"DMC3:SE gives the world a second chance to experience Dante's comeback."

Devil May Cry 3:SE is an updated expansion to the original which hit NA shores March 1st 2005.

The game was a return to form and many deemed it the -real- sequel DMC1 should have gotten.

You can read the many reviews for DMC3 (original) to get an idea of how it's gameplay was like, but to sum it up it offered a lot of style, substance, and challenge in one explosive package. Another thing that made DMC3 stand head and shoulders above other titles is it's high level of challenge. It really reminded a lot of people of to why they got into gaming in the first place. However, at the same time the game's high level of challenge annoyed some novice action gamers -- and having said that, lets talk about the Special Edition and what makes it so special.

DMC3:SE is a re-release that comes with new modes, difficulties, continue systems and playable character.

You can now play as Dante's evil twin brother Vergil, who plays by and large differently than Dante with his own style, moves, weapons and costumes. Unfortunately, his campaign is similar to Dante's with only a few new cutscenes (which, to admit -- are badass looking).

Vergil plays very different from Dante in that he has a unique style and wields his weapons in a unique fashion. Moreover, Vergil wields Phantom Blades as projectiles as opposed to Dante's modern fire-arm based weapons.

What's really cool about the Phantom Blades is that you can upgrade them to various levels and deal a whole lot of ass-whoopin with them. And in combination with Vergil's other three weapons (Yamato, Beowulf, and Force Edge) the combo system gets as in-depth and free-form as ever. You can buffer Phantom Blade attacks before / during / and after your melee combat to create a flurry of fast paced, devastating attacks, which is important, since the game is (although easier) still a solid challenge.

Beyond that, we have Turbo Mode. A mode that increases the game's speed by 20%. What it is -- is just that. Nothing more and nothing less, it's great to be in there.

Bloody Palace is kind of like a survival mode where you are thrown into a 9,999 level of constant enemy / boss fighting rampage. You can either skip 1, 10, or 100 levels depending on your skill level and tastes.

There is also a new continue system. You have the option to have unlimited continues (gold) or limited continues (yellow). And finally, the game's easy, normal and hard modes have been toned down. However, the very hard and Dante Must Die modes have remained untouched, so those who are looking foward to the originals grueling difficulty levels can.

In the end, DMC3:SE appeals to everyone. Vergil and Bloody Palace appeal to those who have already purchased DMC3 (original), and the cheap price tag and easier difficulty settings should appeal to those who skipped out on the original release back in 05', having said that -- the game is entirely worth it. If you take it's price into consideration, DMC3:SE is the best action game you can get.


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/02/06

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