How do i level up fast?

  1. how do i level up fast and i mean REALLLLLYYYYY FASSST!

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  1. There isn't really a way to level up very fast,
    the tricks are these:

    1- When you create an area, always create it with 4-6 Lvs above yours (or 8 Lvs, if you think you can handle), for example, if you're Lv120, create areas with Lv 124-126 (or 128).

    2- There are some items that you can customize your Accessory that increase the EXP you gain from battles, these are: "Amber Dragon Eye", "Jade Dragon Eye", and "Sapphire Eye"; all of them can be obtained in the Guards' guild shop in Breg Epona, just buy an accessory that has the abillities "EXP+10%", "EXP+25%", or "EXP+50%".

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  1. Moon Rabbit and high level monsters.

    First, you should use the chart in the dothackers' guide on this site to locate and kick Moon Rabbit as much as possible. He gives 600 EXP to all current party members per kick, unlike the low 200 in Rebirth and 400 in Reminisce. The more you kick or run him over, the better. Keep in mind that no accessory attachments affect how much EXP you get from him.

    Second, visiting areas 5+ levels higher than your own is a good idea if you can handle it. Monster size doesn't affect EXP gained, so try to find areas with small monsters if you can to increase the number of 3 monster parties as opposed to 2. Also, visit boss fields exclusively; bosses give the EXP of three monsters and not one has any minions to speak of, so you can use bike-induced ailments (say, Shock Poison or Shock Stun from the engines you can buy in Breg Epona) against them and have an easier time defeating many such beasts in three on one combat.

    Third, if you need Sapphire Eyes for EXP +50%, they're a common drop from Leviathan on Item LV. 116+ Fire-elemental fields. He drops 7 items at a time in this game, so you shouldn't have a problem getting all the Eyes you want. Use the dothackers' Lucky Animal chart for him as well.

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  2. Take who ever you want to level up fast and take them to an area 3-5 levels higher than you are and bring lots of items.

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  3. I wrote this answer out a moment ago for someone asking about the Lost Weapons, but if you read the part about level choosing, that applies to your question. Also, collecting Virus Cores and completing your Books of Ryu, are pretty convenient excuses for forming parties to level up with. Definitely attach Amber/Jade/Sapphire Eyes (10%/25%/50% EXP UP) as you get them, and even trade with the party members who do not need them anymore in order to give them to those who are in desperate need of them...but don't do this immediately after giving one to someone - while gifts are loved - when you trade back for them them right away, your affection levels take a hit w/that character.

    ...There is another thing to consider - choice of, specifically of what level, dungeon you choose with your 3-man team. I will use my own current team, chosen because I need to advance one of the three's affection level from its dismal 3 slow spinning balls around a center - both of these a deep red - to the maximum affection rating, 5 pink balls whizzing around a pink center). Haseo is at Level 137, while BOTH of the other characters are only at Level 132. If I take them into a Level 137 dungeon, they will die alot, and hate Haseo, and in the end not much will get accomplished. B ut if I carefully watch the area word combinations until I find one that gives me a dungeon with level 132 monsters, but has level 137 items in it - voila! Problem solved. Not only are the two weaker characters still getting what they need and not suffering unnecessarily for it -which means your morale bar will continually build - Haseo will continue to pick up very useful -VERY TRADEABLE -items.

    Just remember, though, if you want virus cores, get that morale bar moving!!! Actions that affect the morale bar are: first and foremost: RENGEKIS, RENGEKIS RENGEKIS as many as you can manage as often as you can. but if all you need is the tiniest bit on your morale bar when you are starting a fight, throw a healing OR support item (healing HP/SP replenishment, support: stat-boosting &/or ill-status removing) item out there - especially those that work on the whole party. This is also an especially useful trick for dealing with some of the more powerful enemies, including the terrifying doppelganger....I mean it, he really scared the bejesus outta me the first time I saw that thing...I suppose that mighta been cuz I was half-asleep at the time....heh heh, ahem...In any case, my point is that with the right level choice, I have been able to, on several occasions, earn between 46 and a whopping 73 virus cores in a single dungeon run. And without even breaking much of a sweat - oh, you'll need to have either Atoli or Yata in the party to really make this work, due to their abilities to perform La Corv, La Corma, La Vorv, La Vorma, Ap Do/Lapu Do, Rig Saem/La Rig Saem, and Rig Gaem/La Rig Gaem. Otherwise, you'll end up running out of some VERY expensive items....

    Once you've got that morale bar full, smack that square button! Against some of the more powerful enemies, I've mangaed to pull off as many as 3 Awakenings in a single battle in the dungeons.

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