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    2nd Hokage (Nidaime) by ThePepos

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    Naruto: Narutimate Hero 3: Nidaime(2nd Hokage) Character Guide.
    -1- Introduction
    -2- Who is Nidaime?
    -3- How to unlock Nidaime
    -4- Nidaime, and his move list
    -5- Nidaime's button lock list
    -6- Nidaime's combo list
    -7- Nidaime strategy concepts
    -8- credits
    1. Introduction
    What is Naruto? Well;
    Expected me to ramble into some giant wall of text just to help inform you, hey?
    I shall only be rambling on the things that matter, namely, this character.
    2. Who is Nidaime?
    I'm glad you've asked. Nidaime, otherwise known as the second 
    Hokage is the younger brother of Shodaime(The First Hokage) who together 
    founded the Hidden Leaf Village. He is an extremely powerful ninja that 
    in particular uses water elemental techniques that are beyond 
    comprehension in size and power. 
    3. How do I unlock Nidaime?
    You can't be bothered to move your mouse cursor an inch to the
    'Cheat Codes & Secrets' section? Argh.
    Once completing Udon's and Moegi's little challenge, 
    go to Ebisu(located at the restaurant) and complete his challenge.
    4. Nidaime, and his move list
    Finally, afterall the formalities, we are here!
    4.1 Why Nidaime?
    Why indeed. Nidaime is a character that is a lot more versatile than  appears
    on the surface. The fundamental reasons as to why someone would  pick him is 
    that he is what I would dub a 'quick, short and sharp counter puncher' While 
    some of his abilities are less in content than other characters, they're  
    usually good andquick in respect to the quality of them. His speed and  
    dashes provide great ground coverage as well as escape options.In addition,  
    his excellent shuriken release speed and square cancel ability during air 
    combos adds to his versatility, but his trump card is his 'SSBM-esque'
    DOWN + O move, which you can primarily use as a great combo starter. Infact,
    this move is one of the best starters in the game perod. And even serves some
    excellent defense and nullifying properties.  	
    4.2 Basic move list
    O - Circle button
    /\ - Triangle button
    [] - square button
    X - cross button
    ~ - cancel into, meaning you immediately press
    + - hold, for instance UP + O means hold up and press O
    "tech"-ing - read rockman's stuff on teching. but it just means 
    escaping special stun animations by timing the X button as you either
    fall, spin, bounce etc.
    XX- dash, done by pressing the cross button twice quickly
    JUTSU 1: suiton, Suijinheki(water wall elemental)
    The great water wall, does a total of 8 hits maximum. You can cancel this jutsu
    with a shuriken right at the beginning, or even after 2 hits. However, since 
    it uses close to 1/3 of the entire chakra bar, this is best used as a 
    combo ender.While it can block projectiles, it is ill advised as his DOWN + O 
    does the same job for 0 chakra. Also has BIG chip damage when blocked, but if
    close enough will be hit so as mentioned. make sure you end with this big baby.
    JUTSU 2: Kokuangyou no Jutsu (Bringer of Darkness Technique)
    great move you can use during a combo, so unlike suijinheki, you feel pretty 
    safe using this anytime during the combo. And consumes less chakra, around 1/6
     of the total chakra bar.
    O O O(5 hit) 
    Basic combo attack, last hit launches for a good old fashioned shuriken cancel 
    which you can then continue into other basic strings.
    O O O, UP+O(6 hit) 
    A decent combo, lacks a button lock mechanism(explained later) or even a 
    special untechable animation, jutsu wise can only combo with 
    suiton, Suijinheki (water wall elemental).Possible additional combo strings.
    0 0 0, DOWN+O(6hit) 
    Strong final 2 hits, but again, lacks the option of a combo reset or 
    additional damage if opponent fails a tech as they fall on the ground 
    without a bounce. shuriken cancel at the 4th hit can provide additional 
    combo means, but for the damage on the 5th and 6th hit you can opt for
    the extra damage.
    0 0 0, BACK+O(6 hit) 
    One the negatives to the 2nd HOkage which will be outlined later, on the 
    6th hit the opponent will fall into a spin which of course can be teched. 
    But even if the opponent fails the tech, a shuriken cancel will go THROUGH 
    the opponent, thus stopping any chance of additional damage or a possible 
    lock.Again can be canceled before the 6th hit to add combo strings, 
    also leaves big space between opponent when the 6th hit connects.
    UP+O, O(3 hit) 
    A prominant 3 hit move.And ONE of the 2nd Hokage's 'bread and butter' moves. 
    IT's quick, when the last 2 hits are made, opponent can not tech out,and 
    this move also sets up a button lock(explained later)and other jutsu, 
    combos or ougis when locked.
    DOWN+O,O(3 hit)
    I like this move for many reasons, in addtion to rather quick guardbreaks. 
    It can also serve as an additional combo jutsu. Additionaly, you can 
    also combo reset after it if the opponent misses the chance.And lastly 
    you can also use this move to setup a button lock.However, 
    it will not allow you to ougi combo into it.
    FORWARD + O, FORWARD +O / BACK + O (2 hit dash). 
    Nice starter as you can shuriken cancel between dashes. 
    Also great for escapes.
    THROW(BACK + O) 
    Throws across the screen.Good against walls as it enables chance to 
    lock/ ougi.
    Pile driver throw. Great for setups and locks under certian situations.
    IN AIR/DASHING(UP+O,O O)(4-hit) 
    A launcher that loses real value as yet again, during the opponents 
    death/stun animation as lanched, shurikens go THROUGH THEM. 
    not to mention jutsus or any other chain.
    IN AIR/DASHING (O O O) (4 hit) 
    I like this for wall setups, as when they miss the tech they'll 
    continue to spin for a nice combo, jutsu, ougi etc.
    IN AIR/DASHING(DOWN + O) (4hit MAX) 
    Finally, I get the Second's 'Trump Card'. This move is the -KEY- to any
    successful Nidaime player.Let's study the properties of this move first.
    Done normally, it is a useful 4 hitter, but it can also be shuriken
    canceled into a 2 hit or 3 hit. But it does not only mean quicker
    recovery for the move, but the SSBM style comes into play as you can 
    jump cancel with it as well. So it serves a TWO FOLD effect.
    In addition to this, the water sphere that surrounds Nidaime is quick,
    what's more it negates a lot of physical attacks as it's much quicker, 
    it also blocks shurikens, futhermore, most items
    (any blue, green, black coloured, mass shuriken, oil pot) is DEFLECTED. 
    Only exploding kunai, explosive seals and poison are the exception.
    In addition to all this, it NEGATES DASHES.
    Meaning dashes are stopped in their tracks.
    And finally, you can chain combos using 
    the shuriken cancel stated earlier. 
    After all this, you can see why I label this move
    -THE- Nidaime super starter/ defense/ combo starter move.
    5. Nidaime Button lock list
    What's a button lock? Peter Popoff of Team ANBU figured out a way to 
    lock the opponent's buttons for around 5 seconds!! this is done by 
    quickly pressing the shuriken button during 
    a combo or in NH3 this time, a throw.
    On to the locks!
    1 - [UP + O, O ~shuriken ] - Doesn't matter if the 1st hit doesn't,
    connect. just have to make sure the second wave attack DOUBLE hits,
    which forces them into their special falling animation they cant tech.
    the cancel with shuriken
    2- [DOWN + O, O~Shiryuken] MUCH harder to achieve than the first, 
    here you must cancel just as the 2nd hit arc completes about half way.
    again they'll have to miss the bounce tech.
    1 - [ -> + O, <- + O~shuriken]. In this instance, you must be 
    closest to a wall with the enemy very close, as you dash toward 
    opponent(->, O), dash BACK, ( <-, O), if they miss the wall tech, 
    cancel to shuriken for lock.
    2 - [THROW~shuriken]. Quite simple, throw them to the wall, 
    they miss the tech,YOU HIT THE shuriken FOR THE LOCK!
    miscellaneous lock:
    The 2nd HOkage can jutsu clash!(using his wall water jutsu). 
    IF you're ever in the 0.00000000000001% chance this should 
    happen where you're in a jutsu clash, and you win, shuriken
    cancel quickly before the enemy falls down for a lock.
    6. Nidaime combo list
    NOTE: NH3 is a combo treasure. Here are some I have done. 
    you can always manipulate/change tweak any of them. 
    That's the beauty of the game. Of course all combos 
    assume no Kawarimi's and failed techs(if applicable). 
    But they're still possible in matches,especially if your opponent
    makes a mistake.
    [O O O , UP UP O(jutsu)/ DOWN DOWN O(jutsu)]
    basic combo with a jutsu
    [DOWN O, DOWN O, any jutsu ]
    simple chain
    [UP + O, O, shuriken, jutsu/ougi]
    simple button lock setup. can't tech if hit! only Kawarimi 
    assuming they have chakra. Then you can punish them bad.
    [O O O ~shuriken cancel, UP UP O / DOWN DOWN O]
    combo with a basic cancel, can also be done after 1st or 2nd 
    hit for link
    [XX(dash), BACK + O, O,~square button]
    square cancel at the end of the combo, so you can start adding additional 
    new strings. can also square cancel if you replace the BACK + O, 
    with either a UP + O or a FORWARD + O. same effect. 
    great for bluffs.
    [O O O, UP + O,O, ~shuriken , ougi]
    nice setup for a button lock and then an ougi.It's important
    to time the triangle button so you can ougi effectively with
    this and other combos involving ougis.
    can always mix and match with either a jutsu or a another combo.
    [IN AIR/DASH O O O, ougi]
    This is done with opponent close to the wall, after the O O O combo,
    they hit the wall and spin, if they miss the tech, quickly ougi them. 
    can also jutsu them too.
    [IN AIR/DASH O O O, wall climb, O O O UP + O,~shuriken,waterwall jutsu]
    Little ol' combo that does a nice bit of damage if connected.
    [IN AIR/DASH O O O, wall climb quickly, BACK + O,O, ~shuriken cancel, ougi)
    Good combo if you get your opponent close to a wall, combo them and if they 
    miss the tech on the spin, run up the wall quick for a pile driver throw, 
    then quikcly throw your shurikens for the lock. then ougi them.
    [X(Jump), ~(DOWN + O),~shuriken,DOWN + O, O, ~shuriken, <up to you>]
    nice combo starter by canceling the jump to his trump move, canceling agian 
    and unleashing havoc. nice button locker at the end too then continue 
    with anything.
    [X, ~(DOWN + O),~shuriken,UP + O, O, ~shuriken, jutsu/ougi] 
    Same as previous, but different ender, the UP+O, O ender is much more 
    effective as you have more options.
    Air 'Infinite'
    Can only be done when opponent is near a wall, in this way, as Nadaime 
    does his [Air/Dash, BACK+O,O] which is his throw pile driver move, 
    he will not be able to move back if he did in open space. 
    As such, he recovers quicker and opponent is in the air longer. 
    And you can repeat the same throw agian.Of course 'infinite' is
    worded such that opponent has no chakra left and is not bounce teching.
    To do this as I [O O O] then into the wall, as they spin I quickly wall climb
    and press BACK+ O, O, then repeat the BACK+ O, O for the air 'infinite' lock.
    There are other starting options but the key is to be able to repeat 
    the BACK + O with Nidaime near a wall.
    Ground infinite
    [O O, ~shuriken] X N(where N is the an unknown amount of times to perform 
    and repeat what is in the square brackets) EXTREMELY tough and can ONLY be 
    performed when the opponent is cornered to a wall. Much like KIsame you 
    just keep repeating the same moves and this will work if opponent has no 
    chakra and is cornered. A lot harder to perform than Kisame's I might add.
    7. Nidaime strategy concepts
    Two concepts are going to be key for a successful Nidaime player. The player's 
    ability to use his DOWN + O effectively as well as his most easiest button 
    lock move/combo the UP +O, O. His speed must be taken advantage of also. 
    if you're too far away fora Down + O starter,use the dash from far away
    ( FORWARD + O) as a good surprise tactic to catch up and then engage.While 
    his sharpness and quick combo/counters are effective and less of a chance 
    to kawarimi purely from a numbers point of view, he isn't particular damaging
    save for his water elemental wall jutsu. So it has to be a continous 
    rampage of quick starters(DOWN +O, FORWARD + O when far), quick locks
    (UP+O, O best one) and comboable jutsus.
    Once again, his outstanding DOWN + O starter is a good defensive tool. 
    Particularly to those that like to shuriken poke/ dash a lot.and his 
    speed allows him great escape in times of need.
    So Naidame in a nutshell;
    + Speed
    + effective starter
    + quick shuriken release
    + while limited in number, good quick combos and locks.
    + Good jutsus, one that can combo through melee attacks, another 
    an effective combo ender.
    + stops over zealous fighters and pokers with his starter.
    -Some Horrible combo enders, particularly during opponent death animations 
    where other characters can press on but Nidaime can't. shurikens either 
    go through them/or he can't hit. Hence he lacks extended execution of combos.
    - Some locks and ground infinite DIFFICULT to perform in relation to other 
    chars.So more than likely it means you'll be narrowing down an already 
    limited supply in terms of his abilities.
    8. Credits
    Me! The great pepos!! aka mistshinobi
    Also to Rockman and the great ANBU team!!
    comments? suggestions? blah?
    MSN: big_pep@hotmail.com
    AIM: TheMistShinobi

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