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"It's Ace Combat so of course I love it...but we'll need some "fresh" added to the series soon."

This wont be a very long review, mainly because the game has been out for over a year now. Look here's the deal with ACZero. It's basically Ace Combat: Unsung War with added new missions and a different storyline. Speaking of the storyline, kudos once again, it's a another good one and keeps it interesting to watch in between missions.

As I was saying, Zero is more of the same in the Ace Combat series. Because I am such a fan of the series, this isn't a bad thing per se, but it would have been nice to see a couple new ideas added to the game. Actually, it looked like the developers were actually on their way to adding something new in Zero. I'm talking about the new post-mission rating title system, but sadly it turned out to be a useless add-on! It has nothing to do with how the game progresses or ends...nothing! All-in-all, AC:Zero produces on everything one would expect from a new Ace Combat game and it's delivered in a nice-clean-well put together package. What else would you expect!? It's freakin' Ace Combat.

That said, a good game franchise is a lot like a good marriage (yes I am actually going to try this)...after a while some "newness" needs to be mixed in to keep things fresh. Yes, I am talking about role-playing and swinging! Joking!

No but seriously, this is a great game that is pretty to look at. The game-play, aircraft controls (this isn't a full flight sim remember?), graphics, mission concepts, and replay value are all great. My only real knocks (which are small at that) would be a) the enemy AI is lame at times and b) the audio/sounds of the game. The radio chatter is mindless and this isn't a game that you want to listen to cranked up on your 7.1 for more than 20 minutes.

Oh and one last quick thing---probably only because I am getting a little older or maybe because my tastes are changing---but I did find myself hoping that the Ace Combat franchise would start leaning a little (just a little...nothing major) more into the sim side of the game. At least create a new setting for an upcoming Ace Combat making it a little more "sim-ish" (maybe 65/35 sim) over the action/shooter. Where controls and aircraft abilities are a little more realistic. In fact I wouldn't even mind real-life enemy numbers and difficulty settings for missions. In other words: 10 insanely hard enemies versus 50 piece-of-cake foes where you really have to make sure your missile is fired at a "perfect geometry" because you only have five of 'em left. That's all.

What I am trying to write is: BUY THIS GAME!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/14/07

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