How do you acquire lover's boost?

  1. What is a lovers boost and how do you acquire lover's boost?

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  1. When a character has worn a piece of equipment for 35 or more completed battles without removing it, a Lover for that class or character has a chance to spawn on the item, but it may take more than 100 battles before one does. If a Lover has not spawned on the item, unequipping it will result in the battle count resetting to 0, so make sure that if you're trying to farm Lovers that you actually leave the equipment on your character the entire time. Also, skipping floors in Item World does not contribute to the battle count, but clearing them does. You must remember that the characer has to be present at the end of the battle for it to count.

    When a Lover spawns, it will be an unsubdued specialist. Subduing it in Item World will double it's value, making it give twice the boost. The level of the Lover is dependent upon the Rarity of the item that it spawned on. For normal items (Rarity 32-255), the Lover will always be level 1; for rare items (Rarity 8-31), the Lover will always be level 2; and for legendary items (Rarity 0-7), the Lover will always be level 3.

    The name of the Lover will always be based on the class of the character whose equipment it spawned on. For example, a Lover that spawns on a Male Fighter's legendary Excalibur would be level 3 and titled "Male Fighter Lover". If a Lover spawned on a unique character, it's name would be based off not their class, but their name. For example, a Lover that spawns on Adell's equipment would be named "Adell Lover", not "Demon Hunter Lover" or one of his other possible titles.

    Lovers give two distinct bonuses, one that modifies the Inherent Special Abilities of a character, and another that boosts the stats of the character by 1% per level of the Lover. Exceptions are Rifle Demons, Undead, and Marionettes, who get a 1.25% boost to their stats per level of the Lover, while they don't get any boost to their Special Abilities. Majins only get the normal stat boost, and no boost to their Special Abilities. Lovers only give a bonus to the class or character for whom they were created. This means that a "Male Fighter Lover" would give a boost to any character of the Male Fighter class, but not to any other. An Adell Lover would give boosts only to Adell.

    One thing important to know about Lovers is that when you encounter the Lover of a unique character in Item World, it will essentially be a clone of the unique character for whom it was spawned, meaning that it will have the exact same current level, stats, and equipment of the character from whom it spawned. This means that if you spawn a Lover at level 100, but you encountered it when you were level 200, it would also be level 200.

    Once an item has spawned a Lover, it can never spawn one again, no matter who it's for. Also, Lovers can never spawn on any items lower than Rank 5, probably to prevent you from becoming too overpowered early on.

    To speed up Lover farming, the best thing to do is to equip your characters with all legendary equipment (three accessories and one weapon). And for generic classes, you can have multiple characters of the same class ALL equipping legendary equipment. It's recommended that you farm Lovers while either powerleveling in something like the Land of Carnage version of Cave or Ordeals 4, or by doing Stage 1-2, Reflection Pond where you only have to toss a Prinny and the map is cleared. Note: There are other methods.

    It is important to know that if you spawn a Lover on an item that has been completely finished (you cleared the last Floor), you will be unable to enter it again, so you can't subdue the Lover, which means that it's stuck there forever.

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  1. Lovers have a small chance of randomly appearing on weapons/armor after every battle (starting from the 30th or so?) that that character is in provided they haven't changed their equipment. Once equipment is changed, the counter starts over. The chance isn't that large, so it may take a while.

    The item must have an open specialist slot, as well. You get a level 1 lover from a normal item, 2 for rare and 3 for legendary. Max level is 25.

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