asch: Don’t call me by that name. That isn’t my name anymore.
    Guy left the party.
    Waiyon Mirror Cave・ワイヨン鏡窟
    Upon Arrival
    Natalia: It’s a little clammy in here isn’t it.
    Ion: Probably because of the sea breeze blowing into here.
    Anise: Ion-sama, please wait in the Tartaros!
    Ion: But I’m interested in this place too……
    Anise: No way! It’s too dangerous!
    Asch: Go back to the Tartaros Doushi. You’d get in our way if we 
    brought you along.
    Ion: ……that is regrettable.
    Luke’s Voice: Take him with you!
    Asch’s Voice: (Are you an idiot? What would someone who can’t fight 
    Jade: Let’s head inside.
    Near Jellyfish Like Monsters
    Natalia: I wonder what those are.
    Anise: Asch! Amazing?
    Asch: ……are you safe?
    Natalia: Y……yes. I’m fine. Thank you Asch……
    Asch: ……Jade. Do you recognize these things?
    Jade: Well I don’t really specialize in living thing.
    Jade: Hmm……. They are different from the creatures that live here. 
    It would seem a little strange for it to be a new species wouldn’t 
    Asch: ……we might not be able to move forward so simply.
    Asch: Let’s go.
    Near Room With Machine
    Natalia: This is……?
    Jade: A Fomicry research facility. It seems like it’s been abandoned 
    for quite some time but……
    Asch: The processor is still active.
    Jade: That’s wonderful. Luke wouldn’t have been able to handle that.
    Asch: This is……. This covers the results of the Fomicry research.
    Jade: The collected data covers a wide amount of a data, and seems 
    that someone tried to make a huge replica.
    Anise: Something large……like a house?
    Jade: Much bigger than that.
    Jade: Since when I was a researcher, we theorized it was possible to 
    make something the size of a small island.
    Anise: Huge……
    Asch: what’s this!? I can’t believe it!!
    Natalia: What is it?
    Asch: Look! Van is in the middle of researching the largest replica 
    that can be produce!
    Jade: ……approximately 30 million kilometers!? That’s a tenth of 
    Alternant’s surface!
    Natalia: Something that big! Even if you made something that big, 
    there would be no place to put it!
    Jade: It looks like the collected replica manufacture data is also 
    there. That……is the data that the Markt Army should have disposed of.
    Asch: Did Dist steal it?
    Jade: It seems so. It’s the destroyed information about the citizens 
    of Hodo.
    Jade: A long time ago, I had it collected, so I’m sure of it.
    Natalia: I’d hate to think it……but are they trying to recreate the 
    Hodo replica?
    Jade: ……I’m worried about it. Let’s take this information with us.
    Anise: Huh, a cheegle?
    Natalia: Oh my! I wonder why bait is locked up in a place like this.
    Asch: It’s alive, so someone must be feeding it. One is probably a 
    replica and the other one its original.
    Jade: It seems so. They both have a start like birthmark on the same 
    Anise: I wonder if these kids can breathe fire like Mieu.
    Anise: Ahh, it surprised me!
    Natalia: I wonder if this on is the same.
    Natalia: Oh my, this one doesn’t seem very lively.
    Jade: It is common for replicas’ power to deteriorate. This one must 
    be the replica.
    Anise: But Captain? But it has a nametag, it seems like this child 
    with weak fire breath is the original.
    Jade: Is that so. When the information about the replicas was being 
    collected, there were certainly originals that did experience side 
    effects but……
    Natalia: Oh……side effects……
    Jade: In worst cases, death. In the case of a perfect isotope, there 
    are research results of other phenomenon occurring……
    Luke’s Voice: No way……because I was made, he……
    Jade: Natalia, and Asch also. You don’t have to worry.
    Jade: According to the collected replica information, the effects on 
    the original would occur in less than ten days on inorganic material.
    Jade: In living things it was even faster. Asch, who is still fine 
    after seven years past, will be alright.
    Natalia: Thank goodness……
    Luke’s Voice: Thank goodness……
    Asch’s Voice: (Well I’ve degenerated if rubbish like you is worrying 
    about me……)
    Luke’s Voice: ……what did you say!
    Asch’s Voice: (You’re annoying! Shut up!!)
    Anise: Haaa. Replicas are so difficult. That’s the technique you 
    thought up isn’t it Captain?
    Jade: ……yes, right. Although it’s something I’d like to erase from 
    my past.
    Asch: ……let’s pull out.
    Anise: So in the end all we found out is that the Head Secretary 
    General is trying to make some huge replica?
    Asch: That’s enough. ……let’s go.
    Natalia: Go, to where……?
    Asch: Afterwards I’ll manage on my own somehow. I’ll return all of 
    you to your home towns.
    On The Way Back
    Asch: ……be careful. Something’s here.
    Natalia: Eh……!?
    After Battle
    Anise: What was that! Huge! Disgusting!
    Jade: there are also lots of chemicals with harmful effects on 
    living things in the Fomicry research.
    Jade: Maybe that was an effect.
    Natalia: Asch……. Umm, you protected me, thank you……
    Asch: ……le, let’s go!
    Near Tartaros
    Ion: Welcome ba……
    Anise: An earthquake!?
    Natalia: Kyaa……!
    Natalia: Uh, umm……thank you……
    Asch: ……this happened before.
    Natalia: That’s right! As I was escaping from the castle and jumped 
    out the window……
    Asch: In that earthquake just now may have been South Rugnika caving 
    Anise: No way! Why!?
    Asch: Because Luke destroyed the Sefirot Tree supporting it.
    Asch: The land areas that are barely being held up by the Sefirot 
    are slowly beginning to reach their limits.
    Jade: The effect on the other areas……?
    Asch: Have you forgotten about the Sefirot door that me and the 
    other Oracle Knights made the kidnapped Doushi open?
    Ion: Even if it’s open, the Passage Ring is sealed with a Yuria 
    style seal. No one should be able to use it.
    Asch: Van is operating it!
    Jade: In short, Van is able to control the Sefirot.
    Jade: In that case, his objective…… is to destroy even more of the 
    Outer Shell?
    Asch: It seems so. From the story I heard, it seems that the 
    Sentvina area will be next to fall.
    Asch’s Voice: We don’t have time. Our intimacy ends here!
    Yuria City 2・ユリアシティ2
    Back in Yuria City
    Luke: ……he cut the connection?
    Mieu: Master!
    Luke: Mieu……
    Luke: That’s right! Sentvina is in danger!
    Tear: Luke……. You woke up.
    Luke: This is……a flower garden?
    Tear: They are Selenia flowers. The only flowers that can grow and 
    bloom in Klippot ……
    Tear: Here the Outer Shell covers the sky, so hardly any light 
    shines through……
    Luke: By the way, you seem a little confused.
    Luke: That’s right! I want to return to the Outer Shell.
    Tear: Who can you return to? Right now……
    Luke: If I don’t go now something horrible will happen. Asch said 
    Sentvina is going to cave in……
    Tear: ……what do you mean? But you were just sleeping up until now……
    Luke: You know don’t you! It’s because me and him are connected!
    Tear: ……assuming that’s true, how do you plan to protect Sentvina?
    Luke: Ah, that’s……
    Tear: You don’t know anything at all.
    Tear: You’re just controlled by everyone’s words and without 
    understanding what is happening……
    Tear: Then it will end up just like Aczelius.
    Luke: ……haha……. So true.
    Luke: Because Van-Sensei said so, because Asch said so……that’s all I 
    ever say……
    Luke: With that……of course everyone was shocked and they abandoned 
    Tear: You knew? That everyone returned to the shell……
    Luke: I told you before. Me and Asch are connected. I saw it through 
    Luke: ……so of course, I’m a replica……
    Tear: Luke…… 
    Luke: Up until now, I was the only one who couldn’t see it……
    Luke: Maybe I also couldn’t see myself……
    Tear: ……it seems so.
    Luke: I want to change. ……I have to change.
    Tear: If you seriously think that you want to change……then you just 
    might be able to.
    Tear: However, even by changing it will not bring back the people of 
    Tear: ……and also the reality that thousands of people lost their 
    Tear: How do you plan to change burdened with that crime?
    Luke:  I don’t know. ……I can’t answer. It’s just impossible to say.
    Luke: About Aczelius……. No amount of apologizing would ever be 
    Luke: If I could die to bring back Aczelius……it’s a bit scary……but 
    I’d do it.
    Luke: But that’s not reality is it. Even if I say I want to 
    compensate, there is no way I ever can.
    Luke: That’s why I want to start from what I can do.
    Luke: I still don’t know what that is, but I’m seriously thinking 
    about it. I want to change.
    Tear: As I thought, you don’t understand. Being able to say that you 
    would die, so easily.
    Luke: I’m not saying to believe in me immediately.
    Luke: ……Tear. You were holding a knife before right.
    Tear: Yes, I have one, but……
    Luke: Can I borrow it for a minute?
    Tear: Luke!
    Luke: With this, I say goodbye to the past.
    After Cut-Scene
    Luke: From now on I want you to watch me Tear. And I want you to 
    Luke: ……I might not be able to do it right away. I might make 
    mistakes. But……I will change.
    Tear: ……right.
    Tear: I’ll watch you.
    Luke: I’m counting on you……
    Tear: Yes. But stay sharp. I can give up un you at any time.
    Tear: More importantly, if Sentvina is really going to cave in, then 
    we need to find a way to prevent it.
    Luke: ……that’s right. But what should we do?
    Tear: Let’s ask the Mayor……my grandfather. I think he’s in the 
    conference room.
    Luke: Alright let’s go.
    Near Conference Room
    Women: I was searching for you Tear. About the third Tone Song……. Oh. 
    He’s recovered.
    Tear: Ah Leila-sama! Have you found the “Symbol” of the third Tone 
    Luke: What is the third Tone Song? Is it one of those Tone Songs 
    that you are always using?
    Leila: He doesn’t know anything does he.
    Tear: There are seven Yuria Tone Songs like the ones I recite.
    Luke: Oh, so this is about the third Tone Song?
    Luke: ……huh? But you were always using just two Tone Songs.
    Tear: It can’t be helped. I don’t know the “Symbol”.
    Leila: You can’t use Yuria’s Tone Songs just by knowing the melody.
    Leila: If you don’t fully understand the meaning and wisdom in the 
    Tone Song, it will just be an ordinary song.
    Leila: Oh yes.
    Leila: About the third Tone Song symbol you requested, there was a 
    hidden page in the book Van left behind.
    Leila: Perhaps it might be left in there somewhere. If you have time, 
    please come to my place.
    Luke: Those Tone Songs are a lot of trouble aren’t they.
    Tear: Right. It’s difficult to decipher the symbols.
    Tear: But the only ones that are understood are just the first and 
    Luke: So it’s really just an ordinary song if you know the symbol 
    and not the meaning.
    Luke: Actually, all seven of Yuria’s Tone Songs combined into one 
    Tone Song also has a meaning.
    Tear: By reciting the seven Tone Songs chained together, it becomes 
    the “Great Tone Song”. Even without knowing its symbol, it will 
    still function.
    Tear: Because tat song is proof of the pact.
    Luke: The Great Tone Song is proof of the pact with Lorelei! What 
    kind of power does it have?
    Tear: It is said that if you combine the Great Tone Song and 
    Lorelei’s Key, you can summon Lorelei.
    Luke: That seems like something amazing!
    Tear: That’s right. But it seems that the thing called Lorelei’s Key 
    was lost, and I don’t know all seven of the Tone songs.
    Tear: So in the end, it might be meaningless……
    Luke: ……ch, cheer up.
    Luke: I don’t really know much about the Great Tone Song, but your 
    first and second Tone Songs have been an amazing help……
    Luke: That’s good enough!
    Tear: Luke……. Th……thank you……
    Talking to the Mayor
    Teodoro: Ah it’s you Tear.
    Teodoro: And the one with you must be……
    Luke: Ah……ni, nice to meet……you. I’m Luke.
    Mieu: I’m Mieu.
    Luke: I told you to be quite.
    Luke: Umm……I’ve caused you a lot of trouble……about Aczelius……I……I’m 
    Teodoro: You are the Luke replica. I see, you resemble him.
    Tear: Grandfather!
    Teodoro: Please forgive me. However, it is not necessary to 
    apologize to me about Aczelius.
    Luke: What do you mean?
    Luke: The caving in of Aczelius was written in Yuria’s Score. It 
    occurred as it should have.
    Tear: What do you mean Grandfather! I……never heard anything like 
    that! It’s the same as the Hodo!
    Teodoro: That is the Closed Score. It is the Score only members of 
    the Lorelei Church at the Eishi rank or higher know about.
    Luke: If you knew what was in the Score, why didn’t you try to stop 
    Teodoro: Luke. For a resident of the Outer Shell those words are 
    Teodoro: The Score is abided by. Lorelei Church teaches that you can 
    live peacefully by following the score.
    Luke: That may be so but……
    Teodoro: Why is the Score read on its birthday? That is to know the 
    next year’s future, and to be to react to that possibility.
    Luke: Then why didn’t you let the world know of the destruction of 
    Luke: That’s right! If that was known, those people wouldn’t have 
    had died……
    Teodoro: That would be a problem. If people heard of their death in 
    the Score beforehand, people would lose their inner peace.
    Luke: Of course they would! No one wants to die……!
    Teodoro: That would be a problem. Yuria wrote of Aldarant’s 
    prosperity in the Score. 
    Teodoro: If history is not moved in accordance, that prosperity will 
    be lost.
    Teodoro: Under the guidance of the Score, we are the guardians that 
    keep the Outer Shell on the path to prosperity.
    Teodoro: The Lorelei Church is a tool used for that purpose.
    Tear: And that is why Daieishi Morse confined Doushi Ion and tried 
    to start a war……?
    Luke: And Van also……knowing the Score, made me……?
    Teodoro: Exactly.
    Luke: …… you said it before Grandfather .
    Tear: Markt and Kimlasca wouldn’t hear of the destruction of Hodo! 
    Is that a lie!?
    Teodoro: ……I’m sorry. I couldn’t tell you the truth. However, Van 
    did know it.
    Tear: ……then Nii-san was planning on getting revenge on the world.
    Tear: It was something he said. He said the land tied to the Score 
    would be better off destroyed!
    Teodoro: Tear. You misunderstood what he meant about trying to 
    destroy the world.
    Teodoro: Certainly there was a time when Van hated the Score because 
    of the Hodo.
    Teodoro: However, now as a guardian, he does magnificent work.
    Luke: ……magnificent? You mean letting the people of Aczelius die!?
    Luke: There’s something wrong with you! You’re crazy!!
    Teodoro: That is not true. It is written so at the end of the Sixth 
    Great Tone Tablet.
    Teodoro: The Rugnika lands will be engulfed in war, and Markt will 
    lose its territory.
    Teodoro: The result will be the prosperity of Kimlasca Lanvaldear, 
    and it will be the first step to an unprecedented prosperity.
    Teodoro: In order to bring about the unprecedented peace in the 
    Outer Shell, we will continue to guard it.
    Tear: But grandfather……Nii-san is trying to make Sentvina on the 
    Outer Shell collapse!
    Teodoro: Sentvina will definitely not collapse. A war will take 
    place in that land.
    Teodoro: It is not written in the Score, so it won’t happen.
    Man: Mayor Teodoro, it is time for the cabinet meeting.
    Teodoro: I’ll come right away. If you two are worried, try to return 
    to the Outer Shell by Yuria Road.
    Teodoro: Even though there is no need for you to worry.
    Luke: Tear, let’s return to the Outer Shell! Even if we stay here, 
    we won’t make much progress.
    Tear: ……that’s right. But before we leave, I want to get my luggage. 
    Can we visit my room for a moment?
    Luke: Y, yeah……
    When Leaving Room
    Luke: Hey, where is your room Tear?
    Tear: It’s the room where you were sleeping. In the house next door, 
    my room is on the second floor.
    Luke: I see.
    Luke: (Then……I was sleeping for all that time in Tear’s bed……?)
    Mieu: Master? What’s wrong?
    Luke: N, nothing! Le, let’s go!
    Tear: ……Nii-san always hated the Score. He always told me here in 
    this room.
    Tear: Right where your standing he said, I can never forgive the 
    world that abandoned the Hodo.
    Luke: Why was he concerned about the Hodo?
    Tear: Sixteen years ago in the Hodo War, Markt’s Hodo Island was 
    destroyed right? That was me and Nii-san’s birthplace.
    Tear: Just like Aczelius, Hodo collapsed into Klippot.
    Tear: At that time, Nii-san and also my mother pregnant with me fell 
    into Klippot. My brother probably recited a Tone Song then too.
    Tear: Before I went to the Outer Shell, Nii-san rarely came back to 
    this town.
    Regret: It seems Asch suspects something.
    Van: Asch has a strange point of being fastidious. If he knew that 
    the plan would destroy the citizens on the shell, he wouldn’t obey.
    Regret: Shall I have Sink observe him?
    Van: Go ahead.
    Tear: I thought Nii-san was making a preposterous scheme. At the 
    very least, lots of people would die……
    Tear: I can’t forgive something like that. Even if Hodo was left to 
    be destroyed because of the Score.
    Tear: So……even if we died stabbing each other, I would stop it……
    Luke: Tear!
    Tear: But it seems I’ve failed. I couldn’t save Aczelius.
    Luke: That was my……
    Tear: It wasn’t just your fault. In order for me to stop Nii-san……I 
    accepted the mission to go to the Outer Shell.
    Luke: You’re strong.
    Tear: ……maybe.
    Luke: Too strong. But……thank you for telling me.
    Luke: I feel I understand you a little bit more.
    Tear: That’s the first time you’ve ever thanked me.
    Luke: ……was it.
    Mieu: I’m happy that you two are getting along.
    Luke: That’s not really true. By the way, what are you taking with 
    Tear: A book on Fonimology. I think you might need it.
    Luke: Why?
    Tear: You should learn how to control your Choushindou. Choushindou 
    also originates from the Seventh Fonim, so it should be useful to 
    Luke: ……I see. Thank you.
    You obtained the Theory of Fonimology.
    Tear: Yuria Road is on the right side of the conference room. Let’s 
    At Yuria Road
    Tear: When this road is opened, it will connect to Aramis Well on 
    the Padamiya Continent.
    Tear: But it’s full of monsters, are you prepared?
    Wait a minute・待ってくれ
    Ah, yes・ああ、いいよ
    After Selecting 「ああ、いいよ」
    Luke: Ah, yes.
    Mieu: Mieu’s heart is racing.
    Tear: It’ll be alright Mieu.
    Tear: Now, I will open the road.
    Aramis Well・アラミス湧水洞
    Upon Arrival
    Mieu: Myuu!?
    Luke: Ahh, all of a sudden I’m in the middle of water!?
    Tear: It’s alright. You won’t get wet.
    Luke: What happened?
    Tear: It seems water is repelled by the upward force of the Sefirot.
    Luke: Sefirot huh……. Raising a continent like that, it’s amazing.
    Luke: I destroyed such an amazing thing……
    Tear: Even if you get depressed it won’t accomplish anything. Isn’t 
    that right?
    Luke: That’s right. More importantly I should be doing what I can do. 
    ……I’m no good.
    After Crossing the Water
    Guy: You finally got out. I was getting tired of waiting Luke.
    Guy: Well, you cut your hair huh. It looks good. It’s nice and 
    Luke: (It’s as I saw when I was connected to Asch! Guy was waiting 
    for me……)
    Luke: G……Guy!
    Tear: Huh? What is it?
    Luke: ……I……I’m not Luke so……
    Guy: Hey, don’t go saying something just like Asch.
    Luke: But, I’m a replica……
    Guy: It’s fine. That other Luke hates being called that.
    Guy: Accept it.
    Luke: Accept it……! You never change do you.
    Guy: You’ve become quite humble.
    Luke: You’re calling me humble!
    Guy: You’re humble. At this point your name doesn’t matter right.
    Guy: After I waited all this time just for you, you could look a 
    little happier couldn’t you.
    Luke: ……yes. Thank you.
    Guy: Luke said thank you……!?
    Tear: He said he would change.
    Tear: Although it seems you haven’t……
    Guy obtained the title Understanding Childhood Friend.
    Next Area
    Luke: Why……did you wait for me?
    Guy: I’m your friend right? Ah, I was your servant. Sorry, sorry.
    Luke: ……I’m a replica. I’m not your master.
    Guy: ……jut be cause I’m not really your servant doesn’t mean we 
    can’t be friends right.
    Luke: ……huh?
    Guy: Well, you are you, Asch is Asch.
    Guy: Replica or whatever, the only real one for me is you.
    Further Down Path
    Guy: Do you remember?
    Guy: After the kidnapping, that was around when you were born.
    Luke: What? Did something happen?
    Guy: When telling me about how not having memories didn’t bother you, 
    you said “If all I do is look at the past, I won’t be able to 
    advance forward.”
    Guy: So you didn’t want a past.
    Luke: Hahaha……. I was stupid wasn’t I. It wasn’t that I didn’t want 
    a past, I just didn’t have one.
    Guy: ……no, I thought that was a wonderful truth.
    Outside Cave
    Guy: It was painful wasn’t it. All those things……
    Luke: ……can you say something like that? It was my fault everyone 
    Guy: Part of it was my fault too.
    Luke: It had nothing to do with you.
    Guy: The cause of you growing up as a selfish , thoughtless, rich 
    boy after you had lost your memories was me.
    Luke: ……huh?
    ※Guy: You didn’t remember how to walk……not knowing anything, it was 
    me that looked after you.
    Guy: I’ve seriously contemplated it.
    Next Cave Area
    Luke: What should I do to make up for Aczelius……?
    Tear: That will be difficult. It’s not just a problem of apologizing.
    Guy: Right. Apologizing is certainly important, but people you 
    apologize to will be a problem.
    Luke: Problem? Why?
    Guy: The amount lost was huge, and people will want someone to hate 
    Guy: The person apologized to will feel better, but if the person 
    apologized to says “Is that so” then they won’t have forgiven you.
    Tear: Maybe……by continuing to bear the responsibility and never 
    forgetting. Yes, it’s kind of vague.
    Luke: By me……not being happy……or something?
    Guy: You’ve got it wrong.
    Luke: Really. But I’m not something that should have been born in 
    the first place. For that type of person to destroy Aczelius……
    Guy: Ahhahhahhahh. Stop looking back the past. It’s annoying.
    Tear: Guy! Luke is thinking about it seriously.
    Guy: For now, save people. With the remainder of your life bring 
    happiness to the world.
    Luke: There’s no way I could do that!
    Guy: I know that. But you need to do something with that power.
    Luke: ……ahh……I seem to understand. I don’t seem to understand……
    After Leaving the Cave
    Luke: Wha!?
    Guy: Jade!?
    Jade: Ah, thank goodness. I was worried I might miss you.
    Tear: Captain, why are you here……
    Jade: I need a favor from Guy.  He said he was waiting here so I 
    came to search
    Guy: Me?
    Jade: Ion-sama and Natalia have been captured by Morse.
    Luke: What!?
    Jade: Oh my, Luke. You were here too?
    Luke: ……is that a bad thing?
    Jade: No not really. More importantly, we need to save those two, 
    it’s gotten pretty bad.
    Jade: Since the Markt Army isn’t nearby, I can to ask Guy……
    Guy: You said it’s gotten bad, what happened?
    Jade: I have heard that taking advantage of the destruction of 
    Aczelius, Kimlasca has begun preparations for war.
    Natalia: Perhaps they think they can use Natalia’s death as an 
    excuse for war.
    Tear: That’s right……. The people on the shell wouldn’t know why 
    Aczelius collapsed……
    Jade: Ion-sama also warned against it, and after making an official 
    decree it seems he was captured returning to the church.
    Guy: Alright Luke. Let’s go save them. He have to stop the war from 
    occurring. Right?
    Luke: ……yeah. Should we head to Dart?
    Jade: Well it seems so. Just to make sure you know, Dart is 
    Southeast from here.
    Jade: Please don’t get lost and drag us down.
    Tear: Luke. You can’t easily gain back trust that was lost.
    Luke: ……I know.
    Near Dart
    Mieu: Master! Is that Dart?
    Luke: I don’t know. Is it?
    Tear: Yes, it is. Ion-sama and Natalia are locked up in that church.
    Jade: Because they hold the power to stop the war from happening.
    Jade: We should assume that Morse will not want to leave the town 
    Luke: Wouldn’t it be better to tell my Uncle about the confinement?
    Natalia: He probably thinks Natalia was lost in the Aczelius 
    incident. It would be difficult.
    Guy: Right. And Morse is currently backed by the His Majesty. We 
    need to save them ourselves.
    Jade: Anise went to scout out the church. We should meet up in the 
    Luke: We’ll have to search for Anise.
    Meeting Annie in Dart
    Guy: Ahhhh!?
    Luke: Anise!
    Jade: Asch, did you cut your hair?
    Luke: I, I am……
    Anise: Ah, I made a mistake, it’s Luke.
    Anise: Ehh? Why is an Obocchama in a place like this!?
    Anise: Behind you is the Captain and the others? Waahh? Or is it for 
    the love of Lorelei?
    Guy: ……noisy isn’t she.
    Jade: Anise, I have made arrangements for help with Ion-sama’s 
    rescue. What have they done with those two?
    Anise: Ion-sama and Natalia have been taken to Oracle Headquarters 
    in the basement of the church!
    Luke: Is it alright to just enter the church?
    Tear: Only if it’s just inside the church. But only Oracles can 
    enter Oracle Headquarters in the basement……
    Guy: Is there anyway to get sneak inside? We have to do something to 
    rescue those two or a war is really going to start.
    Anise: But the war has already started.
    Jade: Tear. It hasn’t been reported that the Seventh Tone Tablet was 
    a fake yet has it.
    Jade: Would we be able to be taken to the headquarters as the 
    witnesses of the discovery of the Seventh Tone Tablet?
    Luke: Understood. Let’s try asking the Ministry of Home Affairs’ 
    Eishi Tritheim.
    Luke: That Tritheim guy is inside right? For now, let’s go see him.
    Talking to Tritheim
    Tritheim: Welcome to the Lorelei Church.
    Tritheim: Individuals Score’s are read every week on Rem Day.
    Tritheim: ……huh? Is that Shoushi Tatlin and Shoushi Grants?*12
    Tear: Eishi Tritheim. I have come to complete a mission assigned to 
    me by the Daieishi.
    Tear: These people are here as witnesses to the information. Would 
    you please be able to grant us permission to enter headquarters?
    Tritheim: ……hmm. Daieishi Morse’……. I understand. Please take this.
    Tear: Thank you very much.
    You obtained a Pass.
    Entering Oracle Headquarters
    Luke: Where should we go from here?
    Anise: I don’t know. We’ll just have to search everywhere……
    Luke: We’ll be found if we do that.
    Tear: We’ll just have to try to be as inconspicuous as possible.
    Jade: That’s right. If we’re spotted by the enemy, they will call 
    Jade: And we would have to kill them.
    Luke: ……you’re making me depressed.
    Guy: It can’t be helped. If we’re too slow, the war will really 
    start. And then……even more people will die.
    Luke: (I’ll certainly be blamed again……I……)
    Near Door
    Luke:  This door won’t open……it seems liked it’s locked with a key.
    Tear: That’s not good……Natalia might be in there.
    Anise: This is probably……
    Room With Ion and Natalia
    Luke: Ion! Natalia! Are you alright?
    Natalia: ……Luke……isn’t it?
    Luke: Sorry that I’m not Asch.
    Natalia: No one said anything like that!
    Anise: Ion-sama, are you alright? Are you injured?
    Mieu: I’m fine. Thank you everyone, for coming for me.
    Tear: Did my brother have any connection with this kidnapping 
    Ion: I haven’t seen Van. Only the Six Holy Generals tried to get 
    permission to get me out.
    Ion: But Morse refused……
    Tear: They’re trying to break the Dart style seals in order to 
    destroy the Sefirot Tree……
    Anise: ……so that means, whenever you’re here, Secretary General and 
    the others will come to take you away?
    Guy: That’s right. We need to escape quickly.
    Guy: Right now it will be alright once we reach the outskirts of the 
    town. After that we can decide where to flee too.
    Luke: In that case, the Fourth Stone Monument? Let’s escape to that 
    At the Fourth Stone Monument
    Guy: It seems like nobody is pursuing us.
    Tear: I don’t think they can try to kidnap Ion-sama in a public 
    Anise: But, now what should we do? The war seems about to start, 
    this is seriously terrible.
    Luke: Shouldn’t we go to Bachicul and stop my Uncle?
    Tear: Have you forgotten? Morse is probably backed by the His 
    Majesty. Jumping right into the enemy’s arms would be dangerous.
    Natalia: Unfortunately, it may be just as Tear said. Father trusts 
    Jade: I’m also worried about Sentvina collapsing.
    Ion: In that case, why don’t we try asking for help from Markt 
    Emperor Pione?
    Ion: He does not desire war, and with the omen of Rugnika collapsing, 
    His Majesty may be willing to listen.
    Anise: That would be fine wouldn’t it?
    Luke: Alright, then it’s decided. We need to go to Markt, but what 
    should we do about a boat?
    Jade: Asch left the Tartaros at the Dart Port. For now let’s head to 
    the port.
    Luke: Asch……. Understood. The port is north-west of here wasn’t it. 
    Let’s go.
    Dart Port・ダートダアト港
    Upon Arrival
    Luke: How do we get to the Emperor in Grankokma from here?
    Anise: Umm, if I remember correctly, it’s north-east.
    Guy: ……I’ve been thinking about it, but won’t Grankokma be in the 
    middle of wartime fortifications. Will we be able to enter the port?
    Anise:  You’re well informed. That’s right.
    Jade: But, right now the war hasn’t started yet right?
    Jade: That’s true, but they’ve already been warned of Kimlasca’s 
    attack and I think they will have sealed off any invasion routs.
    Luke: Won’t it be alright if you just tell them who you are Jade?
    Jade: Right now that would have the opposite effect.
    Jade: After the destruction of Aczelius, an unaccounted for soldier 
    who let all his subordinates die, appears with a warship that should 
    have been seized.
    Jade: It wouldn’t be strange if we were attacked.
    Ion: How about approaching from somewhere and then proceeding by 
    land. If we go unarmed, or……
    Tear: The Rotelro Bridge is still under construction. I think we can 
    approach from there.
    Jade: ……it seems like that is the only way.
    Natalia: It’s decided. Let’s head for Rotelro Bridge.
    Anise: Ugh……walking……
    Ketelburk Port・ケテルブルク港
    Traveling to the Bridge
    Natalia: Kyaa!
    Anise: Are we going to sink?
    Jade: I’m going to take a look.
    Guy: I’ll go too. If you need to repair the Tone Engine, I can help 
    a little.
    Ion: Master I can’t swim……
    Luke: ……I know. It’ll be alright. We’re not going to sink.
    Jade: The engine was damaged, but Guy has made some emergency 
    repairs and it seems like somehow, we will be able to move.
    Guy: It’s only temporary. If possible I want get it fixed at a port.
    Tear: The closest port that we can dock at is Ketelburk Port.
    Luke: Then let’s go there. Right Jade.
    Jade: ……yes……
    Upon Arrival
    Guard: Excuse me. I would like to confirm your passport and ship’s 
    Jade: I am Mark Empire Army’s 3rd Division Captain, Jade Curtis.
    Guard: ……excuse my behavior. But I heard that in Aczelius, you……
    Jade: That is a classified matter. During our mission our ships 
    engine broke down and so we stopped here.
    Jade: We will explain the circumstances to the Prefectural Governor, 
    Viscount Osborn. Feel free to examine the inside of the ship.
    Guard: Roger. Do need someone to lead you to the town?
    Jade: No, it will be fine. This is my hometown. I know the area.
    Guard: Understood. Please excuse me.
    Luke: Ehh, Jade was born here.
    Tear: ……well, yes.
    Luke: What are we going to do about repairs.
    Jade: Let’s also request that when we report to the governor.
    Luke: Alright, let’s hurry to Ketelburk.
    In the Casino
    Luke: Ehh……this is the casino huh! It looks like fun.
    Natalia: I’ve heard rumors of it, but it’s a little two glittery and 
    Tear: That’s right. It’s certainly pretty but……it seems intimidating.
    Guy: It was built as a noble’s villa when this area was being 
    Guy: This area has a little legend.
    Guy: It is said that if you hit the big prize on the second machine, 
    you’ll get your own castle……
    Guy: ……well well. It was just a rumor to attract customers after all.
    Anise: Nooo! What’s with that! Cheapskate!
    Tear: What’s wrong Anise? Everyone’s looking.
    Anise: He said minors can’t play at the casino. Buu!
    Guy: Hahaha, well don’t get so angry. If you’re with a guardian you 
    can play. Why don’t you ask Jade?
    Anise: Papa ? Give me money ?
    Jade: Nope.
    Anise: Buu buu, Then how about giving me a tip Guy ?
    Guy: Uwaaah!
    Anise: Damn. Anise-chan’s Seduction Plan won’t work on Guy. 
    Anise obtained the title Grown Up Child(?).
    Near Mansion
    Anise: Wow. That’s an amazing mansion? I want to marry the person 
    who lives here.
    Jade: Perhaps he’s still single. Even though he’s over thirty.
    Anise: Eh, could this b your house Captain? In that case even you 
    would be good?
    Jade: Assuming that’s true, I decline.
    Jade: But maybe the person who lives here might like too. Since he’s 
    someone who likes any kind of female.
    Anise: Who is it?
    Jade: Emperor Pione.
    Anise: Yahoo♪ The king’s interest?
    Luke: The emperor wasn’t born in the capital?
    Guy: If I remember correctly, wasn’t he was chased to this town 
    during the disputes over who would inherit the throne when he was a 
    Jade: Yes, that’s right. This is his mansion from that time.
    In the Governor’s House
    Nefly: ……Onii-san!?
    Luke: Onii-san!? Eh!? Seriously!?
    Jade: Well, Nefly. It’s been a while. Since your wedding ceremony 
    Nefly: Onii-san! What happened!? I heard you died in Aczelius……
    Jade: Well the truth is……
    Nefly: ……that’s some extraordinary story, but the most importing is 
    that your safe.
    Nefly: Since we’re having the Tartaros inspected, and the supplies 
    are taken care of, the next issue is that you want to meet with 
    Nefly: He has been very worried.
    Jade: Oh my, because I was thought of as dead.
    Nefly: The only one who believed that you were still alive was 
    Nefly: Everyone, please wait a little while until the preparations 
    for your departure can be completed.
    Nefly: This town is a sightseeing town, so I don’t think there is 
    any danger.
    Nefly: Please stay at the inn. Have a nice rest.
    Nefly: Excuse me, I have something to speak with you about, so 
    please come back later alone.
    At the Hotel
    Clerk: I have heard from the governor. Have a nice stay.
    Luke: Ah, I forgot something a Nefly’s place. I’m going to get it.
    Guy: How about if I come too?
    Luke: Nefly-san is a woman you know.
    Guy: I like looking at beautiful women.
    Natalia: Guy is also a guy after all……
    Anise: She’s a married woman.
    Guy: N, no, you’re wrong! I didn’t mean anything weird……
    Mieu: Master I’ll come too……
    Luke: Ahh, you’re so annoying! I’ll be fine by myself!
    Talking to Nefly
    Nefly: I’m sorry. I heard that you were a replica and I felt I just 
    had to talk to you about my brother.
    Luke: ……what about?
    Nefly: About why my brother created the Fomicry technology.
    Nefly: I can remember it even now. About the day a doll that was 
    important to me broke because of my own carelessness.
    Nefly: At that time, my brother worked out the basis of the Fomicry 
    techniques and reproduced the doll. He made me a replica.
    Nefly: It was when he was nine years old.
    Luke: Th……that’s unbelievable……
    Nefly: That’s right. But it’s the truth. Even though it would have 
    been normal to buy a new doll, he made a replica.
    Nefly: I thought that way of thinking wasn’t normal.
    Luke: Wasn’t normal, saying it that way……
    Nefly: He is gentle now, but when he was a child he was a devil.
    Nefly: He mastered Tone Magic difficult even for adults, and he 
    enjoyed cruelly killing even harmless monsters.
    Nefly: He didn’t understand what it meant for a living thing to die.
    Luke: I don’t see it that way though……
    Nefly: The one who change him was Nebilim-sensei. Nebilim-sensei was 
    a Healer who could use the Seventh Fonim.
    Nefly: Since my brother can’t use the Seventh Fonim, he respected 
    Sensei. And then a tragedy occurred.
    Nefly: Trying to use the Seventh Fonim, my brother made a mistake, 
    lost control and invoked his Tone Magic.
    Nefly: His magic injured Nebilim-sensei, and burned down the house.
    Luke: Was she killed!?
    Nefly: He barely survived. Even now, my brother looks back and 
    thinks about the seemingly near dead Sensei.
    Nefly: If I hurry I can make a replica. If I do that now I’ll save 
    Luke: !!
    Nefly: My brother extracted Nebilim-sensei’s data and created a 
    Nefly: But the replica was just a monster.
    Luke: And the real Nebilim-san?
    Nefly: She died.
    Nefly: After that, his talent earned him a place in a distinguished 
    army family, and he was adopted by the Curtis family.
    Nefly: My brother probably thought it was a better environment to 
    study in order to find a way to revive Sensei.
    Luke: ……but now he stops people from making replicas. Why?
    Nefly: It’s thanks to Pione-sama. It is very gracious, but Pione-
    sama is my brother’s close friend.
    Luke: I see……
    Nefly: But in reality, I feel that my brother, even now, still wants 
    to revive Nebilim-sensei.
    Luke: I don’t really think so.
    Nefly: I guess so. It might be a needless worry.
    Nefly: Even so, I thought you could be a deterring force against 
    Nefly: It seems the story was pretty long. Thank you for listening.
    Back at the Hotel
    Jade: You heard from Nefly didn’t you.
    Luke: ……I didn’t hear anything.
    Jade: What a bad boy. Making up lies.
    Luke: ……uh……how was I found out.
    Jade: Well it’s fine. I’ll tell you right now, I no longer desire to 
    revive Sensei.
    Luke: Really? Do you really?
    Jade: ……you should know the reason better than anyone right.
    Jade: I want to ask for Nebilim-sensei’s forgiveness. So that I can 
    be at ease.
    Jade: But a replica has no memories of the past. She isn’t able to 
    forgive me.
    Luke: Jade……
    Jade: My entire life, I have lived tortured by the crimes of my past.
    Luke: Crime……you mean about killing Nebilim-san?
    Jade: That’s right. ……maybe by the me who didn’t think a person’s 
    death was such a big deal.
    Luke: I……if it was me, and I had the power to make a replica, I 
    think I would have tried to do the same thing……
    Jade: Well well. Trying to comfort me?
    Jade: Though it is a little irrelevant, well……at least you’ve given 
    me your feelings.
    Jade: More importantly, you can’t tell anyone else about this. 
    Luke: ……I understand.
    Jade: You promised.
    In the Morning
    Clerk: Thank you very much.
    Nefly: The Tartaros has finished being inspected. You can depart at 
    any time.
    Guy: Well, let’s head to Grankokma.
    Tear: Yes. We have to let the Emperor know that Sentvina is in 
    danger of collapsing as soon as possible.
    Natalia: That’s right. First let’s hurry to the Rotelro Bridge.
    Anise: Awe……. And then we have to walk huh……. Hey Captain~♪ If I get 
    tired, carry me on your back~?
    Jade: I refuse. My joints are aching from my age.
    Jade: Going to Grankokma, heading north-east from the bridge, it 
    will be necessary to pass through Teor Forest.
    Jade: It will be hard on an old man like me. You young people will 
    have to take the lead and be my shield? 
    Guy: ……give me a break……
    Luke: Well, even if you decide that, you won’t be able to relax. 
    Let’s go everyone!
    Luke: You’ve been of great help Nefly-san.
    Nefly: Take care everyone.
    Nefly: Onii-san, give my regards to His Majesty.
    Teor Forest・テオル森
    Upon Arrival
    Markt Soldier: Who’s there!
    Jade: I am Markt Empire Army’s 3rd Division Captain, Jade Curtis.
    Markt Soldier: Captain Curtis!? I heard you were caught it up in 
    Aczelius’ destruction……
    Jade: I am the real me, Ketelburk‘s Viscount Osborn will vouch for 
    that. I wish to have an audience with the Emperor.
    Markt Soldier: If you were alone I could let you through but……
    Anise: Ehh! This is the Lorelei Church’s Doushi Ion!
    Luke: So then it’s alright to let us through!
    Markt Soldier: No. It could be a trap. We must refuse even people 
    from Dart.
    Jade: Everyone, please wait here. If I am able to meet with His 
    Majesty, I will have him grant you permission to pass through 
    Guy: So well be left here until then. I guess it can’t be helped.
    Luke: ……damn.
    Markt Soldier: We will guide you.
    Luke: Still not back.
    Natalia: Just waiting around is quite a chore.
    Tear: That was……!?
    Mieu: A scream……
    Natalia: Let’s go check it out!
    Near Fallen Soldier
    Natalia: Hold on!
    Markt Soldier: The Oracle Knights……damn……
    Tear: Oracle……. Maybe even Nii-san……?
    Luke: What are they doing in Grankokma?
    Anise: Could they be here to destroy the Sefirot Tree?
    Ion: No, there shouldn’t be a Sefirot around here but……
    Luke: We won’t make any progress just talking! Let’s go after those 
    Oracle guys!
    Natalia: That’s right. I won’t forgive this outrage!
    Tear: Wait! If we jus barge in there we might be spotted by the 
    Markt Army……
    Guy: We’ll have to proceed with stealth so we aren’t seen. It would 
    be pointless to get into a fight with Markt soldiers.
    Anise: Hide and seek huh. Ion-sama please try not to be clumsy.
    Ion: Y, yes!
    Tear: ……so now we have to go without being noticed……. Geez……
    Next Area
    Luke: There’s a soldier standing guard……
    Tear: He doesn’t look like he’s moving, we’ll have to break through 
    Luke: Somehow……like luring him with a sound?
    Tear: Right……how about trying to shake the tree?
    Tear: More importantly Luke, do you know the way through?
    Luke: Ah, umm……
    Tear: That direction is north-west. Grankokma is in that direction.
    Further in Forest
    Luke: We’re almost to the exit. Have those Oracle guys already 
    entered the town?
    Natalia: There’s a fallen Markt soldier!
    Largo: That’s a good reaction for a princess.
    Natalia: You were the one at the desert……Largo!
    Luke: The intruder was you! What business do you have at Grankokma!
    Largo: It isn’t necessary for you to worry about what’s ahead. Boy.
    Luke: Huh?
    Luke: Guy!?
    Anise: Hey, hey, what happened!?
    Ion: It’s no good! It’s the Curse Slot! Sink must be around here 
    Largo: Oh, don’t forget about mw.
    Natalia: I won’t let you!
    Largo: Hahahaha! Just try it, Princess!
    Anise: Kyaa, another earthquake!
    Tear: Natalia, above you!
    Sink: ……was the sign erased by the earthquake?
    Luke: So your after Ion! Or do you have some other objective!
    Anise: Daieishi Morse’s orders? Or more likely the head secretary-
    Largo: Whichever it is it doesn’t change anything. We need Doushi 
    Sink: We had thought he died along with the destruction of Aczelius 
    but……he has a strong life force.
    Natalia: You have some nerve……! Destroying an entire town, what 
    Sink: You’re mistaken. The one who destroyed the town was the 
    Markt Soldier: What’s going on!
    Sink: Largo, retreat at once!
    Largo: It can’t be helped……
    Markt Soldier: What are you doing here!
    Tear: We were waiting for Captain Curtis, but we spotted a 
    suspicious figure and chased it here.
    Markt Army: A suspicious figure? You mean the ones who just ran 
    Tear: They are members of the Oracle Knights. We fought them and on 
    of our companions was hurt.
    Markt Army: But you have people from the Oracle Knights in your 
    group also. ………you’re suspicious. We’re taking you into custody.
    Luke: ……I guess it’s  better not to resist.
    Tear: Of course.
    Upon Arrival
    Soldier: Major General Frings!
    Frings: Good work. Leaving them with me will not be a problem right?
    Guard: Yes sir!
    Frings: Luke-dono is it. Duke Fabre’s son’s……
    Luke: Why do you know me……!
    Frings: Captain Jade asked me to greet you outside Teor Forest.
    Frings: But it seems you entered the forest before that……
    Tear: I’m sorry. Markt soldiers were being killed, so we thought 
    there was danger and……
    Frings: No, I should be thanking you.
    Frings: But just turned into a disturbance, so until you have your 
    audience with His Majesty, we must treat you as prisoners of war.
    Luke: That’s fine! Guy comes first! Our friend is collapsed……
    Ion: He is afflicted with a Curse Slot.
    Ion: It seems he’s resisting it as much as possible.
    Ion: If you could please lend us a place to rest, I will release him 
    from the curse.
    Luke: You can do something about that?
    Ion: More specifically, only I can release it.
    Ion: Because this was originally one of the Dart style Tone Magics.
    Frings: Understood. You can use the lodging near the castle. However 
    the audience with His Majesty……
    Ion: I will see him at a later opportunity. Right now I’m worried 
    about Guy.
    Frings: Understood. Then I will leave you with my subordinates in 
    the inn.
    Anise: I’ll go too! I’m Ion-sama’s guard.
    Luke: Wait! I’ll come too……!
    Ion: ……Luke. There is something you should know, I need to have a 
    talk with you.
    Ion: The Curse Slot isn’t able to control someone whose mind is 
    Luke: What do you mean?
    Ion: The Curse Slot is a magic that awakens memories and numbs their 
    Ion: In short……if he didn’t have a strong will to kill you, he 
    wouldn’t be able to attack you.
    Ion: ……that is what it means.
    Luke: ……no way……
    Ion: Until I release the curse, you need to stay away from Guy.
    Frings: If you’d like, how about looking around the city?
    Frings: You can’t leave the city, but it would be better to relax……
    Tear: ……please allow us.
    Frings: Understood. The n we will be waiting in front of the castle, 
    please tell us when you are ready.
    Luke: ……please leave me a lone for a bit.
    Near Castle
    Luke: ……don’t follow me.
    Tear: I promised. That I’d watch you.
    Mieu: I follow my Master.
    Luke: ……leave me alone!
    Tear: ……if I leave you alone you’ll just think about yourself.
    Luke: What about myself!
    Tear: About how Guy hates you.
    Luke: But he does hate me. That’s why……
    Tear: Are you stupid?
    Luke: What did you say!
    Tear: Do you think you’re someone who doesn’t deserve a little ill 
    will towards himself?
    Luke: ……that’s not the reason.
    Tear: Guy is human. I think up until now you’ve always thought of 
    him as a servant.
    Tear: But he came to greet you.
    Luke: That might be so but……
    Tear: There was a time where he hated you enough to want to kill you.
    Tear: But even so he believed you would improve. Right.
    Luke: ……you always talk in such an intense way.
    Tear: Eh……?
    Luke: I know you’re trying to comfort me, but don’t you think you’re 
    words are too hurtful.
    Tear: ……I, I’m sorry. So……I hurt you huh…… 
    ※Luke: But……since I’m worthless. Even just saying that much might be 
    Tear: ……Luke……
    Luke: I’m an idiot aren’t I. I don’t have time to feel down. I have 
    to meet the Emperor.
    Luke: Thank you……and Mieu too.
    Mieu: It’s fine! More importantly we need to find Jade-san and 
    Talking to Natalia
    Natalia: Luke. It might be clich? but please don’t lose heart.
    Natalia: I don’t think Guy would ever seriously want to kill you.
    Talking to Jade
    Jade: That’s no good. This whole town just doesn’t calm down. It 
    might be just before a conflict.
    Jade: ……well it seems you’ve calmed down. Shall we go?
    After Talking to Jade and Natalia
    Luke: Alright everyone’s here. Let’s hurry to Major General Frings.
    Talking to Frings
    Frings: I’ve been waiting for you. Come this way.
    Talking to Pione
    Pione: Hey, it’s you guys huh. The ones who took my Jade all around 
    without returning him.
    Luke: ……huh?
    Pione: I heard he was eaten up by an Anti Fonslot. A guy who can’t 
    use his Fonslot is a burden right?
    Luke: No……that wasn’t……
    Jade: Your Majesty. You’re confusing our guests, what are you doing?
    Pione: Haha, I guess so. Enough of that stupid story. Let’s get to 
    the main point.
    Pione: I’ve pretty much everything from Jade.
    Luke: Unless we do something there is a risk that Sentvina is going 
    to collapse into Klippot.
    Pione: Maybe so. Actually, it seems the Sentvina area is already 
    Natalia: Then you have to have the town’s people take shelter!
    Pione: I want to do that very much, but there are a lot of reluctant 
    voices in the parliament.
    Natalia: Why Your Majesty? Even though your own country’s people are 
    in trouble……
    Jade: It’s pressure from the Kimlasca Army.
    Nordheim: There was a proclamation from the Kimlasca Lanvaldear 
    Zarzaman: Princess Natalia and Luke, third in line to the throne, 
    are both said to be dead.
    Zarzaman: Against Markt for plotting the destruction of Aczelius, 
    they’ve expressed regret, and strong objection.
    Zarzaman: And in the name of Yuria, Lorelei also has also directly 
    sanctioned us.
    Natalia: In reality it’s a declaration of war. 
    Natalia: My father is misunderstanding!
    Nordheim: And he’s acted on that misunderstanding hasn’t he Princess 
    Nordheim: We think he is just using the destruction of Aczelius as 
    an excuse for war.
    Natalia: My country would never do such a sneaky thing!
    Luke: That’s right! And Aczelius was……my fault……
    Jade: Everyone knows the circumstances. Please calm down Natalia.
    Jade: The important thing is not weather or not Kimlasca really 
    tried to destroy Aczelius in order to start a war.
    Pione: Right, the problem is that parliament has got the idea that 
    Sentvina’s sinking is the work of Kimlasca.
    Tear: I think we should send the military to rescue the citizens of 
    each of the towns that will be destroyed.
    Pione: I see.
    Pione: Jade has even told me that Kimlasca had been thinking about 
    developing a Tone Art weapon that could create a Choushindou.
    Luke: At the very least, Aczelius’ destruction was not in act of 
    Luke: Assuming Sentvina will collapse. Then don’t we gotta go save 
    the town’s people!
    Luke: ……ah……I mean we should save the town’s people. If the army 
    won’t go, then please send me.*13
    Natalia: I also request to go. Then the Markt Army won’t get caught 
    up in any unforeseen events.
    Pione: That’s surprising. Why would a group from the enemy country’s 
    royal family want to go so badly?
    Natalia: We are not from an enemy country! At the very least 
    ordinary people are still coming and going as usual.
    Natalia: And it is the responsibility of someone born of the royal 
    family to save the people.
    Pione: ……and you? Luke-dono.
    Luke: I am a huge criminal in this country. Because last time, it 
    was my fault. If there is something I can do, then I want to do it.
    Luke: I want to save everyone!
    Pione: So you say. What do you think Zarzaman?
    Pione: Your favorite student Jade who is also involved in the 
    Sentvina matter says to believe in these guys.
    Zarzaman: Your Majesty. “Those guys” is a little rude.
    Jade: I will rescue Sentvina with my unit, Luke, and the others.
    Jade: I think it would be a good idea to have General Nordheim hold 
    of the Kimlasca troops heading north.
    Zarzaman: Always with such pertly speech. Well never mind that. 
    Let’s try to move parliament in that direction.
    Pione: I owe you one, old man.
    Luke: Then you won’t abandon Sentvina……
    Pione: Of course. Although the one that will go save them is you 
    Pione: ……my precious countrymen. Lend me your power to save them. I 
    ask you.
    Luke: Then I give my full power to you.
    Natalia: As do I.
    Tear: As you wish.
    Pione: I must now call a parliament meeting. Leave that to me Jade.
    Jade: My my, such a big job. Even just having one town’s population 
    take refuge.
    Luke: What should we do? What should I do?
    Jade: There is also what His Majesty said, but it would be a 
    disaster to repeat Aczelius’ destruction, and the army is hesitant 
    to enter the towns.
    Jade: First we should go to Sentvina and ask for help from my former 
    mentor, McGovern.
    Entering Inn
    Guard: It seems the removal of the curse was a success.
    Luke: Guy! I’m sorry……
    Guy: ……Luke?
    Luke: I……definitely did something to make you hate me. That’s why……
    Guy: Hahaha, what’s that?
    Guy: ……it isn’t your fault.
    Guy: Me hating you enough to want to kill you isn’t your fault.
    Guy: I’m……a Markt person.
    Anise: Eh? Are you really?
    Guy: I was born on Hodo. And, on my fifth birthday, my relatives 
    gathered at the mansion.
    Guy: And as the Scora was about to recite the score, a war broke out.
    Tear: The Hodo War……
    Natalia: If I remember correctly, the one who attacked Hodo was Duke 
    Guy: Right. My family was killed by the Duke. Not just my family. My 
    servants and my relatives.
    Guy: He laughed as he trampled everything that was important to me.
    Guy: ……I had planned to think of you the same way as the Duke.
    Jade: So you entered into the Duke’s house in order to get revenge?
    Jade: Count Galudios family’s Gairaldia Garan.
    Guy: ……oh, does that means you knew?
    Jade: I was a little curious so I did some investigating.
    Jade: Because you’re shield-less sword technique is unique to Hodo’s 
    Albert style.
    Luke: ……then, Guy doesn’t really hate me?
    Luke: Although I’m a replica of the Fabre family’s……
    Guy: That’s not it. If I said I had no I’ll will towards you it 
    would be a lie.
    Luke: B, but.
    Guy: If you don’t like me coming along with you, I’ll stay far away 
    from you.
    Guy: But if not, would you let me travel with you a little longer? 
    There’s something I want to confirm.
    Luke: : ……understood. I believe in you Guy.
    Luke: Or maybe……Guy, believe in me.
    Guy: Haha, either one is fine.
    Ion: That’s great. I was worried there would be a fight.
    Jade: Well then, it seems everyone is calm and feeling better, shall 
    we get going to Sentvina?
    Anise: Yeah, I heard from a messenger that you were going to 
    Anise: But Ion-sama is tired from removing the Curse Slot and it’s 
    dangerous, so I’m going to stay here with him.
    Ion: Anise. I’ll be fine. And if I go along with everyone, I might 
    be useful.
    Anise: Ion-sama!?
    Ion: Anise. And everyone, please take me with you. Please.
    Luke: If Sensei is after Ion, then I think he’ll be in danger 
    anywhere. It’s fine, right everyone?
    Jade: Just an observation, if person so close to you asks something 
    seriously, I guess it can’t be helped.
    Anise: Awe! Ion-sama is stupid!
    Guy obtained the title Markt Noble.
    Head to Sentvina.
    Quick Jump?
    Sentvina 2・セントビナー2
    In Army Base
    Glen McGovern: Father, they’ve just broken through Kaitzul so that 
    means the army can’t be far away.
    Senior McGovern: But if you don’t at least the civilians escape, it 
    will be the same as when Aczelius sunk!
    Glen McGovern:: I can not act without an order from His Majesty!
    Luke: Then you’ll leave if it’s an order from Emperor Pione!
    Glen McGovern: Captain Curtis!? You’re alive!
    Senior McGovern: And what did His Majesty say?
    Jade: Try to have the civilians take refuge in the direction of 
    Glen McGovern: But then this town’s defense will……
    Luke: What are you saying. This area is about to cave in!
    Jade: My men will guarantee the safety of the civilians along the 
    Jade: After the transport of the civilians, please have the 
    stationed troops head west to East Rugnika and join up with General 
    Nordheim under his command.
    Glen McGovern: Roger. ……so Sentvina will be abandoned.
    Senior McGovern: Alright. I will convey the message to the 
    Tear: Let’s help out to.
    Luke: Right.
    After Leaving the Base
    Jade: Run away!
    Luke: Wh, what’s that……!?
    Dist: Hahahaha. I’ve finally found you, Jade.
    Jade: In the middle of such a busy time……. From long ago, you never 
    could read the atmosphere.
    Dist: Say anything you want! What I really want is for you to hand 
    Ion-sama over to me.
    Jade: I refuse. More importantly, move that thing.
    Dist: Ehh? So you say your saving these insects? Even though you 
    abandoned Nebilim-sensei.
    Jade: ……so you’re still talking about something so stupid!
    Dist: So quick to raise your voice, you are not qualified to say 
    such a thing! Now, hand over Ion-sama!
    After Battle
    Dist: Aaahhh! My darling Kaiser Dist!
    Dist: Remember this! Next time, I’ll get incredibly angry and kill 
    Jade: I think it’s pointless, but just to make sure, chase after him.
    Guard: Yes sir!
    Luke: Damn! The McGovern and the others!
    Tear: Wait Luke! If I jump down and use my Tone Song……!
    Jade: Wait. There are a considerable number of civilians left.
    Jade: It would definitely be difficult to protect all of them with 
    your Tone Song. We need to think of a reliable way.
    Senior McGovern: Don’t worry about me! Take the civilians first!
    Luke: Damn! Isn’t there another way!
    Anise: It would nice if we could fly.
    Guy: ……fly, huh. Now that you mention it, I heard they were doing 
    aviation experiments at Sheridan.
    Luke: Aviation experiments? What’s that?
    Guy: Perhaps it’s the ancient flying machine that I heard that the 
    church excavated.
    Guy: In Yuria’s time it was used as a vehicle and it flew through 
    the sky.
    Guy: I was a little interested since I’m into Tone Machines.
    Ion: We certainly sealed an agreement to have Kimlasca’s 
    technological cooperation. The aviation experiments should be 
    Luke: That’s it! We’ll ask for help from those guys doing the 
    aviation experiments.
    Luke: If we hurry, we might be able to save McGovern-san and the 
    Jade: But will we make it in tie? It seems different then when the 
    Aczelius sank, but even so……
    Tear: From my brother’s story, it seems the collapse of Hodo took a 
    considerable number of days.
    Tear: There is a field between Klippot and the Outer Shell called 
    the Dividing Line.
    Tear: After Crossing that, the rate of decent will accelerate 
    Luke: We’ll do what we can! Seriously, anything is better than doing 
    Natalia: That’s right. Let’s go do what we can.
    Jade: Sheridan is on the Bachicul side of the Rardeshia Continent 
    isn’t it.
    Jade: Let’s be careful not to get caught by the Kimlasca Army.
    Guy: Alright, let’s hurry back to the Tartaros!
    Approaching the Group of Three People
    ???: How was it!? Huh? Don’t ask how it was! 
    ???: I’m certain! It got caught up in a sudden gust over Mejiora 
    Plateau and it seems like it could fall any minute.
    ???: That’s no good Aston. You’re long sighted. Are you sure you 
    didn’t misjudge?
    Aston: Long sighted people can see better at long distances, I’m not 
    mistaken, Tamara.
    ???: This is bad. At this rate it will crash.
    Tamara: What are you saying Iemon. The one locked inside the Alvior 
    is your grandson Ginji isn’t it!
    Tamara: Aren’t you worried!
    Luke: Did something happen?
    Iemon: ……The Alvior crashed at the Mejiora Plateau.
    Guy: The Alvior? The flying machine built in ancient times!
    Anise: Oh no. Then you’re telling us we came here for no reason?
    Guy: No, I’m pretty sure I heard that two were excavated……
    Iemon: You’re very knowledgeable. However, it hasn’t even been 
    started up yet.
    Aston: More importantly Iemon We need to form a rescue party and 
    recover the flying machine immediately!
    Iemon: That’s right. If we can just recover the flying machine, we 
    can fix up the second one and resume our experiments.
    Tamara: You heartless old geezers!
    Jade: The Mejiora Plateau is a den of monsters. It won’t be a rescue, 
    it’ll be a disaster.
    Tear: But we heard from their story that the flying machine crashed, 
    and it seems it won’t be able to fly.
    Luke: Anyway, first let’s try talking to them about borrowing the 
    flying machine.
    Natalia: That’s right. If we talk to the old men, I wonder if he 
    will let us use it.
    Ion: I think if I talk to him, it will be easier to get him to 
    listen. Let’s go.
    Talking to the Old Men
    Iemon: ……I understand your story.
    Iemon: However, the fact that Natalia-sama who was thought to be 
    dead is here……
    Iemon: And moreover, you’re working to save the Markt citizens……
    Luke: Whether they’re from Kimlasca or Markt doesn’t matter right 
    Tamara: That’s right. It’s just we are in trouble too.
    Tamara: The first Alvior crash landed on a cliff in the Mejiora 
    Aston: The pilot is locked inside and the Mejiora winds are blowing. 
    It seems like he could fall from the cliff any minute.
    Aston: We tried to have a rescue party dispatched but they said that 
    the war with Markt was starting and their out of soldiers.
    Luke: Then I’ll go!
    Natalia: Well said Luke! You really do have the royal family’s blue 
    bud running through you.
    Luke: ……th, the royal family doesn’t really have anything to do with 
    Natalia: ……huh?
    Luke: I just……have to do what I can.
    Luke: Although they generally save people, I wonder if things like 
    royalty or nobility really matter at all……
    Luke: That’s all!
    Tear: We also have military people in training with us. Will you 
    please leave it to us?
    Guy: Not in return, but if we bring him back, we would like to 
    borrow the second machine.
    Iemon: The second one hasn’t been completed. We are short one part 
    of the control system.
    Iemon: Because of the war most of the parts have gone to 
    manufacturing warships.
    Jade: The Tartaros was based on a warship. If there are parts you 
    can use, please use them.
    Luke: Jade! Is that alright!?
    Jade: Ion-sama would you please stay behind inside the Tartaros?
    Jade: While we recover the flying machine, we would like you to 
    complete the second one.
    Ion: I agree. Afterwards……
    Iemon: ……if I have the parts, I’ll risk my life to complete it.
    Luke: Alright, then let’s go to the Mejiora Plateau. And, the 
    Aston: Mejiora Plateau is south-west of here. And also, take this 
    with you.
    Aston: With this launcher, by fixing this to the Alvior you can get 
    it down from the cliff.
    Aston: Since there are horrible winds blowing there and it’s 
    Luke: But how do I use it……
    Guy: If it’s a Tone Machine, leave it to me. Jade should also know 
    hoe to use it.
    Jade: Well I wonder.
    Guy: ……such a shrewd old man. Really.
    You obtained a Launcher.
    Mejiora Plateau・メジオラ高原
    Upon Arrival
    Tear: That’s it.
    Anise: That……looks really bad. It looks like it’s going to fall any 
    Jade: This is bad. If we’re not quick, it might fall before can 
    reach it.
    Luke: What will happen if it falls?
    Jade: The pilot won’t be saved. The flying machine might also break.
    Mieu: Oh no!
    Guy: The launcher needs to be put into both sides of the fuselage. 
    Let’s split into two groups!
    Tear: You understand right? Who do you want to go with you?
    Luke: If we’re split into two groups, then I……
    Who will you tell to go with you?
    NOTE: The one you pick will disappear from the list the second time. 
    The ones you pick will express their agreement. For those who want 
    to follow along I picked Tear and Anise.
    Go with ○○ and ○○?
    After Picking
    Tear: Let’s hurry.
    Anise: Now, let’s do our best!
    Guy: Be careful using the launcher.
    Jade: You don’t have to worry about us.
    Natalia: Let’s do our best together.
    Further Up the Mountain
    Luke: W……what’s that?
    Tear: It’s a monster. ……It’s very close!
    After Battle
    Luke: We managed to clear it out.
    Anise: I wonder if the other team is alright?
    Tear: That’s right. But this isn’t the time to worry. We have to 
    hurry too.
    Luke: Yeah. That’s right.
    Making it In Time: Start Path 1
    Luke: We made it in time!
    Luke: I guess I was able to do it……
    Tear: I heard from guy that after attaching the launcher, the 
    circuits will just connect.
    Tear: If you’re worried, would you like me to take your place?
    Luke: ……no, I’m fine.
    Guy: Are you ready?
    Luke: Yeah!
    Ginji: Thank you for saving me.
    Luke: Are you hurt?
    Ginji: No. Thanks to you.
    Tear: We’ll talk later. We’ve completed the recovery of the flying 
    machine and our time is precious.
    Luke: Right. Ginji, can you move?
    Ginji: Yes. I’m fine.
    You obtained the Flying Machine.
    Not Making it in Time: Start Path 2
    Luke: Ah!?
    Tear: We didn’t make it in time……
    Luke: ……damn it! I wasn’t able to save anyone again……
    Guy: In the end, it looks like we can only recover the flying 
    Tear: Yes. But at least the people at Sentvina……
    Luke: ……that’s right. I wouldn’t be able to stand it if we aren’t in 
    time for that either!
    You obtained the Flying Machine.
    Sheridan 2・シェリダンメジオラ高原2
    Path 1: Back in Sheridan
    Ginji: Thank you very much! I will go ahead to deliver the flying 
    END PATH 1 (not confirmed)
    Near Laboratory
    Guard: It’s you! It’s those guys that came across the ocean on a 
    Markt Warship!
    Guard: Hmm? Are you Markt Soldiers!?
    Luke: This is bad……
    Anise: Let’s run for now!
    Guard: Seize them!
    Inside Lab
    Iemon: Oh! They’ve returned! Right now Aston is fixing up the flying 
    Guard: Suspicious bastard! Open up!
    Tamara: What’s this disturbance?
    Jade: We were spotted by Kimlasca soldiers.
    Tamara: I see, so you were Markt Soldiers.
    Iemon: This town formerly worked on Markt warships.
    Iemon: So if we weren’t on the verge of war, you wouldn’t be a 
    threat but……
    Tamara: Speaking of warships, we took all the parts from yours.
    Tamara: With the production suspension it has been a great help to 
    our engineers.
    Ion: Because of that, the Tartaros is immobile.
    Anise: But, if we fly the Alvior properly, then the Tartaros isn’t 
    really necessary is it.
    Aston: What is “if we fly the Alvior properly”!
    Aston: If it is ridden with our hopes and dreams the Alvior will not 
    Luke: ……but it did crash.
    Guy: Hey! Do something fast! They’re breaking down the door! 
    Tear: How is the second Alvior?
    Aston: It’s complete! And it’s pilot is also ready.
    Iemon: Alright. Those soldiers are about to break in. Hurry.
    Natalia: But the soldiers outside are very worked up. If I reveal my 
    Tamara: You don’t have time right? Leave it to us.
    Aston: They can’t lick us old people! Now, go fly into the sky!
    Luke: I’ll leave the rest to you!
    Iemon: We won’t let you go any further! In the name of Team 
    ???: I’ve been waiting.
    Luke: You are?
    ???: I’m the pilot specialist Noel. The pilot of the first machine 
    is my brother, Ginji.
    Noel: In place of my brother, I will take you to Sentvina.
    Luke: I’ll leave it to you.
    Noel: Well, let’s go! 
    Sentvina 3・セントビナー3
    Upon Arrival
    Luke: McGovern-san! Everyone! Are you alright?
    Senior McGovern: Oh, it’s you. That thing that your riding is……!
    Jade: Former Master. Let’s talk later. Please get in. Everyone else 
    After Cut-Scene
    Senior McGovern: I am thankful to you for saving me. But what 
    happened to Sentvina……
    Tear: Right now it is still floating, but if left alone, in a little 
    while it will sink into the mantle……
    Senior McGovern: No way! Can’t something be done!?
    Tear: This resembles the time when Hodo was caving in. In the end, 
    it took a month after that time for the whole continent to 
    completely sink. 
    Senior McGovern: Hodo……. I see……this is the Hodo’s revenge.
    Luke: ……will it really end up like that?
    Mieu: It’s pitiful that a place where people live is being lost……
    Anise: Even though a huge part of the land is on the verge of 
    falling, I can’t think of anything. It’s super impossible!
    Luke: That’s right, the Sefirot?
    Luke: The land is falling because Van-sensei used the Passage Ring 
    an did something to the Sefirot right.
    Luke: In that case, if we just revive it, it would be fine right?
    Tear: But we don’t know how to use the Passage Ring.
    Luke: Then we’ll question Sensei……!
    ※Guy: Hey Luke. I can understand your feelings but……
    Luke: You don’t understand! Not you, not any of you!
    Tear: Luke……
    Luke: You don’t understand! Because the one that destroyed Aczelius 
    was me! But because of that, I have to do something!
    ※Luke: I know something like that wouldn’t be enough to atone, but 
    at least the people of the town……
    Jade: Luke! That’s enough. If you get worked up you won’t be able to 
    do anything.
    Jade: For now, let’s go to Yuria City. They know much more about the 
    Sefirot than us.
    Jade: If we go right now, while the Score that said that Sentvina 
    wouldn’t fall has gotten out of order……
    Tear: That’s right. Right now my grandfather might help us.
    Jade: And Luke. You were quite a spoiled brat a minute ago.
    Jade: Everyone here wants to save Sentvina.
    Luke: ……I’m sorry……. You’re right……
    Guy: Well, don’t worry about it. Since I’m not worrying about it.
    Noel: Then, I’ll launch the Alvior.
    You can freely control the Alvior.
    Turn with the L Stick left and right or the L1 and R1 buttons.
    Raise or lower the nose with the L Stick up or down
    Advance forward with the ○ button.
    Move backwards with the ■ button.
    You can land with the X button
    You can board with the ○ button
    With the standard abilities of the Alvior you can only land on 
    You can not save while you are riding the Alvior. Please be careful.
    Yuria City 3・ユリアシティ3
    Near Entrance
    Tear: Grandfather!
    Teodoro: I thought you would come, so I waited here.
    Tear: Grandfather, please help us! We want to save Sentvina.
    Teodoro: It seems I must. The Score being wrong is also terrible for 
    Ion: Before we talk, I would like you to let the people of Sentvina 
    rest here.
    Teodoro: That’s right. Let’s keep them here.
    Senior McGovern: ……I am in your debt.
    Senior McGovern: Luke. Don’t get so depressed.
    Luke: Huh?
    Senior McGovern: Jade seldom scolds people. Especially those that 
    he’s taken a liking to.
    Jade: Former master! What are you suggesting?
    Senior McGovern: There is not enough time for an old person to scold 
    someone he doesn’t like. My boy Jade is the same way.
    Jade: I wonder what he’s trying to say. ……I will also go ahead.
    Guy: Haha. He seems right on the mark. It seems that he’s got quite 
    a soft spot. That old man too.
    Anise: Ahaha, so true?
    Luke: Tear. ……umm, thank you.
    Tear: What happened? Where did that come from……
    Luke: You scolded me from the very beginning.
    Tear: Th, that……wasn’t really……
    Luke: ……I’m strange aren’t I. Even though I always thought that 
    being scolded was a sign that someone hates you.
    Tear: But it’s not a good thing.
    Luke: ……I, I know!
    In Conference Room
    Luke: I will go right to the point. Is there a way to save Sentvina?
    Teodoro: It is difficult. I think if the Lorelei’s Key that was said 
    to have been used, then possibly……
    Luke: Lorelei’s Key? What is that?
    Luke: It seems like I’ve heard of it, or maybe not……
    Jade: I seems that it refers to Lorelei’s sword and jewel.
    Jade: Perhaps he used it when he made the Planet Storm.
    Jade: But I have heard that it is the evidence of the pact between 
    Yuria and Lorelei.
    Teodoro: That is right. It is said that Lorelei’s Key is the Tone 
    Magic Sword that was given to Yuria by Lorelei.
    Tear: Lorelei’s Sword concentrates the Seventh Fonim, and Lorelei’s 
    Jewel disperses it.
    Tear: That Key itself is also said to be made up of the Seventh 
    Tear: Yuria put Lorelei itself into the Key, and it can freely 
    control Lorelei’s power……
    Teodoro: Setting aside whether or not that is true, it seems the 
    power to control the Sefirot certainly lies within it.
    Tear: But after Lorelei’s Key was used to make the Planet Storm, it 
    was said to have sunk into the planet’s core.
    Teodoro: Exactly. Something that is not here……no, there is no way 
    that we can rely on something that we don’t know even exists.
    Teodoro: Even at best, I think that it would be impossible to return 
    Sentvina to the Outer Shell after it has already started falling.
    Anise: Uhh. Is there really nothing we can do?
    Teodoro: No, if it hasn’t been devoured by the liquidized earth, 
    then possibly……
    Luke: Is there a way!?
    Teodoro: The Sefirot can be controlled by the Passage Ring.
    Teodoro: If you use the Passage Ring and revive the Sefirot Tree, if 
    it was only made to float on the sea of mud……
    Tear: Where is the Passage Ring that controls the Sefirot in the 
    Sentvina area?
    Teodoro: Shuray Hill. In eastern Sentvina.
    Ion: Now that you mention it, when I was taken away from the 
    Tartaros, the place I was taken was Shuray Hill.
    Ion: A that time it was protected by an Alberto style seal and a 
    Yuria style seal so I wasn’t worried……
    Teodoro: The Alberto style seals at Hodo and Aczelius’ Passage Rings 
    were destroyed.
    Teodoro: However, the Yuria style Seals should remain intact until 
    the promised time.
    Anise: But Secretary-general undid those seals and used the Passage 
    Teodoro: That’s right. I also do not know it was done.
    Jade: Let’s figure out how Commander Grants undid the Yuria style 
    seals afterwards.
    Jade: How do we go about operating the Passage Ring?
    Teodoro: I hear the Seventh Fonim is necessary. If you don’t use the 
    Seventh Fonim the control panel will not react.
    Guy: In that case, don’t we have three people who can use it in our 
    Natalia: Me, Tear, and Luke.
    Teodoro: If Van didn’t do anything else to the Passage Ring 
    Tear: Well we won’t know unless we go.
    Luke: If it’s in eastern Sentvina, it probably collapsed along with 
    Shuray Hill・シュレーの丘
    Near Entrance
    Luke: Hey Ion, where is the entrance?
    Ion: Normally, the entrance should be hidden by Tone Magic.
    Ion: If I remember correctly……I think we need to apply the Fifth 
    Fonim to three red Tone Stones.
    Luke: Three red Tone Stones……?
    Luke: The Fifth Fonim, that’s the fire Fonim isn’t it……
    Near Blue Tone Stone
    Luke: There is a Tone Stone over there too.
    Guy: Ion said the Passage Ring’s location was sealed by red Tone 
    Guy: So then that one wouldn’t be related would it?
    Luke: I see……but I’m kind of curious.
    Near the Hidden Entrance
    Ion: This is it. I’m sure of it.
    Mieu: The door is open.
    Luke: Let’s try heading inside.
    Near the Tone Machine
    Guy: This isn’t just an ordinary Tone Machine. I’ve got no idea what 
    to do with it.
    Luke: If we used the Seventh Fonim, what would it do……
    Ion: ……it’s strange. The Yuria style seal hasn’t been broken.
    Jade: What does this mean? Since Commander Grants used this……
    Jade: Ehh, so there was no reason to come here?
    Natalia: There must be a way. Let’s try investigating.
    Near Purple Circles
    Luke: What……? Three Tone Circles……
    Jade: This is……
    Jade: ……I think the controls of the Passage Ring are sealed with 
    these three Tone Circles……
    Luke: Then, what should we do about them……?
    Jade: Possibly……
    Approaching Rock After Solving Puzzle
    Luke: This is……?
    Ion: I think this is one of the Yuria style seals……
    Ion: Let’s break it to release the seal.
    Mieu: Leave it to Mieu!
    Near the Tone Machine After Releasing the Seals
    Tear: I wonder if it won’t work even though we released the seals……
    Natalia: Tear! Could you please go near that Tone Stone?
    Tear: ……? Alright.
    Tear: (This is……!?)
    Jade: It reacted to Tear. Is this a Yuria style Seal? It seems it’s 
    Ion: I don’t know. But it is definitely unsealed. Anyway, we can 
    control it with this.
    Jade: Ah these characters, they look like instructions for the 
    Passage Ring.
    Jade: ……so Commander Grants did this.
    Tear: What did my brother do!?
    Jade: He encoded it so that the Sefirot Tree wouldn’t be revived.
    Natalia: What do you mean?
    Jade: In short, it means it can’t be operated due to a code.
    Mieu: Can’t you solve the code?
    Jade: If I could use the Seventh Fonim I would try to solve it. 
    Luke: ……how about if I used a Choushindou to get rid of the code or 
    encoding or whatever? The Choushindou is also the Seventh Fonim 
    Jade: ……if you can just get rid of the code, I might be able to do 
    Tear: Luke! You’re control is still……!
    Luke: I’ve been training a long time! And even if I fail here, the 
    result would be the same as doing nothing.
    Tear: ……right. Exactly.
    Jade: The figure denoting the third Sefirot the furthest away from 
    us is glowing red.
    Jade: Try eliminating just the red part.
    Luke: I’ll try.
    Jade: ……it looks like it started up. The Cell Particles have come 
    forth in order to float the land upwards from the Sefirot.
    Tear: So then Sentvina isn’t going to sink into the mantle!
    Luke: ……we did it! We did it!!
    Luke: Tear, thank you!
    Tear: I, I didn’t do anything. The one who controlled the passage 
    ring was you.
    Luke: That’s not true. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have been 
    able to do it.
    Luke: And everyone else……! Everyone helped me, so……thank you so 
    Natalia: It doesn’t really seem like Luke does it.
    Guy: It’s fine right. He’s got a little more charm this way.
    Natalia: You really in the Luke camp aren’t you.
    Guy: That’s not really wrong. But then that makes you in the Asch 
    camp doesn’t it.
    Natalia: ……I haven’t selected either of them.
    Anise: Ahh! Wait a minute. You can’t celebrate yet. Look at that 
    Guy: ……hey. It says it’s supporting almost the entire Rugnika Plains.
    Guy: then doesn’t that mean that Engave is also going to collapse!?
    Anise: It does doesn’t it! I’ve got a seriously bad feeling about 
    Natalia: Oh no! Let’s return to Engave and have everyone take 
    Luke: ……Tear. Is something wrong?
    Tear: I’m just a little tired……. But I’m fine.
    Luke obtained the title Passage Commander.
    Leaving Area
    Luke: Hey, I was thinking, will we be able to up with just the 
    Alvior’s power?
    Jade: I think we can do it using the Sefirot’s power, the same as 
    with the Tartaros.
    Luke: (SO just like I saw when I was connected to Asch……)
    Guy: That’s right. The Sefirot is north-east of Yuria City. You 
    should understand when we get there.
    Luke: North-east of Yuria city. Got it, let’s go.
    After Returning to the Outer Shell
    Natalia: Why……! Why has the war started!?
    Jade: This is……bad. If worst comes to worst, both sides could be 
    completely wiped out.
    Anise: ……ah, I see. This is the Rugnika Plains. Because there’s no 
    Sefirot Tree underneath anymore……
    Tear: This was……Nii-san’s goal……
    Luke: What do you mean?
    Tear: My brother was trying to annihilate the people on the shell. 
    If he knew from the score that there would be was war on the Rugnika 
    Plains, then……
    Jade: Removing the tree at Shuray Hill would cause both sides of the 
    battlefield to collapse……. Certainly an efficient method for killing.
    Luke: You’ve gotta be kidding! I don’t know what reason he may have, 
    but what he’s doing is unreasonable!
    Natalia: If the battlefield is here, then Kimlasca’s headquarters is 
    Kaitzul. I will go there and force them to stop!
    Tear: I’m worried about Engave too. I think it should be an 
    important supply location.
    Tear: Now that Sentvina is gone, that town is almost defenseless.
    Jade: Then it might be attacked before it collapses? Scary……
    Luke: How about splitting into two groups? A group to go check on 
    Engave, and a team to go to Kaitzul to call for a ceasefire.
    Jade: ……I should go to Engave. They won’t listen unless someone from 
    the Markt Army talks to them.
    Natalia: I’ll go to Kaitzul.
    Ion: I don’t mind either one. I have something to think about.
    Guy: Luke, what are you going to do?
    Choosing Engave: Start Path 1
    Choosing Kaitzul: Start Path 2
    Luke: Kaitzul. I’m an heir to the thrown. That might be a little 
    Guy: Understood. Then what about the rest of your team? Who do you 
    want to take with you?
    Who will you tell to go with you?
    NOTE: For those who want to follow along I picked Anise.
    Path 2: After Selecting Anise: Start Path 2c
    Anise: In any case, don’t bring Ion-sama anywhere dangerous.
    Take Anise with you?
    Path 2: After Selecting Yes
    Anise: Look relies on me so much.
    Anise: Alright, let’s do our best!
    Anise: Ion-sama please come with me.
    Ion: ……right.
    Jade: First let’s let Natalia’s group off near Engave.
    Jade: After that, we will head to Engave with the Alvior.
    Luke: That’s fine. Everyone, let’s go.
    Engave and Kaitzul・エンゲーブとカイツール
    Path 2c: Arriving in Kaitzul
    Luke: General Cecil!
    Cecil: Go on ahead!
    Cecil: ……you’re Luke-sama. And also Her Highness Natalia!? You’re 
    Natalia: That’s right. We are alive. You don’t have a reason to 
    fight now. Recall the troops immediately.
    Cecil: I cannot do that at my own discretion. Right now the one in 
    charge of strategy is Supreme Commander Almendain.
    Luke: Then talk to Count Almendain for us.
    Cecil: But……Commander Almendain headed to Kesedonia to have a 
    conference with Daieishi Morse.
    Luke: Kesedonia!? What, the Supreme Commander will be far away from 
    the battlefield in the middle of a war.
    Cecil: Right now, the strategy is to gain approval for the 
    justification for retaliation.
    Cecil: It is a procedure to accomplish that.
    Anise: Are you kidding!? Then shouldn’t it be Ion-sama’s decision. 
    That Morse bastard really pisses me off!
    Ion: Because that is protocol.
    Ion: But, it would end up that way. Maybe I shouldn’t have stayed 
    out of Dart……?
    Anise: What are you saying. If you were in Dart, we wouldn’t have 
    been able to release the seal on the Sefirot.
    Cecil: The people in the military wouldn’t know of about the 
    procedures inside the Church.
    Cecil: Anyway, until Almendain returns, I can not consult with him 
    about a cease fire.
    Natalia: No way……the battlefield is going to cave in soon!
    Cecil: Cave in?
    Luke: It’s going to be destroyed like Aczelius!
    Cecil: Are you saying the Markt Army posses such a weapon?
    Natalia: It’s not that! It’s not that, but either way it’s dangerous.
    Cecil: I don’t really understand, but unfortunately, I don’t have 
    the authority to recall the troops.
    Luke: Then we need to go talk to Count Almendain.
    Luke: You can have them send out a boat from Kaitzul to Kesedonia 
    just like last time.
    Natalia: I can’t Luke. The port on the Bachicul Bay side of 
    Kesedonia is being used.
    Natalia: That time there was an armistice and we were able to use 
    the port on the Markt side.
    Cecil: It’s as Her Majesty says. Since the Kaitzul/Kesedonia sea 
    route runs along the east of the Albert Ocean.  
    Cecil: And the sea rout is dangerous in wartime. I can’t let Her 
    Majesty ride a boat.
    Guard: General Cecil. The preparations are complete.
    Cecil: Understood.
    Cecil: The soldiers are waiting, so you must excuse me.
    Cecil: I will have a messenger meat you in Kaitzul Port, so pleas 
    wait for him there. I must go now.
    Natalia: Even though we were taken to Kaitzul, we weren’t able to do 
    Luke: What about going to Kesedonia by land?
    Ion: If we’re going to Kesedonia, we would have to.
    Anise: It’s dangerous! I won’t let you do that!
    Natalia: Even so, it is so we can meet with Count Almendain.
    Natalia: If they knew we’re alive, then they would understand that 
    there’s no meaning for this war.
    Luke: If Natalia is going, I’ll just protect her.
    Ion: Let’s go Anise.
    Anise: If it’s an order from Ion-sama it can’t be helped……. Really……
    Natalia: I’m sorry. Thank you for your help.
    Luke:  Alright let’s go.
    Path 2c: On the Way
    Natalia: ……we’ve finally reached the campsite.
    Luke: Until Kesedonia……
    Natalia: Still quite a bit……
    Natalia: Is someone there!?
    Frings: It is me.
    Luke: General Frings!? Why are you here!
    Natalia: That’s right. The Kimlasca Army is defending this position!
    Frings: His Majesty wanted me to find you and report to him.
    Anise: Hmm. Reconnaissance? Or maybe your after Natalia……
    Ion: That’s not it is it. Right General?
    Frings: Please don’t misunderstand. I did not come to hurt you.
    Frings: It’s not even reconnaissance. I just want to help you out of 
    this battlefield.
    Natalia: What so you mean?
    Frings: Normally I would have to kill you since you are from 
    Natalia: We are heading to Kesedonia in order to end the war.
    Natalia: Even though it’s dangerous, we can’t go back.
    Frings: That’s reckless. This battle is becoming increasingly 
    Frings: I can’t say that I was told by His Majesty not hurt only you.
    Luke: ……we know that. It doesn’t mean we want to fight a General.
    Luke: We are trying to avoid fighting as much as possible.
    Frings: Understood……. Knowing the circumstances, I will try not to 
    attack you.
    Frings: However……even if you do get into a fight, please don’t be 
    angry at the soldiers.
    Natalia: He braved danger just to come to us……. I’m very sorry.
    Luke: But if the war continues like this, the Outer Shell will 
    collapse and everyone will die. We have to stop it. Right.
    Natalia: ……yes. From tomorrow onward, I don’t want to fight Markt’s 
    people anymore.
    Luke: Yeah. Let’s move cautiously and try to proceed without 
    Path 2c: Second Stop On the Way
    Natalia: ……we’ve finally reached today’s campsite.
    Luke: Yeah. We’ve done well avoiding the Markt Army.
    Natalia: I want to continue doing so.
    Luke: So this is half way to Kesedonia……
    Natalia: Who is it!?
    Cecil: I am General Cecil.
    Luke: Why are you……
    Cecil: His majesty requested I give him a report if I saw you. Why 
    are you in a place like this……
    Natalia: You should already know. We are going to meet with 
    Almendain to stop this fight.
    Cecil: That’s reckless! Right now your still in my area of 
    jurisdiction. Please return to Kaitzul. It’s too dangerous.
    Luke: We can’t. If the battle continues like this everyone will die.
    Cecil: Leave it to the army.
    Natalia: We can’t do that. This battlefield is in danger.
    Natalia: If this continues both the Kimlasca Army and the Markt Army 
    will be destroyed.
    Cecil: Your Majesty……. Please think of my position too.
    Natalia: I am very sorry about that, but doing this is my mission.
    Cecil: ……understood. Then at least let me guard you. Please.
    Natalia: ……understood. I am very thankful for your kindness.
    Luke: But we don’t want a big crowd. We want to stay hidden from 
    Cecil: Yes. Roger. Starting tomorrow I will have one platoon back 
    you up.
    Cecil: Please be careful……
    Path 2c: Third Stop On the Way
    Natalia: ……we will rest here for today.
    Luke: Kesedonia is only a little further.
    Natalia: Yes……
    Luke: Who’s there!
    Frings: ……the Kimlasca Army!
    Cecil: The Markt Army!
    Luke: Hey, stop it you two!
    Natalia: General Cecil. Put down your sword. This person is not 
    trying to hurt us.
    Cecil: But!
    Frings: General Cecil……? You’re Kimlasca Army’s……
    Cecil: Who are you?
    Frings: ……General Aslan Frings.
    Cecil: General Frings!
    Luke: You two. We’re heading to Kesedonia to get a ceasefire.
    Luke: We won’t permit you to fight in front of us.
    Frings: I will accept that. I want to you to remove those Kimlasca 
    troops behind you. 
    Cecil: What are you saying! Markt’s are of jurisdiction is ahead. I 
    came to ask permission to increase those troops!
    Frings: I have already let my men near the Kesedonia area know of 
    the circumstances.
    Frings: If it’s just Princess Natalia they will let her through, but 
    if Kimlasca troops are with her then they may attract an attack.
    Cecil: Do you think I can believe that?
    Natalia: Wait General Cecil. You can trust General Frings.
    Luke: And if the time comes, we will protect Natalia. Please relax.
    Cecil: But……
    Natalia: It’s already been decided.
    Frings: If that time comes I would lay down my own life.
    Luke: Cecil, please.
    Cecil: ……it is not a case of you substituting your life for the 
    royal life of Natalia-sama.
    Cecil: But for Luke-sama’s sake, I will withdraw.
    Frings: I am sorry. 
    Natalia: Then each of you should return to your camps without 
    fighting. Understood?
    Luke: Tomorrow the Markt Army won’t attack us.
    Natalia: Even so, we can’t relax. Since tomorrow we also won’t have 
    an escort.
    Luke: Understood.
    Path 2c: Fourth or Later Stop On the Way
    Natalia: Let’s rest around here tonight.
    Path 2c: Arriving in Kesedonia
    Luke: So we’ve finally arrived……
    Luke: ……I wonder if it was na?ve to cross the battlefield.
    Natalia: ……yes, but there were no other means.
    Natalia: Even now the Outer Shell could collapse.
    Luke: Right. There should be memorial service for those I killed……
    Luke: No, there might not even be a memorial service, even so……
    Natalia: Yes. Let’s go meet Count Almendain.
    You obtained [Items depend on how many battles fought.]
    Path 2c: In Engave Talking to Rose
    Rose: Captain! Are the rumors that the war is moving northward true?
    Jade: I don’t think they’ll break through so easily, but this 
    village is in an extremely dangerous situation.
    Rose: What’s the problem?
    Rose: Even if you want us to take refuge in Grankokma, it seems the 
    capital has already entered into its defense plan……
    Jade: Yes. It’s impossible to enter Grankokma. That city is 
    fortified in war time.
    Jade: In the first place, it’s this continent that is in danger. I 
    want you to take refuge in Kesedonia.
    Tear: That’s right. It is under the church’s strong control, so even 
    if the battle field nears it, you’ll still be safe.
    Guy: Although on the contrary, the Kimlasca side might be very 
    Jade: ……although it would be impossible for us to take all of the 
    townspeople aboard the Alvior.
    Jade: But going by foot through the battlefield would be dangerous.
    Rose: Could you transport just the old people and the children on 
    that Alv-something of yours?
    Rose: The rest would remain here and surrender to the Kimlasca 
    Jade: No, even then there is still the danger of a cave in.
    Rose: Cave in……this place would disappear like Sentvina and 
    Jade: Unfortunately, that is exactly right.
    Rosa: ……in that case we should escape on foot to Kesedonia. Luckily, 
    the bridge has been fixed.
    Jade: Then let’s do that. We’ll leave the Alvior to Noel and we’ll 
    guard the group going by foot.
    Jade: Now we need to talk to Engave’s Coachmen.
    Jade: At the very least I would like one platoon to guard us……
    Path 2c: Outside
    Jade: If you happen to finish your transport early, this will be the 
    meeting spot.
    Jade: Well……I think it would be better not to expect that.
    Tear: Even so it’s good that the Markt Army lent us soldiers. Since 
    we don’t have to worry about the rear.
    Path 2c: Resting On Map
    Tear: This will be our campsite for today.
    Jade: Well, we did well today. We haven’t encountered the enemy.
    Tear: Let’s do our best tomorrow too. By the way, how much further 
    do we need to go?
    Jade: We still haven’t reached the half way point.
    Man: Umm……. You were soldiers on the Tartaros weren’t you?
    Jade: Yes. I commanded the Tartaros. What is it?
    Man: Was there someone with you on the Tartaros named Marco?
    Tear: Marco? Wasn’t that the Captain’s Adjutant……?
    Man: Adjutant! Is that right! He was promoted that far!
    Man: That is my son I’m so proud of! My wife will also be pleased to 
    hear that!
    Tear: But……he was……
    Man: So, what is he doing now?
    Man: This battle. He could have even been sent to the front lines 
    couldn’t he?
    Jade: It will be depressing for you to hear as his father, but your 
    son was caught in an enemy attack and died in battle.
    Man: W, when! When was it! When the Tartaros came to Engave he was 
    still doing well……!
    Jade: It was after that. We were attacked by some outlaws that were 
    after the Doushi and he died honorably while fighting them.
    Man: ……I see. Marco was guarding Doushi Ion and……
    Man: When he was born, he was told that by a Lorelei Church Scora.
    Man: He was told that he would somehow become a powerful person of 
    high class. So he was told to try to join the military……
    Man: ……foolish kid. No matter how great you become, you shouldn’t 
    die before your parents……!
    Tear: Captain……
    Jade: TO be raised up, to be knocked down, and cause parents to cry, 
    as a soldier it happens often.
    Jade: Don’t worry about it.
    Jade: More importantly, please concentrate on delivering the Engave 
    citizens to Kesedonia.
    Path 2c: Second Stop On the Way
    Jade: We’ve finally crossed the halfway point.
    Man: Excuse us. Is there a Healer or possible some medical supplies 
    Tear: I am a Healer.
    Jade: Was there a casualty?
    Woman: No……my foot was injured……
    Jade: I told the women to try to go on the Alvior.
    Man: We we’re told that but……
    Man: But Miriam-san said that she was fine and to take other people 
    and she wouldn’t listen……
    Tear: So that’s it……
    Miriam: I’m fine. Of course I don’t plan on dieing.
    Miriam: It’s just that my husband and kids have already passed away 
    Jade: Was it because of the war?
    Man: Her husband worked in the Aczelius mines.
    Miriam: Exactly, my son wanted to meet his father and while he was 
    staying at that town, it was destroyed and……
    Jade: I’m sorry.
    Jade: But in that case, you definitely have to survive.
    Jade: For the lost people in your family……
    Miriam: ……yes……
    Jade: Tear. Please help the girl.
    Jade: You two, go with this squad.
    Tear: ……I don’t know if it was alright telling them that.
    Jade: It is not necessary to tell them the truth now and invite 
    useless chaos.
    Jade: If something needs to be explained, I’ll so it at a later date 
    after those people are able to return to their village.
    Tear: They will definitely hold a grudge won’t they.
    Jade: It can’t be helped.
    Path 2c: Third Stop On the Way
    Tear: We’ve finally reached the campsite. Kesedonia is right in 
    front of our noses.
    Jade: Yes. And we’ve come this far without any injured people.
    Jade: Let’s brace ourselves and reach the goal.
    Miriam: Thank you for yesterday.
    Guy: You are……
    Miriam: Thanks to you my foot is better and today I am able to walk.
    Miriam: Oh my……a string is loose……
    Guy: ……a, ahhh!? Miriam: Kyaa!?
    Guy: Ah!? I’m sorry……
    Miriam: ……umm……did I do something wrong?
    Guy: N, no you didn’t. I……just……
    Miriam: Umm……you’re face looks plae……
    Guy: ……what? Although I kind of remember something……
    Guy: (Rotten smell of a corpse……screams……I……? I was hiding?)
    Jade: I’m sorry. He’s just tired. Are you hurt?
    Miriam: N……no. I’m sorry about that.
    Guy: ……no. It is me that should be sorry, I shouldn’t be given 
    sympathy after hurting a women.
    Guy: I am very sorry.
    Miriam: Oh my……you’re a strange one. You seem like your some kind of 
    Guy: ……do I really. I’m sorry.
    Miriam: No. Take care. Sorry for causing you trouble.
    Jade: Guy……are you alright?
    Guy: ……yeah. But I wonder why am I so jumpy.
    Jade: ……it may be because this is a battlefield. Anyway lets try to 
    get some rest.
    Guy: ……I’ll try to let you rest. I’m sorry.
    Tear: Will he be alright?
    Jade: Hmm. I am worried. And also it seems his fear of woman is 
    deeply ingrained in him.
    Jade: It’s definitely related to a life or death situation.
    Path 2c: Arriving in Kesedonia
    Guy: So we’ve finally arrived……
    Jade: There are no dead or injured people. Well, there were some 
    people that got hurt from tripping or falling during the trip.
    Man: Everyone! Thank you so much!
    Man: Everyone arrived here safely. Here is a token of our gratitude.
    You obtained [Items depend on how many battles fought.]
    Man: Even though it’s impossible to thank you enough. Thank you so 
    Man: Good work!
    Jade: Good work everyone. You did well.
    Guy: Or isn’t it as expected of someone like Jade?
    Jade: Nothing will come from praising me.
    Jade: Well, let’s also enter the town.
    NOTE: All Paths Converge Here
    Kesedonia 2・ケセドニア2
    Meeting Up in Kesedonia
    Luke: ……that’s!
    Jade: Luke! Why are you here? What happened to the ceasefire?
    Luke: The Supreme Commander, Count Almendain came here to have a 
    conference with Morse.
    Luke: So then we just chased after him……
    Jade: So then you went through the battlefield? That was a dangerous 
    choice wasn’t it.
    Luke: You too, I was sure you would escape to Grankokma……
    Jade: Grankokma has been fortified. At the outbreak of a war it is 
    closed down so invaders can’t get in.
    Luke: So then you took them to Kesedonia……
    Jade: By the way, about the talk with Count Almendain?
    Luke: We’re doing that now.
    Natalia: Let’s hurry.
    Meeting Almendain
    Natalia: Count Almendain! What is the meaning of this!
    Count Almendain: Princess Natalia!?
    Natalia: You should have heard that that was misinformation from 
    Markt’s Emperor Pione the 6th!
    Count Almendain: I can not actually grant an audience Your Highness, 
    his majesty said that the scheme by Markt……
    Natalia: My not returning to the castle quickly is my own 
    Natalia: However my meeting you right now should already remove the 
    justification for the war. Prepare for an armistice at once.
    Luke: Count Almendain, its Luke.
    Count Almendain: You’re……alive……!?
    Luke: Aczelius being destroyed was my……was something I triggered.
    Luke: The one you should blame is not Markt, it is me, Luke fone 
    Fabre, and me alone!
    Natalia: Since this battle has arisen from a misunderstanding, 
    shouldn’t you correct it immediately!
    Luke: And the place that has become the battlefield, Rugnika Plains, 
    will cave in the same as Aczelius……it’s in danger of being 
    Natalia: Now, stop this war, and immediately open up the borders!
    Morse: Wait everyone. It is not necessary to listen to this imposter 
    princess before you.
    Natalia: You scoundrel! How can you call yourself the Lorelei 
    Church’s Daieishi!
    Natalia: An insult to me is an insult to the entire Kimlasca 
    Lanvaldear Kingdom!
    Morse: Recently I have been accepting bitter confessions from devout 
    Morse: A man with quite a past said there was a baby girl born 
    between the Queen and her servant that was exchanged with the 
    Luke: That’s complete nonsense!
    Morse: It is not nonsense! Then what about that person’s hair and 
    eye color?
    Morse: From ancient times, Lanvaldear’s royal family’s descendents 
    had red hair and green eyes.
    Morse: However that person’s hair is blonde. The lost princes had 
    hair as black as night.
    Morse: His Majesty has also told me that. It is accompanied by firm 
    Morse: If you go to Bachicul His Majesty will declare that you are a 
    criminal who plotted against the country!
    Natalia: No way……that can’t be……
    Natalia obtained the title Imitation Princes.
    Morse: Count. We should get back to the battlefield.
    Count Almendain: ……y, yes. That’s right.
    Luke: Hey wait! The battlefield is going to cave in!
    Morse: And so what?
    Morse: The Score that brings forth even war safely, must be carried 
    Morse: What are you doing having nightmares about cave ins just like 
    those people in Yuria City.
    Tear: Daieishi Morse……what a terrible thing……
    Morse: Humph. The real terrible one is your brother.
    Morse: More importantly, Doushi Ion. Are you planning to keep 
    persisting for an armistice?
    Ion: No, I thought I would temporarily return to Dart.
    Anise: Ion-sama!? Are you serious!?
    Anise: But if you go back, the Secretary-general will open the 
    Sefirot’s seal in order to get rid of the tree!
    Morse: I won’t let Van do whatever he wants. ……of course more than 
    that, someone aiming to collapse the shell is a bit of a problem.
    Anise: If you use force……
    Ion: If that happens, Anise will come to my rescue right.
    Anise: ……huh?
    Ion: Shoushi Anise Tatlin. As of now you are released from your 
    Fonmaster Guardian duties.
    Anise: He, hey wait a minute! That’s going to be a problem!
    Ion: Don’t stray from Luke’s side for an instant and look after him, 
    and please report to me later what you’ve learned.
    Anise obtained the title Former Attendant.
    Ion: I’m counting on you. And everyone else, take care of Anise.
    Ion: Let’s return to Dart.
    Morse: As you wish.
    Luke: That Ion, what’s he thinking……
    Jade: Leaving Anise here means that he plans to return somehow right.
    More importantly……
    Natalia: ……If you’re worried about me, I’ll be fine. More 
    importantly, let’s return to Bachicul.
    Natalia: Right now the only one who can stop the Kimlasca Army is 
    fath……I mean His Majesty the King.
    Tear: In that case, we need to search for a way to cross the border.
    Jade: This is the border town. There must be a way to get through.
    Guy: Luke. Don’t let Natalia out of your sight for a while. I’m 
    Luke: ……yeah.
    Talking to Man in Bar
    Natalia: Let us through.
    Man: If you want to pass through, say the password.
    Natalia: Well, what is this? Someone with a horrible spirit like 
    yours will get divine punishment from above.
    Man: This is also a business.
    Urcy: Gehehe. Wouldn’t you like to buy the password? 
    Luke: Ah! It’s you!
    Noir: Oh my. It’s that boy and his friends from before.
    Anise: Ah……it’s you!
    Anise: Kidnapping Ion-sama, making money in a place like this, what 
    are you thinking!
    Noir: Ahan. Because I really love money.
    Anise: I’m the one who loves it!
    Guy: ……hey hey. More importantly Jet Black Wings-san. How much are 
    you selling it for.
    Urcy: Since it’s six people……
    Mieu: Mieu is here too!
    Urcy: Since it’s seven people, 7000 gald.
    Tear: What a shocking business……
    Luke: Idiot. Because you had to speak up, it increased 1000 gald.
    Mieu: Myuuuu……
    York: Are you going to pay? Are you not going to pay?
    That’s expensive……・高いよ……
    After Selecting「高いよ……」
    Luke: That’s expensive……
    Guy: That’s right. I don’t think we should pay people who have no 
    Anise: This is still Markt right? Captain, take them prisoner.
    Jade: ……that’s right. But I think I can manage to overlook that if 
    they’ll let us through.
    York: With all due respect, master. You’re starting a painful war 
    with us commoners.
    York: Why don’t you make use of us and let us make some money.
    Natalia: ……I guess so. Paying money here……
    Tear: That’s not like you Natalia.
    Tear: Whether there is war or not, a criminal act should be 
    according to each person’s morality.
    Natalia: That……may be true but……
    Jade: Then I’ll call the military.
    Noir: Wait.
    Noir: ……fine. We’ll let you through. But in return, don’t say 
    anything about this to anyone.
    Noir: This border being blockaded for the war is a lot of trouble, 
    and after all, there are others who pass through here too.
    Luke: thank you.
    In Market Area
    Guard 1: There’s a big problem! The Zao Dessert……
    Guard 2: ……what! Understood. I’ll set up a blockade here.
    Tear: If this continues we won’t be able to get through……. For now, 
    let’s try going to Aster-san’s house.
    Luke: Right.
    Talking to Aster
    Aster: It’s Luke-sama! And Natalia-sama!
    Aster: There were rumors flying about that you two had died.
    Aster: I am pleased we could have a reunion. Hehehe.
    Jade: Actually, we’ve come to ask a favor from you.
    Aster: If it’s about taking care of the Engave citizens, Ion-sama 
    has already made that request. You don’t need to worry.
    Luke: Thank goodness……
    Jade: You’ve been a great help. Thank you.
    Aster: Your welcome. Hehehe.
    Luke: By the way, what happened in the Zao Desert?
    Aster: You’ve got sharp ears……. There’s bit a bit of trouble there.
    Aster: Because of the earthquakes, fissures have appeared in the Zao 
    Desert and the Esponia Peninsula, and the area is sinking.
    Anise: That couldn’t possibly be could it!
    Tear: Kesedonia is caving in……!
    Man: I have news of the war! At ll:32 the Kimlasca Army arrived at 
    Jade: Oh my, whether they moved or stayed behind, it was the Engave 
    people’s fate to be subjected to danger……
    Jade: Isn’t that right.
    Tear: I wonder if Noel made it in time.
    Aster: Good work. Continue observing the situation.
    Aster: Where was I, Kesedonia was caving in?
    Luke: The same thing that happened to Aczelius and Sentvina is a 
    happening to Kesedonia!
    Aster: For heaven’s sake……. This is a town with citizens of both 
    countries. In war time there is no place they can escape to.
    Guy: There is a Passage Ring near here, does this mean Commander Van 
    shut it down?
    Natalia: In that case, it would be the Zao Ruins. The place Ion was 
    taken too……
    Luke: Damn, what should we do? If revive the Sefirot Tree now……
    Jade: No, Teodoro-san also said it was impossible. However……
    Anise: Captain! Are you thinking of something!?
    Jade: No, even if we can’t revive the tree, the upward lifting power 
    of the Sefirot should still remain.
    Jade: Using that, we might be able to lower the land just like the 
    device raised it.
    Tear: Can we control the Passage Ring?
    Jade: I don’t know.
    Luke: Let’s just go and take a look. Staying here we’d just be 
    waiting for it to collapse!
    Aster: I can’t seem to grasp your story……
    Luke: There might be a way to protect Kesedonia from being destroyed.
    Aster: What so you mean?
    Guy: Actually……
    Aster: ……Klippot huh. I can’t believe that story so easily.
    Aster: But other than the path that you believe in, there are no 
    other options.
    Aster: Please let me inform the citizens. Please take care of 
    Luke: Alright, let’s go to the Zao Ruins!
    Luke: ……Natalia.
    Natalia: Huh? Ah, ahh. Yes. I’m coming……
    Luke: Umm……cheer up. We still don’t know whether or not what Morse 
    said is the truth.
    Natalia: Yes……. I know. I’m fine……
    When Leaving
    Guard: I have heard the story from Aster-dono. Please be careful……
    Asch’s Voice: ……hey can you here me? Replica!
    Luke: ……it hurts……!
    Asch’s Voice: Come to the Desert Oasis. I have something to tell you.
    Luke: ……Oa……si……s?
    Asch’s Voice: Right. Now that you know, hurry up and go!
    Guy: Another one of your headaches? You were probably hearing Asch’s 
    voice weren’t you.
    Luke: ……yeah. Because I’m his replica.
    Natalia: Asch……! What did he say?
    Luke: Uh……umm……. He said to come to the Desert Oasis. And he has 
    something to say.
    Tear: I wonder if Nii-san is pulling the strings behind the scenes.
    Jade: Well I wonder about that. It would be difficult to make such a 
    sweeping statement about Van’s ally.
    Luke: Let’s visit the oasis. Even if we listen to Asch’s story, we 
    should still be in time to control the Sefirot.
    Desert Oasis 2・砂漠のオアシス2
    Talking to Asch
    Asch: You’ve finally come……
    Luke: What did you want to talk about?
    Asch: Has some change occurred? Your consciousness is mixed and 
    Luke: Huh? I don’t get it……
    Luke: Other than us being connected nothing strange has happened……
    Asch: ……I see.
    Natalia: Asch. What happened? Is your health bad or something……
    Asch: ……not particularly.
    Guy: Hey, is that all?
    Asch: ……Engave has started to cave in. The battlefield is also about 
    Tear: No way!
    Natalia: If this continues, everyone on the battlefield will die!
    Asch: Idiots. If you’re hear, you’ll also get caught up in the cave 
    in and die!
    Natalia: We know that.
    Natalia: That is why we plan to use the Sefirot upward lifting power, 
    and lower everyone safely.
    Asch: ……can you really do something like that?
    Jade: Who knows.
    Asch: Shrewd bastard.
    Asch: If what your saying is true, then couldn’t you lower the 
    battlefield the same way?
    Tear: But I don’t know if we’ll make it to Shuray Hill in time……
    Asch: You’ll make it. The Sefirot was tied to the planets interior 
    to begin with.
    Asch: Of course, the Passage Rings are also connected.
    Asch: The rings are usually dormant, but if you just activate them, 
    you can control the rings far away from the one you’re at.
    Jade: So if we start up the Zao Ruins’ Passage Ring, then we can 
    control the Passage Ring in Shuray Hill that we already started up?
    Asch: ……that is what Van said.
    Natalia: Asch! Where are you going?
    Asch: I’m looking for Van’s intentions. It’s necessary to know what 
    area he plans to make fall next right.
    Asch: ……well, if you can’t make this land fall safely, I’ll also die 
    Natalia: I promise. I’ll lower it safely! I swear it!
    Asch: Are you even going to pinky swear? Idiot.
    Natalia: Asch……!
    Asch: The world isn’t so absolute. That’s why, at that time, I……
    Asch: ……I’m going now. Don’t slack off.
    Zao Ruins 2・ザオ遺跡ス2
    After Entering Ruins
    Anise: Passage Ring ♪ Passage Ring ♪
    Tear: She’s got no feelings of tension at all.
    Guy: Haha, that’s fine.
    Guy: ……more importantly, is it alright to just believe in what Asch 
    Natalia: Can’t we trust Asch?
    Guy: No. I just think it could be a trap.
    Tear: We certainly……can’t deny the possibility.
    Jade: If you think about the nature of the Passage Ring, the 
    information seems correct.
    Jade: However, he has his own objectives and intentions. He could by 
    using us.
    Luke: ……right now we should just think about safely lowering the 
    Outer Shell.
    Luke: And Asch doesn’t seem to be thinking about destroying the 
    Outer Shell.
    Tear: Right……. Doing this would improve the situation.
    Anise: What’s wrong? Put an end to the chatter.
    Guy: Haha……. Maybe being like Anise would be best right now.
    After Green Save Point
    Anise: Ahh!?
    Luke: The bridge is shaking?
    Tear: ……it’s not just the bridge. It seems like the entire 
    underground city is shaking.
    Jade: It’s faint, but I feel Tone Magic.
    Tear: I can’t feel it……
    Guy: A trap? Or……
    Natalia: An enemy?
    Luke: Even so we have to continue. At the very least, let’s move 
    with caution.
    Jade: Oh my, that’s doesn’t sound like one of your lines.
    Luke: Shut up.
    Guy: If the bridge is gone when we return……it’s going to be trouble.
    Anise: Don’t say things like that!
    Near Entrance to Passage Ring
    Luke: W, what!? An earthquake!?
    Jade: No. That is……
    Tear: Look out!
    Jade: It’s coming!
    After Battle
    Guy: What in the world was that……?
    Tear: I wonder if that was a Genesis Beast. I saw it in a book 
    before in Yuria City.
    Tear: I just didn’t think they were this aggressive……
    Natalia: The Oracle’s Six Holy Generals came here before. Maybe they 
    irritated it?
    Luke: It might just be guarding the ruins.
    Anise: Whatever. I just hope no more of those things come out.
    Jade: Agreed. Well then, shall we go?
    Crossing High Platform 
    Anise: Wow! It’s so spacious! And so tall!
    Tear: What’s wrong Luke?
    Luke: I think it’s unbelievable that this kind of thing exists.
    Tear: But that is the truth. People only see what’s around them.
    Jade: ……but it is curious, in the thirst for knowledge people have 
    unwanted truths thrust upon them.
    Guy: Same as the Outer Shell.
    Natalia: Even so, now that we’ve seen the truth, we can’t run away 
    from reality.
    Luke: ……let’s hurry. We won’t just wait for the cave in.
    At Passage Ring
    Tear: ……thank goodness. This one reacted with me too.
    Anise: Is it sealed by Secretary-general as expected?
    Jade: It seems so. However……the Sefirot is running wild……?
    Luke: Hey, I should shave off the red part right.
    Luke: And next?
    Jade: Ah, yes. On the glowing one just above, please engrave an 
    upward arrow.
    Tear: Should I take his place?
    Jade: No. He is forcibly erasing the code, so the usual controls 
    can’t write it.
    Jade: We have to forcible erase it with Luke’s Choushindou.
    Jade: We need to right enter the next order, but you wouldn’t 
    understand the ancient Esponia language would you?
    Luke: Of course I don’t!
    Jade: Understood. Please do it with the Fonic Language we are using 
    Jade: The grammar is roughly the same, so it should work.
    Luke: What do I write?
    Jade: Tree ascend. Velocity three times. Fixate.
    Luke: Understood.
    Guy: It seems he’s done well.
    Anise: But Engave is still……
    Jade: Please continue and extend a line from the fourth Sefirot to 
    the third Sefirot.
    Jade: Now please do write the same thing as before to the third 
    Luke: The third Sefirot is Shuray Hill. I’ll try it.
    After Cut Scene
    Jade: ……it seems it has started its decent.
    Jade: Just to make sure, let’s wait close by the Passage Ring until 
    the decent is finished.
    Jade: It seems the decent is complete. The Passage Ring is also 
    showing no abnormalities.
    Luke: Thank goodness. ……hehe, it went a little to well and was kind 
    of anticlimactic.
    Anise: Should you really be getting so caught up in the moment?
    Luke: ……uh, you may be right.
    Guy: Oh, modest huh.
    Luke: Not recovering from the moment would be……scary.
    Luke: Tear. You don’t have to make that face, I told you I don’t 
    lose control anymore.
    Tear: Yes. That’s not really it though……
    Anise: You’re definitely tired. That decent took a whole day.
    Luke: Hwy, are you alright!?
    Tear: I’m sorry, I’m alright.
    Tear: I don’t even have any control over my fatigue, I’m a failure 
    as a soldier.
    Natalia: You should be worrying about your body before anything 
    about being a soldier. Are you really alright?
    Tear: T, thank you. But I’m really fine.
    Jade: In that case, let’s head outside. We should go confirm their 
    arrival in Klippot.
    Jade: If you’re thinking bad effects will show up, you should search 
    the source.
    Guy: Eh? Ah……right.
    Outside Ruins
    Luke: This is definitely Klippot……
    Anise: But how do we return to the shell from here?
    Anise: I see. The Alvior still hasn’t returned.
    Jade: The meeting place is Kesedonia. I think if it’s Noel, she 
    would probably be able to land while the continent was falling but……
    Tear: For now, let’s try going to Kesedonia.
    Klippot 2・魔界2
    Upon Arrival
    Noel: Everyone! Are you safe!
    Luke: You too! When did you arrive in Kesedonia?
    Noel: A little bit before this area descended.
    Tear: What about everyone from Engave?
    Noel: They were safely transported here.
    Anise: Thank goodness. Good work?
    Jade: We’re very sorry for not arriving earlier, but could you fly 
    us somewhere?
    Noel: Of course. I’ll wait at the Alvior. Please tell me when you’re 
    Guy: Are we returning to the shell?
    Jade: There’s something I’m worried about, so I want to fly around 
    and have a look at Klippot.
    Luke: What are you worried about?
    Jade: ……I don’t want to say until I have positive proof.
    Jade: Whenever Captain is like that, it’s a time where something bad 
    is happening……
    Luke: Understood. Anyhow, let’s fly around.
    While Flying
    Luke: Ohh, isn’t that Sefirot Tree a little strange?
    Anise: The radiance I thought it had is puttering out……. It’s like 
    fragments of Fonim light.
    Jade: As I thought the Sefirot is going out of control……. Just as 
    the Passage Ring warned.
    Anise: Out of control Sefirot?
    Jade: Yes. It is possible by some influence, that the Sefirot Tree 
    is running wild. The tree has fallen into dysfunction hasn’t it.
    Jade: The large amount of earthquakes recently has not been the 
    fault of the cave-ins alone.
    Tear: Wait a minute! If the tree becomes dysfunctional, then the 
    Outer Shell would……
    Jade: The Passage Rings have reached their limits. That’s probably 
    due to the out of control Sefirot.
    Jade: If the Passage Ring breaks, the Tree will also disappear, and 
    the shell will fall in the near future.
    Luke: Are you serious! Did the people in Yuria City know that?
    Tear: Grandfather said that other than that, nothing would fall……. 
    He didn’t know.
    Guy: Hey. Kesedonia is also floating on the liquefied earth with the 
    Sefirot’s power right?
    Guy: In that case, if the Passage Ring breaks……
    Jade: It will be engulfed in the ocean of mud. If the liquefied 
    earth in Klippot was solidified, then that would be a different 
    Natalia: Wasn’t the Outer Shell created to escape from the liquefied 
    land polluted Shouki in the first place?
    Natalia: Even the people who created the Outer Shell couldn’t do 
    anything against the liquefying land……
    Luke: Hey, was the Sefirot going out of control written anywhere in 
    the score?
    Luke: There should be a reason for it. Isn’t a method to deal with 
    it in the Score?
    Tear: Assuming it is in there, Grandfather wouldn’t let us view the 
    highly classified information.
    Anise: If it was Ion-sama……
    Anise: If it was Ion-sama……I think he could investigate the highly 
    classified information……
    Luke: Really!?
    Anise: Yeah. Because he’s a Doushi.
    Luke: In that case, let’s head to Dart! There may be a way to deal 
    with it!
    Natalia: But what about heading to Bachicul to stop the war?
    Tear: I don’t think there is a place for a war now that the 
    battlefield has fallen.
    Natalia: ……yes. It that would be good.
    Dart 2・ダート2
    Man: When will you send out ships again?
    Man: When we go to the port, all they tell is to turn back!
    Tritheim: Eighty percent of the Rugnika Continent has been 
    destroyed! With the current situation, it is to dangerous and we 
    can’t send out any boats!
    Man: Liar! That could never happen.
    Tritheim: It is not a lie!
    Tritheim: Because of the destruction of the Rugnika Continent, Markt 
    and Kimlasca have made a truce.
    Tritheim: At any rate, until we fully understand the situation, we 
    can’t send out boats.
    Man: The Rugnika Continent was world’s largest continent. Something 
    like that being destroyed……
    Man: I can’t believe it!
    Man: What’s happening to this world……
    Guy: I guess His Majesty Ingobert wasn’t so foolish as to continue 
    the war with the world in this condition.
    Natalia: Yes, at least we’re saved from that.
    Luke: But, if a larger amount of people hear about this, there will 
    be chaos……
    Tear: If we figure out what to do, we should be able to suppress 
    Jade: Right. Let’s go interview Ion-sama.
    Inside the Church
    Guy: Where is Ion?
    Jade: Wouldn’t he be in his private room?
    Tear: But only the Church’s staff can enter the Doushi’s room.
    Tear: There are tone circles placed there like a key to ward off 
    Anise: When that time comes, leave it to Fonmaster Guardian Anise-
    Luke: You mean formerly.
    Anise: Buu. Even it was “formerly”, I still know how to invoke the 
    Tone Circles to continue to his room.
    Luke: Tone Circles? You mean those things in the next room?
    Anise: Right. Now, let’s go.
    At the Tone Circles
    Anise: This one.
    Anise: Umm……”Yuria’s spirit be together with the Doushi”
    Luke: Whoa, she disappeared!
    Tear: It’s the same theory as Yuria’s Road. You don’t have to worry.
    Luke: Alright……let’s go.
    In Ion’s Room
    Luke: That Ion, where did he go?
    Tear: Shh, be quiet. Someone’s coming!
    Anise: This is bad……. This place is prohibited for unauthorized 
    Guy: Hide!
    Morse: Hmmm……. I thought someone came in here……maybe it was my 
    Dist: More importantly Daieishi Morse. Is that promise you made a 
    little while ago true?
    Dist: If I help restart the war, you’ll give me information on 
    Nebilim-sensei’s replica……
    Morse: Leave it to me. I’ll get it from Van.
    Dist: Then I, “Dist of the Rose”, will propose a way to restart the 
    Dist: First of all, it would be good to annul the armistice decreed 
    by Doushi Ion.
    Morse: Hmm. The Doushi is in the library room. Let’s arrange that 
    quickly as soon we return.
    Jade: ……listening to that story, it seems that Van and Morse are 
    each working toward their own objectives.
    Luke: Yeah, Dist has his own objective. I get the feeling those two 
    are opportunists.
    Jade: Morse just wants to cause war to go follow the score. Then 
    what is Van’s objective?
    Tear: To make the Outer Shell fall, and destroy humanity……
    Jade: I don’t see that person’s objective being meaningless 
    Jade: Just Because I can see Morse’s objective more clearly, I don’t 
    feel it is less of a threat.
    Guy: In that case, it would be better to get rid of the clear enemy 
    Guy: Let’s try not to let His Majesty Ingobert swallow that proposal, 
    and start a war……
    Natalia: ……but, I wonder if father…… will believe in my words.
    Luke: Natalia! Of course he will!
    Natalia: ……I might not be his real daughter.
    Anise: A, awe! We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it! More 
    importantly we need to head to the library!
    In Library
    Ion: Everyone!? Why are you here……
    Luke: Ion, the Outer Shell is in danger! So please tell us!
    Luke: Was there anything about the Sefirot going out of control 
    written in the Score?
    Ion: ……I see. That’s the first time I’ve heard that. Actually, I 
    haven’t yet investigated the Closed Score.
    Anise: Eh!? Really?
    Ion: Yes. If I knew the Closed Score, I would have known who Luke 
    was from the moment I met him.
    Ion: Also about Aczelius……I might have been able to avoid it.
    Ion: That is why I returned to Dart. To understand everything about 
    the Closed Score.
    Natalia: But what about the out of control Sefirot being in the 
    Closed Score……
    Ion: No, it shouldn’t have been written. Just to make sure, let’s go 
    inside the chapel and investigate.
    Luke: Inside the Chapel? Why?
    Ion: The Tone Tablets are enshrined there. You can confirm what’s on 
    the Score there.
    Anise: Ion-sama! That would be bad for your health!
    Ion: Please don’t stop me Anise. It’s necessary for me to do this.
    In the Chapel
    Ion: This Tone Tablet is was made from joining the first through 
    sixth Tone Tablets.
    Ion: From fragments of this Tone Tablet, the Doushi can read the 
    entire Score.
    Ion: But since the quantity of the Score is incomparable, we will 
    extract just the years in the Score related to the cave-ins.
    Ion: In ND 2000, the one who inherits the power of Lorelei, will be 
    born in Kimlasca. He will be a man of red hair, in line to the royal 
    Ion: He will be called the Holy Flame of Light. He will lead 
    Kimlasca Lanvaldear to a new era of prosperity. 
    Ion: In ND 2002 the one who seizes glory, will destroy his island of 
    his birth. It will be called the Hodo. 
    Ion: After that, until one cycle of the seasons has passed, Kimlasca 
    and Markt will continue their wars.
    Ion: ND 2018. The young one, who inherits Lorelei's power heads to 
    the town of miners.
    Ion: There, the young one turns his power into disaster, becomes a 
    weapon of Kimlasca, and is destroyed together with the town.
    Ion: At a certain time afterwards, the Rugnika Continent will be 
    shrouded in war, and Markt will lose territory.
    Ion: As a result, Kimlasca Lanvaldear will prosper, that will be the 
    first step to unprecedented prosperity.
    Anise: Ion-sama!
    Ion: ……this is the Sixth Tone Tablet’s part about the cave-ins.
    Guy: As expected, only the Aczelius collapse and the war are written 
    Luke: Maybe the Sefirot going out of control is written on the 
    Seventh Tone Tablet.
    Tear: ”The one who inherits the power of Lorelei”, I wonder who that 
    could be.
    Natalia: Wasn’t it decided that it’s Luke?
    Tear: But Luke was only born seven years ago.
    Jade: Right now the calendar is the year 2018. Since it says year 
    2000 it puts out a restriction, so it would have to be Asch wouldn’t 
    Tear: But even though Asch should have been destroyed with Aczelius, 
    he still lives.
    Anise: Before that Luke is the one who went to Aczelius right. 
    There’s something weird about this Score.
    Guy: He certainly came afterwards, but at that time he wasn’t called 
    Tear: Then Luke being a replica was omitted from the Score.
    Luke: So in short, you’re trying to say, because I was born, it 
    derailed the Score?
    Tear: ……Luke?
    Guard: We’ve found you, you rats!
    Anise: This is bad……!
    Ion: Everyone, please escape! Anise too!
    Jade: Let’s return to the Alvior.
    Leaving Town
    Tear: Daieishi Morse.
    Tear: Aldarant is already walking along a path that differs from 
    Yuria’s Score!
    Morse: Silence Tear! Are you saying you’ve forgotten your search for 
    the Seventh Tone Tablet and are conspiring with these guys?
    Morse: It’s fine, as the Score said, when Luke died and the war 
    started, then we would be visited by prosperity!
    Dist: Stop your resistance Jade. Or else I’ll take this girls life.
    Dist: Hahahaha! That’s a good look for you Jade.
    Jade: Your praise is an honor.
    Dist: No one’s praising you!
    Luke: What do you plan to do with us?
    Morse: We are going to take you to Bachicul. There you will play a 
    part in the restarting of the war for us.
    Dist: Take them!
    In a Room Somewhere
    Natalia: Will Noel be alright?
    Anise: Dart is religious territory. I don’t think they want to kill 
    anyone for no reason……
    Guy: What will happen to us?
    Jade: Luke will probably be executed. In order to go along with the 
    Luke: ……I wonder if that would be for the best.
    Tear: Luke, what are you saying!
    Luke: But it’s true. Because I was born, the world has strayed from 
    the Score’s prosperity.
    Luke: Because of that, the out of control Sefirot that occurred was 
    also not in the Score.
    Guy: What are you saying.
    Luke: That’s the only way I can think. And Tear also said it.
    Luke: That in Yuria’s Score, I don’t exist.
    Tear: Idiot!
    Luke: Wh……who’s the idiot!
    Tear: I was just saying that if you aren’t controlled by the Score……
    Tear: ……that you can create a new future different from the core!
    Luke: ……Tear……
    Tear: Haven’t you changed! You’re so quick to start sulking like 
    that! You’re just being selfish again!
    Luke: Tear……I’m sorry……
    Tear: …………
    Luke: ……I’m sorry……
    Bachicul 3・バチカル3
    Talking to Natalia
    Luke: ……we’ve been separated from everyone.
    Natalia: What’s going to happen now……
    Albain: The one who fraudulently uses the Kimlasca Princesses’ name, 
    Meryl. Along with the one who fraudulently uses the name of Duke 
    Fabre’s son, Luke.
    Natalia: Meryl……? What are you talking about?
    Albain: The kingdom has stripped you of your right to the throne.
    Albain: And also you are accused of the grave crime of slaughtering 
    the Aczelius rescue party.
    Natalia: Wh, what are you talking about! You’re wrong! I didn’t 
    anything like that……!
    Albain: You were once raised as a noble. At least be brave in the 
    end, and resign yourself.
    Albain: It is His Majesty’s consideration to try and not cause you 
    Natalia: Poison……!
    Albain: ……wh, what……is……that……?
    Tear: I guess I was in time.
    Luke: Tear! Everyone! Why are you here1
    Guy: We we’re thrown in jail, but there was some unexpected 
    Anise: We’ll explain later! Let’s escape quickly!
    Natalia: Wait! Please let me meet my father……His Majesty! I want to 
    hear His Majesty’s true intentions.
    Luke: It’s a request from me too. We should meet my uncle in order 
    to stop the war.
    Jade: ……just please prepare yourself for danger.
    Natalia: ……thank you.
    Luke: Tear.
    Luke: ……I thought I would be abandoned after what I said on the boat. 
    Thank you for coming for me.
    Tear: ……id, idiot.
    In Throne Room
    Ingobert the 6th: Natalia……
    Natalia: Father!
    Morse: You traitor! You’re still alive!
    Natalia: Father! Am I really not your daughter!?
    Ingobert the 6th: Th……that is……. I also believe……
    Morse: There was testimony from Her Highness’ nurse. You are Meryl, 
    the daughter of the late queen’s servant, Sylvia.
    Morse: Isn’t that right?
    Woman: ……yes. The real Natalia was a stillbirth.
    Woman: However, the Queen’s heart was weak. 
    Woman: So the child of my daughter Silvia, who was born several days 
    earlier, was made to be the Queen……
    Natalia: ……is that the truth, nurse?
    Morse: You are unsightly Meryl. You knew you were not the real 
    Princess on your way to Aczelius.
    Morse: Since you resented being torn from you true parents, and 
    aided in the destruction of Aczelius.
    Natalia: Your wrong! I wouldn’t do something like that……!
    Luke: Uncle! Are you serious! Do you seriously believe that story!
    ※Ingobert the 6th: I do not believe it either! However……the remains 
    of the infant have been discovered.
    Luke: ……ev, even if that’s true, Natalia grew up as your real 
    Luke: It’s not right punishing her when she hasn’t even committed a 
    Morse: So you’re trying to intimidate us. You will also die here. As 
    the ringleader behind Aczelius’ destruction.
    Ingobert the 6th: ……your death will resemble theirs, and we once 
    again declare war on Markt.
    Morse: Kill those two!
    Dist: What are you doing! Largo! Is it alright to kill the others?
    Largo: ……I think if you take them by force, that may not be 
    Dist: Asch! Perfect timing! Capture them!
    Natalia: Lu……Asch……
    Asch: Even though I went through all that trouble to free you, what 
    were you doing here! Run away now!
    Luke: You’re saving us! In that case you should come with us……
    Asch: Shut up! I have to hold them back here! Now go!
    Natalia: ……be safe!
    Dist: Kiii! Traitor!
    Asch: ……you’re chatter is annoying. You’re the traitor to Van! You 
    leaked information to Morse didn’t you!
    Largo: ……bastard! While you were in the Six Holy Generals you said 
    Van was the traitor!
    Dist: It’s fine as long as I complete my objective. I prefer that 
    more than my loyalty to Van.
    Outside Throne Room
    Natalia: ……father……
    Guy: We can’t let the chance to escape that he has given us slip by. 
    You understand right.
    Natalia: ……yes……. I……understand.
    Luke: Anyway, let’s get out of Bachicul! If we’re in this town, his 
    kindness will be for nothing.
    Leaving Area Outside Castle
    Pear: Luke-sama! By your orders the White Knights have opened up a 
    path for you ahead.
    Luke: Orders……?
    Pear: Huh? You’re hair……? Was it a wig before……?
    Luke: (Asch must have arranged it for me……) 
    Luke: Thanks Pear! Now run away!
    Pear: With my weak ability, I will bear you shield.
    Natalia: It’s dangerous! Run away!
    Guy: Don’t worry. Old Man Pearl is the one who taught me how to use 
    a sword. I’ll leave the rest to you Pearl.
    Pear: Gairaldia-sama. I will be praying for your safety.
    Guard: Please leave this area to us! Please Luke-sama, take care of 
    Her Majesty. The Princess is the star of this country’s hope.
    Luke: Leave it to me!
    After Going Down to the Next Level 
    Guard: Hey! Wait! Traitors!
    Guard: What are you doing!
    Man: Natalia-sama, please run away!
    Natalia: Why are you……!
    Man: We heard from the circus people! They are trying to execute the 
    princess for a crime she didn’t commit!
    Man: We didn’t know her face, but the one running from the upper 
    floor has to be the Princes.
    Man: Now, please escape!
    Tear: Let’s go! Natalia.
    Natalia: Y……yes……
    Next Area
    Goldberg: Wait! That person is the criminal falsely going by the 
    Princess’ name! Hand her over at once!
    Natalia: That’s right! Everyone, I am an imposter who is not 
    descended from royalty. You do not have to brave danger for my sake.
    Natalia: Please run away!
    Man: It doesn’t matter to us whether or not you’re a descendent of 
    Old Women: The one who kept our rest home open was you.
    Man: The one who paved the way for new jobs at the port and gave us 
    unemployed citizens jobs was you Natalia-sama.
    Goldberg: Ahh, shut up, get out the way!
    Luke: Stop!
    Goldberg: Aahh! Shut up!
    Luke: Asch……!?
    Asch: ……scum. Isn’t it your as a soldier to protect the citizens!
    Asch: Leave this to me. Go quickly, Natalia!
    Natalia: ……Asch……
    Asch: ……you’ve fulfilled your promise.
    Natalia: Asch……“Luke”! You remembered! 
    Asch: Go!
    Asch: ……the country can’t be changed a guy with such a damp face 
    Natalia: ……understood!
    Asch: Luke! If you mess up, I’ll kill you!
    Luke: ……heh. Well you’re the one that needs to take care.
    Man: The route to Zao Desert is clear! Please head to the Inista 
    Luke: Understood. Thank you.
    First Person Leaving Town
    Man: Natalia-sama! Take Care!
    Second Person Leaving Town
    Man: Please make sure you come back alive! Pleas survive!
    Third Person Leaving Town
    Old Man: I’m sorry about the war! I know you’ll definitely be able 
    to stop the war Natalia-sama!
    Fourth Person Leaving Town
    Man: We’ll suppress the army! Hurry!
    Fifth Person Leaving Town
    Man: Natalia-sama! The desert is dangerous! Take the road down south 
    to the Inista Wetlands!
    Sixth Person Leaving Town
    Woman: The Inista Wetlands are south-west of here. Be careful1
    Inista Wetlands・イニスタ湿原
    Upon Arrival
    Natalia: I hope Asch is alright……
    Tear: It will be alright. The Kimlasca people are also on his side.
    Natalia: That’s right. For my sake, everyone……
    Guy: We should show our thanks by saving Aldarant.
    Guy: Right now, we’re the only ones who know that the land is headed 
    for disaster.
    Natalia: ……yes.
    Luke: Where is the far end of these wetlands connected to?
    Anise: I should be Berkend.
    Luke: For now, let’s meet up with Asch there.
    Guy: However, Berkend is Duke Fabre’s territory. We can’t let our 
    guard down.
    Luke: Understood.
    Mieu: ……I’ve got a bad feeling about these wetlands.
    Jade: ……that’s right. Let’s hope we don’t run into any evil monsters.
    Further Ahead
    Luke: What’s wrong you two?
    Natalia: There was one of those evil monsters that Jade was talking 
    Jade: It seems it wasn’t just a rumor.
    Luke: You’re saying something is here?
    Guy: It’s a pretty old story but……it seems there are brutal monsters 
    around here that attack travelers.
    Jade: Many times there were subjugation forces put together to try 
    and exterminate them……
    Jade: ……but in the end, it was beyond their power, and by planting 
    flowers that it was said the monsters hate……
    Jade: ……it was locked in this area.
    Guy: I hat thought is was just a superstition, but you saw those 
    flowers before didn’t you? It seems……
    Luke: It’s a serious story……?
    Anise: Ehh! Haven’t they died already?
    Jade: That would be good but……
    Luke: Is that some kind of a joke!
    Tear: That monster……the one from the story……?
    Jade: Even if we fight that monster there is nothing to gain.
    Jade: And also we probably can’t beat it with our current power.
    Jade: We should avoid battle and get out of the Wetlands.
    Natalia: Why are you so sure we can’t beat it?
    Guy: If it could be beaten by just strength, then the subjugation 
    force would have defeated it!
    Jade: That’s right. Let’s run away right now.
    Jade: We know it hates the Lafres Flower.
    Jade: If we make use of that, it should be possible to get through 
    the Wetlands!
    Luke: Understood! If it starts to chase us, we’ll run away 
    Tear: Roger!
    Near Save Point
    Luke: What’s wrong Natalia?
    Natalia: Ah……no. It’s nothing.
    Tear: Are you feeling alright?
    Natalia: Kyaa!?
    Tear: Oh no!
    Luke: This is bad!
    Jade: Anise! The Lafres Flower!
    Anise: Yes!!
    Luke: Let’s get out of here before it comes back!
    Near Bridge Before Save Point
    Jade: ……Jade. Let’s rest!
    Jade: Well well. Aren’t you charming. Because of what happened 
    before, please be careful of your surroundings.
    Guy: Yeah. If Natalia got hurt here, everyone in Bachicul would cry.
    Anise: That’s right. I was surprised at how much they loved Natalia.
    Luke: Natalia runs the public work projects.
    Luke: Those proceedings are donated to sick people and the like……. 
    She’s very respected.
    Guy: If Luke was the Prince, he’d just be absorbed by the luxury of 
    the throne.
    Tear: Each governing person’s nature is important.
    Guy: Right. The people of Bachicul don’t like the Princess, they 
    like Natalia.
    Natalia: But father……
    Natalia: If His Majesty refuses you no matter what, then go to Markt.
    Natalia: If it’s you, there would be a warm welcome.
    Natalia: ……you can say that with such a serious look.
    Luke: Heeey. You’re being tricked by Guy, don’t defect to Markt!
    Anise: But wouldn’t Natalia become the Queen if His Majesty Ingobert 
    abdicates the throne?
    Natalia: ……fufu.
    Natalia: ……I’m……sorry……. I didn’t want to cry……
    Guy: It’s fine. A lot has happened, it was a shock to you.
    Natalia: ……I’m sorry everyone. I’m fine now. And thank you……Guy.
    Natalia: I’m happy I could return a smile to your face.
    Natalia: I’m blushing a little.
    Natalia: ……I forgot. I’m sorry.
    Near Exit
    Luke: It looks like we’ll be able to get out of here.
    Anise: Kyaa!
    Luke: Anise!
    Luke: This is bad! She could be killed!
    Jade: It can’t be helped. While I rescue her, you distract this guy.
    Luke: Got it! I’ll distract it while you save her!
    Luke: Afterwards, run away immediately!
    Jade: I know!
    You will fight to distract the Behemoth while your ally is being 
    Since it is a very strong monster, it is a good idea to run away.
    After Escaping the Battle
    Luke: Now!
    Guy: Did we do it!
    Jade: We might not have dealt a finishing blow, but it’s sufficient 
    for now! Let’s go!
    Luke: Alright!
    In Clearing
    Luke: Phew. We managed to get away somehow.
    Jade: Phew……that was super dangerous.
    Guy: According to the story, attacks were nearly ineffective, but 
    Luke’s skill was.
    Natalia: I wonder if it’s in influence from Luke’s Choushindou.
    Mieu: You’re amazing Master!
    Luke: He……eheh. Well.
    Jade: There were two effective attacks. At both times Tear’s Tone 
    Song was in effect.
    Jade: It seems it would be good to take that into account.
    Luke: Well for now, the Behemoth is in the past now. Let’s go to the 
    Guy: Right. To get to Berkend we need to proceed along the mountains 
    to the west.
    Luke: Understood.
    Berkend 2・ベルケンド2
    Upon Arrival
    Luke: So we’ve run away all the way to Berkend, but now what do we 
    Jade: Now that you mention it, that man Spinoza was doing replica 
    research in this town for Van.
    Tear: Onii-san……
    Jade: In order to find out Van’s objective, how about we question 
    Spinoza at the First Tone Machine Research Laboratory?
    Luke: (Sensei……tricking me……and trying to make replicas……)
    Luke: (What is he thinking……)
    Luke: ……let’s go and see.
    In Front of Laboratory
    Guard: It seems you made a scene in Bachicul. Special Division 
    Luke: ……Special Division Captain?
    Guard: Head Secretary-general Van has called for you! He has 
    requested your presence. Special Division Captain Asch!
    Jade: This is an ideal chance to meet Commander Van. Let’s be 
    obediently captured.
    Inside Laboratory
    Guard: We have taken Special Division Captain Asch into custody.
    Tear: Nii-san! Regret-kyoukan!
    Luke: Sensei! At Aczelius, you……you……
    Regret: ……this is a terrible mistake. Your Excellency, will you 
    please step back?
    Van: No, I don’t mind.
    Tear: Nii-san! What are you thinking! You got rid of the Sefirot 
    Tree and caused the shell to fall!
    Luke: That’s right, Sensei! Nothing like that was written in Yuria’s 
    Van: Yuria’s Score……. What nonsense.
    Van: Relying on something like that will be the destruction of 
    Natalia: Aren’t you the one speeding up the destruction of the world 
    by collapsing the Outer Shell!
    Van: Because that is the only way to free mankind from Yuria’s Score.
    Jade: Since if it died, then there would be no more connection to 
    the Score right.
    Van: Wrong. Just the death the Yuria’s ghost like Score and it’s 
    supporter Lorelei.
    Anise: Lorelei……? The consciousness of the Seventh Fonim? It still 
    hasn’t been confirmed……
    Van: No, it exists. That is the source of the written Score’s power, 
    and the thing that has thrown this world out of order.
    Van: If I don’t destroy Lorelei, this world will continue to be 
    bound by the Score.
    Luke: If you collapse the shell, many people will die.
    Luke: Then this won’t be about the Score anymore.
    Van: Replica exist. A mankind that can only live according to the 
    score are just dolls. They should be replaced by Replica.
    Guy: You’re going to create fake land and fake humanity? That’s 
    Van: Then tell me. Gairaldia Garan Galudios.
    Van: Isn’t mankind foolish for abandoning the Hodo to be destroyed 
    while knowing of the Score?
    Guy: That is……
    Van: Even now, my feelings will not change.
    Van: If you plan to cooperate me as previously promised, I would 
    happily welcome you to my side.
    Luke: A previous promise……? Guy, what does he mean?
    Guy: That was……
    Van: Count Galudios was once the head of our house.
    Van: Ever since we were untied at Duke Fabre’s house, we vowed 
    together to get revenge for the destruction of Hodo.
    Regret: It seems he’s come.
    Natalia: Asch!
    Van: I’ve been waiting for you Asch.
    Van: Without your Choushindou, my plan will not work. Let’s build a 
    new world order together.
    Asch: I refuse! If you need a Choushindou then use that replica!
    Van: I have no use for small fry. He is deteriorating goods. He 
    cannot control a Choushindou perfectly alone.
    Van: That is trash that made people think that history was 
    progressing according to the Score.
    Tear: Take back those words!
    Van: Tear. You must also open your eyes.
    Van: It seems you’ve started up the Passage Rings along with this 
    rubbish, but it is meaningless with the Sefirot out of control.
    Van: I don’t mind Regret. An enemy of this level will be no trouble.
    Jade: Tear. Put away your weapon. ……Right now we are at a 
    Guy: Yeah. In this situation, there is no way we would be unharmed.
    Guy: Even if we attacked together it would be pointless. There is 
    still work left to do lowering the shell.
    Asch: ……Van. Both sides will retreat. Alright?
    Regret: Is that all right?
    Van: Getting on Asch’s good side wouldn’t be bad.
    Regret: The conversation with the Head Secretary-general is over. 
    Now leave.
    Outside of the Laboratory
    Natalia: Asch……. Thank you for saving us at Bachicul.
    Luke: Right. Thanks to you, we were able to run away to here.
    Asch: Don’t misunderstand. I was just told by the Doushi, so I had 
    to save you.
    Anise: Ion-sama!?
    Asch: I have something to hand over to you. Come to the Inn.
    On the Way to the Inn
    Luke: Hey Guy. That story you and Sensei were talking about before……
    Guy: Huh? Oh, that huh……
    Luke: You said back when you had the Curse Slot and attacked me……
    Guy: ……right. What Van said is true. We both thought the same way.
    Guy: But……now it’s different. Our objectives are different.
    Tear: Your saying I should believe that?
    Jade: There is a deep suspicion isn’t there.
    Anise: Right, right.
    Natalia: Stop that! When everyone abandoned Luke……
    Natalia: ……only Guy went to greet him.
    Natalia: Can you go so far as to ignore that? 
    Jade: It might have been his strategy.
    Guy: I don’t want your trust. If you think I’m a spy then I’ll stay 
    far away from you.
    Guy: That’s all.
    Luke: ……I……believe in you Guy.
    Guy: Is that alright?
    Luke: ……but, it’s because I want you to believe in my. And that I 
    will change.
    Luke: I want you to see that.
    Guy: ……I see.
    Natalia: While Guy is from an enemy country, he helped me lift my 
    Natalia: I don’t think that was an act to deceive us!
    Tear: I don’t doubt Guy.
    Tear: If Nii-san planned to use him as a spy, he would hide it more 
    Jade: Yes, I think so too. At first, I tried formally doubting him. 
    ※Anise: ……if you’re that na?ve then one day you’ll face a terrible 
    Anise: But I’m fine with it. It was just a warning.
    Guy: Haha. Well, whatever. I’m counting on you now.
    Luke: That’s my line. Because Guy……I believe in you.
    Guy: ……yes. I know.
    Talking to Asch in the Inn
    Luke: Noel! You’re safe!
    Noel: Yes. Asch-san saved me.
    Luke: By Asch……?
    Mieu: Thank goodness!
    Noel: Only the Alvior’s flying power was sealed at dart.
    Tear: What do you mean? I fly can’t fly, how did you……
    Noel: Since is was still possible to travel on water, we somehow 
    managed with that.
    Guy: I see. They probably removed the Flight Tone Stone that 
    controls the flying mechanism.
    Luke: So we can’t fly unless we search for that?
    Guy: Yeah. Or it will just remain a boat.
    Asch: Ion asked me to hand this over to you.
    Jade: It’s a history book of the Genesis Era……. It’s a forbidden 
    book of the Lorelei Church.
    Anise: A forbidden book, it’s a book of harmful specifications 
    collected by the church.
    Jade: Yes. And it is considerably old.
    Asch: He said if I hand this over to you, it will be of help in 
    lowering the Outer Shell.
    Jade: It will take time to read. Can we talk more tomorrow?
    Guy: That’s fine. The only one who seems to be able to understand 
    the contents of that book is you Jade.
    Luke: Please Jade.
    Jade: Then, until tomorrow morning.
    You obtained the Genesis Era History Book.
    In the Morning
    Luke: Where did everyone go?
    Mieu: Since Master didn’t wake up, they left the room.
    Luke: They could’ve just woken me up……
    Talking to Jade
    Luke: Jade! Did you learn anything?
    Jade: Yes. The source of the liquefaction of Klippot seems to lie in 
    the earth’s core.
    Natalia: Earth’s core? The inner part of the planet where the Cell 
    Particles are said to spring forth from?
    Jade: Yes. The naturally dormant earth’s core is violently shaking. 
    I believe that that is the source.
    Tear: In that case, I wonder why nobody in Yuria City has done 
    anything to against the vibrations in the earth’s core.
    Luke: Because it’s not written in Yuria’s Score or something?
    Jade: That is true, but the biggest cause of the vibrations is the 
    Planet Storm.
    Luke: The Planet Storm is the artificial worldwide fuel source 
    Tear: Right, you remembered.
    Tear: The earth’s core’s Cell Particles flow from the Radiate Gate 
    at the first Sefirot.
    Tear: And from the Second Sefirot’s Absorb Gate they once again 
    converge in the earth’s core.
    Tear: That is the Planet Storm, the worldwide fuel.
    Natalia: Now that you mention it, the Planet Strom was proposed in 
    the Genesis Era by Dr. Sazankros.
    Jade: Yes. At first, it probably wasn’t thought that the Planet 
    Storm would produce Shindou in the core.
    Jade: Actually, it seems that Shindou had not occurred at first.
    Jade: However, after a long period of time a distortion arose, and 
    the earth’s core began to Shindou.
    Anise: So Dr. Sazankros hasn’t hypothesized that the earth’s core 
    would Shindou.
    Jade: In order to stop the vibrations in the earth’s core, we need 
    to shut down the Planet Storm.
    Jade: Shutting down the Planet Storm will also result in Tone Power 
    and Tone Magic to completely break down. Tone Machines will also 
    become unusable.
    Jade: The shell supporting Passage Rings will also completely shut 
    Luke: then there’s nothing we can do……?
    Jade: No, we should be able to stop the Shindou in the earth’s core 
    while maintaining the Planet Storm.
    Luke: Can we really do that?
    Jade: In this forbidden book a draft for that purpose is written.
    Tear: So it was only sealed as a forbidden book because it went 
    against Yuria’s Score?
    Jade: Yes, without understanding the reason that the Sefirot is 
    going out of control, all we can do is lower the Outer Shell.
    Jade: To improve the liquefaction, it is necessary to restore the 
    Tone Machine written of in the forbidden book.
    Jade: The cooperation of the researchers in this town is essential.
    Asch: But everyone in this town is behind father and Van.
    Luke: ……father……!?
    Asch: ……what!? What’s so funny!
    Anise: Hee. Asch really is a noble boy ?
    Natalia: Asch! Where are you going!
    Asch: ……a walk! You can tell me afterwards, so proceed however you 
    Anise: Oh, he got mad. Eheh, he made he failed he failed?
    Jade: Well doesn’t he have a sweet spot.
    Natalia: Awe! Stop making fun of him!
    Tear: If it’s as Asch says, obtaining the researchers help will be 
    Guy: No, there is a way. Search for a researcher named Henken.
    Luke: What do we do when we find him?
    Guy: Look forward to that later?
    Talking to Henken in Lab
    Henken: You’re asking me to accept work in secret from the governor? 
    I refuse.
    Cathy: Aside from the governor, the one in charge is Dist. If we’re 
    found out who knows what hell do to us……
    Guy: Well, then well just have to leave the restoration in the 
    forbidden book to Iemon in Sheridan.
    Henken: W, what! Did you say Iemon!?
    Cathy: Are you kidding! They’re going to snatch another Genesis Era 
    Tone Machine away from us!?
    Henken: ……al, alright. If that’s how it is, then I guess we’ll take 
    up the job.
    Anise: What? Why do these old guys see Iemon as the enemy?
    Cathy: Iemon and us have been rivals since the we were competitors 
    in the Royal Academy.
    Henken: We, “Team Berkend” and Iemon’s “Team Sheridan” have 99 wins 
    and 99 loses.
    Henken: We won’t accumulate any more loses!
    Luke: Hey, Guy. You knew about this?
    Guy: When Tone Machines were popular they were famous. The rivalry 
    between “Team I” and “Team M”
    Henken: But there might be information leaked to Dist about us. It 
    would be better to get the governor’s approval.
    Tear: But right now we’re being chased by the governor. 
    Cathy: Don’t worry. Leave persuading the governor to us.
    Henken: Alright, let’s go. Cathy!
    Natalia: ……they’ve gone.
    Jade: Well well. Then let’s go explain our strategy to the governor.
    Talking to the Governor
    Viridian: Luke-sama!
    Cathy: Relax. It seems the governor is going to cooperate.
    Viridian: I searched for Luke-sama and Princess Natalia as Duke 
    Fabre ordered, but I couldn’t find them.
    Viridian: That is all. That should be alright.
    Henken: Well said. You’ve got a keen interest in the forbidden book.
    Jade: That is fine. Then now simply explain everything up until now. 
    Come now, Guy.
    Guy: Me!? Well, fine……
    Viridian: I see. That’s a serious story. It is difficult to believe 
    so suddenly……
    Cathy: What are saying. Haven’t the Rugnika Plains really been 
    Henken: First it is necessary to measure the frequency of the 
    earth’s core’s Shindou.
    Luke: How do we find out the frequency of the earth’s core’s 
    Jade: I think we can find out if we install a measuring device on 
    the Sefirot Tree from a Passage Ring.
    Jade: Therefore, it is necessary to go to a Sefirot that hasn’t 
    lowered a part of the Outer Shell yet.
    Mieu: Shuray Hill’s and Zao Ruins’ are in Klippot.
    Tear: Should we ask grandfather in Yuria City?
    Natalia: If we are going to Klippot, then w will need to take back 
    the Alvior’s flight capabilities.
    Luke: Right. Right now it won’t fly. What should we do? Use Yuria’s 
    Anise: In that case, let’s go to Dart.
    Anise: Perhaps Ion-sama might know where the Sefirot is.
    Luke: Right. In any case the entrance to the Sefirot will be sealed 
    with a Dart style seal. We’ll have to bring Ion with us.
    Henken: Leave the reconstruction of the measuring device to us.
    Guy: It’s a request. While they do that, we’ll head to Dart.
    Leaving House
    Luke: ……w, what was that?
    Asch: Spinoza ran away just now.
    Henken: Spinoza? What was he doing?
    Jade: ……he was trying to listen in on our report.
    Cathy: Spinoza isn’t that type of man!
    Anise: People’s looks can be deceiving.
    Asch: ……is what he heard going to cause a problem?
    Natalia: They are doing s reconstruction of a Tone Machine in the 
    forbidden book secretly from Van and Duke Fabre.
    Luke: While they are doing that, we will go get Ion.
    Asch: ……At any rate I should go capture Spinoza. I’ll search for him.
    Natalia: Asch! You’re working with us!
    Luke: In that case, let’s search for Spinoza together!
    Asch: D, don’t misunderstand! I have something I want to ask Spinoza. 
    I’m just helping with that.
    Asch: I’m not conspiring with you guys……and that replica.
    Luke: what are you saying! You don’t know where he ran off to. 
    You’ll need a vehicle for that!
    Asch: Shut up! You should go get Ion immediately.
    Luke: I won’t lose to that! I’ll find Spinoza before him.
    Cathy: Stop talking like that.
    Cathy: He resembles Iemon when he was young. He’s definitely lonely 
    by himself.
    Henken: Humph. He’s still nasty.
    Henken: Alright Luke. He should be trying to escape the country by 
    boat. Find him before that guy does!
    Luke: Of course.
    Natalia: ……even if you say that, getting Ion-sama is more important.
    Luke: Sh……shut up!
    Luke: Shouldn’t we take the opportunity to investigate the other 
    towns a little bit while we’re heading to Dart?
    Jade: Oh my, it seems you’ve got a sore spot for losing.
    Head to Dart
    Quick Jump?
    After Selecting 「はい」
    The Alvior’s flying power has been sealed.
    You cannot fly, but you can move around over the ocean and on plains.
    Turn with the L Stick left and right or the L1 and R1 buttons.
    Advance forward with the ○ button.
    Move backwards with the ■ button.
    You can get off with the X button
    You can board with the ○ button
    Dart 3・ダート3
    In Front of Church
    Luke: Let’s try not to be caught by Morse this time.
    Natalia: Morse should definitely still be in Bachicul.
    Jade: That’s right. But some of the Six Holy Generals might be here.
    Natalia: Let’s keep our wits about us.
    Anise: ……I’m sorry. Papa, Mama.
    Luke: Huh? Papa? Did you say Papa?
    Anise: A, ahh. If we ask Papa and Mama, they might know what the Six 
    Holy Generals are doing……
    Guy: I see. Anise’s parents live here.
    Luke: Alright, let’s try asking them.
    Talking to Anise’s Parents
    Oliver: Well Anise! I heard. You’re doing you’re best to carry out 
    Ion-sama’s orders aren’t you.
    Anise: Papa, Mama. Do you know what those Six Holy General guys are 
    Pamela: Well well well. That isn’t a nice way of speaking Anise-chan.
    Anise: Buu.
    Oliver: Ahahaha. Don’t make such an angry face Anise.
    Anise: More importantly, what are the Six Holy General or Daieishi 
    Morse doing?
    Oliver: Morse, Largo, and Dist headed for Kimlasca’s Bachicul.
    Pamela: Regret-sama is in the middle of inspecting Berkend.
    Oliver: Sink has headed to the Radiate Gate.
    Pamela: Arietta-sama contacted the church that she is returning from 
    the Absorb Gate.
    Luke: Oh, so it’s completely empty.
    Tear: We have to get Ion-sama out before it’s too late.
    Natalia: Right.
    Jade: Where is Ion-sama?
    Pamela: He was in the library room a little while ago, but I think 
    it’s about time for him to head back to his room.
    Guy: Alright. Let’s go meet Ion.
    Meeting Ion
    Ion: Everyone! You’re safe!
    Luke: Thanks to you sending Asch to help us.
    Ion: No, it was because Asch was so quick to act.
    Ion: By the way, why have you returned again?
    Anise: We need your power.
    Jade: Guy will fill you in on the details.
    Guy: ……me again?
    Ion: So your measuring the frequency of Shindou in the earth’s core.
    Ion: The Sefirot that I know are the Radiate Gate and the Absorb 
    Ion: In those places the Dart style seals have already been released.
    Jade: Because those are the places where the Planet Storm flows out 
    and the place where it converges, it probably is not suited for 
    Luke: Then what should we do?
    Luke: If we’re going to Yuria City to ask, then we have to use Yuria 
    Road or get the Flight Tone Stone back.
    Ion: Unfortunately Dist took the Flight Tone Stone away. It isn’t 
    Natalia: That’s not good. Do you know of any other  Sefirot 
    Ion: I don’t have positive proof, but Regret said something on the 
    Ion: Something like, because the bridge is broken, we’ll have to 
    postpone going to the Tatar Valley’s Sefirot……
    Guy: Now that you mention it, if I remember correctly, I had studied 
    something about there being a Sefirot on the Esponia Peninsula.
    Tear: The Selenia Flowers that grow easily around Fonslots bloom in 
    Tatar Valley.
    Ion: I think there is value in going. That Dart style seal hasn’t 
    been released yet.
    Ion: I’m done with everything I need to do here, so I’ll be able to 
    cooperate with you.
    Luke: You’re a big help. Let’s go.
    When Leaving the Church
    Luke: Oww……. Again……
    Tear: Luke, are you alright!?
    Asch’s Voice: ……so it finally reached you! You good-for-nothing 
    Luke: Asch……huh……
    Asch’s Voice: I’ve got some bad news. It seems Spinoza sent a letter 
    leaking your plan to settle the earth’s core to Van.
    Asch’s Voice: The Six Holy Generals got in the way and snatched away 
    Asch: What!
    Asch’s Voice: They forcibly took Spinoza who doesn’t have any 
    significant information.
    Asch’s Voice: They might be worried about you settling the core.
    Luke: What about Henken-san and the others!? Sensei might go after 
    Asch’s Voice: Don’t worry. I had them take a freighter to Sheridan. 
    You can receive the measuring instrument there.
    Luke: What are you going to do.
    Asch’s Voice: I’ll look for a reason behind the earth’s core’s 
    Shindou, and continue to search for Spinoza.
    Asch’s Voice: Our cooperation ends here.
    Natalia: Luke! What did Asch say!? 
    Luke: ……it seems Spinoza let Van-sensei know of our plans.
    Luke: Henken-san and the others escaped to Sheridan. 
    Jade: I’ve failed. It was my duty……
    Guy: That doesn’t mean it’s your fault right.
    Jade: It was because I let my guard down and didn’t notice him ease 
    Natalia: What about Asch?
    Luke: He said he wasn’t going to work with is any longer. He plans 
    to work alone.
    Natalia: ……I……see……
    Guy: Well, if the Six Holy Generals were told, then there’s no use 
    staying here any longer.
    Guy: ……you alright, Natalia?
    Natalia: ……yes. I’m fine.
    Tear: Then we should go to Sheridan.
    Leaving Dart
    Pamela: Oh my, it’s Anise-chan. Arietta-sama was returned.
    Anise: Ugh! This is bad………
    Pamela: You were probably searching for her weren’t you?
    Pamela: I’ve told everyone that you’re here.
    Anise: Gyaa! Mama! What did you do!
    Arietta: Mama’s murderers!
    Anise: Wait, Gloomietta! If you fight here……
    Arietta: I hate you anise! You sided with Mama’s murderers!
    Arietta: Go!
    Jade: Anise! Protect Ion-sama!
    Anise: Yes!
    Arietta: Since you won’t hand over Ion-sama!
    Pamela: Ion-sama! Look out!
    Pamela: Kya!
    Ion: Pamela!
    Anise: Mama!?
    Jade: Now, withdraw your friends.
    Arietta: Uh……! But……
    Ion: Arietta! It’s pointless to pull Pamela into this!
    Arietta: ……Ion-sama……. Everyone, stop……!
    Jade: Natalia! Take care of Pamela.
    Natalia: Understood!
    Pamela: Ion-sama……are you hurt……
    Ion: I’m fine. Thank you Pamela.
    Pamela: It was my life long desire to protect Ion-sama……
    Voice: Guy! Look out!
    Voice: It was my life long desire to protect the successor of the 
    Galudios house……
    Guy: ……I……remembered!
    The Tatlin’s Room Somewhere
    Oliver: Thanks to you, Pamela’s burns have been almost completely 
    Natalia: I’m glad I was in time.
    Ion: For my sake……I’m sorry, Pamela.
    Pamela: It was awe-inspiring.
    Pamela: More importantly, that Guy person’s face seemed pale, will 
    he be alright?
    Anise: The one closer to dieing is you Mama.
    Oliver: Your Mama is fine, so please go check on Guy-san.
    Oliver: He’s your friend right?
    Anise: ……I know. But don’t push your self too hard.
    Tear: Guy is in the chapel. Let’s go.
    Luke: ……yeah. Take care Pamela-san.
    Pamela: Thank you very much.
    Talking to Guy in the Chapel
    Jade: How is Pamela-san?
    Luke: She seems fine now.
    Anise: And what about Arietta?
    Jade: As Ion-sama said, she’s been delivered to Eishi Tritheim.
    Jade: Well, as soon as someone from the Six Holy Generals comes back 
    she’ll be released.
    Anise: Geez, such a gloomy girl……
    Luke: Is Guy……alright? It seems he remembered something……
    Guy: ……yes. I’m sorry. I got distracted.
    Tear: Would you be alright telling us what you remembered?
    Guy: It was from the time……that my family was killed.
    Guy’s Flashback
    Maria: Is that alright, Gairaldia? You must live on as the heir to 
    the Galudios House.
    Maria: Hide here. And don’t make a sound.
    Guy: Sister!
    Maria: Shh! It seems the Kimlasca Army is coming. Be quiet. It will 
    be fine.
    Duke Fabre: Don’t even show mercy to the women and children! If they 
    can use Tone Magic they’ll be a significant threat!
    Voice: Move out of the way!
    Maria: You’re the one who should get back! Servant!
    Voice: Eeh! You’re in the way!
    Maria: Kyaa!!
    Guy: Sister!
    Maria: Guy! Look out!
    Guy: Ahhh! 
    After Flashback
    Guy: It seemed like I would be killed but my sister protected me.
    Guy: It wasn’t just my sister. The maids, and everyone protected 
    Guy: All of a sudden I lost consciousness drenched with blood under 
    my sister’s corpse.
    Guy: When Pear came to save me, my memories had already been lost.
    Jade: So your fear of women is because of the emotional scar from 
    that time.
    Guy: It’s pitiful. Thinking that the memories of my Sister 
    protecting me with her life are “Scary”……
    Luke: You’re wrong. You were a child right?
    Luke: Having an army invade and kill lots of people before your very 
    eyes. Of course you’d think it was scary.
    Natalia: That’s right. Despite that, I thought your fright of women 
    was funny……
    Natalia: I’m sorry.
    Anise: ……I’m sorry.
    Tear: I have to apologize too. I’m truly sorry.
    Guy: ……haha. What are saying? I’ve already forgotten about that. You 
    don’t have to apologize.
    Guy: Don’t worry about it.
    Jade: How are you Guy? Can you move now?
    Guy: Of course!
    Jade: In that case let’s get away from Dart. Bumping into another 
    one of the Six holy Generals would be bad for our health.
    Ion: That’s right. We were heading to Sheridan right?
    Guy: Yeah. I’m more worried about Henken and the others.
    Luke: Guy, don’t push yourself to hard.
    Guy: I’d never do that. Let’s go.
    Head to Sheridan
    Quick Jump?
    Sheridan 2・シェリダン2
    Upon Arrival
    Noir: Oh my, it’s the boy and his friends.
    Luke: You’re Jet Black……!
    Urcy: Well met. Well if we’re cooperating with Master Asch then you 
    guys would also be involved……
    Natalia: What does Asch have to do with you……
    York: He just hired us with money.
    Noir: Don’t be jealous missy?
    York: We transported the researchers from Berkend to here.
    Noir: Don’t let that Asch boy bother you, alright? We’ve done it 
    Luke: ……hey. We have been conspiring with them, but is it alright 
    not to capture them?
    Tear: But they were hired by Asch right?
    Tear: In that case, the Circus people that abetted the Bachicul 
    people in order for Natalia to escape were probably them.
    Anise: Well somehow or other we were saved by that lady.
    Jade: It can’t be helped. We’ll have to overlook them one more time.
    Talking to Tamara
    Tamara: Ah, it’s you guys!
    Cathy: Have you heard? Because of Spinoza……
    Luke: Yeah, I’ve heard.
    Guy: Cathy-san……it seems you’re uninjured. I’m glad your safe.
    Cathy: Ah, oh my, no. Such a good young man worrying about me……
    Tamara: What’s that Cathy? Aren't you the lady-killer!
    Guy: ……no, that’s not what I………
    Tear: By the way, what are you two doing here?
    Cathy: Ah……. Just getting a bit sick of the rivalry between the “I 
    Team” and the “M Team”.
    Tamara: If you go inside you’ll understand.
    Inside Building
    Henken: ……it’s because you’re so petty-minded that you failed that 
    Iemon: Shut up you! You’re the one who betrayed your friends! If 
    you’re going to complain, get the heck out of here!
    Aston: That’s right, that’s right!
    Aston: Oh, it’s you guys!
    Henken: Ah! The device to measure the Shindou frequency is complete.
    Aston: Since you relied on our abilities.
    Henken: We just borrowed your tools.
    Guy: What lively bunch of old men……
    Tear: Calm down everyone. Please stop fighting.
    Jade: Let us have the measuring device.
    Iemon: We heard the story.
    Iemon: After the frequency of vibrations is measured, won’t the 
    difference be negated adding the same Shindou as the Shindou of the 
    earth’s core?
    Henken: Just making a device that will bring forth a Shindou in the 
    core without making it buckle under the pressure is extremely 
    Aston: Hihihi.
    Aston: Just leave that duty to the Sheridan Team and we’ll build a 
    sturdy device.
    Henken: The only ones who can make a device capable of calculating a 
    360 degree in all directions Shindou is the Berkend Team.
    Iemon: Are you scheming to take that 100th win before us?
    Natalia: Is this the time to be glaring at each other!?
    Natalia: If this Aldarant heads into disaster, there will be no more 
    I Team or M Team.
    Ion: That’s right. If everyone would please work together, the plan 
    would become even more perfect.
    Anise: You old men are grownups. You should get along better.
    Iemon: ……we will create a device to check the vibrations in the 
    earth’s core. You guys……
    Henken: I know! Leave the calculations to us.
    Luke: Alright. I’m counting on you, “I Team” and “M Team”.
    Tear: Let’s head to Tatar Valley.
    You obtained the Shindou Frequency Measuring Device.
    Tatar Valley 2・タタル渓谷2
    Upon Arrival
    Luke: Last time we were here it didn’t seems like there was a 
    Sefirot here.
    Tear: It was night at that time, there might have been a place we 
    Anise: What’s this? You guys came to a place like this at night? 
    Natalia: ……well, Luke! You and Tear had come to that point already!?
    Luke: H, hey wait a minute! Why do you have to be like that!
    Luke: You’re wrong. It was before, when we were blown here from 
    Tear: Since it’s impossible.
    Tear: What are you doing? Let’s go.
    Luke: ……she seems kind off pissed off.
    Guy: So intense……
    Jade: It seems so.
    Guy: Having fun Captain.
    Jade: Yes, it’s very enjoyable.
    Guy: ……what an awful guy.
    Near Field of Flowers
    Luke: I guess they don’t bloom in the daytime.
    Tear: Yes. Selenia are night blooming flowers.
    Luke: ……it was the same as the scenery here.
    Luke: Even though I’m standing in the same place, I’m different then 
    Tear: ……you’ve matured?
    Luke: Do you think I have?
    Luke: Yes.
    Luke: Seriously!?
    Tear: Every day people’s cells are born again anew.
    Tear: ……just kidding. Now, let’s go.
    Luke: You’re starting to resemble Jade.
    The Somewhere Along the New Path
    Anise: Ahhh!?
    Tear: What is it Anise?
    Anise: That’s the rare “Blue Gorgonhodo Butterfly”!
    Anise: If we catch it, one is worth 4,000,000 Gald!!
    Guy: Hey Anise. You’re going to trip.
    Anise: Hey! Stop treating me like a child.
    Anise: Kyaa!?
    Tear: Anise!
    Tear: Guy!?
    Guy: ……keh!
    Anise: Tear, Guy……thank you.
    Tear: I……. But Guy, you……
    Guy: ……I was able to touch her……
    Mieu: Guy-san! You did it!
    Luke: That’s great Guy!
    Natalia: That’s splendid.
    Natalia: Even with your past, you didn’t notice when you were saving 
    Guy: ……yes, that’s right. I’m glad we didn’t lose Anise because of 
    Anise: Yaan, Anise is kind of moved?
    Jade: Guy is a Markt noble. He’s definitely in charge of a fortune.
    Anise: Guy? You can make me your bride whenever you want?
    Guy: ……I think I’ll pass.
    Near Some Monster
    Luke: There’s something over there. A monster?
    Mieu: Myuu! Myumyu!
    Jade: That cry is……
    Anise: The Uniselos!
    Ion: The “Holy Uniselos” Spoke of in the legends of ancient Esponia?
    Anise: That’s right! The rare Uniselos!
    Anise: If we capture it we’ll get a good 50,000,000 Gald!
    Jade: It is a monster that likes pure air. If we brought it back to a 
    town it might die.
    Anise: ……awe……
    Mieu: It looks like Uniselos-san is in pain……
    Guy: In pain? What in the……
    Tear: Something’s coming!
    Jade: This is bad! Behind us!
    Luke: Whoa! The Uniselos is ferocious!?
    Anise: It shouldn’t be. It’s very docile and shouldn’t attack people!
    Natalia: It’s coming back!
    Tear: For now, let’s knock it unconscious and have a look at it.
    After Battle
    Tear: I’ll heal it’s wounds.
    Jade: But what are we going to do afterwards? When it wakes up, it may 
    attack us again.
    Luke: We’ll have Mieu talk to it.
    Mieu: Yes Master! I’ll do my best!
    Mieu: Myu, myumyumyu! Myumyu!
    Mieu: Uniselos-san hates the Shouki.
    Mieu: And being around the Shouki has made him irritated and he 
    attacked without thinking.
    Luke: Shouki? There’s no Shouki around here.
    Mieu: But Uniselos-san said Tear is breathing Shouki.
    Jade: Does this remind you of some other time?
    Tear: N, no……
    Guy: I don’t understand at all. Could it be related to the fact that 
    Tear was born in Klippot?
    Luke: Ah, it left.
    Mieu: He just expressed his thanks to Tear. He said than you for 
    healing my wounds.
    Tear: I see……
    Natalia: The Uniselos might have been mistaken.
    Natalia: And after the misunderstanding was solved he thanked Tear.
    Luke: Right. That’s great weren’t kicked by it Tear.
    Luke: Don’t make that face. I was just joking.
    Near Seal
    Ion: I’ll open it.
    Anise: Ion-sama, are you alright?
    Ion: ……yes, I’m just a little tired.
    Natalia: Now that you mention it, Tear also seemed tired when the 
    Passage Ring made a Shindou.
    Natalia: I wonder if it’s caused by the use of Genesis Era Tone 
    Machines and Tone Magic. 
    Ion: I don’t think so……
    Tear: Ion-sama, would you like to rest here?
    Ion: No, let’s go.
    Luke: Don’t push yourself too hard. Tell us if you need to rest.
    Ion: Thank you Luke.
    Near Sealed Door
    Luke: Is another place falling!? Or maybe……
    Jade: Because of the Sefirot going out of control, the Tree may be 
    Natalia: Recently the earthquakes have been frequent.
    Natalia: Whenever there’s an earthquake I remember this we’re in mid 
    air and I get a bad feeling.
    Tear: You want to quickly return to land where you can relax.
    Past the Door
    Guy: It’s not reacting even though Tear is near it……
    Ion: It’s the same as Shuray Hill. It seems to be sealed with a Yuria 
    style seal. 
    ※Luke: It can’t be helped. We’ll have to investigate. It’s a kind of a 
    nuisance though……
    Near Passage Ring After Unsealing it
    Ion: It seems the Yuria style seal was removed. It should react if 
    Tear goes near it.
    Guy: From now on, if we see something like this we should examine 
    the area.
    Tear: Nii-san hasn’t come here has he……
    Natalia: In that case, I wonder if anyone who can use the Seventh 
    Fonim can operate this Passage Ring.
    Jade: No, the control panel is shut down.
    Jade: At Shuray Hill and the Zao Ruins we got passed the code that 
    Van left and the result was that we could control the Passage Ring.
    Jade: By arranging the area tied to the Passage Ring, Luke was 
    judged to be an intruder.
    Jade: It’s an emergency shut down.
    Guy: Then we can’t control it?
    Jade: Well, by using Luke’s Choushindou like we have up until now, 
    if we engrave the control panel I think it will work.
    Luke: So it’s in my hands. So, what should I do?
    Jade: For the measuring of the Shindou frequency, nothing.
    Jade: However, I think we should prepare to lower the Outer Shell.
    Luke: What should I write?
    Jade: Please extend a line between here, the fourth Sefirot, and the 
    fifth Sefirot.
    Jade: The fifth Sefirot is a diversion. That is Aczelius’ so there’s 
    no meaning to connecting to it.
    Jade: Also connect the third Sefirot to the first Sefirot.
    Jade: Across the sixth Sefirot, write “Tree decent. Regular 
    Guy: And then, write “Commence first Sefirot decent concurrently”
    Luke: What does that mean?
    Tear: The first Sefirot, in other words, the Radiate Gate will 
    descend at the same time this Passage Ring is started up and given 
    the order to descend.
    Jade: This way all the Passage Rings on the Outer Shell are prepared 
    to accept the same orders.
    Jade: So, if order the last Passage Ring, the Radiate Gate, to 
    descend, the entire Outer Shell will lower simultaneously.
    Guy: I see. The lands decent will be completed all at once.
    Luke: Understood. Next is the frequency of the earth’s core’s 
    Anise: Captain, how are we going to measure it?
    Jade: It’s easy. Please apply the Measuring Device to the center of 
    the Tone Stone.
    Guy: I’ll do it.
    Guy: That’s it?
    Jade: Yes.
    Anise: Boring. What a disappointment.
    Jade: Well we aren’t measuring for fun now are we.
    Ion: Then let’s head back to Sheridan.
    Sheridan 3・シェリダン3
    In the Building With the Old Guys
    Iemon: Oh, you’ve come back.
    Luke: These are the results of the measurements.
    Tamara: Right now we’re in the middle of remodeling the Tartaros.
    Jade: The Tartaros?
    Cathy: It’s strong enough not break from a fall into Klippot. It is 
    ideal for sinking into the core.
    Jade: The Tartaros performs wonderfully.
    Iemon: The preparations will still take some time. Why don’t you 
    relax in this town for a while.
    Leaving Building
    Luke: Hey, can I have a minute?
    Tear: What’s wrong?
    Luke: I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but is it alright for 
    us to proceed with the lowering of the land all by ourselves?
    Anise: Huh? What do you mean?
    Luke: It’s a major change to the structure of the world.
    Luke: Shouldn’t we explain the circumstances to Uncle and Emperor 
    Pione and try to get their cooperation?
    Natalia: ……yes, but to do that we will have to go to Bachicul.
    Luke: Then we should go.
    Natalia: Luke……
    Luke: Everyone in the town, protected us……Natalia, with their lives. 
    This time it’s our turn to save them.
    Luke: We’ll persuade my uncle, and have him agree to the Peace 
    Treaty he left unanswered.
    Luke: Shouldn’t we lower the shell after we get cooperation of 
    Kimlasca, Markt, and Dart?
    Tear: ……Luke! Yes, exactly.
    Natalia: ……please let me think about it a little bit.
    Natalia: I know it’s for the best. But I’m still scared. That my 
    father……will reject me……
    Natalia: I’m sorry.
    Jade: It can’t be helped. Until she gets her determination, we’ll 
    have to wait.
    Talking to Natalia
    Natalia: )please let me sleep on it. I’m……a coward.
    Luke: (I guess there’s nothing I can do. I guess I’ll go to the 
    While Staying at the Inn
    Luke: (Where is she going?)
    Natalia: Who’s there!?
    Natalia: Asch……! Why are you here……!
    Asch: I was searching for Spinoza. What are you doing here?
    Natalia: I……
    Asch: Aren’t you going to Bachicul?
    Natalia: You knew!?
    Asch: ……it’s not like you to be frightened.
    Natalia: Because I! Because all I can think of is frightening 
    Asch: Really? Even though you’re the ally of the Bachicul people?
    Natalia: ……I know that.
    Asch: ……when we become adults one day, we’ll change the country.
    Asch: So that people, not just nobles, would not be poor, so that no 
    wars would occur.
    Natalia: ……together onto death, we will change this country.
    Asch: ……you didn’t say that because you are a princess.
    Asch: It doesn’t matter how you were born. You should do what you 
    Luke: (……I’ll go back too)
    Luke: Ah……
    Tear: ……it’s not nice to eavesdrop.
    Luke: ……I just overheard. 
    Tear: I see.
    Luke: If I wasn’t born, Natalia and Asch……
    Tear: If you weren’t born, Asch would have died as Luke at Aczelius.
    Luke: Tear……
    Tear: Assuming things about if you weren’t born is meaningless.
    Tear: You are living your own life.
    Tear: You have your own experiences. You have your own emotions. 
    Don’t deny them.
    Tear: You exist here.
    Luke: ……you’re right. Thank you.
    The Next Morning
    Natalia: ……I’m sorry. I was weak-willed.
    Ion: Then, we should go to Bachicul right?
    Natalia: Yes. As a princess……no, as a person of Kimlasca, I must do 
    what I can.
    Guy: We have to go.
    Jade: I thought I’d tell you, I’ve sent a letter of our progress 
    addressed to His Majesty Ingobert.
    Jade: About the lowering of the Outer Shell and the problem at hand.
    Anise: The problem at hand? What was it?
    Tear: ……the Shouki isn’t it.
    Guy: Right. The Outer Shell was also created to escape from the 
    Shouki in the first place.
    Jade: The ones concerned are not just Berkend and Sheridan, but also 
    the Grankokma Research Laboratory
    Jade: And also without the help of Yuria City, I don’t think we’ll 
    find a solution. But in order to do that……
    Luke: Right. First we need to have Kimlasca and Markt join hands.
    Natalia: Let’s go to Bachicul. I’ll try to persuade father.
    Bachicul 4・バチカル4
    In Front of the Castle
    Guard: Your Highness Natalia……!
    Guard: You’ve returned……so you have resigned yourself!
    Ion: Wait.
    Ion: I, the Lorelei Church’s Doushi Ion, request an audience with 
    Ingobert the 6th.
    Guard: ……y, yes!
    Ion: The ones I bring with me are equal to mea s friends, Dart will 
    vouch for this people.
    Ion: If you rudely refuse us, Dart will be against Kimlasca and from 
    this point on they will not have the Score read to them.
    Anise: It is an order by Doushi Ion. Let us through.
    Ion: Let’s go. First we must deal a strict punishment to those who 
    are instigating the war.
    Luke: ……Natalia, let’s go/ This time we’ll persuade my uncle.
    Natalia: Yes!
    In Ingobert’s Room
    Natalia: Father!
    Ingobert the 6th: Natalia!!
    Albain: W, what are the guards doing……
    Luke: Uncle! The guards aren’t necessary here. Natalia is your 
    Ingobert the 6th: ……m, my daughter was lost long ago……
    Luke: You’re wrong! You’re daughter is Natalia, the one standing 
    right in front of you! Seventeen years of memories should tell you 
    Tear: Luke……
    Luke: ……heh. Well it’s just my opinion.
    Ingobert the 6th: Memories……
    Luke: Naturally even if you’re told someone isn’t your real daughter, 
    those memories still remain.
    Luke: Memories between a parent and child are theirs alone.
    Ingobert the 6th: ……I know those things. I know that!
    Luke: Then what!
    Natalia: It’s alright Luke.
    Natalia: Father……no, Your Majesty. If you say I’m a criminal, then 
    that’s fine too.
    Natalia: However, you need to please stop this fighting with Markt.
    Ion: I won’t ask what you expected when you sent that envoy to 
    Aczelius. I don’t want to know.
    Ion: But I was entrusted as a messenger of peace by Emperor Pione.
    Ion: I do not intend to damage the trust between us.
    Jade: Let me humbly say Your Majesty. Your pride won’t let you 
    forgive such young people pressing you for an answer right.
    Jade: I would like to ask for His Majesty’s volition later.
    Luke: Jade!
    Guy: What if the soldiers ambush us!
    Jade: At that time this city’s people would become His Majesty’s 
    Jade: And after that try to have an execution.
    Jade: Furthermore Doushi Ion is with us.
    Jade: No matter how much Daieishi Morse tries to hold it back, if 
    the Doushi’s life was lost, Dart would not know what to do.
    Ingobert the 6th: ……are you threatening me? Necromancer Jade.
    Jade: Do you think this Necromancer would just jump into a place 
    without any control over his surroundings?
    Jade: This letter is a collection of things that are putting this 
    world in danger.
    Ingobert the 6th: ……after I read this, you will have another 
    audience to talk with me. Is that alright?
    Luke: Uncle, I believe in you.
    Natalia: Please excuse us. ……your majesty.
    Guy: Are you going to go visit?
    Luke: No, Father is Uncle’s ally. ……right now I shouldn’t go there.
    Luke: Today we’ll stay at the city’s inn.
    Luke: That’s right Jade, what strings did you pull in such a short 
    Jade: What?
    Luke: You were threatening my Uncle in the castle weren’t you?
    Jade: Ahh, that was just a bluff.
    Staying at the Inn
    Tear: What do you plan to do tomorrow if it comes to forcing the 
    plan on King Ingobert?
    Luke: ……no, I’ll persuade him. No mater what.
    Guy: But will His Majesty really consent so easily.
    Natalia: At that time I’ll remain in the castle and persuade him. 
    Even at the risk of my life.
    Luke: Natalia……!
    Natalia: I was a fool.
    Natalia: I thought it was my job to go to Aczelius and the front 
    lines and save the people in pain.
    Natalia: But I was wrong.
    Natalia: I should have stayed by my father’s side and warn him not 
    to go down the wrong path.
    Tear: Natalia. You really are this country’s princess.
    Natalia: I think……I would like that. From the bottom of my heart. 
    Because I love this country.
    At the Throne Room
    Ingobert the 6th: I have certainly looked over that letter. It seems 
    your claims run counter to the Sixth Tone Tablet?
    Luke: The Score won’t be useful anymore. By my birth the Score has 
    started to go out of order.
    Ingobert the 6th: ……replica huh.
    Natalia: Father! Even if you cling to the Score, you will not obtain 
    Natalia: Now is the time when the people governing our country must 
    be called upon.
    Natalia: Aren’t we nobles here for that time?
    Natalia: At the very least, it the royal family should not rest on 
    the laurels of the Score and live in luxury!
    Ingobert the 6th: ……what are you saying I should do.
    Luke: We would like you to go into a peace treaty with Markt and 
    give your permission to lower the shell into Klippot.
    Albain: What are you saying! Markt has been our enemy for many years.
    Albain: Saying something like that makes you traitors to your 
    Morse: Do not be tricked Your Majesty. They may even have been 
    bribed by Markt.
    Morse: After all, it is nonsense from the imposter who has no royal 
    blood at all……
    Ion: Silence! You’re a fool who only concerned with lineage.
    Jade: Naturally there is one born a princess.
    Jade: Only with great effort can someone achieve sufficient dignity 
    to be called a princess.
    Natalia: ……I don’t know if I have the character Jade speaks of.
    Natalia: But I grew up for seventeen years by my father’s side. And 
    I am proud of those months and years.
    Natalia: I love this country and my father, and because of that, I 
    wish for peace with Markt and the lowering of the shell.
    Ingobert the 6th: ……that is good.
    Luke: Uncle! Really!
    Morse: You can’t, Your Majesty!
    Albain: These guys are a joke……!
    Ingobert the 6th: Silence! Do not make a mockery of my daughter’s 
    Natalia: ……father……
    Ingobert the 6th: ……Natalia. You have made me remember the 
    melancholy feelings of this forgotten country.
    Natalia: Father I……more than not being the princess, not even being 
    my father’s daughter……
    Natalia: ……was the most painful.
    Ingobert the 6th: Perhaps my blood does not flow through you. But 
    the time I spent with you……
    Ingobert the 6th: ……I will never forget the moment you called me 
    Natalia: Father……!
    Natalia obtained the title Lanvaldear’s Child.
    Luke: That’s great Natalia.
    Guy: Well. You’ve still got a lot ahead of you. Because you’re going 
    to retry being father and daughter one more time.
    Natalia: ……that’s right. I can’t return to the time when I didn’t 
    know anything.
    Anise: ……what happened to Morse-sama?
    Ion: He withdrew to Dart. I don’t think he’ll try anything for a 
    Anise: In Dart……
    Luke: Alright. Let’s put an end to this story before Morse comes up 
    with another scheme.
    Tear: Then next is Markt right. Let’s go.
    Grankokma 2・グランコクマ2
    In Throne Room
    Pione: I see. Kimlasca finally feels like having a discussion.
    Natalia: I request it as a representative of Kimlasca Lanvaldear.
    Natalia: Please forgive my country’s violence. And please form a 
    formal peace treaty……
    Pione: Wait just a minute. Have you forgotten your position?
    Pione: So what you’re saying is that the Kimlasca Kingdom has 
    decided to bow its head.
    Pione: ……people who don’t stop it are also bad. 
    Jade: Oh my, was I exposed?
    Pione: The Rugnika Plains War’s end of the war conference will be 
    famous. So, where will we have the conference?
    Jade: The natural place would be Dart……
    Ion: Right now it would be bad. I hoped for a place where Morse had 
    no backing.
    Luke: How about Yuria City, Tear?
    Tear: Eh? But in Klippot? Is that alright?
    Luke: It would be better to have them know the state of Klippot.
    Luke: Since that’s where the shell will be lowered to.
    Jade: That’s not bad. Your Majesty, would you take the trouble of 
    going to a town in Klippot?
    Pione: When I think about being confined to Ketelburk, anywhere else 
    seems like heaven. I’ll go.
    Luke: In that case, the Flight Tone Stone is necessary.
    Ion: That’s right. Dist has it right now.
    Ion: We won’t know where he is unless we confirm it with Tritheim in 
    Guy: Dart huh……Morse returned there right. It’ll be dangerous.
    Luke: Damn! Why did that Dist guy have to have the Flight Tone Stone. 
    It’s such a nuisance.
    Jade: Well he probably has an interest in it. Tone powered Tone 
    Machines are his monomania. The same as Guy.
    Guy: Who’s a monomaniac?
    Jade: That’s right. We can’t group Guy together with Dist now can we 
    Luke: I’m not saying anything!
    Jade: Come now. We can’t sit around and joke all day. Tear’s glaring 
    at us.
    Tear: ……enough already.
    Dart 4・ダート4
    Near Church
    Anise: Oww!
    Anise: Who’s the idiot!?
    Luke: A letter. This……is from Dist!
    Ion: What does it say?
    Luke: To my detested Jade and his gang.
    Natalia: Well, all of a sudden we’ve become Jade’s gang.
    Luke: The Flight Tone Stone is in my, magnificent Dist of the Rose’s 
    Dist: If you want it back, come to the place of the vow. There we 
    will bring it to a true conclusion!
    Dist: You’re scared. Right.
    Dist: However, if you’re seized with fear and do not come, you will 
    not obtain the Flight Tone Stone.
    Dist: It is not in Dart. Id is definitely not in Dart, so come 
    quickly! Six Holy Generals, Dist of the Rose.
    Luke: ……it makes it sound if it is really in Dart. What an idiot.
    Tear: Captain, what should we do?
    Jade: Let’s leave him be. It’s as Luke says. The Flight Tone Stone 
    is definitely in Dart.
    Ion: But Dist wanted us to……
    Jade: The promised place is probably Ketelburk.
    Jade: If we leave him there he’ll get tired and turn to ice.
    Guy: What pitiful guy……
    Anise: Just to make sure whether Dist returned here or not, how 
    about we go ask Tritheim? 
    Luke: Right.
    Talking to Tritheim
    Tritheim: Doushi Ion! I was searching for you!
    Ion: I’m sorry. But I have some business and will be away a little 
    while longer.
    Tritheim: As the Doushi, I will help you however I can!
    Tritheim: Daieishi Morse returned early, took the Oracle Knights 
    with him and went to Aramis Well……
    Jade: I see……
    Jade: By sealing Yuria Road, it would make turn towards trying to go 
    meet Dist.
    Tritheim: If you are going out, please take along at least five, no 
    ten Fonmaster Guardians……
    Ion: I can’t take a large group with me. I’ll be fine with just 
    Anise: Umm, Eishi Tritheim. What is the Oracle Knights’ Dist doing?
    Tritheim: Eishi Dist returned here a little while ago, but he left 
    again in a hurry.
    Tritheim: The attendant Shoushi Liner should know all the details.
    Luke: Where is this Liner person?
    Tritheim: Right now he should be training in Oracle Headquarters.
    Tear: Let’s try going.
    Luke: Yeah.
    On Way to Headquarters
    Guard: Doushi Ion!
    Ion: I am going to interview Shoushi Liner. Please let me through.
    Guard: Yes……. However Daieishi Morse……
    Ion: Who is the highest ranking leader in this church?
    Guard: Please excuse me! Go right in!
    Entering Headquarters
    Anise: Stand down! This is His Excellency, Doushi Ion!
    Guard: I’m sorry, but we have orders from Dist not to let anyone 
    pass no mater who they are.
    Jade: Hehehe……
    Guard: W……what’s so funny!
    Jade: Sorry, excuse me. I wasn’t laughing at you.
    Guard: Damn! Don’t mess with me! Just don’t hurt Doushi Ion. Kill 
    the rest!
    Luke: Ah they’re coming!
    After Battle
    Jade: Dist really is an idiot.
    Guy: What do you mean?
    Jade: Protect this area like that is practically saying there’s 
    something important in here.
    Tear: Ah, then the Flight Tone Stone is here?
    Jade: It probably is.
    Natalia: I wonder where it’s hidden.
    Ion: Liner might know.
    Luke: Then let’s search for that Liner guy.
    After Finding Liner
    Anise: He’s here! That’s Liner!
    Luke: What is he doing?
    Tear: That is the Oracle Knight’s training to be promoted from a 
    vanguard to a Sound Chief.
    Ion: At any rate, let’s try asking him.
    Talking to Liner
    Liner: You’re Doushi Ion! Why are you in a place like this……
    Ion: Do you know about Dist taking the Flight Tone Stone?
    Liner: Ahh, actually I have it.
    Tear: Why do you have it?
    Liner: Yes. Since I started my training to become a Sound Chief, I 
    must stay close to here for one month.
    Liner: For that reason, he left it with me……
    Ion: Will you hand it over to us?
    Liner: With all due respect, I can’t hand it over, even to a Doushi.
    Liner: I was told from Dist that I was to carry it around at all 
    Luke: Then one way or another……
    Liner: ……uh……
    Jade: Now. With this we can return the Alvior back to how it was.
    Luke: ……I think that was a little excessive.
    Guy: Well, it’s probably not just your imagination.
    Natalia: Is it alright doing something like this……?
    Ion: Yes. It does bother my conscience.
    Anise: Well, well? There was no other way.
    Tear: It’s an emergency. Let’s go.
    You obtained the Flight Tone Stone.
    Outside of Headquarters
    Luke: With this, the next thing we should do is transport my Uncle 
    with the Alvior.
    Ion: Before that, I have a suggestion.
    Natalia: What is it?
    Ion: At the ceremony for entering into the peace treaty, Kimlasca, 
    Markt and Dart all can endorse the shell lowering plan.
    Ion: But Kesedonia is an autonomous region without and is not a 
    Jade: They’re being left out.
    Ion: I know he doesn’t have that kind of authority, but how about 
    letting Aster also witness the event?
    Luke: Although he was the first person to approve of the lowering of 
    the shell. 
    Luke: It’s fine right?
    Guy: In that case, first we should go to Kesedonia.
    Guy: While we talk with Aster, Noel can transport His Majesty and 
    the others to Yuria City for us.
    Anise: In that case it’ll be worth our time.
    Ion: Thank you everyone.
    After Leaving Dart
    The Alvior’s flight capabilities have been restored.
    Bu restoring its flight power, it is now able to move across land 
    sea and air.
    By holding L Stick down and continuing to move downwards, you can 
    change to Land-Sea Vehicle Mode.
    In the Land-Sea Vehicle Mode, continue to hold the L Stick up to 
    change to Flight Mode.
    Kesedonia 3・ケセドニア3
    Upon Arrival
    Noel: Then I’ll return to the shell. I’ll come back to meet you in a 
    little while.
    Luke: I’m counting on you.
    Talking to Aster
    Aster: ……I see. Then I would be truly grateful. It would be my 
    pleasure. Hihihihi.
    Aster: As someone who has already experienced the decent, I think I 
    can explain the important points and the negative effects of the 
    Tear: You’ll certainly be consulted for the preparations of the 
    Luke: Now that you mention it, how has the influence of the Shouki 
    been? Has anyone gotten sick?
    Aster: Because of the Shouki the old people and children have fallen 
    into a deep sleep.
    Aster The ones with more grave symptoms have been taken to Yuria 
    City, but as you would expect, everyone is……
    Aster: Our food supplies are low from being in the middle of a war 
    and I’m getting worried.
    Guy: How will we appeal to the leaders about the decent?
    Ion: That’s right.
    Mieu: By the way, when can we depart?
    Anise: It will be a while, Noel still hasn’t returned.
    Jade: Let’s take a rest at the inn. If we do that, then Aster will 
    also have time to get prepared.
    Aster: Then I will take care of the payment to the inn. Have a nice 
    Luke: Thank you. You’ve been a big help.
    At the Inn
    Tear: What’s wrong? You look like you have something to say with 
    that serious face……
    Luke: Yeah……. It’s about the Shouki.
    Luke: I know that the Shouki is harmful, but I don’t know anything 
    concrete. I’m really worried about it.
    Luke: ……everyone could die in a few days……
    Tear: I think I’ve told you this before, but it’s not bad unless you 
    breathe it in large quantities over a large period of time.
    Tear: Even so, if left like this eighty percent of the people in the 
    next generation will probably die.
    Luke: ……damn! Even if we lower the shell, it’s pointless.
    Tear: That’s why everyone is researching the Shouki together was 
    written into the peace treaty.
    Luke: ……I know. Buy, my……Choushindou also can’t remove the Shouki……
    Luke: It makes me kind of angry. Even though I triggered all of 
    Tear: Pull yourself together. You said you had to start from what 
    you can do didn’t you?
    Tear: It’s true that what one person can do alone is very slight. 
    But that’s why people must work together.
    Tear: I……we are here.
    Luke: ……right. I’m sorry for saying such depressing things.
    Tear: It’s alright. ……then, I’m going to go. Get some rest.
    Luke: Good night. ……thank you.
    Outside the Inn
    Noel: Good morning.
    Luke: Noel! Welcome back! What about my Uncle and the others?
    Noel: They have been safely delivered to Yuria City.
    Noel: Since I arrived here a bit early, I went ahead and took Aster-
    dono too.
    Natalia: Well! Then you haven’t rested at all?
    Noel: No, I’m alright. Don’t worry. I’ll rest when I get the chance.
    Ion: Good work.
    Noel: That’s very kind of you. Then, I’ll wait at the Alvior!
    Jade: Well then, shall we head to Yuria City?
    Guy: ……yeah. At last.
    Yuria City 4・ユリアシティ4
    Upon Arrival
    Teodoro: ……now, both of you please sign the documents.
    Teodoro: That is good. With that the peace treaty has been approved.
    Guy: ……wait a minute.
    Luke: Hey Guy!
    Guy: Sorry Luke. It’s important. Be quiet for a bit.
    Guy: The same kind of agreement was signed following the Hodo War. 
    Will you be able to hold yourself to it this time?
    Ingobert the 6th: This is different from the Hodo. According to the 
    Score it was supposed to bring my country prosperity……
    Guy: That’s what you let the Hodo be destroyed for!
    Guy: There were also Kimlascians there. Just like my mother.
    Natalia: Guy! What are you doing!
    Ingobert the 6th: Your mother……?
    Guy: Eugenie Cecil.
    Guy: As a sign of peace, you sent her to Duke Galudios as a bride.
    Guy: I won’t let you say you’ve forgotten.
    Duke Fabre: ……Guy, if you’ve come here for revenge, then stab me.
    Duke Fabre: The one who killed Duke Galudios’ wife was me.
    Duke Fabre: That person did not guide us to capture Markt.
    Luke: Father! Really……
    Duke Fabre: It was a war. We would do anything to win.
    Duke Fabre: ……putting you to death and bringing forth war on the 
    Rugnika Plains.
    Guy: My mother’s situation was better. Since I felt she knew 
    everything when she was sent as a bride.
    Guy: But to even destroy Hodo, was it necessary to involve so many 
    other people!?
    Pione: If you’re going to point your sword, maybe you should point 
    in my direction. Gairaldia Garan.
    Natalia: ……Your Majesty?
    Pione: At any rate you’ll understand. The Hodo was not destroyed by 
    Kimlasca. It destroyed itself.
    Pione: No, we destroyed it.
    Tear: ……what do you mean!
    Pione: Hodo was part of the Fomicry research. Isn’t that right Jade.
    Jade: With the start of the war, we pulled out of the Tone Magic 
    experiment on Hodo.
    Jade: However there was no time for the Fomicry.
    Pione: The former Emperor, my Father, decided Hodo would be 
    destroyed by the Kimlasca Army.
    Jade: In the days of the Fomicry, the test subjects had equipment 
    installed on them. I’ve heard that an artificial Choushindou could 
    be created between the subject and the equipment.
    Guy: ……the Hodo was Destroyed……by that?
    Pione: My father used this act of Kimlasca to rub out anti-war 
    Anise: That’s cruel……. Those poor test subjects.
    Jade: That’s right. There is a record of a test subject that was an 
    11 year old child.
    Jade: Guy, you might remember his face.
    Guy: Me?
    Jade: It seems he was the son of a knight that worked for Duke 
    Galudios. If I remember correctly……it was the Fende family.
    Tear: Fende! No way…… Vandesdelca Must Fende!?
    Luke: Tear, you know him?
    Guy: ……if it’s the son of Fende then you know him more than anyone.
    Luke: huh?
    Guy: It’s Van. Van Grants. His real name is Vandesdelca Must Fende.
    Jade: I see. That’s how he knew about the sealed Replicas……
    Ion: Guy. How about putting down your sword for now?
    Ion: At this rate you wouldn’t get your revenge unless you killed 
    almost everyone here.
    Guy: ……somehow I’ve lost my need for revenge.
    Teodoro: It seems Van’s name has come up all of a sudden, but let’s 
    adjourn for now.
    Teodoro: that should be fine.
    Talking to Teodoro
    Teodoro: Their Majesties have entrusted you with the Outer Shell 
    Descent Plan.
    Teodoro: As for the Shouki, a Yuria City engineer is being sent to 
    Teodoro: We want you to fist stop the Shindou in the earth’s core.
    Luke: In that case we such check on the preparations in Sheridan.
    Sheridan 4・シェリダン4
    Talking to Iemon
    Iemon: The remodeling of the Tartaros has been finished.
    Luke: I see! As I’d expect from you guys!
    Iemon: Hohohoho. Don’t make light of us old people!
    Iemon: The Tartaros is docked at the Sheridan Port.
    Tamara: After that, just cross the Aldarant Ocean and go into the 
    hole left by the destruction of Aczelius. From there you can break 
    into the core.
    Iemon: There’s just one important point. During the operation the 
    Tartoros will invoke its Tone Magic Barrier to defend against the 
    Shouki and the planets pressure.
    Iemon: That is quite a heavy load. It will be destroyed after about 
    130 hours.
    ※Luke: 130 hours……even half of that would be plenty.
    Iemon: The load is too much.
    Iemon: The way the Tone Machine is set up, the cruise from here to 
    Aczelius and until your arrival at the core will count towards that 
    Tamara: To invoke the large output of the Tone Magic Barrier an 
    auxiliary engine is necessary.
    Tamara: When the commencement of your plan to enter the earth’s core 
    is decided, we will send up a signal here.
    Tamara: When we do that, Aston who is waiting at the port will 
    invoke the Tone Magic Barrier.
    Guy: In other words, from the second we leave this town, the time 
    limit will start.
    Jade: Going from here to Aczelius on the Tartaros will take about 
    five days.
    Jade: That means we have a little less than 10 hours from entering 
    the core……. That’s pretty strict.
    Tear: If we’re just a little slow, we’ll fail and also lose our 
    Iemon: Escape with the Alvior. We will install a Tone Machine to it 
    to neutralize the pressure.
    Iemon: When you’ve decided to start the plan, send the Alvior to 
    this port.
    Tamara: When the Tone Machine is installed, Aston will leave it in 
    the Tartaros’ hanger for you.
    Anise: ……so once we start the plan we won’t be able to use the 
    Tamara: That is correct. That means you also won’t be ably to go 
    shopping at other towns.
    Tamara: So you should think about if you have anything left to do 
    before you start the plan.
    Iemon: Now, you should understand, so go get ready.
    Iemon: When you want to depart, come and tell me.
    Talking to Iemon
    Iemon: Well what will it be? Commence the plan?
    Wait a minute・ちょっと待ってくれ
    Yeah, we’ll depart・ああ、出発する
    After Selecting 「ああ、出発する」
    Luke: Yeah, we’ll depart.
    Tamara: After arriving at the earth’s core, if you use the Tartaros’ 
    Shindou equipment, the Alvior will be moved up to the deck.
    Iemon: A Tone Circle that will produce an upward air current will be 
    drawn on the deck.
    Iemon: With the assistance of its power you can then escape.
    Tamara: The Alvior’s pressure neutralizing equipment will not hold 
    for more than three hours.
    Iemon: If you don’t escape quick, you’ll be squashed flat.
    Luke: From start to finish our lives are in danger……
    Man: There was a beacon.
    Iemon: It seems the preparations at the port are also complete. 
    Tear: Let’s go Luke. Right now every second counts.
    Luke: Yeah.
    Leaving Building
    Tear: Regret-kyoukan!?
    Regret: Spinoza also said so.
    Regret: The rumors that the place where the Berkend researchers ran 
    off to was Sheridan.
    Luke: Out of the way!
    Regret: I can not let you go. Having the core in a dormant state 
    would cause trouble.
    Regret: The Oracle Knights have also gained total control of the 
    port. Stop your futile resistance and throw away your weapons!
    Iemon: Tamara! Do it!
    Tamara: Iyaa!
    Iemon: Now! Go to the port!
    Luke: But……
    Tamara: If those guys sink the Tartaros, then all our work has been 
    for nothing!
    Iemon: There’s no time! Go quickly!
    Regret: You think I’ll let you?
    Regret: I won’t falter! In this town there isn’t enough space for 
    the Necromancer to use his Tone Magic!
    Luke: Jade!
    Jade: It’s impossible! There are to many unmarked civilians.
    Natalia: Kyaa!
    Regret: Your in the way!
    Iemon: Agh!?
    Luke: Iemon-san!
    Tamara: You have something more important to do then to worry about 
    us old folk!
    Iemon: Go……immediately!
    Jade: ……let’s go. Quickly!
    Tear: Luke!
    Near South Exit
    Guard: I won’t let you go!
    Man: I also helped modify the Tartaros! I won’t let you get in the 
    Man: Luke-sama! Princess Natalia!
    Man: The north exist is unguarded! Hurry……
    Man: Agh!?
    Luke: Damn it……!
    Heading to the North Exit, Next Area
    Guard: It’s futile!
    Woman: Don’t take me lightly just because I’m a woman!
    Natalia: It’s dangerous! Please stop!
    Women: It’s fine! More importantly you don’t have time! Quickly!
    Women: Kyaa!
    Natalia: ……oh my God……!
    Heading Around the Side of the Meeting Hall
    Guard: I’ll knock you into the ocean!
    Guy: We’ll take care of this! Hurry!
    Anise: ……sorry!
    Leaving Through The North Exit
    Soldier: What happened!?
    Natalia: Ahh! You’ve come!
    Luke: The Oracle Knights are attacking the people in the town!
    Natalia: Please take care of the townspeople!
    Soldier: Roger!
    Jade: Now, let’s hurry. We’re rapidly running out of time!
    Leaving the Town
    Regret: After them!
    Tamara: ……take care, young ones.
    Regret: Hurry! Attack them from both sides at the port!
    Regret: ……since the citizens have the nerve to interfere.
    Iemon: This is the first and final joint work……of the “M Team” and 
    “I Team”……it’s up to you……Luke……
    Sheridan Port・シェリダン港
    Upon Arrival
    Jade: This is bad! Stay low to the ground and cover your nose and 
    Luke: W, what is it!?
    Tear: This is a hypnotic smokescreen.
    Guy: Can we neutralize it somehow?
    Jade: I’ll blow it away with Tone Magic.
    Luke: Phew……I can breath again.
    Mieu: But I’m sleepy……
    Anise: Ah……me too……
    Henken: Thank goodness. You guys didn’t fall asleep too.
    Cathy: Of course it takes effect more quickly on small children.
    Mieu: Well, then you did this?
    Aston: Those Oracle Knights tried to sink the Tartaros.
    Cathy: It seems those guys also went to the town. How are Tamara and 
    the others……?
    Henken: No way……!
    Van: Is it alright to have a relaxing conversation?
    Luke: ……S, Sensei!
    Henken: Spinoza……! So you were more of an ally to the Oracle nights 
    then our comrade!
    Spinoza: ……I……I……
    Regret: Your Excellency!?
    Van: You slipped up Regret.
    Regret: Please excuse me. I’ll deal with them immediately.
    Jade: Luke! Don’t!
    Luke: Why!
    Jade: Right now our priority is to calm the earth’s core. Let’s go 
    to the Tartaros.
    Luke: ……damn!
    Tear: It’s dangerous! Run away!
    Henken: I can’t do that. Because Spinoza has betrayed our “I Team” 
    like this.
    Cathy: Even at this age we can still be an obstacle. Go to the 
    Van: ……move!
    Spinoza: Are you idiots! Move!
    Henken: When a comrade makes a mistake, the other comrades will make 
    up for it!
    Cathy: Go!
    Jade: ……Luke! There’s no time!
    Tear: If Nii-san catches up with us the plan will be a failure!
    Tear: Do you want Iemon and the others deaths to be for nothing!?
    Luke: I know……! I’m sorry……Henken-san, Cathy-san, Aston-san……!
    Van: ……although you are old, your resolution is good.
    Van: Spinoza. Take a good look. This is the fate of those that 
    become my enemy.
    Regret: Your Excellency. It seems Sink made it in time.
    Van: The plan itself has failed, but it is good that it could be a 
    decoy. Withdraw.
    Regret: Roger!
    Henken: ……not I’m sorry……it should be thank you……
    Cathy: ……right……when those young ones return……let’s teach them the 
    right words to choose……
    Earth’s Core・地核
    On Tartaros
    Anise: ……why……? Even though……Iemon-san and the others had nothing to 
    do with it……
    Natalia: I……also couldn’t protect my countrymen……
    Luke: ……because I was powerless. Damn it!!
    Tear: We don’t have time to be depressed. We still have work left to 
    do calming the core.
    Luke: You! How can you even say it like that!
    Tear: Nothing will happen by crying here and mourning.
    Tear: Captain is preparing for the operation by himself. Don’t 
    forget that.
    Guy: ……her eyes were tearing.
    Luke: ……huh?
    Guy: The one who killed those old people was Tear’s brother.
    Guy: She is the one who wants to cry the most out of all of us.
    Luke: ……the place to descend to the core was Aczelius wasn’t it.
    Luke: I……am going to head to the bridge and help Jade.
    On Bridge
    Jade: We have arrived 1 hour later than planed. We can not allow any 
    more mistakes.
    Luke: W, what’s that!?
    Tear: An intruder!
    Guy: It couldn’t be Commander Van could it!?
    Ion: Letting us calm the earth’s core would be trouble for them.
    Tear: Why is that……
    Anise: That’s true but there’s an intruder here now. What are we 
    going to do?
    Jade: It can’t be helped. We’ll have repel the attack after we enter 
    the core.
    Natalia: Even so, we’re limited by time……!
    Jade: I’m starting! Please take your seats!
    After Cut-Scene
    Luke: ……have we arrived?
    Jade: It seems so.
    Guy: Just now, for an instant I saw……
    Natalia: Is something wrong? Certainly when we dove into the core 
    just before, it seemed like there was something glowing.
    Guy: ……I remember seeing that from when I was a kid on Hodo. If I 
    remember, that is……
    Jade: We’ll investigate later. Our preparations are finished here. 
    Let’s hurry and escape.
    On Deck
    Anise: Huh……? There’s no Tone Circle like Iemon-san and the others 
    Sink: I erased the Tone Circle that was here.
    Luke: So you were the intruder……
    Sink: I won’t let you escape. You will sink into the mud together 
    with me.
    Sink: Die!
    After Battle
    Luke: Y……you……
    Anise: No way……there are two Ion-samas……!?
    Sink: ……agh.
    Ion: I knew it……. You’re also a Doushi replica.
    Guy: Hey! What do you mean by……”you’re also”!
    Ion: ……yes. Because I am Doushi Ion’s seventh, his last replica.
    Luke: A replica!? You!?
    Anise: No way……. But Ion-sama……
    Ion: I’m sorry Anise. I have been in his place for almost two years.
    Anise: Two years, that was about the time I became your Fonmaster 
    Anise: Then you couldn’t have been the one that dismissed 
    Arietta……since you don’t have any memories?
    Ion: Yes. At that time the original Ion was confronted with a deadly 
    Ion: But since their was no successor, Morse and Van used Fomicry.
    Sink: ……you are the one that is closest to possessing the original’s 
    abilities. You are different from us scrap.
    Ion: No way……scrap……
    Sink: Scrap. Since their powers were deteriorating they were thrown 
    into the Zareho Volcano alive!
    Sink: Garbage……a replica who couldn’t even be a replacement……
    Luke: ……no way! Even as replicas we can still live.
    Sink: I don’t want to here impertinent talk from a replica that was 
    made necessary.
    Ion: Don’t talk that way. Let’s escape from here together! Aren’t we 
    the same?
    Sink: You’re wrong!
    Sink: I only live to be used by Van.
    Sink: In the end……only the ones who breathe mercy are the ones who 
    have a use……
    Anise: ……Ion-sama, please don’t cry.
    Ion: I’m not crying.
    Anise: But there are tears……
    Ion: ……it’s true.
    Natalia: It’s what happens when siblings are lost……
    Ion: I see……. I was in pain wasn’t I……. This is the first time I’ve 
    Ion: I see……that’s right……. I’ve had a huge misunderstanding……
    Jade: This is no good. We don’t have anymore time.
    Guy: But the Tone Circle was erased by Sink.
    Jade: I will draw it.
    Jade: Just one of this size will take a considerable amount of 
    Jade: Luke, Tear. Please help me.
    Luke: But, what should I do?
    Jade: I will open up all my Fonslots and create a spirit of Fonim.
    Jade: Luke, please use Mieu’s fire to move those spirits.
    Jade: Tear, please remain on deck and give instructions for tracing 
    the Tone Circle.
    Luke: In short, while I follow Tear’s instructions, I move the Fonim 
    spirits with Mieu’s fire.
    Tear: Yes. Like that we can redraw the Tone Circle.
    Jade: Then let’s start.
    Follow the Tone Circle drawn on the deck and move the ball of light 
    with Mieu Fire.
    You will fail if the ball of light strays from the path or if you 
    run out of time.
    After Mini-game
    Luke: I managed to draw it somehow.
    Jade: Yes. Now, to the Alvior……
    Luke: Agh.
    Voice: My voice has reached your ears! Can you hear my, the one who 
    is the same existence as me.
    Luke: Asch……? No, it’s different, this voice is……
    Tear: Luke? Are you alright? Can I heal it? I’m going to try.
    Voice: Release me. From this eternal prison……
    Voice: Yuria’s bloodline……! Lend me your power!
    Luke: The pain……has gone away……
    Tear: Luke. I am one of your isotopes. At last I am able to talk 
    with you.
    Luke: Tear? No……it’s different……
    Tear: According to you I am called Lorelei.
    Jade: The conscious of the Seventh Fonim……! Its existence hasn’t 
    been proved but……
    Tear: Yes. I am of the Seventh Fonim.
    Tear: And Luke, your Fonim frequency is the same as the Seventh 
    Tear: Another along with you, are my perfect isotopes.
    Tear: I am you. That is why I want to ask you.
    Tear: Right now, some thing extraordinary is sucking up my power.
    Tear: That is the cause of the shaking in the core, and the Sefirot 
    going out of control.
    Tear: Because of you, the core has settled and the Sefirot have also 
    stopped going out of control, but as long as I am locked up……
    Luke: Tear!
    Luke: Tear! Are you alright!
    Tear: ……I’m fine. Just, dizzy……. What happened to me……?
    Jade: It’s dangerous here. At any rate, let’s move to the Alvior now.
    In the Alvior
    Jade: Somehow we made it in time.
    Luke: Tear, are you alright?
    Tear: Yes……right now I’m calm.
    Natalia: But I’m worried. All of a sudden Lorelei snatched your body.
    Natalia: Just to make sure, I think we should have you examined by a 
    Anise: I wonder if we couldn’t get a complete examination in Berkend.
    Luke: ……As long as the Oracle Knights aren’t there.
    Guy: As expected they should have cut their ties with Duke Fabre and 
    Commander Van right?
    Anise: We’ll know if we ask their Governor.
    Mieu: Let’s try going! I’m worried about Tear-san!
    Luke: I know.
    Berkend 3・ベルケンド3
    Talking to the Governor 
    Viridian: Luke-sama! I received a report from Sheridan. That you 
    were headed to the earth’s core……
    Luke: The plan was a success.
    Luke: ……Sheridan’s Iemon-san and his group and this town’s Henken-
    san and his group……gave their lives protecting us……
    Viridian: ……is that so? I have received a report about them.
    Viridian: But His Majesty and the Duke both protested against Dart.
    Viridian: It seems Daieishi Morse has not taken complete notice of 
    Commander Van’s withdrawal from Dart.
    Ion: ……I’m very sorry. My servant’s crime is my crime.
    Natalia: ……by the way, are Duke Fabre and Commander Van still 
    working together?
    Viridian: No. With the attack on Sheridan, Dart’s influence was been 
    withdrawn from this town.
    Luke: In that case, I have a request.
    Guy: We would like you to do a complete examination on the physical 
    condition of our friend.
    Viridian: Granted. 
    Viridian: Please visit Shu in the research area.
    Luke: Thank you.
    Talking to Shu
    Shu: I understand you story. Everyone please wait out here.
    In Exam Room
    Luke: ……how is Tear?
    Shu: I haven’t gotten all of the results back yet, but……
    Shu: The Tears blood Fonim have shown to be incredibly unstable.
    Luke: blood Fonim……?
    Shu: People who use Tone Magic often capture Fonim inside their body.
    Shu: But in her case, the captured Fonim is polluted, and is being 
    emitted from her body.
    Guy: What do you mean by, the Fonim is polluted?
    Shu: The toxin gushing from the whole world right now……Shouki was 
    it? It is linked to that.
    Shu: It is mainly an accumulation of the Seventh Fonim.
    Natalia: So she has taken in Seventh Fonim polluted with Shouki?
    Shu: Yes. Furthermore it is a large amount. The accumulation of 
    those Fonim in her body is severely weakening her internal organs.
    Shu: I have heard that she has reacted with the Tone Machine called 
    the Passage Ring while carrying out the plan to lower the shell.
    Shu: If it was a Genesis Tone Machine, then it should contain a 
    large amount of the Seventh Fonim.
    Jade: In other words, while she was lowering the shell, the Shouki 
    flowed from the Passage Ring into Tear?
    Shu: I don’t think it is anything else. If she continues to do work 
    lowering the shell, I am unable to guarantee she will live.
    Natalia: No way……!
    Shu: I can only prescribe medicine to curb her spasms here.
    Luke: Is there something we can do! I could do the work to lower the 
    shell with the Seventh Fonim, I’m as good as new.
    Shu: That said the quantity is incomparable. It’s over one hundred 
    times more than A Seventh Fonimar uses in their entire life.
    Ion: ……can you explain it in a little more detail?
    Jade: I also have things I want to ask. Let’s breakup now.
    Talking to Tear
    Tear: ……have you heard about me?
    Luke: ……yeah.
    Tear: According to Sensei’s story, the Seventh Fonim was polluted by 
    Shouki. I wonder if Lorelei is polluted too……*15
    Luke: Don’t look like nothings bothering you when you say that!
    Tear: You’re worried about me?
    Luke: Of course!
    Luke: Damn! The core has been calmed and the Sefirot have stopped 
    going out of control. In that case, even if we don’t lower the Outer 
    Tear: It’s too late. The Passage Rings are at their limit.
    Luke: ……I guess we’ll have to continue lowering the shell.
    Luke: ……I’m sorry.
    Tear: Why are you apologizing all of a sudden?
    Luke: I was trying to say quit lowering the Outer Shell……if it’s 
    possible to say……
    Tear: Luke……
    Luke: But I……it’s a horrible idea……
    Luke: If the Outer Shell falls, lots of people would die……
    Luke: So I can’t say it so easily……
    Tear: …………
    Luke: And we’ve even gotten the help of my Uncle and Emperor Pione.
    Luke: I can’t say……it was useless now……
    Tear: Idiot. Why are you making a face like that? It’s fine.
    Tear: If you had said something like “don’t do it”, I would have 
    scolded you.
    Tear: Thank you. I’m glad you believe in me.
    Luke: You’re crazy!
    Tear: Huh?
    Luke: You aren’t fine! You’re acting too strong.
    Luke: If you’d at least tell me your scared, or sad, you’re real 
    feelings, I……
    Tear: It isn’t an act.
    Tear: ……I’m sorry. Let me be alone for a while.
    Luke: No. I’m staying here.
    Tear: Luke! Please! I don’t want you to see me like this……
    Luke: Then I’ll face the other way……
    Tear: ……idiot.
    Tear obtained the title Strong Girl.
    Talking to the Doctor
    Tear: Thank you very much.
    Shu: I urge you, please don’t push yourself.
    Luke: Now to operate another Sefirot huh……
    Natalia: But where is the next Sefirot? I don’t think we’ve been 
    told any of the other Sefirot locations.
    Natalia: It’s the Padamiya Continent, the Rardeshia Continent, and 
    the Sylvana Continent. 
    Guy: We should stay clear of the Radiate Gate and Absorb Gate.
    Luke: Where are the Absorb Gate and Radiate Gate?
    Guy: The Absorb Gate is North East of Ketelburk. And I heard the 
    Radiate Gate is on an island way down south.
    Jade: Since they are the largest Sefirot, well putt them off for now. 
    And I’ve heard the monsters there are stronger than other regions.
    Jade: Anyway, right now we don’t know the location of the other 
    Passage Ring and its Sefirot.
    Tear: The researchers from Yuria City came here.
    Tear: Let’s try asking them about the Passage Ring.
    Anise: But……Tear are you really alright?
    Tear: Yes. Under the effects from the medicine I don’t feel any pain. 
    I’m fine.
    Talking to the Yuria City Researcher
    Researcher: Tear. I’ve heard. I want to say……don’t push yourself 
    Tear: I’m fine.
    Luke: Do you know where that Passage Ring is?
    Researcher: So your going to lower the shell.
    Researcher: The only reliable places I pinpoint are the inside of 
    Mejiora Plateau and Ronile Snowy Mountain.
    Ion: …… Ronile Snowy Mountain is it.
    Ion: I heard that when the Six Holy Generals visited there during a 
    mission they were attacked by brutal monsters and sustained terrible 
    Ion: It’s dangerous, so I think it would be better to save it for 
    Jade: I agree. Even the local people seldom go near that mountain.
    Luke: Alright, then first let’s go to the Mejiora Plateau.
    Researcher: Then in the meantime, I’ll work on pinpointing the 
    Sefirot on the Padamiya Continent.
    Researcher: Be careful.
    When Leaving Room
    Researcher: Be careful
    Researcher: The Mejiora Plateau’s Sefirot is upstream the Nilny 
    River. You’ll have to go by boat or something or you won’t be able 
    to enter.
    Luke: Got it.
    Mejiora Plateau 2・メジオラ高原2
    Upon Arrival
    Luke: There was a huge monster last time we were here.
    Guy: I hope it doesn’t show up again.
    Natalia: I wonder where the Passage Ring is around here.
    Ion: Just like all the others so far, there should be a door sealed 
    by a Dart style Seal. Let’s search for it.
    Near Dart Sealed Door
    Tear: Kyoukan!
    Regret: Too slow!
    Tear: ……ah……
    Regret: Tear. Stop with this foolishness. Secretary-general Van is 
    Tear: The ones that are doing foolish things are you and the other 
    Six Holy Generals!
    Regret: I know about your body.
    Regret: Is there enough value in protecting this world that you 
    would sacrifice yourself?
    Regret: You know of the truth of Hodo’s destruction don’t you.
    Tear: Being manipulated by the Score, the people in power using the 
    score for there own interests……. It certainly is like my brother 
    Regret: Then come to our side. Let the Secretary-general save you as 
    one of the survivors of Hodo.
    Guy: Thanks for the story. But I’ll have to decline having the 
    entire world replaced with replicas.
    Guy: What’s wrong with the people living on this world right now?
    Regret: Because of them we can not escape from the curse of Yuria’s 
    Regret: You will also find out. Yuria’s Score will be accurate no 
    matter what.
    Regret: Despite minor distortions, history is proceeding according 
    to the Seventh Tone Tablet’s Score.
    Tear: Seventh Tone Tablet! Onii-san found the Seventh Tone Tablet?
    Guy: No Tear! That’s it! That’s the Seventh Tone Tablet!
    Luke: Wait!
    Jade: It seems like she didn’t intend to fight.
    Jade: But Guy, where is the Seventh Tone Tablet……
    Guy: Hodo. I saw it once when I was taken by Van as a kid.
    Jade: At Hodo? That’s the fist I’ve heard of it.
    Guy: Van said it. It is the secret location passed down through the 
    Fende family.
    Guy: Since the Fende family served Yuria as one of the Seven Wise 
    Tear: The children born from Yuria have continued to protect her 
    Tone Songs and powers for generations.
    Natalia: Now that you mention it, we were told that you were the 
    descendent of Yuria.
    Tear: Yes……. Nii-san said so. There’s no proof though……
    Anise: But you can recite Tone Songs.
    Guy: Right. If you weren’t Yuria’s descendent, it would be 
    impossible to protect the Seventh Tone Tablet right?
    Guy: The Seventh Tone Tablet disappeared into the core along with 
    the Hodo.
    Guy: The light we saw when we headed to the core on the Tartaros. 
    That was the Seventh Tone Tablet. I’m sure of it.
    Tear: If he Seventh Tone Tablet was on the Hodo, it fell into the 
    core when the Hodo was destroyed and may have even been swallowed up 
    by the liquefied land.
    Tear: It is possible……
    Luke: Then Sensei knows the future shown in the Score?
    Luke: No way, could what we’re doing be bad?
    Guy: Either way the Outer Shell will fall. In that case we should 
    lower then in a way that causes the least damage.
    Luke: Right. Even so it still feels unpleasant. Because we don’t 
    At The Door
    Ion: This must be it.
    Luke: As expected there’s no trace of Van Sensei. Ion, go ahead.
    Ion: Yes.
    Anise: Ion, please pull yourself together.
    Ion: I’m sorry.
    Ion: My abilities aren’t different from the Original, but my power 
    is deteriorating, and this will happen no matter what.
    Natalia: So it wasn’t just an illness.
    Ion: Yes……
    Jade: I have an unusual feeling. ……the research I started has spread 
    this far.
    Luke: ……I think Asch is angry, but I’m incredibly thankful.
    Luke: If Jade hadn’t thought of Fomicry, I would never have been 
    Luke: ……even if my birth was a bad thing.
    Tear: Luke! I told you not to talk like that didn’t I!
    ※Guy: Really. What an unmanly response.
    ※Mieu: Unmanly!
    Luke: ……well sorry.
    After Entering the Door
    Guy: Wow. There’s a Tone Machine in a place like this!
    Luke: Well you seem happy……
    Guy: Since I’ve gotten use to living in Kimlasca, I’ve been 
    completely awakened to Tone Power.
    Guy: As expected, these Genesis Era Tone Machines are built well!
    Natalia: Men like these sort of things don’t they.
    Anise: My Papa loves models. He’s like an idiot.
    Guy: That’s fine. It’s a romance women just don’t understand. Now, 
    let’s head inside!
    Luke: It would have been better if he learned to use Tone Power 
    instead of a sword.
    Near Moving Machine
    Guy: Wow! Amazing! It’s a mechanized doll!
    Tear: Wait! What is it attacks……
    Guy: It isn’t really a machine used for combat.
    Guy: It’s probably here to service the Tone Machines right?
    Ion: So then it does things like servicing the Passage Ring?
    Guy: Hmm. Maybe. Since all of the world’s Passage Rings are tied 
    Guy: In case of a serious break-sown, he might travel to fix it.
    Luke: But in the end, the Passage Rings are still breaking down 
    aren’t they?
    Guy: Well.
    Jade: If the Sefirot going out of control was written in the score……
    Jade: ……then this mechanized doll might have had a method to cope 
    with it inputted into it.
    At Elevator
    Ion: It seems the Passage Ring is below us.
    Jade: The elevator won’t move. Its motor is dead.
    Luke: Seriously! Aren’t there any stairs?
    Anise: Not from the looks of it……
    Luke: Then Guy And Jade you guys fix it……
    Jade: Sorry. Tone magic is my specialty, so I refuse.
    Luke: But you’re the one who made Fomicry.
    Jade: Just the theory. The one who constructed the Tone Machines was 
    Natalia: You look depressed.
    Guy: To fix it we need to replace the broken motor with a new one 
    Tear: There’s no replacement motor is there.
    Guy: ……other than that thing.
    Guy: We should take that things motor and install it here. It’ll 
    probably move than.
    Anise: Ehh!? If we take its motor won’t it stop moving?
    Guy: Well yeah. But it’s the only way.
    Mieu: Even though it was working as hard as it could, poor guy.
    Jade: It can’t be helped. There’s no other way.
    Examining the Robot
    Never mind・なんでもない
    Use force・強引に戦う
    After Battle
    You obtained the Mechanic Doll Motor.
    Jade: I’ll leave it to you.
    Guy: ……yes.
    Tear: ……Luke.
    Luke: ……I know. Let’s go.
    Near Passage Ring
    Jade: Tear. Please put this on your arm.
    Tear: What is it?
    Jade: It’s a device to measure the Fonim in your blood. I want to 
    investigate if the Passage Ring is really the cause.
    Tear: Understood.
    Jade: Now then, please start it up.
    Jade: The measurements are done automatically. Luke please control 
    it like you did in Tatar Valley.
    Luke: Alright.
    Luke: I’m done.
    Jade: It looks like the measurements are finished too. Can I have it 
    Anise: Captain. How is the Shouki?
    Jade: ……as we though, an abnormal amount of Shouki has flowed into 
    Tear from the Passage Ring.
    Jade: This……is probably a response to Tear’s genetic data.
    Jade: It seems the story of Tear being a descendent of Yuria is true.
    Jade: Yuria probably put her data into this equipment.
    Guy: Why has the Seventh Fonim been polluted by the Shouki?
    Jade: Since it seems that the Shouki is emanating from underground, 
    the core may possibly be contaminated.
    Luke: So you’re saying the heart of the planet is polluted?
    Luke: Neutralizing it wouldn’t be impossible would it?
    Jade: No, if the source is the core, we should be able to find an 
    Anise: Eh? Eh? We can do something about the Shouki?
    Jade: Yes. If we use the planet’s gravity. But that isn’t my 
    specialty, so I can’t make any promises……
    Luke: Even so, there is a possibility.
    Jade: Yes. And gravity research is popular at the Berkend laboratory. 
    I think we can depend on they’re knowledge of that subject more than 
    Luke: Then we should return to Berkend.
    Luke: Tear, what’s wrong? Are you feeling bad again?
    Tear: ……eh? Ah, no. It’s nothing. Let’s go.
    Outside Near the Unsealed Door
    Luke: Huh……Aston-san!?
    Aston: Luke! How are you!
    Luke: You were safe!!
    Aston: Out of all us senile old fools I’m the only survivor……
    Natalia: What are you saying! Thank goodness……that you’re even alive.
    Tear: But why are you here Aston-san……
    Aston: When I don’t do anything I start to think about Iemon and the 
    Aston: So I built the second Alvior……no, one broke, so it would be 
    the third wouldn’t it. Anyway I built it.
    Anise: And it crashed again?
    Aston: That’s preposterous! I spotted you during a test flight……
    Spinoza: Ah……!
    Luke: It’s you!
    Aston: S, Spinoza!?
    Anise: Eavesdropping again!? Super-disgusting!
    Aston: Wait!
    Luke: We’ll chase after him too!
    Near Exit by the Alvior
    Luke: Aston-san! Where’s Spinoza!?
    Aston: Look up in the sky!
    Luke: That’s……an Alvior.
    Guy: No……it looks different.
    Aston: That’s the third Alvior……
    Natalia: He got away again!
    Aston: No! Pursue him with the second Alvior!
    Aston: Anyway, I only put in enough fuel for a test flight. He 
    should crash soon!
    Jade: Spinoza is the head physicist. If we can get him on our side, 
    he’ll be useful for the Shouki problem.
    Luke: Alright! Chase him in the Alvior!
    Aston: Take me with you too.
    On Alvior
    Noel: So chase after that Alvior. Leave it to me.
    Luke: I’m counting on you.
    Noel: Third Alvior spotted! But there’s something wrong.
    Luke: What is it?
    Noel: It’s giving off white smoke……. Ah!
    Luke: I wonder if he’s alive.
    Aston: The third Alvior is sturdy. The impact from a crash shouldn’t 
    affect the person’s body!
    Jade: The monsters around there will be too tough for an old man. He 
    should run away to a town.
    Luke: Alright, let’s go to Berkend!
    Berkend 4・ベルケンド4
    Upon Arrival
    Tear: He’s there!
    Luke: Here we go! Go get him!
    Mieu: Y, yes!
    Guy: Oh no you don’t, we have all sorts of things to ask you. Will 
    you come peacefully?
    Interrogating Spinoza
    Aston: What were you planning to do eavesdropping on our 
    Luke: Were you planning to inform Van-sensei about us!?
    Spinoza: You’re……mistaken……
    Ion: Hey, please stop. 
    We won’t learn anything if you frighten him like that.
    Ion: What did you go to the Mejiora Plateau for?
    Spinoza: I……wanted to visit everyone’s graves, so I headed to 
    Spinoza: At that time I heard that Aston went to the Mejiora 
    Plateau……so if I apologized to Aston first……
    Aston: In that case you wouldn’t run!
    Spinoza: I, I was scared! I didn’t know what to say……and……
    Anise: We can’t believe that! Because you tattled, we were found out 
    by Secretary-general!
    Spinoza: ……I certainly betrayed Henken twice.
    Spinoza: I overlooked the taboo and worked on research those two had 
    stopped, and after that, I sold those them out to Van……
    Spinoza: I know there is no way to take it all back. But when 
    everyone was killed I realized it for the first time.
    Spinoza: Whether there was meaning in doing research that even 
    killed my friends.
    Luke: ……I think I believe in what he says.
    Tear: Luke……
    Luke: Acknowledging that I destroyed Aczelius was painful.
    Luke: When I acknowledged it, I had to do something the next time, I 
    had to make up for it……. He is like me from that time.
    Jade: If your resolution is true, then I have something I’d like you 
    to do for us.
    Spinoza: What is it?
    Jade: research to neutralize the Shouki, no, to isolate it.
    Jade: For that we need your specialty in physics.
    Anise: Captain! You believe this guy!?
    Jade: Putting aside human nature, we need his intellect.
    Spinoza: Let me do it. All I can do is research.
    Tear: you’re my brother’s……Van’s researcher aren’t’ you. If you do 
    that you might be killed.
    Spinoza: ……I’ll do it anyway. Let me do it.
    Aston: well, everyone. ……can’t you trust this idiot one more time?
    Anise: But……he’s a traitor……
    Jade: How about putting him on surveillance for 24 hours? With that 
    we should let him join the research.
    Viridian: Then at my discretion……
    Natalia: ……then I shall appoint someone. Please do the measurements 
    as Jade says.
    Viridian: As you wish.
    Spinoza: I’ll do this research to the best of my abilities. I am 
    truly thankful……
    Guy: Well after all he says he betrays us, he’d be quite an actor.
    Jade: This is just a scribbling about the Shouki Isolation Plan, but 
    I’ve put it together here.
    Jade: Please try to verify it.
    Viridian: Then I’ll take Spinoza to the First Tone Machine Research 
    Aston: I’ll return to repair the third Alvior. Try your hardest 
    Viridian: That’s right. I received a message from the researchers 
    for you.
    Viridian: It seems there is another Sefirot around the Dart area.
    Ion: Near the church!? I’ve never head that before.
    Luke: It’s a wide area. Anyway, let’s go and search for it.
    Anise: Why did they believe him so easily? They’re all acting like 
    Dart 5・ダート5
    Upon Arrival
    Luke: I wonder if there’s a Passage Ring inside the church?
    Ion: I don’t know. Only there are rumors of a passageway to the Zareho 
    Volcano in the church.
    Ion: Since such a story exists, there may be a path to the Passage Ring 
    Tear: Anyway, let’s search.
    Entering The Church
    Luke: Morse!
    Morse: Doushi Ion. You’ve returned.
    Ion: I’ve come to search for a Sefirot.
    Morse: ……ahh. I’ve received the report from Yuria City.
    Morse: The Passage Ring……
    Morse: is through that door. There is just one path, so you will not 
    get lost.
    Luke: What happened to Van-sensei?
    Morse: Humph. He abandoned his duties as a guardian and went off 
    with the Six Holy Generals.
    Tear: I don’t see many Oracle Knights either, he couldn’t have……
    Morse: Over half of them ran to Van’s side.
    Morse: Ahh, he gets on my nerves! Thanks to him, I’m very busy with 
    the reorganization of the Oracle Knights.
    Morse: That’s right. There is a hidden passage in the room connected 
    to the passage ring to protect it from intruders.
    Morse: Search for it as best you can.
    Natalia: Well, what a horrible feeling!
    Guy: Now now. Starting a war while there’s a peace treaty declared 
    is hard work, so of course he’s in a bad mood.
    Anise: He better not get in our way.
    Ion: Yes. He just wants to follow the score.
    Ion: His aim is different than Van, who wants to destroy the land 
    and make a replica world.
    Ion: So he shouldn’t have a reason to get in our way.
    Luke: Sensei huh……. I wonder where he went……
    Tear: ……no way.
    Jade: Tear, do you happen to know?
    Tear: ……n, no. Not really……
    In Room at the End of the Passageway
    Luke: Is the hidden passage to the Passage ring in this room?
    Tear: It seems so……he said there was only one path, so let’s try 
    searching here.
    Anise: Hyaa, I’ve fallen!
    Anise: Ah, huh?
    Ion: That’s where the hidden passage was……
    Guy: But why does Morse know and you don’t?
    Ion: I think the original Doushi probably knew.
    Luke: Alright, let’s go.
    In Hidden Room
    Anise: We can go through this Tone Circle right?
    Jade: Hey, Anise.
    Anise: W, what is it Captain?
    Jade: You knew about this place didn’t you?
    Ion: Really?
    Anise: I don’t know! I don’t know anything. Anyway, let’s go! Hey! 
    Quickly, quickly!
    Luke: Liar……
    Jade: ……I guess its fine.
    Zareho Volcano・ザレッホ火山
    Upon Arrival
    Guy: It looks like there’s some kind of research going on here.
    Ion: It’s probably Morse’s. What would he be doing in a place like 
    Anise: More importantly, where is the Passage Ring!
    Jade: ……Anise. If you’re too suspicious, I’m going get nosy and want 
    to hear the story.
    Anise: ……uhh……
    Tear: Isn’t it inside.
    Luke: Ley’s go see.
    Near Sealed Door
    Luke: So Ion. I’ll leave this to you.
    Ion: Yes.
    Anise: Ion-sama, you’re going to collapse unsealing this many doors.
    Ion: I’m sorry.
    Anise: It’s fine, but I’m worried……
    Luke: Sorry, Ion.
    Ion: No. I’m happy that I could be useful.
    Near Bridge Inside Ruins
    Tear: As expected, even the inside of the ruins is hot.
    Luke: Ion, are you alright?
    Ion: Yes……. Thank you.
    Anise: Umm, umm. Let’s get this place over with fast.
    Anise: W, what is it Captain? Am I cute?
    Jade: Oh my. Well it’s fine I guess. Staying here for a long time 
    would be impossible.
    Luke: Right. Let’s finish up what we need to do.
    Near Passage Ring
    Luke: Is your body alright?
    Tear: ……yes. I’m fine because of the effects of the medicine. More 
    importantly, the control panel.
    Luke: Yeah, understood.
    Luke: I’m finished.
    Guy: So the next one is Ronile Snowy Mountain?
    Jade: Right, but before that, let’s head back to Berkend to check on 
    the inspection of Spinoza that we requested.
    Jade: He can give us an answer up the way to deal with the Shouki.
    Anise: R, right. Let’s get away from here fast!
    Jade: Oh my. Anise is suspicious to the very end.
    Berkend 5・ベルケンド5
    Talking to Spinoza in the Lab
    Tear: As expected of Dr. Balfor. In that case it go well.
    Luke: So then we can neutralize the Shouki!
    Tear: No, not neutralize, isolate.
    Guy: What do you mean?
    Jade: There exists a field between the Outer Shell and Klippot 
    called the Dividing Line.
    Jade: Isn’t that right, Tear.
    Tear: Y, yes. It is an area where floating power springs forth from 
    the Sefirot. The Outer Shell is floating.
    Spinoza: Accurately, the Dividing Line’s floating power is produced 
    in equilibrium to the planet’s gravity and causes the Outer Shell to 
    Jade: The outer shell falling is the result of the gravity 
    equilibrium deteriorating.
    Jade: When the descent starts, the Dividing line produces pressure 
    Jade: That will become a membrane and push the Shouki covering the 
    land downwards. In short, it will push it into the mantle.
    Luke: But if we do that the Shouki won’t disappear. Won’t it break 
    out again?
    Jade: If the Shouki is coming from the core, then the reason that 
    Klippot is full of Shouki is because the Sefirot is open.
    Jade: After the shell’s descent, if we shut down all the passage 
    Guy: The Sefirot will close, and the won’t be released anymore.
    Natalia: Since the Shindou in the core have stopped, the liquefied 
    land will start to solidify.
    Natalia: So if we close the Sefirot, the land won’t be swallowed up.
    Luke: That’s amazing!
    Spinoza: Thinking up something like that, then I’m not the physics 
    specialist, you are. As expected.
    Jade: Even if you say that, if I didn’t have a specialist to verify 
    it I couldn’t have proved it was possible.
    Anise: Then next we need to something about Ronile Snowy Mountain’s 
    Natalia: Before we depart, why don’t we rest at the inn a little bit.
    Luke: Then in the mean time, Tear can get a prescription for more of 
    that medicine.
    Tear: ……yes. Right. I’ll do that.
    Tear: I think it will take some time, so go ahead and rest.
    Luke: Then tomorrow we’ll meet up in front of the inn!
    In the Morning
    Anise: Wake up Luke!
    Luke: ……uh……un……. What is it……
    Anise: Tear is gone!
    Luke: Huh!?
    Guy: According to the people at the laboratory, it seems she headed 
    of with a Fonimin harvesting group in the direction of the port.
    Natalia: It seems that he went with Asch, who had come to visit 
    Luke: Asch too? What’s going on……
    Natalia: And this was left in her room.
    Luke: This?
    Jade: A mineral from the Waiyon Mirror Cave.
    Luke: Then that means that she went to do something in the Waiyon 
    Mirror Cave?
    Guy: Right. What are we going to do?
    Luke: Chase after them. Naturally.
    Guy: Alright, let’s go.
    Waiyon Mirror Cave 2・ワイヨン鏡窟2
    Upon Arrival
    Guard: Who’s there!
    Guard: Sound Warrior Asch……no the Replica!
    Regret: Wait! Secretary-general Van said to let them through. Don’t 
    mind them, return to your work.
    Guards: Roger!
    Luke: What does this mean?
    Regret: It’s as I said. You’re search for Tear aren’t you.
    Regret: I’ll overlook you for now, so you should move along.
    Guy: So you’re just letting us pass.
    Regret: I respect His Excellency Secretary-general Van’s will. 
    Regret: You’re heading to Ronile Snowy Mountain right. I’ll settle 
    it there.
    Natalia: I’m worried about Tear and the others. Let’s hurry.
    Along the Way
    Natalia: At that time, here……
    Natalia: (Asch……)
    Guy: What’s wrong? Natalia.
    Natalia: No, it’s nothing……
    Natalia: Kyaa!?
    Luke: Are you alright?
    Natalia: Ah……
    Luke: You’re unexpectedly clumsy.
    Luke: Huh? What’s wrong?
    Natalia: No……it’s nothing. Thank you Luke.
    Luke: No, it was nothing.
    Natalia: Well. Let’s hurry.
    At Research Area
    Tear: Nii-san, stop it!
    Natalia: Asch!?
    Van: ……it seems you’ve come. Go already. You too Asch.
    Tear: Nii-san! If you continue like this your body will deteriorate 
    from the Shouki! 
    Van: That is trivial. As long as I free mankind from Yuria’s Score 
    and they arrive at the remaining path, then that’s fine.
    Luke: Sensei, what are you doing here……
    Asch: They abandoned Berkend and planned to move to a new place to 
    do Fomicry research.
    Luke: Sensei! Why are you so concerned about making a replica world?
    Jade: Fomicry consumes a large amount of Seventh Fonim.
    Jade: There isn’t enough Seventh Fonim on the entire planet to make 
    a replica world.
    Asch: He plans to use Lorelei’s vast amount of Seventh Fonim in the 
    Van: If I cause a violent Shindou in the core, the Planet Stream 
    will strengthen, and the amount of Seventh Fonim supplied will 
    Van: But you put a stop to that.
    Guy: So that’s why you didn’t want us calming the core……
    Jade: Fomicry is incomplete. If you fail, you’ll give birth to 
    replicas that will deteriorate immediately.
    Van: That development occurs to separate the Seventh Fonim from the 
    Van: If the separation is stopped, the replica won’t disappear.
    Jade: It’s impossible. In the first place, same attribute Fonim pull 
    against each other.
    Jade: The Seventh Fonim is the same. It will separate from material 
    and return to the Planet Storm. 
    Tear: He will destroy Lorelei, the consciousness of the Seventh 
    Fonim. If he does that, the surplus Seventh Fonim will disappear.
    Luke: So……since the Seventh Fonim won’t pull against itself, it 
    won’t separate?
    Van: Without the Seventh Fonim the Score cannot be read.
    Van: The Score will disappear from the world, and the replicas will 
    not be destroyed. It will kill two birds with one stone.
    Tear: Nii-san plans to use Luke for that.
    Van: It’s impossible for a failure. If I Asch hadn’t shown up.
    Asch: ……
    Guard: Your Excellency. We have finished loading the data.
    Van: I need you. I’ll be waiting at the Absorb Gate.
    Tear: Nii-san, wait!
    Van: ……I didn’t want to fight you. It’s unfortunate. Mestearika.
    Asch: Damn! Escaping huh!
    Natalia: That’s too much!
    Asch: (……as expected, he’s dead)
    Natalia: Where are you going!
    Asch: I don’t……have any time left.
    Ion: We should head back to the town one more time.
    Jade: Yes. Sheridan should be close by here.
    Mieu: I want to take that kid with us too.
    Anise: Right. No one will be coming here……
    Luke: Understood. I’ll take him along.
    Sheridan 5・シェリダン5
    Upon Arrival
    Aston: Ah, it’s you guys.
    Jade: Perfect timing. Can we borrow the Meeting Hall. I want to 
    discuss what’s ahead.
    Aston: Feel free to use it. I think Iemon would be happy that you 
    came around there.
    In Meeting Hall
    Luke: Tear would you tell me the reason?
    Tear: ……I’m sorry.
    Tear: I thought if Shouki accumulated in my body, it would be the 
    same as when Nii-san used the Passage Ring.
    Luke: So then you were worried?
    Tear: Worried……yes, that might have been it.
    Tear: I looked at the mineral from the Waiyon Mirror Cave that 
    Regret-kyoukan dropped and I felt it calling me.
    Tear: That’s why I wanted to try to persuade Nii-san one more time.
    Guy: Well you are siblings.
    Tear: ……but that is all over now.
    Tear: I’ve always thought, won’t Nii-san stop this foolishness for 
    Tear: But……the paths me and Nii-san must take have already become 
    Luke: Will you be alright? Even if we have to fight Van-sensei.
    Tear: ……have you forgotten? That is why I came to the Outer Shell. I 
    won’t lose my way again.
    Jade: I think what you’ve said is enough. So then, let’s head to the 
    next Passage Ring.
    Anise: By next you mean Ronile Snowy Mountain right. I’ve heard 
    there are a lot of frightening monsters.
    Natalia: ……and also Regret and the others are waiting to ambush us 
    Tear: ……Kyoukan……
    Ion: It’s a dangerous area, but there is definitely a Passage Ring 
    Luke: ……are you alright too?
    Tear: ……yes. Of course.
    Luke: Alright, in that case, let’s head to Ronile Snowy Mountain.
    Jade: If it’s possible, can we take a rest at Ketelburk?
    Jade: We should ask Nefly for recent information about Ronile Snowy 
    Luke: Alright.
    Outside Meeting Hall
    Mieu: Master, what are we going to do about this kid?
    Luke: Right. I see……. We should take him back to the forest, that’s 
    in Klippot now isn’t it……
    Aston: What’s wrong?
    Luke: Ah, this cheegle was abandoned, but we can’t take him with us.
    Aston: What. In that case leave him with me.
    Mieu: Thank goodness! Please take care of him!
    Ketelburk 2・ケテルブルク2
    Talking to Nefly
    Nefly: Onii-san! Perfect timing!
    Jade: What is it?
    Nefly: Safir has fallen in the town square and he’s been lying there.
    Luke: Safir?
    Jade: It’s Dist’s real name.
    Anise: Eh!? Why is Dist collapsed in this town!?
    Nefly: Onii-san, didn’t you make a promise with him?
    Nefly: He just keeps mumbling “Is Jade here yet?”
    Guy: ……if I remember correctly, didn’t we receive a letter from him 
    while we were searching for the Flight Tone Stone?
    Natalia: Well, he certainly waited faithfully for Jade didn’t he.
    Jade: Well, he is an idiot.
    Jade: But that’s perfect. Let’s go wake him up and ask him about 
    Ronile Snowy Mountain.
    Jade: Where is he?
    Nefly: He was taken to a room at the inn and he’s resting there.
    Jade: Then please call the military police, and let me he’s over to 
    the inn.
    Nefly: ……we’ll arrest him. Understood. But I won’t let you rough him 
    Jade: Yes, yes. So then Luke, let’s head to the inn.
    Luke: ……uh, yeah.
    At the Hotel
    Dist: Jade……wait……uhh……
    Anise: ……he’s even chasing Captain in his dreams.
    Jade: Well……. Let’s get some information about Ronile Snowy Mountain 
    out of him.
    Jade: Everyone please go outside.
    Jade: …………
    Dist: …………gyaaaa!!
    Dist: S, stop! Stop, die!!
    Dist: Jade, I’m sorry!!
    Jade: It seems due to the frequent earthquakes there have been 
    frequent avalanches.
    Jade: And there seems to be considerably strong monsters living 
    Jade: We can be sure that the monsters have become ferocious if you 
    think about that influence.
    Luke: Y, yeah. I understand that, but those screams before……
    Jade: Ahh, it was nothing. Anyway, shall we get going?
    Luke: Y, yeah……
    Outside Hotel
    Jade: Aah, good work. The Six Holy General’s Dist is inside. Take 
    him into custody at once.
    Guard: Yes!
    Jade: He’s in a bit of pain, but don’t be careless.
    Guard: Roger!
    Jade: Well then. Let’s head to Ronile Snowy Mountain.
    Luke: ……I can definitely feel something scary here and there.
    When Leaving
    Luke: Hey Jade. Where is Ronile Snowy Mountain exactly?
    Jade: It is west from here. You should be able to see it if you walk 
    for a little bit.
    Luke: I see, got it!
    Jade: Then let’s go.
    Ronile Snowy Mountain・ロニール雪山
    Upon Arrival
    Ion: When the Six Holy Generals came here previously, many Oracle 
    Knights fell victim not to monsters, but to avalanches.
    Guy: Since you can’t avoid an avalanche.
    Jade: We should try not to make any loud noises more than necessary. 
    Next Area
    Luke: The sound of wind……?
    Tear: It sounds like a woman crying……
    Anise: It’s kinda scary……
    Guy: What’s wrong Jade? You wouldn’t be scared would you?
    Jade: No……. I was just remembering something from long ago.
    Natalia: Something from long ago?
    Jade: Fufu, it’s just a story of a woman who died on this mountain. 
    You want to hear it?
    Natalia: Well, I love those kind of stories.
    Tear: That’s stupid! Let’s go!
    Luke: Huh? You……
    Tear: I’m not scared at all. So let’s go!
    Area After the Ruins
    Luke: ……still more. I’m kind of starting to be come frightening.
    Tear: ……that’s strange. Just now……perhaps……
    Jade: Yes. A person’s voice. Let’s be careful. There is someone 
    other than us here.
    Ion: The Six Holy Generals?
    Tear: ……probably, I think so.
    Luke: Alright, let’s stay alert.
    Area After Green Save Point
    Luke: You came!
    Natalia: Kyaa!?
    Arietta: Ion-sama……don’t get in our way.
    Ion: Arietta……. I……
    Anise: Ion-sama! Don’t tell Arietta!
    Ion: Anise……
    Anise: There are things better left unknown.
    Regret: Tear. Don’t victimize yourself any longer. Is there any 
    value to going this far?
    Tear: Kyoukan. I can’t go along with my brother’s extreme logic.
    Tear: I’m am irritated myself that I can’t stop him, but not doing a 
    thing to stop it, you are also despicable.
    Regret: ……then I won’t show you any more mercy. I will annihilate 
    His Excellency’s enemy!
    Largo: Why don’t you just obediently stay in the castle, Princess.
    Natalia: Don’t insult me. In place of my father, I will see this 
    mission through completely.
    Largo: ……father huh. Then if there’s no way you’ll go along with us, 
    I’ll have to stop you by force!
    After Battle
    Jade: Damn it! The fight caused an avalanche……!
    Tear: Tone Song……!
    Luke: It’s no use! You won’t be in time!
    Jade: Luke! Hold on!
    Luke: We were saved……?
    Guy: There was a ledge just under where we were standing. So 
    Luke: So then the three from the Six Holy Generals……
    Anise: It seems Arietta and the others fell into the valley……
    Tear: ……they’ll be alright. Kyoukan was an enemy that wouldn’t be 
    killed no matter what.
    Tear: More importantly, look! It’s the entrance to the Passage Ring.
    Luke: Really! In this place……
    Jade: So does that mean we we’re fortunate to get caught up in an 
    Ion: So then, I’ll unseal it.
    Anise: Ion-sama, after that avalanche right now, your body……
    Ion: I’ll be alright. Leave it to me. Since his is the last one.
    Luke: ……I’ll leave it to you.
    Anise: Ion-sama!
    Ion: ……I’m alright. It’s just a little bit further.
    Luke: ……understood. Let’s go.
    Near Passage Ring
    Luke: Tear. Are you alright?
    Tear: ……if you mean about Kyoukan, I’m fine.
    Luke: It isn’t that. The Shouki……
    Tear: ……have you forgotten. We have to do what we can.
    Jade: Now, Luke.
    Jade: Next, please connect all the Sefirot to the Absorb Gate and 
    Radiate Gate.
    Luke: Got it.
    Luke: Alright. It’s done.
    Anise: With that, after we start up the two gates’ Sefirot, all of 
    the Sefirot will be connected.
    Natalia: What was that!?
    Luke: ……no way, did I screw up!?
    Jade: We’ve been deceived……
    Tear: What’s wrong? What is happening?
    Jade: The Cell Particles from the Absorb Gate are flowing in reverse.
    Jade: Utilizing the connection of all the Sefirot, he is activating 
    the core!
    Guy: The only one who can do something like that is someone who can 
    operate the Passage Ring……
    Tear: Nii-san! But why……! If he reverses the flow of the Cell 
    Tear: ……then the Absorb Gate’s Sefirot Tree will also reverse……
    Tear: ……and the Tsufuto Archipelago at the gate will collapse!
    Jade: No, because of what we did, every place’s Sefirot’s power will 
    flow into the Absorb Gate.
    Jade: Using that surplus the Sefirot’s flow was reversed.
    Jade: On the contrary, what would fall is everything other than the 
    Absorb Gate’s continent.
    Luke: Are you joking?
    Anise: Hey, we neutralized the Shindou in the core with the Tartaros 
    right. If it’s activated……
    Natalia: The Tartaros will break!
    Luke: Damn! We have to stop Sensei!
    Anise: Before we stop Secretary-general, don’t forget to let Ion 
    rest at a town.
    Ion: ……I’m sorry……
    Guy: Don’t apologize.
    Guy: You put strain on your body to help us.
    Guy: Luke knows we should let you rest right?
    Luke: Yes. Sorry Ion. Please bear with it a little longer.
    Ion: Yes……please.
    When Leaving the Area
    Tear: ……I don’t understand. Why did Kyoukan and the rest believe in 
    Nii-san’s foolish ideals?
    Guy: Everyone has their own expectations. I feel I understand.
    Natalia: Guy……why……?
    Guy: For a long time I promised to work with Van in order to get 
    revenge no the Duke.
    Natalia: If I had chosen the wrong path somewhere, I might have 
    ended up with the Six Holy Generals.
    Luke: Guy……. Even knowing the world that Van-sensei was aiming for 
    Guy: If it would bring back Hodo……. Even everyone was a replica……if 
    it revived my family and friends, that would be alright.
    Luke: Guy!
    Guy: ……it’s what I might have thought. Right now I honestly don’t 
    know what is right.
    Luke: ……that’s right. You……lost your birthplace. 
    Jade: Each of the Six Holy Generals had a wish to destroy even the 
    entire world.
    Jade: That coincides with Van’s ideal right.
    Luke: Even though our and Sensei’s objectives were both the 
    continuation of the same mankind, why did they have to be so far 
    Tear: A world with the originals alive and a world with them dead. 
    It’s very close, and very far away……
    Ketelburk 3・ケテルブルク3
    Noel: Everyone, I’ve been waiting for you.
    Luke: Noel! What happened?
    Noel: ……actually, because of the cold the Alvior’s engine has frozen 
    Anise: Eh!?
    Noel: Right now Nefly-san is helping to repair it, but it will take 
    all night……
    Luke: I see……I thought we could let Ion rest and depart 
    Guy: Nothing we can do about that.
    Tear: That’s right. Let’s use this time to prepare for tomorrow.
    Jade: The enemy is Commander Van.
    Jade: His thirst for blood at Berkend was an honest threat. I want 
    to face him as prepared as possible.
    Anise: Then I’ll leave Ion-sama with Nefly-san. Everyone finish 
    their preparations.
    Natalia: ……then, let’s adjourn here and each of us will proceed with 
    their own preparations.
    I’ll make the fuselage perfect. Please get a good night’s rest 
    Jade: When you’re tired, head to the inn.
    Talking to Mieu
    Mieu: Master. What should I do for tomorrow?
    Luke: You. ……umm.
    Mieu: Should I blow fire in Van’s face? Or……
    Luke: Just hide in the tool bag like always.
    Mieu: ……really? So I won’t be useful……
    Luke: You’re useful enough. You’re annoying but calm.
    Mieu: Master praised me!
    Luke: ……correction. You’re annoyingly irritating.
    Mieu: Myuu~
    Talking to Ion
    Luke: So you were a replica too.
    Ion: Yes. Van and the others created me.
    Ion: We were examined to determine the order of who would be 
    Luke: And, you were selected.
    Ion: Yes. That’s why I always thought……
    Ion: I have a replacement. So there wouldn’t be a problem if I died.
    Luke: That’s not true! If that happened……I……
    Ion: Yes……. You’re right. When I witnessed Sink’s death, I finally 
    Ion: I may be a replacement for Ion, but there is no replacement for 
    Ion: Sink and I both hated being replacements.
    Ion: That is why I suppressed my emotions. And Sink cursed his own 
    Luke: I……what I truly want……
    Ion: ……I probably know what you want.
    Luke: Eh?
    Ion: Van holds the answer. I think you noticed when you became 
    independent from him.
    Talking to Tear
    Tear: All of the Six Holy Generals that followed Nii-san other than 
    dist are dead. ……next is Nii-san.
    Luke: Are you really alright with fighting Sensei?
    Tear: ……really……
    Luke: Huh?
    Tear: Really……I don’t want to fight. Nii-san always acted like a 
    father to me.
    Tear: Even after he left to go to the Outer Shell, he still came to 
    see me.
    Luke: ……yeah.
    Tear: I loved Nii-san. That’s why I had to stop him from doing 
    something so foolish……
    Luke: Let’s try to persuade him again.
    Tear: It’s pointless! He won’t listen.
    Luke: Even so, we’ll try one last time. We have to do what we 
    Tear: You’ve……changed.
    Luke: ……what is that all of a sudden?
    Tear: People can change can’t they. But……I Nii-san doesn’t think so.
    Tear: Nii-san was a fool abused by Yuria’s Score.
    Luke: Tear……if it’s painful, it would be alright if you didn’t fight.
    Tear: Idiot. I have to watch you, I promised didn’t I.
    Luke: Tear……
    Tear: And……fighting him is my duty as his sister.
    Luke: ……don’t push yourself to hard.
    Tear: ……thank you. Luke.
    Talking to Jade 
    Jade: To be honest, when we first met you didn’t have a favorable 
    impression at all.
    Luke: That’s what I was thinking. You were disagreeable and 
    Jade: Well, while we we’ve been journeying like this, I’ve come to 
    see that you aren’t so bad.
    Luke: ……really?
    Jade: Yes. ……I know. Even now you have nightmares and wake up in the 
    middle of the night.
    Jade: ……for you, the destruction of Aczelius isn’t a thing of the 
    Luke: ……of course.
    Jade: The nights you kill thieves or Oracle Knights you stay up all 
    night shaking.
    Luke: ……I’m hesitant.
    Jade: No. That part of you is something that isn’t in my nature. In 
    the end, I can’t actually feel for a person’s death.
    Luke: Jade……
    Jade: I have learned from watching you. All sorts of things.
    Luke: I think it was good that I could travel with you Jade.
    Luke: Thanks to you Jade, I know what I have to do.
    Luke: It’s different from Van, but you’re also my Sensei.
    Jade: I don’t take pupils. Since I hate teaching people.
    Luke: That’s fine. Since I’ll just have to steal the knowledge from 
    Jade: Really? Fufu……well, do what you want.
    Talking to Anise 
    Luke: Anise……are you crying?
    Anise: I, I’m not crying! I’m just thinking about things.
    Luke: Liar. There are traces of tears.
    Anise: ……snobby. Just like Guy.
    Luke: What do you mean snobby? I was just worried about you.
    Anise: Ehh. So you do like me?
    Luke: Not particularly like that.
    Anise: Really? If it’s the current you, I would probably marry you.
    Luke: Ah……
    Anise: Arietta can’t marry……she died.
    Anise: it must have been cold. Inside the snow……
    Luke: Was that why you we’re crying?
    Anise: No! You’re wrong!
    Anise: ……Arietta didn’t know that the person she loved was no longer 
    in this world.
    Anise: Even so, Head Secretary-General knew and he used her. And 
    because of that……she died.
    Luke: I don’t think Sensei is really like that.
    Anise: You glorify him too much.
    Anise: Because of him, Tear is in pain, and Ion-sama was used……
    Anise: I hate that old man!
    Luke: ……o, old man……?
    Anise: Luke. It’s fighting spirit, fighting spirit! Tomorrow we will 
    definitely win!
    Luke: I know, We won’t lose. Since everyone is there for us.
    Talking to Guy 
    Guy: What is it? You look nervous.
    Luke: Do I? ……maybe I do. Because it’s a battle with Sensei.
    Guy: That’s right. We’re going to fight……that Van.
    Guy: Ahh……sorry. I was just remembering my childhood.
    Luke: ……that’s right. Sensei is a childhood friend of yours.
    Guy: Haha, well yeah.
    Guy: When I was a kid I was always scared. My sister always used to 
    scold me saying it’s not manly.
    Guy: A that time, the one that always protected me was Van.
    Luke: I don’t really know about Sensei’s childhood.
    Guy: Don’t be stupid! Who’s the one who’s childhood……
    Guy: ……even you have one. At seven years old you were still a child.
    Luke: What are you saying. I don’t have any memories of that time.
    Guy: Foolish Luke. Aren’t you still seven years old right now?
    Luke: ……uh, so that’s what you mean.
    Guy: You still have twenty years before you’re an adult. You should 
    fully enjoy your childhood.
    Luke: Guy……thank you. I’m glad I have you as a childhood friend.
    Guy: Haha, what are you saying. It’s not like you. You should be 
    more like “shut up” or “ahh that’s so annoying”.
    Guy: That would be much more like you.
    ※Luke: ……then when this is all over I’ll say “”.
    Guy: Don’t say that in front of His Majesty. You’ll get scolded.
    Talking to Natalia
    Natalia: A lot has happened.
    Luke: ……yeah.
    Natalia: For you and for me, everything will be different after this 
    journey ends, from before we left on it.
    Luke: I’m sorry Natalia.
    Natalia: Well, what happened? It’s rare for you to apologize.
    Luke: I didn’t keep my promise.
    Luke: The proposal. I never knew about it. So I couldn’t remember.
    Natalia: ……so you were listening at that time. 
    Natalia: At Sheridan.
    Luke: Ugh……you found out.
    Mieu: Could you try saying it?
    Luke: W……why……?
    Natalia: ……then……I feel I can put a lot of things behind me.
    Luke: ……when we become adults one day, we’ll change the country.
    Luke: So that people, not just nobles, would not be poor, so that no 
    wars would occur.
    Luke: ……together onto death, we will change this country.
    Natalia: ……thank you. I’m not confused about who you are any longer.
    Natalia: To try to accept the reality of not being tied to the royal 
    family by blood, I will accept you as you are.
    Luke: Natalia……
    Natalia: You are also an important childhood friend to me.
    Natalia: Let’s survive together, and make Kimlasca into a good 
    Luke: Yes, thank you.
    At the Inn
    Tear: Luke, can I have a minute?
    Luke: Huh?
    Tear: It’s a message from Captain. It was flown from King Ingobert 
    and Emperor Pione.
    Luke: Did something happen?
    Tear: It seems that since we don’t know when the Outer Shell will 
    start to fall, they are trying to prepare.
    Luke: Why? There are still two places left, the Radiate Gate and the 
    Absorb Gate.
    Tear: This is something that Captain wanted me to tell only you……
    Tear: Because of Nii-san, the shell is in a state where it could 
    collapse at any time.
    Tear: Because of that, he said there might not be enough time to 
    activate the Radiate Gate.
    Luke: But we were going to lower the shell at the same time we 
    activated the Radiate Gate.
    Tear: It seems Captain had an idea. But it was a method he wanted to 
    avoid as much as possible.
    Luke: Understood. We should be prepared for it.
    Tear: Right. So sorry for disturbing you. Have a good rest.
    At Night
    Luke: ……this is……!
    Asch: ……you’re heading to the Absorb Gate immediately. Understood.
    Noel: Then with that……
    Asch: What do you want? Replica.
    Luke: Weren’t you calling me? I heard that sound I hear every time I 
    get one of those headaches.
    Asch: ……so you’ve notice the time limit huh.
    Luke: More importantly, the scar from when you were slashed by 
    Asch: ……I don’t need you worrying about me!
    Asch: What! If you have something to say, spit it out!
    Luke: ……thank you.
    Luke: Even though you hated me, you helped me with so much……
    Asch: Don’t misunderstand! I only used you to accomplish my 
    objective! It wasn’t for your sake!
    Asch: If you try saying something like that again. I’ll kill you!
    Luke: ……hey, Asch! Why don’t we go stop Sensei together? With you 
    and me, Sensei……
    Asch: ……I refuse!
    Luke: Why!
    Luke: Asch! ……hey, there’s blood coming from your stomach……!?
    Asch: ……damn! If it wasn’t for this body I would have headed to the 
    Absorb Gate long ago!
    Asch: ……when you fail to kill Van, even if I have to crawl I’ll kill 
    Luke: ……got it. I will definitely stop Sensei.
    Asch: Not stop! Defeat!
    Luke: Understood……
    Outside Inn
    Ion: The Alvior’s repairs seem to be complete. Noel went ahead and 
    is waiting at the port.
    Anise: Ion-sama, how is your body?
    Ion: Yes. It’s fine……is what I’d like to say, but I think I would be 
    a burden if I went along with you.
    Luke: Right……
    Ion: I will wait here for your return.
    Ion: So Anise, I want you to please see everything through to the 
    Anise: ……understood! 
    Jade: Then, at last. Luke, are you prepared?
    Luke: Yeah. Is everyone else ready?
    Anise: Clearly? I’ll stop Secretary-general’s plans in your place 
    Tear: ……right. Even if we have to take his life.
    Natalia: Tear. Are you really alright with that? 
    Tear: ……yes.
    Guy: If tear can be that confident, then we have no choice but to be 
    Luke: We will stop the reverse flow from the Absorb Gate, and lower 
    the Outer Shell.
    Luke: ……even if we have to fight Sensei!
    Mieu: Mieu will do his best too!
    Luke: Haha. I’m counting on you Mieu. ……I’m counting on all of you.
    Luke: Let’s go! To the Absorb Gate!
    Absorb Gate・アブソーブゲート
    Near Entrance
    Mieu: I feel an amazing Fonim.
    Jade: That’s because this is Absorb Gate where the Planet Storm 
    resides, one of the largest Sefirot.
    Guy: Are we leaving Noel here alone? I now it’s something we always 
    do, but isn’t it discouraging?
    Noel: Thank you. But I’ll be fine.
    Noel: I’ll stay here and pray for everyone’s safe return. Be 
    Luke: Thanks. ……see you later!
    Near Tablets with Music on Them
    Natalia: Aah, this is Absorb Gate?
    Anise: The planet storm is being sucked up……. It’s sparkling……
    Guy: The Cell Particles. It beautiful like falling snow……
    Area After the Warp
    Anise: Hwah!?
    Luke: ottoto……that was close……
    Tear: I wonder if the Outer Shell is reaching its limit.
    Natalia: ……let’s hurry. We can’t let the world be destroyed like 
    After Green Save Point
    Luke: It’s huge this time!
    Guy: Be careful, the ground is……!?
    Tear: Kyaa!!
    Luke: Ahh!?
    Luke: Tear, are you alright?
    Tear: ……yes, somehow. Everyone else?
    Luke: It seems like we’ve been separated. I hope everyone’s 
    Tear: ……if the most worrisome person is this lively, they’ll be fine.
    Luke: Hey, that’s rude……
    Tear: Fufu……sorry.
    Tear: Huh……
    Tear: You’re bleeding.
    Mieu: Really! Oh no!
    Tear: Wait. I’ll use my healing magic……
    Luke: It’s fine! It’ll heal!
    Tear: Why are you getting angry?
    Luke: I’m not angry! M, more importantly, let’s head further in. We 
    might be able to meet up with the others.
    Tear: Y……yes. Understood.
    Guy and Natalia’s Path After Save Point
    Natalia: I wonder if it’s alright to keep going down like this……
    Guy: We don’t have proof, but this is the only path.
    Natalia: That’s right……. I hope we meet up with everyone.
    Guy: You worried?
    Natalia: ……no.
    Natalia: I have you with me, and from traveling with everyone, I’ve 
    seen their strength first hand.
    Guy: Right. And Asch gave his seal of approval.
    Natalia: Asch……?
    Guy: That guy. If he didn’t believe in us, he’d be headed to Van by 
    himself right now.
    Guy: Him not being here means he believes in us.
    Natalia: ……yes. I will try to answer his faith.
    Guy: In order to do that we need meet up with everyone quickly.
    Natalia: Yes!
    Natalia: Guy!
    Guy: What is it?
    Natalia: ……what you said, it was very kind.
    Natalia: Thank you.
    Guy: You’re welcome.
    Luke and Tear’s Path, A Little Bit After the Warp
    Luke: Phew……it really is tough fighting with just the two of us.
    Tear: Yes……. But it’s much different from that time.
    Luke: That time?
    Tear: When we were blown off to Tatar Valley.
    Luke: Ahh…….That’s right, it was just the two of us then too.
    Tear: Honestly, at that time I didn’t think you were the type of 
    person that I could trust to watch my back.
    Luke: ……well sorry.
    Tear: But……it’s different now. You’ve matured.
    Luke: T, thank you. ……but I’ve still got a ways to go.
    Tear: Eh?
    Luke: Sensei……and also the replica plan, I have to stop it or it’s 
    all meaningless.
    Tear: Yes, right. It’s as you say.
    Luke: Tear……
    Tear: ……I can trust the current you to watch my back.
    Luke: Tear……
    Tear: Let’s go, Luke.
    Luke: Yeah!
    Jade and Anise’s Path, In the Second Room With the Up and Down Warps
    Anise: It’s kind of lonely with just us two isn’t it.
    Jade: Since you have Tokunaga. Although I don’t think that’s what 
    you mean by us two.
    Anise: Maybe I do.
    Anise: ……even so, I’m with you Captain, but I wonder if Luke and the 
    others are alright.
    Anise: Well, since Tear and Guy have gotten used to battle.
    Anise: Captain, captain! What about Luke and Natalia!
    Jade: Well, they’re probably fine. They have survived this long.
    Anise: I see. Anise-chan figured it out.
    Anise: It’s not that you don’t care about everyone, it’s that you 
    fully believe in them isn’t it?
    Jade: Hahahahah!
    Anise: W, what Captain? What is it?
    Jade: That’s right. You can also see that way can’t you.
    Jade: We certainly can’t travel together forever.
    Anise: Captain! What are thinking of all by yourself!
    Jade: No, no. It’s nothing. More importantly let’s meet up with 
    everyone quickly.
    Anise: Yes!
    Jade: I’ll be counting on you Anise.
    Anise: Aha? Me too?
    After Meeting Up
    Luke: Everyone! You’re all safe!
    Natalia: That’s our line. You were a little late, so I was worried.
    Tear: I’m sorry.
    Jade: We’ve been waiting for you. We have an important conversation.
    Luke: What, you said it so formal.
    Guy: It seems the Passage Ring is through here.
    Luke: So then Van-sensei might be there……
    Anise: Yeah, when we beat Secretary-general Van, we’ll lower the 
    Luke: So then there really isn’t enough time?
    Jade: Yes. It would take quite some time to travel to the Radiate 
    Gate from here with the Alvior.
    Jade: The Outer Shell would probably collapse in that time.
    Tear: But how will we lower the shell without activating Radiate 
    Jade: We will engrave “Alter the Radiate Gate orders to the Absorb 
    Gate” on the control mechanism.
    Jade: Since the Passage Rings are tied together, it should 
    theoretically be possible.
    Jade: But it is a very forceful method.
    Tear: That’s right. The gate hasn’t been activated.
    Luke: After that? Is that the end?
    Jade: We will expose the Absorb Gate’s Sefirot to the Seventh Fonim. 
    That is the signal to start the decent.
    Jade: However, this is the one giving the order……in other words it 
    has to be Seventh Fonim released from Luke.
    Luke: ……understood. I’ll try. I’ve come this far, I can’t say I 
    can’t do it now.
    Jade: Then let’s get going. Is everyone prepared?
    Luke: I’m fine. Everyone else?
    Tear: Of course. Nii-san……I will stop Van.
    Jade: Even so, I was formerly his master.
    Guy: A master should put an end to his subordinate’s misconduct. 
    Natalia: NO matter what we have to stop his plans once and for all 
    and save the world.
    Anise: I’ll have to put Secretary-general Van in his place in order 
    to marry a rich man someday.
    Jade: Well. Everyone’s all fired up.
    Guy: You’re just as always.
    Jade: Yes. Since it doesn’t suit me to get fired up.
    Luke: That’s true.
    Luke: alright, let’s go!
    After Warp
    Van: ……why are you here.
    Van: The one who should have come here is the one who should bring 
    order along with me, Asch……
    Van: The original Luke. But the one who appears is the replica who 
    appears to stands in my way. 
    Luke: ……! Then……
    Luke: Then why did you make me! For who and what reason was I born!
    Van: Are you saying that you need to be born for a purpose?
    Van: That’s why all you are is a Replica.
    Van: Let me tell you something foolish Replica. You are a substitute 
    born as a pawn to undermine Yuria’s Score.
    Van: Nothing more.
    Luke: ……Sensei. Is that really all there is to my existence?
    Luke: Because of my existence the Score has started to go out of 
    order hasn’t it?
    Van: You are like a distortion in defiance of Yuria’s Score.
    Van: When the leaves and branches of a tree change, the true essence 
    of the tree does not.
    Van: The Score is a drug.
    Van: If you walk to the east, you’ll find riches.
    Van: If that followed that kind of Score and it became true, you 
    would want to believe in the next Score.
    Van: Yuria has poisoned mankind with the Score for two thousand 
    Van: Two thousand years of powerful medicine is necessary to correct 
    Jade: And the replica world is that powerful medicine……? That is 
    considerable delusional power.
    Van: Heh…….Delusion……that’s fine too.
    Guy: Certainly a world where everyone lives as the Score tells them 
    is distorted.
    Guy: But isn’t the replica world you speak of extremely distorted?
    Natalia: That’s right. If you carry out this blind and rash act, you 
    will cause Tear pain.
    Anise: She’s you’re sister! Fighting your own sister……are you 
    serious Secretary-general!?
    Van: Mestearika. I also regret it.
    Van: If you had just stayed in Yuria City……
    Van: If you would have done that, you could have been saved.
    Tear: You’re making a replica world aren’t you?
    Tear: Then you should just kill me and make a replica.
    Van: ……then you will fight no matter what the cost?
    Tear: ……yes. That is the reason I originally came to the Outer Shell.
    Luke: Sensei……
    Luke: ……no……Van!
    Luke: Even if you won’t accept me, I……
    Luke: ……am me!
    Van: You joke……
    Van: ……disappear!
    Van: I can’t believe I was defeated by a failure.
    Van: Hahahahaha
    Van: Wasn’t that interesting.
    Guy: Tear……
    Tear: ……
    Luke: ……damn! My power isn’t enough!
    Luke: That Choushindou……it couldn’t be……
    Jade: As I hypothesized, the Shouki is being absorbed into the 
    Dividing Line.
    Voice: Asch, Luke! I will deliver the key! I want you to release me 
    with that key!
    Voice: ……the one who seizes glory……try to capture me……I……
    Luke: Guah……
    After Cut-Scene
    Jade: Luke? What’s wrong?
    Luke: Lorelei……
    Luke: ……no, I’m fine now. More importantly, we have to let everyone 
    know of our success.
    Natalia: Yes. Ion, Noel, Father and the others……They must be worried.
    Tear: ……Nii-san.
    Luke: Tear……
    Tear: ……I’m sorry. Luke.
    Tear: This……was a good thing.
    Luke: Understood. ……everyone, let’s return! To our world!
    Luke: (Asch……. Thank you……)
    Bachicul 5・バチカル5
    Black Screen
    On screen: Bachicul KIMLASCA=LANVALDEAR 28 day, Rem, Gnome Redecan
    In Luke’s Room
    Mieu: Master, wake up!
    Luke: No……
    Mieu: Myuu. Papa-san and Mama-san are calling you.
    Luke: (I don’t want to go……)
    Talking to Duke Fabre
    Duke Fabre: You were still sleeping?
    Luke: ……I’m sorry.
    Duke Fabre: You have already been back for a whole month.
    Duke Fabre: Even though Princess Natalia has been going around the 
    world on official business, you’ve just been taking it easy.
    Duke Fabre: You should at least live a life as a member of the Duke 
    Luke: ……is that all you wanted to talk to me about?
    Duke Fabre: No, I want to confirm the results of the battle at the 
    Absorb Gate.
    Duke Fabre: When Van fell into the core, his sword was left stuck 
    into the ground wasn’t it?
    Luke: Yes……
    Cecil: General. Then as we thought, someone……
    Duke Fabre: Hmm.
    Luke: Did something happen?
    Cecil: There was a message from Berkend that the Planet Storm 
    suddenly started to activate.
    Duke Fabre: I have dispatched an investigation team to the Absorb 
    Gate and Radiate Gate.
    Duke Fabre: There are traces of an intruder, and Van’s sword seems 
    to have disappeared.
    Luke: Did someone take it?
    Cecil: We believe so.
    Duke Fabre: General Cecil. Inform His Majesty.
    Cecil: Yes.
    Suzanne: ……why don’t you go meet your friends?
    Luke: Mother……?
    Suzanne: Since you’ve returned to the mansion you have involved in 
    so much……
    Suzanne: You’re face seems to say that this isn’t where you belong.
    Luke: that is……
    Suzanne: Since you’re father has given Guy some time off, this 
    mansion is just suffocating you isn’t it?
    Suzanne: As long as you just promise to return, I think it would be 
    a good diversion for you.
    Luke: ……it’s alright for me to return?
    Suzanne: Of course. That’s right……Ramdas should know where your 
    friends are.
    Suzanne: Please be careful.
    Luke obtained the title Young Man Who Can Wander.
    Talking to Ramdas
    Ramdas: Master tried to stop it, but I have letters addressed to you 
    Luke: Why would Father do that……
    Ramdas: Master was concerned that as a member the Duke’s family you 
    should only associate with suitable people.
    Luke: The real member of his family isn’t me, it’s Asch, he knows 
    that too! Give me the letters!
    Luke obtained the Letters From Friends.
    Luke: ……Guy, Anise, and Tear. One wouldn’t……come from Asch.
    Mieu: Master……. Do you want to meet Asch?
    Luke: When we lowered the Outer Shell, he was the one that helped me. 
    If it’s true, the one here right now isn’t me……
    Luke: It would be good if I could send out my voice like him. It was 
    only possible for me once……
    Mieu: Now that you mention it, from when you defeated Van you 
    haven’t had any headaches.
    Luke: That’s right. Not just Asch, I haven’t heard Lorelei’s voice 
    Voice: ……sch, Luke! I will deliver the key! I want you to release me 
    with that key!
    Voice: ……the one who seizes glory……try to capture me……I……
    Luke: (That’s right, there was that too……)
    Luke: Well anyway, let’s go.
    Mieu: Are we going to meet everyone?
    Luke: Yes. And I’m also interested in what my Father was saying 
    before. I want to try asking everyone’s opinions.
    Mieu: Then it it’s another journey? Where do we leave from?
    Luke: The port.
    Mieu: Myuu?
    Luke: We’re going to Sheridan. To borrow the Alvior.
    On Deck Aboard Boat
    Mieu: Master, aren’t you going to read the letters from everyone?
    Luke: Oh? I’ll try reading it.
    Tear’s Letter・ティアの手紙
    Guy’s Letter・ガイの手紙・アニスの手紙
    Anise’s Letter・アニスの手紙
    After Selecting 「ティアの手紙」
    Tear: To Luke. With the lowering of the Outer Shell, Yuria City has 
    become chaotic.
    Tear: The connection between Yuria City and the upper levels of the 
    Lorelei Church are starting to be known by the other members.
    Tear: Grandfather Teodoro is in the middle of creating a new 
    Tear: As for my brother Van’s crime, and also his death, it is being 
    covered up and a funeral service is being held. 
    Tear: But part some of the Oracle Knight’s names have been removed 
    from the church in order to conceal them.
    Tear: It will still take more time to return to peacefulness.
    Tear: ……umm, I haven’t ever written a letter before, so I’m sorry if 
    it was strange.
    Luke: ……it’s like a report.
    After Selecting 「ガイの手紙」
    Guy: Luke. How are you?
    Guy: thanks to the kindness of Emperor Pione, he has set me up to 
    live in a mansion in Grankokma.
    Guy: Since I was formerly a noble, I have had an appearance before 
    the House of Lords.
    Guy: Although I also have to walk the “pig-rabbits” His Majesty is 
    Guy: My jobs as a servant haven’t changed from when I was with you. 
    When I deal with that King I start to miss you.
    Guy: You definitely need to come visit me.
    Luke: Pig-rabbits ……. Walking…….
    After Selecting 「アニスの手紙」
    Anise: Yoo-hoo, Luke! It’s Anise-chan!
    Anise: so then, I’m extremely bored!
    Anise: That never changing Ion-sama just stares off into space, and 
    I’m surrounded by sad old men.
    Anise: If this keeps up Anise is going to
    Anise: So if you just say the word, I’ll become you’re wife anytime.
    Anise: If you send the travel expenses, I’ll come to visit you ?
    Anise: I’d be happy with a deluxe suite on the luxury liner, the 
    ※Luke: Just like always……
    Sheridan 6・シェリダン6
    In Meeting Hall
    Aston. What is it? Did you come to borrow an Alvior too?
    Luke: so then someone already came to borrow one?
    Aston: Your spitting image……. He said he was Asch.
    Aston: We was quite pushy. I lent him the third Alvior.
    Luke: When!?
    Aston: About a month ago. Oh yes, that was around the time of the 
    plan to lower the Outer Shell.
    Aston: He said he was going to the Radiate Gate.
    Luke: (I see……that’s when he helped me……) 
    Luke: And afterwards? Didn’t he say anything? Like where he was 
    Aston: Well……
    Noel: If you’re talking about Asch-san, he said he was going to 
    Yuria City.
    Luke: Huh?
    Noel: But since it’s my brother Ginji flying the third Alvior, when 
    he stopped back he said that next was Yuria City……
    Aston: Well, so that’s it. So then, the Alvior right. Noel, will you 
    fly it for him?
    Noel: Of course.
    Luke: Thank you. I’m always causing you so much trouble.
    Noel: That’s not true. I love flying. It would be my privilege to 
    fly with you.
    Noel: I’ll transport the Alvior outside.
    Aston: By the way, where are you planning on going?
    Luke: I’m going to visit everyone.
    Mieu: If you’re going to chase after Asch-san, you should go to 
    Yuria City. Tear-san is there too!
    Luke: Don’t decide that on your own……
    Aston: What? I thought certainly that this was about the activation 
    of the Planet Storm.
    Luke: You’ve heard about that here too?
    Aston: Hmm. Right now it’s still fine, but if the Planet Storm 
    increases any further, then its power will become violent.
    Aston: The Tartoros might not be able to curb the Shindou in the 
    Luke: I see……. When I go to Yuria City I’ll try asking around there 
    On World Map
    The abilities of the Alvior have been upgraded and now you can go 
    instantaneously to places that you have manually flown to once.
    While riding the Alvior press the R3 button to open the world map.
    After selecting the place you want to go, use the △ button to 
    automatically fly there.
    Yuria City 5・ユリアシティ5
    Near Entrance
    Teodoro: It’s been a while, Luke-dono.
    Luke: We haven’t been in touch in a while. How is Yuria City? I 
    heard it was chaotic.
    Teodoro: What will happen to the world which has been cut off from 
    the Score? Can this city’s people adapt?
    Teodoro: There are all sorts of things to worry about……. Well, it 
    seems we will manage.
    Teodoro: By the way, what business did you have today?
    Luke: Umm, has Asch come to around here recently……?
    Teodoro: Yes, he came here a little while ago. He was told there is 
    no way to go to the core.
    Luke: The……core? Why?
    Teodoro: How is Lorelei or something……. But he wouldn’t tell me the 
    full story.
    Luke: Lorelei……
    Voice: ……sch, Luke! I will deliver the key! I want you to release me 
    with that key!
    Voice: ……the one who seizes glory……try to capture me……I……
    Luke: (Is it related to the voice from that time……? So that’s why he 
    hasn’t returned to Bachicul?)
    Mieu: Master? What is it?
    Luke: No……. It’s nothing.
    Teodoro: Maybe Asch-dono is also concerned about the activation of 
    the Planet Storm.
    Luke: Is the core’s Shindou in such a dangerous state?
    Teodoro: No, right now it is not a big deal.
    Teodoro: Tear is in the area putting together documents to report 
    the information to Doushi Ion.
    Teodoro: If you’re interested, please ask Tear.
    Talking to Tear
    Tear: Thank you. ……for praying for Nii-san.
    Luke: ……it’s been a while. Thank you for the letter.
    Tear: Y, yes. That was my first letter and……
    Luke: ……well. It was unique.
    Tear: You know. I was just talking to Nii-san about you.
    Luke: Tear……
    Tear: Nii-san tried to abandon the original mankind in order to get 
    rid of the Score.
    Tear: But the current world is one where we should be able to live 
    without the score.
    Tear: Why did Nii-san choose such an extreme method? What was wrong 
    with Luke’s method?
    Tear: That’s how I’ve been for this last month. It’s no good……
    Luke: ……I’m the same.
    Luke: The more I think the more scared I get. I’m not qualified to 
    live in that mansion. The one who should be there is Asch.
    Luke: But if I was driven out of that house, I don’t know how I 
    would live.
    Tear: What do you mean, it’s possible to live. Even if you’re poor 
    you work……
    Luke: I know that!
    Luke: I’m sorry……. But in reality I have no name. And no family. I’m 
    Luke: But if I’m in that mansion, I have the role of Luke. At the 
    very least I can live without anxiety.
    Tear: ……but right now you look so gloomy. You seem filled with 
    Luke: ……is it like my mother said. I really so look that way.
    Luke: My place really isn’t in that mansion. Since everyone just 
    sees me as a replica.
    Tear: ……yes. But at least your mother doesn’t see you that way 
    Luke: But what if Asch returns? Wouldn’t I be told I’m not wanted?
    Tear: Have you forgotten what King Ingobert said during the incident 
    with Natalia?
    Tear: Enjoying seven years of memories is real isn’t it? That is 
    what your parents would say……
    Luke: I know the reason! I am me! But……what am I?
    Luke: Sensei said it didn’t he. “Aren’t you able to live without 
    being born for a purpose?”
    Luke: At the very least, that’s how I am. I’m anxious. What was the 
    reason I was born?
    Tear: ……what was that journey for you? Wasn’t it a journey to 
    Luke: ……I wanted to change. But to change there has to be a “me” in 
    the first place.
    Luke: But for me there was no “me” to begin with.
    Luke: That’s why I think I have to search for my “self confidence”.
    Tear: If you really think there was no “you”, then you should go try 
    asking everyone.
    Luke: Everyone?
    Tear: Everyone that journeyed with you. I’ll also go with you.
    Luke: But your body is, from the Shouki……
    Tear: The medicine can curb the pain. Since the Shouki has already 
    disappeared, it shouldn’t advance any further.
    Tear: And also……
    Luke: And also?
    Tear: ……no. It’s nothing. Just I have a report to deliver to Dart.
    Tear: Anise should be in Dart right?
    Luke: Understood. Let’s go together. But don’t push yourself to hard.
    Tear: Yes. Thank you.
    Dart 6・ダート6
    Near Entrance
    Anise: ……and this stone indicates the sacrifice.
    Anise: Yes, that’s what this shows and that’s the end of the 
    explanation of the tablet ?
    Girl: Thank you very much. This is the amount for the lecture.
    Tear: Anise. It’s prohibited to take offerings outside the 
    Anise: Whaa!! Tear! And Luke too! Awe……overlook it.
    Tear: I can’t.
    Anise: I have to pay back the loan Papa and Mama were tricked into. 
    Right? Right?
    Luke: That’s kind of an impressive story……
    Anise: Isn’t it Luke? It’s pitiful isn’t it?
    Anise: Thanks to that, my wages, and Papa and Mama’s wages are all 
    completely confiscated!
    Tear: I do think it’s pitiful, but that doesn’t mean it’s alright 
    for you to cheat too right?
    Anise: ……buu. Fine I’ll give it back.
    Luke: Ah, wait. We want to meat Ion. Can you tell him that?
    Anise: Yes. Please wait at the church. Geez, you’re such slave 
    Anise: ……you don’t know anything.
    At the Church
    Luke: What happened to Morse?
    Tear: He has forced out of his position as Daieishi. Right now he is 
    being detained for inquiry.
    Luke: So then, who is the most powerful person in the Lorelei 
    Tear: Now and before it is still Doushi Ion.
    Luke: Ah, right. That Morse guy always acted kind of superior so I 
    Anise: Sorry to have kept you waiting?
    Anise: Anyway it’s been a long time! Especially Luke!
    Anise: Even though I sent you a letter you didn’t respond. What were 
    you doing?
    Luke: A, yeah. Sorry……
    Anise: Ion-sama was also worried.
    Anise: “With Van’s defeat, Luke should have been able to find the 
    answer he was seeking” is what he said.
    Luke: Ahh……that is……
    Anise: Really, your so hesitant. I don’t have time for that.
    Anise: Since everyone still comes to have there Score read like 
    Anise: It’s not a lot, but this religious reform feels impossible.
    Luke: I see……. Everyone still wants to know their Score huh……
    Tear: I think the fall into Klippot was in the church’s Closed Score.
    Anise: that’s why they’re under the impression that we haven’t been 
    disconnected from the Score.
    Mieu: It must be difficult for Ion-sama.
    Luke: Yeah. I hope he doesn’t push himself to exhaustion again.
    Anise: And you both……
    Mieu: Mieu is here too.
    Anise: I know. Ion-sama has business with the three of you. He is in 
    his room.
    Luke: Alright, let’s go.
    Ion’s Room
    Ion: Luke! Tear! It’s been a long time.
    Luke: Thank goodness, you seem well.
    Ion: Yes. After the journey I haven’t had a chance to use my Dart 
    style Tone Magic, so I’m fine.
    Ion: How are you?
    Anise: Ahh, it seems like it’s he’s hopeless doesn’t he?
    Luke: Don’t’ call me hopeless.
    Ion: So you’re still worried.
    Luke: Ion, what would you think if your original was still alive?
    Ion: Are you anxious about Asch?
    Luke: ……I can’t not be anxious.
    Ion: Right. I……can only assume.
    Ion: But I want to let the world know of the existence of replicas.
    Luke: It’s just like you Ion……
    Ion: During that journey, I noticed……that I didn’t want to be 
    someone’s replacement.
    Ion: At last.
    Tear: Doushi Ion. I have come to deliver a report on the activation 
    of the Planet Storm. 
    Ion: Large consumption of Seventh Fonim……. Is that the source of the 
    Planet Storm’s activation……?
    Tear: Yes. The source of the large consumption of Seventh Fonim is 
    still unknown.
    Tear: And, I have it written down, but the activation of the Planet 
    Storm was one of my brother’s plans.
    Tear: Recently I’ve heard that there was evidence of some intruder 
    in the Absorb Gate……
    Ion: Are you thinking that van is still alive?
    Tear: No my brother……or maybe should I say, the plan that he left 
    Tear: I feel that the ghost of the world replica plan is still 
    Luke: Sensei’s plan……. Why was he trying to get rid of the Score so 
    Anise: Hwa! Ion sama, the Eishi meeting is about to start.
    Ion: That’s right.
    Ion: Please excuse me, I don’t have much time. At the very least I 
    will see you two off.
    Tear: No way! You can’t do that.
    Ion: I want to see you off. Let’s go.
    Outside the Church
    Luke: Guy!?
    Guy: Luke!? What are you doing here!?
    Luke: That’s my line. What are you doing?
    Guy: Well, that’s……. Oh, Doushi Ion is also with you. That’s perfect.
    Ion: What do you need?
    Guy: I have come as a representative of the House of Lords.
    Guy: I have something I wish to speak with you about. It would be 
    better to go through official procedures.
    Ion: I don’t have much time. Here is fine.
    Ion: Weren’t you sent because you’re my friend?
    Guy: Very insightful. There are two points to report.
    Guy: The first point. The Oracle Knight’s Sound Warrior Dist has 
    broken out of the prison camp at Grankokma.
    Guy: The second point is about Morse. Dist attacked the boat 
    escorting former Daieishi Morse to be interrogated.
    Guy: When the Markt Navy found it on their patrol, the crew had been 
    completely wiped out and it seems they did not find Morse’s body.
    Tear: I wonder if that means that Dist is helping Morse.
    Guy: It seems so. Anyway taking that information into consideration 
    it is something we need to be very cautious about.
    Luke: I wonder if it was Dist who took Sensei’s sword from the 
    Absorb Gate……
    Guy: Something like that happened to?
    Luke: I’ve got a kind of bad feeling. It seems Asch is investing 
    Guy: Asch huh……. Now that you mention it, he never did return to 
    Bachicul did he.
    Luke: How did you know that?
    Guy: I’ve met him in Grankokma.
    Guy: At the time he said don’t take your eyes of the Six Holy 
    Generals. Thanks to that advice, we immediately noticed Dist’s 
    Luke: Did he say anything else?
    Guy: That’s right, he said he was going to Sentvina. Something about 
    releasing Lorelei……
    Luke: He heard Lorelei’s voice too! Did he understand what it 
    Tear: What? What happened Luke?
    Luke: I’m going to Sentvina! I’m going after Asch!
    Natalia: I don’t really know what’s going on, but if you’re chasing 
    after Asch I’ll come too.
    Guy: I was told to try and search for him by His Majesty.
    Luke: Guy……. Yes, thank you.
    Anise: ……a, umm, Ion-sama.
    Ion: What is it?
    Anise: Is it alright if I go too?
    Ion: You’re going by yourself? That’s rare.
    Ion: Of course I don’t mind. Since I’m also worried about what 
    Asch’s words……
    Tear: That’s right. It wasn’t don’t take your eyes of Dist……it was 
    don’t take your eyes of the Six Holy Generals……
    Tear: He might know something.
    Luke: Aright, everyone. Let’s go to Sentvina.
    Ion: Be careful everyone.
    Collapsed Sentvina・崩壊セントビナー
    Talking to Senior McGovern 
    Senior McGovern: Luke! Did you cut your hair again?
    Luke: Huh?
    Senior McGovern: I see, was that a wig before? Your hair grows so 
    Senior McGovern: Aren’t you starting to resemble that ill-natured 
    Jade boy?
    Tear: ……it’s definitely Asch.
    Guy: But by what reasoning did he get “your hair grows so fast”?
    Anise: This guy is surprisingly playing the part of the idiot.
    Luke: Umm, the one who looks like me with the long hair is Asch, but 
    do you know where he went?
    Senior McGovern: What, was that your twin brother?
    Anise: In that sense, you are identical……
    Guy: If Asch heard that he’d get mad.
    Luke: Umm, kind of like that. So then where is he……
    Senior McGovern: Wasn’t it Shuray Hill. Whether that place has 
    collapsed, or whether it can be entered, I was asked all sorts of 
    things like that.
    Senior McGovern: ……did something happen? Would it be alright to 
    return to my son?
    Tear: Yes. Thank you very much.
    Guy: Shuray Hill huh. Let’s try stretching our legs a bit.
    Luke: Y, yes……right……
    Shuray Hill 2・シュレーの丘2
    Upon Arrival
    Guy: Hey, Luke. Could you possibly be scared of meeting Asch?
    Luke: ……even though we haven’t seen each other in a long time, you 
    understood immediately.
    Guy: That’s because we’ve been together for a long time.
    Luke: Are you alright leaving the things about your parents and the 
    Hodo the way they are now?
    Guy: If I said I didn’t like it, nothing would change right?
    Luke: That is……
    Guy: It was a war. There people other than me who have the same 
    Guy: If you compare me to them, at least I was able to hear the 
    details I wanted about the Hodo war from the people involved.
    Guy: It would be much more constructive to try not to start the 
    killing a second time.
    Tear: During that journey you separated from your past self.
    Guy: That’s right. Well……it doesn’t mean I don’t have regrets……. It 
    will won’t accomplish anything now.
    Anise: Remarkable? As expected of Count Gairaldia?
    Guy: T, thank you……
    Anise: ……you still haven’t gotten used to it?
    Guy: Sorry. When I’m approached so suddenly I don’t have time get 
    mentally prepared……
    Tear: ……Luke. Let’s go inside. Is that alright?
    Luke: Yeah. I can’t say stuff like I’m scared. Especially after 
    Guy’s conquest.
    Guy: ……that hurts.
    Inside Passage Ring Ruins
    Anise: It’s our soldiers!
    Luke: ……they’re dead.
    Tear: What does this mean? The Oracle Knights are in the middle of 
    reorganization. All of the units should have been on standby……
    Guy: If Asch is in here, then isn’t his orders?
    Tear: Asch has also been removed from being the Special Division 
    Captain for breaking military regulations.
    Luke: I’ve got a bad feeling. Let’s go inside!
    Further Inside
    Regret: Will you hand over Lorelei’s Key?
    Asch: ……I refuse.
    Tear: Kyoukan!?
    Regret: Your reflexes are too slow Tear. You should think about 
    learning to make your body deal with unexpected situations better.
    Tear: Kyoukan……you survived……?
    Luke: Living through that avalanche……
    Regret: We were saved by Arietta’s beasts.
    Regret: However, because of the injuries from that avalanche, I was 
    not able to protect His Excellency……
    Regret: But he will look after this world. This time we will realize 
    his dream!
    Asch: ……You think I’ll let you?
    Regret: Asch. Next time you will hand over Lorelei’s Key.
    Tear: Kyoukan and the others survived……
    Tear: In that case, then those people intend to take over Nii-san’s 
    world replication plan……
    Luke: Asch, are you alright?
    Anise: ……he’s always got such bad aura.
    Guy: You knew Regret was alive?
    Asch: ……there is a possibility that all of the Six Holy Generals are 
    still alive.
    Tear: ……that’s strange. Sink fell into the core. If he lived through 
    that…… then Nii-san……
    Luke: Were you investigating the core because there was a 
    possibility that Sensei was still alive?
    Asch: ……aren’t you optimistic.
    Asch: If you were connected to Lorelei at that time……. No, I was 
    just Fonimizing.
    Luke: Wait Asch! What are you saying?
    Luke: At that time when Lorelei called out to be released? What did 
    it mean?
    Asch: It’s as the voice said. Lorelei is being confined.
    Tear: Confined? Where?
    Anise: Is there some problem with him being confined?
    Asch: The entire amount of Seventh Fonim in the world will diminish.
    Asch: Thereupon to recover that part, the Planet Strom will activate 
    and the a large amount of Seventh Fonim will be produced.
    Guy: Wait a second. If that happens then the vibrations in the core 
    will become violent and won’t the Tartaros not be able to handle 
    Anise: So then, the Shouki will come back? Then that’s seriously 
    Luke: Hey Asch, where is Lorelei being confined!
    Asch: ……didn’t Lorelei say it? Try to remember.
    Asch: Or so I have to spell everything out for you!
    Asch: Going any further would be too much trouble. Useless replica!
    Luke: You don’t have to say it that way!
    Asch: Shut up!
    Guy: Hey Wait! The Emperor wants to talk to you and……
    Guy: Well well. When he gets angry he doesn’t listen to anyone just 
    like someone we know.
    Tear: But what does all this mean?
    Tear: If Kyoukan and the others take up the world replication plan, 
    then the large consumption of Seventh Fonim should be due to the 
    manufacturing of replicas.
    Tear: And also, I wonder if keeping Lorelei confined is part of the 
    Tear: And I’m also worried about what Kyoukan said about the key.
    Tear: Could it really be the key that Yuria used……
    Anise: Doesn’t Asch know? Let’s go after him.
    Anise: He seemed injured. He may stop by Sentvina.
    Guy: That’s right.
    Guy: Hey Luke. Don’t make that kind of face, cheer up.
    Luke: That kind of face?
    Guy: You’re making a face like you’re going to cry.
    Luke: I, I’m not crying.
    Guy: I got it, I got it. Pull yourself together and let’s go.
    Luke: Yeah……
    Luke: (What was transmitted to Asch was not transmitted to me……. I 
    really am a replica……)
    Collapsed Sentvina 2・崩壊セントビナー2
    Upon Arrival
    Jade: Hurry and prepare the wagons!
    Anise: Aah, it’s Captain!?
    Jade: Oh everyone is here. It’s been a while hasn’t it.
    Luke: Perfect. Jade, has Asch come here? He was injured.
    Jade: No. I haven’t seen him.
    Jade: And even if he was coming to this town, I think he would turn 
    around when he got close and saw state of things here.
    Guy: There certainly is quite an uproar. Did something happen?
    Jade: While I was in the middle of exercises with the Kesedonia Unit 
    we were attacked.
    Jade: Only this town is still in the middle of it’s reconstruction. 
    Right now the injured are being transported to the capital.
    Anise: Hwa!? Someone would attack Markt’s regular army!?
    Jade: that’s right. If it was a little earlier it would have been 
    the Kimlasca army.
    Luke: ……if Natalia was here she would have something to say about it.
    Jade: Please keep it a secret.
    Anise: Captain, you may look frightening, but inside your amusing 
    aren’t you?
    Luke/Guy: His inside is frightening too.
    Senior McGovern: There’s a big problem Jade. We’ve received 
    information that Frings was injured!
    Luke: Frings? You mean General Frings!?
    Senior McGovern: It seems the General has already been transported 
    to the capital.
    Jade: Understood.
    Luke: Jade! If you’re going to Grankokma we’ll escort you.
    Jade: Oh, why is that?
    Luke: Because he helped us out before……. Of course I’m worried.
    Jade: I see. Then I’ll accept your offer. Since I have to hear the 
    circumstances from General Frings.
    Grankokma 3・グランコクマ3
    Upon Arrival
    Frings: Captain Curtis……. Everyone……
    Luke: Shouldn’t you be lying down!?
    Frings: No……. If I lye down now, I may not open my eyes a second 
    Luke: Don’t say things like that!
    Jade: What about the army’s Healer?
    Frings: I received healing some time ago. ……it seems it was to late.
    Luke: No way……
    Frings: Captain Curtis. Please tell His Majesty. About the attack on 
    our soldiers……
    Jade: understood. Let’s have your report here.
    Frings: The ones who attacked us carried the Kimlasca flag. It was 
    about one platoon of soldiers.
    Luke: That can’t be!
    Frings: By using Tone Bombs utilizing the Fifth Fonim they flanked 
    my army with suicide bombers.
    Tear: ……that is not the tactics of the regular army at all.
    Frings: Yes. A large number of the soldiers were wearing unthinkably 
    light equipment, and only part of them were dressed in army clothes.
    Frings When you looked at the part that had the flag, it certainly 
    looked like the Kimlasca army, but I don’t believe that was so……
    Tear: Captain! We need to take the General to a room with at bed!
    Frings: No……if possible, I’d like to be taken to the chapel……
    Anise: But……
    Jade: Let’s take him there. It is his last wish.
    At the Chapel
    Frings: This is were I received the score of my birth. But……I was 
    not read……the falling into Klippot.
    Frings: That’s because the world has separated from Yuria’s Score……
    Frings: With future not being written in the score, with this 
    uncertainty……was freedom……
    Anise: ……freedom?
    Frings: ……yes. ……I wanted to live in this world, just a little 
    Frings: ……that is……. I do not think the army that attacked my army 
    was Kimlasca.
    Frings: All of them had such lifeless eyes……. They were 
    Luke: ……yes. Emperor Ingobert nor Natalia would violate the Peace 
    Frings: Luke-dono……. Pleases try not to let there be anymore 
    fighting with Kimlasca.
    Luke: ……understood.
    Frings: ……founder Yuria……. Bless……this world……that has parted from 
    the Score……
    Outside Chapel
    Anise: A world without the Score is freedom……? Isn’t it just 
    Anise: That is your opinion Anise.
    Guy: At the very least, General Frings wanted to find a way to live 
    in a world without the Score.
    Tear: ……Nii-san is definitely mistaken.
    Tear: At the very least, there are people trying to escape from the 
    Score he calls a curse.
    Luke: ……even so, Frings was killed by people we don’t know anything 
    Jade: I will go have an audience with the His Majesty. It might be a 
    bother, but I would like Luke to come with me.
    Luke: Me? I don’t really mind but……
    Guy: What is it? You’re not being clear.
    Luke: ……I. I don’t really like that guy.
    Anise: Why? He’s got an enormous amount of money!
    Guy: I also have to report about Asch. Let’s go together.
    Talking to Pione
    Pione: I see. Aslan has passed away.
    Jade: Yes. Concerning that, he told me privately that he thinks you 
    should inquire into the Kimlasca Royal Palace.
    Pione: Luke, will you do it?
    Luke: I wonder……if they’ll listen to me.
    Anise: What are you saying? Aren’t you King Ingobert’s nephew.
    Pione: What? Are they picking on you for being a replica? In that 
    case would you want to live hear with Gairaldia?
    Jade: Your Majesty. Please stop with the unamusing jokes.
    Pione: But I was serious. Well anyway. Luke, have confidence.
    Pione: You are the one who bound Kimlasca and Markt in a peace 
    Luke: ……y, yes.
    Pione. Alright. I’m counting on you Luke. Then there is the matter 
    of Asch……
    Guy: Yes. It is as you guessed. He knew about the survival of the 
    Six Holy Generals.
    Guy: It seems they are also aimed at the activation of the Planet 
    Tear: If I may ask, why is Your Majesty searching for Asch?
    Pione: there was an eye-witness account that Asch has Lorelei’s Key.
    Pione: There has been talk about if we had that, could we suppress 
    the activation of the Planet Storm.
    Luke: That’s right, Regret was also talking about Lorelei’s Key.
    Tear: Yes. It seems Kyoukan and the others are searching for it.
    Jade: However, according to their story, the activation of the 
    Planet Storm……
    Jade: ……is caused by the confinement of Lorelei isn’t it.
    Jade: If that is true, isn’t first understanding the circumstances 
    more important then the key?
    Anise: Didn’t Luke here Lorelei’s voice? Didn’t he tell you 
    Luke: No……. Since we lowered the Outer Shell, I haven’t heard his 
    Tear: What did he say at that time?
    Luke: Umm……I’ll deliver the key. Come save me.
    Luke: Then the one who seizes glory is try to capture me or 
    Guy: Hey! That was really important! Why didn’t you tell us until 
    Luke: Huh……but since I didn’t know the meaning……
    Anise: What!?
    Anise: When Lorelei said key I would imagine he meant Lorelei’s Key.
    Guy: Right. And Van also……
    Luke: Van……?
    Jade: If I remember correctly, Luke doesn’t understand the Ancient 
    Esponia Language. So it couldn’t be helped.
    Guy: ……that’s right. It’s not necessary for everyday life so I never 
    taught him.
    Luke: W, what? What do you mean?
    Tear: “the one who seizes glory” is called Vandesdelka in Ancient 
    Jade: We were sure he was swallowed up in the Planet Storm. The 
    place we would arrive at it is the core.
    Luke: So then Van-sensei confined Lorelei!?
    Tear: That is what Asch thought. No, that is what he heard from 
    Luke: But Van-sensei is already……!
    Guy: No, we don’t know.
    Guy: If we believe what he says, then Sink would also be alive 
    right? Then in that case it’s not such an unbelievable story.
    Pione: Luke. Haven’t you received Lorelei’s Key?
    Luke: Nothing……like that, no……
    Jade: That’s strange isn’t it. Lorelei said he would send the key. 
    And Asch seems to have it.
    Jade: In that case, where is the key that should have been sent to 
    Guy: We’ll have to search for Asch……. He knows more about the 
    situation than us.
    Tear: I’ve got a bad feeling……
    Tear: Even though we’re sure something is happening, but no one 
    understands what is going on.
    Jade: Yes. But first, let’s settle what we can.
    Jade: Whether the ones who attacked the Markt army were Kimlascian 
    Soldiers or the regular army. That is relatively simple to confirm.
    Pione: I will also start an investigation. Jade, after you confirm 
    the movements of Kimlasca, chase after Asch.
    Pione: As for Gairaldia……
    Guy: Will you let me continue to help Jade?
    Pione: ……worried about your childhood friend?
    Guy: Well……that’s about it.
    Pione: That is fine. I will leave the rest to you.
    Anise: Then we’re going to Bachicul right?
    Anise: I’m going to send a letter to Ion-sama, so please wait for me 
    at the town’s entrance.
    Jade: A letter……now?
    Jade: Well that’s fine. Let’s go wait for Anise at the town’s 
    At Town’s Entrance
    Anise: Hwaa, you’re all so fast!
    Guy: Have you already sent the letter?
    Anise: Perfectly ? Now, on to Bachicul……
    Anise: ……oh. Huh? Tear you’re face looks pale, are you alright?
    Tear: Ah, sorry. I’ve been feeling uneasy ever since I heard Nii-san 
    could possibly be alive……
    Luke: Tear……
    Tear: ……I’m a horrible sister aren’t I. Even though I should feel 
    happy that he’s alive.
    Tear: When I think about what he’s trying to do I become uneasy.
    Luke: If Sensei is still alive, then this is your chance to tell him 
    all the things you’ve been thinking.
    Luke: Right?
    Guy: Can people’s opinions be changed like that.
    Luke: ……well sorry. I get nervous every time there’s talk about 
    Guy: Somehow, I’m beginning to see the reason you hate His Majesty.
    Luke: W, what……!
    Guy: No, it’s alright if you don’t notice.
    Guy: Besides that, what were you grinning at before?
    Jade: Nothing. It just brought back some dear memories.
    Tear: About what?
    Jade: Since Dist also hated His Majesty.
    Luke: So you’re saying I’m the same as Dist……
    Bachicul 6・バチカル6
    Near the Castle
    Luke: It would be a big help if Natalia returned……
    Natalia: Did you call me?
    Luke: Uwah!?
    Luke: Why are you here……
    Natalia: I was just returning from inspecting Kesedonia. More 
    importantly, this is a perfect opportunity!
    Jade: Oh my……!
    Natalia: Well, such a calm face as always! What is the meaning of 
    Natalia: In accordance with the peace treaty, Kimlasca has not taken 
    any military actions against the Markt army.
    Jade: Aah, it was as I suspected.
    Natalia: Not “it was as I suspected”!
    Natalia: At Kesedonia all I kept hearing about was the horrible 
    deeds that were being done here and everyone turned looked at me 
    coldly, it was embarrassing!
    Natalia: Could it be a demonstration of the Markt army?
    Luke: That’s the story we acme here for Natalia.
    Luke: Could you arrange an informal meeting with His Majesty for us?
    Natalia: That will be fine. Let’s here the full story in my father’s 
    Ingobert’s Room
    Natalia: ……I see. So that’s how it is.
    Ingobert the 6th: I have not given any orders to attack the Markt 
    Natalia: That’s right. Our country is innocent.
    Natalia: But who in the world were the ones that attacked General 
    Jade: About that, General Frings said the unknown had corpse like 
    Jade: I am worried about that.
    Luke: Do you know something?
    Jade: I can not be sure, but it resembles the symptoms due to the 
    Fomicry experiments.
    Jade: When you think about the secret actions of the Six Holy 
    Generals, you can’t throw away the possibility that they’re creating 
    replicas to be used as soldiers.
    Luke: Replica……. The same as me……
    Ingobert the 6th: What are you saying? What advantage do the 
    replicas have by using our name?
    Tear: They are trying to worsen the relationship between Kimlasca 
    and Mark and start a war?
    Luke: Then isn’t that the same as Morse?
    Guy: I see……. Dist took Morse away.
    Guy: Morse would be the only one capable of trying to bring back the 
    Score by antagonizing Kimlasca and Markt.
    Natalia: Father. Please let me go to Dart.
    Ingobert the 6th: What is this all of a sudden?
    Natalia: After that journey, I’ve done a lot of thinking about the 
    Natalia: The world has gone apart from Yuria’s Score. But in spite 
    of that, there are still many people who remain bound to it.
    Anise: That’s right. Of course, they’re uncertain……
    Natalia: That is why I think we should have an international meeting 
    about what to do about the Score.
    Natalia: Whether or not this incident is the work of Morse or not, 
    coming this far to be freed from the Score we can’t let people 
    continue this foolish behavior.
    Natalia: For that reason, the Doushi’s power is necessary.
    Jade: Well, it couldn’t hurt.
    Luke: Right. We don’t know where Asch might be, or Morse’s 
    Ingobert the 6th: Hmm. Then Natalia. You have my permission.
    Natalia: Thank you very much! Father!
    Anise: ……so were going to Dart.
    Tear: I think it would be good. We should also let him know that 
    Nii-san may still be alive.
    Anise: I let him know in the letter. So won’t he read it?
    Luke: What? Don’t you want to return?
    Anise: ……no. That’s not it.
    Luke: Alright, let’s try going to Dart.
    Ingobert the 6th: Luke. Take care of Natalia.
    Luke: Ah……yes. Your Majesty……
    Dart 7・ダート7
    Upon Arrival
    Luke: Tear!?
    Tear: ……I’m sorry. I’m a little dizzy……
    Anise: I’ll call Ion-sama!
    Tear: I’m fine. I think the medicine is just wearing off.
    Luke: But……
    Jade: That’s strange. If it was just the medicine, you wouldn’t look 
    that pale.
    Luke: What do you mean? Could it be getting worse?
    Tear: I don’t think so. The disease shouldn’t be able to advance if 
    I don’t inhale any Shouki.
    Guy: At any rate, can you walk to the church?
    Guy: If you can do that, Anise can prepare a place for you to rest.
    Tear: Yes……. I’m fine. Thank you.
    At the Church
    Ion: Everyone!
    Ion: I heard tear collapsed……
    Tear: Ion-sama……. I’m fine. I’m sorry for worrying you.
    Ion: ……Tear. I don’t think you’re very well.
    Guy: Now that I think about it, what happened to Anise?
    Ion: Huh, she said she was heading back to Luke……
    Luke: She hasn’t come back.
    Ion: I guess it can’t be helped. I think she’ll return soon, so 
    let’s go on ahead to my room.
    Ion’s Room
    Ion: That’s strange. Other than if she breathed in new Shouki, it 
    doesn’t seem like she should be this exhausted.
    Jade: There is the possibility that there is Shouki mixed in with 
    the Planet Storm.
    Jade: At that level after being released into the Tone Belt it 
    should dissipate into the atmosphere. But I don’t think it should 
    have any effect……
    Luke: Could it be that because the Planet Storm has been activated, 
    the Shouki is being released again……?
    Natalia: So then shouldn’t we think of a way to remove the Shouki 
    that’s accumulated in Tear’s body?
    Tear: That’s impossible. Weren’t we told that at Berkend?
    Tear: More importantly Natalia, weren’t you going to propose a 
    meeting about the Shouki to the Doushi?
    Natalia: That’s true but……
    Ion: umm, actually, I have information about a method to remove the 
    Shouki from Tear.
    Ion: Only, in order to carry it out, my……
    Anise: Ion-sama! We have a big problem!
    Ion: Anise. Where were you?
    Anise: There’s something terrible outside!
    Luke: What happened outside?
    Ion: The Shouki suddenly came out and it’s seriously bad! Ion-sama! 
    Come with me!
    Tear: Let’s go too!
    Natalia: Tear!
    Natalia: You collapsing might have because of your sensitivity to 
    the return of the Shouki, Please remain here.
    Tear: If the Shouki comes back, then it will be the same everywhere.
    Luke: What your saying is absurd……
    Tear: But it’s the truth.
    Luke: ……alright. But don’t push yourself too hard.
    Tear: Yes, thank you.
    After Taking the Warp Down
    Guy: What is this!?
    Regret: Don’t move.
    Tear: Regret-kyoukan!
    Luke: What are you doing!?
    Regret: Right now, you’re movement would be a bother for us.
    Regret: And I want to ask you about Lorelei’s Key. Hand it over 
    Regret: I told you your throws are to slow! To make the same mistake 
    Tear: ……uh.
    Arietta: ……what are you doing to Ion-sama? Regret.
    Regret: Arietta! Move out of the way!
    Arietta: Are you really having Ion-sama read over the Seventh Tone 
    Tablet again!?
    Tear: You’re making Doushi Ion read the Planet Score? If you do 
    Arietta: Ion-sama is too weak, he’ll die! Arietta……will never 
    forgive you for that!
    Regret: To mobilize Morse, it is the easiest bait.
    Regret: It is necessary for the revival of Feres Island that you wish 
    for. You know that right?
    Arietta: Luke! Ion-sama was taken by Anise to the Sefirot in the church.
    Luke: Anise!?
    Regret: Arietta! Are you betraying me!?
    Arietta: Secretary-general Van said not to kill Ion-sama! The traitor 
    is you Regret!
    Jade: Luke! Let’s go to the secret passage.
    Jade: Anise has certainly been acting strange.
    Luke: Understood. Thank you Arietta!
    In Room with Secret Passage
    Luke: Wait!
    Ion: Luke!
    Luke: Why is Morse here! And Anise, what hell is going on?
    Anise: ……that is……
    Morse: ……damn Regret. She can’t even stop these kids!
    Morse: Anise! I’ll leave this to you! IF you betray me you know what 
    will happen to Oliver and Pamela right?
    Guy: Hey Anise! What happened to Oliver and Pamela?
    Anise: Shut up! It was originally my job to communicate to Morse-
    sama what Ion-sama was doing!
    Anise obtained the title Spy.
    Jade: Wait!
    Jade: It’s no use. It won’t respond.
    Tear: Isn’t there any other way to go to the Sefirot?
    Guy: Hey, look at this.
    Luke: It’s has a letter……
    Luke: From the mouth of the Zareho Volcano there is path connected 
    to the Sefirot. I’m sorry.
    Natalia: It’s from Anise. Even so, the way Morse was speaking, could 
    he have taken her parents hostage?
    Jade: It seems so. Well, she was originally a spy for Morse.
    Tear: Anyway, right now I believe in Anise’s letter. Let’s try going 
    to the Zareho Volcano.
    Tear: Ion-sama is in danger from being made to read the Planet Score.
    Jade: Yes. Ion-sama is a replica.
    Jade: If he reads the Planet Score, the instant he uses up all the 
    Seventh Fonim stored in his body he will probably die.
    Luke: That’s right. We have to save Ion-sama no matter what!
    Inside Church Near Entrance
    Guy: Arietta is gone……
    Tear: Regret-kyoukan too……what wonder what happened to those too……
    Jade: If they struck each other simultaneously there would be bodies 
    left behind.
    Natalia: Captain! Although Arietta is our enemy, she did come to 
    save us!
    Natalia: And Regret is Tear’s Kyoukan. Choose your words a little 
    more carefully.
    Jade: Excuse me.
    Tritheim: Aah! Tear! I heard from Arietta.
    Tritheim: It seems Morse has taken Doushi Ion away……
    Tear: Yes. We were about to go to the Zareho Volcano to rescue him. 
    By the way, how is Arietta……
    Tritheim: She sustained injuries, so she is resting in Oliver’s room.
    Tritheim: But, Regret and Arietta who should have been dead have 
    shown themselves, and the Shouki is coming back……
    Tritheim: What is going on?
    Luke: So then the story of the Shouki returning was true?
    Tritheim: Yes. Thanks to that, this town is in chaos. Please be 
    careful as you go.
    Tritheim: I will hurry here to have Oracle Knights sent to the 
    Tritheim: That’s right. If you see Oliver and Pamela any ware, tell 
    them to return immediately.
    Tritheim: There is nobody to look after Arietta.
    Guy: I see. There’s a very likely that Anise’s parents have been 
    taken hostage.
    Luke: Yeah, we have to do something.
    Outside Church
    Luke: Dame……. Is this also because Lorelei is confined somewhere?
    Natalia: In that case……Van is really……
    Tear: Nii-san……is alive?
    Tear: *cough*
    Natalia: Tear! Are you alright?
    Tear: Yes……. I was just exposed to the Shouki.
    Guy: Tear’s body knew the Shouki was coming back.
    Tear: I’m fine. Now let’s go after Ion-sama.
    Luke: Tear, I’m sorry. That I can’t help you……
    Tear: Idiot. This isn’t the time to worried about that. We need to 
    Near Exit
    Natalia: What is this?
    Tear: That person is……!
    Luke: Iemon-san!? That’s impossible!
    Man: Move out of the way already!
    Natalia: Please pull yourself together.
    Jade: ……replicas……
    Luke: What?
    Jade: Aren’t they replicas?
    Jade: Previously, they experimented by inserting a special behavior 
    into the replicas in order to use them for military purposes.
    Jade: Those eyes resemble those of the test subjects.
    Mary: Target acquired. Capture it.
    Guy: Sister……
    Luke: Sister? Guy, what in the world……
    Guy: Why……. Why is my sister here!?
    Luke: Guy! What’s wrong!?
    Tear: General Frings is here too! He is certainly being cared for at 
    Natalia: I can see other figures of people who have died! It’s as 
    Captain says, they’re definitely replicas!
    Mary: It is Morse-sama’s orders. Kill.
    Jade: Tone Magic will probably injure the civilians.
    Jade: Just deal with the replicas in the direction of the exit, in 
    this place……
    Guy: Wait! That’s my sister……Mary-oneesan over there!*16
    Jade: It’s a replica!
    Guy: I know! But……
    Luke: Even if we know they’re replicas, it doesn’t mean we can kill 
    Iemon and the others.
    Jade: That is what Morse wants.
    Tear: Please leave it……to me.
    Luke: Tear!
    Tear: I’ve never put such a large crowd of people to sleep before.
    Tear: I don’t think it will last long. Let’s get out of here 
    Luke: Damn! So many things happened all at once my head is spinning.
    Natalia: We don’t have the Score to go by anymore.
    Guy: I never thought they’d go so far as to make a replica of my 
    Tear: Do they plan to induce unrest by creating replicas of people 
    who are related to us?
    Luke: How dirty can that Morse guy get.
    Jade: But it is an effective technique.
    Luke: Don’t say horrible things like that!
    Jade: Excuse me. At any rate, the first thing that we need to do is 
    rescue Ion-sama.
    Jade: If we aren’t quick, Ion-sama will die.
    Luke: That’s right. And I’m worried about Anise too. Let’s hurry to 
    the Zareho Volcano.
    Zareho Volcano 2・ザレッホ火山2
    Upon Arrival
    Luke: ……it’s so hot. It’s suffocating.
    Natalia: That’s natural. It seems that the Zareho Volcano become 
    even more active from the fall into Klippot……
    Guy: At any rate, we need to go after the people at the Passage Ring.
    Mieu: I can feel the location of the Sefirot.
    Luke: I’m counting on you if we get lost Mieu.
    Mieu: Yes.
    Further In
    Guy: But……it’s really hot……
    Jade: Well we are in a volcano. Just breathing in bakes your throat 
    and lungs.
    Luke: Why are you so cool Jade?
    Jade: No, no. I’m so hot I could die.
    Guy: ……that’s kind of irritating.
    Tear: ……it feels like it’s gotten hotter since the last time we were 
    Mieu: Mieu. How much further to the Sefirot?
    Mieu: Umm, it’s a little bit further.
    Tear: It feels like this heat will do us in before we arrive.
    Jade: That might have been Anise’s aim. We have to deal with this 
    Luke: Jade!!
    Jade: It’s a joke.
    Luke: Geez……
    Jade: Partly.
    Mieu: Everyone, it’s this way!
    Jade: Good work. Mieu.
    Mieu: Yes!
    Luke: You’ve uselessly energetic aren’t you……
    Guy: Jade is fine. Mieu is fine. They aren’t even tired……
    After The Huge Fiery Rock Almost Hits You 
    Luke: Uwah!!
    Luke: What in the world was that……?
    Luke: That……
    Natalia: Oh my! It’s a dragon!
    Natalia: He’s got quite a bit of vitality living inside a volcano.
    Jade: If we continue on it seems we won’t be able to avoid fighting 
    him. Or maybe it’s a her.
    Natalia: Oh, you can tell the gender of a dragon Captain?
    Jade: By the way it spits out its breath……
    Luke: Amazing. You know everything don’t you Jade.
    Jade: ……I didn’t think knowing it would be that interesting.
    Jade: Well, let’s go.
    Guy: ……I thought as much.
    Tear: Really.
    At the Dragon
    Tear: Be careful! It’s coming!
    Luke: Damn! ……look for a chance to attack!
    Luke: Now! Let’s go!
    After Battle
    Mieu: ……it’s kind of pitiful.
    Luke: That’s right. ……we we’re just invading its house.
    Jade: ……I’m worried about Ion-sama. Let’s try going in further.
    Luke: ……yeah.
    At the Tone Tablet
    Ion: ……before long, it will bring the destruction of Aldarant.
    Ion: ND2019. Kimlasca Lanvaldear’s camp will move northward on the 
    Rugnika Plains.
    Ion: The army will trample the nearby towns and surround the 
    fortified capital.
    Ion: It will require a half month’s time, and the fallen Kimlasca 
    Army will stain the throne with the final emperor’s blood.
    Ion: A towering cry of victory will be shouted.
    Ion: ND2020. A mountain of bodies will be piled up in the fortified 
    city, and will cover the town with putrid stench and plague.
    Ion: Then the released disease will bring forth a new poison, and 
    all the people will meet with their death.
    Ion: This is the true conclusion of Markt.
    Ion: For decades thereafter Kimlasca will be bathed in glory, but 
    Markt’s disease will gain momentum.
    Ion: Before long, it will be brought into the country by a single 
    Morse: It’s you……!
    Luke: Stop it Ion! Stop it!
    Ion: ……the Holy Flame of Light will seek to purify the defiled air, 
    and will head to the Tone Machine Capital.
    Ion: There the berated power will be used, and the means to save the 
    people will be discovered……
    Luke: Ion. Hang in there!
    Ion: Luke……that just now was the Score I sent along to you……
    Ion: Out of your many futures……that is just one choice.
    Ion: You may be reluctant to rely on it……but that is all I can help 
    you with……
    Luke: Idiot! You’ve helped us so much up until now! And after this……
    Ion: ……Luke. Please don’t make that face. I have plenty of 
    Luke: That’s not true! The other replicas wouldn’t know anything 
    about me!
    Luke: You’re the only one that was with me in Cheegle Forest.
    Ion: Tear, come here……
    Ion: I……will take in your Shouki.
    Tear: But if you do that, Doushi……
    Ion: Didn’t I tell you. There is only one way to save you.
    Ion: Our Seventh Fonim will attract each other.
    Ion: Let the Seventh Fonim separating from me join with you, and I 
    will accept you polluted Seventh Fonim.
    Luke: Ion!
    Ion: ……it’s fine. Look……this way……Tear will be……fine……
    Anise: ……Ion……sama……
    Ion: You……don’t have to guard me……anymore……Anise……
    Anise: I’m sorry, Ion-sama! I……I……
    Ion: Thank you……for everything up until now……. My most……important……
    Anise: ……Ion-sama.
    Morse: Ugh……. Even though it was the best replica, it couldn’t read 
    the Score correctly……
    Luke: Score, Score, Score! It’s like you’re an idiot who only knows 
    one word! What the hell do you think something like that is!
    Morse: Don’t be foolish! The score is necessary for mankind to 
    continue living!
    Luke: People could live even without something like that!
    Morse: We are promised prosperity if we live according to the Score! 
    Is there a need to deviate from that!
    Morse: I am a guardian! It is my duty to protect and guide mankind!
    Morse: I made these replicas and in accordance with Yuria’s Score, I 
    will bring about war.
    Morse: Only that is the path to salvation.
    Natalia: ……what should we do? They aren’t soldiers. Fighting is 
    Oliver: Without someone to order them, those people won’t cause any 
    harm. I guarantee it.
    Pamela: Please let Morse-sama go. If you do that, they should leave 
    Jade: But……
    Jade: ……I guess he got away. It can’t be helped.
    Natalia: Even so, making that many replicas……
    Guy: It’s defiantly the Fomicry information that Van left behind.
    Guy: Without that they wouldn’t be able to make replicas of the 
    people from Hodo.
    Jade: We will investigate later. First let’s escort Anise’s parents 
    to Dart.
    Jade: Anise. That will be fine right?
    Anise: ……yes.
    Dart 8・ダート8
    In Anise’s Parent’s Room
    Pamela: Arietta-sama! You’ll hurt yourself if you move.
    Arietta: ……you killed Ion-sama! Anise killed Ion-sama!
    Oliver: Please wait! Because we were captured by Morse, Anise was……
    Anise: Shut up Papa!
    Anise: hat’s right. ……so what of it? Gloomietta!
    Arietta: Arietta owes Ion-sama her life. You aren’t just Mama’s 
    murderer. You’re Ion-sama’s murderer too!
    Arietta: Arietta challenges you to a duel.
    Anise: ……I told you I accept!
    Pamela: Anise!
    Anise: It’s fine! Since she has to settle this!
    Arietta: I’ll let the observers know the location. I won’t forgive 
    you if you run away!
    Pamela: Anise! Please stop this duel.
    Pamela: She’ll understand if you just talk right? Arietta-sama will 
    Anise: I told you to shut up Mama!
    Pamela: Anise, but……
    Anise: I told you shut up didn’t I!!
    Luke: Wait! Anise!
    Tear: Let’s split up and search for Anise.
    Luke: Yeah……
    Talking to Anise
    Luke: So this is where you were.
    Luke: Everyone is worried about you. Oliver and Pamela too……
    Anise: Don’t talk about Mama and Papa!
    Luke: ……hey, Anise. It couldn’t be helped this time.
    Luke: Since Oliver and Pamela were taken hostage.
    Anise: You’re wrong!
    Anise: I had been tricking Ion-sama from the beginning.
    Anise: I told everything Ion-sama did to Morse……. I reported 
    everything to him.
    Anise: About trying to stop the war, about being together with you 
    and the others……everything!
    Luke: Anise……. That is……
    Anise: It was because of that! The Tartaros was attacked and we were 
    ambushed by the Six Holy Generals! It was entirely my fault!
    Luke: Wasn’t that also to support Oliver and Pamela?
    Anise: ……Papa and Mama, they’re good people right?
    Anise: When I was very young, they were tricked into an enormous 
    Anise: Morse shouldered their debt. That is my Papa and Mama live by 
    working at the church for free.
    Anise: I also……couldn’t go against Morse’s orders……
    Luke: ……yes.
    Anise: I hated it the whole time……. Ion-sama kind of felt like an 
    airhead, it was painful to trick him……
    Luke: Yes……
    Anise: But I……love Papa and Mama……so……
    Luke: Anise……. It was remarkable.
    Anise: It wasn’t remarkable! It wasn’t remarkable at all! 
    I……I……killed Ion-sama……!
    Anise: Because of me……Ion-sama……died……!
    Luke: ……Anise. I’ll give this……to you.
    Luke: I took this from the Zareho Volcano. It’s the Tone Tablet Ion 
    Anise: Ion-sama’s……
    You obtained Ion’s Tone Tablet Fragment.
    Luke: ……what are you going to do now? Stay in Dart?
    Anise: ……no. I’ll go with you.
    Anise: If Ion-sama was alive, I think he’d want me to help you.
    Luke: Alright. Then let’s go back to everyone.
    Talking to Everyone
    Jade: ……it seems you’ve settled down.
    Anise: Yes Captain. I think I’d like to be with everyone for a 
    little longer. I wonder what I should do now.
    Natalia: Anise. Be strong.
    Tear: What should we do now? I think the Score will make it 
    difficult to reorganize the church.
    Tear: And we’re searching for Asch, but where should we search……
    Anise: I……want to believe in the Score Ion-sama read in his last 
    Guy: You mean about going to Berkend to find a way to get rid of the 
    Luke: That’s right. Ion-sama went through a lot to leave us with 
    those words.
    Jade: Yes. It’s all we can do right now.
    Natalia: But……we’ll have to think about it over time.
    Natalia: We avoided the world Van was seeking where the Score is not 
    Natalia: While that may be true……that doesn’t mean the Score is 
    completely accurate.
    Luke: Is that really how the Score goes. I want to bring up how to 
    somehow calm the situation at the conference.
    Natalia: That’s right.
    Berkend 6・ベルケンド6
    Upon Arrival
    Tear: Hold on!?
    Tear: We weren’t in time? Why……
    Guard: ……that’s the third person today.
    Natalia: What’s going on?
    Guard: These sudden deaths have been increasing these last few days.
    Guard: There seem to be a lot of people collapsing immediately after 
    they went to the Lorelei Church to here their score.
    Guard: They aren’t able to be saved by Healers, it’s not a type of 
    injury, or a disease……
    Anise: That’s strange. Ion-sama decided to discontinue the church’s 
    reading of the Score……
    Guard: Well, a little before the Shouki appeared it seems it was 
    Score: A traveling Scora going from place to place. He read me my 
    Score too.
    Tear: Do you know where that Scora went?
    Guard: Not really……but it seems he was headed to Bachicul.
    Jade: That just now may have been from extracting replica 
    information from Fomicry.
    Guy: How do you know that?
    Jade: During the experiments, the originals who had data extracted 
    from them died within a week, otherwise there were other examples of 
    damage left behind.
    Jade: The way that person died a minute ago resembled the way the 
    victims of Fomicry died.
    Luke: It really is worrying. If someone is extracting replica data 
    then we have to stop it.
    Luke: I can’t let any more people be born into relationships like me 
    and Asch.
    Guy: Let’s try looking for the Scora after we talk to Spinoza.
    Talking to Spinoza
    Spinoza: Oh, it’s you guys this time! But it’s become terrible 
    Guy: I suspect the Shindou in the core are becoming so violent that 
    the Tartaros won’t be able to suppress it much longer right?
    Spinoza: Yes. The land may liquefy once again.
    Luke: Liquefying Shouki……it’ll turn back into how Klippot used to be.
    Guy: The Passage Rings have already shut down, so we won’t be able 
    to produce a Dividing Line again……
    Luke: So we can’t just trap the Shouki, we should think of a way to 
    basically destroy the Shouki.
    Spinoza: What would that be. How about using Luke’s Choushindou?
    Luke: Eliminate the Shouki with a Choushindou? Is that possible……
    Spinoza: A Choushindou has the power to break apart matter at an 
    atomic level. Choushindou are not my specialty, but it should be 
    Researcher: I have just done a simple calculation on of the 
    Choushindou from the destruction of Aczelius, it seems to have 
    considerable power.
    Jade: Come to think of it, from the way you were talking earlier, it 
    seems that there was another visitor.
    Spinoza: Yes. It was Asch. He was investigating the flow of Seventh 
    Fonim from the time the shell was lowered or something……
    Natalia: Asch!? Asch came here?
    Luke: Where is he now!?
    Spinoza: He was here looking closely the Sefirot measurement data……
    Researcher: That was the data on the Ronile Snowy Mountain wasn’t it.
    Jade: Shall we try going there?
    Luke: Yeah. Let’s put of going to Bachicul and chase after Asch.
    Outside Lab
    Luke: Jade. About the Shouki and the Choushindou before……
    Jade: ……it was foolish. Please forget it.
    Luke: But if the Shouki can be neutralized that way……
    Jade: Have you forgotten? You are a replica, so you cannot control 
    your Choushindou well enough.
    Jade: In the worst case, you’ll die.
    Luke: Then can’t Asch do it?
    Luke: If Asch is at Ronile Snowy Mountain we should ask him……
    Jade: Excuse me. It seems I said it in a bad way.
    Jade: Even if it were the Original, he would not be able to create a 
    Choushindou that could annihilate the Shouki covering the entire 
    Jade: If there was some way to amplify the power than the story 
    would be different.
    Luke: Something that can amplify, like what?
    Jade: You’re bad at giving up aren’t you.
    Jade: ……in other words, we would need something that relieves the 
    stress put on the body from using a Choushindou.
    Luke: You’re so irritating! So then what?
    Jade: One is Lorelei’s sword. With that you could gather up a large 
    quantity of Seventh Fonim near you.
    Luke: And the other one?
    Jade: A large amount of Seventh Fonim.
    Jade: Let me see……
    Jade: Seventh Fonimars, if you killed roughly ten thousand people of 
    that discipline, it might be enough.
    Jade: Of course, the people using the Choushindou would also die 
    from the recoil from the separation of Fonim that would occur.
    Jade: You can sacrifice ten thousand people to eliminate the Shouki. 
    Well, according to that way of thinking, it might be a small price 
    to pay.
    Luke: That’s……
    Jade: Yes. It’s unreasonable. That’s why I said you had forgotten.
    Ronile Snowy Mountain 2・ロニール雪山2
    In First Area
    Luke: Asch. I wonder if he’s really here.
    Luke: It’d be nice if he’d at least call me.
    Guy: It can’t be helped. For now, let’s try heading inside to the 
    Noir: Oh my. Are the boy and his friends searching for Lorelei’s 
    Luke: Why do you know about Lorelei’s treasures!
    York: That’s cause Master Asch is a loud one.
    Urcy: Master got angry because he failed to obtain the treasures.
    Natalia: Wait a minute. Then Asch is here!
    Noir: Oh my. All that Natalia Natalia over there was annoying.
    Noir: But all this Asch Asch is noisy too.
    York: Natalia is sixty percent, the replica is thirty percent, the 
    rest is Van.
    York: Since what he was talking about can be done with that.
    Anise: ……I can kind of imagine it.
    Jade: Agreed.
    Guy: So anyway, Asch is here?
    Noir: He’s searching for the treasure inside. We are here on standby.
    Luke: Let’s go after Asch! This time we’ll definitely meet up with 
    Noir: Although I think you’ll just wind up in an argument……
    Near Entrance to the Passage Ring Area
    Natalia: In the end, all the people caught up in the avalanche here 
    Guy: So that’s how it ended up.
    Tear: I wonder why Kyoukan and the others are working with Morse. 
    Even though Morse’s and Nii-san’s objectives are different……
    Jade: However I noticed something about when they cooperated 
    previously. When they’re interests coincide, they join hands……
    Jade: They might be using each other.
    Anise: At the very least, it seemed that Morse thought he could have 
    the Six Holy Generals work for him. But it seems they’re different 
    Luke: (What’s this?)
    Luke: Year 1999. In commemoration of the birth of my daughter 
    Guy: What is it Luke? Did you find something? 
    Luke: N, no, it was just garbage.
    Guy: ……hmm.
    Luke: (Meryl, wasn’t that Natalia’s real name?
    Luke: The year of birth is also the same……. A coincidence?)
    Natalia: I’m sorry. I’ve talked to much and I’ve caused everyone to 
    stop walking.
    Natalia: Let’s hurry onwards.
    You obtained the Locket Pendant.
    At Passage Ring
    Asch: ……so there’s no indication of the treasure here either.
    Luke: By any chance would that sword be Lorelei’s Key?
    Asch: All of you again.
    Natalia: Asch, tell me.
    Natalia: Where is Lorelei being confined? And is Van still alive?
    Luke: You’re able to connect to Lorelei right? So you know where 
    Lorelei is don’t you?
    Asch: ……no, I haven’t heard Lorelei’s voice since the day the Outer 
    Shell was lowered. He doesn’t respond when I call him.
    Luke: So even the original can’t do it……
    Guy: In that case, will you tell us what you know?
    Natalia: Asch, please!
    Asch: It seems Lorelei wanted to be freed from the core from the 
    Asch: It seems contacting me and Luke was because he thought that 
    remaining in the core would have a bad effect on the planet.
    Jade: He certainly said something like that when he possessed Tear’s 
    Natalia: In that case is the place Lorelei is being confined is the 
    Asch: No. He’s not there now. After you defeated Van Lorelei 
    disappeared from the core.
    Luke: Then where……
    Asch: ……he told me the last time he contacted me. He’s sealed inside 
    of Van.
    Tear: Then Nii-san is alive!
    Anise: But, at that time Secretary-general has tremendous wounds. In 
    that state, how did he……
    Asch: Even I don’t know that. At any rate, Van has captured Lorelei 
    in his own body.
    Asch: There is healing power in the Seventh Fonim. Wouldn’t that 
    have been a blessing for Van?
    Guy: If that’s true, the release that Lorelei talked about was the 
    release from Van?
    Asch: That’s right.
    Asch: Lorelei wishes to be freed from Aldarant’s gravity and become 
    one with the seventh layer of the Tone Belt.
    Asch: For that reason I’m searching for Lorelei’s Jewel.
    Asch: Without inserting the jewel into the sword, it can’t function 
    as a key.
    Luke: I see……. He did say to free him with Lorelei’s Key.
    Tear: It’s just like Yuria’s legend. He kept Lorelei in the sword 
    and guided him to the Tone Belt far of in the stratosphere.
    Luke: But where is the jewel……?
    Asch: You!
    Asch: If you had received the key from Lorelei, it wouldn’t be like 
    Luke: Me……?
    Asch: Perhaps it was passed through the Sefirot and thrown out 
    somewhere. The Six Holy Generals are also looking for the key.
    Asch: If it gets snatched up by them, we won’t be able to free 
    Natalia: If we can’t free him, the Planet Storm will get even more 
    violent trying to produce more Seventh Fonim……
    Tear: And the world would be destroyed.
    Asch: ……that’s right.
    Luke: Asch! Wait! Where are you going!
    Asch: The jewel wasn’t here. I’m going to search somewhere else.
    Luke: Then let’s search together!
    Asch: I don’t plan to cooperate with a replica.
    Luke: It’s because I’m a replica that I need your help!
    Asch: That’s enough! Do you think you’re in a position to say 
    something like that!
    Tear: Stop that! This isn’t the time to fight right?
    Asch: ……I’m going visit the other Sefirot.
    Asch: Since I have to find the jewel you failed to accept.
    Asch: All of you can do whatever you want. If I learn anything I’ll 
    connect to you.
    Jade: How about we leave the jewel to Asch and go to Bachicul to 
    search for that Scora?
    Luke: ……understood. But I couldn’t settle things with Asch……
    Luke: Why does he have to get like that?
    Guy: …………haven’t you noticed?
    Luke: Huh?
    Guy: ……no, it’s fine.
    Bachicul 7・バチカル7
    Upon Arrival
    Anise: It’s quite busy isn’t it.
    Luke: Hey, did something happen?
    Guard: Morse was sighted, taken from Dart and arrested!
    Tear: What!
    Guard: But during that time he escaped. Now we’re in the middle of 
    blockading the town and searching for him.
    Natalia: So then Morse is still somewhere in Bachicul.
    Luke: Alright. Let’s search for Morse to!
    Near Port
    Morse: Hmm! Even though Eldrant will rise soon, I’m surrounded!
    Luke: Wait! Morse!
    Tear: Gracefully appear before the Lorelei Church investigators and 
    admit your crimes.
    Morse: Don’t joke! The ones who need to admit their crimes are you 
    fools for disregarding the Score!
    Morse: I am right! Why don’t you understand that!
    Dist: That’s certainly correct Morse-sama!
    Morse: Oh, it’s Dist!
    Jade: ……Dist. Maybe it would have been better to have left you 
    frozen for~ever.
    Dist: Shut up! You violated the promise from long ago so easily! 
    Aren’t you a coward!
    Dist: Well Morse-sama. Let’s leave these guys and head to Eldrant.
    Morse: Wait Dist! I will obtain the Doushi’s power in this place.
    Dist: Is that alright? Wouldn’t doing that in Eldrant be more 
    Morse: I will show these fools who have lost sight of the way the 
    world should be my new found power.
    Dist: Then……don’t hold back!
    Jade: Dist! What are you doing! That technique is……
    Tear: Silence! Morse-sama wishes this himself. You have no right to 
    stop it!
    Morse: Gauhh!?
    Luke: W, what is that……
    Jade: ……it is the same as my eyes. You carve a Tone Circle into the 
    body with Fonim taken into the body and it raises the Tone Magic 
    Jade: That is……a Tone Circle with only accumulated Seventh Fonim.
    Tear: But is you engrave something like that in someone who doesn’t 
    have the elementary attributes of the Seventh Fonim, then the entire 
    body’s Fonim will mutate!
    Morse: Gufuu……Dist!? What is with this ugly body!?
    Dist: In order to prevent the Seventh Fonim from going out of 
    control, your body has to take a much more natural shape.
    Dist: Don’t worry. You’re power is certainly that of a Doushi.
    Morse: ……ohh! This is……! I am certainly swelling with power! Is this 
    the power of the founder Yuria!
    Morse: I will head to Eldrant as I am. You should also come 
    Guy: A human being turned into something like that……
    Jade: If you collect Seventh Fonim that is not out of control, the 
    Seventh Fonim will be rejected and your senses will be lost.
    Dist: Since Morse desired the Doushi’s power, it was his heart’s 
    Tear: Well, as long as I can experiment, it doesn’t matter who it is.
    Luke: ……hat Morse, he wants to enforce the Score even after he 
    turned into something like that.
    Anise: Now that you mention it, where did that Scora that was 
    reading the Score all on his own go?
    Tear: Maybe he went to another town. We’ve also encountered Morse, 
    maybe we should report it to the church.
    Guy: But, right now, who’s become the person in charge of the 
    Tear: ……I don’t know. Maybe it’s my Grandfather.
    Luke: Right now no one in Dart knows the situation. I think Teodoro-
    san would be a good choice.
    Anise: Right……Aahh, what’s happened to the church……
    Leaving Port Area
    Luke: Sorry. But while we’re in Bachicul, I’d like to greet the 
    Natalia: Oh, right. Let’s go.
    Luke: Ah……
    Luke: This is bad. I can’t talk about this locket in front of 
    Natalia: Luke, let’s go.
    Luke: Ah, yeah……
    In Front of the Castle
    Luke: Ah, you know. I’d kind of like to meet the King alone……
    Natalia: Oh, what happened? Would going with al of us inconvenience 
    Luke: That’s not really it but……
    Guy: Hahaha, idiot. You’re horrible at lying, so just tell the truth.
    Luke: Guy!?
    Guy: Actually Natalia. He’s got a personal letter from Emperor Pione.
    Natalia: Well, then why is he hiding it?
    Jade: This is just between us, but His Majesty desires you to be his 
    Natalia: M, me!? But I have Luke! Ah, but I also have Asch. What 
    would become of that……
    Natalia: Natalia. No fair, no fair!
    Natalia: Well, because of that, he wanted the letter handed over in 
    secret from you Natalia.
    Natalia: ……understood. I, will wait here.
    Natalia obtained the title Sexy Princess.
    Jade: Please do that. Well Luke, shall we go.
    Luke: Eh? No, by myself……
    Guy: Well well, don’t be stubborn. Let’s go.
    Anise: Then, let’s go too.
    Tear: Y, yes……
    Inside Castle
    Luke: Hey, Guy! Jade! Even Anise and Tear……
    Tear: Sorry. It just kind of happened……
    Guy: You picked up a locket on Ronile Snowy Mountain didn’t you. 
    Isn’t it about that?
    Luke: Y, yeah……it seems I’ve been exposed.
    Guy: Well I got worried when I was you gazing at it so seriously at 
    the port.
    Jade: Yes. It’s the spirit of curiosity.
    Anise: It is ?
    Luke: ……we’re keeping this from Natalia you know.
    Ingobert’s Room
    Ingobert the 6th: What is it Luke? Oh I don’t see Natalia……
    Luke: Your Majesty. Please look at this.
    Ingobert the 6th: This!
    Luke: I don’t know if this is about Natalia’s birth. But maybe Your 
    Ingobert the 6th: ……this is Natalia. I am sure of it. Where did you 
    find it?
    Luke: Ronile Snowy Mountain. At the place where we met with the 
    avalanche along with the Six Holy Generals.
    Anise: I may have seen it before. I just got a glance, but if I’m 
    not mistaken, it’s Largo’s……
    Luke: Really? Certainly only Largo matches the assumption but……
    Ingobert the 6th: ……it seems I have let Natalia’s nurse go.
    Ingobert the 6th: I have heard she now works for Aster in Kesedonia. 
    You should try going there.
    Luke: Understood.
    Ingobert the 6th: Are you……going to tell Natalia?
    Luke: What do you think Your Majesty?
    Ingobert the 6th:……I don’t know. Whether or not it’s best to let her 
    Ingobert the 6th: But if it’s Largo……
    Luke: If I get a more clear answer I’ll come back to you, Your 
    Ingobert the 6th: Please. ……but Luke. What’s wrong. It’s not like 
    you to say things like Your Majesty.
    Luke: ……it’s because I’m a replica.
    Ingobert the 6th: That is an unnecessary concern. For me, it does 
    not change that you are my nephew.
    Luke: ……yes.
    Jade: It’s surprising isn’t it. Natalia is Largo’s daughter.
    Luke: It’s not definite yet.
    Natalia: ……but if it really is true, it’s going be painful.
    Anise: What should we do? Head to Kesedonia? But if we don’t induce 
    her to go there just right, she’ll figure it out.
    Tear: There’s the Scora that is going around reading the Score on 
    his own.
    Tear: What if we received information that the Scora was headed to 
    Luke: Yes. If it’s that, Natalia would agree to it too.
    Anise: But at some point we’ll tell her right? I wonder if Natalia 
    will be hurt.
    Tear: ……that’s right. I think it would be painful to go from being 
    of royal blood, to that of an enemy.
    Luke: Yeah. I’m worried since Natalia is especially sensitive to 
    that sort of thing.
    Outside the Castle
    Natalia: Welcome back. What did my Father say……?
    Luke: Well he said that since Asch is here.
    Natalia: Asch? My Father was thinking about me and Asch?
    Natalia: But you are……
    Luke: Ah, no, he since me or Asch.
    Jade: More importantly, we heard something interesting inside the 
    castle. The Scora is heading to Kesedonia.
    Jade: This is our opportunity, so let’s try chasing after him.
    Natalia: Well, perhaps if continues that way he’s heading to Markt.
    Natalia: Understood. Maybe it would be alright to report to Teodoro-
    san afterwards.
    Tear: Y, yes. Of course.
    Luke: ……then let’s try heading to Kesedonia.
    Anise: ……Captain you’re really good at lying. You’re showing your 
    true colors.
    Jade: No, no. I feel bad, it can’t be helped.
    Guy: Yeah right……
    Kesedonia 4・ケセドニア4
    Near Bar at Border
    Natalia: There’s a crowd of people over there! Let’s try going over 
    Luke: If we take this opportunity to go talk to Aster Natalia will 
    probably get mad afterwards.
    Tear: ……Luke, wait! There’s something strange.
    ???: Now, those who accept the Score come with me. I will give you 
    your Score over there!
    Guy: Our lie became true.
    Anise: Wait right there! The Lorelei Church has discontinued the 
    reciting of the Score!
    Anise: That Scora is an imposter!
    ???: This is unexpected, isn’t it Anise. From now on the one who 
    reads the Score is not a Lorelei Church Scora.
    ???: Morse-”sama” has become the new Doushi, and has lead to a new 
    path, the reborn Lorelei Church’s Scora.
    Anise: You’re not…… Ion-sama. You……couldn’t be……
    Luke: Sink……so you are alive!?
    Jade: My my. So with this the survival of all members of the Six 
    Holy Generals has been confirmed?
    Jade: If that’s the case, Lorelei being captured alive inside Van is 
    true too isn’t it.
    Sink: If you know that much, shouldn’t you be seriously searching 
    for Lorelei’s Jewel?
    Luke: Then you guys haven’t found it yet.
    Sink: That’s because it’s advantageous for us for it not to be found.
    Natalia: Just as shameless as always!
    Anise: ……Sink. What is that reborn Lorelei Church? What do you mean 
    by Morse is the Doushi?
    Sink: Didn’t Morse tell you? Traitor.
    Anise: ……that doesn’t mean I’ll start to enjoy listen to everything 
    he says!
    Sink: Don’t worry. It doesn’t mean that I enjoy shouldering Morse 
    Sink: Now, I am sorry for the interruption, but those who wish to 
    see their Score, follow me.
    Anise: Wait!
    Man: We want to know the Score!
    Man: That’s right, that’s right!
    Anise: But……
    Sink: Anise. Please overlook this. At least you should be able be 
    Anise: ……I……on……sama.
    Sink: Ahahaha! Fighting against me is fighting against Ion. Don’t’ 
    forget that!
    Luke: Bastard! So cruel……
    Natalia: Anise. It’s pointless to worry about it. Sink and Ion are 
    Guy: That’s right. Just like Luke and Asch are different.
    Anise: ……y, yeah. I’m fine! It doesn’t bother me at all! I’m 
    perfectly fine!
    Jade: Anise. Don’t push yourself too hard.
    Anise: Too hard……
    Jade: Natalia. Excuse me, but could you take Anise on a diversion to 
    the bazaar please?
    Jade: We are going to inform Aster to be careful of the Scora.
    Natalia: Understood. Anise, let’s go.
    Guy: Clever, Jade.
    Tear: But Anise is angry about being used as an excuse.
    Luke: Jade will take responsibility.
    Luke: And she really is depressed.
    Jade: Taking responsibility comes afterwards, shall we head to 
    Aster’s place?
    Anise left the party.
    Natalia left the party.
    At Aster’s Mansion
    Aster: ……understood. From now on I’ll pay careful attention to the 
    Luke: I’m counting on you. And also……
    Aster: Natalia’s nurse right? Hihi. Let’s call her now.
    Woman: This is Luke-sama!
    Luke: I have something I want to show you.
    Woman: This is Baddock’s!
    Tear: Baddock? 
    Woman: Meryl’s father……Silvia’s……my daughter.
    Luke: Could you tell us about this Baddock-san?
    Woman: Baddock worked as an escort guiding caravans across the 
    Woman: He was called the Lion King of the Desert by his friends.
    Woman: He was a large man with a kind heart.
    Guy: Lion King……Black Lion……. Large build……. There are similarities.
    Jade: It appears certain doesn’t it.
    Luke: So where is Baddock-san now?
    Woman: He vanished with the death of Silvia’s daughter. I haven’t 
    met him since.
    Luke: ……thank you very much. That is plenty.
    Aster: If anything happens, please feel free to drop by anytime. 
    Talking to Anise and Natalia
    Natalia: Oh, are you finished already? Have you told the story to 
    Luke: Yeah, the outline of it.
    Anise: ……Luke. Give me the story in a full report later alright.
    Luke: I know. Sorry.
    Anise: Weirdo. You apologized and not Captain.
    Jade: Well. You’ve been a big help Luke.
    Natalia: What story?
    Luke: No, it’s nothing.
    Natalia: Really? Even so, I’m worried about this reborn Lorelei 
    Tear: At any rate, let’s go consult Grandfather.
    Guy: In that case, it’s Yuria City. I like that town so I’m happy.
    Tear: Oh, really. But why?
    Luke: Tone Machines. Tone Machines.
    Tear: Ahh……
    Guy: what’s with that cold voice? Well anyway. Let’s go.
    Anise has joined your party.
    Natalia has joined your party.
    Yuria City 6・ユリアシティ6フェレス島廃墟郡
    Upon Arrival
    Teodoro: ……understood. First we have to urgently attempt reorganize 
    the Lorelei Church.
    Teodoro: Please leave the church to me. Tritheim will do something 
    on the inside.
    Teodoro: However, such a thing happening to Morse, the man who was 
    like a mirror of a guardian……it is regrettable.
    Tear: Grandfather. Morse said something about Eldrant. Do you know 
    anything about that? 
    Teodoro: Eldrant is the land of glory mentioned in ancient Esponia 
    Teodoro: ……that’s right. Eldrant is beyond my understanding, but 
    something strange is happening.
    Guy: Something strange? 
    Teodoro: Even though under normal conditions Seventh Fonim tends to 
    Teodoro: ……it is strangely being consumed at certain points.
    Anise: Where is that?
    Teodoro: One is in the vicinity of the eighth Sefirot in the see. We 
    dispatched an investigation team, but at this time nothing has 
    turned up. We are currently pursuing the other area.
    Jade: Pursuing? Even though a location is at a certain place, pursue 
    doesn’t make much sense doesn’t it?
    Teodoro: I would have to say pursue. Since it seems that the 
    location itself is moving.
    Guy: A mobile facility? Something like a battleship, or a wagon?
    Teodoro: I don’t know.
    Teodoro: I just think that unless it is something much larger it 
    would be impossible to consume that much Seventh Fonim.
    Jade: Have you determined any rules to it’s movements?
    Teodoro: It’s in the middle of investigation, but it is certain that 
    it travels across the ocean.
    Luke: Something huge that travels across the ocean……
    Jade: Without being in a state of war, the only thing that could use 
    such a large amount of Seventh Fonim is Fomicry.
    Jade: It worries me.
    Luke: If Jade says so, there must be a high probability that it’s a 
    Fomicry facility. 
    Tear: Let’s try thoroughly searching the ocean.
    Feres Island・フェレス島廃墟郡
    Approaching Island
    Luke: Huh……! Isn’t that island moving!
    Jade: A floating island? That’s physically impossible……
    Guy: That island……I feel I remember seeing it before……
    Natalia: Why don’t we descend? Perhaps we’ll learn something.
    Tear: Right. The facility that consumes a large amount of Seventh 
    Fonim that my Grandfather told us about might be that island.
    Upon Arrival
    Guy: As I thought, I do remember it……
    Jade: Isn’t this Feres Island? It was smashed by a tsunami from the 
    destruction of Hodo……
    Guy: That’s right! It was the island on the opposite shore of the 
    Luke: Feres Island?
    Guy: A part of Hodo’s archipelago. During the time of the Hodo, 
    there was an active interaction between them.
    Tear: But……even if it was attacked by a tsunami, for the land to 
    float like this……
    Natalia: Yes. It’s strange. It doesn’t seem like a natural phenomena.
    Anise: There might be something here. Let’s try going inside.
    Luke: I’ve got a kind of bad feeling. Be careful and let’s go.
    Near Green Save Point
    Natalia: ……it seems it just continues with the same buildings from 
    Luke: Now that you mention it, it definitely seems that way. Hey Guy, 
    why do all these buildings look the same?
    Guy: Huh? Ahh……
    Guy: I don’t know the details either, if I remember correctly, I 
    heard that one architect supervised all the construction in the town.
    Guy: This island also takes the name of that architect.
    Tear: Then, that architect was called Feres.
    Guy: Yes. I believe the emperor from those days was fond of the 
    uniformly beautiful streets.
    Guy: Grankokma’s architecture was also influenced by it……
    Jade: I see.
    Guy: What is that “I see” for? Don’t you know more about it than me?
    Jade: No, no, far from it. There’s no way I’m going to be the one to 
    Anise: ……liar. You do plenty of explaining.
    Jade: That’s why I’m all the more sorry.
    Jade: Aside from what only I know, I’ll leave the general education 
    to others.
    Jade: Or it would exhaust my energy.
    Natalia: Well, it’s not that tiring is it?
    Jade: But it’s because I’m so old.
    Luke: Yeah right……
    Outside Area After Fighting the Two Knights in a Room
    Guy: What is it? Luke.
    Luke: No……. I was just thinking that it’s a beautiful town.
    Guy: ……yes, it is.
    Guy: My memory is of this place is already hazy, but it had a large 
    port and it was a lively town.
    Luke: I see……
    Jade: Collapse, tsunami……
    Jade: Most of the people died without even knowing what was going on.
    Jade: That may have been fortunate for them. It may just be a 
    question of relativity though.
    Tear: It was certainly hell for the people who survived. With that 
    the crops wouldn’t grow either……
    Guy: This town and the people living here were all completely 
    Luke: ……a washed away, forgotten, innocent town……
    Tear: A forgotten innocent town.
    Anise: Arietta……
    After Next Save Point
    Tear: ……someone’s here.
    ???: ……
    Anise: That voice is……
    Arietta: ……Anise!
    Arietta: This is an important place for Arietta! This isn’t a place 
    that you should come to Anise!
    Guy: Ferris Island is an important place for you? What do you mean?
    Arietta: Since this……is where Arietta was born.
    Arietta: Everyone in Arietta’s family died in a flood, and Arietta 
    was saved by the Raiga’s Mama.
    Arietta: It was lonely for so long, but one day Secretary-general 
    Van came and became Arietta’s friend.
    Arietta: He rose up this sunken Feres Island and made it into a boat 
    for Arietta.
    Arietta: Secretary-general Van, the Six Holy Generals, and everyone 
    made this their base, and they come to visit a lot.
    Tear: Nii-san and the others made this place their headquarters.
    Jade: In that case the Fomicry facility should also be here.
    Arietta: If you mean the Replica machines, they’re here.
    Arietta: That’s why Secretary-general Van promised that he would 
    revive Arietta’s town.
    Tear: That’s all fake. Replicas can’t take the place of your real 
    Arietta: You’re wrong! Isn’t that Luke over there the replacement 
    for Asch!
    Arietta: Ion-sama also understood Arietta. He helped Secretary-
    general Van!
    Arietta: Ion-sama changed because Anise took the place of Arietta as 
    his Fonmaster Guardian!
    Luke: That’s wrong! You’re being tricked by Sensei! A long time ago, 
    the real Ion……
    Anise: Luke! Shut up!
    Arietta: Even so, Anise betrayed Ion-sama!
    Anise: What? Are you saying you want a duel here?
    Arietta: The place was decided by the witness Largo. Largo will 
    contact you Anise.
    Arietta: Arietta fought for Ion-sama’s and Secretary-general Van’s 
    sake. But Ion-sama is no longer alive.
    Arietta: In order to take revenge Arietta won’t lose!
    Anise: She’s like an idiot……. Even though that kid is being 
    Jade: If Arietta’s story is true, I would think that this is one of 
    the facilities used by Van.
    Natalia: That’s right. Let’s try investigating a little more. Right 
    Anise: ……yes.
    Inside the Building
    Jade: This is Fomicry……? I’m surprised. It’s on quite a large scale. 
    Furthermore they’re operational.
    Luke: I see. They’re making replicas here.
    Anise: Iemon-ojiichan and the others might have been created 
    Jade: Let’s stop it. The decline in the Seventh Fonim could become 
    Luke: Yeah. We can’t let them increase the amount of replicas 
    Luke: Replicas……just myself is many.
    Guy: Luke…… 
    Mary: Stop! Why are you doing that?
    Mary: Why do refuse the birth of our friends?
    Iemon: Before long we will be given a new dwelling at the heavenly 
    Mary: Don’t stand in our way.
    Luke: Are you fine with all this? It wasn’t a birth that was wished 
    Mary: That is not true. Our birth has been accepted by Morse-sama.
    Natalia: ……sister. If you say that, then it might be so.
    Guy: But if the heavenly land you say you plan to live at is 
    completed, the originals will be killed.
    Iemon: We do not care that the thing we wish for will cause their 
    Luke: Don’t say something so stupid! If the originals are gone then 
    we……replicas won’t be born!
    Mary: Then what do you mean? We don’t need to feel inferior to 
    Tear: Luke. You should learn to follow their example a bit.
    Luke: ……huh!?
    Guy: They’re confidence. 
    Guy: They’re lacking what makes Asch mad at you, and also the way 
    you’re not good at dealing with Emperor Pione.
    Tear: It’s alright to say……you’re proud of your existence.
    Tear: But then, that’s something that you had a long time ago.
    Mary: You are saying we’re proud?
    Tear: Yes. That’s right. Those words may come back to you someday.
    Tear: I wonder if you’ll be able to say the same things at that time.
    Frings: There is a big problem! As we were left here Morse-sama is 
    carrying out his plan!
    At Huge Floating Island 
    Morse: ……fufufu. This land that Van has prepared for me will become 
    my new castle.
    Morse: Now is the time to begin the reborn Lorelei Church. Now 
    prepare yourselves!
    Morse: Haha, hahaha!
    Morse: Watch! I will use the Score to guide this Aldarant to 
    prosperity! Hyahaha!
    Back at Feres Island
    Luke: What happened! What in the world is that……!
    Mary: Morse-sama! Then his promise to welcome us to a new Hodo was……
    Guy: A new Hodo? Then that’s Hodo!?
    Frings: What are we going to do!
    Iemon: Let’s head to the Tower of Rem. That is the place of Morse-
    sama’s promise. He will definitely come to welcome us there.
    Mary: But the islands navigation system was broken along with the 
    Frings: If we ride the ocean current like this, we will arrive at 
    land. We should walk from there!
    Mary: Alright. Let’s deliver ourselves like that.
    Luke: ……they left. What are we going to do? Should we just let them 
    Luke: It doesn’t seem like Morse will accept them.
    Jade: Well, if it was me, I’d abandon them.
    Jade: If there is any Replica data left, even if they weren’t 
    delivered he could make an infinite number of them.
    Natalia: Then they have no place to go……!
    Jade: That’s right. But they won’t know the truth until later.
    Luke: Since those people believe in Morse……
    Guy: Hey, is that island floating in the sky really Hodo?
    Guy: If that’s so, it will become the replica world from Van’s plan.
    Anise: Can’t we find out by landing on it?
    Jade: It feels dangerous……but I guess it’s alright.
    Luke: Alright, let’s ask Noel and go to that floating island.
    Near Floating Island
    Noel: I can’t get any closer. It’s impossible to break through the 
    Planet Storm’s barrier!
    Luke: So, as long as the Planet Storm is there, we can’t get close.
    Jade: It can’t be helped. Let’s head to Grankokma.
    Jade: Hodo’s data is stored at military headquarters.
    Luke: Understood. But what are we going to do if that really is the 
    replica world?
    Grankokma 4・グランコクマ4
    At Military Base
    Nordheim: Captain Curtis. I was in the middle of heading to His 
    Majesty to report the island floating over the Central Ocean.
    Jade: Have you learned anything about it?
    Nordheim: Chief of Staff Zarzaman is putting together his report in 
    the conference room. Please lend us your wisdom.
    Luke: Inside right. Let’s go.
    At Conference Room
    Zarzaman: Jade. Something horrible has happened.
    Jade: Yes. Although I was told the island floating over the Central 
    Ocean was Hodo Island.
    Zarzaman: Oh, just as I thought!
    Luke: Then it really is Hodo?
    Zarzaman: Even worse that island used the Planet Storm to wrap 
    itself up in a barrier.
    Zarzaman: It is not possible to confirm it.
    Tear: Then why can you guess whether or not it’s the Hodo?
    Zarzaman: Because the place that island is flying over is the place 
    where Hodo Island used to be during the Outer Shell Era.
    Jade: If it is Hodo, then that would make it a replica created by 
    Zarzaman: I’m sure of it.
    Zarzaman: Just before the operation to destroy the Hodo by a 
    Choushindou, the Hodo’s replica information should have been 
    extracted under the guise of an experiment.
    Guy: So that’s why there’s a reborn Hodo……
    Guy: That’s right, we were told that there was a large amount of 
    Seventh Fonim being used in the area.
    Natalia: Yes. In that case it must be the work of Van.
    Luke: But the replicas were just saying things like what about Morse.
    Guard: I have a report! A portion of the Hodo Archipelago has been 
    destroyed! Source unknown!
    Zarzaman: ……what do you think, Jade?
    Jade: An interference with the land’s Fonim, could it be by a 
    Zarzaman: Yes. Probably. I will go to His Majesty!
    Anise: What’s happening Captain……
    Jade: Let’s go to where His Majesty is. We’ll talk there.
    Near Castle
    Morse’s Voice: Listen! Foolish mankind that has forgotten the Score.
    Anise: It’s Morse’s voice!
    Luke: What? Where is it coming from?
    Jade: I don’t know. It seems……like the sky, but it could be……
    Morse’s Voice: I am the Reborn Lorelei Church’s Doushi Morse. Hyaha, 
    Morse’s Voice: Now the world has fallen into Klippot and is 
    embracing its destruction as it is engulfed by Shouki.
    Morse’s Voice: Why is that! Because both Kimlasca and Markt made 
    light of Founder Yuria’s Score.
    Morse’s Voice: Both countries have been tricked by the phony pupils 
    of Yuria, and have recklessly disregarded the Score.
    Goldberg: Your Majesty! This is……
    Ingobert the 6th: Yes……. Morse. What is he thinking!
    Morse’s Voice: So I have founded a new Church in order to protect 
    the Score. That is the Reborn Lorelei Church.
    Pione: ……this is bad.
    Nordheim: Yes. Since the townspeople are worried, they may start a 
    Morse’s Voice: Our Reborn Lorelei Church, at the place in Central 
    Ocean that was formerly Hodo Island……we have constructed the 
    Glorious Land Eldrant.
    Morse’s Voice: From its center, we will once again make the world 
    proceed according to the Score. Hyahahaha!
    Morse’s Voice: And so against the Kingdoms who made light of the 
    Score, Kimlasca and Markt, we demand an apology and their surrender.
    Morse’s Voice: In case……t, t, that is not accepted, hyaha……geheh, we 
    will acquire it……by force……!
    Morse’s Voice: Deliver a messenger to the former Reborn Lorelei 
    Church at some time. I will be anticipating a sincere reply from 
    both countries.
    Morse’s Voice: A, and the countries’ people. When your king denies 
    you the Score, rise up in a revolt!
    Morse’s Voice: Justice lies in Yuria’s score! Hyahahaha!
    Jade: ……it seems Morse’s mind has started to become polluted.
    Luke: Pollution of the mind?
    Tear: Even though Morse does not have the elementary attributes of 
    the Seventh Fonim, he has taken it into his body.
    Jade: Right now Morse’s consciousness is having an adverse reaction 
    because of the foreign Seventh Fonim.
    Jade: To put it simply, he’s losing his senses.
    Guy: So that’s pollution of the mind……
    Natalia: But that man, creating this foolish notion of a Reborn 
    Lorelei Church is the will of his self confidence.
    Natalia: He is carrying his delusions of the Score too far.
    Anise: I won’t forgive that guy for destroying the Lorelei Church 
    that Ion-sama was trying to revive! 
    Luke: Let’s have an audience with the Emperor. Neither Emperor Pione 
    nor King Ingobert are people that would bow down to Morse.
    Jade: Yes. That’s right. Let’s work out a counter measure.
    Back on Eldrant
    Morse: Hyahaha! W……what!? Something……inside of me…… from before-
    Dist: I guess he couldn’t hold an injection of that much Seventh 
    Regret: This with just a small dose of Seventh Fonim……. Then if His 
    Excellency has to control Lorelei……
    Sink: Van is a Seventh Fonimar. Something like this wouldn’t happen 
    to him.
    Morse: W……what are……geh……!
    Largo: ……but it is pitiful. Persisting with the Score even after 
    turning into that.
    Regret: It’s almost time. Let’s go.
    Talking to Pione
    Pione: I’ve heard the story. That part of the Hodo Archipelago has 
    been destroyed.
    Jade: Yes. I think it might be a pseudo-Choushindou between the 
    replica world and the natural land.
    Pione: Pseudo-Choushindou?
    Jade: My guess is that right now at the center of Eldrant……
    Jade: ……it is being created while the expanding replica world 
    extracts replica data from the surface.
    Zarzaman: If that is true then for an instead when the replica is 
    born the original and the replica share Seventh Fonim.
    Zarzaman: At that time, an interference phenomenon that closely 
    resembles a Choushindou would occur.
    Luke: ……this conversation is difficult, I can’t follow it at all.
    Tear: In other words, when the replica world is born the original 
    land is destroyed at the same time.
    Luke: Then if we don’t stop it we’ll be in big trouble!
    Pione: Where do you think the Fomicry equipment being used to create 
    the replica world is?
    Jade: Probably at Eldrant.
    Jade: Extracting the world’s data will take a fair amount of time. 
    If we act now, we will be able to hold it back.
    Pione: Can I leave that to you? We do not have means to travel 
    through the sky.
    Natalia: Of course. We’ll do what we can.
    Nordheim: I will have my Markt Army watch the skies.
    Natalia: My Kimlasca will also cooperate.
    Tear: Hey Natalia. In that case how about proposing a conference 
    about the Score?
    Luke: Right. When Kimlasca, Markt, and the Lorelei Church can get in 
    step with each other……
    Luke: ……they’ll be able to oppose the Reborn Lorelei Church.
    Natalia: That’s right. Now might be that time.
    Jade: If we can get the rulers together at the negotiating table, 
    then we can also talk about capturing Eldrant.
    Pione: What do you mean?
    Jade: Guy. Explain.
    Guy: Isn’t that Natalia’s job? ……well I guess.
    Pione: Alright, agreed. I’ll clear my schedule anytime. Would you 
    mind having it at Dart?
    Natalia: Yes. I think that will be fine.
    Luke: Since we’ve already informed King Ingobert of the situation, 
    next we need to confirm it with Teodoro-san in Dart.
    Tear: Yes. Let’s go to Yuria City.
    Outside the Castle
    Largo: So this is where you were……
    Luke: Largo……!!
    Natalia: So you’ve finally shown yourself. Even though I didn’t want 
    to meet you.
    Largo: Hahaha. Don’t say such horrible things.
    Largo: I heard Arietta is waiting for you at Cheegle Forest.
    Anise: Arietta……. She’s really serious about this duel isn’t she.
    Mieu: You’re going to fight at our forest?
    Luke: Why there……
    Largo: Because that forest is the place where her mother died.
    Anise: So the witness is you right.
    Jade: Does that mean if Arietta loses, you’ll become our opponent?
    Largo: I am only there to be an observer.
    Largo: And I don’t think that Arietta will lose.
    Anise: ……alright. Then let’s put an end to that Arietta.
    Luke: Anise, are you alright? It looks like you’re really pushing 
    Anise: if you’re worried about me, isn’t there some other person you 
    should be worried about instead?
    Luke: Who? Natalia?
    Anise: The one from a little while ago that you really hurt without 
    even noticing.
    Guy: In that respect he’s not maturing at all.
    Luke: What? Just say it clearly!
    Guy: In due time.
    Cheegle Forest 2・チーグルの森2
    Upon Arrival
    Luke: (Ion……. You’re really gone……)
    Anise: Everyone wait here.
    Tear: Anise! You’re planning to go alone?
    Anise: Yes. Since it’s my problem.
    Luke: You’re wrong!
    Luke: Ion was our friend. If it’s about Ion, then it’s our problem.
    Luke: ……and after all Anise, you’re our friend too.
    Anise: ……me? Even though I was tricking you all that time?
    Natalia: That couldn’t be helped right?
    Guy: Arietta should have her monster friends with her. Then you have 
    to have us with you.
    Tear: Ion-sama sacrificed himself for me. If it’s a duel, then I 
    should go too.
    Jade: My, my. I don’t know if the word friend……is correct or not, 
    but I do admit we have an inseparable relation ship.
    Anise: That’s just like you to say it that way Captain.
    Anise: ……yes. Understood. I’ll let you all come with me.
    Luke: Alright, it’s decided.
    Passed the Green Save Point 
    Largo: Well, well. I’ve been getting impatient.
    Arietta: I’ve……been waiting!
    Anise: If you’re going to do this, then let’s get right to the 
    Largo: You’ve got a good spirit. But there must be rules for a duel.
    Arietta: Arietta will fight along with my friends. You will also 
    fight with four people.
    Natalia: Arietta. You’ve also saved us before. Can’t we talk about 
    Arietta: That was in order to save Ion-sama. But Ion-sama died.
    Arietta: All of you are Mama’s murderer. Anise is Ion-sama’s 
    Arietta: I’ll defeat you for Secretary-general Van too!
    Anise: ……don’t talk as if you’re innocent. By Secretary-general 
    Van’s orders everyone on the Tartaros was killed!
    Anise: I’ll get revenge for all of them!
    Arietta: ……Anise, prepare yourself!
    After Battle
    Arietta: Secretary-general Van……Arietta……lost……. I’m……sorry…….
    Anise: Arietta……
    Arietta: Mama……everyone……I’m sorry……. I couldn’t avenge your 
    Arietta: Ion-sama……where……? It hurts……Io…………
    Anise: Arietta……. I’m sorry. ……I hated you but. ……but……I’m sorry……
    Largo: Stop crying and apologizing to your enemy’s corpse, Anise.
    Largo: With that Arietta will just become even more pitiful.
    Largo: Arietta risked her life for her own objectives, and she died.
    Largo: Showing sympathy for an enemy is the same as insulting him.
    Anise: …………
    Largo: It is only pitiful that the revival of Feres Island could not 
    be seen by those eyes.
    Tear: If you really think so, then why didn’t you stop her?
    Largo: Prepared even for death, she had desires that wanted to be 
    satisfied. Who would be able to stop that?
    Largo: For Arietta, it was Doushi Ion, Secretary-general Van, and 
    the monsters that saved her own life.
    Largo: It was natural for her to desire to fight for those reasons.
    Natalia: ……without even knowing she was being tricked by Van?
    Largo: She wasn’t being tricked. If she knew the real Doushi had 
    died she would have ended her life too.
    Largo: That was Secretary-general Van’s kindness.
    Luke: Arietta joined the Six Holy Generals in order to repay her 
    Luke: Then what about you, Baddock.
    Largo: ……I threw away that name long ago. Into the sea of Bachicul 
    where my wife sleeps.
    Largo: I see. So you picked this up.
    Luke: Won’t you identify yourself?
    Largo: And what if I did identify myself? An enemy is an enemy. That 
    is all. You’re na?ve boy.
    Largo: Next time we meet, I will kill you.
    Largo: I will take my revenge for Arietta at that time.
    Natalia: Luke. What was that about?
    Luke: I’m sorry. I can’t tell you now.
    Natalia: ……in that case, will you please tell me someday?
    Luke: ……yes. Definitely.
    Guy: ……well. We can’t just stand around idly.
    Guy: We need to go to Yuria City so we can have the Score Conference 
    Luke: That’s right. ……Anise, can you go?
    Anise: ……yes. I’m alright.
    Tear: Then let’s go.
    Anise obtained the title The Last Fonmaster Guardian.
    Yuria City 7・ユリアシティ7
    Upon Arrival
    Natalia: Oh my, are you alright?
    Man: Now, come with us.
    Man: Tear. What’s wrong?
    Tear: That person was……
    Man: A replica. Somehow he ran away to here from Sheridan.
    Luke: Why did he run away?
    Man: There’s been a lot lately. People who should have been dead 
    suddenly appearing with no memories. 
    Man: The person who had died showing up at his own funeral……
    Jade: Since there are a lot of replicas being made.
    Man: Because they don’t know of any means to live. Being attack by 
    monsters, taking items from the stores and being pushed out by 
    military police.
    Man: There are many replicas who have received cruel treatment.
    Natalia: No way……that’s too much!
    Man: Because people are gradually learning of the living replicas 
    created by Fomicry.
    Man: Like someone that’s important to them dieing was because of the 
    birth of the replica, there are lot of people who blame them.
    Man: There are really more cases like that, but most of them are 
    false accusations.
    Guy: ……but a replica that’s just been born can say anything at all.
    Man: That’s right. In the end, we care for them here.
    Man: Although it’s limited to just a place where they can’t be 
    attacked by monsters. They have no place to go.
    Man: And we don’t have an inexhaustible supply of food, so were 
    really in a bind.
    Talking to Teodoro 
    Teodoro: Ah, Tear. Everyone. The situation has become serious hasn’t 
    Tear: Grandfather. We have come to consult with you today.
    Teodoro: ……I understand. With Ion-sama gone now, I would be the best 
    person to participate in the conference.
    Tear: In that case……!
    Teodoro: Yes. I think I will also head to Dart.
    Luke: That’s great!
    Natalia: We have to inform my father. A lot of time has passed, but 
    we can finally start the conference.
    Bachicul 8・バチカル8
    Upon Arrival
    Guy: That’s strange. It seems like there are more people here than 
    Anise: Hey. Aren’t they replicas?
    Tear: What’s going on? Why are the replicas here……
    Luke: Before we go meet the King we should take a look at the state 
    of the town.
    On Second Level
    Man: W, what!? Who in the world are you! Stay away from me!
    Luke: What are you doing, stop it!
    Man: Y, you! He’s a monster! Don’t touch him!
    Luke: Huh? Monster……
    Man: It’s true! He is my friend that died two weeks ago returning 
    from having his score read!
    Man: No, he’s dead, so this is a fake! But it’s just like him!
    Luke: Replica huh……
    Natalia: Calm down! This person is not a monster.
    Man: Either way! He’s strange!
    Replica: Rem……Tower of Rem……
    Guy: Hey, what is the Tower of Rem that the replicas are talking 
    Tear: The tower that’s been in Klippot since long ago.
    Tear: I have heard that in the Genesis Era, assuming that the Outer 
    Shell Plan failed, it was a tower to travel to other planets but……
    Luke: O, other planets!? Is that possible!?
    Tear: I heard it was a quite reckless plan even in those days.
    Guy: If it was even risky in the Genesis Era, then in an era where 
    you can’t even fly well in the sky that dream is still a dream.
    Anise: Then I wonder if the replicas are trying to go to the Outer 
    Shell from that tower.
    Natalia: Assuming that, it’s strange that all of the replicas know 
    of the Tower of Rem.
    Jade: That’s right. If they just inserted memories of the Tower of 
    Rem at the time of manufacture……
    Jade: Well, it isn’t unbelievable.
    Luke: If we aren’t going to reach a conclusion, then let’s end the 
    conversation here and head to where the King is.
    Natalia: That’s right……
    On Third Level
    Man: Seek saving from the Reborn Lorelei Church!
    Man: Observe the Score! I don’t want to end up being covered in 
    Shouki and dead!
    Man: My father living in Kesedonia died because of the current 
    Woman: I can’t stand Klippot! Return us to the Outer Shell!
    Natalia: Wait! Calm down! Calm down everyone……
    Man: Shut up!
    Luke: Natalia!
    Natalia: Be quiet! I am Natalia!
    Natalia: Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear!
    Natalia: My beloved Kimlascian people please calm down and listen to 
    what I have to say.
    Woman: Natalia-sama! The Shouki……! We’re suffering with the Shouki 
    like this.
    Natalia: Of course. Right now we are also risking our lives to find 
    a way to get rid of the Shouki.
    Man: Can’t you just rise up the land like before!
    Natalia: That is impossible!
    Natalia: The Outer Shell that the Reborn Lorelei Church talks about 
    is whittling away at the current land and then producing that shell.
    Natalia: Because of the appearance of Eldrant the islands in the 
    Central Ocean have vanished.
    Natalia: Do you understand? All of you will also be erased!
    Man: No way……that can’t be……
    Luke: All of you already understand right. How are you going to rely 
    on the Score at this point!
    Luke: Yuria didn’t read that the shell would fall into Klippot in 
    the Score.
    Man: That was because we didn’t abide by the Score.
    Luke: Abiding by the Score? Isn’t it strange that the Score had to 
    be protected so that it wouldn’t go out of order!
    Luke: The Score isn’t the decided future. It’s just one of the 
    possible futures!
    Natalia: I beg of you. Please give us a little more time.
    Natalia: If……yes, if the time comes when a solution cannot be 
    Natalia: ……we will seek help from the Reborn Lorelei Church.
    Man: ……Natalia-sama. I believe in you.
    Man: If you can just get rid of the Shouki, we won’t but into the 
    King’s politics.
    Man: Many people have already succumbed to the Shouki. Are their 
    Replicas up there?
    Man: This place is crawling with strange mock people and their 
    damaging our property.
    Woman: We just want to live normally.
    Luke: Mock people……huh……
    Tear: Luke. He was just angry. He should understand when he’s calm……
    Luke: It’s fine! ……it’s fine.
    Talking to Ingobert
    Ingobert the 6th: Oh! Natalia! What in the world happened to Morse?
    Natalia: We are investigating that.
    Ingobert the 6th: At any rate we can not carelessly oppose him.
    Ingobert the 6th: Of there a lot of citizens that believe in the 
    Score and don’t plan to oppose Morse.
    Ingobert the 6th: If the royal family refusing them there is the 
    possibility of a rebellion.
    Luke: Damn……!
    Albain: His Majesty is also distressed about the replica incidents.
    Albain: There are too many to be dealt with as immigrants and the 
    public order is being disturbed.
    Ingobert the 6th: Among those incidents are the replicas showing up 
    at funerals, and on top of the chaos I have heard stories of 
    Ingobert the 6th: And our food supply is also not inexhaustible. 
    These replicas are giving me a headache……
    Ingobert the 6th: Oh, Luke. It’s not you. Don’t trouble yourself 
    over it.
    Goldberg: Your Majesty. I will interview the Markt Ambassador 
    immediately and determine the time it will take to coordinate with 
    Ingobert the 6th: Yes. I will leave it to you.
    Natalia: By the way Father. It seems we’ve completed the 
    preparations for the discussion about the Score.
    Ingobert the 6th: I see, Natalia. You have safely built the bridge 
    for us. Good work.
    Ingobert the 6th: However it’s the perfect time. Although it should 
    be natural for the three powers to reach a clear decision on the 
    Ingobert the 6th: I also plan to propose a march on the Reborn 
    Lorelei Church.
    Anise: At this rate this land will certainly be erased by the 
    replica world.
    Jade: However, when it comes to attacking Eldrant, the Planet Storm 
    will get in the way.
    Ingobert the 6th: Yes. That is another problem that is giving me a 
    headache. I must also think about the replica problem.
    Natalia: Is the replica problem really that serious?
    Ingobert the 6th: It’s getting better now.
    Ingobert the 6th: It seems like they’re heading to the Tower of Rem 
    and a considerable amount of them have gone away.
    Ingobert the 6th: However, before that there were great disturbances 
    from the strife with the citizens and the pressure on the economy.
    Ingobert the 6th: At any rate there are enough of them to build a 
    country. There are also many of them that cannot speak 
    Ingobert the 6th: There are also people who would get a hold of the 
    replicas and use them for all sorts of no good……
    Luke: ……I guess the replicas have no place to go.
    Natalia: That’s because right now we can’t develop those kinds of 
    Albain: It’s also a sensitive problem. ……since the Replicas will 
    always be imposters next to the real thing.
    Ingobert the 6th: At any rate, first comes the conference. In order 
    to unify our views as a country I will call my close aides.
    Ingobert the 6th: Until I finish that, please wait at Duke Fabre’s 
    Natalia: ……Father! Please let me participate too.
    Ingobert the 6th: ……that will be fine.
    Luke: Natalia, I’m counting on you.
    Natalia: Yes.
    Luke: And Your Majesty, I have a report about that matter but……
    Ingobert the 6th: ……try to come to my room afterwards.
    Luke: Understood.
    In Ingobert’s Room
    Ingobert the 6th: ……aah. So than that man called Largo really is 
    Natalia’s true father.
    Luke: Yes. I’m sure of it.
    Ingobert the 6th: What should I do……
    Ingobert the 6th: If this becomes a full conflict with the Reborn 
    Lorelei Church, than that child will have to fight her true father.
    Jade: Natalia still doesn’t know about it.
    Jade: We could also leave her as she is without letting her know.
    Anise: Happiness isn’t limited to just knowing the truth……
    Ingobert the 6th: How about you? What do you think Luke?
    Luke: I……when I learned I was a replica, I didn’t want to know 
    that……it was painful.
    Luke: But……I noticed that a little bit that I wasn’t me. 
    Luke: If I was left knowing nothing, I might have become suicidal.
    Luke: My situation is much different, but I……think it would have 
    been better to be informed.
    Guy: Right. Certainly there is the reality that there is happiness 
    in not knowing.
    Guy: But, I think that us knowing while Natalia, the one who it 
    concerns doesn’t know……
    Guy: ……is twisted.
    Tear: ……it’ll be painful when she learns the truth won’t it.
    Ingobert the 6th: That is true……. Let me think about it.
    Luke: Yes. Your Majesty.
    Outside the Castle
    Jade: I will also make use of this time and make a proposal to the 
    Emperor to have Markt reach a unified consensus.
    Jade: Oh. And I’ll be borrowing the Alvior ?
    Guy: Well then. What are we going to do? Just return to the mansion?
    Luke: Yeah……
    Tear: Luke. What’s wrong?
    Anise: Yeah. Luke is acting strange. Kind of lost in thought……
    Luke: Oww……
    Tear: Luke?
    Guy: Is it Lorelei, or maybe……
    Asch’s Voice: Replica. Where are you now?
    Luke: Asch……! Right now……
    Asch’s Voice: No, it’s fine. I saw. Bachicul huh.
    Luke: You’re always using me to send your voice and using my eyes to 
    see things!
    Asch’s Voice: ……I am also near Bachicul. I’m coming to meet you, so 
    don’t leave town.
    Luke: I’m at the mansion, if you want to meet me than just come.
    Asch’s Voice: No good. At the port or somewhere……
    Luke: I want to return to my own house!
    Asch’s Voice: ……do whatever you want!
    Anise: What did Asch say?
    Luke: It seems he’s coming to meet us. We’ll meet up in the mansion.
    Guy: At the mansion? Will that be alright?
    Luke: ……yes. It’s better that way.
    After Entering the Mansion
    Guy: So you finally entered this place again……
    Asch: I didn’t think I’d ever return to this place a second time.
    Luke: Asch. What about Lorelei?
    Asch: I haven’t had any connection to Lorelei. Being captured in 
    Van’s body has bad him unable to communicate.
    Luke: So then where is Lorelei’s Jewel……
    Asch: I don’t know. However, Lorelei had sent the key from the core 
    through the Sefirot.
    Asch: If you haven’t received it, than it must be making it’s way 
    through a Sefirot somewhere.
    Anise: But you searched all the Sefirot didn’t you? Could you have 
    missed it in your search?
    Asch: I’m not that stupid. I’m not like that him.
    Luke: What’s that supposed to mean?
    Tear: The sword seems like it should react to the jewel. I think he 
    would have been able to find it……
    Luke: If we haven’t found the jewel than it’s just what Sensei and 
    the others want.
    Asch: Damn. So we’re backed into a corner……. Because of the Shouki, 
    those guys in the towns, and from the Reborn Lorelei Church……
    Luke: The Shouki huh……
    Ion: ……the Holy Flame of Light will seek to purify the defiled air, 
    and will head to the Tone Machine Capital.
    Ion: There the berated power will be used, and the means to save the 
    people will be discovered……
    Back in Mansion
    Luke: Asch……. What if I said you could neutralize the Shouki with a 
    Asch: ……what are you talking about? Doing something like that is 
    Luke: It is possible! If you have Lorelei’s sword! But in exchange 
    for your life……
    Tear: Luke, what do you mean?
    Anise: That’s the first time I’ve heard something like that.
    Asch: ……so then? Would you die for us?
    Luke: I……I……
    Asch: It must be nice replica. Being able to say you’ll die so 
    Luke: About Aczelius……. No amount of apologizing would ever be 
    Luke: If I could die to bring back Aczelius……it’s a bit scary……but 
    I’d do it.
    Back in Mansion
    Luke: ……I don’t want to die.
    Asch: Humph, of course. Sorry, but I won’t die yet either.
    Luke: W, wait!
    Asch: Our conversation is over. And I’ve done what I can.
    Luke: I’m not finished! Stay for another ten, no five minutes!
    Asch: L, let go!
    Guy: Go along with him Asch.
    Asch: Fine……
    Asch joined the party.
    In Luke’s Mother’s Room
    Suzanne: Luke! ……Luke!?
    Duke Fabre: ……you!
    Luke: ……Father. Mother. I’ve brought the real Luke.
    Asch: Bastard! What are you thinking……?
    Luke: We’ll be in the garden!
    Suzanne: Luke! It’s really Luke!
    Asch: ……sorry I haven’t kept in touch. Mother.
    Duke Fabre: So you were in the Oracle Knights.
    Asch: Yes……
    Duke Fabre: ……you’ve grown. Luke.
    Asch: Father……
    Outside in the Garden
    Anise: I see. So it was to make Asch meet his Mama and Papa.
    Tear: But Luke. Is that really alright? For you Asch coming to this 
    Luke: ……I was scared. Exactly. But……I am the replica……he is the real 
    Luke: If one day, I’m told I’m not wanted……
    Guy: Stop that Luke.
    Luke: Guy……?
    Guy: I thought it was strange.
    Guy: The reason you were unusually absorbed in thought was because 
    you were thinking this foolish thing about killing yourself to get 
    rid of the Shouki.
    Tear: Luke! Stop thinking about stupid foolish things like that!
    Guy: You are a replica, so you were thinking about menial things.
    Guy: Thinking that you would be told you aren’t wanted. There isn’t 
    any meaning to something like that.
    Luke: But after I found out I was a Replica, I’ve been thinking 
    about it for a long time.
    Luke: Why was I born? What am I, and what is my reason for living?
    Luke: I……replicas are an existence that shouldn’t be here.
    Guy: That’s enough!
    Asch: ……absolutely.
    Asch: I am no longer Luke. I won’t return to this house again.
    Asch: How about correcting that menial nature before you say 
    something stupid. ……you’re pissing me off!
    Guy: ……Luke. Anyway, let’s rest a bit. I’m sure you’re tired right 
    Luke: ……yeah……
    Asch left the party.
    In Throne Room
    Natalia: ……certainly the inexhaustible Fon Power may be lost.
    Natalia: But isn’t it meaningless if mankind is lost and only the 
    Planet Storm remains!
    Ingobert the 6th: The guidepost called Score has already disappeared. 
    We must grasp our future with our own will.
    Grankokma Throne Room
    Jade: If we lose the Planet Storm, almost all the Tone Power and 
    Tone Magic will be lost.
    Jade: Though that does not meant that all Fonim will disappear.
    Jade: We should search for a new way to use the limited Fonim 
    efficiently. Am I wrong?
    Pione: We don’t have time to be worrying about the inconveniences in 
    the future. At this rate the future might disappear.
    Pione: I think that figuring out a way to stop the Planet Storm is a 
    rational way of thinking.
    Back in Bachicul
    Natalia: I’ve got good news. We have come to a mutual agreement to 
    stop the Planet Storm.
    Jade: We have too. The actual conference will be carried out in Dart. 
    Let’s also go.
    Jade: The leaders have already headed to the port.
    Guy: Well, since we have the Alvior we might pass them.
    Luke: ……right.
    Leaving Town
    Spinoza: Ah, so I didn’t miss you!
    Luke: What happened? Coming all the way here……
    Spinoza: Yes. Have you entrusted Asch with neutralizing the Shouki?
    Jade: What is this?
    Spinoza: Just a little while ago Asch came and he asked if about 
    using a Choushindou to neutralize the Shouki.
    Natalia: Asch!? Why!
    Luke: What is he thinking?
    Spinoza: I was entrusted by him to calculate the chance of success 
    Jade: But he didn’t even ask for the results. First of all, there is 
    insufficient Seventh Fonim.
    Jade: With Lorelei sleeping, even with the activation of the Planet 
    Storm there definitely would be too little.
    Jade: And even if it was a sufficient amount……
    Spinoza: Humans don’t have that much power. The Fonim bonds would 
    break and they would separate……then death.
    Natalia: No way, knowing that, Asch……
    Spinoza: Correct. I would have stopped him but he didn’t tell me he 
    was going to do it.
    Luke: But what does he plan to do about the ten thousand Seventh 
    Fonimar lives?
    Jade: Wouldn’t that be the replicas.
    Jade: ……a replica’s atom’s bonds are made up of just Seventh Fonim.
    Jade: If he’s using their lives, it would be a replacement for the 
    Seventh Fonimars.
    Jade: And he also has the Lorelei Sword as an amplifier.
    Luke: That guy! He plans to commit suicide with the replicas!
    Guy: Hey, hey. What was he thinking while he was talking so harshly 
    about not going to die!
    Natalia: Luke. We have to stop him! I won’t forgive this 
    Luke: Yes. I know.
    Anise: But where is Asch?
    Tear: If he plans to use the replicas Seventh Fonim, then he should 
    be at the Tower of Rem where they’re gathering.
    Natalia: Where is the Tower of Rem?
    Tear: Kyuubi Peninsula. An area of land that was formerly in Klippot. 
    It should be tied to the tip of the Southern Rugnika Continent.
    Luke: Alright. Let’s go after Asch!
    Tower of Rem・レムの塔
    After Passing the Door
    Luke: What in the world is this……!
    Natalia: There were this many replicas!
    Tear: Why are they all staring……
    Guy: Yeah……. They’ve got no spirit.
    Anise: Luke. I don’t believe that you’re the same as those people.
    Tear: They have no personality……
    Jade: It’s in order to insert instructions into them. Replicas are 
    born in the same state as a baby. The way to walk is just one thing 
    they don’t know.
    Jade: They are given the minimum if mechanical knowledge and they 
    end up like this.
    Luke: I feel kind of sick……. What in the world are replicas!
    Noir: It’s the boy and the others! Perfect!
    Luke: You! You’re the Jet Black Wings……! Why are you here!
    Noir: Because we were hired by Asch.
    Natalia: Than Asch really is here!
    Noir: Yes! Asch plans to kill himself along with the replicas in 
    order to get rid of the Shouki.
    Noir: Right now my companions are chasing after him.
    Noir: You should search for him and stop him too boy. Stop this 
    foolish thing he’s doing.
    Luke: Understood. For now let’s up with the elevator……
    Anise: Awe. It closed!
    Jade: This is bad. The other way to go up……
    Luke: ……those are stairs right. Hey, can’t we go after him using the 
    Guy: Hey, hey are you serious!? This tower is extremely tall?
    Tear: Yes, But even if we wait here it can’t be helped.
    Natalia: That’s right. And there may also be another entrance to 
    ride the elevator further up.
    Guy: ……alright. Well if the women say so I guess I can’t complain.
    Jade: It‘s be hard on the old people.
    Luke: Aren’t you a soldier……?
    Anise: ……even so.
    Anise: Asch is just Luke’s original after all, he really is an 
    Anise: Really, what is he thinking? I don’t understand at all!
    Guy: Really. Let’s hurry Luke.
    Luke: Yeah. He is my original. I can’t just let him die!
    Further up the Stairs
    York: It’s you!
    Luke: Where’s Asch!?
    York: I see, you also came to search for Master Asch.
    Urcy: He doesn’t seem to be around here.
    Natalia: Asch……. Why are you going so far as to sacrifice yourself……
    York: That, Princess, is for your sake isn’t it?
    Natalia: ……huh……?
    York: Master Asch doesn’t want to see you and your country be 
    covered in Shouki and sink.
    Guy: But didn’t he think that if he dies Natalia will be sad? That 
    Urcy: That’s right. Master always kept saying there was no time.
    Urcy: This time also, he said if he was going to die recklessly he 
    was going to do it along with the Shouki.
    York: I don’t understand the reason, but at any rate, we can’ 
    overlook it.
    Luke: He said he didn’t want to die……. He’s an idiot!
    Jade: If he is not in the area, shall we go further up?
    Luke: Right. Let’s hurry!
    Top of Stairs
    Anise: Huh!? The stairs end here.
    Jade: I seems like this tower is still in the middle of construction.
    Guy: So it was abandoned part of the way through construction.
    Guy: If it was another time, there are all sorts of things I would 
    like to investigate……
    Natalia: There’s a lift. I wonder if it was for work?
    Luke: Alright. Let’s go ride it.
    Jade: It will take us up to somewhere. I was starting to want an 
    easier way.
    Tear: Even though you look like the one who’s the least tired 
    Jade: No, by nature my body is week so……*cough*
    After Green Save Point
    Anise: Ahh. There’s no more stairs or a lift. Going further will be 
    seriously difficult.
    Luke: Damn! Even though we came all this way……
    Jade: Yes. Let’s break the glass surrounding the elevator with this 
    Natalia: If we do that won’t the elevator break too?
    Jade: That is why we’re just going to break the surrounding glass. 
    Guy, you can do it right?
    Guy: If you say it like that, I don’t want to say I can’t.
    Guy: Hmm……. It does look like it’s still working, but without a 
    power source……
    ※Guy: Well, well. It seems I’m being told there’s no trick to it.
    Luke: What is it?
    Guy: It’s just like that time at the Mejiora Plateau.
    Tear: So we need to take a power source from something again.
    Guy: Correct. I want to fill up this equipment’s power supply 
    Jade: Like the golem on the lower floor?
    Guy: Right. There security around there. Let’s try taking away the 
    golem’s core and filling up this equipment’s power supply.
    Luke: Then let’s bring that with us.
    Natalia: Guy, carry it.
    Tear: Natalia!
    Natalia: Ah, oh, that was wrong of me! You aren’t my servant any 
    Guy: That will be fine Natalia-sama. If it is your order, then I 
    will carry it.
    Jade: Since even in Markt the Emperor works him pretty hard.
    Guy: Don’t say that……. It’s even shameful for me.
    Investigating the Machine with Full Power
    Guy: Alright. With that it should activate.
    Luke: ……amazing!
    Jade: As expected of the Tone Machine Professor.
    Guy: Being praised by you is suspicious……
    Anise: Whoa, look down there!
    Natalia: The elevator is coming up from below!
    Tear: Let’s walk up there and jump on!
    At Elevator
    Mary: So it’s you!
    Guy: S, sister!?
    Mary: I am not your sister. I am 8-027.
    Luke: Why did you come here? Is Morse waiting to save you!
    Mary: That’s right. There is no place for replicas on the ground.
    Mary: Our friends do not have the knowledge to live outside of town, 
    and the inside of towns is the originals’ world.
    Frings: We are hated……. There is no place for us to live on the 
    Frings: To make matters worse, there are those that say we should be 
    destroyed for the original’s sake.
    Iemon: If we wait on the top floor of the Tower of Rem, Morse will 
    guide us to the reborn Hodo.
    Iemon: That is what he promised.
    Mary: There we will build a country for ourselves.
    Luke: W, wait!
    On Elevator
    Luke: The replicas should be destroyed for the sake of the 
    originals……who said that!
    Mary: The man with the same face as you. He proposed that if we 
    agreed to use our lives to get rid of the Shouki……
    Mary: ……he would give a place to live to the many replicas who have 
    not found their way here yet.
    Iemon: If he wants to die so badly he can die alone. We have the 
    Mary: We are set for the Hodo. Morse-sama will definitely accept us!
    Dist: Fuhahahahah! Even if you wait thousands of years that will 
    never happen!
    Tear: Stop!
    Dist: I can’t do that. I have to deal with these obstructive 
    Dist: Since I can’t embark on my Nebilim-sensei Resurrection Plan.
    Jade: ……considering you just escaped from prison, you’re trying to 
    do such a foolish thing again. Give it up already.
    Dist: I can’t do that! When I resurrect Nebilim-sensei, you’ll also 
    return to your old self.
    Dist: Together with Sensei we can return once more to that era……!
    Jade: It seems I was na?ve overlooking it for so long. Goodbye Safir.
    Dist: ……you really have abandoned me! In that case……then I’ll also 
    have to get serious!
    Dist: You should perish along with the replicas!!
    After Battle
    Dist: ……either way, Morse won’t meet you even after an eternity……
    Dist: ……the Eldrant uses its anti-air weaponry……this entire tower 
    will be turned to cinders……
    Dist: Kekeke……hahahaha.
    Dist: Nebilim-sensei……I’m coming to meet you!
    Luke: You think I’ll let you!
    Mary: ……so there is no place for us……
    Luke: ……we are beings that shouldn’t exist in this era.
    Tear: You’re wrong! After all, aren’t you here and breathing!
    Tear: A world that won’t accept you is ludicrous!
    Guy: But there are people who have died from the birth of replicas.
    Guy: People’s hearts aren’t so simple that they can completely 
    accept them……
    Asch: That’s right. That’s why I offered the deal.
    Asch: What are you going to do? You have already lost your place to 
    Mary: Let us think about it. We want to talk with the people that 
    were born in the same way as us and then decide.
    Luke: Asch! Stop saying these stupid things! Aren’t you the one who 
    said he didn’t want to die!
    Asch: ……in that case, what do you plan to do about the Shouki!
    Asch: Are you even going to say that you’ll take my place and die to 
    get rid of the Shouki?
    Luke: T……that is……
    Asch: I have somewhere I have to go. Reach a consensus by the time I 
    get back.
    Natalia: Wait a minute! Where are you going!
    Asch: …………
    Natalia: Luke! We have to stop Asch!
    Luke: Yeah. Let’s go after him!
    Outside the Tower
    Urcy: We’ve been waiting for you.
    Luke: The Jet Black……!
    Urcy: We are now going to take Master Asch to Dart.
    York: We can’t stop Master. You have to persuade him somehow.
    Noir: Hey you two, I’m going to leave you behind!
    Luke: Dart huh……. Anyway, let’s go after him and try to persuade him.
    Luke: If we want to get rid of the Shouki we have to release Lorelei.
    Luke: And for that, I think Asch’s power as the original is 
    Jade: ……Luke. Do you seriously think that?
    Luke: Huh? Of course.
    Jade: I see……
    Tear: Captain? Do you have something on your mind?
    Jade: ……no. It’s nothing.
    Anise: Anyway, let’s chase after Asch. Let’s go!
    Dart 9・ダート9
    In the Church
    Pione: It’s you! I was just in the middle of looking over a letter 
    from Asch.
    Luke: A letter from Asch!? Then where is Asch himself now?
    Teodoro: Searching for the Lorelei’s Jewel he headed to the Sefirot 
    from the church.
    Natalia: What does the letter say?
    Ingobert the 6th: That he has found a way to neutralize the Shouki.
    Ingobert the 6th: And along with that he requests that in exchange 
    for the cooperation of the replicas that we provide shelter for them.
    Luke: So he didn’t write about his own death.
    Pione: What do you mean?
    Jade: Guy, please explain.
    Guy: ……me again? Well fine. Actually……
    Teodoro: What is Asch thinking? Committing suicide along with 
    thousands of replicas!
    Anise: Of course you won’t give your permission right? That’s no 
    good right?
    Ingobert the 6th: Aside from the replicas, we can’t simply let his 
    life be consumed.
    Ingobert the 6th: But……
    Natalia: Father! There is no “but”!
    Pione: ……Jade. Aren’t you going to say something?
    Jade: Because I……can only give a much crueler answer.
    Tear: ……Captain. You couldn’t mean!
    Luke: ……me? Jade.
    Guy: Bastard! Are you saying Luke should die instead of Asch! Stop 
    joking around!
    Natalia: We can’t do that! I won’t accept that kind of answer!
    Natalia: I want Luke and Asch to both continue living.
    Jade: Even I do too.
    Jade: Only, when I think about what to  do about the Shouki, the 
    reality is that I can’t think of anything else to do.
    Luke: I……
    Tear: Everyone stop it! Don’t push him into it like that!
    Tear: You know Luke is seeking his self worth!
    Tear: Don’t make it such an easy choice……
    Jade: Excuse me. It’s just like Tear says.
    Luke: ……let me think about it a bit.
    Talking to Tear in the Library
    Tear: Have you decided?
    Luke: Well, a while ago I said I’d die if it would bring Aczelius 
    Tear: Y, yes……
    Luke: It’s as you said. I……knew almost nothing.
    Tear: Luke……
    Luke: It’s scary……. My body is shaking. I don’t want to die.
    Tear: Of course!
    Luke: But Asch chose that method. That guy who seemed like he didn’t 
    want to die himself……
    Luke: Aren’t there any other ways?
    Tear: ……you, really are an idiot.
    Luke: Tear……
    Tear: Have you talked to everyone? I guess everyone is trying to 
    stop you.
    Tear: But……I won’t stop you.
    Tear: I decided to activate the Passage Rings and accepted that it 
    would cause me to fall ill.
    Tear: You also forgave me for that.
    ※Tear: If you say you’re also prepared, I’ll think you have just 
    that intention.
    Tear: But that doesn’t mean I’ll accept what you’re doing.
    Tear: If you make that decision, even if the Shouki disappears……I 
    will hate you.
    Tear: Even if everyone glorifies you, I won’t acknowledge it.
    Luke: ……yes……
    Tear: ……idiot……
    Guy: Luke. The leaders are calling you.
    Luke: ……determination huh. Let’s go Tear.
    Tear: ……yes……
    Heading to the Leaders
    Natalia: Asch!
    Asch: So you followed me from the Tower of Rem?
    Luke: Why do you plan on dieing?
    That doesn’t matter. After all, after going around to all the 
    Sefirot there was no Lorelei’s Jewel.
    Asch: Without it Lorelei can’t be released. You search for the jewel.
    Luke: You! That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t matter if you die!
    Luke: Even if we find the jewel, if you’re not here we won’t be able 
    to release Lorelei right!
    Asch: You’re the idiot? You’re my replica. How can you be useless at 
    a time like this.
    Tear: Stop talking like that!
    Asch: You stay out of this!
    Asch: You do it! Luke! In my place!
    Luke: Asch! Wait!
    Luke: I can’t let you……no I don’t want you to die!!
    Asch: You importunate!!
    Luke: Asch……
    Asch: There is no other way! Don’t talk so selfishly when there is 
    no other way out.
    Luke: Then……then I’ll do it! I’ll get rid of it in your place!
    Tear: Luke!?
    Guy: Don’t say something so foolish!
    Asch: You’ll get rid of it in my place……!? Stop joking!!
    Jade: Stop this! The thing you’re getting rid of is not the town. 
    It’s the Shouki!
    Asch: Humph……
    Asch: Look, I’m being eaten away by your existence! That’s why I’ll 
    do it.
    Natalia: Asch! Is there really no other way?
    Natalia: I……we want you to live. I’m begging you, please stop this!
    Asch: After all it’s not that I want to die. ……it’s that I have too.
    Luke: You can’t! We can’t lose you.
    Guy: Luke!!
    Luke: …………
    Guy: ……if you die you won’t be able to feel the sensation of being 
    Guy: That’s enough, stop thinking all these foolish thoughts.
    Luke: ……Guy.
    Luke: …………I’m sorry.
    Guy: Luke……
    Luke: I’ve already decided. It’s scary, but……I’ve decided.
    Natalia: Luke! So then you’re……
    Anise: ……Luke is going to disappear just like Ion-sama?
    Jade: If you are seriously determined then I won’t stop you.
    Jade: Only before heading to the Tower of Rem, let’s go report to 
    the leaders.
    Luke: Everyone……I’m sorry……
    Guy obtained the title Mabudachi.
    Talking to the Leaders
    Luke: ……I. I……will do it.
    Luke: I will neutralize the Shouki in exchange for my life.
    Ingobert the 6th: ……and your decision won’t change?
    Luke: ……yes.
    Pione: There is a chance that you’ll live right?
    Jade: ……no. I think it is next to nothing.
    Teodoro: ……then……is there anyone we have to inform of your death?
    Tear: Grandfather!
    Teodoro: As it is now……whatever path we would choose would lead to 
    everyone’s deaths.
    Teodoro: And there is also the matter of the Reborn Lorelei Church’s 
    replica world……
    Teodoro: I don’t think all of the people in Aldarant will accept 
    them as equals.
    Pione: It’s fine if they feel bitter. It’s even fine if they’re 
    thought of as wretches.
    Pione: But we have to protect our own country’s people.
    Ingobert the 6th: Even now I can not object to that truth.
    Ingobert the 6th: However we can’t find any other way. May I ask 
    you……? Luke.
    Luke: ……y……yes……
    Teodoro: It is ironic……
    Teodoro: The Tower of Rem was formerly the center of the Kyuubi 
    Peninsula’s mining capital.
    Teodoro: If Luke is successful, it might fulfill Yuria’s Score……
    Jade: ND 2018. The young one, who inherits Lorelei's power heads to 
    the town of miners.
    Anise: There, the young one turns his power into disaster, becomes a 
    weapon of Kimlasca, and is destroyed together with the town……?
    Guy: Van said it didn’t he. Yuria’s Score is not is not disturbed by 
    Tear: ……stop!
    Pione: If you get rid of the Shouki for us, we will take care of all 
    the issues at the conference.
    Pione: Other than the problem of Shouki……
    Pione: Entering into an alliance with the three countries, stopping 
    the Planet Storm, and marching on Eldrant together. We have reached 
    an agreement on all three of those points.
    Teodoro: Yes. With that……the conference is concluded.
    Ingobert the 6th: However even if you say that, you don’t need to 
    rush. If you have anything left to do, you should do it.
    Ingobert the 6th: If possibly……you run away, we will not search for 
    Pione: ……I’m sorry.
    Tower of Rem 2・レムの塔2
    At the Top of the Tower
    Luke: So Asch hasn’t come yet……
    Tear: This person is……
    Mary: ……a kindred spirit chased out of the northern town, while 
    being treated like a slave she managed to arrive here.
    Mary: ……why did you come? Have you chosen to join us as we proceed 
    on the path to death?
    Natalia: Then you plan to give your lives in order to get rid of the 
    Mary: We have to. That is what we have realized. No, that is what we 
    have decided.
    Guy: You are trying to be excluded from the originals like that 
    Guy: Even so, you would die for the sake of the originals?
    Mary: ……it is not for the originals.
    Mary: It is in order to find a place to live for the many companions 
    that have not yet reached this tower.
    Mary: We will build our country with our corpses. Don’t you also 
    seek our death?
    Luke: ……that’s……
    Asch: I said I would do it! Why did you come!?
    Luke: Asch!! Because I ……
    Asch: Replicas. I am going to commit suicide with all of you. Come.
    Natalia: Asch! Stop this foolishness!
    Luke: That’s right Asch! Stop!
    Asch: Stop talking so self-importantly and get the hell out of here 
    Asch: You’re also a replica. If you stay here you’ll get dragged 
    into it and you’ll die too!
    Asch: If that happens, who will release Lorelei!
    Luke: You’re the one that has to release Lorelei! This place……I’ll 
    do it!
    Asch: Do you want to die so badly!?
    Luke: ……no! After all you and I are the same. I don’t want to die!
    Luke: But I’m a replica and my abilities are deteriorating.
    Luke: You’re necessary for releasing Lorelei, and taking charge of 
    the jewel, not me.
    Luke: So if you die here……the one who’s needed……as a replica I am 
    sufficient enough!
    Asch: ……that’s enough! Not needed!?
    Asch: I……had everything taken away from me for the one that’s not 
    needed!! Don’t make a fool of me!
    Asch: Let go!
    Luke: You can’t! I can’t let you die!
    Asch: ……this is? The sword is reacting. Where is the jewel……?
    Asch: Let go!
    Jade: I agree with Luke’s opinion. ……if one should be left behind, 
    the original would be better then the replica.
    Tear: Luke! Stop it!
    Luke: ……everyone. Please give your lives to me. Since I……since I’m 
    going to die too!
    Luke: Stay back!
    Luke: ……Guy. ……thank you……
    Guy: ……idiot.
    Luke’s Voice: (……I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die! I don’t 
    want to die! I……I want to be here! Not for anyone’s sake……I want to 
    continue living!)
    Luke: (But……!)
    Luke: It’s no good……
    Jade: This is strange……the gathered Seventh Fonim is beginning to 
    diffuse. If this continues the Shouki won’t disappear!
    Asch: ……the jewel huh! The diffusion power of the jewel is getting 
    in the way.
    Asch: Damn! That idiot just didn’t notice he was carrying the jewel!
    Asch: No matter where you go you’re a miserable replica!
    Luke: Asch!?
    Asch: ……don’t worry. I don’t feel we’ll commit double suicide.
    Asch: I’m just lending a little power to your Choushindou. You’ll 
    die by yourself!
    Luke: ……thank you……Asch……
    After Cut-Scene
    Luke: Agh!
    Asch: Uh……!?
    Mary: ……promise.
    Mary: To give a place to live to the surviving replicas.
    Mary: In exchange for our lives……
    Natalia: I! Kimlasca’s Princess Natalia, will promise on my life.
    Guy: Me too. I will not abandon the replicas. For the sake of my 
    sister’s life which is the same as yours.
    Anise: I……after all, for me……you’re all the same as Ion-sama……
    Luke: I’m alive? Why……?
    Tear: Thank goodness……! I thought you would have disappeared by 
    Luke: This is……?
    Asch: ……Lorelei’s Jewel.
    Anise: That is!? Why? No matter where we searched we couldn’t find 
    Asch: He received the jewel.
    Asch: Only taking great care, it was composed of Fonim and captured 
    in his own body.
    Asch: Not noticing until his body was disassembled, what a blockhead.
    Natalia: Wait a minute! Where are you going!? The key is complete. 
    Together we……
    Asch: ……if you want to be together, then go after the Six Holy 
    Asch: After Van’s whereabouts are ascertained and just before 
    Lorelei is released we will move separately.
    Jade: ……Luke.
    Jade: Aside from the survivors, normally the amount of power used 
    would have been enough to destroy you.
    Jade: I am extremely worried. Please get examined at Berkend.
    Luke: ……y, yeah.
    Luke: (……I saw my arm go transparent. What in the world……)
    You obtained Lorelei’s Jewel.
    Berkend 7・ベルケンド7
    Upon Arrival
    Luke: With you all coming with me like that it’s like I’m a little 
    kid! Go outside!
    Guy: What are you saying? Everyone’s worried about you.
    Luke: I’m fine!
    Natalia: ……I guess it can’t be helped.
    Anise: Then we’ll wait at the inn.
    Shu: ……I’ll tell you the results. You should be hospitalized here 
    Luke: What do you mean?
    Shu: A separation phenomenon is occurring in the Fonim binding the 
    cells together, and they are excessively abating.
    Shu: In the not so distant future, the cells will break down and 
    there is a high probability of death.
    Luke: Will you cure it if I’m hospitalized?
    Shu: No, we could only prolong the day that they would break down.
    Luke: ……I, am going to die?
    Luke: ……don’t tell anyone about this.
    Shu: But……!
    Luke: ……it’s fine. I don’t like people worrying about me.
    Shu: ……understood.
    At the Inn
    Tear: How was it?
    Luke: Yeah. The Fonim in my blood was low, but I’m fine.
    Guy: Really! That’s great!
    Anise: Luke is tenacious!
    Natalia: I’m relieved.
    Jade: Well, I’m relieved for now.
    Jade: But you’re tired aren’t you? I’m also anxious to give my 
    report about the Shouki. Let’s go to Bachicul and you can rest at 
    Duke Fabre’s mansion.
    Jade: That would be good, right Luke?
    Tear: Right. The leaders should have ended the conference and 
    returned to their castles.
    Natalia: Yes. And we still have the job of releasing Lorelei.
    Natalia: We have to regain our strength.
    Luke: Alright.
    Luke: What?
    Jade: What a bad boy. Making lies again. ……I will also go along with 
    it. But pushing yourself too hard is forbidden.
    Luke: ……I couldn’t hide it from you Jade.
    Jade:  Because you’re unskilled. I’ll leave you with one piece of 
    Jade: Right now your Fonim separation should be speeding up. Do not 
    use your strength excessively.
    Luke: ……yes. Thank you. Jade.
    Jade obtained the title Person Who Sees Through Others.
    Bachicul 9・バチカル9
    After Taking the Elevator to the Top
    Jade: It should be alright to give the report to the King tomorrow.
    Natalia: I’ll return to the castle. Please come for an audience 
    Luke: Alright. Everyone else feel free to use the mansion. Since 
    I’ll be resting in my room.
    Mieu: Tear-san. Tear-san.
    Tear: Mieu? What is it?
    Mieu: I have a secret to tell you.
    Luke: What do you mean a secret……
    Mieu: It’s a secret from you Master!
    Luke: What!
    Tear: Fufu. Then I’ll listen to what you have to say. Luke is going 
    to rest.
    Luke: Fine! I guess I’m in the way!
    In Luke’s Room
    Luke: (I……am going to disappear? When? When will I disappear……) 
    Luke: Y, yeas! You can come in.
    Tear: Luke……
    Luke: W, what is it Tear? What’s with the serious face……
    Tear: ……is your Fonim really separating?
    Luke: Who told you that……?
    Tear: Mieu. He told me about the conversation you had with the 
    Luke: Bastard……damn……
    Tear: How is your condition? Will it heal?
    Luke: He said it wouldn’t heal……
    Tear: No way……!
    Luke: ……Tear. Please keep this secret between us.
    Luke: The only other person who knows is Jade.
    Tear: You plan to keep hiding it from everyone?
    Luke: Whether I tell them or not, it won’t change my condition. It 
    isn’t necessary to worry them.
    Tear: Why……why something like this……
    Luke: If I’m going to die, I want to enjoy the rest of the time I 
    have left.
    Luke: ……no, that’s not it. I’m scared. If I tell everyone that 
    they’ll just be worried about me.
    Luke: Whenever they do that, I’m made aware that I’m going to 
    die……and it frightens me.
    Tear: Luke……you’re shaking……
    Luke: ……I’m a coward aren’t I? I am even now.
    Luke: If I let everyone know. I think……the whole time I would shake 
    and cry and be sucked down by laziness.
    Luke: So at least……I have put on a brave face in front of everyone……
    Tear: ……idiot……
    Luke: ……really. I really am……an idiot. I’m sorry for worrying you 
    Tear: ……I understand Luke. But please. Don’t hide anything else from 
    Luke: Yes……. Alright.
    In Conference Room
    Guard: Duke! There is a problem! Someone who calls himself a 
    messenger from the Reborn Lorelei Church has headed into the castle!
    Duke Fabre: ……he’s come at last. Luke, I am going to the castle. You 
    should also come immediately.
    Guy: A proclamation of war has been arranged huh.
    Luke: Right. Anyway, let’s go to the castle.
    Throne Room
    Luke: Largo!? The messenger was you……?
    Largo: I have come as a messenger from the Reborn Lorelei Church. 
    What is your reply to Doushi Morse?
    Albain: Our country, Kimlasca Lanvaldear has decided to abandon the 
    Albain: Therefore, we reject the Reborn Lorelei Church’s offer.
    Largo: Than shall I take that as a proclamation of war against the 
    Reborn Lorelei Church?
    Ingobert the 6th: We do not wish to fight.
    Ingobert the 6th: However, if our country’s land is invaded know 
    that we will retaliate at once.
    Largo: ……do you understand, boy who inherits the power of Lorelei.
    Largo: By killing those replicas at the Tower of Rem you are 
    starting a new battle.
    Largo: The Score is a frightening thing.
    Duke Fabre: That is a fallacy. First of all, both my sons are still 
    Luke: ……father……
    Largo: I don’t know about that. You know about it too. About the 
    Score of destruction written in the Seventh Tone Tablet.
    Luke: We will take the future of survival. We won’t let the world be 
    Largo: That is the same for us.
    Natalia: It isn’t the same! Aren’t you an ally of the Morse who 
    persists in following the Score!
    Natalia: By that reasoning aren’t heading right into that 
    Largo: The main thing for me is to dedicate myself to my sword. 
    Don’t forget that.
    Guy: Van huh……
    Tear: Nii-san is building up his strength somewhere. But where could 
    it be……
    Ingobert the 6th: Luke……. I am sorry about the Shouki.
    Ingobert the 6th: However, you have risked death and I am touched by 
    your spirit.
    Luke: Don’t……mention it……
    Ingobert the 6th: Now we can no longer avoid a battle with the 
    Reborn Lorelei Church.
    Ingobert the 6th: Afterwards, come to my room with Natalia.
    Ingobert the 6th: I think now with her strong spirit, is the time to 
    reveal the truth.
    Luke: Your Majesty……
    Natalia: Father?
    Ingobert’s Room
    Natalia: Father, what is it?
    Ingobert the 6th: I have something to talk to you about. It’s about 
    your true parents.
    Natalia: ……if I remember correctly, my real mother was the daughter 
    of the nurse.
    Ingobert the 6th: Right, Sylvia. However you don’t know about your 
    Natalia: Yes. He nurse left the castle before I could get the full 
    Ingobert the 6th: It seems your father was a mercenary by the name 
    of Baddock.
    Natalia: ……mercenary……I see. But why this now……?
    Ingobert the 6th: We have identified Baddock’s whereabouts.
    Natalia: Is he alive?
    Ingobert the 6th: Yes. Natalia, I want you to brace yourself and 
    Ingobert the 6th: Because of these circumstances, I felt I had to 
    tell you about your father.
    Natalia: ……w, what is it?
    Ingobert the 6th: Baddock is now in the Reborn Lorelei Church.
    Natalia: No way!? Why!? Is there some sort of mistake!?
    Ingobert the 6th: ……no, I’m certain. Luke investigated it for me.
    Ingobert the 6th: Currently he goes by the name Black Lion Largo.
    Natalia: ……no way……
    Luke: Natalia……
    Natalia: Luke! There has to be some sort of mistake!? Right!?
    Luke: Natalia……. It’s true…….
    Tear: Natalia!! Where are you going!
    Natalia: To question Largo. I should be able to catch him if I hurry. 
    I won’t accept it!
    Luke: Let’s go after here! We don’t know what Natalia is going to do.
    At the Port
    Luke: Natalia!
    Largo: It seems your friend have come Princess.
    Natalia: ……you……! ……why did you enter the Six Holy Generals?
    Largo: And what would you do if I told you?
    Natalia: Answer me! Baddock!!
    Largo: ……long ago, my wife……Sylvia liked to watch the sun set here.
    Largo: One day, I had just finished escorting a caravan across the 
    desert and was on my way home.
    Largo: When I returned home, the baby that she had just given birth 
    to along with Sylvia days ago was gone.
    Largo: There really was……a bad premonition.
    Largo: The light from the sunset poured into the house.
    Largo: I frantically search the town. However I didn’t find Sylvia.
    Natalia: ……what happened to Sylvia-san?
    Largo: Days later, I discovered her floating in this very port.
    Largo: Sylvia had the newborn baby snatched away from her, and she 
    became delirious and committed suicide.
    Luke: ……no way……
    Largo: Sylvia had a weak body.
    Largo: However a Scora had said that we would give birth to a child, 
    no, that we had to give birth to one.
    Largo: Knowing that it was to lead us to that result, I abandoned 
    Largo: As I wandered from place to place, I was picked up by 
    Secretary-general Van.
    Largo: This is what Van told me. “The Score is the planet’s 
    Largo: It will include all memories until the planet’s destruction, 
    and everyone’s lives will be determined according to those memories.
    Largo: Only a part of the Score is translated into human words.
    Largo: In that case, it also determined Sylvia’s cruel death?
    Largo: I hate the Score, no I hate the memories of the planet.
    Natalia: ……it certainly is a cruel story. But the Score is not 
    Natalia: Isn’t it just one of the choices for the future?
    Largo: But, if we arrive at the same place whether we choose that 
    road or not……
    Largo: ……then is there any meaning to peoples acting on their own 
    Luke: The conclusion is……the same……?
    Largo: Yes. Including your resistance to the Score, the planet 
    retains its own memories and will proceed accordingly.
    Largo: The destruction of the Score Van is aiming for, namely 
    Lorelei……to get erase the planet’s memories.
    Largo: Every life has the right to freely obtain it’s own future.
    Largo: I believe in those ideals and I have to decided to work with 
    Largo: Don’t forget. You’re way of doing things is to soft.
    Natalia: Wait a minute! You are……my……
    Largo: Princess Natalia. My beloved daughter is no longer in this 
    world. She was snatched away seventeen years ago.
    Guy: If what he said is true, other than the planet’s memories, then 
    no matter which future we choose……
    Guy: we can only arrive at one conclusion……
    Tear: So that’s why Nii-san is trying to get rid of the originals?
    Tear: To entrust the future to a new “replica” mankind that don’t 
    have the planet’s memories……
    Anise: ……even so! Even so the result will be that the originals will 
    be destroyed?
    Anise: Secretary-general can’t save the worlds people with his plan!
    Jade: Now, now. Please calm down. Right now the one in the most 
    disarray is her.
    Luke: Natalia……let’s return to the castle again. The king must be 
    Back in Ingobert’s Room
    Natalia: Father……
    Ingobert the 6th: Natalia! I was worried!
    Natalia: Father……I……
    Ingobert the 6th: It’s painful isn’t it? But it’s alright now.
    Ingobert the 6th: There is no need for you to go to the front lines 
    in the battle with the Reborn Lorelei Church.
    Natalia: Father! Why!
    Ingobert the 6th: You were journeying to hold a conference about 
    dealing with the Score.
    Ingobert the 6th: You’re mission is already over. Why is necessary 
    for a child and parent related by blood to fight?
    Natalia: We are related by blood……I believe I must overcome this 
    because we are parent and child.
    Ingobert the 6th: Natalia!
    Natalia: ……no……I really don’t know. It might be better to do as you 
    say and not fight.
    Natalia: But……everyone knows that Largo is my father. It will be 
    just as painful for them.
    Natalia: ……what should I do……
    Tear: Natalia. I think you don’t have to be in such a hurry to reach 
    a conclusion.
    Tear: It will take time to prepare for the battle against the Reborn 
    Lorelei church.
    Luke: Yeah. Right now Asch should be searching for the place Van-
    sensei is hiding.
    Luke: We also have the duty of shutting down the Planet Storm.
    Luke: During that time you should come up with your decision.
    Guy: It’s fine if you stay behind, it’s also alright if want to come 
    with us and think. What do you want to do?
    Natalia: ……I’ll go with you. Please let me go along with them to 
    Ingobert the 6th: ……understood. Natalia please be careful.
    Outside Ingobert’s Room
    Luke: So next is shutting down the Planet Storm……?
    Tear: Yes. My grandfather should know the details.
    Luke: Alright, let’s head to Yuria City.
    Yuria City 8・ユリアシティ8
    In the Meeting Room
    Luke: What should we do to shut down the Planet Storm?
    Teodoro: The Planet Storm is controlled by an enormous Tone Circle.
    Teodoro: It is that that Yuria used Lorelei’s Sword to carve the 
    Tone Circle into the earth……
    Anise: So then we have to do something about that Tone Circle right?
    Jade: Right. As you know, Lorelei’s Sword has the effect of 
    gathering Seventh Fonim, and the Jewel has the effect of dispersing 
    Jade: If Yuria gathered up Seventh Fonim and opened the gates with 
    Lorelei’s Sword.
    Jade: Then by dispersing it with the jewel they should close.
    Guy: Even if you say to use the jewel, do you even know how?
    Teodoro: We will try to analyze the jewel based on the data from 
    that day.
    Luke: Please.
    Tear: Then in the meantime, why don’t we go off on our own?
    Tear: It’s rare for you to say something like that Tear.
    Luke: It’s fine.
    Tear: Then we’ll meet up here later.
    At Tear’s Room
    Natalia: Hey, I wonder if you could tell me something. What……did you 
    Natalia: When Van, your brother was undertaking that frightening 
    Tear: ……that’s right. It was as if I was hearing about someone 
    else’s problem.
    Natalia: Someone else’s problem?
    Tear: Yes. It felt like I was hearing a fairy tale.
    Tear: I couldn’t understand……what Nii-san was saying.
    Natalia: I feel I understand. For an instant everything went white……
    Tear: And so I frantically investigated what Nii-san was trying to 
    Tear: I decided I would stop Nii-san no matter what. ……even if it 
    meant stabbing each other.
    Natalia: How were you able to decide to go so far?
    Tear: Since Nii-san is the only one left in the world that is 
    related to me by blood.
    Jade: With the same blood flowing through us……I felt I had to stop 
    Tear: No matter how many times I asked Nii-san wouldn’t tell me the 
    Tear: But now I think, when I first raised my blade against Nii-san, 
    I was cornered and was like a lost animal.
    Tear: I couldn’t see anything.
    Natalia: Tear……
    Tear: You shouldn’t make the same decision as me, I don’t think it’s 
    Natalia: I……want to hold this world dear. Even if the planet’s 
    memories are absolute.
    Natalia: As expected, there is nothing written about replicas in the 
    Score Yuria left behind.
    Natalia: I want to hang my hopes about that on Luke.
    Tear: Yes. Luke taught me that people can change.
    Tear: When I look at him, I can part from the me that thinks of 
    attacking Nii-san.
    Tear: I can understand Nii-san’s true feelings.
    Natalia: ……but……I feel I might understand why Largo would side with 
    Natalia: Nevertheless, I don’t think it is alright to forgive that 
    man! But……
    Tear: Natalia. I don’t think you need to think of all the reasons.
    Natalia: I didn’t think I would hear you say those words.
    Tear: So you’re saying I’m a person that can only think about 
    Tear: I think you can only reach a conclusion by being swept away.
    Natalia: Tear……. Thank you…….
    Luke: (Right now I’ll leave Natalia to Tear.)
    Luke: I should return to Teodoro-san……)
    Talking to Teodoro
    Teodoro: As expected this jewel is also carved with Tone Magic.
    Teodoro: Please put Seventh Fonim into it.
    Teodoro: If you do that, The Seventh Fonim diffusion power will 
    function in parallel to the Tone Magic and it will shut down the 
    gate’s Tone Circle.
    Luke: Then with that the gate will close.
    Teodoro: That’s right. You should head to the Absorb Gate to shut it 
    Teodoro: That is the place where the Planet Stream ends.
    Teodoro: From there the way to close it will make more sense.
    Tear: Absorb Gate. The place we fought Nii-san……
    Guy: Tear.
    Guy: If we stop the Planet Storm, we can get closer to Eldrant.
    Guy: It might be painful, bet give it your all.
    Tear: Yea.
    Luke: ……are you alright too Natalia?
    Natalia: Thank you. I’m fine.
    Anise: Ah, and me?
    Mieu: Mieu too.
    Luke: Yah, yeah, yeah. I got it. Is everyone ready?
    Anise/Mieu/Guy/Jade: Yes ? 
    Luke: Alright, to Absorb Gate……huh? That was a strange mix just now 
    wasn’t it?
    Jade: Well, well. Don’t mind the little things, let’s go.
    Absorb Gate 2・アブソーブゲート2
    Upon Arrival
    Luke: So were going here again……
    Anise: From that lots of people have died……
    Guy: I want to end this already. This kind of thing……
    Natalia: Didn’t we come in order to end it?
    Tear: Right. ……but it doesn’t seem like we’re the only ones who came 
    Jade: That’s an Oracle ship isn’t it. Yes. We should keep our guard 
    After Taking Warp
    Luke: The Planet Storm……we’re going to stop it.
    Anise: Captain. How do we stop it?
    Jade: We should head to the bottom to a place where it is 
    Jade: The Tone Circle that controls the Planet Storm should be there.
    Natalia: So we need to go down to the Passage Ring again.
    Luke: Got it.
    At Warp to Passage Gate
    Natalia: ……ahead is someone from the Oracle Knights.
    Anise: Regret, Largo, or Sink……
    Jade: There is also the possibility of all of them.
    Natalia: Largo……. I……
    Luke: Natalia……. Are you alright?
    Guy: You’re face is pale. You shouldn’t push yourself so hard.
    Natalia: I’m sorry. It’s shameful that I’m trembling like this.
    Natalia: But I’m fine. Let’s go.
    Anise: Ion-sama!?
    Asch: Replica! Why did you come here!
    Asch: Ah!
    Natalia: Asch!! Largo!!
    Van: ……so at last you’ve taken that shape.
    Luke: That voice.……
    Morse: Oh! Van! At this point let’s put your disobedience behind us.
    Morse: Now, hyahaha, quickly give me the Seventh Tone Tablet as 
    Van: ……this is a fragment of the Seventh Tone Tablet that had sunk 
    into the core.
    Morse: With this……with this I can finally know the Seventh Tone 
    Tablet’s Score……
    Morse: Hyahahaha!!
    Tear: Wait!
    Luke: Sensei……
    Van: You defeating me……. Although you’re a replica, it was splendid.
    Tear: Nii-san……! What about Lorelei……
    Van: Re ba nu kroa tue re re.
    Tear: That is……Lorelei’s Tone Song……
    Van: While my body’s Fonim was separating I was sucked into the 
    Planet Storm.
    Van: When I thought I would disappear, I remembered Yuria’s Tone 
    Song and spoke it.
    Van: Those are the words of the pact. Answering Yuria’s pact, 
    Lorelei responded.
    Jade: The Fonim composing Van that was separating was pulled 
    together by Lorelei……
    Guy: Reconstruction?
    Van: Right. Lorelei tied my disassembled body together. 
    However……contrary to your belief……it was difficult.
    Van: Letting the raging Lorelei rest, I was finally able to slip out 
    of the Planet Storm.
    Regret: Your Excellency. It’s getting to be time for Morse to go 
    Asch: Wait! You worthless bastard! I’ll put an end to you here!
    Largo: Secretary-general has finally returned. And with that we can 
    finally destroy Lorelei……the planet’s memories.
    Largo: I won’t let you get in our way!
    Asch: Damn! You’re in the way just with that huge body!
    Van: Asch. Come with me.
    Van: If I have your Choushindou, I can erase the memories of the 
    determined future of destruction.
    Van: The people will be set free.
    Asch: ……I refuse!
    Van: Then Luke, how about you?
    Van: It seems I have underestimated you. You also have points I 
    would like to see.
    Van: If you come with me, I shall also usher in Tear and Guy the 
    same way.
    Luke: ……I……
    Luke: ……I decline.
    Van: Humph……it’s not essential.
    Luke: Asch! After Sensei!
    Natalia: ……Largo. Won’t you put down your weapon?
    Largo: ……this world is rotting.
    Natalia: That’s not true……
    Largo: Whether you’re asleep or awake, it’s just Score, Score.
    Largo: How many lives have been abandoned for that reason?
    Natalia: In the end, what all of you are trying to do is the same!
    Largo: That’s right. Since Van’s……our plan is spiraling out of 
    Largo: However, if we don’t give it a powerful medicine enough, the 
    world will be destroyed as the Score says.
    Largo: Since if the originals remain then the planet’s memories will 
    also remain.
    Luke: It’s crazy to just let all the people that living now die.
    Largo: That doesn’t seem like the line of a man that devoured all 
    those replica’s lives
    Luke: ……that’s right. I devoured those replicas lives, and chose to 
    continue the world of the originals!
    Largo: How true. So then you’ll have to defeat me. I’m coming!
    Largo: You’ll die together with me!
    Luke: ……agh!
    Largo: Augh!
    Largo: ……good arm……. Meryl……you’ve grown……
    Luke: Largo……. Aren’t you trying to break away from the Score the 
    same as us?
    Luke: Why do we have to kill each other like this?
    Largo: It’s not the same……
    Largo: Enough……boy. This is a battle of beliefs……
    Luke: A battle of beliefs……
    Largo: We……think……this deteriorating world……should be born again.
    Largo: You……should rethink it……one more time……. Even though the 
    result is the same……it’s different.
    Largo: Don’t have sympathy……for the enemy……. You can’t 
    defeat……him……with those half-hearted thoughts……
    Largo: Farewell……Meryl……
    Natalia: ……Father……
    Jade: ……it seems harsh, but we didn’t come here do defeat Largo.
    Jade: We came here to close the Absorb Gate.
    Luke: ……I know. But Natalia is……
    Guy: ……how about having Natalia wait here? It won’t be as hard on 
    Natalia: No……. No……I’ll come with you.
    Guy: I see……. Can you stand?
    Anise: ……Anise: You don’t have to push yourself like that.
    Natalia: No. I’ll go.
    After Taking the Warp at the Passage Ring
    Luke: How do I close this?
    Jade: This……is a giant Tone Circle isn’t it. As the legend says. 
    When Yuria opened this she used Lorelei’s Sword.
    Tear: In that case we should use the jewel here.
    Luke: Understood……. I’ll try.
    Luke: Wha!?
    Luke: This is……the core……?
    Luke: I see……so this is where Van-sensei captured Lorelei……
    Van: I will give you part of Lorelei’s power. I will lend you the 
    power to live a little longer.
    Sink: ……So you fell all the way into the core. Secretary-general……
    Luke: ……this is……? Why am I seeing these things?
    Luke: ……did I disappear and become assimilated with the Planet 
    Luke: Then, this is the planet’s memories……?
    Luke: Is this reality?
    Asch: Out of the way!
    Sink: Van hasn’t returned to a normal state yet. And you’re holding 
    the key. It’s a threat even without the jewel.
    Sink: Hand it over.
    Luke: Asch!
    Asch: Replica! What!
    Luke: I have the jewel, come here! Let’s release Lorelei here! Hold 
    out until then!
    Asch: Don’t order me around!
    Tear: Luke! Are you alright!?
    Natalia: Luke, pull yourself together.
    Luke: A dream……? The gate!?
    Jade: Reacting to the jewel it seems the Tone Circle has lost its 
    Guy: Then it was a success. You did it!
    Luke: Thank goodness……! With this we can close the Radiate Gate too.
    Tear: What about Nii-san and the others……
    Luke: That’s right! Asch is in danger. Let’s go after him!
    In the Entrance Area Near the Music Tablets
    Anise: ……Sink……!
    Luke: Asch, where’s Sensei!?
    Asch: Outside. He is going to be present when Morse makes the 
    replica Ion read the Seventh Tone Tablet’s Score.
    Tear: Let’s go!
    Outside Absorb Gate
    Replica Ion: ……thus Aldarant is destroyed by the Shouki and turned 
    to dust. This is Aldarant’s last moment.
    Morse: Hahahahaha! Don’t read……nonsense!
    Morse: Vaaan! Is this fragment really from the Seventh Tone Tablet!?
    Van: Of course.
    Luke: Stop!
    Morse: Oh! Interference!
    Luke: Stop!
    Morse: Gaah!? My body is aaaaaahhhyaaaaa!?
    Morse: hat is this? My senses……are hazy……
    Morse: Score……score……hyahahaha……stop……! Gaah!?
    Regret: A Choushindou!? But with that his mind pollution will 
    Van: ……no you’re wrong. Lorelei was just noisy inside me for an 
    Van: ……Lorelei’s Jewel!?
    Van: Ah……oh no. Lorelei……is struggling……!
    Tear: Nii-san!?
    Regret: Your Excellency! Your body is……
    Van: Ahhhhhh!
    Guy: ……y, you’ve got to be kidding! What was that power just now……
    Asch: Lorelei……. Van couldn’t control Lorelei sealed in his body……
    Regret: Your Excellency! What happened to Lorelei……!?
    Van: It’s not important. I’ve already……stopped him.
    Regret. But let’s return to Eldrant for your body’s sake!
    Van: Step across all the corpses and find your way to my side. Asch 
    and Luke.
    Van: At that time I will ask you again.
    Tear: Nii-san, wait!!
    Van: Mestearika……. Next time we meet I will not have mercy on you.
    Asch: With that they’ve learned where Lorelei’s Key is.
    Asch: Be careful. Van……will come to snatch it away with all his 
    Luke: If we release Lorelei into the Tone Belt, Van-sensei will lose 
    his chance to destroy Lorelei forever.
    Luke: And the Seventh Fonim, the Score, and the planet’s memories 
    will all remain.
    Asch: Right.
    Asch: When you shut down the Planet Storm, I’ll come meet you again. 
    Don’t lose that jewel.
    Guy: Asch……he’s seems like he’s becoming a little kinder to you.
    Luke: Really?
    Natalia: ……but why. He……seems sorrowful.
    Anise: Hey, everyone. This kid……I wonder if we can’t take him to 
    Anise: I don’t think he has any place to go……
    Luke: ……right. Understood. Let’s take him to Dart.
    Dart 10・ダート10
    After Entering the Church
    Tritheim: This person is……!!
    Tear: I thought you would get a report from Yuria City, but this is 
    Doushi Ion’s replica.
    Anise: ……we thought it would be best to leave him at Dart, so we 
    brought him here.
    Tritheim: Understood. I will take charge of him.
    Anise: It’s alright. The people here won’t try to force you to read 
    the Score.
    Ion: ……Anise……isn’t staying behind?
    Anise: No. Since I have things I have to do.
    Luke: It’ll be alright. When it’s all over, will come back. She’ll 
    also come to visit you every once and a while.
    Luke: Of course, I will too.
    Tritheim: By the way, what should we call him?
    Tritheim: Ion-sama would be……
    Luke: Hmm……
    Tear: How about it Anise names him? Since she’s attached to him.
    Anise: ……Florian. Florian?
    Jade: It means pure person.
    Anise: Florian, I’ll come back.
    Anise: ……Ion-sama……
    Tear: ……Anise. Let’s go.
    Outside the Church
    Luke: What do we need to do to shut down the Planet Storm……?
    Jade: Let’s head to the Radiant Gate at the southernmost point of 
    Luke: Alright, let’s go!
    Radiate Gate・ラジエイトゲート
    Upon Arrival
    Luke: Damn! Are they planning to stop us from closing the gate!
    Noel: I’m going to make a hard landing!
    Luke: I’m counting on you!
    Mieu: ……the sky is spinning round and round and making Mieu dizzy.
    Tear: Mieu. Hold on.
    Luke: Even so, that’s as I would expect from Noel. You really saved 
    Noel: No……. I think my brother could have broke through that much 
    better. I’m still inexperienced.
    Anise: That’s not true. We wouldn’t have been able to do any of that 
    Guy: We may get into a sortie with enemies from Eldrant. If you 
    think it’s dangerous evacuate.
    Noel: Thank you. Be careful everyone.
    Near Passage Ring
    Anise: So this is a Passage ring isn’t it? So there’s one here to0.
    Jade: Well, naturally. We were originally supposed to come here too.
    Natalia: ……Asch helped us from here.
    Luke: ……yeah. I’m really always being saved by him.
    Tear: Of course.
    Luke: Huh?
    Tear: You were lowering the land. Doing it with just the two of you 
    is incredibly difficult.
    Anise: It might have been impossible for Asch to do it alone too.
    Guy: Yeah. Actually no single person has that much power.
    Jade: But one person can easily destroy a country.
    Anise: Captain!
    Jade: Both are the truth. There are always two sides to a humans’ 
    Jade: No matter which they acknowledge that power cannot be handled.
    Luke: ……yes. I don’t really understand. Because my power really is 
    like that……
    Tear: Now you should how the scariness and how important your power 
    is. Don’t be frightened, and don’t be haughty.
    Luke: ……yeah.
    Near Green Save Point
    Luke: What? Something’s coming?
    Guy: I’ve got a bad feeling. Let’s finish this quickly.
    Further Down
    Tear: It’s the noise from before!
    Luke: Damn! Is it an enemy!? He have to hurry and close the gate……
    Anise: Quickly, quickly! We won’t make it in time!
    Jade: Above us!
    Morse: Score……! Hahahahaha!? In order to abide by the score……! 
    Tear: He still has some of his senses……
    Morse: Hyahaha. Guah! As a guardian……to a world of 
    Anise: ……the one who killed Ion-sama……was this guy……! Even so……it’s 
    kind of……pitiful……
    Tear: Doushi……no, Daieishi Morse! Please! Come back to your senses……
    Tear: Morse-sama!
    Morse: ……traitoooooooor!? Guah……won’t let you destroy the world……
    Luke: ……let’s fight! There is no reason to leave him like this!
    Morse: Die……!? Hyahahaha.
    After Battle
    Morse: S……core……Yuria……! To a world of prosperity……!?
    Luke: ……uh……
    Anise: ……cruel……. That was cruel……
    Guy: Mores was attached to the Score to the very end.
    Guy: Even after being turned into a monster, he just kept saying 
    Score, Score……
    Tear: He believed that the world could definitely be saved by the 
    Tear: He was trying to save the world in his own way……
    Anise: That’s why he was so attached to the Score……
    Luke: ……let’s go to Eldrant.
    Tear: Luke……
    Luke: If Sensei completes his world of replicas, it’ll all be for 
    Luke: And also to prove the Morse’s way was wrong……
    Luke: No. In order to seize our own future, we will stop Van-sensei 
    and release Lorelei!
    Jade: But to get to Eldrant we’ll have to pass through anti-aircraft 
    Jade: Why don’t we try investigating that at Grankokma’s military 
    Luke: Yes, right.
    Grankokma 5・グランコクマ5
    At Military Base
    Zarzaman: I’ve been waiting for you. Eldrant has lost the armor like 
    Planet Storm.
    Nordheim: The Kimlasca Markt allied forces dispatched troops at the 
    same time the Planet Storm was shut down.
    Nordheim: In order to give you support.
    Luke: Thank you.
    Luke: But Eldrant still has strong anti-air weapons. We have to pass 
    through it……
    Zarzaman: Hmm. It takes about fifteen seconds for the anti-air 
    weapons to reload after firing.
    Noel: With that time, predict the bombardment, evade it, and get 
    closer……. I think it would be possible for my brother but……
    Jade: Would you like us to find Asch and have you switch with him?
    Noel: ……no. Please let me do it. I am the pilot of the second Alvior.
    Noel: My brother and I underwent the same training. It will be fine. 
    I’ll do it.
    Luke: I’m counting on you.
    Guy: It’s decided.
    Natalia: The time has come.
    Luke: Hey everyone, is it really alright to take you to Eldrant? 
    Natalia is the successor to the throne.
    Luke: And Jade should be defending Markt as a civilian in the 
    military. And……
    Natalia: What are you saying at this point in time? We’ve come this 
    far so it’s unavoidable.
    Tear: I have to settle this with my brother……Van.
    Anise: If Ion-sama were here, he’d tell me to see it to the end.
    Guy: Seeing my sister’s replica made me realize……
    Guy: ……as someone from Hodo I can allow people who have lost their 
    lives to be revived in such a way.
    Jade: I have orders from the Emperor. And assuming they dispatch 
    soldiers, a captain is necessary.
    Luke: ……yes. Understood. Thank you everyone.
    Jade: Chief of Staff Zarzaman. Could you please provide covering 
    fire as we break in?
    Jade: We will incapacitate the anti-air fire from inside and 
    immediately head to Van.
    Zarzaman: That will be fine. Provided make subjugating van your 
    Zarzaman: Even if you incapacitate the anti-air fire we have no 
    means to fly there.
    Jade: Understood.
    Luke: Alright. Next let’s find Asch and complete Lorelei’s Key.
    Nordheim: The allied forces will be waiting for your arrival in 
    Kesedonia. We’re counting on you.
    Leaving Town
    Natalia: ……Asch……!
    Asch: ……it seems the Planet Storm has stopped.
    Luke: Thank goodness. I was thinking of trying to communicate with 
    Asch: No, I knew immediately. That’s why I came to you……
    Asch: What is this……
    Luke: I told you before. The only one that can release Lorelei is 
    you as the original.
    Luke: Me along with everyone else will use all our power to bring 
    you to Sensei.
    Luke: There you can……
    Asch: …………iot.
    Luke: ……huh?
    Asch: You idiot!! Who asked you to do something like that!
    Luke: Why are you getting angry? Weren’t we going to stop Sensei 
    Luke: As a replica I……
    Asch: Shut up! And stop saying Sensei all the time!
    Luke: ……Asch.
    Asch: Furthermore even at this point you’re still going to stop him?
    Asch: What can someone who is always talking like that do! You’re 
    too na?ve!
    Asch: That person……is seriously trying to make a world of replicas. 
    You think that’s right?
    Asch: A prisoner of conviction.
    Asch: I was an idiot. Perhaps……even a guy like this replica……
    Asch: If we work together you might be of help defeating him.
    Asch: You are me! What would you do if I acknowledged you were 
    Asch: You are the same as me! Why don’t you fight to gain victory!
    Asch: Why can’t you say you’ll surpass me! Why are you so servile!
    Luke: You’re wrong! I wasn’t planning that. In the first place, you 
    and I are different.
    Asch: ……what……
    Luke: I am your replica. But I……the me who is here now is different 
    from you.
    Luke: My way of thinking, my memories, my way of living.
    Asch: ……stop joking! A deteriorating replica who is breaking! I 
    won’t accept you!
    Luke: This has nothing to do to with whether or not you’ll accept me. 
    I’m not your attachment or your substitute.
    Luke: Asch! What are you doing……?
    Asch: Interesting! In that case why don’t I make something clear!
    Asch: After all, you’re just my cheap imitation!
    Luke: Asch, I don’t plan on fighting you!
    Asch: Shut up! You plan to haughtily hurl defiance at me and run 
    Asch: You are you? Then show me proof!
    Asch: If you don’t, I won’t accept you! I won’t accept you!
    Natalia: Asch! Wait! What your saying is unreasonable!
    Asch: Shut up!
    Natalia: Asch……Luke: Wait, don’t get mad at Natalia. I……
    Asch: I am that guy’s……Van’s apprentice. Only me! You are just an 
    Natalia: Asch! What are you saying!
    Asch: I respected him. I also believed in his ideals of denying the 
    Asch: I knew he just wanted to use me for my Choushindou, but I 
    thought that was fine.
    Asch: He is going to make everyone into replicas, if only he hadn’t 
    started to speak of that nonsense……
    Asch: I wanted to continue as his apprentice……
    Luke: Asch, you……
    Asch: Come to Eldrant!
    Asch: Defeating ones master is the apprentice’s duty. We will settle 
    who is the real apprentice there.*18
    Luke: He’s envious.
    Luke: He……was once acknowledged by Sensei.
    Luke: I was never acknowledged. Since I always thought I wanted to 
    be his apprentice……
    Kesedonia 4・ケセドニア4
    Talking to Nordheim
    Nordheim: There is one more day until we carry out the plan. Until 
    then we will be preparing for battle.
    Nordheim: Or have you already put everything in order?
    Have you finished your preparations?
    After Selecting 「はい」
    Nordheim: Roger. Don’t be late for the start of the plan.
    At the Bar
    Jade: The plan will be carried out tomorrow. We link up with the 
    Kimlasca Markt allied forces afterwards.
    Natalia: So then, we have a days worth of time.
    Jade: Yes. Since soldiers are given 24 of to do what they want 
    before they are dispatched. That is their free time.
    Anise: Then we’ll also go off on our own!
    Jade: I don’t mind, but please don’t go far from Kesedonia.
    Anise: Yes. Understood ? Guy, Natalia, let’s go!
    Luke: Aren’t you going anywhere?
    Tear: I……wasn’t really……. What about you?
    Luke: Since Kesedonia is a desert town……
    Luke: And even if I’m told the deciding battle is tomorrow, somehow 
    it still doesn’t feel like reality……
    Noel: Then would you like to come with me?
    Mieu: Mieu will come too.
    Noel: Of course, let’s go together.
    Near Shore in Town
    Guy: You like you’re waiting for someone for along time who still 
    hasn’t come.
    Natalia: It doesn’t mean he’ll come……
    Guy: The instant Luke became independent Asch lost site of the 
    hatred of replicas that sustained the meaning of his existence.
    Guy: I don’t think he’ll show his face. The next time we meet……
    Natalia: It will be……when we fight? But why does there have to be a 
    Guy: It isn’t to hurt each other. It is to determine each other’s 
    Guy: In order to recognize that they are now different existences.
    Natalia: I wonder……what should I do at that time……
    Guy: Just accept the result right? If you hold both Luke and Asch 
    dear to you.
    Natalia: What about you? Is that true for you too?
    Guy: That’s what friends are.
    Natalia: Is Asch also your friend?
    Guy: I plan to settle my past my own way. I think Asch is also 
    trying to say farewell to his past.
    Guy: If that’s true, I am not his enemy or his servant.
    Guy: As Asch the person and as Gairaldia the person, we will start 
    from scratch.
    Guy: If we remove all the restraints, I think he’ll be an 
    interesting guy.
    Natalia: ……you’re really an adult Guy. Or maybe it’s just a 
    difference between men and women.
    Guy: Natalia, for you Luke is a friend right.
    Natalia: Yes.
    Guy: Then that’s enough for now.
    Guy: When everything is finished you should be frank with those 
    feelings going through your head.
    Natalia: ……yes. That’s right. Even if I think about this or that 
    there is an answer that won’t come out.
    At the Bar
    Anise: Captain. Are you drinking?
    Jade: I wanted to drink in a more tasteful place, but in this town……
    Jade: Have you had enough of your free time?
    Anise: I gave some sympathy to Tear.
    Jade: Ehh……. I get the feeling it was harsh too……
    Anise: ……Captain, are you hiding something?
    Jade: Nope. Nothing.
    Anise: ……oh well. Captain, what are going to do when you beat 
    Secretary-general Van?
    Jade: I’m a soldier. So I’ll return to life in the military again. 
    Anise: Just what?
    Jade: It’s strange. When I return, I think I’d like to resume the 
    Fomicry research again.
    Jade: In order to make the existences called replicas into more than 
    just mere substitutes.
    Anise: ……yes. Please do that. I think it would make Ion-sama happy.
    Jade: So you’ll be rearranging the church Anise.
    Anise: Ah, you noticed? If that happens I think I might give up my 
    interest in royalty and become the first female Doushi.
    Jade: Well then Anise. Please start returning to the inn.
    Anise: Ehh, you’re going to stay here and drink aren’t you?
    Jade: From here on it’s adult time. Little children should hurry on 
    Anise: Buu, buu. Cheapskate.
    On Alvior
    Mieu: ……I’m really worried about Master.
    Noel: You can’t. You have to wait here with me.
    Mieu: Myuuuu……
    Tear: The time has finally come……tomorrow.
    Luke: ……yeah. Although it would be nice if I could keep my body 
    after that.
    Tear: So keep it.
    Luke: Tear……
    Tear: Tomorrow……next day, and the day after that……forever……
    Luke: ……Tear. Hey, I……
    Tear: What is it?
    Luke: ……it’s nothing.
    Tear: Weirdo.
    Luke: ………I’m not weird!
    Luke: Only……I just wanted to thank you.
    Tear: Why all of a sudden……
    Luke: Because you watched me the whole time……
    Tear: ……idiot. I’ll keep on watching you forever.
    Luke: ……the idiot is you isn’t it? I’m……going to disa……
    Tear: ……it’s fine.
    Luke: You know. It’s kind of a strange feeling. I think I’m 
    incredibly fortunate right now.
    Luke: I have friends……you’re here, I finally able to see……I am me……
    Luke: ……this might be the happiest time in my life.
    Tear: ……huh?
    Luke: Even though I should be thinking……“now” is the most unhappiest 
    Tear: …………
    Border in Kesedonia
    Goldberg: The plan will be carried out today at noon. Our 
    battleships and land battleships will arrive at their places at the 
    Central Ocean and the Esponia Peninsula.
    Nordheim: The Alvior’s speed is faster.
    Nordheim: Until the plan commences, land in the Central Ocean below 
    Eldrant and wait for our arrival.
    Luke: Understood.
    Jade: After the allied forces arrival, when the time comes they will 
    begin the bombardment.
    Jade: Under that cover from the comparatively weak underside we will 
    break into Eldrant.
    Guy: After that, we will destroy the anti air weapons if possible 
    and head to Van.
    Natalia: Our final goal is to release Lorelei. Is everyone ready?
    Anise: Alright Luke. This is the end, give the order.
    Luke: M, me?
    Tear: After all you are like our leader.
    Luke: Understood. Everyone, we will absolutely protect this world!
    On Alvior
    Luke: There’s still more time.
    Mieu: My heart is pounding.
    Anise: Secretary-general is going to come at us seriously. We’ve got 
    to get fired up.
    Jade: Nothing will come from getting too fired up.
    Natalia: That’s right. Be careful Luke.
    Luke: Me?
    Natalia: Fufu, we’re worried about you the most.
    Luke: W, what’s that?
    Mieu: Escape! Fonim……an attack of Fonim is coming!
    Tear: ……Luke! Over there!?
    After Cut-Scene
    Luke: It seems we got away but……
    Jade: Could the one that diving right in there be……
    Jade: And yet Eldrant put its Cell Particles into reverse thrust to 
    do a suicide attack.
    Jade: Possibly the Tartaros at the core has completely broken.
    Luke: The Tartaros!? Then the disturbance in the core is……
    Jade: It wasn’t able to be neutralized. But that’s not much of a 
    problem anymore.
    Guy: That’s right. But, if hat’s happened, then the unfortunate 
    event of Lorelei not being in the core might be fortunate……
    Natalia: Probably……. Other than when the Planet Storm is active, 
    there shouldn’t be any vibrations in the core……
    Tear: But it’s as Asch said. Eldrant even went as far as to try a 
    suicide attack……
    Tear: For Nii-san, Lorelei’s key is that much of a threat.
    Noel: ……ah!
    Noel: Even though Eldrant fell to the ground, the anti-air weapons 
    are still functioning.
    Jade: ……no. Wait.
    Jade: It is Eldrant’s left wing……if you could call it that, at any 
    rate the anti-air weapons on its bottom left part are dead!
    Noel: Roger. I’ll land there!
    Near Entrance: Saving Ginji Earlier is Required
    Luke: Huh, that’s Aston-san’s Alvior!?
    Guy: That’s right, Asch was riding around in the third Alvior.
    Natalia: Asch……no, that’s!
    Noel: Onii-san!? You got through that anti-air fire!
    Ginji: It was dangerous, but not as dangerous as doing it that way.
    Ginji: We flew the blind spot in the targeting system and crashed 
    the Alvior into it.
    Ginji: It was the only way to incapacitate the Anti-air weapons.
    Jade: Reckless……
    Luke: Hey, are you alright?
    Ginji: ……yes. I’m fine. I just got a little hurt from Eldrant 
    Noel: Please leave my brother to me. You can head to Eldrant.
    Jade: Luke. Let’s go.
    Luke: ……understood. Thanks Noel. Everyone, let’s go!
    After First Save Point
    Regret: Hand over Lorelei’s Key.
    Luke: I can’t do that. We came here to release Lorelei!
    Regret: I won’t let you stand in His Excellency’s way.
    Tear: Kyoukan……. Do you also think we should get rid of the planet’s 
    Regret: Of course. If the planet’s memories determine people’s 
    future, than for what reason does human will exist.
    Regret: I will never acknowledge that my emotions are controlled by 
    the planet’s memories.
    Regret: People’s will should be entrusted to those people.
    Tear: For that reason……would you even destroy the original’s world?
    Regret: If the original’s world is controlled by the planet’s 
    memories than that is also unavoidable.
    Tear: Don’t you have even a little bit of attachment to the 
    original’s world!
    Tear: Isn’t there even one thing left that’s important to you!
    Regret: ……there may be one thing I am attached to. People will 
    always attach themselves to something.
    Regret: However, the one who lifted me up and saved me was His 
    Excellency. If he wishes it, then I would not be against destroying 
    the world.
    Tear: If that is your true feelings……. Then I will despise you.
    Tear: Since while you insist on people having their own will, you 
    have none of your own!
    Tear: What you longed of me to be was not a Lorelei knight.
    Regret: It is regrettable. That I will have to kill you with these 
    Tear: ……I feel the same. Even though you gave me understanding and 
    believed in me……
    Regret: Let’s go. Tear, and replica Luke! You will hand over 
    Lorelei’s Jewel to me!
    After Battle
    Regret: ……Tear.
    Regret: You were wrong about one thing. People’s lives……are not put 
    on the line for someone else’s sake.
    Regret: At least……I am that way……
    Regret: I……I loved that person and his ideals. I thought I could die 
    for that reason.
    Regret: That is my will. That alone……
    Regret: ……Van……. Reform……this warped world……
    Tear: Kyoukan……
    Luke: Tear……. Are you alright?
    Tear: ……yes. I’m fine. We don’t have time for sentiments. Let’s go.
    Luke: ……just like always. It’s alright to cry.
    Tear: I won’t cry. Even if I cry, nothing will change.
    Tear: If I can’t control my emotions……
    Tear/Anise: I am a failure as a knight.
    Tear: So Tear is Tear because she tries to act tough?
    Jade: If Tear doesn’t act like the way a knight is supposed to, 
    inside she will feel that Regret’s death was meaningless.
    Jade: That is another way to overcome it.
    Luke: ……so everyone else understands Tear much more.
    Tear: ……that’s not true.
    Luke: Huh
    Tear: It’s fine. Let’s go.
    Down the Stairs in the Room to the Left of the Second Save Point
    Tear: Luke!?
    Guy: Damn, let’s jump down and……
    Jade: It’s useless.
    Guy: Hey, Jade! If we fall down here it will just be a hindrance.
    Natalia: But aren’t they after the Lorelei’s Jewel Luke is holding?
    Jade: That’s right. That is why there must be a safe path for the 
    enemies to get to where Luke fell.
    Jade: Let’s proceed ahead and look for it.
    Tear: Luke, be safe!
    Bottom of Hole
    Asch: Damn! I don’t have time! Am I already too late!
    Asch: You……
    Luke: Asch! Why are you here!
    Asch: Humph, that’s my line. ……it seems I inherited the Fabre 
    family’s stupidity.
    Asch: Even my replica fell into the same exact trap……. Makes me sick.
    Luke: ……don’t talk like that!
    Asch: But it’s true.
    Luke: Isn’t there a way out of here?
    Asch: ……either way it means one of will be left here.
    Asch: ……what are you doing?
    Luke: IF only one of us can get out of here, then you should be the 
    one to go.
    Luke: With Lorelei’s Key free Lorelei and……
    Asch: That’s enough!! You……are you trying to make a fool out of me!
    Luke: That’s not it. As a replica my Choushindou is inferior to 
    Luke: If we’re equal in sword skill, than the person who has other 
    advantages should go.
    Asch: ……it’s not just your servility that makes me excessively sick!
    Luke: Asch……
    Asch: Other advantages? How can a no nothing like you say that?
    Asch: You don’t know which one of us is advantageous!
    Luke: But after all, I……
    Asch: Shut up!
    Luke: Asch! What are you……
    Asch: In any case the device here will only let one of us leave.
    Asch: In that case the stronger one should waste Van!
    Asch: It isn’t about Choushindou or replicas.
    Asch: Which one of us who learned sword fighting from Van is the 
    strongest……? Which one is the genuine “Luke”?
    Asch: A duel with your existence on the line.
    Luke: Both of us are genuine. Me and you are different!
    Asch: Shut up! That’s not a reason……
    Asch: You could never understand how it feels to have your past and 
    future snatched away from you! This is my only chance!
    Luke: ……this is my only chance too.
    Luke: It is not just about a stolen past. Even so, I decided I am me.
    Luke: No matter what you think of me, I am here.
    Luke: If that is tied to your said strength, then I won’t lose.
    Asch: How true. I won’t let you talk so impudently again. Let’s go! 
    Deteriorating replica!
    After Battle
    Asch: Damn……. The original……lost to the likes of a replica……
    Asch: Take it……
    Luke: Asch……. I……
    Guard: Wait! Hand over Lorelei’s Key!
    Asch: I’ll hold them back here! Go quickly!
    Luke: I’ll fight together with you!
    Asch: Don’t screw around! Is the important thing now to wipe these 
    guys out? I think not!
    Luke: But if I have your key, then your weapon……
    Asch: Then I’ll take it from the enemy! Now go!
    Luke: ……promise! That you’ll definitely survive!
    Luke: If you don’t Natalia and I……we’ll both be sad!
    Asch: Shut up! I promise, so go!
    Asch: Humph……I don’t have time. Since……I am going to disappear very 
    Guard: Out of the way!
    Asch: ……I refuse. Your opponent is me, Asch……no……Luke fone Fabre.
    Asch: Prepare yourself.
    You obtained the Incomplete Lorelei’s Key.
    Past the Door
    Luke: Everyone!
    Tear: You’re safe!
    Luke: Yah……. Asch saved me.
    Natalia: Asch!? So then he……
    Luke: He’s stopping the enemies for me.
    Jade: Then to not let his actions be for nothing, let’s proceed 
    Natalia: Aren’t we going to save him!?
    Jade: Why does Asch persist n his hate for Luke? There must be some 
    Natalia: ……that’s right……. But……I kind of have a bad feeling.
    Luke: Natalia……
    Natalia: It’s probably just my imagination. I’m sorry, let’s go.
    Long Narrow Path After Stairs
    Anise: Whoa!
    Tear: The land……is trying to give birth. It seems that it is still 
    in the middle of generating it.
    Hodo……huh. It’s the same as when I saw my sister’s replica.
    Guy: Even though I knew it was a replica, I still felt emotional.
    Natalia: That is a natural feeling for a human.
    Luke: Guy. Are you alright?
    Guy: ……yeah. I’m fine. I won’t hesitate. My birthplace is only in my 
    memories now.
    After First Green Save Point
    Guy: This is……
    Luke: What’s wrong Guy?
    Guy: This is……my……
    Guy: I knew it. ……it’s the ruins of my mansion.
    Anise: Eh!? Really?
    Tear: Since it’s the Hodo’s replica, it isn’t strange but……
    Guy: ……I see. This really is Hodo.
    Luke: ……will fighting Sensei bother you?
    Guy: No. I thought the day when I was able to return here would 
    never come. That’s why I have this mysterious feeling.
    Natalia: That’s right. This is also……the first time I’ve come to my 
    Natalia: I haven’t come to hate the skill called Fomicry. It seems 
    wonderful things can be made depending on the way it’s used.
    Jade: I think the same goes for everything. All tools can be used 
    both wonderfully and uselessly.
    Luke: Even the Score is the same.
    Anise: Luke……. Yeah, I think that’s true.
    Anise: I wonder if Yuria-sama wasn’t thinking that the world should 
    proceed according to the Score.
    Guy: Although Yuria did hide that the destruction of the world was 
    written on the Seventh Tone Tablet.
    Tear: People wouldn’t be able to be calm before a Score that 
    foretold death. Maybe that’s why.
    Luke: Yuria wanted to subvert the Score……?
    Tear: ……I see. The seventh Tone Song is……
    Luke: Tear?
    Tear: ……I remembered. The day I learned my first Tone Song from Nii-
    Tear: Nii-san told me. ……Yuria wished to subvert the Score.
    Tear: Yuria loved the world. ……the Tone Songs were the pact offered 
    to Lorelei by Yuria who loved the world……
    Luke: So Van-sensei is trying to grant Yuria’s will by recreating 
    the world?
    Tear: ……but Lorelei does not approve of Nii-san’s wishes. That’s why 
    he’s sleeping inside of Nii-san.
    Jade: I see……. If the Tone Song are the evidence of the Lorelei’s 
    and Yuria’s faith……
    Jade: then Lorelei may awaken to the melody of the Tone Songs.
    Guy: Van was suppressing Lorelei by force.
    Guy: If Lorelei were to awake, to avoid mind pollution, Van would 
    concentrate on Lorelei.
    Natalia: An opportunity will be born……. He might not be able to use 
    Lorelei’s power.
    Mieu: Sing Tear-san!
    Anise: That’s right Tear.
    Anise: If Lorelei reacts to the Tone Song and awakens, we’ll be able 
    to use the key and free Lorelei.
    Tear: But I wonder if I can do it……. After all, I just remembered 
    the seventh Tone Song now.
    Tear: Is the melody, the emotions, and the words really correct……?
    Luke: Haven’t you correctly remembered all the Tone Songs up until 
    now Tear?
    Luke: It’ll be fine, you can sing it.
    Tear: ……I don’t have time to worry. I’ll try.
    Tear obtained the title Tone Song Comprehender.
    Walking Further Up Path
    Voice: ……so this is how it is.
    Asch: With you guys, it ends……!
    Asch: Can you here me Replica……
    Guard: ……prepare yourself!
    Asch: Guah
    Guard: Aaaaahhhhhh!!
    Asch: Guah……
    Asch: That was kind of tough.
    Asch: I’ll leave the rest……to you……
    After Cut-Scene
    Luke: Asch……! Asch……is dead……!?
    Natalia: No way……!
    Luke: ………… 
    Jade: This is bad! It’s a trap!?
    Luke: Natalia! Run!
    Natalia: I……I……!
    Luke: Natalia!
    Jade: Gah……we won’t make it!
    Guy: ……damn! In this of all places……!
    Luke: (Asch! Lend me your power!!)
    Luke: ……w, what is this?
    Jade: Choushindou……no a Second Choushindou? It can’t be……!
    Tear: What was that power just now?
    Luke: I……I don’t know……. Only the instant I thought of Asch, 
    something in side me……
    Luke: It was just like the time at Aczelius……
    Luke: But it was different than that time, it felt like I could 
    control it……
    Sink: ……a Second Choushindou huh. It’s no joke.
    Anise: Sink! If that kind of monstrous power is used, it would even 
    be a burden for Van who’s received Yuria’s divine protection.
    Sink: Will you obediently hand over the key and retreat from Van, or 
    will you select a quick death.
    Luke: ……I refuse both!
    Luke: I will release Lorelei. For that reason……I will also defeat 
    Anise: Sink. Aren’t you replica the same as Ion-sama! Why do you 
    support this kind of plan!
    Sink: I’m not the same. I thought you understood that right?
    Sink: Ion……the seventh Ion was na?ve.
    Sink: I believe that the Score is only one of the choices for the 
    Sink: But in the end he couldn’t deny the planet’s memories.
    Sink: Doushi Ion will die. That is the planet’s memories. He died in 
    Anise: Take back those words!
    Sink: I won’t take them back. Because they’re the truth.
    Sink: But with Van’s way, in the end Lorelei and the Seventh Fonim 
    will be destroyed all together.
    Sink: The true meaning is that the Score will disappear.
    Guy: Do you hate the score that badly……?
    Sink: I was born by the Score telling of Doushi Ion’s death.
    Sink: ……You know I was also abandoned.
    Luke: That’s why……you hate the Score? Because you were abandoned?
    Sink: You’re wrong. It’s because I was born! I wasn’t created as a 
    replacement like you. I was born as just a lump of meat.
    Sink: Nonsense. If it wasn’t for the Score, I wouldn’t have had to 
    accept this foolish life.
    Anise: ……you’re saying there was nothing to be gained from your 
    Sink: Nothing. I’m empty. But I don’t mind.
    Sink: It was good for someone. If the Score……the Seventh Fonim is 
    Sink: Aside from the deterioration, I have the same power as the 
    Sink: If I fight seriously, you’ll just be sorry!
    Sink: Let’s experiment. You or my empty self, which will try to 
    revive the world!
    After Battle
    Sink: ……Van……destroy……Lorelei……
    Luke: With their lives, they protect Van-sensei’s plan……
    Tear: ……don’t be led astray. We are also risking our lives. Right.
    Luke: ……that’s right. Right. Asch……
    Natalia: ……Asch really died……
    Luke: Natalia……I’m sorry. If I stayed behind back then……
    Natalia: …………
    Jade: ……! What are you doing!
    Jade: You have been a burden to our actions……as well as Asch.
    Natalia: ……to Asch?
    ※Jade: Asch tried to have Luke kill Van. It was not his real 
    Jade: ……you have been in the way of that.
    Natalia: ……I’m sorry.
    Jade: You are free to favor Asch. However, do not forget what we 
    have to do.
    Natalia: ……yes. That’s right. I’m really sorry. I’m not the only one 
    who hurts.
    Natalia: Anise and guy both lost people they held dear. And also 
    Jade: That’s right.
    Guy: Jade. You said Second Choushindou.
    Jade: I don’t know. The Second Choushindou theory still isn’t 
    Jade: The interference between Choushindou invalidates the effect of 
    all Fonim. ……at least that’s what is said.
    Luke: ……I don’t know what this power is.
    Luke: But if it’s a Second Choushindou, then it was given to me by 
    Asch. Right?
    Luke: Since the only ones who can cause Choushindou are me……and him.
    Natalia: That’s right. Asch is inside of you.
    Natalia: Asch acknowledged you, and gave you his power.
    Luke: ……yes. That’s why I want to fight to not embarrass Asch.
    Luke: Everyone, lend me your power.
    Incomplete Lorelei’s Key and the Lorelei’s Jewel merged to complete 
    the Lorelei’s Key.
    Luke obtained the title Lorelei Swordsman.
    Stairs After the Final Sparkling Save Point
    Mieu: ……I feel a really, really, scary power ahead.
    Luke: Yeah. I know too. Van-sensei……is there.
    Luke: If we go any further ahead we won’t be able to backtrack.
    Jade: It won’t be necessary to backtrack. We will defeat Van and end 
    Luke: Don’t say it so easily……
    Jade: It’s not a difficult story.
    Jade: They believe that the future is controlled by the planet’s 
    memories. They are trying to erase that.
    Jade: We believe that the planet’s memories are one of an infinite 
    number of choices for the future, and that the future can be changed.
    Jade: It’s not a word I like very much, but it is a difference of 
    Jade: We have already reached a point where talking won’t settle 
    Tear: That’s right. Nii-san is keeping Lorelei trapped inside of him.
    Tear: If Lorelei is destroyed, the world will destroy the 
    equilibrium of the Fonim in order to replenish the Seventh Fonim.
    Tear: Luke, we have come here to stop him. It’s different then 
    Tear: We understand what Nii-san is trying to do, and we can’t allow 
    Anise: That’s right. Erasing everything and remaking everything is 
    Anise: I think that if the score is really to be protected or 
    destroyed, then accepting that is peoples’ responsibility.
    Anise: Since along the way we noticed we went through great effort 
    to avoid that.
    Anise: That’s why we have to live by what we believe in. We will 
    walk our own road.
    Anise: We’ll take on Secretary-general’s theory head on.
    Natalia: I’ve been thinking for a long time.
    Natalia: That it would be nice if Asch could return to Kimlasca and 
    my father could support both him and Luke.
    Natalia: But I was mistaken. You and Asch each have your own lives 
    to live.
    Natalia: That is why I was tied to that invalid promise.
    Natalia: Right now Asch is inside of you. My previous self might 
    have been confused between you and Asch.
    Natalia: But you are you. That’s why please keep living with your 
    Natalia: For that reason I’ll help you with all of my power. As your 
    childhood friend.
    Guy: That’s right. You’re just starting to walk on your own two feet. 
    And yet countless lives rest on your shoulders.
    Guy: If you don’t continue living then the part of life you were 
    given would be a lie
    Luke: ……that’s right. Since I’ve been stained with blood in only 
    seven years time.
    Guy: I’m talking about some harsh things. Live, live, and survive, 
    bitterness, hate, sadness, anger……
    Guy: You’re burdened with all of them.
    Guy: But I won’t let you shoulder that alone. I am also the same as 
    Guy: Even if the entire world blames you for what you’ve done, I’ll 
    be your ally.
    Guy: I am different from Van’s Six Holy Generals. After it was 
    possible for me to survive, I’d save you too.
    Tear: Luke, let’s go.
    Tear: In order to rewrite the future Nii-san is aiming at with the 
    one we are aiming at.
    Luke: Yeah!
    After Stairs
    Van: Impressive. Normally the one who would have found his way here 
    would’ve been Asch.
    Luke: ……Asch is here too. Inside of me, giving me strength.
    Van: The Second Choushindou huh……. Splendid. You have even surpassed 
    the original. And have become a real human.
    Van: You have stepped across all the corpses. Now come with me Luke.
    Van: Destroy the planet’s memories and subvert Yuria’s Last Judgment 
    Luke: I refuse.
    Van: Oh, why?
    Luke: I finally understand. What I wanted to do.
    Luke: I wanted to be accepted by you. Not as a replica, but as a 
    human being.
    Van: That’s right. And you have become a human being.
    Luke: ……but that’s no good.
    Luke: You’re the one who told me. “Can’t you live without being born 
    for some reason?”
    Luke: It’s not that we live for someone else’s sake. No, there is no 
    meaning in living.
    Luke: When I foresaw death, I thought I want to live. I know that. I 
    am happy with just that.
    Luke: That’s why for me……you are no longer necessary.
    Luke: I am here. Living this way. Whether you accept me or not.
    Van: ……heh……heheh. I see you’ve acquired wisdom.
    Tear: Nii-san! People can change. Just like Luke. Please think it 
    over one more time.
    Tear: The planet’s memories might exist just like you said. But is 
    that really absolute?
    Tear: Luke being here wasn’t decided by the planet’s memories. It’s 
    because he decided it.
    Tear: The planet’s memories are one choice for the future. The one 
    that chooses is not the planet, or the Seventh Fonim. It’s people.
    Van: That also isn’t definite. It might not be choosing, it might be 
    being chosen.
    Guy: In that case then your choosing to erase the planet’s memories 
    might also have “being chosen” right?
    Guy: If erasing the planet’s memories was your will alone……
    Guy: ……then that is proof the planet’s memories are not absolute.
    Van: That is sophistry. The planet’s memories I speak of are the 
    foundation of Yuria’s Score.
    Van: There even though the people’s destruction is read, the 
    destruction of the planet’s memories is not.
    Natalia: That’s why you’re materializing the peoples’ destruction 
    and creating a world of replicas.
    Natalia: That won’t change the fact that the people of Hodo were 
    abandoned. That is were you and Asch are contradicted.
    Natalia: You also regret the Hodo’s destruction. Isn’t it because 
    you hate the people brought that about?
    Van: That’s right. However there is no time to choose the means. The 
    planet’s memories are to take us on an absolute path to destruction.
    Jade: People with wisdom like yours are mysterious. The people and  
    the planet will at some day be destroyed.
    Jade: Whether the planet’s memories exist or not, that is already 
    Jade: Assuming that the absolute path you speak of exists.
    Jade: Even so, I think the path to destruction is given to people to 
    people as a choice.
    Van: That way of thinking is just like you. Necromancer-dono.
    Van: Right, eventually all life will be destroyed. The difference is 
    how slow or quick it happens. However the planet’s memories have 
    established that it be quick.
    Van: Just like you I can not be alright heading quickly to 
    Anise: But in the end Secretary-general, you’re trying to destroy 
    more than the planet’s memories.
    Anise: You hate the Score too much, and you’re bound to the Score 
    more than anyone else.
    Van: Heh……. That is possible.
    Van: I also, both you and I are tied to the Score’s unknown future.
    Luke: We believe the future can be chosen.
    Van: I know that the future is predetermined.
    Van: As expected……it seems we are in conflict.
    Van: Draw your sword. Let’s finish this.
    Luke: Van……prepare yourself!
    In Battle 50% HP
    Van: ……a Tone Song huh. That melody will awaken Lorelei.
    Van: However you don’t know the true wish in that Tone Song. It 
    won’t……affect me.
    Tear: No……Nii-san. ……I understand.
    Tear: I feel I understand the feelings that Yuria put in the Tone 
    Van: ……if that’s the truth then show me your splendid singing. 
    After Battle
    Luke: ……eat this!
    Van: ……too slow.
    Van: ……have you forgotten? The one who taught you sword fighting was 
    Luke: Release Lorelei!
    Van: ……you really have become stronger.
    Luke: Van……
    Van: I……have been driven to the wall this far……
    Van: In the end it seems I must release this unpleasant power.
    Guy: This power……! Is this……Lorelei’s power?
    Natalia: I won’t lose. With this arrow I will drive you to the 
    bottom of hell.
    Van: You’ve got confident allies.
    Luke: That’s right. Everyone has saved me for a long time……For 
    everyone’s sake, I can’t lose!
    Luke: No, I’m putting my existence on the line, I won’t lose!
    Tear: When Nii-san uses Lorelei’s power there will be a gap in his 
    Tear: WE know that, and the one who will drive him into a corner 
    will be Luke.
    Tear: The one who Nii-san never accepted was Luke.
    Tear: Luke……
    Tear: No, we won’t lose!
    Van: ……I certainly have to admire you for taking advantage of this 
    power in me. As expected from a sibling.
    Van: However that’s enough.
    Van: Farewell! Luke!
    1 HP Left
    Luke: Damn……this power……!?
    Guy: It seems the power is being absorbed throughout his body……
    Guy: If this continues…… We’ll be killed!
    Luke: You got to be kidding!!
    Tear: Luke! The Second Choushindou! If you use the Second 
    Choushindou it will invalidate all Fonim.
    Luke: ……I’ll release Lorelei! Tear lend me your power!
    Tear: ……yes.
    After Battle
    Van: The seventh melody……. You understood it……Tear……
    Tear: I, remembered. This song that you sang to me when you were 
    always crying.
    Tear: You knew the meaning of the Tone Songs, and you passed all of 
    them to me from they very start.
    Tear: Thank you……Nii-san……
    Van: ……farewell……Mestearika……
    Luke: ……Van-sensei!
    Van: Stay back!!
    Van: ……even at this point you still call me teacher……fool……
    Van: ……forgive me……ones with my same ideals……
    Luke: Van-sensei……. Thank you!
    Tear: (Goodbye, beloved……Nii-san……)
    Luke: ……everyone hurry and escape. I will stay here and free Lorelei.
    Tear: Luke!
    Luke: I promised Lorelei. It’s something I have to do.
    Luke: Jade……
    Jade: Luke. You’ve really changed.
    Luke: Since I was horrible before.
    Jade: ……but no matter how much you change or how much you regret it, 
    what you had done won’t be completely forgiven.
    Jade: For that reason, please come back. No……that is what I wish.
    Luke: Jade……don’t say anything reckless……
    Jade: I’m sorry.
    Guy: I’ll be waiting for you. A servant without a master would be 
    Luke: You aren’t my family’s servant anymore.
    Guy: Well, I’m not a servant of the Duke’s family anymore, but it’s 
    alright for me to still be your friend and servant in your heart 
    Luke: You idiot.
    Guy: That’s why you need to come back quickly. I won’t forgive you 
    if you disappear like this.
    Luke: ……you noticed!?
    Guy: When you return, we’ll correct that tendency of yours to hide 
    things from close friends.
    Luke: Anise!?
    Anise: I knew too. But I wasn’t so sure like Guy.
    Luke: What’s with that……
    Anise: Eheheh? After all you’re really easy to read.
    Anise: But you know. It would be a problem for me if you didn’t 
    Luke: I don’t really think so, but are you planning to switch over 
    to me?
    Anise: No way? I want to reorganize the church in Ion-sama’s place.
    Anise: For that patrons are necessary? Make sure you come!
    Luke: Such a selfish thing to say……
    Natalia: Luke……. Please survive. I don’t want to lose any more 
    precious people.
    Luke: Natalia……
    Natalia: It isn’t to protect Kimlasca.
    Natalia: It’s in order for you to live your life. You understand 
    Luke: ……I lived.
    Natalia: Live. I won’t forgive you if you disappear. Definitely.
    Luke: ……yes, thank you.
    Mieu: Master……
    Luke: Your duty is finished. Stick out your chest and return to your 
    Mieu: Mieu will wait for you to come back too.
    Luke: ……I see. Thank you.
    Tear: ……definitely come back.
    Luke: ……Tear.
    Tear: Definitely. Definitely. Since I’ll be waiting for you. Forever. 
    Luke: ……yes, understood. It’s a promise. I’ll definitely come back.
    Tear: ……Luke……I love you……
    Anise: ……
    Guy: Tear.
    Lorelei: So the world didn’t disappear. Merely subverting the future 
    I foresaw is a heavy blow worthy of merit.
    Cut-Scene After Credits
    Tear: *sings Great Tone Song*
    Natalia: Are you really alright with that?
    Natalia:  Weren’t you also called the Duke’s mansion for Luke’s 
    Coming of Age ceremony?
    Tear: I have no interest in a ceremony held in front of Luke’s grave.
    Anise: Didn’t you come here because you thought that?
    Guy: He said he’d come back. I refuse to speak in front of his grave.
    Tear: ……
    Tear: Why? Are you here……
    Luke: From here you can look out over Hodo. And……because I made a 
    Tear: ……
    After Ending
    Save Game Clear Data.
    7. Optional Areas
    8. Translation Notes
    1. Doushi・導師- Officiating Monk
    2. Fufu・ふふ is a giggling or laughing sound.
    3. Shindou・振動 ? Basically the same as Choushindou, but on a 
    4. Choushindou・超振動 is literally a “huge oscillation”
    5. Bocchama・ぼっちゃま is a polite way of addressing a rich person’s 
    6. Onii・お兄さん/Nii・兄さん ? means big brother, usually followed with 
    a name suffix like ?san
    7. Daieishi・大詠師 roughly means Great Song Expert.
    8. The kanji used for Score means prediction.
    9. Kyoukan・教官 ? means teacher or instructor
    10. Shouki・障気 ? poisonous miasma. The kanji mean ‘harm’ and 
    11. Eishi・詠師 ? a high rank in the Lorelei Church, roughly means 
    song expert
    12. Shoushi・唱師 ? another rank in the Lorelei church. It is below 
    Eishi. Tear and Anise are both of Shoushi rank.
    13. All Luke is doing here is correcting the end of his sentence to 
    make it more polite. In Japanese politeness is built into verb 
    conjugation and can be changed very easily from one to another. 
    Unlike in English where the sentence structure is usually changed to 
    sound more polite.
    14. The text says Holy Flame of Light while guy says Luke.
    15. Sensei・先生 is used to refer to doctors as well as teachers.
    16. Oneesan・お姉さん ? means big sister.
    17. Ojiisan・おじいさん ? is used for old men.
    18. When Luke says Sensei it is written with the kanji 師匠. That 
    kanji is read as shishou, which means master. Sensei is supposed to 
    be written as 先生. Asch pronounces it the correct way. In one sense 
    they do both mean teacher, but sensei is used more as a school 
    teacher, and shishou is more of a martial arts teacher.
    19. It’s not written on the screen, but Tear clearly says suki・好き. 
    While this literally means like, in a “confession” like that it 
    means she loves him.
    9. Frequently Asked Questions
    None Yet
    10. Credits
    Stiltzkin at http://www.mognet.net, for the translation of the 
    opening song and help with a few of the lines.
    Skuldnoshinpu for transcribing the opening movie in Japanese.
    Credit should also go to this wonderful free online Japanese 
    dictionary: http://etext.virginia.edu/wwwjdic/wwwjdic.html
    I’ve used it for looking up just about everything.
    11. Legal Stuff
    All the dialogue in its original Japanese form is credited to Namco. 
    This is just my interpretation of it. All of the characters places 
    and events mentioned are owned by Namco.
    Do not repost or modify this guide without permission. If you E-mail 
    me and politely request to use it on your website and give me credit 
    I’ll probably say yes.
    Websites Authorized to Host This Guide
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