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    Shiki by taraction

    Version: 1.12 | Updated: 06/15/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Hello, and welcome to the Shiki segment of the:
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    NeoGeo Battle Coliseum: Hyper James Dostie Edition FAQ
    Table of Contents: 
    i.  Game Introduction/Thoughts
    ii.  Character Introduction
    iii.  General Strategy
    iv.  Normal Moves
    v.  Special Moves/Supers
    vi.  Notable Properties/Miscellaneous
    vii.  COMBOX
    viii.  Advanced Strategy and Matchups
    ix.  Closing/About the Author
    Ver. 1.12, 6/15/10: This game is on Xbox Live Arcade now, and getting
    my hands on the game again has proven to me once again that EVERY 
    TIME I pop this game in (or...launch it from the dashboard?), I find
    something new. This time, we have new D. Assault combos that I didn't
    realize would work earlier. These may very well completely replace
    what I was previously using, though the most damaging one is a mite
    harder. See the COMBOX section, under D. Assault combos. The strategy
    section was also updated to reflect this. 
    Ver. 1.11, 3/10/09: Hey man, I got hit by a car. For serious, broke my
    leg etc. So anyway, mostly fixed several errors and took out and
    changed/reworded/removed some comments regarding move properties.
    Nothing major, really, and as stated earlier I think the guide is
    mostly done unless I find something new. 2009 is a great year for
    fighting games.
    Ver. 1.10, 9/05/08: Hi, been a while. Added a few small things, fixed
    a few typos, changed some match/strategy things around. Nothing major,
    but I feel that the Shiki guide is pretty much complete. I'll take
    suggestions or thoughts: gmsbrent@yahoo.com. Thanks.
    Ver. 1.01, 6/09/08: Yo, I forgot something. Shiki's overhead special
    kick thing (qcb/214 D) is indeed her absolute/ultimate juggle, and 
    it has a few uses. Specials section and misc parts updated.
    Ver. 1.00, 4/25/08: I'm satisfied with the guide now. Removed some
    scrubbiness, added six more matchup hints, editing some things for 
    readability. I'm probably a little off on some things still, but this
    should all be more than enough for a beginning player to pick up the
    character. It took me a while to figure all of this out!
    Ver. 0.93, 4/01/08: NEW COMBO, and a fairly important one at that. Never
    thought it would work, but it does. It's listed in COMBOX under the
    "NEW" heading and as "A4" in strategy. Small changes throughout otherwise.
    Kittens are wonderful. Oh, and no, this is not an April Fool's joke.
    Ver. 0.92, 3/28/08: Fleshed out character intro. 
    Ver. 0.91, 3/26/08: Clarification on several things. I need to experiment 
    with a certain combo/setup. Also added NGBBBBBBBBC dividers for the sections 
    to make it easier to find things. Put ALL combos in the COMBOX section. Also 
    added a start to the matchups part. Yay!
    Ver. 0.9, 3/24/08: Almost complete. Normals, specials, supers and tactics all 
    done.  Need to get correct move names and update strategy sections on what 
    i.  Game Introduction/Thoughts
    Neo Geo Battle Coliseum (see main faq for game system information), is a 
    little known 2D fighting game with a large cast of all-star SNK characters, 
    using a team dynamic with an old school system reminiscent of early SNK games 
    or Street Fighter. It’s easy to pick up, but there are some things that are 
    very important to understand:
    Guard Cancel Forward Step (GCFS). 66 (or forward > forward) after blocking 
    cancels your blockstun (time spent blocking when you can’t do anything except 
    GCFS or tag counter) and allows you to punish things that are otherwise 
    unpunishable. This is important for Shiki and it’s important against Shiki, 
    and the same goes for all characters. A+B alone is the Forward Step, AB Step, 
    or what some may refer to as the “roll”, which is an invincible dash that can 
    also cancel normals, greatly reducing recovery frames (some call this lag).  
    The AB Step/GCFS mechanic is enormous. The AB command will also allow safe 
    falls, or tech rolls. Many throws in the game can be tech rolled, including 
    Shiki’s, as well as many of her moves, including her sweep (cr.C).
    D. Assaults. There are two big reasons to do these:
    1. Not only do damage, but GREATLY REDUCE RED LIFE. These effectively inflict 
    more damage than anything, technically, since if there is no red life, there 
    is no way to recover your life outside of character specific moves, like 
    Shiki’s level 2 super. 
    2. Charges the other character, increasing their attack power. As long as the 
    character’s life bar is flashing, the character is Hyper Charged. Big damage 
    combos do that much more when this is active, and you should expect your 
    opponent to play defensively in its duration. 
    NGBC is a fun game. There is much debate and worry over its balance, but 
    competing at high level with this character is entirely possible, very 
    possible in fact.  Fighting top tier is hard, but such is hard in any 
    fighting game. The game system itself has issues such as gaining meter –all 
    the time- even immediately after supers. Kim effectively gains meter for his 
    B&B’s super during the combo, allowing him to do the series virtually 
    indefinitely. Another issue involves some characters’ throw causing a 
    backturn effect where you can be crossed up in the corner quite ambiguously. 
    These strongly affect the game, but throws can be broken and said crossup has 
    to be in the corner. 
    ii.  Character Introduction
    Shiki is a character from Samurai Showdown 64, she also appeared in SvC 
    Chaos. Not a very popular character in NGBC, but she certainly has her strong 
    points. The things in this faq have been reamed almost entirely from me 
    learning the character from training mode, as there was no resource for 
    information about the character beforehand, and there still wasn’t until now. 
    Two things were picked up from Cajunstrike and T. Bear, which are noted later.
    How good is she? Well, tier-wise, I'd say B tier is probably generous, C is
    likely more accurate.  I see people do pros and cons for characters in faqs
    like this often, so here's some of that silliness:
    + Good mobility. Her walking speed and general moveset afford her great 
    + Good damage without meter, she can actually run most of her gameplan without
    using meter. It does help, though, if you make a mistake or need that life.
    + Specials can avoid/punish some characters very effectively, giving her a
    significant boost in some matchups.
    + Those not familiar with the game/character will die if instructions below
    are followed.
    - Does not have a low poke into damage B&B like a traditional character.
    - Weak throw game outside of command throw setups.
    - Poor defense (pokes not fast enough to stop pressure/throw games, few 
    reversals, spotty anti air capability).
    - No projectile. Cannot control space well at all.
    - Against someone with good system knowledge and with an idea of what Skiki
    is capable of (i.e. high level play), things aren't so simple. Almost
    everything you can do has a risk involved, and poking with As, Bs and punishing
    things will be mostly all you can do if they have meter to GCFs.
    However, 98.73% of the time, you won't have to worry about that last con since
    you wanna have fun with he game and destroy your friends with Purify's Sexy
    Awesome Shiki Sauce. PSASS.
    In her ending, she gives a farmer a baby. RANDOM. Almost as random as RANDOM 
    qcb C/D. 
    iii.  General Strategy
    You cannot safely do anything with this character except poke with normals 
    unless you have meter. Dash stab (qcb C) and crack shoot (qcb D) are lows and 
    overheads, respectively, but both can be GCFSd (see above) and punished. 
    Tread carefully.
    Your goal is to:
    A. Knock them down for okizeme (japanese term for “wake up game”, or what you 
    do when your opponent is rising from the ground) or:
    B. Dash stab reset into mixup. 
    On A, your knockdowns are qcb D and level 2 super. The latter doesn’t give 
    you as much time to set something up. Crack Shoot (qcb D) will land as a 
    punishment to whiffed lows, and will beat moves, even trade or beat Mr. Big’s 
    lariat. Shiki’s other knockdowns are tech rollable. Let me repeat that, ALL 
    Your options after successful knockdown, A1 being your most used option:
    A1: Close D (overhead) > close C one hit for dash stab combo OR cancel to
    close B/crouch A > far D > D. Assault, OR > close C/far D > level 2 super
    A2: Crouch C (low) > run up and continue pressure. Crouching C is two hits, 
    and as such, is not always safe to GCFS against. Note that it does not knock 
    down, however.
    A3: Whiff close D > throw OR whiff > cr. A to B&B (see B1).
    A4 (corner): Close D (overhead) > close C one hit > qcb D for the knockdown >
    restart oki game with above options.
    For B, there are many ways to combo into dash stab, but the two most 
    effective are:
    B1: Close/crouching A > close B > far D > C stab. More damage, confirmable. 
    (thx T.Bear for showing me close B > far D combos)
    B2: Crouching D > C stab. Confirmable, also combos into level 2, D. Assault, 
    kara cancels, basically every special/super.
    Less effective, but also possible ways to combo into dash stab include close 
    C (one or two hit), deep far C, deep far D, deep cr. B.
    The dash stab itself leads into a combo, which is either:
    C stab > C followup > C dp (this whiffs) > C dive or
    C stab > C followup > B dp (hits) > B dive.
    C dive and DP allows for a better offensive situation midscreen, and is ideal 
    for the reset. The B versions do more damage and, in the corner, effectively 
    set up the reset just as well as the C version. The dash stab combo, along 
    with whatever you used to combo into it, nets about as much damage as some 
    character’s level 1 super B&Bs.
    Now, this “reset” means that you recover and land in front of the opponent 
    before they land, and then you have these options to continue your offense:
    B3: Command grab. 
    B4: Close D > see above sequences in A.
    B5: Crouching C > also see above.
    B6: Crouching D if you anticipate them trying to jump out of grab range, or 
    to stuff attempts at hitting/throwing you out of close D. 
    B7: Level 2 super. See above.
    Teleports are good, but not great. Don’t overuse them, as they are not active 
    immediately and do have recovery. After an air teleport, you are in a state 
    similar to if you just did a dash stab > C followup, meaning you can only 
    cancel into a DP > dive, a dive by itself or fall to the ground. Use the 
    teleports mainly to escape disadvantageous situations.
    iv.  Normal Moves
    (Note that Shiki’s neutral jumping normals are not different from her 
    forward/back jump normals)
    The A button for most characters in any SNK game usually entails moves that 
    are your primary pokes, B&B (bread and butter, i.e. essential combo) starters 
    and, along with B moves, generally grant some degree of frame advantage. 
    Shiki is no exception to this, though she somewhat trades range for speed of 
    startup/recovery (startup is the amount of time it takes for the move to 
    animate to its point of effect, recovery is how long it takes after the point 
    of effect for you to return to neutral and be able to block/hit another 
    St. A, or standing A, at close is a relatively quick head/neck height slice 
    with one of her daggers. It cancels into close B, cr.A and D. Assault, though 
    the latter is not recommended as a better setup is close A > close B > far D 
    > DA. Close A begins the Slash Chain (see combos). This normal can be 
    crouched, i.e. avoided entirely by an opponent in their crouch animation. Far 
    A has considerable startup as Shiki steps forward before swinging. Out of all 
    of her normals, you will likely be using far A the least.
    Cr. A, crouching A, functions similarly to a close A in what it cancels into, 
    with the added advantages of its range and speed, though it is actually 
    slower than the average cr. A, not as effective at stopping dash > throw 
    games as many other characters’. Its usefulness as a poke and B&B starter 
    remain, however, and it is an excellent move to use in range or just out of 
    range to control space.
    Jump A leaves much to be desired, but is the fastest executing move in the 
    air if you are threatened and jump D does not have time to animate. It would 
    make infinitely more sense to give a character with a floaty jump weak 
    jumping normals with a large amount of active frames, but this isn’t exactly 
    Street Fighter.
    The B button is strong for Shiki. Typically a button for kicks, they are 
    instead longer-ranged dagger swipes than their A button sisters. 
    St. B at close is a vertical cut that cancels into many moves, basically 
    everything in your arsenal can come after this, whether an A move came before 
    it or not (though generally, an A button should start combos, as it is then 
    easier to confirm hits, or rather make sure you’re hitting them rather than 
    having your attacks blocked, preventing you from doing something 
    unsafe/wasting meter. Far B is a great poke. Decent startup, good range, 
    combos into level 2 super or D. Assault if hit deep and controls a large 
    amount of space in front of and slightly above you. If cr.A is far out of 
    range, use this.
    Cr. B (remember, cr. stands for crouching), though somewhat slow when used 
    standalone, is also a good move. It hits twice and can combo into D. Assault 
    if hit deep or level 2 super when hit at any range (this move ends the Slash 
    Chain and said super is its only finisher, aside from cancelling into qcb 
    C/D, which will not combo). Has decent vertical range, but is by no means 
    meant to be used as an anti air move.
    Jump B is similar in function to jump A, except with a different hitbox. 
    Again, jump D is the superior air to air and jump-ins are nonexistent ane 
    The C button serves as your heavy slashes. Slower, more damaging moves with 
    ranges comparable to the B button attacks. 
    St. C at close is a two hit, two swing attack with both daggers. The first or 
    second hit may lead into a combo, and one-hit close C cancels into many 
    moves, and is the only way to combo into some specials (more on this below). 
    Most often, close C will be used after an overhead close D, which then 
    cancels into your next attack (D. Assault, super, one-hit into dash stab). 
    Far C is a move with a lot of startup that does a considerable amount of 
    damage and, if hit deep enough, can combo into the standard options. Farther 
    out, level 2 super works. Far C is one of the two normals of Shiki’s that can 
    be cancled on whiff, or “kara” canceled as it were, just as the move is 
    becoming active. This allows for some interesting possibilties.
    Cr. C is a two-hit attack, though if the first hit connects, the second will 
    whiff.  This functions as a sweep (knockdown), but can be recovered from 
    (teched) if the opponent hits A+B when landing (qcb+D and a super are the only 
    untechable knockdowns that Shiki has). This is your only low-hitting move 
    aside from dash stab, and it functions as a low option in mixups/okizeme when 
    a close D (or command throw or super!) is expected.
    Jump C is a damaging downwards swipe of both daggers. The move is not easy to 
    hit with given its hitbox/range and is generally inferior to jump D in air to
    air, though it serves as a better jump-in. However, as stated earlier, 
    jump-ins are not necessary for this character, and not good enough even to 
    consider. There are many, many ways to be anti-aired in this game, and 
    Shiki’s jump is quite high and floaty/slow.
    D also holds a strong moveset, and all are essential to good play. All of 
    Shiki’s D moves are kicks with her little sexy boots etc etc. 
    St. D at close is an overhead heel drop/axe kick with few active frames. For 
    an overhead, its startup isn’t –that- slow, but still seen in time to react 
    and block. This is a basic start of her okizeme/wakeup/what you do when 
    they’re getting off the ground game. If you time this incorrectly, however, 
    you can easily be thrown out of the move (remember, only a short part of its 
    animation will count as a hit). The best way to combo after a close D is far 
    D or CLOSE (yes, close) C, which are moves that lead into many things, and 
    all your standard options. Far D in itself is a decent poke, and can net a D. 
    Assault if hits deep.
    Cr. D, unlike most other characters’, is –not- a sweep. It is instead a two-
    hit (yes, a lot of her normals hit twice, this is good for confirming hits 
    and punishing tag guard cancels) upwards-angled kick. She stands on her hands 
    when doing this, possibly avoiding lows, and this move is the other normal 
    that can be empty/kara canceled, or canceled even when not connected, such as 
    in sequences as close D > kara cr. D > level 2 super. Cr. D is also one 
    confirmable, rather reliable and decently damaging way to combo into the dash 
    stab series. Even if far away and only one hit connects, this is still 
    possible. Cr. D is cancelable into all of her specials and supers (and yes, 
    even when it whiffs).
    Jump D is the air to air normal of choice. Identical in animation to the qcb 
    D move, and as such has a commendable hitbox and decent effective range. Due 
    to her spinning during its startup, you may just avoid your 
    opponent’s air to air and win cleanly. It’s not the best normal for its 
    purpose in the game, but it works.
    Tag Counter: This is actually an animation unique to the tag counter. Good 
    range, does what it’s supposed to do. 
    D. Assault: An average DA. Some go farther, some have better hit boxes, some 
    are faster. None of the above matters, however, for its intended purpose: 
    combo into it. She doesn’t have a special D. Assault, but those are largely 
    superfluous anyhow.
    v.  Special Moves/Supers
    Note that I use a lot of nicknames for the moves. I call them what they look 
    like, ‘cause I’m a stupid, fat, lazy American.
    *Harbinger of MORTALITY, “dash stab”*
    qcb A/B/C, 214 A/B/C, hurricane kick A/B/C, etc.
    You’ll be using the C version of this aptly named move a lot.  You mainly 
    want to combo into it, but it does have its uses standalone, and I mean 
    besides random.
    It can be easily beaten, though the A and B versions can serve as 
    bait for things such as DPs. The move will slide under many projectiles and
    moves (see list further on in faq), is quite fast, faster even than the level
    1 super version. 
    B and C versions are punishable by GCFS (but not without GCFS at all), C 
    especially, and A version CAN be punished if anticipated. The solution for 
    this if the move is blocked is its super cancel. You have enough time to 
    confirm if the move hit or not and then do the motion for your level 1 super, 
    which will leave you safe, and possibly punish an attempt to punish your dash 
    Super cancel to level 2 can be used if you are killing their first character 
    to get the life steal with no worries of your super’s recovery since there 
    will be a pause before the other character tags in (remember above I said 
    that okizeme is harder after this move). This means you can heal yourself, 
    kill them, and have time to tag out safely and heal some more. Life is good. 
    Time Overs are strong in this game, and Shiki can certainly run away 
    effectively with her mobility options.
    *Shiki Kick/Crack Shoot*
    qcb D or 214 D
    Overhead. If this move is blocked, you cannot make it safe, you will most 
    likely get hurt if you’re fighting a competent player. If they have no meter, 
    or cannot/will not punish you, this trap can be done indefinitely:
    Cr. A > cr. B > qcb D. You may cancel cr.B on hit into level 2 or mix this up 
    with a dash stab, but remember, this string is UNSAFE. Most characters can get
    at least something free off of GCFsing this.
    Mainly use this move to punish things and a match opener (as they have no
    meter to punish it).
    It can cross up crouchers. Note that this move is also untechable. THIS MOVE
    IS SHIKI'S ABSOLUTE JUGGLE. There aren't too many situations in which you'll
    get to use this property, but they do indeed exist and it has definite uses.
    It being a hard knockdown helps too! Cr.B > qcb D is the most common
    application, with basically any move that's special cancelable and can hit
    them in the air a possible option for comboing into the juggle.
    Down, down > any button, 22 > any button, etc.
    You giggle and teleport a set distance away in a gray shiny bubble portal 
    thing, either on the ground or in the air.
    A version teleports slightly forward.
    B version teleports a distance away forward.
    C version teleports slightly forward and into the air.
    D version teleports a distance away in the air.
    As mentioned, you may only follow up with a DP or dive, or DP > dive on hit 
    in the air. To get yourself out of the corner or out of something like, say, 
    Marco projectile nonsense, B version is quite useful. A version is more of a 
    *Shiki DP (Dragon Punch)*
    DP A/B/C, 623 A/B/C, etc.
    A shoryuken. Not the best, but can be used as anti air, and only as anti air. 
    Its only other use is within cancels during the dash stab combo. The A 
    version does one hit, B two, and C three. The A version is generally the 
    better anti air.
    Possible in the air.
    qcf A/B/C in the air, 236 A/B/C etc.
    The main use of dives is during dash stab combos and uses as offense after 
    teleports. They have varying arcs and properties.
    A version: two hits, this is hard to use in dash stab combos, but possible. 
    Very steep arc.
    B version: one hit. Not active until within range. Steep arc.
    C version: one hit, hits higher. Arc not as steep.
    These can also be used to change your jump trajectory to bait anti airs. 
    *Command Grab*
    hcb+f D or 632146 D (Guilty Gear overdrive motion)
    Nasty move. Can grab opponent out of many things, including things like Kyo’s 
    dp and even supers. Very hard to avoid in its reset trap described above. 
    This move reverses the opponent’s directional inputs. For example, blocking 
    low would be up+forward (9) when facing right. This is active as long as Mr. 
    Pink Skull Head is laughing at them. If Shiki is hit, they do a DA, or if 
    they successfully tag out, the effect goes away.
    This move can be tech rolled.
    *FLIGHT OF LUCIFER (level 1 super)*
    2141236 A/B/C, SNK rolly thing
    I previously thought this move was useless, however, as I mentioned 
    previously, it can make your C dash stabs safe on block and possibly punish 
    The super itself actually does less damage than your standard dash stab 
    combos, and does not leave you in an advantageous situation on hit as it is 
    tech rollable. Outside of said situation, avoid using it and save meter for 
    guard cancels, AB steps and level 2 super.
    *Shiki’s Curse (level 2 super)*
    2141236 D, SNK rolly thing
    A fast super that sexes pplz with SHIKIGASM and steals life with high 
    priority, though not so great on invincibility. This has won many matches for 
    Ways to combo into this:
    Slash Chain (see combos) > super
    Cr. B > super (can be done on first or second hit of cr.B)
    Cr. D > super
    Close C > super
    Close D > far D > super (difficult, link)
    Close D > close C two hits > super (difficult, link)
    Close D > close C one hit > super
    Close D > kara (whiff) crouching D > super (easier than it sounds)
    Dash stab > super cancel.
    Far C > super
    Far D > super
    Trivia: go to the command list in training while the voice clip for the super 
    is starting. The voice clip actually lasts a good bit longer than what’s 
    played in the game.
    vi.  Notable Properties/Miscellaneous
    Shiki’s walking speed is rather stupidly fast, which is definitely a good 
    thing. This helps your general game, including getting throws, getting in 
    range for pokes, getting under jumps (you have many ways to do this).
    Shiki’s jump is high and slow, or “floaty”. This isn’t exactly a bad thing. 
    It should also be noted that there are many ways to change her jump 
    trajectory, including the many dives and teleports. These can serve to bait 
    your opponent into whiffing a move or putting you into a more advantageous 
    position. You can also do DPs in the air, which also adds a mobility option, 
    though this will less often put you into a spot you want to be as it takes a 
    while to recover. 
    Many of Shiki’s normals are two hits, meaning that if someone tries to alpha 
    counter you/tag counter, you may very well hit them before their attack 
    Shiki’s throw is techable, and its whiff animation is longer than the command 
    throw’s whiff animation.  However, the actual startup of the command throw is 
    longer, meaning in order to throw someone before they can throw you/break a 
    throw, you have to use the normal one. It’s just necessary in some 
    situations. A standalone command throw is difficult, unless you’re throwing 
    someone out of a roll or using the reset.
    The snake on her leg name’s Snakimaru. Actually no, I just made that up.
    The Shiki Kick, 214D (aka qcb D) is Shiki's absolute/ultimate juggle, which
    means that this move will always hit the opponent in the air if they're in
    anything like a juggle-able state. For example, this is quite useful:
    Corner poking/pressure with far B > Shiki Kick. The far B is good for hitting
    them if they try to jump out of the corner, and on air hit, you can cancel
    to the overhead special and it will combo and knock them down, allowing you
    to continue pressure/okizeme. If you hit with a normal in this situation,
    there's pretty much no reason not to cancel to the move to knock them down.
    After all, as I've said many times, knockdowns are very important for her.
    vii.  COMBOX
    Okay, I’ve already covered a lot of combos and for your convenience, I’ll go 
    over the combos so far here, and follow with new ones: 
    Close D combos:
    Close D (overhead) > close C one hit for dash stab combo OR cancel to close 
    C one or two hit/far D > D. Assault. Close D > close C/far D > level 2 super
    is also available. If you're not meaty enough hitting with the initial close D,
    your D. Assault may whiff. If you think you're going to get pushed out too far
    to get the two hits of close C, just do one hit or go for something else (dash
    stab combo).
    Standard dash stab (Harbinger of Mortality) combos:
    B1: Close/crouching A > close B > far D > C stab. More damage, confirmable. 
    (thx T.Bear for showing me close B > far D combos)
    B2: Crouching D > C stab. Confirmable, also combos into level 2, D. Assault, 
    kara cancels, basically every special/super.
    Less effective, but also possible ways to combo into dash stab include close 
    C (one or two hit), deep far C, deep far D, deep cr. B.
    The dash stab itself leads into a combo, which is either:
    C stab > C followup > C dp (this whiffs) > C dive or
    C stab > C followup > B dp > B dive.
    Shiki’s Curse combos (AKA the level 2 super AKA SEX):
    Slash Chain (see combos) > super
    Cr. B > super (can be done on first or second hit of cr.B)
    Cr. D > super
    Close C > super
    Close D > far D > super (difficult, link)
    Close D > close C two hits > super (difficult, link)
    Close D > close C one hit > super
    Close D > kara (whiff) crouching D > super (easier than it sounds)
    Dash stab > super cancel.
    Far C > super
    Far D > super
    D. Assault (DA) combos:
    Cr. D > DA
    Close C > DA
    Close D > Close C (one or two hits, two hit C may push out too far if initial 
    close D was not close enough) > DA 
    Close D > far D (same as above applies, the option to do one or two hit close 
    C to ensure DA makes it superior to this) > DA
    Cr. B > DA (must be near)
    Far C > DA (must be near, highest damage DA combo)
    Close A/cr. A > close B > DA
    -NEW- D. Assault combos, 6/15/10:
    Between the hits of close D > far D, you can actually add in a close B or 
    crouching A. The close B does more damage, but the crouch A is easier. This 
    works in both the corner and midscreen. So, this looks like:
    Close D > close B > far D > DA (the timing for this feels like a link, don't 
    try to mash it)
    Close D > crouch A > far D > DA (easier, less damage, stable)
    One of these two should be your DA combo of choice. These obsolete the
    previous D > D > DA combo, as the one using the crouch A is actually easier
    to time (for me at least), but I'll keep the old combo in the guide for
    the sake of variety. Some may like nearly one-button combos?
    The Amazing One Hit Close C:
    Close C one hit combos into basically everything, including the only way to 
    combo into qcb D and the only way to combo into command grab (thanks 
    Alex/Cajunstrike for the latter). It’s rather strange that it can do this, 
    but not overly useful. NGBC’s ways are mysterious.
    As above, one hit close C can be cancelled into DA instead of two hit if you 
    anticipate the second hit pushing out too far. Also, remember, close D > 
    close C one hit > dash stab is an important dash stab combo to use on their 
    Slash chain:
    The default command combo (L2 button) is just this:
    Close A > close B > cr. A > cr. B. 
    There’s not much reason to use this, as with a lot of the prepackaged combos 
    the game shows you. A close A is better used to combo into close B > far D > 
    dash stab combo, by far. To make matters worse, it is impossible to combo off 
    of the cr. B at the end except with a level 2 super. 
    Combos off of far C:
    Most of the desirable combos off of far C require the normal to have been 
    done fairly deep. At its tip, only a super is possible. 
    Far C > dash stab series
    Far C > DA
    Far C > either super (level 2 is faster and will hit farther out than level 1 
    These certainly do a lot of damage, but hitting with this normal is a 
    challenge. Its startup is considerable and its range isn’t too very good. 
    However, as with crouching D, it can be cancelled on whiff, which means you 
    Whiff C > A/B/C dash stab for a hit or bait. Cancelling with the A version 
    lets you recover slightly faster than if you had just let the move animate. 
    Also, a blocked far C into C dash stab is a frametrap. If they try to move or 
    switch guard, they’ll get hit.
    I'll add these here that I find. This first one is something I more or less
    "realized", really, and it can very well be an important part of your game
    plan in the corner:
    I mentioned earlier that qcb D combos after close C one hit, correct? Well:
    Close D > one hit close C > qcb D works, but ONLY IN THE CORNER.
    What is the significance of this, you ask? Simple, you combo into a
    guaranteed knockdown with this. There's no other way to do that outside
    of combos that end with level 2 super, Shiki's Curse, and you don't get
    good oki off of said knockdown. What's more, generally, you'll be hitting
    with a close D quite often in the corner if not a command throw. 
    This has all been added to the strategy section as option A4.
    viii.  Advanced Strategy and Matchups
    Dash Stab can slide under the following projectiles, punish on reaction:
    Mai’s fan
    Chonrei’s fireball
    Chonshu’s fireball
    Hanzou’s shuriken (single)
    Fuuma’s shuriken (single)
    Robert’s high boom 
    Asura’s arrows (some that spread lower may hit)
    Athena’s arrows
    Mars People’s zapper
    Marco's heavy machinegun, grenade
    All of Ai's projectiles
    Yuki's shots (have to anticipate them)
    I can't remember testing -all- of these, let me know if something does or
    does not work.
    For every projectile that she can’t slide under, her qcb D will hop over it.
    Dash stab is also generally a safe match opener, as is qcb D. They cannot 
    punish either without meter and both are great for stuffing moves/jumps. C 
    followup to dash stab can hit in the air, of course, and set up the reset 
    just as well without the stab itself landing.
    It can also avoid/hit the following supers:
    Robert and Karate’s super fireball
    Hanzou’s super fireball
    Neo Dio’s super fireball
    Mr. Big’s cattle prod zappy thingaz
    Marco’s VOMIT (this is somewhat tricky, but if you’re where Marco would like 
    to do this super, you can actually dash stab under it on reaction and punish 
    him. There’s the possibility you will take a few hits at the end of your dash 
    if the blood spray hits you as it moves just along his legs. If Marco 
    properly sets this super up, however, you won’t have time for the startup of 
    dash stab)
    (more of these later)
    Character Pairing
    You will use a moderate amount of meter with Shiki. Her general game does not 
    involve actually using meter, though level 2 life stealing and level 1 making 
    your blocked dash stab attempts safe are a big plus. Shiki is generally 
    better as a lead-off character because of this and due to the fact that she 
    has many effective ways to combo into D. Assault. Also, as mentioned earlier, 
    Shiki’s low special and overhead special (dash stab and qcb D, respectively) 
    cannot be punished without meter, making the two of them safe match-openers. 
    Further, if your opponent is not accustomed to Shiki and her game plan, you 
    may very well fight them for half the match, get a life steal and that, 
    combined with your existing red life, be able to switch her out for your 
    second character and have her heal to full health to use near the end of the 
    match, where she can very well excel in running away to take advantage of the 
    timer, fishing for a level 2 during this time to boost your life when the 
    time over occurs for the win. I hate that phrase.
    So then, you’re best off pairing her with a character that needs meter to run 
    their game and shines where Shiki does not. Things you should want in a 
    - Good anti air
    - Effective use of meter/D. Assault hyper charge for damage
    - Fast low pokes into damage (Shiki’s cr. A is comparatively slow and does 
    not hit low)
    - A projectile, though not entirely necessary, is a plus
    - A better throw game. Shiki’s normal throw is relatively weak as it does not 
    backturn and is techable. Her command throw is good, but it is better suited 
    in different situations than what is intended in a general throw game, and is 
    techable as well
    Some example decent partners: Big, Kim, Robert, Mai, Kaede, Iori, Hotaru, Terry,
    Karate, Washizuka, Hanzou
    Any more "traditional" character with a solid, universal game that makes use
    of the system well is a good start. 
    Shiki, like Eiji in XI, can often run over the opponent for an easy OCV (one 
    character victory) if they do not know what to look for in fighting her 
    between said resets and opening/ending match strategy above and, even then, 
    she has solid options against a good player, few as they are. My most important
    advice to give is simply this: be careful to be safe. A player that doesn’t
    know how to GCFS is an easy win every time, but a player that does know will
    destroy you for being careless. This goes for any character.
    Vs. BIG: Qcb D can match lariat at certain ranges and will beat his lows, be 
    careful to space it correctly though. Dash stab goes under lariat and 
    punishes it. If he’s in your face with cr.A, though, you just have to be 
    patient and break the throw and hope to return to a neutral situation.
    Vs. Kim: Tag.
    Vs. Asura: Easy fight. You can react to spikes and arrows to punish them
    heavily, which is a lot of his gameplan. You have no reason to fear this
    Vs. Robert: You can deal with his projectiles easily, fast as they may be.
    Teleports will disrupt his charges, but remember you do have recovery frames
    and his cr.A/D are good. Be careful, his cr.C is enough of an anti air for him
    not to need a flash kick charge, so no free jumps if you don't think he's had
    time. Overall, this is in your favor, though he's a better character.
    Vs. Hanzou: Wow simple character. Punish projectiles as usual. His st.A will
    hit you even if you're crouching, though it looks like it won't, which makes
    it all the more easy to combo into qcfx2+k or that Final Fantasy Edge-style
    shuriken barrage. If he makes a few mistakes, you should have him. You do
    more damage on your openings with better options, but he gets his openings 
    easier than you do and has a pretty good dp and hot normals. Block and wait.
    Vs. Geese: Stay out of the corner. Win.
    Vs. Tung: Block.
    Vs. Marco: Pick your qcb C spots wisely, there should be opportunities. He
    relies heavily on projectiles. Teleports are risky as always, but possibly
    helpful. He suffers from a lack of good anti air, much as you do, and
    reversals and punishes aren't exactly his strong point. It's not an easy 
    fight because it's Marco, but it's not too bad. See Kim.
    Vs. Haohmaru: You can punish far C without meter if closer to him. Haoh is
    strong, but you're fast and can do a lot of crazy nonsense. Take risks
    carefully, he does a lot of damage.
    (more later)
    ix.  Closing/About the Author
    My name is Brent, aka Purify (of the weird soul variety), known 
    as “taraction” on gamefaqs. I am a Shiki/Mai player in NGBBBBBC. I’ve been 
    playing this game since 20XX and know WHAT’S GOOD and REALLY GOOD. I’ve gone 
    to several large US tournaments to play this game, including three Final 
    Round tournaments in Georgia (in 2008 getting 2nd place behind Justin Wong), 
    NEC in Pennsylvania or something, and there has been a very competitive scene 
    for this game in my home state of North Carolina for quite some time now. 
    Who’s da best? We’re da best! If you can make it to any of the larger 
    tournaments on the east coast, chances are The Triad and/or myself will be 
    there to help with this game. For more information on tournaments, visit 
    shoryuken.com/forums, the tournaments section, and see what’s up. There’s 
    also a forum just for finding and meeting up with people in your area to 
    play. Lastly, an NGBC and SNK thread exists on the same site for you to 
    discuss said topics in general with some of the best players around (and some 
    of the worst too!).
    There are many inside jokes in this guide, and I apologize. I hope you 
    enjoyed it nonetheless. I’d like to thank these guys for making NGBC 
    interesting and giving me solid competition:
    SieClayton (plays all characters except Shiki, Kyo bestman)
    Cajunstrike (THE United States Marco)
    P. Soul (THE United States Iori)
    Beast of Fire (THE United States Robert)
    Return of Shiki/Shiki Dan
    Shaun Cosby
    Matt Frank for reminding me that this game sucks
    Also thanks to Dark Geese (THE United States Athena btw) for getting the SNK 
    scene some attention, be it good or bad. This is all for now, look for my Mai 
    guide in the future. To contact me about anything (I’m single! Lolol), my 
    email address is:
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