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    Quote/Ending FAQ by KLantis

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 05/31/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    by Kailu Lantis
    After such a long time….greetings!
    Welcome to yet another trivial, pointless, and downright nerdy FAQ of useless 
    information by yours truly, your friendly neighborhood dweebenheimer, Kailu 
    Lantis! In the old tradition of my other FAQs, I shall present to you the 
    different winning quotes and ending screens that exist in the award-winning 
    (LAWLS, I kid!) game, NeoGeo Battle Coliseum. Actually, this FAQ may seem 
    KINDA relevant due to the limited release of this game, and some people might 
    feel the need for knowledge of what the hell this game is all about. Well, 
    first I might tell you guys that this game is pretty neat and gives us some 
    pretty interesting character designs the likes you would never have imagined 
    (i.e. Marco or Cyber Woo), so if you can find in some online store, don’t 
    hesitate to buy it.
    But hey, I’m not saying something you don’t already know, so let’s check it 
    out! NO ESCAPE!
    You know the drill…just to keep some of the flies away….
    This FAQ is created for public use, and intends to inform people about the 
    story of NeoGeo Battle Coliseum. This FAQ is NOT to be sold in any way possible,
    nor can it be published in any page or printed media without the permission 
    of yours truly. This FAQ does NOT include gameplay info, so if you're looking 
    for strategies, combos, or the like, go take a look elsewhere. If these rules 
    fail to be applied correctly, watch out! A bunch of SNK characters were pretty 
    pissed at being left in the cutting room for this game, so I’m gonna send ‘em 
    over to vent their frustrations on you cats. Imagine the FEARSOME likes of Jack 
    Turner, Michael Max, and the ever-so-loving presence of Rasputin. Gives a whole 
    new meaning to “surprise sex”, I tell ya!
    	NeoGeo Battle Coliseum and all its' characters (which include another 
    whole bunch of series) are trademarks of SNK Playmore. All the information 
    contained in this document comes directly from the NeoGeo Battle Coliseum game, 
    and the story info comes from information published by SNK themselves.
    1.- General Story
    2.- List of Characters:
    	- Ai
    	- Akari Ichijo
     	- Asura
    	- Athena
    	- Cyber Woo
    	- Fuuma
    	- Geese Howard
    	- Genjuro Kibagami
    	- Goodman
    	- Hanzou
    	- Haohmaru
    	- Hotaru Futaba
    	- Iori Yagami
    	- Jin Chonrei
    	- Jin Chonshu
    	- K’
    	- Kaede
    	- Kim Kaphwan
    	- King Lion
    	- Kisarah Westfield
    	- Kyo Kusanagi
    	- Lee Pailong
    	- Mai Shiranui
    	- Marco Rossi
    	- Mars People
    	- Mr. Big
    	- Mr. Karate
    	- Mizuchi
    	- Moriya Minakata
    	- Mudman
    	- Nakoruru
    	- Neo Dio
    	- Robert Garcia
    	- Rock Howard
    	- Shermie
    	- Shiki
    	- Terry Bogard
    	- Tung Fu Rue
    	- Washizuka Keiichiro
    	- Yuki
    3.- Boss dialogues/endings
    4.- Credits
    	Each character’s section is divided into their 4 normal winning quotes
    and their 4 special winning quotes against a certain character or group of
    characters (some may sound kinda obvious, some others will leave you scratching
    your head). Notice that every ending is simply composed of a bunch of scolling
    text against the Coliseum in the background. This ending will ONLY appear if you
    fight and defeat Goodman, though (beating the other 3 bosses will only get you 
    the generic ending show in the Boss Dialogues/Endings section), but strangely 
    enough,in the console versions, the ending will STILL appear in the Gallery 
    section regardless of which boss you defeated in the end (which is pretty swell
    since getting to fight Goodman is such a pain in the ass).
    	Please notice that I actually fixed some in-game text that was totally
    WRONG to begin with. For example, in Kaede’s ending, he is referred as a “she”,
    and for Hotaru, it’s the other way around (she is referred as a “he”). Also, in
    Robert’s ending, he is approached by some individual called Carmen Cole, but 
    it’s actually KARMAN Cole (Carmen is actually a female name). I also used the 
    original names of the characters from their original series (none of this 
    “Genjyuro” nonsense) as to be as faithful as possible to the original source.
    	I guess it isn’t THAT complicated to explain. Basically what happens 
    here is that some evil mega-conglomerate corporation (damn you, capitalism!)
    called WAREZ is organizing a tournament where several SNK characters appear, 
    even those that wouldn’t normally “fit” in a regular timeline, like the Samurai 
    Shodown and Last Blade characters (but hey, since there are World Heroes 
    characters in this game, I think that maybe Doc Brown revved up his time machine
    or somethingand nabbed them from whatever random endeavor they were doing in 
    their respective time era). 
    	Of course, as you may already expect, WAREZ has some EVIL intentions 
    that are indirectly implicit in the game, but I guess that if you’re an avid KOF
    player, you probably already knew that….
    Origin: None (Neo Geo Battle Coliseum original character)
    Description: A young woman who serves mostly as a nod to many classic Neo Geo 
    games. She carries around a Neo Geo Pocket hanging on her neck. Believe it or 
    not, she appears to be some undercover agent who happens to be investigating 
    WAREZ along with Yuki (who would’ve thunk it?).
    - “Your attacks and guards are easy to read. You need wisdom and courage.”
    - “Your future…is in your hands…. Got that?”
    - “You let your guard down. Though I may seem delicate, I’m Giga-Powered!”
    - “A secret weapon? Line sprites? Maybe chain functions? I rule 
    vs. Mr. Karate/Robert: “You really got the moves! Talk about a 100 Mega Shock!”
    vs. Yuki: “You should’ve joined my team! …You’re a moron, Yuki!”
    vs. Ai: “You got a Neo Geo Pocket! How about a battle linkup? I’ve got infrared 
    vs. Akari: “Hey, hey! You can tell better fortunes than my Neo Geo Pocket? 
    The time on the Neo Geo Pocket shows it’s already past nine.
    “Oh, no. Oh, heavens!”
    As the survey squad enters the coliseum, Ai is already nowhere to be found. 
    Moments later her favorite hat wafts down from the sky.
    A balloon is visible floating high above, the tiny figure of Ai waving.
    Something is scribbled on the hat’s brim.
    “I’ve got to rush to buy the limited edition. I’ll leave ‘clean-up’ to you.”
    Today is the release of the latest game. Too involved in her mission, Ai forgot
    to reserve herself a copy.
    “So where should I get it? Nihonbashi or Akihabara?”
    Who knows? You may bump into Ai at a game shop near you!
    Origin: The Last Blade
    Description: A ‘charming’ young sorceress who is able to summon multiple demons
    and random deities to assist her in battle (although in some cases she is not 
    able to fully control the spirits she invokes). Always wanders out of home 
    without her father’s permission, and thus, is always followed by her family’s 
    protege, Kanzaki Juzoh.
    - “Yeeeee-eah! …Thats what Yanks say. Isn’t it? Well? WELL?!”
    - “I weeen! And you rooooz! Hee, hee. I speak English good!”
    - “Excellent, aren’t I? The best diviner in the biz is little ol’ me!”
    - “Goo-ten morgen! You gotta know German, too. As they put it, Dunken-shoin.”
    vs. Rock: “You’re just my type. How ‘bout you and I…. Have a cup of java or 
    vs. Cyber Woo: “Hey, hey, just what keeps you ticking after that licking? Mind 
                    if I touch you and see?”
    vs. Mr. Big: “Do you wear those specs cause your head’s so bright?”
    vs. Mars People: “I’ll preserve you in formalin.”
    “Oh, Juzoh, what a sight for sore eyes.” “Enough smoke blowing, m’lady. Your 
    father is furious with you.”
    Akari knows she’s really in deep soup.
    Mistakenly entering the Battle Coliseum, her fussy father is freaking about her 
    leaving for so long without permission; she’s in for days of lectures.
    “Now listen here, young lady!”
    Akari rummages through her breast pocket, but she’s all out of her dolls. She 
    hasnothing to get her out of this. But maybe all’s not lost….
    “Dad, you got it all wrong. You see…here you go, this.”
    Kneeling, Akari pulls out a thick box. A sweet odor fills the room as it’s 
    opened. It’s pao de Castella, sponge cake.
    “This here is, uh, it’s a golden yellow cake. A Nagasaki souvenir, real 
    expensive. In English they’d call this, well, it’s known as a ‘bribe’.”
    “Uh, well, that is. Why don’t you say something, Dad? You know? Like, ‘it’s all 
    your fault’.”
    “You little pinhead! Always babbling away like that. Where have I gone wrong 
    with you?”
    And rumor has it Genbo’s preaching continued well after sunset.
    Origin: Samurai Shodown 64 – Warriors’ Rage
    Description: Named the “Betrayer of the Gods”, Asura is a dark swordsman, once 
    follower to an evil wizard called Yuga. Once comissioned to eliminate all those 
    who would oppose Yuga, Asura eventually came to his senses (in part, thanks to 
    Shiki, another former minion of Yuga) and now pursues the very same entity he 
    once swore to protect to deliver the killing blow.
    - “Show yourself, Yuga! Ingesting your flesh and blood will make my revenge 
    - “My magic and my ancient prey…. Nothing can match them!”
    - “Before you reach your goals…. I will bash you big time!”
    - “They call me Asura! Betrayer of the Gods….”
    vs. Genjuro: “I’m gonna blow out your flames of life!”
    vs. Haohmaru: “A penumbra male! Wild!”
    vs. Shiki: “You penumbra! I’ve found you….”
    vs. Nakoruru: “Ainu virgin! You cannot beat me!”
    “So Yuga isn’t here then…?”
    Asura has slaughtered all enemies in an easy victory. It is then he finally 
    realizes that Yuga is not present in this world.
    It appears Yuga has induced Asura here to buy time for himself, no doubt.
    “I’ve wasted time here. …Yuga’s managed to live a little longer.”
    But just why does Yuga have the need to buy more time?
    And why has the spell that has confined him weakened so?
    It looks like there’s some unavoidable consequences to this.
    For example…that’s it.
    Emperor Yuga must have been defeated by someone other than myself.
    But all that is a prophecy.
    Asura reopens the dimensional door. This time for sure, he will have revenge.
    Origin: Athena
    Description: This Athena is based on the goddess version of Athena (as shown in 
    the original side-scrolling Athena game), and not the Athena you may have known 
    from “The King of Fighters”. As such, she has a different variety of moves at 
    her disposal, some of which involve using ancient weapons such as bows and 
    maces, and summoning mythical Greek creatures.
    - “Lord, Athena wins! When may I return? (Whimper!)”
    - “Hey! …Am I the only one fighting in a swimsuit?”
    - “I am Athena! Protector of the Heavens! …Ah-choo!”
    - “Hey, Ray! Don’t bite! That’s not your food!”
    vs. Kyo/Terry/Mr. Karate/Iori: “You’ve trespassed in heaven. It’s your fault…boo
                                    hoo! Hey, are you listening?”
    vs. Genjuro/Shiki/Geese: “God has made you lose! Please let me return…. Not yet,
                              I guess. Sigh.”
    vs. Lee/Tung: “Oh, nuts…. I know I protect heaven, but I’m no St. Peter!”
    vs. Mars People: “Protecting earth from aliens. That’s my new mission! …Like, 
                      not! Sigh.”
    Athena’s done it at last.
    She has stopped the plans of WAREZ that wretched hive of evil on earth.
    “Well done, Athena.”
    A familiar divinity calls to her from the heavens above. Now, Athena can return 
    to her heavenly home. It’s been a while…. Athena waxes nostalgic briefly.
    “Incidentally, I want you to head to a certain land. An evil minister is 
    tormenting the people of his land.”
    “…Come again?”
    “Since this minister is tormenting the people, let’s go there and set the guy 
    “Huuuuuuuuh? You mean you won’t let me come home? My time’s up here, isn’t it?”
    As He says, Heaven’s no cakewalk.
    “You earned 15 points this time around. You need 100 to return to your old 
    “That’s just nasty! Heaven’s adopted a quota system…?”
    Athena plops herself down on the ground. Her journey has miles to go.
    Origin: The King Of Monsters
    Description: A huge robo-gorilla who fights likewise against humongous beasts
    than with normal-sized fighters. You might have known him as a towering giant 
    that could stomp on buildings with ease, but this time around, he has been built
    to a more “ergonomic” size. He is controlled by a little girl on a levitating
    chair called Yuzu Makishima.
    - “I did it! Woo-hoo!”
    - “My father’s adjustments are perfect as usual!”
    - “I can’t lose! Woo-hoo!”
    - “I’m in the groove!”
    vs. Evil characters (Genjuro/Iori/Shermie/Geese/Mr. Big/Neo Dio/Goodman): 
                          “Against bad people like you, there’s no room for losing!”
    vs. Cyber Woo: “This does not compute! Makishima Industry technology is not 
                    copied this easily!”
    vs. Mars People: “Woo protects world peace! (Man, I’m cool!)”
    vs. Lee/Tung: “Hang in there, old man! Father! Call an ambulance!”
    A swarm of people cover the side of the road to greet the victorious Cyber Woo 
    along with the Makishimas. They get into a convertible prepared for them quickly
    to join the impromptu parade down Osaka’s Midosuji Boulevard.
    Confetti falls like snow from Tsutenkaku, and people dive into the river of 
    Countless cameras and mikes are thrust forth, and no one recalls the questions 
    or answers.
    When the capriccio of celebration ends, the night has worn well on.
    Woo rides a truck driven by Dr. Makishima, and it rolls into the garage at 
    Makishima Industries at 3:00 am.
    Yuzu crawls down from the passenger seat, jumping up into the cargo compartment.
    The dimly lit garage. Yuzu runs a hand over Woo’s exterior.
    The compound armor of carbon fiber is rough with small scratches.
    (You were smooth as a baby’s bottom before the competition. Forgive me, Woo.)
    Yuzu can hear loud snoring. Dr. Makishima’s asleep at the wheel, having 
    succumbed to his fatigue.
    (I’ll have to give Woo one mighty wax job tomorrow.)
    Origin: World Heroes
    Description: Fuuma is the Ken to Hanzou’s Ryu. Leader of a ninja clan opposite 
    to Hanzou’s Iga Ninja clan, he constantly seeks to surpass his rival, but in 
    this game, it seems that Fuuma has decided to adopt the “ladies’ man” persona. 
    Surprisingly enough, thanks to the constant time travel present in the World 
    Heroes series, he likes to stay in the present era and dress like a civilian, 
    even working at a office like a normal man.
    - “Don’t be so glum. You are weak of course, but I’m all-powerful!”
    - “Hey! Hey! No slacking off here! Move! Who’s next? Next!”
    - “Dig my hairstyle? All the kids these days are wearing my look!”
    - “Hey, all you spectators! Thanks for cheering me on!”
    vs. Hanzou: “At last we’re even…. It’s been a while, Hanzou!”
    vs. Mai: “For a ninja woman, the best match is a ninja man. Am I right? I know 
              you think so!”
    vs. Shiki/Shermie: “Hey, you’re quite a dish. Next time we meet, I’ll floor you 
                        with my unending loving!”
    vs. Kisarah: “If you’ve got love trouble, I’m happy to assist you. …I’m Fuuma, 
                  the love ninja!”
    “OK, Dr. Brown’s loan ledger.”
    Fuuma has found Dr. Brown’s ledger with ICUs to WAREZ from the doctor, and 
    proceeds to tear them up.
    “Well, so much for that. Next, I’ve got to meet up with those sweetie-pies from 
    the coliseum.”
    Joyfully changing from ninja garb to a suit, Fuuma turns to more pressing 
    Kisarah does have that cute perkiness, must have gotten that overseas.
    Mai’s dynamite body is hard to forget. And that Shiki, sexy with a capital S.
    “Is that you, Fuuma?”
    Athena’s cheerfulness is precious. But then there’s that Shermie and foxily fine
    But hold on. Young Nakoruru and her orthodox wholesomeness is hard to shake. 
    Speaking of which, it’d be a tragedy to pass up Hotaru, the archetypal big 
    And Akari Ichijo is someone to consider, in five years or so. In that case, 
    thinking more long-term, Yuzu Makishima in 10 years….
    “Fuuma!! Just where have you been this week, and failing to come into work?!”
    “B-Boss?? …Sweet Amaterasu…! I forgot to submit my vacation request.”
    It looks like Fuuma will be a while before he has to worry about dating.
    (Author’s note: You know, this Fuuma character is one scary dude…. He’s got the 
    pedo thing down pat. R. Kelly would be proud!)
    Origin: Fatal Fury
    Description: Arguably the most popular villain in SNK, Geese is the ruler of the
    criminal underworld in Southtown, also known as the man who cheats death one too
    many times (who else can fall from the top floors of skyscrapers and live to 
    tell the tale, hm?). He usually has a plot to become uber-powerful always in the
    works, and will do anything in his power to achieve such goals.
    - “I’ve no time for punks like you. Beat it, pond scum!”
    - “…How long you gonna nap? Get lost! You pathetic loser!”
    - “I’m sending you to hell. Since I won’t be there, you can rest easy, right?”
    - “Just how much must you disappoint me, Geese Howard, to be satisfied?!”
    vs. Terry: “You blond-haired pansy. You’re more a toothless mutt than a mighty 
                lone wolf!”
    vs. Rock: “…Just what are you?!”
    vs. Mr. Big: “Your era is long over. Don’t you know you’re just adding to your 
    vs. Tung: “Not as spry, Master…. Given your advanced years, I cut you a little 
    “Hmph. Not very altruistic.”
    Geese Howard’s grimace comes not from the injuries he’s received, but from his 
    opponent’s inadequacies.
    His clothes may be ruffled by the fray, but Geese is anything but.
    “I’ve been waiting for you, Master Geese.” “Sorry to put you out, Billy.”
    Billy stands directly behind Geese, with the henchman Ripper and Hopper rounding
    off Geese’s forces.
    With his cronies close at hand, Geese naturally leaves the coliseum, gets in his
    prepared car, naturally, and naturally sets off for Southtown.
    “Anything happen during my absence?” “Your double’s getting a bit uppity.” “The 
    idiot. He won’t last long.”
    The Southtown skyline presently appears in the film of Geese’s car window.
    In no time the punks are on the prowl, crime has taken a sharp upturn, and the 
    city’s former vitality is gone.
    Southtown is screaming for a powerful ruler.
    “Yeah, guys, this town…is nothing without me around.”
    Origin: Samurai Shodown II
    Description: Haohmaru’s longlasting rival, Genjuro is actually Haohmaru’s former
    training partner, but now seeks to end his life (go figure). Genjuro has one
    mean-ass scar on his back and likes to attack with Hanafuda cards. Naturally, 
    his blade hungers for Haohmaru’s blood, so off he goes into the battle fray once
    again, ready to eliminate all those who stand in his way.
    - “Cur! Filth! Scum! You’re not worth killing.”
    - “You were a worthy opponent. I’ll mince you with respect.”
    - “You don’t want to die? …Too late, mooncalf!”
    - “Still think you’re tough? Die…you festering freak!”
    vs. Genjuro: “Ever care to know how a fish feels served alive? You will. Die 
    vs. Haohmaru: “You’ve lost it, Haohmaru! Now I cut our fatal ties!”
    vs. Shiki: “What do you want from me, woman? Tell me…or die!”
    vs. Cyber Woo: “Quite a wind-up doll you are! A nice change of pace from 
                    chopping up humans!”
    The enigmatic Goodman, Battle Coliseum sponsor, has escaped before becoming rust
    on Genjuro’s sword, Baioudoku.
    “I really hate that guy….”
    The fact that he failed to slay who he’d hoped to slice up miffs him, but other 
    stuff is equally infuriating.
    There’s a nick on the blade of his alluringly beautiful sword, Baioudoku. This 
    remains as a mark of the capabilities of his hardened enemy.
    “A sword polisher? That’s what I need…. But I won’t find one around here.”
    Making inquiries of a working girl from Osaka after a heated session, he fails 
    to get a satisfactory reply.
    But he is not about to treat Baioudoku as if it were an ordinary kitchen knife.
    “There has to be a famous swordsmith in these parts, not just a polisher.”
    Genjuro taps the ashes from his pipe, and asks his name.
    “I’m sure he’s…yeah, Takane. Takane the swordsmith, I believe.”
    (Author’s note: “Heated session”? I don’t even wanna KNOW!)
    Origin: None (Neo Geo Battle Coliseum original character)
    Description: Ah yes, the trademark mega-cheap SNK boss cometh! Goodman is the 
    sponsor of this year’s Battle Coliseum and the CEO of WAREZ. Some people say he 
    looks very much like Igniz from King of Fighters 2001 (he has a color in his 
    palettethat makes him look pretty much like Igniz). He wields a flaming whip 
    and has a pet gorilla made out of pure energy that always accompanies him (and 
    does most of the attacking). He seems to have a personal quote for every 
    character in the game, too (thus he has no generic quotes).
    vs. Ai: “I won’t let a brat like you spoil my evil designs!”
    vs. Akari: “I’ll drain you of your divining abilities down to the marrow!”
    vs. Asura: “Asura, betrayer of the gods. Your place belongs among my collection 
                of specimens.”
    vs. Athena: “Fighting in a bikini? Insane! But what a specimen! Hubba hubba.”
    vs. Cyber Woo: “This robot was made by Makishima Industries? This needs some 
                    looking into.”
    vs. Fuuma: “…Can this guy be a real ninja? Hmmm.”
    vs. Geese: “Not so fast. No death plunge this time. You’re mine, big boy.”
    vs. Genjuro: “You really can fight. What a waste to kill you.”
    vs. Goodman: “Ponder this!”
    vs. Hanzou: “If you say you’re a ninja, then disappear with a bang!”
    vs. Haohmaru: “A dynamic yet simple way with your sword. A bit brutish, 
    vs. Hotaru: “This chick’s the winner? Has my NEC project failed me?”
    vs. Iori: “The way of Yagami, no? The way of Yasakani. Surprised? Hey, I did my 
    vs. Chonrei: “Now to capture your kid brother. I will have both of you!”
    vs. Chonshu: “OK, show it to me. The Secret Scrolls of Jin.”
    vs. K’: “Yah, hah. Seizing this guy makes NESTS research all mine!”
    vs. Kaede: “This kid is the Blue Dragon of the East? It’s hard to swallow that!”
    vs. Kim: “You’re a first-rate Tae Kwon Do athlete, but you need better mind 
              control techniques.”
    vs. King Lion: “So the human body can stand such extreme training like this? 
                    Hoo, hoo, hoo. Fascinating!”
    vs. Kisarah: “Is she strong or weak, I just can’t tell?”
    vs. Kyo: “Beating the Kusanagi will be a real PR coup! I owe you big time! Heh, 
    vs. Lee: “Old, yet so speedy. Well worth researching.”
    vs. Mai: “You ninja anachronism. Even if you can draw crowds, you’re of no use 
              to me.”
    vs. Marco: “You got some real technology. But my company’s products are far more
    vs. Mars People: “I knew my weapons were the best in the world, but not the best
                      in the universe!”
    vs. Mr. Big: “I have no interest in you. Get this bum out of here!”
    vs. Mr. Karate: “Not what I expected. I was expecting a lot more from Kyokugen 
    vs. Mizuchi: “You really gave me grief…. A copy, but still an Orochi. I was 
                  right to pursue you.”
    vs. Moriya: “You have real sword talent! Too bad your career’s over.”
    vs. Mudman: “…Hmm. Guess I could use a bizarre specimen like this.”
    vs. Nakoruru: “Mother Nature’s crying? So what do I care?”
    vs. Neo Dio: “At last I’ve obtained it! What a hassle that was. Put him in my 
                  research cargo!”
    vs. Robert: “I can’t make the scion of the Garcia Foundation one of my 
                 specimens. …Nuts!”
    vs. Rock: “Just as I expected…. It must be in your blood!”
    vs. Shermie: “How do I get to the true source of this chick’s power? …Ah, I’ll 
                  beat it out of her.”
    vs. Shiki: “You’re a superlative specimen. DNA well worth researching!”
    vs. Terry: “Hah, hah. Thanks, Terry. Defeating the likes of you will be a real 
                PR triumph!”
    vs. Tung: “Such mental control. If I can make it a weapon…. Heh, heh. This’ll be
    vs. Washizuka: “That’s quite a jab you have. It’s just right for feedback on my 
                    research…. Yah, ha, ha!”
    vs. Yuki: “Prying into my affairs…you know just what I am. I’ll tear you to 
    (Goodman has no personal ending.)
    Origin: World Heroes
    Description: The historical leader of the Iga Ninja clan, and translated in many
    different video game incarnations. The lead character of the World Heroes 
    series, he is always engaged in a heated conflict with fellow ninja Fuuma. Now
    both ninjas can continue their rivalry in the Battle Coliseum, as Hanzou also
    seeks better challenges (sound familiar?).
    - “’Ninja’ live by the blade…. It’s a harsh world I live in.”
    - “Well then, good day!”
    - “To meet one so strong…. It’s a kookoo-nutty world, huh?”
    - “The way of ninja is rough…. I even train in my sleep!”
    vs. Mai: “Y-You’re a female ninja? Are you for real?”
    vs. Marco: “A stranger in a metal shell! Oh brave new world!”
    vs. Hanzou: “A Koga Ninja? I will relieve you of your imposter’s hide!”
    vs. Nakoruru: “All the way from Hokkaido? You got a lot of spunk, kid. You have 
                   my humble respect.”
    (Author’s note: LOL! ‘Koo koo nutty’ attacks once again!)
    High atop a sharp, windswept cliff, Hanzou stands alone, as if petrified.
    “Such mighty enemies I have not met until now….”
    Mighty foes in the Battle Coliseum. Not one of those contestants was he able to 
    easily defeat. 
    So many narrow victories.
    Hanzou puts a letter to paper, addressed to his village of Iga. 
    He doesn’t plan to return for a while. He’ll remain in this world, and here he 
    will continue his training. 
    The wind whips up and Hanzou pulls a ninja device from his tunic, tying the 
    strong cloth to his hands and feet.
    “As I recall Master Fuuma telling me, he would be conducting his training with 
    the fairer sex. Why, I do not know.”
    Oh, there’s a likely place down there!
    “Downward, ho! Gah-ha!!”
    (Author’s note: I would definetly take Fuuma’s training regime any day!)
    Origin: Samurai Shodown
    Description: Main character of the Samurai Shodown series and the owner of one 
    of the wildest hairstyles your eyes have ever seen. Although he usually plays 
    the role of the “Zen Buddhist” kind of hero (the “Oh I wish to fight strong 
    opponents” type), his untidy image and his passion for drinking sake makes him 
    slightly different from other “main character” cliches.
    - “I am the peerless hero Haohmaru! Hear me from afar; see me near. …Even I 
       don’t get what I said.”
    - “How many victims do you make? The way of the samurai is harsh; you don’t get 
       many karma points.”
    - “You’ve seen my swordplay. True, I did win. But I feel so cheap.”
    - “No weapon? Tough luck! That’s the samurai way!”
    vs. Mr. Karate: “Tradition’s a heavy load. One I’ll never bear.”
    vs. Yuki: “So you’re from Hiroshima? Your accent gave you away.”
    vs. Genjuro: “Wait for me in hell, Genjuro. But you’re not fit to be Charon’s 
                  rudder boy!”
    vs. Hanzou: “Did you say, Hanzo? The one and only Hanzo? You don’t live up to 
                 your spin!”
    “Hoo, that was one wild workout.”
    As he sheathes his sword, Fugudoku, his accumulated fatigue overwhelms him. But 
    making the effort to come here to the coliseum, was well worth it.
    All of the moves he had never seen, all the enemies he had not known, and 
    putting his life on the line with them.
    This is just what Haohmaru sought.
    Only the final enemy, turning tail and running like a nub, seems to be a 
    “…Hmph. Over so soon?!”
    Not a drop of rice wine comes from the tilted sake bottle.
    It’s time to find a liquor shop and fill his bottle to the brim.
    Those are the extent of his concerns.
    One quest has come to an end, and another is about to begin.
    Haohmaru’s heart leaps as he sets out.
    Origin: Garou – Mark of the Wolves
    Description: A young girl who is also a master of Chinese Kenpo who keeps 
    looking everywhere for her missing older brother. She also is accompanied by her
    pet ferrot, Itokatsu (for that trademark anime cuteness you either hate or 
    love).In this game, she gains some unique stances that grants her access to some
    more moves (kinda like Tekken’s Ling Xiaoyu).
    - “Hey, Itokatsu. How’d you get in there? Watch it, you silly sable!”
    - “What am I doing here…in such an awesome tournament? I want to go home…!”
    - “You were stronger. But my courage led me to victory – tiny though it may be.”
    - “Hey, I did it! I did it, big brother! I fought like a pro!”
    vs. Nakoruru: “Hey, get a hold of your eagle. It’s scaring my sable Itokatsu!”
    vs. Terry: “Could it be, Terry…? Did you let me win?”
    vs. Rock: “Long time no see! Still got that pouty manner, but I think you’ve got
    vs. Geese: “I’ve heard about you! My brother’s had dealings with your 
    “Wait! What about my brother…?”
    Tell me where my brother’s gone. Those anticlimatic words fade away, sucked up 
    by the stadium’s gloom.
    Though she’s finally come this far, going through so many travails, Hotaru is 
    still unable to seize the whereabouts of her elder brother.
    “…Itokatsu? Are you trying to cheer me up?”
    The sable rushes up onto her shoulders, rubs its’ tiny face against Hotaru’s, 
    and gives her a compassionate trill.
    “It’s all right. I’m not beaten. I won’t give up. If I keep on searching, 
    It’s not as if she’s without clues. In a nearby town, there is a big fighting 
    tournament being held.
    And she’s heard a mighty Asian entrant, known for mastery of Chinese boxing. 
    This time it may be her big brother. Hotaru hopes it is he.
    “If I keep on searching, someday, for sure….”
    Origin: The King of Fighters ‘95
    Description: The latest descendant to the Yagami family (formerly known as the
    Yasakani), which has been engaged in war with the Kusanagi clan for 660 years
    now. Needless to say, Iori is more than willing to continue the tradition and 
    stalks the youngest Kusanagi member, Kyo, in a quite obsessive fashion. Iori
    uses his purple flames tainted with the Orochi power to attempt to eliminate 
    Kyo once and for all (for like the 27282919th time).
    - “What’s that? You want to live? This is a coliseum, you know? A place to maim 
       and kill.”
    - “I’ve chosen my next victim. Cry tears of joy it’s not you!”
    - “You’re not worth fricasseeing. Beat it, you waste of space!”
    - “Let’s sing a requiem duet. Very well, hear me! A funeral refrain just for 
    vs. Kyo: “I thought this event would blow, but it ain’t so bad. It gave me the 
              chance to kill you.”
    vs. Yuki: “Goody-Two-Shoes make me puke! Get lost, Pollyanna.”
    vs. Iori: “Are you prepared? Cause now I’m gonna baste you like the turkey you 
    vs. Shermie: “Why did you come here? Whatever. I’ll be happy to send you to hell
    A few months later.
    Iori Yagami stands in the new arena for The King Of Fighters.
    He faces his rival, Kyo Kusanagi.
    Although this is a 3-on-3 team battle, Kyo is all that Iori’s focused on.
    “This time I’ll stop your heart for sure.”
    “Your obsession is a disease, Yagami.”
    “And your death is my cure…Kyo! Bathing in your blood is my antidote!”
    Red and purple flames, like living beings, dance between the two. The spectators
    watch on, breathless.
    Both have lost count of their battles. Ages of hate and violence are all the two
    share between them.
    Then it occurs to him.
    The one who understands Kyo best is Iori and he alone. Only through the hate and
    rivalry, can something unfathomable be understood.
    It’s there, isn’t it?
    The time limit draws near.
    The time for hate and bliss is over.
    Origin: Fatal Fury 3 – Road to Final Victory
    Description: Chonrei is the elder one of the two Jin twins. Cursed with demon 
    blood, and safekeepers of the Jin Scrolls of Immortality, the Jins go into 
    battle, summoned by the evil within their veins. Chonrei seems to be more prone 
    to violence than his younger brother, and seems quite ruthless about it, 
    especially against people who hurt his dear sibling Chonshu.
    - “My Emperor’s Fist rules!”
    - “Against my Emperor’s Fist, you’re just a wood chip.”
    - “What sort of dance was that? Make me laugh, you minx!”
    - “With strength like that, how dare you take me on?”
    vs. Chonshu: “Just like you, Jin Chonshu. A perfect sparring partner!”
    vs. Geese: “Hmph, punk! There’s no need to show you my Emperor Fist’s true 
    vs. Tung: “Hey, old man…. Get out of my sight!”
    vs. Chonrei: “Dare you dis my Emperor’s Fist? Prepare to die miserably!”
    “The Secret Jin Scrolls are mine again.”
    Jin Chonrei reaches out to the scrolls stored in the relics preservation room.
    But the relic could just be another bald forgery or a mere replica. He has seen 
    so many forgeries in his previous experiences. This is no time for premature 
    “Hmm…. What’s this?!”
    Chonrei suddenly lets the scrolls fall, and drops to a knee, hands on head.
    “Ooooh, my head…the pain.”
    A fierce pain burns his brain. While his eyelids flutter, the ache in his head
    makes him think his eyes are about to pop out. Chonrei frantically closes his
    eyelids, gritting his teeth to fight the pain.
    After a long period of suffering, Chonrei finally comes to his senses.
    “…Where am I? What was I doing here?”
    He ignores the scrolls at his feet, rises shakily, and leaves. Yet another 
    inhabits him, and this is not Jin Kuryu, the real Jin Chonrei is back.
    And no one will ever know whether this is the true scroll or not.
    Origin: Fatal Fury 3 – Road to Final Victory
    Description: Chonshu is the younger one of the Jin twins. Like with his brother
    Chonrei, Chonshu belongs to a cursed bloodline, and although is in possession of
    a great power, in exchange he has lost his awareness. Believe it or not, the kid
    is a boy, although some may think otherwise. He is a bit more on the softer side
    than Chonrei, as well.
    - “Hah, hah! So sorry! I faked you out good! You actually thought you’d win?”
    - “Hoo, hoo…. How ‘bout it? I mixed things up good!”
    - “You call yourself a fighter? You weaklings bore me! This tourney bites!”
    - “Aah, I got it. You always lose cause you move like a tortoise!”
    vs. Terry: “What a yawner that was! I was hoping that you’d be the one to 
                entertain me!”
    vs. Chonrei: “Don’t hold back for me. Fighting you’s my essence!”
    vs. Geese: “Aw, good grief! That’s it? And they call you a legend? You should 
                work out more!”
    vs. Tung: “You always cross me! I’ll kill you next time! Get that, and get it 
    “They’re mine, the Secret Jin Scrolls”
    Jin Chonshu reaches for the scrolls stored in the relics preservation room.
    But the relic could be just another bald forgery or a mere replica. He has seen 
    so many forgeries in his previous experiences. This is no time for premature 
    “…What is this?!”
    Chonshu suddenly lets the scrolls fall, and falls to a knee, hands on head.
    “Gaah…my head burns, big brother!”
    A fierce pain burns his brain. While his eyelids flutter, the ache in his head 
    makes him think his eyes are about to pop out. Chonshu frantically closes his 
    eyelids, gritting his teeth to fight the pain.
    After a long period of suffering, Chonshu finally comes to his senses.
    “What have I done…? Where’s my brother?”
    He ignores the scrolls at his feet, rises shakily, and leaves. Yet another 
    inhabits him, and this is not Jin Kairyu, the true Jin Chonshu is back.
    And no one will ever know if the scrolls he had found were the genuine article.
    Origin: The King of Fighters ’99 – Millenium Battle
    Description: A clone that was infused with the power of the Kusanagi clan, taken
    from a sample of Kyo Kusanagi’s blood. Since a normal person cannot contain such
    power in his body, K’ keeps it in check using the red gauntlet on his right 
    hand.He was the main character of the King of Fighters series during the NESTS
    saga, and as such earns his rightful place in this crossover.
    - “You should know your place. You hardly even touched me.”
    - “That’s it? I must be strong…or you’re too weak. Perhaps both.”
    - “A tag match? I’m not interested! I can do the job on my own.”
    - “I’m not good at holding back. So don’t hate me if it hurts.”
    vs. Kyo: “A history of 1800 years, eh? Find yourself an antique shop!”
    vs. Kim: “Evil? Good? Means diddly to me. I do as I please.”
    vs. Shiki: “You look familiar. …Ah, now I got it.”
    vs. Mudman: “Hey, are you crazy?”
    K’ has repelled the threat posed by WAREZ for now.
    But what he got in return, was nothing but a brief respite until facing newer 
    “Just how long can I keep this up…?”
    Despair mars the eyes under the shades.
    No one can guarantee him he’ll attain peace at the end of this battle.
    “Why so glum, partner?”
    The one who pats him on the back is a behemoth of over two meters tall. He’s 
    flanked by a girl with chestnut hair.
    “You were so cool! You should smile more, though.”
    “…Everyone’s a critic.”
    His world is far from a normal life. And far from normal happiness.
    But at least for now, he is no longer alone.
    Origin: The Last Blade
    Description: The main character of the Last Blade series, somewhat compared to 
    Luke Skywalker of Star Wars fame due to his hairstyle and because he has a DM 
    which involves making his sword a giant ‘lightsaber’ of sorts. Oh yeah, he is 
    also the reincarnation of the Blue Dragon of the East, one of the 4 deities that
    protect to the seal to the netherworld. Here he is shown in his ‘awakened’ form 
    (he usually has black hair in a ponytail…which brings even MORE references, this
    time to the Saiyajins from Dragon Ball Z lore). Oh Kaede, you referential man, 
    - “So this was your first time? The Blade of the Living Heart stings painfully, 
       does it not?”
    - “What a poitroon. Beat it, you clown!”
    - “So now you want to live? You dare face me when you are not prepared to die?”
    - “You should have yielded. Be grateful that mostly it is your pride that’s 
    vs. Akari: “Don’t get too chummy. It makes it harder to slice you.”
    vs. Robert: “…Be gone with you. You have a master, don’t you? Back to the 
                 drawing board!”
    vs. Mr. Karate: “You should get the ability before you start going by the name 
                     Dragon or Tiger!”
    vs. Kaede: “So long, one more me.”
    The man calling himself Goodman, the WAREZ executive, has escaped.
    Kaede fails to get any information he hoped for regarding Hades’ Gate.
    “The appearance of Goodman may be a product of Hades’ Gate.”
    Unfortunately he has not been able to find how to sever the link to the 
    But Genbu Okina, operating independently, is said to have some good news for 
    “The Sealing Maiden?”
    According to Okina’s story, the Sealing Ritual had to be performed eons ago to 
    close off Hades’ Gate. 
    For this “Sealing Ritual”, the presence of the “Sealing Maiden” is essential to 
    the process.
    Also present, Okina, Yuki, and Kaede have no idea who this Sealing Maiden could 
    Another fly in the ointment is the existence of “Hades’ Emissary” who lives to 
    kill the requisite maiden.
    Kaede and his friends must protect the “Sealing Maiden” from “Hades’ Emissary” 
    and consummate the “Sealing Ritual”.
    “I know you’ve ended one mission, but Kaede, Yuki, you must get on this now.”
    In the midst of Shogunate strife, the Gekka samurai are back in action.
    (Author’s note: The Yuki in question is the Last Blade character, not the kid 
    from this game. Besides, this Yuki is a ‘she’.)
    Origin: Fatal Fury 2
    Description: An exceptional master in Tae Kwon Do, Kim also happens to be a 
    proud (and sometimes, delusional) defender of justice. As a matter of fact, he
    will take in whatever evildoer he finds in his way to “reform” them and make
    them peopleof justice (very much to their own chagrin…just ask Chang and Choi,
    his King of Fighters comrades!). Kim always seems to find his way into these
    crossover games…must be the power of the KOREAN market, boyeeee!
    - “For the Just, by the Just, my Tae Kwon Do for justice! ‘Tis an awesome 
    - “This tourney’s rife with those in need of education and rehab. I’m overjoyed…
       no, no, sad!!”
    - “Justice prevails once more! I have nothing more to add…emotion overcomes me.”
    - “You could drop a few pounds. Try eating kimchee; its’ capsaicin’ll melt off 
       your fat!”
    vs. Haohmaru/Genjuro: “Shame on you – you reek. Go clean yourself up.”
    vs. Akari: “You seek the Gate of Hell? …You’re on one bad trip!”
    vs. Washizuka: “Justice without power…is powerless. Try harder.”
    vs. Kim: “I read you like a book. The evil deep within you. Show yourself, 
    “Huff, puff. Wonder if those two have been continuing their training.”
    Kim, winning the Battle Coliseum through the power of abounding justice, makes a
    victorious return to Korea.
    Kim bails from the welcoming ceremony, only to return to a vacant house. He 
    finds Chang and Choi are busy training somewhere in the mountains.
    When he finds the two, he sees them under a waterfall.
    “I pray that Kim wins the tournament.”
    “I pray that Master Kim is not injured, buddy boy.”
    Kim dabs his eyes in spite of himself.
    “Y-you two…all this for me.”
    “Oh, Master Kim!” “We were so lost in prayer, we didn’t notice you, buddy boy.”
    “This time I’m sure. Your rehabilitation is genuine. I can release you without 
    “Then you mean…we’re through?” “You mean it, buddy boy? It’s over?”
    “Yes, no question.”
    “We did it, Choi!” “Our little act worked, buddy boy! …Uh-oh….”
    Looks like it’ll be a while until these two are judged rehabilitated.
    Origin: Savage Reign
    Description: Some mega-buff dude who carries a big-ass sword around and claims 
    to be some sort of head honcho. He was the last boss of Savage Reign and 
    (I believe) Kizuna Encounter. Curiously enough, he seems to have two different
    personas in this game: the one you can select (with blue as a default color), 
    and the CPU version (which has mostly red and yellow). You can even find 
    separate artwork of each version in the gallery, and guess what? They even 
    have two different sets of victory quotes! I believe that’s because you 
    actually fought both versions in Savage Reign and Kizuna Encounter, but I did
    find it to be quite curious here….
    (Playable version)
    - “A mouse at bay attacks the cat! But you just tremble before me!”
    - “King Lion rules all! Bow your heads to the King!”
    - “You dirty rat! You’re not fit to feed on!”
    - “Your fury’s an awesome force! Use it to your advantage!”
    vs. Kaede/Haohmaru/Genjuro/Moriya: “You’re the prey I seek! You’ll do well in my
    vs. Washizuka/Terry: “Wolves are fierce beasts, but they don’t beat the King!”
    vs. King Lion: “Ho, ho! I’ve seen you before! …Very well! From today, you serve 
                    as my double!”
    vs. Kim: “I’ve met you before…. Or do I imagine it?”
    (CPU version)
    - “I am the mightiest monarch of all! Feel honored to fall at my hands, and in 
       so doing create my legend!”
    - “You tremble in my presence, do you? What other reaction could you have?”
    - “Miserable mob. Grovel before your true king!”
    - “Your fury’s an awesome force! Use it to your advantage! Meet me in the Battle
       of Beasts!”
    vs. King Lion: “Ho, ho! I’ve seen you before! …Very well! From today, you serve 
                    as my double!”
    vs. Haohmaru/Genjuro: “That is one mighty, nasty sword; it’s only fitting that 
                           you relinquish it to me.”
    vs. Terry: “A wolf is not fit to be king of beasts. Know your place in the 
                natural order!”
    vs. Mr. Karate: “I was hoping to see the essence of Kyokugen Karate. Not today, 
                     I guess.”
    For a WAREZ executive, even the officious Goodman is all too quick to succumb to
    King Lion’s fangs.
    King Lion lets out a victorious roar.
    “King Lion rules all warriors!”
    Power wells up from his body. His hunger for battle rises from his skin like the
    stench from blue cheese.
    Both he and the time are ripe. Time for a battlefield of his own making. And 
    he’s got a few people to settle some scores with.
    Gordon Bowman, Joker, Gozu, Mezu, Chun Pai Woo.
    And even Syo Hayate.
    “Your blood will adorn my rebirth. The Battle of the Beast Gods awaits!”
    Origin: Agressors of Dark Kombat
    Description: Well, I guess she is some random foreign school girl (who happens 
    to be wearing one of those skimpy Catholic school girl outfits for all you 
    special pervs out there!) who wields a backpack as her main weapon. Errrr…
    .yeah. Her boyfriend is Jo Kusanagi (no relation to Kyo, as far as I know), 
    who is the main character of Agressors of Dark Kombat. 
    - “It’s like, ‘She rules! High School Chick Wins! Battle Coliseum Babe, 
    - “Oh, no! Mail from Naska! Oh, no! I promised we’d go shopping together!”
    - “I’m bathed in the rainbow. The city’s my paradise. What? You don’t know this 
    - “Tough luck! I’m no ordinary hotsy-totsy chicken-poo!”
    vs. Mai: “Birds of a feather, you know? So tell me honestly…. Do you really love
    vs. Fuuma: “Call me ‘cutey-pie’ will you? I’m no kid, you know! Don’t make fun 
                of me!”
    vs. Kisarah: “I said don’t copy me! Next time you do, you’re gonna be hurtin’!”
    vs. Marco: “No matter how cute I am, you shouldn’t let civilians win!”
    “Hey, hold on there! Only a weenie runs away now!”
    The man named Goodman cackles an audacious laugh and disappears.
    Kisarah becomes aware of the fact that a strange aura concomitantly shrouds the 
    coliseum exterior.
    “Ah, ah, tch, tch…. Hey, hold it, WAREZ!”
    Of course Kisarah catches on quickly.
    The owner of the scolding voice with the megaphone cannot be mistaken, it’s….
    “Are you listening to me, WAREZ wankers! I know you’re up to no good behind that
    corporate facade of yours! Even if the police won’t do anything, I’m nowhere 
    near letting you off the hook!”
    “Know this, that starting now, the ‘Motomaki’s Red Panther’ Jo Kusanagi and 
    Kanto’s Force of 2000 will crush you.”
    Jo’s speech is brought to an end with one of Kisarah’s forceful embraces. The 
    prickly thing here is 2000 soldiers are wondering where to look for the duration
    of the subsequent 10 minutes of koochie-koo.
    “I’ll never let you go, Jo. From now ‘till forever, you’re with me!”
    Origin: The King of Fighters ‘94
    Description: Main character of the King of Fighters series, descendant of the
    legendary Kusanagi clan, wielder of the deadly crimson flame which so many evil
    organizations have been trying to harness. Oh yeah, he also has to worry about
    Iori trying to slice up his ass around any given corner. He has a girlfriend
    called Yuki which I REPEAT is NOT the same Yuki you see in this game. 
    - “Hey, hey! Is that all you got? When do things get interesting?”
    - “That’s the stuff! Come to the next festival, I’ll show no mercy!”
    - “When does this punk parade end? Don’t waste my time with these!”
    - “You’re quite a unique group! You all burn in your own way.”
    vs. Yuki: “You only look and talk tough. But brats like you can’t put one over 
    vs. Ai: “You…are really in the wrong place.”
    vs. Iori: “Thought you could beat me in a different venue, did you?”
    vs. Mudman: “…You’re a unique character. When I see freaks like you, it makes me
                 wax poetic.”
    (Author’s note: Wax poetic? That boggles my mind too much for words…. DAYUM! 
    “He got away….”
    Kyo mutters, blowing out the flames that flicker from his fingertips.
    After the mysterious Goodman vanished, it seems no one else remains. He’s seen 
    this type of megalomaniac and this type of routine before.
    “Well, I guess I should be happy he didn’t blow himself up like someone I know.”
    Dawn’s rosy fingers pierce the dark and gloomy coliseum interior.
    Singe marks become evident as the sunlight illuminates his clothing. Who was the
    user of flames 
    who held Kyo at bay? What’s WAREZ’s true objective? And just who is this 
    enigmatic Goodman?
    But before that….
    “How do I get home from here?”
    Doing a 360 reveals nothing but horizon. He’s surrounded by nothing but 
    wasteland outside the stadium, as far as the eye can see.
    (Sorry, Yuki. Looks like I’ll be late again.)
    Origin: Art of Fighting
    Description: A fairly old herb doctor who wears a monkey mask and hides some
    metal claws behind his hands. Yeah, he is as bizarre as you just read. He is
    also incredibly agile for his old age, and has a pretty annoying voice. He was
    apparently the director of the Southtown prison in the first Art of Fighting, 
    but I guess that job dropped pretty quick in Art of Fighting 2, where he 
    discovered the cure for HEMORRHOIDS (true story)!
    - “Strength is not power. It’s speed and jabbing. I think you got the picture.”
    - “Hyah, hyah, hyah. Younguns these days are all slackers!”
    - “Hyah, hyah! The merits of age! The merits of age!”
    - “Losing against a fossil like me? You really do lack talent. Hyah, hyah, 
    vs. Mr. Karate/Robert: “My, my. If that’s all you’re capable of, Takuma can’t 
                            retire yet.”
    vs. Rock/K’: “You punk kid! Fighting’s a noble pursuit, but try reading a book 
                  or two!”
    vs. Lee: “Hyoh! Hyoh! You must be a spy from the local drugstore, eh?”
    vs. Geese: “You’re getting old, pal. You should hang it up!”
    With Lee Pailong’s White Lion Dash, he has guaranteed the safety of his family 
    and White Dragon formula.
    But the benefits from the Battle Coliseum did not only end there.
    The nearly 70-year-old Lee has become a sought-after celebrity for beating out 
    all contestants.
    His secret to health and longevity has caused quite a coup at his shop where the
    mysterious Chinese medicine is sold. The Lee family is ecstatic about this.
    A strange visitor drops by the prosperous shop.
    “Do you have anything for a backache?”
    The figure sports a Japanese goblin’s mask.
    “…What’s going on, Takuma?”
    “What makes you say that?! I’m the one and only Mr. Karate! There’s no Takuma 
    Sakazaki here.”
    So ends another uneventful day with the Lee family. 
    Origin: Fatal Fury 2
    Description: Bar none, the most popular female SNK character, mostly thanks to
    her clevage and incredible breast size (boobies sell, gents!). On the other 
    hand, most people grow tired of her constant pursuit to get Andy Bogard to tie
    the knot (not even some baby scares could reel him in). Anyway, this Shiranui 
    ninja is quite the bombshell, and pretty damn effective, too, so I guess that 
    should be enough….
    - “Charming flames on a night sea, that is the Shiranui. Can you dig it, baby?”
    - “I did it, Andy! I know it’s your love that led me to victory!”
    - “I got to believe it! If I keep on winning, I know Andy’ll come and cheer me 
    - “Wow! You rival my strength! You must be Japan’s no. 2!”
    vs. Hanzou/Fuuma: “You pseudo-ninja! A true ninja’s a shadow, stoic, and…. Uh, 
                       well, bite my tongue!”
    vs. Shiki/Shermie: “That is one racy outfit! You’d be a lot more appealing if 
                        you covered up a bit more.”
    vs. Tung/Mr.Big: “That’s quite a shiny scalp. (Maybe someday, Andy…? Nah.)
    vs. Chonrei/Chonshu: “So you’re the big brother? Or are you the kid brother?”
    “How about it, Andy?! Are you ready to say…. ‘Uncle’?”
    Having dominated the Battle Coliseum, all that meets the elated Mai are the 
    gloomy faces of Andy’s disciples.
    “Hey, kiddies, I’m back, so just where is Andy?!”
    As she grabs a disciple by the neck and spins him around he says shakily, “Terry
    and Joe came and Andy just said, ‘Keep an eye on the gym for a while’.”
    “Those two again, huh…? KOF’s that important, is it?”
    No way a disciple is going to say, “Of course it’s that important”. “For a 
    fighter it’s THE event!” 
    All of them fall silent, as if at a wake or a funeral.
    “Hey, you! Call up Mary and King! And I mean chop, chop!”
    “Uh, right. What for?”
    “Want me to spell it out for you?! I’m entering KOF, too, and I’ll make sure 
    Andy knows the power of love.”
    No way a disciple’s going to retort, “I’d hardly call it ‘power of love’.”
    Origin: Metal Slug
    Description: A Lieutenant of the PF (stands for Peregrine Falcons) squad, Marco
    is one dedicated soldier who has been slaughtering hundreds of rebels, aliens, 
    and whatever enemy artillery he finds in his path for years now. Pretty much 
    the only character in Metal Slug who has appeared in all the games, and thus 
    could be considered the main character of that series. This time we see him in 
    his first fighting game incarnation, with some of his trademark weapons thrown 
    in, including the infamous Metal Slug itself!
    - “Ha, ha, haah! Do you read me, Tarma? I did some nice work today!”
    - “Ouch! Guess I can’t get through this without a scratch….”
    - “Yahoo! Did you see that, Fio? What a wild combo that was!”
    - “Oh, poopy-plops! I spent way too much time on this silly enemy!”
    vs. Yuki: “Wow! What kinda gimmick’s that? That bracelet there!”
    vs. Cyber Woo: “Hey, hey, hey! You’ll never be a Slug with equipment like that!”
    vs. Mars People: “Bullseyes! Your plan’s end with me!”
    vs. Hanzou/Fuuma: “What’s going on here? A ninja? …A real ninja?”
    “OK, now, Fio!? Send in the airborne!” “Roger!” “Tarma, send in the ground 
    forces. I leave the timing up to you.” “Yes, sir.”
    With the end to Marco’s operations, the waiting PF squad swarms into the 
    WAREZ, its’ leader gone, is unable to act systematically, and appears to be 
    devoting its’ efforts to destroying important evidence.
    But within the water-tight encirclement, General Morden is nowhere to be found.
    The operation ends in partial success, and in partial failure.
    The results, however, are not small.
    Many secret documents incriminating members of the government and revealing a 
    variety of dirty dealings are found.
    If they take the investigations to their next step, the subsequent activities of
    WAREZ are sure to be severely limited.
    20:30. Mission complete. The PF squad led by Marco kicks back for a brief 
    Origin: Metal Slug 2
    Description: A bizarre octopus-like creature, member of a pretty vast army of 
    Martians determined to conquer Earth, and has appeared in several Metal Slug 
    games. This is actually this little Martian’s second fighting game appearance, 
    after the ill-fated SNK vs. Capcom Chaos. Fortunately for us, this time around, 
    SNK has decided to throw in some translations for all his beep and bleeps and 
    - “BEEPA DEE DOO! BOBA BAPOPEEPOO! (Punk…. Attack strength: 352)”
    - “PO PO PEE PEE! PA PO POO! (This’s one tough earthling! He’s freakin’ 
    - “PO PEE POO POO PAH! (This guy’s strength is way off the charts!)”
    - “PAH PO PO! PEE PEE POO POO! (Attack strength: 1250?! This guy’s one tough 
    vs. Marco: “PEE PEE PEE PEE PEE PEE! (Danger! Prepare for earthling attack!)”
    vs. Mudman: “PAH PO PO PEE PO! (Earthling understanding required. Seize this 
    vs. Tung: “POH…. (Awesome! What beauty!)”
    vs. Mr. Big: “PEE HEE HEE…. (This one’s…hot!)”
    (Author’s note: Huh?! Since when did the little green dude have a thing for 
    bald dudes? And with all those tentacles………………NO!)
    The Martian who defeated Goodman infiltrates WAREZ’s communication center 
    adjoining the coliseum. Along with land lines, the station has the latest 
    communication facilities for satellite and interstellar communications.
    There is no one here foolish enough to oppose a Battle Coliseum victor. The 
    staff opt to eyeball the alien from a guarded distance.
    “Beep…ah bee bee…beedabop. (So this must be the link to Mars.)”
    A console tweak brings a swift answer.
    “Beep-ah-deep-ah-doo! Boop gloop!! (This is Mars Central, you say you’re an 
    abandoned commando? Come again, over.)”
    His pulse races as he hears his mother tongue’s mellifluous tones.
    Three days after the Battle Coliseum, this Mars person can be found working at 
    an eatery in Osaka’s Suita City.
    “Hey, Marpy, got a ramen order for you. Okita, on Second Street.”
    “Bibbidy-boop! (Gotcha, Boss!)”
    Why isn’t this alien back on Mars?
    “Bibbidy-doo-wop, doo-wop! (You can’t get ramen like the old man’s on Mars, can
    ‘Nuff said.
    MR. BIG
    Origin: Art of Fighting
    Description: A pretty important crime lord in Southtown, Mr. Big was the right-
    hand man to Geese Howard for quite some time…until Big decided it was his time 
    to shine, and is determined to become the no. 1 in Southown at all costs. The 
    dual-baton wielder decides to take this chance to take out Geese and occupy his
    rightful place as the ruler of Southtown (along with his possee of hoes!).
    - “I’m quite the ambitious one. There’s no way winning this competition will 
       satisfy me.”
    - “Nice fight. If you want a bouncing job, I just might hire you.”
    - “They call me, Mr. Big. That’s B-I-G! Burn it into your memory!”
    - “That’s one fine way of losing. It would fit perfectly with a blues 
    vs. Mr. Karate: “Kyokugen Karate’s not what it used to be. Ashamed are you? 
                     Then go cry home to Papa Takuma!”
    vs. Yuki: “That’s why kids are dangerous. They don’t know their ability until 
               they get slapped around.”
    vs. Robert: “You really are a pest. I already returned Takuma’s daughter to you,
                 didn’t I?”
    vs. Geese: “Southtown is mine! And you’re leaving it!”
    Winning the Battle Coliseum, Mr. Big has increased his say in the syndicate and 
    with this inertia begun to drive WAREZ out of Southtown.
    His legal and illegal methods have forced WAREZ to effect one pull-out after 
    another as planned.
    Many had not viewed WAREZ’s virtual domination favorably, and even many in the 
    community applaud this as a real coup.
    “Boss, your rep sure is on the rise recently.”
    “Of course it is. Heh, heh, heh.”
    “Boss, I got a request for a TV interview on the phone.”
    “And this magazine has your picture on the cover.”
    Satisfied with his cronies reports, Mr. Big takes a drag from his cigar.
    “Ha, ha, ha…. Looks like Lady Luck’s finally smiling on me.” “What’s next on the
    agenda, Boss?” 
    “Hold your horses, let me see. To start with…. How about winning KOF? If we can
    use Geese and Krauser to our advantage….”
    Origin: Art of Fighting
    Description: The title of ‘Mr. Karate’ is usually given to the ultimate master
    of Kyokugenryuu Karate, although it isn’t hard to discern that THIS Mr. Karate
    is none other than a seasoned version of Ryo Sakazaki, who departs from the 
    ‘goofy’ formula that his father, Takuma Sakazaki, imposed with his version of
    Mr. Karate (even without the ‘tengu’ mask). Anyway, Mr. Karate/Ryo is basically
    just Ryo with a tad bit of Takuma thrown in there. It is important to note that
    this is not the first time we see Ryo as Mr. Karate. It has happened twice 
    before: Buriki One and Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition (which would technically make
    this his first 2D game appearance).
    - “I got one up on you. If you want to get even, let me know. I’ll be waiting.”
    - “I wanted to be easy on you, but I just couldn’t do it. Mr. Karate I would 
       chew me out.”
    - “Do not fight your opponent. The battle is with yourself! That’s what karate’s
       all about!”
    - “That is your limit. This battle has taught you: The true power of martial 
    vs. Robert: “You’re off your game, Robert. If that’s all you got, Yuri will 
                 never accept you.”
    vs. Akari: “Stand if you’re a man, boy! …Huh? Are you a chick! Sometimes I’m so 
    vs. Washizuka/Kaede/Haohmaru/Genjuro/Moriya: “What was that all about? Is that 
                                                  blade just for show?”
    vs. Yuki: “You got talent but no polish. Come to my gym and I’ll forge you into
               a real fighter.”
    (Author’s note: Un-FC? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Freakin’ Cunt?
    Feastin’ Couch? Fire Crotch?)
    The media has reported to all the world of the full return of the invincible 
    Heart, technique, and body.
    Ryo, having mastered every aspect, has been deemed the ultimate fighter, both in
    name and deed.
    Likewise, he has become the man suitable to bear the title, the title of 
    “Hey, Ryo, the award ceremony’s starting…. Where are you hiding, Ryo?!”
    Both Ryo and Mr. Karate are nowhere to be seen in the coliseum.
    Honor and money are not their objective.
    To be stronger, ever more stronger.
    They are the makers of the way to Kyokugen.
    Origin: The King of Fighters ‘97
    Description: Huh? You mean you don’t remember a Mizuchi from KOF ’97? That’s 
    because Mizuchi is actually an artificial clone of the great Orochi, created by 
    WAREZ. Strangely enough, this Orochi seems to be much more harder than the real 
    Orochi. He also has more animation frames, so to speak. He still keeps the whole
    ‘messiah’ gig going, though.
    - “To die and live is the same. Obtain your soul and choose!”
    - “Lost to illusion, set free by nihilism.”
    - “Let yourself go; melt into nothingness!”
    - “You’re nearing sweet death. Let me administer it.”
    vs. K’: “I must return all, all to what it was….”
    vs. Kyo: “I know of you…. As far as I can remember….”
    vs. Shermie: “…Have you lost it?”
    vs. Mizuchi: “I’m not what I appear to be. Gather! Gather around me…!”
    The biological weapon created by WAREZ has exceeded the strength of its’ 
    The domain of god no mortal should tread. The punishment for such a crime will 
    one day visit all mortals.
    A beckoning voice can be heard emanating deep from Mizuchi’s soul.
    “Return to me.” Who is it?
    “I am you. You are I.” I am…you.
    “Revere me alone.” Revere me alone.
    “Now, return to nothing……” Now, return to nothing……
    The two voices gradually blend into one. It finally unifies into a singular,
    completely unified will.
    The souls of all fighters fill the coliseum. And this may have created an 
    unforeseen by-product.
    Origin: The Last Blade
    Description: A tragic anti-hero from the Last Blade series, Moriya actually 
    trained under the orders of master Gaisei along with Kaede and Yuki, until the 
    day Moriya found his master mortally wounded. Moriya tended to his fallen 
    master, and at that time, Kaede came into scene. Judging by the scene, Kaede had
    assumed Moriya to be the killer of their master, which was not true, but Moriya 
    made no effort to prove him otherwise (Kaede would later find out on his own, 
    though). Moriya cares a lot for Kaede and Yuki, but is adamant against showing 
    his feelings in any shape or fashion (such is the fate of the badasses).
    - “If I ever see you again…I’ll sashimi you!”
    - “Secrets of the Fatal Blade? Teach it to your new friends…your new friends in
    - “Before making a challenge, know what you are made of!”
    - “You are fortunate to die….”
    vs. Kyo: “Kusanagi, you say? …I have heard that name from my Master long ago….”
    vs. Kaede: “We’ll never forgive each other. It’s the way it is…. It’s the way 
                it will be!”
    vs. Moriya: “The enemy is us? You said a mouthful….”
    vs. Cyber Woo: “That’s my ‘Katsura of the Moon’. Its’ blade is indestructible!”
    WAREZ’s database, its’ pride and joy, contains all traditions of humankind.
    But Moriya seeks one thing, namely, the information on closing Hades’ Gate that
    resides herein.
    Apparently, he must search for the “Sealing Maiden” to seal the Gate, and 
    perform the “Sealing Ritual” with the unknown female.
    Not only that, an assassin will be dispatched from Hades in order to stop the 
    ritual, or so legend has it.
    “Hades’ Emissary, is it?”
    With one of WAREZ’s technicians at Moriya’s sword point, he finally draws his 
    blade back.
    Taking part in the Battle Coliseum was not a waste of time.
    What he is now entrusted to do. And that which Kaede must do. It all becomes
    clear here and now.
    Later, Moriya calls on Genbu Okina.
    “I’d like you to pass this on to Kaede. And keep me a secret.”
    Moriya and Kaede walk their own paths. And even should they one day meet, their
    time for working together has long since passed.
    Origin: World Heroes 2
    Description: A pretty looney witch doctor of sorts (hails from New Guinea), 
    Mudman wears a pretty large ceremonial mask (although he wears others for some
    of his supers) and is assisted by some small spiritual helpers…and they all 
    dance. A lot. Certainly one of the more…..’unique’ World Heroes characters, 
    and obviously quite the showstopper in this one, too.
    - “Winning is good. Today, I’ll show you all my mad Mud Dance!”
    - “Oh, Great Earth God Fahfar! I offer this victory to you!”
    - “My Dance of Healing will mend your wounds. It takes two days, though.”
    - “You must train harder. You do it! And be strong like Mudman!”
    vs. Yuki: “You have the look and muscle! If you tried wearing a mask, you’d make
               a fine young man!”
    vs. Genjuro/Iori/Shermie/Geese/Mr. Big/Neo Dio/Goodman: “The gods revealed unto
                                 me that you are an evil one. Repent and be saved!”
    vs. Moriya/Rock: “Your face is far too kind. You should tatoo that puss, and 
                      become a true warrior!”
    vs. Nakoruru: “I smell the spirits in you. Just what creature are you?!”
    (Author’s note: Not just any spirit…. Mudman smells ‘em Teen Spirit!)
    Beyond time, reborn in the present, the holy warrior Mudman’s exploits protect
    Papua New Guinea’s peace.
    “Thank you, Mudman!” “Long live, Mudman!”
    The village swirls in an eddy of joy as the festival for God and Mudman begins.
    The dance encircles Mudman as the night wears on, and dawn follows, then
    continues ‘till night falls again. The villagers, exhausted from dancing, drift
    asleep, one after another. When Mudman is the only one remaining, God speaks
    and bathes the surroundings in a gleaming and holy light.
    “You saved everyone again, Mudman.”
    “Oh God…. I owe it all to thee!”
    “As reward I shall teach you a new dance.”
    “Hyo, hee, hee, I’m so happy!”
    Thus Mudman, learning this new dance from the supreme being, begins to awake the
    villagers sleeping like mud, waking them all with a tap to teach everyone the 
    new dance.
    “I’m tired, Mudman.” “Mudman, please, no more.”
    Two days later, the villagers were finally released from their dance.
    Origin: Samurai Shodown
    Description: Snow maiden of the Ainu way back in the feudal Japan era, 
    although she is officially between ‘dead’ and ‘spirited’, so that means time
    era means squat to her (oh SNK! Always refusin to age your female characters…
    LOL!). She can easily be a spokesperson for Greenpeace since she’s all nutty
    about nature, and also of PETA, considering that she has loads of pet 
    animals (not just her eagle Mamahaha, but she also has a wolf called 
    Shikuruu, that appears mostly in her Bust self in the Samurai Shodown games).
    - “I thank all the Kamui. They bestowed me my victory.”
    - “Please forgive me for injuring you so critically. Care for a bandage?”
    - “The pain you feel…is Mother Earth’s anger.”
    - “Everyone is so strong…. But I must not lose!”
    vs. Kyo/Iori/K’: “Uh, didn’t the bear tell you? Only you can prevent forest 
                      fires; so watch those flames.”
    vs. Haohmaru/Shiki: “I’m glad to meet an old friend. I feel a little out of my 
                         element in these environs.”
    vs. Asura: “W-Why are you…?”
    vs. Mudman: “That’s quite a nice mask. I could make a fine scarecrow to protect 
                 our crops with that.”
    (Author’s note: That Smokey reference…. Who knew Nakoruru was a natural 
    “All of you onlookers, please listen to me!”
    Nakoruru shouts to the crowd. The TV cameras, so abundant during the 
    preliminaries, are absent here.
    But the events of the match are surely being taped somewhere and broadcast to 
    the rest of the world.
    “The mountains, rivers, and forests weep. All good Kamui are grieving. I…I….”
    Nakoruru’s shoulders quiver slightly, and her words stop.
    “Hey, Nakoruru! You gotta FIGHT! For the sake of a peaceful Japan!”
    “We’re rooting for you, honey! Be brave!”
    A few months later.
    The federal government, by popular demand, has forced WAREZ’s development 
    division to curtail all new operations.
    Though spring has left the Kamui Kotan, summer settles in for a brief visit.
    Origin: World Heroes 2
    Description: Depicted as the ‘ultimate being’, no one knows if Neo Dio hails 
    from earth or is actually an alien. Whatever he may be, his body morphs in a 
    semi-liquid fashion ala T-1000 (from the Terminator 2 film), especially growing
    blades out of his elbows. Some say that his character is somewhat based on Dio
    Brando, the main villain from the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga/anime (mostly
    for the WRYYYYYYs he likes to scream out).
    - “Cajole me! Pardon me! Fear me! Ally with me!”
    - “Impudent fool! I am the supreme being from birth! No human am I, no sirree!”
    - “Hmm, hmm. Do not fear me! Swear me your allegiance, and know eternal 
    - “Dio is the ultimate being! The being of the future! Care you not to rival
    vs. K’: “Dio is no washout like you, you clone freak!”
    vs. Hanzou/Fuuma: “Being able to kill you now! Heaven! I’m in heaven! Heaven 
                       likes me! It really does!”
    vs. Neo Dio: “Hmph! Your blood…. Heh, heh! Accept me, Dio! I accept you 
    vs. Nakoruru: “Where’s your Mother Nature now? Nature is for my consumption! I 
                   waste resources for kicks!”
    (Author’s note: Nice Oscar acceptance speech you got there, Neo Dio….)
    “Did you think you lower beings could tame the likes of Dio?!”
    From where Goodman once had stood, WAREZ’s procurement squad begin to close in 
    on Neo Dio for the kill.
    But any attack from the likes of them is no match for Neo Dio.
    Reality rules. The force is easily mowed down like grass, and a mound of corpses
    is quickly created. 
    Any who dare approach a dangerous being like this is bound to perish.
    Consequently, Neo Dio easily takes exits the coliseum, completely free to roam 
    the world.
    “Anything these humans try is futile! All humans would do well to grovel before 
    me, obey, then die!”
    There is no way to stop him.
    The ultimate being is truly free.  
    Origin: Art of Fighting
    Description: The rich friend and rival to Ryo Sakazaki (Huh? Where have I
    heard that before?), who is a master of Kyokugenryuu Karate and drives a
    mighty fine red Porsche. Unlike most other characters in this game, Robert
    does not take his image directly from King of Fighters, but was actually
    revamped and redrawn. He also returns to being a charge-motion character,
    as he was in the days of KOF ’99 and 2000. 
    - “One more served up! I did a dandy job on you!”
    - “Just what do you fear? You can’t beat me with kicks!”
    - “’The Mighty Dragon’? You sure ‘bout that?”
    - “Without danger, there can be no progress.”
    vs. Mr. Karate: “Only your outfit looks tough! ‘Mr.’ doesn’t suit you.”
    vs. Robert: “Ryo and I are Kyokugen! You can’t break up…this double bill!”
    vs. Rock: “You sure got talent, kid. But it’ll be a while before the chick 
               becomes the Phoenix!”
    vs. Lee/Tung: “You really are a Master…. (Takuma will have to retire at 100 to 
                   match your ability!)
    “Are you satisfied now, Robert?”
    “Karman? If it isn’t Karman Cole, is it? You’re a sight for sore eyes.”
    “Yes, it is I, Karman Cole, the special agent who works for the Garcia 
    Karman is a master of self-defense, known as the confidant of Alberto Garcia, 
    Robert’s father and foundation founder.
    “You’ve done this before…. Now that you’ve got it out of your system, you can 
    stop sowing seeds, return home, and begin your rightful duties at the 
    “I’ve told you once before, haven’t I? As you can see, I prefer karate to 
    business. I’ll break free by force if I have to.”
    The two briefly fall silent and fix gazes.
    “…Heh, heh. My how you’ve grown, my little Robert.”
    “I’m not your little Robert. I’m a grown man for crying out loud.”
    Robert Garcia returns to his duties as master of the Kyokugen Karate gym. 
    Whether the gym subsequently succeeded or failed remains uncertain.
    Origin: Garou – Mark of the Wolves
    Description: The new hero to the Fatal Fury series (now renamed Garou), Rock is,
    as you might have guessed, the son of Geese Howard. He hates his old man’s ass 
    because he abandoned his mother and refused to assist her during her illness, 
    which ultimately led her to her death. Then he was taken in and trained by 
    Terry Bogard when Rock witnessed Terry’s final match against Geese (which 
    resulted into yet ANOTHER plunge scene for Geese). Funny thing is, despite all 
    his hatred for his dad, he still uses most of his moves…go figure. I don’t mind,
    since he’s pretty cool, albeit a bit ‘emo’ sometimes.
    - “Tag matches ‘aint so bad. You can really go nuts knowing you got back-up, 
    - “I love life and death battles. Could I just be bonkers?”
    - “Just how many times do I have to win to be champ?”
    - “A phoenix needs wind to fly. A strong wind like you!”
    vs. Terry: “Terry! Like I keep telling you, show me ALL you got!”
    vs. Yuki: “You have unshakable faith. I’m a little jealous.”
    vs. Geese: “My blood…my blood boils! Dude, just who are you?”
    vs. K’: “We do look a little alike. But my battle’s far from over. Unlike you, 
             ya loser!”
    The Battle Coliseum’s victor is neither an invincible dragon nor legendary wolf.
    A new star under age 17 has just kicked all of the hardened veterans’ butts.
    His name, “Rock Howard”.
    “Congratulations, Rock.”
    Terry offers Rock his heartfelt praise, hesitates, then produces a letter.
    “Maximum Mayhem. A notice for another King of Fighters. It’s been almost 10 
    One week later.
    Rock reads over the letter again, one he’s read too often to count, then 
    slams his eyes shut.
    “Okay…. I’ve decided.”
    “Yeah, what’s it going to be?”
    He rises from his chair and replies:
    “Make it two tickets for Second South, will you, Terry?”
    Origin: The King of Fighters ‘97
    Description: This sassy (and quite kinky) female may look all easygoing and
    stuff, but within her runs the blood of an Orochi clan member, cold and
    merciless. Quite an odd choice for a KOF character, but I guess SNK needed
    a grappler pretty bad (and some fanservice to go along with it), so Shermie
    seemed like a reasonable choice. Her special throws now seem to be divided
    into several multi-throws, but I guess it won’t be a problem for grappler
    - “Oh, I’m so sorry. I go a little nuts when people dress badly.”
    - “Yippee! I won again! Hope Yashiro and Chris saw me.”
    - “Your moves got style, but your fashion sense bites. Ever try a personal 
    - “Oh, such excellent tailoring. After my vicious attacks, not even a tear. Ah 
    vs. Kyo/Iori: “Orochi? Never heard of them. Oooh, hoo, hoo, hoo….”
    vs. Hotaru: “Hmm. So that’s a sable? I thought it looked too big to be a 
                 hamster. Ah hah!”
    vs. Mizuchi: “I knew you were a fraud. Your beating is payback for your poor 
    vs. Shermie: “Hope you learned your lesson. Dress up like me again, and you’re 
                  last year’s fashion!”
    “Hoo, that was a sweet workout. Yeah.”
    A parching wind blows through the Coliseum.
    Shermie looks invigorated, her blouse flaps with the breeze, but for some reason
    her bangs do not stir – they don’t even budge.
    “Hey, Shermie, awesome victory!” “Congratulations!” “What, you both came to 
    cheer me on?”
    Naturally, beams the giant Yashiro. The tiny Chris rather more muted.
    “Our concert’s next week, right? Now that you’ve helped promote our ‘CYS’ band
    at such a blockbuster event like this, we’re going to sell out for sure.”
    “…Huh?” “So that means I don’t have to be my usually bossy self.” “What’re you 
    talking about, Yashiro?” 
    “Don’t play stupid with me again. You said you’d make a scene and promote our 
    band at the tournament, right?”
    “…Uh, must’ve slipped my mind.”
    Either Shermie regrets forgetting, or just didn’t care to begin with.
    Only one thing’s certain: Her eyes won’t be giving her away.
    Origin: Samurai Shodown 64
    Description: An assassin of sorts who used to work for a demonic entity known as
    Yuga, but decided to reconsider her role once she became the target for 
    assassination by her own master. Not a woman of many words, Shiki is usually 
    perceived as cold and ruthless, but deep within, a spec of love still shines 
    - “…It’s over.”
    - “What a slacker.”
    - “That was quick….”
    - “Someone’s passed.”
    vs. Haohmaru: “I have found you….”
    vs. Iori: “You continue your quest…. But it has no end….”
    vs. Asura: “Y-You’re….”
    vs. Shiki: “You can’t vex me…. I am what I am….”
    Shiki reaches a rundown temple at night.
    The din of the coliseum gone, here only chirping insects disturb the air.
    “…I’m back, aren’t I?”
    Released from WAREZ’s spell, Shiki is back in her own world. Not that this fazes
    The insect’s chirping stops, and Shiki can hear a baby crying. The baby has been
    left within the crumbling walls of the main temple.
    Shiki takes up the baby in her arms.
    “Well, let’s go…. Back to Yuga.”
    The baby stops crying.
    Its’ small hand clenches Shiki’s finger, its’ small eyes peer into Shiki’s. Then
    the baby laughs.
    Shiki freezes. The chirping of insects fill the silence of the grounds again.
    The midmonth moon dyes the landscape blue.
    The following day a baby is found on the porch of a wealthy farmer, tenderly 
    swaddled in a soft, purple cloth.
    Origin: Fatal Fury
    Description: The first SNK poster boy, Terry ‘Lone Wolf’ Bogard has been a 
    milestone for the company since the beginning and refuses to step down. You 
    might have known him as the empathetic orphan who wished to avenge his father’s
    (Jeff Bogard) death at the hands of Geese Howard, but you might also know him 
    for his traditional baseball cap and Converse sneakers (some people call that
    outfit the “pizza boy”). Unfortunately for you, Terry has adopted the Garou 
    look for this game (shorter hair and brown leather jacket), I guess to fit in
    with the other Garou characters. Oh yeah, he is also a wonderful speaker of
    - “What a sweet victory! Next time we meet, it’ll be a long, hot battle!”
    - “Clear my way to Victory Road! Have you already forgotten just who won here?”
    - “Things are really heating up. I’d like to do some cooling down at the ol’ Pao
       Pao Café!”
    - “Stand up! Hey, you listening? Stand if you’re a real warrior!”
    vs. Ai: “You’re totally cute! …You and Rock would make a nice couple, I think.”
    vs. Rock: “Yes! Sorry, Rock! You going to be the one on cleaning detail next 
    vs. Akari/Mudman: “You are too tricky! You need to master the basics!”
    vs. Washizuka: “Nine wild wolves? Shinsen-gumi? So you’re a wolf like me, eh?”
    The Battle Coliseum has been acknowledged as the biggest tournament without 
    And the honor of victory, as speculated, has been graced upon Terry Bogard.
    “Man, that guy just gets tougher and tougher. What’s your take on it, Abel?”
    “…Damn tough.”
    “Hmph. You don’t mince words, do you?”
    These two have watched the proceedings on TV, evaluating Terry’s performance. 
    They’re probably the mightiest strong men Second South now has to offer these 
    “About that upcoming fight tournament, have you received Bogard’s response yet?”
    “Nope. But don’t sweat it, Kain. That guy will enter for sure.”
    “…I guess so.”
    The figure of Rock Howard appears on TV now, too.
    Kain smiles wryly as he watches the two behave like father and son, perhaps like
    brothers, even.
    Origin: Fatal Fury
    Description: This wily old man is no other than the master of both Jeff Bogard
    (Terry and Andy Bogard’s father) and Geese Howard, although his senility shows
    a lot these days. However, inside his body, lurks the gigantic power of a
    towering behemoth that can unleash devastating attacks (in fact, in the first
    Fatal Fury, Tung could actually MORPH into that giant once he’s lost a certain
    amount of energy. Pretty scary!). Tung wants to make one final run to show all
    youngsters what he’s made of!
    - “Yee-ouch! I pinched a nerve…. I can easily beat my foes…but I can’t win 
       against aging.”
    - “Hmph. If I did this well, I got another decade in me!”
    - “Man, I’m getting old – struggling with losers like you!”
    - “When it comes to experience, I rule! You punk kid!”
    vs. Yuki: “Woh, ho, ho. Young man, you’re just like a young me! …Hey, why the 
               stink eye?”
    vs. Rock: “Such moves at your age…. An exceptional talent! I’ve seen your stuff 
    vs. Geese: “Your evil and ambition rages. But finally, here and now, I’m going 
                to sing your requiem!”
    vs. Kisarah: “Hey, there! If you’re going to fight, turn off your cell phone!”
    (Author’s note: That first quote sounds exactly like one from Chin Gentsai in
    KOF ’98)
    The winner, Tung Fu Rue.
    Rue’s ability is known far and wide, but none here thought he had the stuff to 
    win the Battle Coliseum, and they cannot hide their surprise.
    “Letting a geezer like that win is a sad commentary on kids today….”
    The astonishing Master Tung. His powers never ebb, and his moniker of “The Holy 
    Fist” is well-deserved.
    Words of praise greet him around town, congratulatory telegrams and gifts sent.
    Surrounded by mounds of gifts and guests, Tung Fu Rue smiles at his good 
    fortune. The likes of Andy Bogard are even counted among Master Tung’s 
    Tung stands to address his guests, taking a position before them all.
    “So, just who are all of you?”
    “By the way, is the meal ready yet?”
    “Master, we just ate.”
    “Is that so? So when’s the next one…?”
    Origin: The Last Blade
    Description: Washizuka is a unit leader of the famed Shinsengumi unit, a special
    forces group in charge of handling and dealing with important political tasks in
    the Bakumatsu era. As such, the Shinsengumi is prone to lose quite a few members
    due to the natural peril that is implicit with the unit, so naturally Washizuka
    comes out as a bit ‘bitter’ and stuff. If you think you’ve seen him before, it’s
    likely: the character is based almost directly on Saito Hajime, from the Rurouni
    Kenshin manga/anime.
    - “That was awesome! That’s the way to end a fight!”
    - “Ooh, that’s gotta hurt! Let me assist your harakiri….”
    - “I don’t care if you loathe me. That’s the way it must be! This blade decides 
       the future!”
    - “I can’t let a spy like you return home alive…. Forgive me! That’s how it’s 
       gotta be.”
    vs. Terry/Robert/Rock/Geese/Marco: “I’m Washizuka of Shinsen-gumi! I am the one 
                                        to rid Japan of its’ foreign scourge!”
    vs. Ai/Mai/Akari/Shiki/Shermie/Chonrei/Hotaru/Nakoruru/Athena/Kisarah/Chonshu:
                     “If my loyalty’s questioned, even women and kids shall pay!”
    vs. Hanzou: “Master Hattori? The Bakufu’s head enforcer? Forgive my 
    vs. Washizuka: “What tragedy is this?! Infiltrated by a spy?”
    “Recreant, running away like that.”
    All those related to WAREZ have slithered back into their holes.
    Keiichiro Washizuka meets no resistance.
    “With the shogunate weak and in chaos, scum like that is bound to run rampant.”
    Washizuka searches around the coliseum – hoping it will yield some clues. But no
    materials regarding Hell’s Gate are to be found here.
    “Hey, you there. Can you help me out?”
    As he tires of his search, the errant samurai finds a face; it’s peeking out
    from a barred window of a room built as a holding cell. The grubby figure with
    disheveled hair offers him an affable smile.
    Washizuka doubles back to the vacant observation room to free the captive.
    “Wow, you saved my bacon. I was really in one tight pickle.”
    After relating his story, Washizuka finally realizes the man’s identity. He’s a 
    renegade from the Tosa clan, attached to the naval academy.
    Three years after these two met, the 15th shogun was to accede his power to the 
    (Author’s note: Saved his bacon? Must be saving that for a quarter pounder, I 
    Origin: None (Neo Geo Battle Coliseum original character)
    Description: The main character of this game, Yuki is yet another NGBC-exclusive
    character, and at the same time, works as a living cameo of past SNK games. Just
    like Ai, Yuki seems to be some secret agent who is working undercover to dissect
    WAREZ from the inside. He seems to draw a lot of power from those huge bracelets
    of his….
    - “My legend begins here!”
    - “If you’re not into it, it’s not a real battle!”
    - “I’ll make new worlds!”
    - “You’re just a juggling monkey!”
    vs. Haohmaru/Genjuro/Nakoruru: “What will fly? The blade or the blood?”
    vs. Ai: “You really should’ve teamed up with me. …I know you love me.”
    vs. Hanzou/Fuuma/Mudman: “God is in my fists!”
    vs. Geese: “It’s curtains…. Geese!”
    Yuki’s mission is accomplished: He’s operating covertly in WAREZ.
    But the tournament operatives department is just an empty room now.
    The man known as Goodman has deleted all of the data, and his true identity will
    apparently remain a secret.
    “This isn’t the end of it….”
    Yuki knows the score. He’s surely got more tricks up his sleeve. Tricks he’ll be
    facing again soon.
    The sun sets as he crosses the giant coliseum. Yuki’s battle has just begun.
    In this section, you will get the full detail on the cinemas that occur prior 
    and after each boss battle you can be subject to when time runs up in Arcade 
    Play mode. As you may know, there are different specifications to meet each 
    boss, the easiest one being Mizuchi (you just have to fail to gather any of
    the requirements listed below). Most battles take place within the confinements
    of the coliseum, but Goodman’s battle seems to take place in a slightly 
    different venue (looks like a marble hall surroundedby pillars). The steps are:
    - For King Lion: 
    * Win 6 battles or more
    * Don’t use ANY Double Assault moves
    * Use only one Bonus Service option
    * You can only continue once
    - For Neo Dio:
    * Win 6 battles or more
    * Connect 4 or more Double Assault moves
    * Use only two Bonus Service options
    * You must NOT continue
    - For Goodman:
    * Win 8 battles or more
    * Connect 6 or more Double Assault moves
    * You must NOT use any Bonus Service option
    * You must NOT continue
    * The combined energy of both of your fighters must be at least one full bar
    (A glob of light shines intermitently as a heartbeat is heard)
    Mizuchi: “Why? Why have you come here?”
    (Light covers the screen. Camera pans up to cover Mizuchi’s upper body, as his 
    chest marks shine)
    Mizuchi: “My name is, Mizuchi.”
    (Both hands slowly raise, leaving afterimages beneath them)
    Mizuchi: “You mortals are destined to die…. I’ll send your souls back to Gaia….”
    (Far away shot of Mizuchi with his hands now raised)
    Mizuchi: “So…. Let’s return to nothingness.”
    (Mizuchi is shown shriveled up and almost dry to the bones) 
    Mizuchi falls to the ground; his knees bang against the coliseum’s stone floor.
    Appearing to be human, he is anything but. He’s the World’s Will, made by human 
    His body is rapidly falling apart. His heartbeat pulsates irregularly. His skin
    withers like an old hag’s. 
    Torrents of blood burst from ruptured veins, producing a nauseatingly sweet 
    The synthetic life provided by WAREZ reaches its’ terrible terminus.
    “Congratulations on your victory. Time for the awards ceremony now, so….”
    The man gives him an officious look as he draws near for further inquiry. He is 
    amere emcee employed by WAREZ. He knows nothing of the reality behind this 
    Battle Coliseum event. Only one thing is clear now.
    The battle with Mizuchi was not the ‘true’ climax.
    Only the one who is the most superior will be able to face the true enemy.
    March 2017, by the New Japan Calendar. The Battle Coliseum is over. …At least 
    for now.
    (Goodman’s silhouette appears)
    (Walls of the coliseum are shown, as the camera slowly pans up)
    King Lion: “I’ve been waiting for you, mighty ones! This battle will not be 
                another arrow in WAREZ’s quiver.”
    (Gradual zoom-in to King Lion standing atop the wall, as thunder lights the 
    red sky)
    King Lion: “For a courageous fighter like you, only the bravest of the brave 
                will do.”
    (Zoom-in to King Lion’s upper half of his body)
    King Lion: “You got it, oh, perceptive one….”
    (Lightning strikes behind King Lion, as his eyes shine red)
    King Lion: “Me, the ‘True King’, like a Lion that is!!!”
    (King Lion is shown down on one knee, grabbing his side, blood pouring down his 
    “It can’t be…. My body….”
    The athlete thudding onto the pavement is the one and only King Lion, who never 
    doubted he’d be victorious.
    Given all his training. Given his ever-so conditioned body, he’s just a man – 
    neither invincible nor immortal.
    Only King Lion, he and he alone, not once tried to accept this fact.
    “It can’t be. I won’t accept this…! I am far stronger than this!”
    King Lion uses his sword as a cane, manages to stand and lurch to the exit.
    “I can’t die yet…. I will not die!”
    His body damaged beyond excess is showing signs of rejecting the medication he’s
    been taking.
    The bones in his body creak and his muscles scream as he becomes faint. What 
    keeps him from succumbing is his singular pride in the fact that he’s the one
    and only King Lion.
    “All of you…will be summoned…to my ‘Beast God Battle Competition’.”
    So intones the proud King Lion.
    “Mark this Mighty Ones! Until then…. I will heal my wounds and await you.”
    (Goodman’s silhouette appears)
    -NEO DIO-
    (Coliseum gates open)
    Neo Dio: “Pathetic…. Pathetic, pathetic!!! So pathetic!”
    (Camera zooms inside to the statue of an old man)
    Neo Dio: “You’re not worth the space you take.”
    (The statue suddenly gets slashed in half)
    Neo Dio: “At least you can discover your worth of your existence as my hearty
    (Camera zooms in closer to see Neo Dio’s silhouette standing behind the fallen 
    Neo Dio: “This ultimate living being…”
    (Neo Dio’s eyes glow white)
    Neo Dio: “…offers you the glory of becoming Dio’s flesh and blood.”
    (Neo Dio is shown melting away in despair)
    “Un-Unbelievable!I…. The ultimate being. I’ve…. Gaaaah!”
    The death cries of Neo Dio reverberate off the coliseum’s stone walls.
    Neo Dio who has hidden in the earth is no longer the ultimate being.
    He neither accepts his defeat nor his oncoming death. His is a tragic and 
    incomplete fate. It’s as if…he were but a mere mortal.
    “This trash…this scum…has….”
    Even while he turns into a glob of protein, his curses are without end. The
    rebukes keep coming.
    “Insects! Dregs!!! You inferior scum!”. Even though the spectators ignore him, 
    his cursing screams are without end.
    Thus ends the Battle Coliseum, Neo Dio returns to nothing.
    But as long as evil mortals walk, the second or third coming of Neo Dio is sure 
    to visit the world again. If anything is certain…it is that. Because WAREZ is 
    still in business.
    (Goodman’s silhouette appears)
    (Purple line appears in the middle of the screen. It happens to be Goodman’s 
    whip stretched between his hands)
    Goodman: “Welcome…renowned coliseum victor! We here at WAREZ… …from the bottom 
              of our hearts….”
    (Goodman’s whip sets on fire as he opens his eyes)
    Goodman: “…Welcome you!!!”
    (Camera pans up to see Goodman accompanied by his monkey-spirit-thing)
    Goodman: “…My name, you ask? Hmph…. Did I forget to mention it? Well, then, do
    me the favor of calling me…. ‘Goodman’. ‘Goodman’, ah, that is good…. Hoo, hoo,
    ho. A perfect name for me if I do say so. I bet you think so too, don’t you? 
    Well then…are we all set here…? So, the time has finally arrived…. Time to 
    finally use some Sun Tzu!”
    (Goodman’s gorilla-thingy roars as the screen turns white)
    (Goodman is seen being thrusted to the ground)
    Goodman: “Umph…….”
    (Camera pans up as Goodman holds his head in pain, and his whip vanishes)
    Goodman: “You really do have the stuff…. I got to hand it to you…. You’re too 
              much for me.”
    (Goodman lowers his hand, revealing an evil smirk)
    Goodman: “In my present form, that is.”
    (Goodman looks over his shoulder as he turns his back to the screen)
    Goodman: “I thank you for your ‘assistance’. I’ll be looking forward to it! To 
              our ‘next little meeting’, that is. Hoo, hoo, ho…. Wah, ha, ha, 
    (Goodman’s gorilla pet roars and the screen turns white)
    Well, that’s a wrap, fellas! Not too many acknowledgements, but here they are, 
    1.- SNK/Playmore
    For creating a wonderful game that is EONS above the SNK vs. Capcom Chaos 
    fiasco. With this game and King of Fighters XI, they just might be getting 
    their act straight again!
    2.- Tel
    For his boss requirements, which I took from his FAQ. By the way, I strongly 
    suggest you read his FAQ for some good pointers and overall good info.
    3.- You
    For reading this proverbial piece of crap. I hate you guys. HATE YOUUUUUUUUUUU!
    Nah, I appreciate your time and effort in reading this stuff.

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