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    Game Script by NoshRagal

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 05/13/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                          DISGAEA 2
                                       CURSED MEMORIES
                                 A TRANSCRIPT BY: NOSH RAGAL
                                    "TO MY LOYAL PEONS:
                                    "WELL, GET TO WORK!"
                                  A VERSIONAL HISTORICS
    Version 1.0 (ALPHA) 04/29/08
    First started on the transcript, run on a brand new save file. Made it all the
    way from the opening narration to the end of Episode 1.
    Version 1.1 (Alpha) 05/01/08
    Resumed work. Transcribed everything from Episode 2 to beginning of Episode 3.
    Version 1.2 (Alpha) 05/03/08
    Resumed work. Added a Table of Contents, reorganized all the sections so they
    look more FAQ-y. Transcribed everything from the beginning of Episode 3 till
    the beginning of Episode 4.
    Version 1.3 (Alpha) 05/04/08
    Feels like I slacked off today, but apparently not. Finished Episodes 4, 5, and
    Version 1.4 (Alpha) 05/06/08
    Amid storms, finished Episodes 7 and 8, and started Episode 9.
    Version 1.5 (Alpha) 05/07/08
    Finished Episode 9 and completed Episode 10.
    Version 1.6 (Alpha) 05/08/08
    Woke up today to realize more than half of the transcript was improperly 
    margined. So, after a few hours of crying and recriminations against both God 
    and myself, the transcript is now properly formatted to fit Gamefaqs.com 
    Following that, spent the rest of the day finishing out the story chapters. The
    main storyline is now finished, and (more or less) completely transcribed! The
    transcript file evolves to Version 2.
    Version 2.0 (BETA) 05/09/08
    Started a 2nd Cycle. Added sections for both the Dark World and Land of Carnage.
    Also modified the Table of Contents to reflect the new additions.
    Version 2.1 (Beta) 05/10/08
    Started work on the endings and extras. After going through an additional 4
    cycles (for various reasons), I am now trudging through the Dark World. Joy.
    Got a good chunk of the Dark Assembly related side events covered, plus most of
    the alternate endings. Also fixed a few playthrough variable lines.
    Version 2.2 (Beta) 05/11/08
    They said it couldn't be done. They said it was stupid to try. They told me it
    was impossible. They also said, "Hey, you! Go get me a sandwich!" BUT, only I
    had the testicular fortitude to attempt it! Yes, I have transcribed the hidden
    anime sequence... and I yet live! Er, along with some other side stuff.
    Transcript is almost done. It also finally broke the 200 page mark, give or
    take. Progressive!
    Version 2.3 (Beta) 05/12/08
    Is this right? Could it be?! Am I actually DONE?! I think so! The final three
    endings transcribed, as well as some stuff in the Land of Carnage I missed. I
    think... I think I might be finished with the big stuff! Just gotta wrap up
    some final Dark Assembly randomness and I should be good to go!
    Version 2.4 (Beta) 05/12/08
    Changed the spacing of some of the story text to make it easier to read. Added
    the beginnings of a FAQ section, the Copyright section, and the superfluous
    Special Thanks.
    Version 2.5 (Beta) 05/13/08
    Aaaand done! Added the opening note, added some new stuff to the FAQ, added the
    Copyright stuff and some special thanks. 
    Versopm 3.0 (GAMMA) 05/13/08
    After some error checking, the guide is finally ready for posting!
                                 A NOTORIETY OF ASTHETICS
     This is supposed to be the part where I write a little introductary note about
    me and why I decided to do this. So, I'll be brief. I really like Disgaea 2, 
    and after leafing through UltimaterializerX's very thorough and well composed
    transcript of the original game, and noticing that Disgaea 2 didn't yet have a
    script up on GameFAQs, thought to myself, "Hey! This looks easy! I could do
     I've been wrong to a greater degree before, but not often.
     So, 50 hours and about 6 playthroughs later, here is everything I could slap
    together, as best as I could do it, from the Disgaea 2 game disk.
     Now a few notes about the actual transcript itself. Firstly, and this is
    really very obvious but I feel the need to say it right now, up front, before
    any confusion arises: this transcript is LOADED with spoilers. Obviously. It's
    the entire plot of the game, plus all the side areas I could find. So, if you
    haven't finished playing through the game yet and don't want anything spoiled,
    don't go any further. Everything is revealed - some plot points are even
    slightly spoiled by the Table of Contents, which is why this note is going
    first. I know this is REALLY redundant, but I also know there are some people
    (I'm one of them) who check out a game's script FIRST before renting/buying,
    just to see what it's about, and I didn't want to get any nasty e-mails raging
    about things like "ZOMG SHE'S *WHO*?!"
     Second, as pertains to the above, a healthy knowledge of the game is also
    helpful. I skate by with only the barest descriptions of people and locations.
    Having played through it yourself, you'll know what Adell looks like, what the
    scenery looks like, and so forth. 
     Third, everything that I could find that was relevent has been transcribed.
    This does NOT include things like tutorials that are outside of battles or side
    events. For example, once the initial tutorial battles are over at the
    beginning of the game, I didn't bother asking Adell's dad for additional
    information about weapons and classes. My focus was on the story points and
    hidden battles, and that was all. If you're really interested in those things,
    check 'em out for yourself in the actual game. They're fascinating, but not
    really conductive to storytelling.
     Fourth, like UltimaterializerX mentions in his transcript, this thing reads
    like a play. A location is given, there are stage directions, and the
    character's name is listed before his or her dialogue. When the characters are
    on a battle map, either at the beginning/ending of a chapter, or before and
    after a battle, the transcript is much more in depth with postures, gestures,
    expressions, and the like. When the characters are just presented as non-moving
    drawings, the transcript is much less detailed, so usually I just listed who
    said what, and when they entered/left. Also, dialogue with actual voice acting
    is DOUBLE-SPACED. So, those interactions will look like this:
    [Adell enters.]
    Adell: Hi! I'm going to defeat Zenon!
    Rozalin: No you won't!
    [Adell leaves.]
     Dialogue with NO voice acting, like in tutorials or when talking to NPCs, are
    SINGLE-SPACED, so they will look like this:
    [Talking to the rabid wolverine gives this result:]
    Rabid: Hrafle!
    Adell: Hi! I'm going to defeat Zenon!
    Rabid: Rarf!
     Lastly, like with all guides and transcripts, there are going to be errors and
    other things I've missed. I've tried to check out each of the battles where I
    thought multiple endings or exchanges may occur, but I can't be everywhere. If
    you know of anything I have missed, or if you see a glaring typo or the like, 
    feel free to e-mail me with it and I'll correct it. HOWEVER, there are some
    typos that are, believe it or not, on purpose. The actual in game script has
    these errors in it, and I didn't think it would be right of me to go correcting
    something that I had nothing to do with. As such, those errors have been left
    in the script as they actually appeared in the game. I know that's kind of...
    odd... but I wanted to remain faithful to the game as it is, not how I thought
    it should be. For a full list of all these errors (that I managed to catch),
    please CTRL+F for [CMFAQ], which will take you to the FAQ section at the very
    bottom of this file.
     I think that's it. Sorry it took so long. The script is right this way.
                                 A TABLEAU OF CONTINENTS
                                   The Main Storyline
       I. The Game's Prologue (aka The Opening Narration)          [CMP01]
          II. The Opening Scene (aka Adell's Mom Summons "Zenon")  [CMP02]
       1. Episode One - The Overlord's Daughter                    [CM100]
          1-1. Holt Village (aka Adell Gets Some Friends)          [CM110]
          1-2. The Tutorials (and everything in-between)           [CM120]
            1-2-1. Town Fields - Tutorial 1                        [CM121]
            1-2-2. Town Fields - Tutorial 2                        [CM122]
            1-2-3. Town Fields - Tutorial 3                        [CM123]
            1-2-4. Town Fields - Tutorial 4 (and the Dark Assembly)[CM124]
          1-3. Town Fields (and everything in-between)             [CM130]
            1-3-1. Reflection Pond (and a bit about the Item World)[CM131]
            1-3-2. Psycho's Hideout                                [CM132]
            1-3-3. Dead Tree Field                                 [CM133]
          1-4. Episode One Epilogue (Where Axel Is Not Mourned)    [CM140]
       2. Episode Two - Rozalin the Liar                           [CM200]
          2-1. Holt Village (aka Adell Bothers Some Demons)        [CM210]
          2-2. Zenon's Palace (and everything in-between)          [CM220]
            2-2-1. Banquet Room                                    [CM221]
            2-2-2. Sanction Room                                   [CM222]
            2-2-3. Room of Despair                                 [CM223]
            2-2-4. Sealed Room                                     [CM224]
          2-3. Episode Two Epilogue (Where Zenon Is Speculated)    [CM230]
       3. Episode Three - Rise of the Beauty Queen                 [CM300]
          3-1. Holt Village (aka Ding-A-Lings and Furries)         [CM310]
          3-2. Murderer's Vault (and Etnathing in-between)         [CM320]
            3-2-1. Poisonous Swamp                                 [CM321]
            3-2-2. Dangerous Refuge                                [CM322]
            3-2-3. Corpse Garden (and a bit about Felonies)        [CM323]
            3-2-4. Tragedyland                                     [CM324]
          3-3. Episode Three Epilogue (TOO MUCH AWESOME)           [CM330]
       4. Episode Four - Axel's Scheme                             [CM400]
          4-1. Holt Village (aka The Zombie is Gross)              [CM410]
          4-2. Dallos River (and Axel appearances)                 [CM420]
            4-2-1. Bloody Valley                                   [CM421]
            4-2-2. Life Exchange                                   [CM422]
            4-2-3. Red Waterfall                                   [CM423]
            4-2-4. Dragon's Mouth                                  [CM424]
          4-3. Episode Four Epilogue (LANDSHARK!!)                 [CM430]
       5. Episode Five - The Promise                               [CM500]
          5-1. Holt Village (aka Hanako Begins Her Life of Crime)  [CM510]
          5-2. Cavern of Evil (and Taro May or May Not Be Dead)    [CM520]
            5-2-1. Glutton's Hideout                               [CM521]
            5-2-2. Eternal Oblivion                                [CM522]
            5-2-3. Shriek of Death                                 [CM523]
            5-2-4. Dark Ruins                                      [CM524]
          5-3. Episode Five Epilogue (So, NOT Mortal Kombat?)      [CM530]
       6. Episode Six - Coliseum                                   [CM600]
          6-1. Holt Village (aka Something Seems Amiss...)         [CM610]
          6-2. Battle Arena (and everything in-between, zam)       [CM620]
            6-2-1. First Battle                                    [CM621]
            6-2-B. Between Battles                                 [CM62B]
            6-2-2. Second Battle                                   [CM622]
            6-2-3. Third Battle                                    [CM623]
            6-2-4. Fourth Battle                                   [CM624]
          6-3. Episode Six Epilogue(Where Tink Gets His Ass Kicked)[CM630]
       7. Episode Seven - Battle Tournament                        [CM700]
          7-1. Battle Arena (Battle Preparation Time)              [CM710]
          7-2. Battle Arena (and everything in-between, zam)       [CM720]
            7-2-1. Fifth Battle                                    [CM721]
            7-2-2. Semi-Final                                      [CM722]
            7-2-3. Final Battle                                    [CM723]
          7-3. Episode Seven Epilogue (What, No Fourth Battle?)    [CM730]
       8. Episode Eight - Zenon Appears!                           [CM800]
          8-1. Sunken Alter                                        [CM810]
          8-2. Colosseum Depths (and a lack of everything)         [CM820]
            8-2-1. Loser's Gallows                                 [CM821]
            8-2-2. Confession Room                                 [CM822]
            8-2-3. Survivor's End                                  [CM823]
            8-2-4. Putrid Courtroom                                [CM824]
          8-3. Episode Eight Epilogue (ALL HAIL ETNA!!)            [CM830]
       9. Episode Nine - Summoned Overlord                         [CM900]
          9-1. Holt Village (aka FINALLY Back Home!)               [CM910]
          9-2. Alche City (and everything in-between)              [CM920]
            9-2-1. Dead Metropolis                                 [CM921]
            9-2-2. Grave of Alchemy                                [CM922]
            9-2-3. Altered Town                                    [CM923]
            9-2-4. Snarling Capital                                [CM924]
          9-3. Episode Nine Epilogue (Where Adell Makes A Booboo)  [CM930]
      10. Episode Ten - The Two Ninjas                             [CM1000]
         10-1. Holt Village (aka ETNA ETNA ETNA ETNA!!)            [CM1010]
         10-2. Carcassed Lands (aka The Prinnies Revolt)           [CM1020]
           10-2-1. Rotten Fields                                   [CM1021]
           10-2-2. Luring Nightmare                                [CM1022]
           10-2-3. Rebelling Spirit                                [CM1023]
           10-2-4. Dead Breath                                     [CM1024] 
         10-3. Episode Ten Epilogue(Where Pleinair Looks Depressed)[CM1030]
      11. Episode Eleven - Awakening                               [CM1100]
         11-1. Holt Village (aka Fubuki Needs His Medicine)        [CM1110]
         11-2. Shinra Tower (and The Overlord's Vengeance)         [CM1120]
           11-2-1. Geo Challenger                                  [CM1121]
           11-2-2. Witty Contest                                   [CM1122]
           11-2-3. Death to Cowards                                [CM1123]
           11-2-4. Defiler Ambition                                [CM1124]
           11-2-5. Evil Temptation                                 [CM1125]
           11-2-6. Warped Knowledge                                [CM1126]
           11-2-7. Holy Tower                                      [CM1127]
         11-3. Episode Eleven Epilogue (Where Axel Grows Up)       [CM1130]
      12. Episode Twelve - Castle Raid                             [CM1200]
         12-1. Holt Village (aka Ignoring The Problem)             [CM1210]
         12-2. To Zenon's Castle (aka Closing In On...)            [CM1220]
           12-2-1. Overlord's Sign                                 [CM1221]
           12-2-2. Crystalline Maze                                [CM1222]
           12-2-3. Mysterious Trap                                 [CM1223]
           12-2-4. Dancing Fools                                   [CM1224]
           12-2-5. Agito the Reaper                                [CM1225]
           12-2-6. Castle Gates                                    [CM1226]
         12-3. Episode Twelve Epilogue (Where Pleinair Takes Over) [CM1230]
      13. Final Episode - The Truth                                [CM1300]
           13-0-1. The Lords' Party                                [CM1301]
           13-0-2. Time of Trial                                   [CM1302]
           13-0-3. Killers' Hall                                   [CM1303]
           13-0-4. Final Decision                                  [CM1304]
           13-0-5. Viewing Room                                    [CM1305]
         13-1. Final Episode Epilogue (The End of the Whole Mess)  [CM1310]
                                   All The Other Stuff
      1. Axel the Dark Hero Ending                                 [CMADH]
      2. Beauty Queen Etna Ending                                  [CMBQE]
      3. Overlord Laharl Ending                                    [CMLA1]
      4. The Bad Ending                                            [CMTBE]
      5. The Worst Ending                                          [CMTWE]
      6. The Tink Ending                                           [CMTTE]
      7. The Mid-Boss Ending                                       [CMMID]
      8. Pick a fight with an Overlord! (Laharl 2nd Ending)        [CMLA2]
                                       Side Events
      1. I want to fight an Overlord!                              [CMFLO]
      2. Summon Laharl!!                                           [CMLA3]
      3. Fight a hero of another game!                             [CMHFG]
      4. Unleash the Fallen Maiden!                                [CMUFM]
      5. Break the mysterious Seal!                                [CMTMS]
      6. Meet the strongest Overlord!                              [CMTSO]
      7. Meet Baal the Tyrant!                                     [CMBTT]
      8. Return of the Prism Rangers                               [CMRPR]
      9. Rescue the Defender!!                                     [CMKD1]
      10. Rescue Defender again!!                                  [CMKD2]
      11. The Dark World                                           [CMTDW]
      12. Pirate Maps and the Land of Carnage                      [CMLOC]
      13. Make Adell donate                                        [CMDON]
      14. Be the main character (Etna)                             [CMEPA]
      15. Be the main character (Flonne)                           [CMFPA]
      16. Be the main character (Laharl)                           [CMLPA]
      1. Frequently Asked Questions                                [CMFAQ]
      2. Copyright & Terms of Use                                  [CMCTU]
      3. I Would Like To Thank...                                  [CMLTT]
    [---------- The Game's Prologue (aka The Opening Narration) [CMP01] ----------]
    The Netherworld...
    A lawless world filled with vicious monsters.
    The number of Netherworlds has expanded with the rise of demons powerful enough
    to rule such worlds... the Overlords.
    Now, another world is about to fall prey to such darkness.
    [-------- The Opening Scene (aka Adell's Mom Summons "Zenon") [CMP02] --------]
    CAPTION: Holt Village
    [Scene opens on ADELL and ADELL'S MOM standing beside a huge CAULDRON in the
    village square.]
    [Adell crosses his arms.]
    Adell: ...Are you really gonna go through with this? You don't have to do this,
    you know. I can go and find Zenon myself.
    Mom: Oh yes we do. We've already searched for him and we haven't even found a
    clue. Besides, we've already finished all the preparations to summon him. Fried
    Dragon, Fairy Oil, the Shura Sword, Clown Shoes, and a Wyrm Bone... It's all
    here. Now we just need to sacrifice a bit of life energy to summon Zenon... I
    hope. You just concentrate on defeating Overlord Zenon when he's summoned. OK?
    [ADELL'S DAD, TARO, and HANAKO pop their heads out of the cauldron.]
    Dad: Aghh! Haha. Honey, this summon is gonna take more than just a little life.
    We're gonna die.
    Taro: Yeah. Why do you have to use our life anyways?
    Mom: Yeah yeah, that's enough complaining. We need to sacrifice some life in
    order to summon Overlord Zenon. Besides, you're all demons. It's a year or two
    off your life. You'd probably spoil them anyway. What? Don't you want to be
    human again? Do you want all my hard work over the last 15 years to go to
    Hanako: But me and Tardo were born demons. We don't care about being human.
    Mom: Oh, hohoho! Shut up, brat. Mommy still wants to be human again! So be a
    good little sacrifice now!!
    [Adell's mom walks over and WHACKS each of the family members back into the
    cauldron. Adell sweatdrops.]
    Adell: You call this good mothering...? If you really need life energy you can
    use mine, you know.
    Mom: Don't be absurd. You're the only human left in this world. Everyone else
    turned into monsters. We can't waste any of your precious life.
    Adell: I don't like this at all. Using sacrifices is just plain wrong. 
    [Adell strikes a heroic pose.]
    Adell: Only fair fights are worth fighting. That's just my style.
    Mom: OK OK, you've voiced your opinion. Now get ready for the summoning ritual.
    [Adell sweatdrops again.]
    Adell: Did you even hear me!? ...Devil woman!
    Mom: Oh, hohoho! But I am a devil! Thanks to Zenon's curse, I have no
    [Adell's mom begins the summoning ritual. She begins whistling on a flute while
    mystical tendrils swirl around her. As she starts to speak, an aura surrounds
    the cauldron.]
    Mom: By the of spirits of darkness and light... In the name of Adell, I hereby
    summon "Overlord Zenon" to his side!
    [Lightning bolts spew out of the cauldron, before it sucks in a huge amount of
    dark energy. Adell's Dad, Taro, and Hanako are SHOT out and lie motionless on
    the ground. There's no sign of Overlord Zenon.]
    Adell: ...
    Mom: ... Oh, what went wrong?
    [The ground begins to shake, and a bright glow rises out of the cauldron. A
    four-leaf clover emblem appears in the air, surrounded by lightning bolts. When
    it disappears, ROZALIN appears and gently floats to the ground. She looks
    around, confused.]
    Rozalin: ...Hmmm? What happened? Where am I? 
    Adell: It's...a girl!!?
    Mom: Well, she sure is cute for an Overlord. 
    Adell: ...You've gotta be kidding! She's Overlord Zenon!?
    Rozalin: Overlord Zenon? Do you know my father?
    Adell: Father!? Wait! You! You're Zenon's...!?
    [Rozalin strikes a haughty pose. Get used to these.]
    Rozalin: That, I am! For I am Rozalin, the one and only daughter of Overlord
    [Adell looks shocked.]
    Adell: Ah, you can't be serious. 
    [--------------- Episode One - The Overlord's Daughter [CM100] ---------------]
    [Background: Holt Village]
    Dad: So, Overlord Zenon has a daughter. You'd think we would've heard about 
    something like that...
    Hanako: I can't wait to tell Bridget about this!
    Taro: But, how do we know if she really is Overlord Zenon's daughter?
    Adell: Hey, you've got a point. Hey toots, are you really the Overlord's
    Rozalin: How dare you address me as "toots." Do you not know the proper way
    to speak to a princess? And to question my lineage, even after witnessing my
    noble visage... You people are truly deprived... 
    Adell: Yeah yeah, just answer the question. 
    Rozalin: ...Very well. My heart is as broad as the night sky. Now, behold my
    undeniable proof.
    [The four-leaf clover emblem appears over Rozalin.]
    Rozalin: Surely you must recognize this emblem of the four-leaf clover!
    Dad: Oh!? That four-leaf clover is...!!
    Mom: The symbol of Overlord Zenon...!?
    Rozalin: Indeed. You are not as ignorant as your garb and demeanor suggest.
    This emblem is the ultimate proof of my heritage. It is the bond between our
    souls, as father and daughter.
    Dad: The four-leaf clover is the mark of Zenon. The three-leaf clover is the
    mark of Zenon's curse that we all bear. Unlike ours, it is said that only those
    close to Zenon himself bear the mark of the four-leaf clover. It looks like she
    really is his daughter. 
    Mom: ...See, Adell? This is great. We can use her as a hostage. Oh, hohohohoho!
    Adell: Are you nuts!? This isn't good at all!
    Rozalin: Me? A hostage? Don't be absurd. I simply am not hostage material. 
    Mom: Ahahah, but we performed the ritual. "In the name of Adell, I summon
    Zenon." Hmm? Those are the terms. Until Adell meets Overlord Zenon, "your
    highness" is bound by the ritual to stay at Adell's side. You can't disregard
    these conditions, can you?
    Rozalin: (Hmph...! Stupid summoning rituals...!)
    NOTICE: [Rozalin] is bound to you by the ritual!
    Rozalin: Not even I can disregard the terms of a summoning ritual. However
    unpleasant, there is nothing I can do. 
    Adell: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Wait! You're kidding, right...? You don't really
    expect me to go out looking for Zenon with her, do you?
    Mom: What's the problem? Be a man. You can't give up now. What about all that
    fair fight nonsense?
    [Fade to black.]
    [------------- Holt Village (aka Adell Gets Some Friends) [CM110] ------------]
    [Back in Holt Village, Adell and his Dad stand in front of the MAIN HOUSE.]
    Dad: You should talk to people and monsters to get some information before you
    [Pan over to an ARCHER with a GREEN ARROW above her head.]
    Mom: Talk to the [Dimension Guide] whenever you want to leave town. I don't
    know how she does it, but she can take you anywhere you want to go. 
    [Pan back to Adell and his Dad by the front of the main house. Three new people
    stand behind Dad.]
    Dad: There are a lot of dangerous monsters out there. I didn't want you two to
    get lonely, so I hired some people to go with you.
    [A FIGHTER steps forward.]
    Dad: [Fighters] are skilled at close combat. They have well balanced offense
    and defense. They will be your main attackers early on. 
    [The Fighter steps back. A RED SKULL steps forward.]
    Dad: [Red Skulls] are boy magicians. Red means that they use fire type magic.
    Long ranged magic attacks work really well.
    [The Red Skull steps back. A HEALER steps forward.]
    Dad: [Healers] are important for rejuvination. They aren't skilled in close
    combat, so use a bow and do long range attacks.
    [The Healer steps back.]
    NOTICE: [Fighter], [Red Skull], and [Healer] have joined your group.
    Dad: Oh... uh... Always save before going on an adventure. Press the TRIANGLE
    Button and select [Save] to log of your progress.
    Adell: Yeah, yeah, I know. I'll be fine. You worry too much, Dad.
    [Control now reverts to the player, who can communicate with various units in
    Holt Village.]
    [Choosing to Chat with Adell's Dad yields the following:]
    Dad: The clover is Overlord Zenon's symbol. This symbol is carved into various
    places that have been influenced by him. Not just buildings, but even our
    bodies that were changed to demons by Zenon's curse...
    Rozalin: Oh. Where is the symbol on your body?
    Dad: Uhm, I can't say in front of a lady... 
    [Talking to Adell's Mom yields the following:]
    Mom: 15 years of searching and we still can't find him. Where is Overlord
    Rozalin: Hmph. Father will not readily show himself in front of altered humans
    like you.
    Adell: Ha, I wonder. Maybe he's just scared?
    [Talking to Hanako yields the following:]
    Hanako: I want to go with you, too! Take me!
    Adell: Yeah yeah, one day. When you're bigger and stronger I'll take you, too.
    Hanako: Boo. You always say that... I'm already strong and all grown up.
    [Talking to Taro yields the following:]
    Taro: Why is only Adell still human? Is it because he's the main character?
    Rozalin: ...Is that why?
    Adell: ...I don't think so.
    [Talking to the GHOST yields the following:]
    Piggolo: I've been living it up ever since Zenon's curse stole my conscience.
    I'm not completely satisfied with this look, but it's not bad living this
    Adell: ......
    Rozalin: Hmmm. There are those who welcome my father's doing. See?
    Adell: He's not free with his own will. That isn't true freedom!
    [Talking to the ALRAUNE yields the following:]
    Bridget: Adell... Why aren't you looking at me?
    Adell: W, well I mean, you look...
    Bridget: It's okay. I'm a guy. 
    [Talking to the FELYNN yields the following:]
    Solei: Adell, why don't you become a demon? Let's all be demons together.
    Adell: No way! I'm not going to be a demon!
    Rozalin: Now, don't say that. Live a little. You might like it.
    [Talking to the PETITE ORC yields the following:]
    Moocho: Hey hey, listen. I looked up a girl's skirt the other day. Isn't that
    the best kind of evil? I'm gonna be a great Dark Hero someday. 
    Rozalin: Great. Just stay away from me. 
    [Talking to the WOOD GOLEM yields the following:]
    Caine: The gifts you can get at the hospital also change status as you use it,
    like the shops. Unlike the shop, the hospital gifts can also be rare, so you
    should check them out. 
    Rozalin: You're too kind for a demon. If you're a demon, you should act like
    [Talking to the MOTHMAN yields the following:]
    James: To see Adell with a girl, how rare. 
    Adell: Sh, shut up! It's not like I want to be with her!
    [Talking to the MARIONETTE yields the following:]
    Mario Boy: Once you're a demon, it's not that bad. Ditching work won't even get
    you in trouble.
    Adell: You used to be a hard worker... This is all Zenon's curse's fault...
    [Talking to the ZOMBIE yields the following:]
    Zommie III: The Demons' Society is a contract society. Everything from using
    magic to summoning members is all based on a contract.
    Rozalin: Thanks to them, my freedom was stolen. Contracts are such a nuissance.
    [Talking to the WEIRD PRINNY yields the following:]
    Amos: Where is Overlord Zenon, dood? If your out there, come on out, dood.
    OFFICER at this point in the game will yield a generic message about their
    respective shops/areas not being open yet.]
    [Talking to the DARK HOSPITAL for the first time yields the following:]
    Tileyfa: [Tutorial: Netherworld Hospital] Hmhmhmhm... Welcome to the
    Netherworld Hospital. We at this hospital recover all damage you have been dealt
    with. At that time, depending on how much HP and SP you needed recovered, you
    will need to pay us a little fee. Depending on how much HP and SP you have
    restored total, you will be able to receive gifts, so have fun getting hurt <3
    [Talking to the DIMENSION GUIDE for the first time takes you to the exterior of
    Holt Village for a scene.]
    Rozalin: Hmmm. So, this is what the outside world is like.
    Adell: The outside world...? What the hell are you talking about? Where are you
    Rozalin: My mansion, of course. It is located somewhere in the land of Veldime.
    Adell: What? You don't know where it is?
    Rozalin: Well, that summon of yours is quite jarring. And, truth be told, I
    have never been outside the mansion before.
    Adell: What!? Are you serious? What kind of life can you live without ever
    going outside?
    Rozalin: Hmm, I shall grant your request and tell you all about the superior
    lifestyle of a noble. The standard recital takes two whole days...
    Adell: ...Forget that. Look, all I want is for you to cooperate, OK?
    Rozalin: Cooperate? Let me make this perfectly clear: I will not abide being
    taken hostage.
    Adell: Look, that's fine. I wasn't going to do that anyway.
    Rozalin: Then, what are you going to do?
    Adell: I'm going to take you back to Zenon... Back to your father.
    Rozalin: What? Why would you do such a thing? Are we not enemies, you and I? Do
    you expect me to believe you?
    Adell: Look, princess, I only have one goal in mind: To defeat Overlord Zenon.
    After that, I won't need you anymore. But, I do need you to guide me there.
    Rozalin: What did you just say? ...You are going to defeat my father?
    Adell: Yeah. ...Why? What's wrong with that?
    Rozalin: Hah, hahahahaha! Are you insane? You are but a mere human simpleton
    who does not know his place! My father has slaughtered 1000 Overlords! He is
    known as the God of All Overlords! How are you going to defeat him?
    Adell: Go ahead and laugh. But, I will be the one to defeat Zenon!
    Rozalin: Well, you sure are confident. ...Ah, I see. You are planning to use me
    as a hostage to threaten my father.
    Adell: Ha, I already told you, I'm not gonna take you hostage. Especially since
    you're a girl.
    Rozalin: Then what was the point of summoning me if you will not take me
    hostage? I have better ways to waste my time.
    Adell: We were trying to summon Zenon, but ah... No, there's no excuse for it.
    I apologize for summoning you. ...I'm sorry.
    Rozalin: ......
    Adell: What? Hey, hey! Don't come any closer. I don't really like girls.
    Rozalin: To admit one's own mistakes... You are truly honest, especially for an
    Adell: OK, look! I will keep my promise. I will return you to your father. I
    pledge my honor on it.
    Rozalin: I still do not trust you. If you are truly honorable, why not simply
    release me?
    Adell: If it was that simple I would have done so already. But, breaking the
    terms of a summon requires the sacrifice of a life... my life.
    Rozalin: Your life... Very well. You do appear truthful. I shall escort you to
    my father's mansion.
    [Fade to black. Afterwards, the BATTLE SELECT screen appears for the first 
    [------------- The Tutorials (and everything in-between) [CM120] -------------]
    [-------------- AREA: TOWN FIELDS -- BATTLE: TUTORIAL 1 [CM121] --------------]
    [Adell and Rozalin walking down a brick road. They stop suddenly, exclaimation
    points appearing over their heads. Pan up to reveal a trio of Prinnies.]
    Adell: Even this place is getting overrun with monsters... 
    [The Prinnies notice them, and approach. One of them pulls a pair of MACHETES
    from its pouch.]
    Adell: Is Zenon's curse getting stronger? I better hurry before everyone loses
    their memories and turns into real monsters...
    [Rozalin turns her back to the Prinnies and faces Adell.]
    Rozalin: (Ha, you fool. Take you to my father? Do you think I would blindly
    obey you?)
    [A lightbulb goes off over one of the Prinny's heads, and he cautiously
    approaches Rozalin.]
    Rozalin: (All enemies shall meet with death. These lowly monsters shall feast
    on you.)
    [The Prinny produces an enormous PRINNY BOMB from its pouch.]
    Rozalin: (Then, I shall finally be free of these odious circumstances! 
    Hah, hahahahaha!)
    [The Prinny drops the bomb on Rozalin's head, which EXPLODES, giving her a
    CRITICAL HIT, and leaving her charred and blackened. She coughs up a plume of
    Adell: Ouch! Critical hit.
    [Rozalin turns on the Prinny and shakes off the char.]
    Rozalin: W-W-What are you doing, you dolts!? I am the daughter of Overlord
    Zenon! Such a violent act shall not be forgiven!
    [The Prinnies dance into a line.]
    Prinny: Like we care, dood. Our boss is gonna take out Overlord Zenon, so eat
    prinny bombs dood!
    Rozalin: What did you say!? Are you confessing to be lackeys of some charlatan
    plotting to kill my father!?
    Prinny: You got it, dood. We're lucky we found you out here, dood.
    [The Prinnies dance some more, then form a line in front of Adell and Rozalin.]
    Rozalin: ...H, hey! What happens now?
    [Adell strikes another heroic pose.]
    Adell: Obviously, we kick their ass!
    Rozalin: Ah, yes, excellent plan. However, there is a slight problem.
    Adell: What kind of problem?
    Rozalin: ...I... I do not know how to fight.
    Adell: ...You're joking, right?
    Rozalin: I do not joke with peasants!
    [Choosing to view the Fighting Tutorial yields the following:]
    Adell: So, you really don't know how to fight?
    Rozalin: No, I do not.
    Adell: Great... Alright, now listen up. [Tutorial: Basic Fighting] I'm going to
    teach you [Basic Fighting].
    During the tutorial, your characters' equipment will be changed. It will
    automatically go back after the tutorial.
    Adell: Position the cursor over the [Base Panel] on the map, and press the X
    [The cursor moves over the BASE PANEL.]
    Rozalin: Like this?
    [The DISPATCH MENU pops up.]
    Adell: Yeah. Now select the characters you want to bring into battle and call
    them out with the X Button.
    [Rozalin is dispatched.]
    Adell: If you make a mistake and call out the wrong character, put the cursor
    over the character and press CIRCLE Button. That cancels the move.
    [Rozalin disappears, and the Dispatch Menu pops back up. Adell is dispatched.]
    Adell: Try bringing out a character and giving them commands. I'm great at
    hand-to-hand combat, so have me move next to an enemy...
    [Adell moves over to the first Prinny.]
    Adell: After moving your character, select the [Attack] command.
    [Adell is ordered to ATTACK the Prinny.]
    Adell: You've finished commanding the character. But, that doesn't start the
    attacks right away.
    Rozalin: Why not?
    Adell: When you want to execute your commands, bring up the menu using the
    TRIANGLE Button and select [Execute] or [End Turn.]
    [The MENU pops up.]
    Adell: Right now, I'm going to select [Execute.]
    [Adell attacks the Prinny.]
    Adell: You've just finished a series of commands.
    [Input Command -> TRIANGLE Button -> Execute]
    Just remember the flow.
    Rozalin: This doesn't seem very efficient. Why don't the attacks occur
    Adell: This way, you can plan [Combos] to attack the same enemy continuously,
    or form [Chain Attacks] with allies next to you.
    Rozalin: ??? ...I have no idea what you just said.
    Adell: Here, let me show you an example. First, I'm going to input a command to
    attack this penguin-looking thing, just like before.
    [Adell is ordered to Attack the Prinny again.]
    Adell: And then you get a command to attack the same enemy.
    [Rozalin is dispatched, and moves up behind Adell. She is ordered to attack the
    same Prinny.]
    Adell: If there is an ally standing next to you when you melee attack an enemy,
    there's a chance to perform a [Chain Attack]. Or, you can make other characters
    attack the same enemy continuously, creating a [Combo] for greater damage.
    Watch closely.
    [Adell and Rozalin both attack the Prinny, followed by Rozalin shooting it
    Adell: Nothing to it. When more than one of your characters are out, your
    commands are executed in the same order they were inputted. You can't cancel an
    action such as an [Attack] or [Special] after you have used [Execute], so be
    Rozalin: Ah ha. I see now. Planning out your tactics is an important part of a
    battle, right?
    Adell: Yeah. You learn pretty fast.
    Rozalin: Of course I do. After all, I am the daughter of Overlord Zenon. ...But,
    what happens when you select [End Turn]?
    [Rozalin selects End Turn.]
    Adell: Hey!! Wait, don't end it yet!!
    [All three Prinnies proceed to annihilate Adell.]
    Adell: ...When you end your turn without thinking, this is what happens.
    Rozalin: I see. That was an important lesson.
    Adell: ...You did that on purpose, didn't you?
    Rozalin: Me? Of course not. Don't be silly. Now, what happens when you are no
    longer able to fight?
    Adell: You can revive your fallen characters by going to the hospital and
    paying them Hell (money). But, if all your characters become unable to fight,
    it's Game Over! So watch out for that.
    Rozalin: Hmm. So, the best way to fight is for all of us to gang up an an enemy
    and beat them up one by one?
    Adell: That sounds pretty unfair, but yeah. It's a good tactic, especially when
    your enemy is stronger than you are. Also, remember that you can deal more
    damage if you attack from the side than from the front, and from the back more
    than the side.
    Rozalin: That makes sense. I'm ready for battle!
    Adell: If there's anything else you don't understand, use the TRIANGLE Button
    to go to the Menu and read the [Tutorial], OK?
    [The actual battle begins. After the fight, Adell returns to Holt Village.]
    Mom: Adell, you're back. The shops are open now.
    Rozalin: The shops...?
    Mom: What? You don't know about shops, Rozalin? Then, let me explain it to you,
    Rozalin: Yes, I'd like that.
    [Pan over to the three Shop Owners.]
    Mom: There are three kinds of shops where you can buy and sell items: the
    weapon merchant, armor merchant, and the general store. You're going to need
    money to buy items, naturally. You might want to buy better equipment for your
    next battle.
    Rozalin: So, I need money. I have never tried this "shopping" thing. I find it
    surprisingly exhilarating.
    Adell: Hey, don't spend all my money.
    Dad: Depending on whether you decide to focus on weapons or armor, your
    fighting style will change. Each character can only equip one weapon, and up to
    three armor pieces.
    [Pan to the Dark Hospital.]
    Mom: Don't forget to go to the hospital to heal your friends when they are
    Rozalin: I understand. Now, let us depart.
    [Talking to the WEAPON MARCHANT yields the following:]
    Aldus: [Weapon Shop] Hello. Welcome to the Rosen Queen Company. When you equip
    weapons, I suggest you equip a weapon that the character is good with.
    Characters good with swords should use swords. Proficiency will improve &
    special skills can be learned. (Weapon Mastery) Characters that are not good
    with swords can also learn sword skills, but the speed of learning will be much
    slower. Also, you will be unable to use sword skills if the sword is not
    equipped. (Skill is useable if you equip sword again) At the beginning, you
    should concentrate on training with a weapon you are good at.
    [Talking to the ARMOR MERCHANT yields the following:]
    Solange: [Armor Shop] Hello. Welcome to the Rosen Queen Company. We at the
    Rosen Queen Co. work day and night to provide our customers with a variety of
    products that make you happy. Our products will change each time you enter the
    shop. If you don't like the products, you can leave and re-enter the shop again.
    Please enjoy your shopping.
    [Talking to the GENERAL STORE OWNER yields the following:]
    Nina: [General Shop] Hello. Welcome to the Rosen Queen Company. When you think
    item, people usually prioritive weapons and armor, but recovery items are
    really important too. We provide you with things you need in times of emergency.
    That is the General Shop. Well, enjoy shopping.
    [Talking to the Item Worlder, Dark Secretary, or Post Officer at this point in
    the game will yield a generic message about their respective areas not being
    open yet. There are no new messages from any of the other units, either.]
    [-------------- AREA: TOWN FIELDS -- BATTLE: TUTORIAL 2 [CM122] --------------]
    [Choosing to view the Fighting Tutorial yields the following:]
    Rozalin: These penguins are trying my patience. It would be best to toss them
    deep into the bowels of the Necromane Forest.
    Adell: That's not a bad idea. Go ahead and throw 'em.
    Rozalin: Idiot. That was just a figure of speech. Doing so is impossible...
    Adell: [Tutorial: Lift & Throw] Maybe not into the bowels of the Necromane
    Forest, but you can [Lift] and [Throw].
    [Adell is dispatched, and walks out into the battlefield. He is unable to reach
    any of the Prinny enemies.]
    Adell: For example, when the enemy is too far away for you to attack them...
    [Rozalin is dispatched, and approaches Adell.]
    Adell: Use the [Lift] command, and while lifting, you-
    [Adell picks Rozalin up over his head.]
    Rozalin: W-What!? Unhand me!!
    Adell: Then select the [Throw] command, and choose how far and in which
    direction to throw them using the directional pad.
    [Adell selects THROW from the Menu.]
    Adell: And now I can throw you next to an enemy!!
    Rozalin: What!!?
    [Adell throws Rozalin right next to one of the furthest Prinnies.]
    Adell: See? Now that you're closer to the enemy, you're ready to attack them.
    By lifting your characters in order and throwing them, you can move even farther
    away. It's especially useful when dealing with far away obstacles or threats.
    So, remember to use it. This [Lift] and [Throw] can be applied for many other
    [Rozalin pulls her gun and SHOOTS Adell.]
    Rozalin: You detestable dolt---! How do you throw a lady around like that!!
    Adell: Heh, there's just one more thing... If you are lifting an enemy when you
    end your turn, you will be hurt, so be careful.
    [And again the battle commences. Upon winning, the game returns to the Battle
    Select screen.]
    [-------------- AREA: TOWN FIELDS -- BATTLE: TUTORIAL 3 [CM123] --------------]
    [Choosing to view the Fighting Tutorial yields the following:]
    Rozalin: Oh, oh! I know what these are. They are fields rich with the spiritual
    elements that structure the world, called [Geo Panels].
    [Pan over for a closer look at one of the blue GEO SYMBOLS.]
    Rozalin: They combine with spiritual element crystals, called [Geo Symbols]. I
    read about them in my text books.
    Adell: You can't survive on knowledge alone. Actual battles are harder than you
    think. [Tutorial: What are Geo Panels?] Geo Panels require more thought for your
    battle tactics. Check out the colored panels on the map.
    [Pan over to the middle of the map, and the BLUE PANELS that cover the ground.]
    Adell: Here, it displays [Blue Panel: Enemy Boost +50%]. This means that when
    an enemy is on a blue panel, [The enemy's attack and defense will increase by
    Rozalin: That isn't fair at all.
    Adell: Right. So, we should try not to fight enemies that are on the blue
    panels. We should lure them off the panels, instead. We should place our friends
    more than one space away from the blue panels. And if you look at the map
    closely, you'll find other panels that are better for us. Use them wisely.
    [The geo-battle commences. Upon victory, the game returns to the Battle Select
    [-------------- AREA: TOWN FIELDS -- BATTLE: TUTORIAL 4 [CM124] --------------]
    [Choosing to view the Fighting Tutorial yields the following:]
    Rozalin: Geo Panels... again... Are you going to make us run from them again?
    Adell: No. Running isn't really my style. This time, we'll destroy the effects
    of the Geo Panels by getting rid of the Geo Symbol. [Tutorial: Dealing with Geo
    Symbols] First, we have to find the source of the [Enemy Boost +50%] effect.
    Rozalin: The source? Hmmm...
    [The camera pans around, looking for the (quite obviously placed) yellow
    splotchy Geo Symbol.]
    Rozalin: Ah! Is it over there!?
    Adell: Yes. Those objects are called [Geo Symbols]. As long as it's on a
    colored panel, it'll grant all panels of that color its effect.
    Rozalin: Oh. So when a Geo Symbol is on a blue panel, all blue panels will have
    its effect.
    Adell: That's right. Now, try throwing it.
    [Rozalin is dispatched, and mightily throws the yellow splotchy Geo Symbol onto
    the RED PANELS that cover the north part of the map.]
    Adell: Great. The [Enemy Boost +50%] effect is now gone from the blue panels.
    But, now...
    Rozalin: W, what!? The effect is now on all the red panels!?
    Adell: Yeah. That didn't really help us at all. In a situation like this, it's
    sometimes better to just destroy the Geo Symbol.
    [Adell is dispatched, and moves next to the yellow splotchy Geo Symbol.]
    Adell: Now, I'll just destroy the Geo Symbol that's giving the Enemy Boost +50%
    effect. But first, see how this Geo Symbol is a [Change Yellow] Geo Symbol and
    it's on a red panel?
    [Adell proceeds to PUNCH the yellow splotchy Geo Symbol. It is destroyed,
    causing all the Red Panels to EXPLODE into YELLOW PANELS, and damaging Adell
    and a Prinny slightly in the process.]
    Adell: Now, the Enemy Boost +50% effect is gone, and all red panels are now
    yellow panels. When you destroy a Geo Symbol that's on a different color panel,
    the panel's color will change. I destroyed a yellow Geo Symbol on a red Geo
    Panel, so all red panels turned yellow. When a panel changes colors, that panel
    explodes. Any character on an exploding panel takes damage, even your allies.
    Rozalin: So, when you destroy a Geo Symbol, you should not stand on the same
    color panel that the Geo Symbol is on?
    Adell: Right. See, you're doing great. The term for the combination of Geo Panel
    and Geo Symbol is [Geo Effect]. There are many different Geo Effects. If you
    want to know more, press the TRIANGLE Button and read the [Tutorial].
    Rozalin: I see. Thank you for your unusually detailed explanation. You are
    rather surprisingly diligent.
    Adell: Hey, lay off me! You're the one who never fought before. I have to teach
    you something. Now that you're ready, let's go!!
    [And the battle begins. Once victory has been attained, a scene will play.]
    [Adell and Rozalin stand on the brick road, near a signpost. Adell crosses his
    arms and stares at Rozalin.]
    Adell: Oooookay... So, why are you so weak? I mean, you are Overlord Zenon's 
    daughter, right?
    [Rozalin looks surprised, turns away from Adell, and crosses her arms as well.]
    Rozalin: S, silence! I am the daughter of the legendary Overlord Zenon! But, I
    have never had to fight before. Not even once! I lived in a beautiful mansion
    with hundreds of servants and everything I ever wanted! So, why would I ever
    need to learn to fight? Fighting is for the lower classes! It is our duty as
    nobles to use those fights to improve our kingdom and subjects!
    Adell: ... So, you're the Overlord's precious, spoiled daughter. How cliche. 
    But, you must be very important to him.
    [Rozalin turns back and puts her hands on her hips.]
    Rozalin: That's right. I am. My father cherishes me. Is it not the same with
    humans? That is what I have read in my text books. Parental love, family love...
    Adell: ......
    Rozalin: Were my text books wrong?
    [Adell turns away.]
    Adell: ...No, they got it right. I'm fighting for my family, too.
    Rozalin: ?
    [Fade to black.]
    [Following the last tutorial battle, Adell returns to Holt Village again.]
    Mom: Welcome back, Adell. It looks like the Dark Assembly is ready.
    Rozalin: Dark Assembly...? It sounds exciting. 
    [Pan over to the Dark Secretary.]
    Mom: At the Dark Assembly, you can submit all kinds of bills into legislation,
    if you meet the conditions. If I were you, I'd [Create a New Character] at the
    Dark Assembly first. 
    Dad: You want more people to fight with you, right? Having more members will
    give you a greater advantage in your fights. Sinvce you already have a Fighter,
    Red Skull, and a Healer... Adding a Lady Fighter and a Blue or Green Mage can
    balance out your group. It might be fun to include a Prinny or Thief in your
    group, too. 
    [The game returns to the player's control at this point.]
    [Upon your first visit to the Dark Assembly, the following explanation is
    Emeraldia: Welcome to the Dark Assembly. Let us prepare before the
    senators decide on a verdict. By prepare, I really mean bribery. Get the
    senators to agree with you by giving them bribes they seem to want. Blue
    senators are for you, red senators are against you. Try to get powerful parties
    (monsters) on your side to get the approval. Giving one senator a bribe affects
    all the senators in that party (monster type). Not all senators who are for you
    before the vote will necessarily vote for you. You should understand this
    beforehand... Once you are done preparing press the TRIANGLE button and select
    [Begin the Vote] or [Return to HQ]. Mana you use will not be returned, but it is
    important to [Return to HQ] if you're not confident. It's pointless if you die.
    Now then! Begin the Dark Assembly!!
    [Talking to the Post Officer at this point in the game usually yields the
    following message:]
    Kemru: There are no subpoenas for you yet. Demons are only independant if they
    become a felon. You're still too inexperienced.
    [-------------- Town Fields (and everything in-between) [CM130] --------------]
    [When you return to Town Fields, the Tutorial map is now known as Beginner's
    Field, and has no accompanying dialogue. The next story map is Reflection Pond.]
    [------------ AREA: TOWN FIELDS -- BATTLE: REFLECTION POND [CM131] -----------]
    [Adell and Rozalin are walking down the same brick path when they come upon yet
    another group of Prinnies. The Prinnies, unaware of the duo's appearance,
    continue with... whatever it is that they were doing. This seems to involve 
    pulling horned skulls out of their pouches. The last Prinny to do so instead
    pulls out a giant prinny bomb, which scares the bejesus out of the other
    Prinnies, and causes Adell to sweatdrop. He turns to Rozalin.]
    Adell: Hey... Are you really trying to lead me to Zenon's mansion?
    Rozalin: Absolutely. The path to an Overlord is laden with suitable trials to
    overcome. It is a tradition. If you do not face challenges along the way, you
    will not fully appreciate your goal.
    [Adell crosses his arms. An EXPLOSION sounds from off screen.]
    Adell: Look, I'm not doing this for the satisfaction. I just want to fight the
    Rozalin: Bumpkin! Do you not appreciate beauty? Every course to an Overlord
    begins with the beautiful art of leveling up...
    Adell: Oh please, you don't even know how to fight. Am I supposed to believe
    that you know all this random, trivial knowledge?
    Rozalin: Of course. How can a noble better justify squandering time than with
    the pursuit of knowledge?
    [Adell walks a few steps away and puts his fists on his hips.]
    Adell: Ah, and being a demon and all, you must have a lot of time to squander...
    [He then walks over to the Prinnies, who have recovered from the explosion and
    now have weapons drawn. He strikes a pose, and the battle begins.]
    [Following the battle, the scene shifts to Overlord Zenon's palace.]
    Masked Man: ...Overlord Zenon, my master. I have just received urgent news from
    the princess' mansion... ...The princess has disappeared. And it has happened
    in front of many servants.
    Overlord Zenon: What...? Is this true?
    Masked Woman: ...It appears someone has summoned her. Someone with decent
    summoning skill.
    Overlord Zenon: But, who...? How did they even know about the princess...?
    Masked Woman: ...We do not know yet, but it is obviously someone who opposes
    Overlord Zenon: Find the princess... immediately. You must not allow her to be
    contaminated by the outside world.
    Masked Woman: ...Yes, sir. We will be sure to keep the princess a secret from
    anyone else...
    Masked Man: ...What shall you have us do with the guards at her mansion...?
    Overlord Zenon: Wipe them out... All of them.
    Masked Woman: ......
    Masked Man: ...As you wish, my master...
    [Fade to black.]
    [After the scene, Adell has once again returned to Holt Village.]
    Mom: Welcome back, Adell. It looks like the Item World is ready.
    [Pan over to the Item Worlder.]
    Dad: The Item World is another world that exists within an item. It's important
    for strengthening your items, but it may be risky for beginners like her.
    Rozalin: Insolent fool! I am no beginner!
    [Speaking with the Item Worlder now yields the following:]
    Vene: Who knows what's going to happen! Welcome to the random dungeon, Item
    World! The Item World is one of the most dangerous places in the netherworld.
    If an unskilled person enters, they may lose their life. The landscape,
    geopanel, and geosymbols will change every time, so your route may even be
    blocked at times. If you enter without taking an escape item, you have no
    guarantee of safe return. ...But I know it's hard for beginners, so I'll give
    you 1 [Mr. Gency Exit] as a gift. 
    NOTICE: MR. GENCY EXIT obtained!
    [------------ AREA: TOWN FIELDS -- BATTLE: PSYCHO'S HIDEOUT [CM132] ----------]
    [There is no dialogue before the battle. The following takes place afterward:]
    [Adell is walking along the cliffs in the Psycho's Hideout, when Rozalin speaks
    from offscreen.]
    Rozalin: ...Listen, you.
    [Adell turns, and Rozalin appears from offscreen.]
    Rozalin: Why do you desire to do something as stupid and reckless as battling
    my father? Do you actually believe you, a mere human, stand a chance against
    my father?
    [She steps closer to him. Adell takes a few steps closer to her.]
    Adell: Zenon's curse turned every human into a monster. He turned our beautiful
    world into some twisted netherworld... When humans turn into monsters, they
    start to lose their conscience and memories, eventually becoming real monsters.
    I grew up watching as my family slowly turned into monsters. Can you even
    imagine... how painful that is...!? If my family becomes something truly
    monstrous... I won't let that happen!!
    [Adell walks closer to Rozalin and smacks his fist into his palm.]
    Adell: I will defeat Zenon!! I'll do whatever it takes to protect my family!!
    Rozalin: You may talk all you want, but do you honestly believe that? You won't
    even take any hostages, correct?
    [Adell once again strikes a heroic pose.]
    Adell: There's no doubt I'll defeat him!!
    [Rozalin sweatdrops.]
    Rozalin: Yes, yes, you declared that many times... But, where does all your
    confidence come from? Tell me.
    Adell: Look at me. I'm the only one in Veldime who hasn't turned into a monster.
    And, I still have all my memories and morals. I'm the only human who hasn't
    been affected by Zenon's curse. That has to mean something.
    Rozalin: ...And?
    Adell: That's it.
    [Rozalin looks shocked.]
    Rozalin: That's it!? Your faith in defeating Overlord Zenon is solely based on
    Adell: Why? Is there a problem with that?
    [Rozalin slowly inches away from him.]
    Rozalin: It is more than just a problem... Are you so stupid you do not see it?
    Do you not have a better reason, such as being from a heroic lineage, or being 
    level 100,000,000? Normal people usually have, you know, real reasons to
    believe they can defeat their enemies.
    Adell: Hmph. I don't care. Not having a good reason to fight is just an excuse
    for people who don't want to fight.
    Rozalin: I suppose you may be correct, but...
    Adell: What's really important is to never give up! To have an indomitable
    will!! Even if your legs are broken and your arms fall off, you have to fight
    to the end! That's just my style!!
    Rozalin: A speech on willpower in this day and age? I did not know people still
    believed in such silly notions. Perhaps it was your thick skull that prevented
    my father's curse from affecting you. To be summoned by such an odd peasant...
    I must be cursed with the worst of luck.
    [The screen darkens, and Rozalin's internal monologue kicks in.]
    Rozalin: (This... human is a complete fool. Such a cretin must not be allowed
    to disturb my father. I shall have to kill him myself. Be prepared...)
    [------------ AREA: TOWN FIELDS -- BATTLE: DEAD TREE FIELD [CM133] -----------]
    [Scene opens on AXEL, THE DARK HERO, standing atop a grassy hill, giving a
    narration to somebody offscreen.]
    Axel: ...We've ventured out to the frontiers of Veldime, in search of a vicious
    hero who was spotted in the area... Wait! What's this? I can't believe it!
    [Axel cartwheels across the hill, then makes a... dark... heroic... pose?]
    Axel: Look out!! It's an invisible laser!
    [Axel cartwheels around to avoid more "invisible lasers".]
    Axel: Hiyaaaaa! Did you see that!?
    [A clapboard snaps shut offscreen.]
    [Axel turns around. The camera pans to reveal Axel's DIRECTOR, his ZOMBIE
    CAMERAMAN, and two other nameless crewmembers.]
    Director: Axel, darling! How many times do we have to go over this!? This is
    for the Traveling Channel!! We don't need action scenes for this travel show!
    So, stop making up traps and enemies!!
    Axel: But, I'm the host.
    Director: *Chuckle* Axel, Axel, Axel... No one expects anything from you
    anymore! There was a time when you were lighting up the stage as the Dark Hero,
    but that time is long gone!!
    [Axel looks mortified.]
    [Pan down to reveal Adell and Rozalin arriving.]
    Adell: Huh? Who are they?
    [A lightbulb goes off over Rozalin's head, and she gestures grandly at Axel.]
    Rozalin: That is him. That blonde man over there is Overlord Zenon. That is my
    Adell: W-What!? Really!? ...But he looks so young. Can that guy really be your
    Rozalin: Ah ha. Are you filled with terror now that he is standing before you?
    [Adell gets aggrivated and strikes yet another in what promises to be a series
    of heroic poses.]
    Adell: N, no! That's not it at all! But I can't just attack him from behind. I
    must fight him head on!
    Rozalin: Can you defeat him that way? He is known as the God of All Overlords. 
    Adell: I won't lose! I have to save my family!!
    Rozalin: (This human... His family must be important to him. But, if they are
    so important to him, he should stop fighting lost causes that will only get him
    killed... Nothing ever comes from dying. What a fool... Fighting is so sad...)
    [Axel finally notices the newcomers.]
    Axel: Hey Director, look!
    [Axel walks to the edge of the cliff he's standing on.]
    Axel: Well, hello there.
    Adell: I don't want your stupid autograph! I want your life!!
    [Axel gives a clueless look back over at his Director and Camera Monkey.]
    Axel: ...Huh? Wait, am I on Screw'd?
    [With that, the battle begins! Once Axel and his lackeys have been soundly
    defeated, the scene finds Axel lying face down and whimpering on the ground.]
    Axel: ...Gggh... ...W-Why me...?
    [The Director runs over and drags Axel's beaten body offscreen.]
    Rozalin: (Looks like that poor sod wasn't a strong enough substitute for my
    father... Although, this Adell fool is tougher than I expected. Though he's
    just a human, he has the strength to defeat demons. He may be my enemy, but he
    fights well. Hmhmhmhm... Killing him will be much more satisfying.)
    [Adell can barely contain his glee.]
    Adell: I, I, I, I did it!! Oh yeah! The mighty Zenon goes down!!
    Rozalin: Hmm? Oh no!! It appears I had not looked closely enough. That is not
    my father. It is just some idiot.
    Adell: You've gotta be kidding!!!!
    Rozalin: Now now, calm down. Even princesses make mistakes. Let's go.
    Adell: ......
    Rozalin: Do you doubt my sincerity? You believe I purposely confused myself?
    But, I'm bound by your summon. You asked me to escort you to my father, and
    that is why I am out here with you. If you doubt my intentions, we should stop.
    Adell: ... 
    [Adell is crestfallen.]
    Adell: ...Fine. For a moment, I thought I actually won. But, it's just been a
    big waste of time.
    Rozalin: *sigh* I am quite exhausted. Where may I retire to rest?
    Adell: Everything's you, you, you, you! Fine, let's go back to town. I'm
    getting hungry.
    Rozalin: I hope I will find something to my liking among your slop. I have very
    picky taste when it comes to food.
    Adell: I don't know what you like, but Hanako's cooking is way better than most
    Rozalin: Then I shall look forward to that. I am ready to feast now.
    [Rozalin walks offscreen.]
    Adell: ...... I need to find Overlord Zenon before his curse gets worse. I don't
    like asking that girl for help, but I have to depend on her... for now...
    [Fade out.]
    [To see the special Axel Ending for this battle, CTRL+F for [CMADH].]
    [---------- Episode One Epilogue (Where Axel Is Not Mourned) [CM140] ---------]
    [Fade in on the SatelliTV newsdesk. A stuffed white rabbit named USAGI-SAN sits
    beside a girl with blue hair and a red ribbon named PLEINAIR.]
    Usagi-san: It's 6 o'clock and time for the news. We are broadcasting to all
    netherworlds and throughout space in GigaVision!
    [The screen behind them displays an old picture of concert footage featuring
    Usagi-san: Earlier today, in the frontiers of Veldime, Axel, formerly known as
    the Dark Hero, has apparently been murdered.
    [The concert picture goes full screen, with the caption: Top Story - Former
    Dark Hero Assassinated!]
    Usagi-san: We have received reports that Axel was assaulted while shooting on
    location for his low rated travel show, Tripping with Axel. Very little is
    known, and due to the hassle investigating poses, the Netherworld Police have
    simply ruled it a homicide. With no suspects, the case was deemed insolvable.
    Though he was a mega star at one time, no one cares enough to look for him. His
    funeral was attended by a very small group of relatives. No tears were shed at
    the service. And now, for a moment of silence.
    [Cut back to the news desk.]
    Pleinair: ......
    Usagi-san: Coming up next, we have a special report on today's public education.
    [The screen behind them displays a picture of a dominatrix-looking teacher
    holding a bullwhip before a group of terrified children.]
    Usagi-san: Recent standardized test scores show an alarming decline in the 
    subjects of lying and torture. The Dark Board of Education...
    [Usagi-san's voice fades out, as does the scene, as does Episode One.]
    [------------------ Episode Two - Rozalin the Liar [CM200] -------------------]
    [Fade in on a war-torn battlefield at dusk. Ruined buildings and grave markers
    litter a hillside.]
    Rozalin: ...What is this? ...Where am I? Is this... a battlefield...? This
    place is so... depressing...
    [Fade to another scene, this one of a dark figure with a billowing coat, 
    wielding two impressive swords.]
    Rozalin: Is that...? Father...?
    [Fade again. The scene then reopens in Holt Village.]
    Dad: So, you still haven't found Overlord Zenon?
    Taro: Can you really trust that lady? Maybe she's just playing with you.
    Mom: Of course I can't trust her. She's a demon, after all. That's why we have
    summoning rituals.
    Dad: So, Adell. What do you think?
    Adell: I promised her I'd take her back to her father... It's as simple as
    that... I always keep my promises. That's just my style.
    Taro: Stop pretending to be cool, or I'm gonna tell Mom. You're just gonna get
    Adell: ...I don't care. I can't help it if I was born this cool.
    Hanako: Adell! I woke the lady up for you.
    Adell: Oh. Thanks, Hanako.
    Hanako: Hey, Adell. I think she was crying.
    Adell: Her? Crying? You must've been seeing things.
    Taro: Maybe he did something naughty to her... Sexual harrasment! Adell's going
    to jail!
    Adell: How do you even know what sexual harrasment is? Besides, I don't do that
    sort of thing.
    Rozalin: Hmm. This was the first time I've ever slept inside a dog house. It
    was an interesting and valuable experience, I must say.
    Adell: Hey, that's not a dog house! It's my house!
    Dad: Now now, she is the daughter of Overlord Zenon. Compared to her gorgeous
    mansion, our house must look like a dog house. Hahahaha.
    Mom: OK, Adell. You'd better go defeat Overlord Zenon today. Or else, we're
    going to turn into REAL monsters.
    Adell: What kind of mother threatens her own son?
    Mom: Oh, hohoho. With this third eye, I can threaten anyone I want and not care.
    If you don't like it, change us back.
    Hanako: Don't forget to bring back souvenirs, Adell!
    Adell: Ugh, these are the people I'm fighting for...? 
    [Scene ends.]
    [------------ Holt Village (aka Adell Bothers Some Demons) [CM210] -----------]
    [Control returns to the player, and Adell is back in the village. Talking with
    all of the afore mentioned villagers yield the following conversations:]
    Dad: Miss Rozalin. Please take care of Adell. He does not know how to doubt.
    Rozalin: Wh, what? Are you implying that I am trying to trick Adell? That's not
    very nice.
    Mom: Adell, you have to come back by dinner time, OK?
    Adell: I am going off to defeat Zenon, you know...
    Hanako: Hey, Adell. Can you bring me back a Meatopia Chocolate Bar?
    Adell: No. That's something only demons eat.
    Hanako: Aww, why not. I was a demon since I was born.
    Taro: Adell, are you happy you get to date a pretty girl?
    Adell: S, stupid! Of course I'm not happy! I don't like demons or girls!
    Rozalin: You really seem to dislike girls. Do you have some kind of trauma?
    Piggolo: I'm bored, so maybe I'll go do something bad that will surprise the
    Rozalin: Hmhm, what do you plan to do?
    Piggolo: Let's see. How about eating off the ground?
    Rozalin: ...And you call yourself a demon?
    Bridget: Adell, you're amazing. You're a human, but you've been fighting demons
    since you were a kid, right?
    Adell: Well, it's not that amazing, really. I only fight to protect my family.
    Solei: Adell, since you're a tough guy you don't do anything cowardly, like
    Saving right?
    Adell: Huh? Well, uh... (Saving is cowardly?)
    Moocho: Hey hey, listen. I'm challenging for the netherworld record of
    ding-dong-ditches. The current record is held by this guy named Axel, and it's
    [427 ding-dong-ditches in one day]. Now that's awesome.
    Adell: ...That's awesome?
    Caine: Have you ever thrown an enemy into your base panel? If you haven't, you
    should try it, just to see what happens. Remember to Save, justin case.
    James: I heard you're the daughter of the Overlord, Rozalin. A winner from the
    start, huh?
    Mario Boy: I don't know if it's because I'm a demon and I have no conscience,
    but I can scream inappropriate words without feeling bad. But you see, even
    demons can't beat "Regulations". This world sucks.
    Zommie III: Though I look like this, I was originally a human. But, my memories
    and conscience were taken, so I don't really care.
    Adell: ...Shouldn't you care just a little?
    Amos: Overlord Zenon is so hard to find. Can you guys look for him, too, dood?
    If we can't find him, our scary master will punish us, dood...
    [------------- Zenon's Palace (and everything in-between) [CM220] ------------]
    [Talking to the Dimension Guide continues the game with this scene, taking place
    outside of Holt Village:]
    Adell: You better take me to the real Overlord Zenon this time, OK?
    Rozalin: Very well. Ah, let me get my bearings... Ahh, my father resides... over
    Adell: Over there, huh...? Why do I get the feeling you're just pointing in a 
    random direction?
    Rozalin: Oh ye of little faith, hmph. My father and I are bound by strong
    family ties. When we listen to our hearts, we can feel where each other are.
    Adell: Listen to your hearts... OK, fine. Listen, I do trust you.
    Rozalin: ...Y, you... You are really going to trust me? I am the daughter of
    Overlord Zenon. I am a demon, and you intend to kill my father. What part of
    that equation gives you the notion that you can trust me!? Are you mocking me?
    Adell: No, no. I'm not. It's just that... I promised myself that I would trust
    you. And you know how I am with promises...
    Rozalin: You... are very odd. Humans do not normally trust demons, do they? My
    text books never mentioned that humans like you exist.
    [Fade out, which brings up the Battle Select screen.]
    [------------ AREA: ZENON'S PALACE -- BATTLE: BANQUET ROOM [CM221] -----------]
    [Adell and Rozalin find themselves in the ruins of a palace, much to Rozalin's
    Rozalin: O, oh!? There's a palace over here!?
    Adell: Why do you sound so surprised? This is where you were guiding us to,
    isn't it?
    Rozalin: Oh, yes. Yes I was. This is my father's palace.
    Adell: Really? Because it kind of seemed like you were just guiding us randomly
    for awhile... And I expected more from Overlord Zenon's Palace than this...
    crumbling building...
    Rozalin: What? Are you doubting me already? So, you were just lying before when
    you said you were going to trust me?
    Adell: No, that's not it. I don't lie. When I told you I trust you, I meant it.
    I'll trust you 'til the end of our union.
    Rozalin: Is that so? Trust... it is such a beautiful word. (Hmhmhm...
    You pathetic fool. I'll show you what happens when you trust demons and
    [Following the battle, back in Holt Village...]
    Mom: I wonder how Adell is doing...
    Dad: You were threatening him earlier, and now you're worried about him? I
    guess I'll never figure you out, honey.
    Mom: Overlord Zenon stole our conscience... I have nothing else to say. Besides,
    there isn't much we can say that will hurt his feelings.
    Dad: Honey... Do you remember anything about... before?
    Mom: Not at all. I can't remember a thing.
    Dad: stealing our memories along with our conscience. Zenon's curse sure is
    Mom: You're right... I can't remember the past at all.
    [Fade back to the Battle Select screen.]
    [------------ AREA: ZENON'S PALACE -- BATTLE: SANCTION ROOM [CM222] ----------]
    [A teeny red frog with bat wings is flying around in circles in the ruins of
    the Sanction Room. He frets aloud to himself.]
    Frog: What do I do, what do I do!? Overlord Zenon's palace has been destroyed!
    I was only able to survive by using my [Feign Death] super move, but now
    Overlord Zenon is going to kill me!!
    [He suddenly notices the appearances of Adell and Rozalin.]
    Frog: Oh, my princess!? Is it really you? Oui! It has been a long time, non?
    Hehe, come here and give me a hug!
    [He rushes over to "greet" them.]
    Rozalin: Uh! What manner of scoundrel are you?
    [The frog screeches to a halt in front of them.]
    Frog: Why, it is I, your beloved Tink!! As honest as an angel, as handsome as
    ze devil eh, your very own lovable Tink!!
    [Rozalin turns away.]
    Rozalin: Tink? My childhood friend Tink? You cannot fool me. Tink is not some
    dirty looking frog like you.
    Tink: Ah, but zey have changed me! Zey have seiged zis place! It was so... how
    do you say... scary! It was so sudden! Our best soldiers went down after one
    hit. And, with only one arm!
    Adell: Does he ever shut up? So, is he your childhood friend or not?
    [Tink starts to flip out.]
    Tink: What is zis? How can zis be!? How dare you speak to ze princess in such a
    familiar manner! You are a man of great insult! For only I am allowed to speak 
    with ze princess on friendly terms, eh! Do not steal my priviledge!!
    Rozalin: Hmm. That accent and jealous temper... It seems you are Tink. ...The
    bad one, at least. Which can only mean... look around. This is my father's
    palace. Do you see? My father and I are bound by strong family ties.
    Adell: OK, I believe you. Now, can you explain everything to him? It'd be a
    shame if I had to hurt him...
    Rozalin: I suppose you are right. Tink, listen to me. Well, let's simply say 
    "stuff happened..."
    Tink: Oh ho ho! Zat is good to hear- Wait a minute! What kind of stuff are you
    talking about? Nuhzing perverse I hope!
    Adell: Ah, is he feeling alright?
    Rozalin: I suppose. This is normal for him. The only way to silence him...
    [Tink resumes flipping out on Adell.]
    Tink: Hey, you! Stop being so friendly with ze princess!! You zink you can push
    me aside and have her all to yourself, eh! Not on my watch, Monsieur Napolean
    Bonerhard! I will be dead and buried before I give you zat kind of satisaction!
    [The "battle", such as it is, begins. Following it, one of the most useless
    story characters joins your party! Er, I mean... this scene takes place...]
    [Tink is in the midst of another schiz-out following the bout.]
    Rozalin: Tink, calm down! Draak-Tink-Mahalaak!!
    [Tink flashes white, then slowly changes from red to blue. He looks around,
    Tink: E, eh...? Wh, what has happened to me?
    Adell: What did you do?
    Rozalin: Tink here has two personalities. I have to cast that spell to seal his
    bad personality or else it will run wild.
    Adell: O...K... Great, he's just what we need... Another pain in the ass.
    Rozalin: Don't call him that. Though he may be quite bothersome, he is still my
    best friend.
    Adell: ... What!? Are you serious? Your best friend...!
    Rozalin: Everything will be fine. Just cast the spell whenever his bad
    personality shows up.
    NOTICE: Rozalin has forced [Tink] into your group.
    [Tink flips for joy.]
    Tink: Bonjour. My name is Tink. It is a pleasure to meet you.
    Adell: Great... Just what we need, another freak.
    Rozalin: (Hmhmhmhm... Now it is 2 against 1. Your death is even closer now...)
    [After the scene (and Adell's startlingly insightful comments regarding Tink) 
    the game returns to the Battle Select menu.]
    [----------- AREA: ZENON'S PALACE -- BATTLE: ROOM OF DESPAIR [CM223] ---------]
    [The scene opens to find the reports-of-his-demise-have-been-greatly-exaggerated
    Dark Hero Axel pacing around in circles somewhere in the ruined palace.]
    Axel: This isn't an ultra classy, 5-Star resort like I'm used to, but it sure
    beats sleeping outside again. Heh, battling that wild tribesman... That 
    tribesman just got lucky. If I wasn't distracted by the crew, my Superfly Death
    [The Director and Camera Creep come rushing in.]
    Director: Oh, oh, oh my god, Axel darling! I just heard a rumor that we were
    killed by mountain men. Everyone thinks we're dead!
    [It takes a moment for this news to settle in, but once it does, Axel is 
    Axel: ... Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!?
    Director: What is wrong with everyone? I keep calling the network, but they 
    keep saying, "You're dead!" and yelling "Ghost!" I think the network execs are 
    trying to get rid of us...
    Axel: No! No way!! I'm the Dark Hero! I'm crazy famous!
    Director: Axel darling, listen to me. You're living in the past!
    Axel: They can't do this! This episode of Tripping with Axel is gonna be a
    historical event!
    Director: Axel...
    Axel: The Dark Hero will live forever! When everyone hears that I'm still alive,
    I'll make my triumphant return!!
    [Fade out. The scene cuts to Adell, Rozalin, and Tink in the Room of Despair.]
    Tink: Aha, so zat is how Adell summoned ze Princess. ...Adell, my friend, you 
    are very brave to want to face Overlord Zenon.
    [Tink slides up next to Rozalin.]
    Tink: (Princess, princess. Zis human is a top level buffoon. Is it wise to stay
    so close to him?)
    Rozalin: (He is a rather dangerous fool. We should keep our eyes on him. I 
    shall never allow him to confront my father. Never...)
    Tink: (Ah, tres magnifique, Princess. You really are evil. Oh ho ho ho ho...!)
    [A door opens, catching the group's attention, and a set of warriors appear,
    causing the battle to start. Once it's finished, the scene cuts to Overlord 
    Zenon and his masked lackeys.]
    Masked Man: ...Overlord Zenon. Your orders have been carried out...
    Overlord Zenon: Hmm. Did you discover the whereabouts of the Princess?
    Masked Woman: ...No. She is still nowhere to be found...
    Overlord Zenon: If anything should happen to her, even a little scratch, the 
    two of you will suffer tenfold...
    Masked Woman: ...Yes, master. We are well aware...
    Overlord Zenon: I don't care how you do it. Find the princess and isolate her
    from the outside world immediately!
    Masked Man: ...As you wish, my master...
    [Scene ends, returning the game (once again) to the Battle Screen.]
    [------------ AREA: ZENON'S PALACE -- BATTLE: SEALED ROOM [CM224] ------------]
    [Axel and the film crew are already in the Sealed Room. Adell and co. burst in.]
    Axel: Ahhhhh! It's the wild tribesman from yesterday!!
    [Adell sweatdrops.]
    Adell: ...What the hell makes you think I'm a tribesman?
    Axel: Eh! D, don't come any closer! Don't invade my personal space!
    Director: Wh, what are you waiting for, Axel? Aren't you the Dark Hero!!?
    Axel: Huh? Oh yeah! I am the Dark Hero! Feared by men! Loved by women!! 
    ...But... I always used a stunt double.
    Adell: Oh, I get it. You're just a stupid celebrity.
    Axel: I'm not just a celebrity! I'm the Dark Hero! The amazingly talented Dark
    Hero!! If you want to throw down with me, prepare for the consequences! You'll
    have screaming teenage girls calling you all day long!
    Adell: Oh, hell no!
    Rozalin: Hahaha... You stupid B-Movie celebrity. You desecrate my father's 
    palace with your insolent behavior. I will not forgive you.
    Axel: Huh? Desecrate your father's palace...? What are you talking about, Lady?
    [Rozalin strikes a royally smug pose.]
    Rozalin: Do not feign ignorance! My name is Rozalin! I am Overlord Zenon's only
    [The four-leaf clover emblem glows over her momentarily.]
    Rozalin: Do you not see this emblem of the four-leaf clover!?
    Axel: O, Overlord Zenon's daughter, hehe!?
    Rozalin: Hmhmhmhm. Not so exuberant anymore? If you wish to beg for mercy, now
    would be a good time.
    Axel: Y... Y... Y... YEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! This! This! This is it, Director!
    Director: W, what do you mean, Axel darling?
    [Axel begins to shake with the force of it. Though, what "it" exactly is, I'm 
    not sure.]
    Axel: Picture this. A beautiful demon, none other than Overlord Zenon's only 
    daughter, Rozalin imprisoned in a deserted palace. And the only man who can
    rescue her from the villains and pester Zenon for a hefty reward is the Dark
    Hero, Axel!! Isn't that a great set-up!? It's perfect for launching my comeback!
    This kind of story has to make the Universal News! And then everyone will know
    that I'm still alive!
    Director: B, but, Axel darling, hehe. Didn't you say you needed a stunt double?
    Axel: Moron... I'm the Dark Hero. Now shut up and get ready to see the greatest 
    action scene ever.
    Director: Oi, Axel darling. Mmm, you're so...
    Tink: Oh ho. Zis is too bad. Demon buffoons like him will give us all a bad 
    Rozalin: Sometimes I wish that your other personality could hear you speak...
    Adell: ...Damn. While we're wasting time like this, Zenon's curse could be
    getting stronger... I just hope my family doesn't turn into real monsters while
    I'm stuck fighting jerktowns like this guy.
    [...Jerktowns? The battle begins. And ends.]
    [Axel is again face down. The Camera Corpse has the lens aimed right at his
    Axel: ...D, Director. Did you get some good shots?
    Director: Yes, they're absolutely wonderful <3
    Axel: Oh that's great... I can't wait to see tonight's broadcast... Gah...
    [The Director drags Axel offscreen.]
    Rozalin: Hmph, that is what you get for vandalizing my father's palace.
    Adell: You forgot the whole reason we're here, haven't you? You were supposed 
    to guide me to Overlord Zenon.
    [Rozalin sweatdrops.]
    Rozalin: ...Oh. 
    Adell: Don't "Oh" me!!
    Rozalin: Getting angry is bad for your health. We should be happy that we
    punished my father's enemies.
    Tink: Ahem, Princess? Zey are not ze ones who attacked ze palace.
    [Rozalin is surprised. Tink nervously slips between Rozalin and Adell and 
    hovers a few steps away.]
    Tink: Aheh. Did I not tell you?
    Rozalin: What do you mean!? Who did this, then?
    Tink: Well, it was... someone I've never seen before. B-But, zey were really,
    really strong... Zey were atrocious. Zey turned poor, innocent moi into a 
    hideous frog.
    Adell: They're strong, huh? It might be fun to fight people like that for a
    Rozalin: Hmph... You're a barbarian. You are even more violent than a monster.
    Adell: Hey, don't compare me to monsters! I'm fighting for my family!
    Rozalin: Perhaps for now. But, was that the glitter of interest I spied in your
    Tink: You must not fight with zem. You cannot win. Zat is for sure.
    Adell: We don't know that until we try.
    [Tink flies further away, up a flight of stairs. Dramatic march music begins
    playing in the background.]
    Tink: It is impossible! I speak the truth! For it was the Demon Lord who
    opposes Overlord Zenon. Zere is no mistaking zis.
    [Multiple angle shots of Tink to give weight to his next statement.]
    Tink: I know it had to have been Demon Lord Etna!!
    [...Hoo boy. Fade out.]
    [---------- Episode Two Epilogue (Where Zenon Is Speculated) [CM230] ---------]
    [Fade in on the SatelliTV newsdesk.]
    Usagi-san: It's 6 o'clock and time for the news. We have received top secret
    information from our trusted sources today that confirms the existence of the
    Legendary Overlord Zenon. Overlord Zenon currently lives in a quaint, 
    countryside world called Veldime, where he quietly changes humans into
    monsters. And now, let's look back at the career of Overlord Zenon.
    [The news screen changes to show a picture of (what I presume to be) Overlord 
    Zenon's castle, with a horde of screaming warriors running away from it. Some of
    the captions on the picture are: Fearsome, with an arrow pointing at the top of
    the castle; Mysterious Symbol, with an arrow indicating the mysterious symbol 
    on the castle wall; Power (1 billion Hp) with another arrow pointing at the 
    castle; Pathetic and Panic Arises, with arrows pointing at the fleeing warriors.
    The news title across the bottom reads: Top Story - Existence of Overlord 
    Usagi-san: Overlord Zenon has slaughtered over 1000 overlords, and is
    respectfully referred to as the [God of All Overlords]. No one has ever seen 
    him and lived to tell about it, thus earning him the distinction of being a
    Legendary Overlord. 18 years ago, the bodies of 99 overlords were found dead.
    Zenon is believed to be responsible, but the truth is still unknown. But, this
    new information may shed new light on the true face of Overlord Zenon. Stay
    tuned for more developments.
    [Cut back to the newsdesk.]
    Pleinair: ......
    [The screen behind them changes to display a blue haired man with a flowing cape
    holding up a planet in his hand. The title across the bottom of the screen
    changes to say: Today's Topic - Environmental Destruction.]
    Usagi-san: Up next, a special report on environmental damage. Reporting for us 
    on the beauty of deforestation is God of Destruction, Alex...
    [Fade to black. Scene returns to Overlord Zenon.]
    Overlord Zenon: How could this happen... My existence has been exposed... Soon, 
    overlords from around the universe may join forces and come charging in... 
    There is not a moment to lose. I must get this under control quickly...
    [Fade out, and end Episode Two.]
    [------------- Episode Three - Rise of the Beauty Queen [CM300] --------------]
    [Open on the interior of Adell's home. Rozalin is lecturing to the two
    Rozalin: ---Are we clear on this matter now? Whenever you refer to me, it's
    "Princess." OK?
    Hanako: But, why? Why can't I call you Rozalin? Or Rozy?
    Rozalin: As some kind of demon, you should show me your proper respect and
    admiration for being the daughter of your Overlord.
    Hanako: But you haven't done anything for us to respect you for.
    Taro: I, I don't mind calling you that. I kinda like saying it. Princess.
    Adell: Hey, stop trying to brainwash my little brother and sister with your 
    Rozalin: Foolish human, I am not brainwashing them. I am providing them with a
    rudimentary education for when they become my servants.
    [Scene ends, then a new one begins in the same setting.]
    Tink: Aha, Mademoiselle. I hear zat you possess great summoning skills, 'eh. I
    am highly impressed.
    [Tink suddenly changes to red.]
    Tink: Would you mind giving a handsome frog a lesson? Perhaps back zere where
    no one can see us! Ho ho ho ho!!
    Mom: Oh my. You shouldn't go around teasing old ladies.
    Tink: Eh, do not say such zings! When I gaze into zose zree beautiful, innocent
    eyes of yours, you set my heart ablaze...
    Dad: Ohh, hoho... You've got guts. Seducing a wife in front of her husband,
    Adell: Draak-Tink-Mahalaak!!
    [The screen flashes white, and Tink is blue again.]
    Tink: Eh...? What was I doing...?
    Adell: Ah, quit fooling around. Let's go. You better take me to Zenon today.
    Rozalin: You are much too impatient. Do you wish to die so soon?
    [Scene ends, and another one begins in the same setting.]
    Mom: ...There they go. I hope they come home safely.
    Dad: Watching your son go off to fight everyday is just as painful as
    Mom: I'm glad he's made some friends, though.
    Dad: Me, too. No matter how strong he gets, he shouldn't fight alone... The
    battlefield is no place to be lonely.
    Taro: Why don't we fight with him?
    Hanako: Adell isn't alone! Hanako is here for him!
    Dad: That's right. But, the only thing we can do is believe in him and remain
    safely at home.
    Taro: Is that really all we can do?
    Hanako: Mmmm... Waiting here is boring.
    [Scene ends.]
    [------------ Holt Village (aka Ding-A-Lings and Furries) [CM310] ------------]
    [Game returns to player, Adell returns to Holt Village. Time for random 
    Dad: You seem to have a lot of weird friends now.
    Tink: Eh? Are you talking about me? Oh ho ho ho, Monsieur... Do not worry. I am
    an innocent demon as honest as an angel. Oh ho ho ho.
    Mom: Seems fun now that you have more friends. That's so nice, Adell.
    Adell: They aren't friends, and it's not nice! ...Why does it have to be like
    Hanako: I wonder if you can eat frogs?
    Tink: Huh!? Zat devious look! Don't look at me with eyes like zat!
    Rozalin: Now, Hanako, if you eat something like that, you'll get a stomach ache.
    Taro: P, Princess.
    Rozalin: Hm? What is it, Taro?
    Taro: U, um, nothing. I just wanted to call you that. I, I think I like calling
    you Princess.
    Rozalin: Is that so? Taro, you're a good demon. I'm happy for you, too.
    Piggolo: I heard Overlord Zenon was a cruel, inhumane demon. I wonder why he
    let's humans live?
    Adell: That's true... Is there some secret conspiracy behind this?
    Bridget: Hey Adell, you have more friends? ...He's an interesting looking
    Adell: ...It's not nice to talk about other people.
    Tink: Bonjour, madmoiselle. The demon you speak of is I, Tink. Please be kind 
    to a changed gentleman.
    Bridget: Wow, how gentleman-like. But I'm a guy.
    Red Tink: Damn you! You're confusing, damn it! I hate uhzer organisms zat have
    ding-a-lings!! Do you understand!?
    Solei: Ever since I got this body, the winters are nice and warm, but summers
    are extremely hot because of this fur. I can't take it off even if I wanted 
    to... Only if I had a zipper in the back.
    Rozalin: ...Then it would just be a costume.
    Tink: Have you ever considered shaving? I could... help you with ze
    hard-to-reach places... Oh ho ho ho!
    Moocho: Hey hey, listen. They said on TV that there's this Super Overlord 
    that's stronger than an Overlord. He must be really really strong. You're 
    always showing off, but can you beat a Super Overlord?
    Adell: A Super Overlord huh...? Seems tough. But, if I get the chance to fight
    him, I'll beat him fairly. I'll never run away.
    Caine: Did you know you can attack while lifting a friend? There aremany other
    techniques to apply with Lift & Throw. Try different things. Finding them
    yourself may be fun.
    James: One day, I just looked like this. I don't know what's going on. But it's
    a matter of how you take it. Now I can fly.
    Adell: ...You're optimistic. My family is like that too, but why is it that
    you're such a carefree demon?
    Mario Boy: Don't blame everything on the game!
    Adell: What are you talking about?
    Mario Boy: Well, I'm just saying what other people have on their mind. Since 
    I'm a demon, I don't care if people get mad at me. Ahhh, that feels better.
    Zommie III: I went to go eat sushi the other day, but they gave me rotten fish.
    Don't you just hate that?
    Amos: We want to hurry and finish up our work so we can go to the "Red Moon". If
    we continue to work under our master, we'll never be able to reincarnate, dood.
    [------------ Murderer's Vault (and Etnathing in-between) [CM320] ------------]
    [Once all the... creepy talk about ding-a-lings and furries is over, talking to
    the Dimension Guide brings up the following scene, outside Holt Village:]
    Adell: So, which way are we going today?
    Rozalin: Hmmm. Let's see...
    Adell: ...Are you really trying to figure it out? I have to do something about
    Zenon's curse before it gets worse. Don't you wanna be back with your father?
    Then take this seriously.
    Tink: Monsieur Adell, do you not zink you are being a bit too harsh? Especially
    since she was summoned here against her will.
    Adell: Argh... I can't believe I'm being lectured by a talking frog...
    Tink: If you are determined to meet Overlord Zenon, I will take you to him. But,
    only if you have ze courage to face him. Just let me know when ze terror sinks 
    in and you change your mind, OK?
    Adell: Ha! I won't change my mind! I will defeat Zenon!!
    [Adell departs.]
    Rozalin: (Tink. Can you handle this?)
    Tink: (I will be fine. You brought me along to help you end his life, yes?)
    Rozalin: (Yes. I need your cunning.)
    Tink: (Zen, leave it to Tink. I shall surpass your expectations.)
    [---------- AREA: MURDERER'S VAULT -- BATTLE: POISONOUS SWAMP [CM321] --------]
    [Open on the group walking through a murky swamp area, with purple colored 
    water. Rozalin stands a few paces behind Adell and Tink.]
    Tink: Excusez-moi, Monsieur Adell. Your muhzer was once a human, but she is a
    powerful summoner, no?
    [Rozalin steps closer.]
    Rozalin: Indeed. She surprised me, as well. I never knew that humans could 
    become such great summoners.
    Adell: Well, I heard that she was a pretty famous summoner when she was young.
    She doesn't really talk about it, but according to the townspeople, she used to
    get requests from nobles and royalty.
    Rozalin: Hmmm... Did she learn how to summon all by herself?
    Adell: No, she said a friend taught her a long time ago. But she doesn't
    remember much since Zenon's cursed our world.
    Rozalin: I see. You must be very proud of her. But, to be able to teach someone
    else skills to that extent, that friend must have been a great summoner.
    [A growl brings the group's attention to the fact that they're suddenly
    surrounded by zombies. A battle begins. Once finished...]
    Adell: Well, this isn't the best place to do this, but we gotta eat sometime.
    Hanako made us some rice balls to eat. Do you want some?
    Rozalin: Ignorant brute!! Inviting a lady to eat in a place like this is simply
    inappropriate! Don't you have any manners?
    Tink: She is right, Monsieur Adell. Do you expect a princess to dine in such a
    Adell: So, what, you're not gonna eat?
    Rozalin: ...I shall try some.
    Tink: Princess!? You are going to eat?
    Rozalin: We mustn't let Hanako's food go to waste. Besides... I'm hungry.
    Adell: Alright... Here ya go.
    Rozalin: Mmm. So this is a rice ball? I have never eaten food of this kind 
    [Adell slides away.]
    Rozalin: (...Pst, Tink.)
    Tink: (Yes, Princess? I must warn you. I am not going to share my rice ball
    with you.)
    Rozalin: (That isn't what I was going to ask you. Are you certain I can leave 
    all the planning to you?)
    Tink: (Princess, your doubt is like an arrow zrough my heart. Do you not trust
    Rozalin: (Honestly, I do not trust you at all.)
    Tink: (You did not even stop to zink about it... ...Eh, very well, let me
    explain. Zese swamps are famous for being quite dangerous. You see, there are
    unique monsters around here. Some of ze older ones are said to be well over
    level 100. Zey are zought to come from UFOs. So, I suggest we get zis monster
    to eat Adell. Instead of fighting, we can run away.)
    Rozalin: (I see... You are evil.)
    Tink: (Au contraire. I am not as evil as you... Oh ho ho ho ho ho!)
    [Tink slides away, presumably to finish his rice ball.]
    Rozalin: (All who oppose my father must die... He desires to fight, so his fate
    is already sealed. But if that happens, how will Taro and Hanako feel...)
    [Scene ends. Return to the Battle Select screen.]
    [---------- AREA: MURDERER'S VAULT -- BATTLE: DANGEROUS REFUGE [CM322] -------]
    [Somewhere in the swamp, Adell and co. pause for a little reflection.]
    Adell: Hey, I just realized something. Why isn't Zenon trying to rescue you? I
    mean, he should know that you're missing by now, right? Why isn't this all over
    the news? We should have bounty hunters chasing us with shoot-outs and
    Rozalin: You!! You dare mock me!? Are you implying that I am not the real
    daughter of Zenon!? 
    Adell: Um, what are you talking about...?
    Rozalin: My father cherishes me! A beautiful mansion built just for me! All
    those furnitures just for me! Servants who work just for me! And he sends me 
    flowers and gifts everyday! All for me, and only me! Who else would Overlord
    Zenon do such things for? Who? Answer me!
    Adell: What are you getting so angry about? No one said anything about you not
    being his daughter. I just wanted shoot-outs...
    Rozalin: ...Hmph. That is what you get for asking rude questions.
    [Scene ends. Battle begins. Rinse. Repeat.]
    [Adell and co. are walking along the log in the Dangerous Refuge. Adell stops,
    and turns to Rozalin.]
    Adell: Can I ask you something?
    [Rozalin turns away and crosses her arms in haughty fashion.]
    Rozalin: ......
    Adell: What? Are you still mad at me?
    Rozalin: ...Are you planning to ask another rude question?
    Adell: No, I'm not. I was just wondering what kind of man Overlord Zenon is. All
    I've heard are the legends. No one has seen Zenon and lived to tell about it. 
    So, I have no idea what he's really like...
    Rozalin: Well... My father... is a kind and generous man. He always protects me
    with all his might. There is no one more respectable than him.
    Adell: Hmmm... What do you say, Tink?
    Tink: Well, I have never met him personally, but uh, he is not someone you want
    to upset, eh. Anyone who defies him, or fails to follow an order, is killed
    immediately. His cruelty... Mm, he is indeed an Overlord.
    Adell: Wow. You're talking about the same guy? But I guess even the feared God
    of All Overlords can be sweet to his own daughter. Heh... I guess Zenon does
    have one soft spot...
    Rozalin: You! If it was only me, I would have let it go. But, I will not abide
    you ridiculing my father!
    Adell: Y, you're taking this all wrong. I'm just surprised that even a demon
    like Zenon can show parental love. I guess demons have families too...
    [Rozalin looks surprised, and steps closer to Adell.]
    Rozalin: Do you really believe that?
    [Adell quickly steps back.]
    Adell: H, hey! Don't stand so close to me.
    Rozalin: It is exactly like you said. My father does love me. That special bond
    between my father and I, it is the love we share between father and daughter.
    Adell: Well, it's good to know that demons feel affection too... I guess.
    [Adell's internal voice takes over.]
    Adell: (But, her father is the demon I must defeat. Dammit... I shouldn't have
    asked her about him. It just makes it harder to defeat him...)
    [Scene ends.]
    [----------- AREA: MURDERER'S VAULT -- BATTLE: CORPSE GARDEN [CM323] ---------]
    [Open on Tink and Rozalin standing in the swamp. Adell stands a few feet away.]
    Tink: Eh, zis is strange. Ze monster we are waiting for should have found us by
    Rozalin: (Shhh, he must not hear us. ...What sort of monster are we searching
    for? You said it was unique to this swamp. It had better not be extinct already.
    How old are those legends?)
    Tink: (Have some patience, my dear princess. Do not worry. Ze monster will find
    us soon.)
    [Something SPLASHES offscreen. Pan over to reveal a huge WARSLUG leaping out of
    the purple water. It stops in front of Adell and GATHERS POWER.]
    Tink: Aha, look over zere. Zat is what we are looking for. Or, something zat
    looks like zat.
    [Tink JUMPS into the air and changes to red.]
    Tink: Ahhhh! Zere it is!! N-No stupid!!
    Adell: A new kind of monster!?
    Tink: Princess! We must run! Don't look back! Leave only your memories behind!
    Rozalin: ...... If father... if Overlord Zenon is the one who kills him, then
    his death will have had meaning. But, to be killed by a nameless monster in the
    pursuit of his life's goal would mean he had died in vain.
    [Adell and the warslug square off.]
    Rozalin: And if he dies, Taro and Hanako will be really sad...
    [The warslug LUNGES at Adell, who deftly evades the creature.]
    Tink: Princess! Are you getting soft!? You are a demon! Not to mention, you are 
    also ze daughter of Overlord Zenon!! Ze weak will perish! Zat is ze way of ze
    world! Princess, do you count how many eggs were cracked to make your omelettes?
    [Adell PUNCHES the beast, which doubles over in pain. Adell KICKS it while its 
    down, which only seems to piss it off.]
    Rozalin: O, omelettes? I prefer veal and truffles for breakfast...
    Tink: What you eat for breakfast is beside ze point, eh. Ze point I tried to
    make is zat you must make sacrifices to survive. Princess, some day you will
    rule over every demon! Such happy, sugar-coated zinking will not work with zem!!
    [The warslug bristles with electricity, and LEAPS at Adell again, who avoids
    its falling bulk.]
    Rozalin: But he is different, Tink. He did not take me hostage, and he has even
    promised to return me to my father. And what is even more bizarre is he
    continues to struggle toward keeping that promise. Making a promise to an enemy,
    or even trusting an enemy... I cannot understand why he did it. I wish to
    discover what his true intentions are.
    Tink: Princess!! What you speak of...!!
    [Storm clouds appear over Adell, who leaps out of the target zone... leaving an
    unwitting Tink behind, who gets zapped to char. He whirls angrily and
    approaches the warslug.]
    Tink: Zat was uncalled for!! Who is responsible!? Who wishes to receive ze
    zrashing of zeir life!? You! Stay right zere!! It is 2000 spankings for you!!
    [Battle begins... and ends.]
    [Afterward, Adell and co. are standing around, reminiscing about the battle just
    Rozalin: Whew, that was close... We were fortuitous that it was just a baby.
    That may have just saved our lives.
    Adell: Huh? Do you know about these monsters?
    Rozalin: W-Well, yes... of course. After all, it is common knowledge that the
    older ones grow as strong as level 100 or higher.
    Adell: Level 100... huh? We better be careful the next time we see them.
    [Adell wanders off.]
    Tink: Princess. Ze buffoon was lucky zis time, but he will not survive ze next
    time eh. Oh ho ho ho! You do not look very happy. Did you not plan to kill him
    from ze start?
    Rozalin: ...I suppose. But, he trusts me and he is trying to keep his promise 
    to me, his enemy. I cannot understand why he is doing this. I wish to observe
    just how far he is willing to take this.
    Tink: Princess... Do you feel all right? Has being out in ze outside world for
    ze first time clouded your mind?
    Rozalin: ...Perhaps. I may be acting irrationally at the moment. Please forgive
    me, Tink. But, you will have to put up with my madness for a little while
    [As she starts to walk away, the scene fades back to Overlord Zenon and his
    masked flunkies.]
    Masked Woman: ...Overlord Zenon...
    Overlord Zenon: Have you found the princess...?
    Masked Woman: ...No. Not yet...
    Overlord Zenon: Fool... Why have you returned then?
    Masked Man: ...We uncovered an interesting bit of information during our hunt
    for the princess...
    Overlord Zenon: Well...? Tell me what you found.
    Masked Man: The palace near Holt Village was attacked...
    Overlord Zenon: Could this be the doing of that Demon Lord who is rumored to be
    hiding out there...?
    Masked Woman: ...That is the most likely scenario...
    Overlord Zenon: Hmph... A mere Demon Lord trying to oppose an Overlord... They
    do not know their place... Fine... Lure that Demon Lord out into the open...
    Masked Woman: ...We understand...
    Masked Man: ...As you wish, my master...
    [Fade out.]
    [Fade back in on Adell in Holt Village.]
    Adell: Huh? What happened? How'd we get back to town?
    Friday: I'm sorry, but you will need a pass before you can go on to
    Rozalin: A pass?
    Friday: Yes. Only [those who have committed a crime] can travel there.
    Adell: Those who have committed a crime...
    Friday: Yes. One of you will have to become a [Convicted Criminal] to go
    Adell: ...You've gotta be kidding, right?
    [Pan over to the Post Officer.]
    Friday: Please accept a [Subpoena] from the Post Officer to continue.
    [Upon talking to the Post Officer:]
    Kemru: Hey, there's a subpoena for Mr. Tink.
    Tink: Uhyi!? F, for me?
    Kemru: The subpoena was issued for... [Crime: Your Existence] it says.
    Tink: I'm sorry I was born! But, what ze hell is zat!?
    Adell: Is he a felon now?
    Kemru: Not yet. Next you have to go to the Item Worlder.
    [Pan over to show the Item Worlder.]
    Kemru: Take the subpoena you received to the Item Worlder and enter the item
    world of that subpoena. The item world of the subpoena will have a [Dark Court],
    so you can receive your felony there.
    Adell: Am I the only one who feels like we're just getting sent all over the
    Rozalin: That is how bureaucracy works.
    [The conversation with the Item Worlder goes as follows:]
    Vene: Welcome. This is the guide center to the Item World, the world that
    exists in every item. Your goal is to enter the Item World of a [Subpoena], and
    go to the [Dark Court], yes?
    Adell: Yeah, that's right.
    Vene: Then "Go to Item World" and select the Subpoena.
    [Selecting the Subpoena takes you into its Item World, and a brief tutorial
    Vene: This is the Item World of a [Subpoena]. There are Item Worlds in every
    item, from swords to gum. The Item World is made of many layers, and as you
    progress one layer, the level of the item will go up by 1. So basically, the
    Item World is where you come to strengthen your item.
    Adell: I see. So if I want to strengthen an item, I just keep going deeper in
    Vene: But your goal this time is to get a "Felony" by going to the [Dark Court],
    right? The Court is on the 4th level of this Item World. See that the status of
    this item is [Bailiff 4]? That means that the court is on the 4th level. When
    you enter the Court Gates on the 4th level, you will receive a trial, and can
    obtain a [Felony]. This subpoena is sent to Mr. Tink, but the person who
    actually enters the court gate will receive the trial and the felony.
    Tink: Oh? Then it's possible to lay my crime on Monsieur Adell instead?
    Vene: That's right. By the way, you won't be able to return to town until you
    finish 10 levels even after the trial is done.
    Rozalin: W, what!? You should have told us that first!
    Vene: If you really want to come back to town, use this item [Mr. Gency Exit].
    NOTICE: Mr. Gency Exit obtained!
    Vene: Even if you use Mr. Gency Exit, you can continue on the level you left
    off. Well then, good luck.
    [The battle, such as it is, begins. Once you enter the 4th level, the following
    Adell: Finally, the 4th level... This is where the court gates are.
    Rozalin: No matter who the subpoena was for, the felony goes to the person who
    enters the gates, so we should be careful.
    [Sending Tink to the Dark Court results in the following:]
    Judge Prinny: Silence, silence! Order in the court!! It is an honor for demons 
    to commit heinous and devious criminal acts. I will now pass judgment according 
    to Netherworld Law. We, the Dark Court give [Your Existence] our highest
    praise... dood... And grant the defendant, [Tink] a glorious [1 Felony] on your
    criminal record!
    Judge Prinny: Felonies are a demon's war medals. Be one of the few! The proud!
    The ultimate sinners! Good luck. Case closed! Court adjourned, dood!
    NOTICE: Dark Rosary sent as a sign of honor!
    [Once the court has adjourned, the player is returned to the Item World, where
    the following takes place:]
    Rozalin: Have we successfully gotten a felony?
    Adell: That isn't something to be happy about...
    Tink: Now zat we have achieved our goal... Are we going to fight zrough ze 10th
    level? Or use Mr. Gency Exit to escape?
    [The choice is left up to the player. Whatever you do, when you end up back in
    Holt Village. Trying to talk to the Dark Secretary at this point yields the 
    Emeraldia: All the senators have caught a cold, so the Assembly is closed for
    [Talking to the Dimension Guide yields the following:]
    Adell: There, I got the felony. Now I can go on to the next map right?
    Friday: Good work. I see you have a criminal history now. Now you may go to
    [Tragedyland]. But be careful. A normal demon would not set up such a 
    complicated trick. It might even be a Demon Lord trick. Well good luck and don't
    lose your lives <3
    Tink: D, d, d, Demon Lord!? C, c, c, could it be like Demon Lord Etna...
    [----------- AREA: MURDERER'S VAULT -- BATTLE: TRAGEDYLAND [CM324] -----------]
    [Scene opens to find a PILE of dead warslugs. Pan over to the right to reveal
    DEMON LORD ETNA (YAY!) seat on one of her unfortunate Prinny minions, with two
    other Prinny stooges standing at her sides.]
    Etna: Hmph. Killing all these stupid things was just a waste of time. Is 
    Overlord Zenon even on this worthless mud ball? No one's even seen the bastard.
    Prinny #1: He must be hiding, dood. They said Overlord Zenon lived on Veldime
    on yesterday's news.
    Prinny #2: And we saw Overlord Zenon's daughter. He must be here, dood.
    [Etna leaps off her prinny seat with a quick flap of her wings (can you tell
    she's my favorite character?)]
    Etna: Then why didn't you catch her? Don't tell me a spoiled little princess
    beat you up.
    [Just then, Adell, Rozalin, and Tink approach.]
    Prinny #1: Heheh... We'll catch her next time, dood! We bought this provocative
    photos of her from a talking frog. And they weren't cheap. We can pass them 
    around to help find her, dood.
    [Rozalin turns on Tink.]
    Rozalin: ...Tink. You are a shrewd businessman.
    Tink: It is some kind of trick, Princess. Zeir cunning trap to sabotage our
    perfect chemistry, eh. You mustn't be fooled!
    [Prinny #1 notices the group.]
    Prinny #1: Doooooooood! It's her! She's Overlord Zenon's daughter!!
    [The other Prinnies (including the seat) are shocked.]
    Etna: That's her? Isn't it a little convenient that she's with the first group 
    of people to pass us by?
    Prinny #1: It's great. We found her, and we get to keep all the photos!
    Adell: Hey, those are... Aren't they the lackies of some Demon Lord who wants 
    to oppose Zenon or something?
    Rozalin: Are they truly Demon Lord Etna's...? This is convenient. I shall rid 
    you all at once.
    [Tink inches back.]
    Tink: Perhaps you should not, Princess. For, I cannot bear to see you turned 
    into a frog as well.
    Rozalin: But, if I defeat Etna, I may be able to return you to your human form.
    [Tink hearts Rozalin. Literally. A big heart pops up over his head.]
    Rozalin: Listen, you. Which one of you is Demon Lord Etna? Show yourself at 
    once. For I am Rozalin, the only daughter of Overlord Zenon. I challenge you to
    a duel.
    Adell: Hey, what are you doing? How is losing a duel gonna help me find Zenon?
    [Etna kicks her unfortunate seat into the murky water, which sinks immediately 
    (and mercifully).]
    Etna: Oh, so you're Overlord Zenon's little girl? I guess you really do exist.
    Rozalin: Women and children should stand back. Now, where is this Demon Lord
    Etna: Um, helllooo! I am Demon Lord Etna. But, you can call me Beauty Queen 
    [Tink floats up beside Rozalin and shifts to red.]
    Tink: Sacre bleu! Lies! You do not look anyzing like ze one who turned me into 
    a hideous frog!!
    Rozalin: What!? Demon Lord Etna was not the one who attacked my father's palace
    and changed Tink into an ugly frog!?
    Adell: ...Hey, I thought you said Demon Lord Etna did all that stuff. What's 
    wrong with you?
    Tink: Well, you see, someone powerful did zis to me. It wasn't Overlord Zenon, 
    so it had to be Etna! Or, so I zought.
    Adell: ...You were wrong all along, and now you're mad at us!? Your red
    personality really bites.
    Rozalin: But, there is some truth to what Tink said. How can we be certain that
    she is Demon Lord Etna? It is difficult to imagine that a Demon Lord would have
    such a flat chest...
    [Etna cracks her knuckles, then walks over and PUNCHES ONE OF THE PRINNIES INTO
    THE STRATOSPHERE. The remaining Prinny begins sweating buckets.]
    Etna: ...Flat chest, huh?
    [Tink flips out.]
    Tink: Ahh! You are a Demon Lord! I am your loyal servant, master! Please, I am
    yours to command!
    Adell: Damn, that was a quick surrender! Don't you have any pride?
    Etna: I proved I'm who I say I am, but what about you? Are you really Zenon's
    Rozalin: Y-Yes, I am. I am Overlord Zenon's only daughter.
    Etna: Great. Can you take me home to daddy? Like, right now?
    Rozalin: ...Why?
    Etna: Why!? So I can kill him and make myself the new Overlord, silly.
    [The group is, predictably, shocked. Etna cracks her knuckles again.]
    Etna: Well, chop chop. I don't have all day. Or, I could amuse myself by 
    killing you all, one at a time.
    Tink: Whaaaaaattt!? Who ze hell brought us out here!? Oh damn it! It was me!!
    [Tink EXPLODES and lands in a smoldering pile near Etna.]
    Rozalin: ...I, I won't help you. I, Rozalin will not be coerced.
    Etna: Aww, are you trying to protect daddy? You are so adorable. But, If you
    won't help me, then I'll just have to kill you first!!
    [Rozalin backs up a few paces, then seems to regain some of her confidence and
    takes a few steps back towards Etna.]
    Rozalin: ...I won't do it!! I won't be bullied by a flat chested fornicatress
    like you!
    Etna: Ugghhhhh...! You really wanna die, huh!?
    [Etna surrounds herself with pink flame, then summons a HUGE fireball and
    launches it at Rozalin. When the smoke clears, Adell has deflected the blast 
    with his own body.]
    Rozalin: Y-You...!!
    Adell: You're very determined! I don't really like demons or girls, but I 
    respect that you're risking your life to protect your family.
    Etna: Agh, what's your problem? Why'd you get in the way?
    Adell: Because, I promised her that I would return her to her father! So, I 
    can't let you kill her! I must protect her!!
    [Rozalin is shocked.]
    Rozalin: What is this nonsense!? She was attacking me! Why didn't you run!?
    Adell: I made you a promise! I'm going to keep that promise, even if it kills
    Rozalin: You... you are that devoted to your silly ideals? You were actually
    going to keep your promise to me, Overlord Zenon's daughter...?
    Adell: What? You don't believe me? Sonuva-
    Rozalin: Fool! You are going to get yourself killed! You may not care if you 
    die or not, but won't Taro and Hanako be sad if you do!?
    Adell: ...Don't worry. I won't die. I still have other promises to keep. I still
    have to defeat Overlord Zenon!!
    Rozalin: I don't understand...! Everything you say and do is contradictory!
    Adell: You don't need to understand it. All you gotta know is this is just my
    [Etna, having remained patient through this entire exchange, begins to glow 
    with pink fire again.]
    Etna: Uh, guys... I'm still here! Agh, you're either really brave or really
    ignorant. Mmm, my money's on ignorant...
    [Battle begins. HOLY CRAP such an awesome scene.]
    [...Anyway, I'm not spoiling anything by saying that, unless you're super 
    leveled (or on another cycle) you lose this fight. Once the beating is over...]
    [Tink lies embedded in the ground. Rozalin and Adell are both on their knees.
    Rozalin manages to get upright first.]
    Rozalin: W-What power...! This is the strength of a Demon Lord...?
    Etna: Ohh, no no no. That wasn't even a warm-up. That was just to show you how 
    strong and beautiful I am.
    Rozalin: ......
    Etna: So, Princess, ready to take me to daddy?
    [Adell finally manages to get up.]
    Adell: Wait...
    [He takes a few visibly painful steps toward Etna. With a voice full of false
    bravado, he says:]
    Adell: ...You sound like you've already won. Isn't it a little early for 
    Rozalin: A-Adell...?
    Adell: The fight's just getting started...! I haven't even played my trump
    Etna: Why do boys always feel the need to show off in front of girls? I was 
    kind enough to let you live... Don't tell me you enjoy this.
    Adell: I always keep my promises...! Whatever it takes, I will take you back to
    your father...!
    Rozalin: Why? I am Overlord Zenon's daughter. I am your enemy. Why are you 
    trying so hard...?
    Adell: I hate lies... In any form...
    Etna: Agh. You hot-blooded punks are always such a pain. Maybe I should just put
    him outta his misery.
    Rozalin: No, wait...!
    Etna: I'll make this easy. Just tell me where Overlord Zenon is.
    [Rozalin looks away.]
    Rozalin: But...
    [Etna resumes glowing.]
    Etna: If that's how you want it... This is your last chance.
    Rozalin: ...I... can't tell you.
    Etna: Wow. You're a cold-hearted bitch. Hmm, sorry boy toy, you heard the
    Adell: I don't care... I choose to fight...! All my life... I've always had my
    own style!!
    Etna: Aww, how touching. Now you get to die in your own style, too.
    [Etna begins summoning energy.]
    Rozalin: Wait! I really can't tell you!!
    [The glow fades.]
    Etna: Sure you can. You just don't want to.
    Rozalin: ...No, you don't understand. The reason I cannot tell you is...
    Etna: ?
    [The camera zooms in closer on Rozalin.]
    Rozalin: I... I don't know where my father is! I have never even met him 
    [And... fade out. And THAT is how you end a chapter, boys and girls!]
    [To see the special Etna Ending for this battle, CTRL+F for [CMBQE].]
    [------------- Episode Three Epilogue (TOO MUCH AWESOME) [CM330] -------------]
    [Fade in on the newsdesk.]
    Usagi-san: It's 6 o'clock and time for the news. Let's start today with an
    update. Since the confirmation of Overlord Zenon's whereabouts, the backwater
    world of Veldime is the latest travel hot spot!
    [Screen displays a very busy picture of a bunch of bunch of warriors in the 
    midst of a party, presumably on Veldime. A piece of paper in the upper left 
    corner reads: It's a Ca-Camera! The news title across the bottom reads: Weekly 
    Report - Veldine, the hot new destination!]
    Usagi-san: We're keeping a close eye on Veldime as this story develops! Will
    Zenon finally be revealed after a million years? Will someone finally bring
    Zenon's reign of terror to an end? Demons and Overlords around the universe are
    seeking the challenge!
    [The screen suddenly switches off. Fade in on Axel and the Director in a one 
    room cabin somewhere. Axel POUNDS on the table in frustration.]
    Axel: What the hell was that!!? I sacrificed my own health to give them that
    information and they didn't even mention my name! What about my glorious
    comeback!? I started this whole craze!! I made this Veldime rush possible!! Why
    didn't I get any credit!?
    Director: The network execs conned us out of everything... They don't even have
    our money. I called them, but they all act as if they don't know anything about
    Axel: No... Have they abandoned me on this hellhole? Me, Axel, the Dark Hero...?
    Director: They have abandoned us. Unless the network sends a crew to pick us up,
    there's no way we can return...
    Axel: ...No, the gig's not over yet! I'm Axel, the Dark Hero!! There's no
    situation I can't rock out of!!
    Director: Agh, Axel darling...
    Axel: I've got a reason to go back! And a home to get back to!!
    [Fade to black. End Episode 3.]
    [------------------- Episode Four - Axel's Scheme [CM400] --------------------]
    [Open inside Adell's home in Holt Village. Adell is still licking his wounds
    after getting spanked by Awesome Queen... er, Beauty Queen Etna.]
    Adell: ...Ah damnit! How could I lose to that girl!?
    Dad: ...Just be glad that you weren't hurt that badly. We should thank that 
    Demon Lord for allowing you to return at all.
    Adell: I'm pathetic. I can't even keep a single promise... I'm all talk... If
    only I were stronger...
    Taro: But, hasn't it been, like, a really long time since you've lost a fight 
    to anyone? That Demon Lord must be really strong...
    Hanako: Don't worry, brother. I'll get 'em back for you next time.
    Mom: She's... sort of right. It isn't like you to be depressed. Just get 
    stronger and beat her next time.
    Adell: But... damn!
    Mom: Adell. Just be happy that you're back home with your family. I know you're
    mad because you lost. I also know that you're fighting so hard for us, your
    family. But, for us, what matters most is that you come home alive. That is what
    we hope for the most.
    Adell: ......
    Mom: Please make me a promise. That no matter what, you will come home alive.
    Adell: ...What's with the change all of a sudden? You're usually screaming at 
    me to hurry up and defeat Zenon. But now...
    Mom: Adell.
    Adell: ...OK. I promise. I will come home alive.
    [End scene. New scene starts with Rozalin being all depressed from equal parts
    Etna thrashing and paternal abandonment.]
    Rozalin: ......
    Taro: What's wrong, Princess? You haven't said a word. Does it hurt somewhere?
    Rozalin: No... That is not what disturbs me.
    Taro: Princess, that's amazing! You healed faster than everyone else.
    Rozalin: ......
    [End scene.]
    [-------------- Holt Village (aka The Zombie Is Gross) [CM410] ---------------]
    [Fade up on the wartorn battlefield. The same mysterious figure stands in the
    midst of it, two blades in hand, coat billowing majestically. This time, 
    however, the figure is surrounded by several battered, bloodied corpses and 
    broken weapons.]
    Rozalin: Ughhh... Father...? Father, is that you...? What is wrong, Father...?
    What happened...!? Father, please answer me!!
    [The figure slowly turns, and the screen fades to white. Rozalin wakes up 
    inside Adell's home.]
    Rozalin: It was all a dream...? No, a nightmare... Or... a glimpse of things to
    [Fade out. Adell's once again in Holt Village. Time to bother to locals.]
    Dad: We should thank that Demon Lord for allowing you to return home.
    Adell: I can't even keep a single promise... I don't want to talk about it.
    Mom: You have to come home safely. Promise me, Adell.
    Adell: Yeah, I know. It's a promise. I mean it.
    Hanako: Demon Lords are so strong. I wonder if I'm as strong as a Demon Lord.
    Rozalin: You might be stronger. ...But only after you've grown some more.
    Hanako: I'm already all grown up!!
    Taro: Hasn't it been years since you lost in a fight, Adell? Now that I think
    of it, wasn't there one time you came home all bloody...
    Adell: Don't speak of that, Taro. ...I don't want to remember.
    Piggolo: You're thinking, monster type characters are useless in my group! 
    Aren't you? There are ways to make monster type characters useful, too.
    Adell: Is that so...? Hmm, monster type characters, huh...
    Bridget: There was this weird man in a white cape that ran by earlier 
    screaming, "I'll show you the essence of the Dark Hero!"
    Adell: A weird man in a white cape...? Could it be...
    Solei: Ever since I got this body, my hobby has been sleeping in the sun. Ahhh,
    it feels so good! Overlord Zenon's curse isn't so bad.
    Moocho: Hey hey, listen. If you equip two things with the same rarity number,
    their effects increase!
    Adell: Oh, really? I'll have to try that out...
    Caine: When you move next to a friend, and join in a team attack, if you haven't
    put in an action, you can still cancel the move. There are many other hidden
    techniques, so try finding them.
    James: Adell, have you been to the Item World? I heard there are people who go 
    in once and get so into it, they can't leave. You're a battle maniac, so you 
    should be careful.
    Adell: Item World huh... But my goal is to defeat Overlord Zenon.
    Rozalin: ...You say that, but I bet you're itching to go there.
    Adell: N, no! No way!
    Mario Boy: I saw this story on the news about a world called Earth. A parent
    beating their child, and the child beating the parent. There are pretty messed 
    up netherworlds out there. Ah, bad bad.
    Zommie III: You know how people say fruits are the best right before they begin
    to rot? So... am I good to eat right now?
    Adell: ...I think that's just fruit.
    Amos: Last time we went to the Item World, we ran into this Shady Bar, dood! We
    barely have anything, but they took it all, dood. I can't do this anymore.
    Rozalin: A Shady Bar...?
    [----- Dallos River (and everything in-between Axel appearances) [CM420] -----]
    [On the outskirts of Holt Village...]
    Adell: Well... Where to next?
    Rozalin: ...Why do you not censure me?
    Adell: Censure...?
    Rozalin: Do not pretend like you forgot! I deceived you about my relationship 
    with my father. Are you not angered by my deception!? Do you not doubt the
    validity of my pedigree!? Or perhaps you pity me, as a pathetic and foolish 
    girl? But, do not mock me! My father has provided me with a pampered life, with 
    my own mansion and servants and Tink for as long as I can remember! Even though 
    I have not yet met him, my father cares an awful lot about me! What more proof 
    do you need? I am... I am Rozalin, Overlord Zenon's only daughter!!
    Tink: Monsieur Adell. Ze princess speaks ze truth. After all, I am a demon in 
    ze service of Overlord Zenon. I guarantee zat ze princess really is his 
    daughter. Please believe her.
    Adell: ...I'm not mad at you for anything. And I still believe that you're 
    Zenon's daughter.
    Rozalin: Stop lying!!
    Adell: I'm not lying. The fact is, I don't know my parents either.
    Rozalin: What...?
    Adell: I don't pity you. But, I do know how you feel.
    Rozalin: ...You don't know your parents? You're lying! You have a family...
    Dad: Oh no! Taro and Hanako have been kidnapped!
    Adell: ......!!
    Rozalin: What!? Taro and Hanako!?
    Mom: Some stupid looking boy in a white cape took Taro and Hanako. But, what 
    does he want with our kids? He won't get much money by selling them, so what's 
    the point?
    Adell: Stupid looking and wearing a white cape, huh...
    [A picture of Axel on stage pops up, along with a "ding dong" noise.]
    Adell: ...It's gotta be him. No one else is that stupid.
    Dad: He said "Come to [Dallos River] if you want them back!" Who is he?
    Adell: Just an idiot! I can't believe that jerk! Is this his way of getting
    revenge!? Sure we beat the crap out of him, but to endanger Taro and Hanako...
    I'll never forgive him!!
    [------------- AREA: DALLOS RIVER -- BATTLE: BLOODY VALLEY [CM421] -----------]
    [Adell walks across a bridge, followed a few steps behind by Rozalin and Tink.]
    Adell: Why are you two still following me? If you don't know where to find 
    Zenon, I don't need you...
    Rozalin: Don't say such foolish things. It was you who summoned me. Have you
    forgotten already? You told me yourself that you must sacrifice your life to 
    negate the conditions of the ritual. Or were you planning to die for me?
    Adell: No, that's...
    Rozalin: Who made the promise to return me to my father?
    Adell: Well... me, but...
    Rozalin: Then fufill your promise to me. Take me to my father.
    Adell: So, I'm supposed to be your guide now!?
    Tink: Oh ho ho ho ho. Looks like ze circumstances have flipped, Monsieur Adell.
    Ze summon she has backfired.
    Adell: ...Can anything get worse? You're giving me a headache...
    Rozalin: What are you waiting for? Taro and Hanako are waiting to be rescued.
    [Squeaking from offscreen catches the group's attention. A pair of Alraunes
    appear on the opposite side of the bridge. Battle time!]
    [Following the conflict, Adell and co. manage to cross the bridge, but there's
    no sign of Axel or the kids.]
    Adell: Taro! Hanako! Dammit!! Where did he take them?
    Rozalin: It is not like you to act so rushed.
    Adell: What do you expect!? He kidnapped my little brother and sister!
    Rozalin: Hmph. Just as I thought... What you told me was just a lie.
    Adell: What are you talking about?
    Rozalin: And now you feign ignorance? You have a family, yet you lied about not
    knowing your parents!
    Adell: ...Oh, that. That is the truth. I'm not related to Mom and Dad by blood.
    Or to Taro and Hanako, either. ...I was abandoned by my "real" parents when I 
    was still young. So, I don't know who they are.
    Rozalin: So, you have been risking your life all this time for people who aren't
    even your family! And, now you expect me to believe you?
    Adell: Blood isn't the bond that makes a group of people a family. It's the 
    Rozalin: ......!!
    Adell: Is it so weird for someone to risk their life to fight for a family 
    that's bound to his heart?
    Tink: And to zink, I have uncles who haven't even talked to each other for 
    zirty years. You are interesting indeed. Right, Princess?
    Rozalin: ......
    Tink: Eh? Princess?
    Rozalin: Being bound by the heart is what matters... Indeed, you are right! Well
    said! I commend your insight!
    Adell: Thanks... I guess.
    Rozalin: My bond with my father comes from our heart, not our blood. And that 
    is what makes us a true family, as well. Excellent. Now, let us find Taro and
    Hanako. After all, family is an irreplaceable treasure.
    Adell: I never expected to hear a demon utter those words. And you say I'm 
    [Fade out.]
    [------------- AREA: DALLOS RIVER -- BATTLE: LIFE EXCHANGE [CM422] -----------]
    [Adell and co. continue the search for Taro and Hanako along the blood red
    Adell: Hah, they aren't here either...
    Rozalin: ......
    Tink: What is it, Princess?
    Rozalin: (Can you go ask Adell... About his real parents?)
    Tink: (Why must you put me on such a dangerous mission when you could ask him
    Rozalin: (It is a hard thing to ask. He did say that his real parents abandoned
    Tink: (If it is so hard to ask him, what makes you think it would be better 
    coming from me?)
    Rozalin: (Very well. I won't ask you to do anything you don't want to do. So, I
    order you to ask him.)
    Tink: (...OK, I will do it. How hard can it be to ask?)
    [Tink hovers over to Adell.]
    Tink: Monsieur Adell <3 Can you tell me anyzing more about your heartless 
    parents who abandoned you?
    [Rozalin looks aggrivated.]
    Rozalin: (Tink... I'll kill you.)
    [Adell looks momentarily nonplussed.]
    Adell: What!? That was sudden!
    Tink: Oh, but, I am curious, eh... Please, tell me.
    Adell: Psh... Well, I don't really know much myself. I was too young to 
    remember them. All I know is, they were close friends with Mom and Dad and they 
    left me with them when I was 2 years old. All they left for me was a letter 
    that said, "We will return as soon as we have fufilled our duty." I believed 
    that letter when I was a kid. I hoped for the day that they would return. But, 
    they never kept their promise. My parents were cowardly liars. When I realized 
    that, I decided to always keep my promises and to never lie.
    [Tink throws a quick look over at Rozalin, then turns back to Adell.]
    Tink: Ah, so zat is ze reason you are so stubborn about keeping your promises.
    Rozalin: ...... (Parents who abandon their children... I wonder if they 
    intended to abandon him.)
    [A SQUAWK from off screen lets the group know a battle is about to commence.]
    [After, Adell and co. are still moping around about his parents.]
    Rozalin: Adell... About your real parents... Do you think it is possible that
    they were unable to return because of my father's curse?
    Adell: ......
    Tink: Ah, yes. Perhaps ze curse stole zeir memories and conscience too, eh.
    Adell: They abandoned me just before Zenon's curse spread throughout the world.
    They abandoned me because their duty was more important to them than I was. It
    doesn't matter if it was the curse's fault that they haven't returned. They 
    chose to leave.
    Rozalin: ...A duty that is more important to their child. What could that be?
    Adell: I don't know. Mom and Dad don't seem to remember what it was, either. 
    ...Look, can we just stop talking about this? We should concentrate on finding
    Taro and Hanako.
    [Fade out.]
    [------------- AREA: DALLOS RIVER -- BATTLE: RED WATERFALL [CM423] -----------]
    [Scene opens on Axel and the kids, somewhere along the Dallos river.]
    Hanako: Hey Mr. Stupidhead! Where's our candy?
    Taro: Yeah. As children of this day and age, you should be happy that we let 
    you kidnap us for candy. So make with the goods!
    Axel: Noisy brats! Shut up before I really give you something to cry about! You 
    should be thrilled. I'm letting you share the stage with me, Axel the Dark Hero.
    Hanako: Why should we care about some has-been? You kidnapped us to trap Adell!
    Taro: Yeah. Did you really think it was smart to make him mad?
    Axel: Hahaha. Winning this fight doesn't make much difference to my [Secret
    Hanako: I bet it is just a stupid trap. If you came up with it, it must be
    Axel: Ouch! You brats are mean! I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget!
    You'll learn to fear Dark Heroes when you suffer so many ding-dong-ditches and
    prank phone calls, you'll never be able to sleep!
    Hanako: Ha! You don't scare me! My big brother is really strong. And you'll be
    sorry when he gets here! My big brother is going to defeat Overlord Zenon.
    Axel: Huh? He's gonna try to beat Overlord Zenon? Isn't that... kinda 
    Taro: I know what I'm gonna do, too. Overlord Zenon's daughter is gonna make me
    her servant.
    Hanako: Tardo! You really want to be Rozy's servant? That's stupid.
    Taro: Why is that stupid? Princess is amazing. And, sweet. And, pretty. And, 
    Axel: Stop! If you have to fight, I'll referee. But once you're done, you better
    both shut up! OK?
    Director: Oh Axel darling, sorry I'm late. I brought snacks for everybody.
    Hanako: Ahhh! Tardo, I call the Meatopia chocolate bar! It's my favorite! Gimme!
    Taro: That's not fair! That's my favorite, too!
    Axel: Shut up! If you both want it, physical violence is the only way to solve
    Hanako: Didya hear that, Tardo? You wanna fight me?
    Taro: No way. I can't beat you. You're too mean. Take the Meatopia chocolate 
    bar. Living with demons is tough...
    Hanako: Hehehe! Thank you, Tardo <3
    Axel: That's more like it! This is just like watching those old sibling rivalry
    films in high school. Ha ha ha ha ha!
    [Cut to Adell and co. on the riverbank.]
    Rozalin: ...Hmmm. I don't see them here, either. That Axel is a cur. When I 
    find him, I will make him truly suffer. Kidnapping young children is beyond
    outrageous. Such an indecency cannot be forgiven.
    Adell: Wait a minute. Why are you so angry? Isn't kidnapping kids as common a
    chore for demons as doing laundry?
    Tink: Let's just say ze princess has lived a very "sheltered" life, eh. Besides,
    she has never done laundry, eizer.
    Rozalin: You both have no clue what you're talking about. Taro and Hanako are 
    my servants. I cannot abide someone stealing them.
    Adell: When the hell did my brother and sister become your servants!? ...Ah, I
    guess you really are different from most other demons. I thought all demons 
    were the same, but I can see that's not true.
    [More squawking from offscreen signals another battle, this time against
    CATGIRLS! Go on, capture some of them. You know you wanna.]
    [Once the capturing/killing/molesting of innocent catgirls is over, the scene
    cuts back to Axel. He's on the phone to someone.]
    Axel: ...Uh, hello? Yeah, it's me. How is everyone doing? I just wanted to make
    sure you're all OK. It's not like I'm lonely or anything. Oh, and about that 
    money I'm sending home, there's a little problem with sending it now. I'm
    Axel: ...What!? It's me! Axel! Can't you tell from my voice? ...What!? No, I'm
    not dead! That was a mistake! It's all part of some conspiracy with the TV
    network!! I'm telling you the truth, Ma! Don't you trust me!?
    Axel: ...Fine. I'll be back on TV soon. Then you'll see that I'm still alive. 
    So, just keep watching TV, OK? Just wait and see, Ma! I'll be even more famous 
    when I return!!
    [He hangs up. Camera pans to the sky, then fades to black.]
    [------------- AREA: DALLOS RIVER -- BATTLE: DRAGON'S MOUTH [CM424] ----------]
    [The gang finally arrives as Axel's big stronghold/obvious trap.]
    Adell: Taro! Hanako!
    [Pan over to where Taro and Hanako are, in the middle of the map.]
    Hanako: Yeah! It's Adell! Yippie!
    Taro: Oh, Princess! You came to rescue me!
    [Pan back to the group, revealing Axel, the Director, and Camera Ghoul nearby.]
    Axel: Hahaha! Welcome to my new show! I admire your courage for coming here,
    Suckers. You had to know this was a trap! So, if you want the brats unharmed,
    just hand the princess over to me! Oh, and then you have to let me beat you up!
    Adell: Ha, what's your scheme?
    Axel: You're the one with the scheme! I see how you're plotting to use the
    princess as a hostage so you can defeat Overlord Zenon! But, I will put an end
    to your plans! Once I've rescued the Overlord's daughter, I'll be back in the
    spotlight!! The entire universe will witness my victory! It'll spark my 
    glorious comeback! So, ready to fight fair? But, remember, I won't be 
    responsible for what happens to those brats if you don't let me beat you up!!
    Adell: ...Then how the hell is this a fair fight?
    Tink: What if we refuse huh? What if we zrow you out like garbage in front of 
    the entire universe? How will you come back from zat?
    Axel: Haha! That's what my secret plan is for! Even if I lose, I can use the
    latest special effect technology to edit the footage! No matter how badly I 
    lose, or how much i beg for my life, I can fix it all in post! I'll have the 
    greatest victory scene ever!! Hmhmhmhm! Whattaya know? My cunning trap had such 
    a great twist that you're all lost for words!!
    Adell: ...No, we just don't want to waste our breath.
    Rozalin: I shall grant you no mercy! Kidnapping innocent children just to get
    attention is unforgivable!! I shall cleanse the world of you myself!!
    Axel: Huh? Why are you so angry? I'm trying to rescue you, you know?
    Rozalin: Fool! I do not need to be rescued! I am here of my own free will! I am
    no one's hostage!
    Axel: What the hell!? Aren't princesses supposed to wait for their knight in
    shining armor to rescue them whenever they get captured?
    Rozalin: You idiot! That only happens in your feeble imagination!
    Axel: Then, what are we gonna do for my show!?
    Tink: Zere has been a change of plans. How does [Series Finale! Axel Dies 
    Wrizing in Pain!] sound to you? Oh ho ho ho!
    Axel: But, that's not how I want my series to end! Can't I at least have a 
    happy ending!?
    Adell: Sorry, we're all outta happy endings today! We only have ones that end
    with horrible beatings!! Just remember, every punch is for Taro and Hanako!
    [Battle begins... battle ends.]
    [Afterwards, Axel is once again in a painful heap, face down on the ground.
    Hanako steps away from the Director and approaches Axel, who manages to get 
    back to his feet.]
    Axel: H, hey, I get it now...! The princess was brainwashed by a secret
    society...! And only I can free her from the vicious tigress they turned her
    Adell: Are you still making stuff up...? Get over it already.
    Axel: Hmhmhm, you can't fool me... You probably used some futuristic device on
    her, like when you mutilate cattle...
    [Hanako walks over and gives Axel a swift kick in the bottom.]
    Hanako: Stop it, Mr. Stupidhead! Adell didn't do anything like that!! Adell
    fights fairly! He doesn't use stupid tricks like you! Emm!
    [She sticks her tongue out at him. Taro walks over to a cliff up near the
    Taro: Stop it, Hanako! What if you slip and fall in the river?
    [And then Taro slips and falls in the river.]
    Taro: Uhh! Waaaahhhh!
    [The group watches Taro float by and over the waterfall.]
    Adell: No!
    Axel: What have I done...?
    [Fade out.]
    [---------------- Episode Four Epilogue (LANDSHARK!!) [CM430] ----------------]
    [Back to the newsdesk.]
    Usagi-san: It's time for the news. Today, we're focusing on the latest
    netherworld hot spot, the countryside world, Veldime.
    [The screen behind them displays the Dollar River, with the group still on the
    Usagi-san: The land is rich with nature's beauty. Among the attractions is the
    [Dallos River], which flows throughout the major continent. We go there live 
    via satellite with our field reporter Sammy!
    [Cut to a stuffed shark with his mouth stitched-closed, reporting from the same
    area of the Dallos river.]
    Sammy: This is Sammy reporting live from Veldime. Although the river looks calm,
    the currents are fast. Children can easily be swept away.
    [Behind him, Hanako walks over and boots Axel in the ass.]
    Sammy: From my location, the river flows into the [Cavern of Evil], a dangerous
    cave from which no one has ever returned alive.
    [Behind him, Hanako sticks her tongue out at Axel. Taro walks over to the cliff
    Sammy: Watching people drown in the river is the most fun you can find for free
    in Veldime.
    [Taro falls off the cliff.]
    Taro: Waaaahhhh!
    [The gang watches him get swept down the river.]
    Sammy: That's all from Veldime, back to you in the studio.
    [Cut back to the newsdesk.]
    Usagi-san: Thanks, Sammy. For a second there, I thought I saw Axel in the
    background. But he was savagely murdered by tribesmen... It must have been an
    impersonator. Puh. Axel impersonators... the universe is going to hell. Hahaha.
    Pleinair: ......
    Usagi-san: Stay tuned for the ever popular [Decapitating Fortune Telling] with
    Pram the Oracle, right after this commercial break. This broadcast was delayed 
    by 40 minutes due to the Netherworld Baseball Classic game going into extra 
    innings. A baseball game!!
    [Fade out. Fade back in on a cheap, cramped looking home, full of children.]
    Little Kid: Wasn't that big brother? He's still alive!
    Axel's Mom: Don't be foolish now... You know Axel is dead... They even said so
    on the news... And that prank call we got earlier... Where do people get it in
    their heads to further depress a mother who lost her son?
    Little Kid: But... That really looked like big brother.
    [Fade out. End Episode 4.]
    [-------------------- Episode Five - The Promise [CM500] ---------------------]
    [For the third time in as many scenes, Taro tumbles off the cliff and into the
    Dallos River.]
    Taro: Waaaahhhh!
    [He tries to paddle against the current, but fails, and gets swept away. For 
    the third time in as many scenes, the group watches him depart with mild
    Adell: No!
    Axel: What have I done...?
    Hanako: That's too bad. The river flows right into the [Cavern of Evil]. If he
    falls in there, we'll never see Taro again. Someone do something.
    Tink: Come to zink of it, he was a nice kid. May his soul rest in peace...
    Rozalin: Idiot! Taro is my servant! I won't lose a servant to this stupid river!
    Adell: Fine, pretend he's your servant if it helps, but we have to save him now!
    Let's go!
    [Hanako jumps for joy.]
    Hanako: Adell, wait! I'm going with you!
    Adell: No! Wait right here! We might have to go into the cavern to save him!
    Hanako: Then you'll need me even more! I'll show you how useful I am!
    Rozalin: Adell! There's no time to argue! Didn't you say we have to save him
    Adell: ...O, OK. Fine! But, you better listen to me! OK, Hanako?
    Hanako: OK <3
    NOTICE: [Hanako] has forced her way into your group!
    [Adell, Rozalin, and Tink take off down the riverbank.]
    Hanako: (Hehehe. Thanks to Tardo's clumsiness, I got to join Adell's group! Now
    I'll always be at Adell's side <3 Thank you, Taro. I owe you big.)
    Adell: What are you waiting for, Hanako!?
    [Hanako rushes off after them, leaving a petrified Axel behind.]
    Axel: Th, this wasn't s'posed to happen... I, I just wanted to...
    [Back in Holt Village, Adell's Dad and Mom are fretting over their children's
    Dad: Dear God... Please protect Taro and Hanako.
    Mom: Why is a demon praying to God? Besides, Adell is there to protect them.
    Dad: I guess you're right, honey. Adell can protect them.
    Mom: While you were out praying, have you remembered anything about Adell's
    Dad: Umm... No, I don't remember anything about them.
    Mom: Hmm, me neither. But, I do vaguely remember their faces...
    [--------- Holt Village (aka Hanako Begins Her Life of Crime) [CM510] --------]
    [Despite the game taking you to the Battle Select screen following the prologue,
    the player can return to Holt Village anytime. Doing so features the following
    Dad: Oh, Hanako. I'm so glad you're okay.
    Hanako: Hahaha!
    Dad: ...Hm? What happened to Taro?
    Hanako: He got washed away by the river and drowned.
    Dad: Wh, wh, what!?
    Mom: Taro drowned in the river? He's so clumsy. I wonder where he gets that
    Hanako: Probably from Dad...
    Adell: You guys, Taro's in the middle of drowning. Shouldn't you be more 
    Hanako: You say that, but you're resting too?
    Piggolo: Felonies are medals of honor to a demon. Being a felon is just plain
    Hanako: Oh. OK! I'll do my best!
    Adell: Please don't. I don't want my sister to be a criminal.
    Hanako: Aww, Adell, you're no fun.
    Bridget: I saw you on the news. You're lucky... I want to be on TV.
    Solei: Oh, Hanako How are you?
    Hanako: Oh, I'm doing great! But you see, Taro is kinda dying so we're in a
    little trouble. Hehehe.
    Moocho: Hey hey, listen. There's going to be a battle arena in this area soon. 
    I'm gonna get some friends and join it too. My goal is victory!
    Rozalin: Hmm... A battle arena...
    Caine: As you carry more crimes (felony), you can become big-named, in many
    Rozalin: W, what is that suggestive remark? Does having a felony invoke a
    mechanism of some sort?
    James: I can't find a big enough flower for me, so I'm having trouble finding
    Hanako: Can't you use an Aruaune?
    James: Umm, that's just wrong...
    Mario Boy: Only fools judge people by their looks and job types. Don't look at 
    me with those biased eyes just because I'm a demon.
    Adell: ......
    Zommie III: Do you brush your teeth? I brush my teeth everyday, morning, noon,
    and night, so I'm healthy.
    Adell: ...You're healthy?
    Amos: When you continue to use a certain item, an innocent called [~(character)
    Lover] is born. Mainly, its effect strengthens the ability and overall stat
    increases of the character.
    Adell: I see... so good things happen when you continue to use the same item.
    [--------- Cavern of Evil (and Taro May or May Not Be Dead) [CM520] ----------]
    [Scene opens to show Overlord Zenon and his masked footsoldiers again.]
    Masked Man: ...Overlord Zenon. Preparations for the Demon Lord are nearly
    Overlord Zenon: Hmmmm... I shall leave that to you... More importantly, have you
    found the princess yet...?
    Masked Man: ...Well, sir... We are about to conduct the [Ritual of Foresight].
    ...But, because of the secrecy of the mission, we can't use our servants, so...
    Overlord Zenon: I won't except any excuses. Find the princess immediately... 
    The most beautiful flowers grow delicately in a garden. Once exposed to the
    wilderness, even the most beautiful bloom is tarnished.
    Masked Man: ...As you wish, my master...
    [End scene.]
    [---------- AREA: CAVERN OF EVIL -- BATTLE: GLUTTON'S HIDEOUT [CM521] --------]
    [Open to a scene of the Cavern with Rozalin.]
    Rozalin: This is the [Cavern of Evil]...? I heard the rumors, but this place is
    Adell: Taro is in here, somewhere...
    Tink: Oohlala! My tummy aches. Can I go home now? I have to use ze restroom, as
    well. Have you seen ze little froggy's room?
    Hanako: C'mon, let's go already! Even if Tardo didn't drown, we'll have to save
    him before a monster eats him.
    Adell: Y, yeah, you're right! Let's go in!
    [Battle begins, with some of the best background music in the whole game. Plus,
    first battle against Succubi means extra awesome.]
    [Following the battle, the group gathers to plot their next move.]
    Adell: Now I know why they call this cavern evil. The monsters around here are
    really strong.
    Rozalin: Is that joy I sense in you? You love the thrill of battle, don't you?
    You... battle... maniac...
    Adell: Me!? I told you. I'm only fighting to save my family!
    Tink: Zen you must be a family maniac. All we ever hear is family zis and 
    family zat.
    Hanako: Shut up! Adell is gonna fight the Overlord so we can become human. Most
    brothers just pick on you.
    Rozalin: Hmhmhm. So Hanako, you take much pride in Adell being your big brother.
    (Family... Does Father think of me as family? How can I think of such 
    blasphemy!? After all, it was Father who gave me such a lavish and tender life 
    until now! To doubt such a thing...! Oh, Father... please forgive me...)
    [---------- AREA: CAVERN OF EVIL -- BATTLE: ETERNAL OBLIVION [CM522] ---------]
    [Open on Axel and the Director on the riverbank.]
    Director: Come on, Axel darling. Let's go, eh. We had a bad shoot today. Let's 
    try it again some other day. There are other ways for us to show the universe
    that we're still alive. You can't give up now.
    Axel: ...... ...What can I do? What is a Dark Hero to do now?
    Director: Axel darling...
    Axel: Stage performances, tricks it's all part of my act. I'll do whatever it
    takes to let my fans know I'm still alive. But, I never meant to hurt those
    Director: Ehh, that's the risk you take when you take people hostage.
    Axel: What I do and what my character does are completely different! Look, I
    gotta go!
    Director: Wha, what, go! Haha, where are you going?
    Axel: I'm gonna find myself! I hafta go! Taxi!!
    [A taxi pulls up from out of nowhere. Axel gets in, and speeds off, leaving the
    Director in the dust.]
    [Back in the Cavern, Adell and co. are still wandering about aimlessly.]
    Adell: Huh...!?
    Hanako: What's wrong, Adell?
    Adell: I just had a weird chill run down my spine. I've got a bad feeling...
    [Grunt from off camera. Another battle begins.]
    [Following the bout, the group is standing around when a mysterious 
    teleportation emblem appears behind them, complete with expensive looking 
    lightning bolts. In the middle of the emblem appears one of Overlord Zenon's 
    masked flunkies, catching the group completely by surprise.]
    Masked Woman: ......
    Adell: Who's that...!? A new enemy!?
    Masked Woman: ...There is no need to be afraid...
    Adell: What...!?
    Masked Woman: ...Princess. I have come for you...
    Rozalin: Hmm? are you my father's servant?
    Masked Woman: ...I carry Overlord Zenon's orders. You must return to your
    Rozalin: If I knew where it was, I would have done so already. Besides, I no
    longer wish to return there just yet. Please take me to my father instead.
    Masked Woman: ...That is not my concern. Overlord Zenon has ordered me to
    return you to your mansion, Princess...
    Rozalin: What...? What did you just say!? My father doesn't want to meet me!? 
    This cannot be true!! My father loves me! You are lying...!!
    Masked Woman: ......
    Rozalin: My father... My father does not wish to see me?
    Masked Woman: ...If he desired to see you, he would have come to visit you
    Rozalin: But why...? Why doesn't my father wish to meet me...?
    Adell: Hmph... We don't need her help. If he doesn't want to come to you, we'll
    just have to go to him.
    Rozalin: Adell...
    Adell: Look, I promised to take you back to your father, didn't I?
    Rozalin: Don't act like everything is fine! This is all your fault for not 
    taking me back sooner!!
    Adell: How did this all become my fault?
    Masked Woman: ...Are you the human who summoned the princess? If you interfere,
    you will be harmed.
    Adell: Heh. Well said. We're trying to save my brother's life. So, I'll offer 
    you the same terms. Until my brother's safe, I won't let anything stand in my
    Masked Woman: ...Even if it costs you your life...?
    [Adell approaches the masked woman and does one of those heroic poses he's so 
    well known for.]
    Adell: Yeah! Even if it costs me my life!!
    Masked Woman: ...You are a reckless young man... ...It has been a long time 
    since I have felt such strong human emotions... ...Very well. Your combined
    determination has swayed my judgment. I shall let you go...
    Rozalin: R, really...? So, I do not have to return to my mansion?
    Masked Woman: ...I did not find anyone. That is all I can report...
    Rozalin: I'm sorry. The one who is in need of saving is very important to me, 
    too. Please forgive me.
    Masked Woman: ...Princess. Many vicious beasts dwell in this area. ...If they
    confront you, it may be wise to use this...
    [The masked woman hands Adell a purple FLUTE.]
    Adell: A flute...?
    Masked Woman: It is a magic summoning flute. It will allow you to control
    monsters with low intelligences...
    Adell: You're Zenon's servant, right? Why are you helping us?
    Masked Woman: ...I do not know. I am compelled to do so...
    [The woman disappears in a puff of black smoke.]
    Rozalin: My father is searching for me... But, he will not see me himself. Why 
    is that...?
    Adell: Hey... Weren't you just begging to be taken to see your father? But, you
    stayed to help Taro...
    Rozalin: Are you surprised!? Taro's life is in danger now!! Of course he takes
    priority!! You must survive, Taro! At least until we arrive to rescue you!!
    [Rozalin descends the hill alone. Once she's gone, the camera pans back to the
    Tink: Oh ho. She is trying very hard. But, I know she has suffered a great 
    Hanako: Rozy is stubborn when she wants to be. It's so cute <3
    Adell: She...
    [Fade out.]
    [---------- AREA: CAVERN OF EVIL -- BATTLE: SHRIEK OF DEATH [CM523] ----------]
    [Scene opens to find Axel having saved Taro.]
    Axel: Whew... That was a close one, kid. If I didn't take that taxi, you'da
    drowned for sure.
    Taro: Uh, uhhhn...
    Axel: Hey, wake up. If you fall asleep in this place, the monsters'll eat--
    Taro: H, help me...
    Axel: I'm sorry, kid. I'm sorry you got hurt like this. Here's the bill for the 
    taxi, kid. When you get home, tell your parents I said, "Thanks."
    Axel: Wh, what was that sound...? It wasn't your stomach growling, was it? Is it
    my turn to be scared? Heh heh, no way...
    [The screen fades to black...]
    Axel: Yaaaaaahhhhhhh!? Oh, I'm in deep, deeeeeep trouble!!
    [The screen returns to normal, finding Adell and the Adellycats stumbling upon 
    Axel atop a pillar, surrounded by a ravenous pack of Cu Siths. Tink flips out 
    and turns red.]
    Tink: Oh ho ho!! Zat is a lot of monsters!!
    Adell: Axel? What are you doing here?
    Axel: I, I, I was, uh, just passing by! You know, out on a stroll. Then these
    monsters came out!! I think they're my fans! You know, they just all NEED my
    autograph! Yeah!
    Rozalin: It appears you have whipped your fans into a frenzy. As if, they are 
    on the verge of biting.
    Hanako: Hey, have you seen Taro?
    Axel: Oh, that kid? Yeah, he-he ran deeper into the cave! But, he isn't dead
    Adell: Axel. Did you...
    Tink: Ah, Adell!! Are zose not ze monsters zat ze masked lady told us about!? 
    Play ze flute! Hurry! Hurry!
    Adell: Oh, OK!!
    [Adell attemps to play the flute, but nothing happens.]
    Adell: ...Um, how doy ou play this thing? I've never played a flute before.
    Tink: Sacre bleu!! Zen don't pretend like you can!! Give it to me!! Here,
    [Tink snatches the flute from Adell and hands it to Rozalin.]
    Rozalin: Huh? I have never played a flute before, either. But, being a true 
    lady, I have read all about it. Leave this to me.
    [Rozalin attempts to play the flute, but nothing happens.]
    Hanako: W, what's wrong, Rozy?
    Rozalin: Now that I think about it, didn't Adell put the flute to his mouth...?
    Hanako: You're right. It'll count as an indirect kiss!
    [Rozalin freaks and HURLS the flute away... which impales Tink's FACE.]
    Rozalin: I, I cannot play this dirty flute!!
    [While Tink's life flashes before his... eye... the battle begins.]
    [Following the battle (in which Axel actually "helps"), the group (and Axel)
    Axel: Heh heh heh heh heh...! Did you see how gracefully I fought!? Too bad 
    there wasn't a camera around...
    Adell: ...I don't think these were the monsters that masked lady was talking
    about. These guys were too easy.
    Rozalin: Then, we cannot celebrate yet. There is no time to lose. We must 
    rescue Taro.
    Adell: You're really anxious about this.
    Rozalin: Why shouldn't I be? I am not so foolish as to abandon a servant in
    Axel: Uh, um, Princess? Are you sure you're acting of your own free will?
    Rozalin: Hmm? Didn't I tell you earlier? I was not taken hostage, nor have I 
    been brainwashed.
    Axel: But, those kids were saying that he wants to defeat Overlord Zenon! So, 
    why are you helping him?
    Rozalin: W, well, you see...
    Axel: Can this be!? You're-you're leading a rebellion!? Overlord Zenon's own
    daughter is out to wrest control in a royal family feud? When the viewers get
    wind of this, it'll cause a huge uproar!! With this kind of news, they'll have 
    to put me on the air to report it!! Lucky lucky me (musical note)
    Rozalin: R, rebel against my father...? No! You are wrong!!
    Tink: Aha. But, Princess... When uhzer people see ze situation, it does look 
    like you are. Just because you are travelling with someone who is out ot defeat 
    ze Overlord.
    Rozalin: Tink...? Were you aware of this from the very beginning?
    Tink: Why, yes. How could you possibly not have seen it, Princess? It is quite 
    an obvious assumption, eh.
    Rozalin: You fool!! It is the duty of a servant to advise his master on matters
    like this!!
    [Rozalin SHOOTS Tink several times!]
    Hanako: Hey! Aren't you forgetting about Taro? He could've been eaten by 
    monsters already.
    Rozalin: Y, you're right! We must focus our attention on rescuing Taro!
    Adell: It shouldn't have come to this... This is all because we summoned you.
    Rozalin: Silence! That kind of thinking won't help any of us right now. We 
    should concentrate on rescuing your brother!
    Adell: ...You're right, let's go!!
    [The group leaves. Axel (and Tink's corpse?) stay behind.]
    Axel: Uh, uhh...! Damn, this is bad! Axel the Dark Hero wants to join the fight,
    but Survival Axel wants to get the news out right away!! Nyeeee...!! Tell me,
    Dark Sun! What should I dooooooooo!?
    [Fade to black.]
    [------------- AREA: CAVERN OF EVIL -- BATTLE: DARK RUINS [CM524] ------------]
    [The group walks alone a fallen pillar (or something) when they finally spot 
    Taro at the other end, surrounded by Cu Siths.]
    Taro: A, Adell! Help me!
    Adell: Hold on! Here I come!
    Taro: Hurry up! They're gonna eat me!
    Rozalin: Do not worry, Taro. You are safe, now that I am here. Taro, will you 
    be brave for me? You shall make a fine servant for me someday. There is nothing 
    for you to fear.
    Taro: Yes Princess!
    Hanako: ...Tardo... You're already Rozy's slave...
    [LASERBLASTS from offscreen get the group's attention. A MAMMOTH RIFLE DEMON 
    appears and SLAYS the Cu Siths! Tink, predictably, panics and goes red.]
    Tink: Yaaaahahahaha! I surrender!!
    Adell: That big guy must be the monster that masked lady was telling us about. 
    ...It sure looks tough.
    Tink: it is not just anuhzer cute little monster! It is like a Demon Lord
    itself!! Play ze flute! Play ze flute! Since Adell and ze princess won't play 
    it, Hanako, can you play ze flute!?
    Hanako: I don't know how to play it! What about you?
    Tink: Ze only flute I've played was ze one I stole from ze girl I liked in
    school!! Is zere somezing wrong with zat!?
    Hanako: ... ...You're horrible.
    Tink: Shut up! Until a girl puts her lips on zis, zis stupid flute is useless!
    [Tink HURLS the flute away. The Rifle Demon approaches.]
    Adell: I wasn't planning to use that flute anyway! Even if it is as strong as a
    Demon Lord, I'm still gonna take it down, fair and square!!
    Rozalin: Hmph... Your mood always improves before a fight. You must really 
    enjoy it...
    Adell: I already told you, it's not like that!
    [Somebody offscreen begins playing the flute.]
    Rozalin: Is that a flute...?
    Hanako: Hey, who's playing that?
    Taro: Over there!!
    [The group looks. Pan over to reveal Axel, standing on a huge tree stump, 
    playing the flute.]
    Adell: Axel!?
    Axel: Hehehe... Surprised? It's no big deal for the Dark Hero to laugh, boast 
    and play the flute at the same time!
    Adell: Heh, that's not why we're surprised... What're you...?
    Axel: Heh... There's plenty of time for autographs later.
    [The Rifle Demon, hearing the flute, suddenly turns and leaves.]
    Axel: I've done all I can. The rest is up to you. Gotta run, my fans are 
    waiting. Hahaha! Now you owe me. Just pay me back 100 fold later.
    [Axel takes off.]
    Adell: What the hell was he thinking?
    Rozalin: Hmmm. Maybe that was his way of taking responsibility for himself.
    Adell: ...Maybe. Though he did just run off with our flute.
    [Taro, still hounded by two Cu Siths, sweatdrops.]
    Taro: Uhm, did you forget about me? Heh, I wanna be rescued now...
    Adell: ...Oh yeah! Sorry Taro! We forgot you were there!!
    [And FINALLY the group launches a rescue effort.]
    [Following the "rescue"...]
    Taro: Adell!! It took you forever, but thank you Adell.
    Adell: I'm just glad you're safe. Sorry we took so long.
    [Taro looks over at Rozalin.]
    Taro: ......
    Rozalin: ? W, what is it? What's wrong Taro?
    Taro: Thank you for rescuing me, Princess. I pledge my life to serve you.
    Rozalin: Taro, you...
    Taro: You really came... I didn't think you were gonna come to rescue me. I...
    I... Please let me be your servant, Princess! I'll do my best!
    Rozalin: ... ...If that is your wish. Taro, I officially accept you as my
    Taro: Th, thank you, Princess!
    Notice: Taro's title is now [Rozalin's Servant]! Rozalin's servant [Taro] has
    joined the group!
    Hanako: Is that OK, Adell? Is Tardo allowed to be a demon's servant?
    Adell: ...Well, he is a man, now. And when a man makes a serious decision like
    that, it's hard to change his mind. Besides, even if she is a demon, I doubt
    he'll get in much trouble being her servant.
    Hanako: Hmmm. So you like Rozy now? I thought you didn't like girls or demons.
    Adell: Ah, she's OK. She's different from any girl or demon I've met before. 
    ...Thank you. Withour your help, I wouldn't have been able to save my little 
    bro. ...I really appreciate it.
    Rozalin: I chose to help, and not for appreciation. Besides, we have more
    pressing matters to attend to. Namely, Axel. If he reports that erronious
    propoganda, people may believe that I am betraying my father. If that happens...
    Adell: I'm sorry. This is all my fault. Summoning you, this crap with Axel,
    everything... If your beloved father is tricked into believing you're betraying
    him, then...
    Rozalin: Adell... Keep your chin up, Adell. I have not been branded a traitor
    yet. And with Axel... It is very likely that the networks won't allow him to
    report anything at all.
    Adell: You're right... Even so, I'm still not satisfied with myself.
    Rozalin: Then you must keep your promise to return me to my father. That should
    life your spirits. What do you say? Will you keep your promise?
    Adell: O, of course! I will take you back to your father!
    Rozalin: Then, I shall hold you to your word. Please accept the fate of this
    world and its people. If you become a demon, I can speak to my father for you.
    That way, you won't have to die and leave your family with sorrow. Being a 
    demon isn't such a bad thing, is it?
    Adell: ...My goal is to defeat Zenon. But, if he decides to remove his curse 
    and return everyone to normal, then I won't have to fight him.
    Rozalin: Hmph...
    Adell: Heh...
    [Adell walks over to Rozalin, and extends his hand.]
    Adell: Do we have a deal?
    Rozalin: We have a deal.
    [Rozalin turns away, and crosses her arms.]
    Rozalin: But do not forget. You and I are enemies. For as long as you oppose my 
    [Fade out.]
    [----------- Episode Five Epilogue (So, NOT Mortal Kombat?) [CM530] ----------]
    [Cut to the newsdesk.]
    Usagi-san: It's 6 o'clock and time for the news. At noon today, we received an
    interesting report from our field reporter in Veldime, Sammy. It was announced
    today that Overlord Zenon will be sponsoring a battle arena at Veldime 
    Colosseum. This may be our first chance to confirm Overlord Zenon's true 
    [The screen displays a picture of a Mage Knight with a steel folding chair,
    beating on an insensate Prinny (who is also foaming at the beak) in the 
    Colosseum. The news title across the bottom reads: Top Story - Battle Tournament
    in Veldime!]
    Usagi-san: Great fighters can expect to be rewarded with fame, and may even test
    their skill ny challenging Overlord Zenon himself. At any rate, this new battle
    arena is sure to make Veldime even more popular.
    [Cut back to the desk.]
    Pleinair: ......
    Usagi-san: Coming up next, we have Pop Quiz Corner. Can they turn their lives
    around? See what happens.
    [The television switches off. Cut to Axel and the Director back in their 
    isolated mountain cabin.]
    Axel: Noooooooooo!!! I risked my life to get them that huge scoop, and they 
    didn't even run it!!
    Director: Those network execs... They're trying to completely ignore us. How 
    much can it possibly hurt them if the viewers found out we're still alive...?
    Axel: At this point, I'll do anything to prove we're still alive! Just watch 
    me!! The Dark Hero is about to make his grand return!!
    [Fade out. End Episode 5.]
    [---------------------- Episode Six - Coliseum [CM600] -----------------------]
    [Open inside Adell's home.]
    Taro: Mom.
    Hanako: Dad, we're home.
    Dad: Welcome home, Taro and Hanako. I'm glad you're both safe... Thank you,
    Adell. It's all thanks to you.
    Adell: No, not just me. It was thanks to everyone.
    Mom: Oh? Everyone, huh...? Looks like you all are good friends now.
    Adell: N, no! That's not it.
    Tink: Zere is no need to be embarrassed. Are we not one big happy family now?
    Mom: Oh, hohoho! Whatever the case may be, I'm just glad we won't have to throw
    out all these cooking ingredients now.
    Hanako: OK, Adell. As a reward, I'll cook you a feast.
    Taro: M, me too. I wanna make something for Princess.
    Rozalin: Hmmm. Then, I shall look forward to it. I am awfully hungry.
    Dad: ...Miss Rozalin. Thank you for rescuing our children. You have our deepest
    Rozalin: Hmmm. You have nothing to worry about. I only did what was right.
    Mom: Please relax and get some rest today. Make yourself at home.
    Rozalin: Y, yes. I shall.
    [Rozalin is left alone.]
    Rozalin: Family... What a wonderful feeling.
    [Scene ends.]
    [------------ Holt Village (aka Something Seems Amiss...) [CM610] ------------]
    [Due to Taro and Hanako now being part of your main party, there are no longer
    available to speak to in Holt Village. This actually started in the previous
    episode, but because Taro was not initially selectable, it didn't make sense to
    mention it until now. Everyone else (with the exception of Bridget, Moocho, and
    Mario Boy) can be spoken to normally.]
    Dad: Ah, I'm so glad Taro and Hanako are safe. Thank you Miss Rozalin.
    Rozalin: I, I only did what was right. There is no need to thank me.
    Mom: Oh, hohoho. Seems like you're doing well with Rozalin <3
    Adell: W, what do you mean!?
    Rozalin: Y, yeah! Adell and I are enemies!
    Piggolo: It's kind of funny, now that I think of it, that I am a ghost, even
    though I haven't died yet.
    Adell: Isn't it weird enough when humans start turning into demons...?
    Solei: There's nothing fun to do around here. What we really need is an event 
    that will shock the world...
    Caine: About the rumor of a battle arena being held at the ruin near town, is it
    James: There's no way of telling the difference between a butterfly and a moth. 
    I wonder which one I am?
    Taro: Does it matter?
    Zommie III: I wonder why Overlord Zenon came to this world? If it really was 
    Zenon, he could have taken over a bigger world... I wonder if there was a 
    reason why it had to be this world...
    Adell: Now that you mention it... There must be a good reason.
    Amos: This is weird. I can't contact any of the other Prinnies, dood. Where is
    everyone, dood?
    [---------- Battle Arena (and everything in-between, zam) [CM620] ------------]
    [Outside Holt Village once more.]
    Adell: OK... How do we search for Zenon now?
    Hanako: Why not go on TV and ask people to help? Be like, "Daddy, where are 
    Rozalin: No. If I were to do something so crass as that, my father would surely
    disown me. My father has always been concerned with my well being. That is why 
    my existence was a closely guarded secret.
    Taro: Huh? Princess. Where is Tink?
    Hanako: Maybe he's still asleep. He is a frog. Maybe he needs to hibernate.
    "Uhm, excuse me."
    Adell: Huh? Wh, who are you?
    [YUKIMARU makes her first appearance in the game, sliding up next to Adell.]
    Yukimaru: You can call me [Yukimaru]. Excuse me, but would you happen to know
    where the Colosseum is, zam?
    Adell: Colosseum...? Never heard of it.
    Hanako: Hey, Tardo. Do you think the Colosseum is that ancient building?
    Taro: Yeah, maybe. It probably is that building.
    Yukimaru: So child, do you know where it is, zam? Can you tell me how to get
    there, please?
    Hanako: Sure. I think it's through Gate [GZ256].
    Yukimaru: Uh huh. Gate [GZ256]. ...Got it, zam. Yaha, thanks for your help. I
    will repay your kindness.
    Adell: Huh? Sounds like getting there is really important to you.
    Yukimaru: Oh, it is. Overlord Zenon is going to sponsor a battle arena there, 
    Adell: Zenon's sponsoring a battle arena!?
    Yukimaru: Yes. To celebrate the first victory, the winner gets to, guess what,
    zam...! They get to meet Overlord Zenon!!
    Adell: Meet Zenon!!?
    Rozalin: Is that true!?
    Yukimaru: Absolutely! He's supposed to be the strongest in the universe.
    Adell: ...This couldn't be more perfect. In fact, it sounds too good to be true.
    Hanako: Who cares? We know how to find him now.
    Rozalin: Are you entering this battle?
    Yukimaru: Yes. To fufill my duties as a ninja, I must enter this battle arena,
    Hanako: And is saying "zam" part of the duty of a ninja, too?
    Yukimaru: A ninja's chi comes from the heart, za. So, young ninjas like me have
    to say zam to focus their chi into their heart... That's why I say "Zam," zam.
    Taro: Is that all it takes to be a ninja? So, I can be a ninja, too, zam?
    Yukimaru: Oh? You... 
    Rozalin: Wh, what is it? Is there something on my face?
    Yukimaru: That snowy glow in your eyes... Can it be that you're from the Snow
    Clan...? No, the only survivors from the Snow Clan were...
    Rozalin: What are you babbling about? I know nothing of this clan.
    Yukimaru: Hmmm. Is that so, zam? That glow in your eye is clearly that of the
    Snow Clan...
    Rozalin: it may be possible that my mother was a descendant of this clan of
    Yukimaru: Wow, zam. I'm very excited just thinking about meeting someone else
    from our clan, zam. After I have fufilled my duty, I hope I can talk to you 
    some more in private, zam. But, I have to go now. Bye bye!!
    [She leaves... zam.]
    Adell: ...I must be a freak magnet.
    Taro: Hey, Adell? What're we gonna do now?
    Adell: ...We're gonna enter this battle arena, too!
    Rozalin: That is the prudent course of action. Knowing that the prize is 
    meeting my father, we cannot simply sit and watch it.
    [Tink finally arrives.]
    Tink: My apologies. I was taking a long shower.
    Hanako: A shower...? What's the point of showering if you're a frog?
    Tink: Oh ho, even zough I look like zis, old habits, zey die hard. Oh ho ho ho!
    [Scene ends.]
    [The group appears outside the Veldime Colosseum.]
    Taro: Oh? Wow! They really cleaned this place up nice.
    Rozalin: My father can easily build an entire castle in a single night. This 
    does not surprise me at all.
    Adell: But, why'd he sponsor a battle arena...? I mean, what's the point?
    Rozalin: One such as you cannot hope to understand an Overlord's plan. It is
    pointless to even try.
    Hanako: Maybe he was bored...
    "Hi guys! Planning to join the competition?"
    [And the awesome quotient of this game just shot up by 5,000%!!]
    Adell: What...! Beauty Queen Etna!!
    Taro: She is Beauty Queen Etna? Really?
    Hanako: No way! Adell, you really lost to her?
    Etna: I never thought we'd meet again. Do you think this could be fate?
    Rozalin: Hmph. There is no such thing as fate. I still have not forgotten about
    that day.
    Etna: You serious? Ah, who'da thought you were the grudgy type? That was then.
    Why fight now? It's water under the bridge.
    Adell: Easy for you to say. ...So, why're you here? Don't tell me you're
    entering, too?
    Etna: Ah hahahahaha! You're hilarious. If I did, everyone will know who I 
    and there wouldn't be a competition.
    Adell: Then, why are you here?
    Etna: I signed the Prinnies up. When they win, they'll meet the Overlord, and
    then it's sayonara Zenon. It's the perfect plan.
    Pvt. Prinny: How's it going, dood? We're gonna do our best, dood.
    Adell: How can anything involving these guys be a perfect plan...? Just look at
    Etna: Yeah, you're right. Say, if you end up fighting against them, could you
    take a dive?
    Rozalin: You fool! Do you think I would lose to you on purpose, knowing that 
    you intend to harm my father!?
    Etna: Oh, come on. Can't you overlook such a minor detail just this once?
    Adell: "Minor detail?"
    Etna: Thanks, guys. I knew I could count on you.
    [Etna and the Prinny leaves... zam.]
    Adell: ...There she goes.
    Rozalin: A storm is coming this way...
    [Adell and co. enter the Colosseum... and, once again, they meet Axel.]
    Axel: Welcome to the Colosseum!! We've got fun'n'games!!
    Adell: Axel!? What are you doing here?
    Axel: Haahahaha! I am the MC and referee of the arena! In this Colosseum, I am
    Rozalin: Wh, what!?
    Axel: Overlord Zenon asked me, the crazy famous Dark Hero, to MC this event
    personally. It's so hard being popular...
    Adell: Zenon!? Personally!? ...That can't be right.
    Director: He got down on both knees and begged Zenon's publicist! He said he'd 
    do anything to get hired! With all the rumors from the TV networks saying we're
    dead, he's desperate to just get back on TV.
    [Axel lunges for the Director.]
    Axel: D----! Director! Why are you telling them!? We don't want to spoil 
    anyone's dreams of me with the dark side of Netherwood!
    Adell: Um, I doubt anyone dreamed about you before, either...
    Axel: What!? Have you forgotten who is the God of the Colosseum!? Are you ready
    to rock! Round 1, quick start!!
    [------------- AREA: BATTLE ARENA -- BATTLE: FIRST BATTLE [CM621] ------------]
    [The group (and Axel!) appear inside the arena proper.]
    Adell: W, w, Wait! Round 1 already!?
    Axel: Hahahaha! I told you! In this Colosseum, I am God!
    Taro: W, what do we do, Adell?
    Adell: Hmph... If registration is over, I think we're in luck. I don't wanna 
    jinx us, but we're gonna win.
    Rozalin: You look excited and happy. See, you are a battle maniac.
    Adell: Th, that's ridiculous! I'm just trying to keep my promise.
    Rozalin: Well, anyone can say they are going to do something, but doing it is
    another matter.
    Hanako: Adell! Someone's coming to fight us.
    [A group of warriors appear, including: 1 Ronin, 2 Lady Fighters, 2 Healer, 
    1 Skull, 1 Mage, and 2 Thieves.]
    Axel: Allow me to introduce your opponents for Round 1! The [Invincible Hero
    Hanako: Invincible? That sounds fake.
    Tink: Zey must be heroes from anuhzer world, here to defeat Lord Zenon.
    [The Ronin steps forward.]
    Undefeatedable: Ah, you are correct! We are the, em how you say, ah yes, 
    Invincible Hero Squad, here to destroy the merciless Zenon!!
    [The Ronin SPARKLES!]
    Undefeatedable: Look! We have full invincible equipment! Invincible sword, 
    invincible armor, even invincible shoes! How's that for invincible?
    [Adell sweatdrops.]
    Adell: Uhh, do you really expect us to answer that?
    Tink: Zey appear to be worzy foes, eh. Adell, how should we fight zem?
    Adell: It doesn't matter if they're invincible, or even heroes. I'm gonna beat
    'em fair and square.
    Taro: Adell. I think we need a better plan...
    Adell: A head-on assault should work just fine. OK. On the count of three...
    Rozalin: Hmph... battle maniac. What did your parents do to you?
    [Following the bout...]
    Adell: Hey, what gives. Those guys weren't invincible...
    Rozalin: They were weak. And their invincible equipment was useless.
    Undefeatedable: Ha ha ha ha ha! Eh, you seem to have, ah how do you say eh, ah
    yes, stood under the miss.
    Adell: What!? That doesn't even make any sense!
    [The Ronin FLEXES!]
    Undefeatedable: You see, this was our squad's... debut fight.
    [Adell sweatdrops.]
    Adell: Debut?
    Rozalin: ...I understand now. Since you have never lost a fight, you just 
    thought you were invincible.
    Adell: So, your name was just a bluff?
    Undefeatedable: I will never forget you! We shall tell great stories of the 
    only warriors to defeat us! ...Is it hot in here, or is it just me?
    Adell: Get outta here!
    [The Ronin leaves.]
    Adell: So, are these the kind of warriors who signed up for this...?
    [Fade out.]
    Masked Man: ...Overlord Zenon. The battle arena at the Veldime Colosseum is 
    going smoothly...
    Overlord Zenon: Hmmm...
    Masked Man: ...We have received word that those believed to be in league with 
    the Demon Lord were victorious in the first round...
    Overlord Zenon: Is that so...?
    Masked Man: ...It also appears there are a number of participants intent on
    taking your life...
    Overlord Zenon: Let them try... They will all die, anyway...
    Masked Man: ...As you wish, my master...
    [He fades away.]
    Overlord Zenon: Hmmhmhmhmhm...! Haahahahahahahaaa!
    [Fade out.]
    [---------------- AREA: BATTLE ARENA -- BETWEEN BATTLES [CM62B] --------------]
    [Following the first battle, Adell is sent to the lobby of the Colosseum, where
    he is greeted by a message from Axel.]
    Axel: Welcome to the Battle Arena waiting room. Participants may not leave until
    the competition is over. All facilities are ready for us, including: the
    hospital, shops, assembly, etc... When you are ready for the next round, talk 
    to the gate keeper. That's all to it!
    [There are new people to talk to here, and their conversations go like so:]
    [The group of Etna's slaves:]
    Manty: Dood. I can't keep up with Master Etna's impossible demands.
    Rozalin: You're having trouble too, huh.
    Drutch: Oh yeah, dood! We won the first round safely. We don't have to be
    punished by Master Etna.
    Golek: Our cutesy form! That's the Prinny Squad's strongest weapon, dood!
    Taro: What? A weird talking penguin?
    Hanako: Ew, that's kinda nasty.
    Golek: ...But, strongest weapon...dood?
    [A Felynn:]
    Kaleido: You guys look weak. If it's possible, I'd like to fight you.
    Tink: Well zen, I would love to take you on! Attack me savagely! Oh ho ho ho!
    [A magician:]
    Rose: There's a lot of warriors that are from worlds outisde of Veldime.
    Adell: It's exciting. I'm getting pumped!
    [A wanderer:]
    Taizo: We samurai are proud warriors with goals to master the way of the sword.
    In addition to attack power, we are calm enough to always aim for the deadly
    Tink: With boasting like zat, it doesn't sound you are a samurai yet, oh ho.
    Taizo: ...Die!
    Tink: Ahyah!? I was kidding, monsieur.
    [Two Heavy Knights guarding the exit:]
    Raininjan: What? You wanna see your mommy and daddy? You can't win this thing 
    with that kind of attitude!?
    Taro: I can't...?
    Rozalin: Taro, you're a big boy. Be patient until you reach your goal.
    Taro: ...Yes, Princess.
    Kajibilofski: You're participating in the battle arena too? You're a reckless
    Adell: Hmph, just you watch. I'll win this for sure.
    [A Gunner:]
    Hector: We [Gunners] are pros with guns. Our characteristics include high
    accuracy and speed. We rid enemies before they come close. Fist fighting is too
    up close and personal.
    Rozalin: I agree. Only fools fight with fists these days.
    Adell: What!? Fighting with your fists is only fair!
    [A Beast Tamer:]
    Pamela: We [Beast Tamers] are good at team attacks with monster type characters.
    Among human type characters, we're the only ones that can strengthen and use
    skills for monster type characters. Cool, huh?
    [A Cu Sith:]
    Sanchez: Woof woof! ...Waitaminute, I'm not a dog!
    Taro: Then you shouldn't bark.
    Sanchesz: ...I'll be the judge of that!
    [A Ghost:]
    Johnny: It's inevitable, but as you continue to fight, stronger and tougher
    enemies will rise against you. Just try not to lose your lives.
    [A Zombie:]
    Dutch Boy: You guys think we're small fries, huh? Yeah, you're right. We lost 
    in the first round...
    [A Fighter:]
    Lambda: I came to defeat Overlord Zenon! I will win and become the new Overlord!
    Adell: It seems like there's going to be a lot of participants after Zenon in
    this arena...
    [A Lady Fighter:]
    Laphine: If I win, I'm gonna leap to stardom! Becoming an idol is no longer just
    a dream!
    Hanako: Hey! I'm gonna be the idol here!
    Rozalin: What kind of competition are you two in?
    [A Petite Orc standing atop the big snake thing in the center of the colloseum:]
    Gonzales: Ahahahaha. Yay! This is so fun.
    [And here's a group of your old friends from Holt Village:]
    Bridget: Oh my, Adell, you're entering too? If you end up fighting us, please 
    be gentle. Hehe <3
    Moocho: Hey hey, listen. Today is the glorious debut battle of us, the 
    "Horuruto Village Warrior Squad". We'll fight to win, too! We're awesome!
    Mario Boy: Hey, Adell. When you get to us, play it easy alright?
    Adell: That's impossible. Playing easy just isn't my style.
    [------------- AREA: BATTLE ARENA -- BATTLE: SECOND BATTLE [CM622] -----------]
    [Axel is waiting for the group upon their return to the arena.]
    Axel: Hehehaha... There you are! You're pretty strong, so let's see how you do
    when you gotta use your brain! Your next opponent has devoted the whole 10,000
    years of his life to Geo Panels! He's a true artist in the field, Old Man Geo!!
    [A Geomancer walks out into the arena.]
    Old Man Geo: Heh heh heh heh heh... Hey, sonny. Do ya think ya c'n solve this
    difficult Geo Puzzle?
    [Old Man Geo (and tell me those initials aren't on purpose) raises his fist, 
    and turns the entire arena into a patchwork of geo panels.]
    Taro: Oh, wow. It looks hard.
    Tink: Heh as figured out Monsieur Adell's greatest weakness eh, his ability to
    Hanako: I hate puzzles. How are we supposed to solve this?
    Old Man Geo: Heh ha ha ha ha ha... I've studied Geo Panels in the Shinra Tower
    for over 10,000 years. Ho! Is this one too hard for you young'uns?
    [Adell takes a quick look around.]
    Adell: Tch... This one's too easy. The red Geo Symbol is the key. Once you find
    the key Geo Symbol, the rest of the puzzle falls into place.
    Old Man Geo: Ohh!? Ya solved it already!? Yer pretty good...!
    Rozalin: Hmmm...? I thought you were just a foolish brute who ran head-first 
    into battle. But, you are surprisingly adept as well, Adell.
    Adell: Never underestimate me. I just hate cheap tricks and dirty tactics. If I
    put my mind to it, I can solve these things pretty quick. Just because I like 
    to rush into things doesn't mean I can't think.
    [And the agonizing geo battle begins.]
    [Once you've blown 'em up good, Axel appears to try and have a conversation 
    with the kids, but all Taro and Hanako are interested in doing is sticking 
    their tongues out at him and running away. The camera pans over to Adell, 
    Rozalin, and Old Man Geo.]
    Adell: There you go. We solved it, Old Man Geo.
    Old Man Geo: Hoha heh heh heh heh... Impressive, young man. You solved a Geo
    Puzzle that I designed myself... I haven't seen talent like that since that
    Fubuki kid who lived at the Shinra Tower.
    Adell: Fubuki kid? Who's that?
    [Old Man Geo seems to ignore the question. A lightbulb goes off over his head.]
    Old Man Geo: Hoo heh heh! Meha! Watching you gave me a new idea. Take this as a
    reward, sonny.
    NOTICE: Adell got a [Remedy]!!
    Adell: What is this...?
    Old Man Geo: It's a special medicine I made from eleven secret herbs and spices
    which we keep hidden inside the Shinra Tower. It works wonders.
    Rozalin: Oh! Eleven. Here, let me keep this in case of an emergency.
    [Rozalin takes it from Adell before he even gets a chance to look at it good.]
    Adell: Hey, why do you get to keep it?
    Rozalin: If I let you hold it, you would probably just waste it on something
    Adell: Psh... Fine. But you better not waste it either.
    Old Man Geo: Huh, well, sonny, I had a great time. I hope we can match wits 
    again some day... I just have to live long enough. Ho ha heh heh heh...
    [Old Man Geo takes off. By the way, that's ridiculous, that's not even funny.]
    [Scene fades.]
    [Pick up somewhere else in the Colosseum.]
    Yukimaru: Oh, I met you earlier...
    Taro: Oh, you're that ninja girl. You like to say zam...
    Yukimaru: I'm Yukimaru, zam. You joined the battle arena, too, zam?
    Adell: Yeah, sorta. We just advanced to Round 3.
    Yukimaru: Congratulations, zam. Child, did you fight, too, zam?
    Hanako: Yes, azm. Did I do that right?
    Yukimaru: Yes, zam. As for me, both of my opponents were injured before the
    competition, so I advanced without fighting.
    Rozalin: Advanced without fighting? You must have great luck.
    Yukimaru: Yes. I sure was lucky, zam. I don't like fighting unless I have to,
    [Tink shows up, red, and screaming his head off.]
    Tink: Ahh, eh, ehhahehehahe...!
    Yukimaru: ...Hm? Why is this strange creature acting so funny, zam?
    Tink: P, P, Princess! It is her, zam! She is ze culprit who attacked ze palace,
    Rozalin: Why is everyone speaking like her now, zam?
    Tink: Never mind zat! I am telling you, she is ze one who turned me into zis
    Adell: Are you sure? Remember last time? You told us, "Demon Lord Etna did zis 
    to me!" But, you were wrong.
    Tink: Tis a pity you need to pick on poor old Tink to make you feel better...
    But, now zat you mention it, ze clothes do look ze same, but her face, oh, is
    much more beautiful! Ho ho hohoho <3
    Adell: See, you were wrong again! Why are you always making such a big fuss?
    Yukimaru: Oh, was your frog friend transformed by someone, zam...?
    Rozalin: Yes. He said it was done by someone wearing clothes similar to yours...
    Yukimaru: Someone who dresses like me, and can use the art of Henge... Could it
    Adell: What? Do you know something about it?
    Yukimaru: Oh, no. It's nothing. ...I, um, I have to get ready for my next match.
    Excuse me, zam.
    [She splits. The scene ends.]
    [------------- AREA: BATTLE ARENA -- BATTLE: THIRD BATTLE [CM623] ------------]
    [Axel greets the "heroes" in the arena once again.]
    Axel: Hehehaha! You still haven't begged for mercy. What a fool! You don't even
    know how dangerous your next opponent is, Adell!!
    Adell: ...Eh, I don't care who my next opponent is. I'm still gonna beat 'em.
    Axel: Oh, really!? I've studied your weaknesses! Welcome to Round 3, your own
    personal hell!!
    [Axel walk away, and from the other end of the arena comes a Succubi named
    ELENOR, a Felynn, and a Flora Beast.]
    Elenor: Hmhm... I finally found you, Adell.
    Adell: Elenor...!? What're you doing here!?
    Elenor: Foolish child. Did you really think you could run from me?
    Rozalin: Adell, do you know this woman?
    Adell: ......
    Hanako: I never heard the name Elenor before. Who is she, Adell?
    Taro: Maybe she's his ex-girlfriend...
    Tink: Oh ho ho ho! Adell, you sly devil.
    Adell: N, no! t's not like that! She's the reason I don't like girls!!
    Elenor: Ohhhhh, you might hurt my feelings. After all, you came to me.
    Adell: Stop trying to mislead everyone! I didn't have a choice...!
    Rozalin: What kind of relationship was it? It sounds like you two were more 
    than just friends.
    Adell: ...That's none of your business!
    [Rozalin steps back, then turns and crosses her arms.]
    Rozalin: Don't snap at me! I am a princess!!
    Elenor: You won't get away from me this time, Adell. As per the terms of our
    deal, your soul will belong to me.
    Adell: Not this time! I'm a lot stronger than I used to be! I'll make you pay 
    for the scars on my face!
    [Battle begins... And I didn't notice the scars till JUST now.]
    [Once Elenor and her female cronies are defeated...]
    Elenor: *cough* ...! Ugh, you have improved, Adell.
    Adell: I told you I'm a lot stronger! You can't beat me anymore!!
    Elenor: So it seems... But, what about our deal? Didn't you want to know
    something? If you sell me your soul, I'll tell you anything you wanna know...
    Adell: ...I don't even think about them anymore. Besides, selling my soul to a
    demon just isn't my style.
    Elenor: ...Oh? That's too bad. If you change your mind, my offer still stands.
    Just visit your friend Elenor. Until then, I'll suspend the deal...
    [Elenor floats outta there.]
    Rozalin: Adell... You wanted to know something, so you tried to make a deal 
    with her?
    Adell: ...I told you, it's none of your business.
    Rozalin: Hmph...! Fine then, be that way! I don't even care anymore!!
    [Rozalin runs off, followed by Tink.]
    Adell: ...Knowing them now won't change anything...
    [Fade to black.]
    [------------- AREA: BATTLE ARENA -- BATTLE: FOURTH BATTLE [CM624] -----------]
    [Adell and co. come stumbling into the arena, and are greeted by Axel and a 
    pack (a murder?) of Prinnies.]
    Adell: They're our opponents for Round 4...?
    [Rozalin looks around.]
    Rozalin: I don't see Etna anywhere, but I know she must be watching closely.
    [One of the Prinnies steps forward.]
    Prinny: Hey, dood. I'm sure Master Etna told you already, but you gotta make 
    this look good, dood. if they find out about the set-up, we'll be disqualified, 
    Rozalin: Set-up? What are you talking about?
    Adell: We're not planning to lose here.
    [The Prinnies are shocked.]
    Prinny: Dooooood!? That wasn't the plan, dood!
    Rozalin: You thought I would let you win, knowing that you oppose my father?
    Adell: First of all, throwing a fight is betraying the trust of the modern 
    sports gambler. Gambling fraud just isn't my style.
    [The Prinnies huddle.]
    Prinny: Th, this is bad, dood... If we fail, Master Etna will be waiting to
    punish us, dood.
    [The Prinnies turn back, then collectively pull their blades.]
    Prinny: Dood! We hafta win this fight on our own, dood!! Listen up! It's time 
    for our secret formation, dood!
    [The screen darkens, and action-y techno music begins to play. The Prinnies all
    fly up into the air, then drop back to the ground in a perfect triangular
    formation... accompanied by a bowling-ball-hitting-pins noise. Pyros and flashy
    stuff go off all over the Prinnies.]
    Prinny: We challenge you to bowling, dood!!
    Adell: Bowling, huh...? You do know that you're on the side that gets hurt by 
    the ball, right?
    Prinny: Seriously!? Dood!!
    Rozalin: It looks like you are just used to being on the losing side. It is so
    sad... The least I can do is let you die quickly... Let's go!!
    [Now, I've refrained from giving any sort of strategy ideas in this transcript,
    mainly because it *IS* a transcript and not a guide, and there are far better
    guides already up on Gamefaqs.com than I could ever produce... but, still, I
    can't help myself. For those of you who don't already know about it (and I'm 
    sure there aren't many), lemme give you a little "hint"... See the 12-Pounder 
    Prinny, right there in the front? Pick 'em up and throw 'em. You know where.]
    [The Dood abides, indeed.]
    [Following the, er... "battle"...]
    [The Prinnies are standing around, sweating buckets.]
    Prinny: Heh, this is bad, dood! We are so screwed! We better hide out at our
    secret base, dood! It beats whatever Master Etna's planning for us, dood!
    [The Prinnies scatter.]
    Axel: Ahh... you won again. You're almost Dark Hero material.
    Adell: Hmmm... If we lose, it'll only make you happy. So, we gotta win, no 
    matter what.
    Axel: Heh, today's competition is over. But tomorrow, you're gonna fight other
    groups that won all their fights, too. So unless you wanna embarrass yourself 
    in front of everyone, you better run home crying now and forget about tomorrow.
    Adell: Thanks for the advice, but unlike you, we're gonna win our fights!
    [Fade out.]
    [------- Episode Six Epilogue (Where Tink Gets His Ass Kicked) [CM630] -------]
    [Fade in elsewhere in the Colosseum.]
    Tink: Oh ho ho ho! I am relieved zat we have won all of our battles.
    Taro: at this rate, no one can stop us, Princess.
    Hanako: Mr. Stupidhead doesn't look happy at all.
    [Yukimaru suddenly pops in. And she's a little... er... "different."]
    Yukimaru: ......
    Adell: Oh? How'd you do? Did you get another win without having to fight?
    Yukimaru: Hmm... Friend?
    Hanako: What's wrong with your voice? Did you catch a cold, zam?
    Yukimaru: ...You must leave the battle arena.
    Adell: What?
    Yukimaru: We have a mission to accomplish. I won't allow you to interfere.
    Tink: What are you talking about? It is too early for you to be sleep talking.
    Yukimaru: You, the one from the other day... It appears you didn't get enough
    back there.
    Rozalin: What was that? what are you talking about?
    Yukimaru: Y, you...!? The same evil pulse I felt 15 years ago!!
    Rozalin: Hmm? Is there something wrong with me?
    Yukimaru: You...!? Can, can you be the Overlord's...!?
    Adell: We don't know what your deal is, but if it's a fight you're looking for,
    I'll fight you.
    Yukimaru: ...This is unexpected. I must retreat for now...
    ["Yukimaru" takes off.]
    Adell: What's wrong with her...?
    [Fade out.]
    [Cut to the newsdesk.]
    Usagi-san: It's 6 o'clock and time for the news.
    [A GIANT CREEPY TINK suddenly fills the screen.]
    Tink: Pop Quizzzzzzzzzzz! Ze mystery deepens when ze Colosseum episode 
    continues! Zis quiz is on ze new character, Yukimaru! Normal Yukimaru is 
    polite, zam! Ze uhzer Yukimaru is rude. Why are zere two?
    [Hanako rings in.]
    Hanako: Yukimaru is really a pair of twins!!
    Tink: Err!! Zat is incorrect! Sorry! Alzough twins are "in" at ze moment, zat 
    is not correct!
    [Taro rings in.]
    Taro: Yukimaru has a split personality?
    Tink: Err!! Zat is also incorrect! Sorry! Now, if only zere was a sexy
    step-muhzer or step-sister with a personality zat loved me, hmmm... Oh well, we
    will save ze correct answer for next time. I must warn you, it isn't so great...
    so don't expect too much!
    [Screen abruptly cuts to black.]
    Rozalin: Drak-Tink-Mahalaak!!
    [The screen flashes white, followed by SOUNDS OF AN INTENSE BEATING TAKING 
    Rozalin: My my, I look away for two seconds and this is what happens... Why must
    you be so much trouble...?
    [Cut back to the newsdesk. Usagi-san has half an ear missing.]
    Pleinair: ......
    Usagi-san: ...We're back? Are you serious? Oh, excuse me. We seem to be
    experiencing some technical difficulties. I would like to take a moment to
    apologize to all our viewers for any foul language or obscene images that were
    [Pleinair closes her eyes, and we fade to black, and end Episode 6.]
    [----------------- Episode Seven - Battle Tournament [CM700] -----------------]
    [Open inside the arena.]
    Adell: Alright, come on. We better go to bed early today so we'll be rested for
    Rozalin: Hmm... Good idea.
    Adell: What's wrong? Are you still thinking about that Yukimaru kid?
    Rozalin: No. It is more important than that...
    Adell: Don't worry. I'll keep my promise, no matter what. You will meet your
    Rozalin: Hmph... I won't be expecting much. But I do expect you to keep your
    Hanako: Hey, Adell. Do you know what's gonna happen when you get to meet 
    Overlord Zenon?
    Adell: Hmm, well...?
    Taro: Of course he knows. He's gonna fight him fair and square, and defeat him 
    so that we can turn into humans.
    Adell: Y, yeah, that's right.
    Hanako: I was born a demon, but I wonder what I'd look like as a human... I bet
    I'd look sexy, huh?
    Adell: (What do I do when I meet him... Guess I really won't know until it
    actually happens...)
    [Fade out.]
    [--------------- Battle Arena (Battle Preparation Time) [CM710] --------------]
    [A host of people to bother this time. They go like this:]
    Manty: You promised you'd lose to us. That's cold-blooded, dood.
    Adell: I never promised that!!
    Drutch: A dreadful punishment awaits those who lose in battle! That is the iron
    law laid upon us as servants to Master Etna!
    Golek: The Prinnies that lost to you went to hide at our secret base to protect
    themselves from Master Etna, dood. I think they said [Land of Carnage], dood.
    Kaleido: Aww! I lost!? This sucks! Grr! Now I'm upset! This is unforgiveable!
    How!? Why!?
    Rozalin: Simply put, you are just weak.
    Kaleido: Grraaah!!
    Rose: We lost in the 3rd round because we went with cheap equipment. For only 
    50 Hell more... Ah, it just makes me sad...
    Taro: She probably just works at a shop. Such devious commercialism.
    Taizo: It seems someone has desecrated the holiness of the fighting grounds...
    Raininjan: We are Overlord Zenon's servants, but we have never seen him, either.
    I guess that's how cautious he is.
    Adell: There must be a reason why such a coward would host a battle arena like
    Kajibilofski: Weaklings like you are still winning, huh. Are you seriously
    planning to win?
    Adell: Of course!!
    Hector: The merit of attacking from a distance is that we don't get counter
    attacked. If you attack from a distance in the back, you won't receive counter
    attacks, and efficiently cause damage to the enemy.
    Adell: I understand that but... Isn't that a little unfair?
    Rozalin: It's better than losing. Justice wins. That is the way of this world.
    Pamela: My dream is to become the netherworld's top breeder!!
    Sanchez: Let us equip swords and guns too!
    Tink: What!? I can't do anyzing about zat.
    Johnny: Did you know there's no prize money for this battle arena? Overlord 
    Zenon is kinda stingy.
    Rozalin: Insolent fool! How dare you!?
    Johnny: Huh? Why are you mad?
    Rozalin: I just am, OK?
    Dutch Boy: If you want to meet Zenon, wouldn't it be easier to look around in
    this colosseum instead of trying to win the arena?
    Adell: Hm. That's not a bad idea.
    Rozalin: Fool! Don't be lazy! It's only emotionally moving if you earnt he right
    to meet my father!
    Lambda: Although I have lost the battle, I gained something more important! In 
    battles with her, I have realized love! I'll never let go of her!!
    Laphine: Hmm, maybe I hit him too hard. I probably hit a bad spot.
    [Gonzales says nothing new.]
    Bridget: Though my body became a demon, my kind heart remains the same...
    Hanako: ...In other words, you just lost.
    Moocho: Hey hey, listen! I got an autograph from Axel! His band Akutare rocks!
    He's the ding-dong-ditch netherworld record holder!! This is my greatest
    Rozalin: I didn't think his fans really existed. The world is a mysterious 
    Mario Boy: Wow Adell, you actually won. You really are an awesome demon.
    Adell: Hey, I'm not a demon!
    [And, interestingly, there's one more new person here to speak with...]
    Etna: Hey! I thought we had a deal! Now my perfect plan is ruined! How am I
    supposed to kill Zenon now? So, how are we gonna fix this?
    Adell: We never made a deal. You just said we had one and took off.
    Etna: Oh, really? Well what happened to, "It's only fair to keep every promise,"
    or whatever you always say?
    Adell: ...Wow. How many different sentences did it take to hear all those words
    from me?
    Etna: OK, OK, fine. But, now I'm rooting for you guys. And then you can take me
    with you to see Overlord Zenon. OK? Well, good luck!
    [Etna splits.]
    Adell: There she goes making up her own promises, again...
    Rozalin: Don't concern yourself with that. Our objectives have not changed.
    Adell: I guess you're right... OK, tonight, we'll have a good, hardy dinner to
    build up our strength.
    Rozalin: Excellent. I am famished. I would love to have a nice, bloody prime 
    rib right now.
    [Scene ends.]
    [---------- Battle Arena (and everything in-between, zam) [CM720] ------------]
    [A picture of somewhere else in the arena is shown, then it fades to the arena
    proper, where Rozalin is alone and musing to herself.]
    Rozalin: Tomorrow, once we are victorious, I will finally get to meet my
    father... Oh, how I've waited so long for this day to come... I do not 
    understand why my Father still refuses to meet me. But, I shall find out 
    tomorrow, when I see him. But, what will happen to Taro and Hanako...? What 
    will happen to Adell...? Father is the God of All Overlords. Anyone who opposes 
    him is executed. Surely they shall be seen as enemies. No...! Maybe if I beg 
    Father, he will release his curse on the humans... Then, there would be no 
    reason to fight. Yes! That is the solution!! Hm... Such wishful thinking... To 
    meet my father, we must win. But, then they would die... What am I to do? 
    Please Father, tell me...
    [Rozalin is surprised by something.]
    Rozalin: Who's out there!?
    ["Yukimaru" appears in the arena.]
    Rozalin: Yukimaru...?
    Yukimaru: The Snow Clan shall have its vengeance...
    Rozalin: What!?
    Yukimaru: Though my eyes see no light, my heart sees everything. I know who you
    are, Daughter of the Overlord.
    Rozalin: Wh, what!?
    ["Yukimaru" draws a mighty blade.]
    Yukimaru: Your death will surely bring him out! I'm sorry, but you have to die!!
    ["Yukimaru" leaps at Rozalin for a killing blow. The screen flashes white, and
    the blow is deflected by the sudden appearance of Adell. "Yukimaru" leaps back 
    a few paces.]
    Yukimaru: You...!?
    Adell: How cowardly can you be? Do you always attack people in the dark?
    Rozalin: Adell...!!
    Adell: I didn't see you with the others, so I thought I'd better look for you.
    Rozalin: You went looking for me...?
    [Rozalin realizes what this potentially means, and steps back.]
    Rozalin: Adell...! How long were you listening?
    Adell: Huh...?
    Rozalin: Did you hear me talking to myself!?
    Adell: You shouldn't be worrying about that right now, but if it makes you feel
    better, I didn't hear anything.
    Rozalin: Is that so...? Great.
    [The others (being Tink, Hanako, and Taro) arrive.]
    Yukimaru: More interlopers...! I won't allow you to interfere with my 
    vengeance!! If you won't back down, I shall take all of your lives! Now!!
    [And... a battle begins!?]
    [Nothin to it. "Yukimaru" goes down, and after the battle...]
    Yukimaru: You must have great skill to withstand my deadly arts...
    Rozalin: Why do you wish to take my life? What do I have to do with your clan?
    Yukimaru: ...... Next time, I will have my vengeance... Be prepared...
    ["Yukimaru" disappears.]
    Adell: What is up with her...?
    Rozalin: ......
    [Fade out.]
    [Open on a beautiful blue sky, full of fluffy white clouds.]
    [Cut to the battle arena.]
    Hanako: Ahhh... I slept well! Yay! Today's the final battle!
    Rozalin: Calm down, Hanako. We must win two more times before we can get to the
    final battle.
    Hanako: Huh? You don't think we can make it, Rozy?
    Rozalin: Th, that's not what I meant. No matter what, I have to win to see my
    Adell: ...That's right. We have to win, no matter what.
    Hanako: Huh? Adell, you don't think we can win?
    Adell: Why do you keep thinking that? I was just trying to plan how to defeat
    Zenon once we've won...
    Hanako: Oh? So, you both think we'll lose?
    Rozalin: ......
    Adell: ...Let's just go. Round 5 should be starting soon.
    [Fade out.]
    [------------- AREA: BATTLE ARENA -- BATTLE: FIFTH BATTLE [CM721] ------------]
    [The group marches into the arena, once more greeted by Axel.]
    Axel: Welcome to the final day of the battle arena! Who will be victorious!?
    Luckily for the contestants, I, the Dark Hero, am the MC and referee. Otherwise,
    I would be winning this competition!!
    Adell: How can he be so energetic this early in the morning...?
    Rozalin: He must be expecting to be on TV. But I doubt they will put him on.
    Axel: Allow me to introduce your opponents for Round 5!! These Champions of
    Justice come all the way from the Milky Way Galaxy!!
    [The arena darkens, and a HEROIC THEME begins playing, heralding the arrivals of
    Red Prism: When the darkness of evil is on the rise--
    [He JUMPS from... somewhere... and lands in front of the group and immediately
    Blue Prism: We crash the villainous party!!
    [Blue Prism appears, and poses.]
    Yellow Prism: Our seven lights spring to the task--
    [Yellow Prism appears, poses.]
    Green Prism: To save the world with courage and hope!!
    [Green Prism appears, poses.]
    Purple Prism: With our powers combined... We are--!!
    [Purple appears, poses. The entire group then poses, complete with PYRO.]
    "The Prism Rangers!!"
    Taro: Cool...!
    Hanako: Tardo! How can you say that? What about them is cool? They haven't even
    combined their power...
    Adell: We have to fight them...? Is this a joke?
    Rozalin: Indeed. They are called the Prism Rangers, yet they do not even have 
    all seven colors of refracted light...
    Adell: OK... That's not what I meant, but hey...
    Blue Prism: Red! There's a child among the group of demons!
    Red Prism: No! Don't be fooled by that child-like form! Those are demons 
    alright! Don't you remember our last battle against demons? We can't let our 
    guard down, even if they look like women or children!!
    Rozalin: Hey, you. How can you call yourselves Prism Rangers when you only have 
    5 colors?
    Adell: Uh, hey. Don't get too close to them.
    Green Prism: Ahhh! D, don't come any closer!!
    [Green hurls a popping... thing... Well, it made a cork sound and it sparkled.
    Whatever it was, Rozalin is unphased.]
    Rozalin: Hmm? Was that an attack?
    [Green looks horrified.]
    Green: R, Red!! The power of justice! It has no effect!!
    Red Prism: D, don't panic! Justice always leads to victory!!
    Hanako: Adell, what should we do? Can I kill him yet?
    Adell: It doesn't feel right, but we have no choice. We have to fight them to
    win. Sorry about this. Hmmm, I've never pitied an opponent so much before...
    [Adell squares off. All the Rangers sans Green pose.]
    Red Prism: Ha! Th, there's no way the Prism Rangers can lose to demons on some
    backwoods, country planet.
    [The whole group manages to pose this time.]
    Red Prism: Here we go, guys! It's Prism Time!
    [Aaaaaaand... the fight begins.]
    [Once the Prisms have been... *snicker* refracted...]
    Red Prism: Uh, uhhhh... Are we...still alive?
    Hanako: You must really pity them Adell, if we're gonna let them live.
    Taro: Adell, you're the greatest.
    Adell: Yeah, well, needless killing isn't really my style...you know?
    Red Prism: *cough* To have a demon take pity on me... It's the greatest 
    disgrace to a Champion of Justice!!
    Adell: Don't worry about it. I'm a human.
    [The Prisms pose.]
    Red Prism: Stop lying!! The demon detector in my suit is telling me that you're 
    a demon!
    Hanako: It must be broken. There's no way Adell is a demon.
    Taro: Yeah, Overlord Zenon's curse didn't work on Adell. He's the only one who
    isn't a demon.
    Adell: There you go. Now, get outta here before other demons show up to kill 
    Red Prism: Damn it! You haven't seen the last of us! We'll get new rangers!!
    [They turn around and pose.]
    Red Prism: We'll get two more colors to complete the true Prism Ranger team!
    [And, finally, they take off. Like the saying goes, they never just leave...
    always gotta say somethin.]
    Rozalin: Fools, you better find two more rangers before you call yourselves the
    Prism Rangers again.
    Tink: Ah, Princess. Way to find yourself obsessed over a minor detail eh. I am
    glad it is with somezing as important as color scheme.
    [Fade out.]
    [Fade in somewhere in the halls of the arena.]
    Masked woman: ......
    Adell: You're...
    Masked Woman: ...So, we meet again. Was the magic flute helpful to you...?
    Adell: Oh, uh, yeah, it was... But, what are you doing here?
    Masked Woman: ...I am a servant of Overlord Zenon. It should not be unusual for
    me to be here...
    Rozalin: Father... Is my father here!?
    Masked Woman: ...You shall find out if you win, Princess... ...But, I did not
    forsee you entering the battle arena. I am sure Overlord Zenon will be quite
    Rozalin: W, wait! Can you please not tell him I am here? If he discovers I am
    fighting, my father might avoid meeting me... Please...?
    Masked Woman: ...I understand. I shall do as you wish...
    [She disappears.]
    Adell: That's pretty strange. She's Zenon's servant... But, she's so nice.
    Tink: Overlord Zenon employs pure demons, such as me, as well as altered humans.
    If she was once a human, she may still have a shred of consceince left. After
    all, ze Overlord doesn't strip away a human's entire conscience.
    Adell: I see... So, she might just be another victim.
    [Fade out.]
    [-------------- AREA: BATTLE ARENA -- BATTLE: SEMI-FINAL [CM722] -------------]
    [Somewhere in the arena.]
    Adell: (Finally, the semi-finals. We only need two more wins... Two more wins 
    and I'll finally come face-to-face with Zenon... I'm so close... When I defeat 
    Zenon, I'll turn my family back into humans... Their bodies, memories, and 
    conscience... They'll get them all back! That's the only reason I fight. Ever 
    since I was a little kid... ...... So, why...? Why do I feel hesitant now...?)
    [Fade out.]
    [Fade back in, somewhere else in the arena.]
    Rozalin: (Two more wins... Since my childhood, I have dreamed of meeting my
    father. And soon, my dream will be fufilled. ...... So, why do I feel 
    hesitation in my heart? I will finally get to meet my father, who I have always
    longed to see... Is it because of fear? Or because Father and Adell will try to
    kill each other...?)
    [Fade out.]
    [Fade back in on the arena interior.]
    Axel: Alriiiight!! You made it to the semi-finals! I see you are a worthy rival
    Adell: How does beating you up to the point where the whole universe thinks
    you're dead make me your rival?
    Axel: Ha! Your insults won't affect me, because I have the perfect opponent for
    you! She's a super assassin from the village of Snow Melody!! She is the
    genocidal kunoichi, [Yukimaru]!!
    [Yukimaru leaps onto the arena platform.]
    Yukimaru: I didn't wanna fight you, zam. I'm sorry, but it was a fate that can't
    be changed. The least I can do is heed the soul of chivalry and hope for a 
    clean and fair fight, zam.
    Adell: Hmph, you want a fair fight? Are we supposed to pretend like your little
    attack yesterday never happened? Huh?
    Yukimaru: Attack? What are you talking about, zam?
    Rozalin: Do not feign innocence with us. You tried to kill me, you coward.
    Yukimaru: That's not true, zam! I woulda remembered attacking you! Please do not
    falsely accuse me!
    Adell: ...Does she really not remember? What's going on here?
    Rozalin: Can it be that there is a second Yukimaru who intends to take my life?
    Or, does she have a split personality, like Tink...?
    Yukimaru: I get it! You are trying to confuse me with false accusations, zam! I
    almost fell for it, too, zam! You're already using you tactics, zam! Now it's 
    my turn! Here I come! To accomplish my mission! Victory will be mine, zam!!
    [Battle begins. Getting one of the best and coolest storyline characters rules,
    [Following the bout...]
    Yukimaru: I, I, I lost... Now that my mission has failed, I no longer have a
    reason to live... 
    [Yukimaru pulls out a dagger and prepares to kill herself.]
    Yukimaru: All things considered, my life was too short, zam...
    Adell: Hey! What the hell are you doing!?
    Yukimaru: Don't try to stop me, zam! When a ninja fails a mission, zam, there 
    is only one option left...!
    Rozalin: But, do you have to die? Isn't there another way you can complete your
    Yukimaru: No!! Without winning this competition, my mission is too difficult to
    accomplish, zam! Now that I have lost, chivalry demands one last heroic deed,
    [A pause.]
    Yukimaru: ...
    Hanako: She sounds convinced, but she's just standing there. Maybe she wants
    someone to stop her.
    Taro: Yeah. Lookit! Her hands are shaking!
    Adell: Fine, I'll handle this...
    [Adell walks over to Yukimaru.]
    Adell: Why are you giving up so easily? I thought your mission was important...
    If your mission is really that important, you can't just give up. You gotta do
    whatever it takes to get it done.
    Yukimaru: ......
    Adell: For instance, if I were you, I'd force my way into the group that beat 
    me and try to carry out my victory with them...
    Yukimaru: Wh, what...!?
    Adell: But, that's just an example. Besides, what kinda ninja obeys the laws of
    chivalry? Those are for knights...
    [Yukimaru puts the knife away.]
    Yukimaru: Thank you. Your manly physique and your romantic voice have convinced
    me, zam. From now on, you shall have my blade. I will fight with my body and 
    soul for you, zam!
    Notice: Deeply swayed by Adell's manliness and cologne, [Yukimaru] joined the
    Adell: Just, don't get too close to me. I, I don't like girls that much.
    Tink: Are you certain, Monsieur Adell? I am not so convinced zat she is
    completely innocent. Why not torture her for a bit?
    Taro: Yeah. She wanted to take Princess's life. She might be dangerous.
    Rozalin: It is fine. You should learn to hate the crime, not the criminal.
    Besides, I know she is not the one trying to kill me. ...I think.
    Taro: Princess, you believe her, too? Are you sure we should forgive her so 
    Rozalin: Do not worry, Taro. I have good judgment when it comes to people. We 
    can trust your brother's decision this once.
    [Fade out.]
    [------------- AREA: BATTLE ARENA -- BATTLE: FINAL BATTLE [CM723] ------------]
    [The group marches into the arena (now with Yukimaru)... but there's no sign of
    Adell: Huh? No one's here...?
    Yukimaru: Is this another forfeit, zam? I'm super lucky, zam!
    Rozalin: No, it can't be this easy. After all, this battle arena was sponsored 
    by Overlord Zenon.
    Axel: Hahahaha! You're right! And there is no better opponent for the final
    battle of the competition!
    [Camera pans over to the far entrance of the arena.]
    Adell: Who...? Is it really... Overlord Zenon himself!!?
    [A spotlight turns on, and then Axel appears and somersaults out to the group.]
    Axel: Your opponent for the final battleis none other than... Meeeee!!
    Adell: Hey, why're you the final opponent...?
    Axel: How many times do I gotta tell you? In this arena, I AM GOD!! And based 
    on my own bias and judgment, I won the other semi-final!!
    Adell: But you were the referee!! Fine, I don't care anymore... Do you really
    think you can beat us?
    Axel: Of course not! What are you, stupid!? But, we haven't aired on TV yet, so
    we decided to make this video ourselves! Director! Extras!
    [The Director, Camera Goop, and a group of warriors enter the arena.]
    Director: Everything's ready, Axel darling!
    Axel: Now, if you'll just try not to hurt me, we're all set! This is gonna be
    Rozalin: at least he looks good when we beat him up.
    Adell: We fight all the way to the final battle and we hafta fight him. Man, do 
    I feel stupid...
    Axel: Win or lose, it doesn't matter anymore! I'm fighting for screentime!!
    Special! Ultimate Invincible Solo!! (lie)
    [Axel poses, and a bolt of lightning hits him. He then goes off into a series 
    of his own special (and made up) moves.]
    Axel: Haaa! Super Mega Ton Boom Tube!! (lie) Secret Move! Rockin' Agony Kick!!
    [Cut back to the arena, with a couple of his extras holding up a special 
    effects screen behind Axel while he poses.]
    Director: (Good luck, Axel darling. This is your time to shine. Just like the 
    old days... The Dark Hero that I fell in love with is back...!!)
    [And the "fight" begins.]
    [Following Axel's trouncing, he's once again face down on the ground.]
    Axel: hmhmhmhm... I regret that I lost, but my star will shine brightly across
    the netherworlds! The pain doesn't bother me...
    Director: Uh, uhm, Axel darling... I don't know how to say this, but... Y'know,
    that little tab on the tape, haha, broke off. Haheh, didn't record anything. 
    Now, shall we take it from the top...eh?
    Axel: Why, God? Why? What did I do to deserve this...?
    [A spotlight comes down on a defeated Axel.]
    Adell: I'm starting to feel kinda bad for you... Hey, come on, cheer up. This 
    is supposed to be our moment of victory.
    Axel: B, but...
    Adell: Look... I kinda get the feeling that all your bad luck started when I 
    beat you up the first time, so I wanna help you. Plus, you did lend us a hand 
    when we went to rescue Taro.
    Axel: ...Wha? Whata, what do you mean?
    Adell: Just follow us with a hidden camera. You might be able to get Overlord
    Zenon on tape.
    Axel: Y, you'd do that, f, for me...?
    [Axel LEAPS to his feet.]
    Adell: But then you're on your own. ...We're even.
    Axel: ...Ah, haha! You're so predictable! You fell right into my pity trap! I'm
    not lying! This was my plan all along!!
    NOTICE: [Axel and his crew] will follow you with hidden cameras!
    Rozalin: You even pity a fool like Axel? You are too kind.
    Adell: That's not it. I'm just trying to set things right.
    Tink: Princess! Congratulations on your victory eh. Now you can finally meet 
    your father.
    Rozalin: Yes, that's right. And if I ask my father, he might be able to turn 
    you back to normal as well.
    Tink: Oh ho ho ho... I do not zink you will have much time to worry about 
    anyone but yourself.
    [Rozalin takes a sudden step back.]
    Rozalin: T, Tink...?
    Tink: Zere is no need to worry anymore. I shall have ze pleasure of killing you
    [Yukimaru looks surprised, and lunges in front of Rozalin to defend her.]
    Yukimaru: Murderer! Miss Rozalin! Please stand back!
    [An aura suddenly surrounds "Tink", and a glowing ball of energy flies from off
    screen and fries the little toad.]
    Rozalin: Wh, what happened!?
    [Hanako approaches "Tink's" charred body.]
    Hanako: Aww, he's dead. What does frog taste like?
    Adell: Good bye, Tink. You know, he was actually pretty fun to have around.
    Taro: I will look after Princess now. Rest peacefully, Tink.
    Yukimaru: He lived in vain. The more he prospered, the more he declined. What a
    depressing life, zam.
    Tink: Oh, I am mortified. A dear friend dies, and zat is all you have to say
    about him? Who is ze cold-blooded one supposed to be eh?
    [Tink appears from the group's usual entrance, followed by the Masked Woman.]
    Adell: ......!?
    Masked Woman: ...If you could not see through your enemy's disguise, you need
    more training...
    [The fried "Tink" suddenly morphs into the other Yukimaru.]
    "Yukimaru": Ugh...! Guh...!
    Yukimaru: Wh, what is this...!?
    Rozalin: There are two Yukimarus! So, there was a second one...
    Tink: Zat is ze fake Yukimaru who tried to attack ze princess. If not for zis
    masked woman, you would have died.
    "Yukimaru": I was so close...! How dare you interfere...!!
    Masked Woman: ...Leave, now. I do not wish to kill you...
    "Yukimaru": Rrr...!
    ["Yukimaru" disappears.]
    Yukimaru: That was the art of the Henge. Which means...!! But, why would he
    attack Miss Rozalin? What was he thinking?
    [Adell approaches the Masked Woman.]
    Adell: You... Why do you keep helping us? What do you want?
    Masked Woman: ...I do not understand it myself. I just, wanted to... ...In any
    case, you are the champions. Overlord Zenon is waiting for you in the 
    sub-levels of the Colosseum...
    [The Masked Woman disappears.]
    Adell: ...Overlord Zenon. Finally, the time has come...
    Rozalin: My father is below the Colosseum...? ......
    Taro: We won, but Princess doesn't look very happy to me...
    Hanako: Neither does Adell. That's weird.
    [Fade to black.]
    [--------- Episode Seven Epilogue (What, No Fourth Battle?) [CM730] ----------]
    [Cut to the newsdesk.]
    Usagi-san: It's 6 o'clock and time for the news. The final round of the battle
    arena, which was sponsored by Overlord Zenon, was held today. And many turned 
    out to watch it.
    [The screen between the anchors shows a picture of a scantily clad kunoichi
    splashing about in the ocean. The title below the anchors reads: Top Story -
    Battle Tournament Winner Announced!]
    Usagi-san: According to Sammy, our field reporter in Veldime, the winner was a
    human boy. The youth defeated many well-known demons and heroes, battling 
    through many rounds of competition. Unfortunately, due to massive technical 
    failures, no video footage of the event exists. We have also received word that 
    the MC was no doubt an escaped mental patient who resembled Axel, the late Dark 
    Pleinair: ......
    Usagi-san: When we return, we will announce the winners of our Gift of the Week
    sweepstakes. Who will win the simple-to-use, one-touch [EZ Brand Guillotine]
    execution tool? It could be you. Stay tuned.
    [Fade to black. End Episode 7.]
    [------------------- Episode Eight - Zenon Appears! [CM800] ------------------]
    [Adell appears on a black background.]
    Adell: So, Overlord Zenon is in the sub-levels...
    Rozalin: Are you nervous, Adell? It is not too late to turn back, you know.
    Adell: Don't be ridiculous. I've been searching for him for years. I can't turn
    back now. Besides, you're the one who should be nervous.
    Rozalin: Why should I be nervous? I am excited to finally meet my...
    Adell: ......
    Rozalin: ......
    Tink: What is wrong with ze both of you? You are acting very strange. Zis is
    supposed to be ze fun part.
    Hanako: You're right. Hey Adell, after all this fighting, you should try to 
    enjoy your reward.
    Taro: You're so stupid, Hanako. He's about to meet the Princess's dad... How 
    can he be having fun? My heart is racing and I'm just worried about screwing up 
    the greeting.
    Hanako: ...You're stupid, Tardo!
    Yukimaru: Hehehe, you're great at releasing the tension right before we meet
    Overlord Zenon, zam. Thanks to you, I'm not even nervous anymore, zam.
    [They fade out, then Axel and the Director appear.]
    Axel: Director, are we ready? We can't make any mistakes this time.
    Director: Yes, Axel darling. I won't screw up this time.
    [They leave. Adell pops back in.]
    Adell: This must be the lowest level. OK, everyone, don't let your guard down.
    [Fade to white.]
    [---------- AREA: COLOSSEUM DEPTHS -- BATTLE: SUNKEN ALTER [CM810] -----------]
    [Adell appears in a cavern with a huge throne, surrounded by candles, pillars of
    fire, and an eerie blue mist.]
    Adell: Huh, I never woulda thought the Colosseum had a place like this below it.
    Rozalin: My father is down here...? Father... Where are you?
    "Hmhmhmhmhm! Haahahahahahaha!"
    Adell: O, Overlord Zenon!?
    "Indeed! I am Zenon, the God of All Overlords!!"
    Rozalin: (Such a dignified voice... He is certainly the kind of father I have
    always imagined.)
    [Scene fades to the actual throne room, with Zenon atop the center platform, in
    front of the throne, his back to the group. He turns to face them as they
    Overlord Zenon: Haahahahaha. Welcome, assassins. Ah, just like turkeys in the
    Adell: What? This whole thing was a trap!?
    Overlord Zenon: Now, which one of you is Demon Lord Etna!? Reveal yourself, 
    Adell: Demon Lord Etna...? This whole battle arena thing was to catch her?
    Overlord Zenon: That's right. I sponsored this competition to lure Demon Lord
    Etna out into the open. And, to rid myself of all who oppose me. To think, they
    are willing to kill each other for the chance to kill me.
    Hanako: What's the deal? Overlord Zenon is just an old man...
    Tink: He may look like an old man, but zere is more to him zan just zat. And 
    just saying zat can get you killed.
    [Rozalin steps toward the throne platform.]
    Rozalin: Father...!!
    Overlord Zenon: Ohhh!!? Wh, why!? Why are you here...!?
    Rozalin: Father... Oh, Father... You can tell it's me? Father... I have waited 
    so long to see you.
    Overlord Zenon: Why didn't anyone tell me you were here...? I did not plan for
    this to happen!! What is the meaning of this?
    Rozalin: Father...? Are you mad at me? I just wanted to meet you, Father. Was
    that so wrong...?
    Overlord Zenon: No, no it's not that... I just didn't expect to see you. I'm 
    just surprised... in general.
    Adell: (So, this is Zenon, the one who cursed the world to turn it into a
    netherworld... If I defeat him, I can change everyone back to normal...
    Dammit...! He's right here in front of me. Why am I still hesitating?)
    Yukimaru: Overlord Zenon!! I will avenge my clan... By taking your life, zam!
    [Yukimaru leaps for the platform, but Zenon's forcefield repells her and slams
    her to the ground.]
    Overlord Zenon: You are another assassin!? You should have learned your place,
    insolent girl!!
    [Yukimaru rises to her knees.]
    Yukimaru: Miss Rozalin, I am sorry, zam. I thought you were from my home, but 
    you were Zenon's dauhter all along... Oh...! How cruel is fate, zam? 
    [Yukimaru gets back to her feet.]
    Yukimaru: But, I have a mission, zam! Please, forgive me!
    Rozalin: Yukimaru! Your mission was to...!
    Yukimaru: Overlord Zenon!! You destroyed the Snow Clan! Now is the time to 
    avenge them, zam!!
    Overlord Zenon: The Snow Clan, you say...? You... you're a survivor!? I thought 
    I exterminated them all 15 years ago... Let me introduce you to the rest of 
    your clan...
    [A pair of zombies appear at the foot of Zenon's throne platform. Six more
    appear, three on either side of the group. The Masked Man then appears between
    the first set of undead.]
    Masked Man: ...Are you unharmed, Overlord Zenon?
    Overlord Zenon: Of course I am. I am Overlord Zenon!
    [The Masked Man produces a broadcast and makes a sweeping gesture with it.]
    Masked Man: ...Guards, kill the traitors... ...But, do not harm the princess...
    Yukimaru: Hmph... We are outnumbered!
    Rozalin: Father...? Why are you doing this?
    Overlord Zenon: Capture the princess, unharmed! Take her back to her mansion!
    Rozalin: F, Father! We finally meet... Why are you doing this!?
    Yukimaru: Is this the end, zam? Sir Adell, Miss Rozalin! I have shamed myself...
    [Aaaaaaand, just when things couldn't get any worse, Yukimaru pulls her dagger
    and readies to kill herself again.]
    Yukimaru: I, Yukimaru, shall apologize with my life...
    Adell: Idiot! Now it's the time for that! If we're gonna survive, we need you 
    in this fight.
    Axel: OK! Listen, we're gonna handle the filming. You guys just handle the
    [Axel and his crew take off.]
    NOTICE: [Axel and his crew] have ditched you!!
    [The zombies lurch forward, and the battle begins.]
    [Once the heroes skate by with the victory, even more zombies appear.]
    Yukimaru: Heh... There's no end to them, zam... This is my mission, zam. I will
    hold them off while you run!
    Adell: I can't let you do that! Abandoning a friend just isn't my style! As 
    long as you don't give up, there's always hope!
    Hanako: But, isn't it getting worse?
    Taro: Yeah, we're gonna die. Does it hurt to die?
    Tink: Oh, I do not want to die. Can I not go back to being Overlord Zenon's
    [Rozalin approaches the throne.]
    Rozalin: Father, please... Please forgive them... I know that they have 
    committed treason by opposing you, but they all have important reasons for 
    doing so... Father, you raised me so carefully! You loved me so much! For the 
    sake of your benevolent heart, please let these people go! Father... Please? I, 
    your daughter Rozalin beg you!!
    Adell: Rozalin...
    Overlord Zenon: Princess... I understand your request.
    [Rozalin hopefully inches forward.]
    Rozalin: Then...?
    Overlord Zenon: Your mind and heart have been poisoned by the outside world. 
    Kill them all!! Capture the princess without harm, and then erase her memories 
    of the outside world... all of them!!
    Rozalin: F, Father!!
    [More zombies appear. The group is circled, and the zombies slowly begin to 
    close in...]
    "Boy, did I come at the wrong time. I think I'm gonna hurl."
    [The group is shocked, and looks off toward the end of the room, where BEAUTY
    Etna: I don't know what's more embarrassing, your tender little moment, or me
    charging in like one of those heroes of justice losers.
    Adell: Beauty Queen Etna!!
    Etna: I came to kill Overlord Zenon, but it looks like you're having so much 
    fun with these guys... How's a girl to choose?
    Overlord Zenon: You are Beauty Que- er, Demon Lord Etna!? But, you're just a
    girl! I prepared countless traps to stop you... But, it seems I've 
    overestimated your power! Guards! Destroy this little girl!! Leave no trace of 
    her behind! Bwaahahahaha!
    [The zombies suddenly turn away from the group and CHARGE at Etna and her 
    Prinny Squad.]
    Etna: Hahahaha... Overestimated, huh? Um, don't you mean underestimated?
    [Etna leaps behind one of her Prinnies, and KICKS him at the zombies. He
    EXPLODES, taking out three of them. The other Prinnies run off. Etna summons 
    her Elder Spear and executes a Cosmic Impact move, KILLING the remaining 
    zombies in one blow!]
    Etna: Ahhh, why do they even try? Overlord Zenon. If you're not gonna take this
    seriously, just give me the title.
    Hanako: I wanna be Etna when I grow up...
    Yukimaru: This is our chance, zam! Sir Adell, here's our chance to escape!
    Adell: No! I finally found Zenon... And running away just isn't my style...
    Taro: Adell! We have to escape now!
    Adell: T, Taro!? What...?
    Taro: We can't beat Zenon like this! I know how you feel, but we have to think
    about Princess! Princess has been hurt the most by this trap. We hafta take her
    with us!
    Adell: ... ...Yeah. You're right, Taro.
    Hanako: Rozy? Is it OK if you can't stay with your dad?
    Rozalin: I... I do not mind. I wish to leave, immediately.
    [Adell moves beside Rozalin, and stays with her as the group departs. Pan over 
    to Axel and his crew.]
    Axel: We'll stay here and film some more! We must record the fight of the
    century, Zenon Vs. Etna!!
    Director: We're doing it, Axel darling, huh! We're finally doing something
    Overlord Zenon: Demon Lord Etna... You're a little better than I expected! But,
    how can a mere Demon Lord even hope to defeat me, the God of All Overlords!? I
    shall make a bloody example of you to show what happens to anyone who dares
    oppose Overlord Zenon!
    Etna: Hmhmhmhm...
    Overlord Zenon: Huh!? Why are you laughing!?
    Etna: Because soon, I will hold the title of Goddess of All Overlords... Oh, 
    and, thanks for not getting yourself killed by some schmoe before I got here...
    Overlord Zenon: Errr! Don't mock me!!
    Etna: Hmhmhmhm...
    [Etna produces her Elder Spear once again.]
    Etna: Come on, Zenon... I have a little treat for you!!
    [AND FADE OUT!!]
    [------------ Colosseum Depths (and a lack of everything) [CM820] ------------]
    [Open on Adell somewhere in the sub-levels.]
    Adell: The exit's straight ahead!!
    Yukimaru: The ground is 5 levels up. I think it's safe to assume every level
    will be packed with enemies, zam. Be careful.
    Hanako: Then we better eat these. I made some rice balls just in case. If 
    you're tired from the earlier fights, eat one to restore some energy.
    Adell: That's great. Good girl, Hanako.
    Hanako: Hehe! Here, Rozy. Eat one. You're hungry, right?
    Rozalin: Y, yes. Thank you...
    Taro: Cheer up, Princess. You can't help it if your dad's a jerk.
    Rozalin: ...You're right, Taro. Thank you. I feel much better.
    NOTICE: Adell and his friends recovered their health after eating the rice 
    [Adell appears in a floating area somewhere in the sub-levels. There is no one
    to talk to here, aside from the shop owners and other similar NPCs.]
    NOTICE: There will be continous battles until you escape the Colosseum. Prepare
    [Once you talk to the Dimension Guide, the following happens:]
    [Adell on the black background.]
    Adell: OK! Let's do this!
    [The following battles function mainly as a gauntlet of trials to overcome 
    before you're allowed to escape from the Colosseum. As such, there are no 
    dialogue interludes before or after the battles, just straight fighting.]
    [For completion's sake, here is a list of each of the battle areas:]
    [--------- AREA: COLOSSEUM DEPTHS -- BATTLE: LOSER'S GALLOWS [CM821] ---------]
    [No dialogue.]
    [--------- AREA: COLOSSEUM DEPTHS -- BATTLE: CONFESSION ROOM [CM822] ---------]
    [No dialogue.]
    [--------- AREA: COLOSSEUM DEPTHS -- BATTLE: SURVIVOR'S END [CM823] ----------]
    [No dialogue.]
    [No opening dialogue. After the battle...]
    [Open in the Colosseum corridor.]
    Yukimaru: Their security wasn't as bad as I thought. We may escape them after
    all, zam.
    Adell: You're not even short of breath... I'm impressed.
    Yukimaru: Well, I am a ninja, zam. I do special exercises everyday, zam.
    Adell: How about the rest of you?
    Rozalin: I, I'm fine... Who do you think you're talking to?
    Hanako: I'm all sweaty. I wanna go home and take a bubble bath.
    Taro: I got shin splints...
    Tink: Oh ho ho. Zat is ze one advantage of being turned into a floating frog.
    [The Masked Woman suddenly appears.]
    Masked Woman: ......
    Adell: Man... I shoulda known this wouldn't be easy.
    Masked Woman: ...Go...
    Adell: Huh...?
    Rozalin: Wh, what do you mean? Are you going to let us go?
    Masked Woman: ......
    Rozalin: Did my father tell you to do this? He did, didn't he? See, my father
    does care for me...
    Masked Woman: ...Overlord Zenon is currently fighting Demon Lord Etna. Please, 
    leave while you still can...
    Rozalin: Oh... My father is in no position to be thinking about me right now...
    Adell: Why...? Why have you helped us so many times? You're not really one of
    Zenon's servants, are you? You used to be human, right...? Then, why don't you
    come with us...?
    Masked Woman: ...Hurry. You must go...
    [She disappears.]
    Adell: Hey...!
    Yukimaru: Sir Adell! We can't stay here much longer, zam!
    Adell: Right...
    Hanako: Hey! I can see outside!!
    [Fade to white.]
    [------------- Episode Eight Epilogue (ALL HAIL ETNA!!) [CM830] --------------]
    [Cut to the newsdesk.]
    Usagi-san: We interupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you this special
    [The screen shows an ultra sexy picture of Etna with a Prinny in a headlock. 
    The title underneath: Breaking News - Zenon Defeated!]
    Usagi-san: Overlord Zenon has been defeated today. The legendary God of All
    Overlords was slain by a beauty pageant winner named Etna. Even more surprising,
    this news was brought to us by Axel, the Dark Hero, who we were recently led to
    believe was dead. We have learned that the producer of Axel's show, Tripping 
    With Axel, has been arrested for covering up Axel's non-deceased status. He 
    confessed to committing this crime because he feared Axel might expose his 
    embezzling of the show's finances. Negligence in the Netherworld Police 
    investigation has only added to the problem. Axel's return has since sparked a 
    [The screen changes to a less sexy photo of Axel, ripping his coat open to 
    reveal little yellow star pasties over his nipples.]
    Usagi-san: Axel himself offered this comment, "There is only one certainty in
    this universe... The Dark Hero lives on forever." Since his return, Axel has
    received a flood of offers to appear on TV, and in concerts, movies, and video
    games. The once gutter trash Dark Hero has risen, like a freakish garbage
    phoenix, to capture our hearts again. A true Netherworld Dream.
    [Cut back to the newsdesk.]
    Pleinair: ......
    Usagi-san: After a quick commercial break, we hope to have live coverage from
    Axel's premier performance of his new song...
    [The screen shuts off.]
    [...And reopens on an exterior shot of OVERLORD LAHARL'S castle.]
    Laharl: Etna...! I was wondering what she's been up to since she escaped from 
    the castle...!! How selfish of her! She's supposed to be my vassal! This is
    unforgivable!! Now I have to go teach her just who the strongest, most evil
    Overlord really is... And that's me! Laharl! Haahahahaha!!
    [Fade. To. Black. End. Episode. 8. Oh. My. God.]
    [----------------- Episode Nine - Summoned Overlord [CM900] ------------------]
    That night, news of Overlord Zenon's defeat had spread throughout the 
    Adell and the rest escaped from the Colosseum and returned home.
    However, there was no rejoicing.
    Adell, unaware of Zenon's defeat, was filled with anger toward himself.
    His heart was torn by the thought of his family.
    Rozalin was also deeply saddened by her encounter with her father.
    Her faith in her father was deeply tested.
    Was she truly loved? Her confusion gave way to doubt.
    And, as the sun rose, a familiar voice brought astonishing news...
    "Oh, hi guys!!"
    [Open up back in Holt Village (FINALLY!) to show Etna and a platoon of 
    Prinnies. Adell and the rest of the group come out to "greet" her.]
    Adell: Beauty Queen Etna!?
    Etna: I thought you should know, I took care of Zenon for you. ...Well, for me
    really, but hey!
    Rozalin: Wh, wh, what!? Im, impossible. Father was...!?
    Adell: You defeated Zenon...?
    [Adell looks around.]
    Adell: ...But, his curse hasn't been lifted.
    Etna: Yeah! I know! Something's wrong. I went to all the trouble of beating
    Zenon, but my title hasn't changed to [Goddess of All Overlords], or even to 
    just [Overlord]! I checked my status and it still lists me as [Beauty Queen]! 
    What's the deal!?
    Adell: Shouldn't it say [Demon Lord]?
    Etna: Oh, I had that hacked a long time ago.
    [Etna walks over to Rozalin.]
    Etna: Say... Was that the real Overlord Zenon?
    Rozalin: W, well... He took one look at me and knew I was the princess, so it 
    had to be him...
    Etna: Oh, right... Never saw your father.
    Rozalin: ......
    Etna: Ughn! I thought you'd be more helpful... This sucks!
    Adell: ... Well... Could it have been a fake Zenon?
    Rozalin: Yes, that must be the reason! My father would never say such horrible
    things to me. It had to be a fake!
    Etna: Oh, a fake, huh? Well that would explain why my title didn't change,
    Yukimaru: Hmmm. I, Yukimaru, made a grave mistake, zam. I misidentified my 
    clan's greatest enemy.
    Etna: Oh shoot. I thought I finally beat Zenon, too. What a gyp.
    Prinny: Cheer up, dood. We'll find him soon. Want a cup of Prinny Juice?
    Etna: ...No. I'll just eat some sweets 'til I feel better.
    [Etna takes off.]
    Prinny: Sorry to bug you. See you later, doods.
    [The Prinnies take off after her.]
    Hanako: Hey, Adell. If that was a fake Zenon, then where's the real one?
    Adell: Who knows? What do we do now?
    Mom: You could always try to summon Overlord Zenon.
    [Adell's Mom walks out of the house.]
    Taro: Hi, Mom.
    Adell: But, we tried that already. Besides, won't that take years to prepare
    Tink: Even zough you are a great summoner, getting ze real Zenon won't be easy.
    Mom: To summon "Overlord Zenon" specifically will take years to prepare again,
    but it's pretty easy if we use certain other conditions. For example, summoning
    "The Strongest Demon in the World" isn't that hard. Mm, that should summon
    Overlord Zenon, right?
    Rozalin: Is that a fact? In that case, why didn't you tell us earlier?
    Mom: Because I don't have all the materials to summon "The Strongest Demon in 
    the World." And, you guys were so busy before.
    Taro: I don't wanna sacrifice any more of my life.
    Mom: Oh I don't need life energy for this summon. I need a piece of a really
    strong demon... Like, an [Overlord's Nail] would be perfect.
    Tink: Excuce me, Mademmoiselle, but we are trying to find ze Overlord.
    Mom: If you can't find an [Overlord's Nail], an equally powerful [Demon Lord's
    Nail] will work, too.
    Adell: A [Demon Lord's Nail] with equal power to those of an Overlord. Is there
    even such a Demon Lord?
    Rozalin: Demon Lord Etna!!
    Adell: All right! Let's go find her!!
    [--------------- Holt Village (aka FINALLY Back Home!) [CM910] ---------------]
    [Same old people to bother once again. They are as follows:]
    Dad: I can't believe Overlord Zenon was defeated. If he really was defeated, 
    our forms and memories should have returned...
    Adell: ...That's true. But it really didn't seem like Etna was lying...
    Yukimaru: So the Zenon we saw at the colosseum was a fake, zam?
    Mom: In order to summon "The Strongest Demon in the World," we need the same
    level materials as summoning an Overlord class demon. When we first summoned
    Overlord Zenon, I used a [Wyrm Bone] as a material. I happened to find it in 
    the closet, but I wonder why I had something like that? Weren't we lucky?
    Adell: Did someone in this village defeat a dragon? ...Yeah right.
    Piggolo: Something makes me want to run wild all of a sudden! I can't help it
    Rozalin: B, bad ghost! Settle down!
    Adell: What does this mean...? Is Overlord Zenon's curse getting stronger?
    Bridget: Since yesterday, I've started to forget things. Oh my, am I getting
    Solei: Congratulations, Adell. I heard you won the battle arena. You're amazing!
    Tink: Oh ho! Zat is only because I, Tink ze Dragon Slayer helped him out!
    Hanako: ...Did you even help at all?
    Moocho: Hey hey, listen! Axel, the Dark Hero, revived as if he was a phoenix!
    He's such a great Dark Hero! I admire him!!
    Hanako: What is there to admire?
    Adell: ...Anyways, it seems he fufilled his own goals. Now there's no debt to 
    be paid.
    Caine: If you throw an enemy at another enemy, they will combine and level up.
    Though it's a little dangerous, if you want to fight a strong enemy, it's a
    convenient technique.
    James: Overlord Zenon was defeated, but I'm still a demon. Does it mean my body 
    and soul have been tainted by the devil? Somehow I don't mind.
    Taro: You've become accustomed to demon lifestlye.
    Mario Boy: Overlord Zenon was defeated!? Then why is it that my memories have
    gotten even more blurred...? I can't remember anything about my family...
    Adell: What...? More of your memories are gone...?
    Rozalin: ......
    Zommie III: Rumors about Demon Lord Etna defeating Overlord Zenon are spreading
    to other netherworlds too. It's possible that Overlords of alternate 
    netherworlds may invade Veldime, too...
    Yukimaru: Hmmm, that's serious, zam!
    Tink: Well, if zat happens, just leave. Or, ask zem if you can join zem. Oh ho 
    ho ho!
    Amos: I'm so lucky Master Etna didn't catch me being lazy, dood... Should I just
    stay lazy forever, dood?
    Yukimaru: Wow! These weird penguins can talk, zam?
    Amos: Of course we can talk, zam, dood.
    [-------------- Alche City (and everything in-between)  [CM920] --------------]
    [Scene opens still inside Holt Village.]
    Taro: Princess. We know where Etna went. I asked the Gate Keeper and she told 
    me Etna went through Gate [JK548] to [Alche City].
    Rozalin: Good job, Taro.
    Adell: Once we find Etna, we just have to hope she'll give us a [Demon Lord's
    [Fade out.]
    [------------ AREA: ALCHE CITY -- BATTLE: DEAD METROPOLIS [CM921] ------------]
    [Open up somewhere in the city.]
    Adell: So, this is Alche City...
    Hanako: A long time ago, Alche City used to be full of people who knew how to 
    use alchemy. But they started doing a lot of bad experiments, and soon everyone
    Yukimaru: The principle of prosperity and decline... Child, you are very
    knowledgable, zam.
    Hanako: My name's not child, it's Hanako. And I read about it in one of Dad's
    Rozalin: But, why would Etna come to a place like this?
    [Cut to the actual streets of Alche City.]
    Prinny #1: Master Etna's a slave driver, dood. Why do we all have to move out
    here all of a sudden?
    Prinny #2: Living in tents was pretty boring, dood. But making us take over 
    this city is just cold-blooded, dood.
    [The Prinnies spot the group down one of the streets and begin to panic. They 
    all take off in opposite directions, one of them bumping into something off 
    screen that sends it rolling down hill to explode at the bottom.]
    Adell: Hey! Wait!
    Rozalin: There was no need for them to run... Where do they learn their 
    Adell: Well, if they're around here, then Beauty Queen Etna can't be that far
    [A pair of marionettes squeak and attack the group, initiating a battle.]
    [Once the battle's finished, the scene returns to the Sunken Alter.]
    Masked Man: ...Overlord Zenon is coming back to life...
    Masked Woman: ...After all that damage...
    Masked Man: ...As long as there are humans nearby, Overlord Zenon will never
    cease to exist...
    Masked Woman: ...More humans will be lost to the darkness... ...But, won't 
    ruling the people become more difficult if more of their consciences are 
    Masked Man: ...That is not our concern. We are meant to serve...
    Masked Woman: ...I have begun to question whether it is right for us to exist
    like this... ...I wonder if I have forgotten anything important. Ever since I 
    met that young man.
    Masked Man: ...Young man...?
    Masked Woman: ...Yes. That young man with pure eyes...
    [They fade. Scene switches to Holt Village.]
    Dad: Oh, now I remember!
    Mom: What do you remember? Was it how to brush your teeth?
    Dad: That was mean, honey. And no, that still looks too complicated... I 
    remember something about Adell's parents.
    Mom: Really!? What is it? What do you remember?
    [A dark mist envelopes Holt Village, and little black orbs are sucked up into 
    the sky.]
    Dad: Um...? What were we talking about?
    Mom: Uh, what do you mean, "What were we talking about?" You were going to tell
    me what you remember about Adell's parents.
    [The giant, yellow PIMPLE (with a face) on Dad's chest suddenly begins to 
    Pimple: Hahaha! I love boobies!!
    Mom: ...What. Was. That?
    Dad: N, no. That wasn't me. That was the pimple on my chest... Really!
    [Scene ends, and returns to the group in Alche City. The same orb-sucking-mist
    Rozalin: Hm? What is this evil in the air?
    Hanako: Huh? Tardo. Did your horns just get a little bigger?
    Taro: What? Stop making things up. Uh, Hanako, did your wings just get a little
    Hanako: Really? Alright! I'm on my way to becoming a mature woman <3
    Yukimaru: Uhmm... What was that dark feeling...?
    Adell: You noticed it, too? It looks like Zenon's curse is growing stronger...
    Yukimaru: Sir Adell, you seem to have been unaffected by Zenon's curse, zam.
    Adell: Yeah. Zenon's curse doesn't work on me.
    Yukimaru: Really? Is it an ability you were born with? Or are you wearing some
    kind of magic shield, zam?
    Adell: It's not because of some item. I guess I was just born with it...
    Yukimaru: Wow, that's very interesting, zam. Maybe Sir Adell is the chosen one,
    sent here to defeat Overlord Zenon, zam.
    [Tink peaks out from behind a building, then rejoins the group as the scene
    [------------ AREA: ALCHE CITY -- BATTLE: GRAVE OF ALCHEMY [CM922] -----------]
    [The group continues exploring Alche City. The rest of the group goes further 
    into the city while Adell and Rozalin stay behind to muse for a moment.]
    Rozalin: Hmmm. If we met my fake father, what is my real father doing? It seems
    unlikely... But do you suppose he may have been tricked by the faker and is
    imprisoned somewhere...?
    Adell: You're thinking too hard. I doubt Zenon would ever be defeated by a fake
    version of himself. Chances are, the fake was probably just a double to fool
    assassins, right?
    [Rozalin walks a few paces away.]
    Rozalin: ...That would make sense.
    Adell: Well, I'm sure we'll find out more after we summon "The Strongest Demon 
    in the World."
    Rozalin: Hmmm... Are you sure? Once we do summon my father, what are we going 
    to do next?
    Adell: Well... I'll know when the time comes. Look, you wanna meet your real
    father, right? You will meet him, just as I promised.
    [Rozalin turns away haughtily.]
    Rozalin: Hmph, I won't hold my breath. After all, you failed when you summoned
    [Sounds of a fight catch the duo's attention, and they look over to find the 
    rest of the group beseiged by Magic Knights. A battle begins.]
    [Once the fight's over, cut to Axel and the Director somewhere... dark.]
    Axel: Hey, Director. What's the hippity? Why'd you call ADH out here? I'm sorry,
    but I just got cast to be the lead in this new movie, and my new album's 
    dropping in three weeks.
    Director: Axel darling... Heh, you've changed.
    Axel: Changed? ADH didn't change. ADH is keepin' it real, old school style, yo.
    Director: What part of this is the Dark Hero!? Now, you're ADH, the Pop Hero!
    You've forgotten the soul of the Dark Hero! The Dark Hero was the master of 
    evil! He was the, the poster boy for bad intentions!!
    Axel: You're not in touch with the in crowd. You don't understand the evolution.
    Director: I see, *sniff*... Well then, I guess there's nothing more to say,
    Axel... ...I'm sorry for wasting your time. Good luck... with your movie.
    [The Director departs.]
    Axel: ......
    "ADH! You're needed on the set! Please assume your role as Melancholy Alien
    Axel: Surio! I'm on my way! Lala (musical note)
    [Fade out.]
    [------------- AREA: ALCHE CITY -- BATTLE: ALTERED TOWN [CM923] --------------]
    [Yet more aimless wandering in the city.]
    Taro: Hey, Hanako. Don't you think that fake Zenon was kinda weird?
    Hanako: Weird? What do you mean?
    Taro: Well, he seemed to know who Princess was, and talked to her like her real
    dad would.
    Hanako: Hmmm. That's true. And when Rozy called him, "Father," he didn't say,
    "I'm not your father."
    Yukimaru: Something else was strange, zam. Though I can't remember very much of
    my childhood, I thought he looked familiar... That's why I thought he was the
    real Zenon. But, he was fake, zam... But, he talked like he knew the Snow Clan
    intimately, zam... Ohh, now I'm really confused, zam...! *sigh*
    Tink: I, too, zought he was Overlord Zenon. But, of course, I have never met 
    him before. Zose masked people were calling ze fake one Overlord Zenon, too.
    Zerefore, I zought he was ze real one... Oh ho! My head, she starts to hurt, eh.
    *Le Sigh*
    [Growl from offscreen. Hey, let's rumble.]
    [Back at Zenon's palace-place-type-thing-with-the-big-red-sun, the Masked Man 
    and Woman wait patiently as Zenon fades back into existence.]
    Overlord Zenon: *Pant* *Pant*
    Masked Man: ...Overlord Zenon. We are relieved by your return...
    Overlord Zenon: Damn it...! I underestimated the power of Demon Lord Etna...!
    Calling herself a Demon Lord when she clearly has the power level of an 
    Overlord. Was it a trick to catch me off guard...?
    Masked Woman: ...Overlord Zenon. Do you think now may be the time...?
    Overlord Zenon: What? What are you talking about?
    Masked Woman: ......
    Overlord Zenon: Ah, yes. Because of my condition, the seal has begun to 
    weaken... Then I shall place you under the control of my seal once again!
    [The screen darkens, and a wooshing noise is heard.]
    Masked Man: Grrrh...! Gaahhh...!!
    Masked Woman: ...A...A...Ade...dell...!!
    Overlord Zenon: Haahahahahaha! You shouldn't make me waste my power... Go find
    the princess! Once we have her back, we shall have nothing to fear!
    Masked Woman: ...U...understood...
    Masked Man: ...As you wish, my master...
    [They fade out, Zenon departs, scene ends.]
    [------------ AREA: ALCHE CITY -- BATTLE: SNARLING CAPITAL [CM924] -----------]
    [The group walks along a street, and they stumble upon Etna and a group of
    Adell: There you are, Beauty Queen Etna.
    Etna: Oh, hey guys. What's up?
    Adell: We have a little favor to ask you... Can you give us a piece of your 
    Etna: Huh? Why? You got some crazy fetish or something?
    Adell: N, no. That's not it. It's um... A personal matter. But we really need 
    one of your nails. Just a clipping.
    Etna: Personal matter...?
    Rozalin: Yes, you see...
    [Adell rushes over and puts his hand over Rozalin's mouth.]
    Rozalin: (Mmm, mm, mmmph...!? A, Adell!?)
    Adell: (Shhh! We're trying to summon Zenon, remember? What do you think she'll 
    do if she finds out?)
    Rozalin: (...You're right. She wants to kill my father to steal his title.)
    [Etna leans forward on her Prinny seat.]
    Etna: Uh, what are you love birds doing? Don't make me have to bust out the 
    [Rozalin shoves Adell.]
    Rozalin: Insolent fool! How dare you lay your hands on me!!
    Adell: Ow... What was that for!?
    [Etna hops off her seat.]
    Etna: Oh, you guys... You really want a nail clipping?
    Adell: Y, yes. Will you give us one?
    Etna: Then let's play a little game. You have to fight these Prinnies here. If
    you win, I'll clip my nails.
    Rozalin: Oh, that's all we have to do? This seems like a fun game.
    Etna: Don't underestimate them. If they lose, I'm gonna kill each and every one
    myself. There, now they'll be desperate, too.
    Prinny: Huh!? She's changing the rules on us, dood!
    Etna: That's not a new rule. It's always been like that. Good luck.
    [The Prinnies start to sweat. The battle begins. The Prinnies become gremlins 
    and start to multiply. Joy.]
    [Once you've slaughtered an INAPPROPRIATE amount of Prinnies...]
    Etna: Oh, darn. We lost.
    [The Prinnies dance.]
    Prinny: What about us, dood! Is she really gonna kill us...?
    [Etna walks over to Adell and hands him the nail.]
    Etna: There you go. One clipping from a Demon Lord.
    NOTICE: Adell got a [Demon Lord Nail]!!
    Adell: Are you sure it's OK?
    Etna: A promise is a promise.
    Adell: Right. A promise. We, uh, better get going.
    [The group turns and leaves. Adell stops halfway, and looks back at Etna.]
    Adell: ...You're a pretty nice person.
    [He quickly skedaddles before Etna eviscerates him. The Beauty Queen walks back
    to the Prinnies, and descends into a fit of hysterical laughter.]
    Etna: Pwahahahahaha! Hehehehehehe!
    Prinny: What's so funny, dood?
    Etna: Oh, just a little prank.
    Prinny: Huh!?
    Etna: That wasn't my nail. I gave 'em a [Li'l Devil's Sticky Nail]. I bought a
    whole box of 'em on the Netherworld Shopping Channel.
    Prinny: Why would you do that, dood?
    Etna: Because, if I had to fight a fake Overlord Zenon, then they do, too.
    Besides, this planet is boring. Ha ha! What a dork. "...You're a pretty nice
    person." Pwaahahahaha!
    Prinny: Uh... Was there a reason you had us fight, dood?
    Etna: Nope. I thought it might be fun to watch. But, a promise is a promise!
    [The Prinnies sweat.]
    Prinny: ...We're doomed, dood.
    [--------- Episode Nine Epilogue (Where Adell Makes A Booboo) [CM930] --------]
    [Cut back to Holt Village.]
    Mom: There, everything's ready. We can now summon "The Strongest Demon in the
    Taro: I'm excited. Who do you think is gonna come out?
    Hanako: It's gonna be Overlord Zenon. That's why we got the [Demon Lord Nail],
    Yukimaru: Brrrr... I'm trembling with anticipation, zam.
    Tink: I feel ze need to go to ze little froggy's room. Oh, perhaps it is 
    already too late.
    Mom: Ice grilled newt, toad oil, mushroom juice, a bacon stretcher, and a Demon
    Lord Nail... We have everything. Here we go!
    Adell: Finally, the real Overlord Zenon...
    Rozalin: ...Father.
    [Adell's Mom plays her flute, like she did at the very beginning of the game.
    More tendrils of summoning power. The cauldron begins pulsing with energy.]
    Mom: By the of spirits of darkness and light... In the name of Adell, I hereby
    summon "The Strongest Demon in the World!"
    [The cauldron boils. Lightning fires out. A huge dark cloud summons in a torrent
    of energy, and when the smoke clears, The Strongest Demon in the World is lying
    in a heap on the ground. It's... Beauty Queen Etna!]
    Etna: Ow ow ow ow ow... Ouch...
    [She sits up. EVERYBODY SWEATDROPS.]
    Adell: Why'd we summon Etna...?
    Mom: Oh, what went wrong this time?
    [Fade to black.]
    [Cut to the, er... "newsdesk"... which has now been decorated with red velvet
    curtains and a pair of big purple demon wings around the television screen on
    the wall between the anchors. And, speaking of the anchors, Usagi-san has been
    replaced by the Dark Hero, Axel.]
    Axel: Ah, hahahaha! Hello, babies. It's time for the news. After news got out
    about the legendary Overlord Zenon's defeat, Overlords from around the universe
    are on the move.
    [The screen fills with a picture of a trio of what I can only assume to be very
    sexy female Overlords.]
    Axel: It seems everyone is now gunning for this Etna, with the hope of claiming
    the title of God of All Overlords for themselves. Veldime looks to become 
    ground zero for Netherworld War 7,163.
    [Cut back to the desk.]
    Pleinair: ......
    Axel: But enough about that. For the real news of the day, we'll take a special
    look inside a day of my life since my dramatic return.
    [The scene fades, then cuts to Axel's childhood home.]
    Kid: Big brother finally came back home, alive... But...that's not him...
    [Fade to black. End Episode 9.]
    [------------------- Episode Ten - The Two Ninjas [CM1000] -------------------]
    [Reopen on Holt Village. Etna is, obviously, not happy.]
    Etna: You guys sure have a weird sense of humor. First you summon me out of
    nowhere, and then you tell me to hit the road?
    Adell: Sorry. We snagged the wrong demon...
    Etna: Do you think this is funny!?
    Adell: No, no, you got it all wrong. I'm not trying to make fun of you.
    Etna: Well, I don't know who the hell you were trying to summon, but the terms
    of the summon ritual are up, and I'm gone. You owe me one! No, let's make that
    [Etna stomps off.]
    Tink: She is not someone you want to be indebted to...
    Adell: It looked like the summon ritual worked, but why did Etna come out?
    Rozalin: Though it pains me to think of it, could it be that Etna is the
    "Strongest Demon in the World?"
    Yukimaru: Then we have to limit the summon down to Overlord Zenon...
    [Etna comes FLYING back into the town. She. Is. FURIOUS!]
    Etna: Hey, you guys! What the hell did you do to me!?
    Adell: What's the matter now?
    Etna: My level went down... A LOT! It's all your fault, isn't it!?
    Adell: But, we didn't do anything to affect that.
    Mom: That's strange... We used all the right materials, so an accident like that
    shouldn't have happened. Hey, Adell. You did get us a real [Demon Lord Nail],
    didn't you?
    Adell: Yeah. I got it from her...Beauty Queen Etna.
    [Etna is... shocked.]
    Etna: Eheh hehehe heh... So, the [Demon Lord Nail] you needed was for an
    ingredient for that summon?
    Adell: Well, yeah.
    Rozalin: Could it have been a fake?
    [Etna ponders.]
    Etna: (Oh, don't tell me... This is all because I gave 'em that fake nail...
    ...... Why did it have to go wrong like this? Damn! I've had the worst luck,
    lately! Looks like I have to resort to the politician's golden rule: "If they 
    can't prove it, deny, deny, deny.")
    [Etna turns back to the group and throws a fit.]
    Etna: You better quit joking around! That nail I gave you was real! My drop in
    level from your shoddy summoning isn't funny! I'm a Demon Lord and a Beauty 
    Queen dammit!! This is all your fault! You're gonna take full responsibility!
    Adell: Take full responsibility!? How?
    Etna: The TV news already reported that I killed Zenon, but they don't know he
    was a fake. Other Overlords are already on their way. If it wasn't for your
    stupid summon, I coulda handled them easily. But now, those Overlords are gonna
    kill me!! So this is how it's gonna be... I'm gonna stalk you everywhere you go
    until I get back to my normal level. There's no escape!
    NOTICE: [Beauty Queen Etna] is stalking Adell.
    Adell: You can't be serious...
    Rozalin: Our plan to summon my father just made everything worse...
    [By the way, that notice means that ETNA THE VERY BEST STORYLINE CHARACTER IS 
    [------------- Holt Village (aka ETNA ETNA ETNA ETNA!!) [CM1010] -------------]
    [So yeah, people to talk to, or whatever.]
    Dad: Hahaha... it seems you have even more jolly friends.
    Etna: Who are you calling jolly, old man!
    Pimple: What an energetic young lady! Let me wear your panties!
    Etna: Wha!? Die!!
    Mom: The summoning ritual was perfect, so I wonder why we had another accident?
    Etna: Well, don't blame me!
    Piggolo: [No Entry] Geo Panels are such a nuissance. But if you think about it,
    there are always paths around the [No Entry] area. You can't walk over rivers 
    and swamps, but you can "throw" over them, so don't be fooled by the looks of 
    Bridget: Isn't ninja training really strict?
    Yukimaru: Of course it is, zam.
    Bridget: But, watching you makes me think that even I can do it...
    Solei: I've been having crazy nightmares lately. I keep seeing this weird old
    Adell: A weird old man...? Is it Overlord Zenon?
    Rozalin: H, how rude! Father is not a weird old man!
    Moocho: Hey hey, listen! I watched the news with Axel, the Dark Hero... But 
    he's not cool anymore! He's not a Dark Hero!
    Hanako: What do you mean, "any more?" Axel was never cool.
    Caine: There are rare treasure chests and legend treasure chests in the Item
    World, and in them are rare and legend items.
    Rozalin: That's something I can't miss. I must get it!
    James: Flying in the same spot is pretty tiring.
    Taro: Why don't you just rest, then?
    James: But, they didn't draw any sprites for that.
    Mario Boy: My memories become more and more ambiguous. And I don't even seem to
    care about that anymore. But it's a good thing to not care about petty things,
    Adell: I, guess? But are memories really petty...?
    Zommie III: Wow, you made friends with a Demon Lord.
    Tink: ...But she doesn't have her Demon Lord powers.
    Etna: ...Why you! You really want to die, don't you.
    Amos: This town is so peacefeul, dood. And, there's no annoying Master Etna..
    Etna: Oh? You seem so happy. Want me to strangle you to death?
    Amos: M, master Etna!? Why are you here, dood!?
    [------------ Carcassed Lands (aka The Prinnies Revolt)  [CM1020] ------------]
    [Talking do the Dimension Guide starts one of my favorite scenes in the whole
    [Outskirts of Holt Village.]
    Pvt. Prinny: Hey! Master Etna! We found you, dood!
    Etna: You guys actually came looking for me?
    Pvt. Prinny: Yeah, dood. Master Etna is our one and only master, dood.
    Yukimaru: Hmm. You have very noble servants, zam.
    Tink: It is touching to see such loyalty in one's master, even after zeir level
    has dropped.
    Pvt. Prinny: Huh...? Master Etna's level dropped, dood?
    Etna: Yeah... Because of their stupid summon, my level plummeted...
    Pvt. Prinny: Level plummeted...? Dood...?
    [A considering pause...]
    Pvt. Prinny: ...Well, thanks for the long years of employment you gave us, but 
    as of today, we quit, dood.
    Etna: Hey! C'mon you guys!
    Pvt. Prinny: With our work experience, we expect to be hired by kinder 
    employers who pay a lot more, dood.
    Etna: Do you really expect to get away with this? Because you will come to 
    dread this later. And I will laugh and laugh...
    Pvt. Prinny: Now that Master Etna's level is so low, there's nothing left to
    fear, dood. Freedom at last! Good-bye, dood!
    [The Prinnies split.]
    Adell: Wow, you must've really been horrible to them...
    Rozalin: Indeed...
    Etna: Well, you guys seem awfully chipper. Now, let's go chase them down and
    punish them!
    Adell: Huh? Why us!?
    Etna: Because this is all your fault. Now shut up and run after them!
    [And, apparently, Adell is going to do just that.]
    [---------- AREA: CARCASSED LANDS -- BATTLE: ROTTEN FIELDS [CM1021] ----------]
    [The group wanders around in the Carcassed Lands, and Etna becomes aggrivated
    at the whole situation.]
    Etna: Ahhhhhh! Damn it!!
    Adell: What's wrong now? Why are you yelling?
    Etna: I am yelling because ever since I met you guys, you've messed with my
    plans, and only bad things happen to me! This sucks! Do you have a grudge 
    against me or something?
    Rozalin: ...Ah, I recognize these symptoms as the common practice of taking 
    your anger out on other people.
    Tink: Aw, no matter how intimidating you are, your lack of level is eh, sad. Oh,
    poor former Demon Lord...
    Etna: That little remark just earned you number 42 on my "To Kill List." You
    better watch out when I regain my levels.
    [Tink flips out.]
    Tink: Moi? But why? It was my naughty personality zat sad it. I swear!
    Taro: So, Tink is the 42nd to die... Then, who's the first?
    Etna: Oh, ho ho. That spot is reserved for the person I could kill over and 
    over again, and I'd never get enough! Hahaha! Overlord Zenon is just a stepping 
    stone. The one who I really need to defeat is...
    Yukimaru: Hm... Looks like you've planned your entire life out, both personal 
    and professional, zam.
    Hanako: ... ...Etna's so cool! She's like a career demoness.
    [A fight begins. Once it's over...]
    Hanako: Hey, Etna... I wanna hear the rest of your story. Who's the one that 
    you really wanna kill?
    Etna: Do you really wanna know?
    Hanako: Oh, yeah. You're like, the coolest girl I know.
    Etna: Really? Well, you do seem promising. Maybe I'll train you myself... OK,
    here goes. Originally, I served as the vassal for this stupid punk Overlord. 
    But, we got in a fight so I ditched him. I wanted to show that brat up, so I 
    decided to kill the God of All Overlords and steal his title.
    Hanako: Heh, when I grow up, I wanna be a Demon Lord, just like you.
    Etna: Ahahahaha! You're pretty funny, kid. I'm sure you can become one... Well,
    maybe not quite like me.
    Adell: (That's the last thing I need... A Demon Lord for a sister. That can't 
    be good...)
    [Fade out.]
    [--------- AREA: CARCASSED LANDS -- BATTLE: LURING NIGHTMARE [CM1022] --------]
    [In the Carcassed Lands, Etna finally spots her Prinny deserters.]
    Etna: Ah! There they are! I'm gonna beat the tar outta you guys, you hear me!?
    Prinny: Hahahaha... By you? You don't scare us anymore, dood.
    [The Prinnies walk over to them.]
    Rozalin: They have a new found confidence. I wonder why...
    Prinny #1: We'll tell you, dood! We have a great big brother now!
    Prinny #2: With the great advice and latest equipment that our big bro gave us,
    our confidence is at an all-time high!
    Prinny #3: We've been reborn, dood! I bet we could even transform into the
    legendary Pringer X, dood!!
    [Prinny #1 sparkles.]
    Adell: I don't know what they're talking about, but this can't be good for us...
    Etna: ... I wanna know this big bro guy is. Do you see a guy like that around?
    Taro: They all look the same to me.
    Hanako: Why don't we just beat 'em up one at a time?
    Tink: Zat is a great idea, eh. Shall we begin?
    [Zo they shall.]
    [Once the Prinnies have been disposed of, the scene switches back to Holt
    Dad: Ahh, what should I do? I can't get rid of this pimple on my chest.
    Mom: Hmm, it looks like Overlord Zenon's curse is getting stronger and you're 
    one step closer to becoming a monster.
    Pimple: Hey, I got feelings, too. Do you think I wanna grow here, baby? If it 
    was up to me, I woulda chose to grow between the breasts of a swimsuit model, 
    not some dull, old man. Oh, I only wish you knew what it's like to be me on a 
    guy like you.
    Dad: Oh, uh... I'm sorry.
    Mom: What are you apologizing for? At least now you have a personality.
    Dad: R, really?
    Mom: But, if Zenon's curse gets any stronger... Adell, you better hurry up 
    before it's too late...
    [Fade out.]
    [--------- AREA: CARCASSED LANDS -- BATTLE: REBELLING SPIRIT [CM1023] --------]
    [Elsewhere in the Carcassed Lands, a Prinny scout catches sight of the group.]
    Prinny: Here comes Master Etna, dood! Is everyone in position for the ambush!?
    [A pack of Prinnies leap out and surround the group.]
    Yukimaru: These Prinnies really got their act together, zam.
    Etna: ...Hey! What're you trying to say?
    Yukimaru: Seeing the change in them, I wonder how badly you really treated 
    them. They'll fight to stay free from you, zam. Their disloyalty to you has 
    brought them even closer together, zam.
    Etna: Don't judge me. I treat them exactly how they're supposed to be treated. 
    20 hour work days, with no holidays or compensation. No insurance, or retirement
    fund. They get a 1-fish bonus, twice a year. See? It's a standard Prinny 
    contract. It builds character.
    Adell: You...are evil...
    Rozalin: I'm a princess and feel like I should take the Prinnies' side...
    [The fight begins. Once finished...]
    Rozalin: Hmm. It seems like this big brother is whipping these Prinnies into
    shape. They are much more powerful than before.
    Etna: Hmm. I pegged you as the typical princess, drama queen, but you're 
    actually pretty good.
    Rozalin: But of course! I have inherited the blood of Overlord Zenon.
    [Adell and Rozalin edge closer to each other throughout the next exchange.]
    Adell: Ha, you say that now, but you didn't even know how to fight until I 
    taught you.
    Rozalin: That may be true, but you must admit that it takes considerable talent 
    to progress as quickly as I have.
    Adell: What are you talking about? I'm always having to jump out and protect 
    Rozalin: Hmph! And who asked you to do that? You keep begging to protect me. I
    let you so you'd stop whining.
    [Adell crosses his arms. He and Rozalin scowl at each other.]
    Etna: Ah, how cute? You two have one of those kind of relationships going...
    Adell: What do you mean, "those kind of relationships?"
    Etna: You know, you're a couple <3 Awww....
    [Rozalin and Adell suddenly ROCKET away from each other.]
    Adell: Psh! Don't be ridiculous! We're not like that!
    Rozalin: Indeed! You mistook my expression. That one was, "Annoyed!"
    Etna: Now, now. It's OK. You don't have to deny it. There are all kinds of
    screwed up couples out there. I even know of an Overlord who married a human
    Adell: A marriage between a human and a demon, huh? I guess I can see that
    Rozalin: Fool! That's nothing to be impressed about! Essentially, Adell and I 
    are enemies! The only reason we're together is because we are bound by the 
    summon ritual.
    [Rozalin looks around at the group.]
    Rozalin: Uh! Why are you all looking at me? Let's go! Hmph!
    [She stalks off, and the scene ends.]
    [----------- AREA: CARCASSED LANDS -- BATTLE: DEAD BREATH [CM1024] -----------]
    [Adell's group and the Prinnies square off.]
    Etna: Hahahaha! Looks like you're trapped now. This is gonna hurt you a lot 
    more than it's gonna hurt me.
    Prinny: Dooooooood! Big brother! We're in trouble! We need your help, dood!
    [An aqua colored Prinny appears on top of a huge tree stump in the middle of 
    the area.]
    Adell: That's their big bro...?
    Etna: Huh? I don't remember seeing that Prinny before.
    Yukimaru: When they were talking about their big bro, I pictured a tough guy, 
    but he's actually really cute, zam.
    Big Bro: You're too immature. You couldn't see through this simple 
    Yukimaru: Transformation...? Then...
    [The Big Bro Prinny leaps into the air, then drops to the ground in front of 
    the group. He spins, then disappears in a puff of smoke.]
    Yukimaru: Brother!
    Adell: Brother!? So the Prinnies' big brother is also your big brother!?
    Yukimaru: Yes...I guess. He is my older brother, Fubuki.
    Fubuki: Yukimaru. You're still with her...? You understand, don't you? She is 
    the daughter of Overlord Zenon...
    Tink: Oh hoohoohoo...!!
    Taro: Hey, what's wrong, Tink? You look really scared...
    Tink: It, it, it's him!! He is ze one who trapped me in zis form!
    Etna: Whattaya mean? Weren't you always a frog?
    Tink: No! I was once a beautiful young man. I used to say I was as honest as an 
    angel and as handsome as ze devil, eh!
    Yukimaru: So, you did this...
    Rozalin: And you tried to kill me at the Colosseum...
    Fubuki: Yes, that was me. I had planned to secretly help Yukimaru, but when I 
    met you, I was honestly surprised.
    Adell: I get how you and Yukimaru want to kill Zenon for your own revenge 
    subplot, but why are you trying to kill her, too? If you're going to kill her 
    because she's Zenon's daughter, I won't allow that!
    Fubuki: If I kill her, Zenon will appear. Therefore, I must kill her. What is 
    the problem here?
    Adell: What's the problem...!? I want to find Zenon too, but I would never 
    think of using such underhanded tactics!!
    Fubuki: Why limit yourself? In order to accomplish one's mission, a ninja will
    use any hand.
    Yukimaru: Fubuki! Please stop! It is true, Miss Rozalin is Overlord Zenon's
    daughter, but she may also be one of us!
    Fubuki: No more talk! To avenge my clan, I must take the life of the Overlord's
    [Battle start!]
    [To quote the Huntress, re: Fubuki: Mister, just so we're clear? If I win this
    fight, I'm shaving you clean, Rapunzel. We like our psychos a little less 
    adorable around here.]
    [Once the fight's finished...]
    Fubuki: Your skills have improved since the last time we met! It appears I must
    use my full abilities to accomplish my mission...!
    Yukimaru: I beg you, Fubuki. Please stop, zam! Miss Rozalin has done no crime!
    Fubuki: Yukimaru, move! Why must you interfere!?
    Yukimaru: it is true that Overlord Zenon is our clan's mortal enemy! But it is 
    wrong to involve his daughter, simply because of hatred, zam! Doing so will 
    make you the same as Zenon! I don't want that from you, zam!
    Fubuki: Do not speak of such weak concerns! As a ninja, your mission is your 
    only priority!! Die!! Daughter of Zenon!!
    Rozalin: Agh!!
    [A SLASH is heard, and the screen flashes red.]
    Fubuki: Guuuhh...!!?
    Overlord Zenon: Hmhmhmhmhm... That was too close, Princess...
    Fubuki: Y, you are...!? Gruhhh!
    Yukimaru: Fu, Fubukiiiii!!!!
    [Fade out.]
    [------ Episode Ten Epilogue (Where Pleinair Looks Depressed) [CM1030] -------]
    [Cut to the "newsdesk".]
    Axel: Sorry to keep you all waiting. 
    [The screen behind Axel shows a picture of a giant version of him fighting a
    Godzilla-like monster in the middle of a city.] 
    Axel: It's time for the news. I'm sorry, but this is a little personal. I 
    haven't been feeling like myself, lately. I'm on TV, I'm more popular than 
    ever, I have all the money I could want... But, something just doesn't feel 
    [The picture goes full screen, revealing a huge zipper on the back of the
    creature's head.]
    Axel: While I was in the midst of my greatest adventure in Veldime, it was
    exciting and thrilling. I fought an army of 100,000 tribesmen, I battled a
    legendary hero, and I had a sweet romantic encounter with a princess <3 Oh
    excuse me. Ahem... So many great memories... I just want to share some of the
    Dark Hero's sentiments with all you viewers out there.
    [Cut back to the newsdesk.]
    Pleinair: ......
    Axel: But, let's move on to our first topic. We have tons of great footage from
    the recent charity concert, hosted by me.
    [Fade to black.]
    Director: A charity concert? Why is the Dark Hero doing something good? Ah, Axel
    darling, you've lost touch with the soul of the Dark Hero. You're no longer the
    man I grew to love... There's only one thing that can wake you up, Axel 
    [End Episode 10.]
    [-------------------- Episode Eleven - Awakening [CM1100] --------------------]
    [A SLASH is heard, and the screen flashes red.]
    [When the scene fades in, Fubuki drops face down in the dirt, with Overlord
    Zenon standing behind him.]
    Yukimaru: Fu, Fubukiiiii!!!!
    Etna: Wait, he's...! But, I, I killed him!
    Overlord Zenon: Hmph... So, there was another ghost from 15 years ago...
    [The four-leaf clover symbol appears over Zenon briefly.]
    Fubuki: Th, this evil feeling... The same as...from...!?
    Overlord Zenon: Haahahahaha! Indeed!! I am the one who led you and your
    precious Snow Clan to destruction!
    Fubuki: Urgh...!! How convenient of you to appear before me... Even as this
    body rots... I shall destroy you at last...!!
    [Fubuki gets to his feet and assumes a battle posture.]
    Fubuki: Now! We shall know vengeance! Hidden Technique - Midare Fubuki!!
    [Fubuki swirls around and around Zenon until it appears there are multiple
    copies of him. The screen fades white, and Overlord Zenon's agonized yell is
    heard, and then the scene ends.]
    [Scene reopens inside Adell's house.]
    Yukimaru: Fubuki, hold on!
    Mom: Hmm, he's not doing well. At this rate, he won't last the hour.
    Adell: No... Isn't there something we can do?
    Rozalin: ...... ...Tink. Open Fubuki's mouth.
    Tink: As you wish, Princess.
    Adell: Hey, what are you gonna do?
    Rozalin: I am going to use the [Remedy] that we got from the Colosseum. It is a
    good thing I held onto it, just in case something like this happened. That was
    a good deal of insight on my part.
    Yukimaru: Miss Rozalin! Fubuki tried to take your life...
    Rozalin: Do not worry. After all, we may be from the same clan, right?
    Yukimaru: Miss Rozalin...
    Adell: Don't worry about it. Besides, it would be wrong to refuse to help the
    family of your friends.
    Yukimaru: Sir Adell...Thank you...
    [Fade to black.]
    [----------- Holt Village (aka Fubuki Needs His Medicine) [CM1110] -----------]
    [More talking. More looting. A player's work is never done.]
    Dad: Although he's still alive, Fubuki is still in a coma. If he keeps getting
    weaker, eventually...
    Pimple: He's gonna die!!
    Yukimaru: N, no... Fubuki...
    Adell: It's okay. We'll save your brother! So don't give up either.
    Yukimaru: I, I won't, zam!
    Mom: What a convenient world we live in. One medicine cures everything...
    Adell: But it's too early to be sure. He's not completely healed.
    Yukimaru: Fubuki...
    Piggolo: Plenair is so cute...
    Hanako: I found a daydreaming adult!
    Taro: No, Hanako. You have to leave him alone.
    Adell: He looks really emotionally unstable...
    Bridget: I heard there are items you can only buy in the Item World... I want
    to go shopping, too!!
    Taro: Me too!!
    Hanako: Me three!!
    Solei: Do you know about multiple endings? They were talking about it on the
    news yesterday, but I wasn't really listening...
    Hanako: ...You're not even trying to sound natural.
    Moocho: Hey hey, listen! I quit wanting to become a Dark Hero. Instead I want
    to become a Prism Ranger! Dark Heroes are so lame now! Now is the age of the
    Prism Rangers!
    Rozalin: Yes. You're absolutely corret. Pursue your goals and be a great Prism
    Tink: Princess, are you a closet Prism Ranger fan?
    Caine: Do you use your cell phone? You can call for help, or get deliveries, so
    it's pretty convenient.
    Taro: A cell phone... It's new technology that lets you talk to someone far 
    away, right? Cool...
    James: We monster type characters have a specific weapon type just for us, 
    but... Where on my body am I supposed to equip it!?
    Rozalin: H, how about, holding it in your mouth?
    James: ...Are you making fun of me?
    Mario Boy: Looks like you brought someone who was really hurt, what happened? 
    Even if we're demons, hard times are hard times. We'll have a flashy funeral.
    Yukimaru: D, don't say that! It'll bring ill omens!
    Zommie III: Do you know about diagonal throw?
    Etna: Diagonal Throw? Is there such a command?
    Amos: Even if you can't move past rivers and swamps where there is no log, you 
    can "Throw" allies over them, dood. But of course you can't move over, or throw
    over [No Entry] Geo Panels, so make note of that, dood. 1. Rivers and swamps 
    you cannot move over can be jumped over as long as you have the throwing 
    distance, dood. 2. You can only avoid [No Entry] or destroy the source Geo 
    Symbol. If you understand these two rules, a path will always be available, 
    [----------- Shinra Tower (and The Overlord's Vengeance)  [CM1120] -----------]
    [Scene opens outside Holt Village.]
    Yukimaru: Sir Adell, Miss Rozalin. Thanks to you, my brother survived, zam. I 
    am forever in your debt...
    Adell: Well, we can't rest just yet. We still have work to do...
    Rozalin: Why don't we visit the old man who gave us the remedy? I remember he 
    said there were secret herbs and spices hidden within his tower.
    Adell: Oh yeah. I think he said he lived in Shen, no, no Shin, Shinra Tower, I 
    Etna: Secret herbs and spices? Do you think they might have one that can 
    restore my levels!?
    Taro: Well, given that they're secret, it may be hard to find them.
    Adell: So, the Shinra Tower... Let's go check it out.
    [Scene ends.]
    [----------- AREA: SHINRA TOWER -- BATTLE: GEO CHALLENGER [CM1121] -----------]
    [Scene opens outside the Shinra Tower.]
    Tink: Wow! Zat is a tall tower... I wonder if zey planned to build it zat high, 
    or if zey just kept going up...?
    Hanako: One of Dad's books said that Shinra Tower was built by the people 
    Alche City so they could go meet God. But when it was done, they found out they
    still couldn't meet God and there were too many steps, so they left. It's just
    so stupid!
    Rozalin: Hanako, you have a vast wealth of knowledge. You will make a great 
    demon someday.
    [Cut to the interior of the Shinra Tower. Adell's group assembles by the 
    Old Man Geo: Ah-hee... Ah-hee...! He, help me!
    [He comes walking into the scene pretty nonchalant for a guy screaming for 
    Adell: What's the matter, old man?
    Old Man Geo: Oh, you're that boy from the Colosseum... The secret herbs I told 
    you about were stolen!
    Rozalin: What are the odds!?
    Adell: Damn! Could it have been that fake Zenon again?
    Etna: If it was, we better get them back, quick. I want those herbs!
    Old Man Geo: Be careful... This tower is full of Geo Puzzles that I set up 
    [Something growls offscreen, and the first battle begins.]
    [Stupid Geo Puzzles...]
    Yukimaru: Fubuki... I, Yukimaru, pledge to reclaim those herbs, zam. Once your
    health has returned, we shall avenge our clan together, zam...
    Hanako: By the way, Yukimaru. Why was your clan destroyed?
    Taro: Oh yeah, I was curious about that, too. What happened?
    Adell: Hey, you two. It's not polite to just ask questions about that kinda 
    stuff point-blank like that.
    Yukimaru: ...No. You are all like my family now. Now's the perfect opportunity.
    I'll tell you all about it, zam.
    [Fade out, then fade in on a picture of a snowy bamboo forest, with an A-frame
    house built into the middle of it.]
    Yukimaru: My brother and I lived in a small towen called "Snow Melody" in 
    Northern Veldime with others from our clan, zam. Although it was a cold place,
    everyone had warm hearts, and we always lived in peace, zam... But 15 years ago,
    when I was only 5 years old, zam. The village was attacked, our people were 
    massacred, but the village chief grabbed my brother and me. We barely survived, 
    zam. My brother's eyes were wounded, and he hasn't seen light since then, zam...
    [The scene fades to red, then cuts back to the Shinra Tower.]
    Yukimaru: We trained hard with the chief so that one day, we could avenge our 
    clan, zam. 15 years have passed since then. With his last breath, the chief gave
    us one last mission, zam. To destroy Overlord Zenon and avenge our clan. So, my
    brother and I set out to fufill our mission. We traveled the world, searching 
    for Zenon, zam.
    Adell: And during your travels, you heard about the battle arena and met us...?
    Rozalin: I see... So, that is why you were intent on taking my father's life...
    Adell: ...But, the one who destroyed your clan was the fake Zenon, right?
    Yukimaru: It seems that way, zam.
    Adell: I wonder why the fake Zenon decided to destroy your clan?
    Yukimaru: I don't know that either, zam... Only the fake Zenon knows for sure...
    Adell: Looks like we'll have to confront this fake Zenon again, and soon. He 
    may be the cause of everything...
    [Fade to black.]
    [----------- AREA: SHINRA TOWER -- BATTLE: WITTY CONTEST [CM1122] ------------]
    [No opening dialogue. After the battle...]
    [Overlord Zenon reappears near the treestump where he felled Fubuki, and was
    thus felled *BY* Fubuki. His two masked underlings are waiting for him.]
    Overlord Zenon: *pant* *pant* Damn it! For I, Overlord Zenon, to be killed by a
    dying kid...! I had to waste even more energy to restore my body again... And
    to think a survivor of the Snow Clan could weild that kind of power... Though I
    was lucky to get the chance, it's a good thing I destroyed the Snow Clan 15 
    years ago...
    Masked Man: ...Overlord Zenon. I don't mean to offend you, but strengthening 
    the curse even more could be dangerous...
    Overlord Zenon: Yes, I know... But to recover from that last battle, I have no 
    other choice.
    Masked Woman: ...Draining more consciences may destroy the delicate balance.
    The humans that become monsters may revolt...
    Overlord Zenon: I understand that, as well... That is why I am trying to limit
    the curse to a minimum. If I really wanted to regain all of my powers, I would
    have drained all human memories and conscience long ago... Let us return to my
    castle... I will need to go into hiding, until I can restore my powers...
    [Scene ends.]
    [---------- AREA: SHINRA TOWER -- BATTLE: DEATH TO COWARDS [CM1123] ----------]
    [No opening dialogue. After the battle...]
    [Back in Holt Village.]
    Mom: Oh, what's this...? Did Overlord Zenon's curse just get stronger again?
    [Dad appears, now talking through his Pimple.]
    Dad: Hahaha. Looks that way.
    Mom: D, Dear...?
    Dad: Sorry, honey. I think I got locked in the pimple this time...
    [The Pimple starts talking through Dad.]
    Pimple: I love boobies! Oh yeah!
    Dad: See? I'm your real husband.
    Mom: Eh, whatever. At least now your body has more personality. Anyway, it 
    seems like Overlord Zenon's curse is getting stronger more often. What's going
    to happen to us?
    Dad: Overlord Zenon's curse...
    Mom: What is it?
    Dad: Well, about Adell's parents. I think they had something to do with the 
    Mom: What!? Oh, that sounds kind of important. Anyway, we're getting close to
    the final episode, so go ahead and say it.
    Dad: Huh? Oh, yeah...
    Pimple: All hail the Boobie Kingdom!!
    Mom: ...Are you OK?
    Dad: Oh, what...? Sorry. That outburst made me forget. Aha, haha, heh...
    Pimple: Oh yeah! Oh yeah!
    [End scene.]
    [---------- AREA: SHINRA TOWER -- BATTLE: DEFILER AMBITION [CM1124] ----------]
    [No dialogue.]
    [---------- AREA: SHINRA TOWER -- BATTLE: EVIL TEMPTATION [CM1125] -----------]
    [No dialogue.]
    [---------- AREA: SHINRA TOWER -- BATTLE: WARPED KNOWLEDGE [CM1126] ----------]
    [No dialogue.]
    [------------- AREA: SHINRA TOWER -- BATTLE: HOLY TOWER [CM1127] -------------]
    [Somewhere in the Shinra Tower, a deep rumbling is heard, and the tower begins
    to shake.]
    Yukimaru: What is it, zam? I feel a strong, dark power, zam!
    Adell: Is it fake Zenon?
    Etna: Ugh, that stupid laugh... Why is he here!?
    [At the top of the highest spire in the area, lightning begins to strike. A 
    portal forms, and in a blinding flash of light, OVERLORD LAHARL APPEARS!]
    Laharl: Haahahahaha!! Do you have any idea how hard it was to find you!?
    Etna: Uh, hi, Prince!!
    [Laharl leaps down and confronts the group.]
    Laharl: Where do you get off thinking you can go create mischief without my 
    consent? What kind of vassal are you!?
    Hanako: Is this the guy you said you wanted to kill, and kill and kill?
    Etna: That's him. The stupid Overlord that I used to serve. Prince Laharl...!
    Adell: And we have yet another freak...
    Laharl: What are you doing here, anyway? Do you have any idea how much we 
    missed you? We didn't have anyone to cook, clean or do the laundry! You even 
    took all the Prinnies! My castle's a mess! And here you are playing with...
    them!? This is outrageous! It's unforgivable!
    Etna: Uh, Prince, I'm not your vassal anymore. I came out here to be on my own,
    and become an Overlord myself.
    Laharl: Stop being selfish! No vassal of mine is gonna move out on their own.
    Etna: Whatever... Look, Prince, I know you took the secret herbs, so give em 
    back already.
    Laharl: What are you talking- ...Oh, those.
    [Etna holds out her hand.]
    Etna: Do you have them? Fork 'em over. They're mine.
    Laharl: Too bad. I ate them already. What? I was hungry.
    Etna: You ate them!!? With those herbs, I might've recovered my levels! Why 
    must you always go out of your way to screw up my life, you little brat!?
    Laharl: What's wrong with you? Are you hungry or something?
    Etna: I'm pissed off! I don't care about our level difference! Today, I'm gonna
    beat the living crap outta you, you hear me!!!
    [Laharl begins to glow with blue fire.]
    Laharl: Don't you know anything!? It's a million years too early for you to 
    beat me!
    [Ahh, another of those wonderful 'battles you cannot win unless super 
    [Once you've been Meteor Impacted into submission, time for ONE OF YET ANOTHER
    Adell: He's... incredibly strong!!
    Laharl: Haahahahaha!! What's wrong, Etna!? How do you expect to become an 
    Overlord with such weak power? Now, return to my castle and start scrubbing the
    toilets! Haahahahaha!!
    Etna: Damn it...! If I was my normal level, I wouldn't have lost...!!
    Laharl: Now!! Return to being my vassal!
    [Rozalin stands up.]
    Rozalin: Wait! Etna is a part of my group. I cannot allow you to decide her 
    Etna: Y, you...
    Laharl: What's with this woman? Who do you think you are, talking to me, Laharl
    the Overlord, like that?
    Rozalin: I am Rozalin, daughter of Overlord Zenon! I do not fear you!!
    Laharl: What? You're Overlord Zenon's daughter?
    [The four-leaf clover emblem appears over Rozalin.]
    Laharl: Huh? What's with this stupid emblem? It's some kind of seal! What 
    happens if I break it?
    [Laharl summons a dark energy ball, and LAUNCHES it at the seal. It shatters,
    and the camera goes all wonky around Rozalin. Dark energy suddenly pulses out 
    of her.]
    Rozalin: Ummhhhh...Unnnhhh...!!
    [Adell leaps to her side.]
    Adell: Rozalin, are you alright!?
    Yukimaru: Miss Rozalin...!?
    [Lightning bolts begin to crash all around her as more dark energy filters out.
    An EXPLOSION sounds, Rozalin disappears, and suddenly the sky is burned a deep 
    crimson, and more dark orbs begin rising into the air. Rozalin reappears via 
    another lightning strike atop the highest spire, her clothes burned darker 
    shades of purple and black, her skin turned to an ashen gray, and her eyes now
    glowing dark red.]
    Rozalin?: ...Who dares awaken me?
    Laharl: Wh, what is this power...!?
    Rozalin?: Was it you, kid...? Don't you know the price for disturbing my 
    Laharl: Don't you touch me!! Seems like someone wants to be taught a lesson!
    Adell: W, wait! Stop!
    [Laharl summons a plethora of fireballs into the air.]
    Laharl: Take this! Overlord's Wrath!!
    [He launches the fireballs at "Rozalin", which EXPLODE into a huge fireball...
    When the fire dissipates, "Rozalin" remains where she was, seemingly unaffected
    aside from the smoke rising off her clothes.]
    Rozalin?: Are you my enemy...?
    Laharl: What!? My Overlord's Wrath didn't work!?
    Rozalin?: Why do you challenge me...? I do not wish to fight... I am a being of
    solitude... If you come near, the gates of death will open.
    [And... another battle begins? The only unit is "Rozalin?", and she's a bit...
    different... As in, several THOUSAND levels different.]
    [This time, Laharl doesn't stand a chance.]
    [Once he's been spanked...]
    Laharl: I, I lost!? But, I never lose... Well, how was I supposed to know you 
    had someone that powerful in your group?! Oh, and Etna, don't forget... No 
    matter what you say, you're still my vassal! You can play with your new friends 
    today, but you'll return with me next time! So, you better have fun now! 
    [Laharl teleports away the same way he came in. The group is left alone with, 
    uhm... 'Dark Rozy.']
    Etna: Rozy!? You were awesome! The way you beat the prince...totally awesome.
    Where did all that power come from?
    Tink: Princess. Can it be zat ze blood from your fazer has awakened?
    Rozalin?: Are you my enemy...?
    [Dark Rozy summons another lightning bolt that almost fries Etna.]
    Etna: That was too close... What are you doing!?
    Rozalin?: I am a being of solitude... Destined to gather the souls of fools...
    Adell: ......
    Hanako: Hey! What's wrong with Rozy?
    Taro: A, Adell, Princess is scary.
    [Dark Rozy disappears and suddenly reappears next to Adell.]
    Rozalin?: I am a being of solitude... Cursed to wander the eternal void...
    [Adell does what he's best at, something stupid. He walks up to Dark Rozy and 
    slaps her across the face.]
    Yukimaru: Sir Adell!?
    Adell: C'mon. Get a grip.
    Rozalin?: ......
    Adell: Wake up, Rozalin.
    [Rozalin's clothes suddenly change back to their normal red and black colors.
    Her skin and hair return to normal as well.]
    Adell: Aren't you Rozalin, Overlord Zenon's only daughter?
    [The four-leaf clover emblem reappears over Rozalin, and slowly fades into her.]
    Rozalin: ...A, Adell...?
    Adell: Oh, you're back to normal.
    Rozalin: Wh, What was I...?
    Adell: Are you OK? Did I slap you too hard?
    [Rozalin raises her hand.]
    Rozalin: You insolent... fool...
    [Before she can strike him, she tumbles over backward and faints. Adell catches 
    her before she falls.]
    Taro: Pr, Princess!!
    [Fade out, and then back in on Zenon's castle.]
    Overlord Zenon: That was close. At least the seal has been restored... ... 
    But...it has finally come to pass...
    [Fade to black, kids.]
    [---------- Episode Eleven Epilogue (Where Axel Grows Up) [CM1130] -----------]
    [Open on Axel's crappy newsdesk.]
    Axel: Hello! It's time for the news.
    Pleinair: ......
    Axel: Reports have come in, stating that Overlord Zenon is back in Veldime. Now
    there's a surprise! The gate to Zenon's castle was recently discovered. If you
    want to check out his castle for yourself, use Gate [AX666]. Now Veldime is 
    sure to become the host for the battle for Overlord supremacy. Now that the 
    boring stuff is outta the way, we have more news about me! Coming up next, we
    have a special report with details on my upcoming galactic concert tour...
    [WHAP! Somebody gets punched, and suddenly Axel's little brother's face fills
    the screen.]
    [Cut back to the newsdesk. The screen behind Axel is still filled with the 
    kid's face.]
    Axel: What is this? What are you doing?
    [Cut to Axel's home. The Director and the Camera Zombie are there. The zombie's
    camera is set up on the table in the middle of the room, and Axel's brother is
    kneeling in front of it.]
    Kid: Since my big brother isn't coming back, I'm trying to make him come back!!
    Axel: Wh, what are you talking about? I'm back. See, I'm on the TV.
    Kid: That's not my big brother! The guy I'm looking at isn't Axel! What 
    happened tot he Dark Hero big brother I was proud of?
    Axel: ......
    Director: Your little bro is right. You no longer have that shimmer. The Dark 
    Hero's soul is missing. Axel darling, you're acting like a Hero, not a Dark 
    Hero. The Dark Hero was a master of evil. You were everyone's worst nightmare.
    Axel: Director...
    [Pan over to the television. Axel pops up on the screen.]
    Axel: Hmhmhm... I know... Even with all my success, my heart was never full.
    There was always a draft blowin' through my soul... I just, I just wanted a
    little taste of being a normal hero...
    Director: Oh, Axel darling...
    Axel: Director! Come back to Veldime!! You're the only one worthy to direct the
    sensational return of Axel, the Dark Hero!!
    Director: Leave it to me! I'll pour my whole heart into it!
    Kid: Good luck, big brother! Ma and everyone else are rooting for you!
    Axel: Great! I'll show everyone in the netherworlds the true soul of the Dark
    [Scene fades. End Episode 11.]
    [------------------- Episode Twelve - Castle Raid [CM1200] -------------------]
    [Open back in Adell's home.]
    Tink: First Fubuki, and now ze Princess is down. Our situation, she is getting 
    Taro: I hope Princess is OK...
    Etna: If she's strong enough to fight off the Prince, she should pull through 
    just fine.
    Hanako: But back there, Rozy... didn't seem like Rozy.
    Yukimaru: Hmm... I wonder what that was, zam. Maybe being exposed to danger
    awakened the blood of Overlord Zenon within her, zam.
    Tink: But, zere were plenty of times before when her life was in danger and 
    nuhzing happened.
    Etna: Maybe it has something to do with when the Prince attacked the seal...
    Adell: ...Just stop it. There's no point in arguing over it. She's back to 
    herself. That's all that matters.
    [End scene.]
    [Reopen in Adell's home.]
    Mom: Uh oh. That cute Fubuki boy is gone.
    Yukimaru: What!? Is that true, zam?
    Hanako: I thought he was still hurt. Where would he go?
    Adell: Where else? To the fake Zenon. You two traveled all over the world 
    looking for him, right? If he wanted to go anywhere else, he woulda waited until
    he was better.
    Yukimaru: Hmmm. I think you're right, Sir Adell, zam. That is what Fubuki would 
    Etna: So, he's looking to avenge your clan for good this time? You gotta admire
    his spirit.
    Adell: Is he... Is he planning to take all of them on by himself?
    Yukimaru: Fubuki...
    [Rozalin suddenly pops in.]
    Rozalin: What are we waiting for! Let's go!
    Adell: Uh, Rozalin. ...Are you sure you're ready to go?
    Rozalin: Of course. After all, I am the daughter of Overlord Zenon. Fubuki went
    by himself, right? So we better hurry if we want to catch up!
    [End scene.]
    [------------- Holt Village (aka Ignoring The Problem) [CM1210] --------------]
    [Yeah, let's stand around and chat while the blind injured ninja runs off to 
    face the Overlord.]
    Dad: He went out to fight in his condition? Is Fubuki trying to kill himself...?
    Yukimaru: I won't let Fubuki die, zam! Please wait for me, Fubuki!!
    Mom: Are you okay, Rozalin? You don't look too good.
    Rozalin: O, of course I'm okay. Who do you think I am?
    Adell: ......
    Taro: Princess. Don't work yourself too hard.
    Piggolo: Are you teaming? Master-apprentice relationships have a higher chance 
    for team attacks. Maybe love relationships will have a higher chance too. How 
    is it you two?
    Rozalin: What!? Adell and I are enemies!!
    Adell: Th, that's right! What are you talking about?
    Solei: Overlord Zenon's castle was revealed on the news yesterday. There's 
    gonna be some trouble <3
    Moocho: Hey hey, listen! Axel, the Dark Hero is back! The Dark Hero lives on 
    Tink: Oh, ho. He stands out where nobody wants to look. Zere is somezing to say 
    about zat.
    Caine: How many laps have you done?
    Adell: Huh...?
    James: Huh? Rozalin. You seem a little different.
    Rozalin: R, really? I didn't change at all. Right Adell?
    Adell: ....Y, yeah. Nothing's changed. You're still you.
    Mario Boy: About the masked man and woman of Overlord Zenon's, the man's special
    ability is null physical attacks, the woman, magic attacks.
    Hanako: Thanks for that unorthodox advice!
    Zommie III: As your level increases, the jumping ability inside town gets 
    better too. Did you notice?
    Adell: Now that you mention it...
    Hanako: I wonder how far you can jump at level 9999?
    Amos: It seems Overlord armies from alternate netherworlds are invading Veldime 
    to defeat Zenon, dood. It's all on the news.
    Etna: Huh? Really? Isn't that bad?
    Yukimaru: We have to hurry or Fubuki will be involved!
    Adell: Yeah, we can't just stand around!
    [Sound advice.]
    [------------ To Zenon's Castle (aka Closing In On...)  [CM1220] -------------]
    [Outside Holt Village...]
    Adell: Hey, does anyone know where we're supposed to go to catch up with 
    Fubuki...? Does anyone know where the fake Zenon is?
    Hanako: Oh, we do. Me and Tardo wrote it on a memo.
    Rozalin: A memo!?
    Taro: We saw it on the news yesterday. To get to Zenon's castle, use Gate, um,
    Adell: ...They put that on the news?
    Hanako: Yeah. It was on Axel's news show. ...It was pretty boring, though.
    Rozalin: I guess he is useful sometimes... What a coincidental discovery.
    [End scene.]
    [-------- AREA: TO ZENON'S CASTLE -- BATTLE: OVERLORD'S SIGN [CM1221] --------]
    [The group approaches the... approach... to Zenon's Castle, a huge spiralling 
    construct in the distance with what looks like a giant pyre on the top. All in 
    all, the whole thing looks like a giant candle.]
    Adell: So, that's the fake Zenon's castle... ......
    Etna: What's the holdup now? Are you scared or something?
    Adell: No. I'm just thinking. It was the fake Zenon who destroyed your clan, 
    right Yukimaru?
    Yukimaru: Yes. The fake one is our clan's true enemy, zam.
    Adell: So, do you think Zenon's curse is really the fake one's doing also?
    Rozalin: So, it may not be father's fault?
    Adell: It is a possibility. When was your clan attacked again?
    Yukimaru: It was 15 years ago, zam.
    Adell: Overlord Zenon's curse started spreading about 15 years ago, too. I doubt
    that's just a coincidence.
    Rozalin: Hmm. That does seem suspicious...
    Adell: Alright, so if we can defeat that fake Zenon, everything should wrap up 
    Rozalin: Hmph... I think you're just looking for an excuse to fight.
    Adell: That's ridiculous! I'm doing-
    Hanako: Hey! How long are we gonna wait here? Let's go already.
    [The first fight outside of Zenon's castle begins.]
    [Once finished...]
    [The group walks along the frozen... er, diamond... crystal... thingies... 
    Let's try again. The group walks along the clear pathways outside Zenon's 
    castle, when Adell stops for another introspective moment.]
    Adell: (...... Is the fake Zenon really the one responsible for everything...?
    I sure hope so... Everything I said adds up, but it's all circumstantial. Maybe
    I'm just seeing what I want to see... Maybe I'm just afraid of fighting the real
    Zenon...of fighting Rozalin's father. I've hated him for so long... I swore to
    defeat Overlord Zenon for turning my home into a netherworld... Damn it... Why
    am I so conflicted? What's wrong with me...? Can I really fufill all of my 
    promises? They've all started to...blur?)
    [Fade out.]
    [-------- AREA: TO ZENON'S CASTLE -- BATTLE: CRYSTALLINE MAZE [CM1222] -------]
    [The group continues along the crystalline pathway.]
    Rozalin: (...... ...That burning sensation within me still hasn't settled. It 
    feels as if I have a a burning coal in my heart. What is happening to me? No 
    one will talk about what happened at the Shinra Tower... What happened...? I 
    felt my consciousness slip away as if something inside me broke free... I 
    wonder what it was... Even though I'm pretending everything is fine, how long
    can I go on like this? Father... Please tell me what I'm supposed to do?)
    [The group confronts another group of Zenon's baddies.]
    [Once disposed of...]
    Tink: (...... If Monsieur Fubuki dies, what will happen to my body...? Will ze
    magic break when he dies, returning my body to its original form? Or will ze 
    magic be sealed forever, and I will never be able to return to normal...? Ah...
    Zis is an important matter for me. ...I must try to rescue him for now. I can 
    kill him later, if I find out zat ze magic breaks when he dies...) Mademoiselle
    Yukimaru... I shall do my best to save Monsieur Fubuki's life.
    Yukimaru: Oh, Sir Tink. Thank you for your kind words, zam.
    Tink: You do not need to zank me. I am simply a modest demon who was raised to 
    serve. I just want to do my duty.
    [Fade out.]
    [-------- AREA: TO ZENON'S CASTLE -- BATTLE: MYSTERIOUS TRAP [CM1223] --------]
    [The group continues along the crystalline pathway.]
    Yukimaru: (...... Fubuki... Please do not push yourself to death. If something
    should happen to you, I just don't know...)
    [Scene fades back to the picture of Snowy Melody.]
    Yukimaru: (I was only able to withstand our harsh training because you were 
    with me. If not for you, I wouldn't have had the willpower to go on. A man of
    few words... But, you were my kind and loving brother.)
    [Fade back to the outskirts of Zenon's castle. The group is suddenly surrounded
    by baddies.)
    Yukimaru: (Now it is my turn to save you! I'm not Yukimaru, the coward anymore!
    Sir Adell taught me the strength in never giving up! I'll never give up on you!
    We shall avenge our clan together. Then, Fubuki, we can truly live!!)
    [Battle begins. Battle ends.]
    [Once over, the scene switches back to Holt Village.]
    Mom: I hope the kids are OK.
    Dad: ...Ah!!
    Mom: What is it now?
    Dad: This time, I remember everything about Adell's parents, for sure.
    Mom: Oh, really? Well then, what kind of people were they?
    Dad: They were...
    [...And scene ends.]
    [--------- AREA: TO ZENON'S CASTLE -- BATTLE: DANCING FOOLS [CM1224] ---------]
    [The group continues along the crystalline pathway.]
    Etna: (...... Hmm, the Prince must really be desperate to come all this way just
    to chase me down... Now, if he apologized, cried and begged me to come back, I
    might consider it. But not just yet. I'm gonna stalk these kids until I reach a 
    level I can be happy with. Besides, I'll have to power my level up higher than 
    his before I could ever be his vassal again. A girl's gotta have pride... I just
    gotta look forward to killing this fake Zenon again and regaining some levels.
    [Battle start. Battle end.]
    [Following the battle, the scene shifts to show Overlord Zenon beset by a trio 
    of alternate netherworld Overlords.]
    Overlord Zenon: Bastards! Overlords from alternate netherworlds!?
    Dragon: I am Drago the Dragon Overlord! Supreme ruler of the evil dragon 
    Succubus: Overlord Princess Hilda! Overseer of the vampire houses.
    Chaos Soldier: Dark Hunter Jeda! Dark collector of severed Overlord heads.
    Overlord Zenon: Hmph! Fools drawn to the title of God of All Overlords like 
    deer to headlights... I am Overlord Zenon! And now, you are all dead!!
    [Zenon draws in a massive amount of power, and releases it in a terrific
    explosion. While everything burns, the scene ends.]
    [-------- AREA: TO ZENON'S CASTLE -- BATTLE: AGITO THE REAPER [CM1225] -------]
    [The group continues along the crystalline pathway. Taro and Hanako lag behind.]
    Taro: Things are getting pretty serious. We're probably close to the end by now.
    Hanako: Yeah. And everyone's finding reasons to fight harder than normal.
    Taro: Maybe we should do that, too. Just think of something serious-like.
    [Taro goes introspective.]
    Taro: (No matter what happens, I'll protect Princess to earn my role as her 
    greatest servant!)
    [Taro returns to normal, and looks over at Hanako.]
    Taro: See... Just like that.
    Hanako: OK! Let me try one.
    [Hanako goes introspective.]
    Hanako: (I will defeat the fake Zenon, thrusting me into the highest rank of 
    demons! I will be as cool as Etna, but twice as sexier!)
    [Hanako returns to normal, looks over at Taro.]
    Hanako: Whaddya think?
    Taro: Uh, I guess that was serious-like.
    [Once again, the group prepares for battle.]
    Adell: Taro! Hanako! Stop fooling around! It's dangerous around here!
    Taro & Hanako: O-K...!
    [Battle begins.]
    [Following the bout, Adell and Rozalin hang behind.]
    Rozalin: ......
    Adell: ...Are you OK? You're still a little weak, aren't you.
    Rozalin: ...Do not worry. As you can see, I'm perfectly fine.
    Adell: ...Alright. But, don't push yourself.
    Rozalin: Adell... Are you afraid of me?
    Adell: What!? Afraid?
    Rozalin: The incident at the tower... Though it is vague, I still remember it. 
    The thing inside me lashed out violently. If I didn't hear your voice... I...
    Adell: ......
    Rozalin: If the same thing happens again, I don't know if I'll be able to stop 
    it. I fear that I may hurt Taro or Hanako, or... Adell. If I lose control 
    again... Promise me that you'll kill me...
    [Adell is shocked.]
    Adell: ...No. Don't even joke about that. I promised that I would protect you.
    Did you forget that?
    Rozalin: Adell...
    Adell: Don't worry. I always keep my promises... No matter what.
    [Rozalin turns away and crosses her arms in her familiar haughty princess pose.]
    Rozalin: Hmph! I don't need you to act all cool! I can take care of myself! I
    just had a moment of weakness! Just, forget I said anything!!
    [Fade out.]
    [---------- AREA: TO ZENON'S CASTLE -- BATTLE: CASTLE GATES [CM1226] ---------]
    [Standing outside the castle gates.]
    Adell: So, the fake Zenon is up ahead.
    Yukimaru: And so is Fubuki...!
    [Cut to the actual gates of the castle. A portal appears, and the two masked
    servants appear.]
    Adell: ......!!
    Masked Woman: ...I knew you would come here. If I had the freedom, I would 
    choose not to fight you. But, alas, this is our fate...
    Adell: Do we really have to fight? I do not wish to fight you either.
    Masked Man: ...Do not hesitate. We have aided the cause of everyone's 
    suffering... ...You must defeat us. Or we will be forced to continue to aid
    Overlord Zenon and his evil crimes...
    Adell: What!? What do you mean?
    Rozalin: You two... You are being controlled by him?
    [The four-leaf clover emblem appears over both of them.]
    Masked Woman: Yes... Our will and memories are sealed by Overlord Zenon. His 
    power is nearly exhausted from his battle with the other Overlords. As a result,
    the strength of our seals has also weakened... If you are to defeat Overlord 
    Zenon, now is the time...
    Masked Man: Please release us from these husks... Though the seal is weakened,
    we cannot disobey Overlord Zenon's orders...
    Masked Woman: Now, you must kill us... Our crimes are too numerous to redeem...
    Let this be the atonement for our sins...
    Adell: Damn...! I...!
    Masked Man: Do not hesitate... We can only have one of two destinies...
    Adell: I, I...!
    Masked Man: Are you not fighting your way to confront Overlord Zenon...? You 
    have loved ones who are depending on you... Will you let them down...?
    Adell: Errrh! Do I really have to do this!?
    Masked Woman: Yes... The time to choose is now...
    [And the fight begins.]
    [If you look at the two masked goon's status windows, you can see their real
    names: Serion, the Dark Priest and Masked Woman, and Shura, the Demon General 
    and Masked Man.]
    [Following the battle, the four-leaf clover seal on the two henchmen finally 
    Shura: Uh, uhhhn... What is this...?
    Serion: The seal over us was broken...?
    Shura: Is this one last miracle before we die...? Is this to allow us to 
    confess our crimes?
    Adell: Confess your crimes? What are you talking about?
    Serion: The curse on us has lifted. Our memories are faintly returning...
    Shura: Ah, we, we need you to hear this... We are demons from another 
    netherworld. We fled to this land to avoid a war for power.
    Rozalin: So, you aren't altered humans. You are pure demons...
    Serion: Though they knew we were demons, the people of Veldime gave us a warm
    welcome... That was the first time we had ever felt the warmth of human 
    kindness. From that moment on, we swore to live here as humans...
    Shura: But, 15 years ago... Overlord Zenon came to Veldime... Our duty was to
    protect the people we loved. We entrusted everything to our best friends before
    reverting to demons to face Zenon...
    Serion: But, Overlord Zenon's dark powers were too strong... We were at his 
    mercy. But instead of killing us, he sealed our will and memories...
    Adell: I see...
    Serion: He is what caused Veldime to change from a beautiful world into a new 
    Shura: His powers increase as he changes humans into demons... As long as there
    are humans, he can always draw more power into himself...
    Etna: Huh? So that's how he came back to life after I killed him.
    Hanako: It's a good thing you solved the mystery, Etna.
    Taro: But, that's not a good thing. Doesn't that make him invincible?
    Serion: No... even his powers have their limit. Their true source is the human 
    Adell: He feeds off the consciences of humans!? That bastard...
    Yukimaru: But if that's running out, then the humans are only a few steps away
    from becoming monsters...!
    Shura: ...That is right. Once Veldime is populated by real monsters, it will 
    become a true netherworld... I beg you. We can no longer fufill our duty. 
    Please perform this duty in our place...
    Adell: ...Alright. I promise to defeat him, once and for all.
    [Serion and Shura are enveloped by a brilliant white light.]
    Shura: ...Thank you. We shall leave this to you...
    Serion: ...And now we can have peace of mind...
    [They rise into the sky, and fade away.]
    Serion: Thank you... Adell...
    [The scene fades to white.]
    [Cut back to Holt Village.]
    Dad: Shura... Selion. They forgot the most important thing they left to us...
    Mom: But, Adell has grown into a fine young man. We shall continue to watch 
    over him in their place... That has always been our destiny...
    [A quiet pause, and then the scene fades to black.]
    [------- Episode Twelve Epilogue (Where Pleinair Takes Over) [CM1230] --------]
    [Open on the BEST NEWS BREAK EVER! Pleinair is alone at the desk. The screen
    behind her shows footage from the crystalline forest outside Zenon's castle.]
    Pleinair: ......
    [Silence. The screen continues to revolve around the same place. Pleinair
    closes her eyes.]
    Pleinair: ......
    [Silence. Nothing happens for a beat, then the scene fades to black.]
    [End Episode 12.]
    [-------------------- Final Episode - The Truth [CM1200] ---------------------]
    [Open on the gates to Zenon's Castle.]
    Rozalin: This is it...
    Adell: Yeah... We can't hesitate any longer. We know that everything that
    happened was because of the fake Zenon. And his power is at its lowest.
    [Screen goes dark. Rozalin is alone.]
    Rozalin: (...... There is no turning back. As Adell would say, all that is left
    is to do our best with all our strength... My only concern is that whatever I
    have inside me may try to take control again... My greatest source of power...
    Is it worse to use it and win, or not use it and lose...?)
    [The game takes the player to the Battle Screen, but you may return to Holt
    Village at any time. Doing so yields the following conversations:]
    Dad: ...Adell. When the battle's over, there's something I must tell you.
    Adell: Why do you sound so serious all of a sudden?
    Dad: OK, Adell? You must return home safely.
    Adell: ...Yeah, of course.
    Mom: Adell. We were forgetting something very important. But I won't tell you
    yet. There are things you must do first...
    Hanako: You look all serious again. That's not like you, Mom.
    Taro: Maybe she's showing off for the finale.
    Mom: Shut your mouths! Don't make fun of me. I'm serious too, sometimes...
    Piggolo: If I turn back into a human, will I keep all my memories of being a
    ghost? ...That'd be bad. The number of evil deeds I've done...
    Hanako: Then you can just become a real ghost and you won't have to worry?
    Piggolo: Ah ha! Great idea!
    Bridget: Good luck! The world's peace depends on you!
    Yukimaru: Understood! Leave it to us, zam!
    Bridget: I'm just kidding. If the world becomes peaceful, it'll be boring.
    Solei: If Overlord Zenon is defeated, are we gonna return to our normal bodies 
    right away? Then they better tell me first. I don't want to be naked all of a
    Tink: Whattt!? Zat is somezing I cannot miss!
    Moocho: Hey hey, listen!
    Adell: Sorry! I don't have time for this right now!
    Moocho: Aww, c'mon, man...
    Caine: One day I want to travel on a pirate ship.
    Taro: A pirate ship? Is there such a thing?
    James: You seem a little down. Are you worried about something, Rozalin?
    Rozalin: ...No, nothing is wrong. I'm just...following my own path.
    Adell: ......
    Mario Boy: Finally, the last episode!!
    Hanako: Don't you have anything better to say?
    Mario Boy: ...Sorry. I'm all out of ideas.
    Zommie III: Overlord Zenon's going to be defeated soon? Then who becomes the
    next Overlord of Veldime?
    Adell: You got it all wrong... Veldime's gonna return to normal!
    Zommie III: Oh? Really?
    Amos: Battles are so futile, dood. Peace is the best.
    Etna: You're just afraid. Don't pretend like you've been enlightened.
    [We now return you to your regularly scheduled final battles.]
    [--------- AREA: ZENON'S CASTLE -- BATTLE: THE LORDS' PARTY [CM1301] ---------]
    [The group finally enters Zenon's castle, and they're greeted by a bright
    pillar of light, which gives way to reveal a translucent Overlord Zenon.]
    Adell: There you are, Faker!
    Yukimaru: My clan shall have its vengeance!
    Overlord Zenon: *Pant* You are here, too! How does everyone know where I live?
    Hanako: He's all beat up already. Are you sure he's the last boss?
    Etna: Aww. Looks like we missed all the opening acts. But he's ready for us to 
    take him down.
    [Rozalin steps forward.]
    Rozalin: Imposter! How dare you besmirch my father's name! I shall cleanse my
    father's legacy by destroying you!
    Overlord Zenon: Imposter...? So, you still don't recognize... Princess... I am
    your father. I have watched over you since you were born.
    Rozalin: You still persist with your lies! I shall match your shamelessness
    with mercilessness!
    Overlord Zenon: Do not let their fantasies cloud the realities that you know.
    Have you forgotten my wealth of affection...? The beautiful mansion I built for
    you. The finest furniture, crafted just for you. The servants who answer only
    to you. The bouquets of flowers and gifts that were delivered to you everyday,
    as a reminder of my affection for you, Princess.
    Rozalin: How do you know about that!? You were supposed to be an imposter...
    Overlord Zenon: Is that what they told you to turn you against me? I assure you,
    I am your father. I am Overlord Zenon!!
    Adell: Hmph... Affection!? Don't make me laugh.
    Overlord Zenon: You dare to mock me, boy!
    Adell: If you are her real father, you should be able to prove your affection
    with your heart, not your words.
    Overlord Zenon: You... You must be the boy who planted these useless ideas into 
    the Princess' mind. If you hadn't exposed her to the vileness of the outside
    world, she would have remained pure and obedient for her entire life... The
    Princess is mine... I will not allow you to interfere...
    [Zenon engulfs himself in flames, and then disappears to somewhere else in the
    Adell: Wait!
    [A group of ninjas appear... yeah. They fight.]
    [Following the battle, a cadre of Rifle Demons appear from seemingly everywhere,
    and surround the group.]
    Adell: These guys are...
    [Tink flips out and turns red.]
    Tink: Ah, ze monsters from ze Cavern of Evil!! Aiieee! We are doomed!!
    Etna: ...These clowns are hard enough to beat at the beginning of a battle.
    Having them as reinforcements is just wrong.
    Rozalin: If we still had that magic flute, this would not be so bad. But...
    [And then, of course, the group hears the sound of that exact flute being
    played. It immediately pacifies the Rifle Demons.]
    Adell: That music... ...Can it be!?
    [The group look around for the source of the music.]
    Taro: Ah, over there!
    [Camera pans over to find Axel and his film crew standing on one of the ledges.
    Axel has the flute to his lips.]
    Adell: Axel!
    Axel: Haahaha! It's a hero's job to show up when they're least expected! "Why
    is that?" you ask! Because it's just cooler that way!!
    Adell: Uh, we didn't ask that question. But, why are you here?
    Axel: So that I can once again be the Dark Hero! For my final episode, like a
    phoenix I have sprung from the ashes of my former self!!
    Adell: ...OK. I don't know what you're talking about, but what's your plan for
    Axel: I'll handle this place! You guys go on ahead! Ha haaa!
    Adell: Alright! Let's go!
    Hanako: Bye-bye <3 Good luck, Axel.
    Yukimaru: We shall not let your death be in vain, zam!
    [The group hurries off.]
    [Axel sweatdrops.]
    Axel: Wow... They just left me here... Oh well! The Dark Hero thrives on danger!
    Get ready to see the full ferocity of a Dark Hero when he's outnumbered in the
    [Fade. Cut back to Axel's home.]
    Kid: That's it, big bro! Come on, big bro! Come on!
    [End scene.]
    [---------- AREA: ZENON'S CASTLE -- BATTLE: TIME OF TRIAL [CM1302] -----------]
    [No opening dialogue. After the battle...]
    [Cut back to Axel somewhere outside the castle. A CROWD of very angry Overlords
    are waiting to storm the place.]
    Axel: Hahaha! Though I did tell everyone how to get here, I'm kinda surprised at
    how many people showed up! TV really is marvelous! It can effect real change!
    Sorry, but I can't let anyone pass! Why? Because I'm the star of this show! In
    the name of Axel, the Dark Hero, I declare that none shall pass! 
    [LIGHTNING strikes Axel while he stands there, apparently a special effect, as
    he remains unmaimed.]
    Axel: The soul of this Dark Hero is ablaze! I will show you all my true power!
    [Axel begins playing the flute. The pack of Rifle Demons from inside the
    castle suddenly drop from the sky, ready to confront the many, many Overlords
    who want to rend Axel's flesh from his bones.]
    Axel: I'm leaving this up to you now! The next danger awaits!!
    [He runs off.]
    Director: Axel darling, oh, bravo. Taking the fight and dumping it on someone
    else... Those are truly the actions of a Dark Hero! Ah, this is wonderful. Just
    like the old days...
    [End scene.]
    [---------- AREA: ZENON'S CASTLE -- BATTLE: KILLERS' HALL [CM1303] -----------]
    [The group finally comes upon a wounded Fubuki confronting another group of
    monsters. Yukimaru approaches him.]
    Yukimaru: Fubuki!! You're OK, zam!
    Fubuki: Yukimaru... Why did you come here?
    Yukimaru: Why did you? What were you thinking, coming here in your condition,
    zam? Were you planning to go out in a blaze of glory, zam?
    Fubuki: ...If it will accomplish my mission, then I will embrace even death.
    And mine alone should suffice for today.
    Yukimaru: Fubuki! Even if you are able to avenge our clan, their spirits will 
    say that exchanging your life for it is paying too much!
    Fubuki: Yukimaru... What do you mean? A real ninja will gladly exchange their
    life to accomplish their mission. Were you not taught that...?
    Yukimaru: Yes, that is what I learned, zam... But to accomplish your mission
    and live, isn't that what makes a skilled ninja, zam!? 
    Fubuki: Accomplish the mission and live...? Why didn't I think of that?
    [Screen fades to white, and then Yukimaru flashes back to that time she had a
    knife to her throat in the Colosseum. No, not THAT time, the OTHER time.]
    Adell: Why are you giving up so easily? I thought your mission was important...
    If your mission is really that important, you can't just give up. You gotta do
    whatever it takes to get it done.
    [Fade to white, then back to Zenon's castle.]
    Yukimaru: ...You are just giving up, zam! I will never give up again, zam! I
    will accomplish my mission, and then I will live to restore Snow Melody, zam!
    Fubuki: Yukimaru...
    Yukimaru: Brother...you are my entire family, zam... If you should fall, I...
    Fubuki: ......
    Yukimaru: Fubuki! We will fight together, zam! We will complete our mission
    together, zam! And then we will survive together, zam!
    Fubuki: You have matured, Yukimaru... I beg you forgive me for my past actions.
    And, thank you for taking such good care of Yukimaru.
    Rozalin: That is all behind us. The only thing that matters now is how we move
    Adell: Besides, I don't remember doing anything special for her. I'm pretty
    sure she just grew up on her own.
    Tink: No apology is needed eh, but it would make me very happy if you could
    change my body back to normal...
    [Fubuki ignores him, obviously.]
    Fubuki: Yukimaru. Hidden Technique - Midare Fubuki! You know how to do it. I
    will let you have the honors.
    Yukimaru: N, no. I am too inexperienced, zam...
    Fubuki: What you are is a full-grown ninja. Do not be afraid. I believe in you.
    [Fubuki turns and squares off with the monsters again.]
    Fubuki: OK! Ready, Yukimaru!? Match your breath with mine!
    [Yukimaru jumps to her brother's side.]
    Yukimaru: Uh, oh! I'm ready, zam!
    Together: Hidden Technique - Midare Fubuki!!
    [In unison the two begin to swirl around the enemy, driving them up into the air
    from the force of their combined blows.]
    NOTICE: Yukimaru learned [Hidden Technique - Midare Fubuki]!
    [And the battle begins. Oo, with Fubuki as a helper! Neat.]
    [Once it's over...]
    Fubuki: That was perfect, Yukimaru.
    Yukimaru: Fubuki...
    Fubuki: I can't go any further... It looks like the rest is up to you.
    Yukimaru: I understand...! I, Yukimaru, will fulfill my mission, zam!
    Fubuki: Don't get yourself killed, Yukimaru...
    Yukimaru: Of course not! I will come back alive, zam. Fubuki, rest quietly for
    now. We will return shortly, zam.
    [The group departs, leaving Fubuki behind.]
    Fubuki: Yukimaru... You gave a new light to a heart that was caked with blood
    and revenge... Live, Yukimaru... Live, not to avenge your fallen family, but to
    blaze a new trail for yourself...
    [Fade to black.]
    [---------- AREA: ZENON'S CASTLE -- BATTLE: FINAL DECISION [CM1304] ----------]
    [No opening dialogue. After the battle...]
    [Axel appears, somewhere dark.]
    Axel: (Hahahaha... Are you watching, little brothers, and Axel fans around the
    netherworlds? There's about 100 fleets from different Overlords from all over
    the universe down there. But, they're still no match for me! I am Axel, the
    Dark Hero!! And no one can stop me now!! Here I go! For my final episode!)
    [Fade to white, then a picture of the Overlord's ships appears.]
    Axel: I am Axel, the Dark Hero, the legendary Overlord Zenon's right hand man!
    I'm offering a special today on guided tours to Overlord Zenon's Castle. You
    won't find a better guide anywhere! So pay up! Once everyone's paid for the
    service, I'll show you the shortest way to Overlord Zenon. And that's a promise!
    And, of course, along the way I'll show you to the best tourist spots in
    Veldime. As I said, there's no better guide!
    [Cut to black.]
    Axel: (Hmhmhmhm, suckers! That takes care of these guys! While I buy you the
    time, hurry up and do what you gotta do... My eternal rival...!)
    [End scene.]
    [----------- AREA: ZENON'S CASTLE -- BATTLE: VIEWING ROOM [CM1305] -----------]
    [Here we go. The epic final battle of epicness.]
    [When the group arrives, they see a group of Overlords exploding to death. They
    pause, and take in the view of a room filled with fire.]
    Adell: This is...?
    [Cut to Overlord Zenon on his fiery pillar... throne... thing.]
    Overlord Zenon: *Pant* *Pant* You are the last ones, it seems...
    [Tink looks around.]
    Tink: He looks like he is ready for a nap.
    Etna: You old men are all the same... No stamina. And now us girls have to find
    our own way to amuse ourselves.
    Hanako: Looks like Axel's boring news show came in handy, after all.
    Overlord Zenon: Altered humans...! Do you truly believe you can defeat me,
    Overlord Zenon?
    Adell: I don't know, but I'm sure we can take out a fake one or two!
    Overlord Zenon: You're getting arrogant because you think my power is waning...
    But, don't you know? As long as there are humans in the world, my powers are
    [Zenon begins drawing more energy into himself.]
    Overlord Zenon: Bwahahahahaha!! I shall devour every human conscience!!
    Adell: What!?
    Etna: Go ahead. Once you turn the humans into monsters, you'll have no way of
    controlling them.
    Overlord Zenon: Hmph... Once I get the Prinecss back, I'll have no more use for
    this world! I'll just find another human world to conquer! But you don't have
    to worry about that, because you'll already be dead!!
    [A dark mist suddenly surrounds Taro, dropping him to his knees.]
    Taro: Uh, uhnnn... Princess... My head feels weird...
    [The same mist surrounds Hanako, dropping her as well.]
    Hanako: Adell... I feel like I'm gonna faint...
    Rozalin: Taro! Hanako! Hold on to each other! Hurry, Adell! We have to stop
    [Zenon continues to draw power into himself, so much so that he begins to grow
    and morph into a huge... car... plane... tank... thing.]
    Yukimaru: Fubuki... I must return alive, zam. But now I must avenge my clan!!
    Adell: I'm not trying to save the world. I'm just trying to protect my family!!
    I won't lose to you!!
    [Aaaaand the final battle commences!!]
    [T'was very epic. Really. You should've been.]
    [Once the big cheese goes down, fade to white.]
    [------- Final Episode Epilogue (The End of the Whole Mess) [CM1310] ---------]
    [When it fades, Zenon is on his knees on his pedestal.]
    Overlord Zenon: Hah... Altered humans aren't supposed to have that much power...
    Boy...are you really a human!?
    Adell: Of course I am! You underestimate the will and determination of the
    human spirit! You get your power from humans, yet you don't know how powerful
    we really are!!
    Overlord Zenon: Boy...! It's much too early to talk about victory!
    [Zenon's clover emblem appears, and he resumes sucking energy.]
    Overlord Zenon: The real battle begins now!!
    Adell: You're still gonna lose!
    [The mist surrounds Taro and Hanako. They go down.]
    Taro: Owww. My head hurts!
    Hanako: Adell! It, it hurts...!
    Overlord Zenon: Hahahaha! DIE!
    [Zenon summons a massive bolt of energy and FIRES IT at the group, enveloping
    everything in white, destructive light. When the light fades, Adell, Yukimaru,
    and Etna have shielded Rozalin, Taro, and Hanako respectively with their bodies.
    Tink lies in a smoldering husk behind them.]
    Adell: Arghhh...!!
    Rozalin: A, Adell...!
    Adell: Ugh...heh, you alright?
    Rozalin: Fool! You want to die!?
    [Overlord Zenon still burns with more unspent energy.]
    Overlord Zenon: Princess, come back to me and I shall spare their lives... You
    are mine... A gentle trophy to behold...
    Rozalin: ......
    Adell: Whatever he tells you... Don't believe a word of it...
    [Rozalin looks at Zenon, then back to Adell, weighing her options.]
    Rozalin: But if I don't, everyone will die... What choice do I have?
    [Everything around her fades. Mutli-colored lights flash around her... her own
    inner darkness.]
    Do you desire power?
    Rozalin: Wh, what is this...? This dark flame that burns within my heart...?
    If you desire power, follow me...
    [Rozalin looks around.]
    Rozalin: Once again... My consciousness...is slipping...
    [The lights flutter around her again, crackling with eager energy.]
    Answer me... Do you desire power?
    Rozalin: Y, yes...I want power... The power to save...everyone.
    [The lights flash again, and Rozalin is swallowed in darkness. Back in the
    viewing room, Rozalin's emblem is crackling with lightning. It begins to
    Overlord Zenon: No...! You'll break the seal...!
    Adell: Roz, Rozalin...!
    [The emblem shudders, then EXPLODES! Rozalin is gone. The group looks around 
    for her.]
    [A pause...]
    Rozalin?: Why do you awaken me from my peaceful slumber...?
    [Pan up to the air, where DARK ROZY is floating, surrounded by dark tendrils of
    Rozalin?: I traveled to the edge of oblivion to escape the bloodshed. And yet
    it seeks me out, even here. I am a being of solitude... My awakening is your
    death knell.
    Overlord Zenon: You've finally awakened... Overlord Zenon!!
    [LIGHTNING strikes again.]
    Adell: Overlord...Zenon...?
    Overlord Zenon: Thanks to you... I remember who I am...
    Fake Zenon: Ah, I see that the memories of your past life have returned. ...So,
    you should also remember me. Since I lost to you, not a single day went by that
    I didn't think of revenge... But of course, you were much too powerful. I had
    no chance of beating you with a direct challenge... But then you solved the
    problem for me, when you came here to reincarnate and escape your violent
    existence. I searched you out, kidnapped you, trapped you in a mansion, and
    raised you as my own daughter... To keep you forever trapped in a life of idle
    insignificance... That was my revenge!! The knowledge that you admired me as
    your own father validated my superiority! Bwahahahahaha!!
    Overlord Zenon: And? What is this history lesson all about?
    [More LIGHTNING.]
    Fake Zenon: Wh, what...!?
    Overlord Zenon: I have no interest in your worthless quest for revenge... You
    nameless fool... If you have finished telling your story, go ahead and die...
    Fake Zenon: What!? You still look down on me!? All that remains is to destroy
    you. Then, my satisfaction will be complete...! Heh heh heh... Overlord Zenon!!
    [The Fake summons another surge of power, and RELEASES IT IN A COLOSSAL 
    EXPLOSION... with absolutely no effect on the real deal.]
    Overlord Zenon: ...I am a being of solitude. To me...everything is an enemy...
    [The Real Zenon summons bonds of magic to envelope the fake, then surges with
    dark energy and casts it into the magical shell. The screen is drowned in dark
    Fake Zenon: YUUAARRGH! It's... im...possible!!
    [When the darkness fades, the Fake Zenon is gone.]
    Adell: Is it over...?
    Overlord Zenon: No, you fool... You are also my enemy. I am a being of solitude.
    To me...everything is an enemy...
    Adell: Are you confused with the memories of Overlord Zenon...?
    [Adell steps forward.]
    Adell: ...If you want to kill me, then go ahead. But, please spare the others.
    Overlord Zenon: Why do you not resist?
    Adell: I promised that I would protect you... So, I will not fight you.
    Overlord Zenon: ...Your nonsense...shall not save you.
    Taro: What happened, Princess? We're not your enemies!
    Overlord Zenon: I am a being of solitude. You are my enemy...
    Taro: But, you're not alone anymore! You officially made me your servant!
    Overlord Zenon: I cannot trust in servants... Servants will betray me and die.
    Hanako: What about us? You told me that you loved the rice balls I made for you!
    We're...friends, aren't we!?
    Overlord Zenon: I have no friends... All I have are enemies.
    Tink: And what about me? Is your childhood friend your enemy, too? When we were
    kids, we were inseparable.
    Overlord Zenon: Everyone who has ever come close to me, has betrayed me...
    Yukimaru: Miss Rozalin, you helped us save my brother's life, even after he
    tried to kill you... Where did that kindness go, zam?
    Overlord Zenon: ...If I had my memory at the time, I would have killed him
    Etna: Look, not that I care if you kill them all, but doesn't being controlled
    by memories of a past life kinda make you a tool?
    Overlord Zenon: What do you know about it...? No one can understand my vast
    [Adell begins climbing the steps of the pedestal.]
    Adell: You aren't alone. You have friends that care about you. ...And Etna.
    Overlord Zenon: S, silence... You're all enemies...!
    [Zenon readies herself, and then CASTS A BOLT OF LIGHTNING AT ADELL. He does not
    move, and absorbs the blast. Zenon looks surprised.]
    Overlord Zenon: Wh, why didn't you dodge that?
    Adell: I promised to protect you.
    [Adell slowly makes his way up the steps, and approaches Zenon. He pauses, when
    they are face to face, and then suddenly EMBRACES HER.]
    Adell: I'm gonna say it again. You are not alone.
    [Zenon tenses... then returns the embrace. She shudders, and slowly the color of
    her clothes fade from dark purple back to red.]
    Rozalin: *sob* Sh, shut up...you're an enemy. I can't trust anyone...
    Adell: Stop talking. And trust this.
    [The screen is filled with a still portrait of Adell embracing Rozalin, and
    kissing her. Rozalin looks shocked.]
    [And the credits begin to roll. Along side the credits, several pictures are
    shown. They are:]
    [Rozalin's engraged face.]
    [An angry Rozalin chasing after Adell and Hanako, pistol held over her head,
    wings spread.]
    [Axel with his family.]
    [Tink shedding tears of joy.]
    [A beautiful blonde haired man, what one can only assume is Tink, back in his
    human form. Fubuki is standing in the background. Taro and Hanako sweatdrop in
    the foreground.]
    [Yukimaru and Fubuki, standing in a snowblown field.]
    [Yukimaru and Fubuki, ready to begin rebuilding Snow Melody.]
    [Laharl scowling in the foreground, while Etna plots and sticks out her tongue
    in the background.]
    [Adell's adoptive parents, smiling happily.]
    [Holt Village, particularly Adell's home, awash in bright sunlight.]
    [Following the credits, we return to the newsdesk for one final report.]
    [The desk has returned to normal, and Usagi-san has retaken his broadcast
    Usagi-san: It's time for the news! Today marks the one year anniversary of the
    Overlord Zenon incident. Even more shocking than the event itself was the later
    findings that it was all a hoax, perpetrated by Axel, the Dark Hero.
    [The screen shows a picture of Axel during a parade, smiling and saluting to
    the camera.]
    Usagi-san: Shortly after the hoax was revealed, Axel himself was savagely
    beaten by Overlords from many alternate netherworlds. Showing no signs of
    regret, Axel was quoted as saying, "I am the only true Dark Hero. What can I
    say, I fooled you, Luger!" One year later, the only significant effect of this
    bizarre and pointless act was the mark that Axel has forever left in history.
    [The TV switches off.]
    Hanako: The same news again? Axel gets to do whatever he wants now.
    [Fade to white, then a beautiful blue sky.]
    [Writing appears on the screen.]
    Dear Tardo,
    How are you doing? I'm doing good.
    I got some treats from Yukimaru and Fubuki the other day. They were excited
    about rebuilding their village.
    By the way... Are Mom and Dad still mad?
    I guess it's normal for them to be mad that I did something like this.
    Especially after we turned into humans!
    But I already made up my mind. I guess it's like that time you decided you
    wanted to be Rozy's servant.
    Anyway Tardo, it's about time for you to go out and find a girlfriend.
    Tell Adell and Rozy they better get along with each other too.
    Etna: Hanako. We gotta leave soon. Today, the Prince wants us to go out to the
    [Sea of Gehenna] and send this King Dragon packing, OK?
    Hanako: OK <3
    Tardo, I'm gonna be a Demon Lord for sure!
    [And with that, the wonderful main story of Disgaea 2 comes to a close.]
    [What follows is a collection of the other multiple endings and secret boss
    fights that are not part of the main story.]
    [--------------------- Axel the Dark Hero Ending [CMADH] ---------------------]
    [If the player somehow, bafflingly, manages to LOSE a fight against Axel, 
    then following the loss, Adell and Axel will square off.]
    Adell: I, I...lost?
    Axel: Hahaha! How's it feel? How does the wrath of the Dark Hero feel?!
    Honestly, I never thought I'd win. I'm as surprised as you are! I feel like I
    got cheated out of some time in the spotlight, but hey, that's okay! I'll just
    take over the main character spot. And so, starting next week, we'll be showing
    the all-new "Daring Netherworld Hero Axel!" Stay tuned!!
    [Fade to black. Roll credits over a picture of Axel preparing to smash his
    guitar to bitty pieces. His theme song plays throughout.]
    [--------------------- Beauty Queen Etna Ending [CMBQE] ----------------------]
    [If you somehow manage to beat Beauty Queen Etna in your faceoff with her in
    Tragedyland, the following will take place...]
    Etna: Man, this sucks! I hate losing! How did I lose?! I'm Beauty Queen Etna!
    NOTICE: Adell's title has changed to [Demon Lord]!!
    Adell: What the hell? I didn't want to switch my title!
    Tink: Zis is a blessing, Monsieur Adell... Such an inexperienced human gaining
    such a title, eh...zis does not happen often!
    Adell: I am not happy about this!
    Rozalin: You have joined the ranks of us demons. You should be thrilled.
    Adell: Me, a demon?! That's insane!
    Rozalin: But, how does a human become a Demon Lord? Are you sure you're really
    a human?
    [Fade to black.]
    [Roll credits, while Etna's awesome "Etna Rock" plays in the background.]
    [---------------------- Overlord Laharl Ending [CMLA1] -----------------------]
    [If you somehow manage to defeat Laharl... he... says something completely
    different than what the captioning says.]
    Laharl: N, no waaayy!! I, the most terrible Laharl, have lost?! Well dammit...
    if that's how it is...
    [Laharl summons Overlord's Wrath.]
    Laharl: I'm just gonna blow up the planet!
    Rozalin: Hold on!
    [Adell vainly tries to shield Rozalin as the fireballs IMPACT at their feet,
    and the world of Veldime comes to a climactic conclusion.]
    [-------------------------- The Bad Ending [CMTBE] ---------------------------]
    [If Adell has killed at least 50 ally units, and acquired at least 10 felonies,
    then once he defeats the fake Zenon at the end of the game, the following
    sequence takes place...]
    [Once the real Overlord Zenon has disposed of the fake, when the screen fades
    back in, it shows a shot of Zenon from behind, standing on the pedestal. Cut to
    Adell, standing at the bottom of the stairs.]
    Adell: Is it over...?
    Overlord Zenon: No, you fool... You are also my enemy. 
    [She summons another BURST OF ENERGY around Adell that EXPLODES, throwing the
    other members of the group off screen and driving Adell to his knees.]
    Adell: Wh, why do you say that?
    Overlord Zenon: I am a being of solitude. To me...everything is an enemy...
    Adell: Everything... So then, I must be your enemy.
    Overlord Zenon: I am a being of solitude. You are my enemy, child of sin.
    Adell: Child...of sin?
    [Fade to black. The credits begin to roll, as "A Sinful Rose's Fragrance" plays
    over them. There are no pictures or anything else during the credits, nor is
    there any other scenes once the credits are finished.]
    [------------------------- The Worst Ending [CMTWE] --------------------------]
    [If Adell has killed at least 99 ally units, including Rozalin at least once,
    and acquired 99 felonies, then once he defeats the fake Zenon at the end of the
    game, the following sequence takes place...]
    [Once the real Overlord Zenon has disposed of the fake, when the screen fades
    back in, it shows a shot of Zenon from behind, standing on the pedestal. Cut to
    Adell, standing at the bottom of the stairs.]
    Adell: Is it over...?
    Overlord Zenon: No, you fool... You are also my enemy. 
    [An exclaimation point appears over Adell's head, then suddenly the player is
    thrust into a battle against the REAL OVERLORD ZENON!]
    [If you manage to beat her...]
    [Overlord Zenon lies in a pool of blood at Adell's feet.]
    Adell: Rozalin... I... What've I done...! I promised to protect her!
    Hanako: Adell...
    [Zenon's body suddenly disappears in a bright flash of light. A purple orb
    floats around, circling Adell, before disappearing into his body.]
    Adell: ...?!
    [Darkness swallows Adell whole. When it disappears, he's on his knees,
    surrounded by the same dark smoke that surrounded Rozalin when she was Zenon.]
    Adell: Agh! Ugaaahh! Waaaahhhhh!
    [Fade to black. The credits begin to roll, as "A Sinful Rose's Fragrance" plays
    over them. A picture appears behind the credits of Adell, consumed by Overlord
    Zenon's dark energy, with one perfectly round, glowing red eye. It remains
    [Afterwards, on a completely black screen.]
    Hanako: A, Adell...? Don't you recognize me?
    Hanako: N, no...stop! Please, don't!
    Hanako: Gyaaaahhh!!
    Taro: Ha, Hanako... Ah, ahh! Noo! Ugaahhh!
    Adell?: I am a being of solitude...
    [------------------------- The Tink Ending [CMTTE] ---------------------------]
    [If you manage to defeat Overlord Zenon with a Level 1000 Tink in your party,
    after Adell has laid his big stupid smoochies on Zenon/Rozalin and things
    return to... uh... "normal..." the scene returns to the viewing room where
    Adell, Tink, and a restored Rozalin are standing around in a semi-circle.]
    Tink: Uhh, by ze way Princess... What are you going to do with zis castle eh?
    Are you going to live here? I don't zink it's worzy of-
    Rozalin: I have no use for this castle. If you wish to make it your home, be my
    [Tink turns red and poses.]
    Tink: Zoot alors! Seriously?! I am going to set up a whole harem!
    Adell: Uh, sure...do whatever you want. We're outta here.
    [Adell and Rozalin take off while Tink hops for joy.]
    Tink: Oh, joy! What luck! Since I'm living in an Overlord's castle, does that
    mean I'm an Overlord now? I did help zem get rid of zat imposter Zenon, so I
    suppose it's okay. Right? RIGHT?! Overlord Tink! Non, non, non... Cassanova
    Overlord Tink! Yeah, zat sounds perfect!
    [The camera swings around to show Axel and a bunch of Succubus, Felynn, and
    Flora Beast Overlords.]
    Axel: Hm, is that him? Yeah, must be. That's Overlord Zenon. Okay girls, I've
    done my part. Have fun with him. Good luck!
    [Axel takes off. Tink finally notices the group of demons.]
    Tink: Wow?! Good news sure spreads fast! Say, any of you girls ever kissed a
    frog before, eh? I turn into a handsome prince.
    [Tink poses some more.]
    Tink: I knew being an Overlord would get me all the girls! Cheers to my new
    [The 'girls' snarl in outrage.]
    Tink: Wha-? My pretty little zings, what are you doing?
    [Fade to black over sounds of Tink getting the ever-loving snot beat out of
    Tink: Ayyeee! W, what, girls?! Calm down! Save it for tonight! Ahyaaaaahh!!
    [Roll credits over a picture of Zenon's... er, Tink's castle, with the huge red
    star thing now extinguished and everthing cast in a peaceful purple glow.]
    [------------------------ The Mid-Boss Ending [CMMID] ------------------------]
    [Passing the Dark Assembly bill "I want to see the ending" opens up a new area
    on the Battle Select screen called "See the Ending!" Choosing it sends the
    player to an area called "Darkly Adonic" and has the following confrontation:]
    "Haahahahaha! I'm afraid I cannot allow you to do that."
    [Open up on a battle arena with runic designs all over the floor tiles. Adell
    and Rozalin stand a few paces away from VYERS, THE MID-BOSS from the original
    Adell: Ugh, it appears I have been cursed with yet another clueless adversary.
    [Mid-Boss turns to face them.]
    Mid-Boss: I am a distinguished gentleman with a penchant for grace and beauty.
    I am Dark Adonis Vy-
    Rozalin: What are you supposed to be? The final boss?
    Adell: Nah, can't be. He must be some sort of Mid-Boss, at best.
    Mid-Boss: M, M, Mid-Boss!? This is unforgivable...first you try to see the
    ending without facing the final boss, and then you insult my honor! You must be
    punished! En garde!
    [And the battle begins. Once finished:]
    Mid-Boss: Noooo! What a shame! What a catastrophe! For the Dark Adonis to be
    Adell: But, you really weren't even a challenge.
    Mid-Boss: Y, you just got lucky! My stomach has been quite upset lately! Acid
    reflux, you know!
    Adell: Making up excuses to save face is fine. But that's the best you can come
    up with?
    Mid-Boss: Very well. Though I truly lost to severe indigestion, a loss is still
    a loss. Your wish is to see the ending, huh? I shall grant you that wish!
    Rozalin: *sigh* If you'd done that in the beginning, we wouldn't have had to
    kick you around.
    Mid-Boss: Presenting! Engaging and elegant! Majestic and most epic! Please
    enjoy this world-class, masterpiece ending! Begin the music!
    [Majestic and sweeping opera music begins playing, apparently sung by Vyers
    himself (or, at least, his voice actor). The credits begin to roll over a
    picture of the Dark Adonis, smiling smugly.]
    [Following that...]
    Adell: ...Uh, this isn't the sort of ending I was expecting.
    Rozalin: The lesson here is: Never try to cheat the system.
    [------------------ Pick a fight with an Overlord! [CMLA2] -------------------]
    [Passing the Dark Assembly bill "Pick a fight with an Overlord!" opens up the
    area "Fight an Overlord!" in the Battle Select menu. Entering it sends the
    player to a battle called "Tragedy at Holt."]
    "Who's calling me out?"
    Rozalin: Wh, what's this?! Another powerful presence...!
    Adell: Could this finally be...Overlord Zenon?
    [Laharl's portal opens up on top of Adell's house, revealing the Overlord
    Laharl: So you're the chumps that wanna pick a fight with the great Laharl, eh?
    Rozalin: Huh? This little runt is an Overlord?
    Adell: He might look small, but somehow I think there's more to him!
    Laharl: Interesting... You're seriously going to take me on? Great. I've been
    in a bad mood lately. Maybe ripping you guys apart will cheer me up a little
    bit. Sucks to be you. Better luck in the afterlife! Haahahahaha!
    [The battle begins.]
    [If you BEAT Overlord Laharl...]
    Laharl: I lost to a couple of wriggling worms... This is so humiliating. Well
    dammit...if that's how it is...
    [Laharl summons Overlord's Wrath.]
    Laharl: I'm just gonna blow up the planet!
    Rozalin: Hold on!
    [The fireballs IMPACT at Adell and Rozalin's feet, and the world of Veldime
    comes to a climactic conclusion.]
    [If you FAIL to beat Overlord Laharl...]
    Laharl: How boring. I don't feel any better. You annoying little bugs weren't
    even a challenge.
    [Laharl summons Overlord's Wrath.]
    Adell: Uh, what are you doing?!
    Laharl: I want to reward you for being the most pathetic jerks in existence. No,
    really, I insist.
    Rozalin: Hold on!
    [The fireballs IMPACT at Adell and Rozalin's feet, and the world of Veldime
    comes to a climactic conclusion.]
    [------------------- I want to fight an Overlord! [CMFLO] --------------------]
    [Passing the Dark Assembly bill "I want to fight an Overlord!" opens the area
    "Overlord Descent." Selecting it takes you to a map called "In Holt village."
    Once there...]
    [The whole group is in Holt Village when Laharl's portal opens atop Adell's
    Laharl: Ahh hahahahaha!! I am Laharl, the great and merciless Overlord!
    [He leaps down to the ground in front of the group.]
    Adell: Oh, it's him again... 
    Rozalin: You had to go and summon the most annoying one again, huh?
    Laharl: Hey, jerks! Don't talk crap just because you caught me in a moment of
    weakness! I've been thinking about why I, Laharl, the most terrifying Overlord
    around, lost. And I figured out the problem.
    Adell: Oh yeah? What's the answer?
    Laharl: It's because I'm not the main character! You guys only won because
    you're the heroes of the story! 
    Rozalin: That's some fuzzy logic, right there.
    Laharl: Our last battle was totally unfair! I object to the entire process! So,
    I've decided to take this world by force and steal your spot as the main
    Flonne: Sir Laharl! You're so mean! I can't believe you left without me again!
    [Pan back up to the top of Adell's house as another portal opens, filled with
    hearts and flowers. FALLEN ANGEL FLONNE appears.]
    Flonne: I hate being stuck home alone! You should let me have some fun too!
    [She walks up to the group and looks around.]
    Flonne: ...Huh? Where are we, anyway?
    Laharl: Rejoice, Flonne. I'm getting ready to wipe the floor with these losers
    and become the main character.
    Flonne: Ohh, how exciting!
    Laharl: Say, Flonne...aren't you sick of eating ramen day after day? Main
    characters have it so easy. They get a huge spread after work every day. And
    free refills on beverages!
    Flonne: Th, that sounds pretty nice...
    Etna: Hey Prince, would you knock it off already? Stop being stupid and say
    you're sorry, and we might just let you in the group.
    Flonne: Hey, that sounds like a sweet deal too!
    Laharl: Are you off your rocker?! Why would I ever apologize to you? You're my
    Etna: I told you, I quit. I don't work for you! You're such a spoiled brat!
    Laharl: Would you can it? All the cupboards in my castle are completely bare,
    thanks to you! I haven't eaten real beef in a month! I'll either persuade you
    to come back by force, or just take over this game myself!
    [And a battle begins between your party and Laharl, Flonne, and some generic
    [Once you manage to win...]
    Laharl: I...I lost again. My ambitions have been crushed...I have no choice but
    to remain a sidequest character. I'm back to a steady diet of ramen again.
    Flonne: Don't worry, Sir Laharl. We should just be thankful that we have
    something to eat at all!
    Etna: You are so not acting like real Overlords.
    Rozalin: You look miserable. I can't help you with your subpar diet, but I can
    let you be the main character.
    Laharl: A, are you serious?!
    Rozalin: Sure. For only a minute and 40 seconds.
    Adell: Wait a sec, why do you get to decide? I'm the main character, remember?
    Rozalin: You're a grown-up, right? Don't be so petty. Let him have some fun for
    a minute.
    Laharl: Meh heh heh... Gaaahh hahahahaha!!! Perfect! For the next minute and a
    half, I shall tug at the heartstrings of the entire universe!
    Flonne: But what can you do in 100 seconds? You'd have to do something super
    dramatic to have a real impact.
    [A lightbulb goes off over Flonne's head.]
    Flonne: Oh, I know! How about an anime segment?
    Laharl: Anime...? Yes, of course! That's perfect! If I become the dashing hero
    of an awesome anime, I could kill them off and take over as the main character!
    I'm a genius!
    Flonne: Ohh, sounds like fun. Let's give it a shot!
    Laharl: Eh? Flonne, get out of my way. Give me some space so they can animate
    me. You're ruining the shot! Go stand over there, out of my light.
    Flonne: But it was my idea...!
    [Etna steps away from the group.]
    Etna: Psst...hey, Flonne. Flonne! Over here!
    [Flonne walks over to her.]
    Flonne: Oh, what do you need, Miss Etna?
    Etna: The Prince is being a bit of an ass, wouldn't you agree? Don't you think
    we should teach him a little lesson?
    Flonne: Ohh...? What kind of lesson?
    Etna: What I'm thinking is...*murmur *whisper*
    Laharl: Hey! You guys! Everyone, pay attention to me! Let this go down as the
    defining moment in the history of anime... A revolution in entertainment!
    Etna & Flonne: Okaaay.
    Etna: You ready, Flonne?
    Flonne: Oh, absolutely, Miss Etna. Eh hehehe.
    [...Oh, this'll be tough.]
    [The anime sequence opens up on a beautiful blue sky, which quickly morphs into
    a dark, netherworld sky full of black clouds. The camera pans down to the
    exterior of Adell's home.]
    [Laharl's foot slides across the ground. His scarf billows out around him. His
    hair pops up with a PRONG sound. LIGHTNING STRIKES, and the scene switches to
    Laharl standing atop the huge summoning cauldron. A pair of SPOTLIGHTS appear
    from out of nowhere, illuminating the Overlord.]
    Laharl: Hmhmhmhm... Haaahahahahahahaha!
    [The camera swirls dramatically around him, then pulls back between Etna and
    Flonne, who watch and wait patiently. Flonne even claps.]
    Flonne: Wow!
    [Cut to the Disgaea 2 cast who watch with... less than enthusiastic interest.]
    [Laharl swings his sword, and the word 'DYNAMIC' pops up on the screen.]
    Laharl: Look at how dynamic I've become!
    [Laharl slams his hands down on the ground, and the camera pans up to his face
    to show his eyes illuminated as two brilliant stars.]
    Laharl: This anime really rocks!
    [The phrase 'THIS ANIME ROCKS' flashes on the screen.]
    [Laharl poses more as a huge pillar of flame broils in the background.]
    Laharl: I'm Laharl, the Supreme Overlord! Now to take the main role!
    [Laharl becomes silhouetted in darkness with two burning red eyes.]
    [Cut back to the Disgaea 2 cast, looking dumbfounded.]
    [Cut back to Laharl, panting from the exertion of the whole anime thing.]
    Flonne: Wow! Anime is really cool!
    [Flonne reaches out and grabs Laharl's cheeks, then stretches them to
    impossible lengths while Laharl groans in pain. Flonne giggles and plays with
    his face like silly putty. Cut to her face as she grins mischieviously.]
    [Laharl pulls away and puts his hands over his red and raw cheeks.]
    Laharl: Hey! What's your problem, anyway?!
    [Etna suddenly drops to the ground behind him, and he freezes.]
    Etna: Well, y'know Flonne couldn't do that if we weren't in an anime, right?
    [She produces a PAINTBRUSH! Laharl squeals and spins around, and Etna
    immediately begins scribbling all over his face while he pleads with her to
    Laharl: Ow! Hey! Knock it off, you clowns!
    [Laharl reels away and wipes off his face. Flonne produces a katana and raises
    it high over her head.]
    Flonne: Oh no! You're gonna enjoy this anime to the fullest! Take this!
    [She SWINGS the katana down and the screen EXPLODES into cartoon stars. It then
    cuts to a shot of Laharl's huge, terrified eye. He grunts, and Flonne "eeeee's"
    as they both struggle with the katana. Pan out to reveal Laharl has the blade
    clasped between both hands directly in front of his face.]
    [Cut back to the Disgaea 2 cast, still watching. Taro has hidden his face
    behind his hands.]
    [Back to Flonne and Laharl as she swings wildly at him, Laharl just barely able
    to duck out of the way.]
    Flonne: Yiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiii!!
    [A HUGE MINIGUN appears in the frame and rises into the sky.]
    Etna: Viva la revolution!!
    Etna: Hehehehe!
    Laharl: Shriek!!
    [Laharl runs off into the woods as bullets impact the ground all around him.]
    [Back to the Disgaea 2 cast. Adell and Rozalin sweatdrop while Taro cringes
    behind them.]
    [Cut to Flonne's smiling face.]
    Flonne: Oh wow! This anime is so deranged, don't ya think?
    [Pan out to reveal her hands have suddenly been replaced by a set of pincers
    and a huge drill. She grins malevolently and her eyes suddenly burn red.]
    [Etna raises a huge MORNINGSTAR over her head and begins to swing it around
    Etna: Oh yeeeeah! It's a real smash hit!
    [Cut to Laharl's panicked face]
    Laharl: Hey, wait! Take it easy you guys!
    [Two shadows fall over him. Switch to his POV to reveal Flonne and Etna
    grinning evilly down at him, Flonne's drill held up in front of her. Laharl
    sweats buckets.]
    [Cut to the Disgaea 2 cast while explosions and cries of agony and elation come
    from offscreen. The others can only watch and wonder when it'll be over.]
    [The screen quickly cuts to static, and abruptly shuts off.]
    [...Once... that's finished...]
    --- Several hours later ---
    Rozalin: I think they went over their budget...
    Laharl: Unngg... S...stop...no... Qui, quit...don't bother me... Huh...?
    Hanako: Hey, he's finally awake.
    Laharl: Ahh...hah. Who knew anime could be so violent?
    Etna: Okay, Prince. Are you happy now? Your time in the limelight was brief, but
    you got to be the main character. You can leave now.
    Laharl: But you were the ones running the show! Tch! Nevermind! I don't even
    wanna be part of this stupid world. I wouldn't stay if you begged me! I'll go
    find a better world, with heaps of food and cookies! And they'll love me! Let's
    get outta here, Flonne.
    Flonne: Huh? Why? I like it here. I think I'm gonna stay here for awhile. You
    go ahead by yourself, Sir Laharl.
    Laharl: You too...? I don't believe it. Hmph! Fine, do whatever you want! I
    might be alone, but I'll never be lonely. I am the greatest of all Overlords,
    Laharl! Aahh hahahaha!
    [He takes off.]
    Flonne: Well, anyway, Fallen Angel Flonne is now at your service. Please take
    care of me.
    NOTICE: You've adopted [Fallen Angel Flonne]!
    Adell: Is he gonna be okay? He looked like an abandoned puppy. I think his eyes
    were tearing up.
    Flonne: He'll be fine. Laharl's a big boy!
    [And thus ends that awesome, awesome sequence. This leads directly into...]
    [-------------------------- Summon Laharl!! [CMLA3] --------------------------]
    [Once Adell has become a Senator, and after the previous confrontation, he'll
    be offered a bill directly from Flonne with the intent of summoning Laharl. It
    goes like this...]
    [Flonne petitions the Dark Assembly.]
    Flonne: It's about time Sir Laharl and Miss Etna made up. They've been fighting
    for too long. I think we should bring them together and let love fix their
    [Voting YES:]
    Flonne: Thank you for understanding! I, Love Angel Flonne, will take full
    responsibility for bringing them together!
    [Then, the Battle Select menu has a new area called "Summon Overlord Laharl!"
    In is another "In Holt village" map. Selecting it causes the following...]
    Flonne: Oh, I wish Sir Laharl and Miss Etna would hurry up and settle their
    stupid feud. I, the Love Angel Flonne, will have to step in as their official
    [Back in Holt Village, Overlord Laharl's portal once again opens up atop
    Adell's home. Laharl immediately sinks to his knees and sobs.]
    Laharl: Haa ha ha...
    Flonne: *Gulp* You don't look so great, Sir Laharl. What's wrong?
    [Laharl dejectedly walks up to the group.]
    Laharl: What's wrong? Everything, that's what! Since you both left me, all I've
    been eating is canned tunafish! I'm wasting away here...
    Flonne: Then why don't you just apologize to Etna? I'm sure she wants to come
    Laharl: Are you mad?! I can't do that! Who ever heard of an Overlord
    apologizing to his vassal?
    Rozalin: Geez, you're so stubborn! Etna really isn't any different, but...
    Etna: Hey, don't blame this on me! This is all the high and mighty Prince's
    Laharl: Psh...I was thinking of apologizing... But I've decided not to now. You
    flat-chested little shrew.
    Etna: Ugah?! You sniveling little twerp! I'll never forgive you now! Not even if
    you give back all my pudding!
    Adell: P, pudding...?
    [...Begin battle?]
    [Following victory, Laharl drops to his knees again.]
    Laharl: This isn't good... I have no energy... no carbs... I can't feel my 
    [Hanako walks over to him. The camera pans over to Adell, Rozalin, Etna, and
    Adell: Hey, by the way... What's the deal with the pudding you mentioned
    Etna: Oh, that... Well, that's what started this whole mess. Our fight was over
    some pudding.
    Adell: ...What?
    Rozalin: All of this is because of something as trivial as...pudding?
    Adell: And you somehow managed to get us involved in this mess.
    Etna: You say it like it's no big deal... But that pudding was a rare delicacy
    from the [Sea of Gehenna]. I took special care to hide it waaay in the back of
    the fridge, behind the baking soda. But that dirty Prince found it and ate it!
    Sweets are a girl's best friend. I can't forgive him. You understand, right
    Rozalin: Actually, I don't really like sweets. I'm more of a meat-eater.
    [Surprisingly, Adell doesn't sweatdrop.]
    Laharl: Mhhmm!! Delicious! This is the best food I've ever had! Mmm!!
    [Pan back to Laharl.]
    Etna: Hanako?! You didn't feed him, did you?
    Hanako: Yep! He was dying. I couldn't watch him starve. Besides, I like seeing
    people stuff their faces with my food.
    Laharl: Yes! Such a rich, zesty flavor! What's your secret ingredient? It's
    Zombie Juice, isn't it?
    Hanako: I would never use something gross like that! How rude...
    Laharl: I've never experienced such a blissful meal! You're no ordinary girl.
    I've decided. It's official! From now on, you'll be my personal chef.
    Adell: Why do so many demons think they can just make decisions like that?
    Etna: No way, Prince! Hanako is my apprentice!
    Rozalin: Not a chance! She's my servant!
    Taro: Wow, Hanako...you're really popular.
    Hanako: Hehe, of course I am!
    Laharl: Hanako belongs to me now! If you won't hand her over, you'll just have
    to let me join the group. So she can feed me every day.
    Adell: You know...I think you might be insane.
    Laharl: Shut your hole! My decision is final! I'll agree to join you as long as
    I get three meals a day. You better be grateful! Haa hahahahaa!
    NOTICE: Under the agreement of 3 meals per day, [Overlord Laharl] has joined
    the group!!
    Flonne: Uhh... So, I get credit for getting them back together...right?
    Adell: ...I don't think so.
    [------------------- Fight a hero of another game! [CMHFG] -------------------]
    [Passing the Dark Assembly bill "Fight a hero of another game!" opens an area
    called "Summer Greetings" on the Battle Select screen. Choosing it sends the
    player to a battle called "Tragic Heroine."]
    "Summer Greetings..."
    [The screen fades upon a battlefield where Adell and Rozalin find a young girl
    named ASAGI (from a game whose name I cannot find) whose sprite is maybe 1/2
    the size of theirs holding what LOOKS to be either a futuristic cannon or
    futristic grappling hook. She's surprised to see them.]
    Asagi: Wh, where the hell did you people come from?!
    Adell: We're characters from another game.
    Asagi: Huh?! You're...
    Rozalin: Hey, what's with your body? You're smaller than you should be.
    [Asagi jumps up and down.]
    Asagi: This is perfectly normal where I come from! ...My name is Asagi. I'm 
    actually from another game too... But this strange book put a curse on me, and
    now I'm trapped in this dumb world. I have an amazing body usually, but I come
    up a little short in this game.
    Adell: I see... Many people in our world are suffering from a curse, too.
    Rozalin: Do you know any way to break this curse?
    Asagi: The book thing that cursed me told me I can't leave until I become
    Rozalin: I see. Then, all you have to do is prove that you have indeed become
    stronger, yes?
    Asagi: Hm? Well...I guess that might work.
    Rozalin: Then let us engage in fisticuffs. You can prove your strength thusly.
    Asagi: I-is that okay with you guys?
    Rozalin: No problem. We have a real battle maniac over here.
    Adell: You talkin' about me? I don't see anyone else here, so you must be
    talkin' about me.
    Rozalin: Stop being foolish. Of course it's you. Why not show her your huge
    Adell: Fine. but there's no holding back. With me, it's all or nothing. That's
    just my style.
    Asagi: Thank you! Be gentle!
    [Battle begins.]
    [Upon victory:]
    Asagi: *Sob* I can't believe I lost. I'm never gonna leave this crappy place! I
    used to be the main character in my world. It was great! I was in every
    Rozalin: Adell, you jerk. Can't you show a little compassion?
    Adell: W, well, I mean...I can't help it.
    Rozalin: There, there, Asagi. No need for tears. Your curse will surely be 
    lifted someday. This nasty boy, Adell, is fighting to break the curse in his
    own world. As long as you keep fighting and never give up, I'm sure you will
    find your way back to your own world.
    Asagi: *Sniff* Y, you really think so?
    Rozalin: Indeed. I speak the truth.
    Asagi: Alright...thank you. One day I'll free myself from this curse and return
    to my own game! I'm sure it'll happen, someday!
    Adell: Good luck, Asagi. Don't let this curse get the best of you.
    Asagi: Thanks, you nasty boy. I'll do my best. Take this as a token of my
    appreciation. I'll stay here and pray that your own curse is someday lifted...
    [Fade to white.]
    NOTICE: Postcard obtained!
    Adell: For some reason, I feel really guilty for beating her. But it's not my
    fault, right?
    [-------------------- Unleash the Fallen Maiden! [CMUFM] ---------------------]
    [Passing the Dark Assembly bill "Unleash the Fallen Maiden!" opens a new area
    called "Ruins of St.Paprika" on the Battle Select screen. Going there displays
    a battle called "Fallen Maiden!"]
    [Adell and Rozalin are confronted by a horned woman with a glowing pink aura.]
    Preire: ......
    Adell: This is...! Such power!
    Rozalin: Yes! This is certainly the power of a true Overlord!
    [Preire begins twirling her baton.]
    Preire: ......
    Rozalin: I'm not really sure what's going on... But I assume she wants to fight.
    Adell: Perfect! Let's see what this Overlord's got!
    Rozalin: What's wrong with you that you're so excited to face certain doom? You
    are a battle maniac.
    [Battle begins.]
    [Upon victory...]
    Adell: I won! How's that, little Miss Overlord?!
    [Preire resumes her glowing.]
    Adell: She's still got reserve power! She wasn't even serious before! How dare
    you jerk me around like that?!
    Rozalin: Ahh-!
    [Rozalin's four-leaf clover emblem suddenly appears.]
    Preire: ...?!
    [Her glow fades.]
    Adell: Wh, what's wrong?
    Preire: ......
    [Preire disappears.]
    Adell: She's gone. What the hell was that about?
    Rozalin: I haven't a clue. Maybe she feared my distinguished nobility?
    Adell: Yeah, sure. At least you know how to talk big, just like an Overlord.
    Rozalin: ......
    [Something begins to glow on the floor where Preire once stood.]
    Rozalin: (What was that just now? That cold stare...she seemed to gaze right
    through me. ......)
    Adell: What's this? She left something behind.
    [Adell walks over and picks it up.]
    NOTICE: Felicitation obtained!
    [-------------------- Break the mysterious Seal! [CMTMS] ---------------------]
    [Passing the Dark Assembly bill "Break the mysterious Seal!" opens the area
    "Beauty Castle" on the Battle Select menu. Going there displays the battle 
    "Worst Witch Ever."]
    [Adell and Rozalin approach a throne inside the Beauty Castle.]
    Adell: Where are we?
    Rozalin: Seems like some sort of screwy castle.
    [Marjoly appears in front of her throne.]
    Marjoly: ...
    Adell: Wow, that's a lot of power... I can practically see the viciousness
    dripping off her.
    Rozalin: I've read about this woman in my textbooks. I believe she is called...
    the Legendary Witch, Marjoly. A most vile demon known for centuries of worldly
    destruction. The textbook said she had vanished, but it looks like she was
    actually sealed away.
    Adell: So someone went to all the trouble of sealing her, and we just came
    along and let her out again.
    [Marjoly spins.]
    Marjoly: ...
    Rozalin: Hmm? Something isn't right here...
    Adell: Whaddya mean?
    Rozalin: The textbook said that she liked to talk and joke around a lot.
    Adell: Well, I sure as hell ain't laughin'.
    Rozalin: Maybe the seal isn't completely broken.
    Adell: No biggie. She looks like she wants a fight. And I'm more than happy to
    give it to her.
    [Battle begins.]
    [Upon victory...]
    Adell: How do you like them apples?!
    Marjoly: ...
    [She fades away, leaving behind a little glowing dot on the floor.]
    Adell: She took off...
    Rozalin: I must say, I was looking forward to seeing the legendary Jester Witch
    in action... But a strong seal can suppress even the most expressive
    personality. Glad I'm not her.
    Adell: Oh? What's that on the ground?
    NOTICE: Sexy Panties obtained!
    Adell: She didn't crack any jokes, but what she forgot is pretty funny, I guess.
    Rozalin: Yes. She may be our enemy, but she did well.
    [------------------- Meet the strongest Overlord! [CMTSO] --------------------]
    [Passing the Dark Assembly bill "Meet the strongest Overlord!" makes the "Makai
    Kingdom" appear on the Battle Select menu. Choosing it takes you to the battle
    "Supreme Overlord."]
    [Adell, Rozalin, and Tink are walking through a hallway with metal plating on
    the floors when someone demands of them:]
    "Who dares summon me?"
    Adell: Guh...! What power! Even his voice is overwhelming! He must really be
    the strongest Overlord in the universe! That'll just make victory that much 
    "What kind of fool would challenge me? Very well... I accept your challenge.
    Adell: Where are you?! You who claim to be the strongest Overlord in the
    universe, show yourself!!
    [Rozalin looks around.]
    Rozalin: I can feel his presence, but where is he? He is truly a force to be
    reckoned with...
    Tink: Ehh? What is zat ragged old book over zere?
    [Tink floats over to the big red book on the floor, which suddenly STANDS UP.]
    Zetta: Zetta Beaaaaaaaammm!!!
    [The book FIRES an immense blue laser blast that FRIES TINK.]
    Tink: Sacre bleu...!!!
    Adell: You're a...no way.
    Rozalin: This is it? This...book is the strongest Overlord in the universe?
    Zetta: Gahh hahahahaha! You're looking down on me?! You're going to regret that!
    You ever had your ass kicked by a book?! Prepare to bow to the universe's most
    badass freakin' Overlord!
    [Take a look, it's in a book.]
    [Upon victory...]
    Zetta: D, damn it all to hell! If only I had my real body back... I'd destroy
    you in a heartbeat!
    Tink: Your real body...? You mean this isn't your normal form?
    Zetta: Of course not! What kind of badass freakin' Overlord would wanna look
    like this?!
    Adell: Well, what's the deal then?
    Tink: Ah... Zen you are in the same boat as me. I'm so glad to have a comrade
    who knows how I feel!
    Zetta: Don't act like we're the same, frog-legs!
    [Zetta FRIES Tink again with another Zetta Beam.]
    Rozalin: To be compared to someone like Tink... What a sad state of affairs for
    an Overlord.
    Zetta: Grr...! Losing to you is an absolute disgrace to my divine lordship! I
    must rebuild my own netherworld and find a way to get my body back!
    [Zetta disappears, leaving behind a shimmering orb.]
    Rozalin: It appears he has ample problems of his own.
    Adell: He dropped something...
    [Adell walks over and picks it up.]
    NOTICE: Adell received something dropped by the strongest Overlord in the
    universe! Adell's title became [Badass Overlord]!
    Adell: Wh, what!?
    Rozalin: How can a mortal receive such a title...? Are you sure you're really a
    Adell: What?! Yes, of course I'm human! I don't want this damn title!!
    [----------------------- Meet Baal the Tyrant! [CMBTT] -----------------------]
    [If you manage to pass the Dark Assembly bill "Meet Baal the Tyrant!" it will
    open up an area called "Ball Castle" on the Battle Select menu. Going there
    sends you to the "Viewing Room."]
    [Adell approaches the ginormous Baal (who looks pretty much identical to his
    Disgaea 1 appearance) and stops just a few feet away.]
    Adell: ...?! Are you the Supreme Overlord, Tyrant Baal?!
    Adell: Huh...? Oh, it's just a dumb statue.
    [Adell wanders around for a bit, looking around for Baal.]
    Adell: Where the hell's this Supreme Overlord?
    [Rozalin approaches.]
    Rozalin: Hmmm... What a drab decor. Considering this is the home of the Supreme
    Overlord, I was expecting something more luxurious, but...
    [Rozalin's emblem appears. Suddenly, the "statue" of Tyrant Baal begins to glow,
    and a huge pillar of green light surrounds it.]
    Adell: Th, this...? It wasn't a statue?! Is it really-!
    Rozalin: Supreme Overlord Baal!!
    [The pillar of green light disappates, and the STATUE COMES ALIVE! It
    immediately charges for Rozalin.]
    Adell: R, Rozalin!
    [The battle begins!]
    [If you manage to defeat him...]
    [Baal fades away, leaving behind a sparkling blue orb. A purple sphere floats
    up and away from it in Baal's wake.]
    Rozalin: Th, that was too close. That guy gave me the chills.
    Adell: It might have just been my imagination... But didn't it seem like he
    focused on going after you?
    Rozalin: Must be your imagination. What would a Supreme Overlord want with me?
    Adell: ...Good question.
    Rozalin: By the way, Adell... Did I hear you call me by my name earlier?
    Adell: Wh, whaddya mean? That must have been your imagination. I didn't say
    Rozalin: No...I'm quite sure you said it. My hearing is almost perfect, you
    know. Remember, you and I are mortal enemies. Don't go thinking you can call me
    by my first name. You understand?
    Adell: You're not hearing me! I didn't say anything! Anyway, look over there.
    Baal dropped something.
    [Adell walks over and picks it up.]
    NOTICE: Makai Wars obtained!
    Rozalin: Hmph...don't try to change the subject. (Was that the first time he
    called me by my first name...?)
    [-------------------- Return of the Prism Rangers [CMRPR] --------------------]
    [Passing the Dark Assembly bill "Return of the Prism Rangers" makes the area 
    "Hero Show Event" show up in the Battle Select menu. Going there takes you to
    the "Rangers' Return" map.]
    [In an area that looks similar to the Shinra Tower, Adell and Rozalin's
    attention is caught by a voice speaking from somewhere offscreen.]
    Red Prism: When evil casts its sinister shadow-- When the world drowns in
    turmoil-- When love and hope have faded-- 
    [Prism Red suddenly drops from overhead and poses.]
    Blue Prism: We spring forth to protect humanity-- Even if they didn't ask us to!
    [Prism Blue drops beside Red.]
    Yellow Prism: Our seven lights spring to the task--
    [Prism Yellow drops beside Red.]
    Green Prism: Our courage races near speed C velocity!!
    [Prism Green drops beside Blue.]
    Orange Prism: Supah pahti! Fantastic spahkaru! Let's gooh numbah waan!
    [Prism Orange drops beside Yellow.]
    Indigo Prism: Uh, yeah, ahem, I'm uh...ya see, I'm not really supposed to be
    [Prism Indigo drops beside Green.]
    Purple Prism: We're here! We cheer! Get used to it! With our powers combined--
    [Prism Purple drops beside Orange.]
    [EXPLOSIONS go off, and the whole group poses as one.]
    Together: Ultra Chroma Power Squad! Prism Rangers!
    Rozalin: Yes! This time there really are seven of you!
    Adell: I guess so, but... What's up with the dorks in the orange and indigo?
    Orange Prism: What you say? You're not enjoying of the supa color?
    Indigo Prism: Oh, um, uh, well they sort of, forced me to dress up like this.
    They offered me an amazing salary, with insurance. I couldn't refuse.
    [Adell sweatdrops.]
    Adell: Don't you guys have any kind of standards?
    Red Prism: We had no choice! They were the only ones who showed up when we
    called for volunteers! I mean, it's not like we don't have a ton of friends! We
    do! There's seven of us here now--so there!!
    Adell: Okay, man. Calm down. I'm just saying, when I look at you guys it makes
    me want to cry.
    Rozalin: No matter. I respect the effort they went through to gather all seven
    Red Prism: Then prepare yourselves! To regain our pride as Champions of Justice,
    it is our sworn duty to take you down! I will battle until the day my fiery
    passion burns away! Prism Rangers, attaaaaack!
    [The group "flames on" or whatever. Yeah. Nice try, guys. Say hello to my
    leeetle frien, Overlord Laharl.]
    [Once this display of pathetic has been finished...]
    [The Rangers lie in various states of defeat all over the tower. Red, on the
    highest spire, shakes with fury.]
    Red Prism: Ugh...we were finally able to bring all seven colors together, but
    we still lost...
    Adell: Hey... Why'd you guys come here, anyway?
    Red Prism: Isn't it obvious?! We came to destroy the nefarious Overlord Zenon!
    Adell: Listen up, alright? Pay attention, because I'm only going to say this
    once... You wouldn't stand a chance in hell against an Overlord like him!
    Red Prism: Y, you mean...! You really think we're that bad?! Ahh...I sort of
    already knew that. I know we're pretty lame. But that does not change our
    ambitions! To be the greatest Champions of Justice!
    Rozalin: Hm. I can respect your spirit. But that's about it. Just your spirit.
    Red Prism: Then we will allow you to be the guardians of our task! Since you're
    way stronger! Take this! It is undeniable proof of our blazing friendship!
    NOTICE: Adell has received the title, "Prism Black"!
    Red Prism: Now you are the 8th Prism Ranger! The fate of the Champions of
    Justice, and the world, rests in your hands!
    [Fade to black.]
    Adell: What a crappy reward...
    Rozalin: I don't get anything...? Well, can't I be Prism Pink...
    [----------------------- Rescue the Defender!! [CMKD1] -----------------------]
    [Calling Kurtis, Defender of Earth, once:]
    You selected Defender of Earth from the cell phone's contact list!
    Ring ring, ring ring, ring ring...
    "Hello, this is Kurtis, the 38th Defender of Earth. What!? You need my help!?"
    "Sorry, but you have to learn how to rely on yourself."
    "...Then again, as Defender of Earth, I must make sure you live long enough to
    learn that lesson."
    "I'm on my way!"
    NOTICE: Prinny Kurtis is here to help!
    [Calling Kurtis, Defender of Earth, twice:]
    You selected Defender of Earth from the cell phone's contact list!
    Ring ring, ring ring, ring ring...
    "Hello, this is Kurtis, the 38th Defender of Earth What!? You need my help,
    "What did I tell you about relying on youself?"
    "If you keep depending on others, you'll never know true independence."
    "Fine. It's a Defender of Earth's duty to defend the weak."
    "I'm on my wa. Don't die on me!"
    NOTICE: Prinny Kurtis is here to help!
    [Calling Kurtis, Defender of Earth, thrice:]
    You selected Defender of Earth from the cell phone's contact list!
    Ring ring, ring ring, ring ring...
    "Hello, this is Kurtis, the 38th Defender of Earth. What!? You guys, again!?"
    "Is this your way of making me join you group?"
    "...I know I'm good, but this is getting ridiculous."
    "Hold on! I'm on my way!"
    NOTICE: Prinny Kurtis is here to help!
    [After the third call, checking the bills available to Senator Adell gives one
    called "Rescue the Defender!!" petitioned by the Earth Defense Force.]
    [A dark grey suited Prism Ranger (presumably because there are no EDF sprites
    in the game) petitions the Assembly.]
    EDF: I, it's an emergency! Kurtis, the Defender of Earth is in danger! Please!
    Courageous youth! Rescue our noble Defender of Earth!
    [Voting NO:]
    EDF: What!? Don't you have any compassion!? And you call yourself a main
    [Voting YES:]
    EDF: Thank you! Now, please save Kurtis, the Defender of Earth!
    [Passing the bill opens "Defenders of Earth on the Battle Select menu, and the
    "Defend a Defender!" map.]
    [In an area that looks similar to the Murderer's Vault area, Prinny Kurtis is
    being attacked by what looks like a Shatner-talking human version of himself.]
    Kurtis Clone: Ha he haha...what is the matter, Defender of Earth Kurtis? Is 
    that all you've got? You might be the original, but now you're just an outdated
    archaic hero model.
    Kurtis: Ugh...damn that Earth Defense Force. I can't believe they made a copy of
    me with that backup data...
    Kurtis Clone: I am no copy! I am the all-new Defender of Earth. Designed to
    surpass the original in every way!
    [The Clone fires another shot, which Kurtis easily dodges.]
    Kurtis: Hmph... Try saying that to my face!
    Kurtis Clone: I intend to. That is why I have come for you.
    [They exchange fire again.]
    Kurtis: Hmm! Not bad... I cannot believe I'm fighting my future self...from the
    past! Those EDF masterminds are truly devious...
    Kurtis Clone: Do not misunderstand the situation. It is not by General Carter's
    will that I have come for you. It is by my own.
    Kurtis: What?! That's impossible!
    [Pan over to Adell and Rozalin, who are just arriving.]
    Kurtis: Y, you are...!
    Adell: Looks like we barely made it in time. Now it's our turn to pay back our
    Kurtis: You guys... No, this is my battle. As a Defender of Earth, I cannot
    place civilian lives in danger.
    Rozalin: That's a strange policy, considering your situation. Isn't victory
    more important?
    Kurtis: Haha...I used to feel that way, long ago. I believed that winning, no
    matter the consequences, was the job of the Defender of Earth. But I was wrong.
    My friend...the true Defender of Earth...showed me the way. And so I was reborn.
    I might have a strange body, but my heart... I've gained the soul of a true 
    Defender of Earth.
    Kurtis Clone: Your heart!? The soul of a Defender of Earth!!?
    Adell: Wh, what the hell? What's his malfunction?!
    Kurtis: I am not sure...but watch yourself. He's different from my past self.
    He's a 100% perfect cyborg killing machine. Oh, he's too much for a normal
    human, like you. You have to get out of here, while you still have a chance.
    Adell: He's looking at us funny. I don't think he's gonna let us go. Anyway,
    it's not my style to back down from a fight.
    Kurtis: Haha...you really like to jump feet-first into battle, huh? How strange.
    Kurtis Clone: Yoouuu! I demand you hand over this "Defender of Earth's soul!!"
    [Stage start.]
    [Stage clear.]
    [The Kurtis Clone begins to malfunction.]
    Kurtis Clone: N, no way...! My components are cutting-edge! My parameters are
    perfect! Uh, my system analysis showed a 99.99% chance of victory. Your defeat
    was assured!
    Kurtis: Uh, how sad...you're just like my old self.
    Kurtis Clone: Wh, wh, what do you mean?
    Kurtis: Even if the odds are one in a million, if there's any hope of victory,
    a true Defender of Earth will never give up. Facing the worst odds and
    calculations and predictions, and still standing tall-- That is a true Defender
    of Earth.
    Kurtis Clone: That is the soul of a Defender of Earth?! But...I, I can't
    measure that data!
    Kurtis: That's right--it's more than just data. It's something you feel arise
    from deep within yourself.
    Kurtis Clone: Kah-! The spirit... Don't think this is over! Next time we meet,
    I shall pull your Defender of Earth heart from your chest!
    [The Clone blows up.]
    Adell: Why'd he blow himself up?!
    Kurtis: He sent our combat data back and destroyed himself to eliminate all
    evidence. The next version will be fine-tuned to be several times more
    effective against us.
    Adell: ...
    Kurtis: It looks like I am in your debt.
    Adell: Whatever. We were just returning the favor.
    Kurtis: ...I see. In that case, we're even, yes? You should do your best to
    avoid me from here on out. I can't guarantee your safety.
    Rozalin: You say that now, but who shows up everytime we pick up a cellphone?
    Adell: Hey... Do you really mean to keep fighting alone?
    Kurtis: A Defender of Earth must be a lone wolf. Friends are a liability on the
    Adell: That's not true. Why don't you come with us?
    Kurtis: ...Ha, don't be foolish. I can't join with a bunch of children. I must
    forge on alone. I have a strict duty as the Defender of Earth. I cannot take
    time out to play with kids.
    [He walks away... then pauses.]
    Kurtis: But thanks for the invitation.
    [He departs, leaving behind a glowing orb on the ground.]
    Adell: Huh? He dropped something.
    [Adell walks over and picks it up.]
    NOTICE: Adell received "Acceleration Device"!!
    Adell: What a guy...
    Rozalin: Yes. A splendid example of humanity.
    [Fade out. This leads directly into...]
    [---------------------- Rescue Defender again!! [CMKD2] ----------------------]
    [Calling Kurtis, Defender of Earth, after the third time:]
    You dial a random number on the cell phone's contact list!
    Ring ring, ring ring, ring ring...
    "Hello, this is Kurtis, the 38th Defender of Earth. What!? You need my help!?"
    "Quit slacking off, you guys."
    "I've never known heroes who gave up before the fight!"
    NOTICE: Prinny Kurtis is here to help!
    [After calling him three more times, the bill "Rescue Defender again!!"
    [Once again, the grey Prism Ranger of the EDF petitions the assembly.]
    EDF: Emergency! Once again, Kurtis, the Defender of Earth has fallen into grave
    danger! Young man! Doesn't your heart burn with the passion of a Defender of
    Earth? You must rescue Kurtis!
    [Voting NO:]
    EDF: What!? I don't believe it! How can you abandon him like that!?
    [Voting YES:]
    EDF: Thank you! I know it must be difficult, but you must rescue our hero once
    [This causes the area "Return of the Defender" to show up on the Battle Select
    menu, and opens the "Robots Attack!" map.]
    [On a bridge that looks to be in Alche City, Adell and Rozalin come upon Prinny
    Kurtis: I thought I told you to steer clear of me.
    Adell: We just happened to be in the area. You won't even know we're here.
    Kurtis: Hmph...meddlesome kids.
    Adell: Maybe we learned it from a certain meddlesome Defender of Earth...?
    Kurtis: Ah! Point taken.
    [Kurtis becomes introspective.]
    Kurtis: (Hm. Another who demonstrates the steel will of a true Defender of
    Earth. Ha there is no limit to the abilities of such a warrior.)
    Adell: Huh? Are you talking to yourself over there?
    Kurtis: Oh, no, I was just thinking about how nosey people like you are
    everywhere these days.
    [Down the road, another Kurtis Clone appears.]
    Kurtis: Just like these annoying things.
    Kurtis Clone: ...
    Kurtis: Heh, I knew you'd be back.
    [Two more appear, then a third, then two more, then two more after that, for a
    grand total of seven.]
    Kurtis: Those fools... Making this many copies of me is more dangerous than
    they can imagine.
    Kurtis Clone #1: Huh, we are not copies! We are new and improved and more
    powerful than you could ever hope to be!
    Kurtis Clone #2: We are the ultimate Defenders of Earth! The task of protecting
    the Earth is now ours alone!
    Kurtis: Soulless machines could never be true Defenders of Earth. Don't you
    understand? Cold calculations can't protect anyone!
    Kurtis Clone #3: Our calculations are simply incomplete! That is why we have
    come to take this "soul" you speak of. Then we shall be perfect!
    [They FIRE on Kurtis until he's completely engulfed inside a huge explosion.
    When the fire clears, Kurtis remains standing, while Adell and Rozalin shield
    Kurtis: Ugh! They're too powerful... Are you guys alright?
    Adell: Ha yeah, but just barely. If this keeps up, we're doomed.
    [Kurtis steps forward.]
    Kurtis: You are right...but I cannot give up. All these cyborgs are just copies
    of myself. My past self, who made those awful mistakes. So I can't leave them
    here. I must show them the way. Show them the spirit of a true Defender of
    "Ahh hahaha! Well said, Kurtis! My dearest comrade and compatriot! You are
    indeed a most noble Defender of Earth!"
    [Suddenly JENNIFER...]
    Jennifer: To uphold the sanctity of Earth!
    Thursday: The messengers of justice, who never give in!
    [...and CAPTAIN GORDON appear on a rooftop nearby.]
    Gordon: Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth! Here I stand!!
    Kurtis: Gordon! Jennifer! Thursday! What are you doing here?!
    Gordon: Tsk tsk tsk. Don't ask such pointless questions. It is our duty to rush
    to aid our struggling allies.
    Kurtis: Haha... The same Gordon I remember...
    Gordon: And you, Kurtis. I see you haven't broken that nasty habit of biting off
    more than you can chew!
    Jennifer: Now, Kurtis! We must combine our powers! Pool our Earth Hero souls
    into one!
    Kurtis: Geez, Gordon...a little overenthusiastic, don't you think? Okay then,
    here we go!! Let's show these tin cans the true meaning of the Defender of
    Earth! Ultimate Supreme Defender of Earth Formation!! Plasma Corps!
    [Kurtis and Gordon leap into the air. Thursday transforms into his flying
    saucer mode thing, and Jennifer SHOOTS him into the sky. Kurtis and Gordon add
    their velocity to Thursday, and the trio FLY straight into the group of Kurtis
    Clones. The screen is whited out in a massive explosion.]
    Gordon: Oh yeaahh!! Did we get 'em?
    [All but four of the clones have been destroyed when the screen returns to
    Kurtis Clone: Damnable outdated heroes! Why must you persist?! Eat this!
    [The Clone readies a blast.]
    Jennifer: Gordon! Look out!!
    [She KNOCKS Gordon away just as the blast impacts the building they were
    standing on.]
    Jennifer: Waaahhh!!
    [Jennifer is knocked out, and Thursday is badly damaged.]
    Gordon: Jennifer! Thursday! Are you alright?!
    Thursday: Beep beep blip beep...we appear to be somewhat operational. However,
    further battle would be most impossible.
    Gordon: Alright then! You look after Jennifer!
    Thursday: Beep beep blip beep... Orders confirmed.
    [The Clones return their attention to the other group of Kurtis, Gordon, Adell,
    and Rozalin.]
    Kurtis Clone: Mehehehaha, you sure had a flashy entrance. But you're still
    pretty shabby heroes overall. As I predicted, your so-called soul is completely
    useless. All that matters is finding the most efficient path to victory. I shall
    force all you Defenders of Earth into an early retirement. The age of the
    Modern Defenders of Earth is upon us! I must eliminated all outdated models that
    rely on the unpredictable "spirit!"
    Kurtis: Not a chance in hell! I'll show you how strong a true Defender of Earth
    really is! C'mon, Gordon!
    Gordon: Alright Kurtis! Let's do this!!
    [They CHARGE FORWARD, and the screen goes white.]
    [Battle begin.]
    [Once the clones are disposed of...]
    Kurtis Clone: How? Our performance output is exponentially higher than yours!
    Why can't we beat you?! This outcome is simply impossible! The percentages do
    not allow it!
    Kurtis: It's our indomitable Defender of Earth spirit that allows us to face
    impossible odds. You guys just don't have that.
    Kurtis Clone: Shut up! We are not defective! We are the perfected form!
    [The Clone readies another blast.]
    Kurtis Clone: You must die! Final Arm!!
    [Kurtis pulls a giant cannon out of his pouch.]
    Kurtis: You fool! Final Arm!!
    [The two arms FIRE at each other, strike in mid air, and then FLY up into the
    sky. There are EXPLOSIONS from off screen.]
    Kurtis Clone: Uhh! It's their fault... The scientists who created us said the
    same thing...they said we were defective! They said we had no spirit...that we
    couldn't find the heart of the Defender of Earth! They created us, and then
    threw us away, calling us defective junk! We are not cyborgs. We are fully
    mechanical. We have no humanity. It was impossible from the start, wasn't it?
    To to to have a soul?
    Gordon: So that's what it was... You were victims of your own circumstance.
    Kurtis: Hmph, you sound like a bunch of whimpering children.
    Kurtis Clone: Wh, what did you say!?
    Kurtis: You think that your metal body is to blame for your heartlessness? Don't
    be so stupid! Thursday is no more than gears and bolts, and he's a brave 
    Defender of Earth! Even I am more machine than man, but I can still strive to
    be a proper Defender of Earth!
    Kurtis Clone: Shut up shut up SHUT UP!!! I'll kill you all!
    Kurtis: Hmph...do you hate me so much? Hatred is also part of the human spirit.
    [The arms finally fly back down to ground level and then FLY at each other
    again, this time EXPLODING. The Kurtis Clone takes the brunt of the blast,
    becoming heavily damaged.]
    Kurtis: You see, it's not that you don't have hearts. No! It's that you haven't
    realized what it means to have a heart! The Defender of Earth spirit comes from
    having the courage to stand up to evil!
    Gordon: That's right! And it's the desire to protect those you care about!
    Kurtis Clone: I, I, I, I am...! We, we, we...are...! we are, we are. Rrr, agh,
    blur, agh, rrr.
    [He explodes. Pan back to the group. Jennifer and a repaired Thursday are back.]
    Gordon: It's over...
    Kurtis: Not quite yet. They have certainly sent the battle data back to Earth.
    We must go destroy the root of this evil to prevent it from growing further.
    Gordon: Well then, let's go! I haven't been back on Earth in forever. We could
    go grab a teriyaki pizza from Pizza Shack!
    Kurtis: No, this is my responsibility.
    Gordon: Kurtis... It's our job, too. As Defenders of Earth.
    Jennifer: Yeah, really. Don't be so gloomy, Kurtis.
    Thursday: Beep beep blip beep... Thursday will provide additional support.
    Kurtis: Hah...I guess us Defenders of Earths are just meddlesome by nature.
    Shall we go then?
    Gordon: Yeah, let's move out! To protect the fragile balance of peace on Earth!
    [The Defenders of Earth turn to Adell and Rozalin.]
    Gordon: Fare thee well, young heroes! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you
    for helping my comrade in his time of need.
    Adell: Oh, no biggie. Ya do what ya gotta do.
    Kurtis: Later, kids. Try to keep it down, okay?
    Adell: Same to you...be careful.
    [They take off. Kurtis once again drops something.]
    Adell: Eh? He dropped something again.
    [Adell picks it up.]
    NOTICE: DoE ID Card obtained!
    Adell: I said it before, I'll say it again. What a guy.
    Rozalin: Indeed. Truly a paragon of masculinity. Too bad he won't come with us.
    [-------------------------- The Dark World [CMTDW] ---------------------------]
    [There are five secret buttons located throughout Holt Village. After pressing
    all five of them...]
    NOTICE: An eerie shadow lurks upon Holt Village...
    [After that, a shadowy replica of the Dimension Guide archer will appear nearby.
    Talking with the first three times gets the following result:]
    Friday MKII: ......
    [On the fourth time:]
    Friday MKII: This is a special gate, which only the strongest warriors are
    allowed to pass through. It is called the [Dark Gate]... Young one. Would you
    like to take my trial and experience a world you've never known?
    [Choosing 'Not this time has the following result:]
    Friday MKII: That is a smart choice... It's wise to know your own limits.
    [Choosing 'Of course' makes the following happen:]
    Friday MKII: My trial is not an easy one... Do you still wish to take the
    [Choosing 'Actually, nevermind' has the same result as the previous negative
    choice. Choosing 'Yes, I do' makes a battle take place in Holt Village between
    your team and Friday MKII.]
    [Beating her moves her to a place right next to the original Friday, the
    Dimension Guide, and gives the following exchange:]
    Friday MKII: Young one. You are now qualified to pass through the [Dark Gate].
    The Dark World welcomes you. Know your weakness, and grow stronger...
    Adell: The Dark Gate, huh? I wonder what's pass this...?
    Rozalin: Hm. I'm curious as well.
    Friday MKII: Hmhmhm, very well. I shall tell you. Imagine that the world you 
    live in is only a tiny fraction of the real world... [Tutorial: Dark World]
    The Dark World is a difficult world for only the strongest of warriors. Those
    seeking high level battles and rewards should fight in the Dark World. But,
    unless you know you have the strength, you should avoid it as much as possible,
    reckless young one. There are conditions for entering the Dark World. Once a
    condition is met on the normal map, the Dark World map will open. There are as
    many Dark World maps as normal maps. If you have the courage, you should try to
    open all of them... Once a Dark World map is open, you can visit them as many
    times as you want by talking to me. And one more thing. There's an important
    element in the Dark World. It's... [Tutorial: Dark Sun] In the Dark World, a
    splendid nuisance called the [Dark Sun] appears. The Dark Sun hovers far above
    the map, and gives off a variety of effects as turns pass... It can destroy
    your base panel, or make the commands useless, and sometimes, as a pleasant
    surprise, you can get Game Over. In order to avoid the effects of the Dark Sun,
    you must defeat all the enemies on the map and clear it before it activates.
    Another method is to use the [Ascend] command to throw your friends into the
    Dark Sun to destroy it. But unrelated to the destruction of the Dark Sun, those
    who ascend will not be able to return to battle... One ascension may not
    destroy the sun, but sacrifice multiple characters to lower the HP and make
    destroying the sun possible. Compare the effects of the Dark Sun and the
    sacrifice you need to make your decisions. ...That's it. Reckless young one. We
    shall meet again if you still live... Hmhmhm.
    [After that you're taken to the Dark World Battle Select menu.]
    [Once (and IF) you manage to beat every single Dark World area, when you return
    to Holt Village, the following takes place:]
    NOTICE: Adell has conquered the Dark World!
    [Fade out. Open up back at the newsdesk, where Pleinair is sitting alone. The
    screen behind her displays a picture of a broken and defeated Red Sun. The
    title below her says: Top Story - Dark World Conquered!]
    Pleinair: ......
    [The picture of the defeated Red Sun then fills the screen, with the word
    'Congratulations!' over it.]
    [Cut back to the desk. Pleinair looks off to the side.]
    Pleinair: ......
    [She closes her eyes.]
    Pleinair: ......
    [She opens her eyes halfway.]
    Pleinair: ......
    [And then... finally...]
    Pleinair: ..............Congratulations.
    NOTICE: Usagi's Journal obtained!
    [And th-th-that's all, folks.]
    [---------------- Pirate Maps and the Land of Carnage [CMLOC] ----------------]
    [Once you've obtained your first Treasure Map in the Item World, a Collector by
    the name of Hawkeye shows up in Holt Village. Speaking with him yields the
    Hawkeye: I am one who travels the world to find out why demons continue to live.
    Oh? Can I see that piece of map you have in your hands? Hoho, this is... Hm, it
    seems this a map that leads to the legendary lands that have been talked about
    by warriors sinec ancient times. When you have collected all the pieces of this
    map, a journey to a new world will begin. Hmhmhm...
    [Speaking with him again (without all the map pieces) yields the following:]
    Hawkeye: When you have collected all the pieces of this map, a journey to a new
    world will begin. Hmhmhm...
    [Once you have collected all 16 Treasure Maps and return to Holt Village, the
    following pops up:]
    NOTICE: You have collected all the pieces of the map, and have discovered where
    the Land of Carnage is! You have obtained a [Dimension Ship] that can travel to
    the Land of Carnage.
    [Speaking to Hawkeye again now yields the following:]
    Hawkeye: Hmhmhm, I was waiting for you. It seems you have collected all the
    pieces of the map. I know it may have been a little meddlesome, but I prepared
    the ship for you to get to the legendary lands. There is no need for
    reservations. I believe you are the one who will carry on my will..Hmhmhm.
    [Trying to enter the Land of Carnage too early yields the following messages
    from Hawkeye...]
    Hawkeye: The dimension ship is still being prepared.
    [...And the ship itself.]
    NOTICE: Seems the dimension ship is not ready yet...
    [Once you're able to get to the Land of Carnage (Episode 2 worked for me),
    speaking to Hawkeye once again yields the following result:]
    Hawkeye: Now now, stand straight. You're on a voyage to a legendary land.
    [Speaking to the pirate ship asks:]
    "Want to sail to another dimension?"
    [...And gives you two choices. Selecting 'I'll regret it, so no' makes the ship
    say nothing. Choosing 'Go on a voyage' sends you to the Land of Carnage.]
    [There are a few people here to speak to, most of them members of the Uber
    Prinny Squad with absolutely horrifying levels. Some of their responses are:]
    Romosome: Welcome to the Land of Carnage... This is the boundary of my lands..
    Dood. Only death lies beyond...Dood.
    Buntline: [Weapon Shop] Buy if you want to buy. It makes you look stronger,
    Ahriman: [Armor Shop] You depend on items, too, dood? And you call yourself in
    Murrkia: [General Shop] Little baby, go home and drink your mommy's milk, dood.
    Yan: I am the Post Officer...dood. You think you are qualified to receive my
    Horizon: Dood! Nice of you to come here. Here, let me fix you up a little...
    Monotou: How reckless of you to want to challenge the Item World in the Land of
    Carnage, dood!
    Dogger: You want to use the Dark Assembly...dood?
    Franz: Somewhere in this land, there is one who rules over the Shura, dood...
    Vinh: Looks like there's a new Shura, dood. We're excited to see if they can
    reach our heights, dood.
    Rozalin: Prinnies should not brag...
    Miyuki: Do you live for battle, too, dood? But you are just a kid, dood...
    Compared to them...
    Yoji: Those who have fought hundreds and thousands of battles in the Land of
    Carnage are called [Shuras]...Dood. Do you have what it takes to become a Shura,
    Rozalin: You're only a Prinny you insolent fool!!
    Yangster: Dood? Do you wanna test your powers against me? C'mon, dood, don't be
    scared... It was just a joke...
    Adell: These guys annoy me.
    [Hey, look who's here!]
    [Speaking to Kurtis:]
    Kurtis: Looks like you've matured a lot. Fine. I, Kurtis, the Defender of Earth
    will join your group. But only while you're in the Land of Carnage. OK?
    NOTICE: [Kurtis, the Defender of Earth] joined your group only in the Land of
    [Speaking to Kurtis again:]
    Kurtis: This land is pretty rough. But, it's a great place to train hard.
    [Speaking to Fubuki:]
    Fubuki: ...I knew you would come. I knew you would come here to train before
    the final battle. 
    Yukimaru: Fubuki!? Why are you here!? Have you recovered from your injuries,
    Fubuki: ...My sister has grown up. You can't expect me to just rest all day.
    Though I allow you to take on the task of defeating Zenon, at least let me
    train you.
    Yukimaru: Fubuki...
    NOTICE: [Fubuki] has joined your group, only to help you train in the Land of
    Adell: Heh...I bet he was just worried about his little sister.
    Rozalin: Siblings, huh... I admire them.
    [Speaking to Fubuki again:]
    Fubuki: There is no end to training, but do not forget your mission. If you
    fight in order to fight, know that you have become a Shura.
    [Speaking to Axel:]
    Axel: ......
    Adell: A, Axel?
    Axel: Hahaha! Did you plan to have this much fun without me, Axel, the Dark
    Adell: Wow, you actually made it here alone...?
    Axel: Of course! I am the Dark Hero! Buying my way into school is like cake!
    Adell: OK, I don't even know what that means...
    Axel: It means I'm going to be a Shura! You can't say no! Let me in!
    Adell: ...No. You're just going to hassle us.
    Axel: D, don't say that! I came all the way here, so you have to let me come
    with you! Please? I don't want to be alone anymore! These people are scary!
    NOTICE: [Axel] cried and begged so you reluctantly let him in your group!!
    [Speaking to Axel again:]
    Axel: I, Axel, the Dark Hero am not afraid of some Shuras! If they call
    themselves Shuras, then I'm a Rasetsu, and I'll eat them!!
    [Talking to the Uber Dimension Guide sends you to the Land of Carnage Battle
    Select menu.]
    Tommie: Just choose how you want to die...dood.
    [Talking to the Uber Dark Guide sends you to the Dark World Land of
    Carnage Battle Select menu.]
    Tommie MKII: Looking for a place to die also...dood?
    [When you're ready to leave, speaking to the ship again prompts this message:]
    "Want to return to your own dimension?"
    [Selecting 'Stay a little longer' makes you, obviously, stay a little longer.
    Selecting 'Return to normal dimension' sends you back to regular ole Veldime.]
    [------------------------- Make Adell donate [CMDON] -------------------------]
    [Rozalin petitions the Dark Assembly.]
    Rozalin: It is terribly inconvenient to be summoned to whatever kind of burrow
    you live in. Pay me a tribute so I can feel pampered. Now, Adell. Just pay me
    as much as you'd like.
    [Voting NO:]
    Rozalin: W, what!? You dare deny my request!? ...You have some nerve. I shall
    not forget this.
    [Voting YES:]
    Rozalin: Yes, yes. Very good. Oh, I see you still have more. Come on.
    [-------------------- Be the main character (Etna) [CMEPA] -------------------]
    [Etna petitions the Dark Assembly.]
    Etna: The real main character of Disgaea 2 just has to be me, Beauty Queen Etna!
    It pains me to say it, but Adell is just too boring. So, I propose we switch
    main characters! Now hurry up and approve it, or I'll h ave to kill you all <3
    [Voting NO:]
    Etna: You've got some nerve, Bucko. ...Now DIE!!
    NOTICE: Elder Spear obtained!
    [Voting YES:]
    Etna: I'm the new main character!! My new show, "Magical Beauty Queen Etna"
    begins next week! Stay tuned! Magical Check-in to Your Heart <3
    Game Over.
    [------------------- Be the main character (Flonne) [CMFPA] ------------------]
    [Flonne petitions the Dark Assembly.]
    Flonne: The true main character of Disgaea 2 can only be me, Love Angel Flonne!
    This game is missing love. Only I, as the main character can save it. We'll call
    it "Justice Flonne, the Love Angel!"
    [Voting NO:]
    Flonne: What!? Love lost? But...that's impossible!
    NOTICE: Divine Staff obtained!
    [Voting YES:]
    Flonne: I did it! Our love has saved us all! Get ready for "Justice Flonne, the
    Love Angel!" I'll see you next week! Always keep love and justice in your heart
    Game Over.
    [------------------- Be the main character (Laharl) [CMLPA] ------------------]
    [Laharl petitions the Dark Assembly.]
    Laharl: Why are you keeping this human Adell guy as the main character? You're
    all fools... Under the name Overlord Laharl, I demand that you make me the main
    character. And, I'll kill whoeevr votes against me!
    [Voting NO:]
    Laharl: What? Do you really want to die that much...?
    NOTICE: Infernal Sword obtained!
    [Voting YES:]
    Laharl: Haahahahahaha!! I'm the only one fit to be the main character of
    Disgaea! Now, let's just skip ahead to "Disgaea 3!" I'm an adolescent demon.
    Who knows what I'll do next!
    Game Over.
    [And, all the other stuff...]
    [-------------------- Frequently Asked Questions [CMFAQ] ---------------------]
    QUESTION 1: 
    Q. Hey! Can I e-mail you about somethin?
    A. ...Sure. 
     - If it's about an error in the guide, check the next question. 
     - If it's just to shoot the breeze, or talk about the guide, or the games, 
     - If you just wanna tell me how much I suck, and how much the transcript sucks,
    don't bother. I can guess how you feel. 
     - If you're looking for strategies, or cheat codes, or whatever, I can't help 
    you. Please consult one of the many exemplary FAQs elsewhere on GameFAQs for 
    the answers to your problems.
     Otherwise, my e-mail address is: NOSULRAGAL (AT) GMAIL (DOT) COM.
    Q. Hey! You've got some typos in your transcript here! Don't you know how to
    A. ...Yes. Yes, I do. Still, though, some typos are gonna slip by... mostly... 
    cuz... while I DO know how to proofread, I just... didn't spend a lot of time
    doing it. Hey, YOU spend 50 hours on a game and see how enthused YOU are about
    checking every line of it AGAIN for mistakes you made while trying to type 
    everything and play it at the same time!
     Anyway, yes, there are gonna be some typos here and there, BUT! A good number
    of them aren't actually my fault. There are typos within the game, as well. I
    never thought it was my place to correct the mistakes of a finished and
    released product like Disgaea 2, so I transcribed everything (as best I could)
    as I saw it on the screen. 
     Here is a partial (as complete as I can get) list of all the errors I noticed
    in the in game text. Please consult it before e-mailing me with any errors you
    find, so you'll know whether or not they're actually mine, or the mistakes of
    the translators over at Nippon Ichi.
    Mom: By the *of* spirits of darkness and light... In the name of Adell, I 
    hereby summon "Overlord Zenon" to his side!
    [Extra of.]
    Dad: Oh... uh... Always save before going on an adventure. Press the TRIANGLE
    Button and select [Save] *to log of* your progress.
    [To log of?]
    Amos: Where is Overlord Zenon, dood? If *your* out there, come on out, dood.
    [Should be you're.]
    Rozalin: Hmm. So, the best way to fight is for all of us to gang up *an an*
    enemy and beat them up one by one?
    [On an.]
    Adell: ... So, you're the Overlord's precious, spoiled daughter. How cliche. 
    But, you must be very important to him.
    [No accent on cliché in game. Not really an error, per se.]
    Tink: What is zis? How can zis be!? How dare you speak to ze princess in such a
    familiar manner! You are a man of great insult! For only I am allowed to speak 
    with ze princess on friendly terms, eh! Do not steal my *priviledge*!!
    [Spelled privilege. May be because of Tink's accent.]
    Tink: Hey, you! Stop being so friendly with ze princess!! You zink you can push
    me aside and have her all to yourself, eh! Not on my watch, Monsieur Napolean
    Bonerhard! I will be dead and buried before I give you zat kind of
    [Spelled satisfaction. Again, could be due to Tink's accent.]
    Tink: Bonjour, *madmoiselle*. The demon you speak of is I, Tink. Please be kind
    to a changed gentleman.
    Solei: Oh, *Hanako How* are you?
    [No punctuation.]
    Rozalin: I chose to help, and not for appreciation. Besides, we have more
    pressing matters to attend to. Namely, Axel. If he reports that *erronious*
    *propoganda*, people may believe that I am betraying my father. If that 
    [Spelled erroneous and propaganda.]
    Overlord Zenon: I won't *except* any excuses. Find the princess immediately...
    [Should be accept.]
    Episode Six - *Coliseum*
    [The game previously spelled it Colosseum.]
    Tink: With boasting like zat, it doesn't *sound you* are a samurai yet, oh ho.
    [Should be 'sound like.']
    Rozalin: What was that? *what* are you talking about?
    [W should be capitalized.]
    Yukimaru: Miss Rozalin, I am sorry, zam. I thought you were from my home, but
    you were Zenon's *dauhter* all along...
    [Spelled daughter.]
    NOTICE: There will be *continous* battles until you escape the Colosseum.
    Prepare yourself.
    [Spelled continuous.]
    Usagi-san: We *interupt* our regularly scheduled program to bring you this
    special report.
    [Spelled interrupt.]
    Tink: *Excuce* me, Mademmoiselle, but we are trying to find ze Overlord.
    [Spelled excuse. Could be the accent.]
    Taro: You've become accustomed to demon *lifestlye*.
    [Spelled lifestyle.]
    Mom: By the *of* spirits of darkness and light... In the name of Adell, I
    hereby summon "The Strongest Demon in the World!"
    [Another extra of.]
    Piggolo: *Plenair* is so cute...
    [Actually, near as I can figure, it's Pleinair.]
    Rozalin: (...... ...That burning sensation within me still hasn't settled. It 
    feels as if I have *a a* burning coal in my heart.)
    [Two A's.]
    Dad: Shura... Selion.
    [He says Selion, but I SWEAR the Masked Woman's status said Serion. Leave it up
    to you.]
    "Hello, this is Kurtis, the 38th Defender of *Earth What!?* You need my help,
    [No period after Earth.]
    Q. Hey! Did you REALLY achieve ALL those in game goals on your own merits?
    A. What? Of course I did! How rude to even ask!
    Q. Did you REALLY?
    A. Yes!
    Q. ...
    A. *tries not to look at anything*
    Q. You used a cheat device, didn't you?
    A. What?! No, I didn't! Only losers cheat! That's... uh... just not my style?
    Q. ...You used a cheat device, didn't you?
    A. ...YeNO! Absolutely not. Course not. No.
    Q. Hey! How the crap did you manage to transcribe that anime sequence? That
    thing runs at light speed!
    A. Simple. I cheated. I found the video on YouTube and used that. So, special
    thanks go to a cool cat named SashaNein for posting it.
    Q. Hey! Why DID the fake Zenon destroy Snow Melody?
    A. ...I 'unno. I never really saw a solid explanation in the game, so... I
    GUESS because the ninjas there were so strong? Who knows. Check the forums.
    [--------------------- Copyright & Terms of Use [CMCTU] ----------------------]
     All characters mentioned above, as well as all dialogue and exchanges outside
    of narrative brackets are owned by Nippon Ichi Software Inc. I do not hold any
    claim whatever on their work. This transcript was written without any monetary
    exchanges being made, or expected. In other words, I didn't make a cent off
    this thing. 
     The actual effort that went in to transcribing it, and the file itself, are
    copyright 2008 by me, Austin Wise, aka Nosh Ragal. 
     Here are some of the things you MAY and MAY NOT do with it:
     - You MAY download this file to your computer for personal use. 
     - You MAY repost this onto your website, a forum, or whatever, so long as you
    leave the original file INTACT and UNMODIFIED. This means you MAY NOT put your
    name over mine, or pass this work off as something you did yourself, when in
    reality you didn't. If you wanna go make your own transcript, feel free, just
    don't steal mine.
     - You MAY copy out excerpts of text and post them onto your website, blog,
    forum, etc. After all, that's sorta what this transcript is for. If it's just
    the dialogue, then who cares, just credit the game. However, if you copy huge
    chunks of text wherein the stage directions that I wrote are included, it would
    be really swell of you to give credit to me, and perhaps a link back to where
    you got the original file, if that's not too much trouble.
     - You MAY NOT copy chunks of this transcript for use in your own guide or
    transcript without permission from me. Please consult me if that is your intent.
    [--------------------- I Would Like To Thank... [CMLTT] ----------------------]
     Nippon Ichi, obviously, for making a pair of wonderful games and for making
    many more in the future.
     Jake, my major hate-hardon, for getting me involved in Disgaea in the first
     Black Widow, Zora, Kim, and Flipper, for all getting excited when they heard I
    was writing something, then being upset to learn it was this and not something
    new. That makes me laugh, everytime.
    That's all, finito, I'll stop boring you now.
    [-------------------------------- END OF FILE --------------------------------]

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