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Reviewed: 02/21/06

Vergil-Mode alone is worth the purchase. Buy. NOW.

Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition is just that; a Special Edition release of Devil May Cry 3. It was due to the fact that the game became a Greatest Titles. Instead of just straight porting the game like games that become Greatest Hits normally do, a lot more was done with it. A whole new playable character was added, an extra boss was added, and Devil May Cry 2's ‘Bloody Palace’ was added.

Devil May Cry 3 takes place before Devil May Cry 1, so its important to play this game if your interested in the series. Anyway, the story starts out with Vergil(behind the scenes of course) trying to find a way to gain his fathers power. His father was Sparda, a legendary demon whose power was unrivaled. Sparda sacrificed a human woman to seal the demon world from the human world. In the process, he lost all of his powers, and they’ve been locked away on the other side. Vergil seeks this power. He learns of a tower that once connected the human and demon world. However, he was missing one key piece; an item that his twin brother, Dante holds. His ‘assistant’, Arkham, pays Dante a little visit. Dante meets him, fights some demons, and heads towards the tower that Vergil summoned out of the ground where it was laying dormant. A lot more of the story unravels from there.

The graphics in the last installment are a significant improvement over DMC2. Dante’s sprite looks smoother, not all the enemies are straight rehashes of the previous Devil May Cry game like in DMC2 >.>. The bosses are all well designed, as are the levels. Frankly I couldn’t find anything to complain about in the graphics department.

I have no problems with Devil May Cry’s music. The in-battle music doesn’t have a lot of variety to it. One for regular battles, and there’s a few different ones for boss battles. Frankly the music is enough to get you hyped over the battle, and that’s really all that matters for this game.

Devil May Cry is a free roam Action game for those not familiar. You have a health bar, Devil Gauges that you’ll get after Mission 7, and for Royalguard, green dots next to your health showing how much you’ve charged. This game also includes the style system, which changes the way Dante fights. Circle is the primary style button, and all style actions are executed with circle. There is Royalguard, Trickster, Swordmaster and Gunslinger. You also unlock two other ones later that I don’t wanna reveal. Cause I’m evil >.>. All styles except the two unlockable ones start at level one, and max out at three. Swordmaster and Gunslinger are self explanatory. Strengths your abilities with your weapons and guns, respectively. Trickster gives you more freedom in movement, with things like Dash, Air Dash, AirTrick(teleportation). Royalguard gives you Charge and Release. Charge lets you block attacks, and fill up these little green dots that appear to the left of your health bar. There are three dots, and for each level you have in Royalguard you can fill up those dots. After you fill some or all of them up, you can use Release, which does loads of damage to the enemy. It takes awhile to master, but in my opinion its one of the strongest styles against bosses.

Basically you play the game by completing Missions. The Missions are really more like chapters. Each Mission there are puzzles to solve, enemies to fight, and sometimes bosses. There are also Secret Missions to be completed that are hidden in certain levels. And of course the story advances after completing a certain puzzle, or beating a mission. The enemies have set attack patterns at first on Normal, so after encountering one for awhile you’ll know how to defeat it easily. You also gain new weapons and guns as Missions progress. These weapons are all different from each other, and carry an elemental property. Sometimes its important to remember this since certain bosses are weak to certain elements. An important aspect of the game is also the collection of Blood Orbs. These are red orbs dropped by enemies and scattered across the levels. These are needed to learn/upgrade moves for each weapon, upgrade your guns, as well as buying items. Sometimes Blood Orb farming is needed. I usually go farming every time I get a new weapon. I learn at least all the skills available. I can prolong getting level 2 of certain skills for awhile.

The Special Edition introduced two new things; Vergil mode and Bloody Palace. These can normally be unlocked by beating Easy/Normal mode. But for anybody who has a completed file of the original DMC3, you can load that and unlock them both right away. Nothing else gets brought over, but if you bought the game to just play as Vergil then it’ll save you some time. Bloody Palace is a 9999 floor dungeon. Beating the enemies on a floor opens three teleporters; one that brings up 1 floor, 10 floors and 100 floors. The 1 floor teleporters has green healing orbs in the arena though. And the 10 floor one has devil orbs. The enemies get harder as you go up, and you can also fight bosses on certain floors, and at the end you fight Vergil. After you beat him you unlock a few costumes. And you can play as Vergil as well :D. He plays much differently from Dante, as he only has three weapons he gets, and he shoots phantom sword. I’m not even done playing Hard Mode with him yet and I’m having way more fun than I did with Dante.

The game has lots of replayability. Each difficulty you beat opens up a harder one. They range from Easy to Hard, to Very Hard, and then to Dante Must Die/Vergil Must Die. Opening a new difficulty also gives you new costumes. Certain costumes like Super Vergil and Super Dante give you unlimited Devil Gauge, so you can freely transform into a devil anytime you want. You won’t regenerate health though, and these unlimited Devil Gauge doesn’t apply to Doppleganger and Quicksilver. You can unlock other costumes later that apply to them though. And this is the type of game you can pick up when your bored and just try and play the hardest difficulty to see if your skills are still up to par.

Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition offers a lot of extras that will even have the people who bought the original buying it. Those who haven’t bought the original have a awesome game at a fantastic price. For only $20 your getting a game that will have you putting in tons of hours into unlocking everything. If you’ve been curious of the Devil May Cry series for awhile, then DMC3:SE is a great way to start the series off. You can then play Devil May Cry 1 and understand it better, since DMC3 shed some light on a few story issues with that game :P.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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