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    Inuzuka Kiba by Turibe

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    Inuzuka Kiba Guide for Naruto: Narutimate Hero 3
    FAQ written by Turibe for the ps2 game
    1- Introduction
     1.1- Copyright
     1.2- Revision History
     1.3- Explaining the terms
     1.4- Basic Controls
    2- Inuzuka Kiba
     2.1- What's so cool about him?
     2.2- Biography
     2.3- Pros/Cons
    3- Of Fangs and Claws
     3.1- Combos
     3.2- Jutsus/Ougis
     3.3- Strategies
     3.4- Combat Stances
    4- Ending
     4.1- Final Comments
     4.2- Who the hell is "Turibe"?
     4.3- Credits
    1- Introduction
    Hello again folks. After writing a guide for the Kaguya clan best 
    warrior, I'm here to introduce you to one of my favorite characters, 
    not only in the game, but in the Naruto universe: Inuzuka Kiba.
    1.1- Copyright
    Let's go all over again. This character guide is of authorship of 
    Caio Cassio Adileu Miranda, most known as Turibe. You can't copy or 
    post it in your site without my permission. Modify is even more 
    forbidden. But you can help me improve it, just e-mail me at 
    caiocassio@hotmail.com and I'll add your contribution, giving you 
    the credits.
    Sites with my permission:
    Copyright   Caio Adileu 2006
    1.2- Revision History
    I'll look forward to add new stuff when I can.
    1.3- Explaining the terms
    Chakra - The energy of the body. All the jutsus and ougis that 
    you'll use in this game will expend chakra. Use it wisely if you 
    want to survive.
    Jutsu - Japanese word for technique. You will be using this a lot, 
    especially the most important of all them, the kawarimi jutsu 
    (substitution technique).
    Ougi - Japanese word to final blow or technique. Name used to the 
    attack with the triangle button. 
    If you do a successful hit, a mini-game will start. The objective is 
    to fill the bar (which can be seen at the bottom of the screen) as 
    much as you can, by button sequence (press the right buttons at the 
    right time), button mashing or thrill analog stick. If the attacker 
    wins, he will do a good amount of damage and in some cases, a power-
    up or transformation. If the defender wins by 1 or 2 points, the 
    damage will be reduced. If he wins by 3 points or more, he will take 
    no damage.
    Ougi Trigger - I'll call ougi trigger the attack used by pressing 
    triangle, then circle.
    Oi Uchi - When a throw attack is successfully performed, press O 
    again and a kawarimi sequence will begin. Press O to hit the 
    opponent, and if he kawarimi, press O when he is about to hit you to 
    do the same. This will continue until someone takes the hit (and the 
    Henge - Transformation. That's it. 
    Jutsu Collision - When two jutsus hit at the same time, a mini-game 
    will begin. Press continually the button to win. The looser will 
    take the damage.
    Cancel Collision - When two normal attacks, ougis, dash, or some 
    jutsus hit at the same time. This will make both of the characters 
    dashes backward, with a little delay.
    Button Lock Combo - Basically, an infinite combo.    
    1.4- Basic Controls
    Directional/Analog buttons - This will make Kimimaro move left or 
    right. Up makes him taunt and down makes him recover chakra. I 
    suggest for you to use the directional, because this will make the 
    right jutsus come out much easier.
    Circle button - This is the basic attack, which will make Kiba jump 
    toward the enemy, attacking with his claws.
    Triangle button - Activates the Ougi. Press Circle to hit the ougi 
    trigger. The kind of trigger varies with the ougi.
    X button - Makes Kiba jump. Press again to double-jump and tap twice 
    to dash.
    Square button - Throws a projectile. Kiba use kunais.
    L1/R1 buttons - Switch items in your inventory (appears in the 
    bottom of the screen).
    L2/R2 buttons - Block an upcoming attack. Press on the moment of 
    collision to kawarimi.
    2- Inuzuka Kiba
    It's time to learn some basics about Kiba. In this section 
    You'll find his biography, pros and cons and see what's so cool 
    about him.
    2.1 What's so cool about him? 
    In my opinion, everything about him is cool. I really like this 
    character; he's fun to use and has some nice moves. Also, he ha no 
    big secrets so it's pretty easy to use.
    2.2- Biography
    Inuzuka Kiba is a member of Team number 10, leaded by Kurenai, along 
    with Aburame Shino and Hyuuga Hinata and a genin. He is also a 
    member of the Inuzuka clan, which is known for fighting with the 
    help of dogs. Kiba has a dog too, named Akamaru, and with him he can 
    unleash synchronized and devastating jutsus, with an incredible 
    speed. The red marks on Kiba's face indicates that he is part of the 
    Inuzuka clan. One of the clan basic abilities is to communicate with 
    canines (dogs, wolfs, etc) in general. 
    The hardest mission he gone through was to "rescue" Uchiha Sasuke 
    and bring him back to Konoha (Hidden Leaf Village), with the help of 
    three other genins and a chuunin. The group was formed by Shikamaru, 
    Naruto, Chouji, Kiba and Neji. During the mission, they had to 
    defeat the "Sound Four"; which later was shown as being in the truth 
    the "Sound Five". Kiba's opponents were Sakon and Ukon, two brothers 
    united in the same body by a jutsu. Kiba fought well but he couldn't 
    defeat them. After he was seriously injured, Kankurou appeared and 
    defeated both of the sound brothers.
    2.3- Pros/Cons
    Power Up - When using the taunt (hold up button) or the Jyuujin 
    Taijutsu Ougi, Kiba will increase status. This will be more useful 
    than it look.
    Good Jutsus - The Jyuujin Bushin jutsu can be easily connected in a 
    combo or on a falling opponent and the Tsuuga can be used to reach a 
    distant enemy and as a effective way of getting away from him.
    Combos - Since his attack isn't good, they had to give him something 
    to compensate that. After the starter, the rest come out fast and 
    Attack and Defense - His attacks damage are a little bellow regular 
    and his defense is bad. See strategies to know how to live with 
    Ougi Trigger - His triggers are difficult to hit. I recommend you 
    don't risk yourself trying to hit them unless you're sure they will 
    Combo Starter - A little bit slowly. Nothing too serious, though.
    3- Of Fangs and Claws
    Now the guide begins for real. Here you'll see what Kiba is made of. 
    The move list was supplied by Jygting. Check his FAQ for other 
    characters move list.
    3.1- Combos
    Normal/PowerUp Kiba:
    Shouka (O, O, O, Up + O) - Slashes the enemy then launches him upward 
    with a kick, lotus style.
    Senpuuka (O, O, O, Forward + O) - Slashes the enemy then do a spin 
    kick forward.
    Taifuushou (O, O, O, Down + O) - Do a leg spin attack, like he is 
    Akamaru Rengeki (O, O, O, Back + O) - Akamaru throws himself attacking 
    the enemy then Kiba rush with the shoulder.
    Shisou (Up + O, O) - Upward claw attack, shoryuken style.
    Souka (Down + O, O) - Low kick, and then leg spin.
    Jyuuden (Forward + O, O) - Rush then do an aerial side kick.
    Hyakujyuusoushuu (O, O, O, O repeatable) - Multiple slashes.
    Shousoukyaku (Back + O) - Ground Throw
    Tensoukyaku (While in air, Back + O) - Aerial Throw
    Tenretsusou (While in air, Up + O, O, O) - Upward kick then upward 
    claw shoryuken style.
    Kijyuukyaku (While in air, Down + O, O, O) - Downward kick.
    Jyuushuugeki (While in air, O, O, O) - Throws punches and kicks 
    against the enemy.
    Soutourou Kiba (Double Headed Wolf):
    Rouka (O) - 
    Garouga (Hold Square then release) - Gatsuuga.
    Garouga Jyuuaumujin (Hold Square until the max then release) - 
    3.2- Jutsus/Ougis
    Jyuujin Bunshin (Up, Up + O) - Akamaru henge into Kiba, then both 
    perform a claw combo, finishing with a Gatsuuga. 
    Tsuuga (Down, Down + O) - Spins forward with great speed. A very nice 
    jutsu, do damage (not much) and get near the enemy at the same time, 
    besides being sooo fun. It is on my favorite jutsus list.
    LEVEL 1
    Jyuujin Taijutsu Ougi: Gatsuuga - Akamaru henge into Kiba then both 
    perform a gatsuuga synchronized combo.
    LEVEL 2
    Soutourou - Henge into Double Headed Wolf and then perform a head 
    LEVEL 3
    Jinjyuu Combi Henge - Henge into Double Headed Wolf. 
    Garouga - Henge into Double Headed Wolf and attacks with the Gatsuuga.
    3.3- Strategies
    1-Button Lock Combos
    This is very useful against inexperienced players, or against players 
    that are running low on chakra and can't stay kawariming. I'll list 
    all of his BLC, so you won't have to expend time testing which combos 
    can be locked.
    O, O, O, Forward + O, Square (Near Wall) 
    O, O, O, Back + O, Square (Near Wall) 
    Dash toward the enemy O, O, O, Square (Near Wall) 
    Dash toward the enemy Up + O , O, Square Near Wall)
    2- Being the Hunter
    As I said before, his attack and defense isn't the same thing in the 
    game as is in the anime/manga. To compensate that, you must maintain a 
    good rhythm of attack. More hits mean more damage.
    3- Being the Prey
    If the opposite happens, being a coward and run is recommendable. The 
    Tsuuga can be an effective way of escaping if you have chakra. "But 
    how is this going to defeat him?" Pretty Simple, grab the itens around 
    the stage and use against him or hit him with the Tsuuga, recover 
    chakra and do that again. It is cheap, I know, but may work.
    4- Chakra: A Basic and Important Thing
    If you don't have chakra you won't be able to kawarimi the incoming 
    attacks, and since Kiba's defense isn't good, this is a problem. 
    Without chakra you won't be able to use the Tsuuga escape too. And I 
    still not mentioned the possibility of taking a BLC. So, remember, 
    chakra is as important as your hp.
    5- Sojiro Seta Factor
    Be unpredictable. It's easier to play when the enemy doesn't know what 
    you'll do next. Use different attacks, and he'll be unable of 
    foreseeing your moves.
    3.4- Combat Stances
    Keep in mind that some enemies use more than one stance.
    1- Close Combat
    Since you're a close combat ninja too, you shouldn't have problems in 
    this part. Push the enemy into walls to rip their chakra and them BL 
    them. Kiba's grab will be useful to throw the enemy into the air and 
    perform an Air Infinite (do the air combo and when the enemy is 
    falling dash into him and continue. Throw a shuriken if you need).
    1A) Mangekyu Sharingam
    Just don't let it hit you, or you're screwed.
    1B) Byakugan
    This is a real threat. If you get hit, say goodbye to your chakra, and 
    then your life. Luckily, the user will be with no chakra, so if you 
    get him first, victory will be shaking hands with you.
    Close Ninjas: Sasuke, Itachi, Kiba, Kakashi, ANBU Kakashi, Rock Lee, 
    Gai, Asuma, Shizune, Neji, Hinata, Hanabi, Konohamaru, Anku, Kurenai, 
    Orochimaru, Kabuto, Gai Suit Naruto, Temari, Kisame, Jiroubou, 
    Kimimaro, Kidoumaru, Sakon, Jiraya, Naruto, Ino, Sakura, Zabuza, Haku, 
    Chouji, all hokages and Shikamaru.
    2- Mid-Ranged Combat
    Well, the mid-ranged ninjas have a better range compared to the ones 
    up there, but there's no need to worry. Fight them like if you were 
    fighting a close combat. Tsuuga will be useful to get near them. Pay 
    attention to Gaara's Suna Shigure, it is Full Ranged.
    Mid-Ranged Ninjas: Gaara, Temari and Shino.
    3- Full Ranged
    Good kawarimi timing is needed for these guys, or will be hard to get 
    near them. After kawariming, beat them up with combos and repeat the 
    process. Tsuuga can help.
    Full Ranged Ninjas: Kankurou, Nidan Jyuin Kidoumaru, Tayuya.
    4- Ending
    We're almost in the end. Now, in the last sections of the guide, 
    you'll find the credits, know a little more about the author (me, of 
    course) and see my comments. Not in this order.
    4.1- Final Comments
    Yay, another finished guide! I hope you all enjoyed it. It took me 
    more time to write than the one about Kaguya Kimimaro, and in my 
    opinion it ended a lot better, maybe because I like Kiba most.
    4.2- Who the hell is "Turibe"?
    A very cool and handsome guy, I love him.
    Real Name: Caio Cassio Adileu Miranda
    Nicknames: Turibe (MSN, Gamespot and GameFAQS) and Niptuck (other 
    Birthday: May 29th, 1991  
    Favorite Bands (in order): Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Muse and U2.
    Favorite Animes (in order, again): Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis 
    Evangelion, Wolfs Rain, Samurai X, Full Metal Alchemist, Bleach, 
    Gundam Wing, Naruto, DragonBall Z and Yu Yu Hakusho.
    Currently Practicing: Tae Kwon Do
    Currently Playing: Mass Effect (X360) and Pokemon Fire Red (on DS)
    4.3- Credits 
    Thanks for GameFAQS and Gamespot for supplying us gamers with the 
    latest news, guides and for giving us a chance to help the other 
    gamers too.
    Thanks for jygting for providing the names of the moves and writing 
    the move list of all characters.
    Thanks for all the players that decided to play with the wildest 
    character of the game.
    Thanks for Bandai and CyberConnect2 for making this awesome fighting 
    Thanks for all the fan subs that translated the anime and manga for 
    And finally, thanks for Masashi Kishimoto for creating Naruto. You 

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