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    Doppelganger Guide by Master ZED

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 03/21/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    .hack//G.U. Vol.3//Redemption Doppelganger guide
    By Master ZED <http://masterzed.cavesofnarshe.com/>
    0. Version history
    1. Intro
       - Ctrl+F is your friend!
    2. Doppelganger stats and facts
       - How to encounter Doppelganger
       - Out of battle
       - Battle
       - Rewards for winning
    3. Weaknesses worth exposing
    4. Strategies
       - Preperation
       - Surprise attack methods
       - In battle
       - End of combat
    5. Glitches and general fun
    6. Credits
    Non-numbered. Legal bull
    0. Version history
    v1.5 (10:08 PM 3/21/2008)
    Much of the guide has been revised.  The first edition was pretty terrible, but
    this should make up for the failings of the original.
    v1.0 (10:40 AM 9/21/2007)
    Initial release.
    This release also includes factoids I finally think I've confirmed; Doppel's
    HP/SP Drain abilities depend on both his weapon and whether Haseo has those
    abilities available.  Also, Doppel's scythe and Heine's Zero have received
    upgrades on their SP Drain ability (+50% instead of +25%).
    1. Intro
    So you have a question on Doppelganger, eh?  Well, you're not alone.
    By far.
    Doppelganger is a very popular topic on the Redemption board for the simple
    fact that he "can't be damaged."  Mostly the threads are coming from the fact
    he now has Damage Change, which does make him quite a bit more difficult to
    take out.  There are ways around that, however, and this guide is here to tell
    you all about them!
    It won't shut down every topic; some people just don't check the FAQs anyway
    before whining and crying to the boards.  But I'm doing what I can.
    I've put in quite a bit of research (and gotten particularly lucky at points)
    to get this information together, and with any luck, this should be the
    definitive guide to defeating Doppel in volume 3.  Yes, there are three
    editions of this guide for each game.  You should check the guide respective to
    that volume for appropriate info.
    Ctrl+F is your friend!
    First and foremost, LEARN CTRL+F!!!  This is usually the shortcut for the
    Search function on your browser, which is also usually found under Edit.  You
    can use this to look up certain words, sentences, etc., and is much easier than
    scrolling through the entire guide.
    2. Doppelganger stats and facts
    How to encounter Doppelganger
    Doppelganger will appear five minutes after you're able to move on most fields,
    though he will not ever appear in dungeons.  There are some fields in which he
    simply will not appear (typically really small ones), and those like Theta:
    Buzzing Ruined Gate that may have a special requirement; in this instance, the
    Battle Area must be active for Doppel to appear.  There is no known way to
    predict whether a field falls into those rare categories, but most likely
    won't.  If you're having problems, changing fields should be enough to get him
    to appear.
    Once Doppel has or should have arrived, the timer is disabled and he'll begin
    wandering the field, teleporting every-so-often to other parts of the area.
    When he's close by, a red arrow will appear, and once close enough, the camera
    will zoom in on him and give you the message "Encountered Doppelganger."
    Doppelganger looks like Haseo's current form, constantly surrounded by dark
    smoke, and has glowing yellow eyes.
    Beware the following:
    - Doppel never appears at fields related to the storyline, such as Delta:
    Submissive Tragedy's 1000 Oaks.
    - Getting into battle prior to his arrival resets Doppelganger's timer.  If you
    want to see him as quickly as possible, you will have to wait out the 5 minutes
    immediately upon entering the field.
    - Entering the Beast Temple does nothing to stall Doppelganger's timer aside
    from the actions of using the door and acquiring the treasure.  However, should
    Doppel's timer run out while you are inside the inner temple, Doppel will not
    appear on the field; you will have to leave and come back to wait out the timer
    again.  Getting into a battle won't help, as the timer has already expired and
    cannot be reset once that occurs.
    - Breaking objects, gathering treasure, and getting on/off the bike freezes the
    Doppelganger timer for however long it takes to complete these actions.  This
    also includes character, warp point, and Platform interaction menus and
    dialogue where the game world doesn't appear to freeze save that monsters stop
    walking and flying around.  Subscreens like the Trade menu and the map also
    freeze the timer for their duration.
    - Kicking Chim Chims that aren't the King or God do not affect the timer since
    they do nothing to disrupt the normal flow of time.
    3rd word: Moonlight
    Using this special 3rd word will make Doppel appear with the rest of the
    monsters upon entering the field.  If you did not convert a save game from
    Reminisce, you will not have this keyword nor will you be able to earn it, as
    it is a reward for finishing volume 2.
    Out of battle
    - Doppel's sight is equivilent to that of flying monsters.  He can also see
    Haseo even if one of his teammates is using Demon Safe Shoes or a No Encounter
    accessory.  Haseo must be wearing one of these himself or use Hit in the Dark
    on the Steam Bike to evade Doppel's detection, though passing any No Encounter
    accessory off to a teammate evades the vision of all other creatures.
    - Unlike what the guide previously claimed, the glitch that requires Doppel's
    vision to "boot up" still exists in volume 3.  You'll encounter it immediately
    after the encounter message or after a Smoke Screen.  Take advantage of it!
    - His true speed in catching up to you lies in short bursts taken when he sees
    you; though fast, this is mostly for show since Speed scrolls and spells, Speed
    +% attachments, and the bike can all help you to easily outrun him.
    LV: Haseo's + 8*
    HP: Haseo's unmodified count at said level
    SP: Haseo's unmodified count at said level
    Stats: Haseo's unmodified stats at said level, plus whatever Doppel's own
    equipment adds in.
    Weapon: Doppelganger uses his own weapon of the same type that Haseo is
    currently using, and switches whenever Haseo does.  Note that during a weapon
    change, Doppelganger is invincible just like Haseo is, and if the Skill Trigger
    is used, Doppel will change his weapon after the Weapon Change animation is
    finished.  Also note that Haseo must have similar abilities to Doppel's weapon
    for Doppelganger's weapon abilities to actually work; this even includes the
    dual guns.***
    Dual sword abilities:
    Critical hit rate +25%
    HP Drain 25%
    Chance to inflict Confuse
    Broadsword abilities:
    Half the target's current HP on critical hits
    SP Drain 25%
    Chance to inflict Charm
    Scythe abilities:
    Critical hits lower target's current HP to 1/10, but only have a 10% chance of
    HP Drain 50%
    SP Drain 50%(!)
    Dual gun abilities:
    P-ATK raises as Doppelganger's HP drops, with a max bonus of double P-ATK
    Armor abilities:
    Physical -75%
    Magic -75%
    Damage Change
    Accessory abilities:
    Speed +50%
    Permanent custom Rig Saem: heals 1/50 max HP per second
    Other abilities:
    Cannot be knocked back or juggled, attacks cannot be interrupted**
    Invulnerable to Invites, Mortal, and Death's Bullet
    Healing - Ma Repth (heals 300 HP), SP cost unknown
    Attack - None
    Arts - Any of Haseo's (which he can use depends on Haseo's weapon)
    * - Doppelganger cannot go over the game's level limit for your characters
    (LV. 150); if by no other method, you can see this via his maximum HP count.
    It hits its maximum when Haseo reaches LV. 142, and Doppel will steadily get
    weaker in attack and defense as you approach 150.
    ** - The Steam Bike can no longer send Doppelganger flying on the first hit.
    Like any other normal monster though, a second crash or even a surprise attack
    after initiating combat once and escaping will slam him into the battle cage.
    *** - The check for whether Doppel can use his weapon's abilities is only made
    when Doppel changes weapons, so it is entirely possible to use Heine's Shadow
    against Doppel with his broadsword still crippled, for example, simply by
    equipping the sword while Doppel has his own sword already drawn.
    (!) - The same rules apply to this drain as the others, but I wanted to catch
    your attention here.  Heine's Zero, both yours (if you have it) and
    Doppelganger's, have been upgraded to 50% SP Drain instead of 25% like in
    Reminisce.  There is nothing in the game's text to tell you this since it
    doesn't acknowledge the change, but it is possible to see the extra SP addition
    if you watch the damage and SP healing numbers closely.  The reason for this
    is a minor spoiler for after the story's end.
    Rewards for winning
    For defeating Doppel while still in 3rd form, you'll receive the key item
    Bygone Servant.  Defeating him once in Xth form will earn you Bygone Servant if
    you don't have it, along with the DG-0.  When you defeat Doppelganger after
    clearing the game, you'll get both the Bygone Servant and DG-0 if you've yet to
    get them (if you have them, you'll get a Mission Reward item instead), and then
    the game will check which rare items you've retrieved from Doppel throughout the
    series.  If you have all four, the game will give you an armor, Other Self, and
    an accessory, Shadow, both LV. 150 pieces of equipment.  Other Self is pretty
    much exactly what Doppel's armor consists of, while Shadow is a unique accessory
    with its own custom HP/SP regeneration and an accessory version of All Damage
    If you use the bike's Wish Filefish or Wish Peeler ability on Doppel, you may
    get mission reward items along with your normal rewards.  For subsequent
    defeats, since Doppel's equip drop is from the Mission Reward list, it is
    possible to receive more than one type of Mission Reward per victory from
    Doppelganger using the bike after you have all of the available unique items he
    can drop.
    3. Weaknesses worth exposing
    - Doppel's armor has no status immunities or Counter abilities save Invite
    immunity.  This makes him completely susceptible to Shock ailments, which last
    several minutes.
    - Doppelganger's inability to be knocked around prior to death is a double-
    edged sword; it prevents you from getting him away from you easily or juggling
    him, but it also keeps him from being knocked away during combos.  This makes
    him easy prey for Rengekis if you can stand with him, and in volume 3 makes him
    easy prey for Venomous and Voodoo Attack.
    - On that note, Venom and Voodoo are great if you want to defeat Doppel without
    Awakenings.  Venom and Voodoo are more powerful versions of Poison and Curse
    that can help you rip right through his defenses with relative ease.  While
    neither Poison or Venom can ignore Damage Change, they will still damage SP and
    are definitely worth applying even before Doppel's SP is eliminated.  However,
    until you reach LV. 146, you can't expect to hit Doppel with either Venom or
    Voodoo with direct attacks without Beast Awakening (you'll need the appropriate
    Counters, so this is really only helpful when you near or clear your final
    - Even without Curse, unlike other monsters and bad guys, Doppel's natural SP
    regeneration isn't any better than your own.  However, even 1 SP can interfere
    with your attacks a great deal, so either attack with multiple hits or find a
    way to Curse Doppel.
    - Doppel permits running away, and all of the "abuse" it brings.  Unfortunately
    due to Damage Change and the changes in Smoke Screen, No Encounter, and Hit in
    the Dark on the bike, Sleipnir is out the window and the use of Smoke Screen
    permits Doppelganger the chance to run away (though it's quite rare that he
    takes the opportunity to run, it can happen).  Despite the fact that bike damage
    can ignore Damage Change, because of his custom HP regeneration, it is
    incredibly unlikely that you'll be able to finish him off with the bike.
    - Awakenings disable special effects for their victims, so regeneration is
    disabled and Doppelganger's armor loses its advantages, including Damage Change.
    Beast and Demon Awakening will shred him apart, though the latter will need the
    appropriate boosts and may still have trouble prior to Haseo reaching LV. 147
    (the first level at which you get a level bonus toward damage you do to Doppel).
    - Avatar Awakening is good for some damage, but Doppelganger won't cough up any
    Virus Cores for you.  It also isn't recommended unless your Awakening's level
    is close to or at 10, as the damage is pretty low.
    - When you achieve Xth Form, while Doppel's character model will change to look
    like you just like in previous games, the only new ability he'll get is the
    power to use dual guns and Justice.  He doesn't get the chance to use the other
    perks such as dashing.  Even if he could use the Double Trigger, it's pointless
    as he's never able to use the Skill Trigger.
    4. Strategies
    All I'm going to list is what I recommend for Haseo, but you can assume that
    this applies to the other characters as well and be mostly correct.  This is
    what *I* recommend, keep that in mind.  This is hardly required to win.
    Techniques and knowledge:
    Due to the fact that I recommend broadswords, guard canceling is highly
    recommended.  What is guard canceling?  Basically the use of guard to cancel out
    an attack animation after the blow has been dealt, eliminating recovery time and
    letting you strike again quickly.  Since the first attack is always normal,
    that's all you want since every weapon ability works with normal strikes.  Guard
    canceling is done by hitting X to attack, holding O until Haseo goes into his
    guard pose, letting go of O and repeating.  Guard canceling also works very
    well for reloading dual guns on the fly.  On that subject, be careful when in
    Xth form that you don't set off the dash by accident since that may put you in a
    bad position to attack from.
    For dual swords, guard canceling can be effective at any point before your Hold
    and Release or Rapid Attacks come up, and the scythe can wait for the second hit
    if you like.
    If you haven't already, if you're going to actually fight Doppel and not just
    throw an Awakening in his face, know how long Rengeki rings last.  The more
    damage you can inflict in this state and the longer you can hold back on using
    the Rengeki attack the better.  It lasts for a few seconds, and while I could
    measure it and tell you, it won't help a lot.  Experience is much better for
    Aside from that, basic RPG tactics should work well.
    NOTES: I'm not recommending anything at all that can only be acquired after the
    main story is over.  I'm also not recommending any dual guns since, aside from
    the obvious, the only other gun available prior to the story's end can only be
    acquired from the very enemy you're reading this guide for!  For all weapons and
    armor, an alchemy rating of +5 is recommended, and if you can use Cheat Alchemy,
    any Rarity: 5 equipment you use would benefit from Cheat Lv.5 (if you don't have
    Cheat Alchemy, you're not far enough into the story yet).
    NOTE: SP Drain weapons, while useful for keeping your own SP up, aren't
    recommended in this guide because despite their name, they don't actually steal
    their victim's SP and therefore don't contribute to the destruction of Doppel's
    Damage Change defense.
    Twin Blade - Anything with Venomous and Voodoo Attacks will crush Doppel's
    spirits if you have the appropriate levels.  You could also just leave off
    Voodoo Attack and use Paralysis Attack if you're going after him alone.  If you
    don't have the levels but insist on confronting him with dual swords anyway,
    Critical +50% or All Damage +25% will still help with Arts damage, though
    without help, you won't beat him on dual swords alone.
    Broadsword - Critical +50% or All Damage +25%.  Silad will also work if you can
    use it.  If you're at or above LV. 146, Jet Speed Attack may also be a good
    Scythe - See broadsword and exclude the parts about Silad.
    Armor: The use of Anti-Confusion, Anti-Charm, or Protect All is recommended
    should these ailments become a problem.  Otherwise, Physical -50% is highly
    recommended as Doppel has no magic.  Ailment counters, especially advanced ones
    like Seducing and Venom Counter, are nice for this battle if you can take the
    heat without using Steel Shell.  Max HP/SP +50% aren't too shabby either.
    Accessory - If you intend to go for the absolute shortest time, Skill Boost is
    a necessity.  Should you need to build Morale in the actual battle, anything
    with Morale Boost is also recommended.  Otherwise, Super Charge is infinitely
    useful if you can acquire it (most people will have to resort to the Steam Apron
    unfortunately), whereas Quick Charge/Speed +10% will work otherwise.  Item Boost
    this time around is only good for rebuilding your SP should you be below LV. 146
    without a Beast Awakening and/or an SP Drain weapon handy.
    Inventory - If you must use items, the strongest HP and/or SP healing items will
    help (whatever you can acquire), along with ailment scrolls like The Death, The
    Devil, The Emperor, The Hanged Man, and The Lovers.  Knight Trump is also useful
    along with Warrior/Knight/Wizard Tome.  Astrologer Trump isn't useful at all
    because M-DEF simply doesn't do anything noteworthy even with extreme boosts/
    downgrades.  However, if you intend to build a Beast Awakening and crush Doppel
    like an ant immediately, no more than four Holy, Godly, Chicha, and/or Wonder
    Potions will be necessary if you have the right equipment and characters.
    Miscellaneous - A Shock ailment from one of the bike engines is highly
    recommended.  Poison will interfere with his HP regeneration, Curse will drain
    SP and disable normal SP regeneration (which is all he has for SP thankfully),
    Shock Seal doesn't work and should be ignored.  Paralysis and Charm will hold
    him down (the latter more effectively).  Shock ailments don't last forever, but
    if you really want to finish the fight, several minutes will be more than you
    need at any level.  If you're going to build Morale during the fight, take two
    members who have pink Affection at least for the best possible boosts.
    Surprise attack methods
    - Hit in the Dark on the bike works perfectly, though unlike in volume 2, it
    won't keep Doppel or any other enemies from moving, so there's always the chance
    he could teleport before you connect.
    - Any No Encounter accessory will work fine, including Demon Safe Shoes.  Make
    sure Haseo is the one using it, as Doppelganger is the only enemy that can see
    through No Encounter and Demon Safe Shoes if only your teammates are using it
    and not Haseo himself.
    - Use a Smoke Screen to get behind him.  Then you can surprise him or summon
    the bike and ram him.  Be careful with the bike though; it can't hit any
    enemies as long as Smoke Screen is active.
    - Use a wheelie (hold Square, press X, then release Square).  Lure Doppel close
    to you, face him, and use a wheelie to drop him before he can start the battle.
    You can see this done on my YouTube page:
    This doesn't require Smoke Screen or Hit in the Dark, but if Doppel does see
    you, you'll have no time to waste in hitting him.
    In battle
    - First and foremost, do not use dual guns on Doppelganger unless you have him
    Charmed or you're using Beast Awakening!  Paralysis won't hold him down
    completely and shouldn't be trusted to this task.  Within an Awakening, Doppel
    can't attack, so the infinite juggle aspect of the guns won't come back to haunt
    you unless you still have them on after your Morale dries up (and you don't hit
    Doppel again fast enough to trigger Rengeki).
    - The best strategy is to go for Beast Awakening and slaughter Doppelganger
    with Skill Boost and a powerful damage weapon (examples being what I recommended
    for broadswords and scythes).  To this end, the Holy/Godly/Chicha/Wonder Potion
    series is the absolute best at Morale building because they give an extra bonus
    on top of the normal Morale received from quotes (though this bonus only works
    with a team, not alone).
    - The most heartless variant of the Beast Awakening strategy is to take two
    party members with pink Affection, equip Morale Boost, use four of any of the
    aforementioned Potions, and with your Morale maxed, switch to Skill Boost and
    go for the Awakening.  If you can manage it, inducing Rengeki rings and using an
    Awakened Rengeki would be the best attack method.  If you need to fight from a
    distance (you didn't go all out completely and ignored Shock Stun and Shock
    Tempt), multi-hit spells such as Zan Rom and Gan Bolg work wonders for this
    purpose, provided someone goes in and inflicts the regular attacks needed to get
    the Rengeki rings to activate (Skills can contribute to summoning the rings, but
    they cannot activate Rengeki on their own).  The spells should stall Doppel long
    enough to keep you or your teammate safe from his wrath.
    - If Beast Awakening isn't your idea of fun, Demon Awakening can be almost as
    effective.  However, because of Haseo's magic deficency, Skill Boost is required
    to do any major damage, and All Damage +25% is highly recommended on top of
    that.  Skill Boost works on Demon Awakening despite the 0 SP cost, hence the
    - For outside Awakening, Poison/Venom and Curse/Voodoo are both very useful for
    this fight.  Poison/Venom doesn't ignore Damage Change, which only benefits you
    as they'll join Curse/Voodoo in eating Doppel's SP.  Because of Doppel's armor,
    direct attacks don't actually do much (Damage Change divides damage done to SP
    by about 6 on top of the penalty incurred from Physical/Magic -75%), giving
    Poison good reason to be used and Curse the very first practical use it has ever
    had in all of .hack.
    - Should Doppel decide to use an Art directed at the wrong person, the best
    defense aside from a good offense (or Suvi Lei/Hanged Man or Lovers scrolls) is
    to change Haseo's weapon type.  This will put a stop to Doppelganger's current
    action, but be careful as his Trigger gauge will still be full once the change
    is complete (he'll be able to attack immediately).
    - Remember that if you have Xth Form, dashing can get you out of the hold that
    Arts and spells put on you.  Should Doppel use Armor Break on you, for example,
    you can easily dash away after the first hit and ignore the other four, which
    leaves him wide open to your own attack.  Of course, if you intend to use an Art
    against him, dashing is pretty pointless since the Skill Trigger makes you
    temporarily invincible anyway.
    - There are two characters after the end of the game that will likely have a
    very low level in comparison to Haseo.  If you wish, you could set one or both
    of them up with a three slot damage Counter (available at Breg Epona's Material
    shop), set them to Tenacity, and let Doppel kill himself on their powerful
    counterattacks.  This will require constant saves/revival from death on your
    part to work effectively and will take multiple counters because of Magic -75%
    and Damage Change cutting into their power.  If you can apply Poison and Curse,
    do so, especially Curse.  Remember to equip either a broadsword or scythe since
    they have more power than dual swords, and do not equip dual guns because they
    ignore Counters of all types.
    - The best weapon for attacking Doppel alone is the broadsword.  Not only is it
    mostly single target only, but Doppelganger can't use guard cancel, and he gets
    stuck facing one direction once his hold and release attack is called into
    action.  You can use that to get behind him quickly and continue assaulting his
    vulnerable back.  Should you use this plan, it would be best *NOT* to guard
    against his regular hit, as that will leave you stunned longer and may not leave
    you time to get his back (in fact, even with Xth Form's dash, you might get
    caught by the hold and release without a good Speed +% accessory).  The same
    recommended attachments from before will work here, whether they be pure power
    or Venom/Voodoo.
    - Rengeki rings last long enough for Haseo to switch weapons if you can do it as
    soon as you get the rings to appear, even if it means changing type.  This can
    be beneficial if you want to use a Jet Speed Attack broadsword and, say, an All
    Damage +25% scythe together.  However, it does give Doppel a short time for his
    regeneration to help out, and may need Poison/Curse in order to do real damage.
    This is not the best strategy to use, but it is possible.
    - Using Doppel's own weapons against him, especially alone, is a bad idea.  Even
    once you have Cheat Alchemy, they don't have the raw attack power or the right
    ailments to confront Doppel with (Past and Devolve Invite don't work on him and
    Charm won't halt his regeneration), and while Heine's Invasion does have
    Critical +25%, it just won't be enough.
    There are only so many ways of restating the same things over and over, but that
    should give you enough of an idea as to how you can kill him off.
    End of combat
    If you have a Covetous accessory, juggling Doppel for a couple thousand GP
    isn't too bad an idea provided you either have a rapid attack weapon or a Demon
    Awakening ready.  The Awakening is of course best (unless it's Light-elemental,
    Lei Zas tends to be an awful juggling spell), but a rapid attack broadsword, if
    you use guard cancelling, can be just as good with the right positioning and
    finishing art.
    But then again, if you have the resources to spare to get Over Damage going,
    why are you reading this?
    5. Glitches and general fun
    - This was covered in section 2, but bears repeating; if you're inside the
    inner Beast Temple when Doppel's timer expires, Doppel will not appear on the
    field no matter what.  You'll have to leave and come back before he can show up
    at the field in question.  While the timer running inside the beast temple
    likely isn't a bug, this unfortunate side effect is.
    - Surprising Doppel counts toward the Surprise Attack count, but it actually
    shouldn't, so surprising everyone on the field including Doppel pushes the
    count over by one.
    - Doppel won't fly the first time you hit him with the bike, but if you strike
    him again, he will take off; this is a bug that's been held over since
    Reminisce, and works against any non-boss enemy.
    - Again from section 2, Doppel's weapon effects are only activated if you have
    an appropriate weapon when Doppel changes weapons.  In other words, if you
    change to Heine's Shadow from dual swords, Doppel's sword will have all of its
    effects, but if you change to Heine's Shadow from, say, Chain Fenlong, Doppel's
    sword will still be without its defining powers.
    - In fields with underground entrances like Theta: Galloping Wrath's Blue
    Cloud, if you position yourself far enough below ground (use the bike to
    descend) to not get warped above ground but not far down enough to be incapable
    of initiating a surprise attack, you can fight any enemy with Haseo below
    ground.  Doppel is no different, though if you're not far down enough, beware
    that Doppel might still be able to hit you, especially with the scythe.  Being
    knocked down with no ground beneath you may result in being forced to reset.
    - Again, in Theta: Galloping Wrath's Blue Cloud, there is a gap just south of
    the first platform in which you can walk straight into the outer space of the
    field, or go underground with the bike.  You can have Doppelganger chase you
    into the abyss and start battle with him there.  Be warned, however, that
    unless the battle ends with a Smoke Screen, without solid ground, there will be
    no end.  Otherwise you can do things like use the bike to let him fall to the
    "lost ground" below the limitless surface at the bottom of the canyon and use a
    Smoke Screen to halt his fall, then let him find you while you're still over
    open air and drag Haseo into a fight in the lost ground!  There are many other
    things you can do as well, like use jumping arts such as Lotus Flower to dive
    low enough to escape the battle cage, or starting a fight with a Doppelganger
    near the canyon bottom while Haseo's allies are on solid ground, giving you a
    bird's eye view of the fight.
    - The same field can also be used to start an "Uncaged" fight on solid ground.
    This is accomplished by manipulating Doppelganger when he begins his Lv.3 Arts.
    Near or at the peak of his initial jump, go to the subscreen and change weapons.
    Doppel will stay exactly where he is due to the lack of gravity and change
    weapons as well.  You can repeat this over and over to make Doppelganger ascend
    even further.  When he gets too high for comfort, use a Smoke Screen and let
    Doppel restart the battle himself.  Doing so will force you to his height!
    After 9 or 10 jumps (higher if you want the safety), you'll be high enough above
    the ground to avoid gravity's pull while walking or running around normally or
    in battle.  Escape the fight, wait for Doppel to see you, and lure him back
    above ground.  Restart the battle, put up your guard, and let him use his Lv.3
    Art this time.  Taking the hit will knock you to the ground, and because of the
    large drop associated with such Arts, Doppel will follow.  At this height, the
    invisible lower walls of the battle cage won't be in or on the ground, and you
    should now be able to use the entire field as your battleground!
    If you have any trouble understanding the above three bugs, visit my YouTube
    channel and search for the keyword Doppelganger:
    You can also watch an example of solo combat there that doesn't involve any
    ailments, though it is at LV. 150 and uses a post-story weapon attachment.
    6. Credits
    HiroTheZero - Provided the strange field Theta: Buzzing Ruined Gate, which I
    used to finally and completely decipher Doppelganger's appearance requirements
    on non-Moonlight fields in volume 2.
    Dwarriors3 - Provided facts and suggestions crucial to adjusting the
    Doppelganger guide for volume 3, such as making the case for the use of Dual
    Guns in Beast Awakening and informing me of the Shock ailment time limit.
    TyrantLaharl - Helped with proofreading.
    Copyright ©2007-8 Master ZED
    The Unoriginal White Sheet: http://masterzed.cavesofnarshe.com/
    .hack//G.U. Vol.3//Redemption ©2007 Namco Bandai/CyberConnect2
    I'm not responsible should anything stated in this FAQ/guide do anything.
    I'm not responsible should anything stated in this FAQ/guide do nothing.
    I'm not responsible for whatever you or anyone else do with this FAQ/guide or
    the contents within it.
    I'm not responsible for whatever you or anyone else don't do with this FAQ
    /guide or the contents within it.
    The only places you should find this guide are GameFAQs and ZED's Unoriginal
    White Sheet.
    All rights reserved.

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