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    Kaguya by Turibe

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    Kaguya Kimimaro Guide for Naruto: Narutimate Hero 3
    FAQ written by Turibe, for the Playstation 2 game
    1- Introduction
      1.1- Copyright
      1.2- Revision History
      1.3- Before we start
      1.4- Basic Controls
    2- About Kimimaro
      2.1- Why use him
      2.2- Biography
      2.3- Pros/Cons
    3- Mastering the Kaguya Style
      3.1- Combos
      3.2- Jutsus/Ougis
      3.3- Strategies and Advanced Terms
    4- Ending
     4.1- About Me
     4.2- Final Comments
     4.3- Credits
    1- Introduction
    Well, this is my first foreign language guide (yes, I'm neither 
    American nor English) and I hope there are not many grammar mistakes.
    This character guide is of authorship of Caio Cassio Adileu Miranda, 
    most known as Turibe. You can't copy or post it in your site without 
    my permission. Modify is even more forbidden. But you can help me 
    improve it, just e-mail me at caiocassio@hotmail.com and I'll add 
    your contribution, giving you the credits.
    Sites with my permission:
    Copyright   Caio Adileu 2006
    1.2- Revision History
    11/06/2006 Version 1.1
    Updated Strategies, Credits, and the About Me (random things).
    11/11/2006 Version 2.0 (Maybe Final Version)
    Major Update. Reviewed all the FAQ and added new things.
    1.3- Before we can start
    Chakra - The energy of the body. All the jutsus and ougis that you 
    will use in this game will expend chakra. Use it wisely if you want to 
    Jutsu - Japanese word for technique. You will be using this a lot, 
    especially the most important of all them, the kawarimi jutsu 
    (substitution technique).
    Ougi - Means blow. Name used to the attack with the triangle button. 
    If you do a successful hit, a mini-game will start. The objective is 
    to fill the bar (which can be seen at the bottom of the screen) as 
    much as you can, by button sequence (press the right buttons at the 
    right time), button mashing or thrill analog stick. If the attacker 
    wins, he will do a good amount of damage and in some cases, a power-up 
    or transformation. If the defender wins by 1 or 2 points, the damage 
    will be reduced. If he wins by 3 points or more, he will take no 
    Oi Uchi - When a throw attack is successfully performed, press O again 
    and a kawarimi sequence will begin. Press O to hit the opponent, and 
    if he kawarimi, press O when he is about to hit you to do the same. 
    This will continue until someone takes the hit (and the damage).
    CM - Abbreviation for curse mark which is the evil occult power that 
    Sasuke, the Sound Five (Kimimaro, Jiroubou, Kidoumaru, Tayuya and 
    Sakon), and Orochimaru have. For more information about this, see the 
    anime or read the manga.
    1.4- Basic Controls
    Directional/Analog buttons - This will make Kimimaro move left or 
    right. Up makes him taunt and down makes him recover chakra. I suggest 
    for you to use the directional, because this will make the right 
    jutsus come out much easier.
    Circle button - This is the basic attack, which will make Kimimaro 
    unleash an attack with his bone katana.
    Triangle button - Activates the Ougi. If you press circle after this, 
    Kimimaru will jump forward in the air to start the ougi mini-game.
    X button - Makes Kimimaro jump. Press again to double-jump and tap 
    twice to dash.
    Square button - Throws a projectile. Kimimaro uses the Teshisendan, a 
    technique that shots the finger bones.
    L1/R1 buttons - Switch items in your inventory (appears in the bottom 
    of the screen).
    L2/R2 buttons - Block an upcoming attack. Press on the moment of 
    collision to kawarimi.
    2- About Kimimaro
    Here you will know a little more about Kimimaro. The Biography part 
    does not have much relevance to the game, it is just a curiosity.
    2.1- Why use him
    You must be thinking why should you play with a guy that uses make-up? 
    I used to think that way too, but them one of my friends encouraged me 
    to use him, and I started to like Kimimaro. He is fast, well-balanced, 
    has some nice attacks, medium range jutsus when on cm2 and the cm 
    itself is also an advantage. He is my favorite character in the game.
    2.2- Biography 
    I tried to summarize his history. If there is something or something 
    important is missing, then warn me. You have my e-mail, right?
    Kimimaro is the only survivor of the Kaguya Clan, which was destroyed 
    during a battle in the Village of Hidden Mist (what makes him a sort 
    of Haku). His Advanced Bloodline Limit allows him to manipulate the 
    bones of his skeleton and use them as weapons or to defend himself. He 
    can regenerate and create new bones, so he has an infinite source of 
    bones that can be used against an opponent. His special technique 
    consists in five different flower dances that use his bones to attack 
    the opponent. All this dances can only be used by members of the 
    Kaguya clan, which actually means that now only Kimimaro can use them. 
    The dances are the Yamagi no mai (willow dance), Tsubaki no mai 
    (camellia dance), Tessenka no Mai (iris dance), Karamatsu no Mai (pine 
    dance) and the Sawarabi no Mai (thorn forest dance).
    His most used weapon is a katana made of a bone from his shoulder, but 
    he also uses a bone whip made of his column and the Hana, a bone 
    drill. He has a deep gratitude and love for Orochimaru and he is made 
    use of doing anything to help him achieve his goals. He is also the 
    strongest one of Orochimaru Sound Five. He is a powerful ninja, but 
    has a lethal disease that is his only weakness. In the anime, the 
    disease killed him when he was about to finish Sabaku no Gaara and 
    Rock Lee.
    2.3- Pros/Cons
    Curse Mark - Both of the curse mark (lvl 1 and 2) will make Kimimaro a 
    better fighter. With this, your chances of winning will raise. To 
    perform a curse mark boost/transformation performs a successful attack 
    with the respective ougi (see ougi session). 
    Anti-Sharingan - That is right, the sharingan cannot copy Kimimaro 
    jutsus and taijutsu. So if an Uchiha (or Kakashi) manage to activate 
    the sharingan he will not be able to attack. But don't let them hit 
    the ougi just because of that, it still does damage.
    Speed - He is fast. One of the fastest in game, and if you combine 
    this with his jutsus and combos, your enemy will be finished in no 
    Easy Connection Jutsus - Excluding the Sawarabi no Mai, his jutsus are 
    pretty easy to connect in the end of a combo.
    Sawarabi no Mai - This is a strong jutsu, but it takes forever to use. 
    Use it when the enemy is far or lying in the ground or you will have 
    Defense trick - Wow, a guy that can control the bones of his body must 
    have an invincible defense, right? Wrong, his defense is regular, so 
    do not trust it that much. Always try to block or kawarimi when you 
    have the chance.
    Level 2 curse mark quandary - You will be left with no chakra. That is 
    right; Find a way to recover chakra, or you will have to appeal to his 
    kagikazura (front + O).
    Level 1 curse mark quandary - During the boost, you will be in 
    paradise. But when the boost ends, so will your chakra and you will be 
    in hell. And the trigger is slow and low-ranged, making it hard to 
    3- Mastering the Kaguya Style
    Now the guide really begins. Knowing your character is 20% of being a 
    pro. There is another 20% for knowing the enemy fight style and 60% 
    for practice and fighting well. Remember that.
    3.1- Combos
    Normal/Cm1 Kimimaro:
    Tsubaki (O, O, O, Up + O) - Attacks with bones that comes from the 
    belly, sending the enemy into the air.
    Keyaki (O, O, O, Forward + O) - Finishes with a massive attack with 
    bones from the arm. 
    Hasagurama (O, O, O, Down + O) - Kawarimi and spin downward through 
    the enemy head.
    Honeffute (O, O, O, Back + O) - Advances attacking with the sword, 
    then spin jump backward and throws Hessendan. 
    Asami (Up + O, O) - Attacks upward with the sword, then throws the 
    enemy into air using bones from the back.
    Ryoubu (Down + O, O) - Guard Breaker. Hits the opponent legs with the 
    Hiiragi (Forward + O, O) - Advances with a sword spinning attack.
    Susuki (O, O, O, O, repeatable) - Unleash series of sword attacks with 
    great speed.
    Utsuki (Back + O) - Back throw.
    Yashafushi (While in the air, Back + O) - Air throw.
    Suikazura (While in the air, Up + O, O, O) - Several attacks with the 
    sword, finishing with a double slash.
    Yanagi (While in the air, Down + O, O, O) - Same thing, but finishes 
    with a downward kick.
    Sawara (While in the air, O, O, O) - Alternate attacks with the sword, 
    and the knee bone.
    Nidan Jyuin (Cm2) Kimimaro:
    Oniyuri (O, O, O, Up + O) - Alternate attacks with the tail and arm, 
    then finishes with a powerful hit using back bones.
    Nejirihana (O, O, O, Forward + O) - Same as before, but ends with a 
    drill hit.
    Shidanuhana (O, O, O, Down + O) - Finishes with a downward drill.
    Kautachi (O, O, O, Back + O) - Ends with an upward attack with the 
    back bone.
    Miyama Hanshou (Up + O, O) - Sends the enemy into air using the back 
    bones then dash with the drill.
    Oninogeshi (Down + O, O) - Low attack with the tail, then spin attack 
    with the tail.
    Kagikazura (Forward + O, O) - Rush hitting the enemy with the bones 
    and the drill, then spin attack with the tail.
    Tsuru (Back + O) - Back Throw
    Tensan (While in air, Back + O) - Air Throw.
    Tenka (While in the air, Up + O, O, O) - Attacks with the tail and 
    arm, then rush upward with the drill.
    Rikka (While in the air, Down + O, O, O) - Same as before, but ends 
    with a downward rush.
    Houkihana (While in the air, O, O, O) - Attacks with the tail and arm. 
    Press forward + O for a forward rush.
    3.2- Jutsus/Ougis
    Ibara (Up, Up + O) - Sword combo jutsu. Hits the enemy around 18 
    times, doing regular damage.
    Karamatsu no Mai (Down, Down + O) - Forward spin attack with several 
    bones, finishing with and bone attack that can block projectiles. 
    Strong and useful jutsu, good to catch inattentive enemies and to 
    defend from upcoming attacks.
    Tsuru to Hana (Up, Up +O) - Grab the enemy with the bone whip, throws 
    him into air then pull back and drill. Nice and fun jutsu. Has medium 
    range and speed. Cm2 must be active.
    Sawarabi no Mai (Down, Down + O) - Summons bones that come from the 
    ground and goes toward the opponent. A powerful, but slow jutsu. Cm2 
    must be active.
    All ougis are activated with the triangle button followed by the 
    circle button. Ougis with different numbers (for example Yamaegura no 
    Mai 2) do more damage, and in some cases has different chakra bar 
    coust. You get them in RPG mode.
    Level 2
    Yamaegura no Mai - Rapid sword combo. Activates cm1. During the boost, 
    your chakra will be infinite (oh mah gad), so enjoy as much as you 
    can. As said in the Cons part, the trigger is slow and low-ranged, so 
    you should have problems to connect it in a combo. With some training, 
    you will catch the right timing.
    Level 3
    Tessenka no Mai: Hana - Default ougi. Kimimaro uses the lv2cm and 
    perforate the enemy with a drill-like arm. Activates cm2. The 
    transformation will last as long as the battle does. Relatively easy 
    to connect. 
    3.3 - Strategies and Advanced Terms
    Jutsu Collision - When two jutsus hit at the same time, a mini-game 
    will begin. Press continually the button to win. The looser will take 
    the damage.
    Cancel Collision - When two normal attacks, ougis, dash, or some 
    jutsus hit at the same time. This will make both of the characters 
    dashes backward, with a little delay.
    Button Lock Combo - Basically an infinite combo. 
    1- Recovering from throws
    This is a basic thing. Press X at the time of the bouncing, after the 
    collision in a wall or when you were spin-tossed. This will make 
    Kimimaro dashes to avoid hitting the ground. 
    2- Button Lock Combo List
    Remember to always press Square at the end of the normal combo. These 
    beauties will make the battle a lot funnier.
    Normal/Cm1 Kimimaro
    Repeatedly press O, then Square (Must be near wall)
    Down + O, O, then Square 
    O, O, O, Forward + O, then Square (Must be near wall)
    O, O, O, Down + O, then Square
    O, O, O, Up + O, then Square
    Dash, O, O, and then Square (Must be near wall)
    Dash, Down + O, O, then Square
    Nidan Jyuin/ Cm2 Kimimaro
    Down + O, O, then Square 
    O, O, O, Down + O, then Square 
    O, O, O, Back + O, then Square 
    O, O, O, Up + O, then Square 
    O, O, O, Forward + O, then Square (Must be near wall) 
    Back + O, then Square (1 Player back must be turned to wall) 
    Dash, Down + O, O, then Square 
    Dash, O , O, O, then Square (Must be near wall)
    3- Choosing the right ougi
    Some may think about which one is better. Personally I do not have a 
    preference; it depends on your fighting pace. The cm1 makes Kimimaro 
    faster and with infinite chakra for a short period of time. If you 
    think you can focus on offensive and be always the attacker, use it. 
    You should be able to do major damage in minor time. The cm2 transform 
    Kimimaro into Nidan Jyuin, raising his strength and giving him new 
    combos and medium ranged jutsus for permanent time. This one should be 
    better if you cannot follow the cm1 pace. This one is more effective 
    against ranged characters. The choice is still yours, though.
    4- Be unpredictable
    Do not use always the same jutsus, combos and combo starters. The 
    enemy may get your timing with this, and know what you will do next 
    and how to counter-attack. Do not let him knows what you will do. The 
    surprise element is a important ninja attribute.
    5- Chakra = Staying Alive
    Always have some chakra to kawarimi. Only blocking will not defend you 
    against powerful blows. If you manage to run without chakra, be a 
    coward and run until you find time to recover it. If your enemy lacks 
    on chakra, use the button lock combo to win the battle.
    6- Ranged enemy fighting
    I guess it is pretty obvious. Just do not let him stay distant. 
    Kawarimi when him attack and turn the fight into a close combat, this 
    will take care of his principal advantage, the range. The Karamatsu 
    can deflect projectiles 
    7- Be careful with some enemies
    Maito Gai has a very cheap (and effective) strategy, which is throwing 
    the shuriken and when the enemy dashes to reach him, he launches a 
    dynamic entry. As Kimimaro don't have a ranged jutsu while in normal 
    mode, this might be a problem. Try to attack him by the air, or 
    kawarimi the shurikens and attack by behind. 
    Itachi's suiton bushin can do a lot of damage and is fast enough to 
    get you by surprise. Against him you must be always moving, and be 
    cautious when recovering chakra. His counter-attack is also dangerous, 
    pay attention to him, if he is the counter position, do not attack 
    Nidaime has a very fast combo starter, but not impossible to dodge. If 
    the combo gets you, kawarimi before he throw you into a wall and uses 
    the water tornado.
    When fighting Kankurou, Shino, Gaara, Temari, cm2 Kidoumaru, Tayuya or 
    any other ranged character, remember the topic number 6 or you might 
    have a bad time trying to win. Gaara is one that can get you unwarned 
    and has a good and fast defense.
    Kisame is stronger than he looks. Samehada is a force to fear if he 
    fills the attack bar. His combos are also something to avoid.
    Shizune's pig counter-attack is a very annoying jutsu. I guess the 
    only way to avoid it is using the same strategy of Itachi's counter.  
    8- The Shikamaru Factor
    Try to be smarter than the opponent. Brutality alone cannot win 
    (unless you're a master of the cm1 tactic). 
    4- Ending
    That's it, this is the end. I gave you the base for Kimimaro, the rest 
    is up to you.
    4.1- About Me
    Complete Name: Caio Cassio Adileu Miranda
    Nicknames: Turibe (gamefaqs and gamespot forums) and Niptuck (other 
    Birthday: May 29th, 1991  
    Favorite Bands (in order): Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Judas 
    Priest, U2 and Motorhead.
    Favorite Animes (in order, again): Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis 
    Evangelion, Wolfs Rain, Samurai X, Full Metal Alchemist, Bleach, 
    Gundam Wing,Dragonball Z, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho.
    Favorite Sport: Tae Kwon Do.
    4.2- Final Comments
    I hope this guide helped all of you. I am glad you made the same 
    choice I did, and used this non-popular character. This is my very 
    first guide so I expect some constructive critics for helping me 
    improve it and make a better work on my next one. You know my e-mail. 
    I will delete any flattery or offenses that I receive. Please be 
     4.3- Credits
    Thanks for GameFAQS and Gamespot for supplying us gamers with the 
    latest news, guides and for giving us a chance to help the other 
    gamers too.
    Thanks for jygting for providing the names of the moves (and sorry for 
    I being late). 
    Thanks for my friend Pinky, for making me discover the potential of 
    Thanks for all the players that decided to master Kimimaro.
    Thanks for Bandai and CyberConnect2 for making this awesome fighting 
    Thanks for all the fan subs that translated the anime and manga for 
    And finally, thanks for Masashi Kishimoto for creating Naruto. You 

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