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    Synopsis Script by Kalorii

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    | Synopsis Script |
    |    Ver. 1.3     |
    | Transcribed/Written: Kalorii                                               |
    |       First Version: November 28, 2006                                     |
    |        Last Updated: December 5, 2006                                      |
    | VERSION HISTORY                                                            |
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     01) Introduction......................................[INTRO]
     02) Synopsis..........................................[SY000]
           - It Started with a Song........................[SY001]
           - Nighttime in the Valley.......................[SY002]
           - The Malkuth Empire............................[SY003]
           - The Grocers' Hamlet, Engeve...................[SY004]
           - Sacred Cheagles...............................[SY005]
           - The Talking Cheagle...........................[SY006]
           - The Tartarus..................................[SY007]
           - The Meaning of War............................[SY008]
           - Resolution....................................[SY009]
           - The Citadel, St. Binah........................[SY010]
           - Ion's Situation...............................[SY011]
           - The Fubras River..............................[SY012]
           - The Border Fortress, Kaitzur..................[SY013]
           - Disaster at the Port..........................[SY014]
           - Searching for Memories........................[SY015]
           - A Trip by Ship................................[SY016]
           - The Power of Hyperresonance...................[SY017]
           - The Center of Trade, Chesedonia...............[SY018]
           - The Dark Wings................................[SY019]
           - Analyzing the Fon Disc........................[SY020]
           - The Capital of Light, Baticul.................[SY021]
           - The Dark Wings Again..........................[SY022]
           - The Goodwill Ambassador.......................[SY023]
           - Encounter in the Rain.........................[SY024]
           - A Calling Voice...............................[SY025]
           - The Curse Slot................................[SY026]
           - Distant Feelings..............................[SY027]
           - The Horrible State of the Mines...............[SY028]
           - Becoming a Hero...............................[SY029]
           - The Qliphoth..................................[SY030]
           - Replica.......................................[SY031]
           - The Eyes in the Mirror........................[SY032]
           - Fomicry.......................................[SY033]
           - Dirtied Hands.................................[SY034]
           - The Watchers' Home, Yulia City................[SY035]
           - The New Journey's Flavor......................[SY036]
           - Daath, Headquarters of the Order of Lorelei...[SY037]
           - Worrying About the War........................[SY038]
           - Rescue........................................[SY039]
           - The Silver World, Keterburg...................[SY040]
           - The Silver World, Keterburg...................[SY041]
           - The Incident in the Forest....................[SY042]
           - The Floating Capital, Grand Chokmah...........[SY043]
           - Collapsing Citadel............................[SY044]
           - The City of Craftsmen, Sheridan...............[SY045]
           - The Rescue and the Hover Drive................[SY046]
           - The Rescue and the Hover Drive................[SY047]
           - The Albiore and the Sinking Town..............[SY048]
           - The Passage Ring..............................[SY049]
           - The Binah War.................................[SY050]
           - Civilians in Wartime..........................[SY051]
           - The Cease-Fire................................[SY052]
           - A Fake Princess?..............................[SY053]
           - The Fate of the Villagers.....................[SY054]
           - A Prelude to Collapse.........................[SY055]
           - Diverging from the Score......................[SY056]
           - The Closed Score..............................[SY057]
           - The Baticul Incident..........................[SY058]
           - Through the Marsh.............................[SY059]
           - The City of Fon Machines, Belkend.............[SY060]
           - An Unexpected Meeting.........................[SY061]
           - The Forbidden Text's Secrets..................[SY062]
           - After Him!....................................[SY063]
           - Rejoining Ion.................................[SY064]
           - Painful Memories..............................[SY065]
           - Preparing to Lower the Land...................[SY066]
           - The Place Where It All Started................[SY067]
           - Unifying the World............................[SY068]
           - Father and Daughter...........................[SY069]
           - Retrieving the Flightstone....................[SY070]
           - Treaty Preparations...........................[SY071]
           - The Peace Treaty..............................[SY072]
           - Stopping the Core's Vibration.................[SY073]
           - The Effects of Lowering the Land..............[SY074]
           - Forgiveness and Uncertainty...................[SY075]
           - The Grand Maestro and the Volcano.............[SY076]
           - Distant Siblings..............................[SY077]
           - Showdown with the God-Generals................[SY078]
           - The Decisive Battle...........................[SY079]
           - The Score, Master, and Me.....................[SY080]
           - An Uncomfortable Home.........................[SY081]
           - Friendly Words................................[SY082]
           - Everyone's Feelings...........................[SY083]
           - The Plot Revived..............................[SY084]
           - People and the Score..........................[SY085]
           - The Approaching Evil..........................[SY086]
           - The Fon Master Offers Hope....................[SY087]
           - Ion's Legacy..................................[SY088]
           - The Weight of Hyperresonance and Life.........[SY089]
           - A Discovery on the Mountain...................[SY090]
           - The Grand Maestro's Fate......................[SY091]
           - The Princess' Birth...........................[SY092]
           - Clinging to the Score.........................[SY093]
           - The Forgotten Island..........................[SY094]
           - The New Order of Lorelei......................[SY095]
           - As a Fon Master Guardian......................[SY096]
           - Truth and One's Place in the World............[SY097]
           - Where the Original Belongs....................[SY098]
           - Tower to Heaven...............................[SY099]
           - A Reason for Being Born.......................[SY100]
           - Those Who Were Driven Away....................[SY101]
           - Eyes on Me....................................[SY102]
           - Words Between Father and Daughter.............[SY103]
           - The Chosen Future.............................[SY104]
           - One Who Would Seize Glory.....................[SY105]
           - Casualties of the Score.......................[SY106]
           - Footsteps to the Finale.......................[SY107]
           - The Night Before..............................[SY108]
           - The Glorious Land.............................[SY109]
           - The Strength of Feelings......................[SY110]
           - Only Room for One.............................[SY111]
           - The Grand Fonic Hymn..........................[SY112]
           - A Raised Cross................................[SY113]
           - The Promised Time.............................[SY114]
     ==============                                                     =========
    | Introduction |                                                   | [INTRO] |
    | The synopsis inside of Tales of the Abyss is unlike any other I've seen in |
    | an RPG before. Instead of just a general synopsis of what you've done, it  |
    | is shown through Luke's eyes. It was executed well as you get to see him   |
    | turn from a selfish, sheltered brat to a decent human being, even if he is |
    | emo incarnate near the end. >.> The synopsis is also very informative,     |
    | giving information on the terms used in the game as they're explained to   |
    | Luke.                                                                      |
     ==========                                                         =========
    | Synopsis |                                                       | [SY000] |
    | The core of the guide is this. There are a few entries that change/        |
    | appear depending on what you do during the course of the game. I have put  |
    | the circumstances under the title of the entry where that happens.         |
     ========================                                           =========
    | It Started with a Song |                                         | [SY001] |
    Remday, Rem-Decan 23, ND2018
       Looks like it's going to be another boring day.
       Not one thing has gone right over the seven years since my kidnapping, I
    lose my memory... They keep me confined here... I keep getting headaches and
    hearing things all the time...
       But today, Master Van came to the mansion, so maybe it won't be so boring
    after all. Time to head over to the drawing room to see him!
       I heard some really depressing news in the drawing room... Master Van won't
    be able to come and train me for a while. Apparently this "Fon Master Ion" or
    somebody from the Order of Lorelei disappeared, so he has to go help in the
    search. This really makes me mad!
       Since he has to go away, he said he'd give me some training today in the
       But just as I was practicing with Master Van, I heard a strange song (a
    "fonic hymn," he called it... What's that?). It made me sleepy, and then this
    weird girl came in and attacked Van.
       I tried to stop her, but all of a sudden some incredible power appeared
    between us, and we were thrown into a valley neither of us were familiar with.
     =========================                                          =========
    | Nighttime in the Valley |                                        | [SY002] |
       The girl's name is Tear.
       She keeps talking about this "Seventh Fonon" and other stuff I don't
    understand. She's got a pretty face, but a wretched personality. She said
    she'd take me back to the mansion, so we headed out of the valley.
       There was a coach driver at the valley's entrance. He said he was going to
    the capital, so we paid the fair with Tear's pendant and got on. Whew...
    Finally I can relax.
       I woke up in the coach to a huge noise outside. Apparently it was a
    Malkuth Land Dreadnaught chasing after some thieves called the Dark Wings.
     ====================                                               =========
    | The Malkuth Empire |                                             | [SY003] |
       That's when we realized we weren't in the kingdom of Kimlasca, but rather
    the Malkuth Empire--our enemy--instead. And the "capital" the coach was
    heading for was Malkuth's capital Grand Chokmah, not Kimlasca's Baticul. But
    now it's too late to turn around, because the Dark Wings blew up the bridge
    back to Baticul when they fled. We ended up heading for the nearby village
    of Engeve instead.
     =============================                                      =========
    | The Grocers' Hamlet, Engeve |                                    | [SY004] |
       We finally reached Engeve, the grocer's hamlet--part of the Malkuth
    Empire. What a dirty, boring place.
       But it looks like they don't call it the grocer's hamlet for nothing. I
    saw a really good-looking apple while I was walking, so I picked it up and
    took a bite, but all of a sudden this guy started yelling at me to pay him.
    We've had merchants at the mansion before, and I never had to pay anything,
    so I didn't know what the heck was going on. I gave him some money anyway,
    to shut him up. I guess you always have to do this when you buy something...
    What a pain.
       Afterwards, we headed to the inn, where people were talking about food
    getting stolen. All of a sudden they started accusing me and took me to see
    Rose, the village leader.
       There was this four-eyed guy named Jade from the Malkuth army at Rose's
    place, and he saw right away that I wasn't the food thief. Then Fon Master
    Ion from the Order of Lorelei came in and said that some monsters called
    cheagles were responsible, so they finally let me go. I'm still pretty mad,
    though. I thought Ion was missing--what's he doing here? I wanted to ask him
    about a lot of stuff, but we decided to stay at the inn for the night.
       We met this kid at the inn who said she was looking for Ion. Tear said the
    girl's a Fon Master Guardian. A kid protecting a kid, huh? Anyway, I'm really
    tired. Time to get some sleep.
       Tear said we'd head for the border tomorrow, but all that business about
    being called a thief really made me mad, so I decided to go to the Cheagle
    Woods to set things straight once and for all. What do I care if Tear
    objects? Tomorrow I'll go to the cheagles' nest in the northern forest and
    tear them apart!
     =================                                                  =========
    | Sacred Cheagles |                                                | [SY005] |
       That Ion showed up again, this time collapsed in the Cheagle Woods.
    Apparently the stuff about the cheagles bothered him too, so he came to check
    it out.
       I found out that Tear's one of the Oracle Knights, too--and that she's
    Master Van's sister. Why the heck would anyone try to kill their own brother?
       Just when I was going to ask tear about that, a cheagle appeared, so we
    went after it. I can worry about Tear later... Right now, we have to do
    something about those cheagles.
       The cheagle got away, but Ion said their nest is deeper inside the forest.
    Ion looked like he'd just get in trouble again if we left him alone, so we
    ended up bringing him with us. Tear argued a lot, but then again, that's all
    she ever does.
       We found some Engeve apples lying around in front of the cheagles' nest.
    So all those stupid things were responsible after all! I'll go in and squish
    every last one of them!
     =====================                                              =========
    | The Talking Cheagle |                                            | [SY006] |
       Inside the nest, there was a Cheagle Elder that could speak our language.
    Apparently this ring called the sorcerer's ring translates for them--not that
    I really care.
       According to the elder, a young cheagle named Mieu burned up the home of
    these other monsters called ligers, so the ligers came to the Cheagle Woods
    and said they'd start eating cheagles if the cheagles didn't bring them food.
    I think they deserve it, but Ion went and said we should try to convince the
    ligers to stop.
       We ended up heading for the ligers' home deeper in the forest, bringing
    Mieu along to translate.
       Mieu can use the power of the sorcerer's ring to breathe fire. We can use
    this to burn up grass and stuff to open up passages. I guess we'll just have
    to be careful we don't start any forest fires.
       The liger queen was protecting her eggs in the ligers' nest. Apparently
    most monsters are born from eggs. And because of the eggs, the queen was
    really touchy and not in the mood for conversation. She ended up attacking
    us, and she was really tough. I almost thought we couldn't beat her, but then
    that four-eyed guy from Engeve, Jade, showed up and helped us out. We managed
    to defeat the liger queen, but I wish we could've avoided breaking all the
    eggs in the process.
       We weren't able to talk with the ligers, but it looks like they won't be a
    threat anymore anyway, so we ended up going back to tell the Cheagle Elder
    about it. What a pain. Apparently Jade had come here to pick up Ion, so he
    came with us, but the Fon Master Guardian that had come with him left
    earlier. Wasn't she supposed to be protecting Ion? Well, whatever.
       We went and told the elder what happened, and somehow we got stuck with
    Mieu. I don't want any pets! But everyone else said to take him along, so I
    figured I'll bring him back to the mansion and let everybody play with him.
       Finally this food thief problem is taken care of. Let's get out of this
    dirty forest and start back to Baticul.
       When we reached the edge of the Cheagle Woods, all of a sudden Malkuth
    soldiers appeared and captured me and Tear. It turns out ol' four-eyes sent
    back the Fon Master Guardian, Anise, to bring the soldiers here. They took us
    to the Land Dreadnaught Tartarus. And just when I thought I could go home...
     ==============                                                     =========
    | The Tartarus |                                                   | [SY007] |
       It looks like Jade took us into custody because he was investigating the
    Seventh Fonon reaction when me and Tear ended up in that valley.
       Jade said he's taking Ion to Kimlasca to try and stop a war from breaking
    out between Kimlasca and Malkuth. As soon as he found out I'm the son of Duke
    Fabre, he asked me to help him. He told me to go talk to people around the
    Tartarus, and if I decide I can trust them, to help him out.
       What a bore...but I guess I might as well take a look around.
       The Malkuth people don't seem so bad (aside from four-eyes). There's no
    point in trying to cause trouble, and I guess it would be pretty bad if a war
    did break out, so in the end, I decided to help.
       It looks like what's going on is, Malkuth and Kimlasca could go to war at
    any moment, and somebody called Grand Maestro Mohs from the Order of Lorelei
    is making things worse. Ion managed to escape from Mohs, and now he's trying
    to bring back peace.
       But Tear says that Mohs is only working for peace and fulfillment of the
    Score, and the one REALLY trying to start a war is Van.
       What is she, nuts? There's no way Master Van would do anything like that!
       That really annoyed me, but it's not like she listens to me anyway, so I
    guess I'll just wander around the ship some more.
       I didn't really have anything else to do, so I was just wandering around
    the ship, when all of a sudden monsters attacked. They said there were ligers
    among them. Ligers are those things we had to fight in the Cheagle Woods,
    right? And there's a whole pack of them? They'll kill us in an instant! We
    tried to escape from the Tartarus, but this guy called Largo the Black Lion,
    one of the Oracle Knights' "Six God-Generals," came and got in our way. He
    said he came to take Ion away...but isn't Ion like his boss or something?
       And if he's with the Oracle Knights, that puts him under Master Van,
    too...so what's he doing here?
       Largo used a fon slot seal on Jade, which made Jade unable to use any of
    his fonic artes. Things were looking bad, but Jade's pretty strong even
    without fonic artes. He stabbed and killed Largo with his spear, and now he
    wants us to help him take back the Tartarus. Anise has gone to help Ion,
    while Tear and I head for the bridge with Jade.
       When we got to the bridge, Tear used her fonic hymn to put all the Oracle
    soldiers to sleep. Tear and Jade went into the bridge to do something, but
    they made me stay outside, like I was just getting in the way. I was annoyed
    and bored, so I was messing with Mieu when all of a sudden the sleeping
    soldier woke up and charged at me.
       I reflexively swung my sword at him...and killed him. The commotion woke
    up the rest of the Oracle soldiers, and we ended up getting captured.
     ====================                                               =========
    | The Meaning of War |                                             | [SY008] |
       When I woke up in a cell, Jade and Tear started talking about rescuing Ion
    and escaping from the Tartarus. That means we'd have to fight people again,
    but they don't even blink at that... And they even started saying I was a
    burden, so I decided to fight too. I mean, it's not like I want to swing a
    sword at other people, but I can't stand them making fun of me like that.
       Jade broke out of the cell and activated an emergency shutdown system he'd
    put in the Tartarus. But before we can escape, we'll have to get back our
    equipment that was taken from us. I wonder where it is...?
       We found our equipment pretty quickly. Now we just have to find Ion and
    get out of here. We're heading for the port hatch, where we can get Ion back.
    Let's hurry.
       We waited in ambush for the Oracle Knights to show up again, and
    eventually a woman named Legretta came back with Ion. Apparently Legretta
    used to be Tear's instructor.
       Come to think of it, Tear was with the Oracle Knights too, wasn't she? How
    come they're all fighting each other? I remember her saying something about
       Anyway, just when it looked like we were going to be able to get away,
    another Oracle Knight named Arietta appeared, and we almost got captured
    instead. But then Guy came from out of nowhere and saved us. He said he'd
    come looking for me after I disappeared from the manor. That's Guy for you!
       Ion said that when Anise came to rescue him, she got into a fight with an
    Oracle soldier and got thrown out of the Tartarus. He didn't know whether she
    survived, but if she's still alive she should be heading for a town called
    St. Binah.
     ============                                                       =========
    | Resolution |                                                     | [SY009] |
       On the way to St. Binah, Ion collapsed. Talk about a wimp, sheesh. Oh
    well, I guess we'd better take a rest now.
       While I was explaining the situation to Guy, some Oracle Knights attacked
    us all of a sudden. We managed to take care of them, but I couldn't get
    myself to kill a real live person...and Tear ended up getting hurt because of
    it. We ended up staying overnight here to let Tear's injury heal.
       Everybody says that I don't have to fight, that it's perfectly normal for
    civilians to be afraid of killing.
       But what they're really saying is that I'm just in the way. I don't want
    to be treated like that, so I decided I'm going to make myself do it. I don't
    want to kill people, but if I have to do it in order to survive, then I guess
    there's not much choice.
       Everyone accepted my resolution and now we're off to St. Binah again.
     ========================                                           =========
    | The Citadel, St. Binah |                                         | [SY010] |
       We finally reached St. Binah, but Oracle Knights had closed off the
    entrance. Dammit, they got ahead of us! But as we were thinking about what to
    do, a wagon from Engeve came by to deliver food supplies, so we hitched a
    ride and snuck in.
       Now we have to find Anise without those Oracle soldiers finding us. Anise
    should be waiting at the Malkuth base inside the town.
       It was the Oracle Knights' Six God-Generals that had blocked off the town--
    though only five of them were here. They weren't able to find us, so they
    opened up the entrance again and left. If only they'd left earlier, we
    wouldn't have had to go to so much trouble to get in.
       Anise wasn't in the Malkuth base.
       When she found out that the Oracle soldiers were watching St. Binah, she
    left a letter for us and went on ahead. The letter said that she'd gone to
    Kaitzur, which Jade said is on the other side of the Fubras River to the
    south. So, now we're heading for the Fubras.
     =================                                                  =========
    | Ion's Situation |                                                | [SY011] |
       Ion collapsed yet again. Man, he sure is weak. I guess we'll have to stop
    and rest for the night.
       Apparently Ion collapsed because the Oracle soldiers were dragging him
    around to the Sephiroth.
       Sephiroth are something like the planet's vital point. I wanted to find
    out what they were doing there, but Ion said it was a secret of the Order and
    wouldn't tell me.
       We just saved his butt and this is how he acts?!
     ==================                                                 =========
    | The Fubras River |                                               | [SY012] |
       We reached the Fubras River, but the bridge was washed out, so now it
    looks like we'll have to walk across.
       The place is full of monsters, and we'll have to get our feet wet... What
    a pain.
       We managed to make our way through the monsters and across the river, but
    then Arietta from the Oracle Knights' Six God-Generals found us. She said she
    wanted revenge on us for killing her mother. Apparently she meant the liger
    queen that we killed in the Cheagle Woods. But really, who would ever think a
    monster could be a human's parent?
       Just when it looked like we'd have to fight, an earthquake hit, and
    Arietta collapsed. A crack broke open in the ground, and a poison gas called
    "miasma" or something started flowing out. We couldn't go anywhere with all
    the miasma, but then Tear started singing a different fonic hymn than the one
    she'd been using until now, and all of a sudden the miasma disappeared. She
    said the hymn's power temporarily shields us from the miasma, but it doesn't
    last long.
       When we were about to get going, Jade suddenly moved to kill Arietta. It
    startled me and I stopped him--I mean, how could you kill someone when
    they're out like that?
       Ion also asked Jade to let her go, so we left her there and headed for
     ==============================                                     =========
    | The Border Fortress, Kaitzur |                                   | [SY013] |
       When we reached Kaitzur, Anise was stopped at the border because she
    didn't have a passport, so we were finally able to catch up to her. She kept
    the letter from Malkuth about the peace treaty safe, so that's a relief. But
    then we were suddenly attacked by Asch, one of the Six God-Generals. I got
    taken by surprise, but then Master Van appeared--he'd been looking for me!
       I guess Asch must've been afraid of Van, because he ran away, but then
    Tear looked like she was going to kill him. When are things finally going to
    calm down?!
       Anyway, Master Van convinced Tear to put her knife down, and we decided to
    go to the inn to hear from Master Van about what's going on.
       Tear seems to think Master Van's trying to start a war and that the Oracle
    Knights came and attacked because Van told them to. But Master Van says the
    Six God-Generals have taken the side of Grand Maestro Mohs and that they're
    moving under his orders instead of Van's.
       Obviously I believe Master Van over Tear. He came to look for me, after
    all, and he saved me from Asch, too.
       Master Van was surprised to see Ion here after having been looking for
    him. When he found out that Ion was trying to negotiate a peace treaty,
    Master Van even said that he'd tell the Six God-Generals to stay out of our
    way. He said he didn't know whether they'd listen, but he is Master Van,
    after all!
       As for Tear, she only said that she was looking for some Seventh Fonstone
    or something left behind by Yulia, and didn't really tell me anything. What a
    loser. She'd be really pretty if she didn't open her mouth so much.
       Anyway, so Master Van brought some passports for us so we could cross the
    border and head for the Kaitzur military port further to the south. Finally I
    can get back to Kimlasca! Though it'll be a pain to get confined in the
    mansion again...
     ======================                                             =========
    | Disaster at the Port |                                           | [SY014] |
       When we reached the Kaitzur military port, there was some sort of
    commotion going on, and all of a sudden we heard a scream and a monster's
    roar. Sounds like trouble...
       And trouble it was. Almost all the ships in the harbor had been destroyed,
    and a bunch of soldiers were lying dead on the ground. We were wondering what
    was going on, and then we saw Master Van fighting with Arietta from the Six
    God-Generals. That damn Arietta caught up with us already.
       Arietta kidnapped the maintenance chief from the port, told me and Ion to
    go to Choral Castle, and then flew off on a monster. Did she do all that just
    to get us to follow her? We started thinking about what to do, but Master Van
    said he'd take care of Arietta, and that we should head back to the Kaitzur
    border checkpoint to wait until a ship's ready. That certainly would be the
    easiest thing to do, but...
       When we were about to leave for Kaitzur, one of the engineers came and
    asked us to bring their chief back. Ion said we should go save him, so we
    ended up heading for Choral Castle. Sorry, Master...
       Choral Castle is a place east of here that belongs to Father. Apparently
    it's where I was found after Malkuth kidnapped me, not that I remember it or
    anything. Anyway, let's see what's there... Who knows--maybe I'll even
    remember something.
     ========================                                           =========
    | Searching for Memories |                                         | [SY015] |
       Or maybe not. Even after we reached Choral Castle, nothing came back to
    me. Oh well, that's not important now anyway--we have to go find that
    maintenance chief. Let's head inside and look for him.
       We found a lock on a door that couldn't have belonged to Father, and on
    the other side was a room with a strange machine in it. We were looking
    around trying to figure out what it was, when Anise was startled by a mouse
    and jumped onto Guy's back. All of a sudden Guy let out a terrible scream and
    threw Anise off.
       That really took me by surprise. I knew Guy wasn't good with girls, but
    I've never seen him so scared like that. He said he lost his family when he
    was young, and there was probably something that happened then that made him
    afraid of women. I never knew Guy had a past like that... I only ever saw him
    in the manor.
       Jade was acting weird, too. He looked like he recognized the machine, but
    he wouldn't tell us anything about it. We ended up just leaving it behind and
    heading on to find the maintenance chief.
       We eventually found out that Arietta was on the roof.
       But as soon as we reached the roof, one of Arietta's monsters came and
    grabbed me. I blacked out, but I thought I heard something about opening my
    synchronized fon slots or something... (What the heck are "synchronized fon
    slots"?) When I came to, I was lying on that machine we saw earlier. Sync,
    one of the Six God-Generals, was there too, but when I was about to ask him
    what was up, everybody came back and found me, and Sync fled the scene.
       As Sync was leaving, he dropped a fon disc. Guy picked it up and said we
    should try and find somewhere to analyze it. I thought I saw Sync's mask fall
    off too, but I couldn't see his face. I wonder if Guy did? Not that I
    actually care what he looks like.
       Anyway, the maintenance chief is on the roof, so we'll have to go back
    through all that again to rescue him. What a pain.
       Arietta was waiting for us on the roof again, but I wasn't about to fall
    for a stupid trick like that twice. We dodged the monsters' attacks and
    knocked Arietta out. Jade was about to kill her again, but Ion said he'd take
    her back and have her stand before an inquiry.
       Then, Master Van arrived, and he agreed with Ion.
       Apparently Master Van found out that we hadn't arrived in Kaitzur, so he
    came to meet us here. I guess we ended up causing him trouble after all.
       We handed Arietta over to Master Van and started back for the Kaitzur
    military port.
     ================                                                   =========
    | A Trip by Ship |                                                 | [SY016] |
       At Kaitzur, the ship we were going to ride was already being repaired. It
    was going to be a little while, so we decided to stop in and see Count
    Almandine, who's in charge of the port.
       Count Almandine was angry that Arietta, a member of the Order of Lorelei,
    had attacked Kimlascan soldiers. I can't blame him, either. Ion was
    apologizing profusely... I guess being the Fon Master must be tough.
       Come to think of it, it's my job to see that Ion and Jade make it to
    Baticul to see my uncle, isn't it? I remembered that and figured I'd ask
    Count Almandine to send a pigeon to Father. It'd be handy if we could use
    fonic or fontech or something to send a message, but apparently there's no
    way to do that.
       Anyway, when I told Count Almandine who I was taking along, his expression
    changed completely. That's right, Jade's an enemy of Kimlasca... Well, it was
    too late to take it back, and Count Almandine said he'd send off the pigeon
    anyway. The ship still wasn't ready, so we decided to spend the night here
    and leave in the morning. Now I'll get to travel with Master Van! This is
     =============================                                      =========
    | The Power of Hyperresonance |                                    | [SY017] |
       I've never been on the sea before, but this isn't bad. Well, aside from
    the headaches, but I'm used to those by now.
       Master Van sent for me, so I headed for the deck.
       On the way to see him, I met Tear. It seems like she's finally figured out
    that I'm not a Seventh Fonist.
       But...I still don't really know what a Seventh Fonist is. I mean, they
    came up in my studies, but back then I had so much else to learn--my parents'
    faces, the language... I'd even forgotten how to walk. I guess I just didn't
    have time to think about the rest of the world...
       When I said that to Tear, she suddenly started acting nicer to me and
    explained all about Seventh Fonists.
       Turns out Seventh Fonists are fonists who can use the Seventh Fonon--
    mostly healers and Scorers. The Seventh Fonon is this new fonon that was
    discovered after the basic six elemental fonons, and it can only be used by
    those born with the ability.
       Apparently, I'm able to use the Seventh Fonon, and that's why Tear mistook
    me for a Seventh Fonist.
       Out on the deck, I got another one of those headaches, and then something
    strange happened. I suddenly lost control of my body, and started hearing
    things. Then I started moving like somebody was controlling me, and I made
    part of the ship disappear. Just when I thought the whole ship would be
    destroyed, Master Van appeared and stopped whatever it was that was happening.
       Master Van said that the thing I did that made part of the ship disappear
    is called hyperresonance, and it's the same thing that happened to me and
    Tear when we were thrown out into that valley.
       Hyperresonance is an interference phenomenon that can destroy all matter.
    It happens when two Seventh Fonists use the Seventh Fonon at exactly the same
    time under certain conditions. But...apparently I can cause hyperresonance
    all by myself. Master Van said Malkuth kidnapped me for that power, and
    Kimlasca kept me confined so they could use me in war. Does that mean I was
    going to be trapped in the manor until a war started?!
       Master Van didn't deny that. He did tell me how I could get around it,
       His solution was for me to become a hero. See, if I can personally stop
    the war, I'll become a hero, and then they won't be able to keep me confined
    any longer!
       That was when the ship reached Chesedonia, which put an end to our
    conversation. We'll have to change ships in Chesedonia to get to Baticul. I
    decided to take a look around the town.
     =================================                                  =========
    | The Center of Trade, Chesedonia |                                | [SY018] |
       As soon as we reached Chesedonia, Master Van separated from us. He said he
    had to turn Arietta over to an Order of Lorelei inspector, and that he'd be
    coming to Baticul later. Unfortunately, we have to leave before that.
       Damn, and just when I could've heard more about how to become a hero...
       Oh well. I guess I'll head down to the Kimlasca consulate to see if the
    ship's ready yet.
       Astor is a merchant who managed to build Chesedonia up into an autonomous
    state all by himself. He had a machine for analyzing fon discs, too, so we
    had him analyze the disc we picked up in Choral Castle. The results were
    pretty long, though, so we decided to wait and read them on the ship. Now all
    we have to do is board that ship and we'll be headed for Baticul. They should
    know at the Kimlasca consulate whether it's ready or not.
       Just as we left Astor's mansion, Sync of the Six God-Generals suddenly
    attacked us, apparently to get that fon disc back. He succeeded in that, but
    we managed to hold on to the analysis results. We escaped from Sync, ran to
    the port and jumped onboard the ship for Baticul. Guy got hurt a little, but
    once we were at sea, we were safe.
       On the ship, we started going through the fon disc analysis results, with
    Jade doing most of the explaining. The data on the fon disc was about isofons.
       It seems people (and in fact everything else in the world) each have a
    different fonon frequency. When two things share the same fonon frequency,
    they're called "isofons"--but they can't exist naturally. The only way to
    find them is to create them.
       There's this technology called "fomicry" which allows replicas of things
    to be made, but even if the replica looks the same as the original it was
    made from, the replica's fonon frequency ends up being different. It looks
    like the data on the fon disc was about research into technology for creating
    isofons. But it looks like we lost some of the results when Sync stole the
    disc back, so we couldn't learn all the details.
       Just as we were talking about that, the ship was suddenly attacked. The
    Oracle Knights, again?! They just won't quit, will they... At this rate
    they'll take over the ship, just like with the Tartarus. If that were to
    happen here at sea, we'd be in real trouble, so we headed for the bridge to
    put a stop to them.
       It turns out the attack was led by this weirdo from the Six God-Generals
    named Dist. Apparently he and Jade know each other... He even wears glasses,
    too. He really got on my nerves, but we defeated him and made it safely into
    the Baticul harbor.
     ================                                                   =========
    | The Dark Wings |                                                 | [SY019] |
       While I was wandering around Chesedonia, some weird chick came up all of a
    sudden and started touching me. I wondered what was up with her, but it turns
    out she was a pickpocket! She stole my wallet and tried to run away with
    these other guys. What the hell! And they said they were the Dark Wings! The
    bastards! Getting in my way again!
       Tear got my wallet back, but the Dark Wings got away. If I ever see them
    again, I'll rip them apart!
     ========================                                           =========
    | Analyzing the Fon Disc |                                         | [SY020] |
       We made it to the consulate, but the ship wasn't ready yet.
       We had some time to kill, so we decided to go find this wealthy guy named
    Astor to get the fon disc analyzed. Personally I couldn't care less about the
    fon disc, but I do want to see Chesedonia, so I decided to go along.
     ===============================                                    =========
    | The Capital of Light, Baticul |                                  | [SY021] |
       General Goldberg and General Cecille were waiting for us at the port. They
    said they'd take me back to the manor and Ion and the others to the castle,
    but then what about my chance to become a hero and get myself free? I told
    them I'd take everybody to the castle myself.
       It's not like there's anyone here in Baticul who can overrule me, so they
    agreed to that, and now we're heading for the castle.
       This is the first time I've actually been in Baticul since I lost my
    memory... It doesn't even feel like home anymore. Oh, well. Right now we need
    to head for the castle to see Uncle.
       When we got to the audience room, someone was already there--Grand Maestro
    Mohs, from the Order of Lorelei. I listened to him talk for a little bit, but
    he really bugs me. He talks like he's so special, even though he's below Ion,
    and all he was doing was spouting lies to try and worsen our relationship
    with Malkuth. I guess he's the one behind all this war stuff... Master Van
    wasn't doing anything. I bet Tear will change her tone about Mohs after this.
       We gave the peace letter to Uncle, and then I heard that Mother's fallen
    ill. She's always been pretty weak... Apparently my cousin Natalia is
    visiting her, and everybody else wants to see the manor, so we're heading
    there now.
       We ran into Father when we entered the mansion. He was with General
    Cecille, and he was cold to me, as always.
       He seemed to be concerned about Master Van. Something worries me about
       When we reached the drawing room, Natalia was there, just back from seeing
       I haven't seen her in a while, but she was playing the proper lady as
    always. When I think about the fact that I'm engaged to her, it really gets
    me down. But Natalia told me something that startled me--apparently, my
    disappearance is being blamed on Master Van kidnapping me, and he might even
    be executed for it. No way! It's Tear's fault! I asked Natalia to talk to
    Uncle about it, and she told me to remember how I proposed to her as a kid.
    How am I supposed to remember that?
       Anyway, Natalia went back to the castle to talk to Uncle. I hope Master
    Van will be okay...
       When I went to see Mother, she was really happy that I'd come home. I wish
    Father was even half as nice.
       Apparently Mother thought my disappearance was some kind of plot, but she
    seemed relieved when Tear apologized for the incident.
       Well, I've visited Mother, and I've seen Natalia... Might as well go get
    some rest.
       When I returned to my room, Ion, Jade and Anise all said they were going
    back to the castle. Guy has some kind of report to make too, and even Tear
    finally left. It's been a long time since I was alone. Finally I can get some
    good rest in my own bed. Tomorrow I may be stuck in the manor, but for now
    all I want is rest.
     ======================                                             =========
    | The Dark Wings Again |                                           | [SY022] |
       On the way to the castle, we saw the Dark Wings. They look like a circus
    act or something with those ridiculous outfits.
       They tried to steal my wallet in Chesedonia... I'd better watch out for
     =========================                                          =========
    | The Goodwill Ambassador |                                        | [SY023] |
    Gnomeday, Gnome-Decan 2, ND2018
       I was worried it'd be back to the old boring days, but when I woke up I
    was told to go to the castle because Natalia was calling me. It looks like I
    won't be confined again after all. I wonder what happened to make them let me
    out...? Well, whatever the reason, at least I get to go out. I wonder if
    Natalia's heard anything about Master Van? Guess I'll hit the castle and find
       I ran into Tear and Mohs whispering something to each other at the castle
       They were saying something about the Seventh Fonstone... Is that the Score
    that Tear's looking for? Then Mohs noticed me, but he seemed to be in a
    better mood than yesterday. He told me Jade was in the audience hall. He
    REALLY bugs me.
       I entered the audience hall with Mohs and Tear, and Jade was waiting
    inside. Uncle and Father were both there, and they told me to go to the town
    of Akzeriuth in Malkuth as a goodwill ambassador from Kimlasca.
       Apparently there's a bunch of miasma coming out from underground there,
    and the people of the town are in bad shape. The road to Akzeriuth on the
    Malkuth side is unusable and it's only reachable from Kimlasca, so Malkuth
    was asking for help. They said that if we save Akzeriuth, it would be a good
    step toward peace.
       To be honest, it sounds like a real pain and I didn't want to accept it,
    but they said they'd free Master Van if I did, so I gave in. Then Uncle told
    me something unbelievable.
       He said I'm the hero read in Yulia's Score.
       Yulia's Score contains the world's future, and a part of the Sixth
    Fonstone that contains that Score is held by the Kimlasca-Lanvaldear royal
    family. According to it, one of the royal family with red hair who inherits
    Lorelei's power will lead the Kingdom of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear to prosperity.
       In other words, me.
       If I go to Akzeriuth, Yulia's Score will come true, and Kimlasca will
    prosper. This is why they were keeping me in confinement, too. So if I go
    along with this and become a hero, I'll no longer have to be imprisoned in my
    own manor. Sounds good to me!
       It's not just me going to Akzeriuth--Tear and Jade are coming too. And
    they said I could take Guy and Master Van along with me too. Yes! Now I can
    finally go on a trip with Master Van! He's in the underground cell--I can't
    wait to see him!
       When I got to the underground cell, Master Van had just been released.
    There, I found out the true meaning of the Score.
       There was more to Yulia's Score than what I'd heard in the audience hall.
    It says my power will cause calamity, and be used as a weapon of Kimlasca. So
    that's why Master Van said I was being held as a weapon...
       The Order of Lorelei seems to believe that my presence will cause a war
    between Malkuth and Kimlasca, and Master Van was trying to keep me from being
    used as a tool of war. Here's his plan.
       First, I'll go to Akzeriuth as a goodwill ambassador. The Score says that
    the war happens when I move people out of Akzeriuth, so instead of doing
    that, I'll use hyperresonance to destroy the miasma in the town. Then,
    instead of returning to Kimlasca, I'll follow Master Van to Daath. That way,
    Kimlasca won't be able to use me.
       Master Van's great! He's always thinking of me. I asked him why, and he
    told me about something from my past that I've forgotten.
       When I was young, I was put through lots of cruel experiments because of
    my hyperresonance power, and so I asked Master Van to take me to Daath. He
    tried to take me from the manor once to fulfill my wish. So that kidnapping
    that everybody says was Malkuth's work was actually Master Van trying to save
       Master Van said he'll make sure we get away this time. So I promised to
    keep the plan a secret, and we headed out of the castle to rejoin everybody
       When we rejoined everybody outside, Jade had a real downer for us. He said
    the Oracle Knights were patrolling the sea, and that it was probably Mohs
    trying to stop me from getting to Akzeriuth. Man, what the hell! What a
    pain... What's with those guys?
       Jade suggested putting out a decoy ship and traveling over land to
    Chesedonia instead.
       Master Van agreed, and then said he'd ride on the decoy ship with the rest
    of the aid team. He said that it would make the decoy more convincing, but I
    want to stay with him!
       He wouldn't listen to me, though, and we ended up having to travel
    separately. So I'm stuck with the four-eyed devil, the cold-blooded girl, and
    Guy... It doesn't get any more boring than this. We should be able to rejoin
    Master Van once we get to Chesedonia, so we'll have to hurry.
       On the way out of Baticul, we ran into Anise. She said Ion's disappeared.
    According to an eyewitness, the Dark Wings kidnapped him and took him out of
    the city. Those Dark Wings sure like to cause trouble! Anise tried to leave
    Baticul to find him, but Sync is keeping watch over the exit.
       So now if we tried to leave Baticul, Sync would notice us and the Oracle
    Knights would know the ship's a decoy.
       That left us without a way out, but then Guy suggested going to an
    abandoned factory in the old city. We might be able to get outside through
    it. He said there's an aircar that we can ride to the factory. Anise decided
    to come along to search for Ion, so the five of us headed for the aircar
     =======================                                            =========
    | Encounter in the Rain |                                          | [SY024] |
       When we got to the abandoned factory, Natalia was waiting for us. She says
    that as a princess she can hardly overlook Akzeriuth's plight. But Akzeriuth
    is part of Malkuth! Why should she care? That sense of justice, that always
    wanting to help people--it's really annoying. But Natalia overheard me and
    Van talking, and she threatened to tell everybody about it, so I gave in and
    let her come. Then Tear and everybody gave me nasty looks... Hey, I'm the
    ambassador! They should just do what I say!
       We headed deeper into the factory ruins. Since it used to be a factory, it
    ought to have facilities for disposing of waste water, which means we should
    be able to get out. We'd better get looking.
       We made our way through the factory, defeated a weird monster, and finally
    found a way out of Baticul. It's pretty high up, so we'll have to take a
    ladder down. Man, what a pain... And now we'll have to cross the desert.
       I can't believe what I saw...
       It was raining when we got out of the abandoned factory. There was a
    landship I didn't recognize off in the distance, and Sync was taking Ion off
    somewhere... I ran up to try and save Ion, and then one of the enemies turned
    to face me.
       That was the first time I saw Asch's face.
       I felt like puking. I actually did puke later. Asch had the same face as
    me. It felt like I was looking at myself in a mirror. I still can't believe
    it... Even for twins we look too alike... What is he, anyway...?
       Everyone else was surprised too, but we've got bigger problems. Now the
    Six God-Generals know that we're traveling over land, and they got away with
    Ion. I thought about going back to Baticul and taking a ship, but Natalia
    said the port's closed off and we wouldn't be able to use it. We have to save
    Ion anyway, so we ended up continuing our overland trek. For the moment,
    we'll head for the oasis while we keep watch for any sign of that landship.
    But man... just who is that Asch guy?
     =================                                                  =========
    | A Calling Voice |                                                | [SY025] |
       Just when we reached the oasis, I heard Asch's voice in my head. It was
    like the voices I hear when I get those headaches, but I knew it was Asch
    this time.
       Asch told me that Ion's in the Zao Ruins. Why? He's our enemy, isn't he?
    Is he trying to make fun of us or what? I'm worried he's set a trap or
    something for us, but we don't have any other leads at the moment, so I guess
    we might as well head for the Zao Ruins and take a look.
       We found the Zao Ruins buried in the sands. At least it'll be a little
    cooler underground than out in the sun. Okay, let's go find Ion!
       Ion was deep down in the ruins. There was some sort of weird door, and Ion
    was being made to perform a ritual there. The God-Generals Sync and Largo
    tried to stop us from taking Ion back, but we knocked them out of the way.
    Asch had been just watching us, but then all of a sudden he came and attacked
    me--using the same sword techniques I learned from Master Van. The timing,
    the distance--everything was the same. It was disturbing.
       Anyway, Sync came in and broke us up, then offered to give back Ion as
    long as we left. That worked out well for both sides, so we agreed, and
    headed out of the Zao Ruins.
       Come to think of it, Guy seemed concerned about Sync. I wonder why...
       When we got out of the Zao Ruins, I asked Ion what he'd been made to do
    here. He said that there's a Sephiroth here, and that the Six God-Generals
    wanted him to remove the "Daathic seal" that was protecting it.
       But he didn't say anything about what the seal was for. I don't like this
    Order of Lorelei... They keep too many secrets.
       If he's not going to tell us anything, there's no point in staying here
    any longer. We'll all burn up out here like this, and Master Van's waiting
    for us in Chesedonia. Let's get moving.
     ================                                                   =========
    | The Curse Slot |                                                 | [SY026] |
       We finally reached Chesedonia, but just as we were about to take care of
    things at the Malkuth consulate, I got another one of those headaches and
    started hearing voices again. We decided to take a little break at the inn,
    just to be safe.
       We headed for the inn, but all of a sudden I couldn't control my body. It
    seemed like Asch was controlling me instead. He made me pull out my sword and
    attack Tear, even though I didn't want to. The headache got so bad I passed
    out, and got carried to the inn. How embarrassing...
       Jade says that Dist probably did something to me back in Choral Castle.
    I'd actually forgotten about that. He said that unless we can find Dist
    there's not much we can do about it.
       Then we started talking about what to do with Ion. He said he wanted to go
    to Akzeriuth, and everybody else decided that we could protect him from the
    Oracle Knights that way. They all ignored me. I'M the ambassador, dammit!
    Don't leave me out of things!
       Ion and Anise ended up coming along, making seven of us. I just want to
    catch up to Master Van.
       Master Van should be in Chesedonia. We'd better hurry to the Malkuth
       At the Malkuth consulate, we found out that Master Van had already left
    for Kaitzur. Dammit, if only we hadn't gone off to save Ion! Just as we were
    about to go after him, this time Guy suddenly grabbed his arm like he was in
    pain, and then he threw me back like he was being controlled. Apparently
    somebody used something called a curse slot on him, which allowed him to be
    controlled. We were going to call a doctor, but he said not to worry, and
    that we should go and get on the ship. Ion said the power of the curse slot
    weakens with distance from the user, too, so we decided to leave Chesedonia
    as soon as we could.
       As soon as the ship left Chesedonia, Guy started feeling better. I guess
    the user of the curse slot must have been in Chesedonia. That's a relief.
       Now we just have to catch up with Master Van.
     ==================                                                 =========
    | Distant Feelings |                                               | [SY027] |
       We finally made it to the Kaitzur military port. Now we just have to head
    for Akzeriuth. I want to meet Master Van soon.
       We'll have to cross the Deo Pass to get to Akzeriuth. If we don't catch up
    with him there, I probably won't be able to meet him until we reach
       We reached the Deo Pass, but Master Van wasn't there. I guess he must be
    in Akzeriuth already. When I said we shouldn't have wasted time in the
    desert, everybody got mad at me. I'm the ambassador--I'm the one who's
    important in making peace, not Ion! What's wrong with calling something a
    waste of time if that's what it is? We don't need Ion anyway, so what's their
    problem? I can't stand these people. I just want to get over the Deo Pass and
    to Akzeriuth as soon as I can, so I can rejoin Master Van. Then I can lose
    these idiots too.
       Bastards, every one of them!
       On the way through the Deo Pass, Legretta from the Six God-Generals
    attacked us...or more like, she came to talk to Tear into going with her. And
    she called me a defect, the jerk! Everybody else started talking about
    forbidden technology, and about Ion's knowledge of it, and a bunch of other
    stuff I didn't understand. They totally left me out. I'm the ambassador! I'm
    the most important one here--the chosen hero! You can all just go to hell!
       As long as Master Van's with me, that's all I need. I want to find him
     =================================                                  =========
    | The Horrible State of the Mines |                                | [SY028] |
       Akzeriuth was full of miasma, with people lying on the ground
    everywhere... What a dirty place. Everyone started talking about how to save
    them--they weren't even worried about catching whatever those people had. I
    just want to find Master Van--he'll know what I need to do.
       Apparently Master Van headed into the mine with the vanguard. I'd better
    hurry after him.
       When we were about to enter the mine, an Oracle Knight came up and called
    Tear back because he said they found the Seventh Fonstone. I keep getting
    confused because there are good Oracle Knights and bad ones... All I know is
    that Mohs and the Six God-Generals are enemies, while Ion and Master Van are
       It seems like Tear's real purpose was to look for the Seventh Fonstone, so
    Ion agreed and she left. What a relief not to have to deal with that
    unsociable girl. Anyway, after Master Van!
       When we went deeper into the mine, we found a bunch of people collapsed--
    it looked really bad. And I still couldn't find Master Van anywhere. And then
    I heard Asch's voice in my head, and he told me not to go any farther. Why
    should I listen to a God-General, huh?!
     =================                                                  =========
    | Becoming a Hero |                                                | [SY029] |
       We split up to check out the area, and I finally found Master Van at the
    far end of the mine.
       There was one of those weird-looking doors behind him like we saw in the
    Zao Ruins (a Daathic seal, was it?). When I approached him, he told Ion to
    open the door. Apparently there's something called a "passage ring" in there,
    and if I use my hyperresonance on it, the miasma will disappear. Master Van
    and I made Ion open the seal, and we headed inside.
       We reached the passage ring, and with Master Van's help I caused a
       There was a blinding flash of light and an incredible wind. I felt some
    sort of power flowing out of me, and I couldn't stop it. The whole place
    shook and started to fall, passage ring and everything. Just then, Tear and
    Asch arrived too.
       I don't understand what happened after that.
       Master Van called me "replica Luke." Asch yelled at me, "that was why I
    told you to stop"... Akzeriuth collapsed, disappeared, and I lost
     ==============                                                     =========
    | The Qliphoth |                                                   | [SY030] |
       When I came to, we were in some sort of underground world. Apparently
    Akzeriuth disappeared--collapsed into the underground--but Tear protected us
    with her fonic hymn. But Akzeriuth, and everybody living there, were gone...
    Is it because I caused a hyperresonance...? No way... Better not to think
    about it for now.
       This underground world we fell into is called the Qliphoth. The land here
    is like a bottomless sea of sludge, and the remnants of Akzeriuth, the people
    who survived the fall, got swallowed up by that sea. The only thing left is
    the Tartarus, with its emergency buoy. We fled to the Tartarus before we sunk
    into the sludge as well.
       Tear seems to know a lot about the Qliphoth. She says there's a place
    called Yulia City west of here, so we started out to find it.
       The Qliphoth really is empty...no matter how far we go, there's still no
    sign of Yulia City.
       While we were traveling, Tear told us something incredible.
       The land we lived on was once here in the Qliphoth. Here, they call our
    land the "Outer Lands," which were made by taking the land from the Qliphoth
    and raising it up into the air.
       About 2000 years ago, Auldrant became covered in miasma. Legend says that
    the miasma was sealed underground with Yulia's Score, but in reality, the
    crust of the planet itself was raised into the air, trapping the miasma
    underneath it.
       The Sephiroth were used to hold the Outer Lands up, by taking advantage of
    the power that collects at those vital points. And it was the passage rings,
    protected by Daathic seals, that controlled them.
       So what I used hyperresonance to destroy was not the miasma, but the
    passage ring and the pillar supporting the Outer Lands...
       But I didn't know anything about it, so it's not my fault. Everybody keeps
    on blaming me--it's not my fault! I didn't make this happen! Master Van said
    to do it, after all. I was just trying to help! It's not my fault! Why is
    everybody leaving me? It's not my fault...
       Master isn't feeling well, so I'm writing in his place. Mieu!
       Yulia City was behind a big waterfall.
     =========                                                          =========
    | Replica |                                                        | [SY031] |
       When the Tartarus reached Yulia City, Asch was there. Asch said that
    Master is a replica of him. Is that why they look the same?
       Master got angry and said that he wasn't a replica, and Asch was really
    angry about Akzeriuth, so they got into a fight.
       After the fight, Master passed out. I can understand, with all the sad
    things that happened. Poor Master.
     ========================                                           =========
    | The Eyes in the Mirror |                                         | [SY032] |
       ...What does Mieu think he's doing, writing in my diary? Oh well.
       While I was unconscious, everyone cut their ties with me. Not that I blame
    them. I really was an idiot...
       Anyway, they all decided to work with Asch, so they could get back to the
    Outer Lands and he could use the Tartarus to get around.
       Of course, I only heard that secondhand, because I was still out at the
    time. But I'm kind of relieved... At least I didn't have to see them giving
    up on me.
       Afterwards, Asch sent his voice into my head again. He says it's a channel
    that connects the two of us, usable because the two of us are
    isofons...because I'm a perfect replica of him, down to the fonon frequency.
    That's why he's able to talk to me like that. ...I don't want to admit it,
    but I guess I really am a replica.
       Asch told me to try and control him. Of course I tried, but in the end I
    couldn't tell whether I really was controlling him or he was just moving on
    his own. In any case, for a time I was able to see things with Asch's eyes
    and send my voice to him.
       Asch plans to meet with Tear's grandfather Teodoro, the mayor of Yulia
    City. I guess I'll just watch for now.
       Asch was working on a plan to use the Sephiroth to raise the Tartarus back
    up to the Outer Lands. Teodoro said that there was still enough power left in
    the Sephiroth at Akzeriuth to do that, if only once.
       The plan succeeded. Asch, Jade, Natalia, Anise, Ion...and Guy--all of them
    made it safely back to the Outer Lands inside the Tartarus.
       Asch wants to head to Belkend. Apparently there's a fon machine laboratory
    there that Master Van's been using, and Asch wants to find out what he's up
       So I really was tricked and betrayed by Master Van... I have no idea why
    he wanted to make me destroy Akzeriuth. Maybe it would be best to try and
    find out, like Asch says.
       Everyone else on the Tartarus wanted to return to their homelands, but
    they ended up deciding to work with Asch for a while. They're heading east to
    Belkend now.
       The group reached Port Belkend, a small town north of Belkend itself. I
    wonder what'll be revealed in Belkend? At any rate, we have to head south to
    get there. (Though it'll be Asch doing the walking.)
       So Belkend is part of Father's lands... It's the first time I've ever seen
       Asch seems to think we can learn something about what Master Van's trying
    to do at Fon Machine Laboratory I, here in Belkend. We'll just have to head
    there and see what we can find.
       At the laboratory, Asch's group encountered a researcher named Spinoza.
    Asch says that Spinoza was involved in his--no, in the original Luke's
    kidnapping, and that he's studying the use of fomicry on living things.
       And it turns out that Jade is the one who invented the technology of
    fomicry itself. I never knew that Jade was such an incredible scientist...
       Not only that, Spinoza's deeply involved in Master Van's plan as well. He
    said something about a preservation project... What could that be? It sounded
    like it had something to do with fomicry and replicas.
       After listening around, a place called Ortion Cavern started to sound
    suspicious. A chemical called fonimin that's needed for fomicry can be
    obtained there, and if Master Van's researching fomicry, he'd need lots of
    fonimin. With no other clues, the decision was made to head for Ortion Cavern.
       But just then, Guy announced that he was leaving. He'd always been worried
    about me, and now he said that he wanted to wait for me to return, trusting
    that I could recover.
       Guy... Thanks. He even said it without me present, which made me really
       Guy left the others at Belkend, and Asch and the rest headed west for
    Ortion Cavern, on the Radessian continent.
     =========                                                          =========
    | Fomicry |                                                        | [SY033] |
       The walls of Ortion Cavern were full of strange minerals that looked
    almost like mirrors. I hope we can learn something about Master Van's plan
    here. All we can do for now is head deeper inside and look around.
       At the far end of the cave was some fomicry equipment.
       Jade began investigating the equipment, and discovered that the research
    being done here was for making a replica one-tenth the size of Auldrant
    itself. He also found replica data taken from the people of the destroyed
    island of Hod, almost like they were planning to revive Hod.
       But it looks like this facility hasn't been completely abandoned--there
    were two cheagles probably used in experiments, an original and its replica.
    According to Jade, replicas' abilities tend to be inferior to their
    originals. He also said that sometimes the extraction of replica data can
    have a negative effect on the originals, sometimes even killing them.
       For an instant, I was worried that the same thing might happen to Asch,
    but Jade said that always happened within ten days at most, so if Asch is
    still doing this well after seven years, he has nothing to worry about. I was
    relieved, but Asch still seemed concerned about something. I wonder what?
    Jade also mentioned that something different can happen to perfect replicas,
    so maybe that's what's bothering him.
       Anyway, Asch apparently found what he came for. We learned that Master Van
    is trying to create some sort of huge replica, possibly the destroyed island
    of Hod. But what does that have to do with the loss of Akzeriuth? In any
    case, Asch said he was leaving Ortion Cavern, and everyone followed.
       At the exit, an earthquake occurred. Asch said that the earthquake might
    be a precursor to the area around St. Binah falling. Since I destroyed the
    pillar at the Akzeriuth Sephiroth (he called it a "Sephiroth Tree"), the
    other Sephiroth have been affected as well. What have I done...? Not only
    that, Master Van seems to be trying to get to the other well-protected
    passage rings to use them to speed up the collapse of the outer Lands. St.
    Binah may really be in danger...
       Just then, Asch suddenly cut off the channel between us, and I finally
    woke up, not hearing anything else from Asch.
       That's everything I saw through Asch while I was asleep.
     ===============                                                    =========
    | Dirtied Hands |                                                  | [SY034] |
       When I woke up, I felt like I was back in my own body for the first time
    in a long time.
       Mieu was waiting next to me. I wonder why, after how badly I've always
    treated him...? But I'm kind of glad he's here.
       I may have returned, but I still don't know much about this place, so I
    decided to go find Tear first.
       Tear was in the selenia garden.
       I told her about the danger St. Binah is in, and asked about a way back to
    the Outer Lands. But Tear responded coldly. She said that I'm always basing
    what I do on what others say, that I never try and think for myself.
       That was when I first realized the truth. The truth that up until now,
    I've never even once really listened to anyone, considered their words or
    decided for myself what to do. And I knew that I wanted--that I had to change
    that. But I was doubtful Tear would believe simple halfhearted words, so I
    cut my hair. It's not that I really cared about my hair that much, but I
    wanted to show that I was throwing away my old self.
       Tear still didn't seem to really believe me, but I'm serious. I will
       But I don't even know a way to find out whether St. Binah really is going
    to collapse, much less how to save it if it is. Tear suggested that Teodoro,
    the mayor of the city, might know something, so I decided to ask him for
    information. This time, I'll think for myself, of course...and take
    responsibility for my actions.
       I will never forget that.
     ================================                                   =========
    | The Watchers' Home, Yulia City |                                 | [SY035] |
       I met Teodoro and heard an unbelievable truth.
       The collapse of Akzeriuth was written in Yulia's Score, and happened
    because it was destined to.
       And not only that. The destruction of Malkuth's Hod Island, which led to
    the biggest war in recent years, was likewise part of Yulia's Score.
       So the people of Yulia City knew about both disasters ahead of time, and
    simply let the people of both towns die. Even Tear, who knew that Hod's fate
    was written in the Score, hadn't known that it had simply been allowed to be
    destroyed in order to fulfill the Score. She seemed pretty shocked to hear
       Unlike Tear, Master Van did know the truth about Hod. Teodoro said that
    although he hated it at first, he's come to be a fine watcher, working as a
    member of the Order of Lorelei to ensure that the world follows Yulia's
    Score. The Order of Lorelei itself is simply the presence of Yulia City in
    the outer Lands, dedicated to directing the world along the path written in
    Yulia's Score toward the prosperity that the Score foretells. So the Order of
    Lorelei and Yulia City are connected at the top.
       A new war between Malkuth and Kimlasca is also written in the Score, and
    that's why Grand Maestro Mohs was trying to start a war, in order to follow
    the Score. Even Master Van's using me to destroy Akzeriuth was for the
    purpose of the Score. It all comes down to Yulia's Score. If the Score does
    promise a prosperous future, that's nice...but is that a reason to let people
    living now die?
       When we asked about St. Binah falling, Teodoro said flatly that it was
    impossible, because the Score doesn't mention it. If we were still worried,
    he said, we could use the Yulia Road, a fonic circle used for transport, to
    return to the outer Lands and see for ourselves. I headed back with Tear to
    her house to make preparations for departure.
       While we were getting our things packed, Tear told me a little bit about
    her past.
       She said that both she and Master Van were originally from Hod Island, on
    the Outer Lands. When Hod was destroyed, it fell into the Qliphoth much like
    Akzeriuth did. That time, Master Van used Yulia's fonic hymn to survive, and
    the two of them were taken in and raised by Teodoro.
       Contrary to what Teodoro was saying before, Master Van had always hated
    the Score, and one day Tear overheard him saying he was going to destroy the
    inhabitants of the outer Lands.
       That's why Tear had decided to follow Master Van and stop him, even at the
    cost of her own life. The duty of looking for the Seventh Fonstone was
    likewise just a convenient excuse to stay near Master Van. It looks like I've
    misunderstood her all this time. What a stupid idiot I was...
       We finished preparing for our return to the Outer Lands, and headed for
    the Yulia Road to check up on St. Binah.
       The Yulia Road leads to a place on the Padamiyan continent called Aramis
    Spring. Padamiya is also where Daath, the Order of Lorelei's headquarters, is
    located. We entered the fonic glyph and returned to the Outer Lands.
     ==========================                                         =========
    | The New Journey's Flavor |                                       | [SY036] |
       The other end of the Yulia Road was a spring nestled in a small valley. We
    arrived in an instant... Fonic artes really are incredible. At any rate, we'd
    better hurry out through the nearby cave.
       Guy was waiting for me in the cave. I was really glad to see him...but I'm
    not the real Luke, after all. I wonder if Guy's okay with that... He said not
    to put myself down, but...I can't help worrying. Not that worrying about that
    will get me anywhere. I have to get him to accept me as I am now. First we'd
    better hurry out of this place.
       When we reached the cave's exit, Jade showed up.
       But unlike Guy, Jade hadn't come here to wait for me. He was here to ask
    for Guy's help to rescue Natalia and Ion, who had been captured by Grand
    Maestro Mohs. He treated me like I was just in the way. I didn't like it, but
    I guess I can't blame him, given the way I used to be. Tear told me that it's
    not easy to regain trust once I've lost it.
       ...Yeah, she's got a point. And besides, I don't have time for self-pity
    right now. We have to check up on St. Binah, and a war could start too. Ion
    and Natalia should be willing to help with both problems. It's time to head
    for Daath to rescue them.
       On the way to Daath is a place called the Fourth Monument Hill. The whole
    city of Daath is visible from the top of the hill. So that's where Natalia
    and Ion are being held... Jade said Anise is in Daath, trying to figure out
    where they are. I guess we'll be rejoining her once we arrive.
     =============================================                      =========
    | Daath, Headquarters of the Order of Lorelei |                    | [SY037] |
       We rejoined Anise in Daath, and she had discovered that Natalia and Ion
    were being held in the underground Oracle Headquarters. Outsiders aren't
    allowed to enter, so Tear is going to try and sneak us in as purported
    witnesses to the discovery of the Seventh Fonstone. First we have to see
    Maestro Tritheim to obtain a pass to enter the Oracle Headquarters.
       We succeeded in fooling Tritheim and obtaining a pass to the Oracle
    Headquarters. Okay, let's head underground.
     ========================                                           =========
    | Worrying About the War |                                         | [SY038] |
       On the way, we overheard Mohs and Legretta talking. It sounds like a war
    really is about to start. We'd better find Natalia and Ion fast so we can
    stop it.
     ========                                                           =========
    | Rescue |                                                         | [SY039] |
       We made it into the Oracle Headquarters, but there's no hint of where
    Natalia and Ion might be. We'll have to stay low while we look for them.
       We found Natalia and Ion in a room in the lower area of the Headquarters.
    They were both doing fine. That's a relief, anyway...
       Ion said that Master Van was trying to force him to open the Daathic seals
    on the Sephiroth. Just like Asch said, he must be trying to control the
    Sephiroth to make the Outer Lands collapse. It's too dangerous to stand
    around here talking, so we decided to return to the Fourth Monument Hill
    before doing anything else.
       We fled as far as the Fourth Monument Hill, but it looks like nobody's
    coming after us. I guess they can't go and kidnap their leader in broad
    daylight... They're not an evil organization, after all.
       At this rate, a war's going to break out, and there's still the
    possibility that St. Binah will collapse. But considering that Uncle sent me
    to Akzeriuth, I have to assume Mohs has his ear. In that case, we decided it
    would be best to rely on Jade's connections to get help from Emperor Peony of
       Fortunately, Asch left the Tartarus in Daath Bay for us, and it's capable
    of traveling on the sea, so we're going to take it to Malkuth. The port's
    northwest of the Fourth Monument Hill. We have to hurry.
       Grand Chokmah, the capital of Malkuth, apparently closes off its port when
    there's the threat of war, so we can't enter it from the sea. And not only is
    Jade probably thought lost in the Akzeriuth disaster, the Tartarus is
    believed to be in the hands of the Oracle Knights. It looks like we won't be
    able to use it to get to Grand Chokmah directly. We'll have to land at
    Rotelro Bridge, to the northeast of Chesedonia, and head for Grand Chokmah on
     =============================                                      =========
    | The Silver World, Keterburg |                                    | [SY040] |
    | This version of the entry will occur if you try to head directly to        |
    | Rotelro Bridge and don't do any sight-seeing in Keterburg ahead of time.   |
       On the way to Rotelro Bridge, we encountered a defensive mine. The
    resulting damage to the Tartarus was great enough that we could no longer
    reach Rotelro Bridge, so we decided to stop at the nearby Keterburg Bay for
       When we reached the port, a Malkuth soldier tried to interrogate us, but
    Jade's quick thinking got us out of that, saying that he would report to the
    governor of Keterburg instead. We're now headed for the town of Keterburg to
    meet with the governor.
       Wow! Nephry Osborne, the governor of Keterburg, is Jade's sister! Nephry
    was a really nice person, unlike Jade.
       Repair of the Tartarus would take some time, so we decided to spend it
    looking around the town.
       But just as we were leaving, Nephry pulled me aside and told me to come
    see her alone, that she has something important to tell me. I wonder what it
       Nephry wanted to tell me about the reason Jade invented fomicry. I don't
    know how well I can sum it up, but I'll try and write it down here.
       Basically, Jade thought up fomicry as a way to replicate a doll that
    Nephry broke. I guess that is kind of strange... Normally you'd just buy a
    new doll. But anyway, that was the first replica he created.
       Jade was a genius even when he was young, but he was never really able to
    understand the death of living things. He even killed harmless monsters just
    for fun. It was Professor Nebilim, a private teacher, who changed him. But an
    experiment Jade performed out of curiosity went awry and killed Professor
    Nebilim. He used fomicry on her while she was still breathing to try and
    revive her. That was the first living replica created...but even though it
    looked like her, it turned into a monster. Jade then had himself adopted by
    the Curtiss family and entered the army, all in order to revive Professor
       Nephry wanted me, another replica, to act as a deterrent to Jade. She was
    worried that he's still trying to revive Professor Nebilim. But he doesn't
    look that way to me. I don't like him, but he does seem to have common sense,
    at least now.
       (He probably wouldn't want to hear that from me...)
       Jade knew what Nephry had told me, and he said he's not trying to revive
    Professor Nebilim any longer. I think I can believe him when he says that...
    He understands death now. I saw that at Akzeriuth. So he'll be okay...I think.
       Jade told me not to tell anyone about this. Yeah, I can't blame him. I
    wouldn't know how to explain it anyway.
       The following morning, the Tartarus was usable again. Time to get back on
    course for Rotelro Bridge.
     =============================                                      =========
    | The Silver World, Keterburg |                                    | [SY041] |
    | This version of the entry will be entered if you go to Keterburg directly  |
    | instead of heading directly for Rotelro Bridge.                            |
       On the way to Rotelro Bridge, we stopped in at Keterburg Bay. Jade didn't
    seem very excited about it.
       When we reached the port, a Malkuth soldier tried to interrogate us, but
    Jade's quick thinking got us out of that, saying that he would report to the
    governor of Keterburg instead. We're now headed for the town of Keterburg to
    meet with the governor.
       Wow! Nephry Osborne, the governor of Keterburg, is Jade's sister! Nephry
    was a really nice person, unlike Jade.
       Maintenance of the Tartarus would take some time, so we decided to spend it
    looking around the town.
       But just as we were leaving, Nephry pulled me aside and told me to come
    see her alone, that she has something important to tell me. I wonder what it
       Nephry wanted to tell me about the reason Jade invented fomicry. I don't
    know how well I can sum it up, but I'll try and write it down here.
       Basically, Jade thought up fomicry as a way to replicate a doll that
    Nephry broke. I guess that is kind of strange... Normally you'd just buy a
    new doll. But anyway, that was the first replica he created.
       Jade was a genius even when he was young, but he was never really able to
    understand the death of living things. He even killed harmless monsters just
    for fun. It was Professor Nebilim, a private teacher, who changed him. But an
    experiment Jade performed out of curiosity went awry and killed Professor
    Nebilim. He used fomicry on her while she was still breathing to try and
    revive her. That was the first living replica created...but even though it
    looked like her, it turned into a monster. Jade then had himself adopted by
    the Curtiss family and entered the army, all in order to revive Professor
       Nephry wanted me, another replica, to act as a deterrent to Jade. She was
    worried that he's still trying to revive Professor Nebilim. But he doesn't
    look that way to me. I don't like him, but he does seem to have common sense,
    at least now.
       (He probably wouldn't want to hear that from me...)
       Jade knew what Nephry had told me, and he said he's not trying to revive
    Professor Nebilim any longer. I think I can believe him when he says that...
    He understands death now. I saw that at Akzeriuth. So he'll be okay...I think.
       Jade told me not to tell anyone about this. Yeah, I can't blame him. I
    wouldn't know how to explain it anyway.
       The following morning, the Tartarus was usable again. Time to get back on
    course for Rotelro Bridge.
     ============================                                       =========
    | The Incident in the Forest |                                     | [SY042] |
       We landed at Rotelro Bridge to head over to Rugnica for Grand Chokmah. But
    before we reach the capital, we'll have to pass through Theor Forest, to the
    north of Rotelro Bridge. We've wasted enough time as it is... We'd better get
       We reached Theor Forest, but perhaps in preparation for war, it was
    completely sealed off. We tried to convince them to let us through, but we
    couldn't gain their trust yet, so we ended up waiting at the entrance while
    Jade went to Grand Chokmah alone to get permission for us to pass.
       While we were waiting, all of a sudden we heard a soldier scream in the
    distance. That doesn't sound good... We'd better go see what's happening.
       Deeper in the forest, we found a soldier collapsed on the ground. It seems
    like he was attacked by Oracle Knights. They might be trying to break through
    the forest. At any rate, let's try and get to Grand Chokmah!
       Just when we were about to reach Grand Chokmah, Largo showed up and
    attacked us. So he's the one who attacked the Malkuth soldiers!
       But just then, Guy started attacking me all of a sudden, controlled by
    that curse slot. Ion said it was Sync that was controlling him. Then another
    earthquake occurred, and we managed to notice Sync hiding. Apparently they
    were trying to capture Ion. Finally some Malkuth soldiers showed up, and
    Largo and Sync ran off. We were able to protect Ion, but Guy's still
    unconscious, and we all ended up being arrested and taken to Grand Chokmah.
     =====================================                              =========
    | The Floating Capital, Grand Chokmah |                            | [SY043] |
       At the entrance to Grand Chokmah, a soldier named General Frings took
    custody of us. Apparently he had come to meet us ad Jade's request. He got a
    room for us at the hotel so we could cure Guy's curse slot. I was going to
    follow him in, but Ion stopped me.
       Ion says that a curse slot can't make you do something you don't really
    want to do. So that means Guy must hate me enough to want to kill me.
       I can't believe it... Is it because of Akzeriuth? Or did I hurt Guy
    without knowing it...?
       General Frings noticed my shock, and made some time for me before we went
    to see the Emperor.
       I guess I should try to cool myself down a bit...
       I was really down and didn't feel like talking to anyone, but Tear brought
    me back to reality. Perhaps Guy did hate me once, she said, but even if so,
    he still came back to wait for me at the Yulia Road exit.
       ...Yeah. I saw him express his trust in me, through Asch's eyes. If there
    is a reason he hates me enough to want to kill me, I'm sure he'll tell me
    about it. I ought to trust him, just like he trusted me.
       Okay, now's not the time to be sitting around depressed. Let's go find
    Jade and Natalia, and see the Emperor.
       General Frings led us into the castle, and we met with Emperor Peony.
       There, we learned that things were just as bad as we had feared.
       Kimlasca had declared war on Malkuth, accusing them of killing me and
    Natalia in the Akzeriuth incident. So that's why things are so tense here...
       And there are reports that the ground near St. Binah is sinking, so it
    looks like there's a good possibility St. Binah really will collapse...even
    though its collapse isn't written in the Score.
       Even worse, the Malkuth army was just sitting around, despite being able
    to guess at the danger to St. Binah. Apparently they thought that Akzeriuth
    was the work of Kimlasca, done in order to create a reason to go to war, and
    that if the Malkuth army moved to St. Binah, it would suffer the same fate.
       I asked Emperor Peony to let us take care of evacuating the people of St.
    Binah. If we're the only ones to enter the town, the Malkuth army will be
    safe, whatever happens. I thought we could gain his trust that way.
       Jade also spoke up for us, and it was decided to implement the plan: we
    would work with the forces stationed in St. Binah to evacuate the citizens of
    the town. We've got to hurry to St. Binah now, but I'm still worried about
    Guy... Is he doing okay? We should probably stop by the hotel before we leave.
       When we reached the hotel, we found out that Ion had succeeded in removing
    the curse slot on Guy. Guy had already recovered, and he told me of his past.
       Guy was originally from Malkuth--he was the successor to the House of
    Count Gardios, the family that controlled Hod Island. But the Hod War broke
    out when he was still young, and his family, his servants...all were killed
    by the Kimlascan army...by my father, Duke Fabre. Guy managed to survive, and
    made his way into my mansion to exact revenge.
       But Guy really is mature. Even though I'm a replica, I'm still the son of
    his most hated enemy. It would only be natural for him to hate me--but he
    asked me to take him with me, saying there was something he wanted to
    confirm. I'm glad of it, but it must be hard on Guy. Still, he laughed like
    he always has, so I don't feel quite as bad. Guy really is a great person.
    I'm glad to have him as a friend.
       Not only Guy, but Anise and Ion also joined us as we left for St. Binah.
    Ion expressed a strong desire to come. Anise wanted him to stay here, but
    knowing him he'd probably just come along anyway, and besides, it's easier to
    protect him if he's with us. Now we just need to head for St. Binah. Let's do
    what we can.
     ====================                                               =========
    | Collapsing Citadel |                                             | [SY044] |
       At St. Binah, the two McGoverns were arguing over whether to evacuate the
    townspeople or prepare for war. We delivered Emperor Peony's order, and they
    finally decided to abandon the town. Now we've got to lead everybody to
       I won't let anything like what happened to Akzeriuth happen again, ever.
       Just as we were about to finish the evacuation, Dist appeared to try and
    capture Ion. Why does he keep getting in our way?! At this rate we won't be
    able to evacuate everyone in time!
       We managed to forcibly remove him, but by then the town had already
    started to fall, leaving former Field Marshal McGovern and several
    townspeople trapped on the other side of a hole in the ground. Guy then told
    us about a flying fon machine that was being developed in the city of
    Sheridan, in Kimlasca. We might be able to save everyone that's still trapped
    if we had that.
       Tear also told us that the situation in St. Binah looked more like when
    Hod fell than like Akzeriuth.
       Apparently, in the case of Hod, the land fell slowly until it reached a
    force field called the "dividing line" and collapsed into the Qliphoth right
    after passing that point. If that's the case, we still have some time. I
    don't know if it'll be enough, but let's head for Sheridan to see if we can
    borrow the flying machine.
       Sheridan is on the east side of the Radessian continent, where Ortion
    Cavern was. It's probably fastest to head straight west from Baticul. We'll
    have to return to the Rotelro Bridge and board the Tartarus. Let's hurry.
     =================================                                  =========
    | The City of Craftsmen, Sheridan |                                | [SY045] |
       Sheridan is a city of craftsmen. I know Guy likes fon machines, but I
    can't believe how excited he's acting at a time like this. Oh well... In any
    case, we need to find someone who knows something about that flying machine.
       On a lookout, we found some old men and a woman all excited about
    something. Apparently the "Albiore" crashed during a test flight... Wait, is
    that the flying machine?! We'd better ask that old man Iemon about what's
    going on.
       Iemon said that the flying machine Albiore crashed in the Meggiora
    Highlands, trapping its pilot inside. And with the strong wind gusts in the
    Meggiora Highlands, it could fall down from the ledge it's on at any moment.
    The pilot would die for sure, and we might even lose the hover drive, the
    most important thing needed for flight. The hover drive is a fon machine
    excavated from 2000-year-old ruins, and nobody knows enough about them to
    make a new one today, so we'll have to recover that one or we'll have no way
    to fly. We arranged to borrow the second Albiore, which is still under
    construction, in exchange for recovering the pilot and the hover drive.
    They'll take parts they need from the Tartarus and finish building the
    Albiore II while we're gone. We won't be able to use the Tartarus after that,
    but we don't have any other options.
       Okay, let's get moving. We've got to get to the Meggiora Highlands soon,
    or we'll lose both the pilot and the hover drive.
       The Meggiora Highlands were swarming with monsters, just like the rumors
       In order to save the pilot of the unstable Albiore, we'll have to use
    launcher devices to secure it from both sides. We don't have much time, so
    we're going to split into two groups.
     ================================                                   =========
    | The Rescue and the Hover Drive |                                 | [SY046] |
    | This is pretty self-explanatory but this entry will show up if you manage |
    | to rescue Ginji from the ledge in time.                                    |
       We managed to reach the Albiore before it fell off the ledge, and rescued
    its pilot, Ginji. We also recovered the undamaged hover drive, so now we just
    have to bring it back to Iemon in Sheridan.
       We returned to Sheridan, and Ginji left us to deliver the hover drive to
    Iemon. Let's go see Iemon ourselves.
       When we arrived at the Albiore's dock to see Iemon, we were found by
    Kimlasca soldiers. They saw the Malkuth uniform Jade was wearing, and tried
    to capture us. I guess I can't blame them, being in a state of war and seeing
    an enemy soldier like that.
       We ran into the dock, and found that the Albiore was complete and ready to
    fly. We left Iemon and the others to handle the Kimlasca soldiers, and
    boarded the Albiore to go to St. Binah. Ginji's sister Noelle is piloting the
    Albiore for us. Thanks, Noelle!
     ================================                                   =========
    | The Rescue and the Hover Drive |                                 | [SY047] |
    | If you're under-leveled or just plain mean, this is the entry that will    |
    | show up if you don't manage to save Ginji in time.                         |
       We rushed as fast as we could, but we weren't able to reach the Albiore
    before it fell of the ledge. By the time we found the pilot, Ginji, he was no
    longer breathing. Ginji, I'm sorry we couldn't save you...
       We recovered the hover drive, luckily undamaged. Let's take it back to
    Iemon in Sheridan.
       When we returned to Sheridan, a girl named Noelle was waiting for us. She
    took the hover drive from us to deliver to Iemon. Let's go see Iemon
    ourselves. We'll have to tell him about Ginji as well...
       When we arrived at the Albiore's dock to see Iemon, we were found by
    Kimlasca soldiers. They saw the Malkuth uniform Jade was wearing, and tried
    to capture us. I guess I can't blame them, being in a state of war and seeing
    an enemy soldier like that.
       We ran into the dock, and found that the Albiore was complete and ready to
    fly. We left Iemon and the others to handle the Kimlasca soldiers, and
    boarded the albiore to go to St. Binah. It turns out that Noelle is Ginji's
    sister, and she'll be piloting the Albiore for us. Sorry, Noelle...
     ==================================                                 =========
    | The Albiore and the Sinking Town |                               | [SY048] |
       The Albiore managed to make it to St. Binah just in time. We picked up
    former Field Marshal McGovern and the other trapped people, and took off in
    the Albiore. Just then, St. Binah fell past the dividing line and collapsed
    into the Qliphoth.
       According to Tear, if we don't do anything, St. Binah will fall into the
    mantle and disappear. The people from St. Binah looked depressed at that. I
    tried really hard to think of how we could save the town. I thought about
    Akzeriuth... Could the reason only pieces of land remained be because of the
    hyperresonance I caused? In that case, since St. Binah's collapse was caused
    by Master Van doing something to the Sephiroth, couldn't we do something else
    to it and raise the land up again?
       But Tear said that nobody knows how to control the Sephiroth, so that
    would be difficult. I started to lose control and lashed out at everybody.
       I was mad that they wouldn't help me think of how to save St. Binah, that
    they didn't realize how much I wanted to avoid a second Akzeriuth.
       But then Jade scolded me. I think that's the first time he's ever done
    that. He's looked at me strangely, he's annoyed me, he's ignored me plenty of
    times, but he's never scolded me.
       Jade told me that everyone else wants to save St. Binah too. That's when I
    realized--everyone knew that panicking wouldn't accomplish anything, so they
    were trying to think calmly. Only I was flailing around like a stupid kid. I
    haven't changed at all... I'm really pathetic.
       Jade suggested that we ask about the Sephiroth at Yulia City. Yeah, that's
    probably best right now. Let's head for Yulia City.
       Teodoro was waiting for us at Yulia City... Apparently they had realized
    something was wrong when St. Binah collapsed. We placed the people from St.
    Binah in his custody before heading on. Just then, Mr. McGovern told me to
    cheer up--Jade wouldn't waste his time scolding people he didn't think were
    worth it.
       Really? I'd like to think so... It would mean I've regained a little bit
    of trust--no, I was probably never trusted in the first place, so maybe I've
    finally earned some trust for myself. But I can't let it go to my head.
       Anyway, I'll keep trying. Let's go see what Teodoro can tell us.
       I asked Teodoro if there was any way to save St. Binah and the lands
    around it. He said that there was no way to raise it back up to the height it
    used to be at, but it might be possible to keep it from sinking further.
       Here's how it would work.
       The Outer Lands are held up by power from the planet's vital points, the
    Sephiroth. Pillars called Sephiroth Trees are extended from the Sephiroth,
    creating a force field called the "dividing line" on which the Outer Lands
       The Sephiroth Trees are created by devices called "passage rings" that
    control the Sephiroth. That's how Master Van was able to make the Sephiroth
    Tree beneath St. Binah disappear. So if we reactivate the Sephiroth Tree, we
    should be able to create a force field above the mantle that will keep the
    area around St. Binah afloat. That may be the limit of what we could do, but
    Teodoro says it should be possible.
       The passage ring that was supporting the area around St. Binah is
    apparently under Shurrey Hill. Ion said he was brought there when he was
    captured on the Tartarus and forced to remove the Daathic seal. That's one of
    several seals the passage rings were protected with, since they're such
    important devices. Master Van must have gotten around all of them somehow.
       It's also necessary to use the Seventh Fonon to operate the passage ring,
    but that shouldn't be a problem. We've got two Seventh Fonists with us, Tear
    and Natalia, and it seems like even I can use the Seventh Fonon.
       Sitting around sulking won't help St. Binah. Let's see what we can do at
    Shurrey Hill.
     ==================                                                 =========
    | The Passage Ring |                                               | [SY049] |
       We arrived at Shurrey Hill. The Daathic seal is already gone, so let's
    head inside.
       We came as far as the device that's presumably the passage ring, but it
    doesn't respond to anything we do. Apparently it's still sealed by the Yulian
    seal. That's odd... I thought Master Van removed that seal. Maybe he sealed
    it again? Let's look around Shurrey Hill and see if we can find a way to
    unseal the passage ring.
       Well, we've done what we can. I was worried that we still wouldn't be able
    to use the passage ring, but it reacted to Tear and started up. I wonder if
    it's because Tear is a descendant of Yulia.
       Anyway, we were about to try and use the passage ring, but it looks like
    Master Van was a step ahead of us--he set the passage ring so that the
    Sephiroth Tree couldn't be regenerated. Put simply, he's made a valve out of
    some sort of code that closed off the Sephiroth. We were stuck, so I asked if
    there was any way I could use hyperresonance to erase the valve. I have been
    practicing the use of hyperresonance, after all... Jade said that it could
    work, so I gave it a shot.
       The passage ring control panel is something like a picture, with all the
    information represented graphically. So if the part of the picture
    representing the valve is erased, then the code will disappear too. I
    followed Jade's instructions, using hyperresonance to cut the valve part out,
    and succeeded in reviving the Sephiroth Tree.
       I did it! But just as I was getting elated, we found out that things were
    much worse than we thought. It turns out that the Sephiroth Tree controlled
    here had been supporting almost the entire continent of Rugnica. At the very
    least, it looks like Engeve is going to fall as well.
       We can't just sit around here--we have to evacuate everybody from Engeve!
       With the comparatively light weight of the Albiore, it should be easy to
    use the remaining power of the Sephiroth to return to the Outer Lands. Let's
    head for the hole in the Outer Lands northeast of Yulia City.
     ===============                                                    =========
    | The Binah War |                                                  | [SY050] |
       We returned to the Outer Lands...and found that Kimlasca and Malkuth had
    gone to war.
       So we weren't able to stop the war after all...
       Worse, the battles were occurring throughout the East Rugnica Plains. The
    Sephiroth Tree that was supporting this area is already gone--at this rate,
    all the soldiers on the battlefield will die.
       Tear said that this was Master Van's real aim. There was a reason he was
    trying to make people follow the Score he hated so much: by causing a war and
    then removing the Sephiroth Tree under the battlefield, he could eliminate a
    large number of people from the Outer Lands all at once.
       But why is Master Van trying to kill people here? Is it revenge for Hod?
       Thinking about that won't help us right now. We've got to stop the war and
    get everyone out of the area. We decided to split into two groups: one group
    going with Natalia to negotiate a cease-fire, and the other going with Jade
    to evacuate the people of Engeve.
     ======================                                             =========
    | Civilians in Wartime |                                           | [SY051] |
    | This only appears if Luke goes with Jade to Engeve. It doesn't matter who  |
    | your third party member is since they don't get mentioned.                 |
       Jade consulted with the people of Engeve, and it was decided to have
    Noelle carry the women, children, and elderly in the Albiore, while the rest
    crossed the battlefield on foot, heading for Chesedonia. It's dangers, but
    given the limited space on the Albiore, it's the only way we'll make it in
    time. We'll have to be careful not to get caught up in any battles if we can
    help it.
       We heard a lot of shocking things on the way to Chesedonia.
       It seems that both the incident at Akzeriuth and this war have disrupted
    the lives of many people.
       When we reached Chesedonia, for some reason Natalia was there as well.
    Apparently she had crossed the battlefield to meet Count Almandine, the
    commander-in-chief, about a cease-fire.
     ================                                                   =========
    | The Cease-Fire |                                                 | [SY052] |
    | This one only appears if Luke goes with Natalia to Kaitzur. Again, it      |
    | doesn't matter who your third party member is.                             |
       Natalia found General Cecille about to march, and asked her to stop the
    fighting, but she said that only the Commander-In-Chief, Almandine, had the
    authority to order a cease-fire, and he was in Chesedonia. Natalia decided to
    cross the battlefield for Chesedonia in order to speak with Almandine, but
    we'll have to try and avoid running into any enemies--we're not going out for
    the purpose of fighting, after all.
       On the way to Chesedonia, General Frings and General Cecille both visited
    us, and ran into each other. Both of them are good people, but I guess the
    enemy really is the enemy.
       When we reached Chesedonia, we found Jade there as well. Apparently Grand
    Chokmah was closed as a defensive measure, so he led the people of Engeve
    across the battlefield to Chesedonia.
       For all that it may have been read in the Score as necessary for future
    prosperity, I still don't like war. I can't say whether it's good or bad, I
    just don't like it...and I'm afraid of it.
       We'll have to find Count Almandine and persuade him to stop the war. I
    hope we find him soon.
     ==================                                                 =========
    | A Fake Princess? |                                               | [SY053] |
       We found Almandine with Mohs near the border in the center of Chesedonia.
    But just as we tried to persuade him to order a cease-fire, Mohs said
    something unthinkable. He claimed that Natalia was a fake princess. That's
    impossible! I couldn't believe it, but Mohs said he had proof. That made
    getting a cease-fire hopeless, and Count Almandine returned to the
    battlefield. Mohs seems satisfied in getting the war started like the Score
    says. And to think that Yulia City is so concerned about St. Binah
    falling...how can he still think the war is the key to prosperity?!
       As if that wasn't bad enough, Mohs suggested to Ion that he return to
    Daath, and amazingly, Ion agreed. I don't know what he's planning, but I'm
    worried that Master Van will capture him again if he leaves our side.
       But Mohs denied that possibility. He doesn't seem to approve of Van
    destroying the Sephiroth Trees and making the Outer Lands fall. It looks like
    Mohs and Master Van have different plans. Then I guess Ion's safe for the
       Ion left Anise with us, then returned to Daath with Mohs.
       We decided to head for Baticul as a last resort and try to convince Uncle
    to stop the war. But the Albiore is being used to carry people from Engeve,
    so we can't use it right now. Worse, we entered from the Malkuth side, and
    with the war going on the border is closed. If we can't cross over to
    Kimlasca, we can't reach Baticul. There must be a way around... We'll just
    have to search every nook and cranny in the town.
       In order to cross the border, we tried entering the bar, which has doors
    on both sides, thinking we could just enter from one side and leave from the
       But inside, the Dark Wings were demanding bribes to let people through. We
    made a deal with them and managed to make it to the Kimlasca side of the
    border...but just how long do we have to put up with them getting in our way,
       Well, I guess getting angry won't solve anything. Let's hurry to Baticul!
       When we tried to leave Chesedonia for the desert, for some reason we were
    stopped. Apparently something's happened in the desert. A Kimlasca soldier
    went to Astor's place to report... Let's go ask Astor what happened.
     ===========================                                        =========
    | The Fate of the Villagers |                                      | [SY054] |
       We met with Astor, and apparently Ion had already asked him to take in the
    people of Engeve, so he agreed readily. Whew...they would have been in a
    tough situation if they'd been turned out.
     =======================                                            =========
    | A Prelude to Collapse |                                          | [SY055] |
       The news about the desert that had been brought to Astor was serious: the
    entire area around Chesedonia and the Zao Desert was sinking.
       That's the same as St. Binah... Master Van must have removed the Sephiroth
    Tree under this area too. And with this war going on, there's no way we can
    evacuate everybody like we did with St. Binah and Engeve. What can we do...?
       Jade had an interesting answer to that question.
       Once a Sephiroth Tree has disappeared, it won't be able to support the
    Outer Lands above it again even if it's restored. But if we use it the same
    way we did to keep St. Binah afloat, we might be able to lower the falling
    land gently, like an elevator. If we can manage that, then we won't have to
    worry about people dying from the impact with the Qliphoth on the surface,
    even if we can't evacuate them. There's still the problem of the miasma in
    the Qliphoth, but at least we can keep everything from being destroyed at
    once. It's better than doing nothing, at least.
       The passage ring that controlled the Sephiroth Tree in this area is in the
    Zao Ruins. Ion's already opened the Daathic seal there, so we should be able
    to reach the passage ring by ourselves. Let's head for the Zao Ruins.
       But I have to admit I'm worried about Natalia. She's pushing herself to
    help us do what we need to, but the shock of being called an imposter is
    really telling on her. She probably likes Asch, so maybe he could comfort
    her... After all, he's...the real me.
       As we were about to leave for the Zao Ruins, Asch contacted me through
    that channel again, and told us to go to the oasis. Tear was worried that
    Master Van might be behind it, but at this point I don't think Asch is
    connected to either him or Mohs. Anyway, let's head for the desert oasis and
    see what he has to say.
       Asch and I met for the first time in a while, and I was sure he was going
    to start in on me again, but he just asked if anything strange was happening
    to me. What's with him? When I told him no, he tried to leave again, and just
    when he'd dragged us all out here.
       What's his problem, anyway?
       When I pressed him, he finally told us that the area around Engeve had
    started to fall, and the battlefield's going to go with it.
       Even if we're able to let the area around Chesedonia down safely, we
    wouldn't be able to save the people on the battlefield... But when Asch heard
    what we were planning to do, he suggested a way to save the battlefield as
       He said that we could operate the passage ring at Shurrey Hill remotely,
    lowering the battlefield area slowly along with Chesedonia. Apparently the
    Sephiroth are all connected to each other, so one passage ring can be used to
    control another if they're both already activated--at least in theory. All we
    can do now is try it and hope for the best...
       Asch left then, saying he was going to see what Master Van was up to, and
    we started for the Zao Ruins.
       We were able to reach the place where the Daathic seal had been with no
    trouble. A monster that had been living in the ruins got in our way, but we
    were able to defeat it, so we shouldn't have anything else to worry about.
    The area beyond here is probably another relic structure from the days of the
    Fonic War, just like at Shurrey Hill. Let's go find that passage ring.
       We succeeded in operating the passage ring in the same way we did at
    Shurrey Hill. Jade gave me instructions to carve away this, connect that, and
    I followed them. I still don't quite understand how it all works, but in the
    end it looks like we managed to control the passage ring at Shurrey Hill as
    well, just like Asch said.
       We waited for a while, until it seemed like the area had reached the
    Qliphoth safely. Okay, let's head outside and see if it really has.
       I'm a bit worried about Tear, though...she got dizzy when we were
    operating the passage ring, and she doesn't look too good. Guy was thinking
    about something, too--I wonder what...
       When we got outside, we saw that we really were in the Qliphoth. But to
    return to the Outer Lands from here, we'll need the Albiore. Noelle was
    supposed to meet us in Chesedonia... I'm sure she'll have made it even if she
    had to land while it was descending. Let's go to Chesedonia and see if we can
    find her.
     ==========================                                         =========
    | Diverging from the Score |                                       | [SY056] |
       Noelle was waiting for us in Chesedonia. I knew she'd make it. She really
    is amazing.
       As soon as we found her, Jade asked her to fly around the Qliphoth so that
    he could check something. He didn't say what, but when he gets like that
    there's always something up. I just hope it's nothing bad... Well, anyway,
    let's go fly around the Qliphoth a bit.
       Once we were airborne, we saw right away what Jade was worried about.
       The Sephiroth Trees supporting the outer lands were flickering, bright one
    moment, dim the next as if they were going to disappear... That can't be
    normal. Jade said it was because the Sephiroth were out of control. That was
    also part of the reason for all the earthquakes on the Outer Lands--they
    weren't just because of the land falling.
       Jade said that there was a warning on the passage ring control panel about
    the passage rings reaching their endurance limit. He said some sort of
    influence on the Sephiroth probably made them go out of control, and the
    passage rings hadn't been able to deal with it. At this rate the passage
    rings will stop functioning soon, and the Sephiroth Trees will all disappear.
    If that happens, all of the Outer Lands will fall into the Qliphoth, killing
    everyone in the collapse. That can't be... What can we do...?
       It seems even the people of Yulia City didn't expect that to happen. I
    guess that's not surprising, since the fall of St. Binah wasn't foretold by
    the Score either. Could this be the first time that Yulia's Score has been
       Tear says that there are some things even Teodoro, the mayor of Yulia
    City, isn't allowed to know, and that they may say something about what's
    happening. The only one who is permitted access to those materials is the Fon
    Master--so Ion might be able to tell us something. Natalia was worried about
    the war, but after the descent into the Qliphoth, I doubt either side is
    thinking about that. We decided to see Ion before heading to Baticul. He
    should be in Daath--I hope he can help us...
       Travelers in Daath were up in arms about being trapped with no ships
    running. But with eighty percent of Rugnica as well as the Zao Desert gone,
    it's certainly no time to be traveling on the sea. Apparently the war's come
    to a halt too, so we'd better go see if Ion can help us.
       Apparently Ion's room is protected against intruders by a fonic glyph that
    only executives of the Order can use. But Anise knows how to use it, so let's
    go find that fonic glyph.
       Ion wasn't in his room. And talk about bad timing--just as we entered, we
    heard Mohs and Dist approaching, so we hid in the shadows. Fortunately, they
    didn't notice us, and we were able to overhear them talking about using Ion
    to restart the war. How can they still be thinking about that at a time like
    this? I can't believe it...
       It looks like Mohs is trying to get the war restarted to fulfill the
    Score, while Dist is bouncing back and forth between Mohs and Master Van for
    his own ends. So what's Master Van trying to do? Is he really trying to
    exterminate humanity? Since it's pretty clear what Mohs is up to, it might be
    better to take care of him first.
       In any case, we still have to talk to Ion. Mohs said he's in the library--
    let's go see him.
     ==================                                                 =========
    | The Closed Score |                                               | [SY057] |
       Ion was surprised at us turning up. We explained to him what was going on,
    and asked him if there was anything in Yulia's Score about the Sephiroth
    going out of control.
       But Ion said he didn't know about the Closed Score, even though he should
    be able to access all the Order's information. Apparently he'd never bothered
    to check it. Why not? Even if Mohs had kept him from doing it, isn't that odd?
       Putting that aside, Ion said that the fall of Akzeriuth and everything
    else that's happened motivated him to return to Daath in order to investigate
    the Closed Score. If he'd known it earlier, he probably would have realized
    when we met that I would destroy Akzeriuth.
       But Ion couldn't recall anything about the Sephiroth going out of control,
    even in the Closed Score. In order to confirm what Yulia's Score actually
    says, we went to the chapel, where Ion says he can read the Score, including
    the Closed Score.
       Yulia's Score is extremely long, and would take a great deal of time to
    read in its entirety, so Ion only read the parts that dealt with the collapse
    of land in recent years--though the Seventh Fonstone is missing, so it's only
    up to what the Sixth Fonstone has.
       But we didn't learn anything new from the Score Ion read to us. We were
    talking about whether the Seventh Fonstone might have any information of use
    when Tear said something strange. She pointed out that Yulia's Score doesn't
    say anything about replicas--about me. Does that mean that we've already
    diverged from the Score? And if so...is it because I was born?
       As we were thinking about that, we were suddenly attacked by Oracle
    Knights. If they're coming after us, they must be the Grand Maestro faction!
       We can't afford to be captured here--we'd better flee to the Albiore,
    outside Daath.
       Mohs was a step ahead of us--by the time we got to the edge of Daath, he
    had already blocked the exit. Tear tried to tell him that the Score wasn't
    functioning anymore, but he insisted on holding to it, and went on to say
    that if I die and the war starts, the world will enter an age of great
    prosperity. We tried to escape from him, but Dist had taken Noelle hostage as
    well. In the end, he captured us, and seems to intend to use us at Baticul to
    restart the war. Isn't there anything we can do?
     ======================                                             =========
    | The Baticul Incident |                                           | [SY058] |
       Natalia and I were separated from the others and brought to Natalia's
    room, inside the castle. We were going to be executed there by poison. But
    then we heard Tear singing a fonic hymn, and everyone showed up--how did they
    get free? It probably would have been better to flee, but Natalia insisted on
    going to see Uncle, to find out why he ordered our deaths. I feel the same
    way. And besides, we have to see him to keep the war from getting restarted
    as well.
       Everyone went along with us. It'll be dangerous, but let's head for the
    audience hall.
       When we entered the audience hall, Mohs, Largo, and Dist were there too--
    along with Natalia's wet-nurse.
       There, Natalia learned that she was in fact her nanny's granddaughter. The
    real Natalia was stillborn, which left the Queen consort herself in shock, so
    Natalia's wet-nurse switched the dead baby for her own just-born
       Uncle ordered me and Natalia killed, saying he would then declare war on
       But he didn't look at us when he said it. I think he wasn't sure of
    himself. He believed that Yulia's Score was still functional, and listened to
    Mohs in order to fulfill the Score and bring about prosperity. Yes, it may be
    perfectly natural to follow the Score, and it may be hard to even imagine
    going against it.
       But Uncle...is this really what you want?
       Uncle didn't listen, and we were trapped--but then Asch came in and saved
    us. Apparently he's the one who saved the others before. We left him to deal
    with the situation and fled the castle. Now we've got to get out of
    Baticul...that's our only way to survive.
       As we left the castle, Pere the gardener and the White Knights from the
    manor came out to help us. Thanks!
       Soldiers kept coming after us, but the people of Baticul came to our aid.
    They were all people who'd been helped by Natalia's policies of aiding the
    weak. Natalia may not be a princess, but she's certainly done the job of one.
    How come she's being thrown out of the castle?
       When we had almost made it out of Baticul, General Goldberg charged after
    us, not even hesitating to attack the townspeople in his way. But Asch caught
    up with us and stopped him.
       The townspeople helped us escape, and told us to flee through Inista Marsh
    to the west, since the Zao Desert has fallen. Thank you all... I just hope
    you don't suffer for letting us get away.
     ===================                                                =========
    | Through the Marsh |                                              | [SY059] |
       Inista Marsh is the largest marsh in the world. With the dangerous
    monsters living here, almost nobody passes through, but we don't have any
    other choice. I'm worried about Asch, who we left behind in Baticul, but the
    longer we stay here, the greater risk we run of being caught. We'll have to
    make it through here and to Belkend, beyond the marsh.
       There's an incredibly tough monster called a Behemoth living in Inista
    Marsh. I don't know whether it has some sort of special power or what, but we
    couldn't do anything at all against it. Since we can't defeat it, we'll have
    to run if we encounter it.
       The Behemoth is a problem, but I'm worried about Natalia, too... She's
    been looking down ever since we left Baticul.
       I can't blame her. It was really tough on me when I found out I was a
    replica, after all. Guy tried to cheer her up, but she probably still hurts
       Just as we were about to make i tout of the marsh, the Behemoth attacked
    again. We did manage to make it away, though--for some reason it flinched
    from my attack.
       Why would that be? Up until now we hadn't been able to even scratch it.
    Jade said Tear's fonic hymns might have had something to do with it, but who
    can tell? Anyway, we managed to make it out of Inista Marsh, so let's head
    for Belkend. It's west of here along the mountain range.
     ===================================                                =========
    | The City of Fon Machines, Belkend |                              | [SY060] |
       When we got to Belkend, Jade told me that when he was here with Asch, he'd
    heard Spinoza talking about working with Van. Well, yeah, I saw that too.
    Anyway, as long as we're here we might as well see if he has anything to tell
     =======================                                            =========
    | An Unexpected Meeting |                                          | [SY061] |
       At the laboratory, Oracle Knights mistook me for Asch and took me to
    Master Van. It's the first time I've seen him since Akzeriuth.
       It seems like Master Van really does hate the Score. He said that Lorelei,
    the collective consciousness of the Seventh Fonon, is what's creating the
    Score, so he's going to destroy Lorelei and free the world from the Score.
    And his plan for doing that is to drop the Outer Lands into the Qliphoth. I
    can't understand how the collapse of the Outer Lands could free the world
    from the Score, but Master Van doesn't seem to care that doing so will
    destroy all of humanity. He says that since everybody living now is
    controlled by the Score, with no free will of their own, he'll just replace
    them with replicas. ...So Master Van's plan is to create a replica world?
       The meeting ended with Asch coming in to intervene. Master Van called me
    an inferior product, and asked Asch, my original, to help him. So I was just
    a replacement for Asch from the beginning... And it looks like Guy used to be
    on Master Van's side--though I'm sure he isn't now. But it looks like I've
    really been alone from the beginning...
       As we left Master Van, Asch said he had something to give us. He'll be
    waiting for us at the inn...
       No, stop it! Getting all depressed over the obvious won't solve anything!
    Yeah, it's tough to hear about Guy and Master Van, but it's the truth.
    Besides, how can I not trust Guy? Okay, let's settle myself down and head for
    the inn.
     ==============================                                     =========
    | The Forbidden Text's Secrets |                                   | [SY062] |
       When we reached the inn, Noelle was there--apparently Asch saved her as
    well. Dammit, how come he gets all the glory?
       Noelle told us that she had come here on the Albiore, but the Albiore's
    flightstone had been taken away, so it can only travel on the water now. But
    at least it gives us a way to get around.
       The thing Asch had for us was a book sent by Ion--Jade called it a
    forbidden text, and said it was a history book about the Dawn Age. Jade's the
    only one among us who could understand it, so we left it to him, and decided
    to spend the night at the inn.
       We learned some important information from the forbidden text. Let's see
    if I can summarize it.
       Our current problem is that the Sephiroth are out of control, and the
    Outer Lands are facing the threat of collapse. We don't even know the reason
    for the behavior of the Sephiroth. At this rate, all of humanity could die.
       In order to avoid that, one thing we could do is lower the entire Outer
    Lands into the Qliphoth, like we did with Chesedonia. There's still the
    problem of the miasma, but in any case, the Outer Lands used to be in the
    Qliphoth, so we'd just be returning Auldrant to its original form.
       But even if we do that, the out-of-control Sephiroth won't be able to keep
    the land afloat forever, and it'll eventually sink into the liquefied crust
    of the Qliphoth. So we'll have to solidify the crust first.
       Basically, we have to find a way to solidify the crust and then lower the
    Outer Lands.
       So why did the crust of the Qliphoth turn liquid in the first place? The
    forbidden text had an answer for that.
       It says that the cause of the liquefaction is the Planet Storm, an
    important facility that carries energy throughout the world. The Planet Storm
    is causing the core to vibrate, and those vibrations are resonating
    throughout the planet. But if we stopped the Planet Storm, fonic artes and
    fontech would be drastically weakened, and we'd lose a lot of resources, so
    that's not an option. As an alternative, the book described research that had
    been done on stopping the core's vibration while leaving the Planet Storm
    active. But since it wasn't written in the Score, nobody until now has paid
    attention to either the core's vibration or the possibility of Planet Storm
       The Score may have been an absolute before, but now there's a good chance
    it's not even functioning anymore. I think we should go ahead and stop the
    core's vibration to solidify the crust, then lower the Outer Lands.
       In order to stop the core's vibration, we'll need to recreate a fon
    machine based on the forbidden text, so we'll need help from researchers. The
    researchers here are all under the eye of Master Van or Father...it'll be too
    dangerous to ask them. But then Guy said he had a thought, and suggested
    looking for someone named Hencken at the fon machine laboratory. Let's go see
    if we can find him.
       We found Hencken in the laboratory. At first he refused to help us, but
    the instant we mentioned the name of Iemon, from Sheridan, his mood changed
    completely. He even volunteered to talk the governor into helping keep the
    research secret from Master Van. Apparently there's some sort of rivalry
    between Iemon and Hencken. Guy knew about it and used it to convince Hencken
    to help. He and his partner Cathy ran off to the governor's mansion even
    before we were able to explain what we wanted. Oh well, let's go follow them.
       The governor of Belkend is subordinate to Father. I was worried that he'd
    report us, but Hencken and Cathy handled the situation well, so that the
    problem was taken care of. But before they can construct the actual device,
    they said they need to know the core's vibration frequency. In order to
    measure that, we'll have to find a Sephiroth Tree that's still supporting the
    Outer Lands, but the only Sephiroth we know are the ones we already lowered
    into the Qliphoth. (Actually, it seems that the locations of the Sephiroth
    themselves are known, but not the locations of the passage rings.)
       So it's time to ask Ion again. He should have the Daathic seal protecting
       We left the construction of the measuring device to Hencken and Cathy, and
    left for Daath to pick up Ion.
       When we left the governor's mansion, we saw Spinoza outside--he'd been
    listening in on us. He got away, undoubtedly to tell Master Van of what we're
       Our plans would probably cause problems for Master Van, and more than
    anything, he's got the laboratory under his control, so Hencken and Cathy
    could be in danger. We were about to chase after Spinoza, but then Asch said
    he'd take care of Spinoza, so we should go and get Ion. Something about the
    way he said it made me really mad, and I started arguing with him.
       Eventually it was decided that Asch would go after Spinoza and we'd see to
    Ion...but to be honest, I want to find Spinoza myself. Before Asch does. I
    can't stand losing to him.
       I will head for Daath...but you guys don't mind a little side trip, right?
     ============                                                       =========
    | After Him! |                                                     | [SY063] |
    | This entry only shows up if you do what Luke wants and chase after         |
    | Spinoza. Otherwise, it skips this entry and goes to Rejoining Ion [SY064]. |
       Everyone got angry with me, but I ended up checking around various towns
    to try and find Spinoza. Just wait, I'll get to him before Asch!
       That was the plan, anyway, but it turns out that Asch had hired the Dark
    Wings, and he worked with them to find Spinoza. Damn...I keep on losing to
    Asch. Oh well, let's get going to Daath.
     ===============                                                    =========
    | Rejoining Ion |                                                  | [SY064] |
       Well, we finally made it to Daath. We'd better be careful this time not to
    get caught by Mohs.
       The first thing we did was to check with Anise's parents on what the
    Oracle Knights were doing.
       According to them, Mohs and the God-Generals were all out of Daath at the
    moment. They said Arietta might return soon, so now's our chance. Let's get
    Ion out while we can.
       We met Ion and explained everything that had happened, and Ion agreed to
    come with us. He says that there's a passage ring in Tataroo Valley. Let's go
    report to Hencken.
       As we were leaving the church, Asch used his channel to contact me.
       He said that Spinoza got away from him, and Master Van has found us out.
       Give me a break! What was all that about "I'll go find him"?! Some job you
       Well, at least Asch finally sounded concerned. He said he got Hencken and
    Cathy out of Belkend on a ship of Sheridan, so I guess we'll be heading for
    Sheridan now.
     ==================                                                 =========
    | Painful Memories |                                               | [SY065] |
       Just as we were about to leave Daath, we ran into Arietta, who had just
    returned. Things got ugly pretty quick, but then Anise's mother, Pamela, got
    badly injured protecting Ion. We managed to stop Arietta, but Pamela was in
    bad condition. And it looks like the scene triggered something in Guy's
       Things finally settled down, and we managed to get Pamela to safety and
    see to her injuries. Once her condition was stable, I headed for the chapel
    to talk to Guy.
       Guy had remembered the time during the Hod War when his family had been
    killed. In order to protect him, the heir to the house of Gardios, his sister
    and servants gave their lives, throwing themselves between him and the
    attacking soldiers. He lost consciousness then, but when he woke, he was
    buried beneath the bloody bodies of his sister and the maids. Ever since
    then, the touch of a woman unconsciously brought up the terror of that
    instant. ...It's my father that caused Guy such painful memories.
       I can't apologize enough to Guy...
       But Guy laughed and said he was fine. I feel bad for him, but it's
    dangerous to stay here any longer than we have to, so we'd better hurry to
     =============================                                      =========
    | Preparing to Lower the Land |                                    | [SY066] |
       The Dark Wings were waiting for us in Sheridan, and said that they'd
    brought Hencken and Cathy with them. I have no clue why we're getting along
    with those guys, but now's not the time to be thinking about that. Let's go
    see Hencken and Cathy.
       We found Cathy and Tamara outside the meeting all. Apparently Hencken and
    Iemon are fighting inside. Can't they at least show a little maturity at that
       It wasn't easy, but the two finally agreed to work with each other.
    They've certainly got plenty of energy for their age.
       In any case, we got the measuring device. While we measure the core's
    vibration frequency in Tataroo Valley, they'll build us a device to stop the
    vibration. Okay, let's get going to Tataroo Valley!
     ================================                                   =========
    | The Place Where It All Started |                                 | [SY067] |
       When we reached Tataroo Valley, I made a comment about the last time I was
    here that had the girls making fun of me. ...And Tear was cold to me. That
    kind of hurt. Why is she always so cold to me...? I guess I'm still a loser.
       As we went farther into the valley, we came across a rare butterfly that
    can be sold for a lot of money. Anise left us and ran after it... She's just
    as bad as always when it comes to money. I'm hardly one to comment, but how
    is she going to manage when she grows up?
       Just then, an earthquake occurred, and Anise almost fell off the edge of
    the cliff she was running along. And Guy saved her! The same Guy who couldn't
    stand even the lightest touch of a woman...that's a huge step for him. I hope
    the pain in his heart heals quickly.
       We found a path we had missed at night, and followed it to find a doorway
    with a Daathic seal. This must be where the passage ring is.
       As we were going to enter, a monster called a uniceros appeared. Uniceros
    don't normally attack people, but this one suddenly charged us. We managed to
    knock it unconscious, then had Mieu talk to it. It said that it didn't like
    miasma, and since Tear had miasma in her, it had attacked us unthinkingly.
    Tear has miasma in her? What's that supposed to mean?
       The uniceros eventually left, but I wonder if Tear's okay...
       Ion opened the door for us. It seemed hard on him... I wonder if it's just
    because his body is weak. Come to think of it, Tear always seems to get tired
    when she approaches a passage ring. I hope she'll be okay... Not that I have
    any idea what to do about it, so we might as well head inside.
       We measured the core's vibration frequency, and made preparations for
    lowering the Outer Lands while we were at it. According to Jade, the plan is
    to link all the remaining passage rings together, and have them lower the
    Outer Lands all at once. Well, if Jade says so... Oops, I was trying not to
    just blindly rely on people like that. I wonder why I keep trying to do
    that... I guess I'd better be careful.
       Anyway, we did what we came for. Let's head back to Sheridan and report
    the results.
     ====================                                               =========
    | Unifying the World |                                             | [SY068] |
       When we got back to Sheridan, Iemon and the others said they were
    modifying the Tartarus to use in neutralizing the core's vibration. After all
    the time it's been sitting in the port, it's finally got a job to do--and
    what a job!
       They said it'll still take a while to finish their work, so we handed over
    the measurements we'd made and headed outside to kill some time.
       Since we had the time, I brought up something that's been bothering me for
    a while.
       I was wondering whether it was really okay for us to go ahead with the
    preparations for lowering the Outer Lands all on our own. If we go and
    actually do it without getting permission from Emperor Peony and Uncle,
    things might get ugly.
       Everybody agreed, but Natalia seemed uneasy. I can't blame her... After
    all, Uncle tried to kill both of us, and she thinks she's not a real princess.
       Natalia asked us to let her think it over, so we headed for the inn to get
    some rest.
       I woke up early in the morning at a sound from nearby. Apparently Natalia
    had left her room. I was a little worried, so I followed after her, and saw
    her talking with Asch. I watched them for a little while, but their
    conversation started to get pretty deep and I thought I shouldn't be
    listening in. So I headed back to the inn--and there was Tear, who scolded me
    for that very thing. I sure do get scolded a lot, don't I?
       Seeing Asch and Natalia like that might have made me a bit uncertain of
    myself... I started talking about how things might have been if I hadn't been
    born. But then Tear said that my experiences and feelings are my own and that
    I shouldn't deny them.
       Yeah...I wish I could believe that.
       I'm sure I'll be able to...someday.
       In any case, Asch's encouragement seems to have helped Natalia make up her
    mind, so we headed off to Baticul. We've got to convince Uncle somehow.
     =====================                                              =========
    | Father and Daughter |                                            | [SY069] |
       With Ion's help, we were able to enter Baticul. Last time we ended up
    being chased out, but this time we have to convince Uncle, no matter what.
       When we saw Uncle, it looked like he really did care about Natalia. Jade
    handed him a document explaining the situation, and we left to wait for his
       It'll be a whole day before we find out Uncle's decision. We don't dare
    stay at my manor, so let's take a room in a city inn for tonight.
       When we went to the audience hall the next day, Mohs was there as well,
    just as I'd feared. I was worried about how things would go, but it looks
    like Uncle decided that we couldn't simply rely on the Score anymore--and
    that Natalia was his beloved daughter, connected by blood or not. Uncle and
    Natalia made up with each other. I hope they can form a good father-daughter
    relationship again.
       So we've got Kimlasca's cooperation. Now we need to see about Malkuth--
    let's go meet with Emperor Peony.
       Emperor Peony had no reason not to want a truce with Kimlasca. He agreed
    to the lowering of the Outer Lands, and to holding a conference on ending the
    war in Yulia City. But if it's going to be in Yulia City, we'll need to get
    the Albiore flying again. Apparently Dist has the flightstone, the fonstone
    that controls the hover drive, so we'll have to go to Daath to get it back.
    Let's go!
     ============================                                       =========
    | Retrieving the Flightstone |                                     | [SY070] |
       When we reached Daath, Dist threw a letter at us, saying to come to
    Keterburg if we wanted to get the flightstone back. But it was an obvious
    lie, and Jade, who knows Dist best, said to just ignore it. So we went to see
    Maestro Tritheim to check whether Dist had returned to Daath.
       Tritheim told us that Dist had come back once, and left again immediately.
    It sounds like he really did go to Keterburg. Did he take the flightstone
    with him?
       We were told to ask Dist's assistant Reiner for details, so we headed for
    Oracle Headquarters to find him.
       As soon as we entered Oracle Headquarters, we were attacked by Oracle
    soldiers under orders from Dist. ...So the flightstone's here after all.
    Let's go find that Reiner!
       We found Reiner performing service exercises, and he was indeed holding
    the flightstone for Dist. I was trying to think of how to convince him to let
    us have it when Tear used a fonic hymn to put him to sleep, and we just took
    the flightstone from him. It's for a good cause, but we're almost like the
    bad guys here...
       But then again, with Jade here we're already pretty close to bad guys
    anyway. Anyway, let's get out of here.
       We were pretty much all set for the conference and were going to go pick
    up the rulers of both countries, but then Ion proposed that we include Astor
    to represent Chesedonia as well, even though it's not a full nation. I have
    no problem with that--the more people we can get to agree to our plan, the
       So we decided to head for Chesedonia first and talk to Astor, while Noelle
    transported the other heads of state to Yulia City.
     =====================                                              =========
    | Treaty Preparations |                                            | [SY071] |
       We separated from Noelle at Chesedonia. She'll take care of getting Their
    Majesties of Kimlasca and Malkuth to Yulia City, so let's go see Astor.
       Astor agreed readily to joining the conference. I asked about how life in
    the Qliphoth has been, and he said that it's pretty tough. Once we get the
    Outer Lands lowered, we'll still need to do something about the miasma, but
       In any case, we took care of inviting him to the conference, so we headed
    to the inn to rest while we waited for Noelle to return.
       I couldn't stop worrying about the miasma, so I asked Tear about it. She
    said that if it stays around too long, the situation would become really bad.
    But even my hyperresonance can't eliminate the miasma...
       Tear cheered me up then. There's a huge difference between the times she's
    nice to me and the times she's cold...does she hate me after all? If so...
       In any case, Noelle rejoined us the next morning, and told us all the
    heads of state had arrived in Yulia City. At last, we'll get the peace treaty
    signed. Let's go to Yulia City!
     ==================                                                 =========
    | The Peace Treaty |                                               | [SY072] |
       With Teodoro as mediator, the peace treaty was signed. But we learned some
    startling truths at the conference.
       It started off with Guy. Apparently he'd been waiting for this moment, to
    find out from the rulers of both countries why Hod had been destroyed.
       He was about to exact revenge on Uncle and Father (though I don't think he
    was serious--it looked more like a bluff), but then Emperor Peony and Jade
    revealed the truth behind the destruction of Hod.
       It wasn't Kimlasca that had destroyed Hod, but Malkuth, in order to keep
    Kimlasca from learning about the experiments it had been performing on Hod.
    Malkuth then used that as an excuse to declare war on Kimlasca. That's just
    the same as Akzeriuth!
       Hod was destroyed through hyperresonance, which was already being
    researched at the time. They connected a fomicry subject, a child, to a
    device that artificially generated a hyperresonance. And that child was none
    other than Master Van!
       I finally understand why Master Van knew so much about hyperresonance,
    about fomicry. He was a subject of fomicry experiments, too.
       With everything that was revealed, it was decided to adjourn the
    conference for a short time. At least the peace treaty was signed, but
       We have some time before things settle down and any decisions are made, so
    we decided to wander around Yulia City for a while. We can find out what we
    need to do by talking to Teodoro when they're finished.
       I just hope that the truth about Hod doesn't stir up any new problems...
       Apparently the plan to lower the Outer Lands was agreed to at the treaty
    conference as well, and Yulia City will cooperate with Belkend in researching
    the miasma. I hope it all works out.
       We headed for Sheridan to see about stopping the core's vibration.
     ===============================                                    =========
    | Stopping the Core's Vibration |                                  | [SY073] |
       At Sheridan, all the preparations were complete. We'll be taking the
    Tartarus in to the core, then using it to neutralize the core's vibrations by
    vibrating at the same frequency. Then we'll escape in the Albiore, leaving
    the Tartarus in the core. Because of technical limitations, we'll only have
    just enough time to get in and out... It'll be dangerous, but we'll have to
    accept that. The operation will start when we talk to Iemon, so let's make
    sure to prepare ourselves well so we have no regrets.
       The operation's started. But just as we were getting started for the
    Tartarus, located in Port Sheridan, Legretta attacked us. Damn, it looks like
    they're going to try and stop us after all.
       We don't have time to fight our way through her and her soldiers. ...So
    Iemon and Tamara helped us escape. If we flee to the port, we'll be
    abandoning them and the people of Sheridan...but if we don't go, we won't be
    able to silence the core's vibration. We had no choice but to leave them.
       We were able to escape from Sheridan, thanks to the sacrifices made by the
    townspeople. We need to head for the port, so that their deaths don't go for
       Iemon...everyone...I'm sorry.
       When we reached the port, Master Van himself showed up, led by Spinoza.
    The bastard, selling out his own friends! Iemon and everybody died because of
       Master Van tried to stop us.
       But Hencken and Cathy threw themselves in his way to protect us. I really
    wanted to save them...but then, again, we'd fail in silencing the core. We
    can't afford that failure. Once again, we had to watch people who had helped
    us die.
       We paid a great price, but were finally able to arrive at the core.
       But when we got there, we found that Sync had made his way aboard. He
    must've snuck on while we were being delayed. Dammit! I won't let the God-
    Generals get in the way!
       We defeated Sync, but then the mask he always wears fell off, and I
    couldn't believe what I saw: Sync and Ion had the same face. Sync, and even
    Ion, were replicas of the original Fon Master Ion, who had died two years
    ago. Arietta had be reassigned from her post with the Fon Master Guardians,
    and Anise added in her stead, so that the switch wouldn't be noticed.
       Sync said that he was nothing more than a discarded defect, mere trash,
    and threw himself into the core. Those were his final words.
       Sync...do you really think so? Are replicas only trash if they're not
    useful as replacements for someone else?
       ...I don't have time to sit around pondering that right now. We have to
    escape from the core as soon as we can. Sync erased the fonic circle we
    needed to escape, so we have to recreate it as soon as we can, or we'll die
       We managed to recreate the fonic glyph. But just as we were about to
    escape, Tear's consciousness was taken over--by Lorelei, the collective
    consciousness of the Seventh Fonon. Lorelei said that its power was being
    absorbed by something enormous, and that was causing the Sephiroth to go out
    of control.
       But Lorelei disappeared in the middle of talking to us. We escaped from
    the core, not knowing what it was Lorelei was trying to tell us.
       At least we made it out alive, but I'm worried about Tear. Lorelei's
    taking control of her may have had side effects, so we decided to have her
    undergo a thorough examination in Belkend.
       Come to think of it, Guy mentioned that he saw something flash as we
    descended into the core. I wonder what it was... I'll ask him about it later.
     ==================================                                 =========
    | The Effects of Lowering the Land |                               | [SY074] |
       Governor Viridian of Belkend suggested that we see a doctor named Shu in
    the laboratory. Now that Master Van's not involved here anymore, we can have
    Tear examined without worry.
       The results of the examination were startling--Dr. Shu said that Tear was
    contaminated with miasma. That's just like what the uniceros said.
    Apparently, every time Tear activates a passage ring, a large volume of
    Seventh Fonons enter her body, bringing miasma with them. He said her
    condition is already dangerous.
       But without Tear, a descendant of Yulia, we can't activate the passage
    rings. Tear and I are both necessary in order to lower the Outer Lands. But
    the longer we continue with the plan, the more Tear will suffer... I wish we
    could just stop with it. But...
       I wonder how Tear feels about it. Let's go ask her.
       Tear said right away that she's fine with continuing the plan.
       ...I doubt she really wants to keep on doing something that may kill her.
    But she said she'd continue it. And I...I couldn't tell her to stop.
       Many people have helped us make this plan work. Many people died so that
    we could continue it. We certainly can't ignore that fact. But...it's still
    painful. Why does it have to be this way...?
       If we're going to continue with the plan, we'll have to find out where the
    next passage ring is. We left Dr. Shu's office to look for the researchers
    from Yulia City.
       There are three passage rings left. The two whose locations are known are
    in the Meggiora Highlands and Mt. Roneal. But Mt. Roneal is a dangerous
    place, so we decided to head for the Meggiora Highlands first.
       The passage ring in Meggiora Highlands is apparently up the Nirni River.
    Let's go.
       We made it to the Meggiora Highlands. Let's go find the Daathic seal door.
     =============================                                      =========
    | Forgiveness and Uncertainty |                                    | [SY075] |
       As we were making our way through the Meggiora Highlands, Legretta
    appeared. From what she said, it looks like she's trying to convince Tear to
    join her. She knew Tear was contaminated by miasma, as well.
       She must have realized that her attempts were futile, and left, warning us
    that the world would proceed as the Seventh Fonstone showed, regardless of
    any minor disturbances.
       It was then that Guy realized what he had seen in the core. He had seen
    the Seventh Fonstone, holding the future of the world inside it. No wonder
    nobody had been able to find it.
       Apparently the Seventh Fonstone used to be in Hod, and Master Van's family
    had been protecting it for generations. I guess that explains why he knows
    about the Seventh Fonstone's Score.
       ...Then isn't it possible that we are in fact doing what the Seventh
    Fonstone's Score says, and Master Van's got the right idea after all?
       Whether that's true or not, right now we have to worry about the Outer
    Lands falling. If we don't do anything, they'll certainly collapse, killing
    everyone--which is what Master Van probably wants, too.
       I guess we'll just have to go ahead with lowering the lands.
       We did the same thing as usual at the passage ring, but it looks like that
    really is what's causing Tear's body to absorb miasma. And Jade said it looks
    like the core of the planet itself is contaminated with miasma. If there's
    that much miasma, I couldn't think of any way we could possibly get rid of
    it, but Jade said that might actually make it easier to do something about.
    How does his head work, anyway?
       In any case, he said we'll need help from Belkend with gravity research,
    so we started back to ask for their assistance.
       On the way out of the Meggiora Highlands, we ran into Aston. He had
    miraculously survived Master Van's attack, and was working on a third
    Albiore. Just then, we noticed Spinoza eavesdropping on us again. We chased
    after him, but he stole Aston's Albiore III and flew off.
       To the Albiore, and after him!
       Spinoza ran out of fuel and crashed near Belkend. He's probably fled into
    Belkend itself. Let's get him!
       When we caught Spinoza, he said he'd followed Aston to the Meggiora
    Highlands in order to apologize. If that's the case, he didn't have to run
    away! ...But I think I can understand what he's feeling.
       He's done something that can't be undone, and now everybody's blaming him
    for it... When everybody did that to me, I thought they were telling me to
    take responsibility, but I knew even then there was no way I could make up
    for it, so I didn't want to admit that it was my fault.
       And now, he wants to do anything he possibly can. I'm sure those feelings
    are real--I was the same way, too.
       Anise didn't seem convinced, but everyone else agreed to at least try
    trusting him.
       It seems that Spinoza's an expert in the field of physics, so he'll be
    looking over Jade's idea for neutralizing the miasma, or isolating it or
    whatever it was. I sure hope this will take care of the miasma.
       We also learned the location of the last passage ring. Apparently it's
    right near Daath. We headed there to look for it while Spinoza did his work.
     ===================================                                =========
    | The Grand Maestro and the Volcano |                              | [SY076] |
       We reached Daath, but with the size of the church, I hope we can find the
    passage ring...
       We ran into Mohs inside the church. I was worried that things would come
    to blows, but since he's only trying to uphold the Score and bring prosperity
    to the world, unlike Master Van who's trying to destroy the Outer Lands, he's
    apparently given up on the war now that the peace treaty was signed. He
    wasn't exactly nice to us, either, but he did tell us of a secret passage
    leading to the passage ring before he left. He also said that more than half
    the Oracle soldiers have left to join Master Van, so he's very busy at the
    moment. ...Damn, even now I can't help but think "Master Van's great!" What a
    loser I am... Anyway, we'd better go find the passage ring.
       We reached the room Mohs pointed us to, and while we were looking around,
    Anise started acting strangely and found the secret passage. I bet she knew
    about it in the first place, but she insists she didn't. Oh well. In any
    case, we have to take care of operating the passage ring.
       The secret passage was connected to the inside of a volcano. It looks like
    Mohs has been doing some sort of research here, too. I hope we can find the
    Daathic seal around here somewhere.
       We took care of fixing up the passage ring. Now we just have to do the one
    on Mt. Roneal, but we decided to go back to Belkend first and see how
    Spinoza's coming.
     ==================                                                 =========
    | Distant Siblings |                                               | [SY077] |
       It looks like Jade's plan is going to work.
       Let me see if I can remember the details well enough to write them down.
       The Outer Lands are held between the dividing line pushing them upwards
    and the planet's gravity pulling them downwards. It's just like how if you
    pull on something from both sides with equal force, it won't go anywhere.
       So when we start lowering the Outer Lands, it'll create a downward force
    underneath the dividing line, and that should act as a membrane to push the
    miasma back into the core. After that, if we close off the Sephiroth, that
    should prevent any more miasma from leaking out. Of course, a little bit will
    come out with the Planet Storm, but the miasma probably won't leave that
    stream. Jade knows more about that than I do, anyway.
       That takes care of the miasma, so that just leaves the passage ring on Mt.
    Roneal. We decided to rest at the inn while Tear picked up some more medicine.
       When we got up the next morning, Tear still hadn't returned. Apparently
    Asch came to Belkend, and the two of them headed off for Ortion Cavern. Did
    Asch find something? Let's go after them.
       We found Legretta in Ortion Cavern. It looks like Master Van really was
    using those facilities we found at the far end of the cavern, but apparently
    they're not going to use this place any longer. Legretta had been told by
    Master Van to let us through. She said she'll settle things at Mt. Roneal,
    and left.
       Okay, let's go find Tear and Asch.
       Tear and Asch were arguing with Master Van in that room with all the
    fomicry equipment. There, we heard that Master Van was planning to use the
    Seventh Fonon--Lorelei--to create a replica of the entire world. As the
    vibration of the core grows, so does the strength of the Planet Storm, and
    the total volume of Seventh Fonons in the world increases. He's going to use
    those Seventh Fonons for his fomicry. And once he finishes, he'll use Asch's
    hyperresonance to destroy Lorelei, getting rid of the Seventh Fonon and
    preventing the Score from being read. That's the new world Master Van's
    trying to build. Why does he have to go to that extreme? With my existence,
    the world has already diverged from the Score...
       Tear tried to convince Master Van to stop, but he wouldn't listen. He
    disappeared, and Asch left as well. We decided to head for Sheridan and hear
    what Tear had to say.
     ================================                                   =========
    | Showdown with the God-Generals |                                 | [SY078] |
       We reached Sheridan, and were looking for a good place to talk when Aston
    suggested the meeting hall to us. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Let's
    borrow it.
       Tear said that the reason she ran off alone like that was because she
    thought miasma might be accumulating inside Master Van's body just like it
    was with her.
       And she wanted to try just once more to convince him to stop his plan.
       But Master Van didn't listen.
       Tear seems to have resolved to fight Master Van...that that's the only way
    left to stop him. It must be hard on her...
       But it's Tear's decision--none of us can interfere. We set out for
    Keterburg Bay to head for Mt. Roneal.
       When we stopped in Keterburg to pick up information about Mt. Roneal,
    Nephry came and told us that Dist had collapsed in the town square. I guess
    he really had come and been waiting dutifully for Jade. What an idiot.
       Dist might know something about how Mt. Roneal has been recently. We
    headed to the hotel, where Dist had been carried.
       Thanks to Jade's "expertise," we were able to get information about Mt.
    Roneal from Dist. The military police carried him off, so that's one more of
    the God-Generals taken care of. (Okay, that may not be the nicest way to
    write about them...)
       Now we just have to operate the passage ring in Mt. Roneal. Let's hurry.
       We reached Mt. Roneal, and found it covered in snow. It won't be easy
    climbing this. We'll have to watch out for avalanches in particular.
       As Legretta had said, she was waiting on Mt. Roneal, along with Largo and
    Arietta--the remainder of the God-Generals, aside from Asch. They refused to
    listen to us. How can they go along with Master Van's plan? They're original
    human beings, too...
       We ended up having to fight them.
       But right after the battle, maybe because of all the noise and activity,
    an avalanche occurred, and swallowed up both us and the God-Generals.
       When I came to, the God-Generals were gone. They must have been thrown
    into the ravine by the avalanche. We were lucky enough to have landed on a
    ledge, maybe because of where we were standing. And it just happened that the
    Daathic seal was nearby, so we headed for the passage ring.
       We operated the passage ring as usual, but we had a nasty surprise in
    store for us.
       The work we did here connected all the Sephiroth except the Radiation Gate
    to the Absorption Gate. But as soon as we did that, memory particles, which
    make up the Sephiroth Trees, started flowing in reverse from the Absorption
       Apparently Master Van had been waiting for us to connect all the
    Sephiroth, and he's taking advantage of that power to stimulate the core.
    That way he can destroy the Tartarus, start the core vibrating again, and
    strengthen the Planet Storm.
       And as a result of what he's done, all of the Outer Lands except for the
    Absorption Gate are in danger of collapsing.
       Dammit...if we don't stop Master Van, all our efforts will go for nothing!
    Right now, let's get back to Keterburg.
       As we were leaving Mt. Roneal, Tear wondered out loud why the God-Generals
    could believe in Master Van's ideal. I was thinking the same thing. Is there
    something they believe in so strongly that they're willing to give their
    lives for it? Is that why they're cooperating with Master Van? We're working
    toward the same goal--the preservation of humanity--and yet the difference
    between a world that keeps the originals and one that kills them has set us
    at odds with each other...
     =====================                                              =========
    | The Decisive Battle |                                            | [SY079] |
       In Keterburg, Noelle told us that the Albiore's hover drive had frozen
    over due to low temperatures, and it would take the entire night to get back
    into working order. We have to prepare for tomorrow ourselves, so we split up
    to each do what we needed.
       I wonder what I'll do. Maybe I'll go and talk to everyone...
       When I went to rest at the hotel, Tear had news for me from Jade.
    Apparently the Outer Lands are in a seriously bad state, and we probably
    won't have time to get to the Radiation Gate.
       We were planning to use the Radiation Gate to lower the Outer Lands, but
    that plan might change, so he said we need to be ready.
       Then I went up to my room, but just as I was lying down on my bed, I felt
    that headache that always happens when Asch opens the channel to me. He's
    nearby, and he's calling me--that must be it, I decided, so I went outside to
    look for him.
       And he really had come to Keterburg. It looked like he'd been asking
    Noelle about our plans.
       I asked Asch to help us. He's helped out before, so I figured we should
    have him along in this final battle with Master Van.
       But he still hadn't recovered from the injury Master Van gave him at
    Ortion Cavern. He told me to make sure we kill Master Van and left.
       Asch may not have wanted to, but he's left everything to me. I can't
    afford to lose. I'll beat Master Van tomorrow...!
       The next morning, the Albiore had been repaired. Ion said he'd wait in
    Keterburg for us to return.
       So this will be our final battle... To be honest, I'm not confident I can
    beat Master Van, but everyone's with me, so I'm not worried.
       ...No, that's no good. For the sake of everyone who's given their lives,
    for Asch's sake, I'll win! So let's get going to the Absorption Gate.
     ===========================                                        =========
    | The Score, Master, and Me |                                      | [SY080] |
       We parted with Noelle at the entrance to the Absorption Gate. Noelle's
    helped us a lot up till now. We need to take care of the rest ourselves.
    We'll find Master Van inside the Absorption Gate...and kill him.
       As we were heading down toward the deepest part of the Absorption Gate,
    there was a big earthquake. The Outer Lands must really be about to fall at
    any moment. Thanks to the earthquake, our party got split up...but I believe
    in everyone. If we keep going forward, we should be able to rejoin them.
       When Tear and I reached the deepest part of the Absorption Gate, we found
    everyone else there, waiting for us. Then Jade told us that we're out of
    time, and we'll have to start the process of lowering the Outer Lands without
    using the Radiation Gate's passage ring, though it's a rather clumsy method.
    He says he doesn't know whether it will work, but in any case we don't have
    enough time to make it to the Radiation Gate. And he says I'm the only one
    that can do it.
       Then I will. I'll make it work. That's the least I can do for Akzeriuth,
    for all the people I've killed.
       Now we just have to defeat Master Van. There's no turning back now. I'll
    win! I swear it!
       We found Master Van on the lowest level of the Absorption Gate.
       Master Van says that humanity is addicted to Yulia's Score. That a
    powerful medicine, a replica world, is the only way to remedy that addiction.
       But I know, from my own existence, that the Score has gone off track. The
    future can be changed. Mankind can choose to discard the Score.
       And after a terrific battle, we succeeded in defeating Master Van. Even to
    the last, he never once accepted me... But there's no time to wallow in grief
    right now. And besides, I'm not the only one who's got it tough... Tear had
    to watch her own brother die.
       I followed Jade's instructions, and tried to start lowering the Outer
    Lands. But without the Radiation Gate active, the other passage rings
    wouldn't respond to my hyperresonance.
       Just when I thought that it was hopeless, the Radiation Gate suddenly
    started up, and I felt a hyperresonance different from mine come from there.
       There's only one person besides me who can cause a hyperresonance... He
    must have helped me.
       There's just one thing that bothers me. I heard Lorelei's voice as I was
    lowering the Outer Lands.
       "Luke! I will send you the key! Use it to set me free! ...One who would
    seize glory...is trying to capture me..."
       I didn't understand what Lorelei was trying to say, but at least we've
    succeeded in preserving the original world, and returned Auldrant to its
    original form. Surely that's enough.
     =======================                                            =========
    | An Uncomfortable Home |                                          | [SY081] |
    Remday, Gnome-Redecan 28, ND2018
       I woke up shortly after noon today.
       As usual, I have nothing to do, nothing to write about.
       ...Or had nothing, anyway, until Mieu came and said that my parents were
    calling me. I really don't want to leave my room. What a pain. I guess I have
    to go, don't I...
       I thought I was just going to get scolded again, but General Cecille was
    there to. Father asked me about the scene of Master Van's death. Apparently
    the Planet Storm has grown stronger recently, and when a team was sent to
    investigate, they found Van's sword missing, even though it had been stuck in
    the floor before. They guessed that someone must have stolen it.
       Master Van...
       It's been a month already since he died...
       Father then left with General Cecille for the castle. Which left me with
    nothing to do, but then Mother suggested that I go see how everyone...how
    Tear and all the others are doing. She seemed concerned about me sitting
    around in the mansion all day. Even though I'm not her real son...
       She said Ramdas should know where everybody is, so I guess I'll try asking
       Ramdas had letters from everybody that he'd been keeping from me at
    Father's orders. What does he mean, associate only with the proper people?!
    I'm not...I'm not even a member of the Duchy! I'm just a defective replica...
       Just a useless piece of trash...
       But none of these letters were from Asch. I was kind of disappointed, but
    kind of relieved...it's an odd feeling.
       I have to admit I'm bothered by what Father was talking about, so I guess
    I'll head for Sheridan and borrow the Albiore to visit everyone. I'll have to
    take a ferry from the port to get to Sheridan... Guess I might as well get
     ================                                                   =========
    | Friendly Words |                                                 | [SY082] |
       On the ship, I read through all the letters. Tear's in Yulia City, Guy's
    in Grand Chokmah, and Anise is in Daath, all hard at work. Looks like I'm the
    only one who's just been sitting around...
       ...Oh well. Once I reach the port, I guess I'll head for Sheridan.
       When I reached Sheridan, I heard from Aston that Asch had borrowed the
    Albiore III, and Noelle said he'd gone to Yulia City. Noelle volunteered to
    pilot the Albiore II again, so now I can head for Yulia City.
       But the effects from the strengthened Planet Storm seem to be pretty
    bad...I should probably check with Teodoro about that.
       It seems Asch really had been to Yulia City, asking if there was a way to
    enter the core. Teodoro said Asch looked worried about the Planet Storm's
    increased activity as well. But he'd also mentioned something about Lorelei,
    so maybe he's heard something more from Lorelei.
       I still remember what Lorelei said when we lowered the Outer Lands. Asch
    might have heard the same thing... After all, he's the original, and I'm just
    a defective replica.
       Teodoro said to ask Tear about the Planet Storm.
       To be honest, I probably wouldn't understand anything about the Planet
    Storm even if I had it explained. But I do want to see Tear.
       Tear had been praying in front of the grave for Master Van she had made in
    the selenia garden. She said she'd spent the last month wondering why Master
    Van had chosen such an extreme course of action. So she'd had a lot on her
    mind...just like me. And I started to talk about the thoughts I've kept
    inside me all this time.
       At the end, Van asked me, "Can you not live unless you were born for some
    particular purpose?" I'm just an empty replica, with nowhere to live, nowhere
    I belong to. I feel like I'm going to just disappear if I don't know the
    reason I was born.
       I told Tear I was trying to find myself, and she said she'd come with me--
    even though she's got plenty to worry about on her own, with the miasma in
    her and all... Thanks, Tear.
       Tear said she was headed for Daath to deliver a report on the Planet
    Storm, so I decided to go with her.
     =====================                                              =========
    | Everyone's Feelings |                                            | [SY083] |
       When we reached Daath, we caught Anise tricking people into giving
    offerings. She's just as dirty as ever when it comes to money, isn't she? She
    did say her family's caught up in loans, so I guess she might have worries of
    her own...though she sure doesn't look like it.
       Anyway, we have to see Ion, so we headed to the church while Anise went
    back to return the offering she'd taken.
       While we waited for Anise, I asked Tear how the Order of Lorelei was doing
       Apparently Mohs has been removed from his position as Grand Maestro. Good
    going, Ion! Then Anise rejoined us, and she told us that the Order isn't
    having much success in getting rid of the Score--the people keep asking to
    have the Score read. Apparently they think that the Outer Lands falling into
    the Qliphoth was part of the Closed Score. I guess from their point of view,
    the Score is still on track, so they can't imagine living without it. We'll
    just have to change things a little bit at a time.
       Ion should be in his room. Let's go see him.
       Ion was doing even better than I'd expected. It seems he hasn't had to use
    Daathic fonic artes, so he's in good shape. That's a relief.
       There was something I'd wanted to ask Ion. He's a replica too, after
    all... I wanted to know how he'd feel, what he'd do if he was in my situation.
       Ion said that he realized during our trip that he didn't want to be
    anybody's replacement, so he'd probably work to inform the world about
       That sounds like Ion. But I...I couldn't do anything like that.
       I'd be too afraid of being told I wasn't needed...
       Tear gave Ion her report. Apparently the Planet Storm's increased activity
    is being caused by large-scale consumption of Seventh Fonons. Tear said she
    thought Master Van's plan might still be alive, and causing the problem.
       But we don't know the truth. In any case, Ion had a meeting to go to and
    said he'd see us off. I don't want to cause him any trouble, so I guess we
    should go.
       At the entrance to the church, we ran into Guy! He'd come from the Malkuth
    House of Lords to report to Ion. He said that Dist had broken out of his cell
    in Grand Chokmah and taken Mohs from the ship that was carrying him to his
       And he said the reason the breakout was noticed so soon was because Asch
    had said to keep an eye on the God-Generals. Asch himself had headed for St.
    Binah, saying something about freeing Lorelei.
       So Asch really did hear Lorelei's voice! And it sounds like he understood
    the meaning, too--unlike me.
       When I said I wanted to go after Asch, Guy said he'd come along, because
    he'd been told to find Asch too. And even Anise ended up coming with us. Why
    her? It's odd for her to leave Ion's side. But she'll certainly be a help in
    battles, so I'm glad to have her along. Even with Auldrant back to its
    original form, the monsters are doing as well as ever.
       So, we headed for St. Binah.
     ==================                                                 =========
    | The Plot Revived |                                               | [SY084] |
       When we reached St. Binah and met former Field Marshal McGovern, he
    mistook me for Asch. So Asch must have been here after all. I asked about
    him, and apparently he's gone to Shurrey Hill. We might still be able to
    catch him--let's go!
       At Shurrey Hill, Guy asked me if I was scared of meeting Asch. He was
    right on the button... He really does watch people closely.
       Yeah, I'm scared of meeting him. I think he ought to return to the manor,
    but then I don't have a clue what I'd do. And when I think of Guy, who
    managed to put aside years of contemplating revenge... I wish I could be as
    decisive as Guy, but I guess that's impossible for a replica...
       As we proceeded through Shurrey Hill, we found the dead bodies of Oracle
    soldiers lying on the ground. Tear said that the Oracle Knights were being
    reorganized after deaths of Master Van and the Six God-Generals, so they
    should all be on standby. I don't like this... Let's go forward and find out
    what's going on.
       I can't believe who we saw.
       Asch was under Shurrey Hill, facing off with none other than Legretta, who
    was buried in that avalanche. Granted, we survived it, so there's no reason
    they couldn't have as well, but... At the least, it's clear that Legretta's
    alive, so it's probably best to assume that Arietta and Largo are as well.
    Then Asch said Sync was also alive. That can't be! We saw him fall into the
    core and die. If he's alive, then even Master Van, who likewise fell into the
    core from the Absorption Gate, could have survived.
       But it seems like that's not the reason why Asch wants to go to the core.
    He says that Lorelei is trapped somewhere. Lorelei is the collective
    consciousness of the Seventh Fonon, so if it's trapped, the total volume of
    Seventh Fonons in the world will decrease. Then the Planet Storm will
    increase in strength to try and make up the difference, leading to the core's
    vibration getting worse and destroying the Tartarus. So long as Lorelei's
    trapped, the world is going to be in danger again.
       I wanted to learn more, but for some reason Asch got mad at me and left.
    What's with him? Especially after being injured by Legretta like that.
       Anyway, if we return to St. Binah, Asch might still be there. Let's hurry
       And Legretta was saying something about a Key of Lorelei she was trying to
    get from Asch. I wonder if that's something Asch has?
       When we returned to St. Binah, we found Malkuth soldiers gathered there,
    with Jade in their midst. Apparently the Malkuth troops had been attacked
    during training by a mysterious group, and General Frings, who had been
    leading the exercises, was severely wounded. Jade said that Asch hadn't been
    by St. Binah, but right now I'm worried about General Frings. We went with
    Jade to Grand Chokmah, where General Frings had been carried, to learn more.
     ======================                                             =========
    | People and the Score |                                           | [SY085] |
       General Frings was already down to his last breath. With his remaining
    strength, he told us about the attack. The attackers had carried the flag of
    Kimlasca's army, and used fontech bombs to carry out suicide attacks. But he
    said that they hadn't looked like the real Kimlascan army.
       I'm sure it wasn't. I know Natalia wouldn't allow that to happen.
       General Frings said that the mysterious soldiers all had eyes that looked
    like they were dead. ...And those were his last words. We departed to inform
    Emperor Peony of the incident.
       Farewell, General Frings.
       We told Emperor Peony about General Frings, and he asked me to quietly
    check the Kimlascan court to confirm the situation. Well, I'll go if he asks
    me to...but I don't really want to go to the castle. I'm scared to meet
    Uncle--the King...
       Guy reported that the God-Generals are alive, and that we saw Asch.
    Apparently Emperor Peony is looking for the Key of Lorelei Asch has, because
    it might be able to calm the Planet Storm down again.
       Then I mentioned what Lorelei had told me when we lowered the Outer Lands,
    and everybody was startled. It looks like I was the only one that didn't know
    what it meant. From what everybody said, it sounds like Master Van is alive,
    and has trapped Lorelei somewhere--and that Lorelei should have sent a key to
    me as well as Asch.
       But I haven't received any sort of Key. I don't know what's going on...
       Jade then suggested that we start with what we can easily confirm--that
    the army that attacked the Malkuth soldiers really wasn't Kimlasca's.
       Anise said she wanted to write a letter to Ion to tell him what was
    happening, so we headed to the entrance to Grand Chokmah to wait for her.
       Anise sent off her letter and rejoined us. Tear seems worried about Master
    Van possibly being alive. I can understand that... I'm sure she'd be happy to
    see him alive, but if he's still thinking the same way, we'll probably end up
    fighting again.
       But that would also be a good chance to ask Master Van what he's really
    trying to accomplish. And besides, like Jade said, right now we need to take
    care of what we can. Let's head for Baticul and see what we can find out.
       At the entrance to the castle in Baticul, we ran into Natalia, who had
    just returned from inspections. It seems she's heard of the attack on the
    Malkuth troops as well. She was infuriated at the rumors that Kimlasca was at
    fault. Not only that, it sounded like Kimlasca has been attacked by the
    mysterious army, too. At any rate, the King should know more.
       His Majesty confirmed that he Kimlascan army wasn't attacking Malkuth. So
    who are those mysterious soldiers...? Jade brought up General Frings' comment
    on their eyes, and suggested that the God-Generals might be creating an army
    of replicas. Since it looks like they're trying to increase tension between
    Kimlasca and Malkuth, that would match up with the report that Dist had taken
    Mohs back.
       Then Natalia asked the King for permission to travel to Daath and arrange
    a summit to discuss how the Score should be handled, to try and prevent any
    more foolish actions in its name. She sure knows what she's talking about--I
    guess that just goes to show that she's royalty and I'm a mere replica...
       If the Score is going to be discussed, Ion will obviously need to be
    involved as well.
       We started out for Daath to ask his opinion.
     ======================                                             =========
    | The Approaching Evil |                                           | [SY086] |
       As soon as we reached Daath, Tear's condition suddenly got worse. She says
    she's okay, but I'm worried.
       Anise said she'd go and tell Ion, so let's get Tear to the church.
       We made it to Ion's room and set Tear down on his bed, but Anise wasn't
    there. Ion's right here--where'd she go off to?
       Ion saw Tear's condition, and said that he knew a way to remove the miasma
    from Tear's body, but just as he was about to explain it, Anise came running
    back into the room. She'd brought news: the miasma had suddenly returned, and
    the whole city was in a panic. Anise then dragged Ion off. So that's why Tear
    suddenly collapsed before... The miasma had affected her. We left Ion's room
    to find Anise and Ion.
       We used the fonic glyph to exit Ion's room--and found ourselves surrounded
    by Legretta and her soldiers. It looked like that was going to be it for us,
    but then Arietta appeared and saved us for some reason. Apparently Arietta
    and the rest of the God-Generals are at odds regarding Ion.
       Then we heard something unbelievable. Anise had taken Ion and headed for
    the Sephiroth, and she was going to force him to read the Planet Score--the
    Score containing the life of the planet, just like Yulia's Score. Ion's a
    replica, so he's weak already...if he does that, he'd probably die. Arietta
    had saved us so we could stop that from happening. We left Arietta to deal
    with Legretta, and headed for the secret passion leading to the Sephiroth.
       In the secret passage, we saw Mohs taking Ion away--and Anise with him,
    not doing anything. Anise said that her job from the beginning had been to
    report on Ion to Mohs, and left with Mohs for the Sephiroth. And the fonic
    glyph leading to the Sephiroth no longer worked when we reached it.
       How could Anise betray us...and Ion?!
       Then Guy found a letter held by Anise's Tokunaga.
       The letter said there was a way to the Sephiroth from the volcanic shaft
    in Mt. Zaleho.
       If Anise had really wanted to betray us, she wouldn't have left a letter
    like that. There must be some reason for what she's done. Let's trust in her
    letter and head for Mt. Zaleho.
       When we returned to the church's entrance hall, Arietta and Legretta were
    no longer there. Tritheim was, and he explained that Arietta had succeeded in
    fighting off Legretta, but had suffered injuries of her own and collapsed.
    Then he asked us to find Oliver and Pamela to watch over her, and we realized
    what had happened. Mohs had been using Anise's parents to control her.
       And it looks like what Anise had said about the miasma returning wasn't
    just a lie to fool us, either. With everything going on it's hard to keep
    calm, but first let's go to Mt. Zaleho and free Ion.
       For Anise's and Arietta's sake, as well.
       When we reached the entrance to Daath, we found it blocked off by a
    suspicious group that was fighting with the townspeople. When we looked
    closer, we saw Iemon, General Frings, and even Guy's sister Mary. They were
    replicas, and had been sent by Mohs to kill us. We'll have to fight them to
    get out, but that means killing them...even knowing that they're replicas,
    how can we possibly fight them?!
       Then Tear--as hard as it must have been on her--sang a fonic hymn, and we
    were able to escape the town.
       Damn that Mohs! Just how mean can he be?! We're going to head west from
    Daath to Mt. Zaleho, save Ion, and get Mohs!
     ============================                                       =========
    | The Fon Master Offers Hope |                                     | [SY087] |
       We flew to the top of Mt. Zaleho in the Albiore and got off at the top of
    the volcanic shaft. It's awful hot in here, and the magma comes right up to
    the ledges we're walking on. We'll have to be careful, but we need to hurry
       Something really painful happened...
       To be honest, I'm not in the mood for writing.
       But this is a truth I have to face, so...
       When we reached the Sephiroth, Ion was already reading the Planet Score. I
    tried to stop him, but it was too late, and he read one final Score for me,
    looking as though he could breathe his last at any moment. But he didn't even
    care, telling Tear that since he was going to die anyway, he'd take her
    miasma with him... So that was how he was going to heal her. He's a replica,
    so he's made of Seventh Fonons, and he took advantage of that to draw out
    Tear's contaminated Seventh Fonons, releasing them into the Planet Storm
    along with his own. That...that was what Ion wanted.
       And yet Mohs--even though he killed Ion by making him read the Score--he
    said that the Score Ion read was wrong!
       I couldn't forgive him. How could he kill Ion just for the sake of the
    Score...? Ion had only been alive for two years, and Mohs threw him away like
    a discarded tool...!
       Mohs swore to bring about the war foretold by the Score for the salvation
    of the world, and left. We rescued Anise's parents, who had been held
    hostage, and headed back to Daath with Anise, depressed over losing Ion.
    We'll have to tell Arietta what happened. I'm sorry, Arietta... I'm sorry,
       Arietta flew into a rage when she learned of Ion's death and challenged
    Anise to a duel. She said that she'd send a mediator to inform Anise of the
    time and place, and left. Oliver and Pamela tried to comfort Anise, but she
    ran out of the room.
       Anise must be blaming herself for Ion's death, thinking she can never
    forgive herself. We can't leave her alone...we've got to find her.
       Anise told me that she had been following Mohs' orders, keeping watch on
    Ion, all for her parents' sake. If it was me, I'd probably blame Ion's death
    on that too, but Anise said that she herself had killed Ion, and couldn't
    stop crying. I felt sorry for her, but I also thought she was really strong.
    So I gave her the fonstone from the Score Ion read on Mt. Zaleho, the only
    thing that Ion left behind.
       We then decided to head for Belkend, following the Score Ion read for me.
    According to that Score, we should find a way there to do something about the
    miasma. Let's trust in the final Score that Ion read. It does go against our
    trying to get rid of the Score, but for now it's the only thing we have to go
    on. Ion, show us what we need to do.
     ==============                                                     =========
    | Ion's Legacy |                                                   | [SY088] |
       We reached Belkend, and suddenly saw somebody fall over and die right
    before our eyes. Apparently a lot of people have been dying or collapsing
    shortly after having the Score read by a traveling Scorer. Jade said they
    might have had their replica data extracted.
       I'm worried about the rumor that the traveling Scorer has headed for
    Baticul, but right now let's follow Ion's Score and see if we can do
    something about the miasma. Spinoza might know something.
       Spinoza said that with the Planet Storm's increased activity, the core is
    vibrating so strongly that the Tartarus can't silence it completely. At this
    rate, there's even the possibility that the land could become liquefied
    again. For the miasma, he suggested I use my hyperresonance--if I could get
    rid of the miasma that way, I'd do it in an instant.
       He also said Asch had come by, and was looking at the data on the Mt.
    Roneal Sephiroth. Asch should know more than we do about what's going on.
    Let's go after him.
     =======================================                            =========
    | The Weight of Hyperresonance and Life |                          | [SY089] |
       I was thinking about what Spinoza had said about the miasma and
    hyperresonance, so I asked Jade about it before we left for Mt. Roneal. But
    he said that it was impossible, so I should give up on that idea. If I wanted
    to use my hyperresonance to neutralize the miasma, I'd need the Sword of
    Lorelei, which is one of the Keys, and a large quantity of Seventh Fonons.
       Leaving the Sword of Lorelei aside, the only way to get enough Seventh
    Fonons would be to kill around ten thousand Seventh Fonists or potential
    Seventh Fonists, Jade said. And I'd die the instant I destroyed the miasma.
    So he told me to give up on the idea.
       Yeah...I couldn't force ten thousand people to sacrifice themselves. But
    what if that's the only way to do it...?
     =============================                                      =========
    | A Discovery on the Mountain |                                    | [SY090] |
       On Mt. Roneal, we encountered the Dark Wings. They told us that Asch was
    looking for the Jewel of Lorelei, the second Key that forms a pair with the
    Sword of Lorelei. That's the Key that I was supposed to have received from
       They said Asch had gone to the passage ring. Let's see if he's still there.
       When we reached the place we got caught up in the avalanche last time, I
    found a locket lying in the snow. I opened it up, and it had a picture of a
    baby and a message that read, "ND1999, in commemoration of the birth of my
    daughter, Meryl."
       Could it be Natalia...?
       But I don't have the courage to ask her, so I hid the locket away.
       We found Asch by the Sephiroth, and he told us what he knew.
       Asch said that he hadn't heard Lorelei's voice since the lowering of the
    Outer Lands. He also said that Lorelei had wanted to be freed from the core
    since the beginning. It seems that the longer Lorelei stays in the core, the
    worse its effect on the planet gets. But before Lorelei was able to get free,
    events took an unexpected turn--Master Van fell into the core, injured, and
    somehow was able to seal Lorelei within his body.
       Lorelei wants to be released and form a seventh layer of the fon belt, so
    Asch is trying to find the Jewel of Lorelei to complete the Key and fulfill
    that desire. And then he started yelling at me for failing to receive the
    Jewel, just as I expected.
       Since I don't have the Jewel, Asch says it must have been thrown out
    through one of the Sephiroth, so he's looking for it--as are the God-Generals.
       I suggested that we work together, but Asch refused. We ended up leaving
    the Jewel search to Asch, while we went to look for the Scorer who was
    reading the Score in violation of the Order's rule against it. I think
    someone in Belkend said that the Scorer had gone to Baticul, so let's try
    looking there.
     ==========================                                         =========
    | The Grand Maestro's Fate |                                       | [SY091] |
       When we reached Baticul, we heard that Mohs had been found and arrested,
    but escaped inside Baticul, and soldiers were searching for him. We can't let
    Mohs go free--let's take care of finding him first.
       Mohs was hiding in the port. But before we were able to capture him, Dist
    showed up to take him away. Then we saw something horrible...Mohs turned into
    a monster right before our eyes. He wanted the power of the Fon Master, and
    in order to get it, he had Dist infuse him with the Seventh Fonon, even
    though he had no innate ability for it. The end result was that his body
    transformed into something monstrous.
       Mohs then left for a place called Eldrant. At this point, we'd better
    report on what's happened. We decided to head for Yulia City and tell Teodoro
    about Mohs.
       But there's still the issue of that traveling Scorer, as well as the
    locket I found on Mt. Roneal. I can't keep track of things with everything
    happening at once like this...
     =====================                                              =========
    | The Princess' Birth |                                            | [SY092] |
       I thought about it for a while, but eventually decided to ask the King
    about the locket I found on Mt. Roneal. Though I didn't expect Natalia to
    follow along...
       We ended up making up a story to fool Natalia into staying behind.
    Everybody else ended up coming with me, but that can't be helped. Now that
    Natalia's not with us, let's go see the King.
       Upon seeing the picture in the locket, His Majesty said that it was almost
    certainly Natalia. Then Anise said something startling--she had seen Largo
    with that locket before.
       ...Does that mean Largo is Natalia's real father?!
       Natalia's wet-nurse should know more about her father. The wet-nurse is
    currently working in Astor's mansion in Chesedonia, so we made up an excuse
    that the traveling Scorer had been seen going in that direction and headed
    for Chesedonia ourselves. I guess the report to Yulia City will have to wait.
     =======================                                            =========
    | Clinging to the Score |                                          | [SY093] |
       When we reached Chesedonia, we found out that the lie we had concocted to
    fool Natalia ended up being the truth--the traveling Scorer was there. We
    tried to make the Scorer stop, but we stopped short when we saw his face. It
    was Ion--no, Sync, another replica made at the same time as Ion.
       We'd already heard about it, but he really had survived after all. And it
    sounds like Master Van is alive as well. Sync said something about using Mohs
    for his own ends, and vanished along with the mob clamoring for the Score.
       Anise looked hurt from seeing Sync, looking so much like Ion. Jade took
    advantage of that by telling Natalia to help her calm down--damn, how does he
    do that so smoothly? Thanks to that, we can go ask Natalia's wet-nurse about
    Natalia's birth, but Anise is going to hate us for it.
       Oh well, we can't let this chance go. Let's head for Astor's mansion.
       After warning Astor about Sync, we talked to Natalia's wet-nurse.
    Natalia's father's name was Badaq, a man of large stature who was called the
    Lion of the Desert. It looks pretty certain now that Largo really is
    Natalia's father.
       We found out what we came for, so let's go rejoin Natalia and Anise.
       Well, we got a little sidetracked, but now we can report to Teodoro about
    Mohs. Let's head for Yulia City.
     ======================                                             =========
    | The Forgotten Island |                                           | [SY094] |
       When Teodoro heard about Mohs, he said he'd get to work restoring the
    Order of Lorelei. Then he informed us that two spots had been found where
    Seventh Fonons were being used up at a high rate. One of them was near where
    Hod used to be, and the other was traveling around the sea--and far larger
    than a simple ship. With no war going on now, the only thing that would use
    up that many Seventh Fonons would be fomicry. We headed out to find that
    large object moving around the sea.
       As we searched the sea, we came across a strange floating island. It
    should be impossible for an island to be floating, but we decided to land and
    take a look.
       We got off the Albiore, and Guy recognized the island almost immediately.
    It's Feres Island, which was destroyed in the tsunami caused by the
    disappearance of Hod. But Feres was an ordinary island--even a tsunami
    shouldn't be able to make it float. Let's investigate it and see what going
       We found Arietta on Feres Island. Apparently this is her hometown. She
    miraculously survived the tsunami and was raised by monsters. Eventually
    Master Van found her here and took her into his custody. Master Van had
    promised Arietta to bring Feres Island back to life, and had installed
    fomicry equipment here for that purpose. Arietta said that Master Van is the
    one that made the island float, too. This must have been one of his bases.
       Arietta still hated Anise, and said that she would send Largo as a
    mediator to tell Anise where the duel would be held. Then she left.
       I feel sorry for Arietta. She was used by Master Van, and she never
    realized that the original Ion she loved was already dead. But it's probably
    just as hard on Anise for knowing all that.
       From Arietta's words, we can be certain that Master Van had something to
    do with this place. Let's find out where the fomicry equipment is.
       We found the fomicry equipment, still operating. It looks like replica
    soldiers were being created here. If nothing else, we can't afford to let any
    more Seventh Fonons be used up, so we decided to shut it down.
       All of a sudden, replicas--including Iemon and Mary--appeared from a
    nearby room and criticized us.
       They said that they had been born at Mohs' desire, and that they did not
    care if those that did not desire them are killed. I couldn't believe what
    they were saying.
       After all, I'm a replica, and by being born I stole the place of my
    original. I couldn't even imagine wanting to disregard that original.
       But Tear said that the hubris of those replicas was something I used to
    have, something I could use now.
       And Guy told me that I lack self-confidence.
       But it's just as true that Asch suffered because I was born, and I'm only
    his replacement, after all...
       I don't know. Of course I want to have self-confidence. But what did I use
    to base such self-confidence on?
       Just then, a huge island rose from the sea. The replicas called it the new
    Hod. Then is that huge thing a replica of Hod?!
       Before we could learn more, the replicas disappeared, saying they were
    going to a place called the Tower of Rem. We boarded the Albiore and headed
    for the floating island to see if it really was Hod.
       Unfortunately, the island was protected by the Planet Storm, and we
    couldn't approach it. There's not much we can do about it now, so we decided
    to head for Grand Chokmah instead, where Jade says the replica data from the
    original Hod is stored.
     ==========================                                         =========
    | The New Order of Lorelei |                                       | [SY095] |
       We ran into General Nordheim at the entrance to the Malkuth army
    headquarters. He and Chief of Staff Sesemann were gathering information on
    the floating island, so we went along with him.
       It looks like that island really is a replica of Hod. And worse, the new
    Hod seems to be causing a sort of hyperresonance that's destroying the nearby
    islands. Jade and Sesemann seem to understand what's going on, and they're
    headed to speak with Emperor Peony and explain the situation. The rest of us
    followed them to the audience hall.
       The moment we stepped outside, we suddenly heard Mohs' voice from the sky,
    speaking to the entire world using some sort of radio technology that hasn't
    been perfected yet. Mohs called himself the Fon Master of the New Order of
    Lorelei, a new religious group dedicated to protecting the Score, and
    declared war on Kimlasca and Malkuth. But his voice sounded strange... It
    looks like the forcible injection of the Seventh Fonon into his body has
    caused neural contamination, and Mohs is slowly losing his sanity.
       At any rate, this makes things a lot more difficult. The people of both
    countries will likely side with the New Order of Lorelei in order to get the
    Score back...they may even riot. First things first--let's speak with Emperor
       In the audience hall, Jade explained about the appearance of the new Hod,
    as well as what he called "quasi hyperresonance."
       Basically, Master Van is extracting replica data from Auldrant and using
    that to create replicas. As a result, a quasi hyperresonance occurs between
    the original land and its replica, resulting in the original being destroyed.
    So as long as the replication continues, more and more land will be destroyed.
       Of course, it will take some time to extract the replica data for the
    entire planet, so it's not like the originals will disappear immediately. And
    Jade suggested that the fomicry equipment creating the replicas was probably
    on Eldrant, the name Mohs gave to the new Hod.
       Right now, we're the only ones who are able to fly, so it's our job to
    stop the fomicry taking place on Eldrant. It was also decided to hold a
    summit on how to deal with the New Order of Lorelei, so that both countries
    and the original Order can come to an agreement on the measures to be taken.
       Emperor Peony agreed. Uncle--the King also knows about the summit, so now
    we just need to check with Teodoro in Yulia City.
       When we left the castle, Largo was waiting for us. He told us that Arietta
    was waiting for us in the Cheagle Woods. So the time for the duel has finally
    arrived... Let's let Anise take care of that before we go to Yulia City.
     ==========================                                         =========
    | As a Fon Master Guardian |                                       | [SY096] |
       The Cheagle Woods were unchanged from the last time we visited them. It's
    a little painful remembering Ion, but he probably wouldn't want to see us
    spending all our time moping over him.
       Anise told us to wait at the entrance to the forest. But Anise is...well,
    this is kind of embarrassing to say, but she's one of us. We can't let her go
    alone. We headed deeper into the forest to face Arietta together.
       The duel between Arietta and Anise began. Anise never once spoke the truth
    about Ion, and in the end, Arietta lost the duel and breathed her last.
       Largo, the mediator, watched everything, then left--tacitly admitting that
    he was in fact Badaq.
       It must have been tough on Anise but she insisted that she was fine, so we
    headed for Yulia City to finally take care of arranging the summit on the
     ====================================                               =========
    | Truth and One's Place in the World |                             | [SY097] |
       When we reached Yulia City, we found a replica on the ground in pain.
    Apparently the world has been flooded with replicas, and some of them are
    being treated cruelly and running away.
       I felt for them. I'm in exactly the same position myself...
       Teodoro agreed to attending the Daath summit, and said he would leave for
    Daath shortly. Now we just need to report to King Ingobert. Let's head back
    for Baticul.
       There were a lot of replicas in Baticul, just like we had heard at Yulia
    City, and they weren't all being treated well. The sight worried me.
       Before the castle, we found a group of Baticul citizens who believed in
    the New Order of Lorelei about to riot. Natalia somehow managed to calm them
    down, but it's easy to see they're at the limit of their patience. We'll have
    to get the country unified again as soon as possible. Anyway, let's go report
    to the King on the Score summit.
       The King was also worrying himself over the replicas. We explained what
    had happened since Mohs' worldwide broadcast, and reported that the Score
    summit would be held in Daath. His Majesty said that he would propose
    military action against the New Order of Lorelei at the summit, as well.
       But there are still a lot of problems that need to be resolved. Eldrant is
    still protected by the Planet Storm. The replicas need to be taken care of,
    and there are domestic issues as well.
       His Majesty then said he needed to discuss the stance Kimlasca would take
    at the summit. He allowed Natalia to join the summit as well. I decided to
    wait at my father's...no, at Duke Fabre's mansion until the preparations were
       As we were leaving, I mentioned the issue of Natalia's father to the King,
    and was told to visit His Majesty in his chamber afterward.
       Okay, let's take care of that first.
       Upon hearing that Largo was indeed Natalia's father, the King couldn't
    decide whether to tell Natalia or not. Everybody had their own thoughts...but
    I suggested that Natalia should be told. Though, of course, His Majesty is
    the one who'll make the decision. He's much more of a father to her than
    Largo, after all.
       With the report taken care of, we headed for the mansion.
     ============================                                       =========
    | Where the Original Belongs |                                     | [SY098] |
       As we left the castle, Jade said that he would return to Malkuth to help
    settle Malkuth's policy. He took the Albiore with him, so we ended up stuck
    in Baticul.
       With no other choice, we headed for the mansion, but then Asch contacted
    me, saying he was going to come and meet me. That gave me a thought, so I
    told him to come to the mansion.
       Okay, let's wait for Asch in the mansion.
       Asch arrived before long. Apparently he hasn't been able to find the Jewel
    of Lorelei, and is out of clues on where to look. That reminded me of Ion's
    Score, the one about going to Belkend to find a way to eliminate the miasma.
    That way was to use hyperresonance to dissolve the miasma, with the power of
    the Sword of Lorelei and ten thousand sacrifices. I asked Asch about that,
    but he came right back and asked me if I was offering to die.
       ...That's when I first realized how insincere, how weak my resolved to
    change, even the gesture of cutting my hair, had been.
       Back then, I had thought I could die. But now? Even if my death could save
    the world from the miasma, I'm afraid of dying...
       Asch said that he didn't want to die either. It's just like Jade said...
    This method is too unrealistic.
       Asch tried to leave then, but I still had something for him to do. I'm
    going to make him see Father and Mother...
       I brought Asch to see Father and Mother, and left for the courtyard. I'd
    been thinking I wanted to get Asch back here to see them, but now that I
    finally have, it was too difficult to watch.
       When I got out into the courtyard, everybody scolded me for thinking about
    dying in order to get rid of the miasma. But I've spent a lot of time
    thinking about it...thinking about why I was born. Maybe I was born in order
    to eliminate the miasma...then wouldn't that mean I had a reason to exist
    after all?
       Then Asch returned from seeing Father and Mother, yelled at me, and left.
    Even though we're the same person, we always wind up fighting. ...Or maybe
    it's because we're the same person.
       Natalia and Jade returned the following day. Both countries had agreed to
    stopping the Planet Storm in order to attack Eldrant. Now we just need to get
    things arranged at the summit. Both rulers are already headed for Daath--
    let's get going in the Albiore ourselves.
       But just as we were leaving Baticul, we found Spinoza waiting for us. He
    said Asch had gone to ask him about how to neutralize the miasma.
       He can't be planning to use hyperresonance to do that...?!
       Even Asch, the original, wouldn't be able to survive that. And what's he
    planning to do about the ten thousand people he'd have to sacrifice?
       I wondered about that out loud, and Jade replied that he was probably
    going to use replicas.
       Since the Seventh Fonon is used to bond together atomic particles during
    replica synthesis, replicas could serve as substitutes for Seventh Fonists,
    Jade said. Is Asch planning a mass suicide with that many replicas...?
       We can't let him do that. We decided to head for the Tower of Rem, which
    is probably where Asch has gone. The Tower of Rem is on the Qiubi Peninsula,
    the southernmost part of the Rugnican continent--southwest of Kaitzur. Let's
    board the Albiore and hurry after Asch.
     =================                                                  =========
    | Tower to Heaven |                                                | [SY099] |
       The Tower of Rem was filled with countless replicas. We also saw Noir,
    from the Dark Wings--which means Asch must be here too!
       Noir asked us to stop Asch. Of course we will. We won't let him die!
       But the door to the elevator leading to the top of the tower closed on us.
    We'll have to climb the stairs instead.
       We managed to use energy from golems and make it onto the elevator. There
    we found the replica of Mary, Guy's sister, who said that the replicas were
    waiting at the top of the tower for Mohs to save them. And we found out that
    Asch had asked them to sacrifice themselves. He really is serious about
       Just then, Dist flew in and attacked, saying he had come to destroy the
    replicas at Mohs' order. We fought Dist to protect the replicas, and defeated
    him. Dist's last words before his machine exploded were that Mohs had
    forsaken the replicas.
       The replicas seemed to fall into despair at learning that they no longer
    had a place on Eldrant.
       Then Asch arrived, to prod the replicas into making a decision. We tried
    to stop him, but he wouldn't listen, and he descended in the elevator, saying
    he would wait for the replicas to make their choice.
       We can't let him go like this. Let's go after Asch and convince him to
       The Dark Wings were waiting for us at the entrance of the Tower of Rem,
    and they told us that Asch had gone to Daath. Then we'll just have to follow
    him there.
     =========================                                          =========
    | A Reason for Being Born |                                        | [SY100] |
       When we reached Daath, the summit had already begun. Apparently Asch had
    shown up as well, and left a letter saying that he would work with the
    replicas to eliminate the miasma and asking that the replicas be given
    shelter if he succeeded. He then left for the Sephiroth in Mt. Zaleho to look
    for the jewel of Lorelei. We told them the truth about Asch's plan--that he
    was going to die in order to get rid of the miasma.
       I was sure the three leaders wouldn't permit such a thing, but they only
    stood silently. They can't believe that letting Asch die, even to clear out
    the miasma, is a good thing?!
       But when Jade spoke the alternative, I realized that that was probably the
    best way, the only way. The three leaders must have been thinking the same
    way as well.
       I'm the one that has to die, not Asch. I'm a replica, and Asch is the
    original, after all.
       If one of us has to disappear, it obviously ought to be me, the defective
       They told me to think about it, but I doubt there's much to think over.
    They've probably already reached their decision. So this is the future that
    Ion saw...
       Everybody except Jade tried to stop me, but I've already made my decision.
    I mean, I don't really want to die, but this is the only way, so I don't have
    a choice, do I...
       To be honest...I'd be happier if Asch died instead of me. That's how much
    I want to stay alive...but that's not an option we have.
       I guess it's time to go and inform everyone of my choice...
       But on the way back, I ran into Asch. He told me to look for the Jewel of
    Lorelei myself because he was going to disappear. So I told him that I'd die
    to neutralize the miasma instead.
       We got into an argument. It must have sounded stupid... Neither of us want
    to die, and yet both of us were saying we'd die in the other's place.
    Eventually Jade broke us up, and Asch headed for the Tower of Rem again,
    ignoring my words. I returned to the chapel to inform the leaders of my
       The leaders accepted my resolution. Teodoro said that there had once been
    a mining town near where the Tower of Rem is, so if I do succeed in my plan,
    it will end up fulfilling Yulia's Score, that Score foretelling prosperity--
    I'll die in a mining town, taking thousands of people with me.
       It seems that all the other issues raised at the summit were resolved: a
    three-way alliance, the stopping of the Planet Storm, and an attack on
    Eldrant. All were accepted. The only thing left is for me to eliminate the
       ...Let's go to the Tower of Rem.
     ============================                                       =========
    | Those Who Were Driven Away |                                     | [SY101] |
       We found the replica Mary at the top of the Tower of Rem, holding an
    injured replica. Apparently that replica had been treated as a slave by human
    beings, and had barely managed to make it to the tower. I guess there isn't
    much room for replicas in the world right now.
       The replica Mary agreed to die on the condition that we would guarantee
    protection for the remaining replicas. I was still wavering, but Asch came
    along and yelled at me. We started fighting over the Sword of Lorelei, and
    then I caused a hyperresonance.
       To be honest, I don't really remember what happened then. I was probably
    thinking a lot about how I didn't really want to die. But in any case, I was
    able to grab the Sword of Lorelei from Asch, and I used it to start a
       But I wasn't able to eliminate all of the miasma by myself. Then Asch
    helped me, and together we neutralized the miasma...at the cost of thousands
    of replica lives.
       As can be seen from the fact that I'm writing this, I didn't disappear. In
    fact, as a result of my body partially disintegrating, we were able to
    acquire the Jewel of Lorelei, which had become mixed in with the fonons in my
       At first glance, it looks like things couldn't be better.
       But I know the truth. I saw my hand starting to vanish. That may be a sign
    that I myself am going to disappear. Fortunately Asch and the others didn't
    seem to notice.
       In the end, Asch took the Sword of Lorelei with him, while I kept the
    Jewel of Lorelei, and we separated. If we stay together, it'll be that much
    easier for Master Van to attack us.
       Asch left, and we headed for Belkend, so that I could get a thorough
       The result of the examination in Belkend was as I expected.
       I'm going to disappear. And in the near future, too.
       I told the doctor not to tell anyone about it, wanting to keep it a
    secret, but Jade realized the truth. He said he wouldn't tell anyone else,
    though. Thanks, Jade.
       It looks like I don't have much time left, but at last I've finally
    started wanting to live. I don't want to die, I don't even want to think
    about it, but I don't have a choice, so I want to enjoy the time I have left
    with everyone else. I hope I'll be able to fill the rest of this diary with
    such good things.
       In any case, we need to report to the King, and I could use some rest, so
    we decided to head back to Baticul. Let's go.
     ============                                                       =========
    | Eyes on Me |                                                     | [SY102] |
       We decided to save the report to Uncle for tomorrow, and rest at the
    mansion today. I guess I might as well head back to my room and take a nap.
       I was in my room, thinking about what it would be like to die, when Tear
    came in. Apparently she'd heard from Mieu that I was going to disappear. That
    Mieu, of all things to babble about... Tear's the one person I didn't want
    knowing about it.
       Tear told me not to keep anything from her anymore. Yeah, I guess. Now
    that she's learned my biggest secret, I don't have anything...well, only one
    thing to hide from her.
       Thanks, Tear.
       The next morning, I was feeling just a little better. It's odd... I feel
    bad for making others share my pain, but at the same time it makes my own
    feelings lighter.
       Anyway, I guess I ought to head out and report to Uncle. Everyone's
    probably waiting in the drawing room...let's stop there first.
     ===================================                                =========
    | Words Between Father and Daughter |                              | [SY103] |
       When I entered the drawing room, a messenger from the castle had just
    arrived, reporting that the New Order of Lorelei had sent an emissary. Here
    they come at last... Father headed for the castle--let's follow him.
       The emissary from the New Order of Lorelei was Largo. Uncle refused the
    New Order's demands. There's no turning back now.
       After Largo left, Uncle told me and Natalia to see him in his room later.
    It sounds like he's decided to tell her the truth. It'll be tough, Natalia,
    but hang in there!
       When Natalia learned the truth about her father, she ran off to question
    Largo. We can't just leave her alone--let's follow her.
       Natalia had caught up with Largo at the port. There, we heard from Largo
    why he joined the God-Generals. He had lost his wife and daughter because of
    the Score, and had come to hate the Score for that. And, he said, the Score
    holds the planet's memory--the record of the entire life of the planet, from
    its creation through its destruction--a memory which all life on the planet
    is destined to follow. Largo had refused to accept that.
       He also said our methods were insufficient. As long as the planet's memory
    exists, any choice we make will eventually lead to the same place. The Score
    is that absolute.
       I finally understand why Master Van is taking such an extreme course of
       The originals are limited by the planet's memory, so he wants to create a
    new human race, the replicas, which will truly be free. That's the world that
    Master Van desires.
       Natalia looked depressed, and the rest of us were shocked by the new truth
    we learned about the Score. At any rate, Uncle is probably worried about
    Natalia, so let's head back to the castle.
       Uncle told Natalia that she didn't have to go out and fight anymore. The
    summit on the Score had concluded safely--there was no reason for a father
    and daughter connected by blood to fight each other.
       But Natalia decided to come with us, and think about how to face Largo on
    the way. Uncle accepted her decision as well.
       So the next thing we'll need to do is stop the Planet Storm. But we don't
    even know how the Planet Storm works, so let's stop by Yulia City, where
    there should be some records about it. Teodoro should be able to help us.
     ===================                                                =========
    | The Chosen Future |                                              | [SY104] |
       Teodoro told us that the Planet Storm is controlled by a fonic glyph that
    was drawn using the Sword of Lorelei, so we'll need to use the Jewel of
    Lorelei to close it. We decided to split up while Teodoro had the Jewel
    analyzed. Surprisingly, Tear was the one that suggested we split up, and she
    took Natalia with her. I wonder if something's wrong? Let's go see...
       Tear had taken Natalia out to cheer her up and give her a chance to
    collect her thoughts. It looks like I shouldn't interrupt them. Let's go back
    and see if Teodoro is ready.
       Teodoro said that there was a fonic arte inscribed in the Jewel of
    Lorelei, which could be used to close the Gates by focusing Seventh Fonons
    into it. Okay, let's head for the Absorption Gate and close it first.
     ===========================                                        =========
    | One Who Would Seize Glory |                                      | [SY105] |
       When we reached the Absorption Gate, we found an Oracle ship there as
    well. They must be here too. Let's be careful.
       A lot of things happened at the Absorption Gate. Let me see if I can get
    them all straight.
       When we reached the place where we fought Master Van before, Asch and
    Largo were glaring at each other, and Mohs was there with a boy that looked
    just like Ion, protected by Legretta and Sync.
       And then Master Van appeared, in the very place he fell into the core
    from. It looks like he had been able to stay alive by drawing Lorelei into
    himself and using its healing power. Master Van gave the fragment of the
    Seventh Fonstone he had taken from the core to Mohs, who left with Sync and
    the boy that looked like Ion. Apparently Mohs wants to use that fragment to
    read the Seventh Fonstone's Score. Only the Fon Master can do that--so that
    boy must be another replica of the original Ion, like Sync. Ion had seven
    replicas made, after all...
       Master Van asked Asch to help him. Asch refused, of course. Then he turned
    and offered his hand to me.
       If this had happened long ago, I just might have accepted his offer. But
    now I know the truth. There's no turning back.
       When I refused, Master Van looked surprisingly satisfied, and left with
    Legretta. We tried to follow him, but were blocked by Largo, so we let Asch
    go after Master Van instead.
       Natalia tried once more to convince Largo to stop. She probably knew it
    was useless, but still had to try one last time. Largo, of course, stayed
    firm, and we ended up having to settle things in a battle.
       Largo fought, and died, like a soldier. It must have hurt Natalia... But
    this isn't the end of our battle. We came here not to defeat Largo, but to
    close the Absorption Gate and stop the Planet Storm. Let's head downward and
    find the fonic circle controlling the Gate.
       The instant I used the Jewel of Lorelei to close the Absorption Gate, I
    felt myself being sucked down into the core. I don't know exactly what
    happened, but I must have been caught in the flow of the Planet Storm. With
    my body's fonons separating, I guess it's becoming easier for me to merge
    with things like that.
       I saw things in the core that I shouldn't have been able to see--like
    Master Van trapping Lorelei in his body, and reviving Sync. Maybe this is the
    planet's memory... Finally I saw Asch fighting with Sync, and when I told
    Asch that I'd go to help him, I suddenly found myself back at the Absorption
       It turns out that the Absorption Gate had been successfully closed after
    all. Okay, let's hurry back and help Asch--he's in danger, just like the
    planet's memory showed me.
       Just as we reached Asch, Sync ran off, apparently sensing that he was at a
       We asked Asch about what had happened, and he said that Mohs was just
    outside the Absorption Gate, making the Ion replica read the Score, and
    Master Van was watching. Okay, let's go.
       The Score that the Ion replica read was exactly the same from the Planet
    Score before. Mohs refused to believe it, and attacked the Ion replica. I
    moved to protect him, and all of a sudden, maybe because of the Jewel of
    Lorelei I was holding, Mohs' neural contamination advanced, and he flew off
    into the sky.
       Then--maybe it was the Jewel again--Lorelei started to awaken inside
    Master Van's body, but Master Van managed to suppress it, and left for
    Eldrant with Legretta. Asch then said he would come to meet us again when the
    Planet Storm had been stopped, and he left as well.
       The Ion replica had been left behind, so we decided to take him to Daath.
     =========================                                          =========
    | Casualties of the Score |                                        | [SY106] |
       We can't go on calling the Ion replica a replica, so Anise named him
    Florian. We left Florian with Maestro Tritheim, and headed for the Radiation
    Gate to stop the Planet Storm.
       As we approached the Radiation Gate, we were shot at by Eldrant, perhaps
    to prevent us from stopping the Planet Storm. Noelle dodged the fire and
    managed to land us safely at the Radiation Gate. Okay, let's head for the
       Just as I closed the Radiation Gate, Mohs flew down and attacked us. With
    the advancing neural contamination, he barely seemed to have any sanity left
    at all, but he still said nothing but "the Score, the Score!" It was too
    horrible to watch... Since he won't last long anyway, we decided to end
    things for him.
       Mohs may have thought differently than we did, but in his own way he was
    trying to save the world.
       That made me afraid...afraid that we were, like Mohs, following the wrong
       To be honest, thinking about saving the world or anything like that is
    probably way overdone. Even without doing anything like that, people will
    probably manage somehow or other. But I want to live as long as I can. Even
    more so, now that I know that I don't have much longer.
       We've taken care of stopping the Planet Storm, so Eldrant has lost its
    armor. Now we just need to do something about its anti-aircraft fire. At
    Jade's suggestion, we decided to head for the Grand Chokmah military
     =========================                                          =========
    | Footsteps to the Finale |                                        | [SY107] |
       According to Chief of Staff Sesemann, the Kimlasca and Malkuth forces have
    already begun preparations for deployment. We were also able to confirm the
    interval between Eldrant's cannons firing. Now we just need to complete the
    Key of Lorelei and proceed inside Eldrant. The joint military force is based
    in Chesedonia, so let's head there.
       Asch was waiting near the entrance to Grand Chokmah. He held out his hand
    to me, so I offered him the Jewel of Lorelei. After all, he's the original,
    the one whose power is stable. But he didn't seem to like that, getting angry
    at me "putting myself down." I know I used to be like that...no, maybe I
    still am to a degree. But as a simple issue of ability, I thought that Asch
    was more appropriate for the job than me. I don't think any less of myself
    for that fact.
       I'm me. I've finally realized that, after learning that I'm going to
       I'd always wanted someone to approve of me, to accept me, but that wasn't
    what was really important.
       Asch, please understand.
       Asch said we should fight to determine who's Master Van's real student. If
    that's what he needs, then I suppose I'll have no choice but to fight him.
       I'll probably end up fighting Asch on Eldrant. Right now, we need to
    prepare ourselves for going to Eldrant. Let's head to Chesedonia and arrange
    things with the military.
     ==================                                                 =========
    | The Night Before |                                               | [SY108] |
       We reached Chesedonia, and Jade told us that soldiers were given 24 hours
    of leave before being deployed, so we decided to do the same, and split up.
       Natalia spent time talking with Guy. Probably about Asch, I'd guess. She's
    been through tough times, with me and Asch arguing and all, but I'm sure Guy
    will be able to comfort her.
       Jade apparently went out drinking. I wouldn't be surprised if Anise
    followed him, too. The two may be separated in years, but they sure look like
    close friends. I bet they're looking forward to after the battle, talking
    about what they'll do next.
       Noelle invited me and Tear to the Albiore, and took us out on the sea.
       The nighttime sea was really beautiful, and so was Tear. I was about to
    tell her my true feelings...but I decided not to. After all, I'm going to
    disappear. But if she reads this diary after I die, I wonder if she'll
    realize anyway? I've tried not to let them show through, but...
       The next morning, we all met again in Chesedonia. We'll wait directly
    underneath Eldrant in the Central Ocean for the joint forces to arrive, then
    start the operation. Let's make sure we're fully prepared, and head for
     ===================                                                =========
    | The Glorious Land |                                              | [SY109] |
       While we were waiting in the Albiore, we suddenly heard an alarm and saw a
    huge object--Eldrant itself--flying toward us. We were nearly smashed, but
    Noelle managed to avoid it and keep us safe.
       Eldrant crashed into the Ispanian Peninsula, warping the land around it.
    Even then, the anti-air fire didn't stop. We managed to locate a single area
    with a dead cannon, and landed there.
       Master Van must see the Key of Lorelei as a real threat if he's going to
    these lengths to stop us. So as long as we have the Key, we have a chance to
    beat him.
       When we landed, we found the Albiore III, which had crashed into the
    cannon and disabled it. It looks like Asch has already made it inside
    Eldrant. Let's hurry in ourselves.
     ==========================                                         =========
    | The Strength of Feelings |                                       | [SY110] |
       Inside Eldrant, we encountered Legretta. She had apparently come to take
    the Jewel of Lorelei from us. I was concerned for Tear, but neither of us can
    back out from this battle now.
       We defeated Legretta.
       Her last words were of hope that Master Van would reform the world. Tear
    looked pained at having lost her instructor, but didn't cry at all. That's
    some self-control she has.
       Come to think of it, I've never seen her crying even once since we met. I
    wonder if she won't cry even after I die? Probably not. Not that I want her
    to or anything... It just seemed to me that would be like her.
     ===================                                                =========
    | Only Room for One |                                              | [SY111] |
       As we headed farther on, I suddenly got caught up in a trap and separated
    from the others. That was sure clumsy of me.
       But I was startled to see that Asch had been caught in the same trap, and
    both of us were stuck in a room with no way out. I guess Asch and I really
    are the same person in some ways.
       Asch said that the room was made so that only one of us could get out. I
    tried to make him go, but he refused.
       So we both ended up fighting to prove who we were.
       I won. Asch wasn't civil about it, but he gave me the Sword of Lorelei.
    Now our roles have been decided. I'll defeat Master Van and free Lorelei, and
    Asch will help me.
       Just then, Oracle soldiers came and attacked, trying to take the Key of
    Lorelei. I thought of staying with Asch to defeat them so that both of us
    could leave, but Asch told me to perform the role he had left to me.
       For all that he hated me, Asch really has left his hopes with me. I can't
    betray those. I put my trust in Asch, and left the room to rejoin the others.
     ======================                                             =========
    | The Grand Fonic Hymn |                                           | [SY112] |
       As we proceeded through Eldrant in search of Master Van, we came across
    the former mansion of Count Gardios. We started talking about the Score, and
    all of a sudden Tear recalled the Seventh Fonic Hymn, which she had never
    been able to remember before. She said Master Van had sung it to her as a
    lullaby when she was little. She still doesn't understand its meaning or
    symbolism well enough to use it as a real fonic hymn. But now that she's
    remembered it, she's able to use the Grand Fonic Hymn, which could reawaken
    Lorelei within Master Van's body.
       We've gained a new weapon for our battle. This should give us another
    advantage in fighting Master Van. Let's hurry and find him.
     ================                                                   =========
    | A Raised Cross |                                                 | [SY113] |
       Further on, I suddenly got the headache that comes with Asch's channel,
    and I saw Asch--no, I saw the world through Asch's eyes.
       Asch's body was covered with injuries from fighting the Oracle soldiers,
    and yet he kept on battling. And just as it looked like he had taken care of
    them all, he relaxed for an instant, and in that instant an Oracle soldier
    ran him through with a sword. Even so, Asch pulled together the last of his
    strength, defeated the soldier, and called to me... "The rest is up to you."
    Then I felt something warm flow into me. It was Asch...the same feeling I had
    when we lowered the Outer Lands, when we neutralized the miasma. So I knew
    exactly what had happened.
       Asch had died...
       Natalia was immobilized by the shock. And with the worst timing, we were
    caught in a fonic trap, and were about to be destroyed by it.
       That instant, I felt power flow out of me, and it neutralized the trap.
       The power I used, the power Asch probably gave me, is called "second-order
    hyperresonance." Sync appeared before us and called it that.
       Sync attacked us, cursing his own birth. He had joined Master Van to help
    destroy the Score which had led to his being born.
       We defeated Sync.
       Was he really empty, like he said? Or did he simply think he wanted to be
    empty? We can't ask him anymore, but I wish I could have heard his answer.
       Jade scolded Natalia for succumbing to shock at Asch's death, and she
    finally realized just how dangerous her actions had been. And she said to me
    that Asch was inside me. Even though she could have said that I should have
    died instead, and I wouldn't have been able to respond... I'm sorry, Natalia.
     ===================                                                =========
    | The Promised Time |                                              | [SY114] |
       We felt Master Van waiting ahead of us, an incredibly strong presence.
    Once we go past this point, we probably won't be able to return until we've
    defeated Master Van.
       And once we go beyond here and finish everything, I'll probably disappear.
    In order to defeat Master Van, in order to free Lorelei, I'll almost
    certainly have to use hyperresonance and the Seventh Fonon. By using that
    power, the fonons within me that have just barely been staying together will
    separate and vanish.
       Thank you all for everything.
       Please lend me your power for this final battle.
    | This is the end of the script! As said above, email me (kalorii@gmail.com) |
    | if you need anything. ^.^                                                  |

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