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    Battle Quotes FAQ by Kalorii

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    |     Ver. 1.4      |
    | Transcribed/Written: Kalorii                                               |
    |       First Version: November 17, 2006                                     |
    |        Last Updated: December 1, 2006                                      |
    | VERSION HISTORY                                                            |
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     01) Introduction...................[INTR]
     02) General Battle (Heroes)........[BH00]
           - Luke (Long Hair)...........[BH01]
           - Luke (Short Hair)..........[BH02]
           - Tear.......................[BH03]
           - Jade.......................[BH04]
           - Anise......................[BH05]
           - Guy........................[BH06]
           - Natalia....................[BH07]
           - Asch.......................[BH08]
           - Group......................[BH09]
     03) General Battle (Enemies).......[GE00]
           - Sync.......................[GE01]
           - Arietta....................[GE02]
           - Largo......................[GE03]
           - Legretta...................[GE04]
           - Mohs.......................[GE05]
           - Van........................[GE06]
           - Nebilim....................[GE07]
     04) Artes (Heroes).................[AH00]
           - Luke.......................[AH01]
           - Tear.......................[AH02]
           - Jade.......................[AH03]
           - Anise......................[AH04]
           - Guy........................[AH05]
           - Natalia....................[AH06]
           - Asch.......................[AH07]
     05) Artes (Enemies)................[AE00]
           - Sync.......................[AE01]
           - Arietta....................[AE02]
           - Largo......................[AE03]
           - Legretta...................[AE04]
           - Van........................[AE05]
           - Nebilim....................[AE06]
     06) Mystic Artes (Heroes)..........[MH00]
           - Luke.......................[MH01]
           - Tear.......................[MH02]
           - Jade.......................[MH03]
           - Anise......................[MH04]
           - Guy........................[MH05]
           - Natalia....................[MH06]
           - Asch.......................[MH07]
     07) Mystic Artes (Enemies).........[ME00]
           - Sync.......................[ME01]
           - Arietta....................[ME02]
           - Largo......................[ME03]
           - Legretta...................[ME04]
           - Van........................[ME05]
           - Nebilim....................[ME06]
     08) Cameo Battle...................[CB00]
           - Reid.......................[CB01]
           - Nanaly.....................[CB02]
           - Philia.....................[CB03]
           - Mint.......................[CB04]
     09) Battle Start...................[BS00]
           - Luke.......................[BS01]
           - Tear.......................[BS02]
           - Jade.......................[BS03]
           - Anise......................[BS04]
           - Guy........................[BS05]
           - Natalia....................[BS06]
           - Asch.......................[BS07]
           - Group......................[BS08]
     10) Battle End.....................[BE00]
           - Luke.......................[BE01]
           - Tear.......................[BE02]
           - Jade.......................[BE03]
           - Anise......................[BE04]
           - Guy........................[BE05]
           - Natalia....................[BE06]
           - Asch.......................[BE07]
           - Group......................[BE08]
     11) Storyline Conversations........[SC00]
     12) Unused Lines...................[UL00]
     ==============                                                      ========
    | Introduction |                                                    | [INTR] |
    | I absolutely love the amount of yelling, screaming and conversations that  |
    | appear in Tales of series games. I think that Abyss has the widest array   |
    | of battle conversations in any Tales of game released to date. There's     |
    | plenty to quote so that's why I made this FAQ. I've seen others doing the  |
    | same, but I noticed that there was a lot that was being misspelled, quoted |
    | to the wrong character and general mistakes that happen when you try to do |
    | it by memory. Hopefully this will clear up any sort of errors and we can   |
    | all quote to our heart's content. ^.^ The only thing I wish that I could   |
    | do is properly convey the tone in which they say these lines. Even if they |
    | repeat, they do happen to say it in a different way. I don't explain how   |
    | to get all the quotes in this guide but many are very obvious once you     |
    | read them.                                                                 |
     =========================                                           ========
    | General Battle (Heroes) |                                         | [BH00] |
    | I didn't bother transcribing the grunts because...they're grunts. Their    |
    | level up battle endings are in here as well since they aren't really       |
    | battle endings. The group section has the small conversations they have.   |
    | Luke (Long Hair) [BH01] |
       "No way!"
       "Damn you're annoying!"
       "Take this!"
       "You're gonna pay!"
       "Didn't make it!"
       "Don't get in my way!"
       "About time."
       "Check this out!"
       "This isn't good!"
       "I'll pass on dying here, thanks."
       "Didn't work!"
       "Found your weakness!"
       "See ya!"
       "Come on already!"
       "Who's next?"
       "Using this!"
       "Whaddya mean I can't?!"
       "How do ya like this?"
       "That's good!"
       "Follow me!"
       "Like always!"
       "Move, move!"
       "Kinda busy here!"
    | Luke (Short Hair) [BH02] |
       "No way!"
       "Bring it on!"
       "Take this!"
       "So uncool..."
       "You're gonna pay!"
       "Didn't make it!"
       "Watch yourself!"
       "Thanks for the help."
       "Leave it to me!"
       "Check this out!"
       "I'm so dead..."
       "We're not doing too well..."
       "Didn't work!"
       "Found your weakness!"
       "See ya!"
       "Come on already!"
       "Who's next?"
       "Using this!"
       "Whaddya mean I can't?!"
       "How do you like this?"
       "That's good!"
       "Follow me!"
       "Like always!"
       "Move, move!"
       "Arcane arte!"
       "This is it!"
       "Take this!"
       "Get outta here!"
       "I just keep getting better!"
       "Kinda busy here!"
    | Tear [BH03] |
       "That's enough!"
       "Prepare to die."
       "How could this..."
       "I didn't make it..."
       "Watch out!"
       "Thank you!"
       "How do you like this?"
       "I'm not done yet."
       "We should regroup."
       "That didn't work!"
       "Your weak spot!"
       "We're leaving!"
       "I'll show you no mercy."
       "Using this!"
       "I won't!"
       "Just as before!"
       "Use that plan!"
       "Changing plans!"
       "New plan!"
       "You okay?"
    | Jade [BH04] |
       "Well done..."
       "No way!"
       "Prepare yourself!"
       "I...misjudged you..."
       "Enough of this!"
       "I am to blame..."
       "I wasn't in time..."
       "This will help."
       "Oh what a bother."
       "Did that help?"
       "Oh, thank you."
       "Sorry for the trouble."
       "Oh very well."
       "How do you like this?"
       "This is not good."
       "Seems we're losing."
       "That didn't work."
       "That's your weakness."
       "We should withdraw."
       "Whenever you're ready."
       "May I?"
       "Not now."
       "Good, that's enough!"
       "Just as ordered!"
       "Changing strategy!"
       "How's this?"
       "Can you take this?"
       "Take this!"
    | Anise [BH05] |
       "Get 'em!"
       "No way!"
       "I'm bursting with fonons!"
       "This'll hurt!"
       "I'll get you for that!"
       "Oh no..."
       "Oops! Didn't make it..."
       "Use this!"
       "You okay?"
       "I'm back!"
       "Got it!"
       "I'm in trouble here!"
       "Come on, we're gonna lose!"
       "That didn't work!"
       "Got your weak spot!"
       "Buh bye!"
       "Come on, geez!"
       "Done with that one!"
       "Using this!"
       "I can't use it?"
       "Check this out!"
       "That's enough!"
       "Let's go!"
       "Switching strategy!"
       "Just like we talked about!"
       "Take that!"
       "Keep it up!"
       "Think I grew a little!"
       "Feeling kind of dizzy..."
       "I'll get you for that!"
       "Humph! Too late."
       "You trying to kill me?"
       "No way..."
       "Come on, wimps!"
       "I can't right now!"
       "Colonel, you're so cool!"
    | Guy [BH06] |
       "No way!"
       "Wanna see how strong I really am?"
       "Prepare yourself!"
       "I screwed up..."
       "Not bad."
       "I didn't make it..."
       "Here, catch!"
       "Feel better?"
       "Sorry, thanks!"
       "Thanks. That helped."
       "Right, I'm on it."
       "Let's try a new arte!"
       "I'm not doing too well."
       "We have to regroup!"
       "Guess that didn't work!"
       "Looks like that worked!"
       "All right, run!"
       "I guess you don't wanna fight."
       "Guess you're done!"
       "Can I?"
       "I guess not."
       "Watch closely."
       "Forget what I said!"
       "All right, let's do it!"
       "Come on, hurry up!"
       "As we planned!"
       "You can't win!"
       "What's wrong?"
    | Natalia [BH07] |
       "How dare you!"
       "Leave it to me!"
       "Take this!"
       "I have...failed..."
       "No more!"
       "How could this happen?"
       "I apologize."
       "Take heed!"
       "That helps greatly!"
       "Thank you."
       "Enlightened anew!"
       "At this rate...!"
       "We're in danger!"
       "Did that not work?"
       "That seemed effective!"
       "Oh my, how rude!"
       "Another slain!"
       "May I use this?"
       "I won't use it."
       "Prepare yourself!"
       "That will suffice!"
       "Follow me!"
       "We're changing strategy!"
       "Follow your orders!"
       "Brace yourself!"
       "There's no escape!"
       "That's enough!"
       "I've found new strength!"
       "I can't move!"
    | Asch [BH08] |
       "That's enough!"
       "Take this!"
       "How could I..."
       "I'll kill you!"
       "He's gone."
       "How could I do that?"
       "This'll help."
       "You're being a bother."
       "What a nuisance."
       "Don't expect any thanks."
       "Can you take this?"
       "How could I get like this?"
       "Regroup if you don't want to die!"
       "That didn't work?"
       "Aw, you didn't like that!"
       "I don't have time for this."
       "You idiot!"
       "How pathetic!"
       "This is mine!"
       "I won't!"
       "Brace yourself!"
       "That's enough!"
       "Follow me!"
       "Follow your orders!"
       "You're gone!"
       "I'm done playing!"
    | Group [BH09] |
    NOTE: These won't all trigger at once, even if your party does contain all
          the characters listed. Usually only one character will respond to a
          comment if one is available. A couple are also random responses to
          various circumstances in battle.
       LUKE: "Don't use so many items."
       TEAR: "It's dangerous to use so many items."
      ANISE: "Oooh, don't be so stingy!"
    NATALIA: "Oh, I'm sorry."
    TEAR: "Watch the enemy's movement."
    JADE: "That would be a mistake."
    LUKE: "Sh-shut up!"
     GUY: "Absolutely, I'm sorry."
        GUY: "Excellent!"
    NATALIA: "Absolutely flawless."
       LUKE: "Leave it to me."
      ANISE: "Yeah! I'm a genius!"
    NATALIA: "Frontline, stay focused!"
       JADE: "Don't neglect the enemy fonist!"
       LUKE: "I'll get 'em next time."
        GUY: "Sorry!"
       TEAR: "Don't go overboard."
        GUY: "Hey! Think before you use your artes!"
       LUKE: "Aren't you going overboard with your artes?"
      ANISE: "But it feels so good! -giggle-"
    NATALIA: "I don't need to hear that from you!"
     LUKE: "We all right here?"
     JADE: "Looks like we're still okay."
    ANISE: "We are so not okay."
      GUY: "For now, at least."
       TEAR: "This is my failure, I'm sorry."
    NATALIA: "I'm sorry I couldn't help."
       LUKE: "So heal us! Come on!"
       JADE: "Don't feel sorry! Focus on the enemy!"
       TEAR: "Careful! That was a powerful attack."
      ANISE: "Whoa, that was intense!"
       LUKE: "You watch out, too!"
    NATALIA: "We should be more careful!"
     TEAR: "Guard me while I'm casting."
     JADE: "I'm casting, give me support!"
     LUKE: "All right, I'm on it."
    ANISE: "Leave it to me."
     =========================                                           ========
    | General Battle (Enemies) |                                        | [GE00] |
    | Again, no battle grunts. The phrases you get with a game over from them    |
    | are here as well. In some cases, you'll hear some of their phrases before  |
    | and/or after they do a mystic arte but they really aren't attached to      |
    | anything in particular.                                                    |
    | Sync [GE01] |
       "Not bad!"
       "No way!"
       "Watch this!"
       "O fon verse!"
       "Didn't expect that..."
       "Take this!"
       "I'll kill you!"
       "There's no way you could win!"
       "You've done well. Now you may die!"
       "Even if you'd won you still would've died!"
       "No...! Not like this..."
    | Arietta [GE02] |
       "What the?!"
       "Here it comes!"
       "Did I...lose?"
       "Go away!"
       "I won't let you win!"
       "Don't get in my way!"
       "Stay down!"
       "Feel mommy's pain!"
       "That's what happens when you get in the way!"
       "Fon Master, mommy, I avenged you!"
       "Why...why can't I win?"
    | Largo [GE03] |
       "Looks like you want to see real power!"
       "Take this!"
       "Ugh! How could I..."
       "How's this?"
       "Get outta here!"
       "Not bad, for a kid."
       "You did well. Rest in peace."
       "Accept it. Everything serves our ideal."
       "My strength...is gone..."
       "Ugh! Beautiful..."
    | Legretta [GE04] |
       "Take this!"
       "What the...?!"
       "No you don't!"
       "That's enough!"
       "Power, come to me!"
       "You're...pretty good."
       "Too easy!"
       "Too slow!"
       "I told you you were sloppy."
       "This snow will be your grave."
       "Farewell. Rest in the glorious land."
       "It ends..."
    | Mohs [GE05] |
       "Why do you not understand?"
       "Everything...everything is destroyed!"
    | Van [GE06] |
       "Enough of you!"
       "Take this!"
       "Out of my sight!"
       "Don't interfere with my ideals."
       "The planet's memory itself will die."
       "No! Not yet..."
       "You can't stop me..."
    | Nebilim [GE07] |
       "I'll show you power!"
       "It begins."
       "I have...lost..."
       "I will send you to your deaths!"
       "You just might die."
       "How about this?"
       "Know power!"
       "Rue your fate!"
       "No more holding back!"
       "Can you handle this?"
       "Oh! Still not...enough..."
     ================                                                    ========
    | Artes (Heroes) |                                                  | [AH00] |
    | These include general artes and artes activated by FoF changes. Anything   |
    | that's not here does not have a phrase/chant before it's used.             |
    | Luke [AH01] |
       "Feel thunder! Lighting Tiger Blade!"
       "Begone! Burning Havoc!"
       "I'll crush you! Rending Quake!"
       "Shatter! Frigid Blast!"
       "What a rush! Coil!"
       "Feel the pain! Shadow Fury!"
       "Chill! Guardian Frost!"
       "Piercing flash! Light Blast!"
       "Fangs of hell, rise! Devil's Maw!"
    | Tear [AH02] |
       "Bestow your power. Light!"
       "Behold! Pow Hammer!"
       "Return this soul from the abyss of death. Resurrection!"
       "Aid the power to recite! Enhance Cast!"
       "Impart thy power! Charge!"
       "O healing power... First Aid!"
       "Come forth O illumination of life! Healing Circle!"
       "Thou who wouldst take revenge, carve here thy holy seal. Eclair de
       "O divine spear, run my enemy through! Holy Lance!"
       "Guide these poor souls that they may rise anew. Regenerate!"
       "O toy of hardest ice! Frozen Hammer!"
       "May their words be fleet and mighty! Witchcraft!"
       "Grant unto all! Tribute!"
       "O purest water of life... Meditation!"
       "O spirits who dance upon the wind, grace us with your purifying melody!
        Fairy Circle!"
       "O seal of fire, strike down my enemy. Flamme Rouge!"
       "Rain down O crystals of light! Cluster Raid!"
       "Shatter! Inlay Nocturne!"
       "The power to conquer demons! Fatal Circle!"
       "Burn to ashes! Searing Sorrow!"
    NOTE: I didn't transcribe the vocal work because it's open for debate.
       "O melody beckoning toward the abyss..."
       "O tune of unyielding protection..."
       "O magnificent song of angels..."
       "O healing melody of divine mercy..."
       "O violent strains that render demons to ashes..."
       "O celestial choir, the light of redemption..."
    | Jade [AH03] |
       "O mighty explosion... Energy Blast!"
       "I'll help myself. Drain Magic!"
       "O maddening gale of the spirits of the earth... Stalagmite!"
       "O roar of the earth, bring forth the fangs of the mighty dragon. Ground
       "O violent torrent... Splash!"
       "Arise O violent waters to rout mine enemies! Blessed Drops!"
       "Grant mine enemies a final rest. Flame Burst!"
       "O flames of hell, cremate mine enemies in a cage of fire! Infernal
       "Howl O raging wind and cleave mine enemies with your blade! Turbulence!"
       "O darkened storm cloud, loose thy blade and run mine enemies through!
        Thunder Blade!"
       "O sword of conviction, loose the might of your brilliant colours! Prism
       "Rest in a merciless silver embrace! Absolute!"
       "O countless falling stars, come forth! Meteor Storm!"
       "O brilliance show your wrath... Photon!"
       "Take power from those before me... Absorption!"
       "Crimson fury, burn! Eruption!"
       "Slumber in this horrid sepulchre of merciful ice. Frigid Coffin!"
       "O frigid blades, pour forth! Icicle Rain!"
       "O sacred will, strike down those who would be mine enemy. Divine Saber!"
       "Bring all to ash and ruin! Explosion!"
       "Partake of boiling water! Raging Mist!"
       "O flames of hell, bring unto them the wrath of the lord of fire! Flare
       "Suffer within this oppressive force! Gravity Well!"
       "Feel lightning! Lightning Tempest!"
       "A pulverizing strike! Crushing Spear!"
       "Taste fire! Goring Hell!"
       "Be swallowed by water! Mighty Deluge!"
    | Anise [AH04] |
       "O twisted door of distortion, open wide! Negative Gate!"
       "O hellion whose roar chills the very soul, resound! Bloody Howling!"
       "Feel the hammer of light! Limited!"
       "I'll smash you with a giant hammer! Miracle Hammer!"
       "O sacred will, strike down those who would be mine enemy! Divine Saber!"
       "Return this soul from the abyss of death! Resurrection!"
       "Don't blame me if you're burned to bits! Crimson Riot!"
       "Come on, water, take 'em out! Maelstrom!"
       "Hammer of lightning, make 'em tingle... -giggle- Spark Wave!"
       "Rain down with everything you've got! Rock Mountain!"
       "Fatal punch! Stone Dragon Ascent!"
       "Feel the sting! Lightning Punishment!"
       "The cry of a dragon! Fire Dragon Blast!"
       "Just for you! Frigid Raptor!"
       "One big bang! Brutal Torrent!"
       "Burn, baby! Cyclone Blaze!"
       "Divine spear! Gungnir A Go Go!"
       "Grant luck to all! Happy Light!"
       "Let's go! Mighty Circuit!"
    | Guy [AH05] |
       "Flames arise! Infernal Torrent!"
       "Cold glare of death! Frigid Moon!"
       "Blade, reveal your fury! Dragon Tempest!"
       "Feel the dragon's fangs! Wyrm Wrath!"
       "Surge! Focus!"
       "Brilliant lightning! Thunder Beast!"
       "Writhe in the flames of hell! Searing Gale!"
       "There's no escape! Eternal Quake!"
       "Piercing blade of ice! Final Glacier!"
    | Natalia [AH06] |
       "O regenerative power, abide here! Healing Force!"
       "O soothing light! Heal!"
       "O divine embrace that fosters life... Cure!"
       "O everlasting fire of life, dwell here! Revive!"
       "Unyielding aegis! Barrier!"
       "Enhance this blade's might... Sharpness!"
       "Now oppose fonic artes! Resist!"
       "Cleanse the defiled! Recover!"
       "O gentle breeze, ease our pain! Healing Wind!"
       "O great land, swath us in your protection! Restore!"
       "O divine messenger, grant us thy blessing! Angel's Breath!"
       "O vapours, become our shield! Aqua Protection!"
       "Grant this soul undying flame... Blaze Emitter!"
       "Now defy fonic artes! Anti-Magic!"
       "The power to expel the unclean... Purify!"
       "O holy lightning... Voltaic Line!"
       "O judgment of holy fire... Blast Edge!"
       "Perish! Astral Laser!"
       "Sunder the land! Quake Stroke!"
       "O shining azure! Blue Embrace!"
       "Ruining misery... Calamitous Bane!"
       "Glory for an unflinching soul... Phalanx!"
    | Asch [AH07] |
       "O maddening gale of the spirits of the earth! Stalagmite!"
       "O frigid blades pour forth! Icicle Rain!"
       "Bring all to ash and ruin! Explosion!"
       "O darkened storm cloud, loose thy blade and run mine enemies through!
        Thunder Blade!"
       "Feel the roar of lightning! Lightning Tiger Blade!"
       "Begone! Burning Havoc!"
       "I'll destroy you! Rending Quake!"
       "A cold death awaits! Frigid Blast!"
       "Power! Coil!"
       "Begone! Shadow Fury!"
       "Freeze! Guardian Frost!"
       "A blinding edge! Light Blast!"
       "Rise, jaws of the earth! Devil's Maw!"
     =================                                                   ========
    | Artes (Enemies) |                                                 | [AE00] |
    | These include general artes and artes activated by FoF changes. Anything   |
    | that's not here does not have a phrase/chant before it's used.             |
    | Sync [AE01] |
       "Take this! Stone Dragon Ascent!"
       "Howl O raging wind! Turbulence!"
       "O storm cloud, loose thy blade! Thunder Blade!"
       "O roar of the earth! Ground Dasher!"
       "How do ya like this? Flare Tornado!"
    | Arietta [AE02] |
       "The power to help! Soothing Light!"
       "Hammer of light... Limited!"
       "O twisted door, open wide! Negative Gate!"
       "O hellion's roar! Bloody Howling!"
    | Largo [AE03] |
       "Brilliant thunder, roar! Ravaging Thunder!"
       "Flames, roar! Infernal Blast!"
    | Legretta [AE04] |
       "Come forth O light! Bright Fear!"
       "Burn! Searing Sorrow!"
       "Begone! Inlay Nocturne!"
       "How do you like this? Flamme Rouge!"
    | Van [AE05] |
       "Take this! Lightning Tiger Blade!"
    | Nebilim [AE06] |
       "Divine spear! Gungnir!"
       "Cremate them in a cage of fire! Infernal Prison!"
       "Make the instant eternal! Time Stop!"
       "O sword of conviction, loose your might! Prism Sword!"
       "Rest in the silver embrace! Absolute!"
       "Come forth O falling stars! Meteor Storm!"
     =======================                                             ========
    | Mystic Artes (Heroes) |                                           | [MH00] |
    | Probably the only thing that actually lists the circumstances if they      |
    | change. Makes more sense to list them that way.                            |
    | Luke [MH01] |
    Radiant Howl:
       "You're mine! Aaaaaahh! Now, die!"
    Radiant Howl Extension (only available with Ion & all six party members):
        LUKE: "You're mine! Aaaaaahh! Now, die!"
         ION: "Perhaps I can help. Here it goes."
    Radiant Howl Extension (only available with Ion & all six party members &
    Anise in party):
        LUKE: "You're mine! Aaaaaahh! Now, die!"
         ION: "Perhaps I can help. Here it goes."
       ANISE: "Ion!"
         ION: "I-I'm fine."
    Radiant Howl (final battle only - auto-initiated):
       "You're mine! Aaaaaahh! Now you, die!"
    Lost Fon Drive (critical HP, Key of Lorelei equipped):
       "You're finished! Arise, resound and become the blade of destruction! Lost
        Fon Drive!"
    | Tear [MH02] |
    Innocent Shine:
       "O wind undefiled, embrace those who would be our enemies and purify all!
        Innocent Shine!"
    Fortune's Arc + Extension (all Hymns used 50x each):
       "O light that rains down on heaven and earth, bring my enemies to their
        destined annihilation! Fortune's Arc! And grant us the divine protection
        of thine brilliance!"
    | Jade [MH03] |
    Indignation (Thunder Blade used 200x):
       "I, who stand in the full light of the heavens command thee, who opens the
        gates of hell, come forth divine lightning! This ends now! Indignation!"
    Mystic Cage:
       "O admonishing melody, arise in the name of the Necromancer! Mystic Cage!
        Now know what true power is!"
    | Anise [MH04] |
    Final Fury + Dying Moon (Extension) (Jade and/or Luke in party):
       "O ravishing tragedy! Final Fury! Let's finish this! Not done yet! Dying
    Final Fury + Dying Moon (Extension) (Jade and Luke not in party):
       "I'll kill you bastards! Go! Final Fury! Let's finish this! Not done yet!
        Dying Moon!"
    Fever Time (Lucky used 100x, Lucky cast during Overlimit):
       "Now the fun starts! Fever Time, baby! Yeah! Hah! And you don't stop!"
    | Guy [MH05] |
    Razing Phoenix:
       "O noble conflagration! Incinerate all! Razing Phoenix!"
    Brilliant Overlord (Final Cross used 150x, Jewel of Gardios equipped):
       "Prepare yourself for a blinding storm! Brilliant Overlord! Never fight a
        battle you can't win!"
    | Natalia [MH06] |
    Astral Rain:
       "Do not think you can escape me! Pour forth O starlight! Astral Rain!"
    Noble Roar (Piercing Line used 150x, Elven Bow equipped):
       "O fragments of the fon verse, heed my call and become power incarnate! I
        will finish you! Noble Roar!"
    | Asch [MH07] |
    Rending Saber:
       "Annihilation! Rending Saber!"
     ========================                                            ========
    | Mystic Artes (Enemies) |                                          | [ME00] |
    | No circumstances to list here.                                             |
    | Sync [ME01] |
       "Now you die! Haaaaa! Akashic Torment!"
       "Can ya take this? Harrowing Gale! Now you die!"
    | Arietta [ME02] |
       "Now I'll show you how strong I am! This is it! Evil Light!"
       "Feel the first beats of time! Fall! Big Bang!"
    | Largo [ME03] |
       "Feel my power! Writhe in the flames of hell! Brimstone Tempest!"
    | Legretta [ME04] |
       "O fragments of light, strike down mine enemy! Prism Ballet! This ends
    | Van [ME05] |
       "Such lamentation! I'll destroy you! Imperial Slaughter!"
       "Such lamentation! Hyaaaah! Celestial Elegy!"
       "Behold, the power of Lorelei! Farewell! Ancient Requiem!"
    | Nebilim [ME06] |
       "Know your place! Know what true power is! Fragmented End!"
     ==============                                                      ========
    | Cameo Battle |                                                    | [CB00] |
    | This lists all their battle voice (no grunts, still), artes and mystic     |
    | artes. You'll see repeats for their mystic artes but that's just the way   |
    | they put them together. As with all the other artes, if they aren't listed |
    | here, there is no phrase/chant with them when they're used.                |
    | Reid [CB01] |
    General Battle
       "What the?!"
       "No way!"
       "Not done yet!"
       "Take this!"
       "Everyone, let's go!"
       "We won't give up! We will live!"
       "Sacred skill! Sonic Blade!"
       "This is it! Aurora Slash!"
    Mystic Artes
    Aurora Wall:
       "I will not...lose!"
    | Nanaly [CB02] |
    General Battle
       "Not good!"
       "Don't get cocky!"
       "I got you!"
       "I'll crush you!"
       "Take that!"
       "I'm not done!"
       "What a waste of time!"
       "Guess that about does it!"
    Mystic Artes
    Wild Geese:
       "Take that! I got you! Fire! I'll crush you!"
    | Philia [CB03] |
    General Battle
       "I won't lose!"
       "Leave this to me!"
       "Here I go!"
       "I won't allow this."
       "Find your mark!"
       "Enough of this foolishness!"
       "Take your punishment!"
       "Come on, everyone!"
    Mystic Artes
    Big Bang:
       "Enough of this foolishness! Take your punishment! Begone!"
    Sacred Penance:
       "Divine judgment for an evil soul... Sacred Penance!"
    | Mint [CB04] |
    General Battle
       "Stop it!"
       "Leave it to me!"
       "Here I go!"
       "Don't die!"
       "Please don't hate me..."
       "Is everyone all right?"
    Mystic Artes
    Time Stop:
       "Please don't hate me..."
     ==============                                                      ========
    | Battle Start |                                                    | [BS00] |
    | Personally, I really like the group openings more than the solo ones.      |
    | Luke [BS01] |
       "I'll destroy you!"
       "Let's go!"
       "You're dead!"
    | Tear [BS02] |
       "Let's go!"
    | Jade [BS03] |
       "Hmm, so you want to fight?"
       "Shall we?"
       "We have no choice."
    | Anise [BS04] |
       "Get 'em!"
       "Gotta do what you gotta do!"
       "Let's do this!"
    | Guy [BS05] |
       "All right, let's go!"
       "Don't get sloppy!"
       "Prepare yourself!"
    | Natalia [BS06] |
       "I come for you!"
       "I won't hold back!"
       "Ready everyone?"
    | Asch [BS07] |
       "A pitiful excuse for a fight!"
       "Come on, let's go!"
       "Guess you wanna die!"
    | Group [BS08] |
    ANISE: "Oh man, this looks tough!"
     JADE: "Come on, the worst that could happen is we all die."
      GUY: "We gotta do what we gotta do."
       TEAR: "Be careful, they're strong."
       LUKE: "I know, I know!"
    NATALIA: "We can't take this lightly."
        GUY: "This is not good."
    NATALIA: "Don't face adversity head on."
       LUKE: "There's no way we're losing."
     LUKE: "Damn these things are annoying!"
     JADE: "You should feel right at home."
    ANISE: "Seriously."
    NATALIA: "There's so many!"
       TEAR: "Don't worry about their numbers."
        GUY: "Just take them out one at a time."
      GUY: "We're outnumbered!"
    ANISE: "We just gotta squash them!"
     TEAR: "All they have is their numbers, we can win this."
    LUKE: "Heh, these guys are wimps."
     GUY: "They'll still beat you if your guard's down."
    TEAR: "Don't get cocky!"
    JADE: "This looks like fun."
    TEAR: "I won't allow carelessness."
    LUKE: "That's right."
      ANISE: "Piece of cake!"
    NATALIA: "Indeed. Let's get this over with."
        GUY: "All right, let's go."
      ANISE: "Man, we're all messed up!"
       LUKE: "Whose fault is that?"
    NATALIA: "Complain later, here they come!"
    TEAR: "Our formation!"
    JADE: "Hahaha...This is terrible!"
     GUY: "Like you really mean it."
    LUKE: "Hey, what the hell happened?"
    TEAR: "Calm down. Here they come."
     GUY: "Regroup. Let's go."
     ============                                                        ========
    | Battle End |                                                      | [BE00] |
    | Another case where I prefer the group portion rather than the solo.        |
    | Nothing compares to actually hearing them, though.                         |
    | Luke [BE01] |
       "Agent of justice, Abyss Red!"
       "Guess that does it."
       "Guess we won."
       "Hmph! Get outta my face!"
       "I win, you lose, we're done."
       "If you get in my way then I have no choice."
       "I'll do whatever it takes."
       "Just...stay dead."
       "N-no more..."
       "That took too long."
       "That's your best?"
       "Too easy!"
       "We're done here."
       "You should pick your fights better."
    | Tear [BE02] |
       "Farewell. Rest in peace."
       "Fool! The slightest opening brings death."
       "How could it go that badly..."
       "I feel nothing for my enemy."
       "I'm not good at holding back."
       "Is everyone okay?"
       "It's over!"
       "One must fight to live."
       "That was acceptable."
       "We're all right."
    | Jade [BE03] |
       "No, no, no. You really should value your life more."
       "Oh, are you done fighting already?"
       "Oh, I'm so sorry! You wanted me to go easy."
       "Oh, we're still alive..."
       "Rest in peace."
       "Shall we be on our way?"
       "That wasn't too bad."
       "Well, well...wasn't that fun."
       "Well, you did your best."
    | Anise [BE04] |
       "All right! We won!"
       "Come on! If you don't try harder then it's just annoying!"
       "-giggle- That's done!"
       "-giggle- We won!"
       "No more, guys. Please!"
       "Phew! That was rough."
       "That was great!"
       "We can't lose!"
       "Yeah! I rule."
       "You're no match for me!"
    NOTE: These only happen if you have the corresponding Tokunaga equipped. They
          are listed as Tokunaga - Actual Character - Series.
    Wonder Doll - Wonder Momo - Wonder Momo
       "Put me in the spotlight!"
    Heihachi - Heihachi - Tekken series
       "Kazuyaaaaa! -giggle-"
    Artificial Life Form - KOS-MOS - Xenosaga series
       "Enemy appearance down five percent. They are nothing."
    Warrior Maiden - Valkyrie - Legend of Valkyrie
       "Begin anew!"
    Time Traveling Hero - Cress - Tales of Phantasia
       "We won!"
    Priestess - Philia - Tales of Destiny
       "Enough of your antics."
    Great Pirate - Chat - Tales of Destiny II USA
       "Machines are...sublime."
    Time Traveling Girl - Reala - Tales of Destiny 2 JPN
       "-giggle- Victory!"
    Empty Girl - Presea - Tales of Symphonia
       "Time will never turn back..."
    Rare Genius - Harold - Tales of Destiny 2 JPN
       "Finished gathering data."
    | Guy [BE05] |
       "Enemies just can't keep up with me."
       "I guess we're done here."
       "Is everyone all right?"
       "Nothing personal."
       "Phew. That was close."
       "The difference is so obvious."
       "We really had no choice."
       "We're not playing around either."
       "You were just amazed at my artes."
       "You're no match for us."
    | Natalia [BE06] |
       "Excellent work everyone! -giggle-"
       "-giggle- That wasn't so bad."
       "Is everyone all right?"
       "My victory is a victory for my people!"
       "Oh how pitiful!"
       "Oh my! Is it over already?"
       "Our victory was assured!"
       "That is the power of Lanvalderian artes!"
       "That was close."
       "Well that's taken care of."
    | Asch [BE07] |
       "Anybody else want to die?"
       "'Course we won."
       "Don't get cocky! This was nothing."
       "Enter the evil noble, Abyss Silver!"
       "Humph. That's done."
       "I've grown weak."
       "Let's keep going."
       "You made me slip up."
       "You weaklings just keep coming! Idiots!"
       "You're being a pain!"
       "You're weak! Nothing!"
    | Group [BE08] |
    ANISE: "Tokunaga? Tokunaga?!"
      GUY: "Is that his stuffing?"
     LUKE: "Agent of justice, Abyss Red!"
    ANISE: "Hey! Listen to me!"
    ANISE: "Ionian Sergeant Anise Tatlin Oracle Knights Fon Master Guard wins!"
      GUY: "That's way too long."
    ANISE: "Colonel, what's your secret for being so strong?"
     JADE: "Simple. I drink people's blood."
    ANISE: "Huh?"
     JADE: "It's so difficult when people take me seriously."
    ANISE: "No one can stand before the agent of justice, Tokunaga."
     LUKE: "I don't know about "justice"."
      GUY: "I think "evil"'s more like it."
    ANISE: "Man, this one was loaded!"
     LUKE: "Battle's barely over and she's already got the money."
     TEAR: "Leave it to Anise..."
      ANISE: "Here we go! The beauty of Daath, Anise!"
    NATALIA: "The beauty of Kimlasca, Natalia."
       TEAR: "The...the beauty of Malkuth, Tear."
      ANISE: "The Beauty Corps claims victory!"
       LUKE: "Oh please."
       LUKE: "I gotta write this win down in my diary."
    NATALIA: "Don't forget my contribution."
      ANISE: "And my beauty."
       TEAR: "And a list of provisions we need."
       LUKE: "Oh yeah. I'm in charge of shopping."
      ANISE: "Awwww, you're being a pain!"
    NATALIA: "You're the one who's being a nuisance."
      ANISE: "Oooh, one of these days I'm going to squash you."
    NATALIA: "And I will return the favour."
    NATALIA: "It pains me to say so, but you moved well there."
      ANISE: "You too! I couldn't believe you were a princess."
    NATALIA: "I'll take that as a compliment. Thank you."
      ANISE: "Natalia, you're so strong!"
    NATALIA: "No, no, you fought marvelously!"
      ANISE: "No enemy can stand up to the two of us."
      ANISE: "Ionian Sergeant Anise Tatlin Oracle-- mmph..."
    NATALIA: "Having some problems?"
      ANISE: "Yeah, well, it's long!"
       ASCH: "Humph, worthless."
      ANISE: "Ooooh, he's so cool..."
    NATALIA: "He certainly is..."
       ASCH: "Tch! Let's go!"
     ASCH: "Enter the evil noble, Abyss Silver!"
    ANISE: "Oooh, that's so cool!"
     ASCH: "This is absolute torture."
    ASCH: "Enter the evil noble, Abyss Silver!"
     GUY: "Yeah, you two are a lot alike."
    TEAR: "You saying that, you're not so different."
    ASCH: "Weaklings, out of my way!"
    JADE: "You say weaklings as much as the weaklings do."
    ASCH: "Sh-shut up!"
       ASCH: "Enter the evil noble, Abyss Silver!"
    NATALIA: "Oh, such vigor! Such power! Stunning!"
        GUY: "Huh?"
      ANISE: "You have no taste."
       ASCH: "Enter the evil noble, Abyss Silver!"
       TEAR: "Black!"
    NATALIA: "Green!"
        GUY: "Orange?! Come on, guys! Give me a better colour!"
       JADE: "Everyone, thank you so much for getting in my way."
    NATALIA: "I couldn't do anything."
       LUKE: "We're always getting in the way..."
        GUY: "Sorry."
     LUKE: "I gotta write this win down in my diary."
    ANISE: "Write about my beauty, too!"
     JADE: "And my intelligence."
     TEAR: "And a list of provisions we need."
     LUKE: "Oh yeah. I'm in charge of shopping."
    LUKE: "You're weak!"
     GUY: "You're a hack!"
    JADE: "You're whack."
       LUKE: "We always win."
        GUY: "We win and win and keep on winning!"
    NATALIA: "All for the glory of my beloved Kimlasca!"
       TEAR: "Uh, really?"
     LUKE: "Our weapons are status."
     JADE: "Scheming."
    ANISE: "Playing dirty."
      GUY: "That's awful."
     LUKE: "Agent of justice, Abyss Red!"
     JADE: "Blue!"
    ANISE: "Pink!"
      GUY: "Orange?!"
     LUKE: "Agent of justice, Abyss Red!"
     JADE: "Blue!"
    ANISE: "Pink!"
      GUY: "Orange?! Oh hell, we're done fighting anyway..."
     LUKE: "Agent of justice, Abyss Red!"
     JADE: "Well, aren't we getting worked up. A little too worked up if--"
    ANISE: "Ssh! Don't say that! Even if it is true."
       JADE: "Leave the monster's body as-is."
       LUKE: "What are you going to do?"
       JADE: "Dissect it."
    NATALIA: "Th-that's disgusting!"
    LUKE: "All right, whose fault is it that it went that badly?"
    JADE: "Hmm, I wonder?"
    TEAR: "Why don't you try thinking about that? Hard."
    LUKE: "Sorry."
    JADE: "Well, that was pitiful."
    LUKE: "Whoa! D-did you see that?!"
    TEAR: "He's definitely not an ordinary fonist."
    LUKE: "What's with that outfit? We're fighting!"
    JADE: "You're a fine one to talk."
    LUKE: "You saying we're showing stuff off?"
       LUKE: "Awesome!"
    NATALIA: "Marvelous!"
      ANISE: "That's how a woman hater does it!"
        GUY: "Hey! You don't have to say it like that."
        GUY: "My sword cuts all!"
    NATALIA: "My arrows pierce all!"
      ANISE: "Tokunaga squashes all!"
       LUKE: "I don't know about that last one."
       LUKE: "I gotta write this win down in my diary."
    NATALIA: "Don't forget my contribution."
       JADE: "And my intelligence."
       TEAR: "And a list of provisions we need."
       LUKE: "Oh yeah. I'm in charge of shopping."
     LUKE: "Awesome!"
     TEAR: "Yes, that was impressive!"
    ANISE: "That's how a woman hater does it!"
      GUY: "Hey! You don't have to say it like that."
     TEAR: "I-I'm sorry, I couldn't heal you in time."
     LUKE: "Hey..."
    ANISE: "Enough..."
      GUY: "Watch out next time..."
    LUKE: "Man, I was awesome! Did you see me?"
    TEAR: "Your footwork was sloppy, you missed their vital points! You were a
    LUKE: "Oh, shut up!"
    LUKE: "I thought I did pretty well there."
    TEAR: "You move too much. You can't think about your reaction, just react."
    LUKE: "You never let up..."
    LUKE: "That was too easy. Nobody can beat us."
    TEAR: "Don't blame me if your excitement leads to pain."
    LUKE: "-sigh-"
    LUKE: "That was too easy. Nobody can beat us."
    TEAR: "Good work. Just don't get too excited."
    LUKE: "I know."
    LUKE: "You looked pretty tough but, uh, you're already dead."
    TEAR: "What a failure."
    TEAR: "I'm sorry, I couldn't keep up."
    LUKE: "No, I'm sorry I couldn't protect us more."
    LUKE: "What's that monster called?"
    TEAR: "Fluffy!"
    LUKE: "Huh?"
    TEAR: "I thought it'd be cute..."
    TEAR: "We gained new knowledge."
    LUKE: "And I have to write it down."
    LUKE: "Agent of justice, Abyss Red!"
    TEAR: "What are you, an idiot?"
    LUKE: "Hey! I'm embarrassed enough as it is."
    NATALIA: "Asch...I'm sorry..."
       ASCH: "Fine, now hurry up and heal me!"
    NATALIA: "Oh no! It seems I didn't heal you fast enough..."
        GUY: "As clueless as ever..."
       JADE: "Get a hold of yourself."
      ANISE: "So heal us already..."
    NATALIA: "Oh no! It seems I didn't heal you fast enough..."
       LUKE: "Don't say stupid stuff like that..."
        GUY: "As clueless as ever..."
       JADE: "Get a hold of yourself."
    NATALIA: "Another magnificent victory for the Kimlascan Thief!"
       LUKE: "Guy, do something about her."
        GUY: "No way! I'm not ready to die!"
    NATALIA: "Oh no! It seems I didn't heal you fast enough..."
       LUKE: "Don't say stupid stuff like that..."
       JADE: "Get a hold of yourself."
      ANISE: "So heal us already..."
    NATALIA: "Marvelous!"
       TEAR: "Yes, that was impressive!"
      ANISE: "That's how a woman hater does it!"
        GUY: "Hey! You don't have to say it like that!"
       TEAR: "You look pale."
    NATALIA: "Do you feel ill?"
      ANISE: "You're all sweaty and oily and--"
        GUY: "I'd be fine you all weren't just so close..."
    NATALIA: "I'm so worried the swimsuit will just fall off."
       TEAR: "I know. I feel like I'm going to...pop out."
      ANISE: "I wish I were..."
    NATALIA: "Would you mind healing us a bit faster?"
       TEAR: "The one who charges into battle is also to blame."
    NATALIA: "Of all the insensitive, insulting...ugh! Truly awful!"
    NATALIA: "That was marvelous fighting!"
       TEAR: "I certainly was wrong about you."
    NATALIA: "Now we cannot lose!"
       TEAR: "You're a great help as always."
    NATALIA: "But I am heartened to have you with me."
       TEAR: "Thank you."
     TEAR: "I'm sorry. I couldn't heal you in time..."
    ANISE: "Enough..."
      GUY: "Watch out next time..."
     JADE: "Please..."
    TEAR: "Farewell. Rest in peace."
     GUY: "Hahaha... We don't get to say anything?"
    LUKE: "Do you have any idea how mad you make me?"
    TEAR: "Farewell. Rest in peace."
     GUY: "Hahaha... We don't get to say anything?"
    LUKE: "That's Tear..."
     TEAR: "I'm sorry. I couldn't heal you in time..."
     LUKE: "Hey..."
    ANISE: "Enough..."
     JADE: "Please..."
    TEAR: "I'm sorry. I couldn't heal you in time..."
    LUKE: "Hey..."
     GUY: "Watch out next time..."
    JADE: "Please..."
     =========================                                           ========
    | Storyline Conversations |                                         | [SC00] |
    | You need to have the actual character in your active party to get the      |
    | responses detailed here. For the final battle, you need to have Luke and   |
    | Tear out of the active party to get the Guy, Anise, Jade and Natalia       |
    | conversations. To get just Luke and Tear's conversations, remove either to |
    | get their respective conversations.                                        |
    Van's Tutorial
     VAN: "Are you ready, Luke? We'll start with the basics."
    LUKE: "Yes, Master."
     VAN: "First, movement. Move forward or back by pushing the left stick left
           or right. Try it. Press the menu button when you're ready to go on.
           Space between you and your enemy is important in battle. Watch the
           conditions and respond. ...Well, I actually doubt there will ever be
           any need for you to fight."
    LUKE: "Humph. I wanna show off some cool moves outside."
     VAN: "This is not something for you to show off. Next, attacks. Perform
           normal attacks with the attack button. Normal attacks will change when
           combined with the left stick. Slash with the attack button. Press it
           and move the left stick left or right to slash up. Press it and move
           the left stick up to attack enemies in the air. Attack a wide area by
           moving the left stick down and pressing the attack button. ...That
           about covers it. Now then, attack that dummy there just as you always
    LUKE: "A training dummy again? Oh, all right..."
     VAN: "Perform a normal attack with the attack button and press the menu
           button to go on. If faced with enemies in the air or surrounding you,
           you will need to change as the situation demands. Never forget that.
           That's all for basic attacks. We'll move onto defense next."
    LUKE: "You know, Master?"
     VAN: "What?"
    LUKE: "I've always wondered, can't I just take out an enemy before it can
     VAN: "Are you saying you could defeat me, Luke?"
    LUKE: "Uh... No, I just...."
     VAN: "So you understand that defense is important. That dummy will attack at
           regular intervals. Try to defend with the guard button."
    LUKE: "Yeah, yeah. I know."
     VAN: "Good. Defense is very important in battle. You will learn new
           defensive skills as you battle more. Learn them well."
    LUKE: "...Yes, sir."
     VAN: "Finally, we'll move on to artes. Are you ready, Luke?"
    LUKE: "I've been waiting for this! I'm ready anytime you are!"
     VAN: "Perform artes with the arte button. I taught you Fang Blade. Do you
    LUKE: "Yes, Master."
     VAN: "Good. Then try it. Excellent. You've learned it well. That arte is
           yours to use."
    LUKE: "All right! Thank you, Master!"
     VAN: "You can perform combos by combining artes with normal attacks."
    LUKE: "Cool..."
     VAN: "All right. This is the end. Use the attack button and arte button to
           perform a combo of four hits or more."
    LUKE: "Yes, Master!"
     VAN: "Good work. Oh, you will probably learn new artes as you gain more
           experience in battle. You can set them in the Artes menu. Then you can
           combine the left stick with the arte button to perform a variety of
           artes. Remember that."
    LUKE: "New artes..."
    Tear's Tutorial
    LUKE: "What the hell?!"
    TEAR: "Luke, relax."
    LUKE: "How the hell am I supposed to relax?!"
    TEAR: "When faced with multiple enemies, you can change which one you target.
           Change your target by holding down the target button and moving the
           left stick. Try to target the enemy in the rear. Good. You can also
           target the closest enemy by quickly pressing the target button. Try
           it. Good. You can change targets to attack a weak enemy or help an
           ally. Adjust your target as the situation needs."
    LUKE: "How can I understand if you yell it all out at once?!"
    TEAR: "Get ready!"
    LUKE: "Huh?!"
    Liger Queen - Cheagle Woods
    LUKE: "Hey, what the hell ! It's not dying!"
    TEAR: "This isn't good. Our attacks aren't hurting it at all."
    LUKE: "So...so do something!"
    JADE: "Allow me."
    TEAR: "Who are you?"
    JADE: "Leave the inquiry for later. I'll use fonic artes to take care of
           this. You make sure I have time to cast."
    LUKE: "You can't order me--"
    TEAR: "Let's leave this to him. We'll buy time by taking on the liger queen.
           Don't let her attacks hit him."
    LUKE: "I know, I know!"
    Jade's Tutorial
    JADE: "Each fonon has one of six elemental attributes. But you already knew
           that, didn't you."
    LUKE: "Uh, o-of course. Uh, earth, water, fire, wind, light and shadow. Hah!
           I told you I knew them."
    JADE: "Very good. Some monsters are weak against certain fonons. Please, keep
           that in mind. Now, moving on to fields of fonons. A field of fonons is
           a place with a concentration of fonons. It's an area of power made by
           gathering fonons in one location. When you use an elemental attack,
           you will generate a field of fonons in that spot. I imagine it would
           be best to try it once. Tear, a field of fonons if you would."
    TEAR: "Understood."
    JADE: "This is a field of fonons. Some fields of fonons have no colour while
           others have the colour of their element. It depends upon the level of
           the element. Until the fonons reach a certain level, the fields of
           fonons will be colourless. Like this field of fonons. Fields of fonons
           in this state have no effect. You don't really need to pay attention
           to them."
    TEAR: "Understand?"
    LUKE: "Uh, h-hey! Don't treat me like an idiot!"
    JADE: "Next, I'll explain the fields of fonons with colour. Tear, if you
    TEAR: "Right."
    JADE: "Some fields of fonons have the colour of their element, as you see
           here. Earth is yellow, water is blue, fire is red, wind is green and
           so on. In order to change a field of fonons' colour, you must use
           elemental attacks to amass a certain level of fonons. As you generate
           fields of fonons of the same element, the level of fonons will
    LUKE: "So I just have to do a lot of attacks with the same element, right?"
    TEAR: "Well, speaking simply..."
    LUKE: "So speak simply. And what happens when the colour changes?"
    JADE: "Ah, yes. Please, step into the field of fonons."
    LUKE: "I'm in. Is this good?"
    JADE: "Fine. Now, when you use certain artes they will change to more
           powerful artes. Of course, the element for the field of fonons has to
           be compatible with the arte. Why don't we try it. Face that monster
           and use the arte button to perform an arte."
    LUKE: "Seriously? Whoa! That was cool!"
    JADE: "You will have a much better advantage in battle if you can use fields
           of fonons well. Learn to use them."
    LUKE: "Wow. Yeah, I'll try them out."
    JADE: "Now then, let's take care of the remaining monsters."
    Arietta - Choral Castle
      ANISE: "Come on, Gloomietta! Cut this out!"
    ARIETTA: "No! You cut it out, Anise! Hand over Ion!"
      ANISE: "Ion would never approve of someone who went against him."
    ARIETTA: "Aaaaaaaaah! Shut up, shut up, shut up!"
       LUKE: "Geez! You shut up!"
        GUY: "I really don't wanna do this."
       TEAR: "Don't let her get to you."
       JADE: "She might look like a child but don't discount her ability to use
    ARIETTA: "I hate you all! Go away!"
      ANISE: "You're the one who should shut up and withdraw already."
       JADE: "Hmph! Perhaps we should have killed her."
       LUKE: "Damn you're a pain!"
    ARIETTA: "I've had enough of you! Die!"
    Sync & Largo - Zao Ruins
       SYNC: "You're a nuisance, running around like rats."
       TEAR: "Be quiet!"
    NATALIA: "You are every bit as much of a nuisance."
       LUKE: "You're the ones causing everyone problems."
      ANISE: "You guys suck! Give us back the Fon Master!"
      LARGO: "Heh! You kids got some life in you!"
       LUKE: "Shut up and stay out of this, old man! I'll kill you!"
        GUY: "They say old soldiers never die, they just fade away."
       SYNC: "I'm tired of listening to your nonsense. Get out of here!"
       JADE: "That's our line. Begone."
      LARGO: "You won't take us as easily this time. Get back if you don't want
              some pain."
    Legretta - Deo Pass
    LEGRETTA: "Tear! Get away from that stupid child!"
        LUKE: "I am not a child!"
        TEAR: "Major! What are you and Van trying to do?!"
         GUY: "Did Van tell you to stop us? Was that his order, too?"
       ANISE: "The Commandant is waiting for us. Get out of our way!"
    LEGRETTA: "I will not explain things here. I just want to stop Tear."
        JADE: "Why should we listen to you without hearing any reason first?"
     NATALIA: "We will stop you with all our might!"
        LUKE: "Dammit, don't ignore me!"
    LEGRETTA: "Ugh! You just don't know when to stop! Begone!"
    Asch - Yulia City
    NOTE: The Raging Blast conversation only occurs if both Asch and Luke use the
          skill at the same time.
    ASCH: "Tch! Get out of my way, replica!"
    LUKE: "Shut up! Raging Blast!"
    ASCH: "Raging Blast!"
    LUKE: "Ugh!"
    ASCH: "Agh!"
    LUKE: "Damn! We keep using the same arte!"
    ASCH: "Because you're a replica!"
    LUKE: "I-I am not you!"
    ASCH: "You're damn right you're not me!"
    Sync - Tartarus
       SYNC: "I'll make the Tartarus your grave."
       LUKE: "No way!"
    NATALIA: "We will live to return to the surface!"
      ANISE: "Yeah! You get back!"
       SYNC: "You're struggling for nothing. I won't lose to you!"
       TEAR: "You might very well die here yourself! Withdraw now!"
       JADE: "Persistent, aren't we? Perhaps you'd rather we all die together?"
       SYNC: "Not a bad idea. So hurry up and die!"
       LUKE: "Hey, shut up! We aren't dying!"
        GUY: "Yeah, I'll pass on the mutual suicide thing. I'll die on my own,
       SYNC: "Fine! You'll all die here, anyway!"
    Largo & Arietta & Legretta - Mt. Roneal
       LARGO: "Looks like not killing you on the Tartarus has come back to haunt
        LUKE: "I'm not the same as I was then!"
        JADE: "We all make mistakes. Mine was not killing you earlier."
       ANISE: "You totally ignore Fon Master Ion!"
        TEAR: "The Fon Master has rejected a world of replicas!"
     ARIETTA: "You're the ones putting the Fon Master in danger."
       ANISE: "Everything's that happened is your fault, Gloomietta!"
     NATALIA: "You shamelessly ignore the Master you should serve!"
       LARGO: "What Arietta says is true."
    LEGRETTA: "The path of the Fon Master is the path to destruction."
         GUY: "Oh, I can't let that one go. What do you think you're doing?"
        TEAR: "Major, you all are the ones trying to destroy the world!"
    LEGRETTA: "You know too little of this world."
       LARGO: "Even if they did know, they'd just keep showing off their petty
               sense of justice."
     ARIETTA: "The Commandant will change the world."
    LEGRETTA: "We will not let you get in his way."
    Van - Absorption Gate
       TEAR: "Van, wasn't there any other way?"
        GUY: "Yeah! What you're doing is crazy."
        VAN: "Fools! Yulia's Score controls the world! If humanity does not
              create a new world, free of the Score, it will perish!"
       LUKE: "Then how do you explain me? Yulia didn't say a thing about me!"
       TEAR: "The Score is not an absolute future."
    NATALIA: "The Score is just one of an infinite number of choices."
       JADE: "The fact that Luke exists shows that there are deviations from the
        VAN: "No, you don't know the true essence of the Score. Even if it is not
              read, the Score exists nevertheless, leading us to certain
       LUKE: "People aren't that foolish! People have their own wills to avoid
        VAN: "Such impudence from a replica!"
      ANISE: "Yeah? Well you're too stubborn to listen to anybody so our only
              choice is to crush you!"
        VAN: "You will be the ones crushed. You who are ruled by the Score, die!"
    Arietta - Cheagle Woods
    ARIETTA: "You're Ion's, mommy's and everyone's enemy!"
      ANISE: "I'm not looking for your forgiveness but I won't lose, either!"
       LUKE: "If you're going to fight Anise, you'll have to fight us, too!"
    ARIETTA: "How could you?! You were supposed to protect Ion! That was your
              job! Murderer!"
       TEAR: "You should understand that that is part of a soldier's job."
       JADE: "For me, you are the enemy of those under my command."
        GUY: "It's unfortunate, little girl, but you'll find enemies everywhere."
    ARIETTA: "I know that! But...but..."
    NATALIA: "We all have something inside that no one else can know. You, me,
      ANISE: "Whining won't do you any good. I'll bear your grudge, I'll take it!"
    ARIETTA: "Goodbye, Anise!"
    Largo - Absorption Gate
    NATALIA: "Largo..."
      LARGO: "Never show your enemy mercy, princess. No matter who he is, mercy
              has no place once you meet...as enemies."
    NATALIA: "And so, you are an enemy we should kill."
       TEAR: "If that is what you wish then we will face you as warriors."
       JADE: "For you Largo. Simple. Honest to the very end, I will fight you
              with everything I have."
      ANISE: "You're an idiot, Largo! A huge idiot!"
        GUY: "It's too bad. I don't mind idiots like you."
      LARGO: "Hahahaha...That's good! The Black Lion might be a fool but he's not
       LUKE: "We're not weak either! We will win!"
       TEAR: "I give you fair warning as a fellow Oracle Knight."
    NATALIA: "I will not lose, either."
      LARGO: "Very well. Come children, let me crush you!"
    Legretta - Eldrant
        TEAR: "Major, where is your own will?"
    LEGRETTA: "My will shall bring about the Commandant's reformation and for
               that I will eliminate you all!"
         GUY: "We won't be eliminated that easily!"
        JADE: "You will be the one who dies here."
       ANISE: "If you fight for the Commandant, then we fight for Ion and we
               won't lose!"
    LEGRETTA: "Of course. Your future and ours are different. We are enemies."
        TEAR: "Yes. My future and yours, Major, have now diverged."
     NATALIA: "Then there is no more need for words."
        LUKE: "Our future is important to us too so we will defeat you. Now!"
    LEGRETTA: "No you won't! Die!"
    Sync - Eldrant
     SYNC: "So, how is it fighting someone who looks just like Ion?"
    ANISE: "Shut up! You're nothing compared to him!"
     LUKE: "You might look the same but you are not Ion!"
     TEAR: "You didn't want to live on as the Fon Master's replacement, did you?"
     SYNC: "Haha...Are you trying to tell me that I am who I am? I told you, I am
            nothing! My existence means nothing!"
    ANISE: "Sync, that's not true! You don't really believe that, do you?"
      GUY: "For someone who thinks they mean nothing, you sure like to fight for
            your life."
     JADE: "You should be a little more honest with yourself before you die."
     SYNC: "You'll not change me! I stand resolved! I'm tired of this world!
            Everyone can die along with it!"
    Van (Tear Version) - Eldrant
        VAN: "Ugh! Aaaagh!"
       TEAR: "-gasp-"
        VAN: "The fonic hymns! Their melody will indeed awaken Lorelei! But you
              don't know the true wish contained in those hymns. They won't work
              on me."
       TEAR: "No, brother... I do know. I can feel the thoughts and emotions Yulia
              placed in these hymns."
        VAN: "...If that's true, Mystearica, then sing! Now, for me!
        GUY: "This force...! So this is...the power of Lorelei."
       JADE: "So, he's finally used it. But I will be victorious!"
      ANISE: "You're strong but...I won't lose!"
    NATALIA: "I won't lose! These arrows will send you to the depths of the
        VAN: "Do you think you can win?"
       TEAR: "Yes. When you use Lorelei's power, your control over it weakens.
              That is why we will not lose."
        VAN: "Mystearica. Such determination. I hesitated to confront you because
              I was your brother. Farewell, my sister."
    Van (Luke Version) - Eldrant
        VAN: "I'm not done yet. Such a weak attack will not make me falter!"
       LUKE: "Agh!"
        VAN: "You want to free Lorelei from me, don't you? Then show me your fury!
              Your rage!"
       LUKE: "I...I will win!"
        GUY: "This force...! So this is...the power of Lorelei."
       JADE: "So, he's finally used it. But I will be victorious!"
      ANISE: "You're strong but...I won't lose!"
    NATALIA: "I won't lose! These arrows will send you to the depths of the
        VAN: "You have strong allies, Luke."
       LUKE: "They've supported me through everything. For their sake, I can't
              lose. No. For my own existence, I will not lose!"
        VAN: "Humph! I commend you on making me use this power. I taught you well.
              Goodbye, Luuuuke!"
    Van (Luke & Tear Version) - Eldrant
        VAN: "Ugh! Aaaagh!"
       TEAR: "-gasp-"
        VAN: "The fonic hymns! Their melody will indeed awaken Lorelei! But you
              don't know the true wish contained in those hymns. They won't work
              on me."
       TEAR: "No, brother... I do know. I can feel the thoughts and emotions Yulia
              placed in these hymns."
        VAN: "...If that's true, Mystearica, then sing! Now, for me!"
        GUY: "This force...! So this is...the power of Lorelei."
       JADE: "So, he's finally used it. But I will be victorious!"
      ANISE: "You're strong but...I won't lose!"
    NATALIA: "I won't lose! These arrows will send you to the depths of the
        VAN: "You have strong allies, Luke."
       LUKE: "They've supported me through everything. For their sake, I can't
              lose! No. For my own existence, I will not lose!"
       TEAR: "When you use Lorelei's power your control over Lorelei weakens.
              Luke recognized that and forced you to use it. The same Luke you
              refused to acknowledge for so long. Luke will not... No... WE will
              not lose!"
        VAN: "...I commend you for making me use this power. I would expect no
              less from my student. But that, too, ends now. Goodbye, Luuuuuke!"
       LUKE: "Damn it...what is this power?!"
       JADE: "Lorelei is going out of control within Van. It's drawing in our
              fonons! ...At this rate, our life itself will be drained!"
        GUY: "It feels like my strength is getting sucked into Van's body! If
              this keeps up, we'll all be killed!"
    NATALIA: "My body's fonons are being drawn into Van, into Lorelei! We must
              break this spell! If we don't do something, we'll all die!"
       LUKE: "No!"
       TEAR: "Luke! The second-order hyperresonance! It can neutralize any fonon!"
       LUKE: "...I'm going to free Lorelei! Tear, help me!"
       TEAR: "...Right."
    Van (Jade Version) - Eldrant
        VAN: "Agh! Fighting Dr. Balfour! It must be fate!"
       JADE: "I don't care about fate, miracles, faith...any of that. I care only
              about putting an end to what I began."
        VAN: "Yes. Your replicas advanced research into hyperresonance and caused
              the destruction of Hod. And at the same time, they have become the
              way to free the world from the Score."
       JADE: "And that is why I'll take back fomicry. At least I can use it more
              effectively than you."
        VAN: "Save your jokes until after you've won."
        GUY: "This force...! So this is...the power of Lorelei."
      ANISE: "You're strong but...I won't lose!"
    NATALIA: "I won't lose! These arrows will send you to the depths of the
       JADE: "Once we strike you down, Luke and Tear will free Lorelei. Rest in
        VAN: "You will be the one going to the underworld. The corpses of all the
              victims of your research are waiting. Farewell, Necromancer."
    Van (Guy Version) - Eldrant
        GUY: "So, you won't just go down easily."
        VAN: "To think I would fight you, Gailardia."
        GUY: "I feel the same. To think Vandesdelca would try to realize such a
              stupid vision."
        VAN: "I am thankful to house Gardios for protecting the Fende for ages. It
              pains me to fight you, to whom I offered my sword when you were
        GUY: "But there's no way either of us will back down."
        VAN: "Indeed. We are all trying to take the future by different means. We
              will not see eye-to-eye."
        GUY: "I fight in the Albert style. You in the Sigmund. Let's see which is
        VAN: "Interesting. En garde!"
       JADE: "So, he's finally used it. But I will be victorious!"
      ANISE: "You're strong but...I won't lose!"
    NATALIA: "I won't lose! These arrows will send you to the depths of the
        GUY: "Once we strike you down, Luke and Tear will free Lorelei. So I will
              fight to destroy you with everything I have!"
        VAN: "I couldn't bear killing you, a lord I once looked up to. But now I
              must. I will at least spare you pain. Farewell, Gailardia Galan."
    Van (Natalia Version) - Eldrant
    NATALIA: "You truly are Luke and Asch's master."
        VAN: "You're not bad for a princess who lived in a castle. Perhaps it's
              Largo's blood in your veins."
    NATALIA: "Perhaps. But I am not Largo. Even if the Score has made my fate go
              wrong, I will change that fate myself."
        VAN: "Such arrogant strength. But perhaps you need that strength to reign
              from a throne bought with blood."
    NATALIA: "It is a throne made of the sacrifices of my people. That is why I
              must protect them. That is what I promised Asch."
        VAN: "Very well, princess Natalia. Save Auldrant, bearing the weight of
              its people on your shoulders!"
        GUY: "This force...! So this is...the power of Lorelei."
       JADE: "So, he's finally used it. But I will be victorious!"
      ANISE: "You're strong but...I won't lose!"
    NATALIA: "Prepare yourself! I have the strength of my father, Badaq and I
              will protect the people of Kimlasca!"
        VAN: "Then I will bury you as an offering to Asch. Farewell, princess
    Van (Anise Version) - Eldrant
      ANISE: "Not bad, Commandant..."
        VAN: "I didn't think you could fight this well when we made the replica
              Ion the Fon Master."
      ANISE: "I didn't want to get strong, I just wanted to help Ion. Maybe he was
              just a replacement for you, but for me..."
        VAN: "He was original. Yes he was. He was so different from his original."
      ANISE: "Of course he was. They were different people. I don't care if the
              Score says the world will die. You made Ion suffer. You made Florian
              suffer. You made Sync suffer. I hate you!"
        VAN: "Sync would be quite unhappy if he heard you."
      ANISE: "I don't care! I hate you! I'll kill you!"
        VAN: "Very well. I'll turn you and that pathetic doll to ashes!"
        GUY: "This force...! So this is...the power of Lorelei."
       JADE: "So, he's finally used it. But I will be victorious!"
    NATALIA: "I won't lose! These arrows will send you to the depths of the
      ANISE: "If you make fun of Tokunaga, I'll make sure you die in pain! I will
              destroy you! For Ion!"
        VAN: "Who will be first to meet Ion again? Come!"
    Nebilim - Nebilim's Craig
    NEBILIM: "So how will you entertain me?"
       JADE: "Strong words, Professor."
       LUKE: "You won't have time to enjoy the fight."
      ANISE: "We're not going to let you just keep babbling on forever."
        GUY: "How long can you stay here alive?"
    NEBILIM: "Hahahaha...Come! Try to take me!"
       JADE: "We're not talking about taking you alive."
       TEAR: "You will not get away!"
    NATALIA: "We cannot simply leave someone as reprehensible as you."
    NEBILIM: "My, how scary! The weak grow overconfident when they come in herds."
       JADE: "There is no reason to be called weak by the weak."
       LUKE: "You're the one who's overconfident!"
    NEBILIM: "You children never shut up! Fall before me and cry out in pain!
              Farewell! Die for me!"
     ==============                                                      ========
    | Unused Lines |                                                    | [UL00] |
    | These are lines that I found that don't get used within the game. It's     |
    | interesting to point out that they are all dubbed in English.              |
    Anise - Artes
    I'm imagining Valkyrie Saber belonged with the Warrior Maiden doll. I still
    don't know why they'd remove it, though.
       "Fatal strike! Valkyrie Saber!"
       "Dragon Rampage!"
       "Fang Shot!"
    Guy - Mystic Artes
    This line seemed like it belonged with the Brilliant Overlord mystic arte but
    remained unused.
       "Behold its splendor!"
    Natalia - Artes
    I...am at a loss as to why they removed this.
       "Behold this Lanvalderian arte! Imperial Raid!"
    Asch - Artes
       "Falling Dragon!"
       "Ravaging Hell!"
    Asch - Mystic Artes
    Apparently also found as stray data in the Japanese version of Tales of the
    Abyss, Asch's Binding Doom wasn't implemented over here even though all the
    others got their secondary mystic artes.
       "I'm done playing! Binding Doom! Now die! The weak should stay back!"
    Van - Mystic Artes
       "This world ends now! As do you! Majestic Apocalypse!"
    Sync - Mystic Artes
    Much like Guy, this was a stray line that seemed to go with Akashic Torment.
    They opted for a repeat of the "Now you die!" line instead.
       "You're dead!"
    Dist - Mystic Artes
    Dist's D-Buster was also stray data on the Japanese version of Tales of the
    Abyss, like Asch's Binding Doom. Unfortunately, like Binding Doom, D-Buster
    will never see the light of day.
       "Behold this arte of the Rose! You will rue this day! D-Buster!"
    Van's Tutorial
    This was an unusual find. Some of these lines are mirrors of what appears
    after he tells you what to do (when the controls appear again). A great
    showing of redundancy.
    VAN: "First, movement. Move forward and back by pressing left or right."
    VAN: "Move with the left stick and press the menu button to go on."
    VAN: "Press the menu button to go on."
    VAN: "Normal attacks will change depending on the combination."
    VAN: "Slash with the attack button. Press it and move up to slash up. Press it
          and move left or right to attack enemies in the air."
    VAN: "Attack a wide area by moving the stick down and pressing the attack
          button. That about covers it."
    VAN: "Defend with the guard button."
    VAN: "Do an arte with the arte button."
    VAN: "Use the attack button and arte button to do a combo of four hits or
    VAN: "Then you can combine them to perform a variety of artes. Remember that."
    Tear's Tutorial
    Like brother, like sister? >.> Tear's tutorial suffers from the same
    redundancy that Van's does. Though it's not as bad, I can't imagine what they
    were thinking when they made it.
    TEAR: "Change your target by holding down the target button and moving the
           left stick. Try to target the rear enemy."
    TEAR: "Use the target button and left stick."
    TEAR: "Combine it with the target button."
    TEAR: "Tap the target button."
    | This is the end of the guide! As said above, email me (kalorii@gmail.com)  |
    | if you need anything. ^.^                                                  |

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