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    Shikamaru by Shikamaru100

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    	Nara Shikamaru Faq of All Time
    	Created by: Shikamaru100
     Table of Contents
    A) Intro
    B) Profile
    C) The Life and Times of Shikamaru
    D) Buttons/Configuration
    E) Combos/Ougis
    F) Credits
    G) Contact Info
     A) Intro
    Welcome to the world of Naruto! Most of you are probably have seen the anime 
    or manga I'll just start from the bases of the story, just in case.
    Once their was a horrible fox demon known as the Ninetail Fox for, it's nine 
    tails apparently. Ninjas fell before its mighty rath spread upon their land. 
    But one ninja was able to defeat it. The 4th Hokage. The Hokage is the leader 
    of the village of Konoha. Using a jutsu or technique he created to seal 
    the horrible fox demon away, but this jutsu needed acontainer to hold the 
    beast and also took thecontainer to hold the beast and also took the Hokage's 
    life. The Hokage put the demon into a child and this child's name is Naruto.
    Interesting eh? Well it gets better.
    While growing up Naruto he goes on wild adventures and meets up with new 
    people. Like the person you are about to learn. Nara Shikamaru
     B) Profile
    Name: Nara Shikamaru
    Country: Leaf
    Age: 12
    Height: 4'11"
    Weight: 93lbs
    Birthday: September 22nd
    Bloodtype: AB
    Rank: Chunin
    Favorite thing to do: Watch clouds.
    Phrase: "Too Troublesome"
     C) The Life and Times of Shikamaru
    Time to get to the real reason for this faq, Shikamaru. Shikamaru was seen
    from the first episode, but at a very small roll. You first see him as a 
    joke when he gets paired up with Ino, a girl all about looks, while she 
    really hates it because she wanted to go with the dreamboat Sasuke. 
    Shikamaru now teamed with Ino and his best friend Chouji they do missions 
    until the start of the Chunin Exams begin.The Chunin Exam sees if you 
    can reach the the next level from a  genin(lower class ninja) to a 
    chunin (middle class ninja). But you don't get to see any real fighting
    till 2nd part of the exam starts. Shikamaru is from
    a clan thatuses shadows as way of fighting. Shikamaru is able to use these 
    shadows to control their enemy. The bad part is that his opponent only does 
    what he does while they're connected by shadow. This jutsu us know as "Shadow 
    Imitation no jutsu." He is also able to stretch these shadows to connect to 
    their opponent. 
    His first real one-on-one match was against a female sound ninja named 
    Kin. While in this fight the sound ninja throws a few needles, one is 
    attatched to a bell. Shikamru, knowing this trick, which when you throw 
    the needles you only pay attention to the one with the bell and not 
    dodge the other, Shikamaru dodges it. Again she throws another pair 
    of needles and again Shikamaru dodges them. But the bells rings behind 
    him and he thinks their attacking from behind but really there are 
    strings attached to them and she's making them ring. But these are special 
    bells where they put illusions in the brain. His illusion affect makes
    him see many of her and also make him feel weak. Kin, having the advantage,
    throws some needles at him. But before the final strike he is able to 
    connect his shadow, binding her. Kin was not paying attention but Shikamru
    formed his shadow to look like the shadow of her strings that she used 
    to ring the bells. Now with the power over her he takes out a ninja 
    star, but as you know the shadow makes his opponent do everything he 
    does, so she also takesout a ninja star. They both throw the stars. Shikamaru 
    dodges it by leaning back, but in similarity she does the same motion.
    But their is a wall behind her and she bangs into it hard knocking
    her out cold. And Shikamaru wins his first match.
    His next match, after many other matches from other people, He 
    faces a sand ninja named Temari. But before I explain this match, first 
    you must know one thing from the match before this. Our main character 
    Uzumaki Naruto dug a tunnel in his match, remember this. Back to the 
    action with Shikamaru. When the match is about to start he wants to forfeit, 
    but Naruto pushes him in the arena and tell him to kick butt. And Shikamaru 
    curses under his breath at Naruto.Temari is armed with a giant fan, which 
    the wind it blows can cut things up. You find outalot of things about Shikamaru
    in this one.Temari uses her fan to blow razor sharp wind at him and he retreats
    to the safety of the shadows and goes into a position not known by anyone but
    his sensei (teacher), Asuma. Asuma explains to another teacher that Shikamaru
    is in his thinking position when he plays Shougi (Japenese Chess). He also 
    explains that Shikamaru is a super genius. Kurenai(that other teacher he's
    talking to) says that Shikamaru has about the same grades as Naruto (Naruto
    has very low grades). Shikamaru has low scores on tests because he thinks it's
    to troublesome to even move a pencil. But Asuma gave Shikamaru an I.Q. test
    disguised as a game. It turns out Shikamaru has an I.Q over 200! Back to the
    fight after Shikamaru is done thinking he moves his shadow out and it goes 
    farther than Temari thought because the sun sank a bit making more shadow 
    area in the arena. She is shocked but dodges it and marks where 
    the shadow stops. But above her head Shikamaru made a parachute out of his
    shirt to make another shadow which gave him even more length in his shadow. 
    Being even more suprised she is able to avoid it by backing up. Shikamaru 
    brought back his shadow after this failed attempt. Temari hides behind her 
    giant fan thinking up a plan. She will create a clone and send it out while 
    Shikamaru captures the clone she'll comeout and attack. But while she makes 
    her hand signs to bring out the clone she can't move. Shikamaru's shadow is
    connected! Remember that hole Naruto dug? He sent his shadow through that 
    tunnel and used the shadows in the tunnel and came up at the other end 
    right behind her to catch her. Now he and she walk forward and Shikamaru 
    raises his hand and says, "I give up!". It turns out he used to much 
    chakara (energy) using his shadow so many times. And says it would be to
    troublesome to do anything else.
    What an end to a great fight. Now lets fast forward to after the Chunin exam.
    It seems that Shikamaru is the only one to graduate to chunin for his great 
    strategy skills.
    Next and last fight for this faq. Now as a chunin he is sent on more dangerous 
    missions. The 5th Hokage says that Sasuke (read a Sasuke faq or something 
    to learn about him) has left the village to join someone dangerous. 
    Shikamaru's mission is to bring him back.Shikamaru is teamed with Chouji, 
    Naruto, Neji, and Kiba for this mission. Everyone of his teammates are 
    left behind to fight others on the way to Sasuke. And he fights with
    a sound ninja named Tayuya. Tayuya is a unique fighter who uses her flute
    as a weapon. She summons 3 undead creatures and uses her flute to control
    them. Shikamaru is pretty much running for his life. But after desperate
    thinking he uses a five step plan to capture the 3 and them use them 
    to attack. But Tayuya dispells them or make them disappear. She laughs 
    at Shikamaru for his failed try but Shikamaru was only using that to fake her
    out. He just didn't want to bring attention to his shadow coming from behind. 
    She was captured! But at the while captured she changed into Cursed Seal 
    Level 2. Using brute force she was able to use her flute to put him into
    an illusion. Trying a last resort move of hitting her with his kunai but he
    missed by being weak under the control of the illusion. In his illusion he
    was not able to move because he was bound by string and his arm started 
    to melt. Tayuya picked up the kunai he threw and she came close to 
    Shikamaru and tried to stab him but she froze because she had been trapped by
    his shadow. It turns out he escaped the illusion by breaking his index finger
    with his shadow and continued to pretend to be trapped to bring her closer so
    he could trap her. Tried to punch her but she grabbed his hand. So he decided
    to use his new technique, "Shadow Choke". This jutsu brings up a shadow
    hand to ckoke his enemy. But her chakara was to power full and they were in a
    power struggle. Sometimes the hand would get closer or farther to her neck, 
    depending on who was overpowering the other. Right when he was about to be
    delt the finishing blow by his enemy a giant whirlwind blew Tayuya away. 
    It was Temari the sand ninja! She and her brothers (Garra and Kankuro who 
    were fighting someone and somewhere else) were sent on a mission to help the 
    leaf village. Shikamaru explained to Temari Tayuya's fighting style. 
    Temari was able to block the sound with her wind and attack with the wind 
    at the same time. With one blow with her fan she summoned a sickle weasel and
    it (with also alot of razor wind) destroyed almost all the trees knocking
    some on to Tayuya, killing her.
                        We are done with the history of Nara Shikamru
                            until they make more episodes of him.
     D) Buttons/Configuration 
    X Button: jump
    Tap X twice: dash
    X and up or down at same time: goes to foreground and backround
    O Button: attack
    Square Button: throw projectile
    Triangle Button: Ougi mode (when in that mode if a attack connects it goes 
    into a cutscene)
    *Go to Combo Section for more info on ougis*
    R1 and L1 Buttons: change projectile
    R2 or L2 Buttons: guard or can, when attacked can kawarmi (log replacement)
    Direction Pad: moves character
    Start Button: goes to pause menu
     E) Combos/Ougis 
    Ougis are special attacks that lead to a cutscene. To innitiate an ougi 
    you press the triangle button and you will be glowing a certain amount 
    of time. During this time you must innitiate the ougi by hitting your 
    opponent (does not work if you attack in the air). While in the cutscene 
    you and your opponent must either push a series of buttons in order as 
    fast as you can, push one button repeatedly or rotate both joy sticks 
    together as fast as you can. If your opponent beats you by alot the 
    ougi will be cancelled and you will do no damage to your opponent.
    Name: Ougi's name (Japenese)
    Chakara: How much chakara it uses
    Description: Looks like
    After Effect: What the effect is after ougi
    1)Name: "Kagemane no Jutsu" 
      Chakara: 1/3 of the chakara bar
      Description: He moves around in poses and then throws bombs at the 
      After Effect: Increased Stats
    2)Name: "Kagekubishi no Jutsu"
      Chakara: 1/3 of the chakara bar
      Description: The shadow hand moves up to the neck and chokes the opponent.
      After Effect: Increased Stats
    3)Name: "Kageginji no Jutusu" 
      Chakara: 2/3 of the chakara bar
      Description: He sends shadows toward the enemy while shadow Shikamarus come 
      out of it and the Shadow Shikamarus beat and squeeze the life out of the 
      After Effect: Increased Stats
    4)Name: "Kageasshou no Jutsu"
      Chakara: full chakara bar
      Description: Shikamaru throws a light ball and uses the light to create a 
      giant shadow hand and crushes his opponent.
      After Effect: Increased Stats
    5) Same as number 1 but different stats.
    6) Same as number 2 but different stats.
    7) Same as number 3 but different stats.
    8) Same as number 4 but different stats.
    Hold up (taunt)
    Shikamaru sits on his knees and heals while draining chakara.
    Up+O (counter)
    If your opponent hits you when in this pose you will do a 3 hit combo.
    Shikamaru will throw a kunai ballon which will explode after a few second 
    shooting 4 kunai in any direction below it.
    A 10 hit combo that can penatrate through guarding and hit until the 9th 
    hit if guarding. Also brings your opponent to the air.
    A 2 hit combo
    A 4 hit combo which puts your opponent into the air.
    A 2 hit combo which throws your opponent and can go into a log replacement
    sequence if you press O again while you opponent is in the air. 
    O,O,Up+O(O optional)
    A 4 hit combo that brings your opponent into the air. When in the air and
    you want to push O again you will go into a kawarmi sequence.
    A 4 hit combo.
    A 4 hit combo which can lead into a kawarmi sequence if pressed O again 
    while opponent is in the air.
    A 3 hit combo and throw an sticking explosive tag. Opponent CAN dodge the tag. 
    Counter jutsu. A 2 hit combo, Shikamaru gets them in his shadow and throws a 
    explosive kunai at their opponent.
    Trap jutsu. Shikamaru throw a kunai at the ground and when an opponent 
    touches it many kunai hits them into the air and then an explosive kunai.
    5 hit combo which can lead to a kawarmi sequence.
    5 hit combo which can lead to a kawarmi sequence.
    5 hit combo which bahes your opponent to the ground.
    Shikamaru grabs on to the opponent and bashes him into the ground 
    on the side you were on when you excecuted the combo. 
     F) Credits
    I would like to give credit to www.narutofan.com for some of the information 
    I got for the character profile.
    I would like to give credit to www.gamefaqs.com and all the people who posted
    on the Naruto message board for all the bits and pieces of Shikamaru 
    information I got from them over the past few days.
    I'd like to thank my older brother for introducing me into the world of Naruto 
    and getting me the games.
    And most importantly I'd like to thank Kishimoto Masashi, the creator of 
    Naruto because none of this would of been here if it wasn't for him.
     G) Contact Info
    If anyone has any question,answers the things I didn't know, or comments 
    please contact me at jntruong1@yahoo.com
    John Truong

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