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    Colosseum/Secret Dungeon Guide by GameCoder

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    Growlanser: Heritage of War
    Colosseum/Secret Dungeon Guide
    Written by Black Genesis/Gamecoder
    Email: BlackGenesis1584@yahoo.com
    Thank you for taking your time to read my guide and I hope that this 
    guide can help you complete this game. This guide also contains spoiler 
    so read at your own risk. Furthermore, this guide is based on my 
    personal gameplay so there is a possibility that you can complete the 
    quests in a different way.
    I included both the Colosseum and the Secret Dungeon in one guide 
    because you need the Secret Dungeon in order to unlock everything in the
    If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, strategies, or tips 
    you want to share, please don't hesitate to email me.
    --------------------------[VERSION HISTORY]-----------------------------
    November 12, 2007
    - Guide Completed
    December 02, 2007
    - Added more information about the enemies: Soul and Gold Slime
    January 02, 2008
    - Added more strategy in the guide
    March 03, 2008
    - Added some stuff
    ------------------------[THE COLOSSEUM GUIDE]---------------------------  
    Just like any Growlanser games, Growlanser: Heritage of War has its own 
    colosseum. The Colosseum won’t become accessible until later in the game 
    (after mission 21 is completed). You can find it by speaking with the 
    man behind the counter near the gate entrance to HQ inside the PMB 
    You need to participate in the Colosseum if you want to get Haschen’s 
    ultimate weapon <Longinus>, a special item <Rusted Holy Sword> for 
    Krious’ ultimate weapon <Geo Breaker>, and another outfit <Swimsuit> 
    for Korin. This section lists the following matches that the Colosseum
    has to offer including the secret and bonus ones. Please note that you 
    can only access the Colosseum if you have your characters with you. 
    Entry Fee: 3000 Mil
    Requirement: n/a
    Reward: Rusted Holy Sword (haven’t beaten Spell Slinger match)
            Longinus (have beaten Spell Slinger match)
    To win this match you have to score more than 844 dmg. There’s a lot of 
    ways to do it. Here is my strategy...
    704 ATK + Lv9 Attack Up + Lv9 Atrophy + Lv9 Berserk + Lv9 Inferno + 
    Lv9 Critical Rate Up + Adamant Lance + M2 Amulet + M2 Amulet = 999 dmg
    My advise to you is to get the two M2 Amulets first before you do this. 
    The M2 amulet can be won in the colosseum. I also recommend to raise 
    your attack by using Life Apples. Life Apples can be dropped by enemies,
    can be bought in the secret dungeon, and can be won as a price in the 
    colosseum. Lv9 Inferno can be gotten to other characters if they have 
    their ultimate weapon (Fanille has one). You need to use a Transfer 
    Charm (can be bought at the item shop in the PMB Headquarters) to 
    transfer it to Haschen. If you don’t have one, then you can change 
    Inferno for Fierce Strike. However, you need to raise your attack stat 
    nonamyforme’s Strategy:
    well first thing I did was get my attack to 540 using life apples(may or
    may not matter)next I bought two 25% increase to attack accessorys 
    (wisdom blade effect weapon)Casted attack up on my self before entering 
    hard hitter and used fierce strike and hit any where between 850-970
    Entry Fee: 3000 Mil
    Requirement: n/a
    Reward: Rusted Holy Sword (haven’t beaten the Hard Hitter match)
            Longinus (have beaten Hard Hitter match)
    To win this match you have to score more than 446 dmg. There’s a lot of 
    ways to do it. Here is my strategy...
    542 INT + Lv9 Cycle Up (already casted before entering the match)+ 
    Lv9 Spirit Aid + Lv9 Quick Cast + Lv9 Magic Up + Lv9 Thunderstorm + 
    M2 Amulet + M2 Amulet = 636 dmg
    Use the same strategy for beating Hard Hitter. Some of these skills can 
    be gotten from your party members. 
    nonamyforme’s Strategy:
    required 2x m2 amulets and magic up knack
    I did this with the spell super sonic or what ever its called and magic 
    up level 5 waited till it reached cast level 5 and let it go for 604 
    KFCrispy's Strategy:
    I was able to complete it with only 310 INT, along with 2 
    Intelligent Up EX, Cycle Up lvl 9, and Super Sonic lvl 9.
    Cast Cycle Up lvl 9 before you enter then just get in range for Super 
    Sonic lvl 9. You might want Quick Cast lvl 9 to finish in time, as I 
    had it and there was some time left when I finished....this method 
    requires no M2 Amulets whatsoever. I have yet to acquire an M2 :) 
    This let me do 644 dmg. Oh btw for the spell slinger i probably used the
    Magic Up knack skill and it probably was only lvl 5 (though i know it 
    does more damage at higher level)
    Entry Fee: 1200 Mil
    Requirement: n/a
    Reward: Lesson Coupon, 1800 Mil, Unlocks Silver Match
    Round 01: Lv1 Slime
              Lv2 Insector
    Round 02: Lv5 Imp
              Lv7 Horned Dingo
    Round 03: Lv9 Lizard Man
              Lv11 Will o’ Wisp
    Round 04: Lv12 Puppet Golem
              Lv14 Werecat
    Round 05: Lv15 Rabidhura
              Lv16 Bone Golem
              Lv16 Skeleton
    An easy match
    Entry Fee: 2500 Mil
    Requirement: Clear Copper Match
    Reward: Dandy Book, 3750 Mil, Unlocks Gold Match
    Round 01: Lv16 Zombie
              Lv17 Spirit
    Round 02: Lv18 Boomshroom
              Lv18 Necromancer
    Round 03: Lv19 Diastripe
              Lv20 Devil Minion
    Round 04: Lv21 Dragon
              Lv22 Mutant Slime
    Round 05: Lv23 Demon Plant
              Lv25 Floater
              Lv25 Ghoul
    Another easy match
    Entry Fee: 6000 Mil
    Requirement: Clear Silver Match
    Reward: Ambrosia, 9000 Mil, Unlocks Platinum Match
    Round 01: Lv26 Spectre
              Lv27 Werepanther
    Round 02: Lv28 Evil Mage
              Lv29 Lizard Lord
    Round 03: Lv30 Giant
              Lv31 Poisoner
    Round 04: Lv32 Skull Knight
              Lv33 Dusk Drake
    Round 05: Lv34 Dread Magus
              Lv36 Gargoyle
              Lv37 Ruin Guard
    Yet another easy match
    Entry Fee: 10000 Mil
    Requirement: Clear Gold Match
    Reward: Mortal Blow, 15000 Mil
    Round 01: Lv38 Lesser Demon
              Lv38 Toxifier
    Round 02: Lv39 Bronze Golem
              Lv39 Elder Mech
    Round 03: Lv41 Troll
              Lv43 Iron Golem
    Round 04: Lv42 Demon
              Lv46 Lich
    Round 05: Lv47 Greater Demon
              Lv54 Arch Demon
              Lv55 Titan
    A normal match, make sure that you’re properly equipped and have support
    magic(Attack Up, Protect, Cycle Up) casted on you.
    Mystery_Origin’s Strategy:
    The lich can be easily defeat with approximately level 3 fire arrow, 
    thought I should mention this for those who like using physical attacks.
    nonamyforme’s Strategy:
    I did platinum match over and over with two attack +25% amulets and 
    berserk knack
    BONUS BATTLE - GOLD SLIME (credit goes to BoxerXC for telling me this)
    Entry Fee: 30000 Mil
    Requirement: Defeat a Gold Slime inside the Secret Dungeon
    Reward: n/a
    Use Knack Skills (Inferno is the best) to kill them fast. Try to kill 
    them all to unlock a secret match.
    Tee Yee Choon's Tip:
    About this game, I found a way quite easy to gain blessing bell and 
    Eclipse mirror. After the bonus battle for gold slime appear, you can 
    steal from them.
    BONUS BATTLE - SOUL (credit goes to BoxerXC for telling me this)
    Entry Fee: 30000 Mil
    Requirement: Defeat a Soul inside the Secret Dungeon
    Reward: n/a
    Use Lv5 Blizzard or Lv5 Flare to kill them fast. Try to kill them all 
    to unlock a secret match.
    Haschen’s Team vs. another team. It consists of two rounds where you
    can heal between rounds.
    Entry Fee: 4000 Mil
    Requirement: n/a
    Reward: Elixir Vitae, Unlocks Hero League
    Round 01: Lv18 Bandit x3
              Lv29 Bandit
              Lv30 Bandit
              Lv32 Bandit
    Round 02: Lv24 PMB Sorceror x2
              Lv24 PMB Archer
              Lv26 PMB Soldier
              Lv30 PMB Officer
    An easy match
    Entry Fee: 8000 Mil
    Requirement: Clear Champion League
    Reward: Elixir Vitae x2, Unlocks Legend League
    Round 01: Lv28 Cyriltian Healer
              Lv28 Cyriltian Sorceror
              Lv28 Cyriltian Archer 
              Lv28 Cyriltian Soldier
              Lv29 Cyriltian Knight
              Lv35 Cyriltian Officer
    Round 02: Lv34 Grangalian Sorceror x2
              Lv34 Grangalian Healer
              Lv34 Grangalian Archer
              Lv34 Grangalian Soldier
              Lv35 Grangalian Knight
              Lv38 Grangalian Officer
    Another easy match
    Entry Fee: 25000 Mil
    Requirement: Clear Hero League
    Reward: Elixir x3 or Blessing Bell (choose one only)
            Unlocks Master League
    Round 01: Lv30 PMB Officer
              Lv41 Villager x2 (Rasche & Aimee)
              Lv42 PMB Commander (Commander Isaac)
    Round 02: Lv24 Former Neylern Soldier (Fernando)
              Lv33 Former Neylern Soldier (Alasdir)
              Lv37 Former Neylern Soldier (Groemer)
              Lv56 Former Neylern General (Gen. Rockbein)
    The Lv56 one is just trying to scare you. Make sure that you kill the 
    other enemies first before you attack him.
    Entry Fee: 40000 Mil
    Requirement: Clear Legend League
    Reward: M2 Amulet (one time only), 1000 Mil (after you’ve gotten the M2) 
            Elixir x5 or Blessing Bells x2 (choose one only)
            Unlocks Exhibition Match
    Round 01: Lv28 Cyriltian Healer
              Lv28 Cyriltian Sorceror
              Lv35 Cyriltian Officer
              Lv55 Cyriltian Captain (Sherris)
    Round 02: Lv47 Grangalian Officer (Bachter)
              Lv54 Grangalian Officer (Rufus)
              Lv57 Grangalian Officer (Gaerik)
              Lv60 Grangalian Lt. General (Lt. General Wolfgainer)
    Make sure that you’re properly equipped and have support magic 
    (Attack Up, Protect, Cycle Up) casted on you.
    Haschen’s Team vs. 3 other teams. You can choose the rewards based on 
    how many enemies you defeated.
    Entry Fee: 13000 Mil
    Requirement: Clear Master League
    Spell Scrolls
    - Earth Scroll
    - Ice Scroll
    - Fire Scroll
    - Wind Scroll
    - Soul Scroll
    - Neural Scroll
    - Miracle Scroll
    Knack Scrolls
    - Counterattack Scroll
    - Sword Scroll
    - Thievery Scroll
    - Mage’s Scroll
    - Berserker Scroll
    Skill Scrolls
    - Vigor Scroll
    - Mental Scroll
    - Mobility Scroll
    - Vision Scroll
    - Reflex Scroll
    - Invoke Scroll
    - Magic Scroll
    - Body Tune Scroll
    - Mind Tune Scroll
    - Life Scroll
    - Shadow Scroll
    - Healing Scroll
    - Meditation Scroll
    Northwest Corner: Lv38 Grangalian Officer
                      Lv54 Grangalian Officer (Rufus)
                      Lv57 Grangalian Officer (Gaerik)
                      Lv60 Grangalian Lt. General (Lt. General Wolfgainer)
    Southwest Corner: Lv30 PMB Officer x2
                      Lv41 Villager (Aimee)
                      Lv42 PMB Commander (Commander Isaac)
    Southeast Corner: Lv28 Cyriltian Sorceror
                      Lv35 Cyriltian Officer x2
                      Lv55 Cyriltian Officer (Sherris)
    Try to get a 12 out of 12 kills to unlock a secret match.
    Mystery_Origin’s Tips:
    Normally you can not steal from coliseum match enemies, however there 
    seems to be one exception. The unnamed members in the exhibition match 
    (like the officers) can be stolen and I received Eclipse mirror from
    one of the officers.
    Entry Fee: 3000 Mil
    Requirement: n/a
    Reward: Life Apple, Wisdom Apple, Gale Apple (You can choose the 
            rewards based on how many enemies you killed)
    Cast Lv1 Blizzard or Flare to kill them fast. Try to kill them all 
    to unlock a secret match.
    You need to kill the screapers by yourself without using your Ultrasonic
    Entry Fee: 1000 Mil
    Requirement: n/a
    Reward: Dandy Book, Pawn Slayer Title, Unlocks Rook Class
    An easy match
    Entry Fee: 3000 Mil
    Requirement: Clear Pawn Class
    Reward: Lesson Coupon, Rook Slayer Title, Unlocks Knight Class
    Another easy match
    Entry Fee: 7500 Mil
    Requirement: Clear Rook Class
    Reward: Rana Fruit, Knight Slayer Title, Unlocks Bishop Class
    A normal match, make sure to bring some healing items
    Entry Fee: 10000 Mil
    Requirement: Clear Knight Class
    Reward: Bishop Slayer Title, M2 Amulet(Unlimited)
    This is where you need to start to get serious. Make sure that you are 
    properly equipped here, and bring a lot of healing items. You also need 
    to cast support magic especially Cycle Up. In addition, make sure that 
    you have some decent knacks like Fierce Strike, Impede etc. Furthermore 
    make sure that you have support abilities like HP Regeneration, HP 
    Drain, Hit Ratio Up and Critical Rate Up.
    When the battle starts, use up all your knacks. After you used all of 
    them, switch on attack mode. Make sure that you still have your support 
    magic, and recast them again after they disappeared. Sometimes the 
    Bishop Screaper will cast Sonic Wave, make sure to stay away from it 
    and use that time to heal or recast your support magic. Do this routine 
    until you defeat it.
    Mystery_Origin’s Strategy:
    I find attack up far more important than cycle up, also delay down (the 
    skill that reduces the amount of delay caused from an enemy attack) is 
    also very helpful as oppose to hp drain since you probably can't deal 
    more than 50 anyways even with fierce strike. Without adequate damage, 
    the bishop screaper will heal 12 hp every once in a while, making the 
    battle extremely difficult.
    nonamyforme’s Strategy:
    next for bishop same equipment and stats (need berserk knack lvl 9 and 
    free knack level 9 for best results)
    cast attack up protect up cycle up all level 9 before entering match 
    used fierce strike over and over until I ran out which is normally after 
    10 or so after your out of fierce strikes knack berserk and swing away 
    he should be dead long before your buffs run out, rinse repeat can 
    replace attack amulets with M2 amulets as you get them
    JoshuaBright’s Tips:
    You can sort of negate the 12 hp regen by having level 9 thorn aura, 
    from Krious' ultimate armor. It does about 9 dmg at the same rate as the 
    12 hp heal. 
    If you cleared every match in the colosseum (even the secret and bonus 
    battles) and killed every enemies, then you will become the champion of 
    the Colosseum. You will receive two accessory items <Audrelir> and 
    JAGD CLASS (Secret Match)
    Entry Fee: None
    Requirement: Become the champion of every event (including the secret 
                 and bonus battles) the colosseum has to offer.
    Reward: Swimsuit, Jagd Slayer Title
    Before you even attempt to do this, I suggest that you have your 
    ultimate weapon and ultimate armor with you. The same strategy that you
    used to beat the Bishop can be applied here.
    -----------------------------[SECRET DUNGEON]---------------------------
    To unlock this dungeon, you need to help the Dungeon Lady first to find 
    the perfect well. You can start this quest after you completed 
    Mission 33. You’ll need to speak with her and her sister at various 
    1. PMB Headquarters
    2. Zerdok
    3. Jaergen Village
    4. Rio Rey
    5. Felmentia
    6. PMB Headquarters (the well inside the gate and become accessible 
       after you completed Mission 38).
    7. Rio Rey
    8. Warslee Village
    9. Toadhenge
    10. Warslee Village
    11. Warslee Village again
    Speak with the Dungeon Girl to get an access to the secret dungeon. Make 
    sure that you bring a lot of healing and revival items before you
    attempt to go in because you can’t save your game. This dungeon has 11 
    floors, but each floor has the same structure. The only difference is 
    that the entrance, exit, and chests are rearrange randomly. The first 
    10 floors have enemies, and each enemy’s level will increase by 1 every 
    time you go down two floors.
    Lv60 - Lv64 Demon Lord
    Lv61 - Lv65 Mythril Golem
    Lv59 - Lv63 Samael
    Lv64 - Lv68 Soul (rare)
    Lv64 - Lv68 Gold Slime (rare)
    Mythril Golems can be killed by magic while the Demon Lords and Samaels 
    can be killed by physical attacks. Please note that when you see a soul 
    and a gold slime, make sure that you kill them to unlock two matches in 
    the Colosseum. To kill a Soul, you need to use magic on it (Wind Edge is
    one of them). To kill a Gold Slime, use knack skills (Inferno will kill 
    it in an instant if you have it).
    Once you reached 11th floor, you’ll be rewarded with seven chests. Six 
    chests contain random items while the seventh chest contains an 
    accessory item <Ivaldi>. The dungeon lady will also appear and you can 
    buy some rare items from her. 
    Elixir Vitae...... 14000 Mil                     
    Sleipnir’s Blood.. 4500 Mil
    Lucky Symbol...... 3250 Mil
    Alsiov’s Bell..... 8500 Mil
    Life Apple........ 1050 Mil
    Wisdom Apple...... 1050 Mil
    Gale Apple........ 1050 Mil
    Dandy Book........ 1300 Mil
    Blessing Bell..... 35000 Mil
    Secret Book....... 1000 Mil
    Book of Ramadus... 2500 Mil
    Transfer Charm.... 1000 Mil
    ----------------------[FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS]----------------------
    Q. Hey your guide sucks.
    A. Well, this is my first time making one so I expect to get this 
       kind of feedbacks.
    Q. Hey, you made a mistake on the prices for each rare item. They're
       supposed to be cheaper.
    A. Nope, not really. The reason why your prices are cheaper is because
       you have Korin's Bargaining ability leveled. It gives you discount
       in every shop including the Dungeon Lady. 
    Q. How do I know that I became the champion of the Colosseum?
    A. You will receive two accessory items <Audrelir> and <Ivaldi> from 
       the MC (announcer).
    Q. Is there any other benefits doing the Secret Dungeon?
    A. Well, nonamyforme can answer that for you.
       nonamyforme's Strategy:
       well after 3 hours of boredom Ive gotten 999999 cash and 999 in all 
       major stats on 4 characters by following this strat(even with a 
       wooden lance my main still has 999 atk just to brag a little :)
       yea I know this is overkill leveling this much,
       First you need to unlock the optional dungeon (secret dungeon) 
       obviously second you need to equip 2x drop up on all characters 
       thirdly teach every one thievery level 9
       now pick two floors I prefer floor 9 and 10 and simply go up and down 
       the stairs over and over on those two floors every time the floor 
       changes even if back and forth every thing respawns and you get a 
       chance of getting a golden slime after you have gotten 9 of every 
       thing in the loot table they will only drop blessing bells and money,
       also it helps if you buy 9 lucky charms and use them on them as well.
       remember to steal every time you see one. you should get two or 3 
       blessing bells every kill after you cleared the rest of there loot 
       table with a maximum of 5 per kill. hope that helps any one else 
       trying to max out with blessing bells
    Q. Hey can I contribute something in your Guide?
    A. Yes you can as long as it hasn’t been mentioned yet in my Guide.
    This guide is copyrighted by me so do not distribute, reproduce, sell,
    copy, or post this FAQ without my permission. This guide is protected by 
    the International Copyright Law so disobeying this rule means absolute 
    This guide has been approved to be posted on the following sites:
    GameFAQs, http://www.gamefaqs.com
    Neoseeker, http://www.neoseeker.com
    Super Cheats, http://www.supercheats.com
    GAMEFAQs for hosting my guide
    Atlus and Team Career for making such a wonderful game
    Ethel for her marvelous FAQ
    All the guys who contributed a lot in my guide like Mystery_Origin,
    BoxerSC, nonamyforme, JoshuaBright, Tee Yee Choon, and KFCrispy

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