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    FAQ/Walkthrough by mkprovince

    Version: 0.75 | Updated: 02/01/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Author of file	: mkprovince (Gamefaqs username)
    E-mail 		: mkprovince @yahoo.com
    I wrote this for the pure intention of giving help to game players. I 
    do not wish for any sort of gratitude but if what I wrote is of any 
    help to others, then I'll be pleased with myself.
    I'm new so mistakes and such are inevitable. I hope people 
    would be glad to lend me a helping hand. Please state my errors 
    in the board since I'll be mostly on the net and I usually pay 
    Gamefaqs a visit from time to time except for public holidays and 
    weekends. Or just drop me a mail if it is weekends and holidays. 
    Sometimes I might take a bit longer to reply¡K.
    !!! REMINDER (please understand a few things here):
    1) This is a walkthrough I wrote while mostly using GunArk. 
    Therefore please understand that the game play may differ as 
    you use different units to play through the stages later on during 
    your replays. Plus this FAQ is definitely going to contain spoilers. 
    If you do not want to be spoiled, then do not look.
    2) Vocal version is pretty much the same content of the game 
    with just an added feature of having BGM come with a selection 
    with vocals.
    3) I scavenged everything from the last FAQ and make new 
    amendments where I think is necessary.
    !!!RANT (only for Special Vocal Edition)
    The Special Vocal Edition murdered the entire game. For 
    something to be called vocal edition, they actually threw the 
    original OP and ED out the window and replaced them with 
    common background music.
    1. File History
    2. Legal stuffs
    3. Controls
    4. Menu Translation
    5. Things to take note
    6. Important!!
    7. Walkthrough
    8. Extras
    9. Frequently asked questions
    File History
    Version 0.85 (31/01/98)
    Just a little bit more.....
    Version 0.75 (29/01/08)
    Finished the first complete draft. Still missing many extra 
    requirements. FAQ needs a cleanup for being a hasty work. 
    Version 0.65 (28/01/08)
    Tries to revive the dead. Having some problem adapting to the 
    new timetable arrangements. Well, I try to finish this 
    once and for all.
    Version 0.5 (26/10)
    I know that I've just about wasted a week before continuing. Hey, 
    I have work to do. Okay, I'm back...... Cleared the confusion 
    between Daimajin and Daitetsujin. Added in a couple of stages 
    worth of walkthrough and added in some of the missing 
    Version 0.4 (19/10)
    Another hasty addition to the overall work. Missing quite a 
    number of secret objectives but will be added when time is 
    Version 0.35 (18/10)
    Just put in a few additions to the walkthrough, changing the 
    looks for a better grasp and some checking.
    Version 0.30 (17/10)
    Well, I continued from where I left off last time. I rechecked the 
    extra objectives up to the current point and did some correcting 
    based on my complete save file. Well, I did my homework.
    Version 0.20 (16/10)
    Oh, man, I really did mess up a whole lot for being a first timer. I 
    need to read the regulations better next time. Well, I sorted the 
    version to 0.20 with the extra amendments to the FAQ but no 
    new additions yet.
    Version 0.10
    Started on the date 15/10/06. This is the first Walkthrough of my 
    life. Sort of jumpy writing this and I bet I missed out a whole lot of 
    stuffs up to the point. I have listed up to the fifth part of the game 
    as I played and I will try to make some quick adjustments as I go.
    Legal Stuffs
    This FAQ may not be copied or reproduced under any 
    circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be 
    placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly except 
    for Gamefaqs. Use of the guide on any other web site other than 
    Gamefaqs or of any public display is strictly prohibited. In short, 
    I'll court martial the hell out of violators.
    The game and whatever concerned is not mine. They belong to 
    Banpresto and From Software since this game was only born as 
    a result of their joint cooperation. I wish to thank them and hope 
    that they will be able to make more of such enjoyable games.
    Normal game controls:
    1) Start 				- skip movies and briefings (You 
    should be using a lot of this button if you're replaying).
    2) O 				- selects or confirm
    3) X				- Do not select or return
    Combat controls:
    1) L1				- weapon select
    2) R1				- ascend
    3) R2				- descend
    4) []				- fire default ranged weapon
    5) O				- close range attack (melee)
    6) X				- dash
    7) Triangle 			- lock on (usually to the next 
    nearest enemy in the vicinity unless you choose otherwise in the 
    8) Left analog			- movements
    9) Right analog			- POV change
    Menu Translation (Based on Special Vocal Edition)
    1)	Main Menu (Starting Anew)
    2)	Main Menu (After)
    	Free Mission
    3)	Option Menu
    4)	Game (option)
    	Difficulty		| Rookie | Pilot | Ace |
    	Lock Info		| On | Off |
           	| Camera prioritized | Direction prioritized 
          	 | Distance prioritized | Damage prioritized |
    	Attack Demo	| On | Off |
    	Text		| On | Off |
    	Default value
    5)	Controller (option)
    	Controller Type	| Select | Shift |
    	Flight Type	
           	| Easy | Flight | Easy reverse | Flight reverse |
    	| Normal | Vertical reverse | Reverse |
    	Vibration		| On | Off |
    	Quick Turn 	| On | Off |
    	Height Adjust	| On | Off |
    	Key Assign
    	Default value
    6)	Sound (option)
    	Sound		| Stereo | Dolby ProLogic II |
    	BGM volume	| <<	>> |
    	SE volume	| <<	>> |
    	VFX volume	| <<	>> |
    	Attack voice	| On | Off |
    	BGM type		| Vocal | Music | Random |
    	BGM Test		| << 	>> |
    7)	Screen (option)
    	Brightness	| <<	>> |
    	Contrast		| <<	>> | 
    Things to take note
    YOUR GAME! For those who knows..... Forget what I said.
    As you put in your disc and start a game.....
    1) You will be given one hell of a nice OP. Watch it at least once. 
    Actually watch the entire cut scene once. You might be able to 
    have a better grip of the story line this way, even if you do not 
    Japanese (please understand that my Japanese isn't so great 
    2) As you press start at the main menu, the game will prompt a 
    save. Since I am writing in the sense of starting a new game, 
    there will not be any save to load. Please select X.
    3) Now, you will enter another menu with two choices. The first 
    choice (above) is to start a new game. The one below is to 
    prompt a save load. Choose the one above. Choose the second 
    one below if you had finished once and are replaying. A third 
    option will appear in between the two if you are continuing your 
    game after you load your previous save game (say, you need 
    some shut eye and....)
    4) After that, you enter the control and all those other settings 
    that would influence how the game would differentiate in its own 
    way. The first is the anime title screen. By choosing one of the 
    titles here, you actually help the units concerning the titles to 
    have bonus boons. Plus, you receive more exp plus you will be 
    able to cast Team Attack more often. Do not worry about not 
    knowing which to choose. There is a showcase beside the 
    selections for you to see. Choose whichever you want but I 
    would most certainly advise choosing the Original for the first 
    time. It is supposed to be its story after all.
    The selections are:
    a. No selection (Thus no bonus or whatever. All status will be 
    kept to a mere default value)
    b. Aura battler Dunbine
    c. Blue comet SPT Lazyner
    d. L-Gaim
    e. Dragonar
    f. Brain-powered
    g. Kidou Senkan Nadesico (Prince of Darkness)
    h. Gundam Wing Endless Waltz
    i. Kidou Senshi Gundam The Counterattack of Char
    j. Kidou Senshi Gundam 0083 Stardust Memories
    k. Super Dimensional Fortress Macross (Do You Remember 
    l. G Gundam
    m. Wings of Rean
    n. Another Century's Episode Original
    5. Choosing a title will then move you to difficulty settings. 
    Difficulty settings range from Rookie, Pilot, and Ace from top to 
    bottom. I would advise Rookie for New Player while Pilot for 
    veteran. I know it is almost an insult to all those who had played 
    A.C.E. and figure themselves capable of dealing with everything. 
    Do not! I'm also an A.C.E. player and ace difficulty is not 
    something that should be regarded lightly. I got my backside 
    kicked so many times even when using some fully upgraded 
    units while trying for higher difficulty. It is sad, but true. For 
    difficulty, I choose Rookie for the sake of walkthrough writing but 
    try whichever you like.
    6. Next it is combat control selection. There are two selections. 
    The first is like a drag down box and as you hold L1, you move 
    up or down the list and choose the weapon of your choice and 
    pressing square to select it. Or you tap L1 till the weapon of your 
    choice is displayed. That will be very tiresome and really not 
    advisable. You lose precious time and you will most likely get 
    swamped this way.
    The second combat control is better in my opinion since this 
    since something you would want to rely on during the story mode 
    or even during versus. You hold L1 and then you press the four 
    colored buttons and the R1 and R2 buttons in response to the 
    weapon you want to use. It might be a bit disorienting to use at 
    first but a real life saver. Understand one bit though. Some 
    mechs will have a blank box indicating that there will be no 
    weapon assigned to the button. Thus, remember which button 
    has a corresponding weapon of its own.
    7. After that is the flying maneuver. This maneuver coordination 
    applies to mechs that have a variable transformation to an 
    aircraft. Treat this like some sort of flying simulation but using the 
    left analog stick to control the movement. There are four to 
    choose but I choose the first one I see and had been 
    accustomed to it....Choose whichever you want. It is basically 
    two types with the remaining two the reverse control for vertical 
    movement. Look at the pictures beside and you should be able 
    to discern them.
    8. Prompting whether you want to have lock on to have some 
    sort of auto height adjustments. I just agree with this.
    9. Auto faces enemies when locked on. You do not want this? I 
    want this.
    10. Controller having the vibration functions. It is your choice.
    11. Final confirmation.
    12. Into the game you go.
    REMINDER: Certain settings can be changed halfway through 
    the game in the Option.
    The game would mostly function like this:
    1) Briefings. You hear what they say. Whether you want to skip 
    this, it is totally up to you.
    2) Hangar menu (upgrades and repairs. Non-available for first 
    stage unless you go to free mission)
    3) Combats! (WOOHOO! This is what you have been waiting for!)
    4) Final briefings plus some sort of news clippings.
    Pressing start during combat will pull up a menu and a map. 
    Look and understand the map carefully, it may be your only way 
    to navigate through certain stage without getting lost.
    The menu displayed will show:
    1) Back to game (pressing start will do the same thing)
    2) Mission briefings in short. (I'll try to take note of all the mission 
    requirements as I go)
    3) Combo list (the combo list will have extras as you upgrade 
    through your mech's last upgrade option)
    4) Retry (if you sort of did something wrong.....)
    5) Back to intermission
    Ending a battle and you will be shown your ranks, ace points 
    earned and kill counts. Plus you will be prompted to save every 
    battle. Whether you want to do it, it is up to you. You should save 
    once in a while.
    Welcome to the blue screen of intermission. Do not worry about 
    the popup now and then. It is just to alert you of some new 
    additions to the game (like new mechs or new information).
    The intermission list goes like this:
    1) Deploy for combat
    2) Mech checking (show you the mechs the enemies use and the 
    mechs available to you. Updates as the game progresses)
    3) Dictionary (explanations for those keywords that appear 
    during the game progress)
    4) Mail (yeah, sort of like some sort of e-mail we use nowadays
    The contents will add up as the game goes.)
    5) Report (shows the global news)
    6) Combat training		- Ground combat
    			- Space combat
    7) Save
    8) Options
    9) Back to main menu
    Hangar is most likely the place you will be using most of the time 
    and spending even more time thinking about. All upgrades are 
    done here. Plus, units are chosen here to sortie also.
    The menu goes like this:
    1) Deploy for action (Do I really need to explain this?)
    2) Player unit (choose one that you will be controlling. There are 
    certain restrictions when certain units cannot be sortie as they 
    are being used by the CPU at that point but this rarely happens 
    and it will only happen during replays). The small menu that 
    appears after you chose a unit for combat assignation gives 
    three option: select, combo list and repair (needs ace points) 
    from top to bottom.
    3) Support unit 01 (the unit controlled by the CPU. If this option 
    is blacked it means that you cannot assign support units. Meaning, 
    this is a solo mission)
    4) Support unit 02 (same as above but there exists an exception. 
    If only this one is blacked out, you might be forced to have a 
    CPU controlled unit in team when you enter battle)
    5) Unit upgrades (please refer to upgrades)
    6) Modules (you can consider this as plug-ins. You will get 
    something like a blue cube when you destroy certain enemies or 
    buildings and they are modules that you can equip. Modules 
    come in different functions and all of them are a one-shot deal. 
    Decide wisely. In ace difficulty, this is your lifeline.)
    7) Unit purchase (available only in the free mission hangar and 
    this option allows you to buy certain units you had obtained after 
    satisfying certain objectives and you need ace points for the 
    You can choose to upgrade any unit using ace points to make it 
    stronger. Now this is the list of upgrades that you will be seeing:
    1) Defense
    2) Dash
    3) Evade
    4) Vernier
    5) Turn
    6) Attack
    7) Special
    I believe you would understand what upgrading 1 will do. 
    Upgrading dash helps your unit to move faster during dash 
    condition. As for evade, upgrading this will make your unit to 
    evade further when you evade enemy attacks (using the left 
    analog stick). Vernier helps your dash to stay longer. Turn helps 
    a unit to be able to turn more sharply in a battle, saving you all 
    the frustration of going a big arc to get to an enemy, very useful 
    for Attack is easily understood. The special upgrade is 
    something else.
    Special upgrade helps:
    a. adds new combo list to a unit is attack patterns.
    b. certain units to get a new look through evolution.
    c. Limiter Release when fully upgrade the option providing an 
    endless supply of bullets for most normal weapons and super 
    weapons charge faster. (Each level of the upgrade option is 
    available when you have gotten enough of exp. The fully 
    upgrade option is available when you have the exp bar of a unit 
    maxed and had finished the game once)
    Unit deployment is also something of a problem. Well, some 
    units come with different parts to suit different environments, 
    giving them different attack patterns for each. For example GP01 
    has two types of environment changes. One is for planetary use 
    whereas the other for space combats.
    When you choose a unit to use (as support or otherwise), you 
    will notice certain units have types of combat gear listed under 
    the default menu. By pressing square at this point let you choose 
    whether you want to assign different combat gears for the unit. 
    Note that the gears are environmentally restricted though.
    You might think that spending some ace points for repairs are 
    cool and the sort but I would recommend otherwise. Put the unit 
    into the passive members and let it out of action for one stage 
    and he will be back with full health the next time you use the unit. 
    However, certain stages will give you instantaneous full repairs 
    by the time the stage starts. You might want to look out for those 
    as well and plan on your team deployment. Ace points are better 
    reserved and used to buy extra units or unit upgrades.
    Well, you will be seeing this a lot if you sort of end up using 
    melee with an enemy that carries a melee weapon. When two 
    sides (you and the enemy) end up using melee at the same time 
    you will end up crossing swords. I had heard that this would 
    happen to any mech in your team but as far as I see it from 
    experience, locking swords will not happen to units that are using 
    fists as melee weapons either it be you or the enemy. If you do 
    not want this to happen, try using mechs like Lazyner when you 
    get him.
    Stage OP01-01
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate all others.
    Extra objective			
    : Complete the stage with a full health bar.
    Well, this is the start of the game and it was just a mere warm-up 
    exercise to let you be able to get a better feel of combat. Your 
    mentor of the day is Mr. Burning. Those of you who had watched 
    Memories should know who he is. Your mech is the Original 
    mech of the A.C.E. 2 (GunArk). Ugly looking if you ask me. Then 
    again, it may be one of the most powerful units during the final 
    stages of the game. You do not really need to follow the 
    instructions but please do so for the first time (if you understand 
    what they are talking about). But then again, just try out any way 
    you want. Get to know your mech better. You will be using this 
    guy for a long time. Just keep your life from dropping down to 
    zero as you blast away and you should be fine.
    There are a few waves of enemies and you must deal with them 
    all as you familiarize yourself with the control settings you chose. 
    Do not worry about ammunitions. It will recharge as time passes 
    but some weapon will take longer to charge. Just be careful. Oh 
    yeah, weapons with multi lock requires you to press the 
    corresponding button while the lock on button will take in all 
    enemies in sight. Get used to this. You need to understand this 
    and bear it in mind. Your life later depends on this.
    GunArk now has laser gun (missile effective), Ark rifle, missiles 
    (multi-lock), Ark blade (melee), transformation and some combo 
    attack. You deal different combat animations as you tap the 
    sequence or combo list shown (this adds up.)
    Stage OP01-02
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate all opposing threat
    Mission objective 		
    : Destroy GP02
    Mission objective		
    : Defeat Zarom D
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy all Dyne units (the red Giganos mechs)
    Your base got swarmed by enemies! Wake up! Red alert! You 
    only have the option of using GunArk. So, upgrade the mech as 
    you like. I usually just put more points into the Dash and Vernier 
    at first.
    You will see the base is practically infested with Zakus. It is time 
    to teach these Zeon mechs some lesson for waking you up from 
    your sleep. As you are going on some spring cleaning the god 
    decided to drop a monkey wrench. Giganos started to come and 
    pester the base. All of these seems like they are connected 
    somehow. Okay, more enemies to kill. After enough of a kill 
    count Gato comes out to play and he means business. However, 
    Uraki is now in your team roster. You will see a combination bar 
    right under the armor readings of your unit (filling with the counts 
    of kills but the charging rate also depends on the units you 
    deploy plus it will not appear if you didn't assign support units), 
    indicating how much of it is filled. If maxed, you can use 
    combination attack. Below that bar are the support units' names 
    if you do use them.
    I propose a hit and run tactic. Get as many enemy kills as you 
    can. You will want the exp. However, the main reason is that you 
    need to keep your HP high enough for later. Oh, do not try 
    missiles with Gato. He's good with the vulcans. Go personal. 
    Whack him with your melee weapon and keep him stunned 
    (O+[]). The second part ends when you had gotten Gato down to 
    a certain health level.
    Do not celebrate yet. Though the base is rid of Giganos and 
    Zeon, you now have someone else knocking on your doorstep. 
    The Zarom (blue units) is infinite and will keep on coming so kill 
    as many as you want. The whole thing took a bad turn when the 
    Zarom D (the only green unit in the field) appears. I do not 
    believe this is supposed to be a must down enemy. However, be 
    careful that by taking away a certain amount of its health will 
    trigger a scene that will end the stage. Then again, I heard the 
    amount of health GunArk has is also a trigger to the scene.
    Stage OP02-01
    Mission objective		
    : The destruction of Giganos base
    Extra objective			
    : Eliminate all enemy units, regardless of the buildings 
    within 150 seconds
    The stage is easy enough, just the standard elimination tactics. 
    Be introduced to the three wacky pilots of Dragonar series. They 
    will be your extra supports besides Uraki so making a total of five 
    units. Do not depend too much on them though. Enemies are 
    just standard Giganos units. They are easy to be disposed of. 
    Just do not get surrounded though. Now you just need to destroy 
    all the target buildings for the stage to end. You should have no 
    problem after the incident at Torinton base.
    After the battle, the three Dragonar units are now available for 
    use. If you're thinking about using a different mech other than 
    GunArk, I would recommend D-1. Not too bad of a unit to use.
    Stage OP02-02
    Mission objective		
    : Destruction of all Musai 2 (the transports)
    Fail objective			
    : Allowing Musai 2 to escape from area.
    Extra objective			
    : Depleting GP02's armor to 10%
    You've been alerted of GP02's presence. However, there's one 
    problem. He's hiding in one of the transport ships. Okay, blow 
    them from the heavens. One of the transports carries a module. 
    Okay, that is your first one of the day. More will appear as you 
    play. Just try to collect as many as you can.
    When you had destroyed all of the transports, GP02 came out of 
    hiding and some bunch of Giganos lackeys stormed forth to 
    attack you but got blasted to smithereens. Rejoice! Now Amuro 
    Ray the Great comes out to assist you in Re-Gz! It is time to take 
    the poundings to the enemies. As before, do not use missiles. 
    Use the Ark rifle or just close in on him.
    As you hit him hard, your next problem arises. Gato got 
    reinforcements. Guun Jim and Min from Giganos come to ruin 
    your day. Well, at least Gato left the field so it is three against 
    two. It shouldn't be too bad. I believe taking out Guun Jim (the 
    green one) would end the stage regardless whether you had laid 
    waste to Min or not. Now Amuro Ray joins you. Do not waste ace 
    points on him yet if you want to use him. Wait till he gets Nu 
    Stage OP03-01
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate enemy presence
    Fail objective			
    : Time runs out
    Mission objective 		
    : Destroy Quincy's Grancher
    Extra objective			
    : Eliminate all Granchers that appear with Quincy's Grancher, 
    Quincy's not included
    Meet Isami Yuu. He will be giving you a helping hand in the 
    current mission. Well, you should need a helping hand since 
    there's a clock ticking at the top of the screen. All enemies must 
    After you have eliminated the first wave of enemies, you now get 
    a boss fight. Anybody around who remembers Quincy (Iiko)? 
    She's my favorite character from brain-powered. A girl with an 
    attitude and Yuu's sister to boot comes to mess with you. Quite 
    an easy opponent, she is. It is when you face her during one of 
    the later stage; you will be muttering curses to the screen. Either 
    eliminate her or defeat all other Granchers and she will be forced 
    to flee. You get Yuu Brain for this stage.
    Stage Op03-02
    Mission objective		
    : Destroy all plate carriers
    Fail objective			
    : Time runs out
    Mission objective 		
    : Defeat unknown enemy
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy all Grancher
    Okay, shoot those boats. They are your current objective targets. 
    Try to get all Grancher in the process. When you had done so, 
    you will receive the thanks from a few people. Well, congratulate 
    Wait! What's this? An unknown presence approaches fast and it 
    is...... WHAT IS THAT? GunArk? No, you're in GunArk! Then 
    what is that? No time to bicker around as the newcomer decides 
    to do some target practice and who do you think is the victim? 
    Okay, either way we need to fight. I advise you to stick with 
    range attacks and let your supports deal with distracting the 
    clone. Missiles should be your best bet here. Do not get too 
    close with the clone or it'll blow you sky high if you're unlucky. 
    Defeat it and a cut scene appears whereas Granchers come to 
    mess around and trying to capture the unknown enemy from the 
    looks of it. Then, you will see a surprise. All those Granchers got 
    wasted in a single salvo. Now, Tak got some doubts building up 
    and you should too if you have been watching through all the cut 
    scenes up to this point.
    Stage OP03-03
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate enemy presence
    Mission objective 		
    : Defeat Jonathan's Grancher
    Mission objective 		
    : Defeat Bastole 
    (the pink unit that has a head that looks like a parrot).
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy the plate carrier
    You will meet the next Brain-powered member here, Hime. Well, 
    she looks like she got attacked during a patrol mission. Well, it is 
    your job to do the knightly charade. The enemies are just 
    standard Grancher units that should prove easy enough to 
    dispose of. However, I never get to find the elusive plate carrier. 
    Mind if I ask? Does anybody with a clue where it is? (It¡¦s at five 
    o¡¦clock. Check the map when the operator popped up saying 
    detecting heat signature at five o¡¦clock mark. It¡¦s the second time 
    she pops up on screen.)
    When all the lackeys have been disposed of, you will now face 
    Jonathan the guy from Brain-powered who has a very bad 
    attitude plus one loud mouth. Since he practically solo your team, 
    (though there are a couple of Grancher showing from time to 
    time) you should not have too much of a problem. Let forth your 
    Taking out Jonathan from the field and you will have a cut scene 
    of the units from Dunbine appearing in combat with Grancher. 
    You now get swarmed by countless Granchers. Okay, not a 
    problem. Just stay far away and multi-lock them to their doom. 
    All is just as easy as pie. That is so until Bastole suddenly 
    appears out of nowhere. This stage sort of ends when Bastole's 
    defeated so you might want to add a few Granchers to the count. 
    You get Hime Brain for now.
    Stage OP04-01
    Mission objective 		
    : Eliminate over ten Tulips
    Fail objective			
    : Time runs out
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy all Tulips
    A very short stage with a very short time. You better go straight 
    for the Tulips (those enemy transports) rather than wasting time 
    with the battas. It would be best if you destroy all those Tulips. I 
    hope you did some severe upgrades on your Dash and Vernier 
    or you will never get sixteen in time.
    Stage OP04-02
    Mission objective		
    : Destroy over twenty enemy units
    Fail objective			
    : Time runs out
    Extra objective			
    : Deplete GP02's armor down to 20%
    The first part is a bit of short since twenty units under the time 
    constraint would be murderous if you didn't upgrade your units 
    appropriately, especially in the offense department. Either you 
    had reached the time limit with twenty kills or having shrug off 31 
    enemy units, you will enter the next part of the stage. It is 
    Well, standard GP02 countermeasure. Go melee. He should be 
    down in no time. However, some people would find it easier 
    using Yuu or Hime Brain against the guy. You do not need to 
    defeat him for real. After getting him to speak of a certain 
    dialogue line, the stage ends. However, I think that decreasing 
    his HP below 50% also will do the job.
    Stage OP04-03
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate enemy presence
    Fail objective			
    : Albion destroyed
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy more than fifteen units within 60 seconds, 
    the Dowtwen reinforcements are all destroyed
    (The Dowtwens appear near the SE edge of map)
    Uh, oh. Gato seems hell bent to escape to space and he sent a 
    whole wave of Zakus to stop you. Alright, let's hit them fast and 
    hard. You do not see Albion anywhere and you think it is safe to 
    waste time.
    Nope, think again. There will be alert from time to time 
    concerning how much armor the ship still has so you have to be 
    fast and you have to be really determined.
    Okay, Zakus are nothing but teamed with the Jovian battas..... 
    that is another problem. Thus, I had advised before hand that 
    GunArk will be your best of friends. Your first part of the stage 
    ends with the full elimination of enemies.
    You now enter part two and you face Maryuu Prado and his 
    three lackeys. The lackeys are nothing note concerning but the 
    Blue Hawk is something else. Be careful at all times.
    Stage OP05-01
    Mission objective		
    : Approach the military satellites.
    Mission objective 		
    : Destroy all enemy spaceships.
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy all Drac-C and Gelgoog M on the spaceships
    Well, this is your first space mission. Try to accustom yourself to 
    the 0G environment. The left analog still controls movements but 
    now the right analog stick will control where you're facing rather 
    than just a mere POV change when you're not locked on.
    Okay, fly forth to the first satellite. This is the first of the three. So, 
    take this chance to try freestyle flying. After a cut scene, you now 
    get into business. Destroy the target satellites. Fine, that finishes 
    your target practice. Now, you got Zeons to deal with. Finish the 
    mop up and the stage is clear.
    Stage OP05-02
    Mission objective		
    : Elimination of enemy fleet
    Fail objective			
    : Albion is destroyed.
    Mission objective 		
    : Defeat Gelgoog M piloted by Cima
    Extra objective			
    : Albion suffers no damage when stage is cleared
    This is a defensive maneuver stage where you need to keep the 
    Albion alive and yet still get some kills. The stage starts off with 
    some Zeon fleet and then added with some Giganos stuff. 
    Destroy the spaceships.
    The mechs should prove not much of a problem to Albion 
    When you taken care of the fleet a purple Glegoog drop into the 
    battlefield, piloted by Cima. You just need to take her out to clear 
    the stage. Take her out quickly or add in some extra kills before 
    the end of the stage.
    Stage OP06-01
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate enemy presence
    Fail objective			
    : Allowing 5 or more Gelgoog M to breach the defense premise
    Mission objective		
    : Falguen's defeat
    Extra objective			
    : Totally halt the advance of Gelgoog M
    Okay, you're the selected pilot to guard the whole legion of ships 
    behind you. You're the elite, you're the best and you're going to 
    regret it big time if you somehow didn't see the cannon aimed at 
    you at the start of the stage.
    Avoid the initial shot and go in for the kill. Understand one thing. 
    Your target may be the Gelgoogs but it is not your primary 
    concern. You can deal with the threat of enemy breaching the 
    defense line if you quickly discharge the enemy transport ships. 
    Deal with the leftover Gelgoog M as fast as you can, without 
    letting more than 4 escaping.
    Okay, so the initial threat is thus reduced to nil. Hope you didn't 
    get too damaged because here comes the boss fight. Here 
    comes the Falguen and the three Gelf. You fought them during 
    the stage where you tried to stop the HLV from launching. Now, 
    you fight them again. Try to take out the three Gelf as quickly as 
    possible and aim not to get surrounded before you move on to 
    Falguen. It seems that the stage will end if you destroy Falguen 
    however trying that with all of his underlings helping isn't really a 
    very easy job if you're trying ace difficulty with your current 
    collection of mechs.
    Falguen itself is quite a capable mech in the close quarter 
    department. You might find yourself locking swords with him 
    most of the time. Here is the time where you need to have a 
    trained thumb pressing the O button like there's no tomorrow 
    (like when you're playing Naruto). If you sort of out press the 
    CPU, you get to stun him for like two seconds. However, I would 
    really advise a bit of range in between since after taking out the 
    Gelf, you might find yourself a bit low on health.
    After this fight, you get to see a splendid firework in space 
    courtesy of Gato. The stage thus ends here.
    Stage OP06-02
    Mission objective		
    : Defeat GP02
    Extra objective			
    : Defeat all enemy waves of Zaku 2.
    Well, you find yourself in some sort of space trash disposal area 
    but on closer look seem to resemble pieces from broken 
    warships. What is this place? Is this a graveyard? Well, you need 
    to fight Gato here and win but you're not to rely on missiles 
    during this stage.
    First, the missiles will detonate upon impact to anything solid and 
    you're surrounded by space debris, making the locked on feature 
    of the missiles all but nonfunctional unless you manage to lure 
    Gato out into the open.
    Take note that there will be reinforcements for the enemy. I 
    believe it is around three waves of Zaku 2. I hope you come in 
    full health (having done the repairs) and you would take very 
    careful steps in trying to defeat GP02.
    The enemy reinforcements' total annihilation is the prime 
    purpose to get the extra objective point. However, I would advise 
    you to try out during your replay. Even in pilot difficulty, you 
    might have some problem dealing with all the enemies since 
    Gato will keep on hounding you. However, it seems like he will 
    mostly consent to melee attack and he doesn't use vulcans to 
    distract your missiles when you're in a clearing. Then again, I 
    would still try the standard GP02 assault tactics, constant melee 
    and some ranged shots. Do try to take out GP02 quickly and 
    resort to extra objective during free missions.
    Stage OP07-01
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate enemy presence
    Fail objective			
    : Over the time limit
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy all enemies within 240 seconds
    Well, one thing first. You will not able to use GP01 here since 
    Uraki has left the team temporarily. Do not worry, he will be back 
    with another mech in tow and you should know what it is. If you 
    do not know, just wait a bit.
    Strange, you get a mix of Zeons and Jovian enemies. However, 
    this is not the time to sit back and think. You're starting to run out 
    of time so act quickly and start shooting. Halfway through the 
    shooting and all, Giganos dropped in to say hello.
    After this you get GP01, Gp03, Gundam Deathscythe, Gundam 
    Sandrock and Gundam Heavyarms. That is quite a lot of new 
    entries at this point.
    Stage OP07-02
    Mission objective		
    : Assure Albion's retreat
    Fail objective			
    : Time runs out
    Extra objective			
    : Albion manage to pull out within 180 seconds
    Well, five minutes seem a lot but those Jovians aren't making it 
    any easier. Albion needs to retreat from current space but Jovian 
    warships stand in the way.
    In this stage, you need to bear in mind a few things. First, Albion 
    must be able to leave without getting sunk. Two, you need to 
    clear a path for you ship to pass by destroying the enemy 
    warships. Three, there's a time limit to all this. Four, Zeon isn't 
    going to make your day any easier as waves of mechs storm 
    your way trying to stop you from succeeding. All in all, the 
    warships are your primary target.
    As Albion makes its retreat, you're introduced to some new 
    enemy mechs. These guys are going to be tough for ace 
    difficulty if you have low health. Moreover, they're fast.
    Stage OP08-01
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate enemy presence
    Mission objective 		
    : Defeat Nuel Zuel
    Extra mission			
    : Deplete Nuel Zuel's armor down to 50%
    You will first be treated to a party of Zeon mechs. Try to stay 
    alert and keep your health high. You need it later on. You might 
    want to buff up in the defense department before the stage starts.
    I believe you will be hearing voices at the background as you 
    fight. Do not let that distract you but when the voices stopped, so 
    will the assault waves. Something smells fishy and you will not 
    like it much.
    Now you will see why... You got Gato back in action and he 
    returns with a vengeance...in Nuel Zuel! That is one heck of a big 
    boss you will be fighting early in the game. Keep at a moderate 
    distance. You would want to use some ranged attacks instead of 
    melees since that mobile armor has a 360 degree shooting 
    range and you do not want to find yourself getting caught in the 
    crossfire. The stage should end if you manage to get his health 
    down to 80 percent or such.
    Stage OP08-02
    Mission objective		
    : Total enemy elimination.
    Mission objective		
    : Defeat Nuel Zuel
    Extra objective			
    : Deplete Nuel Zuel's armor down to 25%
    Those guys in the U.E.C. seem to have something prepared for 
    the event such as this. Well, it is not your concern anyway since 
    all you have to do is just clear the enemies' presence.
    The enemies are still the standard Zeon mechs. As previous 
    stage had advised, keep your health high. These enemies 
    should pose little threat to you now if you've gotten used to the 
    controls by now. If not, you just need to invest ace points into 
    your defense because you still have one hell of a boss waiting 
    for you, if you had forgotten about the previous encounter.
    After a scene where Gato had personally killed his superior for 
    the sake of his belief, you will now officially get to fight him for 
    the second time. This time around, he applies evasive maneuver. 
    Be really ready with your left thumb since you need to apply 
    evasive maneuver too as he's shooting like a leaking pipe.
    When you managed to get him down below a certain health level, 
    Gato decided that you're not worth his time and took off to 
    destroy the control ship of the Solar System. With the control 
    ship destroyed before the actual shot, the energy buildup wasn't 
    enough to get the falling colony destroyed. Now, all you can do is 
    watch the colony fall towards the atmosphere.
    Stage OP08-03
    Mission objective		
    : The defeat of Nuel Zuel
    Extra objective			
    : Player's armor remains over 80%
    GP01 is once again unavailable. BOO...... well, if you didn't put 
    any ace points into upgrading the guy, you wouldn't feel too 
    much of regret now.
    Now is the final showdown between you and Gato. If you hadn't 
    notice already, beam weapons will deal less damage on Nuel 
    Zuel. If you really want to deal damage on Nuel Zuel, apply 
    physical weapons like the machine gun of D-1 or missiles. Else 
    use beams with some very serious evasive maneuvers.
    When you had managed to get his health down to around 80%, 
    you will get a cut scene showing that the non-functional Solar 
    System let forth an unexpected shot. Uraki and Gato both got 
    trapped in the heat wave of the shot.
    Now, you're back to continue the fight before the scene. Let forth 
    all you got and quickly take out any health left on the Nuel Zuel. 
    When you had defeated Nuel Zuel, you will get another scene 
    (that is a lot of scene in this stage) that the GunArk clone 
    (officially renamed Buster Ark) blows the colony away from its 
    initial trajectory. Well, seems like you do not have to deal with a 
    huge crater on Earth's surface. Then again, who is this guy?
    GP01 is back in the team but now you would need to deal with 
    the loss of GP03. Plus, GunArk receives an upgrade. Not much 
    of a boon but it will do for the time being.
    Stage OP09-01
    Mission objective		
    : Protect Falguen at all cost during the time limit
    Fail objective			
    : Falguen is destroyed
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy Giganos base.
    You start the stage overlooking very large cannon on the surface 
    of the moon and the clock is ticking once more. This time is V.I.P. 
    protection maneuver. God, I hate this sort of thing since you 
    could rarely make the CPU understand that you're trying to 
    protect him but he just wouldn't sit tight. (He only got 30% armor 
    integrity) You might also want to risk it by destroying the two 
    buildings you see far ahead as they are what the secret objective 
    refers to and one of them has a module.
    You better want to utilize the multi lock capabilities the GunArk 
    comes with. Stay away from the enemies (preferably placing 
    GunArk on top of the Mass Driver) and shoot like crazy. Quickly 
    go into melee action if you ran out of missiles and hope Falguen 
    didn't start having some crazy ideas. Return to missile launching 
    mode when the missile pack is replenished. This is the first time 
    you will be feeling five minutes are just like five hours.
    During the five minutes, you will be charged with infinite Gebaye 
    and Dyne. Each one of them means business. You better watch 
    out for your back lest one shoots you from behind.
    As you are shooting Dyne and Gebaye from the sky, you 
    eventually learn that Lilina from Gundam Wings series was 
    captured by Giganos and that the leader (Droz Genov) demands 
    for your surrender. Well, it is not like this isn't the first time you 
    heard such a line and the waves of enemies aren't stopping their 
    advance. Just keep on building the kill counts. Eventually, the 
    princess in distress is saved (Within that five minutes. I call that 
    professional work). Then, the Droz sort of let you on a secret. 
    He's shooting the Mass Driver before the time is up!
    You could only watch as the huge chuck of lunar rock fly forth 
    towards Earth. First the colony and now this? Well, the God 
    seems to be looking out for you since at that very crucial moment; 
    the lunar rock was decimated by a new arrival. It is Heero and 
    Wing Gundam Zero Custom! After some bickering on either side 
    the stage draws to a close and you now officially have Wing Zero 
    in the team.
    Stage OP09-02
    Mission objective 		
    : Enemy fleet elimination
    Mission objective 		
    : Defeat Nataku
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy all Giganos transport spacecrafts within 120 seconds.
    One advice before you starts the stage. Get your best unit out 
    and have it at full health. I do not care whether you need it 
    repaired or not but just get it at full armor integrity. You will need 
    Here you're trying to stop Giganos from sending their units to 
    Earth so your primary concern is the Giganos transport 
    spacecrafts. However, note that the enemies will be sending out 
    their mechs to stop you. They are sent from the spacecrafts so 
    destroy them fast to stop reinforcements appearing or you just 
    go with destroying the mechs instead and leave the spacecrafts 
    are they are. However, since this is the first time you play, you 
    should get the spacecrafts down as quickly as possible. You may 
    ask why. Do you notice that your armor seem to be losing its 
    integrity as time passed? You're going through atmospheric 
    reentry and the heat is eating away at your armor.
    Here is the perfect opportunity to test out your new weapon. Hold 
    down the button and let it charge to level three and then let forth 
    the charge. It should be enough to cause major damage to the 
    spacecrafts. Do this for all three spacecrafts and you should still 
    have a considerable amount of armor left to confront the second 
    part of the stage. You're now against Nataku, the trickiest MS 
    you will be seeing in this game. The guy has quite a long range 
    for its grappler attacks and having met it head on would almost 
    prove suicidal since if he doesn't kill you with a direct hit, the 
    atmospheric reentry would. Keep at long distance and run as he 
    approaches. Take down his health bit by bit. His defeat also 
    means the end of this stage.
    (Easter egg: This is definitely homage to the Endless Waltz 
    anime where Wing Zero custom and Nataku had the fight over at 
    the atmosphere and both ended up crashing down to Earth 
    during the end of the brawl. Plus, WZ is one of the mechs that 
    can survive the atmospheric reentry. Figures¡K.)
    Stage OP10-01
    Mission objective		
    : Enemy elimination
    Fail objective			
    : Time runs out
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy more than 7 Tulips within 80 seconds.
    You start seeing Tulips marked as targets across the horizon. 
    Well, try to take them out as quickly as possible even though 
    there are Jovian reinforcements coming out from the Tulips and 
    Giganos aqua type mechs harassing you from underwater. 
    Understand this if you plan to fight underwater. Beam weapons 
    will suffer a penalty in the damage department if you use them 
    underwater. Physical weapons seem to work just fine. Another 
    warning is that your unit would most probably suffer slowdown in 
    movement too so be extra careful.
    Defeat the two waves of enemies and the stage ends.
    Stage OP10-02
    Mission objective		
    : Reduce enemy force by 90%
    Fail objective			
    : Time runs out
    Extra objective			
    : Deplete enemy percentage down to 50% within 3 minutes and 
    destroy all enemy transport crafts	
    (they appear above sea level)
    You're ready for a fight but the Jovians seem to be retreating or 
    more appropriately running away from something. As you are still 
    pondering the cause, a bright pillar of light announced the 
    presence of a fleet
    of unknown origin and an aura battler (Billbine) appeared with 
    Shou Zama piloting it. I believe you hadn't forgotten who he is.
    Well, as stated in the objective you need to get the enemies' 
    overall presence down to 10%. It shouldn't be too hard 
    spamming multi lock. I believe by the time the timer reach three 
    minutes Todd Guinness comes out in his Vierres. Well, he's the 
    boss of this stage but it doesn't matter whether you take him 
    down or not. You just need to lower the enemies' overall 
    percentage. So, it is all up to your decision whether he's qualified 
    to face your wrath.
    The stage ends when the number is reached. No second part or 
    whatever as you can see the enemies running away. Now you 
    would have two new admissions. Dunbine (piloted by Marvel 
    Frozen) that excels at close combat and Billbine (piloted by Shou 
    Zama) that has a high firepower capability would prove to be a 
    very valuable asset to your team as my latter part of the game 
    Billbine would replace GunArk as my main hitter.
    Stage OP10-03
    Mission objective		
    : Having a certain amount of time passed
    Mission objective		
    : Shoot down Nadesico
    Fail objective			
    : Let Nadesico escape the premise
    Mission objective 		
    : Defeat Gai and Akito
    Mission objective 		
    : Defeat Buster Ark
    Extra objective			
    : Defeat Akito and Gai within 45 seconds from the time they 
    Well, you start out with no enemies around and the only thing 
    you see is the Nadesico afar with its distortion barrier up. As you 
    approach the ship and a bit of stupid conversation took place, 
    Jovians start to appear out of nowhere and starts attacking your 
    Yurika would start to make some very laughable comments 
    about us being Nadesico's protector when we are actually here 
    to bring it down. A short family feud actually occurs on the 
    network when the Father (the
    Admiral) cut into the line and it sort of ended disastrously. Now 
    the mission objective changed. You have to bring down 
    Nadesico before it escapes into space. I hope you have your 
    GunArk or any unit with the highest firepower ready because you 
    will need it.
    When you think everything is going fine with the halt of Nadesico, 
    the terrible duo (Akito and Gai) of Nadesico launched in their 
    respective Aestivalis to conquer¡¨ the evil that threatens 
    Nadesico" a.k.a. "Us".
    The two Aestivalis doesn't seem too much of a problem actually. 
    They are in the air frame and yet they didn't utilize the missiles. 
    All you need to do is use Ark Rifle (charge) at level 3 to shoot 
    them when they stop in the middle of their flight and they should 
    be down in no time.
    Celebrating is still not an option when suddenly Buster Ark 
    appears and totally ruins your day. Now with the Nadesico out of 
    reach, you would now have to deal with some Jovian battas and 
    Gai with just half of his overall health. Okay, deal with them.
    Finish with the mop up routine and now you get to fight Buster 
    Ark for real again. Remember to dodge its attack frequently as 
    most of them are like heat seeking missiles. Your Ark Rifle 
    (charge) is still your best friend here. As you fight the mysterious 
    mech to a standstill the identity of the pilot is revealed. It is Tak's 
    partner, Marina! Okay, now someone needs to do some serious 
    You will get Aestivalis (Gai) for this stage, buffing your team in 
    term of members once more.
    Stage OP11-01
    Mission objective		
    : Destroy more than twelve of the facilities
    Fail objective			
    : Time runs out
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy all facilities, defeating all Guun Jim underlings 
    (the two in particular)
    This one is a solo mission, so you're out of supports. Get your 
    unit ready and let's move on. You're given only five minutes to do 
    this so you better do this quick. I start using Billbine from this 
    point onwards.
    This stage requires some serious reflexes. You're just up against 
    Giganos Heavy Metals here but also a cannon fire that shoots 
    out of nowhere. The only way you can avoid getting hit is flying 
    off to the canyon for cover when the warning came. Then again, I 
    found something that would prove interesting when I played this 
    stage. You do not really need to fly off to the canyon for cover. 
    All you need to do is just clear out one of the Heavy Metal 
    deployment gates and it will reveal a hole in the ground. You just 
    need to stay in the hole and the cannon will never hit you (only 
    works for smaller units though). Then again, you still need to 
    worry about the Heavy Metals falling on you.... You decide which 
    way is better for you.
    After you have destroyed eight of the facilities, two of Guun Jim's 
    lackeys appear and start to mess with your work. Well, you're 
    just four facilities short for the objective. You might want to take 
    care of the two if you're confident enough.
    Destroying 22 of the facilities will force the stage to end 
    Stage OP11-02
    Mission objective		
    : Destroy the infinite mobility cannon
    Fail objective			
    : Time runs out
    Mission objective 		
    : Destroy Gilgazamune
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy all launch gates, destroy all Guun Jim forces.
    Another solo mission and you might understand why I would use 
    Billbine here but it is really up to you.
    Five minutes and counting but you're still a long way from your 
    destination so get packing. You would want to destroy all the 
    gates as you go since they concern the special point requirement 
    and it must be done within four minutes or you're likely to be late. 
    Billbine has the speed and surely the firepower to get all this 
    done within the time limit if it had received descent upgrades.
    When you approached the destination, you will see a scene 
    where God Gundam make an appearance and took care of one 
    of Guun Jim's underlings with one mere punch (talk about hot-
    bloodedness *whistles*)
    Now, it is your turn to show them what you've got as it is a three 
    against one battle! You're up against Gilgazamune, Min's Dyne 
    and Jin's Dowtwen. Take care of Min's Dyne first. She's the 
    easiest to defeat as I believe she has the least armor of the three. 
    Next would be Jin and finally Gilgazamune if you want to achieve 
    the special objective. If you feel unsure whether you can do this, 
    just go straight for Gilgazamune as finishing him will end the 
    stage immediately.
    Billbine has the highest firepower I had ever seen packed into 
    such small size and it has grapplers attack that can be used 
    even against Gilgazamune when you need to recharge your 
    artillery loads. Definitely recommended for use.
    Stage OP12-01
    Mission objective		
    : Help 4 or above number of ally spaceships to escape from the 
    current space vicinity
    Fail objective			
    : Enemy destroying more than three spaceships
    Mission objective 		
    : Defeat D-1
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy all sentry guns
    You need to realize that Dragonar-1 has actually left the team so 
    you cannot use it. Hope you do not miss it because it'll be back 
    near the end of this stage... as your enemy. Ken had to turn to 
    Giganos in order to secure his mother's well being as she's being 
    kept as a captive.
    As you start, set your target to the sentry guns in space. Clear 
    them out to provide a clear path for the spaceships to advance 
    forward. Besides clearing the guns, you need to keep an eye on 
    your spaceships as Giganos and even Zeon units will appear 
    and wreak chaos on them so stay near to them if you can.
    After the departure of your allies, D-1 will then make its 
    appearance. You need to fight him and some number of Giganos 
    units. Any upgrades that you had applied to D-1 will be carried 
    over when you fight him.
    Regretting all the time spent on this guy? Well, I must say that 
    even with using Billbine I didn't exactly have an easy time on D-1 
    much less its custom version for ace difficulty.
    Beating D-1 with trigger a series of dialogues and Ken returns to 
    your side as his mother has been rescued from the clutches of 
    Giganos. Now, clear the map of all enemies and you're cleared. 
    Celebrate as D-1 is back.
    Stage OP12-02
    Mission objective		
    : Destroy over 11 units of enemy spaceship
    Fail objective			
    : Allowing 5 or above enemy spaceships to escape
    Mission objective 	 	
    : Eliminate enemy presence
    Extra objective
    : Destroy all the enemy spaceships
    Well, this one is a bit tricky. As you start the stage you should of 
    course had noticed that there are quite a number of greens in 
    space. Those are your primary objective. Destroy 11 or more 
    without letting more than four of them escape.
    First, dash forth. Do not target the one nearest to you. Target the 
    ones furthest from you or you will most likely fail the stage 
    without knowing what you had done wrong. That must be carried 
    out straight away as the first four of the ones furthest away are 
    the ones nearing the final line of escape. Now surely you 
    wouldn't want to miss out on them, do you? You better use a unit 
    that is fast and packs a punch. Billbine would still be my choice 
    here even though GunArk would most probably have received 
    more upgrades.
    Okay, so now you have cleared the spaceships through those 
    enemy waves. You might think that you have just cleared the 
    stage. Well, no. The problem is Tulips suddenly popped out of 
    nowhere behind your line and started releasing battas to harass 
    you. As the objective has changed to eliminate enemy presence, 
    you surely know what to do.
    The battas will be limitless for a period of time so stay alive no 
    matter what happens until you get a scene where Nadesico 
    suddenly appears from within a tulip and let forth a gravity blast 
    that decimated most of the enemy army. Now, it is just some 
    routine mop up.
    Now, this stage offers you a wide range of Aestivalis units to 
    choose as you'd get Akito, Ryoko, Hikaru and even Izumi from 
    the main team of Aestivalis crews for your selection.
    Stage OP12-03
    Mission objective		
    : Defend ally spaceships as they advance forth
    Fail objective			
    : All ally spaceships destroyed
    Mission objective		
    : Defeat Gebera Tetra
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy over 30 Giganos units within 100 seconds
    This might seem familiar to all those who have watched the 
    Dragonar anime. Yes, this is the opening to the end of Giganos 
    and you're now charged with the protection of Amazons (Your 
    ally spaceships) as they advance forth towards the Giganos 
    base that can be seen further North.
    You might want to be extra careful here as the spaceships are 
    spread quite far apart and you need to protect them as you start 
    clearing away a path for them to advance forth.
    First clear a wave of enemy Heavy Metals so that the ships will 
    be able to advance forth. However, you are stopped not far forth 
    by a line of warships and Heavy Metals. Clear them out. Be 
    careful as enemy Heavy
    Metals will take advantage of the period of time you use to 
    destroy the enemy barricade to attack your ship. Thus I 
    recommend clearing the Heavy Metals out before going for the 
    ships. Then you would be faced with the second line of defense 
    the enemies had set up. Do the same with the first. After that 
    there's another barricade line and it will be the last.
    Now your allies will go forth to their designated position but 
    suddenly, the Abion caught the readings of mobile suits. That 
    sound like trouble. Okay, looks like the elusive Cima has actually 
    decided to come out from hiding in the darkness because her 
    benefactor is having trouble dealing with you guys. She may only 
    have some very basic attacks but she's fast. If you're not careful, 
    she will close in on you at the most unexpected moments and 
    melee you.
    The stage ends as she's defeated.
    Stage OP12-04
    Mission objective		
    : Destroy the base's control system
    Fail objective			
    : Time runs out
    Mission objective 		
    : Defeat Gilgazamune
    Extra objective			
    : Infiltrate the hidden Eastern Hangar and clear the hangar of all 
    Heavy Metals
    This is an infiltration mission and you only have your player unit 
    to contend with the large army within the base that is now more 
    or less crippled by the microwave shot you saw in the final cut 
    scene of the previous stage.
    There's nothing much to take note about in this stage. You just 
    need to go all out on the enemies while staying alive and you 
    better have more than 60 % of life intact by the time you reach 
    the control system. I'll tell you why later. Okay, you need to 
    eliminate enemy presence within each block for the doors to 
    open. Do so. Destroying the gates from which they are launched 
    will stop reinforcements from that gate immediately. Well, you 
    should as time is precious.
    As you are going towards the third block, you will actually see 
    that the corridor seems to branch out towards a dead end. Well, 
    that isn't a dead end actually but a door that hinders your way to 
    the hidden hangar. Destroy the door and go take the hidden path 
    behind it. Destroy all enemies within the hangar as it is the secret 
    objective for this stage.
    The control system is within the fourth block. Now go and turn it 
    to scrap. You managed to totally render the base inoperable with 
    the destruction of the control system but out of the blue came 
    Droz Genov with his customized Gilgazamune. If you're using 
    units like Dunbine or Billbine that has grappler, you have no 
    problem stunning the guy. Else, you better stay at range and try 
    melee stun (O + []) when the opportunity arises. That way, he's 
    unlikely to be able to counter you. Just beware of his multi 
    missiles. He likes to use that a lot on my plays. He also seems to 
    favor melee above all else. Other than that, you have some 
    measly Gebaye coming to mess with you from time to time and 
    Falguen is also in, on your side.
    Giganos is then officially disbanded with the death of Droz 
    Genov. The stage ends with the admission of Falguen and Stark 
    Stage OP13-01
    Mission objective	
    : Eliminate enemy presence
    Fail objective		
    : The protected target unit is destroyed
    Extra objective		
    : The stage is cleared without any miss shot to L-Gaim
    At the start, you will be greeted by a whole bunch of Space Graia 
    from L-Gaim series. Their number is limitless at the start so just 
    take care of whatever unit that crossed your path until a scene is 
    triggered that shows a couple new arrivals, THE L-Gaim piloted 
    by Daba Myroad(the white one that you must protect) and Novel 
    D.Sserd piloted by Gaw Ha Leccee. Somehow, since they're not 
    registered in your databank, the L-Gaim will also become your 
    target if you're not careful. Thus, a warning here... Do not use 
    combination attacks! You will risk killing L-Gaim.
    It will be quite hard to differentiate your V.I.P. form the rest of the 
    enemies because of the color so you better resort to close 
    combat. When you think of close combat, you might want to use 
    Billbine or even Dunbine. Well, do not as those two packs quite a 
    punch in the melee department and L-Gaim has a tendency to 
    go melee on enemies. Accidents may occur and you might 
    accidentally hit your V.I.P. Thus, it is more advisable to go with 
    Aestivalis 0G frame, especially the ones piloted by Akito and 
    Check your target every time you had destroyed an enemy 
    because the next auto targeting tends to focus on L-Gaim. Tap 
    triangle to change target if you really did lock onto L-Gaim. 
    Besides that, be careful with Bat-Shuu (the purple ones 
    equipped with large cannon). They are very dangerous as they 
    tend to use energy bomber a lot during long range and they are 
    good at locking swords. If you can, destroy them with guns used 
    by Aestivalis or any sort of physical projectiles that doesn't come 
    with multi-lock. Also, make them you're primary target as their 
    guns will take out chunks from L-Gaim's armor.
    The secret objective is a very risky business as you're supposed 
    to protect L-Gaim without hitting him once. I'm not too sure 
    whether this applies to your support or not because I never 
    succeeded to get the secret objective point. However, if you 
    really want to risk it, go out solo. Do not assign supports and you 
    should be set.
    Keep on depleting the enemy manpower until you are told that 
    the enemy sort of left. That ends this stage and you're rewarded 
    with L-Gaim, Amon Duule "Stack" and Novel D.Sserd.
    Stage OP14-01
    Mission objective		
    : Destroy enemy submarines (SD-04)
    Fail objective			
    : Allowing a number of four and above enemy submarines to 
    escape from the area.
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy all enemy submarines.
    You're needed to actually recover a stolen new submarine. Well, 
    you cannot really turn down the request from the military even 
    though that sounds like a blue milk run.
    You first get some enemy units floating above sea level but the 
    submarines are nowhere to be found. Well, you still need to do 
    your work. However, you get some information half way that 
    those units are actually units belonging to UCE. Why are they 
    here in the first place? Then again, why are they shooting at your 
    team? Take them out as quickly as possible.
    Then, you're alerted of the presence of some incoming 
    submarines. However, it seems like they're still no the one in 
    your most wanted list. However, looking from your prime 
    objective, they are still your targets for the day. They will appear 
    from the southern part of the sea and moving towards the 
    Northern part of the map. I would really not advise you to go 
    underwater as the speed of your unit is reduced quite a lot and 
    you might find yourself getting a bit left behind if you didn't 
    upgrade your Vernier and Dash. Plus, there are a lot of 
    disturbances coming from enemy units and Granchers will 
    appear half way through to add in to the mess. However, the 
    biggest problem is that you will experience a penalty in the 
    damage you're able to inflict upon the enemy for beam ranged 
    weapons. Melee weapons that are beam based seem to not be 
    affected but having to go from one sub to another sub doing 
    melee damage would sometimes cause you to miss out on 
    precious time.
    The submarines will appear in three waves, accompanied by a 
    large number of enemy combat units. The first wave is slow so 
    you should be able to catch up to them no problem. The second 
    wave just consists of one submarine that looks like trying to 
    sneak past you as you fight. The third wave would prove to be 
    some problem. The leading sub is fast as hell so if you didn't 
    take any notice of it, that one will most likely escape. Destroy all 
    the submarines for the special point.
    I am still using GunArk at this point because of the charged shots 
    he's got. It almost acts like the twin buster rifle from Wing Zero 
    Custom but GunArk's reloads faster. Moreover, missiles and any 
    other physical projectiles shouldn't have suffered from the 
    penalty for being underwater. It would be preferably that you 
    locked onto the enemy sub underwater and quickly rise above 
    water level to do the charged shots. I found that even the penalty 
    is applied; the damage is still quite considerable more than what 
    is done underwater. Else, you can rely on missiles to do the 
    finishing touch.
    Stage OP 14-02
    Mission objective		
    : Destroy Cielstrom
    Mission objective		
    : Defeat Buster Ark
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy all parts of Cielstrom
    I would really get Billbine on the player unit list for this stage. It's 
    totally underwater brawl and you need the extra mobility plus the 
    amount of firepower he comes with. The next possible unit would 
    be the Brains but that depends on how much resources have 
    you spent on them.
    All you see is a world of blue and you cannot get up above water 
    level so be extremely careful since I had stated in the previous 
    part, you'll suffer penalties in a number of fields. Take note of the 
    scene at the start of the stage. The submarine is protected by a 
    barrier created by some sort of machine and the submarine can 
    also shoots its main cannon at you.
    First thing first, if you ever receive a warning concerning 
    incoming shots, I would want you to quickly dash to a nearby 
    wall on the seabed that would shield you from the cannon shots. 
    If you cannot get that far, you might try avoiding it at the last 
    moment. Both can be done but the second choice is a bit risky 
    since you would want to conserve your armor. This stage has 
    part number two.
    Once you managed to get near your target, you'll need to not 
    stand at the front of the submarine. It's dangerous. Plus, you'll 
    hear the voice of the culprit that had stolen the submarine 
    through the intercom,
    Albert Lightning. However, you'll note on the radar that there's a 
    blue dot. That's the barrier generator. Destroy it. The second 
    one's at the back. With both destroyed, you'll now have an 
    unobstructed path to do damage to the target. Then again, there 
    are still some messy enemy combat units to deal with along the 
    way. Destroy the other four parts of the submarine before taking 
    out the bridge for the special point of this stage.
    The destruction of the submarine also marks the start of the 
    second part. You'll face Buster Ark here. She's got a whole 
    battalion of Zarom helping so be careful. Buster Ark appears 
    after you have destroyed the first wave of Zarom. Target Buster 
    Ark and take care of her as quickly as possible because I doubt 
    you have much armor left from the last encounter with the Zarom. 
    Grappler is your friend in this stage.
    Now, GunArk receives an upgrade as compensation for this 
    encounter. It's Ark Rifle (burst). It's almost like having a grenade 
    launcher. It's very useful for the next stage.
    Stage OP15-01
    Mission objective		
    : Deal more than 50% damage on the base
    Fail objective	 		
    : Exceeds the time limit
    Extra objective			
    : Deplete Buster Ark's armor down to 50%
    I hope you're not shocked to see that huge tower in front of you. 
    That Babylonian tower is your target for the stage and it's tall like 
    hell. However, you might have noticed that it was protected by 
    some sort of blue barrier. However, there doesn't seem to be any 
    kind of generators around. Well, there are. It's just that they're 
    the triangular shaped parts that were protruding from the side of 
    the tower. The white ones are the generators but the red ones 
    don't seem to be one. Take care of them level by level so that 
    the barrier for that particular part would be diminished and you'll 
    be able to deal full damage on the building itself.
    You'll receive a large welcoming party during this stage so be 
    really careful. Take evasive maneuver and don't try to be stupid 
    and meeting the enemies head on. When you've destroyed 
    about 30% of the tower, you'll get a warning from Ruri that 
    Buster Ark has appeared. Well, you can try taking it out but 
    remember your main objective. Buster Ark will retreat if you have 
    depleted the tower to 50% of its overall armor integrity whether 
    you beat her or not.
    Be careful if you're engaging her. When I first met her during my 
    initial play, she tends to use Guardian (the shots she used during 
    the stage where Gato flee with the HLV to destroy the Jovian 
    Tulips). You'll hear a series of beeping and you should 
    immediately flee from your current position lest the satellite shots 
    send you right down to Hell. Getting scorched by Guardian would 
    take out around 30% of armor and getting a direct hit would 
    mean like 60% of armor gone. In ace, I had experienced 80% 
    armor depletion from a fully upgraded GunArk. Just watch out for 
    the thin line of light when you hear the beeping. That's the 
    Guardian shooting trajectory.
    Stage OP15-02
    Mission objective		
    : Destroy the cannon units
    Mission objective		
    : Destroy Zarom D
    Extra objective			
    : The base is destroyed 100% before the cannon units are 
    Now you'll see the upper part of the tower stretched up towards 
    the sky. Apply the same tactic from before. Take care of the 
    generators and next the building itself. Be careful of the enemies 
    that guard the tower. Keep your armor at all time high (You 
    should see a pattern here). Also watch out for the constant beam 
    shots from the upper cannon units. They tend to take chunks out 
    of your armor if hit. The only ways I found to be effective for 
    hiding from getting hit is by staying at a distance away or hide 
    below one of the generators when the warning starts blaring.
    Now starts the boss fight. I hope you still remember Zarom D 
    from the second stage because he's back. Something is really 
    fishy here. First Marina came back from the dead and now this 
    guy? Well, just let him have it for the humiliation you had gotten 
    from the past.
    Stage OP16-01
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate all Bull Vega of Drake's army
    Fail objective			
    : Albion s destroyed
    Mission objective 		
    : Defeat Jonathan and Todd.
    Extra objective			
    : Albion retain 95% of its armor
    You're on your way to get to Nanafushi but it looks like the 
    enemy still has something up their sleeves. You encounter aura 
    battlers and Granchers on the way and now you have to clear 
    them out for a path to your destination.
    First, you see that there's a lone Bull Vega class transport and it 
    has a barrier around it. Your normal attack would deal almost no 
    damage to it so you better wait for Albion to fire its main cannon 
    to disable the field for you before you dive in for the attack. Thus, 
    you need to protect Albion at all cost from enemy aura battlers 
    and Granchers. This is a two way mission. First, protect Albion 
    and two, destroy enemy transports. However, make sure you 
    destroy them fast or the barrier will regenerate and you have to 
    wait for another chance. This will increase the danger Albion is 
    exposed to. A side note, watch the armor as boss fights are 
    going to be extremely frequent after this part of the game. Take 
    note to have your armor remain high on every stage if possible. 
    I'll not be giving out warnings anymore.
    Finishing the Bull Vega and you'll once again be pitted against 
    Jonathan's Grancher. However, it seems like he comes with 
    Todd piloting a Wryneck. This fight is quite easy. Just target 
    Todd first because Grancher has the ability to "jump" from one 
    place to another when avoiding your attacks.
    Stage Op16-02
    Mission objective		
    : Destroy all factory buildings
    Fail objective			
    : Albion is destroyed
    Extra objective			
    : Clear the stage without getting a hit from Nanafushi within the 
    time restraint of 180seconds
    This stage is tricky. You cannot go airborne if you really want to 
    know the taste of getting hit by Nanafushi's shots. Thus, 
    Aestivalis units are really something to consider using. Else 
    Billbine is also something worth to consider about. Get your 
    armor high for this stage not because of boss fights but because 
    you'll be thrown into the next stage without going through 
    Bring up the map and look closely for any linking paths that can 
    be used to reach your next target. I'm using Aestivalis artillery 
    frame (Akito) for the sake of Aestivalis' capability to slide on the 
    ground when my dash meter has run out. At least I don't have to 
    walk. However, you might try going across the hills but if you're 
    not careful, you'll get hit. This is risky but there is a way to go 
    over the hills. Try to go up a hill but not high enough so that even 
    though Nanafushi did throw you a shot, you'll be protected by the 
    hill itself. Now, quickly rush forth and descend to the ground 
    before the second shot is fired. You'll save time doing this. Let 
    me remind you again, the risk is also quite high.
    Destroy the factories and go towards the final target and now 
    you'll go straight to the next stage. (This only applies to Story 
    Stage OP16-03
    Mission objective		
    : Destroy Nanafushi
    Fail objective			
    : Albion is destroyed.
    Mission objective 		
    : Defeat Quincy Grancher and Leprechaun
    Extra objective			
    : Without getting hit by Nanafushi, destroy 
    Nanafushi within 90 seconds.
    You better make it fast because I doubt Albion has much armor 
    left from the last stage if you decide to take the long way to your 
    targets. I really don't advise the hill strategy again for this stage. 
    However, the idea is possible as there seems to be an enemy 
    base at the north of your position. Choose the path or risk the 
    flight but make sure you have a fast unit when attempting the 
    hills. Go with the path and try to go quick and carefully because 
    at each end of the curve there's a Jovian battle ship waiting. 
    Whether you want to shoot them down, you can decide. Other 
    than that, it's just some minor units like tanks and some aura 
    When you finally reach the Nanafushi (that's one big gun) you'll 
    get a scene where Roy Fokker and Maximilian Jenius arriving in 
    their valkyries performing quite an astounding feat of aerial 
    acrobatics to distract the Nanafushi. Now quickly take the 
    opening to destroy it.
    You did well on the Nanafushi however here come two very bad 
    units. Quincy's Grancher and the Leprechaun aura battler piloted 
    by Jerryl Coochibi. Still as previously used strategy, take out the 
    Aura battler first. There is a slight problem here. These two have 
    better mobility than their earlier counterparts. You might have 
    some problems with them. However, if you're using Aestivalis 
    artillery frame like I suggested, you just need to spam those 
    missiles and stay out of harm's way.
    When this stage ends, Akito left the team and replaced by Max 
    (VF-1A) and Fokker (VF-1S) respectively.
    Stage OP17-01
    Mission objective		
    : Destroy all missiles
    Fail objective 			
    : Allowing five missiles to reach their target
    Mission objective 		
    : Defeat Zwarth
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy all incoming missiles
    Okay, this stage is quite small and one moment of hesitation and 
    you might find the missiles escaping your grasp. Try to aim for 
    the missiles and only take out the aura battlers and Granchers 
    when there are no missiles around. There are a number of 
    waves so be alert.
    Finishing off the missiles and you will get Zwarth to fight against. 
    Don't expect this to be an easy fight if you're playing ace. Zwarth 
    is basically another Billbine. Now you understand how 
    dangerous this guy can be. Be at range and quickly use your 
    most powerful attack when he's engaged with your supports else 
    use grappler attacks (this can be very useful against bosses).
    Stage Op17-02
    Mission objective		
    : Destroy all Tulips
    Fail objective			
    : Exceeds time limit
    Mission objective 		
    : Defeat the Majin
    Extra objective			
    : Defeat over 20 American Grancher
    You got Tulips scattered all over the place now. Okay, with 
    Billbine, that's one problem solved. Just head for the Tulips and 
    exterminate them all. Be careful with the Granchers and Jovian 
    battas. Otherwise, nothing much to concern with except the time 
    Yeah for the mop up of Tulips! Yeah for clearing the enemies! 
    Boo for two bosses dropping out of the blue! Man, these two 
    units should not be too unfamiliar to Nadesico fans. It's those 
    Geki Gangar wannabe Jovian mechs that seem to jump out from 
    those 70's super robots animations. No matter how stupid they 
    may look, they are quite dangerous especially the blue one 
    (Daimajin). They excel at ranged combats but they can also 
    make you regret going close quarters. Take out the red one 
    Daitetsujin with normal attacks. Advisably use a combination 
    attack on Daitetsujin and then switch to high damage weapons. 
    Don't use missiles or even physical projectiles. Those can be 
    diverted by its shield. If you really want to resort to melee, attack 
    from behind. It's dangerous staying in front of Daitetsujin.
    When you have inflicted enough damage, you'll get a scene 
    where Akito arrives and traps the Daitetsujin with Boson Jump by 
    throwing forth a number of CC. However, he got sucked into the 
    portal himself and is
    Stage OP17-03
    Mission objective		
    : Nadesico left the area
    Fail objective			
    : Nadesico is shot down
    Mission objective 		
    : Repel the enemies (Defeat Buster Ark)
    Extra objective			
    : Eliminate all Devil Aestivalis
    You cannot use the Aestivalis team on this stage because they 
    are going with the Nadesico to the moon to pick up Akito who 
    had actually Boson Jumped to the moon TWO WEEKS AGO. It 
    seems like the Boson Jump is not actually some sort of warp but 
    time traveling.
    Here you need to protect the Nadesico as it prepares for its 
    launch towards the moon. You'll get a number of Poseidal mechs 
    troubling you plus some Jovian battle ships damaging the 
    Nadesico from time to time. Get those ships first before you 
    actually take out the Poseidal units. You'll be very busy in this 
    stage, I gather. Be careful of those A.Taul units (the black ones). 
    They can suffer some damage and yet still has enough armor to 
    keep on going. However, the most dangerous units are those 
    Devil Aestivalis. Just watch out for your back.
    So the Nadesico has left. You're now allowed a few seconds of 
    rest before you're suddenly plunged into a fight with the 
    Lightning units, Buster Ark included. You have enough 
    experience against them so I wouldn't actually devise another 
    strategy for you. When you manage to deplete her armor below 
    50%, she'll run away.
    After this stage, Fokker and Max will both leave the team. This 
    will really hurt the team if you are using the valkyries and even 
    the Aestivalis units.
    Stage OP18-01
    Mission objective		
    : Destroy all Poseidal battle cruisers
    Fail objective			
    : Reaching time limit
    Mission objective 		
    : Destroy the frigate (Rei)
    Fail objective			
    : Reaching time limit
    Mission objective		
    : Defeat Ashura Temple
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy all Poseidal battle cruisers within 100 seconds
    It's another big welcoming committee on your expense. However, 
    there's a clock ticking so you cannot really enjoy the kill much 
    lest you Game Over. Well, let's hurry up with the mission and all 
    that stands in the way will become space dust.
    After the destruction of the normal battle cruisers, a frigate 
    appears. As mentioned in the objective. Take it out. However, 
    this one has a tough skin. Hope you have enough time of dealing 
    with it.
    Finish off with the frigate and Gablae comes out with Ashura 
    Temple, your target and boss of the stage. This guy is a piece of 
    cake. He's nothing worth worrying about. I hope you don't really 
    face any problem against this guy too.
    Stage OP18-02
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate enemy presence
    Mission objective		
    : Defeat Daimajin, Daitetsujin
    Extra objective			
    : Deplete the armor of Daitetsujin and Daimajin down to 5%
    Okay, your Aestivalis team is back on the deployment roster. 
    God, I just love using these guys. They do have some very 
    humorous in-game speech.
    You start...... in a mess. You're surrounded 360 degrees with 
    Jovian battas. I hope you sortie an Aestivalis here because the 
    Distortion Field is going to save the day here. Just keep on 
    stacking those batta counts in the meantime. Billbine would work 
    better with the higher firepower it provides but mine is currently 
    under repair...
    After a certain amount of kills the Jovian elite mechs Daimajin 
    and Daitetsujin appear with a number of Jovian battle ships. This 
    is bad, real bad. You already have your hands full with all the 
    enemy army has to throw at you and now you have to take care 
    of the bosses. Hope you're not screaming at the monitor right 
    now. You asking what I'm doing? Well, it's easy. Don't you 
    remember that I'm playing Rookie for writing the walkthrough?
    After a certain point, you'll see Nadesico blow the hell out of the 
    Jovian army with the gravity blast enhanced by the Y-unit. Yeah, 
    it's another Christmas in space! Actually, it really is Christmas! 
    Those two Majins actually got shot together with the rest of the 
    Jovian army so they cannot move for some time and their barrier 
    is down. Take the opportunity to let out the frustration. Make 
    them pay!
    (Note: There seem to be some wrong in the mission objective. 
    They're written like that so it's not my fault! Well, the enemy will 
    retreat after the Gravity blast incident if you had taken away a 
    number of battle ships regardless whether you tackle the two 
    Majins or not)
    Stage OP19-01
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate enemy presence
    Mission objective		
    : Defeat either Calvary Temple or Ashura Temple
    Mission objective		
    : Destroy all enemy cruisers.
    Extra objective			
    : Without including the first shot, clear the stage 
    without getting shot by Boson cannon
    Akito is out of the duty roster...again. *sigh* that guy sure comes 
    and go often. Well, at least you have Nu Gundam for Amuro 
    Okay, so the peace treaty between Nadesico and the Jovians 
    are underway but it seems like Poseidal has decided to come 
    and crash the party. Make sure they won't forget that they'll have 
    to go through you.
    As you're going through the Space Gaia, here come two new 
    arrivals; Calvary Temple (piloted by Quwasan Olibee) and 
    Ashura Temple (Gablae). Defeating either one will make them 
    withdraw their forces. Note something interesting. The dialogue 
    exchanged between the two enemies will differ depending on 
    who was the person that got shot down. I always go for Calvary 
    because her voice is driving me nuts.
    Wait a minute, just what is that Jovian cruiser doing? Before any 
    sort of warning is sounded, Albion suddenly received a shot in 
    the hull. It looks like the fight is not over yet.
    You're going to be having some problem completing the stage. 
    First, you'll have to deal with battas and Daimajins as the bulk of 
    the enemies' combat units. The worst of the all are the cruisers 
    themselves. They are equipped with Boson cannon and they 
    CAN hit you from any distance. The only real protection you get 
    from that attack is by hiding yourself within the pile of floating 
    inactive missiles in space so that the Boson cannon cannot get a 
    lock on you. Remember to shelter yourself whenever Inez (the 
    beautiful blonde Nadesico advisor) gives out a warning. However, 
    I find from my play that aura barrier can hold up against the 
    Boson cannon when the Aestivalis Distortion Field 
    Stage OP19-02
    Mission objective		
    : Destroy all enemy battle cruisers
    (Not necessarily all. Just enough to not let 5 escape)
    Fail objective			
    : Allowing five battle cruisers to infiltrate the defense line
    Mission objective		
    : Defeat Daimajin
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy all Jupiterian battle cruisers
    This is just like the stage where you destroy the submarines. The 
    enemies come in waves and you need to make sure that the 
    enemy battle cruisers didn't make it to Mars.
    After you're done with the cruiser part, now you'll have to face 
    Daitetsujin in combat. This guy is a real pain. When his barrier is 
    up, you cannot use any projectile type weapons lest they bounce 
    off the shield. You have to resort to melee combat or some 
    weapons like the Wing Zero Custom's twin buster rifle that's too 
    powerful to reflect. Just remember to stay behind him when 
    you're attacking.
    Stage OP19-03
    Mission objective		
    : Protect Nadesico as it makes its way to the Mars ruin
    Fail objective			
    : Nadesico is destroyed
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy more than 50 battas (the yellow bugs)
    You're now fighting on the surface of Mars and it is a whole 
    world of pure whiteness, as if it had snowed hard on the surface. 
    I thought Mars is supposed to be red? Well, doesn't matter.
    Just like the time when you're guarding for the safety of 
    Nadesico as it launches to the moon. You're now guarding it so 
    that it'll reach the designated area above the ruin that's 
    supposed to be the control center for Boson Jump. However, this 
    time, the enemies come in larger number. Hope you like this 
    There are two enemies that would be able to inflict damage upon 
    the Nadesico and they are the Daimajins and the Battle cruisers. 
    If you ever see the Nadesico sustaining damage, quickly call up 
    the map to see if there are any yellow dots. The dots signify the 
    battle cruiser. If there are none, then search the ground. There 
    should be a nearby Daimajin somewhere aiming at the Nadesico.
    Daitetsujin will appear at one point. However, don't worry about 
    having to face this guy with melee. If you're using Billbine then I 
    would say that you're in luck. Use the aura cannon on him. 
    Though the shots will be bounced off the cannon shots will still 
    detonate upon hitting the ground, sending a shockwave that 
    would penetrate the shield and damage Daitetsujin. Else, just run 
    away and don't engage him until his barrier runs out of activation 
    When the Nadesico actually managed to get on top of the ruin, a 
    very hilarious dialogue series occurred between Akito and Yurika 
    as they engage in their lovers' quarrel which was sent all over 
    the intercom including the Jovians. Man, it was so hilarious I 
    couldn't stop laughing every time I play this stage. Well, try to 
    listen to it yourself if you understand Japanese but the sounds 
    made later should be obvious enough for any non-Japanese 
    speakers. After that the stage ends and the Jovians will not 
    bother you anymore.
    Stage OP19-04
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate enemy presence in the area
    Mission objective		
    : Protect the target
    Fail objective			
    : The target is destroyed
    Extra objective			
    Well, Akito's finally back. Better change to Aestivalis for this 
    stage though Billbine is still recommendable but I believe the 
    armor is not up to the task after the battle with Jovian just now 
    (Unless you have been using GunArk). Better switch to Aestivalis 
    air frame because you need some small agile units with enough 
    flair in the melee department.
    As you start the stage, you'll get to see an introduction of SPT-
    LZ-00X Lazyner (Albatro Null Eiji Asuka, Eiji for short) in combat. 
    This unit is actually smaller than an Aestivalis unit, about the size 
    of aura battlers so in order to see enough to differentiate who is 
    the V.I.P. that you'll be protecting, it's better to have smaller units. 
    You can also use Dunbine but I believe the most units you have 
    upgraded appropriately at the end of the game is at most three 
    and I'm focusing on Aestivalis (Akito), Billbine and GunArk.
    First, don't engage any enemy units. Fly quickly around and find 
    Lazyner. He's suffering damage as the dialogues are rolling past. 
    Better get to him fast before you're told to do so. Look at the 
    radar. Among all those yellow dots, there should appear one 
    green dot and that's Lazyner. He will appear at random places 
    so if you're retrying the stage because he blew up as a result of 
    enemy attacks or your blatant miss shots (yes, he's can be 
    targeted for the first part of the stage) you still need to search 
    quickly. I usually find him near the southern part of the crater so 
    you might want to search there first.
    At the start of the second part, you'll get enemy reinforcements. 
    However, you don't have to worry about killing Eiji now that he's 
    been registered in your databank so let forth your missiles. Just 
    keep an eye on Eiji still because though he won't die by your 
    hands but the enemies would still want a piece of him. As you 
    fight the enemies, Eiji would be trading information concerning 
    the enemy (Gratos) with your team but that shouldn't concern 
    you so don't get distracted by it. Just continue to take care of the 
    remaining enemies.
    Nearing the end, SPT-BG-91U Bullgrenn (Gosterro) appears and 
    starts to attack Eiji. This guy is really dangerous as his mobility is 
    so high that even Aestivalis has problem catching up with him. 
    He also charges you from time to time so get ready to dodge or 
    you'll end up eating knuckle sandwich. That's why I called for 
    Aestivalis air frame. The missiles will be your trump card against 
    the guy.
    After the stage, Yuu and Hime sort of decided to have a little 
    time for themselves; meaning that they dumped you guys. Well, 
    not literally anyway. They are off duty roster for the time being.
    Stage OP20-01
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate all enemy transports
    Fail objective			
    : Time limit is up
    Mission objective		
    : Defeat Buster Ark
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy all the mechs the transports are carrying
    You're actually going to go and see Macross for the first time in 
    this game and somehow those guys from Poseidal and Gratos 
    just have to make a house call. Well, it's just another clean-up 
    fight to show them who's the boss around.
    First, you get the mix-up of Gratos and Poseidal units to deal 
    with. Just go for the target transports if you feel you're unable to 
    deal heavy damage to the enemy force. Taking out a certain 
    amount of enemy units will then trigger a scene of the Macross 
    main cannon battery firing a shot that took out a chunk of the 
    enemy manpower. Well, you don't receive the boons for this 
    since the enemies in your vicinity just don't get shot altogether. 
    (Your team would get wasted too. Thank God...)
    When you took out all the enemy forces, you'll notice the sudden 
    change in the BGM. Still don't recognize it? No? Well, here 
    comes Buster Ark. I'm usually getting quite sick of this busybody 
    at this point... Exactly what does she want to achieve from all 
    those skirmishes? Well, move on after her defeat.
    Stage OP20-02
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate enemy presence
    Fail objective			
    : Macross is destroyed
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy more than ten of the Heavy Bombers
    Okay, so Mr. Roy Fokker and Max are back on active duty. Not 
    that I want to brag about but their units are pretty much useless 
    for this stage. Here, you'll want heavy weapons at your disposal. 
    I would go for Aestivalis artillery frame for this job. Not only does 
    this guy offer multi-lock missiles, his cannon fire also provides 
    you with area affect explosion. That's something I think to have 
    some advantage over using
    Heavyarms Custom. Billbine also provide the same area effect 
    explosion, just for your information but you won't get the missiles 
    for him though.
    To start it all, you're pretty much screwed for this stage because 
    of one particular detail. You're supposed to be Macross' Knight in 
    Shining Armor but the Zentradis just don't exactly give you a 
    credit for that. Remember the stage where you got swarmed by 
    the Jovian battas? Well, this is just like that except you have to 
    protect Macross besides saving your own hide. A side note... 
    Nice combat move Fokker pulled out in the scene. Now, you'll 
    also be introduced to Ichijo Hikaru, Roy Fokker's little 
    Somebody might want to shout out the fact that Aesti Artillery is 
    just a plain pain in the backside for the fact that it's a large 
    useless flying log. I assure you, this is perfectly the stage custom 
    tailored for its use. You just sit tight in the air and shoot anybody 
    that comes close. You don't have to go out and chase because 
    you're just plain slow... Even the booster won't make you the 
    hare of a race. So, just treat it as a fixed sentry gun. You need to 
    be quick with your fingers though because the second wave is 
    really getting murderous.
    The Zentradis decided the fact that normal means of mechs and 
    aerial combats just cannot cut through your defense line so 
    easily so they demanded an upgrade to their arsenal. They just 
    throw in the bombers.
    You need to take these out as quickly as possible as they deal 
    heavy damage on Macross. Use missiles or whatever; just take 
    them out as quickly as you can!
    This stage marks the addition of Ichijo's VF-1A in your team. So, 
    the Macross Triumvirate is officially in business. (Where is 
    Stage OP21-01
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate enemy presence
    Fail objective			
    : 7 enemy heavy bombers manage to breach the line of defense
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy all heavy bombers
    A space battle with the Zentradi. Just some standard Zentradi 
    mech assortments to deal with. One thing for sure. Just have a 
    lookout for the heavy bombers. If you can, don't let any of them 
    pass the final line. That's one thing for this stage to look out for.
    One warning though. These heavy bombers don't register on the 
    radar as SPECIAL targets in red but normal yellow dots so you 
    have to rely heavily on the arrow markers. Therefore, any unit 
    with high mobility and a certain level of firepower is welcomed.
    Take out all the waves and it's another part of the game you'll be 
    Stage OP21-02
    Mission objective		
    : Defend Macross from enemy threat
    Fail objective			
    : Macross is totally destroyed
    Extra objective			
    : The damage percentage to the living quarter is below 20%
    Before you start... What are you doing with that unit? It packs too 
    much firepower! For this stage, melee is the ONLY option. Yeah, 
    you heard right, melee is the only thing that you would need to 
    use unless you're really good with sharp shooting and no, no 
    cannons whatsoever!
    For a little Easter egg, any A.C.E. players that still remember the 
    stage which requires you to protect the city at minimal damage? 
    Well, this is the A.C.E. 2 version. Get all the infiltrated enemy 
    units as fast as you can and with the least damage done to the 
    Damage can be dealt to the city either by you or by the enemies. 
    Really, it's a frustrating sort of a condition. Just remember to not 
    hit the building even with melee. I propose Dunbine (the aura 
    shield actually absorbs enemy fire rather than reflect it like the 
    Distortion field. Remember to use grapplers.)Definitely not 
    Billbine, he's too strong for his own good. Aesti would be another 
    preferable choice if you have enough defense stats to not use 
    the shield.
    Stage OP21-03
    Mission objective		
    : Hold the line until Macross has managed to complete the 
    Fail objective			
    : Macross is destroyed
    Extra objective			
    : The enemy battle cruiser is destroyed by the number of eight 
    and above
    Easily understood. About five minutes of hell as you're pitted 
    against an infinite waves of enemy force. Take care of them and 
    make the enemy battle cruisers your primary target!
    (Note: DON'T do combination attack anywhere near Macross. 
    You'll sometimes find that you're stuck in Macross itself. That's a 
    glitch I find in this particular stage.)
    Stage OP21-04
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate enemy presence
    Fail objective			
    : Time limit reached
    Mission objective		
    : Defeat Queadluun-Rau (Milia)
    Fail objective			
    : Time limit reached
    Extra objective			
    : Nousjadeul-Ger and Glaug (from the first wave) is destroyed by 
    the number of 70 and above
    Ridiculous as it may be, you'll have three absentees. Gai, Ichijo 
    and Roy. Ichijo is currently in trouble since he hijacked his 
    Valkyrie and gone on a star-filled date with Lynn-Minmei. Talk 
    about having a screw loose in the head. However, he sure didn't 
    expect to run into Zentradi all the way out in space.
    Take out the first wave of enemies as quickly as you can since 
    this is a timed mission. They are just the standard units for 
    Zentradi so you should have no problem with them. It's the 
    second wave that would pose some considerable threat. If you 
    have a full combination attack bar, save it if the refill rate is low 
    but otherwise keep one bar handy. You should be needing that.
    The second wave arrives when the first made a hasty retreat. 
    They are the elite combat units of the Meltrandi (Queadluun-Rau) 
    and with them come Milia Fallyna (or Miriya Parino for English 
    version name stated in the Macross English novels). These units 
    are insanely fast. Even with a fully upgraded Aestivalis or even 
    Billbine I couldn't catch up with them. Better utilize long range 
    attacks for this. Don't get too upset with their high dodge rate. It's 
    almost like that in the anime as well. They're almost too good.
    Stage OP22-01
    Mission objective		
    : Defeat all the enemy aces. 
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate enemy presence
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy all the enemy ace pilots.
    Well, you¡¦re restricted to being only to sortie one mech. This is 
    practically a gladiator type brawl where you¡¦re pitted against the 
    enemy ace of aces. However, if you¡¦re targeting the special 
    requirement you better get Billbine out whether you like it or not. 
    We can discuss whatnot on replays, okay? 
    Well, you¡¦ll be joined by Lazyner and God Gundam once you are 
    out in the open (explains why you¡¦re restricted to be only able to 
    sortie one unit only). Just clear the map of enemies and you¡¦ll be 
    done for the first part. The bosses tend to escape when the 
    health is cut too low for their comfort. Understand why I said that 
    you should sortie Billbine?
    After being Gladiator, now you want me to become Susano-O? 
    (For those who don¡¦t know who this guy is, go look up Japanese 
    folklore.) Well, you now get a little taste of Devil Gundam¡¦s little 
    tentacle friends. They are infinite but destroying a set number will 
    end the stage so kill on.
    Finally, you¡¦ll actually get Lazyner on duty roster and in addition 
    of him come God Gundam. Lazyner is pure gold but God just 
    don¡¦t cut it out for me. Under circumstances, God would 
    pulverize you rather than the enemies on occasions if you 
    somehow ended up in his way of combat execution when sortied 
    as a support.
    Stage OP22-02
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate enemy presence
    Fail objective			
    : The designated V.I.P. is destroyed
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate enemy presence
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy more than three terminator police
    (They appear at direct east of the resistance hideout across the 
    river and in between the two buildings there)
    Another mission for the block; Aestivalis artillery frame to the 
    rescue. Well, Heavyarms would do the job on the same level of 
    efficiency but the best unit for this case would really be Nu 
    Gundam as another boss fight is in order. Falguen would be your 
    choice if you aim for the extra objective.
    The most hated V.I.P. mission is once more on the shelf and this 
    time you¡¦ll have to cover the asses of the resistance from getting 
    scorched by enemy fire! Most importantly, the enemies really 
    aren¡¦t going to ask you nicely this time around. Anybody playing 
    Starcraft and remember those suicidal mutants? Whoopeedo¡K. 
    The first waves of enemies are definitely all in that same state of 
    mind and you know what? I¡¦m going to say this once only¡K. 
    You¡¦re screwed big time!
    Just hold as long as you can until you have a reinforcement 
    coming. For those who adore Tallgeese 3, now you can scream 
    in delight as Lightning Count has just entered the fray of 
    onslaught! This time you¡¦re needed to blow up enemy facilities. 
    Choose your deadliest method available and let¡¦s get moving 
    along now. 
    It seems like your revenge has attracted the enemy to actually 
    throw in their current ace of spades. Here is A.Taul V! Well, he¡¦s 
    not much of a threat anyway. If you can¡¦t beat this guy, I don¡¦t 
    know what to say anymore. Not much so is the Ashura Temple 
    later on too.
    Tallgeese 3 is now officially in the ranks of the killings.
    Stage OP22-03
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate all enemies
    Fail objective			
    : Time is up
    Mission objective		
    : Defeat Zakarl
    Extra objective			
    : Obtain chain time up to 240 seconds and above
    This is a really easy stage. Just kill everything that moves. End 
    of story.
    For this you get GP03 as compensation for the absence of Daba 
    (thus no L-Gaim and Amon Duule ¡§Stack¡¨ or even L-Gaim mk2 if 
    you had already gotten it)
    Stage OP23-01
    Mission objective		
    : Escort ally ships to safety
    Fail objective			
    : Three or more ships are sunk
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate all enemy presence
    Mission objective		
    : Take out Buster Ark
    Extra objective			
    : All ally ships manage to pull out safely
    The objectives are crystal clear. Someone is in need of your help 
    and as you can see, the number of Bat-Shuu present is not 
    going to make this a picnic. Take out the Bat-Shuu as quickly as 
    possible and don¡¦t stray too far away from your ships. Melee 
    stuns are going to make short work of those. Not only do the 
    action cancels the firing of the cannon, it also stuns the Bat-Shuu 
    long enough to throw in a few extra punches of your own. The 
    rest of the remaining enemies are mostly other assortments of 
    Poseidal lackeys.
    If you think you can just heave a sigh of relief, then you¡¦re in one 
    big trouble because Costello just happened to have a little 
    vendetta against you. Yes, he¡¦s back. Shouldn¡¦t be much of a 
    problem normally but your first priority is still the ships. Get the 
    Bat-Shuu first and land a few hits on Costello once in a while 
    since he¡¦ll keep hounding you until he¡¦s taken out of the picture.
    Finally, the last piece of thorn with the name tag of Gratos is 
    finally out of your pretty flesh but here comes the pile driver; 
    Buster Ark is back. Good Lord, she just never lets you get a 
    good night sleep.
    When you manage to give a good pounding to Buster Ark, you¡¦ll 
    receive a scene that GunArk actually tapped into the Guardian 
    satellite control mechanism and used all available satellites in 
    the vicinity to lay waste to the whole Poseidal military force in the 
    area. Now, that¡¦s surprising for both sides of the party. It would 
    seem we got ourselves a Pandora Box. I wonder what¡¦s inside.
    This time you have a huge entry from the L-Gaim series. L-Gaim 
    and the Amon Duule ¡§Stack¡¨ are both back in active duty. 
    Moreover we got ourselves a Bat-Shuu, an Ashura Temple and 
    an A-Taul, all piloted by your lovely Gablae. Finally, GunArk has 
    its final arsenal unlocked¡K. It¡¦s the Guardian satellite shot! 
    Understand that this can only be used where the satellite system 
    is functional. In other words, there are some stages that you 
    cannot access this feature. Take note of this on replays.
    Stage OP23-02
    Mission objective		
    : Destroy enemy spaceships
    Fail objective			
    : Time is up
    Mission objective		
    : Destroy enemy spaceships
    Mission objective		
    : Destroy the enemy flagship
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy 12 enemy cruisers within 120 seconds
    Make the enemy ships your primary target. Time is ticking and 
    you should conserve your ammo for only the targets. After the 
    cutscene, then you can destroy all else at your leisure. 
    Finally, the boss of the Poseidal is left with nothing else to lose. 
    This is a fight to end the Poseidal¡¦s wretched existence but with 
    Original Auge standing in your way, the road to final victory is a 
    bit vague unless you can hit really hard and dodge like crazy 
    because in some aspect that guy can be more dangerous than 
    the Nuel Zuel fight. Then again grapplers still work like a charm 
    so let¡¦s go fishing, shall we?
    Oh, yeah! The taste of victory sure is the best way to keep you 
    wide alert for the next battle because Oldna decided to drop the 
    final monkey wrench in your teeth by dropping the Devil Gundam 
    down to Earth to wreak havoc. Thos bad guys sure don¡¦t like to 
    lose to us, do they?
    Stage OP23-03
    Mission objective		
    : Destroy Devil Gundam
    Extra objective			
    : Defeat Devil Gundam while in Meishin Kishui mode
    I doubt there are many that would use a module during the 
    course of play unless playing on ace difficulty but this stage will 
    most probably be your worst nightmare for the rest of your life if 
    you don¡¦t apply a module to save your own life because this one 
    is a genuine wolverine that will gnaw you down to pieces if not 
    taken the proper measure. More so if you¡¦re aiming for the secret 
    objective. You¡¦ll practically be throwing the chair out the window 
    on this one.
    The main objective is to defeat that great beast that¡¦s sprouting 
    those heads. However, in order to do so you have to decrease 
    its regenerative power to zero by decimating the heads one by 
    one. They are infinite but you¡¦ll be informed of the regenerative 
    prowess as you kill off one of the heads. When the number reach 
    zero, you can finally take the fight right up to its front door but 
    remember that it still has infinite reinforcements. 
    This is actually quite nice for those striving for the special 
    requirement as you need to have God Gundam first turn gold 
    and in order to do so, you have to beat the crap out of enemies 
    you can find to fill out the bar initially and then light up the words 
    till he¡¦s all gold and flashy. Now, make sure that Devil Gundam is 
    already near death but still has enough armor to die by that last 
    superbowl or it¡¦s all the way from square one.
    After the final cutscene, you¡¦ll recognize the gargantuan shadow 
    that descends upon Earth. It seems like Macross is back. Thus, it 
    also means that Hikaru and Fokker are both back and Hikaru 
    has a new mech; the VF-1S.
    Stage OP24-01
    Mission objective		
    : Deplete energy flow to main canon by 50%
    Fail objective			
    : Time is up.
    Extra objective			
    : Deplete energy output to 0%
    Finally, after months of pestering from Buster Ark we are finally 
    taking the fight to the enemy. Plus, we now know the one 
    responsible ass that¡¦s been tightening the rope around our necks. 
    Don¡¦t you feel humiliated? Don¡¦t you feel infuriated? Don¡¦t you 
    feel your blood burning with the need to break somebody¡¦s neck? 
    Keep your fury checked. We¡¦re not yet to that point. First, we 
    need to lay waste to the enemy stronghold. Cut them from their 
    resources, I would say. Yes, only then would we swing down the 
    grand hammer of justice!
    This is the first maze you¡¦ll be seeing in ACE 2. Having to meet 
    the secret requirement would need you to know every inch of this 
    place in details. I¡¦ll try to say the details in short. Just follow my 
    direction and destroy everything that doesn¡¦t register as friendly.
    First, go forth. You¡¦ll reach the part labeled C-1. Quickly destroy 
    the gates and deal with the units. Go through the north door and 
    turn right at the first junction and you end up at C-2. Same deals; 
    the gates and enemy units all have to go. Don¡¦t go forth yet. Go 
    down and take care of whatever¡¦s there. Take the near corridor 
    and bust all up. Next, go back up to C-2. Take the door you 
    didn¡¦t go in earlier and you¡¦re done for the first section. You can 
    now retrace back to the junction and proceed forward.
    Take the left path at the second junction to access A-1. There 
    are more gates and units. This time, go up and through another 
    path. All hostile eliminated to nil. Take the remaining door 
    downstairs and the mop up of enemy in this area is done. Now, 
    go back to the junction again and now go north.
    Destroy all in B-1 and leave nobody standing (except you). Now 
    this is the good part. Go up with your guns blaring all the way. 
    Then proceed through the long corridor. Afterwards, go down 
    and through the nearby door. Even though the map would 
    register you to have miss one power generator but you already 
    managed to cut the power supply down to zero so it¡¦s a job well 
    done. I finish this stage with around 40 seconds to spare and I¡¦m 
    using Akito Aestivalis 0G frame.
    Stage OP24-02
    Mission objective		
    : Defeat Feather Ark custom
    Extra objective			
    : Player¡¦s armor is at 75% and above
    Finally, the hour of the enemy¡¦s doom is at hand. Get your 
    fingers ready and you¡¦ll be ready in one hell of a fight as the 
    Feather Ark custom (green) has a lock-on laser attack so you¡¦re 
    basically facing two Buster Ark here with one hell of a 
    reinforcement but that¡¦s nothing much to worry if you manage to 
    cut the power supply to zero previously since their main canon 
    has just been made obsolete! You don¡¦t have to worry about 
    getting shot in the back anymore.
    Act appropriately and let¡¦s get a move on. The stage ends with 
    the defeat of the Feather Ark custom and Buster Ark escape 
    from the scene before all else. Persistence in your work is an 
    admirable feature but she¡¦s seriously pissing me off.
    The brains are finally back. Where the hell have they been 
    missing to? Making babies?
    (Extra: Read the mails. I just don¡¦t know what to say anymore. 
    Those military blockheads need to get a homemade knuckle 
    sandwich that¡¦s fresh out from the farm) 
    Stage OP25-01
    Mission objective		
    : Destroy enemy Bull Vega transports
    Fail objective			
    : Either Albion or Guran Galan is sunk
    Mission objective		
    : Defeat Buster Ark
    Fail objective			
    : Either Albion or Guran Galan is sunk
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy all Bull Vega transports
    (as in killing them yourselves)
    The enemies approach from everywhere. Hope you have a fast 
    unit ready cause this is one hell of a race. Concentrate your fire 
    on the transport ships otherwise you¡¦ll get overwhelmed in this 
    first part.
    Take a deep breath and¡K. Here comes Buster Ark! If you can¡¦t 
    beat her here for all your past experience then I might suggest a 
    change of mech is in order. Well, she¡¦s so easy she practically 
    make me yawn. You are asking me why? Well, she¡¦s not the 
    boss of this stage. If you take too much resource to beat her then 
    you¡¦re going to get so flatten later on.
    The next combatant is Tod Guinness in his Wryneck! Fall down 
    upon him like an eagle and... Watch him fall? He sure was easy. 
    I thought he is supposed to be some BIG boss or something. 
    Yeah, a BIG boss cause in the next minute he¡¦ll outgrow your 
    mech! Now, you¡¦ll have a bit of taste of how Jack felt when he 
    saw that giant up on that beanstalk.
    Stage OP25-02
    Mission objective		
    : Destroy Gea Garing
    Fail objective			
    : Either Graon or Nadesico is sunk
    Mission objective		
    : Defeat Galava and Baronz
    Fail objective			
    : Either Graon or Nadesico is sunk
    Extra objective			
    : Gea Garing is destroyed within 180 seconds
    Well, this time they give you a big target so you won¡¦t miss 
    shooting the side of the barn. However, they don¡¦t just give you a 
    fat pigeon for target practice. The whole thing works like this.  
    You are supposed to keep those flies off the back off the back of 
    your two lovely ships. The Graon will act as the barrier breaker 
    while Nadesico will fire the damaging shot. They will not be able 
    to play their respective roles if there are too many buzzings 
    around so keep going to and fro the two and keep the air clean 
    of those pestering aura battlers and from the looks of it... 
    American Granchers.
    When that ugly yellow thing is destroyed, guess who¡¦s coming at 
    you with a vengeance? Jonathan arrived with his white Baronz 
    and the Black Knight (Bern Bunnings in disguise) in his Galava. 
    Baronz is not much of a deal since in comparison, that guy is 
    actually easier because Galava actually has the mobility that can 
    rival a Meltrandi Queadluun-Rau. Then again, Galava seems to 
    have less armor and Baronz has a farther reach of ranged 
    attacks. The fight officially ends with their defeat. Lazyner in flight 
    pack actually would work wonders against this two.
    Stage OP25-03
    Mission objective		
    : Escort Noawbis Noah to safety
    Fail objective			
    : Noawbis Noah is destroyed
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate enemy presence
    Fail objective			
    : Noawbis Noah is destroyed
    Mission objective		
    : Defeat Quincy Baronz
    Extra objective			
    : Noawbis Noah escapes within 250 seconds
    For your information, you¡¦re supposed to do 1) keep the enemies 
    off the back of Noawbis Noah, 2) eliminate enemy barricades 
    and 3) make sure the ship doesn¡¦t sink! Easy? Well, wait till you 
    see what coming along next. Just try to keep your armor high 
    (around 80% by the end of the stage). Don¡¦t say I didn¡¦t warn you.
    As you¡¦re busy mopping up the leftovers, suddenly Baronz 
    reappeared to¡K. Wait a minute, that¡¦s a red Baronz! And 
    thinking of red you think of Char Aznabael! Right¡K. It¡¦s Iiko (or 
    preferred to be called Quincy) and this time around she¡¦s so 
    dangerous she¡¦ll make you squirm! Her normal attacks are 
    mostly the same as Jonathan¡¦s with a little variations but she has 
    one attack that will make you eat the floor in minutes; a stun shot. 
    You¡¦ll be stunned for a few seconds as she takes out her whip 
    and start to make you regret you were ever born. Try to evade as 
    much as you can. 
    As you end the stage, you¡¦ll bear witness to Quincy and her 
    Baronz being absorbed into Orphan and in the light you lost all 
    Stage OP25-04
    Mission objective		
    : Defeat the Baronz
    Extra objective			
    : Make Baronz transform within 30 seconds
    Easy as pie, right? You¡¦ve dealt with him before and he only has 
    a Grancher as support. Just quickly mop the floor with him¡K wait, 
    did Jonathan just sound weird? Okay, seems like there¡¦s a 
    substitute pilot out in the Baronz and the name is Baron 
    Somehow this Baron Maximilian manages to pull out a hyper 
    Baronz from under his sleeve when you manage to damage 
    Baronz up to a point. Thankfully, the attack patterns are quite 
    limited or it¡¦s one way down to hell because he can dish out one 
    painful experience if you get too close. Evade when you must 
    and keep pounding the enemy to dust. If you have sortie a mech 
    with missiles previously then this is just a cakewalk.
    This is quite a sentimental stage for those who had watched the 
    Brain Powered anime before. For those who don¡¦t know, go find 
    the series and watch it. Afterwards, Yuu and Hime would both be 
    temporarily out of service.
    Stage OP25-05
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate all enemy presence
    Fail objective			
    : Ally ships are sunk 
    Mission objective		
    : Destroy the Will Wipps
    Fail objective			
    : Ally ships are sunk
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy over 50 enemy units
    This is practically the last you¡¦ll be seeing of Granchers and aura 
    battlers so go all out and keep your allies safe. Keep on 
    pounding the enemies until the Will Wipps come out. Now, it¡¦s 
    time to get really serious because it also means that the enemy 
    would die trying to kill you with any possible ways so better 
    watch your back. Remember to keep enemy grunts away from 
    your ships because this is just like the stage where you fought 
    Gea Garing except that you have three ships to protect and a 
    hell lot of enemies out for your blood.
    Oh, look who just came back. It¡¦s Jerryl Coochibi and the Black 
    Knight. It seems like they have all but exhausted their finest 
    pilots. A word of warning though¡K These two are actually some 
    crazy dodge machines so watch out.
    If you think the previous waves of Virunvee are bad, wait till you 
    see the waves of Wryneck and Vierres coming up after the 
    defeat of the two enemy champions. Vierres is particularly 
    deadly so be extra careful as you keep watch over your allies.
    Your brain units will be back right after this.
    Stage OP26-01
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate all enemy presence
    Fail objective			
    : Macross is destroyed
    Mission objective		
    : Defeat Milia
    Extra objective			
    : Meltrandi pickets are all destroyed
    (They are the enemy cruisers)
    This will be another Macross defensive battle. However, this time 
    the Meltandi will throw in everything they got and they are not 
    toying with anybody around. Be quick about it and shoot all those 
    Queadluun-Rau from the sky. Focus on the Meltrandi picket if 
    you want the secret requirement. A gunship will appear after a 
    certain time and that will be your next primary target before 
    Macross is toast.
    After this, Milia is once again out to get you so be ready with 
    your trigger finger as she is most undoubtedly one of the most 
    dangerous enemy to boot in this game.
    Stage OP27-01
    Mission objective		
    : Defeat Buster Ark
    Extra objective			
    : Player armor remains at 80% and above
    Nothing needs to be said. Just go out and show her who is boss. 
    If you want an epic fight, just send GunArk out solo.
    After all the stages beforehand, Marina is finally back and 
    together with her comes Buster Ark the Gameshark of this 
    game¡K Aside from her, Gai is back from captivity and Milia 
    decided to tag along with your crews. 
    Stage OP28-01
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate enemy presence
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy 15 enemy cruisers and above
    And you claim the previous stages were bad. These Zentradis 
    seem to have deaths on their wish list today and guess who 
    among us are they thinking about shredding to pieces? Don¡¦t 
    give chase to enemies that you cannot keep up. It¡¦ll only just 
    open you up for the enemies to shoot you from behind. Keep a 
    close watch on your armor. Use a module just in case. Just 
    survive long enough for the stage to end.
    After surviving the enemy bloodlust, you¡¦ll finally get Nataku (the 
    final unit obtainable through story mode).
    Stage OP28-02
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate enemy presence
    Mission objective		
    : Fight for a set of time
    Extra objective			
    : Player armor remains at 80% and above
    Now you¡¦ll definitely feel the heat of battle. Everywhere the 
    enemies want you dead and they are not holding back one bit. 
    Survive as long as you can. At the point where Lynn Minmei 
    starts her song, you can heave a sigh of relief and let¡¦s start 
    shooting some clay targets.
    Stage OP28-03
    Mission objective		
    : Eliminate enemy presence
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy over 30 units of aerial attack pods and heavy bombers
    Next stop, BoDolza class flagship! This is a peanut butter and 
    jelly sandwich stage. However in story mode, you¡¦re dumped 
    right in this stage after the previous one so your armor might be 
    a bit on the low side. Just continue to fight until the stage ends 
    by itself.
    If you listen to all the conversations behind the back, I¡¦m sure 
    you¡¦ll get a few giggles from now and then.
    Stage OP28-04
    Mission objective		
    : Finish off BoDolza
    Extra objective			
    : Destroy 15 units within 60 seconds
    Just charge all the way in, kicking down any door that stands in 
    your way and shoot whoever that has the guts to cross your path. 
    This is the third continuous stage in story mode so some people 
    might already be on the brink of death when they reach here¡K..
    (Poor God Gundam¡K. He¡¦s practically in this game just to 
    become a can opener.)
    Mission objective: Just shoot everything and move on to the top!
    Extra objective: unknown
    The credit stage that¡¦s only available in story mode. This is a 
    stage to provide you with the sensation of going gung-ho! Read 
    the extra part on how to obtain the different ending.
    There are some in game features that would make your game 
    play more enjoyable. I list some of which I'm aware of here:
    1) Different in-battle quotes.
    Sometimes when you put a certain unit in a certain stage, they 
    will trigger some sort special dialogue. I had not tried every one 
    of the units from my other collection save file but if someone 
    would help me to compose one, I'll be very happy. Otherwise, 
    just treat it like some special surprise as you play.
    2) Endings..... Two of them available?
    Well, there ARE two endings though they are not much different 
    from each other. The only trigger to the endings is during the 
    credit roll for the story mode. You should have heard of the 60+ 
    kills requirements. That I think is just something they 
    misunderstood. Well, you do not need the kill counts though 
    those counts also add in to your final kill counts plus exp and ace 
    point counts that you can access during a replay.
    You just need to get up to the final dome during the credit roll 
    and stay there till the point the credit roll ends and not anywhere 
    else to get the "happy" ending and being anywhere else will get 
    you the "bad" ending. (Well, that's how I see them. Some may 
    term the "bad" as normal)
    %BIG BOMB%
    In the good ending Tak actually did a very lame marriage 
    proposal which I laughed out loud upon hearing before Albion 
    came to save the day. In the bad ending, they both remained 
    drifting in space and there was nobody else around. They drifted 
    and drifted......
    3) Special combination attacks. The teams concerned are: 
    (categorized by series)
    @GunArk and Buster Ark
    @Dunbine and Billbine
    @Billbine and Zwarth
    @Layzner and Zakarl OR New Layzner and Zakarl OR Layzner 
    Mk-II and Zakarl
    @Yuu Brain and Hime Brain OR Nelly Brain and Hime Brain
    @Yuu Brain and Quinzy Baronz OR Nelly Brain and Quinzy 
    @Quinzy Baronz and Johnathan Baronz
    @Dragonar-1, Dragonar-2, Dragonar-3 
    @Dragonar-1 Custom, Dragonar-2 Custom, Dragonar-3 Custom
    @Dragonar-1 Custom and Falguen MAFFU
    @L-Gaim and Novel D.Sserd
    @L-Gaim and Ashura Temple
    @L-Gaim Mk-II and Novel D.Sserd
    @L-Gaim Mk-II and Bat-Shuuu
    @Hikaru Ichijo and Maximilian Genius OR Hikaru Ichijyo and 
    Roy Fokker
    @Hikaru Ichijo, Maximilian Genius, and Roy Fokker
    (Note: This doesn't apply to VF-1J Full Armor Valkyrie for 
    @Deathscythe Hell Custom, Heavyarms Custom, and Sandrock 
    @Wing Zero Custom, Deathscythe Hell Custom, and Sandrock 
    @Wing Zero Custom and Heavyarms Custom
    @Wing Zero Custom and Tallgeese III
    @Akito Tenkawa and Gai Daigoji (Aerial, 0G)
    @Ryoko Subaru, Hikaru Amano, and Izumi Maki 
    (Normal and P.O.D.)
    4) Units available through purchase.... (categorized by series)
    @Feather Ark
    @MSN-04 Sazabi
    @E-MF-LZ-00X-2 Layzner Mark II
    @MF-DJ-91U Daljan
    @SPT-BG-91U Bullgrenn
    @SPT-ZK-53U Zakarl
    @Johnathan Baronz
    @Quincy Baronz
    @YGMA-14 Gilgazamune
    @Original Auge
    @Ashura Temple
    @RX-78GP02A Gundam Physalis
    @AMA-002 Neue Ziel
    5) Units available through upgrade.... (categorized by series)
    @Dragonar-1 Custom, Dragonar-2 Custom, Dragonar-3 Custom
    @Bilbine Forest Camoflage
    @E-SPT-LZ-00X-B New Layzner
    @E-MF-LZ-00X-2 Layzner Mark II (Concept version)
    @Nelly Brain (upgraded from Yuu Brain)
    @L-Gaim Mk-II (upgraded from Amon Duule "Stack")
    Frequently asked questions
    1) Any news of an English release?
    Not that I had heard of. Then again, I do not think this game will 
    get an English release.
    2) You sort of misspelled the (insert any name wrong from FAQ).
    I know. I just hope you will be able to help me with this.
    3) Does upgrading the last upgrade option will add to some sort 
    of extra attack animations?
    Yes, sort of. You do have some extra combos to try out but you 
    need to remember what the combinations are. The full upgrade 
    will only be available after a complete run through of the story 
    mode once and during a replay of the game.
    4) I heard the game has multi ending.
    Please check the extra part. I list that there.
    5) How many units overall?
    Well, from the number count when I had gotten all the units 
    before this FAQ, it is 107. Some units need to be purchased 
    through Free Mission Hangar that is available after you had 
    completed the game once. It is the last option of the hangar 
    menu, the one that was not present during the story mode. You 
    need ace points though so start earning hard. Most units are 
    available after you have satisfied a certain amount of objectives. 
    Check the secret section of Gamefaqs A.C.E. 2 board for some 
    of it. If you're not into the perfection play, you can just go through 
    story mode about three times and you should unlock all 
    purchasable units. The remaining units come from certain 
    upgrades to units that would evolve to a whole new version like 
    the three Dragonars. They have a custom type evolution.

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