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    FAQ by KLantis

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    by Kailu Lantis
    After a small recess...greetings!
    Welcome once again to yet another mundane, random, and somewhat annoying FAQ of
    a bunch of nonsense by yours truly, the patriotic noodlehead, Kailu Lantis! In
    the old tradition of my other FAQs, I shall present to you the different
    winning quotes, cutscene dialogues, and endings that exist in this mega-rare
    game (did anyone see this in the arcades? I didn't). Then again, it's SNK, so
    what would you expect? Anyways, I'm pretty surprised this game has endings for
    ALL the characters, considering there 48 are of them. Why so many characters
    had personal endings and yet Samurai Shodown V couldn't even have a GENERIC
    ending is beyond me. This game is pretty tight in its' own right, so if you
    have a chance to pick it up (or the whole Samurai Shodown Anthology), then by
    all means, please do.
    Seeing as though Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny is aiming to be one big flop
    (at the time of this writing), you can't go wrong with this game! FAIR AND
    You know the drill...just to keep some of the flies away....
    This FAQ is created for public use, and intends to inform people about the
    story of Samurai Shodown VI. This FAQ is NOT to be sold in any way possible,
    nor can it be published in any page or printed media without the permission
    of yours truly. This FAQ does NOT include gameplay info, so if you're looking
    for strategies, combos, or the like, go take a look elsewhere. If these rules
    fail to be applied correctly, I have this buddy here called Kusaregedo
    Youkai. Nasty looking mofo, let me tell ya. He's also always so damn hungry
    all the time. Don't make me sick this guy at ya so he bite your JOHNSON off!
    That's how Kusaregedo rolls around here.
    	Samurai Shodown VI and all its' characters are trademarks of SNK
    Playmore & Yuki Enterprises. All the information contained in this document
    comes directly from the Samurai Shodown VI game, and the story info comes
    from information published by SNK themselves.
    1.- General Story
    2.- List of Characters:
    	- Andrew
    	- Basara Kubikiri
    	- Cham Cham
    	- Chample
    	- Charlotte
    	- Earthquake
    	- Enja
    	- Gaira Kafuin
    	- Galford
    	- Gaoh Kyougoku Hinowanokami
    	- Gen-an Shiranui
    	- Genjuro Kibagami
    	- Hanzo Hattori
    	- Haohmaru
    	- Iroha
    	- Jubei Yagyu
    	- Kazuki Kazama
    	- Kim Ung Che
    	- Kuroko
    	- Kyoshiro Senryo
    	- Liu Yunfei
    	- Mina Majikina
    	- Mizuki Rashoujin
    	- Murasaki Nakoruru
    	- Nakoruru
    	- Neinhalt Sieger
    	- Nicotine Kafuin
    	- Ocha-Maro Karakuri
    	- Paku Paku
    	- Poppy
    	- Rasetsu Galford
    	- Rasetsumaru
    	- Rera
    	- Rimururu
    	- Sankuro Yorozu
    	- Shikuru/Mamahaha
    	- Shiro Tokisada Amakusa
    	- Shizumaru Hisame
    	- Sogetsu Kazama
    	- Sugoroku Matsuribayashi
    	- Suija
    	- Tam Tam
    	- Ukyo Tachibana
    	- Wan Fu
    	- Yoshitora Tokugawa
    	- Youkai Kusaregedo
    	- Yumeji Kurokouchi
    	- Zankuro Minazuki
    3.- Boss dialogue
    4.- Credits
    	Each character’s section is divided into their 9 winning quotes. The
    quotes have a defined pattern like so:
    - (+) or (-) after each letter: (+) if the character's energy meter is above or
      equal to 50%. (-) if the character's energy meter is below 50%.
    - (n): Finish with a normal move.
    - (s): Finish with a special move.
    - (S): Finish with a DM/super (or those "secret moves" that can only be used in
      the VI and II fighting styles). SS 1 fighting style's 'super slash' is also
      included in this category.
    - (t): Finish with a regular throw.
    	There are some minor variations to these rules (sometimes weak attacks
    and kicks can be included in the (t) category, sometimes super finishes count as
    a (s) and not a (S), etc.), but that's the general gist of it. The ninth quote
    is saved for mirror matches (notice that these quotes ONLY appear in arcade
    mode. If you pick Versus mode, you can't see the victory quotes because the game
    prompts you to make selections instead of displaying the victory screen. Bummer)
    	The initial quotes (before the winning quotes) are the speeches that the
    character gives before you face them in arcade mode. They usually have 2/3
    generic quotes, and sometimes they have special quotes for certain characters.
    As far as I know, the alternate characters (Murasaki Nakoruru, Rasetsu Galford,
    and Kim Ung Che), the animal helpers (Shikuru/Mamahaha, Poppy, Chample, and Paku
    Paku), and Kuroko have no CPU quotes because you can't face them in arcade mode.
    	Beneath the victory quotes is the initial speech of each character
    before starting arcade mode. After that, you go through 3 stages. The fourth
    stage always belongs to your character's mid-boss. After that, there is the
    semifinal, and then the final, where you face off against your character's
    personal end boss in the Temple stage.
    	Notice that after the 3rd stage or the semifinal, you can fight against
    Sugoroku Matsuribayashi in a special 'Festival' match. I dunno the EXACT
    requirements to fight him, but I DO now that you don't have to lose a round, and
    maybe include some super finishes in there, too.
    	After you defeat your end boss (and after the subsecuent dialogue goes
    by), the whole stage will turn dark, and thus, you will be prompted to a special
    'Duel' against one of the 4 old bosses (Amakusa, Mizuki, Zankuro, or Gaoh). The
    bosses always deliver a generic speech (included in their section), and your
    character responds accordingly. Some characters have a special dialogue before
    AND after the Duel against certain bosses, also detailed in each section.
    	After you end the Duel, the screen will scroll upwards a bit, and then
    BAM! You're sent straight to Hell (pretty quick, eh?), where Makai Gaoh will
    issue your last challenge (you are treated with a special picture of him
    standing triumphantly over a demon who he just cut down). Makai Gaoh may seem
    like a pushover, but he really isn't all that (I still think SS V Gaoh is
    tougher than him). After you beat him, you will FINALLY be treated to your
    character's personal ending (the weird thing here is that your characters don't
    have any interaction with Makai Gaoh whatsoever. He just sorta...pops up and
    leaves. How odd).
    	Once again, I had to change some text in this game because, for some
    reason, outsourcing this game to Yuki Enterprises has NOT resolved the horrible
    translation issues that have pursued the Samurai Shodown series since game 1. As
    a matter of fact, it now seems even WORSE! I even had to add some words so that
    some dialogues can seem somewhat remotely coherent. This is particularly bad
    with the stories of the animal helpers. It looks like Yuki didn't even TRY to
    make sense anymore by the time they reached those guys. Oh well, hope you don't
    get TOO confused reading them, I just did my best.
    	By the way, I may put some random author notes here and there, because
    some quotes are just straight up WEIRD! You'll see what I mean....
    "It is time of Tenmei in the middle of the Edo period. The stage is set, with
    the world as the battleground the mightiest of all will come forth!"
    	This is how Samurai Shodown VI officially begins. I'm not really sure
    how this whole shindig goes along, but it's supposed to have something to do
    with special festivals worldwide (like Halloween in Ireland, for example). I
    think it's pretty weird to see Samurai Shodown fights in places like Africa and
    Macchu Picchu, but hey, that's the way it goes. The tournament also seems to be
    hosted by Yoshitora Tokugawa, with the winner getting his/her wish fulfilled by
    Yoshitora himself as the prize (or at least, that's what happens in some
    characters' endings, not all).
    Backstory: Andrew is a young president of a rising nation called the 'United
    States of America'. Andrew travels to Japan in pursue of allies to his cause
    and ideals of freedom and liberty and all that Captain America jazz.
    Weapon: A rifle with a bayonet.
    Inspiration: Andrew Johnson, 17th president of the United States (curiously
                 born almost 50 years after this version of Andrew)
    - "I will show all I have. Because this is my challenge."
    - "I had been looking forward to meet you. Let's go."
    vs. females: "I don't like the idea of fighting a woman."
    vs. Tam Tam: "So, you are the famous Tam Tam. I have wanted to meet you."
    vs. Mizuki: "You are the biggest threat to the world's freedom!!"
    n+ "Do not look down. Go forward looking up."
    s+ "I must use all my attention and force."
    S+ "If I can not reach my dream, all my fights are meaningless."
    t+ "I can only do my best. But, that is why I have today and have more."
    n- "I must admit I am not perfect. But this fight, I can not lose."
    s- "I won without any cheating. You must have no regret."
    S- "You can not turn your head from the reality."
    t- "You ARE very strong. But, this gives me eagerness to fight with you."
    - "What are you fighting for? Don't lose your initial reason."
    -Before 1st stage-
    Andrew: "Let's go. I will move forward for my dream."
    -4TH STAGE-
    Galford: "My name is Galford. Nice to meet you, Mr. President."
    Andrew: "I'm glad you know me. And, why do you fight, Galford?"
    Galford: "I'm a ninja who fights for justice. You?"
    Andrew: "I say I fight for freedom, but it's really for domination."
    -after the fight-
    Andrew: "It was close, but I won. It's the depleted uranium sword!" (*)
    Galford: "Yep, well, you've squashed justice before, haven't you?" (**)
    Andrew: "Thanks Galford. You are a hero!"
    (AN: * Really? Depleted uranium?! Did they even DISCOVER uranium at that time?)
         ** Andrew 'squashed' justice? So does that make him some sort of ruthless
    	dictator or something?)
    Yoshitora: "Welcome to Japan. I have been wanting to meet you."
    Andrew: "Thanks for the welcome. It's great to be here."
    Yoshitora: "OK, well, let's fight. I want to feel your strength."
    Andrew: "Yes, it'll be great. Let's get down to it."
    -after the fight-
    Andrew: "Wow, you've certainly got force behind you."
    Yoshitora: "Well, I guess might makes right after all!"
    Andrew: "I enjoyed this fight. I love fighting!"
    -stage turns dark-
    Andrew: "Who are you?? Show yourself!!"
    Andrew: "This agression will not stand, man. I draw a line in the sand."
    -after the fight-
    Andrew: "Have your people get in touch with mine, and we'll talk."
    (Andrew and Yoshitora stand at the temple. Andrew stands straight with his
    musket over his shoulder, while Yoshitora has a hand on his hip)
    Andrew: "So, you said you had a proposal?"
    Yoshitora: "Yes. I have a dream, but it's hard work. This dream, though, it's
                worth my life. I could use a partner. We could form a coalition."
    Andrew: "A coalition, huh? A have a little experience with those."
    Yoshitora: "I want to establish a one-world government."
    (Andrew raises his hand near his face)
    Andrew: "Really? That's funny, I have similar ambitions."
    Yoshitora: "Well, it's good to know there are others who want this, too. Well?
                Do you want to pursue this together?"
    Andrew: "Well, America will have to have control of it, so.... I'm just not sure
             it will work with us together."
    Yoshitora: "Well, thanks for listening. I guess we'll try again later!"
    (Andrew extends his hand)
    Andrew: "Of course you will. Well, take care, good buddy!"
    Yoshitora: "Thanks, Andrew. I will see you later!! Friend!"
    (Fade to black. Next stage is in a canyon, where Andrew, Galford, and Tam Tam
    stand in their fighting positions, facing off against 3 armed noblesmen. You may
    recognize one of them from Charlotte's SS 1 ending)
    Andrew: "OK, so you guys are ready to take over the world?"
    Galford: "Andrew, justice is a nuanced thing, not just black and white!"
    Tam Tam: "Well, we stood up and were counted, so we have a mandate!"
    Andrew: "This is like being in a war! Freedom comes from suffering."
    (All of a sudden, Sieger appears amidst the group of noblesmen, and uppercuts
    two of the noblesmen to the moon! Charlotte then comes in with the Splash Fount
    and blasts the remaining noblesman out of the picture. Sieger does a 'no-no'
    motion with his finger, as Charlotte stands with her sword down)
    Sieger: "Andrew! I wasn't notified of this action!"
    Charlotte: "I will give my life for this dream!"
    Andrew: "Thanks, guys! Our world will be safe for democracy! YAY!"
    (Everyone runs off-screen to the right, led by Andrew)
    Together with his affluent constituents, Andrew began building his coalition.
    He conquered South America, and Europe fell in line. Then Yoshitora, who by
    this time governed Asia, joined him, and together they made the world safe.
    Andrew's dream was no longer the dream of a few people. It was a dream for all
    the people.
    Andrew's tombstone read, "Freedom and liberty, have a nice day", and no one ever
    forgot the man who founded this New World Order! (*)
    (AN: * Oh man! I thought it was Hulk Hogan, but Andrew was the original founder
           of the nWo! NWO 4 LIFE!!!!)
    Backstory: Basara is a wayward spirit that refuses to leave the mortal plain
    because he holds a grudge against Zankuro Minazuki, who during one of his lethal
    rampages, supposedly killed both Kagaribi and left Basara mortally wounded
    (although it is later revealed that Basara himself had killed Kagaribi). Basara
    then acts all emo about it, likes to use blue lipstick for some reason, and goes
    around slashing his own chest. Charming, huh?
    Weapon: A tri-bladed shuriken with a chain attached to it.
    Inspiration: None. He's a typical 'yurei' (Japanese ghost).
    - "You are entering a world of pain!!!"
    - "The voices of the dead are saying, 'kill this maggot'!"
    vs. Nicotine: Kill me if you pity me, then do one or the other.
    n+ "Time was fun when I spent many hours in such delight."
    s+ "This light floods my brain. Tell me I'm dead, so I can smile."
    S+ "My loneliness is legendary. Let's die here together."
    t+ "The blood flows like wine, the sweet music of snapped bones!!"
    n- "I will drink your blood. This is going to be fun!!!!"
    s- "I'm sorry, but, quite frankly, I don't like you."
    S- "They are coming. They are all coming to kill you."
    t- "I have been dead a long time. There is nothing to fear."
    - "My torment swells from your futile clinging to life."
    -Before 1st stage-
    Basara: "Time is a velvet rope, and I'm on the arm of a superstar!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Mina: "The vibrations tell me you are possessed by a demon."
    Basara: "All this for me? Am I really that special?"
    Mina: "I'm an exorcist. The demon inside must be purged!!"
    Basara: "Come to my blood-soaked bacchanal! Let's party!!!!!!!"
    -after the fight-
    Basara: "Do not be afraid of me. I do not wish to instill fear."
    Mina: "You are a spirit the likes of which I am unfamiliar."
    Basara: "When darkness is all around, it is I that embraces you."
    Gaira: "You have not yet crossed the river of death."
    Basara: "Don't wake me from this beautiful demon-dream. Heh heh."
    Gaira: "This madness must end. Since I'm here, I may as well end it."
    Basara: "You are not worthy. Do you think you stand a chance?"
    -after the fight-
    Basara: "The Grim Reaper smiles since Heaven's gates are locked."
    Gaira: "It's you who blocks your enlightenment. Only you can."
    Basara: "If you kill me, then I may be elevated, so just do it!"
    -stage turns dark-
    Basara: "Um...who are you?"
    vs. Amakusa/Zankuro: "It's your fault I will kill beyond exhaustion!"
    vs. Gaoh/Mizuki: "Heh, smell this sweet world, and enjoy this demon-dream!"
    -after the fight-
    vs. Amakusa/Zankuro: "When I am done, it will be like you never existed!"
    vs. Gaoh/Mizuki: "Ha ha ha, the party is just getting started. Having a nice
    (Back at the temple, Basara is leaning backwards and convulting)
    Basara: "Aaaahh.... Where am going this time?"
    (Basara turns into a wandering soul, just like the projectile in his Soul of the
    Beast special move. The soul wanders off-screen. Next stage is a grass valley,
    where the soul comes in, and materalizes back into Basara, who is in his
    fighting stance)
    Basara: "This is strange yet familiar, like being home. What is this? I smell
             an ogre, one I'd like to eat!!!
    (Basara dashes and disappears. Still in the grass valley, Zankuro Minazuki, who
    is on the right, faces off against Basara before his death, who looks just like
    Basara, except with normal-colored skin and jet black hair. The "past" version
    of Basara seems to be injured, as he grabs his side)
    Live Basara: "STOP!!! Death comes too soon. My revenge is not complete."
    Zankuro: "A fool's task cannot be completed."
    (As Zankuro revs up for the final strike, the real Basara jumps out of the
    ground in between the normal Basara and Zankuro, spreading his arms)
    Live Basara: "What??"
    (Zankuro lowers his sword)
    Basara: "I have found the one I seek. My soul will be warm tonight. Everyday, I
             have lived only for this day.... The madness of a man, deprived of
    (Basara turns around to see himself, lowering his arms)
    Basara: "I tire of this schizoid delusion."
    Live Basara: "The way clears, the winding road narrows at its' terminus."
    (The normal Basara backdashes out of the screen, Basara turns around, with his
    back towards the screen, lowering his head)
    Basara: "You have to make Kagaribi happy."
    Zankuro: "Who the hell are you? What does it matter?"
    (Zankuro prepares to attack, as Basara spreads his arms)
    Basara: "My heart will go on!!!"
    (Basara and Zankuro attack each other, and the screen flashes red. When it comes
    back to normal, Basara is standing before Zankuro's corpse, with his back
    towards the screen, and his head lowered)
    Basara: "It's gone. I'm alone."
    (Kagaribi's ghost appears from above, and Basara holds her in his arms. The
    following sequence has both Basara and Kagaribi gradually fading away)
    Kagaribi: "You know I've been here all along. You've sensed it."
    Basara: "The gates of eternity open, but I can't enter them alone. I have fought
             to be here with you, back with you."
    Kagaribi: "No more fighting, just loving. Forever and ever."
    Basara: "In life we were separated by death, in death, reunited."
    (Basara and Kagaribi finally vanish)
    Eternity waited for Basara and Kagaribi, as it waits for all lovers. A tear
    coursed down Basara's blood-stained face.
    The tear and the blood combined. The synthesis freed Basara's tortured soul, and
    he and Kagaribi's spirits became one.
    Backstory: Cham Cham is the younger sister of Tam Tam, who also lives in the
    Green Hell village. She likes living in the wilderness and eating loads of
    bananas (I think I never saw her mention that liking in SS 2). She looks for the
    Tanjil and Palenke stones, stolen from her village.
    Weapon: Boomerang
    Inspiration: None. Just a random catgirl.
    - "You got a banana in your pocket?"
    - "I am Cham Cham. Who are you?"
    vs. Sugoroku: You got soft eyes. I like to lick them!
    n+ "Who do you think I am? I'm Cham Cham, don't hit me...."
    s+ "Why are you on the ground? You hungry?"
    S+ "I love my boomerang. It comes back to me. You won't, though."
    t+ "Look, you like my tail, touch it! NANANANANANANA!!!"
    n- "You sleep now? I like to sleep with you!! GOODNIGHT!"
    s- "Don't look at me like that, you scare Cham Cham!"
    S- "You cry, but hey, either you or me cry!"
    t- "You hurt me! You like to hit people like me, go ahead!!!"
    - "You have same face? You like banana, too?"
    -Before 1st stage-
    Cham Cham: "When I win, I'll see how many banana I can eat!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Ocha-Maro: "You are not a monster, are you?"
    Cham Cham: "I am Cham Cham, I like banana!! Got any??? Monkey face?"
    Ocha-Maro: "How rude! You're dead meat, pal!"
    Cham Cham: "Look, monkey. I'm sorry. Wanna share my banana?"
    -after the fight-
    Cham Cham: "YAAA, I won. That was cool. I never win!!"
    Ocha-Maro: "I had an important task, beaten by a numbnut!!"
    Cham Cham: "Aww, don't cry, you make me cry, too. WAAAAAAA."
    Tam Tam: "I found you! Everyone is worried. Go home."
    Cham Cham: "OK, soon, but I still need more banana!!"
    Tam Tam: "NO! Cham Cham, the bad spirits are around. It's not safe!"
    Cham Cham: "NOO! I want more banana. Just one or two. I love them!"
    -after the fight-
    Cham Cham: "Waaa, are you OK brother Tam? Cheer up, share my banana."
    Tam Tam: "It's OK. Just hurry and leave here immediately!"
    Cham Cham: "I will. PROMISE! .......................... One banana?!?"
    -stage turns dark-
    Cham Cham: "Waaaa? What is this?"
    Cham Cham: "OOH, you're the bad GOD!! No banana for you!"
    -after the fight-
    Cham Cham: "LOOK!!! I won!! I want a ba, a ba, a bandan!" (*)
    (AN: * I think she was going for 'banana' here)
    (Tam Tam and Cham Cham stand side-by-side at the temple, with Tam Tam standing
    up straight, and Cham Cham sitting at his feet. Yoshitora is at the right,
    with a hand on his hip)
    Yoshitora: "Be careful, women can be unpredictable!"
    Cham Cham: "Wow, you have a funny hair."
    (Yoshitora runs a hand through his hair)
    Yoshitora: "My hair is cool. And what do you want? The new style!"
    (Yoshitora puts his hand back on his hip)
    Cham Cham: "Guess........................... I want banana! Lots of them!"
    Yoshitora: "What? You mean like a banana?"
    (Kuroko drops down from above, and stands behind Yoshitora with his hands
    behind his back)
    Kuroko: "It is mystical fruit grown in Mt. Harehare."
    Yoshitora: "Mmm, I don't think I can provide a lot of banana."
    (Cham Cham drops on both knees and lowers her head)
    Cham Cham: "No banana? You liar!  Hum, what is this?"
    (Cham Cham sits back up)
    Yoshitora: "It is sweet beans bun. It is sweet and good. Try it."
    Cham Cham: "Sweet bean bun? It's good. OK, give me these. Sweet bean bun. Many,
                many sweet bean bun! Just give me a lot."
    Yoshitora: "OK, that's easy. We can prepare them, can't we?"
    Kuroko: "Um, yes, I can do it!"
    (Kuroko jumps back offscreen. Screen fades into just Cham Cham sitting and Tam
    Tam standing at the temple)
    Cham Cham: "Sweet bean bun is so good. Try some, bro!"
    Tam Tam: "Yayah, I've had them. Cham Cham, you got so strong!"
    Cham Cham: "Yes, I am the second best after you in the world."
    Tam Tam: "I am very proud of you."
    Cham Cham: "Yes? You proud Cham Cham?"
    After going back to her village, Cham Cham went back to live with her parents,
    and her brother.
    Great deliveries of sweet bean buns were made weekly to the village, and
    everyone had a great time eating them.
    Cham Cham's brother still took her up into the mountain and enjoyed their lives
    with each other.
    Backstory: The typical 'so cute it's disgusting' kind of animal-thingy. It
    accompanies Mina everywhere she goes. As you may have thought, Chample is
    actually a four-legged demon in disguise, who wiped out Mina's village, and then
    masqueraded as the 'cute' Chample to get by. Curiously enough, SS VI doesn't
    play much on Chample's demonic persona, but actually passes it on as a cute
    creature. Damn, I wanted to see him get offed...maybe next time...
    Weapon: None.
    Inspiration: None. I like to call it the SNK version of Servbot.
    n+ "Torubaranke-."
    s+ "Enjicha-bira."
    S+ "Chang, de-jihaba!"
    t+ "Torubaranke-."
    n- "De-jiutorusan."
    s- "Botekasu-."
    S- "Kuwa- shikamibusasa-."
    t- "De-jiutorusan."
    - "Kurusarindo-!"
    -Before 1st stage-
    Chample: "Come on! Makachookee chann, kuubayun!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Cham Cham: "Uo~? This thing is really strange! So round and small! Looks tasty!
    Chample: "Enba-enba-!"
    Cham Cham: "Wait! CHAM CHAM, you run so fast! Even numbfish can't rival you!"
    Chample: "No-ba-ya! Takurusarindo-!"
    -after the fight-
    Chample: "Awawawa~ariari~."
    Cham Cham: "E~n! Why! Can't take it! Bukyu~! I want to become small, too!"
    Chample: "Uwaaa~! Win it-fura-!! Uwaaa~!"
    (AN: Wow, this dialogue really makes my head hurt)
    Kusaragedo: "Aa~? I've never tasted the small thing."
    Chample: "Awa! Chan...kabumisaga."
    Kusaragedo: "Guhiahiahiahia.... Though it's small, it's fine as long as it's
    Chample: "Awawawawawawa aga-!! Nu-yaga-!!!"
    -after the fight-
    Chample: "De-jiutorusan...."
    Kusaragedo: "Er? Where is the small one? Where are you? Guide me.
    Chample: "Afu...! Ke-ibusan...."
    -stage turns dark-
    Chample: "--hawa! Nu-yaga!"
    Chample: "Akisamiyo~! Cha-suga~! Jyoi ja-fe-!!"
    -after the fight-
    Chample: "To-! Chang, de-jihaba!"
    (Mina and Chample are at the temple. Mina, kneeling on the ground, is grabbing
    Chample, who looks at her with a sad face)
    Mina: "...Something comes. Recently, not just one. Thought we don't feel the air
           of evil.... What is it on earth...?"
    Chample: "Mina? Mina......"
    (3 Chample lookalikes walk in from the right. One of them wears red and has a
    bulldog face. Another wears green and looks kinda skinny. The last one wears
    pink and basically looks like a female version of Chample. Red Chample chuckles)
    Red Chample: "Yattouminchike!"
    (Green Chample raises its' arms)
    Green Chample: "Yittaasaguurun."
    (Pink Chample claps her hands)
    Pink Chample: "Uganngutou."
    (Chample walks towards its' cohorts, as everyone celebrates with the dancing
    Chample. Mina stands up, holds her arms, and lowers her head)
    Mina: "Chample, it's time to say goodbye...."
    (Chample stops and looks at Mina with a sad mug)
    Chample: ".............?"
    Mina: "Look.... Chample's friends came to receive us. Let's go back to the place
           where they stay instead. Thank you for keeping company 'till now,
           Chample. We are really very happy. ...I'm fine. Thanks to Chample, I
           found that I'm not alone."
    Chample: "Mina......."
    (Chample walks up to Mina with his puppy-dog look, but Mina simply turns away)
    Mina: "It's not good to keep friends waiting for a long time. There is no need
           to worry about me. ....Why not come with us?"
    (Chample slowly backs off, and then walks off-screen to the right with its'
    All: "Deicchaa. Unnmarikut you!"
    Mina: "...Bye, Chample."
    Chample: "Mina! Mina!"
    (Mina looks towards the right)
    Mina: ".............?"
    (Chample runs back into the screen and jumps into Mina's arms, who pats him
    tenderly as they embrace)
    Chample: "Chan, majyuiunn!"
    Mina: "...Thank you. I can't go without Chample, as expected."
    (Chample's 3 buddies walk back into the screen as well. Red Chample chuckles)
    Red Chample: "Jihuinermun."
    (Green Chample raises its' arms)
    Green Chample: "Keirun."
    (Pink Chample claps her hands)
    Pink Chample: "Kanaarun!"
    (The 3 little squirts walk off-screen to the right again)
    Chample: "Kaakiisun! Chaaamajyui!"
    Mina: "Right. Let's get together forever.... It's a deal...."
    Let's get together forever! We forgot then the oral agreement was made. No
    matter how much time is spent, the agreement won't change. The two hearts won't
    separate forever, no matter if it's in the past, at present, or in the future.
    Backstory: A French nobleswoman who fights for the liberty of her compatriots
    during the time of the French Revolution. Although her issues mostly dwell in
    France, she constantly leaves for Japan, since all the calamities threatening
    her country seem to come from there (she must have a 'frequent sailor' card
    Weapon: La Roche (a fencing sword)
    Inspiration: Based on Oscar Francois de Jarjayes, from the manga 'The Rose of
    - "Real swordsmanship is beautiful, noble, and strong."
    - "Summon your strength and fight me!!!!"
    vs. Jubei: "You look strong, our fight will satisfy us both!!!"
    vs. Shizumaru: "You must fight me for your life, I am the way!!!!"
    vs. Yoshitora: "We're friends, but I shall dispatch you just the same!!!"
    vs. Sankuro: "Enemy of women, now you shall feel her wrath!!!"
    n+ "This fight reminds me of my post breakfast bowel movement."
    s+ "Weakness will one day become wisdom."
    S+ "My sword is the tooth of a tiger!!"
    t+ "God hates a chicken, my friend. God hates a chicken!!" (*)
    n- "Remember, today's loss becomes tomorrow's strength."
    s- "When fighting for justice, we will always win!!"
    S- "There is no bridge that fills the gap between our skill levels."
    t- "You are not good looking enough to fight me!!"
    - "For disrespecting my family, I will show you no mercy!!"
    (AN: * Hah hah, that quote totally cracks me up)
    -Before 1st stage-
    Charlotte: "This is my chance. I know how to dance!!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Sieger: "Charlotte, what are you doing? Your parents are worried!"
    Charlotte: "Thanks for the concern, but I came to fight."
    Sieger: "Ha ha ha, I am sure of that. I'll gladly fight with you."
    Charlotte: "You will not be spared from my full force of violence!!"
    -after the fight-
    Charlotte: "What's up, is this it?"
    Sieger: "I fought like a wuss!! I've gotta get practicing!!"
    Charlotte: "I want to thank you for a great match. So long, Sieger!!!"
    Haohmaru: "Your beauty is only matched by your sweet fighting."
    Charlotte: "Knock it off. I'm trying to get into fighting mode!!"
    Haohmaru: "My fighting style is the coolest."
    Charlotte: "Whatever, enough talk. I came to fight, so let's ROCK!!"
    -after the fight-
    Charlotte: "Well, your fighting left a little something to be desired!!!"
    Haohmaru: "Due to your excellent skill, I must admit!"
    Charlotte: "Your sword skill was great, too! But you seemed a bit distracted."
    -stage turns dark-
    Charlotte: "...Who are you? Show me your face."
    Charlotte: "My sword will drain your blood from your body."
    -after the fight-
    Charlotte: "Killing you will save France? Then I won't hesitate."
    (Charlotte and Haohmaru stand at the temple, Charlotte with her sword down,
    and Haohmaru resting his hands on his sheated sword)
    Charlotte: "This is the end. HA!! I won."
    Haohmaru: "Yes, you are now the best in the world. France is ON TOP!! Keep in
               mind, next time I'll be the best!"
    Charlotte: "Yeah...whatever! Guess I'm the best."
    Haohmaru: "What are you blathering about??"
    Charlotte: "Haohmaru, do I really deserve this title? Am I that great?"
    Haohmaru: "I was the best, and you beat me. What don't you understand?"
    (Charlotte looks confused)
    Charlotte: "It's weird, that's all. I'm just too analytical."
    Haohmaru: "You beat me, you can brag if you want. Go for it, you deserve it.
               Your confusion is silly, just relax. Here, hit this."
    (Charlotte lifts her face)
    Charlotte: "Mmmm, I guess so. Thanks."
    Haohmaru: "OK, well, I must leave. I will try to visit you in France! When I
               visit maybe you can let me try your country's sake?"
    (Haohmaru runs off screen to the right, Charlotte is left confused)
    Charlotte: "Wait!! I am not finished. I have more to tell you. All right, go."
    (Next stage is the deck of a ship barely off of shore, a SS V stage. Charlotte
    looks at her open hand)
    Charlotte: "Ahh, this strength. How can I use it effectively?"
    (Charlotte clenches her fist, and closes her eyes)
    Charlotte: "Ha!! What's my problem? I do my best. What else can I do? I'll save
                some good wine for when Haohmaru comes to visit!!
    Charlotte was a major player in the French Revolution. Afterwards, she became a
    politician. Her noble efforts turned the wheel of paradigm and ushered in a new
    democratic era.
    She worked tirelessly for the people and became known as the "mother of
    Charlotte spent her life unmarried. She was asked to marry many times, but never
    said 'yes'. Though a visit by a certain oriental man was known to bring a smile
    to her face.
    Backstory: A former ninja who once trained along with Galford, Earthquake uses
    his stealth and ninja tricks for crime. He is a fat greedy bastard, who only
    seeks riches beyond his imagination.
    Weapon: Kusarigama (sickle-and-chain)
    Inspiration: None. Just a fat ball of lard who likes to burp and fart.
    - "Stand still for a second, and you'll get hit!"
    - "Such a little wimp. I can break you like a twig!"
    n+ "You have something to say? Wimps don't get to talk!"
    s+ "If you can, try to cut me. You can not touch my beautiful body."
    S+ "I almost killed you. Oops. I just have so much energy."
    t+ "I'm too good looking to lose against an ugly mug like you!"
    n- "You are so slow, you make me yawn."
    s- "Match? Fair and square? This is killing, what are you talking about?"
    S- "It takes more than balls to fight me!"
    t- "You have proved my strength. I may ask you again someday!"
    - "You look strong, but, you are just so fat and slow."
    -Before 1st stage-
    Earthquake: "It is all mine, the treasure of the world."
    -4TH STAGE-
    Kusaregedo: "Wow, I hope you are all meat. You could be fattening!"
    Earthquake: "Phsst, you are the one that's fat!"
    Kusaregedo: "You look so tasty. Soft meat, tasty meat."
    Earthquake: "C'mon, fat boy."
    -after the fight-
    Earthquake: "Ha ha ha, you are too big and slow."
    Kusaregedo: "Ahh, meat, my meat. Soft and juicy."
    Earthquake: "You think you can eat me being that slow?"
    Andrew: "You must be Earthquake. Didn't expect to meet you here!"
    Earthquake: "You came all the way over here to catch me?"
    Andrew: "I need to take you back to America. Please?"
    Earthquake: "Gha ha, you think? You'll have to say more than 'please'!"
    -after the fight-
    Earthquake: "You are a hip ninja!"
    Andrew: "If you keep committing crimes, I'll really have to kill you!"
    Earthquake: "What sort of dreamland do you live in?"
    -stage turns dark-
    Earthquake: "...Gf! What's this?"
    Earthquake: "Get out of my way. I am so close to being super rich."
    -after the fight-
    Earthquake: "A suitable way of killing you? Smell this! Thpthpthpthp!" (*)
    (AN: * I think he's farting, but I seriously don't wanna know....)
    (Earthquake stands by himself at the temple, while it's still dark.)
    Earthquake: "That was easy. Japan's treasure is all mine. ...Hey guys, did you
                 get all the treasure?"
    (Earthquake's band of thieves, who look like pint-sized versions of him, appear
    before him)
    Earthquake: "Good, I don't think I see anyone else!"
    Bandits: "I think we've got everybody!"
    Earthquake: "Is that him again?"
    (Camera scrolls slightly up, with a voice echoing somewhere)
    Bandit: "Leader! This weird hole has opened! Jems, the likes of which I've never
             seen! In the hole!
    (Camera scrolls back down to Earthquake and his merry men)
    Earthquake: "A hole in the sky!! OK, get behind me, we're going through!"
    (Earthquake leaps up off-screen)
    Bandits: "Leader! Please wait for me!"
    (The band of thieves leap up off-screen as well. Next stage is back in Makai
    Gaoh's Hell stage again, where Earthquake and now 5 thieves appear before him.
    I guess the extra guy was the one speaking from the hole)
    Earthquake: "OK, guys, just gather all you can."
    Bandits: "OK."
    (The bandits vanish, and then come back shortly after...strangely, they don't
    seem to bring back anything)
    Earthquake: "Wow, I have not seen anything like this."
    (Earthquake tots some coins and puts them under his pants)
    Earthquake: "I can not stop laughing. This is great."
    (Back at the temple, which is now back to normal, Kuroko stands with his arms
    behind his back)
    Kuroko: "I was gonna close the gate to the devil world. Well, I guess it'll be
             alright, though it's wrong!"
    Even though the gate was already closed, Earthquake somehow came back to our
    world from the evil world. He brought back treasures from there and then sold
    them for tons of money.
    Within a short time, Earthquake became one of the richest men in the world and
    stopped stealing things from people.
    Then established the Earthquake Foundation. Earthquake became a very powerful
    business man. However, along with power comes greed. Earthquake was so powerful
    that he became the biggest gangster.
    He was so powerful he could affect the world economy and politics. He could
    shake down the world if he wanted to.
    Backstory: A former student of Yunfei's from a thousand years ago, Enja was
    tempted by the forces of darkness and was turned into a fiery demon. Now free
    from his seal (and deprived of his ability to establish a fluid conversation),
    Enja seeks out Kazuki Kazama to possess his body and become inmensely powerful!
    Weapon: His fiery bracelets
    Inspiration: Originally based on Kazuki's Bust form from Samurai Shodown 64 part
    - "DOGYUSHU!!!"
    s+ "DOGUARRRUUU!!!"
    t+ "BOO!!! GURUSH!!"
    S- "AAAAAAAAA!!!"
    t- "VAAAA!! GA! GAAAA!!!"
    - "DOBURAGEHA!!!"
    -Before 1st stage-
    Enja: "DONGOROGABAA!!!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Sogetsu: "Hmmm. Oh crap, it's you. I was hoping I would not see you."
    Sogetsu: "You...want...to kill me? OK, go ahead and try!!"
    -after the fight-
    Enja: "FUUUDOOOO...! JURA! JURA!! JURAO!!!"
    Sogetsu: "This power is strong. I only hope Kazuki will survive."
    Enja: "GURUGORUAAAAA!!!"
    Kazuki: "I smell the evil on you. Damn, what a stink!"
    Kazuki: "Sorry, you won't beat me. Come on!!"
    Enja: "VIRARERIOOLA!!!"
    -after the fight-
    Enja: "WUAHOOOHOOO!!!"
    Kazuki: "Noo, Hazuki, and my brother. I've failed you!!!"
    -stage turns dark-
    Enja: "...DUA? GGAGAGBU?!"
    Enja: "VURDOGERABAAA!!!"
    -after the fight-
    (Enja and Suija are at the temple, while it's still dark. Suija has his arms
    spread out. Kazuki and Sogetsu's bodies levitate over Enja and Suija,
    Enja: "GURUOIUJ!"
    Suija: "It is time. Let us show our true POWER!!!"
    Enja: "GURUHA!"
    Suija: "Come on!! Join with me. Let us become ONE!!!!"
    (Suija motions his hand, and the bodies of the two ninjas drop and vanish as
    soon as they touch the two entities. Enja spreads his arms out and laughs)
    (Suija spreads his arms and rears his head back)
    Suija: "We put our minds together and our bodies. Now we shall see."
    (Suija does a funky pose, as some marks on his chest begin to glow)
    Suiha: "Yeah, tell me about it!! It is time for us to pay our dues."
    Suija: "OK, do what you want. I'm going to take a nap."
    Enja: "AAHHHIOIU!!!! DORUGURUAU!!!!!"
    (Enja fires up and shoots himself out of the screen. Next stage is a grass
    valley, where Enja lands, his arms and head lowered)
    Enja: "DOGUROBOAGGA!!!"
    (Enja performs his flaming demon geyser DM, and all of a sudden, the whole
    valley erupts into flames! Enja is left with his arms spread out and laughing)
    (Enja once again fires up and shoots himself into the skies)
    Enja and Suija, once unified, were unstoppable. They tore apart the earth and
    brought about an era of darkness no one had ever seen before.
    Days turned into night, and the nights were filled with unimaginable
    destruction. No one was safe and no one could escape.
    The god of destruction easily destroyed everything that existed.
    Backstory: Gaira is a Buddhist monk, nephew to Nicotine Kafuin. He tries to
    follow in his uncle's footsteps in the ways of exorcising and sealing away
    dangerous demons, although his spirit is a bit more light-hearted than his
    senile uncle. As you can see, the bald SS characters (for whatever reason)
    decided to take exception on Gaira's good looks and shaved his head! Although
    a chrome dome is the trademark look of a monk, Gaira feels not so pleased about
    it, and goes on a rabid fit of rage!
    Weapon: An oversized Buddhist rosary.
    Inspiration: I always thought he was the SS version of KOF's Goro Daimon, but
    	     maybe that's just me....
    - "I'm Gaira. I'm the toughest Buddhist you'll ever know!!"
    - "A wise Buddha said, "kick ass, then ask questions"."
    vs. Gen-an/Kusaregedo/Rasetsumaru/Rera: "I will let you win, but then I'll kill
    n+ "This 'fight' is more boring than meditation, but less strenuous."
    s+ "I will meditate upon your weakness."
    S+ "If I feared death, I wouldn't be a monk."
    t+ "My fist disappears when I open my hand, or when I punch out your eyes."
    n- "Buddha once told me, he likes to kick ass when no one is looking."
    s- "You need a doctor. Don't try to move, that looks like it hurts."
    S- "Your weakness makes you good fertilizer. Monks like to grow things."
    t- "I could keep beating on you, but the Buddha is merciful."
    - "You bend like the reeds in the wind. I'm going to faint."
    -Before 1st stage-
    I will ground you to the dust from whence you came.
    -4TH STAGE-
    Wan Fu: "Hey, I thought I saw a good looker!! It's you, Gaira!!"
    Gaira: "Wan Fu, flattery will not get you a less painful death."
    Wan Fu: "You never fail to challenge, Gaira. It's what I like about you."
    Gaira: "You will die like a dog, crushed beneath my boot!" (*)
    (AN: * Ummmm....what boot? Doesn't Gaira fight barefooted?!)
    -after the fight-
    Gaira: "Oops, well, I guess I missed the mark."
    Wan Fu: "You are strong, but you lack any kind of precision."
    Gaira: "You probably need more tiger bone in your diet." (*)
    (AN: * Yes, gotta ask Sagat about that one....)
    Nicotine: "Gaira, you're a pitiful monk. It's not the Buddhist way."
    Gaira: "You talking to me? Well, shut up!!"
    Nicotine: "A disobedient child needs to be taught a lesson."
    Gaira: "Old man, you have lived too long!!!"
    -after the fight-
    Gaira: "You have cut my hair, so how should I lessen my anger?"
    Nicotine: "Killing an old man. You're no Buddhist!"
    Gaira: "I don't care. Prepare for your death."
    -stage turns dark-
    Gaira: "Hum, who?"
    Gaira: "Um, I'm not sure what you're talking about, so shut up!!!"
    -after the fight-
    Gaira: "Look, I'm not in a good mood, all right? Get lost."
    (Gaira and Nicotine stand at the temple, Gaira standing straight with his arms
    Gaira: "..."
    Nicotine: "What's wrong, Gaira?"
    Gaira: "My life is void of meaning. I miss the warmth of the Buddha."
    (Gaira drops on all four)
    Gaira: "What is the point of killing an old man, aah. Why do I have to prove
            that I am the toughest? Bad haircuts happen even to the best warrior.
            Why do I care? I have so much hate, so much fear. Why can't I find
            peace? All this over a crappy haircut!!"
    Nicotine: "Gaira, finally, you..."
    (Gaira gets back to his feet, and points upwards)
    Gaira: "I am going back to the temple. I dunno, I've got to meditate. The world
            needs less violence. Fighting does nothing good."
    (Gaira runs off-screen to the left. Next scene has Nicotine standing by himself
    at the temple, but is joined by Wan Fu, who stands there with his mace over his
    Wan Fu: "Now you look like a real man."
    (Gen-an also runs in from the right, stands in front of Nicotine, and has a
    blank stare)
    Gen-an: "At least we could contribute something."
    (Sieger also runs in from the right, and stands behind Nicotine with his fist
    near his chest)
    Sieger: "Gaira, I'm sure you will be the greatest."
    (Earthquake also runs in from the right, and stands behind Wan Fu)
    Earthquake: "This is great!!"
    Nicotine: "There is nothing more I can teach you."
    (After the SS baldy club reunites, the screen fades to black)
    A couple of years later
    (Next stage takes place at a misty stairway that goes uphill, lined by some
    chandeliers, which is Nicotine's SS 2 stage. A statue of Gaira holding his hand
    up in prayer is at the left. A woman, a child, and an old man are seen praying
    before the statue)
    Followers: "Gaira, Gaira, you are so glorious!!!"
    After achieving enlightenment, Gaira, a living Buddha, became a hero to the
    people. He was dedicated to his meditation and provided wisdom to everyone.
    He lived a long, happy life, and died peacefully in his sleep with a smile on
    his face, like a lotus flower.
    After his death, a statue was erected in his honor. Now the honorable high
    Buddha lives in the hearts of everyone forever.
    Backstory: A REAL American ninja, who fights for justice alongside his trusty
    sidekick, Poppy. Ummm...really, that's all there is to him.
    Weapon: Justice Blade (a ninja sword)
    Inspiration: None that I can remember.
    - "Good always defeats evil. Justice must prevail!"
    - "My name is Galford. I fight for justice."
    vs. Hanzo: "Mr. Hanzo Hattori, can I have your autograph??"
    vs. Tam Tam: "Long time no see, my friend. I've got justice on my side."
    vs. Earthquake: "Stop being evil and remember the soul of Justice!"
    vs. Kazuki: "For a ninja, you talk too much."
    vs. Sogetsu: "You talk too much. Ninjas got to chill!!"
    vs. Rera: "Nakoruru? Am I WRONG?"
    n+ "What ya waiting for Ninja? Let's roll!!"
    s+ "I (see) there is no justice in your heart. Then it will curdle your blood!"
    S+ "My Yamato spirit says, "JUSTICE!!!!""
    t+ "I won't betray justice. If justice betrays me, that would really suck!"
    n- "Force without justice is merely violence."
    s- "Nice fight! We're still compadres though, right?"
    S- "Justice come from a place immune from evil. So, you know it's good!"
    t- "My heart calls out to evil to stop or else I will unleash my wrath."
    - "The fight for justice is ongoing, and will require us both."
    -Before 1st stage-
    Galford: "I've waited for this. I serve justice and truth."
    -4TH STAGE-
    Earthquake: "Grrrrrr. Where are you???"
    Galford: "Earthquake! You freaked me out. What are you doing here?"
    Earthquake: "I don't know you, who do you think you are??"
    Galford: "Forget my name, but no one will forget what you did!!"
    -after the fight-
    Galford: "You shouldn't have left your master's skirt so soon!!!"
    Earthquake: "Me? Train? You train because you need to."
    Galford: "Hey, that's not something a defeated man would say."
    Hanzo: "You a Kouga Ninja!?? Hattori Hanzo, Iga Ninja Force Head."
    Galford: "Are you really Mr. Hanzo?? I'm a huge fan of yours!!"
    Hanzo: "I will show you the heart of Ninjutsu."
    Galford: "I can't believe I'm gonna fight Hanzo. I must be dreaming!!!"
    -after the fight-
    Galford: "I must be dreaming. I've beaten Hanzo!!"
    Hanzo: "Galford. No foreigner has ever mastered Ninjutsu."
    Galford: "G-g.... GREAT!!! Mr. Hanzo complimented me!!"
    -stage turns dark-
    Galford: "I can't believe this is happening!!"
    Galford: "I have sworn to destroy evil, in this task I will not hesistate!!!"
    -after the fight-
    Galford: "I told you I wouldn't hesitate. You evil jerk!!"
    (Galford and Poppy stand at the temple, Galford has his hands on his hips)
    Galford: "Awww. Yeaah! I've fought and defeated evil."
    (Poppy barks)
    Galford: "All of my training in Japan has finally paid off. But, now is not the
              time to sit back and chill!"
    (Poppy barks)
    Galford: "Got to put my nose to the proverbial grindstone!!"
    (Galford runs off to the right. In the SS 2 forest, Nakoruru is standing with a
    hand close to her chest)
    Galford: "Oh my!"
    (Galford runs in from the left, and stands with his hands on his hips)
    Nakoruru: "Galford...."
    Galford: "Nakoruru."
    Nakoruru: "Oh, Galford, you looked hot in that fight."
    Galford: "Yes, I did, didn't I. I mean, thank you."
    Nakoruru: "And...ah."
    Galford: "...."
    Nakoruru: "Galford.... I."
    (Galford extends his arm)
    Galford: "Stop Nakoruru."
    Nakoruru: "Uhm."
    Galford: "We can't be distracted. Evil lurks in our world."
    (Galford puts his hands on his hips)
    Galford: "So, Nakoruru, take it easy."
    (Galford does his two-finger salute, and runs off screen to the right, as
    Nakoruru watches. At the cliff, Galford and Poppy stand with Galford having his
    hands on his hips, as Poppy's, um...'puppies', Pippa, Poppa, and Puppa arrive.
    Poppy lets out a howl and looks sad)
    Galford: "I am a Ninja of justice. I am Galford. As long as evil has a place in
              this world, I'll be there."
    (Galford does the two-finger salute)
    Galford: "Am I right? OK, Poppy. Let's go!"
    (Galford, Poppy, and the 3 puppies jump forward, as the camera freezes. You may
    remember this as the final shot from Galford's ending in SS IV)
    Through the years, Galford traveled the world defeating evil wherever it would
    arise. A true hero of the people, he fought for justice with a wink for the
    The legend of the blue-eyed ninja and his dog Poppy will last forever.
    Backstory: Once a loyal general to the Tokugawa clan, Gaoh grew more disgusted
    with the way on how the shogun was treating his people, that he decided to rebel
    against his former liege with tremendous force. He is actually the mentor of the
    heir to the throne, Yoshitora Tokugawa. You can say that he is some sort of
    anti-hero, per say.
    Weapon: A jumonji (crossed) spear.
    Inspiration: As many anime/video game characters before him, he was inspired by
    	     actual Japanese emperor, Nobunaga Oda (what's with Nobunaga being
    	     always portrayed like some demon ruler?).
    - "You're a pawn of treacherous rebels! You fool!! It pains me to destroy a
       great warrior!! Your death will be remembered for eternity!!"
    n+ "If a samurai dies in battle, it is a good death."
    s+ "My samurai spirit mows down the opposition!!"
    S+ "A stone in my path is subject to my foot up its' ass." (*)
    t+ "Even when life fades, my spirit is eternal."
    n- "Let my anger fill in the gaps in my training."
    s- "Even if this journey takes my life, I must forge ahead."
    S- "Who has loyalty to the nation, let him stand and kill those who sit."
    t- "Regrets are for people who live without conviction."
    - "Put your faith in me, and forever thereafter, you will find it here."
    (AN: * I like the elocuency....)
    -Before 1st stage-
    Gaoh: "This fight must lead to better days for my people."
    -4TH STAGE-
    Yumeji: "I didn't expect to see you here. I'm glad to see you."
    Gaoh: "I fight for my country again. How about you?"
    Yumeji: "I'm a swordsman with a mission already."
    Gaoh: "Any obstacle before me must be destroyed, even if it's you."
    -after the fight-
    Gaoh: "My vision knows not good or bad, just what helps or hinders."
    Yumeji: "I'm not saying anything, but good luck, OK?"
    Gaoh: "So long, Yumeji. I gotta continue, you know."
    Yoshitora: "Remember when we were kids, playing and fighting?"
    Gaoh: "You're a man now. All grown up, aren't you? As am I."
    Yoshitora: "The past is the past. I'm more concerned about now, this fight."
    Gaoh: "Forgive me. I'm sworn to kill anyone who comes in my way."
    -after the fight-
    Gaoh: "Stop now. I must kill you unless you desist."
    Yoshitora: "You're a great swordsman. I think I've proved my point."
    Gaoh: "In time, you will see that your sword must not be your ego."
    -stage turns dark-
    Gaoh: "Intruder, who are you?"
    Gaoh: "My killing of you will make children sing and dance."
    -after the fight-
    Gaoh: "Your mind is corrupt, and it has warped your skills!!"
    (Gaoh and Yoshitora stand at the temple. Gaoh is giving his back to the screen,
    while Yoshitora has a hand on his hip)
    Yoshitora: "You won, Gaoh. You are the one. Best in the world, a title you have
                held all along. As the winner, you get a wish. What's it gonna be?"
    Gaoh: "Yoshitora, can you hear the suffering of the people?"
    Yoshitora: "I only hear my stomach growling."
    Gaoh: "I guess, though it is cliche, I want world peace!"
    Yoshitora: "Wow, right on. That's a noble wish to have."
    Gaoh: "Yes, well, being the best in the world comes with responsibility.
           Yoshitora, do you want to come? Maybe write down what happens?"
    Yoshitora: "Well, I was gonna.... Oh, hell. OK, where do we start?"
    Gaoh: "Phew, OK, glad you're coming. I will need help. Check this out."
    (Gaoh raises his arm)
    (Screen flashes white. Haohmaru and Sugoroku walk in from the left, while Jubei
    and Hanzo come in from the right, next to Yoshitora. Sugoroku flexes an arm,
    Haohmaru rests his hands on his sheated sword, Jubei crosses his arms, and Hanzo
    lowers his arms. Gaoh then raises his arm again, and expels enormous amounts of
    (Sugoroku flexes, Haohmaru poses with his sword across his face, Jubei poses as
    in one of his counter moves, and Hanzo puts his hands together in a meditation
    stance. The only one who doesn't move an inch...is Yoshitora. Party pooper)
    Gaoh first closed the country. Isolated, Japan worked out its' problems without
    outside interference.
    In a little while, Japan became a strong nation considering its' small size.
    Though not rich, it became known as a place where people were safe and happy.
    At the end, before Gaoh died, he looked around and saw happiness throughout the
    land. "The crying of the people has stopped", he remarked, and then he died,
    with a big smile on his face.
    Backstory: A dark magician and member of the Shiranui clan, Gen-an aspires to
    one day become the 'king of evil' (when he can't become the king of his own
    home, where his strangely-hot wife Azami and his bunch of kids make him grow a
    little bit mad). He apparently dropped the whole "Haohmaru copycat" for this
    game (thank God).
    Weapon: A clawed Freddy Krueger-ish glove.
    Inspiration: A typical Japanese goblin.
    - "How long can you stand the torture!!"
    - "You will regret meeting me, if you survive!!"
    vs. Gaira: "Come follow my evil plan!! It's so...evil!"
    vs. Basara: "You are really ugly. Follow me, and be uglier!!"
    vs. Mizuki: "We've got unfinished business, you and I."
    n+ "I love talking about how evil I am. Don't I look evil?"
    s+ "You scream like a freaking banshee!! It's a lovely melody!"
    S+ "God and Buddha are both doing manual labor in hell!"
    t+ "I will watch you die. This is so much fun."
    n- "I feel really good right now, so goood."
    s- "You don't like me? Don't praise me too much."
    S- "Be proud that you fought with me!!"
    t- "Dark path will forever control your destiny. Consume you it will!"
    - "Human or devil, you will die just the same!"
    -Before 1st stage-
    Gen-an: "My evil blood. MWAHAHAH!! All my evilness!!!!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Mina: "You must be Gen-an, warrior of Shiranui. You guys are good."
    Gen-an: "I know you, too. You are Mina Majikina, with mystical powers."
    Mina: "I'm warning you, go back to where you belong!"
    Gen-an: "You belong in hell, my dear, hell. You like a datchee?"
    -after the fight-
    Gen-an: "I love to face off with a woman, makes me feel like a man!"
    Mina: "I don't regret anything!!"
    Gen-an: "Cry more. OOH, yes, that's right!"
    Haohmaru: "I've never seen your style of fighting. I'm Haohmaru."
    Gen-an: "Oh, you noticed. Do you want to join me?"
    Haohmaru: "Um, well, I'll consider it if you win!"
    Gen-an: "OK, yeah, give it some thought!"
    -after the fight-
    Gen-an: "Do you regret what you said earlier?"
    Haohmaru: "I'm a man of my word. Do whatever you like!"
    Gen-an: "I thought you were a real man. I was right."
    -stage turns dark-
    Gen-an: "...Who the hell are you?"
    Gen-an: "Do you want to join with evil? You look the part!"
    -after the fight-
    Gen-an: "I push your soul into the evil world!!!"
    (Gen-an and Haohmaru stand at the temple. Haohmaru rests his hands on his
    sheated sword. Gen-an spins around and laughs)
    Gen-an: "I'm the king of evil, and my arm is so cool looking!"
    Haohmaru: "Yeah, well, congratulations!"
    Gen-an: "Sycophant!"
    (Gen-an starts licking his claws)
    Gen-an: "Well, I guess we should celebrate, but how?"
    Haohmaru: "So, what is the first step toward evil, for a guy like me?"
    (Gen-an lowers his head, looking confused)
    Gen-an: "Well, I guess, I'm.... You know, I'm not really sure."
    (Gen-an looks at Haohmaru)
    Gen-an: "Hey, let me ask you a question, what does the king of evil do?"
    Haohmaru: "I dunno, you the one been saying it!"
    (Gen-an laughs)
    Gen-an: "Yeah, I don't know, either."
    Haohmaru: "Is that it? Then can I go home?"
    (Gen-an looks at Haohmaru)
    Gen-an: "Yes, thank you for your time."
    Haohmaru: "Well, if you need anything, let me know."
    (Haohmaru runs off screen to the right. Gen-an laughs)
    Gen-an: "Will do, thanks again!"
    (Gen-an looks to the right)
    Gen-an: "Hmm, well, I guess I'll go home, too."
    (Next stage is a skull shrine inside a cave, which is Gen-an's SS 1 stage.
    Gen-an is standing along with his demon kids, and his wife Azami is to the far
    Gen-an: "Azami, if you were the king of evil, what would you do?"
    Azami: "I don't know, you will always be my husband, evil or no! That's all I
    (Kids stand up and start laughing)
    Kids: "DAAD, DAAD. We love you!!"
    (Gen-an lowers his head and looks confused)
    Gen-an: "Yes, I'm your dad. Ah, dad of evil. It has a nice ring to it."
    (Gen-an looks at Azami)
    Gen-an: "Forgive me everyone. That silly quest! I'm home now."
    (Gen-an laughs)
    Azami: "Gen-an, my darling."
    (Kids start laughing too)
    Kids: "Yeei."
    The strongest warrior in the Shiranui family, Gen-an. He retained the title, THE
    KING OF EVIL. But he just stayed home with his family, and helped his wife in
    the kitchen.
    He helped the kids do their homework. And had a fabulous garden.
    Gen-an lived a long, happy life, and became known as the Nicest King of Evil in
    the World.
    Backstory: Genjuro trained along with Haohmaru under the orders of Nicotine
    Kafuin until Genjuro was expelled due to his bloodthirsty rage and killing
    intent. Now working freelance as a 'killer for hire', Genjuro takes pleasure in
    eliminating his victims, but his blade still hungers for the one who he hates
    the most: Haohmaru (doncha like SNK's obssessive anti-heroes?).
    Weapon: A katana.
    Inspiration: His whole moveset revolves around the Hanafuda card set.
    - "Your eyes are vacant like a dead rabbit."
    - "You are hardly worth bloodying my sword for."
    vs. Nicotine: "If you were any more stupid, I would have killed you."
    vs. Rasetsumaru: "A soiled bedsheet is worth more than your life."
    vs. Rimururu: "I would disappoint my master if I killed you."
    vs. Sankuro: "You're food for worms, small fry. Pass the ketchup!!"
    n+ "You may survive today, but your shame will haunt your days."
    s+ "I came to kill you. Do me the courtesy of fighting back!"
    S+ "Bow to me. I'll take everything you have, including your dignity."
    t+ "Wake up. Winners get to sleep in, losers must get crapped on."
    n- "You are a waste of space. I'm doing society a favor by killing you."
    s- "My master would cut out your tongue. I'll just kill you."
    S- "You WILL die like a dog. Now bark like one, beg for mercy!!!!"
    t- "The bums'll always lose, do you hear me?? The bums will always."
    - "You are not worth the words I use to insult you."
    -Before 1st stage-
    Genjuro: "From this day on, you must thank me for your life."
    -4TH STAGE-
    Nicotine: "It is sad to see my teachings warped by you."
    Genjuro: "Your death is at hand, my hand."
    Nicotine: "I once taught you how to live, now I will show you how to die."
    Genjuro: "You play for death. I will deal it to you."
    -after the fight-
    Genjuro: "Still breathing? Hmm? Tenatious old man?"
    Nicotine: "I excommunicated you for a reason. Do you know why?"
    Genjuro: "Today I spare your life. Next time, you will not get off!"
    Haohmaru: "Genjuro, it's been ages. What brings you to the gozen match?"
    Genjuro: "Oh, well, you know, I want to kill all. Yeah...kill."
    Haohmaru: "Is that right? Well, let's see what you've got."
    Genjuro: "Stop barking like a dog, and show me your bite!"
    -after the fight-
    Genjuro: "Stand up! This is too easy! I wanna kill 'till I'm satisfied."
    Haohmaru: "You have a big mouth, and you are fat, too." (*)
    Genjuro: "Keep talking. It makes it easier to chop off your head!!"
    -stage turns dark-
    Genjuro: "What the hell is that?"
    (AN: * LOL, oh my god, the fat jokes are a SICK BUUUUURN!)
    Genjuro: "All right, maggot!! This banter gives me a headache!!!"
    -after the fight-
    Genjuro: "Your weakness is befitting a dead man!!"
    (Genjuro stands alone at the temple, with his arms down and lowering his head)
    Genjuro: "I missed my chance to kill Haohmaru. Lucky bastard!! Oh well, time
              between fights does not really exist. Enjoy the days until we meet
              next, they are your last!!"
    (Screen fades to black. Next stage is a grass valley where Haohmaru is standing
    at the right, resting his hands on his sheated sword. Genjuro leaps in from the
    left, with his arms down and his head lowered)
    Haohmaru: "I have been waiting for you, Genjuro."
    Genjuro: "Last time, you had the chance to run. Have you made peace with your
    Haohmaru: "Genjuro, did you hurt our Master?"
    Genjuro: "That old guy still living? I've been excommunicated. I have no
    Haohmaru: "Our master and I are very disappointed in you."
    Genjuro: "You are fools who persist in your folly."
    (Haohmaru enters his battle stance)
    Haohmaru: "The fool who persists in his folly becomes wise, Genjuro. This match
               will be my finest hour!!"
    (Genjuro enters his battle stance)
    Genjuro: "Huh.... I'm really scared. I'm almost shaking in my boots."
    Haohmaru: "Say hello to the devil for me. You'll be seeing him shortly."
    Genjuro: "I'm gonna rip out your spleen and strangle you with it!!"
    Haohmaru: "Waoooooo!!!!"
    (Both Genjuro and Haohmaru exchange heavy slashes, screen flashes white)
    The deathmatch between Genjuro and Haohmaru has become legendary. The actual
    results have been lost with the passage of time. Stories passed down through the
    ages have said that both men decided to follow each other into Hell, so they
    could battle for eternity. Some believe earthquakes are a sign that the battle
    still rages on to this day.
    Backstory: Head of the Iga Ninja clan, Hanzo serves the Tokugawa shogunate from
    the shadows. He constantly divides himself between his oath to his master, and
    his sworn duty to protect his family. Likes to vanish and break bones on a
    regular basis.
    Weapon: A ninja sword.
    Inspiration: Real-life ninja leader, Hanzo Hattori (another recurring historical
                 figure in anime/manga/video games).
    - "Steady yourself, my attack is forecoming."
    - "Too bad you seek to face me, your life will be short!"
    vs. Kazuki/Sogetsu: "Death to ninjas who are enemies of Tokugawa."
    vs. Yoshitora: "My Ninjutsu is bigger than yours."
    vs. Amakusa: "Amakusa!!! Return my son's body to me!!!"
    vs. Gaoh: "Can you say 'I am a pansy'? Good, I thought so."
    n+ "My life only matters when this noble cause has been fulfilled."
    s+ "I win not with my sword, or my body, but with my spirit."
    S+ "In times of peace the ninja cease to have meaning."
    t+ "A ninja's path leads to yet darker places, finally to death."
    n- "My life is meaningless without victory over evil."
    s- "Life or death matters not, as long as you fight evil with good."
    S- "Whichever of us shall die this day, our names will be lost."
    t- "In hell we shall not meet. For mine will be too dark to see."
    - "One doesn't need two shadows, you shall die."
    -Before 1st stage-
    Hanzo: "The road to Iga ninjutsu is long. I'm still far away!!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Iroha: "OK. So, you are next. Don't hurt me too bad OK?"
    Hanzo: "A monster or a Ninja? You don't appear to be human?"
    Iroha: "I just want to win for my master."
    Hanzo: "Well, with me as your opponent, your master'll be disappointed."
    -after the fight-
    Hanzo: "How odd her technique. Like nothing I've encountered."
    Iroha: "Master. Forgive me. I have failed you!!"
    Hanzo: "You fought well, but you fought me, so master understands."
    Jubei: "Hanzo, I've waited for this moment, now our time has come!!"
    Hanzo: "I too have dreamed of this fight."
    Jubei: "We shall feel this fight for the rest of our lives."
    Hanzo: "I will show you all my ninjutsu. Hattori Hanzo, here I come."
    -after the fight-
    Hanzo: "Mr. Jubei, it was an art. I will not forget about this ever."
    Jubei: "It was great, Hanzo. I will not forget about this either."
    Hanzo: "I can proudly tell my wife what happened here today."
    -stage turns dark-
    Hanzo: "Mmm. Who are you. Reveal yourself."
    Hanzo: "Even in hell, remember I am the shadow of Tokugawa."
    vs. Zankuro: "The devil in you will die when you do!!!"
    -after the fight-
    Hanzo: "You think you can win? Fade from my sight."
    vs. Zankuro: "We used to be friends. But I'll kill you."
    (Hanzo and Jubei stand at the temple, Jubei has his arms crossed)
    Jubei: "Ha ha I understand, but that's more to look forward to."
    Hanzo: "I'll pass on to my family my honor besides ninjutsu."
    Jubei: "But ninjutsu isn't everything. I am still a man."
    Hanzo: "I shall continue my studies and one day come to be the master."
    (Jubei laughs)
    Jubei: "Yes, it is the way. I look forward to the day."
    Hanzo: "As I said, the world is of full evil so our fight must last."
    (Jubei looks at Hanzo)
    Jubei: "Yes it is true, our fulfillment is merely an illusion."
    Hanzo: "Our kind live in the shadows, and our work shall go on as it has."
    Jubei: "Our duty never ends."
    Hanzo: "So long Jubei"
    (Hanzo kneels down and vanishes in a puff of smoke)
    A couple of years later
    (At the SS 2 forest, Hanzo stands before his two sons, Shinzo and Kanzo, with
    his arms crossed. Shinzo and Kanzo dress in similiar fashion to Hanzo)
    Hanzo: "Shinzo, Kanzo, you have completed your tutelage. Shinzo, from now on,
            you protect this land with the Iga Ninja."
    Shinzo: "Yes, I will do my best and bring you honor."
    Hanzo: "Kanzo, you help Shinzo and use your ninjutsu for the world."
    Kanzo: "Your words are like the light that remains in my eyes forever,"
    Hanzo: "The path of the Ninja is not easy. You must go on. Keep your sword
            honed. Its' prick must exceed my own."
    Shinzo/Kanzo: "Yes!"
    (Shinzo and Kanzo vanish in a puff of smoke. Hanzo then turns away and chuckles
    before vanishing as well)
    History does not reveal what became of Hattori Hanzo. He will always be one of
    the great ninja of Iga.
    Backstory: The main character of the series, Haohmaru shares the same 'Zen'
    philosophy as many other protagonists (which means he likes to seek worthy
    opponents to test his skills in battle), although he is a bit on the lazy side
    and enjoys drinking sake. His quest for exciting matches will take him all over
    the world!
    Weapon: Fugudoku (an ancient katana)
    Inspiration: Real-life swordsman called Musashi Miyamoto, whose claim for fame
    	     was that he never lost a match (another recurring figure in
    	     Japanese media.
    - "You will be a good challenge. Let us face off in battle!"
    - "I am Haohmaru. My strength, unmatched. My technique unique."
    vs. Jubei: "You're a strong fighter. I'm just getting warmed up!!"
    n+ "Your skills are awesome. You can be the 2nd best warrior in the world!!"
    s+ "My blood seethes in anticipation of this contest!"
    S+ "You were beaten by the best. Let that be your dying thought."
    t+ "You cannot prevail, and yet you persist. Ask yourself why?"
    n- "You swing your sword to impress fools. I am not amused."
    s- "I see your fear, not an acceptable emotion for a great warrior!"
    S- "I will drink to your stupidity for even attempting this fight."
    t- "I am a mighty warrior. My reputation is legendary."
    - "My swordsmanship is original, you've never seen anything like me!!"
    -Before 1st stage-
    Haohmaru: "I cannot wait to test my sword skills! Let's rock!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Jubei: "Long time no see. I can see you have been training."
    Haohmaru: "Yes, all for you Jubei!!"
    Jubei: "Don't hold back Haohmaru, come here and let us finish things."
    Haohmaru: "The time has come!"
    -after the fight-
    Haohmaru: "...Well...Jubei? My sword is honed, wouldn't you say?"
    Jubei: "This time I went easy on you, next time it's for real."
    Haohmaru: "I bested you this time Jubei, but we shall fight again."
    Genjuro: "Oh yes! Our time has come at last!"
    Haohmaru: "Time for me to cleave you from this existence!"
    Genjuro: "Silence, my quarry!! You will be consumed by my fury!"
    Haohmaru: "I will remember happily how I killed you."
    -after the fight-
    Haohmaru: "Your destiny is decided. Your fight is noble, but futile.
    Genjuro: "Your mind games are inspired, but you fool only yourself!"
    Haohmaru: "Your history is already written. Your weakness is legendary."
    -stage turns dark-
    Haohmaru: "I do not comprehend what I am seeing!!!"
    Haohmaru: "This fight annoys me!! But if I must, I will dispatch you."
    -after the fight-
    Haohmaru: "You cannot avoid me. I will be everywhere. Attack me now!!"
    (Haohmaru standing before the temple, resting his hands on his sheated sword)
    Haohmaru: "History will remember me as the greatest warrior. Power is a strange
               feeling. I must meditate upon it. This land is broad and the world is
               vast! My destiny lies beyond this place. Perhaps I will find battles
               worth fighting."
    (Next stage has Haohmaru standing in the same position before Nicotine and
    Kyoshiro at a bridge)
    Nicotine: "Haohmaru, you've met your destiny. The rest is up to you."
    Haohmaru: "Master. My future is the fruit of your teachings."
    Kyoshiro: "Hey, dude, it's been great, you know?"
    Haohmaru: "Whatever my future will be, remember me sometimes. I will fight the
               devils in hell in the hereafter. So long. My samurai spirit is
    (Haohmaru once again runs off to the right, as Nicotine and Kyoshiro watch him
    run past by. Next stage is a road near the docks, where Oshizu is waiting)
    Oshizu: "My master, my love Haohmaru."
    (Haohmaru runs in from the left, and assumes the same stance as before)
    Haohmaru: "Oshizu."
    Oshizu: "Without you, I am nothing."
    (Haohmaru gives his back to Oshizu, his eyes closed)
    Haohmaru: "You are not strong enough for the journey. I must go alone."
    Oshizu: "Please, don't leave me. Haohmaru, please."
    Haohmaru: "A warrior can't be encumbered with love. It'll dull my blade."
    (And wouldn't you know it...Haohmaru runs off to right AGAIN, with Oshizu
    looking at his runaway love)
    Recorded history leaves us nothing more than legends concerning the path
    Haohmaru took. There are unconfirmed stories of a great warrior who traveled the
    lands fighting for justice.
    There are some who say he fathered many children, and his blood runs in the
    veins of kings.
    Backstory: Believe it or not, Iroha is a crane (as in the bird) who turned
    human in order to serve her master better. She likes to talk about her master
    and stuff, although we never see who her master is (although I guess she kinda
    breaks the 4th wall and addresses the player as her master, seeing that she
    keeps talking towards the screen). Also has that hot housemaid image going on
    that we all straight men just love. ^_-
    Weapon: A pair of butterfly swords.
    Inspiration: Basically based on the crane style and the 'Asian wife' image. Her
    	     name is taken from a Heian poem.
    - "Lord, please look at me. I will win for you."
    - "I will win until my Lord loves me enough!"
    vs. Andrew: "Ooooh, a gun. Er, I hope my lord appreciates this!"
    n+ "Lord, today is dinner. It's gonna be wonderful."
    s+ "Lord, shall we go for a walk? I will fix lunch for you!"
    S+ "Lord, don't worry. Everything is crane!"
    t+ "Lord? A bath or dinner? Which first?"
    n- "Lord, your messy room is detracting from my ability to cook."
    s- "Lord, it's nap time. Let me know if you need anything!"
    S- "Lord, I brought you some tea! Take a break and walk with me!"
    t- "Lord, I made your bed, so you will sleep better!"
    - "I can deal with two lords, but not two of me."
    -Before 1st stage-
    Iroha: "Lord, I will win and make you happy."
    -4TH STAGE-
    Shizumaru: "Well, you are my opponent. Nice to meet you."
    Iroha: "A child like you should not have a sword."
    Shizumaru: "OOOH, damn. OK, if that's the way it's going to be!"
    Iroha: "If you're my kid, I'd punish you! I'll punish you, anyway."
    -after the fight-
    Iroha: "Children should be seen, not heard. I'll cut out your tongue."
    Shizumaru: "You, woman, should not have a sword!!!"
    Iroha: "OH REALLY!! So now it comes out, you miso.... WHAAAAA?"
    Mina: "I feel that you are a bad person, and this makes me want to kill."
    Iroha: "I'm more than that, my dear. Much more!!"
    Mina: "You are a monster. I knew it. Just don't hurt anyone, OK?"
    Iroha: "OK, except, can I kill you??"
    -after the fight-
    Iroha: "YES! My lord, I won the battle. Are you proud of me??"
    Mina: "HMMMM, I can't believe I lost. Maybe she cheated?"
    Iroha: "OK, well, thank you for playing. Come again, won't you?"
    -stage turns dark-
    Iroha: "Who are you?"
    Iroha: "Lord, I will do my best. If I beat him, will you love me?"
    -after the fight-
    Iroha: "I think what you are trying to do is wrong."
    (Iroha stands at the temple, her hands put together)
    Iroha: "So, this is it, then. Finally, my wish will be granted."
    (Yoshitora walks in from the right, and puts a hand on his hip)
    Yoshitora: "Yes, I promised. What is your wish?"
    Iroha: "Please make my lord happy. He is very important to me. I don't think I
            can make him happy without this wish! OK, grant my wish. Good bye!"
    (Iroha leaps off-screen to the left)
    Yoshitora: "Wait, where are you going?"
    (Next stage is the snowy mill stage. Iroha is in the middle of the stage, on her
    knees. She bows to the screen)
    Iroha: "Lord, thank you for everything you have done to me. I will never forget
            what you have done to me. How much I admire you, me, a lowly crane!
            Lord, please be happy. I will pray for your happiness from up in the
    (Fade to black)
    A couple of months later
    (Back in the snowy mill stage, Iroha descends from above, and puts a hand on
    her chest, her eyes closed)
    Iroha: "I came back. Is my lord happy?"
    (Yoshitora walks in from the right, and puts a hand on his hip)
    Yoshitora: "Finally, you came back. Your lord's been sad since you left. I
                tried every trick in the book. No smile on his face. He needs you.
                Just go to him. He's been waiting."
    (Iroha lowers her hands, and puts them together)
    Iroha: "...Y...Ye...Yes, right away."
    (Iroha leaps off-screen to the right. Fade to white)
    Iroha: "Lord, can I be with you forever?"
    So Iroha, the Crane who turned herself into a woman, went back to the man who
    had saved her life. She realized that the thing that made her master happy, was
    Not the things she did for him, but her company. The story of the love between
    the crane and the man continues....
    Backstory: A loyal follower to the Tokugawa shogunate, Jubei serves to fend off
    all possible threats to his master. From time-to-time, Jubei also sets off on
    his own personal journeys to test his skills against other opponents.
    Weapon: Twin katanas.
    Inspiration: Another romanticized historical figure, Jubei Yagyu Mitusyoshi
    	     (you can see dozens of Jubeis in every shape and form in every
    	     Japanese media).
    - "Get ready for Jubei!!!"
    - "My sword hands out death like a pig hands out ham."
    - "My sword will leave you a quivering mass of flesh"
    vs. Iroha: "You use two swords, too? Well, let's hear some clanking!"
    vs. Zankuro: "You're the type of fighter that geeks really get into."
    n+ "What is strength? That is something you must find out for yourself."
    s+ "I have spared you the full thrust of my manhood!!!" (*)
    S+ "You think you can beat me, fighting like that?"
    t+ "There is no shame in losing, only in not fighting."
    n- "Stop thinking about hitting me, and hit me. Act, don't react!!"
    s- "I acknowledge your courage. I realize how intimidating I am."
    S- "A lawn mower has more sense than you. And it could cut grass!!" (**)
    t- "You're pretty good for a kid, but I'm afraid I fight all equally!!!"
    - "You're good. Call me master, and I will show you what's up."
    (AN: * o_O I'm...speechless.
         ** Lawnmowers? In the 18th century??! Really now....)
    -Before 1st stage-
    Jubei: "My technique is invincible. Let me show you!!!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Hanzo: "Jubei, I am honored to fight you."
    Jubei: "I feel the same way. Ninjutsu and Kenjutsu, which is better?"
    Hanzo: "I don't hate you but our contest is real."
    Jubei: "I won't beg for my life, we will be enemies in this fight."
    -after the fight-
    Jubei: "Nice fight! The power of Ninjutsu is to be reckoned with."
    Hanzo: "Jubei, nice one. I pray for your other matches."
    Jubei: "You lost to the best swordsman in the world, it's not so bad."
    Yoshitora: "You have good taste, choosing me as your opponent."
    Jubei: "Nice to see you here. As your mentor, it makes me proud."
    Yoshitora: "No need to feign bad skills, when fighting one another."
    Jubei: "Yes, no doubt. Let's really kick the crap out of each other!!"
    -after the fight-
    Jubei: "Well, I was your mentor, and it seems my work is not finished."
    Yoshitora: "I let you win this time. I pity an old man."
    Jubei: "I win, but that doesn't mean you lose, even though you did."
    -stage turns dark-
    Jubei: "Mmmm. Who are you??"
    Jubei: "Your suffering will be legendary, even in HELL!!!!"
    -after the fight-
    Jubei: "Your spirit is dirty. You must be cleansed."
    (Jubei and Hanzo stand at the temple, Jubei has his arms crossed)
    Hanzo: "Jubei, your fighting leaves lots to be desired. To lose to you, well,
            that's unconceivable."
    (Jubei laughs)
    Jubei: "Only through fighting can we bring about peace. This is my way."
    Hanzo: "Let's help each other achieve this goal!!!"
    (Jubei looks at Hanzo)
    Jubei: "GREAT! Without you, this thing would be hard."
    Hanzo: "Your words honor me, but let's not get all touchy feely!"
    Jubei: "I fought you, it was an honor. I'm the greatest swordsman. YES!! Well,
            seems we've wrapped everything up. Let's light up!"
    Hanzo: "Sounds like a plan, Stan!!"
    (Jubei runs off screen to the left, Hanzo vanishes in a puff of smoke. Fade to
    A couple of months later.
    (The stage is Jubei's cabin in middle of a bamboo forest in winter, his SS 2
    stage. Jubei is looking at the background, as Hanzo appears in a puff of
    Hanzo: "Jubei, I haven't seen you in ages."
    (Jubei turns around to face Hanzo, with his arms crossed)
    Jubei: "I called you here to chat. That's all. Been thinking about the match.
            It evoked some feelings inside. I'm going to take a leave of absence
            to be a swordsman again."
    Hanzo: "Yes, it is a choice I have pondered."
    Jubei: "Be my own man, do my own thing, train with my sword. Well, maybe I'll
            see you on the outside then."
    Hanzo: "Not if I see you first! Ha ha, good luck my friend."
    Jubei: "Until we meet again!"
    (Jubei runs off to the right, as Hanzo watches him run past by)
    Jubei Yagyu soon carved a name for himself in the annals of posterity. He
    fought for victims everywhere, a lone crusader in the fight for justice.
    Everyone in the kingdom knew his name.
    After Jubei's death, Lord Tokugawa said: "Jubei was not only the greatest
    fighter in the kingdom, but also one of the nicest people I have ever met."
    Backstory: Kazuki is a ninja who deserted his clan in order to rescue his sister
    Hazuki from peril. Now that he is a marked man by his own clan, Kazuki not only
    has to fend away the assassins sent by his clan, but also the demon that stalks
    him, Enja.
    Weapon: Suzaku (a ninja sword, where Enja used to be sealed in)
    Inspiration: Unknown.
    - "OK, I'm tired of you. I'm gonna hit you now."
    - "If you get in my way, I will kill you!"
    vs. Galford: "HUH? You don't act like a ninja, who are ya?"
    vs. Amakusa: "You kidnapped my sister. For this, you die!!"
    n+ "You are not a good fighter, keep training."
    s+ "Arrrggh, I am burning! I'll kill you!"
    S+ "Eat my angry fire. It's going to hurt you, hurt you so badly!!!!"
    t+ "SHUT UP!! If you have something to say, say it with your fist!!"
    n- "Luck has forsaken you. Without it, you'll not be able to beat me!!"
    s- "You came on strong and then just sort of died out. Damn!"
    S- "Your attacks are so predictable. THINK!"
    t- "Just give up. You know you can not beat me. Just let it go, man."
    - "This is an illusion. I know myself, do you??"
    -Before 1st stage-
    Kazuki: "Hazuki, I'm coming to rescue you!! Big brother is coming!!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Suija: "You look like you've lost something, or maybe someone."
    Kazuki: "YOU, you are the one who kidnapped my sister!!!!"
    Suija: "She was not an obedient servant. She is learning obedience."
    Kazuki: "Shut up!! I will kill you right here, right now!"
    -after the fight-
    Kazuki: "Before you take your long sleep, tell me where is my sister?"
    Suija: "Do you realize I am your GOD!!! You will be punished...."
    Kazuki: "Shut up, and tell me where my sister is, useless DOG!!!!"
    Kazuki: "Your words are gibberish. Where is Hazuki?"
    Kazuki: "OK, I think I understand. You want me to destroy you!"
    -after the fight-
    Kazuki: "Speak like a normal person. Where is my sister Hazuki?"
    Enja: "DBURAGEHAIROL!!!"
    Kazuki: "You drive me nuts. Just shut up...."
    -stage turns dark-
    Kazuki: "Oh??? Who are you?"
    Kazuki: "You are in my way!!! Move or DIE!!"
    -after the fight-
    Kazuki: "Look, my quarrel is not with you, so just let me pass."
    (Kazuki stands at the temple, looking over his back)
    Kazuki: "Hazuki, where are you?? She should be here!"
    Hazuki: "Kazuki, my brother!"
    (Hazuki appears on the right, with her hands behind her back. Kazuki stands at
    the left, with a hand on his hip)
    Kazuki: "Are you OK, Hazuki? Are you hurt?"
    Hazuki: "I am OK. Are you OK? You aren't mad, are you?"
    Kazuki: "Of course not. I'm so glad you are safe."
    Hazuki: "I'm so sorry for everything. Thank you for rescuing me."
    (Kazuki lowers his head)
    Kazuki: "Of course, Hazuki. I could not let you suffer."
    (Next stage is the SS 2 forest. Hazuki, with her hands behind her back, and
    Kazuki with a hand on his hip, are at the left. Sogetsu jumps in from the right
    placing a fist on his hip)
    Sogetsu: "Kazuki, I have been looking for you!!!"
    (Kazuki enters his fighting stance)
    Kazuki: "You have been sent to kill me? Well, I will fight you."
    Hazuki: "No, my brothers!! Stop, listen to me."
    Sogetsu: "Before we start, did you beat the beasts of Enja and Suija?"
    Kazuki: "Yeah, that was me. I beat the crap out of them."
    (Sogetsu turns his back towards his siblings, but looks back at them over his
    Sogetsu: "OK, let's go. I'll smooth out things in the village."
    (Sogetsu leaps off-screen to the right. Kazuki turns around to face Hazuki,
    with a hand on his hip)
    Kazuki: "What is he talking about? But, as long as I can go back...."
    Hazuki: "So, this means I can be with both of my brothers forever?"
    (Kazuki laughs)
    Kazuki: "Ha, as long as you don't go getting yourself kidnapped again. You'll
             have to start training as a warrior. You'll be safer!"
    Hazuki: "NO WAY, no more learning for me. I'll make dinner, though."
    Kazuki: "Let's just take it easy, then."
    Hazuki: "Just take care of me your way, and I'll take care of you."
    Kazuki was welcomed back to the village. The beasts Suija and Enja had plagued
    their families for ages, and he had succeeded in killing them.
    His ninja training continued, and he even trained others in the way.
    Kazuki, Hazuki, and Sogetsu lived happily together in the village, so far from
    the outside world.
    Backstory: Ung Che is basically the vintage version of Gaira (that it, with his
    hair still intact). Kim Ung Che is actually Gaira's Korean name. In this game,
    Ung Che is supposed to be a pupil of Nicotine, who is even more carefree than
    Weapon: An oversized Buddhist rosary.
    Inspiration: See Gaira.
    n+ "I don't dislike fighting. I hate funerals, though."
    s+ "Everything you do eventually comes back to haunt you!"
    S+ "If all you desire is a long life, you are no different than cattle!"
    t+ "Jai guru deva om. Jai guru deva om. Jai guru deva om."
    n- "The power of belief. You know what I mean?"
    s- "You are ignorant. Do well for the world, and you'll be alright!"
    S- "You're joking. You're not that funny, I'm not so modest!"
    t- "A thousand mile walk starts with the first step."
    - "Fighting me is like farting in the wind!!" (*)
    (AN: * Ummm...I guess the poetry didn't come out the right way there...)
    -Before 1st stage-
    Ung Che: "I feel an unpleasant vibe!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Basara: "Am I odd? Is there anything wrong?"
    Ung Che: "You don't look like you belong in this world!"
    Basara: "What is wrong is me, or you, or this world?"
    Ung Che: "You are stupid. You will not attain Buddhahood."
    -after the fight-
    Ung Che: "You have too much lingering affection to this world."
    Basara: "I want to die, but cannot be killed!"
    Ung Che: "You'll never get anywhere with that attitude!"
    Gaira: "You must be joking."
    Ung Che: "Why do you look the same as me, but without hair?"
    Gaira: "I don't understand your existence."
    Ung Che: "I don't know, either. What is going on here!!"
    -after the fight-
    Ung Che: "You deserve to die. We don't need two with the same face!"
    Gaira: "This is ridiculous. I've a rep that you are gonna soil!"
    Ung Che: "Ask the great fight creators in the sky what's up!"
    -stage turns dark-
    Ung Che: "...Who are you?"
    Ung Che: "Prepare for my sucker punch. HA HA HA HAAAA!"
    -after the fight-
    Ung Che: "OK, that was easy. Where are the babes?"
    (Ung Che and Nicotine stand at the temple, Ung Che standing straight with his
    arms down)
    Ung Che: "I don't feel right."
    Nicotine: "What is wrong? You're the best in the world. You kicked all them
               asses! What more do you want?"
    (Ung Che extends his arm, and clenches a fist)
    Ung Che: "It is not enough fighting. I outclass everyone. I need a real
    Nicotine: "This is no way to reach enlightentment, fighting!! You really can't
               see it, can you!"
    (Ung Che lets out a scream, and then goes back to standing up straight)
    Ung Che: "I will reach enlightenment by my own way."
    Nicotine: "Where are you going?"
    Ung Che: "Next time I see you, I wil show you that you are nothing."
    (Ung Che runs off-screen to the left. Next scene has Nicotine standing by
    himself at the temple, but is joined by Wan Fu, who stands there with his mace
    over his shoulder)
    Wan Fu: "Look at him."
    (Gen-an also jumps in from the right, stands in front of Nicotine, and has a
    blank stare)
    Gen-an: "I am not even motivated to invite him to the evil world."
    (Sieger also jumps in from the right, and stands behind Nicotine with his fist
    near his chest)
    Sieger: "Yeah, real reactionary."
    (Earthquake also jumps in from the right, and stands behind Wan Fu)
    Earthquake: "Man, what a jerk."
    Nicotine: "I wasn't able to help that loser."
    (Next stage is the deck of a ship barely off of shore, a SS V stage. Ung Che
    appears pointing upwards)
    Ung Che: "World tour! Enlightenment, here I come!"
    Only things that Ung Che learned from traveling around hoping to reach
    enlightenment, was how small his existence was. Everything only happens in the
    palm of one hand. He re-learned the basic lesson once again. After that, he
    never came back to Japan.
    No one knows what happened to Kim Ung Che. Whenever Nicotine thinks of him, he
    hopes he no longer cares so much about his hair.
    Backstory: Kuroko is they mysterious referee who always calls the matches in the
    background. Not much is known about him, except for the fact that he is a friend
    to Nicotine (which kind of gives you an idea of how old he is). His hidden trick
    consists in copying the skills of famous fighters from the Fatal Fury, Art of
    Fighting, and King of Fighters series.
    Weapon: Red-and-white flags.
    Inspiration: Based on real stage men (also called 'kuroko') who perform in
                 distinct forms of Japanese theater, and dresses black in order to
                 become 'invisible' to the audience
    n+ That's so...! It's OK, no matter how you do it, I can give full play.
    s+ In exploring mysterious human bodies, sacrifice is an appendant. You think
    S+ Extraordinary muscle!
    t+ Bored of playing jackstraw. Real men are more exciting.
    n- Beauty, color, splendor, and vigor. (*)
    s- Ah, wrong cutting place. It's an act of God, not my problem. Please give up
       if you have no luck.
    S- Come and help me on my research. It'll be OK if there are no accidents. Don't
    t- Are you interested in your other side? I can direct you to a dizzy world.
    - My salary keeps low lately. This is business. I'm enough, 'cause you'll
    (AN: * This quote is actually incomplete. I put in the word 'beauty' because
           it's the word that sounds better in this particular case, but the actual
           quote actually starts with the termination "-ty". How can Yuki get so
           damn lazy like that?!?)
    -Before 1st stage-
    Kuroko: "Come on! Never expected to join the royal match. So exciting!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Haohmaru: "Hey, seriously. I'm unable to expose the man behind the curtain."
    Kuroko: "I'm only a pure fighter. So please don't show mercy. I won't show
    Haohmaru: "No such thought. I can feel the sword in you. No mercy to foes!"
    Kuroko: "I really like what you said. Let's enjoy this battle. I'm somewhat
    -after the fight-
    Kuroko: "Still the same naive, sincere sword art. I expect your future!"
    Haohmaru: "I accept your advice. I'll become stronger 'till I can surpass you."
    Kuroko: "I have new expectations! Make sure to let me see it when I'm alive."
    Nicotine: "Ha ha. How longevous! I really didn't expect to meet you in this
    Kuroko: "My old friend. So exciting to talk like this. You're still fightable."
    Nicotine: "Man, you've changed. I've got what I haven't before. You may try."
    Kuroko: "I didn't waste so many years. Let me show my skill."
    -after the fight-
    Kuroko: "This feeling has escaped me for so long. It reminds me of the past."
    Nicotine: "Great work for an elder. Luckily, I'm your friend, not your enemy."
    Kuroko: "What're you talking about? Too modest. How lucky I am to know you!"
    -stage turns dark-
    Kuroko: "Oh, what happened?"
    Kuroko: "Well, don't think about bad ideas on the stage. Let's go back."
    vs. Mizuki: "My! Embarassing! Nothing to do with you...."
    -after the fight-
    Kuroko: "You must have known it. We can't do evil. Please agree with it."
    vs. Mizuki: "A thing can't work like this. Seems you think you're so longevous!"
    (Kuroko and Nicotine stand at the temple. Both are looking towards the right,
    Kuroko with his hands behind his back)
    Kuroko: "Oh. It comes to an end at last. An outsider actually becomes the winner
             in a competition watched by the emperor. I feel a little shy. It went
             too far. Sorry everybody."
    Nicotine: "Don't feel amazed. Those who were beaten by old people like us always
               put on hot air. As a saying goes, good medicine always tastes
    Kuroko: "It's wrong indeed. Is it an advantage of age?"
    Nicotine: "I'm too officious like you. ...Then, what's your next plan? Do you
               intend to make a comeback?"
    Kuroko: "I won't go to fight demons any longer. Also, I'm less capable than you.
             Everything is fine now. I like the current job very much."
    Nicotine: "Ha ha ha...that's the best way. ...Then I'll go back to the temple,
               capable man."
    Kuroko: "Ah, wish you a good mood! I occasionally go to Kuhua Garden to play.
             I'll be satisfied if I can have a kettle of tea there."
    (Next scene takes us to a Kabuki theater, which happens to be Kyoshiro's SS 3
    stage. Kyoshiro, smoking his pipe, and Ocha-Maro, with a fan across his face,
    are standing there accompanied by Mizuki and Mina, both of them playing the
    flute. Chample is dancing near Mina. Shizumaru then flies by from left to right
    on his umbrella, and Tam Tam now crosses the screen from right to left with the
    Paguna Paguna. You can barely see Kuroko standing on the left with his hands
    behind his back)
    Kuroko: "(I'm very fond of stage work)"
    (Next stage is a road near the docks, where Haohmaru squares off against Ukyo,
    who has a hand on his sheated sword. Kuroko is standing in the background with
    his flags as he usually does)
    Kuroko: "(It is this place that makes me full of expectations!)"
    Haohmaru: "Ukyo Tachibana. Come to show our unique skills and have some fights!"
    Ukyo: "As expected.... ...Then, Ukyo Tachibana pays a visit."
    Kuroko: "Combat begins...."
    (Kuroko jumps and waves down his flags on the way down)
    Kuroko: "...Combat begins!!"
    (Haohmaru and Ukyo exchange heavy slashes. Fade to white)
    Now, Kuroko still participates in competitions all over the country. The fiercer
    the combat is, the more Kuroko feels the importance of his responsibility. And
    he's proud of it. It's the most important thing for Kuroko to disappear from the
    stage...but he didn't realize it until today.
    Backstory: Kyoshiro is a Kabuki actor who wishes to spread his dance and his
    cool moves to the people of Japan. Recognized as a talented performer, Kyoshiro
    doesn't mind to include a little blood from his opponents in his plays!
    Weapon: A naginata spear.
    Inspiration: A Japanese novel/film character called Nemuri Kyoshiro (a
                 sleepy-eyed swordsman.
    - "Your blood will be shed ike flower peddles."
    - "I'm one of the best actors! Watch my performance!"
    vs. Haohmaru: "Your sword and my dance, let's see which is better."
    vs. Ocha-Maro: "I like your moves. Let's dance together."
    n+ "You are flaccid!! You need to work out more, try eating more meat!!!"
    s+ "Wow, all that blood reminds me of the broadway in summer!!"
    S+ "I'll be your conquest, but there's thousands after me."
    t+ "If you could take your eyes off my.... I'm talking to you, hey, up here!!"
    n- "You lost. It's OK, maybe you looked good while losing!"
    s- "Humans don't die easily, but neither do dreams!!"
    S- "You were your defeat like an actor's mask."
    t- "I'd be deeply humiliated if I performed poorly."
    - "Whoa, this is soo.... I'm speechless, I have no speech. Phew, damn!"
    -Before 1st stage-
    Kyoshiro: "Hey, check me out!!! I'm going to perform for you!!!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Haohmaru: "Hey Kyoshiro! It's been a while. How's your sword?"
    Kyoshiro: "You look good. Looks like you've been working out."
    Haohmaru: "You still acting like a samurai? Wanna see my sword?"
    Kyoshiro: "Meet my Kabuki style!! I'm going to dance the crap out of you."
    -after the fight-
    Kyoshiro: "Take some more acting lessons. Your sword isn't convincing!"
    Haohmaru: "I can't believe I lost! Oh well, I'll leave the rest to you."
    Kyoshiro: "Cool, well, have your people call my people, we'll do lunch!"
    Ocha-Maro: "Wa ha ha. Now it's my turn to dance! Check me out!"
    Kyoshiro: "You're the one with a dancing style!"
    Ocha-Maro: "I know how to dance! That's right, I've got the moves!"
    Kyoshiro: "Come on, I'm gonna dance you all up and down!!"
    -after the fight-
    Kyoshiro: "Damn, you are pretty good!"
    Ocha-Maro: "Your moves are so fresh! I'm down with your jive!!"
    Kyoshiro: "Well, you're not so bad but I'm definetly the better dancer."
    -stage turns dark-
    Kyoshiro: "Mmm. What is that?!"
    Kyoshiro: "All the dancing is boring. You will conform to my way!"
    -after the fight-
    Kyoshiro: "Wow, I've beaten you! Ha ha, tiny dancer, ha ha."
    (Kyoshiro and Ocha-Maro stand at the temple, Kyoshiro with his hands down)
    Ocha-Maro: "So, um, Kyoshiro? The way you move just makes me.... I really like
                your style!! So graceful."
    Kyoshiro: "Don't be so modest, your classic dance is great, too. Wow, when you
               bust-a-move, your stuff gets busted! Maybe we can dance together
    Ocha-Maro: "I'm sure there are lots of things we can teach other."
    Kyoshiro: "Yes, you know, I'd like that. I'd like that very much."
    Ocha-Maro: "OK, let's get it on!!"
    Kyoshiro: "Hold on, let me introduce my theater mates."
    (Kyoshiro takes out a pipe from his shirt, and smokes it. Next scene takes us
    to a Kabuki theater, which happens to be Kyoshiro's SS 3 stage. Kyoshiro and
    Ocha-Maro are standing there, but now they're accompanied by Mizuki and Mina,
    both of them playing the flute. Chample is dancing near Mina, and Nakoruru is
    at the right, doing her Kamui Ryuse repeatedly. Shizumaru then flies by from
    left to right on his umbrella)
    Kyoshiro: "So, what do you think? Can this guy dance or what?"
    (Tam Tam now crosses the screen from right to left with the Paguna Paguna)
    Ocha-Maro: "Yeah.... I bet he could reach me a thing or two!"
    (Gaira now crosses from left to right, spinning around with his beads, as
    Ocha-Maro puts a fan near its' face)
    Kyoshiro: "Well, now it seems we'll all dance together."
    (Kyoshiro spins around, and strikes a pose. Next scene has an empty theater,
    and Sho Hayate from Savage Reign/Kizuna Encounter jumps in!)
    Hayate: "We'll have the most wonderful dance company in all the land!"
    So, this is how the New Kyoshiro Theater company started. It was said to be a
    peaceful time, and the company brought much gaiety to the land. They performed
    everywhere in Japan and brought oooh's and aaaaah's whenever they performed.
    Kyoshiro kept up his Kabuki practice and became a great Kabuki actor.
    Backstory: A powerful swordsman from a thousand years ago, Yunfei allowed
    himself to be tempted by power, and was possessed by a dark entity. After he was
    sealed away, the demon that possessed him broke the seal a thousand years later,
    and suddenly left Yunfei's body. Willing to redempt his wrong deeds, Yunfei sets
    out to stop the wayward demon. He was once the master of Enja and Suija.
    Weapon: A dadao (Chinese sword).
    Inspiration: Based on the 'wuxia' martial arts style (an aerial art, where the
    	     user moves freely in the air, most commonly portrayed in the film
    	     'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon')
    - "Now we fight."
    - "Your strength is like, really lame."
    vs. Enja/Suija: "For a thousand years, you have been stupid. DIE!"
    n+ "Being old is fine, as long as you can remember to wash."
    s+ "Anger makes people crazy. Your heart was clouded by anger."
    S+ "To beat who doesn't have the will to fight is like kicking a baby."
    t+ "See with your heart, as well as your eyes."
    n- "Hold a sword, and you are sworn to die by it."
    s- "By playing this game, your tomorrow will not arrive."
    S- "People are greedy. But you must be humble."
    t- "Fear has made you a coward, and cowardice has made you scared."
    - "We fight because we feel bad about all the fighting we've done."
    -Before 1st stage-
    Yunfei: "Evil is strong here. I must fight it!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Enja: "GAGAGA! GYA!!! FUOOOOOO!!! ...DOA!!!"
    Yunfei: "So, I trapped you long ago, yet you are still around."
    Enja: "VAAAA!!! DONGORABOGGA!!!"
    Yunfei: "I must finish."
    -after the fight-
    Yunfei: "You can never beat me. Just die!"
    Enja: "OOOOOOO.... GURUJYU...."
    Yunfei: "Hmmm. There is another one."
    Suija: "Hmm. It's been a really long time. Shall I call you Master?"
    Yunfei: "As your ex-master, I need to teach you something."
    Suija: "Well, you are quite old. Are you sure you want to die?"
    Yunfei: "Boy!! I shall show you real swordsmanship."
    -after the fight-
    Yunfei: "Don't worry, your best friend awaits you in hell."
    Suija: "What!!! You killed Enja? But we are GODS!"
    Yunfei: "Say no more. I must say goodbye now."
    -stage turns dark-
    Yunfei: "Hwaaa??"
    Yunfei: "You evil baaastard! My sword will guide you to hell!"
    vs. Gaoh: "Gaoh, receive my spirit!"
    -after the fight-
    Yunfei: "Do not pile up the crime any further."
    vs. Gaoh: "Someone will take over your patriotism...."
    (Yunfei stands at the temple)
    Yunfei: "It's done. Wait, nothing is done. Demons can't be killed. They must be
             trapped! I should do this. This is my crime. It is necessary to
    (Yunfei leaps off-screen. Next stage is back in Makai Gaoh's Hell stage, where
    Yunfei lands)
    Yunfei: "Aaah, the irony. To feel at home in this demonic land. Wife, forgive
             me. It's been great, but I gotta do this. Laters!"
    ???: "No, please, don't...."
    (Yunfei's wife, a woman wearing a kimono and a ribbon between her arms, appears
    and floats in the background)
    Wife: "Your burden must be shared. It's too much for one man. I don't want to
           wait for you alone any more."
    Yunfei: "This burden is mine alone to bear. I must be alone. Without you my
             life, well, it's just crap! But your love, well, will it last an
    Wife: "If I were to die and be reborn, that life would really suck. Please, let
           me be with you."
    (Yunfei caresses his beard and closes his eyes)
    Yunfei: "Gosh, I had no idea you felt so strongly. OK, then. Together."
    Wife: "You make life worthwhile, and satisfaction is hard to come by."
    Yunfei went to sleep, holding his wife in his arms. He closed the gate between
    this world and the demon world completely. It was his way of repaying his debt
    to the past.
    There is no past, no future, not death or life. Yunfei is just there forever
    with his wife. They will remain, locked in an eternal embrace.
    Backstory: Mina excels in the arts of exorcism, as she is able to detect and
    properly exterminate demons. During one of her demon-hunting travels, her
    village ends up being ravaged, but amidst the tragedy, she found what would be
    her most loyal companion: Chample. An introverted and silent maiden, Mina
    continues her journey to rid the world of all its' demons.
    Weapon: Bow & arrows.
    Inspiration: Unknown.
    - "Fighting is for those who can't talk about problems."
    - "Generally I pin my opponent. I really want to pin you."
    vs. Kusaregedo/Enja/Suija: "Monsters are loose, don't you know? You die now!"
    n+ "I want you to go now from my sight, please?"
    s+ "You'd make a better dishwasher."
    S+ "I wish, just once, people would leave me alone."
    t+ "Stop harassing me, geez."
    n- "I don't like you, and you, and you. In fact, I hate everyone!!"
    s- "Your sins run deep. Why not kill yourself? OK, OK, I'll do it."
    S- "Aaaw God. OK, now I'm PISSED!!!"
    t- "I feel like this is taking forever. Man, are there more fighters?"
    - "Did you make wind? God, what is that smell?" (*)
    (AN: * Yuki really likes dem toilet jokes)
    -Before 1st stage-
    Mina: "The evil forces. Can you not leave me alone...."
    -4TH STAGE-
    Iroha: "OK, you're not really gonna hurt me, are you?"
    Mina: "I don't want to fight you."
    Iroha: "Well, c'mon, we're here to fight!!"
    Mina: "I see, then. Here I come."
    -after the fight-
    Mina: "Why are you even here??"
    Iroha: "Lord, I am sorry. I have lost."
    Mina: "You don't listen, that's your problem. Never listen to me."
    Kusaregedo: "You looks tasty. You smell good. I'd love to eat you."
    Mina: "You're too ugly to desire, so much you ate your parents."
    Kusaregedo: "Right, I must eat you! Oohh, tender flesh. Mmmm!"
    Mina: "You must be sent to the other side."
    -after the fight-
    Mina: "What kind of.... You are a bit of.... Why are you like this??"
    Kusaregedo: "I want to eat.... Hungry.... Let me eat.... Ha ha ha ha...."
    Mina: "I have to finish him. It is my duty to do so. Good bye."
    -stage turns dark-
    Mina: "The forces of darkness, they gather in front of me!"
    Mina: "Vile slimeballs. All sorts of monsters, lurking around."
    -after the fight-
    Mina: "This is the end. Now, leave me alone."
    (Mina stands at the temple, holding her arm)
    Mina: "Chample! Where are you??"
    (Chample and Yoshitora walk in from the right. Chample stands next to Mina, and
    Yoshitora stands with a hand on his hip)
    Chample: "Heylo!! Mina!!!"
    Mina: "Chample, what is going on?"
    Yoshitora: "I have been asked to look for your father. Whosoever wins the Gozen
                match is granted a wish. I will grant this wish for you, the
    (Next stage is the SS 2 forest. Mina is standing there holding her arm along
    with Chample. An old lady is on the right, standing before three different
    Old Lady: "You have a face that searches. For whom do you seek?"
    Mina: "(This is stupid! He left so long ago, why do I care?)"
    Old Lady: "Little girl, are you here to visit this grave? He was a good man. He
               worked so hard for people. He died worrying about his child and
    (Mina lowers her head)
    Mina: "I, I didn't know that."
    (Chample turns towards Mina, and sits down)
    Chample: "Mina! Mina! Mina."
    Old Lady: "Is your name Mina? In our tongue, Mina means 'to laugh'. With a name
               like that, I'm sure you will be happy."
    (Next scene has Mina holding her arm, but now facing away from the screen, with
    her bow now lying on the ground. Chample is holding her skirt)
    Mina: "I don't get this. I feel like before I knew nothing. It is too late to be
           Mina. I can't smile."
    Chample: "Mina. Mina. Mina...."
    (Screen fades to white)
    Mina: "Hwaaa? The sky?? It looks like it is smiling...."
    A smiling sky is said to happen when love overcomes hate, when happiness
    overcomes bitterness. It seems that Chample loved Mina, and this moved something
    within her.
    Her heart began to beat again, and the coldness began to melt away.
    Mina's progress was slow. But everyday, her father's wish for her gradually
    healed her. And slowly, but surely, she began to smile.
    Backstory: Mizuki was abandoned as a girl at sea during a country famine. Since
    this act was made out of hate, she made a pact with the evil entity Ambrosia to
    exact revenge on those who did wrong on her. Becoming a powerful demon in her
    own right, Mizuki begins to terrorize the local population. She eventually
    learns how to switch her host body, and thus finds her way towards a priestess
    named Bizuki. Surviving many seals and incantations, Mizuki is still hungry for
    chaos and world destruction, along with her demon dog, Maju.
    Weapon: A tamagushi (Shinto purification wand)
    Inspiration: Unknown.
    - "My lord will feed heartily on your ambitious spirit. I will grant one wish
    before you are destroyed! Such futility! You've got a purdy mouth. Come closer
    MMM. Yes."
    n+ "Scream, let madness engulf you!! For this is the end of all!!"
    s+ "Go ahead and pray, but my God doesn't answer your prayers!"
    S+ "You are a funny thing. You make me giggle, in spite of myself."
    t+ "Your soul is sweet. Let me lick it. Mmmmmm."
    n- "Another one bites the dust, and the world is closer to oblivion!!!"
    s- "Keep fighting, shed your blood. Passions sweetens the soul!!"
    S- "Are you a devil? Or a disgrace? I think humans are scum!!"
    t- "Destruction comes! A rumbling behemoth!! And none shall LIVE!!"
    - "You know I never liked you. My taste is justified by your face."
    -Before 1st stage-
    Mizuki: "I can see souls, lots of souls for God to swallow."
    -4TH STAGE-
    Kyoshiro: "You are really hot. Mmm, all that glistening sweat."
    Mizuki: "(Ugh, yet another fawning admirer) Thank you, thanks a lot."
    Kyoshiro: "OK, well, I'm still going to try and kill you."
    Mizuki: "Your soul betrays your looks, and I will kill you."
    -after the fight-
    Mizuki: "Just give up. Stop squirming and let me. Mmm, that's right."
    Kyoshiro: "Hummmmmm?!"
    Mizuki: "Shut up. Let me just eat you."
    Nakoruru: "An evil effluvium leaks from you. Phew."
    Mizuki: "Your powers are intimidating. It really turns me on!!!"
    Nakoruru: "Protect me, mom and dad. Kamui, give me power."
    Mizuki: "After loving you, I will eat your soul."
    -after the fight-
    Mizuki: "Mmmm, this emotion spices up your soul."
    Nakoruru: "Noo, please. Uh, oooh, the PAIN!!"
    Mizuki: "This soul tastes like a PEACH!!"
    -stage turns dark-
    Mizuki: "...!!! Who are you?!"
    Mizuki: "Get out of my way! I will eat your soul, too!"
    -after the fight-
    Mizuki: "You imbecile. Don't you know who you are dealing with?"
    (Mizuki and Nakoruru stand at the temple, while it's still dark. Nakoruru starts
    off lying on the ground, but slowly struggles to her feet. Mizuki is pointing at
    her with a crooked finger)
    Mizuki: "Well, what are you going to do now?"
    Nakoruru: "I will fight to preserve the sanctity of nature."
    Mizuki: "Wow, this puts us at odds. I wish there was some way.... You'll have
             to be sacrificed to the god of darkness!"
    Nakoruru: "Er, um, well, what if I don't want to be sacrificed?"
    Mizuki: "C'mon, it won't be that bad. It'll be over really quickly."
    (Mizuki raises her finger, and then shrugs it aside. The two ladies rise into
    the air as the screen fades to white. They soon appear at the entrance to a
    temple surrounded by jagged rocks, Mizuki's SS 2 stage. Mizuki still points at
    Nakoruru with her crooked finger, as Nakoruru stands there)
    Mizuki: "I love to watch this. Soul eating."
    (Mizuki points out her Shinto wand at Nakoruru, as her trademark portal opens
    up in the ground before her. From the portal, the Palenke Stone emerges, an orb
    identical to Amakusa's. Nakoruru puts her hands together and lowers her head,
    as if in prayer)
    Mizuki: "Bring the first soul."
    (Mizuki raises her finger, and then shrugs it aside. Sieger's body emerges from
    the portal, and vanishes once it touches the Palenke Stone. Mizuki resumes her
    'crooked finger pointing' position)
    Mizuki: "The second soul."
    (Mizuki raises her finger, and then shrugs it aside. Haohmaru's body emerges
    from the portal, and vanishes once it touches the Palenke Stone. Mizuki resumes
    her 'crooked finger pointing' position)
    Mizuki: "The third soul."
    (Mizuki raises her finger, and then shrugs it aside. Kyoshiro's body emerges
    from the portal, and vanishes once it touches the Palenke Stone. Mizuki resumes
    her 'crooked finger pointing' position)
    Mizuki: "The fourth soul."
    (Mizuki raises her finger, and then shrugs it aside. Jubei's body emerges from
    the portal, and vanishes once it touches the Palenke Stone. Mizuki resumes her
    'crooked finger pointing' position)
    Nakoruru: "It's a lovely ceremony, isn't it?"
    Mizuki: "And, finally, the last step. A little of this...."
    (Mizuki raises her finger, and then shrugs it aside. Now it is the Tanjil Stone,
    Amakusa's actual orb, which emerges from the portal, and once it touches the
    Palenke Stone, they fuse and become a single, golden orb. Mizuki puts her hand
    near her mouth and laughs)
    Mizuki: "The secret stone of God. You're lucky to be here."
    (Mizuki resumes her 'crooked finger pointing' position)
    Mizuki: "With this stone, my God can destroy the world. Aaah, I'm sorry. We
             need one more soul to bring him back."
    Nakoruru: "Noo, please. Noo!!"
    Mizuki: "C'mon, it could be worse. Y'could be stabbed. Be proud. Your soul will
             bring back the God of the dark. Your relation to that false God is
             going to excite him."
    (Mizuki points out her Shinto wand at Nakoruru, and now the portal appears
    beneath Nakoruru's feet!)
    Nakoruru: "Please. Help me."
    (Mizuki raises her finger, and then points down. Following suit, Nakoruru is
    swallowed by the portal! The portal vanishes in a flash, as Mizuki crosses her
    hands, facing the screen, as her hair flows freely in the wind)
    Mizuki: "Heh heh, that's it. Just submit. It's easier that way."
    The struggle to overcome evil was lost. Everything that should have been
    protected was left vulnerable. Innocence was betrayed.
    The oceans poisoned, the forests turned to dust. The cries of the people
    increased, then fell silent. The world ends, and that's all there is.
    Mizuki was there in the middle of the darkness. She was smiling with the god of
    darkness, and the end of the world was inevitable.
    Backstory: This version of Nakoruru ('Murasaki' = Purple) is mostly based on her
    2P color from SS 1-4, which usually sports a meaner look for Nakoruru in her
    character portraits. Meant to be a separate entity from the regular Nakoruru,
    this Nakoruru is actually more violent and won't hesitate to resort to force
    to stop the enemies of nature (although in my opinion, she's just another
    pointless EX character. Her moveset isn't even that different from normal
    Weapon: Chichi-ushi (a memento sword from her father)
    Inspiration: See Nakoruru.
    n+ "A real warrior uses everything they have to fight! You got nothing!"
    s+ "I believe I can defeat the evil!"
    S+ "You don't want me for an enemy. I'm ruthless!"
    t+ "Why don't you calm down a bit? Train your heart to relaaax!"
    n- "For nature, my sword will shed so much blood!"
    s- "I stand for truth, always on the right side!"
    S- "Don't be so hard on yourself, although it was your fault!"
    t- "I seek revenge against those who pollute this world with evil!"
    - "You can try turning all your tricks! It'll take more than that, though!"
    -Before 1st stage-
    M. Nakoruru: "Let's go! My mom and dad will watch me fight!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Wan Fu: "WHOA! You are hot! You must become my wife!"
    M. Nakoruru: "OH, another admirer. What was that?"
    Wan Fu: "You will bear my children!"
    M. Nakoruru: "You have lost your mind! The thought is unbearable."
    -after the fight-
    M. Nakoruru: "Hmm, have you come to your senses yet?"
    Wan Fu: "You fight like a pro! C'mon, bear my child, bear my child!"
    M. Nakoruru: "It is too late to save you. You are completely crazy."
    Charlotte: "Nakoruru, long time, no see. Your skills rock!"
    M. Nakoruru: "You French girls are super hot! And you can fight!"
    Charlotte: "OK, let's do it! CHICK FIGHT!!!"
    M. Nakoruru: "YEAH!! No hair pulling!!"
    -after the fight-
    M. Nakoruru: "I won't allow myself to be happy!"
    Charlotte: "Why not? You beat me!"
    M. Nakoruru: "I...feel something.... RUN!"
    -stage turns dark-
    M. Nakoruru: "C'mon!!!
    M. Nakoruru: "You are the enemy of nature! Die, unnatural being!"
    -after the fight-
    M. Nakoruru: "I only hear the crying of good spirits. I don't hear you crying."
    (M. Nakoruru and Charlotte stand at the temple. M. Nakoruru has a hand close to
    her chest, while Charlotte has a hand on her hip, and her sword down)
    M. Nakoruru: "I'm glad to say the bad vibes have passed."
    Charlotte: "You have earned my fullest respect!"
    M. Nakoruru: "I hope we've felt the last of the evil! Charlotte, you gonna
                  fight some more?"
    Charlotte: "Oh, yeah. Defeat only teaches lessons. I learn!"
    M. Nakoruru: "I'll gladly fight you again in the future!"
    Wan Fu: "Heeeeeeelllo!! Laadies!!"
    (Wan Fu leaps in from the right. Charlotte jumps to M. Nakoruru's side, both of
    them ready for battle. Wan Fu laughs it off)
    Wan Fu: "Aaah, I found you again, mother of my future children!"
    M. Nakoruru: "OH! Geez, why don't you leave me alone!"
    Charlotte: "Mr. Wan Fu, please act like a gentleman."
    Wan Fu: "Ooh, hello Charlotte. Mmm, what a sight! I'd like lots of children.
             Maybe both of you could...."
    (Charlotte shows some confusion)
    Charlotte: "Show me what you got!"
    (M. Nakoruru points at Wan Fu)
    M. Nakoruru: "No breaks for you this time, Wan Fu!"
    (Simultaneously, Charlotte performs a Splash Fount and M. Nakoruru executes a
    Annu Mutsube, which sends Wan Fu flying off-screen)
    Wan Fu: "Noooo!!"
    (Next scene has M. Nakoruru standing before Charlotte, who once again has her
    hand on her hip and her sword lowered. M. Nakoruru does her 'ready stance'
    victory pose)
    M. Nakoruru: "On behalf of nature and decent women everywhere!"
    (M. Nakoruru spins around, and wraps a cloth over her shoulders)
    M. Nakoruru: "I am so tired. I am gonna go home now."
    (Fade to black)
    M. Nakoruru: "Grandma! Grandpa!"
    (Next stage is a cabin near a river in a forest during winter, which is
    Rimururu's SS 3 stage. On the left is Rimururu, with her hands on her hips, and
    their grandparents standing before her. M. Nakoruru can be seen leaping towards
    them in a still-frame, wearing her cloak. This seems to be directly ripped from
    her final still-frame of her SS 1 ending)
    M. Nakoruru: "I am home!"
    With the help of Nakoruru, the evil gods were destroyed. Most say she saved the
    world, but Nakoruru just protected nature with her strong heart. For Nakoruru,
    this was a natural thing.
    To protect nature until the day she returns to nature, she will live in harmony.
    Backstory: Member of the Ainu, Nakoruru is a devoted protector of nature,
    fighting in the name of the Kamui Kotan region. Her devotion towards nature
    allows her to offer even her own life to protect it, as well as her younger
    sister, Rimururu.
    Weapon: Chichi-ushi (a memento sword from her father)
    Inspiration: Hilda, a Norse character from the anime 'Hols: Prince of the Sin'
    	     and 'The Dagger of Kamui'.
    - "Your violence harms this world. The spirits disapprove."
    - "Your vibes are like such a bummer!!"
    n+ "Feel the supreme power of nature! You cannot win against this!!"
    s+ "The blood you shed drowns the world! Why do you persist?"
    S+ "I've been fighting. Can't good triumph over evil easily??"
    t+ "Don't mess with nature or suffer the wrath of Kamui, warrior of Ainu."
    n- "I cannot be defeated, the world needs me now. I must fight for purity."
    s- "No more fighting, your tusks are broken. Your life is in danger."
    S- "I'll keep fighting for mum, dad, and Kamui. My strength is infinite."
    t- "Sorry if I hurt you. I didn't think I hit you THAT hard!"
    - "Hey, we're fighting for the same things? Let's fight together."
    -Before 1st stage-
    Nakoruru: "I will put an end to the Wenkamui."
    -4TH STAGE-
    Rimururu: "Hello sister! I wanted to take a walk, and smell some flowers."
    Nakoruru: "I need you to go home! The house spirits are getting lonely!"
    Rimururu: "C'mon sis!! I wanna help you out!!! Geez."
    Nakoruru: "Get back in that house, and stay there!!"
    -after the fight-
    Nakoruru: "Please Rimururu, I love you above all else, trust me."
    Rimururu: "Yes sister, I'm sorry. I'll go straight home."
    Nakoruru: "Look, I'm sorry. I'll be home soon, after I'm finished here.
    Galford: "Nakoruru? What are you doing here? You're out of your league!"
    Nakoruru: "Galford, you, as I, felt the evil spirits awaken."
    Galford: "You want to test your mettle? Fight me and see who's tougher!"
    Nakoruru: "No Galford! Listen! I can feel bad spirits are around."
    -after the fight-
    Nakoruru: "Damn it! Galford we don't have time to waste. Stop it!!"
    Galford: "Damn you are so fine. Nakoruru, you think after this we can...."
    Nakoruru: "...shhhh...I can feel something. And it's not you! I am sure of it."
    -stage turns dark-
    Nakoruru: "It's here!! Galford, run!!"
    vs. Zankuro/Gaoh: "You won't defeat me! My sister's waiting for me at home!"
    vs. Amakusa, Mizuki: "I won't let you poison my world! Kamui! Protect me!"
    -after the fight-
    Nakoruru: "Your spirit has been corrupted. I will cleanse your soul!"
    (Nakoruru and Galford stand at the temple, Nakoruru has a hand on her
    chest, and Galford has both hands on his hips
    Nakoruru: "Galford, are you OK?"
    Galford: "I am fine. Nakoruru, are you OK?"
    Nakoruru: "To complete my destiny, Wenkamui must be stopped."
    (Screen turns red)
    Galford: "What is this?"
    Nakoruru: "This is not finished yet. I must fight and destroy this!!"
    (Nakoruru takes a ride on Mamahaha, Galford extends his arm)
    Galford: "Nakoruru!!"
    (Nakoruru flies off. Next stage has Nakoruru standing on that oh-so
    familiar cliff overlooking a forest from SS 2. Nakoruru has her hands
    together in prayer)
    Nakoruru: "Winds of evil blow through my soul, disturbing nature's harmony.
               Almighty Kamui. Let the light of my soul shine on earth. Mother,
               Father, this is the final fight. Please help me!"
    (Nakoruru spreads her arms as she engulfed by that once again oh-so
    familiar green pillar of light. She is then beamed down into another SS 2
    trademark, the forest, lying down. Rimururu runs in from the right, and
    looks down at Nakoruru)
    Rimururu: "Sister!!! Wake up, sister!! Open your eyes!"
    (Nakoruru gets up)
    Nakoruru: "Rimururu? Why are you here? You said you'd go home and wait."
    (Rimururu looks at Nakoruru)
    Rimururu: "Well, to tell you the truth I followed you. Are you OK?"
    Nakoruru: "Me?? Aahh!?"
    (Nakoruru puts her hands together and closes her eyes)
    Rimururu: "Sister? Let me feel you? Are you hurt?"
    Nakoruru: "No.... I can...not...hear Kamui's voice anymore."
    (Galford runs in from the right, and puts his hands on his hips)
    Galford: "Nakoruru! Are you OK?! You look pale. Let's go home."
    (Rimururu turns to Galford)
    Rimururu: "Whoa, Galford. I'll take her home. Why don't you get lost?"
    (Nakoruru opens her eyes)
    Nakoruru: "Thanks Galford. Rimururu, say you're sorry! He cares for me."
    (Rimururu turns to Nakoruru)
    Rimururu: "Sis? How long you gonna string this guy along, just tell him?"
    Nakoruru: "I don't want to hurt his feelings. Not yet."
    (Nakoruru and Rimururu walk off to the left. Galford extends his arm)
    Galford: "Yes! I can take you both home. You girls need a man around!"
    (Galford runs off after both of them)
    After that, Nakoruru never heard the voice of Kamui. Whether it's a good thing
    or not, no one can tell, but at least she's alive. She's lost her special power,
    yet her life retains all the magic of nature.
    She still hears the birds sing, and feels the wind.
    "When I think back to that moment, when I gave up my life, I felt someone saved
    me. It must have been the spirit of my mother and father. In contrast to my
    fighting days, my life is soft and quiet."
    Nakoruru started her life without a sword, and after this test, she stopped
    Backstory: Sieger is the leader of the Red Lion Knights from Prussia (or
    'Prosia', however you like to speak that SNK Engrish). He fights bravely for his
    kingdom and all the people of his country, wishing he could appear in more games
    to prove his claim....
    Weapon: Ginormous metal gauntlet.
    Inspiration: His name literally means "Non-stop Victory".
    - "Can you stand my iron fist?"
    - "Let me see your strength. I am ready."
    - "I will win for the dignity of my country."
    vs. Gaira: "Gaira, how are you? Let's have a fist fight."
    vs. Andrew: "I am glad to see you, and have a match with you."
    n+ "I fear no death but a dishonorable one!"
    s+ "I am loyal to my emperor. With this fist, I will punch you!"
    S+ "My iron fist remembers every bottom I have punched!"
    t+ "Get your spunk up. My fist is waiting!!"
    n- "You can be afraid, but can you still step through the fear?"
    s- "I hit you, then grab my winnings and go home."
    S- "Isn't this fist cool looking? To be beaten by it, it's normal."
    t- "One punch is better than a hundred words!"
    - "You mock me!! This will not stand, man!"
    -Before 1st stage-
    Sieger: "I will show you my country's proud military power."
    -4TH STAGE-
    Charlotte: "I had been looking forward to this day."
    Sieger: "Charlotte, I am glad you're a healthy girl!"
    Charlotte: "My sword will pierce YOU!"
    Sieger: "I'll slap you with the hand I swore an oath to the emperor with."
    -after the fight-
    Sieger: "How was the fisting? Charlotte?"
    Charlotte: "You are very strong. I must apologize for my discourtesy."
    Sieger: "OK, it might be me who loses the next time! See ya!"
    Andrew: "Nice to meet you. My name is Andrew."
    Sieger: "We've heard about you in my country!"
    Andrew: "Yeah, I've heard of you too!"
    Sieger: "My iron fist will destroy my opponent, even if I like them!"
    -after the fight-
    Sieger: "My chevaliers never lost. It is the mission for our country."
    Andrew: "Mr. Sieger, what makes you so strong?"
    Sieger: "The answer is the same as yours. Strength of my country!"
    -stage turns dark-
    Sieger: "...Who are you? Show us your face."
    Sieger: "Vanish, you evil doer! My country wants to eat YOU!"
    -after the fight-
    Sieger: "To win with my iron fist, I'll pull it from out of you!"
    (Sieger and Andrew stand at the temple. Sieger has his fist on his chest, and
    Andrew stands straight with his musket over his shoulder)
    Sieger: "Andrew, I am glad to meet you. When you come to Prussia, please let me
    Andrew: "Mr. Sieger, let me ask you this.
    (Andrew raises his hand near his face)
    Andrew: "Are you going to use this power for only your country?"
    Sieger: "I pledged loyalty, that means something to me!"
    Andrew: "For the broader world, for more people."
    (Andrew extends his hand)
    Andrew: "Mr. Sieger, I have a dream. Please hear me out."
    Sieger: "No, Andrew. I'd rather not hear any more. Your dream is too big for
    (Andrew lowers his hand)
    Andrew: "I am sorry. I didn't consider your feelings."
    Sieger: "One thing I can say, there is peace in my heart."
    (Sieger smacks his fists together)
    Sieger: "When you need help, please don't hesitate to call on me."
    Andrew: "Thank you so much. Will do."
    (Sieger puts his fist on his chest)
    Sieger: "So long, Andrew."
    (Next stage has Sieger standing before his emperor, who is sitting on his throne
    surrounded by knights, which happens to be Sieger's SS 2 stage. Sieger stands
    with his fist on his chest)
    Emperor: "Sieger, I got the report on the match. Nice job!!"
    Sieger: "Thanks, I lay down my iron fist for you and Prussia!"
    (Sieger raises his arm in victory. Screen fades to black)
    Sieger served his emperor faithfully. When the emperor passed away a couple of
    years after the Gozen match, Sieger became the new emperor (since he was
    married to the emperor's daughter).
    The people were very happy that Sieger became the new emperor since everybody
    knew his contributions to the country and good personality.
    Emperor Sieger is known to run the country generously. He led Prussia to many
    successes with a strong military. In the end, Prussia governed the entire
    European continent.
    Emperor Neinhalt Sieger was the most intelligent and the strongest emperor in
    the history of Prussia.
    Backstory: Nicotine is an old Buddhist monk who is an expert in the area of
    exorcising and sealing demons away. He is the master of both Haohmaru and
    Genjuro, and uncle to Gaira Kafuin. He travels the world, trying to seal away
    the demons that walk this mortal plain.
    Weapon: A shakujo (Buddhist praying staff).
    Inspiration: Unknown.
    - "Don't even try it, you don't need to die so young!"
    - "The world is bigger than you, little man!"
    vs. Haohmaru: "As a Sensei, I will train you."
    vs. Mina: "Lady, don't make that face. You lose your happiness!"
    vs. Yunfei: "You got the most chi of anyone I've ever met!!"
    vs. Rera: "Your destiny is to die here, Sorry about that!"
    vs. Ocha-Maro: "Cool Diodes, I've never seen anything like it!"
    n+ "I've known better fighters than you. I've killed them!"
    s+ "Don't fight an old man. It'll hurt you. Karmically!"
    S+ "Everything is one! We live in a holographic universe!"
    t+ "Effort is what you need, more effort!"
    n- "My back.... Ouch. It hurts."
    s- "Your stamina is suffering under the size of your head."
    S- "A man who is a slave to his desire will never transcend his wants!"
    t- "Sometimes, it's more about luck than skill."
    - "You cannot fool a fooler!"
    -Before 1st stage-
    Nicotine: "The forces of evil gather. I must stop them!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Gaira: "Little old man, what are you doing here?"
    Nicotine: "How about you? Don't you need to train? You look weak!!"
    Gaira: "Don't hold a grudge if I kill you! Well, you'll be dead, won't you?"
    Nicotine: "I feel the bad spirits, don't you?"
    -after the fight-
    Nicotine: "Gaira, do you know why I treat you like this?"
    Gaira: "Beaten, by the likes of you!!"
    Nicotine: "You haven't learned anything, have you? Resume your training!!"
    Haohmaru: "Hey, Master. What are you doing here?"
    Nicotine: "Haven't given you a lesson for a while!"
    Haohmaru: "Well, we never actually fought for real!"
    Nicotine: "Well, it's time, Haohmaru! Come here, and take it! Uuuh!"
    -after the fight-
    Nicotine: "You got much better, but still the same problems!"
    Haohmaru: "Yes, sensei. I will train more, thank you!"
    Nicotine: "Haohmaru, leave here. I can feel the darkness approaching us."
    -stage turns dark-
    Nicotine: "...Come and show me your face."
    Nicotine: "Promise you'll be good, then leave!"
    vs. Mizuki: "I told myself I won't kill anyone, except you!"
    -after the fight-
    Nicotine: "Ha, I fought for real. Now my back hurts."
    vs. Mizuki: "I won. This is the end of all this madness."
    (Nicotine stands at the temple)
    Nicotine: "Finally, the end has come! But it isn't completely finished yet. I
               have to make sure everything is fine on the way home."
    (Nicotine starts to walk off-screen as it fades to black)
    A couple of months later
    (Next stage takes place at a misty stairway that goes uphill, lined by some
    chandeliers, which is Nicotine's SS 2 stage. Gaira stands at the left, with his
    arms down. On the right, there is Haohmaru resting his hands on his sheated
    sword, Genjuro with his arms dropped to his side, and Kuroko with his hands
    behind his back)
    Haohmaru: "Gaira, is it for real that Master died?"
    Gaira: "Yes, he did. I can't tell you any more than that."
    Genjuro: "HMMM, poor old man!"
    Kuroko: "I know, I've known him for so long!"
    (Gaira holds up a hand in prayer)
    Gaira: "The funeral is ready, come into the temple!"
    Haohmaru: "Man, I still can't believe he's gone!"
    Nicotine: "What can you not believe, did someone go somewhere?"
    (Nicotine walks in from the left, and stands next to Gaira)
    Haohmaru: "My Master died.... Huh?"
    Nicotine: "Wow, everyone is here."
    Genjuro: "You look pretty good for a dead guy!"
    Kuroko: "He's not a ghost!"
    Nicotine: "What are you all talking about? I'm here!"
    Haohmaru: "Gaira said you were dead!!!"
    (Nicotine freaks out)
    Nicotine: "What? Gaira? Why did you do a thing like that?"
    (Gaira turns around to face Nicotine, and leans toward him)
    Gaira: "I told them you were dead to get them all in the same room. I was hoping
            to celebrate your victory on the Gozen match."
    (Gaira holds up a hand in prayer)
    Gaira: "I thought you would be home around this time."
    (Nicotine stomps his foot repeatedly in anger)
    Nicotine: "You fool. I won't forgive you.... Gaira."
    (Nicotine chases Gaira off-screen to the right. Next stage is once again the
    stairway, but now has Ryuhaku Todoh from the Art of Fighting series standing
    Todoh: "Nicotine is lucky and happy to have them all."
    The tutelage continues. Gaira started his training all over again. He left the
    compound, and took a tour of the world. He saw many sights, and always
    remembered the things Nicotine had taught him!
    Nicotine is enjoying a slightly slower life these days. He is sitting and
    drinking his tea next to the temple he's called home these many years!
    Backstory: Ocha-Maro was created (along with a legion of other dolls) by a
    famous monk (actually Nicotine Kafuin's ancestor) in order to fight demons for
    him after he died. Ocha-Maro, along with other dolls alike him, were active
    participants in the sealing of Mizuki Rashoujin (despite the loss of many other
    dolls), and now that the fearsome demon (among others) is let loose again,
    Ocha-Maro is reactivated to hunt her down once more.
    Weapon: The iron gear that helps it move.
    Inspiration: Based on actual 'karakuri' (mechanized puppets from feudal Japan)
    - "I will show you my dance."
    - "This is just an opening act."
    vs. Gen-an/Basara/Kusaregedo/Rasetsumaru/Enja/Suija/Amakusa/Mizuki:
                                 "Look at my dance and go back to where you belong."
    vs. Nicotine: "You seem to be a good spiritualist. Good good."
    vs. Yunfei/Rera/Iroha: "I can't tell if you were evil or good."
    n+ "Ho ho ho. I like your ending."
    s+ "Come close and apologize for your rudeness."
    S+ "Ho ho ho, it was so easy. I did not even had to show you my best."
    t+ "It went exactly what I thought it would be."
    n- "Your dance is not noble. Just like a street dancer."
    s- "Great, great. I danced a lot."
    S- "You are such a fool. Can't you tell the differences between me and you?"
    t- "You have no patience. I will teach you how to be noble."
    - "I will pursue my duty for you."
    -Before 1st stage-
    Ocha-Maro: "For the world, for the people, I will finish my duty."
    -4TH STAGE-
    Enja: "Ooooooo...! Gagagaga!! Vuaaaa!!!"
    Ocha-Maro: "I know of you. A demon from 1000 years ago!"
    Enja: "Ahhhhhhhh!!!"
    Ocha-Maro: "My dance shall seal your fate!"
    -after the fight-
    Ocha-Maro: "HA! You will be sealed in. My dance will lock the door!"
    Enja: "Doburaha!? Guhaa!? ...Gurujya...."
    Ocha-Maro: "OK, one down, a kajillion more to go!"
    Suija: "You are a doll? I see a soul inside you! Little toy!!"
    Ocha-Maro: "1000 years ago, you did some naughty things!!"
    Suija: "Well, yes, I've got a checkered past. Can you ever trust me?"
    Ocha-Maro: "Your coy games will not wash with me. I dance, you DIE!!"
    -after the fight-
    Ocha-Maro: "I want you to disappear!!!!"
    Suija: "Noooo, you fool. I'm noble, I'm a GOD. AAAAAAHH!!"
    Ocha-Maro: "So this was successful."
    -stage turns dark-
    Ocha-Maro: "I have been waiting for you."
    Ocha-Maro: "My dance will lull the evil back to sleep!"
    vs. Mizuki: "I take my duty seriously!! I'll dance you in the face!"
    -after the fight-
    Ocha-Maro: "Aaah, happiness."
    vs. Mizuki: "It feels really good to get something like this done."
    (Ocha-Maro stands at the temple. He is chuckling with his face behind his fan)
    Ocha-Maro: "Woo hoo, I did it. You guys see that, don't you!"
    (Nicotine walks in from the right, and stops in front of Ocha-Maro)
    Nicotine: "Are you the noble automatic doll that fights evil?"
    (Ocha-Maro stops chuckling)
    Ocha-Maro: "Yes, I am. I'm made of wood! How do you know about me?"
    Nicotine: "My ancestor fought with you in the past! I heard about it through
               another relative!"
    Ocha-Maro: "Yeah, I'm sure he was a good guy."
    Nicotine: "I'm sure that will make my ancestor very happy!"
    Ocha-Maro: "I want happiness for all my doll people!"
    (Yoshitora leaps in from the right, and stands with a hand on his hip)
    Yoshitora: "I will make your wish come true!! Bring them all back to life!"
    Ocha-Maro: "Really? Are you saying it for real?"
    (Fade to black)
    A couple of months later
    (Next stage is a grass valley, where Ocha-Maro is at the left, still hiding his
    face behind his fan. On the right are Yoshitora, with his hand on his hip, and
    Jubei, who stands there with his arms crossed)
    Ocha-Maro: "Are you sure about this?"
    Jubei: "Yes. In my family, we have a person who works on toys!"
    Yoshitora: "So, everything is set. Are you ready?"
    (Jubei runs off-screen to the right, and by the same token, three Ocha-Maro-ish
    dolls run in from the right, and strike the same pose as Ocha-Maro)
    Dolls: "Ocha-Maro!!!"
    Ocha-Maro: "Waooo! Icha-Maro! Rocha-Maro! Wow, everyone."
    (Ocha-Maro starts chuckling)
    Ocha-Maro: "It is amazing! Thank you so much."
    Yoshitora: "So, live happily with your friends."
    (Yoshitora walks off-screen to the right)
    Ocha-Maro: "I am so happy to see all my people."
    (Ocha-Maro stops chuckling)
    Ocha-Maro: "MMM, so glad to see you all, but we have no duty? What to do?"
    Ocha-Maro and his mates came back to this life, but now they have a new life
    without servitude. Freedom can be daunting. How do you fill up your time? How do
    you find purpose in life?
    So, Ocha-Maro decided to do what he did best. He danced! He brought a very old
    style back to Edo, and was very popular. People came from all over Japan to see
    him perform!
    Backstory: The monkey helper of Cham Cham. In SS 2, it was revealed that Paku
    Paku was actually Tam Tam, who had been transformed into a monkey as punishment
    for not being able to protect the sacred stones of Green Hell from being stolen,
    but ever since, Paku Paku and Tam Tam have appeared on-screen at the same time,
    letting it be known that now Paku Paku and Tam Tam are now 2 separate entities.
    Weapon: None.
    Inspiration: Umm...any other monkey you know?
    n+ "AWAUWAA!"
    s+ "UKI! UKIKIUKI-!"
    S+ "A~OAAOAOAO~AO~!"
    t+ "ENKI! ENIKI~. UKI~!"
    n- "UHOHOHO~."
    t- "NKINKIKI-!"
    -Before 1st stage-
    Paku Paku: "UKI UKIKIUKIKI. UKI-!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Sankuro: "AH HA-HA-HA! You are a fool to face SANKURO, awed by all, monkey!"
    Sankuro: "Ridiculous.... I was despised just now due to a monkey! Let me teach
    -after the fight-
    Paku Paku: "NKI! NKIKIKI~! UKI-."
    Sankuro: "Why did I fall? A monkey fools me. A dream. I must be dreaming. Go to
    Paku Paku: "UHOHOOHOHO~. UKIKI-!"
    Kyoshiro: "How marvelous! The taste and style emitted out. You! Extra monkey!"
    Kyoshiro: "Wish to watch me dance? Then you dance, too. Let's dance
    Paku Paku: "UKI-! ENKINKIKI-!"
    -after the fight-
    Paku Paku: "AWAWAAWAWAA~! UHOHO~. UKIKI~!"
    Kyoshiro: "How wonderful! Kyoshiro Senryo, you dance so well. I just realized!"
    -stage turns dark-
    Paku Paku: "--ENKI! UKI-!"
    Paku Paku: "A~OAAOAOAO~AO~! UKI! UKYA--!!"
    -after the fight-
    Paku Paku: "A~O! A~OAOAO~~!"
    (Paku Paku and Kyoshiro stand at the temple. Paku Paku dances around, totting
    both the Palenke and Tanjil stones in its' hands. Kyoshiro watches from the
    right with his hands down)
    Paku Paku: "Ah-woo-woo-ah-woo-woo-ah. Hoo-ha-ha-ha-ha. Hoo-ha-ha."
    (Suddenly, a green pillar of light descends from above, and Paku Paku vanishes)
    Kyoshiro: "...How elegant and exotic the dance is! If it's not beautiful, what
               can be called beautiful? ...Oh oh oh oh oh oh.... I see it! I see it!
               I'm looking for this king of new dance! I'll not give in!"
    (Kyoshiro runs off-screen to the right. Next stage is a fountain place at some
    ruins, which is Tam Tam's SS 1 stage. Tam Tam appears on the right without his
    mask, but with his back turned towards the screen, with Tam Tam looking over
    his shoulder. Cham Cham is sitting down on the right. The green pillar of
    light descends between the two brothers, as Paku Paku reappears, still dancing
    with the stones)
    Cham Cham: "Ah! PAKU PAKU! Where did you go? I've been looking for you for so
    Paku Paku: "Ah...oh-ah-oh-ah-oh-ah-oh...ah-oh!"
    (The pillar of light vanishes as Paku Paku reverts into some native witch
    doctor wielding a staff, as the two stones slowly ascend to the skies. You may
    recognize him as the guy who healed Tam Tam in his SS IV ending. Cham Cham
    jumps back in shock, and points at the doctor)
    Cham Cham: "Woo-ah...!? PAKU PAKU~~~~~!?"
    Tam Tam: "Are you OK, brave man? I can put myself at ease. Also, the mysterious
              stone is taken back. Great!"
    Doctor: "What did you say? Brave man? That's too exaggerated. I heard the
             mysterious stone in the village was snatched away. The important task
             can be fulfilled by the power of Ketsuarukuatoru. I can put myself at
             ease. Even if he is a brave man, he can't use the power of the mask at
             his pleasure. That's so good to let me settle it."
    Tam Tam: "Thanks to your courage, it comes to an end without Tam Tam's use of
              the mask."
    (The doctor raises his arms in a sign of adoration)
    Doctor: "It's none of my business. I actually praise you.... Thank you, brave
    Cham Cham: "...Then, where is Paku Paku? Dear TAM! I've been seeking you!"
    (Cham Cham runs off-screen to the left. Next stage takes us to a Kabuki theater,
    which happens to be Kyoshiro's SS 3 stage. Kyoshiro is standing on the left
    with his hands down, and apparently Paku Paku is on the right)
    Kyoshiro: "To my surprise, I can meet a monkey which is so alike that one.
               Quite a good opportunity! Come on! Let's dance!"
    (Kyoshiro takes out a pipe from his shirt, and smokes it, as Paku Paku wields
    its' arms around wildly)
    Paku Paku: "Ah-woo? Ah-woo-an-woo-an-woo."
    Kyoshiro: "I swore in my heart long ago, I wanted to perform our dance to an
               excellent extent. Come on! Have a dance! Come touch my heart!"
    (Kyoshiro spins around, and strikes a pose. Paku Paku jumps up and down,
    clapping, and then scratches its' back)
    Paku Paku: "Hoo-hey? Hoo-hey-hey. Hoo-ho-ho-ho-ho...."
    (Paku Paku runs off-screen to the right)
    Kyoshiro: "Er-er...!? Oh! Wait! Wait!"
    (Kyoshiro spins after the monkey as the screen fades to black)
    So, Cham Cham begins her journey in order to search for her follower Paku Paku.
    Tam Tam believes Paku Paku can be found very soon, so he sees Cham Cham off
    without concern. But no one has expected this will be a big adventure on the
    world stage, lasting several years. Let's get together forever....
    Backstory: Poppy is Galford's canine sidekick, and the first animal helper to
    be featured as a single character back in SS V. This ninja husky also has 3
    puppies of her own: Poppa, Pippa, and Puppa (SS VI mentions one of her puppies
    as being named 'Pippy', but I'll just go with the official version).
    Weapon: None.
    Inspiration: None that I know of.
    n+ "Bow-wow!"
    s+ "Bow-wow!"
    S+ "Bow-wow!"
    t+ "Bow-wow!"
    n- "GU.... Bow-wow!"
    s- "Ga-lu-lu-lu...!"
    S- "Bow-wow!"
    t- "GU.... Bow-wow!"
    - "GUUU...! Bow-wow!"
    (AN: Yeah, I know...you can't really ask much variation out of a dog, eh?)
    -Before 1st stage-
    Poppy: "Bow-wow!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Yumeji: "Isn't this Master Dog! Long time, no see! What brings you here today?"
    Poppy: "Bow-wow! Bow-wow!"
    Yumeji: "Master Dog comes to join in match. No weakness exists. OK, Yumeji
    Poppy: "Bow-wow!"
    -after the fight-
    Poppy: "GU~...... Bow-wow!"
    Yumeji: "I won't make excuses but blame myself. Pray for Master Dog's luck."
    Poppy: "Bow-wow!"
    Yoshitora: "Hi, we meet again. How are you? A little surprised? Are you my
    Poppy: "Bow-wow! Bow-wow!"
    Yoshitora: "...Will you forgive me? I'm ruthless to my opponents!"
    Poppy: "Bow-wow!"
    -after the fight-
    Poppy: "GU~...... Bow-wow!"
    Yoshitora: "Still those words. I hope there is no abuse on dogs or cats. I
                can't stand it."
    Poppy: "Bow-wow! Bow-wow!"
    -stage turns dark-
    Poppy: "--GU! Bow-wow!"
    Poppy: "Ga-lu-lu-lu...! Bow-wow!"
    -after the fight-
    Poppy: "Bow-wow!"
    (In the SS 2 forest, Galford is standing there with his back turned towards the
    screen. Poppy and its' 3 puppies, Poppa, Pippa, and Puppa, rush in from the
    right and sit there as Galford turns around to face them, his hands on his hips)
    Galford: "Welcome back, Poppy. Where did you go with your children? You may be
              shot by a hunter. Be alert when I'm not around. OK. Shall we begin the
              match, Poppy? Let's wait to see who arrives home first. Go!"
    (Galford turns around and points towards the left)
    Galford: "Go! Poppy!"
    (Poppy and its' 3 puppies rush off-screen to the left, with Galford in pursuit.
    The next stage is a cabin near a river in a forest during winter,  which is
    Rimururu's SS 3 stage. Nakoruru is standing on the left with Mamahaha standing
    on her arm. Galford runs in from the right, and stands there with his hands on
    his hips. Poppy, Poppa, Pippa, and Puppa also follow suit, and all 4 dogs sit
    behind Galford)
    Nakoruru: "Welcome back, Galford! Welcome Poppy, Pippa, Poppa, Puppa!"
    Galford: "I'm back, Nakoruru. I've picked today's fruit. It doesn't matter.
              Don't worry. I just picked the necessary parts."
    Nakoruru: "When we heard that we got a mountain of harvest today, I was really
               taken aback. We benefit a little from the nature. We should always
               have a grateful heart."
    Galford: "Ah-ah, we are not alone. We will always get together with nature."
    (Rimururu comes in from the left, sitting atop Shikuru)
    Rimururu: "Welcome back everyone! Galford, today is...."
    Galford: "Rimururu also worries us! I won't repeat the same failure! I just
              obtain what I should get."
    Rimururu: "Really? Galford has also grown up. Sister, it's still early for
               dinner? OK then, I go to play. Shikuru, Mamahaha! Poppy! And Pippa,
               Poppa, Puppa! Let's go!"
    (Rimururu walks off-screen to the left, still sitting on Shikuru. Mamahaha,
    Poppy, Poppa, Pippa, and Puppa all follow Rimururu, as Nakoruru and Galford are
    left alone)
    Nakoruru: "Sorry, Galford. Rimururu's words were impolite."
    Galford: "Really? I didn't mind it.... Today it's Dr. Nakoruru who teaches her
    Nakoruru: "Yeah. It's called Ratashikepy (a kind of Japanese food).... Though
               I'm not very good at it, I have confidence. It's a little early, but
               let's start to make it."
    (Galford does the two-finger salute)
    Galford: "Ah.... Looking forward to it!"
    The cold of Kamui Kotan is agreeable. It does make us feel our hometown. Poppy
    is enjoying his life with new familiars on the new land. The children are
    growing up healthily. Though everyday is satisfactory, life shouldn't be like
    this. When will the master of self choose to fight for justice? Trying to renew
    his spirits for this day.
    Backstory: Based on the 'Bust' version of Galford (from SS 3, IV, and 64), this
    side of the American ninja has him without Poppy, and depending solely on his
    lightning attacks. Also seems to be a bit less 'chicken' than his counterpart.
    Weapon: Justice Blade (a ninja sword)
    Inspiration: See Galford.
    n+ "There is someone I want to protect!"
    s+ "I'd rather die than lose a fight! Um...."
    S+ "If you want to fight, GREAT! If not, don't waste my time!"
    t+ "Shaking hands? I don't know where that hand has been!"
    n- "I've fought jerks for years. I know you better than you do!"
    s- "My years of training! I need a test!"
    S- "Not too shabby, your fighting that is. You dress like a bum!"
    t- "Full of desperation? Full of spirit? Full of foolish hope!"
    - "Hey boy, you are scared, aintcha?"
    -Before 1st stage-
    R. Galford: "Justice is a big deal for me. I fight for it!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Jubei: "Can't tell if you're a ninja, but, eh? I don't care!"
    R. Galford: "You will fight me! You can't run!!!"
    Jubei: "I'll show you the meaning the word NINJA!!!!"
    R. Galford: "Yeah, yeah, sounds great!"
    -after the fight-
    R. Galford: "Disappointing! You're out of your element!"
    Jubei: "Who are you? Reveal yourself!"
    R. Galford: "People who live in shadows don't need names!"
    Andrew: "A new opponent. Nice to meetcha!"
    R. Galford: "You talk like a woman! Do you cook, too?"
    Andrew: "Well, you talk like a man, so no breaks for you!"
    R. Galford: "OK. Challenge me with the unique sword skill. I will beat it away!"
    -after the fight-
    R. Galford: "I was the better fighter, but you weren't bad."
    Andrew: "What's your mission?"
    R. Galford: "Eh? You know, whatever. Nothing really."
    -stage turns dark-
    R. Galford: "Who dat??"
    R. Galford: "AAAAH. A real fighter, not some phony!!!"
    -after the fight-
    R. Galford: "Your heart is full of meanness. But I'm cool."
    (R. Galford and Andrew stand at the temple, R. Galford has his hands on his
    hips, Andrew stands straight with his musket over his shoulder)
    R. Galford: "That is it, then. It was not all that. As far as these fighters is
                 concerned, you were the best!"
    Andrew: "I have no idea who you are!"
    (Andrew raises his hand near his face)
    R. Galford: "Got nothing to say!"
    (R. Galford leaps off-screen to the left. Next stage is the SS 2 forest, where
    R. Galford stands with his hands on his hips, Nakoruru walks in from the right,
    and stops in front of R. Galford, putting her hands together as if in prayer)
    R. Galford: "I've been waiting, Nakoruru."
    Nakoruru: "Galford! It's been a long time!"
    R. Galford: "Yes. Did you like my fighting?"
    Nakoruru: "I was awestruck!"
    R. Galford: "Every move was for you, you know!"
    Nakoruru: "...?"
    (R. Galford smacks his fists together)
    R. Galford: "But, I must battle for justice, not love!"
    Nakoruru: "...then, I guess this is goodbye?"
    (Galford turns away from the screen)
    R. Galford: "...No. Nakoruru, I want you! Come with me!!"
    Nakoruru: "You mean it?"
    R. Galford: "What do you say?"
    (Nakoruru lowers her head)
    Nakoruru: "Well, are you sure I won't get in your way?"
    (R. Galford raises his arm)
    R. Galford: "Are you kidding? If after every fight you are there for me...."
    (Nakoruru raises her head)
    Nakoruru: "Oh, Galford. I'm, oh, this is...so wonderful!"
    (R. Galford brings his hand down, clenching his fist, as he looks back over his
    R. Galford: "OK, let's go! Hey, can you carry this? Thanks!"
    Nakoruru: "Um, OK. Ha ha."
    (R. Galford and Nakoruru run off-screen to the left)
    And so, Galford and Nakoruru went around the world together. They fought
    together for their pride and their beliefs, justice and love. They are not in
    the history books, but their glorious lives are remembered by those who
    encountered them.
    Backstory: Rasetsumaru is a demon who escaped the world of Makai (Hell) when
    Amakusa opened the gate to the dark world years ago. A bloodthirsty devil,
    Rasetsumaru slaughters anyone in his path, including women and children. His
    main objective seems to be to kill Haohmaru (a person to which it is never
    explained why they look alike), and probably manhandle some peasants on the way
    Weapon: A bloodied katana.
    Inspiration: Taken from Haohmaru's 'Bust' version in SS 3, IV, and 64.
    - "Let's PARTY!!!!"
    - "Anyone want to die? Just get in line."
    vs. Genjuro: "You are entering a world of pain!!!!"
    vs. Nicotine: "I'm going to make you into a salad, and eat you!!!!"
    vs. Gaira: "What a waste of space. Okay, you die too."
    n+ "Your crying is like sweet music, your blood like wine!"
    s+ "OK, I came to get down, I came to get down, so get on your feet...." (*)
    S+ "Would you like to die with your boots on?"
    t+ "Final words are really boring. So shut up!"
    n- "When you suffer, I shine!!!"
    s- "Deux ex machina!!!"
    S- "Death comes to those who wait, and your wait is nearly over."
    t- "You die too easily. I'm just warming up."
    - "You look good. I like your eyes. Hey, wait a minute!"
    (AN: * This sounds suspiciously like the lyrics to some 90's song...the one
           that had "Jump around" a lot....)
    -Before 1st stage-
    Rasetsumaru: "I will kill all who oppose me."
    -4TH STAGE-
    Yumeji: "Why are you here? I thought I...."
    Rasetsumaru: "You thought you killed me? I'm touched."
    Yumeji: "It's my fault. I must finish my work here, now."
    Rasetsumaru: "Stab me, cut off my head, poke me in the eye, but you will die."
    -after the fight-
    Rasetsumaru: "Feces eater. DIE!!"
    Yumeji: "My spirit's gonna die doing a half-assed job like this...."
    Rasetsumaru: "Ha ha ha, this is like.... I dunno, but it's great."
    Haohmaru: "You look like me, but, somehow, evil."
    Rasetsumaru: "I've found you. I will now remove your beating heart."
    Haohmaru: "If you think you can, do it. DO IT NOW!!"
    Rasetsumaru: "Remember, you asked me to, so you can't sue me!"
    -after the fight-
    Rasetsumaru: "Is that it? Let's enjoy more."
    Haohmaru: "My sword is useless in front of this demon."
    Rasetsumaru: "If you are finished, then let me get your heart."
    -stage turns dark-
    Rasetsumaru: "Hmmm.... How the hell are you?"
    Rasetsumaru: "I think your life won't be worth anything after this!"
    vs. Amakusa: "Thank you! Without you, I wouldn't be the demon I'm today!"
    -after the fight-
    Rasetsumaru: "Ha ha ha, still alive?? Good, it's fun!!"
    vs. Amakusa: "Don't worry, I'll be here, killing you softly." (*)
    (AN: * Again, sounds like an old song.... Rasetsumaru is the karaoke killing
    (Rasetsumaru and Haohmaru are at the temple, while it's still dark. Rasetsumaru
    is holding his sword across his mouth, while Haohmaru is down on one knee,
    resting his head on his sword handle)
    Rasetsumaru: "Gozen matches really are great. I love to kill!!!"
    Haohmaru: "Oh damn!!"
    Rasetsumaru: "Finally, my goal is achieved. Any last words?"
    (Rasetsumaru sticks his sword into the ground, and points at himself with his
    Rasetsumaru: "Before you die, I really want to hear what's on your mind. Gonna
                  kill you goooood, really gooood."
    Haohmaru: "My mission, a failure. Oh, my master. I have failed you!!!!"
    Rasetsumaru: "Well, thank you Haohmaru. Yes, I'll keep up my swordsmanship."
    Haohmaru: "..."
    Rasetsumaru: "And what about.... Oshizu, yes. Heh heh, she was cute. I won't
                  hurt her. Her death will be painless."
    (Haohmaru grabs ahold of his sword while still kneeling on the ground, looking
    pretty ticked)
    Haohmaru: "Shut up, don't touch my Oshizu."
    (Rasetsumaru spreads his arms and laughs)
    Rasetsumaru: "All right, enough talking. Commence with this execution! Look
                  upon this man, and watch him DIE!!!"
    (Rasetsumaru picks up his sword and performs his Destructive Whirlwind -the dust
    sweep move-, blowing Haohmaru away off the screen. Rasetsumaru leaps after him
    Rasetsumaru: "Heh heh heh!!!"
    Haohmaru: "You'll never take away my freaaaawww!!!" (*)
    Rasetsumaru: "Die die die!!! Heh heh heh!!!"
    The story ends here. Everyone at that Gozen match was murdered. Dead men tell no
    tales, and Haohmaru didn't say anything ever again.
    Rasetsumaru went out into  the world, and caused pain and destruction wherever
    he went. He killed randomly, taking great pleasure in killing women and
    children. After a while, he began to be called 'Demon Rasetsu'.
    (AN: * I think Haohmaru was going for a William Wallace impression there....)
    Backstory: Rera represents the slightly 'dark' side of Nakoruru: someone who
    isn't afraid of taking someone else's life in order to protect nature (which
    kinda makes you wonder why they put Rera AND Murasaki Nakoruru in the same game?
    Is Rera the opposite of Nakoruru while M. Nakoruru is like 'the middle point'?)
    She is accompanied by the wolf Shikuru. She goes around doing the things that
    regular Nakoruru won't dare to attempt.
    Weapon: Chichi-ushi (a memento sword from her father).
    Inspiration: Based on the 'Bust' version of Nakoruru from SS 3, IV, and 64 (in
    	     this game is where the alternate version of Nakoruru deviated
    	     further from the regular version, acting like a different persona
    - "The end? I win, you lying on the ground!!"
    - "If you are in my way, I cannot say you will live long."
    n+ "Dreams are for mortals. Wind dreams only of a mountain to tear down."
    s+ "I don't need love, for I am love incarnate, like the elusive wind."
    S+ "This battle is not ended yet!"
    t+ "You have sworn an oath. I'm sorry, I don't want this blood on my sword."
    n- "With wind, a grain of sand can destroy stone!!!"
    s- "I have killed so many, but their souls will go on, and yours will, too!"
    S- "Go away! Your evil corrupts good hearts. You are slime, buddy!"
    t- "Your weakness is endearing, but still weakness."
    - "I, and I alone, bear this burden."
    -Before 1st stage-
    Rera: "It must be it. I will put an end to this madness."
    -4TH STAGE-
    Rimururu: "Hey, sis? Hey, you are not my sister!!"
    Rera: "My name is Rera, and aren't you supposed to be home?"
    Rimururu: "How do you know? Did my sister send you? I'm not going!!"
    Rera: "Listen to me and go home now. Do you understand?"
    -after the fight-
    Rera: "I am sorry. I don't mean to hurt you, just wanted you to...."
    Rimururu: "Huuuugeee wimpy wimpy. Rera is mean to me!!"
    Rera: "...I don't mean to hurt you. Just listen and go home."
    Mina: "You are very mysterious. You aren't a ghost, but...."
    Rera: "I know what I am, but I will not exist for long."
    Mina: "Are you trying to stop the evil forces?"
    Rera: "Nope, sorry. That's not what I'm doing."
    -after the fight-
    Rera: "You are a good fighter, but this is my fight!!"
    Mina: "You have sad eyes like mine, and you feel this evil?"
    Rera: "I feel them!! Whoever is out there! Show yourself!!"
    -stage turns dark-
    Rera: "...I finally found you."
    Rera: "I am nature's vengeance, and you'll pay tenfold!"
    -after the fight-
    Rera: "Go away! Return under penalty of DEATH!"
    (Rera and Mina stand at the temple. Rera has her arms crossed and is looking
    away from Mina, while Mina is holding her arm)
    Mina: "Time is short. Can I help you? Is there anything?"
    Rera: "Don't worry, I don't need any help...."
    Mina: "...I am sorry. There is nothing I can do to help you."
    (Rera closes her eyes)
    Rera: "Farewell. Thanks for trying!!"
    (Next stage is a bridge, where Rimururu is standing with her hands together.
    Rera runs in from the left, and stops before Rimururu, with her arms crossed
    and looking away from Rimururu)
    Rimururu: "Ah, Rera. I am very sorry about earlier...."
    Rera: "Don't worry. By the way, you are still not home!!"
    Rimururu: "I did not want to go back by myself."
    (Rera closes her eyes)
    Rera: "...I see."
    (Rimururu spins around and puts her hands on her hips)
    Rimururu: "Waaai, I love you, Rera."
    (In the SS 2 forest, Rimururu and Rera walk in from the left. Rera stops as she
    crosses her arms and turns her back to Rimururu. Rimururu stops after a while,
    turns around, and puts her hands on her hips)
    Rimururu: "Ha ha ha. Rera, Rera, this way!!"
    Rera: "Rimururu, I must say good-bye to you here."
    Rimururu: "I see. Yes, I wanted to hang out with you some more. Then, Rera.
               Promise me that you will come and visit me."
    Rera: "I will, some day...."
    (Rimururu smiles)
    Rimururu: "You promised. I will remember that. OK, bye. I love you!"
    (Rimururu runs off-screen to the right. Next stage has Rera with her arms
    crossed atop a cliff overlooking a forest)
    Rera: "My task is complete. This world has no use for me. Rimururu, I was glad
           to meet you in the end. Take care! ...And farewell!"
    (The green pillar of light engulfs Rera, who is disintegrated except for her
    pendant, which falls down to the ground)
    Nature can be distilled, and made pure. There are families, grandparents,
    brothers...and sisters. My time here was short, and the moments were full of
    rage, yet bellied by this calm, a purity of essence.
    I will become like the wind and kiss the faces of the ones I love, forever.
    Backstory: Rimururu is Nakoruru's younger sister, and also determined to protect
    nature just like her sis. She is always accompanied by an ice spirit called
    Konril (that crystal that floats alongside her). For some reason, she has became
    pretty much a potty-mouth in this game (the hell is wrong with these little
    girls all of a sudden?).
    Weapon: A kodachi (small sword).
    Inspiration: Her design was originally intended to become a character in another
    	     SNK game, 'Robo Army'.
    - "I'm Rimururu. When I'm done you'll be ground beef."
    - "Beat it, loser. You can't defeat me!!!"
    vs. Galford: "If you want my sister, you'll have to go through me."
    n+ "This fighting sucks! You'd better apologize. I'm a girl, you know."
    s+ "You are mean through and through. Rotten to the core. I hate you!!"
    S+ "Go Rimururu, you da baddest, it's your birthday, do do do." (*)
    t+ "Now I'm going to show you what a real WOMAN can do!!"
    n- "This...is my blood! You bastard! How could you hurt a little girl!!"
    s- "MMM, you were so big! It nearly stopped ny heart!" (**)
    S- "The loser will have to do what I say, so we are now friends, OK?"
    t- "Na na na na naaaa, you misunderestimated me, you wanker!!"
    - "Wow, I'm a twin! My Nana and Papa would be proud. My sister...."
    (AN: * What, are we quoting 50 Cent now??
         ** Do I even need to tell you how WRONG this quote is???)
    -Before 1st stage-
    Rimururu: "I'm not a kid! I'll show my sister that I kick some ass!!!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Kusaregedo: "SLUURP! I was hoping I'd find you. MMM! SLLMP!"
    Rimururu: "Oh! Gosh, you're so big. Do I know you? Have we met?"
    Kusaregedo: "MMM. What a tasty little morsel. It's time for me to eat!"
    Rimururu: "Eeeek. Noooo. You are too slimy and gross! Get away from me!!"
    -after the fight-
    Rimururu: "Yuck! What a freak. Yikes. I was like, whoa! This is IT?"
    Kusaregedo: "This fight has made me hungry. Where can I find a place to eat!?"
    Rimururu: "Not this place, that's for sure."
    Rera: "Rimururu, didn't Nakoruru tell you to stay away from this place?"
    Rimururu: "Hey, you're not Nakoruru. Who are you? Where am I?"
    Rera: "I am Rera, but that's beside the point. Get out of here!!"
    Rimururu: "Hey, don't speak to me like that!! I'm not going anywhere!"
    -after the fight-
    Rimururu: "Oh yeah BABY! I'm a bad ass, yeah!!!"
    Rera: "I was easy on her, but she beat me so easily."
    Rimururu: "I beat you!! I beat you!! I beat you beat you beat you!!"
    -stage turns dark-
    Rimururu: "Huh? What the...?"
    Rimururu: "The girl team isn't here, but I can still pound you!!" (*)
    -after the fight-
    Rimururu: "You shouldn't mess with nature, or girls!!!"
    (AN: * Heh heh, I like the jab at King of Fighters here....)
    (Rimururu and Rera stand at the temple. Rimururu is standing with her hands on
    her hips, while Rera has her arms crossed and is looking away from Rimururu)
    Rimururu: "I told you! I can help my sis by not getting in her way."
    Rera: "No way will Nakoruru let you fight! Her little sister...."
    Rimururu: "Why???"
    Rera: "You think this is all fun and games?"
    Rimururu: "Rera, that's a load of crap! Two fight better than one! It'll be a
               bonding experience for us!"
    Rera: "Yeah, I guess. It's just, you're so small and cute."
    (Yoshitora walks in from the left, and puts a hand on his hip)
    Yoshitora: "Hey, are you the winner? Not bad for a little cutie like you!"
    (Rimururu turns around to face Yoshitora)
    Rimururu: "Pffft. I'm telling you, big things come in small packages."
    Yoshitora: "OK, little girl, the winner gets one wish. What do you want?"
    Rimururu: "Mmmm, wish.... Mmmm, fighting is bad. People get hurt. So my wish
               will be, I wish for world peace!"
    Yoshitora: "OK, I will build a world of peace. Without violence."
    (Rera runs off-screen to the right)
    Rimururu: "Really? You promise? I can smile everyday?"
    (Rimururu turns back around)
    Rimururu: "OK Rera, let's hit the road! Huh? Rera, ready?"
    Yoshitora: "What's up? Hey, can I walk you home?"
    (Rimururu turns around to face Yoshitora)
    Rimururu: "There you go, treating me like a little kid again!"
    (Rimururu also runs off-screen to the right. Next stage is a cabin near a river
    in a forest during winter, which is Rimururu's SS 3 stage. Nakoruru stands
    there with a hand on her chest, with her grandparents located behind her.
    Rimururu walks in from the right, and hugs Nakoruru)
    Rimururu: "I'm hooomme!!! Sister, did you hear about how tough I was?"
    Nakoruru: "I was wrong. You certainly did very well. You saved the day!"
    Rimururu: "YES, that's right. Keep those compliments coming!!"
    Nakoruru: "OK, OK...."
    Maybe her wish for world peace came true. Nakoruru was never seen to brandish
    a sword again. They lived together in that house, in their peaceful village,
    and spent every moment together, day and night!
    If you wish strongly enough, your wishes will come true. Rimururu always
    believed that her love for her sister meant that they could share their lives
    Just think, if you want it badly enough, you, too, could spend the rest of your
    life with two very cute sisters. Day...and night....
    (AN: What's with Rimururu acting like a total bitch?? I just don't get it....)
    Backstory: Sankuro is the leader of a gang of petty criminals and misfits (Ofuyo
    is the woman, Ippachi is the tall lanky guy, and Gosichi is the short bulky
    guy). He always wants to achieve big things by putting forth the least amount of
    effort. He always has a big appetite, and a thing for chicks, too (he has a
    personal intro quote for pretty much all of them).
    Weapon: A wooden mallet.
    Inspiration: A kind of mixture between Jagi and Amiba, two villains from the
    	     manga/anime 'Fist of the North Star'.
    - "I got a plan brewing, after the fight...."
    - "HA HA HA, I'm Sankuro. People call me a ogre!"
    vs. Charlotte: "MMM, foreign chicks are so hot. I don't think I'll sell you."
    vs. Cham Cham: "OOOHH, what a monster you are!! Lucky me, eh?"
    vs. Rera: "Mmm, before I sell you, we're gonna, well, you know...."
    vs. Rimururu: "I will catch you!"
    vs. Yumeji: "I've been counting the days 'till I can beat you!"
    vs. Iroha: "I'll make a killing on you, when I sell you, that is!!"
    vs. Zankuro: "Are you really an ogre? Uh, NO, WAIT. You want money???"
    vs. Gaoh: "You will never rule Japan. This little island is mine!"
    vs. M. Nakoruru: "I could get a pretty, for your ass back in town!"
    vs. Shizumaru: "Hummm, I am so cute."
    n+ "I got muscles on my muscles!"
    s+ "Dude, I'm SO awesome!"
    S+ "Violence is awesome. I'm gonna get all preemptive from now on!"
    t+ "And, who is the best in the world??? MEEE!! Yes, that's right...me."
    n- "Doo Bee Doo Bee Doooo! Strangers...do do do doo."
    s- "Hey, do you want to be in my fellowship? Ha ha!"
    S- "If you don't have money, you should definetly steal some."
    t- "Phew, I need a power nap!"
    - "OK, I sell you, you run away, I sell you, you run away. Like that!!"
    -Before 1st stage-
    Sankuro: "AWWW YEEAAH, baby. My time has come!!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Cham Cham: "Your hair and face is funny! Like a banana!"
    Sankuro: "Who the hell are you!?! Well, you're getting on my nerves!"
    Cham Cham: "I will win! I want banana."
    Sankuro: "Banana? What the hell is a banana? You mean 'banana'?" (*)
    (AN: * Don't ask me, that's the way it was worded. Silly SNK....)
    -after the fight-
    Sankuro: "Please don't beg for your life. I just want you to die."
    Cham Cham: "Give me back my banana. I want it, it's mine!!"
    Sankuro: "Oh, cripes. Here, take it in the gut!"
    Yumeji: "You must be Sankuro."
    Sankuro: "Yumeji, I never liked you."
    Yumeji: "So what? I always knew that."
    Sankuro: "Yes, you know everything! You know what? I'm going to kill you."
    -after the fight-
    Sankuro: "Yumeji, you are an idiot!"
    Yumeji: "Whoa, what's going on? No way!"
    Sankuro: "I like hurting you!"
    -stage turns dark-
    Sankuro: "What? What what?"
    vs. Amakusa/Zankuro: "Are you real?"
    vs. Gaoh: "Ass features! I wasn't to kill you!" (*)
    vs. Mizuki: "I feel good. Hey, you look tough. Want to join me?"
    -after the fight-
    vs. Amakusa/Zankuro: "Ha ha, your spiritual level doesn't mean crap to me!"
    vs. Gaoh: "Had I known you were so weak, I'd have killed you earlier."
    vs. Mizuki: "You're tough. You can be in my fellowship, fer shure!"
    (AN: * Hah hah hah, 'ass features'....)
    (Sankuro stands at the temple. He has his hand on his hip and is laughing his
    ass off. Ofuyo is hugging him, Ippachi is hugging his leg -which looks creepy-,
    and Gosichi just worships him)
    Sankuro: "HA HA HA!! Praise me!!!"
    Ofuyo: "You so sneeeky! Tops in my book!"
    Gosichi: "You so mighty! Tops in my book!"
    Ippachi: "You so cool! Tops in my book!"
    Sankuro: "I'm on TOP OF THE WORLD!!! OK, here's what we're gonna do next!"
    (Next stage is the Festival stage, where Sankuro stands proudly with a hand on
    his hip. Kneeling alongside him is Ofuyo, Gosichi is stuck in the worship
    position again -he has no other sprite than that?-, and Ippachi stands behind
    all of them. Sugoroku is standing before them)
    Sankuro: "Hey, old man! Is it ready yet?"
    Sugoroku: "Yes, it is ready for you. So, OK, you want me to launch what? To
    Sankuro: "Me. I'm going to the moon!! Gonna be tops there, too!"
    Lackeys: "Yeah!! We'll follow you anywhere, boss!!"
    (Sugoroku rubs his chin)
    Sugoroku: "Getting all choked up here. I love you guys!!"
    (In the next scene, Sugoroku has Sankuro in that firework cannon of his)
    Sankuro: "OK, let's GO!"
    Sugoroku: "Five, four, three, two, and ONE!"
    (The cannon explodes, and the screen fades to white)
    ???: "Sankuro, Sankuro."
    (Sankuro awakens in the SS 2 forest. He is lying on the ground, with his lackeys
    by his side. Kneeling alongside him is Ofuyo, Gosichi is stuck in the worship
    position again -big surprise there-, and Ippachi stands behind all of them.)
    Sankuro: "Where am I? Is this the moon?"
    Ofuyo: "I am glad you are fine."
    Gosichi: "You passed out. You ate too much sushi."
    Ippachi: "You OK? You were talking about the moon, then you woke up!"
    Sankuro: "...Um...er...."
    (Sankuro stands up, puts a foot on his wooden mallet, and grabs his flexing arm)
    Sankuro: "Was it a dream???"
    (Sankuro runs off-screen to the right)
    Lackeys: "Sankuro!!"
    (Sankuro's cronies all leap off-screen after him)
    Unfortunately, Sankuro missed the match due to a bad stomach ache. His current
    whereabouts can be discovered by visiting the local police department.
    Backstory: Shikuru is Nakoruru/Rera's pet wolf, while Mamahaha is Nakoruru's
    faithful eagle companion. I guess they weren't good enough to attain single
    entries in their own right, so they had to team-up to be considered, heh heh....
    Weapon: None.
    Inspiration: A wolf and an eagle, what more is there to say??
    n+ "GARURU.... GAUGAU! BI-. BIKI-."
    s+ "GURURURURU.... GAU!! BIKI-!"
    t+ "GAU! BI-!"
    n- "GORURURURU.... GAU. BIBI~. BI~."
    s- "GU...... WAU!! BIBI-!"
    t- "GURURURU~ ...GAU! BI-!"
    - "GARURUUU.... GAU! BI-! BIKI-!"
    -Before 1st stage-
    Shikuru/Mamahaha: "GARURUUU.... GAU! BI-! BIKI-!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Rimururu: "Oh, what's up with you two? You should be with my sister. Go to find
    Shikuru/Mamahaha: "GAU! GUU.... WAU! BIBI-! BI-! BIKI-!!"
    Rimururu: "I can't do it? Wrong! I wanna save my sister. You stay here."
    Shikuru/Mamahaha: "GURURU.... GAU!! BIKI-!!"
    -after the fight-
    Shikuru/Mamahaha: "...GUU. KYUUN BI~.... BIBI~...."
    Rimururu: "EN...ENNNN...!! I won't force myself! You needn't comfort me!"
    Shikuru/Mamahaha: "GURURURU~.... GAU! BI-!"
    Iroha: "Nice to meet you! I'm IROHA. I'll make efforts for my master."
    Shikuru/Mamahaha: "GARURU. GAUGAU! BIBI~. BIKI~."
    Iroha: "I represent master.... We get along so well. Let's be friends. I won't
    Shikuru/Mamahaha: "GAAU!! BI-!!"
    -after the fight-
    Shikuru/Mamahaha: "GORURURURUUU.... GAU. BI-. BIKI-."
    Iroha: "I lost it halfway. I can't accept it, but I still wanna congratulate
            you, friend."
    Shikuru/Mamahaha: "GUU, GAAU! BIBI-. BI-!"
    -stage turns dark-
    Shikuru/Mamahaha: "--WAAU! BIKI-!!"
    Shikuru/Mamahaha: "GARURURURURURURUU!! BIBI~! BIKI~!"
    -after the fight-
    Shikuru/Mamahaha: "GARURUUU!! WAOOO~O! BIBI~! BIKI~!"
    (Shikuru can be seen running from right to left in the SS 2 forest, followed
    close-by by the flying Mamahaha. The next stage is the cliff overlooking the
    forest, where Rera's pendant lies. Shikuru and Mamahaha appear from the right.
    Shikuru picks up the pendant with its' mouth, and both animals leave from whence
    they came. The next stage is a cabin near a river in a forest during winter,
    which is Rimururu's SS 3 stage. Shikuru is sitting on the right, wigging its'
    tail, with Rera's pendant in its' mouth still. Mamahaha flies in from the left,
    and stands atop Shikuru's head. Rimururu then walks in from the left, and stops
    before Shikuru, with her hands on her hips)
    Rimururu: "What? What's wrong, Mamahaha? What happened to Shikuru? ...Oh, this
               is...Rera...? Rera has kept her promise. But...has she come back?"
    (Nakoruru walks in from the left, and stops behind Rimururu, with a hand near
    her chest. Rimururu turns around to face her sister)
    Rimururu: "Oh, elder sister...."
    Nakoruru: "Ah, where are Shikuru and Mamahaha? They should have let us know
               before going out of the village. Otherwise, it will worry us. Well,
               Rimururu is also there. What are they doing?"
    Rimururu: "...Oh, by the way, you know Rera, right? According to Rera's tone,
               she seems to be sister's friend...."
    (Nakoruru puts her hands together as if praying, and lowers her head)
    Nakoruru: "...Yeah.... She's my friend...my best friend...."
    (Rimururu spins around and puts her hands on her hips)
    Rimururu: "Ah! Is it so? Rera, where are you?"
    Nakoruru: "................."
    (Nakoruru raises her head)
    Nakoruru: "Hi, Rimururu. The wind is quite comfortable, right? Very beautiful
               and soft...."
    Rimururu: "Really? ...Right, a freeable wind is blowing."
    Nakoruru: "That's it. We can get together anytime...."
    Rimururu: "......"
    (Nakoruru puts her hand back near her chest, and Rimururu puts her hands
    Nakoruru: "That staff is what she forgot to take. You give it to her yourself
               sometime. She must feel very happy, right?"
    Rimururu: "...Yeah."
    Nakoruru: "Then please go back home as soon as possible, before it's late."
    (Nakoruru walks off-screen to the left, as Rimururu puts her hands on her hips)
    Rimururu: "Made an appointment? When can we meet again? I'll wait for Rera...."
    Easy and happy life goes on. There is 'good morning' after waking up. There is
    'good night' before sleep. Rimururu is talking to the wind. Shikuru is driving
    the wind. Mamahaha is hovering in the wind. The appointment made between
    Rimururu and Rera is only known by Shikuru and Mamahaha, which is directed by
    the wind.
    Backstory: Amakusa is a dark wizard who works at the service of the demon god
    Ambrosia. Being a vain (and utterly feminine) evildoer, his only intention is
    to awaken his master, at any cost. To this end, his spirit takes possession of
    one of Hanzo's sons, Shinzo Hattori.
    Weapon: A magical orb.
    Inspiration: Amakusa Shiro, a Christian fanatic who led a revolt in the
    	     Shimabara region (where SS IV curiously takes place in, with
                 Amakusa as one of the main villains), which was quickly subdued by
    	     the Bakufu government (strangely, the real-life Amakusa was 17
    	     years old at that time).
    - "I laugh! Ha! This silly fight was a joke! My hand spreads destruction and
    war. This world's only salvation! Me Lord sees you as equals! Equally weak and
    n+ "Your salvation lies in your destruction. Allow me to save you!!!!"
    s+ "You are born into sin. You cannot avoid it. It is justice to kill you."
    S+ "You pray like you are dying. You are dying to become my prey."
    t+ "Cleanse your soul in the fires of eternal damnation!!!"
    n- "Let me hand guide you to salvation! In death, may you be free!!"
    s- "Your blood, staining my clothing. Disgusting mortal animals!!"
    S- "My god creates fire, heavenly salvation. Burn in HEAVEN!!!"
    t- "Save yourself? What a feeble attempt. I can REALLY save you!!"
    - "You look familiar, but that will be cleansed in the fires."
    -Before 1st stage-
    Amakusa: "I pity this land. May God end this abomination."
    -4TH STAGE-
    Gen-an: "I am the Demon King. Your kin won't know you when I'm done."
    Amakusa: "My kin? Who do you think you're talking to? Some dumb peasant?"
    Gen-an: "So-called Demon King. In the end, you'll kneel before me."
    Amakusa: "I will show you what a real king can do!!"
    -after the fight-
    Amakusa: "Your life would be better spent making paper crafts."
    Gen-an: "What is wrong here? I don't understand."
    Amakusa: "When you're finished blabbering, I will show you the Demon King!!"
    Haohmaru: "Amakusa, you still live? Well, I'll take care of this now!!!"
    Amakusa: "You are surprised? I exist and flourish!!!"
    Haohmaru: "Enough talk. I will send you back to the demon world!!!"
    Amakusa: "I do not think it can be done. I am the savior, I am GOD!"
    -after the fight-
    Amakusa: "Your end is nigh, Haohmaru. I'm going to mop you up!"
    Haohmaru: "My task is incomplete, and you stand in my way!!!"
    Amakusa: "If you seek forgiveness, GOD may show you mercy!!!!"
    -stage turns dark-
    Amakusa: "You beg for death, I will save you from life!!!"
    Amakusa: "Sinful fool. Only God can save you, and I am his agent!"
    -after the fight-
    Amakusa: "I send you to God. One of us will have to go!"
    (Amakusa stands by himself at the temple, while it's still dark. Amakusa
    chuckles, and then spreads his arm out)
    Amakusa: "Your sin is grave, and I will send you to it, rebel scum! The world
              will succumb to the cleansing fires of my fury!!! My blood oath will
              be fulfilled NOW!!"
    (Amakusa concentrates energy into his orb, and the screen flashes white.
    Suddenly, all the spectators in the background vanish, as Amakusa crosses his
    arms. Fade to black)
    From every dimension, demons are called forth to destroy!!
    (Next stage is a huge monolith located in the middle of a temple's yard,
    Amakusa's SS 1 stage. Amakusa chuckles, and then spreads his arm out)
    Amakusa: "Leave nothing alive!! Burn and destroy this land!! My fellow demons,
              you have been burned in the past!!"
    (The screen flashes for a moment, and Amakusa holds his head in pain, as he
    drops his orb)
    Amakusa: "And I avenge this crime against you. I'm feeling weak. Aaah, my task
              is almost complete. My pact with God, almost done. Soon, I will
              vacate this mortal plain. Satisfaction. This world will crumble, and
              be cleansed."
    (Amakusa covers his face as he surrounds himself in lightning)
    Amakusa: "It's everything I've always wanted. My second life, nearly up. God,
              my most holy host. I will do your bidding!! Heaven? Or Hell? This
              victory transcends all. Where next, God? If I have a choice, let me
              be by your side!!"
    (As the screen fades to white, Amakusa is slowly risen in the air, and is
    consumed by a pillar of light)
    Shiro Tokisada Amakusa fulfilled his desire to destroy this world. Darkness
    descended upon the land. All humans were enslaved by demons.
    The heroes had all been defeated, and the darkness choked man's soul, until he
    became like an animal, dumb and defeated, locked into unending suffering.
    I won't tell you the rest of this story. It is too painful. Perhaps another
    chapter will be written. Perhaps it's the end of mankind, and the ninjas.
    Backstory: An innocent child orphaned at a young age, Shizumaru is adopted by
    a noble couple, who consider Shizumaru a part of his family. However, Shizumaru
    is perpetually haunted by what he calls 'a demon' inside him (which is actually
    a bloodlust that stems from battle). So, Shizumaru sets out to vanquish all the
    demons he can get his hands on, while at the same time, trying to pacify his own
    inner beast.
    Weapon: An umbrella and a sword.
    Inspiration: Kurama, the plant-wielder from the manga/anime series 'Yu Yu
    - "My fear will not help me, so I must vanquish it first."
    - "My name is Hisame Shizumaru. Nice to meet you."
    n+ "I will fight until I win. If I don't quit, I can't fail.
    s+ "You are unexpectedly easy."
    S+ "Am I the ogre? Do we not become our enemies? Am I my enemy already?"
    t+ "With or without weapons, tie me up and I'll still beat you."
    n- "A true samurai has a spirit that drives them to fight."
    s- "I won! I fought really well and now I'm happy."
    S- "I will kill all enemies, especially the one inside me."
    t- "My vision is singular. There is no option but to fight and win."
    - "This memory burdens me. Will my suffering persist interminably?"
    -Before 1st stage-
    Shizumaru: "I will win and my fame will help me find my family."
    -4TH STAGE-
    Kusaregedo: "MMM, I must eat. Where is my quarry? Where is my prey??"
    Shizumaru: "Whoa, ugly bastard. Through which hole do you eat??" (*)
    Kusaregedo: "It's not raining yet. I'm getting wet. Ahhh, an umbrella."
    Shizumaru: "Try me, fat man!! That rain is your blood! And it pours!!"
    (AN: * In the original version, Shizumaru calls Kusaregedo a 'baastid'. Since I
           dunno WTF that is, I decided to change it to the next best thing)
    -after the fight-
    Shizumaru: "Your breath is enough to kill a man. I'll stay here."
    Kusaregedo: "MMM, time to chew your flesh. You look young and tender."
    Shizumaru: "Aaa, well, I'd rather not. I've not showered, and I must go."
    Haohmaru: "Hey boy. Well, this is lovely. My, how you've grown."
    Shizumaru: "Don't patronise me. I'm here to fight, so let's go."
    Haohmaru: "You'll get no breaks from me. That's how the real world is!"
    Shizumaru: "I don't need a break, old man, and you won't get one, either!!"
    -after the fight-
    Shizumaru: "Haaaa. Mr. Haohmaru, I won. I have grown much, have I not?"
    Haohmaru: "I knew the time would come. You have always been a good fighter."
    Shizumaru: "This means you can stop calling me 'boy', eh? Haohmaru???"
    -stage turns dark-
    Shizumaru: "Hum, whaaa?"
    Shizumaru: "I've longed for this moment. The power I seek is close."
    vs. Zankuro: "I feel that I know this ogre, this face, that stench of hate."
    -after the fight-
    Shizumaru: "I win. You fought me as a stranger, but we're not strangers."
    vs. Zankuro: "Do you know who I am?? Please tell me!!"
    (Shizumaru and Haohmaru stand at the temple. Shizumaru has his hands down, and
    Haohmaru is resting his hands on his sheated sword)
    Shizumaru: "It has ended, yet I know not the beginning"
    Haohmaru: "What is it? You should be happy, everything has worked out. You are
               the best swordsman in the world, even better than me!"
    Shizumaru: "Yes, I guess so. Does this mean I'm famous?"
    Haohmaru: "Yes, heh heh. Now everyone will want to fight SHIZUMARU!"
    Shizumaru: "That doesn't sound so great. I'm sick of fighting."
    Haohmaru: "I have training to do. I guess it's back to the dojo for me."
    (Haohmaru runs off-screen to the right. From that same direction, Yoshitora
    walks in, and stands with a hand on his hip)
    Yoshitora: "The winner was promised a wish. I keep my word. What do you wish?"
    Shizumaru: "I'm looking for some people. I thought they would come here."
    Yoshitora: "OK, I'll see what I can do."
    (Fade to black)
    A couple of days later
    (Back to the temple where Shizumaru and Yoshitora stand)
    Shizumaru: "Mr. Yoshitora, you said you had something for me?"
    Yoshitora: "Sorry for making you wait. Here are the people you wanted."
    (A man who looks somewhat like a young Jubei sans the eyepatch and a woman
    carrying a baby suddenly appear before Shizumaru)
    Shizumaru: "Ms. Hakana and master. You are safe. I have been looking for you."
    Master: "Shizumaru, sorry for worrying you. Yes, we're fine. We've been in a
             war. You know how it is in wartime."
    Ms. Hakana: "Let's go home. We are a family again."
    Shizumaru: "Family. Hmm, a word I had almost forgotten."
    (Yoshitora walks off-screen to the right)
    Yoshitora: "I'm getting all choked up here."
    Shizumaru realized that the past was gone forever. He was happy in the moment.
    Surrounded by the ones he loved, he stopped looking for those lost memories.
    Instead he lived his life to the fullest.
    And enjoyed his life, for he was the greatest swordsman in all the land.
    Backstory: Sogetsu is a distinguished member of a ninja clan along with his
    brother, Kazuki Kazama. When Kazuki deserts the clan to save their sister,
    Hazuki, Sogetsu himself is sent to finish the job. While searching for Kazuki,
    Sogetsu is being hunted himself by a demon in search of his body: Suija. With
    his hands full, Sogetsu sets off to take down the daunting tasks before him.
    Weapon: Seiryu (a ninja sword, where Suija used to be sealed in)
    Inspiration: Unknown.
    - "You talk too much. Let's just get to it."
    - "Whatever happens here, the outcome will be the same."
    vs. Hanzo: "I am glad to meet you, I guess."
    n+ "Are you still breathing? I see you moving a little."
    s+ "Useless! Like fighting a turd."
    S+ "In your weakness, I'm sure God will forgive you!!!"
    t+ "My apologies, this fight was very one sided."
    n- "Sometimes it's better to give up. This is my advice to you."
    s- "Hmmm, there is nothing good I can say about you."
    S- "I'm sure some would love to see you so vulnerable."
    t- "You are offensive to all my senses."
    - "As good as you are, there is always someone better."
    -Before 1st stage-
    Sogetsu: "You guys are.... What am I going to do with you?"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Sogetsu: "Didn't expect to see you. Where's Kazuki & Hazuki?"
    Sogetsu: "OK.... DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?? No more talking."
    -after the fight-
    Sogetsu: "Phew, tired. OK, so that was tough."
    Enja: "GGRRNNPP!!! ALLU ALLU!!!"
    Sogetsu: "OK, OK, I got it. So just, shuu.... We got to run now."
    Suija: "I have been waiting for you. I want your body."
    Sogetsu: "Just calm down."
    Suija: "I hate my body. And I need yours."
    Sogetsu: "You are bad for this world, and for that, you must die!"
    -after the fight-
    Sogetsu: "I'm sick of asking this question. Where is Kazuki & Hazuki?"
    Suija: "You have a lovely body. Let's become one, an eternal being."
    Sogetsu: "Talking to you is like talking to the wall. DIE!!!"
    -stage turns dark-
    Sogetsu: "There we go, that was easy.... Whaaa?"
    Sogetsu: "You do not understand how deep your sin goes."
    -after the fight-
    Sogetsu: "Repent! Repent!! For your end is nigh!!!"
    (Sogetsu stands at the temple with a hand on his hip)
    Sogetsu: "OK, that's done. Next thing to take care of is Hazuki & Kazuki."
    (Sogetsu leaps off-screen. Next stage is the SS 2 forest. Hazuki, with her hands
    behind her back, and Kazuki with a hand on his hip, are at the right. Sogetsu
    jumps in from the left placing a fist on his hip)
    Sogetsu: "Kazuki, why are you always like this? Are you listening??"
    (Kazuki enters his fighting stance)
    Kazuki: "They sent you here? Why? I can take care of myself."
    Hazuki: "Brothers, don't fight. It's all my fault."
    Sogetsu: "Mmm, what should I do? (Hazuki got rid of monsters, so that's pretty
              lucky, I guess. Since there are no more monsters left to control
              Kazuki.... There is no longer any reason to kil him. Plus, I don't
              want to make Sister sad.)
    Kazuki: "What are you thinking about? Let's fight if we're gonna!"
    (Sogetsu turns his back towards his siblings, but looks back at them over his
    Sogetsu: "OK, let's go. I'll smooth out things in the village. When we get home,
              just don't speak. Let me take care of it.
    (Next stage is a forest path overlooking a ninja village. Hazuki, with her hands
    behind her back, Kazuki and Sogetsu with hand on their hips, stand before an
    old man, the ninja Chief, dressed just like them, who has his arms crossed)
    Sogetsu: "That will be all for my report. Any questions?"
    Chief: "I see. Kazuki, you did a great job killing two monsters."
    Kazuki: "Grandpa, I mean, great leader. I did it to save Hazuki."
    Chief: "OK, your past is forgiven, but please try to live peaceably!!"
    Sogetsu: "OK, make sure you listen to our request, and thank you."
    Hazuki: "It seems things turned out alright in the end."
    Sogetsu: "Yes, this reminds me of a bad 3's Company episode." (*)
    Kazuki was welcomed back to the village. The beasts Suija and Enja had plagued
    their families for ages, and he had succeeded in killing them.
    His ninja training continued, and he even trained others in the way.
    Sogetsu eventually went on to rule his family and the village. He was a good
    brother, and lived a long and happy life.
    (AN: * Say what now?? How would Sogetsu ever know that?? Damn 80's sitcoms....)
    Backstory: A firework technician who just happens to go along with the whole
    'festival' motif that this game has. Sugoroku is just a fun loving guy who wants
    people to have a good time. He is assisted in battles by his wife Karuta, and
    his daughter Koma.
    Weapon: A fireworks cannon.
    Inspiration: His design is based on how people dress up and act during 'Naked
    	     Festivals' in Japan (were people wear only loincloths and/or short
    	     happi coats).
    - "Yeah, festival time, and fighting time!"
    - "Fire festival, or fight! The spirit of Edo is alive!!"
    n+ "If I hurt you, by all means, hit me back!"
    s+ "I am not satisfied. A bunch of cowards. Where's your spunk!!"
    S+ "Yeah, woo, PAARRTAY!!"
    t+ "Stupid. Boring. Sad. Pale. Ugly. Drunk. Moron!!!!! "
    n- "Hey, I'm getting tired. I got a festival to get up for tomorrow!"
    s- "The smoke from that firecracker is making me sleepy!"
    S- "Fun. That's what life is all about!!"
    t- "Hey, could you shut up! Trying to fight here!!"
    - "My dad did a lot of carousing. I guess you might be my brother!!"
    -Before 1st stage-
    Sugoroku: "It's a festival of fighting!!! LET'S BURN IT!!!!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Sankuro: "Ha ha ha, I'll fight anything that MOOOOVES!!"
    Sugoroku: "Hey, I'll fight you. Show me what you got!"
    Sankuro: "I got it going on. I'm on FIRE!"
    Sugoroku: "Just shut up and fight. I tire of all these bravado tirades!"
    -after the fight-
    Sugoroku: "I fight with the passion of Edo!"
    Sankuro: "My stomach hurts. I'm not feeling well. UUURRPP...."
    Sugoroku: "Got to watch what you eat off the street!"
    Yoshitora: "Are you the festival fireworks technician?"
    Sugoroku: "I've seen you around the festival circuit."
    Yoshitora: "OK, idea! Let's do this in big time festival style!"
    Sugoroku: "Yah, OK. My fuse is lit. Let's explode!!!"
    -after the fight-
    Sugoroku: "Phew, you worked me out. You are something."
    Yoshitora: "Yeah, I'd say the same for you."
    Sugoroku: "Hey, at the next festival, come over and say hello!"
    -stage turns dark-
    Sugoroku: "UUURR. A face only an ugly mother could love!"
    Sugoroku: "I'm not the type of guy to run in a situation like this."
    -after the fight-
    Sugoroku: "Keerap! You'll have to come back tomorrow!"
    (Sugoroku and Yoshitora stand at the temple. Sugoroku flexes an arm, while
    Yoshitora stands there with a hand on his hip)
    Sugoroku: "I win. Mmm, I've had a harder time in carnival games!"
    Yoshitora: "Hey, this match gathered the best in the world! I didn't expect the
                fireworks guy to win."
    Sugoroku: "Hah, yeah, thanks a lot!"
    Yoshitora: "OK, so the winner gets a wish. What do you want, carny! C'mon,
                ain't got all day!!"
    Sugoroku: "That is great. Mmm, I know. I want more festivals in Japan!!"
    Yoshitora: "What more do you want from festivals?"
    Sugoroku: "They make people happy! I want lots of happy people! Let's have fun
               and the happiness! I want to be at every festival!! I will go
    Yoshitora: "Yes. OK, you're right! We should live happily."
    Sugoroku: "Doesn't this idea make you excited?"
    Yoshitora: "Oh, yes, very excited. Uh huh."
    Sugoroku: "Ha ha ha!"
    Yoshitora: "Ha ha ha!"
    Sugoroku was granted the right to hold festivals whenever and wherever he
    He started off in the Edo area, and gradually widened it out to the rest of
    Japan. Then his festival went around the world.
    To this day, Japanese festivals are some of the most extravagant, with thousands
    of fireworks, making millions of people happy!
    Where there are festivals, there is Sugoroku, making people happy! He was the
    most beloved firework technician in the world.
    Backstory: A former student of Yunfei's from a thousand years ago, Suija was
    tempted by the forces of darkness and was turned into a watery demon. Now free
    from his seal, Suija seeks out Sogetsu Kazama to possess his body and become
    inmensely powerful!
    Weapon: His watery bracelets.
    Inspiration: Originally based on Sogetsu's Bust form from Samurai Shodown 64
                 part 2.
    - "Believe me! I'm a real GOD!!"
    n+ "From now on, you are my subject. I tell you when to die! NOW!!"
    s+ "I will carve my name in your face. You've met GOD!!"
    S+ "Give me a smile before I kill you. Say CHEESE!!!"
    t+ "You are too weak. Get out of here!"
    n- "Don't come closer, mortals give me the willies!!!"
    s- "I create you, my partner destroys you. Let's play with that a little!!"
    S- "The future does not need you, so I will relieve it of you!!!"
    t- "I'm omnipotent. Do you know what that means? It means I'm tough!!!"
    - "I'm the God, but I don't remember making you so stupid!!"
    -Before 1st stage-
    Suija: "Praise me, God. Let me rebuild this world."
    -4TH STAGE-
    Kazuki: "Aww, geez. Wish my brother were here."
    Suija: "Good attitude. Yes, be afraid of me. I feel your respect."
    Kazuki: "Shut up!! I will fight you, with or without my brother."
    Suija: "I was gonna let you go, but now I think I'll kill you instead."
    -after the fight-
    Suija: "Do you want me to save you?? Choose your fate!!"
    Kazuki: "Me? Saved? If you want to kill me, do it."
    Suija: "I see. Yes, a good choice. Let God kill you personally."
    Sogetsu: "Not that I want to talk to you, but, have you seen Kazuki??"
    Suija: "Well, is he the sort of person who would kneel before me??"
    Sogetsu: "I don't think so, and neither am I."
    Suija: "Silly human, there is no democracy in Hell."
    -after the fight-
    Suija: "Do you want to be saved?"
    Sogetsu: "No. Eat it. I spit on your majesty. You are not my God!!"
    Suija: "Aaah, brotherly love. Noble. I still don't get it, though."
    -stage turns dark-
    Suija: "Aaah, always.... What is it!!"
    vs. Mizuki/Amakusa: "You fool. There is only one God, and you choose another!?"
    vs. Zankuro/Gaoh: "I will execute you. HERETIC!!"
    -after the fight-
    vs. Mizuki/Amakusa: "Understand this punishment comes from God. Be proud!"
    vs. Zankuro/Gaoh: "I even scare myself sometimes. I messed you up!"
    (Suija and Enja are at the temple, while it's still dark. Suija has his arms
    spread out. Sogetsu and Kazuki's bodies levitate over Suija and Enja,
    Suija: "It is time. Let us show our true POWER!!!"
    Enja: "GURUHA!"
    Suija: "Come on!! Join with me. Let us become ONE!!!!"
    Enja: "STUUUUUUPIIID!!!"
    (Suija motions his hand, and the bodies of the two ninjas drop and vanish as
    soon as they touch the two entities. Enja spreads his arms out and laughs)
    Suija: "We put our minds together and our bodies. Now we shall see."
    (Suija spreads his arms and rears his head back)
    Suija: "Nice to be in one's own body. I hear the prayers of the wretched
    Enja: "DORAASHU!!!"
    Suija: "We are all that really matters, everything else is.... It's a shame.
            There are some aspects of this world...."
    (Suija does a funky pose, as some marks on his chest begin to glow)
    Suija: "Aaaaw, hell, you're right. It's gone too far...."
    Enja: "VAHAAA!!!"
    Suija: "Yep, go on then, and level it. The time of man is over."
    Enja: "Aahhhioiu!!!! Doruguruau!!!!!"
    (Enja fires up and shoots himself out of the screen. Next stage has Enja
    standing in a valley in flames, with his arms spread out and laughing)
    The world destroyed by Enja, the God of Destruction.
    (Next stage is a barren wasteland, which the flaming valley has been reduced to.
    Suija slowly descends from above, and upon landing, spreads his arms out)
    Suija: "Sure is dark now. It's kind of nice. Peaceful, you know? I guess since I
            am the God of Creation, rain!!"
    (Suija motions his hand and clenches his fist. Rain starts pouring down on the
    wasteland, and moments later, it turns into a grass valley again. Suija spreads
    his arms out and rears his head back)
    Suija: "Praise me! I've made it rain. Next, I'll make a comfy chair." (*)
    The God of Destruction completely destroyed the world. And from out of the
    darkness, the God of Creation called forth the rain.
    This water made existence possible. Everything grew, and the wheel of the
    universe turned once again.
    The world is simply comprised of destruction and reproduction.
    You can not forget the veneration for God. People became afraid of God Enja, and
    praised the God Suija. As long as they don't forget veneration for God, the
    world will flourish.
    (AN: * What is he, a couch potato??)
    Backstory: Tam Tam is a recognized warrior from the Green Hell tribe. His sacred
    duty is to protect the Palenke and Tanjil holy stones, and whenever they get
    stolen, Tam Tam dons his divine mask and goes after his village's treasures!
    Weapon: A scimitar.
    Inspiration: Unknown
    - "I kick arse for the Lord!! I will kick yours!!" (*)
    - "I will make your blood dance with me!!!!"
    vs. Galford: "You are my friend. But, I cannot lose this match."
    (AN: * Hey, nice quote from 'Brain Dead' there, Tam Tam)
    n+ "I've got no reason to fight you. Basically, you're not good enough."
    s+ "Your actions were absurd and I've dealt our your punishment."
    S+ "Urara ura u~ra. I give this winning to my God."
    t+ "My blood calls me to fight. It knows I am a warrior, and so do I!!"
    n- "Even DOGS can fight. I must win my Lord's battle!!"
    s- "You were only slightly more challenging than cutting vegetables!!"
    S- "Your sins are severe. You've stained God's nice, clean shirt!"
    t- "You have done well. I am looking forward to meeting you again."
    - "You are brave, let's fight together. My God likes your style!"
    -Before 1st stage-
    Tam Tam: "I will regain the sister and treasure of the village."
    -4TH STAGE-
    Ocha-Maro: "Hey, who are you? Your vibes are alien to me."
    Tam Tam: "I am Tam Tam, God's warrior. He fights through my body."
    Ocha-Maro: "I've never heard of your God, but he seems like a nice one."
    Tam Tam: "I only fight worthwhile battles. My God won't interfere."
    -after the fight-
    Tam Tam: "Aaao, aoaaooo. I dedicate this fight to my Lord!!!!"
    Ocha-Maro: "Your God might be a nice guy, but you are terrible!!"
    Tam Tam: "I've got to keep on keeping it on! You can rest here."
    Cham Cham: "Yo Tam! I'll fight you for this banana!!!"
    Tam Tam: "Cham Cham, what are you doing? I told you not to come here!!"
    Cham Cham: "No! This sucks!! I want to eat all the banana I can."
    Tam Tam: "Cham Cham, listen to your brother, or you will be punished!!!"
    -after the fight-
    Tam Tam: "Cham Cham, take off eh? We can go get more bananas later!!"
    Cham Cham: "Ohhhh, big bad brother Tam is angry!!! I'm shaking, really!"
    Tam Tam: "Found you. Must keep searching for the village treasure."
    -stage turns dark-
    Tam Tam: "Mmmm, an evil is upon us."
    Tam Tam: "You've got problems, dude. But I've got a sword!"
    -after the fight-
    Tam Tam: "In sunshine be reborn, and your dark spirit will shine!!!"
    (Tam Tam and Cham Cham stand at the temple. Tam Tam is standing up straight,
    while Cham Cham is sitting down)
    Cham Cham: "Brother Tam. These are the Parenke and Tanjure stones."
    (Two stones, the Tanjil and Palenke stones, that are identical to Amakusa's
    descend from the heavens, and float nearby)
    Tam Tam: "We have finally found them. Oooh, I'm so happy!"
    Cham Cham: "Brother Tam...."
    Tam Tam: "What is it?"
    Cham Cham: "The winner is granted one wish. What'll you wish for??"
    Tam Tam: "If you really want something, you must work for it."
    Cham Cham: "So, can I have your wish? I want a million bananas!!"
    Tam Tam: "Cham Cham, that's a stupid wish. Don't wish for that!!"
    (Cham Cham hides behind her boomerang)
    Cham Cham: "OK, OK. Sorry, bro."
    Tam Tam: "Parenke & Tanjure Stones all safe? It's good, eh? So, let's go home!!
              We have, what? Something wrong?"
    (Cham Cham kneels on the ground and slumps her shoulders)
    Cham Cham: "Huuuuu, yes!"
    (Fade to black. Next stage has the two stones swirl around a hut where a native
    child is standing, much to the surprise of his mother)
    Kid: "Mom, I can run!! Look at me."
    (The two stones now swirl around a hut where an old man is sitting from his
    resting place, attended by a woman)
    Old man: "I feel like a kid again!!! Yippee!!"
    (Next stage is a fountain place at some ruins, which is Tam Tam's SS 1 stage.
    Tam Tam appears without his mask, but with his back turned towards the screen,
    with Tam Tam looking over his shoulder)
    Tam Tam: "Peace has come back to the land. I won't need this mask. This peace is
              really something. I hope it lasts.
    (Cham Cham runs in from the right, and sits near Tam Tam)
    Cham Cham: "Bro, you promised we go look for some bananas."
    Tam Tam: "I know, I know!! OK, let's go then."
    Cham Cham: "Together we'll make it a banana extravaganza!!"
    (Cham Cham runs off screen to the right, as Tam Tam chases along. Screen fades
    to black)
    Everytime danger reared its' ugly head, Tam Tam was there. Without using his
    wish, he became a guardian deity and eventually rose to the challenge many
    One day the power of the mask started to fade. Eventually, it stopped
    altogether, so he stopped all his fighting and settled down with his family to
    a quiet existence.
    His great stories lived on for generation after generation.
    Backstory: Ukyo is a skilled swordsman who is cool with the ladies and stricken
    with tuberculosis (sucks to be him). He is a chivalrous poet at heart, and
    despite his fame with the chicks, he has room in his heart for only one: Kei
    Odagiri. Ukyo continues to fight despite having his days numbered....
    Weapon: A sword (nameless).
    Inspiration: Sasaki Kojiro, Musashi Miyamoto's historic rival (hence, why
                 sometimes Ukyo and Haohmaru are portrayed as rivals).
    - "Brace yourself for my ruthless onslaught."
    - "............"
    vs. Haohmaru: "Mr. Haohmaru, I'm honored to fight with you."
    vs. Jubei: "Your reputation precedes you, the honor is mine."
    vs. Gen-an: "Maybe I'm a little nervous about fighting you...."
    vs. Basara: "What? What is it? Are you sick? You are turning green!"
    vs. Zankuro: "Leave it outside the ring. Emotion will dull blades."
    n+ "Your blood will spill like the cherry blossom."
    s+ "..........."
    S+ "A bloodied sword speaks only of the dead."
    t+ "The melancholy moon weeps over your corpse."
    n- "The red sky like blood spurts in the air."
    s- "I've come too far to turn back now. I must complete my destiny!!!"
    S- "I hope when I die, that my name will live in memory."
    t- "This endless road only leads to hell."
    - "Oh, same face.... Mmm, good one."
    -Before 1st stage-
    Ukyo: "Damn, my sword is really sharp!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Haohmaru: "It is good that we meet finally. Your name is well known to me."
    Ukyo: "Yes I too know of Haohmaru."
    Haohmaru: "May our names be remembered beyond this day."
    Ukyo: "Here I come."
    -after the fight-
    Ukyo: "Your style was everything it was cracked up to be."
    Haohmaru: "Compliments seem stupid considering I lost the fight."
    Ukyo: "I look forward to a day when we shall face off again."
    Yumeji: "Mr. Ukyo, the last time we met was ages ago."
    Ukyo: "You look just as good now as then, Yumeji."
    Yumeji: "This Gozen match has me very excited."
    Ukyo: "With you as my opponent, I'm happy."
    -after the fight-
    Ukyo: "Yumeji, you fight like a master!"
    Yumeji: "No no, I've learned much from watching you!!"
    Ukyo: "Your swordsmanship, it's really special."
    -stage turns dark-
    Ukyo: "Mmm. What is that?!"
    Ukyo: "Get ready! I've come to destroy all!!"
    -after the fight-
    Ukyo: "I hope your death will bring you purpose."
    (Ukyo and Yumeji stand at the temple, Yumeji with his hands down, and Ukyo
    with a hand on his sheated sword)
    Yumeji: "Ukyo, is there something else?? You are the mightiest in the world
    Ukyo: "I'm the mightiest in the world?"
    Yumeiji: "Yes, you are. Are you OK? Mr. Ukyo?"
    Ukyo: "Excuse me, I have something I must do!"
    (Ukyo runs off to the left, Yumeji extends his arm)
    Yumeji: "Mr. Ukyo??"
    (Next stage is a bridge where Kei Odagiri is standing, Ukyo walks in from
    the left, and stands there with his hand on his sheated sword)
    Ukyo: "Miss Kei."
    Kei: "Mr. Ukyo. Um, congratulations. I was praying for you."
    Ukyo: "I have something to tell you."
    Kei: "Yes."
    Ukyo: "..."
    (Kei steps forward a bit)
    Kei: "Mr. Ukyo, you're sweating. Are you OK? It can wait if it's not a good
    Ukyo: "OK, then.... No one knows how long they have on this precious Earth. I
           want to be with you, you know?"
    Kei: "You mean?"
    Ukyo: "Yes, I love you! And I want to be with you forever."
    Kei: "Oh, Ukyo, I love you too!"
    (Kei goes to embrace Ukyo as the screen fades to black)
    No one opposed the marriage of Kei, the daughter of a Lord, and Ukyo. They
    became husband and wife with everyone's blessing. Ukyo, who became the best
    fighter in the Gozen match, later opened his own dojo.
    He lived a rewarding life, albeit short, as both a great swordsman and person.
    WAN FU
    Backstory: Wan Fu is a very energetic general whose sole ambition is to unify
    all of China under one banner. In order to accomplish such a daunting task, Wan
    Fu sets out to find adequate soldiers to recruit for his army (and a wife, why
    Weapon: An iron-ball mace.
    Inspiration: Miyoshi Seikai, a member of the Sanada Ten Braves (a group of
    	     bodyguards that assisted Sanada Yukimura during the times of feudal
    - "Here I am. The hero of Quing."
    - "Here I come. Your luck is already dead."
    vs. Nakoruru: "Lady, if I win, be my wife."
    vs. Sieger: "You're very muscular. Check mine out!"
    vs. Yunfei: "You look like a famous warrior. Let me hear your name."
    vs. Andrew: "Show me your strength, real first president!!!"
    vs. Sugoroku: "I like your face. You really are a MAN!"
    n+ "Pure strength is eternal. One day, or a thousand years."
    s+ "People call me the God of all warriors, and people don't lie!"
    S+ "If my enemy is worthy, I treat you like a warrior!"
    t+ "There in your hand, a decoration? Or can you use it?"
    n- "As a man, I will not accept the loss of glory and manliness!"
    s- "No room in a fight for pity. Life or death, that's all there is!"
    S- "The enemy of my enemy is my friend!! Are you a friend?"
    t- "I don't want this to end. I want to beat you again, and again!"
    - "You look like a friend, are you sure you want to fight me?"
    -Before 1st stage-
    Wan Fu: "I need a strong man to be my right arm!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Andrew: "Excuse me, are you Wan Fu from Quing?"
    Wan Fu: "Yes, you must be Andrew, from America. Hmm."
    Andrew: "I'm glad you know my name. We're gonna fight, right?"
    Wan Fu: "Yeah, east vs. west. It's so EPIC!!" (*)
    (AN: * I like West Coast's chances, REPRESENT!)
    -after the fight-
    Wan Fu: "Ha ha ha. I like you, Andrew."
    Andrew: "You're not what I expected. I like you, too."
    Wan Fu: "You are young to be a leader. You have promise."
    Yunfei: "I didn't expect to meet you here."
    Wan Fu: "You look like a noble swordsman. What is your name?"
    Yunfei: "Name doesn't matter. I have already left this world."
    Wan Fu: "You look pretty good for a dead guy."
    -after the fight-
    Wan Fu: "So, now can you tell me your name?"
    Yunfei: "I see. My name, which I had thrown away, is Yunfei."
    Wan Fu: "Ooo! Finally, I meet you!"
    -stage turns dark-
    Wan Fu: "Are you an ASSASSIN?!?"
    Wan Fu: "I will put an end to this madness, you evil duck!"
    vs. Gaoh: "I like your ambition, let's talk with our style!"
    -after the fight-
    Wan Fu: "Ha ha ha. I don't kneel for evil, and you're evil, so no kneeling!"
    vs. Gaoh: "I really wish you would reconsider working for me."
    (Back at the temple, Wan Fu stands before Yunfei with his mace over his
    Wan Fu puts down his mace and drops on one knee)
    Wan FU: "Yunfei, I have a favor to ask you. I want to unify China and establish
             a new dynasty. I can't really do all that alone, though. I need a
             little help with the unifying. I know. No, right? Well, I'm going to
             keep pestering you!"
    (Yunfei strokes his beard)
    Yunfei: "OK, I guess I could help you with that. I love China. Wan Fu, I will
             give you the rest of my life."
    (Wan Fu gets back to his feet and puts his mace over his shoulder)
    Wan FU: "Thank you so much. I finally got what I needed."
    (Wan Fu laughs)
    Yunfei: "If nothing else, it'll help me work off some bad karma! Let's go, Wan
    Wan Fu: "Yes, Yunfei."
    (Wan Fu runs off screen to the right, followed shorty by Yunfei. Fade to black)
    A couple of years later
    (Next stage is the inner walls of a palace in China, Wan Fu's SS2 stage. Wan Fu
    and Yunfei stand facing each other, Wan Fu with his arms crossed and his mace
    on the ground)
    Yunfei: "Wan Fu, the enemy army are coming. This battle will decide it all!"
    Wan Fu: "I'm glad you're with us!! I'd be too chicken to do it alone!"
    Yunfei: "MY LIFE FOR THE DYNASTY!!!!!"
    Wan Fu: "FOR THE DYNASTY! Our final battle!!"
    (Wan Fu waves his ponytail to the side, and picks up his mace)
    Wan Fu: "OK, here we go!"
    (Wan Fu and Yunfei run offscreen to the right, followed by Andrew, Gaira,
    Sankuro, Yoshitora, and Gaoh)
    Wan Fu won the last battle and finally unified all of China.
    After establishing a new dynasty, Wan Fu quickly gained the trust of the people
    and became known for his godlike fighting spirit and his great way of governing
    After his death, Wan Fu became one of the great guardian gods of China.
    Backstory: Yoshitora is the legitimate heir to the throne of shogun, but instead
    of embracing this role, Yoshitora's only concern is to party and hang around
    with women (which includes even a little girl...er...yeah). Quite privileged
    with the sword (having trained both under Gaoh and Jubei Yagyu), Yoshitora
    struggles with the idea of assuming his responsibility as shogun and living his
    carefree life as a playboy.
    Weapon: Not one, not two, but SEVEN katanas!
    Inspiration: Loosely based on Tokugawa Ienari, the 11th shogun of Japan who
    	     reigned in a decadent era.
    - "I am your opponent. Be afraid, be very afraid."
    - "Loving and fighting. How I love these things!"
    vs. Ukyo: "You are fighting for a woman, are you not?"
    vs. Females: "You are quite beautiful."
    n+ "Your eyes are dead."
    s+ "Don't worry, you're not dead. I really am this good looking."
    S+ "I am batterly who would fly high."
    t+ "I'm just getting warmed up."
    n- "Don't think anything when you fight."
    s- "We have to enjoy love and fight as much as possible."
    S- "Your last smile was very beautiful."
    t- "Go ahead, take a nap if you need to. Really, close your eyes."
    - "Looking at birds which can not fly is so sad."
    -Before 1st stage-
    Yoshitora: "OK, I'm here to do one thing, PARTY!! Oh yeah!"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Haohmaru: "You are my next opponent? It's been a while, eh?"
    Yoshitora: "We sure had fun the last time!!"
    Haohmaru: "As I recall, we tied the last time. Let's see who's improved??"
    Yoshitora: "I was hoping you'd say that! Let's fight!"
    -after the fight-
    Yoshitora: "Shame has shut your mouth!"
    Haohmaru: "I'll beat you next time!!"
    Yoshitora: "Sure Haohmaru, sure, that's what you said the last time."
    Andrew: "I've been hearing about the strongest man in Japan."
    Yoshitora: "Let's not beat around the bush! I'm ready to fight now."
    Andrew: "OK, let's get ready to rumble!"
    Yoshitora: "This'll be fun for us both!"
    -after the fight-
    Yoshitora: "You're a swell fighter. I barely beat you!"
    Andrew: "You were awesome, man. I'm really honored!!"
    Yoshitora: "Same to you, it was great meeting you!"
    -stage turns dark-
    Yoshitora: "...?! We might have a visitor."
    Yoshitora: "Self-satisfaction blinds you to the truth!"
    vs. Gaoh: "A bitch slap, just to wake you up!"
    -after the fight-
    Yoshitora: "Next time, we shall have a better fight. Come to my place."
    vs. Gaoh: "Gaoh, let's go out on the town, couple of baddies like us!"
    (Yoshitora and Andrew stand at the temple. Yoshitora has a hand on his hip,
    while Andrew stands straight with his musket over his shoulder)
    Yoshitora: "You rang?"
    Andrew: "I have a dream, but it's gonna be hard to do it alone. I have things I
             want to do. They are worth more than my life. I'm looking for someone
             to help me!!"
    Yoshitora: "What? What is it you want to accomplish?"
    Andrew: "I want one world government for the people, by the people."
    Yoshitora: "What a coincidence, I want the same thing!!!"
    Andrew: "Neat!! How about we conspire together?"
    (Andrew raises his hand near his face)
    Andrew: "Together we can make it happen!!"
    Yoshitora: "Hmmm, well, I'm not sure. I need to do it alone. You know, I have
                my way of working. I'm stubborn."
    Andrew: "I see. OK, well, maybe someday we'll work together on this."
    Yoshitora: "Sure, sure, someday! Hey, it was nice knowing you."
    (Andrew extends his hand)
    Andrew: "Aww, yeah, it's been...great."
    (Fade to black. Next stage is in a canyon, where Yoshitora, Gaoh, and Haohmaru
    stand in their fighting positions, facing off against 3 armed noblesmen. You may
    recognize one of them from Charlotte's SS 1 ending)
    Yoshitora: "Ha ha ha, I won the match!!"
    Gaoh: "Yeah, you won. It's OK, though. I hung in there 'till the end."
    Haohmaru: "I think we make a good team!!"
    Yoshitora: "Aaah, it's nice to be surrounded by such wonderful men."
    (All of a sudden, Hanzo appears amidst the group of noblesmen, and performs his
    flaming geyser super, which blows away two of the noblesmen! Jubei then runs in
    from the right, and uppercuts the remaining noblesman out of the picture. Jubei
    then poses with his sword as in one of his counter moves, as Hanzo remains on
    one knee)
    Jubei: "Jubei. I will be your arms, Mr. Yoshitora!"
    Hanzo: "I, Hattori Hanzo, will protect you wherever you go."
    Yoshitora: "You guys are making me cry! Geez, look at me. I'm weeping!!"
    (Everyone runs off-screen to the right, led by Yoshitora)
    Yoshitora did create a one world government with the help of his friends.
    Yoshitora pulled together Eurasia, while Andrew got North and South America in
    They eventually came together and everything was great for everyone.
    Yoshitora's dream came true. He created a world in which everyone could smile.
    Even people who had bad teeth, much to the chagrin of their neighbors.
    So, Yoshitora's grave stone was marked with his last words, "Now I can die
    Backstory: Once a kind man in his mortal life, after his death, Kusaregedo
    became a perpetually hungry beast due to his fashion of cannibalism. He has a
    special appetite for small children, and...well...he has the most disturbing
    quotes you can ever see in a fighting game.
    Weapon: A protuding bone from his arm.
    Inspiration: A 'gaki', which is described as a 'hungry ghost' in Buddhism.
    - "Got to make this fast. I'm late for my NAMBLA meeting."
    - "Ghuhahaha! You look so tasty! ITADAKIMASU."
    vs. Nakoruru: "Sooo sweet and tasty, your blood is like honey!"
    vs. Cham Cham/Iroha: "You look tasty!!!"
    n+ "I will cut off your johnson!!! Yes, and eat it first!" (*)
    s+ "Feeling good! Ushshshssssssha!"
    S+ "New born children, still sticky from the womb, then the mother...."
    t+ "Raw and wriggling. That's how meat tastes best!!"
    n- "Feeling good! Ushshshssssssha!"
    s- "Pain? Do you feel it?? I will kill you!!"
    S- "Pardon my slavering. Ummm, I'm a faucet!!"
    t- "Guuuaoooo! I am hungry. ITADAKIMASU."
    - "Hmmmm, you taste like a republican. Uuuuuggh." (**)
    (AN: * O_O; What...the...?
         ** I knew it! Kusaregedo reminded me of Dick Cheney somewhat!)
    -Before 1st stage-
    Kusaregedo: "ITADAKIMASU."
    -4TH STAGE-
    Shizumaru: "Whoa!! Hey big guy, am I fighting you next?"
    Kusaregedo: "Uhiiiii. Mmmmm. Ha ha ha uyuuu. Shahhhh!!"
    Shizumaru: "Uuugh, stop licking me. NASTY!!"
    Kusaregedo: "You look tasty, very tasty. ITADAKIMASU!!"
    -after the fight-
    Kusaregedo: "Hyuuuuguuhu! Ah? Aaaaa? Guu! I will eat you!!"
    Shizumaru: "No, no, stop!! I don't want to be eaten. Ah, your breath."
    Kusaregedo: "You can run, but I still smell you!"
    Rimururu: "Yay, I'm in the final. This should be easy."
    Kusaregedo: "Gyuhi, finally I found you. I still remember you."
    Rimururu: "What!! You stinky old man!! Nooooo!!!"
    Kusaregedo: "Shahaha! I will eat you alive, fresh!!"
    -after the fight-
    Kusaregedo: "Guhihihi. Struggle more. More wriggling!!"
    Rimururu: "Noo, God, your breath. NO, not my skirt. Oohh." (*)
    Kusaregedo: "Your tender flesh makes me drool."
    -stage turns dark-
    Kusaregedo: "Waaaa, who are you?"
    (AN: * Ummm...what is Kusaregedo doing? Sheesh!)
    Kusaregedo: "You stand in my way. Let me pass. I seek tender morsels!!"
    -after the fight-
    Kusaregedo: "Say what you want. I'm hungry, but you're not very appetising!"
    (Kusaregedo and Rimururu are back at the temple. Kusaregedo is crouching near
    Rimururu, who is partially lying on the ground)
    Kusaregedo: "Mmm, I shall eat you slowly...."
    (Kusaregedo attempts to lick Rimururu with his tongue, but Rimururu slithers
    out of the way)
    Rimururu: "No no no no! Help me! Sis!!!"
    Kusaregedo: "You won't get away. I ate your sister already!"
    Rimururu: "Help me! Sis!!!"
    (Rimururu runs off-screen to the right, Kusaragedo leaps off-screen after her
    Fade to black)
    Kusaregedo: "ITADAKIMASU."
    (Next stage is the SS 2 forest, where Chample, Shikuruu, Mamahaha, Poppy, and
    one of its' pups run off-screen to the right. Kusaregedo is in close pursuit,
    rolling after them. Fade to black)
    Kusaregedo: "Flesh meat."
    (Next stage is a road to the docks. Earthquake, Gen-an, Wan Fu, Sieger, and
    Gaira are now escaping from Kusaregedo, who leaps right after them. Fade to
    Kusaregedo: "Very tasty."
    (Next stage is a grass valley. Iroha, Mina, Charlotte, Cham Cham, and Nakoruru
    are Kusaregedo's next victims, as they run off-screen to the right, with
    Kusaregedo in hot pursuit via rolling. Fade to black)
    Kusaregedo: "Pleasurable."
    (Next stage is a bridge. Yoshitora, Haohmaru, Andrew, Kazuki, and Genjuro are
    the next in Kusaregedo's meal, running away to the right, as Kusaregedo runs
    right after them. Fade to black)
    Kusaregedo: "GOCHISOUSAMA."
    Nobody knows what happened to Kusaregedo after the Gozen match. There are rumors
    that a monster survived in the forests of Japan eating people, especially
    But no one who ever saw him has lived to tell the tale.
    Parents will use this tale to their advantage. All kids have heard from their
    parents that if they are bad, Kusaregedo will come and eat them.
    Backstory: Yumeji is a skilled swords...er...person, who trained in the ways of
    the sword under his father (along with Ukyo Tachibana). After being expelled
    from his father's dojo, Yumeji was recruited by Gaoh and acted as his right-hand
    ...er..."dude". Now Yumeji is focused on finding his own way in life (by the
    way, Yumeji's gender is supposed to be left a mystery for the player, but this
    game refers to Yumeji as a 'he', so I'll just go with that....).
    Weapon: A sword (nameless).
    Inspiration: Unknown.
    - "Yumeji here I come."
    - "As one swordsman to another, thank you for fighting."
    vs. Sogetsu: "I did not expect to see you here"
    n+ "Step forward. If your wish remains, then get ready!"
    s+ "The path of a swordsman can be a sinful one!"
    S+ "The sky cries for you!"
    t+ "If your opponent knows your weakness, you will work to overcome it."
    n- "I give you a flower, the red bloom of BLOOD!"
    s- "It is not shameful to beg for your life, for tomorrow's another day."
    S- "The world is black and white, yes or no, live or die."
    t- "Don't hate your enemy, hate the part of you that fears him."
    - "Wake up, sleepy head. See the end come for you."
    -Before 1st stage-
    Yumeji: "I will give myself one more chance, or else it's suicide."
    -4TH STAGE-
    Rasetsumaru: "You have been a pain in my neck for too long, Yumeji!!"
    Yumeji: "Still alive? I thought I cut off your head!!"
    Rasetsumaru: "It'll take more than beheading to stop me!!"
    Yumeji: "Goes to show how little you use your brain. Here's death."
    -after the fight-
    Yumeji: "Well, it seems the end is nigh. AGAIN!!"
    Rasetsumaru: "Aaah, my death. I have suffered long enough. Finish me!!"
    Yumeji: "As you wish!"
    Ukyo: "Long time, no see. I've got some new moves."
    Yumeji: "S'been a while. I've got a few new tricks myself."
    Ukyo: "So let's show each other what we've got!!"
    Yumeji: "Sounds great. Haaaee yaaa!!"
    -after the fight-
    Yumeji: "That was really special. What an honor to fight you."
    Ukyo: "Mmmm, I'm still thinking about how awesome your moves were."
    Yumeji: "I really need more practice. Not quite gotten it down yet."
    -stage turns dark-
    Yumeji: "What?"
    Yumeji: "Well, I never! For this, I will tear you limb from limb!"
    vs. Gaoh: "Mr. Gaoh, look, I was in the middle of something!!"
    -after the fight-
    Yumeji: "You have some psychological issues. See a therapist!!"
    vs. Gaoh: "What a pitiful display. Don't make me laugh. Too late, HA HA."
    (Yumeji and Ukyo stand at the temple, Yumeji with his hands down, and Ukyo with
    a hand on his sheated sword)
    Ukyo: "Yumeji, are you OK? Aww, buddy, you look sad!?"
    Yumeji: "What's it all about, Ukyo? I mean, I'm the best, yeah. But, I can't
             help thinking. What if I'm on the wrong side!!"
    Ukyo: "Hey, you beat me. I'm too strong to be beaten by evil! You can be proud
           of yourself, man! You da man!"
    Yumeji: "Really, you think I'm all right? I've been alone so long. Just me and
             my sword. I was gonna pawn it, but it's all I had. I'm glad I kept it.
             It's kept me alive all these years."
    Ukyo: "Whatever's in the past is in the past. You've got a new life!"
    Yumeji: "Ukyo, I must go."
    (Yumeji tugs on his shirt)
    Ukyo: "What you gonna do? Where you gonna go?"
    Yumeji: "I don't know. I guess I'll go that way. I'm just gonna follow my feet,
             see where they lead."
    Ukyo: "OK, it's as good a direction as any. Stay cool!"
    Yumeji: "Ukyo, you too."
    (Yumeji and Ukyo bow to each other)
    Yumeji walked down the path and disappeared. Nobody ever saw him again. But he
    wrote a couple of letters to his friend Ukyo, detailing his adventures. The
    last letter was given to Yumeji's parents.
    This world is vast and beautiful. It is wonderful to walk alone and take in its'
    wonders. Just myself and my sword. The sword, a gift from my father, and my
    life, a gift from my mother.
    I am truly happy. A wanderer among the earth.
    Backstory: Known as 'The Demon', Zankuro is known to ravage entire villages and
    leave a trail of death and despair behind him. However, after his encounter with
    a young girl in one of the villages, he desisted his manslaughtering ways, and
    instead aims his sword to cut down only worthy opponents.
    Weapon: A huge-ass sword.
    Inspiration: Unknown.
    - "You have come far, but your journey ends here. You've earned the right to let
    me kill you. You must bring ALL your powers and fight me honorably."
    n+ "Death is the logical conclusion. I hunger for the end."
    s+ "My sword will pierce the sky and the heart of this world."
    S+ "If this fight were a job, you would be fired!!!"
    t+ "You call that a fight? I've seen more action in a dead monkey!!!"
    n- "My life is gone!!! Experience my sword and my spirit!!!!"
    s- "I fear nothing. I believe nothing. I leave nothing alive!!!"
    S- "Everyone will know my name is Zankuro. I make brave men cry."
    t- "Give me reason to remember this fight! So many die crying."
    - "I am honored to have fought you, a worthy adversary."
    -Before 1st stage-
    Zankuro: "I am the king of this world. Anyone have a problem??"
    -4TH STAGE-
    Hanzo: "Zankuro, your sword is possessed by an ogre!!!"
    Zankuro: "I've been away, and I never imagined I'd be fighting you!"
    Hanzo: "You just didn't think, but your murderous rampage ends now."
    Zankuro: "Not before I take care of one more thing!! AAAAARRRGH."
    -after the fight-
    Zankuro: "My ninjutsu has been proven this day!!!"
    Hanzo: "Zankuro, your ogre-possessed sword has a wish?"
    Zankuro: "Yes, it wants only one thing. Same as me!!!"
    Shizumaru: "Who? Who are you? Something inside me knows you. Who am I??"
    Zankuro: "I know your sword. This is...interesting."
    Shizumaru: "The ogre inside me awakens!!!"
    Zankuro: "I wish to fight as strangers. Our ogres are well-acquainted!"
    -after the fight-
    Zankuro: "My ogre laughs at your snivelling spirits."
    Shizumaru: "I wanna get rid of this curse, the ogre that moves through me."
    Zankuro: "Your ogres can only be defeated by you. I can't help!!"
    -stage turns dark-
    Zankuro: "Who are you? Show me your face."
    Zankuro: "My sword would make a fine souvenir. Try and take it!!"
    -after the fight-
    Zankuro: "Are you to be my opponent? This game is won!!!"
    (Zankuro and Shizumaru stand at the temple. Shizumaru is down on one knee, with
    his head lowered. Zankuro stands with his sword down, and a clenched fist)
    Zankuro: "Is there no one to challenge me in a world so large???"
    (Zankuro sticks his sword into the ground and crosses his arms. Haohmaru leaps
    in from the right, sheathes his sword, and sticks in on the ground, resting his
    hands on the sheated sword)
    Haohmaru: "Zankuro, watch your mouth. There are kids present."
    (Screen flashes back for a second, and a young girl wearing a kimono appears
    before Haohmaru)
    Shiori: "Mr.... You're an ogre?? So, it's true. My father is an ogre!!"
    Zankuro: "Shiori. This can not be. Why are you here?"
    Haohmaru: "In her village, everyone called her the daughter of an ogre. She
               bravely said even if you are an ogre, you are still her father."
    Shiori: "Dad, let's go home together. I don't want to be alone anymore."
    Zankuro: "I am an ogre. I can't go back to being human."
    (Zankuro grabs his sword again, poised for battle. Haohmaru also unsheathes
    his sword, ready for combat. Suddenly, Shizumaru runs in front of Shiori and
    Haohmaru to face off against Zankuro)
    Haohmaru: "Kid! Be careful!! Stand back!!"
    Shizumaru: "Ogres have a weakness, too. They fear love. You can kill everyone,
                your family and friends. In the end, the devil himself will leave
                you. You can change!!!"
    Zankuro: "What do you know!! It's too late for me."
    Shizumaru: "A chance for redemption? I wish I had such an offer."
    (Zankuro and Shizumaru exchange heavy slashes, as the screen flashes white. The
    next scene is that of Zankuro lying face first on the ground. Shizumaru stands
    behind Shiori, his hands down, and his umbrella stuck in the ground. Haohmaru
    watches from behind, resting his hands on his sheated sword)
    Zankuro: "I love you, Shiori. I've waited for this moment. Can you forgive me?"
    Haohmaru: "Life is death's own vessel. Life is journey to death."
    Shizumaru: "Even you can not refuse such love. You have a higher calling."
    Shiori: "Dad, are you finished here? C'mon daddy, let's go home."
    Zankuro: "I am sorry, Shiori. Please forgive your father."
    Shiori: "Daddy?"
    Shizumaru: "You must live for your daughter!!"
    Zankuro was saved. So much pain he caused, so many deaths at his hands. But the
    love of his daughter and her affection for him in spite of these things allowed
    him to take back his soul.
    So, Zankuro's soul was returned to him, and he pledged it to his daughter.
    The road back to goodness was very difficult, and his victims haunted him. It
    begs the question, is there justice in this world? That this man, who caused
    such suffering, should deserve to live?
    - "I am the lord of all demons, and I only fight the strongest. My sword will
    rule both the mortal world and the demon world!!! Reveal to me your SAMURAI
    Hey, it's time for a VICTOLY! This section is always brief, so I'll just cut to
    the chase....
    1.- SNK/Playmore/Yuki Enterprises
    Well, they've been tripping lately, but they really did a number on this monster
    of a game, putting together EVERY SS character you can ever imagine. Just for
    that sole fact, this game is a blast to play.
    2.- SNK Wiki
    For providing tidbits of information that I did not know (mostly, the weapons).
    It's a nice read if you ever wanna go there.
    3.- You
    For wasting your precious time on reading this piece of text trash. FOOL YOU!
    Thank you so much for being a part of this FAQ!
    See ya around!

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