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"The way Xenosaga ought to have been ..."

By the title of this Review one might come to think that I did not appreciate the first two games, but I assure you, that I played the prior two with just as much fervor and passion as I have played this third installment. However, beyond this there is something inside of me that says that if Monolith had stuck with the more accessible ‘formula' that made Xenosaga 3 we would perhaps see a fourth game in the future. What I mean by ‘accessibility' is the decrease in difficulty made in the series and the enhanced aesthetics. All in all Xenosaga 3 is perhaps the icing on the cake, in terms of storyline and the over all aesthetic experience. I will do as many do when writing these reviews, split different portions of the game and review them separately to show why I give my score.

Storyline 9/10

As I stated previously, it is perhaps the storyline that truly brings Xenosaga to life. The concerns and worries of the characters are portrayed as they find out more about themselves, and their roles in the world changing around them. I have always found this story to be very engaging because it has always looked to me that the characters were involved in a struggle far beyond what they could possibly hope to resolve. The characters are human, they have weaknesses, and the presentation of their being such makes the experience very fitting. Answers to just about every question you ever had in the previous two games finally arise, making all that waiting finally feel as though it was worth it. However, do not expect to be left without any question at all, this game was originally intended to be 6 episodes long and after the end it shows …

Gameplay 8/10

I only rate the gameplay lower than the other sections because I feel that the gameplay is not as involved as many other RPG's on the market this day in age. It is fun, and it makes for a quick playthrough such that it insures increased replay value, however the battle system is very ‘Final Fantasy-esque', as now you merely enter commands and watch the action take place; the more involved combo based battle systems of the past are now gone. On the other hand, the return of item shops, money, and an improved E.S. Battle system makes way for a fun time, and for those who have played Xenogears a nice idea of what it would be like to fight in Mechs had the game been produced for the PS2. Also, there is a rather interesting mini-game to play on board the Elsa, I believe it is fair to say that this game is much better thought out than those presented within. All in all it provides a good experience.

Music/Voice Acting 10/10

It is not often that one finds themselves listening to a score as good as this one, or that one finds themselves hearing voice-acting as well improved as that on episode 3. All in all this aspect is far improved. Thankfully, for the music, all the creative exercise rested in the hands of Yuki Kaijura, and it shows.


As I said before, this is the best game in the series. If you would like to rent it, then rent it, if you would like to buy it then buy! But I believe if you were put off by the first two this game will be the a game that brings redemption to the series for you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/18/06

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