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"RPG done right?"

Story Line: 10
One of the best story lines in existence. This game(s) story line spans across years. This one takes place some time after the show .hack//roots which follows the original .hack series (Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, and Quarantine) which followed the .hack//signs TV series. It is somewhat confusing, however if you put all of these stories together there is a wondrous story. In this series you are Haseo, the ticked off hero. You are on a quest to avenge a dear friend of yours.

Game play: 7
Well this is sort of one of the lackluster objects of this game. The original series had much better interface, casting spells and giving commands to your teammates was much easier and quicker. Now around it is slightly difficult and slow. However this time around I like the alchemy of armor and weapons and accessories, and now you can even mess with you teammates equipment. Your teammates have a few commands, the ones you tell them they obediently follow, except they sometimes overdo it. The fights are quick and interesting, until you hit the level cap, then you can pretty much own them all. Then again there is 3 games, think they'd work harder.

Graphics: 7
They don't do cut scenes very well, even though there is a ton of them. I'm not saying they are bad, the in game looks pretty good, I'm just saying they used very few moments with actual CG. Those moments were awesome but the in between ones were dull. Also they messed up with some minor things, like Alkaid's hair goes through her head, your cape/tail goes through your bike, just minor things you'll only notice if you were looking really closely. Then again I am paying $120 for 3 games, if they are stretching it out to 3 games I want Star Ocean graphics, I want immense effort, I want jaw dropping graphics.

Sort of useful, this game caps you out at level 100 however you can beat the game before that. After the final fight, there are a few side quests that become unlocked. However during the game there are a few side quests and a few hidden ones also. You could fight certain people gain the most powerful weapons or the most strenuous activity, raise your guild rank by completing the Books of 1000, which log you every action, like who you fight, how many time, or the items you get, where you go, how many chests you opened, how much you spend, or how long you ride your bike. Each of which raises your stats unlocking guild features, wallpapers, or music. Not bad, however not the greatest replay considering you have a level cap.

It isn't enough, if it is stretched out into 3 games, I want 10's I want it to be amazing. If you are a fan of the series, or looking for a RPG that will kill some time, I would definitely by this game. Keeps you entertained and you want to get the sequels and uncover all the secrets. Although, I would wait until they get marked down to buy them. In the mean time watch the movies or play the first part until this one is marked down.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/07/07

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