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    Mars People by psychochronic

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    Neo Geo Battle Coliseum Mars People FAQ:
    VERSION 1.00
    -Created, Edited and Compiled by: Psychochronic
    of Shoryuken.com (Brettdude in Gamefaqs) with
    some help by G Product
    Another form of Psychochronic Literature!
    Last Update: September 3, 2006
    Notes before reading this document:
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    the majority of the text, please respect the other authors
    whose work I have included in this guide.
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    Table of Contents:
    1) Version Changes
    2) Character Biography
    3) Legend
    4) Movelist
        -Unique Moves (Command Normals)
        -Special Moves
        -Desperation Moves
    5) Differences from SVC
    6) Combos
    7) Contact
    8) Credits
    Version Changes:
    1.00 - September 3, 2006:
    Compilated on September 1, 2006 around 7:28pm EST and
    finished on September 3, 2006 around 8:31pm EST. I wanted 
    to do another NGBC FAQ after Lee;Kisarah and Shermie 
    were taken so I thought of either K', Genjyuro or Athena. 
    G Product convinced me to do one of Mars People as he 
    has so much knowledge so I figured why the hell not.
    Character Biography:
    Mars People are aliens from space that are in a plot to take 
    over the earth in the Metal Slug universe. They are similar 
    to squids, using their tentacles as a form of movement, and 
    a strange fighting style which involves gas and a laser pistol.
    In Metal Slug 2, they appeared as enemies near the climax of 
    the game, but were defeated by earth's forces. In Metal Slug 
    6, the Martians, Morden and his rebel army, the Ikari Warriors 
    join forces with the Metal Slug team to fight a new alien 
    invader; who ironically, feed on the martians. In the game, 
    after Stage 2, the Martians become the Slug team's allies, 
    some are even hostages.
    U = Up
    UF = Up-Forward
    F = Forward
    DF = Down-Forward
    D = Down
    DB = Down-Back
    B = Back
    UB = Back
    QCF = Quarter-Circle Forward
    QCB = Quarter-Circle Back
    HCF = Half-Circle Forward
    HCB = Half-Circle Backward
    P = Punch
    LP = Light Punch
    HP = Hard Punch 
    K = Kick
    LK = Light Kick 
    HK = Hard Kick 
    SC = Super Cancellable
    Pros and Cons:
    (+) Crouching is the "Big Lite". Yes, it's cancellable, quick, 
    ranged, spammable and HIGH PRIORITY. You can chain 
    4+ of them together easily. 
    (+) LK Plasma Spin is really fast, very good anti-air as well 
    as spam too. 
    (+) Monsterous range and speed for standing HK, very 
    good range poker. 
    (+) He owns the air in terms of range. Priority is pretty top 
    too, though still loses out to other aerial characters/tactics
    (Nakoruru is a prime one). The range makes up for it. If
    your timing is right, it seems like you're playing KOF2002
    (?): An excellent character that can catch opponents by
    surprise, zoning, cornering and for slow kills but also not
    recommending playing against CPU because it has nothing
    that can kill the CPU quick and also fast characters (Lee,
    Hotaru, Nakoruru, etc...).
    (-): Doesn't have any combos that turns the tables, meaning
    that he has somewhat of a weak comeback factor. 
    (-): Extremely limited combo options (similar to Lee).
    (-): Somewhat weak defense.
    LP: (FAR/CLOSE) A quick poke with his gun. Decent range, 
    quick poke,nothing else. 
    LK: (FAR/CLOSE) A quick poke with his tentacle that's 
    similar to Kyo's standing LK with more priority and lower 
    height. Very useful in extending your crouch pokes range. 
    HP: (FAR) A somewhat slow poke downwards with his 
    tentacles. Too slow but with good range though that's 
    about 5/8 of the screen. (CLOSE) A vertical tentacle
    swipe. Simlar range like crouching HP with somewhat 
    slow speed but it aint bad at all.
    HK: (FAR) A similar poke like standing HP but aims up 
    at an angle. Good range and height with decent speed. 
    (CLOSE) A high tentacle kick attack. Good range and
    not bad speed and damage.
    LP: A quick poke with his gun that can be repeated up to
    four times and can be cancellable to various specials or
    LK: A quick poke below with his tentacle. Hits low as 
    expected, a little slow startup so not that chainable. 
    Cancellable if timed right.
    HP: A headbutt-like move. Works sort of like an anti-air, 
    but don't rely on it. Not bad damage and vertical range
    for a crouching normal.
    HK: A tentacle spin that sweeps. Quick Startup, can be 
    comboed after a crouching LP. When blocked, keeps 
    you at a safe distance. When whiffed, prepare for heavy 
    recovery lag. 
    LP: A gun swipe attack in the air that's somewhat of a 
    decent jump poke.
    LK: A tentacle poke in the air with a good downward 
    angle with some okay range.
    HP: A tentacle poke in the air similar to jumping LK but
    with more tentacles. Very good air-to-air, compared to 
    jumping HK, it has more horizontal range. Similar to 
    jumping HK. 
    HK: A tentacle poke in the air similar to jumping HP.
    Very good air-to-ground, compared to jumping HP, 
    it has more vertical range but with lesser horizontal 
    range. Similar to jumping HP. 
    Mars Slider: DF + HK:
    A spinning sweep attack that can act as a guard breaker.
    Unlike its SVC counterpart, this one doesnt travel that 
    far. Instead, it moves forward a bit, spins for about 4-5 
    hits, then backwards. Relatively a safe normal that can 
    be cancelled from crouching LP to make your opponent 
    guard break. If it fully gets blocked, about 3/8 of the 
    guard break bar is taken, near to half. 
    Mars Shot: QCF + P:
    Like SVC, Mars People shoots out a shot from his gun. 
    LP version shoots a straight fireball that increases speed 
    over time and HP version shoots one with slower speed 
    but ocsillates up and down. Not a bad projectile overall.
    Roswell Vanish: B, D, DB + P:
    Mars People does a part-teleport, part self-destruction
    move that's very nerfed. It's too slow and hardly hits 
    anything. Its been slowed down, invincibility frames are 
    gone, and the opponent needs to get more into the flames
    to get hit, unlike SVC where touching the edge would get 
    you hit. So far, its too unreliable to be used. Recovery is 
    bad too. LP version leaves you back at where you are. HP 
    version teleports you to behind where your opponent is 
    when you used it. 
    Plasma Abduction: HCB + P (close only):
    A command grab as Mars People freezes the opponent then
    floats then for a free shot. Though it lacked horizontal range 
    unlike its SVC counterpart, it is very fast and has very fast 
    recovery. Nothing too bad, but having a command grab is 
    always a good thing. 
    Area 801: QCF + K:
    Good overhead move as Mars People does a quick leaping
    attack.. LK version is really fast, range is very good too, 
    can easily catch people off guard. HK version on the other 
    hand is a good tool to approach the enemy from far. Not 
    advisable to use HK version near, because chances are 
    you'll jump over the opponent instead. 
    Plasma Spin: F, D, DF + K (SC):
    Mars People jumps up then strikes down with an aerial spin
    attack. LK version has fast startup with  fast recovery. It 
    doesn't hit as often as in SVC for the hits to hit when he 
    comes down, the opponent has got to be in a very specific 
    position. Most of the time, only hits while going up. For 
    theHK version, it has some bad startup and recovery, but 
    it travels further, and can ensue more hits. When the hits 
    while coming down hit, you can follow-up with LK version 
    again, an attack like crouching HK, or any other thing that 
    would come out fast enough to hit. 
    DESPERATION MOVES (each taking 1 level unless noted):
    Independence Day My Bleem!: HCFx2 + P:
    UFO super from SVC as a flying saucer flies across the top 
    ofthe screen as it beams down electric rings below. Unlike 
    SVC's counterparts, this one can be blocked, and smaller 
    rings are fired. When 3 rings are fired, the UFO will go back 
    up. Quite some post-startup lag. When you activate it, it'll 
    come, but Mars People will have some lag there. Though 
    hen you are hit during the lag, the UFO still comes. 
    MP12: HCBx2 + P:
    Also known as "12 Mars People" as Mars People from 
    SVC whistles in Mini Mars People from above as they 
    swirl around in a pattern and juggle theopponent. Except 
    this time, it seem to not come out nicely, the way they 
    come out, not all of them would hit unlike in SVC, and it 
    may even come out off screen for the first round of flying 
    Bronze After: QCBx2 + K:
    New super, Mars does a quick hop over the opponent, 
    while firing a ring that is similar to those fired from the 
    UFO, at its peak. If positioned well, can be hard to block 
    (Fired just after he passes the opponent, making him have 
    to block the other way). 
    Flatwoods March: Dx2 + LK + HK (requires 2 levels):
    New super. Quite abit of startup, but its good (Use when 
    opponent is tagging etc...). Mars People stands and about 
    6-7 eggs pop out 2 by 2 of its mouth. If he gets hit while the 
    egg pops up, no more eggs will pop out, but those out will 
    continue their action. These eggs will hatch after a second 
    or so, forming Mini Mars People. They will all dash towards 
    the opponent, and explode as it hits.If the egg is off screen 
    when mars uses it, it won't come. So yeah, for best effect, 
    make sure none is off screen. When hit, the opponent will 
    be covered in green flame. This is a useful super, summon 
    the eggs, jump behind opponent, see him burn because he 
    can't block. Very nice strategy and worth the meter if timed 
    Tungus Incident: Dx2 + LP + HP (requires 3 levels):
    3 Stocks super and his Exceed from SVC. The UFO falling 
    down except this time, it falls straight on the opponent and 
    it's equally fast, does quite a tinge of damage too. Probably 
    comboable from stuff too. 
    Differences from SVC:
    -Jump attacks were faster and have less recovery. In NGBC,
    you can combo off of a jump attack. Don't worry, it's not that 
    -Plasma Spin only hits on the way up or way down outside
    of the corner. HK version can super cancelled of the first hit.
    -Area 801 has a tendency to whiff mover.
    -Plasma Abduction can no longer be comboed from strong 
    -Crouching LP is now spammable.
    -His Mars Slider is now his crouching HK. So his crouching 
    HK from SVC is now a command normal and it cannot be 
    -Lost his Sliding Head and Hopping Knee command normals. 
    -Independence Day My Bleem! has slower startup. Now the 
    ship comes down from the screen then moves forward. Rings 
    are now overheads and are smaller but if one hits then the 
    rest will hit and give you a possible free juggle combo. But 
    Mars People cannot move until the last ring hits. And the 
    last ring will NOT extend to the very other side of the screen 
    it will stop about a character's length away from the corner. 
    Horrible startup and recovery, not remotely worth the bar. 
    -Roswell Vanish has lost tremendous priority. No longer 
    invincible on startup, Mars People is not invincible until 
    he has fully disappeared. Smaller hitbox, won't combo due 
    to this. Lost the unblockable, new motion. Also when 
    done with HP, Mars People moves forward, before he 
    moved backward.
    -His regular throw has more recovery for some reason. 
    -His normals are much faster. 
    -MP12 just sucks. The pattern they fly in was hugelfy nerfed. 
    The first wave may hit but good luck with the last two waves. 
    A lot more recovery, just about one wave will connect in the 
    corner. Due to the huge amount of recovery, it's harder to 
    juggle afterwards, still possible but not near as easy as he 
    lost his infinite juggle from it. I can verify it because this 
    super just sucks!!! 
    -Tungus Incident requires 3 bars. Lost the version that 
    lands behind him. 
    -New supers; Bronze After and Flatwoods March. 
    -Crouching LPx3, Mars Slider 
    -Crouching LP, HP Plasma Abduction 
    -Tungus Incident can be juggled after Plasma Spin
    -Bronze After, juggle with LK Plasma Spin or Roswell Vanish
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    Props to those who made this guide possible:
    G Product for his share of researching and his hookup
    Ratix0 from Orochinagi for helping me out on another 
    character FAQ.
    Copyright (c) Brett Navarro 2005-2007

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