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A Good Game Lost in a Sea of - Oh, I Just Missed a Spoiler08/15/079NineBreaker9
Tales of the Abyss soars with beauty and elegance!04/09/07Chaos Control
A prime display of undeserved hype for such a weak product.01/19/07Loopmeister
Tales of the WIN11/20/06Zoidz
Probably the best Tales game you can get now11/13/06Blarg143
A great addition to the "Tales of" series02/22/10Blkmage
A tale of honor and sacrifice, of duty and choice, of what is written and WHAT WILL BE.09/16/11Calamity
Far and away the best RPG I've played in years05/01/09Careful_Crab
Even if you don't like RPGs, this game more than deserves a spot on your shelf12/26/06Computerbug8
Tales of The Abyss: Another tales game that is simply Amazing.11/13/06Default64
There's always two of me just a-hangin' around...01/25/07discoinferno84
Active battle system, great humor, good storyline, only 1 major flaw...01/11/08egoflux0
Review of the Abyss11/15/07FireofLight
Now this is the PS2's swan song07/16/07Gbness
Sing a song and change the world at the same time10/25/06holyknight14
An engaging tale, ten years in the making...12/30/05HolyLancer9
I can't think of a better way to celebrate 10 years of gaming excellence. Tales of the Abyss has made its way to the USA!12/26/06Kashell Triumph
In the depths of the Abyss...02/05/07KillerCrono599
JPN 10th Anniversary Tales game... for the new Tales generation. ENG with improvements and bugs.11/06/06Master LL
Namco's best Tales effort yet.05/04/09MiSTeR_BiG_09
Excellent character development and great gameplay keep Abyss afloat even when the plot tries its hardest to sink it12/30/08nintendosega
Namco polishes the franchises's gameplay to the max with their finest release yet.04/22/13RageBot
The Tales series just keeps getting better and better!02/12/07ryudo500
A Tales 10th Anniversary Masterpiece05/17/07Sui89
A well crafted, cliched RPG experience.11/12/07thesampleman
Oh we need go to that dungeon in order to save the world. Lets first visit all the kingdoms AGAIN before we go there.08/19/13Zylo the wolf

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