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    Temari by Zato2TWO

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    --A Narutimate Hero 3 Guide To...--					      
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    << Contents >>								      
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    [1]Who is Temari ?...................................[Tem01]		      
    [2]Why/Why not Temari ?..............................[Tem02]		      
    [3]Introduction to Controls and Terms................[Tem03]		      
    [4]Temari's Jutsus...................................[Tem04]		      
    [5]A Guide to Temari's moves.........................[Tem05]		      
    [6]Temari's Ougis and their startups.................[Tem06]		      
    [7]Temari's Button Locks.............................[Tem07]		      
    [8]Temari's Combos...................................[Tem08]		      
    [9]Temari's Infinites [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]...........[Tem09]		      
    [10]Strategies with Temari...........................[Tem10]		      
    [11]Final Words......................................[Tem11]		      
    << Who is Temari? >> [Tem01]						      
    Temari is a kunoichi of Sunagakure (Hidden Sand Village), and the daughter of 
    the fourth Kazekage, as well as the older sister of Kankuro and Gaara of the  
    Desert. She is a member of a team consisting of her siblings Gaara and        
    Kankuro and led by an older jounin named Baki. She wields a giant metal fan   
    and her specialty is wind jutsus, as well as being the tactical thinker in    
    their team. Though confident and strong-headed, she may be a bit of a tomboy  
    at times.								      
    << Why Temari? >> [Tem02]						      
    If you've read the manga or watched the anime you'd know EXACTLY why to play  
    Temari. She's good at keeping enemies on their toes at long distances, and    
    is generally safe as long as enemies don't get too close (although she isn't  
    TOO bad in melee range). She renders most thrown items or special projectiles 
    useless, and in many cases simply DESTROYS projectile-based characters like   
    Shino, Ten Ten, Kidoumaru or Ino, and fares pretty well against airborne      
    << Why not Temari? >>							      
    From how I've seen it, Temari won't exactly fit into everyone's play style.   
    Her moves come out slow with little hits, and most of her big moves can be    
    punished on KnJ pretty harshly. Her X-dash is also pretty short, so to do     
    most air combos you have to close in to a risky range.			      
    << Introduction to Controls and Terms >> [Tem03]			      
    D-PAD DIAGRAM								      
    < O >
    <, >: Move left or right, respectively.
    X Button (X): Jump
    X while in midair: Double Jump
    Tap X twice in rapid succession: Dash (commonly referred to as X-Dash)
    <+X: Backdash
    ^ or V+X: Switch planes (^ to switch to back plane, V to switch to front 
    Circle Button (O): Attack, quick rise (while downed for at least one second)  
    Square Button (S): Throw Ningu (item)
    Triangle Button (T): Ougi Preparation (press O after T to start an ougi)      
    8 (hold): Taunt
    2 (hold): Charge chakra
    L1/R1: Switch Ningu (if holding more than one)
    L2/R2: Block
    SHC/Shuriken Cancel: Press S during any attack string to stop your attacks    
    	and throw ningu instead.
    BDC/Backdash Cancel: Input <+X during any attack string to stop your 
    	attacks and backdash instead.
    KnJ/Kawarimi no Jutsu: Press Block a moment before the opponent strikes       
    	you to escape their attack and appear behind them.
    Button Lock: A combo that launches the opponent into the air, ending with 
    	a kunai attack while in midair. This will effectively disable a 
    	human opponent's ability to attack, jump or block (although 
    	Kawarimi is still possible).
    Tech: Press X while being tossed or pratfalling to recover faster. There      
    	are four types of Techs
    - Ground Tech: Press X just as you hit the floor after a bounce. 
    	(used after being hit with a slamdown)
    - Bounce Tech: Press X a split second after you are first bounced. 
    	(used to tech out of a slamdown to avoid juggles)
    - Wall Tech: Press X a split second after you spin off of a wall 
    	(used to tech out of moves that slam you against a wall)
    - Spin Tech: Press X a split second after your opponent sends you into        
    	a 'spin' (used to tech out of long-tossing moves)		      
    << Temari's Jutsus >> [Tem04]						      
    Jutsu 1 ^ ^+O : Daisenpuu Gouheki (20% Chakra consumption)		      
    Temari's better jutsu, it comes out pretty fast, reflects anything it touches,
    stays on the field for a good split-second, and clashes with other jutsus.    
    SHC can make this move relatively safe by cutting out the lag at the end,     
    but careful not to do it too early as you might throw kunai before the tornado
    even comes out ! Like Shikamaru himself stated, she can attack and defend with
    the same jutsu, so you can use this jutsu as a snazzy combo ender or to 
    reflect an incoming barrage.
    Jutsu 2 V V+O : Kamaitachi no Jutsu (20% Chakra consumption)
    Eh, there's no way around it; Kamaitachi, despite it being Temari's signature,
    is a pretty horrible jutsu. It comes out too slow for conventional use, and 
    you can only combo from Temari's V+O O, and even so the damage isn't worth 
    the chakra. If anything, you should only use it against CPUs in RPG mode 
    for missions with hit-number requirements (the 32 hits does compensate 
    for something I guess).
    (Temari) Daisenpuu Gouheki
    (Temari) Kamaitachi no Jutsu
    (Gai) Dynamic Entry
    (Sarutobi/Sandaime) Doton: Doryuuheki
    (Tsunade/Godaime) Tsuutenkyaku
    (Shizune) Ninpou: Dokugiri
    (Kabuto) Nehan Shousha no Jutsu
    (Jirobou) Doton: Doryuu Dango
    (Sakon) Bakumetsu Houjin
    (Nidaime) Suiton: Suijinheki
    (Asuma) Hien Kuusen
    (Kurenai) Genjutsu: Kasumi
    (Sasuke) Chidori
    (Shikamaru) Baku Shi Ii Sen
    (Zabuza) Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu
    (Hinata) Chou Kaifukuyaku
    (Ten Ten) Kagura Shuriken
    (Kiba) Tsuuga
    << A Guide to Temari's Moves >>
    Ground Combos
    O O (2 hits)
    A jab followed by a fan swipe. There's nothing particularly special about this.
    O O >+O (3 hits)
    A jab, a swipe, and another swipe that sends the opponent flying. It's pretty 
    useful against walls for air combo or lock setups. I haven't used it much,    
    but I think the last hit is pretty safe to SHC. Can go into an Oi Uchi        
    sequence (kawarimi contest sequence).					      
    O O ^+O (4 hits)							      
    A jab, a swipe, followed by an upward swipe with her fan that knocks the enemy
    upwards. A basic lock setup, but I'll experiment more to see what else it can 
    set up. Also if you're not careful, you might go into an Oi Uchi sequence.    
    O O V+O (4 hits)
    The same combo with a jumping slam with the fan as a finisher. It's not that  
    hard to bounce tech, but you can follow up with a quick lock. Evidently, you  
    CAN X-dash after this for some air combo goodness, but it only works on taller
    characters like Orochimaru.
    O O <+O (5 hits)
    Here's Temari's 'high launch'. The same combo, finishing by throwing her fan  
    forward. From here you could lock, air combo, or even go into an ougi         
    (lvl.2 and 3 work best), but she launches them pretty darn high, so an ougi   
    might be difficult to time, and if you decide to lock them, they have a bit   
    of time to time their shurikens and foil your next move.		      
    >+O (8-10 hits)
    This is the reason you're playing Temari ! She lets out a LONG gust of wind   
    with her fan which travels about 1/3 the length of the arena stage, slightly  
    longer than Kankuro's maximum range. Reflects kunai, multi-shurikens, and     
    seals like a dream, and stops fire pots and poison bombs dead in their tracks.
    It comes out pretty slow and it's deadly punishable on KnJ, and you can only  
    safely SHC after the 3rd or 4th hit.					      
    ^+O O (3-6 hits)
    Two upward gusts of the fan at a less-than 45 degree angle, and MUCH faster   
    than her >+O. This can be great for juggling and reflecting projectiles tossed
    at odd angles. Can be SHC'd any time before or after both gusts go.	      
    V+O O (3 hits)
    A low kick followed by the slamdown finisher. The guard break is pretty fast  
    as far as guard breaks go, but like its O O counterpart, it can be easily     
    bounce teched. I find it easier to follow with an X-dash on this move than    
    the last one. =\
    4+O Throw (1 hit)
    Temari pulls you back and blows you to the other side with her fan. On wall   
    bounce this can be good for air combo setups or lock, and it's great in stages
    with fall zones for throwing enemies off the stage.
    Midair Combos
    O O O (3 hits)
    A quick three-hitter than knocks the opponent away. Could possibly work for   
    wall bounce combos, but I'll have to experiment a bit more.		      
    ^+O O O (3 hits)
    Another quick 3-hitter that knocks an opponent upwards. Can't lock from here, 
    but can go into an Oi Uchi sequence.
    V+O O O (3 hits)
    A 3-hitter than knocks an opponent downwards. Knocks out chakra and good after
    an X-dash to air combo, but can be bounce teched. At higher altitudes this    
    move doesn't give a high bounce. Without an X-dash, you can use V+O as a dive 
    kick to hit the enemy and reach the ground before they do, opening up some    
    juggle opportunities.							      
    <+O Throw (1 hit)
    Temari flips and slams the enemy downward, bouncing them off the floor. Can   
    be teched, but a missed tech can lead to some neat juggles or ougi setups.    
    << Temari's Ougis and their Startups >> [Tem06]
    Temari takes some time to unfold her fan all fancy-like and swipes sideways   
    with it while moving forward some. I'm told it's faster than her lvl.2, but   
    I'm not really seeing a difference. It covers a deceiving amount of ground so 
    you may catch a rushing character off guard, but otherwise I can't find a way 
    to combo it (even with her high launch!).
    Temari unfolds her fan in a similar fashion, and tosses it out a la her       
    O O <+O. It's also pretty slow, but it has great vertical coverage, and       
    the fan also hits on its way back.
    So far the only setup I have for this startup is O O <+O, T~O.
    Temari leaps into the air and dives at the opponent atop her fan. This is a   
    great startup not only because of the initial jump and the range it covers    
    (and the safety of SHC'ing it), but for the fact that it can be done IN THE   
    AIR. A missed tech on her air throw usually spells out a free lvl.3 for Temari. 
    Alternatively you can use this ougi to travel or get close to your enemy with 
    an SHC but that's not really Temari's strong point, nor is it something you'd 
    charge a full bar of chakra for =\. If you plan to use this move, use it when 
    you know you can kill the enemy with it, and hope you can save that much      
    chakra to end a match that late.					      
    Some setups :
    O O V+O, X X -> <+O, T~O 
    X X -> <+O, X X -> <+O, T~O 
    X X -> V+O O O, X X -> <+O, T~O 
    Facing wall O O >+O, X X -> <+O, T~O 
    (I'll try to find out more that don't require an air throw, as it can be      
    bounce teched - although an enemy who isn't paying attention can be hit by the
    dive even if they tech)
    !!! NOTICE !!!
    Sasuke and Kakashi CAN use Sharingan to grab EVERY (yes EVERY) one of Temari's
    moves, complete with Jutsus and ougi startups. Be on your toes if they happen 
    to be using a lvl.3 ougi, as they can use your own Fan-Dive against you!      
    << Temari's Button Locks >> [Tem07]
    O O V+O, S
    A basic lock that can be bounce teched, although this can lead to ^+O O       
    juggles and the like.
    O O <+O, S 
    Here's what I call Temari's 'high lock'. This gives the enemy a lot of time to
    fall and plan their escape, but this also gives you plenty of time to consider
    several followups, either x-dashing, ougi or just plain ground juggling.      
    V+O O, S
    A more basic version of her first lock, the guard break often catches heavy   
    defenders off guard (as it was meant to =P). Can be bounce teched as well.    
    Facing wall, O O >+O, S
    The enemy can wall tech the last hit, but being near a wall gives Temari a    
    few options; she can follow through with an an x-dash for either an air throw 
    or a O O O for another wall bounce, or ground juggle with ^+O O (and at this  
    range, it's a lot easier to hit'm with Daisenpuu, which makes for a great     
    Back towards wall, <+O, S 
    Gives you the same options as the last lock, but you should probably avoid    
    the circumstances of having to use this move; a cornered Temari is no good !  
    << Temari's Combos >> [Tem08]
    O O V+O, X X -> <+O, V+O, (land) ^+O O ~ ^ ^+O
    X X -> V+O O O, ^+O O ~ ^ ^+O
    X X -> <+O, X X -> <+O, V+O, (land) ^+O O ~ ^ ^+O
    Facing wall O O >+O, X X -> O O >+O, (land) ^+O O ~ ^ ^+O
    will add more as I discover them... 
    << Temari's Infinites >> [Tem09]
    None have been discovered thus far.
    << Strategies with Temari >> [Tem10]
    Like the introduction stated, Temari's best and safest range is away from the 
    enemy. She can keep throwing gusts to keep the enemy at bay (with SHCs to keep
    herself safe from a well placed KnJ) and use Daisenpuu against players who    
    also play range-games; you don't have to worry about chakra, because her      
    chakra charge reflects projectiles as well, so at long distances you don't    
    have to worry about people throwing stuff at you while you're charging.       
    Don't be afraid to SHC against a blocking opponent! Chances are they'll KnJ   
    your slow moves, or KnJ your gust moves (which is generally really really bad), 
    but a swift kunai to the face can stop your attacker in their tracks and buy  
    you some time to escape ! This will ALSO save you from a missed or blocked    
    ougi startup. (This should be general knowledge to playing all characters)    
    Temari's pressure game actually gets better when she's on a lower platform than 
    the enemy. On high elevations, enemies are actually at a disadvantage as not  
    only is Temari's ^+O O MUCH faster than her >+O, it goes TWICE which can make 
    for an irritating cornering tactic. Also on low elevations, a well-placed     
    Daisenpuu can push them back into the corner or add pressure for those who try
    to throw things back at you.
    << FINAL WORDS >> [Tem11]
    Conclusion: While not as versatile as characters like Rock Lee or Sasuke, 
    Temari is a fun and interesting character when you know her strengths and 
    weaknesses. Chances are you'll be fighting an uphill battle against more 
    professional players, but that's the fun of playing underplayed characters =P.
    I doubt this guide is 100% complete, so I'll be updating as I keep playing.
    Special thanks go to :
    - CC2 for making this rawksome game!
    - Masashi Kishimoto for making this rawksome character!
    - Shishi-Rendan.com for providing me with everything I needed to know to play 
    	the game!
    If you have any questions, comments or ways to prove me wrong, email me at : 
    I hope you've enjoyed this guide and have fun 
    blowing all your opponents away ! 

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