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So, after the first four games set am amazing standard, there was a question. Would GU improve that? or fail? Well, volume one was a complete success at improving a near perfect formula, and with the release of Vol 2, we wondered if it could live up to volume 1.

And it does! The game picks up right where vol 1 left off, with a quick summary of 1's story, and then it's non-stop action in there.

Game play:
It's basically a hack and slash game, But now haseo can use Broadswords, Dual Blades, AND scythes! (scythes are amazing new weapons) And the new dungeons also add some variety to leveling! You also get a lot of new party members this time around, especially people who you thought Haseo wouldn't ever party with! There's also many side quests to play, that will increase your power, and item synthesis, to make your already amazing weapons better. There's a new system for legendary weapons, where you hunt down Adler's keys, then you unlock the boss battle, fight, and win a weapon for the Corresponding epitaph user.

Story: .hack story lines ALWAYS amaze me. The non-stop action, the multiple villains, and the mystery about them. This one doesn't Disappoint, right from the get go, we're in peril, with everyone who's on line transferred to an alternate server, where everyone is Actually in the game!And during the game, we see multiple parts of the story getting more intense. With Aida growing more powerful, and the mystery about tri-edge unfolds, it's a chapter you don't want to miss!

Music: Wonderful. I find myself humming all these tunes ALL the time. the mac anu music, personally, is amazing. Along with the battle music.

Controls: The game is very easy to control, the battles quite straight forward, and the X-button plain in sight. It's usually what you press, unless you use some skills, Which are just as easy as a tap of R1 to execute.

Overall: This game is amazing. it truly is worthy of bearing the .Hack name, and keeps the story going strong, and the ending makes you want Vol 3 ASAP!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/14/07

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