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    1st Hokage (Shodai) by ThePepos

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    Naruto: Narutimate Hero 3: Shodai(1st Hokage) Character Guide.
    -1- Introduction
    -2- Who is Shodai?
    -3- How to unlock Shodai
    -4- Shodai, and his move list
    -5- Shodai's button lock list
    -6- Shodai's combo list
    -7- Shodai strategy concepts
    -8- credits
    1. Introduction
    What is Naruto? Well;
    That's right! And even if I had a hundred guides, the answer would be the
    same, muhahahaha!
    2. Who is Shodai?
    So you want to know? Shodai, along with Nidaime is the co-founder of 
    the Hidden Leaf Village. Shodai is the older brother and the very first 
    Hokage.His strength and techniques are incomprehenisble, so much so that 
    his specialised technique is moulding his chakra into Tree elementals, 
    essentially a source of life.
    3. How do I unlock Shodai?
    Well it is a nice day outside.
    Once completing Udon's and Moegi's little challenge, 
    go to Ebisu(located at the restaurant) and complete his challenge.
    4. Shodai, and his move list
    We're here.
    4.1 Why Shodai?
    Why Indeed! As Mr Peterman would say. Shodai isn't the typical
    'pick and play'character, for better and for worse as the case maybe.
    Shodai is what I would dub a 'defensive hitter, ender specialist'. 
    For people who enjoy quick paced moves, jutsus and combos then Shod-
    ai isn't the case. Instead, the opponent should come to him, 
    while trying to position themselves at all times.What he lacks in 
    terms of quick surprise, open space play and combos, he makes up
    in wall, end of stage scenarios, short and powerful ending combos
    and a few nice strings to match.
    4.2 Basic move list
    O - Circle button
    /\ - Triangle button
    [] - square button
    X - cross button
    ~ - cancel into, meaning you immediately press
    + - hold, for instance UP + O means hold up and press O
    "tech"-ing - read rockman's stuff on teching. but it just means 
    escaping special stun animations by timing the X button as you either
    fall, spin, bounce etc.
    XX- dash, done by pressing the cross button twice quickly
    ougi - the super done by pressing triangle then circle. can cancel the 
    triangle button during chains so that a well timed ending circle will
    be the ougi hit as oppose to a normal one.
    JUTSU 1: UP, UP, O (Mokuton Hijutsu(Forest Genesis), branch trap and punch)
    As with his other jutsu and ougi, Shodai has a slight delay on his jutsu, 
    ougis and some ending moves. This jutsu is one of the quicker ones, but not
    without some lag. While OK during stints in a combo and only 1/6th chakra 
    usage, it's best used during an ending combo. It's plus is that it's only 
    one hit, and does good damage.
    JUTSU 2: DOWN, DOWN, O (Mokuton Hijutsu(Forest Genesis), Forest cage explosion).
    This jutsu has a severe delay both while starting and ending. It's best use is 
    during ending combos. Agian, because it's only one hit it's great for ending 
    combos with this fairly damaging jutsu. While it does block shurikens, it will 
    not block anything else as the trunks are too close to Shodai. Also of note is 
    that you can jutsu clash using this jutsu.
    O O O(5 hit)
    Basic combo string. It really has a poor ending hit(the 5th) and few would 
    ever comboto that length. What's good is that the 3rd hit is square cancelable
    (meaning you can hit square without shooting shurikens) and is great for 
    extra nasty stuff.
    O,O,O, FORWARD + O(8 hit)
    Strong finisher, which can be button locked into. Though it's hard against
     a nasty KNJing opponent since Shodai relies a fair bit on his ending chains. 
    Can shuriken cancel last hitfor a button lock(explained later) near a wall.
    Does good damage.
    O,O,O, BACK + O (6-hit) 
    Awesome final hit that can lead to great chains combo wise, grabbing wise 
    near wallsas well as shiryuken cancel near a wall for a lock. Shorter combo 
    wise which means less KNJ chances. Can also Jutsu combo ender from, but unless 
    shuriken canceling, not able to combo with an ougi.
    O,O,O, UP + O(7-hit)
    Not a bad combo, thougn nothing great either. can only combo end jutsu with 
    the forrestcage jutsu but at least the opponent death animation means KNJ only. 
    No lock though.
    O,O,O, DOWN + O(6-hit)
    Really good combo, and vital for open space play. IF player misses 
    the bounce tech can do all sorts of ending combos like jutsus, and throws.
    DOWN + O, O (2-hit splash)
    excellent radius for clearing an overzealous opponent. Works doubly good on 
    near walls as it you can cancel with a shuriken for a lock.can also set up 
    nicely in a chain situation near a wall.
    UP+O, O (4-hit)
    Tree elemental branch attack, needs 4 hits though to successfully launch 
    opponent in air,can cage jutsu for there, but no button locks. At least 
    opponent animation stunned.A pretty decent combo starter I may add, one 
    of the quickest outside his normal punch for a combo.
    BACK + O(Throw)
    Really clears the opponent away, but even better near a wall(yet again!). 
    Can chain fromsome ending combos not to mention you can 'infinite' with it 
    which shall be explained later.
    FORWARD + O(5 hit max from close)
    Nice range to keep the opponent in check, is especially nice up close as you 
    can cancel into a nice set of combos(near wall).as with a lot of his moves, 
    slow start up.So as with his other moves/jutsu, predeterming the timing is 
    (IN AIR/DASHING) UP+O, O (3-hit)
    Quickly finishes the opponent but not much to string into with. The last hit 
    makes Shodaimove wildy away, which makes it even hard to hit the opponent when 
    on the ground.Average.
    (IN AIR/DASHING) DOWN + O, O (2-hit)
    awesome move and VITAL, all sorts of stuff can be chained here. such as 
    combo-reseting, jutsu combos and a simple, quick ougi combo!
    (IN AIR/DASHING) BACK + O (air throw)
    Nice poweful move and can be used to chain really well of walls so as to 
    set up locks off wallsand jutsus/ougis through shuriken canceling.
    (IN AIR/DASHING) O, O, O(3-hit)
    powers opponent away, fortunately good for wall setups too.
    5. Shodai Button lock list
    What's a button lock? What's all this locking nonsense?!Well, Peter 
    Popoff of Team ANBU figured out a way to lock the opponent's buttons 
    for around 5 seconds!! this is done by quickly pressing the shuriken 
    button during a combo or in NH3 this time, a throw. Circle, cross, and 
    triangle buttons are disabled for 5 seconds!
    On to the locks!
    1 - [ O, O, O, FORWARD + O, ~shuriken]
    This lock can be done near a wall, make sure the last hit connects and quickly 
    shuriken cancel into it.
    2 - [ O, O, O, BACK + O, ~shuriken]
    this is easy to do provided the opponent doesnt spin tech! if he doesnt make 
    him pay :) again must be near a wall.
    3 - [DOWN + O, O, ~shuriken]
    near a wall, once that shield ground smash is done in the 2nd hit, quickly
    shuriken cancel for the lock, also great for starting other chains while 
    they're locked.
    4 - [While clinging to a wall, BACK + O, ~shuriken]
    Will effectively perform an air throw back onto the wall, and if they miss 
    the techs, lock em!
    6. Shodai combo list
    NOTE: NH3 is a combo treasure. Here are some I have done. 
    you can always manipulate/change tweak any of them if you can. 
    That's the beauty of the game. Of course all combos 
    assume no Kawarimi's and failed techs(if applicable). 
    But they're still possible in matches,especially if your opponent
    makes a mistake, runs out of chakra, etc.
    [O, O, O ~[], <your choice to repeat, new combo starter, etc ]
    notice there you can square cancel the third hit immediately as the third 
    strike comes inas a faint. you can then follow up with either a repeat, 
    or the UP + O , O is usually awesome.or even an AIR, DOWN + O, O
    [O, O, O, DOWN + O, repeat to other combo or combo reset/use either jutsu]
    Can combo reset off this combo, meaning if you time it right as they land 
    and they miss the tech, you can smoothly rechain combos as if the opponent
    was standing there all along.But can also chain either jutsu for a strong 
    finish, or a throw.
    [ UP +O, O then forest cage jutsu quickly]
    simple combo that does good damage.
    [ (IN AIR/DASHING) DOWN +O, O then jutsu/ougi/throw]
    Nice, short and simple, yet devistating. Major advantage for Shodai.
    remember to cancel quickly. For ougis,I'd hit the triangle button prob 
    half way through the DOWN + O, O combo so that by the time it finishes, 
    pressing circle again will be enough time for it to be the ougi hit.
    [(IN AIR/DASHING) O, O, O, jutsu/ougi]
    Can only be done near a WALL,if they miss the tech, can easily cancel 
    into an ougi or jutsu.
    [O, O, O, FORWARD + O, ~shuriken, JUTSU 1]
    Again near WALL, while locked, quickly jutsu them using JUTSU 1. 
    Nice little combo.
    [BACK + O, ~shuriken, combo reset to O, O, O, DOWN + O, UP + O O / jutsu]
    near WALL, since Shodai's throw is so powerful, forces opponent to 
    commit a tech if thrown, if they miss and you're near a wall, 
    setup for good damage.
    [O, O, O, BACK + O, ~shuriken, cage jutsu/ ougi ]
    again near wall, great ender if you finish chain and lock em.
    [(IN AIR/DASHING) DOWN + O, O, climb wall,BACK + O(air throw),jutsu/ougi]
    near a wall, make sure after the DOWN +O, O, when you climb onto the wall, 
    momentarily let go of the buttons and then hold the BACK + O else it will
    be hard to throw.
    [(IN AIR/DASHING)O, O, O, wallclimb,BACK+O(air throw),~shuriken,ougi/jutsu]
    Near a WALL, key here is the climb after the air O, O, O. Make sure you climb 
    quickly, I usually hold forwardtowards end of the O, O, O chain. Then I climb 
    the wall a little, and quickly let of buttons and then hold back + O. One the 
    air throw is done, QUICKLY shuriken cancel. It will lock them and during the 
    time of the air throw, power up yourtriangle button so you're ready to end the 
    combo after the shuriken lock with the ougi. Or, time your cage jutsu for 
    that ender.
    [ DOWN + O, O, ~shuriken, then dash( X, X) and hit O, O, O, then wall climb, 
    BACK + O(air throw),~shuriken, Ougi ]
    Near a wall, and similar to previous combo, though different starter which 
    leads to lock.
    Ground throw 'infinite'
    [ Near a wall, BACK + O (ground throw) X repeat ]
    Since Shodai throws forward and at great speed and strength, it's possible 
    providing the opponent misses techs, you can continue to throw your opponent. 
    Again close to the wall,once initiating the original BACK + O ground throw, 
    move forward a little bit to gain position and time the throw again as the 
    opponent comes to the ground.
    [BACK + O(ground throw),climb wall, BACK+O(air throw),go to ground repeat]
    another version of the ground 'infinite'. Again labelled 'infinite' because 
    it's not a TRUE infinite.
    7. Shodai strategy concepts
    As mentioned, Shodai's strategy will involve what I earlier called 'defensive 
    power play hitter / ender specialist'. in open space play, the air DOWN + O, O 
    is a pivotal attack to set up all sort of nasty stuff.Unfortuantely, he doesnt 
    have many good starters, couple this by the fact his jutsus have very ordinary 
    start up times and recovery and thus you must be wary. Wall play is key for 
    Shodai and it's much more easily accomplished thanks to his very powerful and 
    long distance throw. 
    Over attacking with Shodai is ill-advised. you're best bet is to let the enemy 
    come to you, quickly attack and finish STRONGLY. His ending combos coupled with 
    jutsu will be a factor if Shodai is to stand a chance.
    So Shodai in a nutshell;
    + fast running speed
    + 1 hit, good damage jutsus
    + good amount of wall button locks
    + good amount of guard breaks, better in wall scenario
    + fairly powerful combos,especially combo ending moves/jutsus. Albeit limited.
    + throws and some moves are excellent for dispelling aggressive opponents 
    and makes use of walls more.
    -Average starter combos. As such it's difficult to end them which is needed
    for Shodai
    - Horrible Jutsu start times/recovery. Not to mention the Ougi animation to 
    boot.hence moves on the fly is next to impossible with Shodai.
    - No open space button locks.
    - A lot of his combo/ougi enders rely on wall comboing.
    - Difficult against a very good KNJ-ing opponent, because enders/ending moves 
    critical for shodai success.

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