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"An alright follow up to the original"

The original Disgaea game was one of those under the radar games that got a lot of internet buzz, went out of print and then prices soared on-line. Soon after a reprint was done, an anime was made, a manga was released and now the sequel is here. Does it live up to the legend of the original or not so much? Read on!

Disgaea had an interesting story at first but went down hill. I think Disgaea 2 does the opposite. It starts off weak, okay really weak, and then gets better near the end and has nothing but lame endings. The plot? The only remaining human in this town must find Zenon and kill him to end the curse that his foster family is facing. They have turned into demons and are suffering from such things as talking zits. It may sound funny but it really isn't until about the half way point. The character seriously lack the charm the original games characters had.

Disgaea 2 still uses the colorful sprites butt his time they are very colorful and slightly more detailed. A plus in my book. They aren't the best looking sprites but they get the job done. Levels are vastly more interesting this time.

The sound in the game is a mixed bag. Voice work is actually solid but not perfect. I will admit that the characters aren't as annoying sounding as some in Disgaea. Music is pretty good but I could live without it. Sound effects are really basic but get the job done.

The control in the game is one again menu based so it isn't too hard to get the hang of. While not a true control issue I hate how if you hit A at the wrong time after a mission stat screen shows you may accidentally have to repeat that same mission but with slightly harder guys. Just an annoyance though and not a true control issue. It's just me lacking patience.

Disgaea 2 is a SRPG. If you've played any of the other NIS titles then you know how this plays. For those new to this, read on for a quick run down of the game play for Disgaea 2.

Disgaea 2 is split up in 13 or so chapters. Most chapters contain about 4 episodes, the later ones contain up to 7. This means you have about 14 level themes. They are more interesting this time around though.

So, you have plot based characters and then there are characters to create. Anything you've fought can be made into a character. A nice feature and some play differently than others. I found myself using the plot characters.

Now, for the battles themselves the idea is to line up a group of your guys around an enemy and all attack at once. You can only move so many squares and only so many guys can be summoned onto a field.

So, the idea is to combo your guy's attacks to deal mega damage. The enemies can and will do the same thing so you really need to plan things out.

The Disgaea series is really about power leveling up and doing all of the little minor things like passing bills, messing around in the item world and other stuff. The basics of the game are easy to grasp and there is a very user friendly tutorial.

The game is actually longer than Disgaea plot wise and it also contains some extra types of areas to use and mess around with. As for replay value there is 6 or so endings to get. None of which 9including the good ending) seemed worth my time.

So, is Disgaea 2 good? Yes. Is it better than Disgaea? In ways. I'm just glad that this was a Christmas gift and not something I had run out and bought. It's far from perfect but so was the original. The plot seems ore focused but it really lacks the humor which was the biggest draw for me with the original game. I'd recommend renting this if that option is available to you.

Story - 7/10
Graphics - 8/10
Sound - 7/10
Control - 9/10
Game Play - 8/10
Replay Value - 7/10

Final Score - 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/30/07

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