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"The first 2 I wasn't so sure about, but this one really impressed me"

Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition really shows off the capabilities of the PS2, and moreover shows us how fun an action game can really be. If there is one action game you can get for any console, I would tell you to pick this game up in a heart beat. In Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition you will take control of our past hero from the first two games, Dante, on an adventure that takes place in time before the first Devil May Cry game.

Game Play: 9/10

It may sound weird, but Devil May Cry 3's weakest point is probably its game play. Because 90% of this game is action, some people may have a problem with it. If you are looking for challenging puzzles, or multiplayer, seek elsewhere (although there is a brief moment for 2 players to play). On the bright side, there is the occasional decent puzzle to liven up the game play and to give your thumbs a break from the action. What is done well though, is the action itself. There are a wide variety of weapons, moves, and fighting techniques for you to use in combat, and it will probably take you three play-throughs of the game to master all of these skills. The action is done incredibly well throughout each chapter, providing new boss challenges and new enemies to fight throughout the areas you battle and throughout the levels. Trust me if you are looking for action, there is plenty to be had here. Swords, guns, nunchaku, shotguns, rocket launchers, gauntlets, hell even a guitar becomes a weapon in your hands, and it makes the gameplay all the more interesting. Also available to you are a series of "styles", these are used with the circle button, and are used to create various moves to assist your fighting technique. For instance, one technique lets you guard attacks, while another lets you dash, and another allows you to control time. And of course, the Devil Trigger will return in this game, allowing you utilize high speed and super strength for a short amount of time.

Story: 9/10

Whether or not you've played the first 2 Devil May Cry games or not, the story is bound to keep your interest. It reveals a good bit into Dante's past, and his twin brother's past Vergil, and brings a great story to the table. It isn't the epic story that might be in a Final Fantasy game, but it is compelling and have its fair share of twists and turns to keep the game moving along. The dialog really keeps the plot rolling well, but more so is the voice acting- this is something that is done wonderfully, especially in comparison to the first 2 entries, where those games didn't exactly thrive on speech, this game truly does thrive on the speech driven story sequences and excellent voice acting.

Replay value: 10/10

If you need the same game to last you over and over again, this game will do it about as good as any game I've ever played. Now, with most people, if they like a game, they will play it again for a second experience. Devil May Cry 3 starts out with a Normal mode, but then progresses to 4 more difficulties to complete after that (more on that later), plus a whole second playable character, who can play all those same difficulties. If you've already played and beaten the original Devil May Cry 3- don't worry, the unlockable playable character is available from the start. It also carries over much like new game +, so you any skills you learned from your most previous difficulty carry over to the new harder difficulty. Having the second playable character is a huge add on to replay, which is why this game scores so well in this area.

Sound/Music: 9/10

Although some of the music may get repetitive, all of the music that I heard I am mostly certain is real music recorded into the game. This consists of some hard rock, death metal, and some orchestrated themes, including the final battle. So instead of the typical synthesized music you hear in many games, you get a fully composed soundtrack with plenty of upbeat action tunes as well as dramatic boss battle musics. All of the tunes are composed well and keep the feeling of the moment intact as well.

Graphics: 10/10

I'm really impressed with what they did on the PS2 here. The characters are all very detailed, while there aren't a whole lot of characters, all of them are well developed and have expressive facial features and their mouths move in sync with their lines. All the environments are detailed, but aren't very colorful, most are very dark and have a dark tone to them. This helps keep the feel of darkness looming. The graphics aren't the kind of things you really want to stare and say, watch the water flow, but they are very detailed and really show off what the PS2 is truly capable of. There are also a sequence of well done FMV movies that really look fantastic as well. The loading screen also is kind of cool- you can shoot or cut the "Now Loading..." by pressing the respective buttons. All the attention to detail really shows off the greatness of this game.

Difficulty/Controls: 10/10

Easily this games best feature, the game features 6 levels of difficulty. One thing the first Devil May Cry 3 was attacked for was its difficulty- it was truly an incredible challenge. However, since it is a Capcom game, you should have been expecting a challenge from the beginning. Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition starts out with two modes- an easy and a normal mode. If you've played the original DMC3 normal mode, you may be confused as to what happened to the difficulty. Well I'll tell you, they made the easy mode easier, and bumped all the difficulties down. What was easy mode before is now normal, normal is now hard. What was Hard mode became Very Hard mode, and then the final two difficulties remained unchanged from before. So if you want to experience the same ultimate difficulties you had from before, it will just require an extra playthrough. The controls are also changeable, so if you don't like the default settings, which I think are very well done, you can change them.

Overall: 9/10

The only major flaw to this game is the what might be considered a plus- two things. The first being that this game isn't for children, it is a game for adults. There is plenty of gore and slicing of heads, and all of animations are done well. The second is the action heavy based gameplay, some may love this, some may hate it and feel it is repetitive. I do no feel myself that it is repetitive, but you need to try it out for yourself. I'd recommend this game to any action game fan who can deal with a great deal of gory scenes, and anyone who likes a game with a boat load of challenge. If paying the cheap price of 20 dollars is too much for you, you can always rent it if all you want to do is complete the game. If you just want to do that, it will probably take you less than 10 hours. But with all the unlockable modes, you should probably spend 30-40 hours with this game regardless.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/28/07

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