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    Mai by taraction

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/10/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Hello, and welcome to the Mai:
           888b    888  .d8888b.  888888b.    .d8888b.  
           8888b   888 d88P  Y88b 888  "88b  d88P  Y88b 
           88888b  888 888    888 888  .88P  888    888 
           888Y88b 888 888        8888888K.  888        
           888 Y88b888 888  88888 888  "Y88b 888        
           888  Y88888 888    888 888    888 888    888 
           888   Y8888 Y88b  d88P 888   d88P Y88b  d88P 
           888    Y888  "Y8888P88 8888888P"   "Y8888P"  
    NeoGeo Battle Coliseum: Triad Showdown XIVIVVXIVIXVXII Edition FAQ!
    Table of Contents: 
    i.  Game Introduction/Thoughts
    ii.  Character Introduction
    iii.  General Strategy
    iv.  Normal Moves
    v.  Special Moves/Supers
    vi.  Notable Properties/Miscellaneous/Throws
    vii.  COMBOX
    viii.  Advanced Strategy and Matchups
    ix.  Closing/About the Author
    Ver. 1.2, 6/10/10: And here we are, almost two years later. This game is
    on the Xbox 360 now as a Live Arcade game (finally), so I've decided to
    look back over this guide and update/correct some things. Wow, I was
    really wild with my humor here.
    Ver. 1.1, 7/15/08: Edited for some mistakes. Added some matchups. Added
    several small details and clarifications.
    Ver. 1.0, 7/14/08: Everything (important) is here now. Please forgive all
    of the silliness. Find me on gamefaqs, dustloop, SRK or send an e-mail if
    you have any questions! I added several combos, the butt slam/punch super
    semi-infinite, jumping neutral normals, D. Assault stuff, and also guys:
    B&B means bread and butter, i.e. a common, useful, good combo you should
    do a lot. Have fun.
    Ver. 0.33333333, 7/09/08: Oh whatever, I'll go ahead and upload this.
    Who cares if it's not entirely complete. People need my wit and strats and
    BODY. Maybe not so much the last thing, but yes. I added enough so that
    everything is filled in, but I know there are some things I'm leaving out. 
    Ver. 0.2, 6/04/08: Still not up on gamefaqs, filling out stuff, trying
    not to make too many bad innuendo jokes. Still getting a feel (see I already
    did one) of how I'm going to write a guide for this character, seeing as
    I'm pretty damn RANDOM with her. Also, I'm trying to use standard numerical
    notation rather than using numbers half the time and stuff like "st." and
    "cr." along with it like a DOOFUS. If you're (still) not familiar with
    numerical notation, check your numpad on your keyboard. 2 is down, 6 is
    forward, 4 is back, 8 is up, 5 is neutral, etc.
    Ver. 0.1, 4/03/08: Hi. Purify here, once again going over every nook
    and cranny of a large-breasted woman not wearing pants. It's tough work.
    Just now beginning the guide, not much yet. This one is going to be quite
    different from the Shiki guide, as the two characters play quite differently.
    i.  Game Introduction/Thoughts
    Neo Geo Battle Coliseum (see main faq for game system information), is a 
    little known 2D fighting game with a large cast of all-star SNK characters, 
    using a team dynamic with an old school system reminiscent of early SNK games 
    or Street Fighter. It’s easy to pick up, but there are some things that are 
    very important to understand:
    Guard Cancel Forward Step (GCFS). 66 (or forward > forward) after blocking 
    cancels your blockstun (time spent blocking when you can’t do anything except 
    GCFS or tag counter) and allows you to punish things that are otherwise 
    unpunishable. This is important for Mai and it’s important against Mai, 
    and the same goes for all characters. A+B alone is the Forward Step, AB Step, 
    or what some may refer to as the “roll”, which is an invincible dash that can 
    also cancel normals, greatly reducing recovery frames (some call this lag).  
    The AB Step/GCFS mechanic is enormous. The AB command will also allow safe 
    falls, or tech rolls. Many throws in the game can be tech rolled.
    D. Assaults. There are two big reasons to do these:
    1. Not only do damage, but GREATLY REDUCE RED LIFE. These effectively inflict 
    more damage than anything, technically, since if there is no red life, there 
    is no way to recover your life outside of character specific moves, like 
    Shiki’s level 2 super.
    2. Charges the other character, increasing their attack power. As long as the 
    character’s life bar is flashing, the character is Hyper Charged. Big damage 
    combos do that much more when this is active, and you should expect your 
    opponent to play defensively in its duration when you have it.
    NGBC is a fun game. There is much debate and worry over its balance, but 
    competing at high level with this character is entirely possible, very 
    possible in fact.  Fighting top tier is hard, but such is hard in any 
    fighting game. The game system itself has issues such as gaining meter –all 
    the time- even immediately after supers. Kim effectively gains meter for his 
    B&B’s super during the combo, allowing him to do the series virtually 
    indefinitely. Another issue involves some characters’ throw causing a 
    backturn effect where you can be crossed up in the corner quite ambiguously. 
    These strongly affect the game, but throws can be broken and said crossup has 
    to be in the corner.
    ii.  Character Introduction
    Mai can accommodate a few different play styles. She's good at rushing, decent
    at spacing, has an okay projectile and does a LOT of damage. She has a lot of
    moves, including many, many command normals, and they all serve their own
    purpose. She has many tools available for different situations, and this guide
    will hopefully educate you on said tools and situations. She is by no means a
    "hard" character to play, but some dexterity and patience, as well as taking
    a few risks, is necessary to do well. My main objective with her, as should
    be yours, is to land her level 2 super, and there are a ridiculous amount of
    ways to do just this that I have found.
    I think pro/con lists are silly, but I guess I can do one:
    + High damage.
    + Good speed/mobility.
    + Good D. Assault options.
    + High chip damage possible.
    + Fast dash for use with her:
    + Powerful throw (explained later).
    - Mixup lacking (lows have to be AB step cancelled for combos outside of D.
    Assault, risky overheads).
    - Poor anti air/reversals. The best thing she has to get someone off of her is
    cr.B or a (risky) punch flame super (the pillar of fire).
    - So-so pokes. 5B is nice, similar to Kyo's, but few of her pokes lead to
    - Reliance on meter. Almost all of her combos involve a level 1 or 2. There
    will always be meter in NGBC, but this is something to consider when pairing
    with another character. Something like Mai/Kaede would be a bit ridiculous.
    Is she a good character? Yes, but far from the best. She has two big things
    going for her, damage from her super and throw tricks. Also, BOOBS. I'm sure
    you figured that was coming sooner or later. Mai's chest gives her no tactical
    advantage in-game as far as my research has shown, but thorough (hands on?)
    testing is still in progress.
    Also, Mai does not wear pants. I just thought I'd clear that up.
    iii.  General Strategy
    iv.  Normal Moves
    Far A is a poke. It doesn't combo into anything. Close is fast, combos into
    slide (3B/df+B) for level 1 B&B, which is similar in function to close B.
    Crouching is a crouching version of standing A in function.
    Jump A is largely just...there. Jump down+A (j2A) is her only air normal
    that combos into dive. Jumping neutral A is also not something often used.
    Far is similar to a Kyo far B. Close B looks low, but isn't. Combos into slide
    like close A. Crouch is a low. cr.B > roll > level 2 B&B is really good, but
    Jump B is worthy of its own paragraph.  This move is a knee that cancels into
    things, including j.2D (combos), j.2B (does not combo), air throw (useless),
    level 2 super (nice, but not as much damage and tougher to execute than j.2A >
    dive > super, though its hitbox is better than j.2A's in certain situations.
    If you hit someone air to air with j.B and have a super stocked, DO IT.
    j.2B hits once if higher up, twice if executed on top of their sprite.
    An okay crossup, but low damage and more recovery than j.2D (butt dive).
    6B/forward +B is an interesting normal, there's a section of this guide
    dedicated to this normal. Df+B/3B is the slide. Done alone, it hits low
    once and knocks down on a second hit, which is a mid.  Similar to Ky's
    stun dipper in Guilty Gear, actually. 3B is part of the level 1 B&B. If
    it is combo'd into, you may cancel after the first hit to a special -
    qcb C/214 C if you have meter for level 1 super, qcb B if you don't,
    because the latter is a (techable) knockdown.
    Jupming neutral B is similar in function to forward/back jump B, except
    its hitbox is better for most applications. Good for pressure, granted
    your opponent doesn't guard cancel against whatever you cancel this move
    into! As with forward/back jump B, this can be canceled into level 2 super.
    There are a lot of freaking moves with B.
    Far is a fan slap, can be anti air, somewhat fast. Close is a level 2 B&B
    staple, as well as crouching. Also fast. Meaty crouching C is decent okizeme.
    Given j.2A and j.D's air superiority, jump C's only merit is hitting in
    the area above Mai where j.D/j.2A wouldn't.
    Neutral jump C is air to air when opponent is slightly above you.
    Far is an anti air move, somewhat like Cammy's far RH or something. She
    backs away and makes the upper part of her sprite a hitbox. Close D does
    not have the cancel properties of close C, unfortunately, but seems faster
    than close C to me. Crouch D is Mai's sweep, which is SPECIAL CANCELABLE.
    Dark Geese mentions AB stepping after this to combo into level 2 super in
    his primer, but this is unnecessary.  Forward+B/D counts as a special and
    forward+D cancels into level 2 on whiff. So, the combo is just: 
    Sweep > forward D > level 2. Fast.
    Jump D is main air to air. It's good. Jump D and some other moves in the
    air can cancel to dive and air throw, but will not combo. The only reason
    to cancel to something would be to alter your jump's trajectory to land
    closer/farther/sooner than you normally would. Sounds more useful than it
    is, depending on who you're fighting. 
    Jump down+D or j.2D is the infamous ass dive. Small characters can dodge
    it with a crouch, so be careful. Crosses up easily. Very fast overhead,
    can be done very close to the ground.
    More on forward D elsewhere.
    Neutral jump D can serve as air to air when opponent is slightly below you.
    Tag Counter:
    Unique move, looks like her old KOF far D. Pretty effective, good range,
    moves forward.
    D. Assault: 
    Average/decent D. Assault. Slightly lower stance than some, travels a
    good distance. Use it! Cr.B/2B x2 > D. Assault is a very good way to
    combo into this, but be sure that you're close enough for it to all combo.
    It also has to be executed somewhat quickly.
    v.  Special Moves/Supers
    Fan Projectile, slow and fast:
    236A is a slow fan with more startup and more recovery. However, if done
    as a punish and you know it will hit, you can get immediately jump and
    level 2 super after throwing the fan and it will combo. Also good for
    hitting people out of the air, as it travels slowly and has a large-ish
    236C is the fast version, and is to be used when you need a projectile
    to cover space quickly. Has less recovery than slow fan, but combos off
    of it are impossible. Useful for chip/block damage as someone is tagging
    in with low health to kill them. 
    Big Fan Slap:
    214B/D or qcb B/D. I think that guy who wrote the main faq on gamefaqs
    said this negates projectiles. Well, it doesn't. Actually, it hardly does
    anything useful. Some interesting properties, though, include: 
    - She says EEEEEEEEEeeeeeee when she does it
    - Lots of active frames (potentially a useful anti air, but too much
    - recovery/risk if you whiff it)
    - Techable knockdown
    - B version can be used in combos (like in a meterless B&B)
    - Has a useless super cancel 
    Yeah, you can level 1 super on hit, but why you'd want to is beyond me
    because it doesn't connect. Silly game. They should have given the super
    cancel to the next move listed here, which would have given it at least
    Deadly Ninja Bees/Flying Elbow/Worst Move, -40000 on block:
    41236 B/D or HCF B/D. Okay, this move is terrible. There's no reason
    to use it UNLESS (and even this only in a guaranteed situation):
    You think you can hop over and punish a huge, slow whiffed move or
    low-flying projectile OR move under a move/projectile with the roll
    before the elbow at startup. You may even have to predict the projectile
    you're punishing. If you're gonna do this move, the opponent had better
    be in the air/unable to block for some reason.
    B version goes straight to elbow and doesn't travel as far, D version
    is two hitsup close and travels roughly full screen.
    You can't cancel to anything after hitting with it, either, and it's
    If you could level 2 after hit/block with this, it'd be better, and it
    would make sense since you're airborne...but instead they just left it like
    this. Dunno.
    Flame Spin (I think this is ryu enbu or something, I'm not good with
    Japanese or listening or reading):
    214 A/C, qcb A/C. One of Mai's more useful moves. Both versions give
    you frame advantage.
    A version: Faster, opponent not pushed back at all. No super cancel.
    C version: Two hits, super cancel. Can be canceled to level 1 super
    at two different points: just after the elbow, or just after the flame
    part hits. Of course, you want the flame to hit, but be careful as you
    can do it too late and the super won't combo.
    Hard to punish this move. C version > level 1 super does plenty of
    chip/block damage.
    Vega Wall Jump Stuff (yeah I know, LEARN THE ACTUAL MOVE NAMES PURIFY):
    Charge down, then up+A/C. Hold A/C and she'll go straight to a Flying
    Squirrel Attack, which I just call "dive'. From here, you can do:
    j.2B, j.2D, a dive, level 2 super, air throw or just kinda fly around.
    A good mobility option. 
    Flying Squirrel Attack/dive:
    214 A/C in the air.
    Wow, I actually remembered the name of this one. Very important move,
    as it's one of your main ways into combo-ing into level 2 supers.
    On block, it can be punished with GCFS. To prevent/punish a GCFS, you
    can cancel to level 2. So, amusingly, you can get away with not
    confirming it/being blocked and still hit them out of their guard cancel
    anyway. So, they have to choose between losing half of their life or
    letting you continue pressure.
    For the super cancel: if you see it hit (confirm), do the C version,
    as it will hit more often/in more situations than the A version. If it
    was blocked, then do the A version, which is safer/recovers faster.
    You combo into this from either 6B/D in a combo or after j.2A.
    SUPER DEADLY Ninja Bees (you hear me? SUPER DEADLY)
    2141236 B/D, an SNK rolly thing. 
    A much more usable version of Ninja Bees! This time, your ninja
    bees are flaming and yea, super deadly! This move is pretty good
    for a level 1 super because it:
    - Essential bread and butter combo move if you don't have two levels
    - Does good chip/block damage (granted they don't roll out of it!)
    - Invincible to lows (because she's flying!)
    - Activates fairly quickly
    The B version goes directly to the flaming bees-ness, while the
    D version starts as the D version of Deadly Ninja Bees does with an
    extra hit before the flames. Depending on your combo, one will be
    preferable over the other, but generally you'll use the D version
    in standard level 1 B&Bs.
    Flame Spiral (was a special move in Real Bout)
    236236 A/C. Multi-hit pillar of fire that surrounds Mai and can
    be used for anti air or the butt slam semi-infinite (doesn't that
    sound interesting?). The A version has a lot less recovery/"lag"
    than the C version, so it is preferable to use in almost all
    If the move has a few frames to animate, the flames will come out
    even if Mai is hit. Note that she CAN be hit early enough to stuff
    the move entirely, which will happen if you do it as a late anti
    air or lazy wakeup super, most likely.
    Uses 1 level. Not the most useful super, but it has its place.
    Burning Mai, level 2 super
    236236 A/C in the air. 
    Mai dances around and your head EXPLODES. HYPE. She also sits
    on you and does something...sexy-looking. More incentive to do
    this move!...as if you needed any more. This move is so good,
    I spend at least 16% of my entire day thinking about how good this
    move is. It does so much damage and has such a big explosion, it's
    like a Rambo movie grenade ninja move with dancing and SHADOW MAIS,
    so DO IT.
    Anyway, A version has steep trajectory and is better used on its
    own to punish things like lazy anti airs or whatever else when you're
    in the air and have two levels, which is when your opponent should be
    scared of you (while still in awe of your pantslessness). The A
    version is also better on block than the C version, so use it to
    make a blocked Flying Squirrel dive safe if you expect they will try
    to GCFS to punish the dive. The super will hit them out of the GCFS.
    If they do not guard cancel, worst scenario is that you just wasted
    two meter segments :(
    The combos are listed elsewhere. It is possible to do this move
    WHENEVER airborne, including during whiff/blocked/hit 6D/forward + D. 
    vi.  Notable Properties/Miscellaneous/Throws
    These two moves are interesting.
    6B is considered a ground attack, but can still avoid lows. Many, many things
    can be used to juggle after this, including D. Assault, supers, normals, the
    corner semi-infinite, so on. Its startup is not the fastest, but hopefully
    your opponent attempted to poke with their 2B and it whiffed. Or you get
    hit and die sad face (watch Arby and the Chief on youtube, it's great).
    6B is actually cancelable on the first -and- second hit, notably when used to
    cancel into supers, such as the punch flame super. When you cancel into this
    off of the first hit in the corner, they float higher, giving you more time to
    start slamming them with your butt. I didn't make up the combos, folks.
    Now, when 6B is used in a combo, it functions the same as 6D does in a combo,
    which I should note is also different from standalone 6D. That's the next
    6D is a big, slow move. It's considered airborne, unlike 6B. It can
    cancel to certain things on whiff, I've noticed. Such things are deemed
    Purify cancels. I named them after myself because I want to be like all
    those cool Marvel players that have things named after them, except
    there's most likely other people that already did this. Maybe. Or maybe
    not - it is NGBC after all.
    Whiff 6D > level 2 super. A nasty surprise. Also works on hit.
    Now, on its own, this isn't so powerful, but 2D is cancelable with
    specials and 6D is considered a special, so you can do
    hit 2D > 6D > super for BIG DAMAGE. Previously, people thought I was
    doing this by use of an AB step cancel into TK super, but no, it's not
    nearly that complicated. You merely have to input the series a little fast. 
    Also, a strange property of 6D is that it can cancel into an air throw.
    Unusual, but it has a few uses. Mai pressure can look like this:
    something > 6D > dive (Flying Squirrel), if hits, or if they AB step
    cancel the dive > level 2. 
    Now, you can vary this by delaying the dive, or ending the string early
    by canceling the 6D into said air throw. This is still punishable by most,
    but less so than 6D on its own. If someone tries to throw you after
    recovering from the block stun, you have time to jump out. Fast pokes will
    hit you. Generally, they will not have GCFS'd the 6D because you can cancel
    to dive and hit them.
    So, is the air throw cancel a good idea? Somewhat, sometimes. I still need to
    experiment with it. Lately I've been canceling into C flame spin in pressure
    instead of going for dives, which will lead to a level 1 super. Not as much
    damage, but also considerably safer. Both flame spins are frame advantage,
    though it is possible to punish them. In Coliseum, it's possible to punish
    almost everything unless you're fighting Ryo.
    Lastly, I should mention canceled-into 6D/B, which is the same move.
    The window to cancel this move is fairly large, and you can do a few things
    from here:
    - Level 2 super.
    - Dive.
    - Air throw.
    The first option is available if you're not confident in your ability
    to do the super cancel, I suppose. You could also do it if they were silly
    enough to GCFS the 6D. When you cancel into level 2 supers and you're not
    certain they'll hit, use the A version of the move, which is slightly safer,
    though it flies at a sharper angle and is thus harder to hit with in combos.
    Lol, wow that was a lot of stuff about two normals wasn't it?
    Mai's throws
    Mai's ground throw is one of the throws in the game with a curious
    property to it. Basically, the person that's thrown gets up backwards,
    facing the opposite direction before turning to face you. This allows
    silly crossup options in the corner, and is quite ambiguous, the side
    your attack hitting on depending on how far away/deep your jump is. 
    Mai's dive can hit them in this situation. If they try to blocknormally,
    they will actually be attempting to walk forward, even though their
    character is facing the other direction. In a normal crossup, if you were
    to hold back, your character would actually face towards the corner and
    move in that direction... but in this case, yeah, it's pretty crazy.
    SO THEN, you know what dive super cancels into. Pretty dirty stuff, really,
    and if you use the A version of the super, it's probably not going to be
    punished. At worst, you waste a super. At best, they lose a lot of life.
    It's a good risk to take.
    Mai's AIR throw actually has two versions, depending on the height at
    which you catch them out of the air. Both have the same effect. It is
    possible, though difficult, to grab an opponent on the ground with this
    from the command wall jump. The air throw has a whiff animation.
    A note on dive > super tactics
    As you will recall, dive > super is confirmable, but dive without the
    super is not as safe as doing the super. Tread carefully. If you scare
    them with super  cancels enough, they may stop trying for a dive punish,
    allowing further pressure. Thumbs up, soldier.
    As mentioned, outside of combos, the A version of the super is favored.
    For everything else, there's Mastercard and the C version.
    vii.  COMBOX
    Something > something > SUPER.
    If your combo doesn't have a super in it, it SUCKS.
    Most important combos are the standard level 1/level 2 super combos.
    Level 1: Close C/2C/close A/close B > df+B (slide kick, one hit) > 
    C version flame spin (try to get both hits) > kick super. This combo
    is mostly safe on block until the super, which will do a good amount of
    chip/block damage if guarded. The slide is not necessary for the combo,
    but adds a bit of damage and gives you a little more time to confirm the
    hit (see if the combo connected or not, then cancel to flame spin > super).
    Getting the flame of the qcb C to hit is somewhat tricky, and doesn't make
    a huge difference, but be careful not to do the super motion too late.
    Level 2: Close C/crouching C > 6B/D > 214A/C (dive) > level 2 super.
    Hurts a lot. If your opponent is careless enough to get hit with this,
    they're going to lose most of their health. You can cancel to the super
    after the 6B/D hits without the dive, actually, if you want to deter
    someone from trying to GCFs out of this on block after the 6B/D.
    The above is one of many, but the most damaging way to combo into level 2.
    It's really not that hard either. Meterless combos are basically the above
    without using the super cancel. In the level 1 combo, if you use 214B
    (the fan slap) instead of flame spin (214C), it will result in a (techable)
    knockdown. If the level 1 is blocked, using 214 A is a good idea as well
    since it provides frame advantage and does not push you away.
    Meterless combo options:
    Basically, if you don't have meter and land a close A/B/C or crouching C,
    you should do the same B&Bs, just without the super cancels. Obviously,
    on block, you are still at risk for being punished by a competent player,
    so even with meterless combos you should be careful.  
    Other combos: 
    (corner) 6B > 2D > whiff 6D > level 2. A means of combo-ing into level 2
    super off of a 6B. Not as much damage as normal level 2 combo.
    Similar to the above, 6B > jump B (either) > level 2 will work.
    6B > level 1 super, D version. Most damage possible off of midscreen 6B.
    2D > whiff 6D > level 2. Covered elsewhere.
    Jumping down+A > 214A/C > level 2. Powerful jump-in. You have to cancel
    to the super on block if you want to be safe against GCFS.
    Jump B > jumping down+D (j.2D, butt attack). Most commonly used air chain.
    Flame spiral/j.2D/butt slam semi-infinite:
    In the corner, activate punch flame super (236236 A) > repeat tiger knee
    j.2Ds. These must be done as close to the ground as possible for the combo
    to work. If possible, start this off with a 6B and cancel to the punch super
    on the first hit, which will give you more time. Always use the A version
    of the punch super. 
    Four to five butt slams is the most I can do. Let me know how many you can
    manage! Also, after a few of these or even immediately after the flame super,
    you can juggle also with a level 2 super. This will do significantly less
    damage than if you used it in any other combo, but it will do the most in
    this situation.
    This is not something I use in matches. Usually, the most I go for is one
    butt slam midscreen after the super. In the corner, you have better, safer
    options that do comparable damage, however the iniital 6B may dodge lows
    thrown at you if they're trying to escape corner pressure.
    Your mileage may vary.
    Arguably the best, yet more difficult way to combo into level 2...
    cr. B > AB step > begin standard level 2 B&B with close or crouching C.
    High damage:
    Close C > AB step x2 > level 2 B&B. Not too difficult. You're getting
    three close Cs here, including the last one you cancel into 6B/D. This
    costs a full meter.
    D. Assault combos:
    2B x2 > DA. You need to be close for this to work. It's good.
    6B > DA in the corner.
    Any cancelable normal > dfB (slide attack) > DA. Basically, you're
    replacing the flame spin in a level 1 B&B with a D. Assault.
    viii.  Advanced Strategy and Matchups
    Rushdown rushdown SUPER. Random dive SUPER. Sweep SUPER. Whiff 6D SUPER.
    Jump straight up SUPER. Full screen slow fan SUPER. Butt slam infinite
    SUPER. Stupid throw crossup SUPER. SUPER SUPER SUPER.
    Okay. Mai is about damage and getting to it as quickly and safely as
    possible. In this game, being safe is a challenge thanks to AB
    steps/guard cancels. What is a girl to do? Be patient. Wait for your
    opportunities, and when doing dive in a block string (which is hardly
    safe by normal means), learn to read your opponent and their most likely
    reaction to your offense. If you do not have meter to punish a GCFS using
    a dive string (which is ot recommended), your options are unfortunately:
    - Hope they mess up their punish or don't GCFS at all.
    - End string early with air throw before dive. Still punishable, but
    perhaps not anticipated.
    - Just don't do it.
    Take your risks carefully. Likewise, tricks like crossup j.2Ds
    (butt attacks) and j.2Bs (knee dives) are punishable, and offer little
    reward on hit. The butt dive can even be crouched and avoided completely
    by some characters (see Tung). You can get away with these things if the
    opponent does not have meter, but in Coliseum, everyone has meter, pretty
    much all the time...except at the beginning of a round, where you're probably
    using a character other than Mai because she needs meter. Eh.
    My best advice is to be as creative, but as safe as you can in landing level 2
    supers, as well as D. Assaults, which will make the high damage of said move
    just that much more frightening (in initial damage and red life depletion).
    If the opponent does not make mistakes, it is very hard for Mai to run her
    game, as her actual mixup isn't too very strong.
    If you're fighting someone near the end of a round that's being careful of
    throws and openings for your level 2s, flame spin super cancel to kick super
    may kill them with chip/block damage. Measure and familiarize yourself with
    the exact amount of life this drains if you're not sure, however, as this move
    Lastly, if throw them into the corner, there's a 50/50 chance they're going
    to lose most of their life. Get them there, if you can. Mai's run is good,
    use it for this purpose.
    Character Pairing
    So, ideally, you want a partner that:
    - Has a dragon or good anti air, reversal super, etc.
    - Has less of a need for meter.
    - Can set up D. Assaults well (for increased Mai damage!)
    - Has better/more reliable low confirms > super bread and butter combos.
    While Mai technically has one, it requires like 75% of your meter.
    - Mr. Big.
    - Kim.
    - Has better overall pokes.
    - Is not Yuki.
    - Doesn't mind airheaded ninja women with NO DIGNITY. DOWN FOR THE COUNT.
    Sorry, I realize quoting 3S isn't cool anymore.
    vs. Mr. Big: Actually, you can approach him from the air. Just hit that
    shiny little head with a dive. Otherwise...deter throw attempts with 2Bs
    or break them, throw fans and be patient. You can hurt him, don't worry.
    vs. Kim: Okay...2B (man I want to type cr.B so bad) him when he dashes at you,
    for the love of, um, KFC, do not whiff or allow him to punish something
    GCFsable that will get his offense started. Once you get in it, it's hard
    to get back out It sounds easy to just not let him in, but it's HARD. Like
    with Big, don't try anything risky.
    vs. Tung: Do not attempt butt dives, he can crouch under them and punish you
    for free. Watch out for Muscleman (his mash move), as it will can do up to
    30 hits or so (sometimes more) and drain your life like crazy. His divekick
    is his main way of comboing into the move, so be wary of it. Pair with a 
    character that has a good anti air and you shouldn't have much to worry about.
    Don't let him pressure you if you have Mai in, it's quite dangerous for you
    and he doesn't need meter to run his offense.
    vs. Asura: You can flame spin (ryu enbu) to take out the arrows if you want.
    If he mistimes a shot, you should be able to dive > super him to make the
    Asura player more careful with his projectile attempts. Not too much to worry
    about here, just stay on him. His anti air options are no better than yours.
    vs. Mudman: If you can't stop his divekicks before they start, you may be
    in trouble. The good news is that he doesn't do much damage. Like Tung, if
    you have a solid anti air (Mr. Big), Mudman is no problem.
    vs. Kaede: Kaede's gameplan is similar to yours, he needs to land his level 2
    super to be effective, using a lot of meter. If you block his qcb/214 C move,
    you can often hit him between the second and third slashes, D. Assault will 
    always work here. Note that the last hit of his 214 C is an overhead. You can
    GCFS a LOT of his stuff, trust me. Try it. Always try it.
    vs. Everybody Else: SUPER.
    ix.  Closing/About the Author
    My name is Brent, aka Purify (of the weird soul variety), known 
    as “taraction” on gamefaqs. I am a Shiki/Mai player in NGBBBBBC. I’ve been 
    playing this game since 20XX and know WHAT’S GOOD and REALLY GOOD. I’ve gone 
    to several large US tournaments to play this game, including three Final 
    Round tournaments in Georgia (in 2008 getting 2nd place behind Justin Wong), 
    NEC in Pennsylvania or something, and there has been a very competitive scene 
    for this game in my home state of North Carolina for quite some time now. 
    Who’s da best? We’re da best! If you can make it to any of the larger 
    tournaments on the east coast, chances are The Triad and/or myself will be 
    there to help with this game. For more information on tournaments, visit 
    shoryuken.com/forums, the tournaments section, and see what’s up. There’s 
    also a forum just for finding and meeting up with people in your area to 
    play. Lastly, an NGBC and SNK thread exists on the same site for you to 
    discuss said topics in general with some of the best players around (and some 
    of the worst too!).
    There are many inside jokes in this guide, and I apologize. I hope you 
    enjoyed it nonetheless. I’d like to thank these guys for making NGBC 
    interesting and giving me solid competition:
    SieClayton (plays all characters except Shiki, Kyo bestman)
    Cajunstrike (THE United States Marco)
    P. Soul (THE United States Iori)
    Beast of Fire (THE United States Robert)
    Return of Shiki/Shiki Dan
    Shaun Cosby
    Matt Frank for reminding me that this game sucks
    Also thanks to Dark Geese (THE United States Athena btw) for getting the SNK 
    scene some attention, be it good or bad. This is all for now.

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