Art DirectorKosuke Itomi
Cinematics DirectorKeiko Harada
DirectorNaoto Maeda
Lead Game DesignerRyosuke Waki
Lead Level DesignerSatoshi Kawase
Lead ProgrammerYoichi Murakoshi
Lead ProgrammerHiroki Odagaki
Level DesignerSanshiro Hidaka
Level DesignerKouji Inokuchi
Level DesignerTakeshi Inoue
Level DesignerToshiyuki Ishii
Level DesignerTadahiro Katsuta
Level DesignerNobuyasu Mabuchi
Level DesignerTakahiro Nozawa
Map DesignerChigusa Hosoda
Map DesignerYasuhiro Kawai
Map DesignerAkiko Matsunaga
Map DesignerKaori Namikoshi
Map DesignerAyako Noguchi
Map DesignerEiji Senke
Map Director & Lead DesignerHiroki Nagaoka
Music ComposerKeiki Kobayashi
Original Weapon DesignerHiroki Nagaoka
ProducerHiroyuki Ichiyanagi
ProducerKiyoshi Inoue
ProgrammerTakahiro Fukuda
ProgrammerMasaki Iwabuchi
ProgrammerTadashi Katayangi
ProgrammerTsuyoshi Okui
ProgrammerYasuhiro Shimono
ProgrammerSatoshi Suzuki
Sound DirectorTetsukazu Nakanishi
Voice: P.J.Johnny Yong Bosch
Voice: PixyYuri Lowenthal


Data and credits for this game contributed by Alec86, R351D3NT3V1L4, JF7X, odino, Cosmic!, LordAndrew, Zeff_fury, grubycza, oliist, Wihan_Tan, and SillentDX.

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