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    Lee by psychochronic

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    Neo Geo Battle Coliseum Lee FAQ:
    VERSION 1.00
    -Created, Edited and Compiled by: Psychochronic
    of Shoryuken.com (Brettdude in Gamefaqs) with
    some help by G Product and ArcadeFire
    Another form of Psychochronic Literature!
    Last Update: August 23, 2006
    Notes before reading this document:
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    the Berne Copyright Convention of 1976. This document
    is for private and personal use only--it cannot be reprinted
    in part or inwhole or reproduced in any way or in any form
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    the majority of the text, please respect the other authors
    whose work I have included in this guide.
    2) This document is better read on Notepad with the Font
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    easy mobility.
    Table of Contents:
    1) Version Changes
    2) Character Biography
    3) Legend
    4) Movelist
        -Unique Moves (Command Normals)
        -Special Moves
        -Desperation Moves
    5) Combos
    6) Contact
    7) Credits
    Version Changes:
    1.00 - August 23, 2006:
    Compilated on August 2, 2006 and finished on August
    23, 2006.
    Character Biography:
    Title: "The Legendary Acrobat Clown" 
    Full Name: Lee Pai Long
    Birthdate: August 16 
    Age: 66 (Art of Fighting)
    Height: 171cm 
    Weight: 62 kg 
    Blood type: O 
    Country: Taiwan 
    Fighting Style: Chinese Kempo 
    First Appearance: Art of Fighting 
    U = Up
    UF = Up-Forward
    F = Forward
    DF = Down-Forward
    D = Down
    DB = Down-Back
    B = Back
    UB = Back
    QCF = Quarter-Circle Forward
    QCB = Quarter-Circle Back
    HCF = Half-Circle Forward
    HCB = Half-Circle Backward
    P = Punch
    LP = Light Punch
    HP = Hard Punch 
    K = Kick
    LK = Light Kick 
    HK = Hard Kick 
    SC = Super Cancellable
    Pros and Cons:
    (+): One of the fastest characters in the game (points up
    for his rushdown).
    (+): Has some safe string and poke game.
    (+): Ground game can be tricky and elusive.
    (+): Has various wall-jump follow-ups like Vega.
    (-): Does somewhat low damage.
    (-): Doesn't have a projectile.
    (-): Creativity is the key. Relying on pokes won't build up
    his chances to win, he has a command Combination for
    crying out loud.
    (-): Somewhat weak defense.
    LP: (FAR/CLOSE) A simple jab that's fast and can be 
    linked to a standing HP afterwards. Good for rapid 
    attacks to keep the opponent away but in any other 
    situation, not very good unless you're gonna tag it 
    or use a D-Assault after which are good alternatives.
    A bad note is that it'll misses crouching characters
    (eg. Iori, Kisarah) so watch out.
    LK: (FAR) A simple kick to the opponent that'll hit
    them if standing. Depending on the opponent's
    height, it can be easilt crouched. Doesn't link to 
    any other normals or specials fast enough which
    isn't good. (CLOSE) A quick kick to the opponent's
    knees. Can't be linked to any other normals but a 
    good tick setup for Kachou Hi Mashizume (although
    it won't add to the combo) or a D-Assault.
    HP: (FAR) A palm thrust which knocks the opponent
    back a bit if hit. Good for sweep-range for footsie
    game and a rare anti-air if timed right but can't be 
    cancelled. (CLOSE) A stronger version of standing 
    close LP that can be easily linked to a D-Assault or 
    a Kachou Hi Mashizume but timing must be right to 
    add to the combo).
    HK: (FAR) A leaping kick which moves Lee forward
    a bit. Good to hop over any sort of crouching attacks
    and has lower body invulnerability but timing must 
    be right or else the damage will be traded. (CLOSE) A 
    high kick which launches the opponent to the air. Great 
    setup to any aerial attack, especially his Combination 
    in the air and a good follow-up too.
    LP: A quick and fast punch that can be linked to 2 
    more crouching LP's and can be quickly comboed 
    to his D-Assault which is not bad for a close setup.
    LK: A fast crouching kick that can be cancelled 
    to any hopping special or D-Assault. Only good
    for close setups but any other uses of his maybe
    considered pointless.
    HP: A quick uppercut as Lee moves forward. Not 
    bad as it launches the opponent for a short time
    (they still land though) and a passable anti-air if
    timed right.
    HK: A spinning kick to the opponent's low-section
    as they fall if hit. Good range and height which is
    similar to Raiden's sweep from CvS2 and Chun-Li's
    sweep from 3S except that is not passable as an
    anti-air. Good for footsies though.
    LP: A quick punch in the air that can link several
    ground normals when hit. Low damage but not 
    bad for close setups from a weak aerial normal.
    LK: A kick in the air that aims horizontal instead 
    of downwards. Can be passable as air-to-air if
    timed right, otherwise you'll be trading damage
    nonetheless. Due to it's low verticality, the
    opponent can easily anti-air it with a problem.
    HP: A downwards hammer-punch attack that can
    link a few ground normals right after upon its
    connection. Doesn't have much horizontal on it
    which can mean it's bad as an ait-to-air or it'll
    trade damage with hit.
    HK: A downwards kick which is good for jumping 
    purposes and for the damage from an aerial normal.
    Be careful which direction you press, otherwise
    you'll be doing his Kashira Sai Kyaku command
    normal which will aim backwards instead of forwards
    so keep a look out on that.
    Kashira Sai Kyaku: B + HK (only in air):
    Lee actually kicks backwards while he is jumping in the 
    air. This attack is basically a Cross-Over Kick (like Iori). 
    If executed properly, Lee's kick can force your opponent 
    to block the wrong way. Upon connecting, this kick will 
    even pull-in Lee's foe closer to him, so that once he lands, 
    he can continue attacking with any combo of his choice.
    Combination: LP, LK, HP quickly (also in air):
    You have to be both careful and fast to correctly execute 
    this combo. Lee will then perform an LP, LK and HP 
    combo sequence. Yes, it’s possible to add a special 
    or super immediately afterwards.
    Kuuten Sume: Charge B then F + P:
    Lee puts his claws to his sides, before spinning forward 
    and rapidly slashing any enemy in his path. This Special 
    knocks down whoever gets caught by it. The LP version
    comes out faster, but travels forward a shorter distance. 
    The HP version comes out slower, but travels forward a 
    lot further. This HP version also has some frames of 
    invincibility right at the start of it.
    Hyakuretsu Ken: F, B, F + P:
    Lee thrusts his hand forward. If it connects, he will then 
    proceed to hit his foe with rapid karate chop attacks, 
    before knocking them away (similar to Ryo Sakazaki's 
    Rapid Punch Special). If Lee's opponent blocks this 
    Special, the multiple hits will not follow, just the initial 
    100 Ren Ashi: HCF + K:
    Lee leaps forward into the air, while kicking both of his 
    legs about. The LK version hits about 2 Times, while the 
    HK version hits about 4 Times. This Special tends to rise 
    upwards, as Lee moves forward, so some foes in NGBC 
    can duck underneath it.
    Hisaru Kabekake: Charge D then U + P:
    Lee leaps up into the air and flies all the way to the opposite 
    side of the screen (the end of the screen in front of him). The 
    height of the LP version of this Special, once it connects to 
    the wall/screen, is Mid-Level to Lower Level off the ground. 
    The height of the HP version once it connects to the wall/
    screen is generally higher off the ground.
    Sei Shin Hisaru Kabekake: Charge D then U + K:
    Lee now jumps upwards into the air, before flying back-
    wards to the screen/wall BEHIND him. The height of the 
    LK version of this Special once it connects to the wall/
    screen, is Mid-Level to Lower Level off the ground. The 
    height of the HK version once it connects to the wall/
    screen is generally higher off the ground.
    -Kachou Hidaka Kasane: P (after Hisaru Kabekare or Sei
    Shin Hisaru Kabekake):
    Lee will now descend downwards with his Claws, so 
    as to attack his foe below him. The LP version tends to 
    descend towards the middle area of the screen, while the 
    HP version tends to drop down after covering greater 
    distances. The HP version can even travel from one end 
    of the screen, all the way back to the opposite end of the 
    screen, before Lee finally dives down for a Claw Attack. 
    Both versions will knock down Lee’s opposition upon 
    -Kachou Takashime Geki: P (after Kauchou Hidada 
    Lee will fake in doing his Kachou Hidaka Kasane and will 
    do another wall-jump and lands to the spot he did the
    motion. Good for fake, confusion and evasion game
    and will keep the opponent guessing in a random or
    occasional basis.
    -Kachou Takeshi Ashi Kasane: K: (after Hisaru Kabekare 
    or Sei Shin Hisaru Kabekake):
    Lee will now descend downwards, but only this time, he 
    will perform a jump-kick for an attack. I personally found 
    it more difficult to properly connect with these aerial kicks, 
    so they may have to be performed in more specific/
    different situations to be useful.
    -Kabekake Tenshin: QCF + K (after Hisaru Kabekare or 
    Sei Shin Hisaru Kabekake):
    Lee will fake in doing his Hisaru Kabekare or Sei Shin
    Hisaru Kabekake and will doing a rolling attack from
    the wall upon connection. It can also link from the other 
    side and do a jumping attack right after. Another great 
    evasion move but can also catch jumpers when timed 
    right so it's also good as a rushing move.
    Hisaru Hapaki: 360 + P (close only):
    Lee's command grab as he hops over the opponent which
    gives him a good opportunity to nail an attack or super.
    It has very short range but fast recovery as it has a slight 
    pause in the beginning as he hops over the opponent 
    which is good to think of an attack for that (well...short) 
    period of time. A great setup for combos.
    DESPERATION MOVES (each taking 1 level):
    Kachou Hi Mashizume: QCFx2 + P:
    Lee performs one the older Super Attacks from Art of 
    Fighting 2. With his claws extended outwards, Lee spins 
    forward like a spiked wheel, before rapidly slashing his 
    enemy repeatedly in the process. There is some energy
    discharge around Lee at this time. This is a fast Super, 
    with some decent priority.
    Hishou Shouten Hi Mashizume: QCBx2 + P:
    With his claws extended outwards, this time Lee spins 
    upwards and forward, like a spiked wheel, before rapidly 
    slashing his enemy repeatedly, as he ascends. Again, 
    there is some energy discharge around Lee at this time. 
    This Super can be used as an Anti-Air Attack.
    Shinkuu Kuuten Tsume: QCFx2 + P (only in air):
    With both Iron Claws placed to his side, Lee will spin 
    downwards and forwards from the air, while cutting his 
    foe in the process. If your opponent does not block 
    properly, you can cross them over with this Super, 
    which has Hit Detections all around Lee.
    -Combination, 100 Ren Ashi or Kachou Hi Mashizume
    -Crouching LK, crouching LP, LP Kuuten Sume or LK 100 
    Ren Ashi
    *In order to combo into Kuuten Sume, you must hold back 
    while doing the crouching normals since it's a charge move
    -Standing close HP, Hyakuretsu Ken
    -Hyakuretsu Ken, (super jump cancel) Shinkuu Kuuten 
    -LP Hyakuretsu Ken, (super jump cancel) Combination
    *For any Combination as  a startup, it's optional to skip
    the LK after LP and doing HP after
    *All combos can also work starting with Hisaru Hapaki
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    G Product
    Props to those who made this guide possible:
    G Product for his share of researching and his hookups
    from Guardcrush.net and Orochinagi.com and ArcadeFire
    for helping me out on some info of this FAQ.
    Copyright (c) Brett Navarro 2005-2007

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