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    Korin Quest Guide by GameCoder

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    Growlanser: Heritage of War
    Korinís Quests Guide
    Written by Black Genesis/Gamecoder
    Email: BlackGenesis1584@yahoo.com
    Thank you for taking your time to read my guide and I hope that this 
    guide can help you complete the game. This guide also contains spoiler 
    so read at your own risk. Furthermore, this guide is based on my 
    personal gameplay so there is a possibility that you can complete the 
    quests in a different way.
    If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, strategies, or tips 
    you want to share, please don't hesitate to email me.
    --------------------------[VERSION HISTORY]-----------------------------
    November 12, 2007
    - Guide Completed
    November 16, 2007
    - Added more information about the Futon Dog Quest
    January 02, 2008
    - Added more information about the Futon Dog Quest
    January 08, 2008
    - Fixed a slight error
    March 03, 2008
    - Added some stuff
    ------------------------[KORIN'S QUESTS GUIDE]--------------------------
    This section includes all the side quests that involves Korin. Korin 
    wants to win the Fairy contest and become the Queen of Fairies. In order 
    to fulfill her wish, you need to do a lot of quests for her. You need to 
    do this if you want to get Haschenís ultimate armor <Final Guard> and 
    Korin's ending.
    Of course, in order to become the Queen, you need to dress properly (not 
    really). Thereís a total 12 outfits for you to find. You can change her 
    outfit by either resting in the inn or using a training facility. Please
    note that some of these outfits are missable. Even though some of these 
    outfits are missable, they're just optional items. They donít affect the
    Fairy Contest.
    1. Black Clothes - automatically obtain during the main role.
    2. Gloriaís Clothes - During Fanilleís role, make sure to speak with the 
                          kid in the beach inside Rio Rey and do his letter 
                          quest, and also make sure to speak with him again 
                          once you have Korin. If the above requirements are
                          fulfilled, you will get this outfit automatically 
                          when you obtain the Black Clothes.
    3. Sportswear - When you enter Zerdok for the first time, knock on the 
                    house near the right exit and a woman will give you a 
                    special item <Sportswear Pattern>. Bring this item to 
                    the house near the item shop in Jaergen Village to get 
    4. Maid Clothes - Speak with one of the maids inside Fanilleís House in 
                      Jaergen Village.
    5. Cheerleader - When you enter Zerdok for the first time, knock on the 
                     second house near the right exit and an old man will 
                     mention about an animal. Speak with him again after 
                     you spoke to the woman who owns a futon dog in Totuwa 
                     Village to get it.
    6. Business Suit - After your quest in Totuwa Village, return to 
                       Zerdok and knock on the house near the right exit 
                       and the woman will give you another special item 
                       <Suit Pattern>. Bring this item again to the house 
                       near the item shop in Jaergen Village to get it.
    7. Kimono - You need to do the SFC side quest first by speaking with the 
                man in Felmentia. The man will give it to you after you had 
                all 5 SFC applications signed. To get all 5 SFC applications
                sign, you need to speak with various people and used the 
                special item SFC application on them.
    a. Zerdok - old man near the big statue
    b. Zaramba - one of the peddlers
    c. Geilenach - knock on the door near the entrance. Speak with everyone 
                   in the town if he doesnít want to sign it.
    d. Totuwa - man located northeast from the entrance
    e. Juwaina Village - man near the entrance. 
    8. School Uniform - Speak with Ann inside Randallís house to get it.
    9. PMB Healerís Uniform - Examine the shiny item on the sofa in the
                              upper section of the Admonisher.
    10. Dress - After you completed Mission 32, go to Zerdok and knock on 
                the house near the right exit and the woman will give you 
                another special item <Dress Pattern>. Bring this item again
                to the house near the item shop in Jaergen Village to get 
    11. Raccoon Suit - First you need to obtain a special item <Futonslator> 
                       from Irving to do the futon dog quest. When doing the
                       futon dog quest, make sure that you bring at least 
                       one of them to Irving (Credit goes to Mystery_Origin 
                       for telling me this). After you collected all 6 of 
                       them, speak with Irving in the PMB Headquarters, and 
                       then speak with him again in Totuwaís inn to get it.
    12. Swimsuit - First, you need to be the champion in all the matches in 
                   the Colosseum including the bonus ones to fight the Jagd 
                   Screaper. Defeat it and you will get it as a reward. 
    In order for Korin to win the contest, you need to teach her various 
    skills to use in the contest. Thereís a total of 12 skills for her to 
    learn. You need to go to towns and speak with various people to obtain 
    them. Some of them can be obtained by searching various objects inside
    towns. Please note that some skills can only be acquired by either
    raising Korinís stats, or getting the other skills first.
    1. A Day in the Forest - Examine the shiny item on the barrel located 
                             southeast in Zerdokís first screen. In order 
                             to get it, you need to use the southwest exit 
                             from the second screen. 
    2. Figure - Speak with Nora inside the contest hall when you enter 
                Jaergen Village for the first time.
    3. Landscape - Head for Rio Rey and go to the hospital. Check the 
                   painting hanging on the wall to get it.
    4. Still Life - Go to Fanilleís lab in the PMB Headquarters, and search 
                    the upper right shelf to get it.
    5. Expressionism - Speak with the old man near the flower lady in Zerdok 
                       to learn it.
    6. Photorealism - After mission 07 is completed, head for the PMB 
                      Headquarters and knock on the first door near the 
                      entrance and a guy will tell you about a man who is an
                      artist. Go east to the next screen and speak with the 
                      researcher nearby to get it.
    7. Butterfly Ballet - Speak with the old man near the well in Felmentia.
    8. Circling Hawk - Knock on the door near the shop in Totuwa to get it.
    9. Flight of the Bee - Head for Elphan Forest and speak with one of the 
    10. Love of Flowers - Go to Juwaina Village and examine the shiny item 
                          near the flowers to get it.
    11. Sunset - After you obtained Love of Flowers, go to Fanilleís house 
                 and speak with one of the maid to learn it.
    12. Impressionism - Learn it from a man in Safeguardsí Sanctuary after 
                        your quest there. To get it, knock on one of the 
                        doors to your right. You need to raise Korinís SNS 
                        stat to 500 in order to learn it.
    In order for Korin to win the contest, you need to raise her stats in 
    order to perform well in the Fairy Contest. Korin has 8 different stats
    to build: Knowledge (KNW), Intelligence (INT), Sensitivity (SNS), 
    Charisma (CHA), Mentality (MNT), Dexterity (DEX), Stamina (STA) and
    Agility (AGI). By increasing Korin's stats, she can gain abilities that
    can help you during your journey. Thereís a lot of ways to increase her
    1. Fairy Trainer - You need to speak with her after your quest in 
                       Juwaina Village. Also, you need Rana Fruits in order 
                       for the Fairy Trainer to raise Korinís stats. Rana 
                       Fruits can be found in chests, rare dropped from 
                       enemies and can be gotten as a reward from the 
    2. Training Facilities - Thereís a total of six training facilities in 
                             the game, and each of them is located inside 
                             the inn. The first one is located in Zerdok, 
                             the second one is located in Jaergen village, 
                             the third one is located in Felmentia, the 
                             fourth one is located in Totuwa, the fifth one 
                             is located in Geilenach, and the last one is 
                             located in the PMB Headquarters, but you canít 
                             access it until you have completed Mission 21. 
                             To actually raise Korinís stats, you need to 
                             use either a Lesson Coupon or Mil.
    a. Lesson Coupons - Think of them as tickets to raise Korinís stats for 
                        free. Lesson Coupons are rare drops from enemies and
                        can be gotten as a reward from the Colosseum.
    b. Mil - the easiest way to raise Korinís stats is to spend a lot of 
             money. The money cost will increase every time you raise 
             Korinís stats. According to Mystery_Origin, the cost will stop
             raising at 500 Mil, after that no matter how many times you 
             train, the cost will remain the same.
    Training Facility is one of the ways to increase Korinís stats. Thereís 
    a total of 5 training methods you can use, and each training method has 
    their own training sessions. You need to spend either a Lesson Coupon or
    Mil in order to use them. Please note that by using a Training Facility,
    some of her stats will increase, but at the same time some of her stats 
    will decrease. This section will list every training methods and
    training sessions the training facility has to offer. I also listed 
    which stats will increase and decrease in each training session.
    1. Exercise
    - Weight training
    Increase: 24+ STA, 1+ FOC
    Decrease: -1 KNW, -1 INT, -1 CHR (randomly selected)
    - 100-foot dash
    Increase: 22+ AGI
    Decrease: -1 DEX, -1 SNS, -1 KNW, -1 CHR (randomly selected)
    - Marathon
    Increase: 8+ FOC, 14+ STA
    Decrease: -1 AGI
    2. Read
    - Literature
    Increase: 8+ SNS, 11+ INT
    Decrease: -1 STA, -1 AGI (randomly selected)
    - Non-fiction
    Increase: 23+ KNW
    Decrease: -1 DEX, -1 SNS (randomly selected)
    - Magazine
    Increase: 8+ KNW, 11+ CHR, <1+ SNS(random)>
    Decrease: -1 DEX, -1 INT, -1 STA, -1 FOC (randomly selected)
    3. Get creative
    - Sculpture
    Increase: 10+ DEX, 8+ SNS, <1+ STA(random)>
    Decrease: - 1 CHR
    Increase/Decrease: <1+/-1 AGI (random)>
    - Painting
    Increase: 4+ INT, 10+ SNS, 4+ DEX
    Decrease: -1 AGI, -1 STA (randomly selected)
    - Cooking
    Increase: 8+ CHR, 10+ DEX
    Decrease: -1 FOC
    Increase/Decrease: <1+/-1 CHR (random)>
    4. Listen to music
    - Listen attentively
    Increase: 6+ INT, 6+ CHR, 6+ SNS
    Decrease: -1 FOC, -1 AGI, -1 STA (randomly selected)
    - Sing along
    Increase: 4+ DEX, 8+ CHR, 8+ SNS
    Decrease: -1 STA, -1 AGI (randomly selected)
    - Get up and dance
    Increase: 6+ STA, 4+ SNS, 9+ CHR
    Decrease: -1 INT, -1 FOC (randomly selected)
    5. Quiet reflection
    - Meditation
    Increase: 11+ FOC, <2+ INT(random), 2+ SNS(random)>
    Decrease: -1 STA
    - Calligraphy
    Increase: 4+ DEX, 8+ FOC, <2+ SNS(random), 1+ INT(random)>
    Decrease: <-1 STA (random)>
    Fairy Trainer is the other way of raising Koriní stats. You need to 
    speak with her after your quest in Juwaina Village. You need Rana Fruit 
    in order for her to raise Korinís stats. Using Rana Fruits will increase 
    Korinís stats WITHOUT the penalty of decreasing her stats. One Rana 
    Fruit increases one stat by 100.
    By increasing Korin's stats, she can gain abilities that can help you 
    during your journey. To view Korin's abilities press START and pick the 
    option "Korin". I also listed the required stats for each ability.
    1. Treasure Scout - Using this in dungeons or other places where 
                        treasure is found, Korin will scout ahead and report
                        back with how many unopened chests are left in that 
                        area. However, it cannot be used on the overworld 
                        field map, or inside cities and towns.
    Required Stats: 100 SNS, 120 DEX, 150 STA
    2. Friend Rating - Korin will tell you what each characters in party
                       thinks about the main characters. Blue means low 
                       rating, Green means normal rating, and Red/Pink means
                       high rating. To get your characters'Friend Rating to 
                       red/pink, you need to treat them nicely by picking the 
                       positive choices, raising them when they got knocked 
                       out during battles, and getting Mission Completes. 
    Required Stats: 100 KNW, 100 INT, 250 SNS, 200 CHR
    "I feel awkward around him..."
    "He's a nice person."
    "He is nice to me..."
    "Ah... Well... I-Im embarrased..."
    "He's a bit of a jerk."
    "Not so bad, I'd say."
    "He's not bad at all!"
    " I can count on him!"
    "He's nobody to me."
    "He's a good subordinate."
    "I can trust him."
    "He's not quite up to snuff."
    "I look forward to seeing him grow up."
    "He reminds me of someone I knew..."
    "I truly cherish my friendship with him."
    "Just hearing his name gets me upset."
    "He's one of Krious' men."
    "Hm... He's not bad at all."
    "He's someone special to me..."
    "I don't want to talk about him."
    "He's a good soldier."
    "He's a worthy rival."
    "He's a good friend of mine."
    3. Event Memo - Read the memos Korin writes about the latest events in
                    the storyline. Only the memo relating to the most recent
                    event can be read; there are no archived memos.
    Required Stats: 100 KNW, 100 SNS
    4. Psyche Eval - Korin will describe the main character's personality, 
                     which is determined by the player's action.
    Required Stats: 200 KNW, 100 INT, 150 SNS, 200 CHR, 100 FOC
    5. Special Abilities - any special abilities Korin has learned can be 
                           viewed here. I also listed the required stats for
                           each level.
    a. Guard Physical - Lvx 2% chance to block attacks.
    Lv1 - 100 DEX, 250 STA, 250 AGI
    Lv2 - 200 DEX, 350 STA, 350 AGI
    Lv3 - 300 DEX, 450 STA, 450 AGI
    Lv4 - 400 DEX, 550 STA, 550 AGI
    Lv5(MAX) - 500 DEX, 650 STA, 650 AGI
    b. Guard Magic - Lvx 2% chance to block spells.
    Lv1 - 200 KNW, 100 DEX, 200 FOC
    Lv2 - 350 KNW, 200 DEX, 350 FOC
    LV3 - 450 KNW, 300 DEX, 450 FOC
    Lv4 - 550 KNW, 400 DEX, 550 FOC
    Lv5(MAX) - 650 KNW, 500 DEX, 650 FOC
    c. Revenge - Lvx 2% chance to counterattack. Counter damage depends on 
                 Korinís stats.
    Lv1 - 100 KNW, 200 SNS, 200 DEX, 100 STA, 100 AGI
    Lv2 - 200 KNW, 350 SNS, 350 DEX, 200 STA, 200 AGI
    Lv3 - 300 KNW, 500 SNS, 500 DEX, 300 STA, 300 AGI
    Lv4 - 400 KNW, 650 SNS, 650 DEX, 450 STA, 450 AGI
    Lv5(MAX) - 500 KNW, 700 SNS, 700 DEX, 600 STA, 600 AGI
    d. Gabbing - Starts blathering when bored.
    Lv1 - 120 KNW, 120 INT, 120 SNS, 90 CHR
    Lv2 - 160 KNW, 160 INT, 211 SNS, 120 CHR
    Lv3 - 180 KNW, 180 INT, 260 SNS, 140 CHR
    Lv4 - 200 KNW, 200 INT, 311 SNS, 160 CHR
    Lv5 - 220 KNW, 220 INT, 351 SNS, 180 CHR
    Lv6 - 250 KNW, 250 INT, 401 SNS, 200 CHR
    Lv7 - 280 KNW, 280 INT, 441 SNS, 210 CHR
    Lv8 - 310 KNW, 310 INT, 481 SNS, 220 CHR
    Lv9(MAX) - 340 KNW, 340 INT, 501 SNS, 240 CHR
    e. Event Memo - Recounts the story.
    Lv1(MAX) - 100 KNW, 100 SNS
    f. Friend Rating - Charts your friendship ratings.
    Lv1(MAX) - 100 KNW, 100 INT, 250 SNS, 200 CHR
    g. Psyche Eval - Hear what everyone thinks of you.
    Lv1(MAX) - 200 KNW, 100 INT, 150 SNS, 200 CHR, 100 FOC
    h. Treasure Scout - Check how many more treasure chests remain in the 
                        current dungeon.
    Lv1(MAX) - 100 SNS, 120 DEX, 150 STA
    i. Bargaining - Charms merchants into giving a discount. Discount rate 
                    depends on the skill Lv.
    Lv1 - 200 KNW, 230 CHR, 150 DEX
    Lv2 - 280 KNW, 360 CHR, 200 DEX
    Lv3 - 360 KNW, 490 CHR, 250 DEX
    Lv4 - 440 KNW, 620 CHR, 350 DEX
    Lv5(MAX) - 520 KNW, 750 CHR, 400 DEX
    In order to win the fairy contest, you have to participate and win the 
    preliminaries. Thereís a total of four preliminaries you need to 
    participate and win in order to qualify in the final contest. Please 
    note that once the contest is over, itís over for good, so make sure to 
    save your game before entering the contest.
    1. Charm Contest - Femininity
    Location: Zerdok
    Outfit to wear: Kimono
    Entry Fee: 2000 Mil
    Rival: Lily, Nora
    Reward: 10000 Mil
    2. Art Contest - Creativity
    Location: Jaergen Village
    Outfit to wear: School Uniform
    Entry Fee: 2000 Mil
    Rival: Nora, Lily
    Reward: 10000 Mil
    3. Physical Contest - Physical Fitness
    Location: Felmentia
    Outfit to wear: Sportswear
    Entry Fee: 2000 Mil
    Rival: Nina
    Reward: 10000 Mil
    4. Debate Contest - Wit
    Location: Totuwa
    Outfit to wear: Business Suit
    Entry Fee: 2000 Mil
    Rival: Mira
    Reward: 10000 Mil
    5. Final Contest - Femininity, Creativity, Physical Fitness, Wit
    Location: Geilenach
    Requirement: Must participate and win in all 4 preliminaries
    Outfit to wear: Dress
    Entry Fee: None
    Rival: Yurii
    Reward: 10000 Mil, Queen of Pixies title
    After Korin won the Fairy Contest, go to Elphan Forest (after 
    Mission 41 is completed) and speak with the Matron Fairy to get 
    Haschenís ultimate armor <Final Guard>. 
    If you canít get it, then you need to change your personality by talking
    to the Juju lady in Warslee Village using Incenses that can be bought in
    Zerdok or Oils that can be bought in Juwaina Village.
    Morals (Grapefruit Incence)
    - Make it better
    - Make it worse
    Self Confidence (Clary Sage Incense)
    - Be more confident
    - Be less confident
    General Attitude (Rosemary Incense)
    - Be more intelligent
    - Be less intelligent
    Kindness (Mint Oil)
    - Be kinder to people
    - Be colder to people
    Meekness (Sweet Orange Oil)
    - Be more good hearted
    - Be more calculating
    Composure (Lavender Incense)
    - Be more collected
    - Be more emotional
    Initiative (Tarragon Incense)
    - Be more aggressive
    - Be less aggressive
    Attitude towards men (Cedarwood Incense)
    - Be attracted to men
    - Dislike men
    Attitude towards women (Rose Geranium Oil)
    - Be attracted to women
    - Dislike women
    If you want to get Korin's ending, make sure that you participate and
    win the Fairy Contest before the Friendship Medal Event. Also during the
    Friendship Medal Event, make sure that you pick the choice "It's for 
    I raised all Korinís stats to 999. You can get the money from 
    participating in the Colosseum (Platinum Match). Winning the Platinum
    Match will get you 15000 Mil plus you can sell the reward <Mortal Blow> 
    you'll recieve for another 15000 Mil. 
    Charm Contest: I signed up and mastered all the charm lessons 
    before participating in the contest in order to perform well in the 
    etiquette event. For the singing event, I chose Opera ďSunsetĒ, and for 
    the dancing event, I chose Flight of the Bee.
    Art Contest: I chose Landscape, Impressionalistic and a color scheme of 
    black and white.
    Physical Contest: I signed up and mastered all the flying classes before 
    participating in the Physical Contest. In the aerial race, I kept 
    tapping X to cheer for Korin. In the weight-lifting event, I chose 23 
    fruits in all 3 attempts. In the acrobatic, I chose Tailspin, Triple 
    Loop, and Rising Dragon.
    Debate Contest: I kept choosing Assertion until Miraís score went down 
    to Zero. If the first half ends, then pick the option "Cheer her on".
    Final Contest: In the charm division, I chose everything first until 
    Korin says she can do better, then I chose Opera ďSunsetĒ for Korin to 
    sing, and I chose Flight of the Bee for Korin to dance. In the art 
    division, the one you chose from the Art Contest will be used here. In 
    the acrobatic flying, I chose Tailspin, Triple Loop, and Rising Dragon. 
    In the essay writing contest when given a set of choices, I picked the 
    second choice ďThink back to your journeysĒ.
    Mystery_Originís Strategy:
    Debate Contest: around 900 int (an overkill, she couldn't even damage 
    korin), assert when I have the advantage, argue when I lose the 
    advantage (or in neutral.)
    Charm Contest: Don't remember stat, in the 800 I believe. Master 
    Etiquette, auto win. Best song and best music possible.
    Art Contest: In the 900, couldn't win in the 700s. Landscape, 
    impressionism, whatever she wants for colour.
    Physical: 900s, rapid tapping X, 23 fruits, and I lost the flying 
    contest... Couldn't even learn all my flying skills with 900ish stats.
    Final contest, 970 minimum for all stats, tried at 950 but lost the 
    charm division. Still lost the flying division...
    AsqdasqĎs Strategy:
    Nice, but I believe you don't need that many stats. I won the final with 
    850 stats. And the debate with 700 int knw; Also for the phys. contest I 
    only managed to win the race without pressing X, I was around 700-800 I 
    believe. For the acrobatic flying I chose the 3 last options, it gives 
    you 31 points. And I also believe I made an Impressionistic Landscape 
    with stats near 700; And for the first contest, I won with 200-300 using 
    the most basic dance/song 
    ----------------------[FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS]----------------------
    Q. Hey your guide sucks.
    A. Well, this is my first time making one so I expect to get this 
       kind of feedbacks.
    Q. How can I start the Futon Dog Quest?
    A. To start the quest, you need a special item <Futonslator> from Irving
       inside the PMB Headquarters. In order to get it, make sure that you 
       ALWAYS speak with him every time you spotted a futon dog during your
       When the above requirement is fulfilled, you will get the Futonslator
       from him after Mission 23 is completed. Once you have the 
       Futonslator, you can start the Futon Dog Quest.
       To start the Futon Dog Quest you need to speak with the Futon Dog in 
       Totuwa by using the Futonslator. The quest requires you to gather all 
       six Futon Dogs and drag them back to Totuwa. To gather a futon dog, 
       you have to approach it and use the Futonslator. You can only carry 
       one futon dog at a time and you have to drag it all the way back 
       Totuwa by walking.  According to paul holzman, Gmaverick03 and 
       KFCrispy, you can use the Steed Express for the futon dogs. 
       Also, make sure that you show at least one futon dog to Irving 
       (Credit goes to Mystery_Origin for telling me this) before you dump
       them to Totuwa to get another outfit for Korin later. Three futon 
       dogs can be acquired now, so start gathering.
       Each futon dog is located in...
       1. Liana - Felmentia. Second screen above the stairs to the west.
       2. Santos - Juwaina Jungle
       3. Tarran - Toadhenge (the one with the Frogshaped rock in it) Once
                   you reach Toadhenge, zoom your camera northwest until 
                   you see the futon dog. Exit this place and head all the
                   way to the west and then go north to the next screen. 
                   In this area, go east and approach the futon dog. After 
                   the scene, go back to the previous screen and head north
                   to the next screen. Go southeast and enter the 
                   Underground Ruins. Youíve been here before, so go to 
                   where the save point is located to find him.
       4. Kyr - After mission 25 is completed, go southeast from Zerdok 
       5. Masonite - After mission 28 is completed, go to Zaramba and search
                     south behind the bushes. 
       6. Soleil - Jaergen Village, Fanilleís house.
    Q. How do I know that I spotted every futon dog during my journey?
    A. You can spot the first dog by going southeast from Zerdok entrance. 
       The second dog can be spotted in Felmentia at the first screen, you 
       just need to see it, and then report it back to Irving. Later after 
       your quest in Totuwa, that dog will move to the second screen where 
       you can talk to it. The third dog can be spotted in Totuwa by talking
       to it. The fourth dog can be spotted outside Totuwa. The Fifth dog 
       can be spotted south of Zaramba hiding behind the bushes after your 
       quest in Totuwa, and the sixth dog can be spotted in Juwaina Jungle 
       by going southwest twice from the entrance. You don't need to search 
       every dog I mentioned, spotting three dogs is enough to get you the 
       Futonslator from Irving.
    Q. Where can I get the money to raise her stats?
    A. According to LOSTONE, you can get the money by participating in the 
       Colosseum (Platinum Match). Winning the Platinum Match will get you 
       15000 Mil and an accessory item <Mortal Blow> that you can sell for 
       another 15000 Mil.
    Q. When is the right time to do the Fairy Contest?
    A. I suggest that you do it before doing mission 36 or 37. That way you
       can participate in the Colosseum with decent levels.
    Q. Hey can I contribute something in your Guide?
    A. Yes you can as long as it hasnít been mentioned yet in my Guide.
    This guide is copyrighted by me so do not distribute, reproduce, sell,
    copy, or post this FAQ without my permission. This guide is protected by 
    the International Copyright Law so disobeying this rule means absolute 
    This guide has been approved to be posted on the following sites:
    GameFAQs, http://www.gamefaqs.com
    Neoseeker, http://www.neoseeker.com
    Super Cheats, http://www.supercheats.com
    GAMEFAQs for hosting my guide
    Atlus and Team Career for making such a wonderful game
    Ethel for her marvelous FAQ
    All the guys who contributed a lot in my guide like Mystery_Origin,
    LOSTONE, Asqdasq, paul holzman, KFCrispy, and Gmaverick03

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