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    Naurto's Home Code List by ratfox

    Version: 0.1 | Updated: 02/19/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                Narutimate Hero 3 - Naruto’s home code list
                            Updates & change
       20.02.2006   Version 0.1 Initial release
    This contains the list of codes for Naruto’s house in the Narutimate 3
    game. Since it took me about 15 hours to type every combination,
    I suppose some of you would prefer a shortcut. Most codes give you some
    money, and some of these also give you a card.
    At least one code is revealed in the mission game, and allows you to
    get a certain item. Since this code can’t be used until it’s revealed,
    there may be many more waiting to be discovered.
    Apparently, none of these codes allow you to unlock all characters as
    in Narutimate 2. Actually, since I had unlocked them all before trying
    the codes, perhaps there is one and it just didn’t activate since
    they were unlocked in the first place. You’re welcome to look for it,
    but it’s much easier - and more fun - to play the game.
    Apparently also, no hidden mission is unlocked either.
    Mainly, I guess the codes are useful to raise some money quickly.
    I think the fastest way to get money in the mission game is to repeat
    over and over the last A-mission, which allows you to get 30'000 in
    about 3 minutes. You can get money a bit faster by typing codes, even
    though it’s less fun. You can get 500'000 by using the 3k, 5k and 10k
    codes. You can get the same amount with 1k codes, but if I were you
    I’d stay away from them, because it will not only be less fun than
    playing the game, it will also likely be slower.
                     You played Narutimate hero 2 before
    If you did, you probably got the message that you receive 607 cards and
    50'000 ryou free at the beginning of the game. (That is, if you had a
    save of the previous game when you started playing this one). Surely
    that’s a good thing? Well, not entirely. You will find that you
    can’t use any of the codes which give you a card - because you already
    have it. This means that you can’t get the money for these codes either.
    So if you want to have 9'999'999 ryou as soon as possible, this is not
    really a good thing.
    If you’re really observant, you will notice that many of the codes
    are the same as in Narutimate hero 2. Of the 400 or so codes in
    Narutimate 2, 350 are still in Narutimate 3, along with 250 new ones.
    They even seem to have a different activation sounds! New codes make
    a chime-like sound when you use them, and old ones sound rather like
    a trumpet. Great feature, isn’t it? If somebody ever finds out why,
    I’d like to know, just for kicks.
                     Tell me the codes already!
    Be patient. A few words of explanation first.
    There are five categories:
    火 - Fire
    風 - Wind
    土 - Earth
    水 - Water
    雷 - Thunder
    Note the order is different from Narutimate 2 - water and wind are reversed.
    Here are the twelve symbols appearing in codes:
    子 丑 寅 卯 辰 巳
    午 未 申 酉 戌 亥
    子 = The Rat
    丑 = The Ox
    寅 = The Tiger
    卯 = The Hare
    辰 = The Dragon
    巳 = The Snake
    午 = The Horse
    未 = The Ram
    申 = The Monkey
    酉 = The Bird
    戌 = The Dog
    亥 = The Boar
    So to use a code from a category, you first choose the right element, and then
    you select the three symbols in the right order.
    Now, to the right of each code is written what its result is. Usually there is
    money, 1k, 3k, 5k or 10k, in different columns to make it easier to see where
    the big bucks are. The N2 column shows wether the code was also in Narutimate 2.
    It’s of no use whatsoever at all that I know, but hey, they make a different
    There are also exactly three codes which for some reason give you two cards,
    and two amounts of money. The gains are written on two lines.
                       Tell me the codes already!
    Here they are:
    FIRE  火
    子丑巳   1k
    子卯申   1k
    子辰卯   1k              N2      tactics card 157
    子辰戌   1k              N2      shinobi card 190
    子巳子   1k
    子巳丑   1k
    子巳辰   1k              N2      tactics card 177
    子未子   1k
    子戌申   1k
    子亥子   1k              N2      shinobi card 200
    丑寅戌   1k              N2        jutsu card  64
    丑卯卯            10k    N2      shinobi card  86
    丑午辰      3k
    丑未亥            10k
    丑戌巳   1k              N2      tactics card  46
    寅卯午   1k
    寅辰卯         5k        N2        jutsu card 177
    寅辰申   Secret figurine 1, this code works only after it's revealed in plot
    寅巳丑   1k              N2      shinobi card  13
    寅巳戌   1k              N2      tactics card  29
    寅午亥   1k
    寅未辰            10k    N2        jutsu card 131
    寅酉午         5k        N2      shinobi card 164
    寅亥巳   1k
    寅亥酉   1k
    卯丑未      3k
    卯卯戌            10k    N2      shinobi card  85
    卯巳午         5k        N2        jutsu card  73
    卯午子            10k    N2      shinobi card 201
         &   1k              N2        jutsu card 187
    卯午巳   1k
    卯戌戌   1k              N2      tactics card 174
    卯亥子      3k
    辰子申   1k
    辰寅辰   1k              N2        jutsu card  70
    辰寅午   1k              N2
    辰午戌   1k              N2       client card   6
    辰申巳   1k              N2      shinobi card  68
    辰申未   1k
    辰酉巳            10k    N2      shinobi card 163
    辰戌寅   1k
    辰亥子   1k              N2
    辰亥酉   1k              N2        jutsu card  88
    巳子卯   1k              N2        jutsu card  10
    巳子酉   1k              N2      tactics card 105
    巳寅未   1k              N2        jutsu card 130
    巳卯辰   1k              N2      tactics card 158
    巳卯午   1k              N2      shinobi card 193
    巳卯酉   1k              N2      tactics card 137
    巳辰卯   1k
    巳巳丑            10k    N2      shinobi card  82
    巳未寅   1k
    巳酉戌   1k
    午寅戌   1k
    午寅亥   1k              N2      shinobi card 137
    午卯未   1k
    午辰巳   1k              N2      shinobi card  36
    午巳巳   1k
    午午酉   1k              N2      shinobi card  28
    午未巳   1k              N2      shinobi card  50
    午酉午         5k        N2      tactics card 138
    午酉亥   1k
    午戌卯         5k        N2      shinobi card 144
    午亥申         5k
    未子卯   1k              N2      tactics card 139
    未丑寅   1k
    未寅子   1k              N2       client card  15
    未卯戌   1k              N2      tactics card  91
    未辰丑   1k              N2        jutsu card 105
    未巳丑   1k              N2      tactics card  63
    未巳亥   1k              N2        jutsu card 147
    未未未   1k              N2      shinobi card  62
    未申寅   1k
    未酉辰   1k
    未酉午   1k              N2      tactics card  71
    未酉酉   1k              N2      tactics card   6
    未戌卯   1k
    未戌未   1k
    未亥子   1k              N2      tactics card  64
    未亥丑   1k
    申寅巳   1k              N2
    申卯子   1k              N2
    申卯巳   1k              N2      tactics card 178
    申巳子         5k        N2      tactics card 156
    申午辰   1k              N2
    申午戌   1k              N2        jutsu card  90
    申申未   1k              N2      tactics card 179
    申戌子   1k              N2      shinobi card  90
    申戌寅   1k              N2        jutsu card  62
    申戌巳   1k
    申亥卯   1k
    申亥午         5k        N2      shinobi card  94
    申亥申         5k        N2        jutsu card 149
    酉寅申   1k              N2        jutsu card  72
    酉卯亥   1k
    酉辰午   1k              N2
    酉巳酉   1k
    酉巳亥         5k        N2      shinobi card  64
    酉午戌   1k              N2        jutsu card 148
    酉申申   1k              N2        jutsu card  71
    酉酉辰   1k              N2      shinobi card  91
    酉酉午   1k              N2        jutsu card   8
    酉戌酉         5k        N2      tactics card  73
    酉亥酉   1k              N2        jutsu card 176
    戌子未   1k
    戌卯寅   1k
    戌卯戌   1k
    戌辰寅   1k              N2      tactics card  72
    戌巳申   1k              N2      tactics card 155
    戌午酉   1k              N2      tactics card 136
    戌午戌   1k
    戌亥巳   1k              N2      shinobi card  74
    戌亥戌   1k              N2        jutsu card 188
    亥丑子         5k
    亥丑亥   1k              N2      tactics card 101
    亥寅子   1k              N2      shinobi card 143
    亥寅亥   1k              N2
    亥卯卯   1k              N2      shinobi card 155
    亥卯午   1k              N2
    亥卯未   1k              N2
    亥巳寅         5k
    亥未子   1k              N2        jutsu card  98
    WIND 風
    子丑丑   1k
    子丑戌   1k              N2        jutsu card  97
    子寅子   1k              N2        jutsu card 182
    子卯丑   1k
    子巳巳         5k        N2        jutsu card  85
    子巳未   1k              N2        jutsu card 154
    子午子   1k              N2        jutsu card 137
    子午亥   1k              N2
    子未巳   1k
    子未戌   1k              N2      tactics card  79
    子酉未   1k              N2
    子亥寅   1k              N2
    子亥辰   1k              N2      tactics card 164
    丑巳午   1k
    丑巳戌   1k
    丑酉未   1k              N2      shinobi card  10
    丑戌酉   1k
    丑亥卯   1k
    寅子午   1k              N2        jutsu card 138
    寅卯子   1k              N2      shinobi card 165
    寅辰午         5k        N2      shinobi card 100
    寅未亥   1k
    寅申亥   1k              N2        jutsu card 157
    卯子午      3k
    卯子酉   1k              N2      tactics card  65
    卯卯卯   1k              N2      tactics card 163
    卯辰丑   1k
    卯申子      3k
    卯申卯   1k              N2        jutsu card  80
    卯酉戌   1k              N2        jutsu card  81
    卯酉亥   1k              N2        jutsu card 191
    卯亥亥   1k              N2      tactics card 161
    辰子巳   1k              N2        jutsu card 155
    辰子午   1k              N2      shinobi card 147
    辰子亥   1k              N2      tactics card  15
    辰寅午   1k              N2      shinobi card  35
    辰卯戌   1k              N2        jutsu card  16
    辰辰寅   1k
    辰巳辰   1k              N2      tactics card 103
    辰午子   1k
    辰未酉   1k
    辰申子   1k              N2      shinobi card 188
    辰申卯   1k
    辰申辰   1k              N2        jutsu card  89
    辰戌卯   1k              N2      shinobi card  99
    辰戌辰   1k
    巳丑酉   1k              N2        jutsu card  65
    巳寅申   1k
    巳巳寅   1k              N2        jutsu card 139
    巳巳辰   1k
    巳巳亥   1k
    巳午午            10k    N2      shinobi card 145
    巳未午   1k              N2      tactics card 144
    巳未亥   1k              N2
    巳申丑   1k              N2      shinobi card  88
    巳酉未   1k              N2
    午寅午   1k              N2      shinobi card 169
    午卯寅   1k
    午巳未   1k              N2        jutsu card 156
    午巳戌         5k        N2      shinobi card 192
    午午午   1k              N2      tactics card  98
    午午未   1k              N2      shinobi card 195
    午未子         5k        N2      tactics card  80
    午未酉   1k              N2      tactics card 162
    午未戌   1k              N2      tactics card  77
    午酉寅   1k              N2       client card   7
    午酉卯   1k
    午酉申   1k              N2      shinobi card 171
    未子子   1k              N2        jutsu card 136
    未子辰   1k              N2      tactics card 143
    未子巳   1k              N2      shinobi card  27
    未辰子   1k              N2      shinobi card  29
    未午午   1k              N2      tactics card 145
    未午未   1k
    未申巳   1k
    未戌酉   1k              N2       client card  19
    申子酉   1k
    申丑丑   1k              N2      tactics card  93
    申寅丑   1k              N2        jutsu card  19
    申寅未   1k              N2        jutsu card 190
    申寅酉   1k
    申辰酉   1k              N2      shinobi card 102
    申巳子   1k
    申午巳   1k              N2      tactics card 185
    申未午   1k              N2        jutsu card  78
    申未申   1k
    申申酉   1k              N2      tactics card 146
    申戌卯   1k              N2
    申戌戌   1k
    申亥子   1k              N2      shinobi card  38
    酉丑丑   1k              N2        jutsu card 104
    酉丑寅   1k
    酉丑戌   1k
    酉寅巳   1k              N2      tactics card  78
    酉辰酉   1k              N2      tactics card  86
    酉辰戌   1k              N2      tactics card 186
    酉巳戌   1k              N2      shinobi card  81
    酉午子   1k
    酉未寅   1k              N2      shinobi card  79
    酉戌丑   1k              N2      tactics card 95
    酉戌午   1k
    酉亥未   1k              N2
    戌子未   1k              N2      shinobi card  80
    戌寅未   1k              N2      shinobi card   9
    戌卯寅   1k              N2      shinobi card 159
    戌巳午   1k              N2      shinobi card 194
    戌巳戌   1k              N2      shinobi card 170
    戌未未   1k              N2        jutsu card 183
    戌申辰   1k
    戌亥寅   1k
    戌亥午   1k
    亥子卯   1k              N2        jutsu card 178
    亥寅午            10k
    亥辰巳         5k
    亥巳午         5k        N2        jutsu card  79
    亥午卯         5k
    亥午辰   1k              N2
    亥午午   1k              N2      shinobi card  65
    亥午酉   1k              N2
    亥午戌   1k              N2      shinobi card 146
    亥未午         5k
    亥未申   1k              N2
    亥酉寅      3k
    亥戌卯      3k
    亥戌午   1k              N2      tactics card 176
    亥亥丑   1k              N2      shinobi card  69
    EARTH 土
    子寅寅   1k              N2      tactics card 165
    子辰午   1k
    子午申   1k
    子未卯   1k              N2        jutsu card 140
    子未酉   1k              N2      tactics card 187
    子戌卯   1k              N2        jutsu card 143
    子亥申   1k
    丑子申      3k
    丑丑丑   1k              N2      tactics card  39
    丑辰巳   1k              N2      shinobi card 107
    寅丑辰   1k
    寅卯卯   1k              N2      tactics card  94
    寅卯未   1k
    寅辰辰   1k              N2      shinobi card  72
    寅辰戌   1k              N2
    寅巳巳   1k
    寅午丑   1k
    寅午巳   1k              N2      tactics card  81
    寅未卯   1k
    寅酉午   1k              N2      tactics card  83
    卯子申   1k              N2      shinobi card 140
    卯子亥   1k              N2      shinobi card 161
    卯丑寅   1k              N2      shinobi card  66
    卯寅丑      3k
    卯卯申   1k              N2      tactics card  20
    卯卯酉      3k
    卯辰辰   1k              N2        jutsu card  84
    卯辰申   1k              N2        jutsu card  82
    卯午丑   1k              N2      tactics card  89
    卯午酉         5k
    卯未巳   1k
    卯未亥   1k              N2
    卯申亥   1k              N2
    卯酉申      3k
    卯戌申   1k              N2      shinobi card  51
    卯亥午      3k
    辰子辰   1k              N2      tactics card  66
    辰子亥   1k
    辰丑巳   1k              N2      shinobi card 104
    辰寅子   1k              N2        jutsu card 162
    辰寅卯   1k              N2      tactics card  84
    辰卯申   1k
    辰卯亥   1k
    辰午巳   1k              N2      shinobi card 108
    辰酉未   1k
    辰戌寅   1k              N2      shinobi card  52
    辰亥巳   1k              N2        jutsu card 142
    辰亥戌   1k              N2        jutsu card 160
    巳辰辰   1k
    巳午申   1k
    巳午酉   1k              N2        jutsu card  99
    巳未未   1k              N2      shinobi card 103
    巳申寅   1k              N2        jutsu card  83
    巳申午   1k              N2      tactics card  82
    巳申申   1k
    巳酉卯   1k
    巳戌未   1k              N2      shinobi card 105
    巳戌申   1k              N2      tactics card 168
    巳戌戌   1k              N2      shinobi card 196
    巳亥辰   1k
    巳亥戌   1k              N2        jutsu card 184
    午子戌   1k
    午子亥   1k              N2      tactics card 167
    午卯辰   1k              N2        jutsu card 141
    午卯戌   1k
    午辰申   1k              N2      shinobi card 106
    午午辰   1k              N2        jutsu card  96
    午午戌   1k              N2        jutsu card 159
    午未巳   1k              N2        jutsu card 186
    午未午   1k              N2      tactics card 180
    午申戌   1k              N2      shinobi card  71
    午酉午   1k              N2      shinobi card 186
    午戌午   1k              N2
    午戌戌   1k              N2
    未子亥   1k
    未卯午   1k              N2
    未卯亥   1k              N2      tactics card 150
    未辰亥   1k
    未巳丑   1k              N2      shinobi card   6
    未巳未   1k              N2      shinobi card 162
    未午子   1k              N2      tactics card 148
    未午午   1k              N2      tactics card 166
    未未辰   1k              N2      tactics card  90
    未未戌   1k              N2        jutsu card  63
    未酉卯   1k              N2      tactics card 149
    未戌未   1k              N2      shinobi card 160
    未亥卯   1k
    未亥戌   1k
    申丑午   1k
    申寅午   1k              N2      shinobi card  33
    申寅申   1k              N2
    申卯卯         5k        N2        jutsu card 144
    申辰巳   1k              N2      shinobi card  30
    申未未   1k              N2        jutsu card 101
    申酉丑   1k              N2      shinobi card   5
    申酉亥   1k              N2      tactics card  99
    申亥巳   1k
    申亥酉   1k
    酉丑巳   1k
    酉辰申   1k              N2      shinobi card 141
    酉巳卯   1k              N2        jutsu card 158
    酉巳酉   1k              N2      shinobi card   4
    酉午子   1k              N2      shinobi card  32
    酉午丑   1k
    酉午酉   1k              N2      shinobi card 156
    酉未午   1k
    酉未戌   1k              N2        jutsu card 174
    酉亥寅   1k              N2      tactics card 104
    戌子辰   1k
    戌卯未   1k              N2        jutsu card  66
    戌卯戌   1k              N2       client card  26
    戌辰酉   1k              N2      shinobi card 191
    戌午寅   1k              N2        jutsu card  20
    戌午戌   1k
    戌申子   1k              N2      shinobi card 138
    戌申丑   1k
    戌申未   1k              N2      shinobi card  70
    戌申酉   1k
    戌酉午   1k              N2        jutsu card 102
    亥子丑         5k
    亥寅未         5k
    亥寅戌   1k              N2      tactics card 147
    亥辰午   1k              N2      tactics card 189
    WATER  水
    子子申   1k              N2
    子寅子   1k
    子申酉   1k              N2
    子申亥   1k
    子酉亥   1k              N2
    丑子寅      3k
    丑寅卯   1k              N2      shinobi card  96
    丑午寅         5k
    丑申卯   1k              N2      shinobi card  75
    丑申戌      3k
    丑酉子      3k
    丑酉申   1k              N2      tactics card 102
    丑戌辰      3k
    丑戌未   1k
    寅辰寅   1k              N2      tactics card 182
    寅巳申   1k
    寅午丑   1k              N2      shinobi card  78
    寅酉丑   1k
    寅戌午   1k              N2      tactics card 142
    寅戌亥   1k
    卯寅戌   1k              N2      shinobi card  98
    卯午卯         5k
    卯未巳   1k              N2        jutsu card  95
    卯申申   1k              N2        jutsu card 181
    辰子未   1k              N2      shinobi card 148
    辰寅戌   1k
    辰辰巳   1k
    辰巳卯   1k              N2      shinobi card  93
    辰巳午   1k              N2        jutsu card 134
    辰巳申         5k        N2      shinobi card 202
    辰午子   1k              N2        jutsu card  74
    辰未午   1k              N2      shinobi card 149
    辰未戌   1k
    辰未亥   1k
    辰申戌   1k              N2      shinobi card  97
    辰酉未   1k              N2      shinobi card  89
    辰亥戌   1k
    巳寅未   1k
    巳辰丑   1k
    巳未巳         5k        N2      shinobi card 152
    巳未申   1k
    巳未酉         5k        N2        jutsu card  76
    巳酉午         5k        N2        jutsu card 175
    午子丑   1k
    午子午            10k    N2      shinobi card 204
    午子未   1k              N2      tactics card 175
    午卯辰   1k              N2       client card  25
    午辰卯   1k              N2        jutsu card  93
    午巳未   1k
    午巳亥   1k              N2        jutsu card 153
    午午子   1k              N2        jutsu card 150
    午午辰            10k    N2        jutsu card 151
    午午午   1k              N2
    午未寅   1k              N2      shinobi card 151
    午未未         5k        N2      tactics card  96
    午未酉   1k              N2      tactics card 160
    午申酉            10k    N2      shinobi card  84
    午酉巳   1k              N2      tactics card 159
    午戌寅   1k              N2      shinobi card 168
    未子午   1k
    未寅寅   1k
    未午巳         5k        N2        jutsu card 135
    未午戌   1k              N2
    未申子   1k
    未申丑   1k              N2      tactics card  75
    未申寅   1k
    未酉申   1k              N2      shinobi card 198
    未戌寅   1k              N2        jutsu card  77
    未戌申   1k              N2      tactics card 141
    申辰卯   1k              N2
    申辰申   1k
    申辰酉   1k
    申午丑   1k              N2      shinobi card  76
    申午巳   1k              N2      tactics card 181
    申午申   1k              N2        jutsu card  75
         &   1k              N2      tactics card 140
    申申卯   1k              N2        jutsu card 103
    申申午   1k
    申申戌            10k    N2      shinobi card 166
    申申亥   1k              N2        jutsu card 132
    申酉巳   1k
    申亥辰   1k              N2      tactics card  97
    酉子午   1k              N2        jutsu card 179
    酉子申   1k
    酉丑卯   1k              N2      tactics card  74
    酉丑未   1k              N2        jutsu card  92
    酉寅午   1k              N2        jutsu card 133
    酉未卯   1k              N2        jutsu card 152
    酉未未   1k
    酉未申   1k              N2        jutsu card 180
    酉申酉   1k              N2      shinobi card  77
    酉亥巳   1k              N2        jutsu card  94
    戌子申   1k              N2
    戌子酉   1k
    戌寅亥   1k
    戌卯巳   1k              N2      tactics card  92
    戌巳丑   1k
    戌申卯   1k
    戌申未   1k
    戌申亥   1k              N2      shinobi card 167
    戌酉卯   1k              N2      shinobi card 150
    戌酉未   1k              N2      shinobi card 189
    戌酉酉   1k
    戌戌巳   1k              N2      shinobi card  95
    戌戌戌   1k
    亥子卯         5k
    亥子巳   1k              N2
    亥卯酉   1k              N2
    亥酉酉   1k              N2      tactics card  76
    亥戌午         5k
    亥戌未   1k              N2      tactics card 183
    THUNDER  雷
    子子午   1k              N2      tactics card  87
    子丑寅   1k              N2        jutsu card   3
    子寅酉            10k    N2      shinobi card  87
    子辰酉   1k              N2      shinobi card  39
    子巳午   1k
    子巳戌   1k              N2      shinobi card 158
    子申戌   1k              N2       client card  18
    子酉申   1k
    子戌申   1k              N2      shinobi card 197
    子亥未   1k
    丑寅未         5k        N2        jutsu card  87
    丑辰子      3k
    丑辰卯   1k              N2      shinobi card  34
    丑辰亥   1k              N2      tactics card  69
    丑巳寅      3k
    丑午子      3k
    丑戌卯   1k              N2      tactics card  68
    寅子申         5k        N2      shinobi card 172
    寅寅辰   1k              N2      shinobi card  67
    寅寅午   1k              N2
    寅卯戌   1k              N2      tactics card  67
    寅卯亥   1k              N2      tactics card  61
    寅巳卯   1k
    寅午寅   1k              N2       client card  16
    寅午辰   1k              N2
    寅未酉   1k
    寅申辰         5k        N2      tactics card 190
    寅酉寅   1k
    寅酉戌   1k
    寅戌子   1k
    卯寅子   1k              N2      shinobi card  49
    卯寅丑   1k              N2      shinobi card  73
    卯寅辰         5k
    卯卯巳         5k
    卯卯午         5k        N2      tactics card 135
    卯辰亥         5k        N2        jutsu card 100
    卯未丑      3k
    卯酉午   1k              N2
    辰午巳   1k
    辰酉辰   1k              N2      tactics card 184
    辰戌丑   1k              N2      tactics card  85
    辰戌午   1k              N2        jutsu card  68
    巳子子         5k        N2      tactics card  88
    巳子戌   1k              N2
    巳寅子   1k              N2
    巳寅酉   1k              N2      tactics card 154
    巳卯巳   1k              N2      tactics card  62
    巳辰申   1k
    巳巳亥   1k              N2      shinobi card 187
    巳午子   1k              N2
    巳酉卯            10k    N2      shinobi card  83
    巳戌酉   1k              N2      shinobi card 139
    巳亥申   1k
    午子午         5k        N2      tactics card 145
         &   1k              N2       client card  17
    午丑卯   1k              N2        jutsu card  86
    午卯戌   1k
    午巳子   1k              N2      tactics card 188
    午午午   1k              N2      shinobi card 154
    午午申   1k              N2      tactics card 133
    午未丑         5k        N2        jutsu card  91
    午酉酉   1k              N2      shinobi card  53
    午亥丑   1k
    午亥卯   1k              N2      shinobi card 157
    未丑辰   1k              N2       client card   5
    未丑酉   1k
    未丑戌   1k
    未丑亥   1k              N2        jutsu card   1
    未寅丑   1k
    未寅戌   1k              N2      shinobi card 199
    未卯寅   1k              N2        jutsu card 173
    未午酉         5k        N2      tactics card 153
    申子子   1k              N2      shinobi card  61
    申子亥   1k              N2        jutsu card 129
    申丑子   1k              N2      tactics card 100
    申丑寅   1k              N2      shinobi card  31
    申寅酉   1k              N2      shinobi card 142
    申辰辰            10k    N2      shinobi card 101
    申未子   1k
    申未申   1k
    申未戌         5k        N2      shinobi card  63
    申酉子   1k              N2      tactics card 134
    申酉巳   1k
    申戌丑   1k
    酉丑亥   1k
    酉卯辰   1k
    酉辰寅   1k
    酉辰戌   1k
    酉午辰   1k              N2        jutsu card 128
    酉未辰   1k
    酉申寅   1k              N2
    酉申巳   1k              N2        jutsu card 127
    酉戌子   1k              N2
    酉亥丑   1k              N2        jutsu card  69
    酉亥戌   1k
    戌子亥   1k              N2        jutsu card 189
    戌丑戌   1k              N2      shinobi card  92
    戌寅亥   1k
    戌卯丑   1k
    戌巳巳   1k              N2      shinobi card 136
    戌巳申   1k
    戌午辰   1k              N2        jutsu card  67
    戌未子            10k    N2      shinobi card 153
    戌申戌         5k        N2      tactics card  70
    戌戌辰   1k
    戌戌酉   1k              N2        jutsu card 146
    亥子戌   1k              N2      tactics card   1
    亥丑申         5k
    亥寅子            10k
    亥卯戌            10k    N2      shinobi card 203
    亥午子   1k              N2      tactics card 151
    亥午酉         5k
    亥午亥         5k
    亥申巳   1k              N2      tactics card 152
    亥酉申   1k              N2        jutsu card  61
    亥戌亥      3k
    亥亥酉   1k              N2
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