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    FAQ by Bertimus Ra

    Version: 0.8 | Updated: 10/18/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       :##R    +##R                          ,########X
      I#    ##  V#########  I####VW############       ###########Y###WB####B###M(R)
      #V     R#B     Mi  ##X#   R#   . I  ##  = ####  '      Y  ##  I#B    ## Y##
      ##      #  ### I  B### ;#  #    #      #  ####:   ###I W  V      Y .    ###
      ,##V    I     X,  ##       ##  ;:  #M  ,   ''  i   ':  #   MM   #  ##  X##
       t#B   # B#####X     ####;  ,t### M## M;=,.,+t###t+=+####;###Ri##t=###;###
     ##   =######MBV###########################################################
      B##I'                                   R i d e s   G o n e   W i l d
    Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild
    For PlayStation2
    FAQ / Walkthrough
    written by Bertimus Ra
    Contact at: bertimus_ra@hotmail.com
    08/05/03: Version 0.0  - Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild is released (day I bought
    08/09/03: Version 0.01 - I decide to write a FAQ
    08/11/03: Version 0.5  - This FAQ is released
    08/12/03: Version 0.6  - Added all of the warehouse unlockables
    08/15/03: Version 0.65 - Added Dino Dominion Shortcut
                           - Added general course tips
    08/24/03: Version 0.66 - 100% Unlocked
    10/18/03: Version 0.8  - Added Blackwater Castle shortcuts
                           - Added all stunts
                ( o o )
    |      Table of Contents      |
    1.0) Introduction
    2.0) Controls
    3.0) Characters
    4.0) Course Listings
    4.1) World Courses
    4.2) Stadium Courses
    4.3) Freestyle Courses
    4.4) Time Trial Courses
    4.5) Technical Time Trial
    5.0) Trick Listings
    5.1) Tier Stunts
    5.2) Vehicle Based Stunts
    6.0) Courses
    6.1) General Course Tips
    6.2) Course Walkthroughs
    7.0) Unlockables
    8.0) Other
    9.0) Credits & Thank You's
    10.0) Contact
    11.0) Copyright
       1.0 Introduction
    Right now I'm a little more than half way done with this walkthrough (I think).
    I kind of did things as I felt like doing them, so there are only four world
    courses, and no trick listings yet, etc.
    This is just a start.  I will update more as soon as I can.
    I use the term "manditory jumps" a lot in the walkthroughs.  These are jumps
    you cannot go around.  They are good markers for pointing things out.
       2.0 Controls
    The list of controls and control options.
    (does not include stunt controls, see section 5.0 of this FAQ)
    Basic Unchangable Controls
    Left Analog Stick/D-Pad (Left/Right)     -Steer/Lean
    Left Analog Stick/D-Pad (Down)           -Hydroplane (Simulation control mode)
    Left Analog Stick/D-Pad (Up)             -Submarine
    Select                                   -Reset to Track
    Start                                    -Pause
    Basic Changable Controls (Can be changed in Options menu)
    -Preset A (Default)
    X                   -Throttle
    Square              -Look Back
    Triangle            -Camera Presets
    L1                  -Stunt 1
    R1                  -Stunt 2
    L2                  -Vehicle Stunts
    R2                  -Stunt 3
    -Preset B
    X                   -Throttle
    Square              -Stunt 3
    Triangle            -Stunt 2
    Circle              -Stunt 1
    R1                  -Vehicle Stunts
    L2                  -Look Back
    R2                  -Camera Presets
    -Preset C
    X                   -Stunt 3
    Square              -Stunt 2
    Triangle            -Stunt 1
    L1                  -Look Back
    R1                  -Camera Presets
    L2                  -Vehicle Stunts
    R2                  -Throttle
    -Preset D
    X                   -Throttle
    Square              -Vehicle Stunts
    Triangle            -Camera Presets
    Circle              -Look Back
    L1                  -Stunt 1
    R1                  -Stunt 2
    R2                  -Stunt 3
       3.0 Characters
    The list of the characters their stats, wetsuits and Sea-Doo's
    -Andy Pierce
    Acceleration: ***
    Speed:        ****
    Handling:     ***
    Stability:    ***
    Heat Wave (Unlocked)
    Boiling Point
    Official Sea-Doo
    Ninth Circle
    Riot Act
    Heat Wave AQ (Unlocked)
    Boiling Point AQ
    Nemesis AQ
    -Haily Hollister
    Acceleration: ***
    Speed:        ***
    Handling:     ****
    Stability:    ***
    Sugar Snap (Unlocked)
    Official Sea-Doo
    Blond Ambition
    Sugar Snap AQ (Unlocked)
    Cakewalk AQ
    Nemesis AQ
    -Jonah Barrett
    Acceleration: **
    Speed:        *****
    Handling:     ***
    Stability:    ***
    Spirit in Black (Unlocked)
    Silent Scream
    Official Sea-Doo
    Black Magic
    Spirit in Black XRX (Unlocked)
    Silent Scream XRX
    Nemesis XRX
    -Kyoko Takahashi
    Acceleration: *****
    Speed:        ***
    Handling:     ***
    Stability:    **
    Power Surge (Unlocked)
    Official Sea-Doo
    Power Surge TRX (Unlocked)
    Iceblink TRX
    Nemesis TRX
    Acceleration: *****
    Speed:        ***
    Handling:     ****
    Stability:    *
    Good Show (Unlocked when Sha-Blamm!! is purchased)
    Big Star
    Official Sea-Doo
    Hero Complex
    Shout Out
    Good Show TRX (Unlocked when Sha-Blamm!! is purchased)
    Big Star TRX
    Nemesis TRX
    -Coral Suarez
    Acceleration: ****
    Speed:        ***
    Handling:     ****
    Stability:    **
    Sizzizzle (Unlocked when Coral is purchased)
    Sista Shimma
    Official Sea-Doo
    Eye Candy
    Sizzizzle VT (Unlocked when Coral is purchased)
    Sista Shimma VT
    Nemesis VT
    -Amman Ra
    Acceleration: ****
    Speed:        ***
    Handling:     *****
    Stability:    *
    Supremacy (Unlocked when Amman Ra is purchased)
    Official Sea-Doo
    Splendid Yes
    Supremacy VT (Unlocked when Amman Ra is purchased)
    Indomitable VT
    Nemesis VT
    -"Wrong Way" McNabb
    Acceleration: ****
    Speed:        *****
    Handling:     ***
    Stability:    *
    Cry Havoc (Unlocked when Wrong Way is purchased)
    Official Sea-Doo
    Hot Cross Buns
    Scot Free
    Cry Havoc XRX (Unlocked when Wrong Way is purchased)
    Crossfire XRX
    Nemesis XRX
    -Sneaky Pete
    Acceleration: ****
    Speed:        ****
    Handling:     *****
    Stability:    ***
    Dirty Overalls (Unlocked when Sneaky Pete is purchased)
    GXR (Unlocked when Sneaky Pete is purchased)
    -Zug Zug
    Acceleration: ****
    Speed:        *****
    Handling:     ****
    Stability:    ***
    Dead Animal (Unlocked when Zug Zug is purchased)
    BC (Unlocked when Zug Zug is purchased)
    Acceleration: *****
    Speed:        *****
    Handling:     ****
    Stability:    **
    Bury Ugly (Unlocked when Rotney is purchased)
    DK (Unlocked when Rotney is purchased)
    -Michael Hawke
    Acceleration: *****
    Speed:        *****
    Handling:     *****
    Stability:    *
    The Tuxedo (Unlocked when Agent Michael Hawke is purchased)
    MI7 (Unlocked when Agent Michael Hawke is purchased)
       4.0 Course Listings
    -World Courses
    Bermuda Blast (Unlocked)
    Dino Dominion (Unlocked)
    Polar Plunge
    Cannonball Cove
    Downtown Downpour
    Blackwater Castle
    Goldrush Rapids
    Venetian Extreme
    -Stadium Courses
    Stormfront (Unlocked)
    Javelin (Unlocked)
    Depth Charge
    -Freestyle Courses
    Doublecrossed (Unlocked)
    Vertigo (Unlocked)
    -Time Trial Courses
    Same as stadium courses
    -Technical Time Trial Courses
    Seaside Run (Unlocked)
    Arctic Run (Unlocked)
    Cliffside Run
    Harbor Run
    Arctic Loop
    Seaside Loop
    Cliffside Loop
    Harbor Loop
    Cliffside Dash
    Arctic Dash
    Harbor Dash
    Seaside Dash
    Harbor Circuit
    Arctic Circuit
    Seaside Circuit
    Cliffside Circuit
    Seaside Challenge
    Cliffside Challenge
    Harbor Challenge
    Arctic Challenge
    -Practice Courses
    Same as world and stadium courses
       5.0 Trick Listings
    These are based on the default controls.
    -Tier Stuntss
    The stunts are broken down into 3 different tiers.  Your performance meter goes
    up based on the tier stunt you do.  You can not do a tier 2 stunt without doing
    a tier 1 stunt, and along the same lines, you cannot do a tier 3 stunt without
    doing a tier 1 stunt and tier 2 stunt.
    I will list the stunt combos for all the tiers together.  So you will be able
    to do any tier stunt you want, you just stop inputing the directions in when
    you want.
    The numbers will be the corresponding tier, and then there is the name of the
    stunt and the corresponding code.  To complete the tier 3 stunt you do the tier
    1, then tier 2 and finally tier 3 code.  (Ex. to perform the Shaolin to
    Tumbleweed to Whirlybird stunt you press and hold L1 and then press U,L,R,L,L)
    -L1 Stunts
    (1) Shaolin         (2) Tumbleweed      (3) Whirlybird
        L1+U                +L,R                +L,L
                                            (3) Twist Ending
        L1+U                +L,R                +U,D
                        (2) Figurehead      (3) Ferris Wheel
        L1+U                +D,U                +R,D
                                            (3) Metronome
        L1+U                +D,U                +L,R
                        (2) Get Bent        (3) Twist Ending
        L1+U                +D,D                +U,D
                                            (3) Catapult
        L1+U                +D,D                +R,U
    (1) Hart Attack     (2) Rear Handstand  (3) Wingman
        L1+D                +U,D                +R,L
                                            (3) Catapult
        L1+D                +U,D                +R,U
                        (2) Indian Air      (3) Wingman
        L1+D                +D,D                +R,L
                                            (3) Catapult
        L1+D                +D,D                +R,U
                        (2) Tweak Air       (3) Ferris Wheel
        L1+D                +L,U                +R,D
                                            (3) Whirlybird
        L1+D                +L,U                +L,L
    (1) Disco Can       (2) Running Man     (3) Ferris Wheel
        L1+R                +D,U                +R,D
                                            (3) Wingman
        L1+R                +D,U                +R,L
                        (2) Pendulum        (3) Metronome
        L1+R                +L,R                +L,R
                                            (3) Twist Ending
        L1+R                +L,R                +U,D
                        (2) Mac Nac         (3) Twist Ending
        L1+R                +U,L                +U,D
                                            (3) Catapult
        L1+R                +U,L                +R,U
    (1) Nac Nac         (2) Handstand       (3) Metronome
        L1+L                +U,U                +L,R
                                            (3) Whirlybird
        L1+L                +U,U                +L,L
                        (2) Lightning Rod   (3) Whirlybird
        L1+L                +D,U                +L,L
                                            (3) Metronome
        L1+L                +D,U                +L,R
                        (2) Body Variable   (3) Wingman
        L1+L                +R,R                +R,L
                                            (3) Ferris Wheel
        L1+L                +R,R                +R,D
    -R1 Stunts
    (1) Cordova         (2) Switchblade     (3) Holy Roller
        R1+U                +L,D                +R,R
                                            (3) Corkscrew
        R1+U                +L,D                +R,U
                        (2) Slingshot       (3) Buttspin
        R1+U                +R,D                +L,L
                                            (3) Invertminxair
        R1+U                +R,D                +R,U
                        (2) KingoftheWorld  (3) Invertminxair
        R1+U                +D,U                +R,U
                                            (3) Parasitex
        R1+U                +D,U                +L,R
    (1) Lazy Boy        (2) Nutcracker      (3) Corkscrew
        R1+D                +R,U                +L,U
                                            (3) Roundhouse
        R1+D                +R,U                +D,D
                        (2) Tabletop        (3) Roundhouse
        R1+D                +L,U                +D,D
                                            (3) Holy Roller
        R1+D                +L,U                +R,R
                        (2) Seatgrab        (3) Holy Roller
        R1+D                +U,D                +R,R
                                            (3) Parasitex
        R1+D                +U,D                +L,R
    (1) Heel Clicker    (2) Coffin          (3) Corkscrew
        R1+R                +D,D                +L,U
                                            (3) Invertminxair
        R1+R                +D,D                +R,U
                        (2) Mcmetz          (3) Roundhouse
        R1+R                +D,U                +D,D
                                            (3) Buttspin
        R1+R                +D,U                +L,L
                        (2) Jackknife       (3) Parasitex
        R1+R                +U,D                +L,R
                                            (3) Buttspin
        R1+R                +U,D                +L,L
    (1) Rollover        (2) Stalefish       (3) Invertminxair
        R1+L                +L,R                +R,U
                                            (3) Roundhouse
        R1+L                +L,R                +D,D
                        (2) Scorpion        (3) Parasitex
        R1+L                +D,U                +L,R
                                            (3) Buttspin
        R1+L                +D,U                +L,L
                        (2) Nothing         (3) Holy Roller
        R1+L                +U,D                +R,R
                                            (3) Corkscrew
        R1+L                +U,D                +L,U
    -R2 Stunts
    (1) Seat Surf       (2) Cliffhanger     (3) Backflip
        R2+U                +L,L                +D,D
                                            (3) Back Handspring
        R2+U                +L,L                +U,U
                        (2) Handplant       (3) Mousetrap
        R2+U                +D,R                +U,D
                                            (3) Pommel Horse
        R2+U                +D,R                +L,L
                        (2) Hit It          (3) Backflip
        R2+U                +U,U                +D,D
                                            (3) Right-winger
        R2+U                +U,U                +R,R
    (1) Superman        (2) Kiss of Death   (3) Back Handspring
        R2+D                +U,D                +U,U
                                            (3) Pommel Horse
        R2+D                +U,D                +L,L
                        (2) Holy Man        (3) Backflip
        R2+D                +R,R                +D,D
                                            (3) Migrane
        R2+D                +R,R                +L,R
                        (2) Sirocco         (3) Pommel Horse
        R2+D                +L,R                +L,L
                                            (3) Mousetrap
        R2+D                +L,R                +U,D
    (1) Bar Hop         (2) Bridge          (3) Mousetrap
        R2+L                +D,D                +U,D
                                            (3) Migrane
        R2+L                +D,D                +L,R
                        (2) Crane           (3) Back Handspring
        R2+L                +R,L                +U,U
                                            (3) Backflip
        R2+L                +R,L                +D,D
                        (2) Back Somersault (3) Right-winger
        R2+L                +U,D                +R,R
                                            (3) Migrane
        R2+L                +U,D                +L,R
    (1) Ironman         (2) Shin Grab       (3) Mousetrap
        R2+R                +D,L                +U,D
                                            (3) Right-winger
        R2+R                +D,L                +R,R
                        (2) Airwalk         (3) Pommel Horse
        R2+R                +L,R                +L,L
                                            (3) Migrane
        R2+R                +L,R                +L,R
                        (2) Barkneel        (3) Back Handspring
        R2+R                +U,L                +U,U
                                            (3) Right-winger
        R2+R                +U,L                +R,R
    -Vehicle Based Stunts
    These stunts need to be done when you are ON the ramp of a jump.  You will hold
    down the L2 button and then the combo.  You can then do tier stunts as soon as
    you hit the air.  This take practice, but is sweet if you can do a tier 3 after
    a vehicle based stunt.  Vehicle based stunts will increase your performance
    meter no matter it's current state.
    -Barrel Roll
     L2+L,R or L2+R,L
     L2+D,U or L2+U,D
    -Flat Spin
     L2+U,L or L2+U,R
       6.0 Courses
    -General Course Tips
    Learn how to use simulation mode effectively.  You can get more speed on
    straight aways in simulation mode.  Just pull back on the left analog stick to
    hydroplane.  The arcade mode does not always have you hydroplane.
    Skip non-manditory jumps.  Just drive around them and use hydroplane as you
    drive around them.  A lot of speed is lost in the jumps.  Do not worry about
    not having a fuller performance meter, use the manditory jumps to fill that up
    with an easy tier 3 stunt.
    Know where the shortcuts are and use them all on the last lap.  Waiting until
    the last lap keep the AI from using them.  Some shortcuts though AI will never
    Steer clear of AI whenever possible.  They will usually bump you off course
    more than you will bump them.  In the air they will disrupt your stunt if they
    bump you.  Sometimes you can cut them off into a wall and get a good lead on
    Use the "lines" to your advantage.  This is what racing is all about.  Start a
    turn wide, cut it short in the middle and exit wide again.  This cuts down on
    the speed that you use while making a turn.  Let me know if this does not make
    sense, because it is hard to explain.
    -Course Walkthroughs
    World Courses
    -Bermuda Blast (Note and 2 Shortcuts)
    There are two different parts to this course, the "Sunny Bermuda" part
    and the "Bermuda Triangle" part.  The "Sunny Bermuda" part does not count
    towards completing the race.  In other words, the "Sunny Bermuda" lap does not
    count as a lap (that sounded confusing, but it will make sense when you race
    the course).
    Shortcut #1)
    When you about to finish the "Sunny Bermuda" lap the course switches over to
    the "Bermuda Triangle" part.  The world changes so that it is raining and dark.
    The first shortcut is soon after it switches from "Sunny Bermuda" to the
    "Bermuda Triangle."  You will pass through the finish line gate, and then a
    left buoy and a right buoy.  You will see two left directional markers pointing
    toward a jump, go to the right of the first of these markers and you will see a
    crashed plane.  Where the plane dips down into the water is where the shortcut
    is.  You don't have to bunny hop to get over it but it helps.  You want to kind
    of head left as you get over the plane.  There will be right directional
    markers showing you where to go from there.  You will reappear on the main part
    of the course right before the manditory jump (meaning you cannot get around
    it).  If you hit the jump lined up with the arrow on the jump you will be set
    to hit the next shortcut.  This shortcut is good for all three laps.
    This shortcut is right after shortcut #1.  There will be a bunch of left
    directional markers in front of you.  The shortcut is to the left of the first
    two (as you come up to them).  It is a gated part of a plane that you go
    through, you can go through the gate with no problems.  Try to hit the bump to
    go through the gate heading a little bit to the left to maximize the shortcuts
    effectiveness.  This shortcut is good for all three laps.
    -Dino Dominion (3 Shortcuts)
    Shortcut #1)
    The first shortcut is very early in the race.  It's in the first area after you
    enter through the Dino Dominion sign.  The first thing you see is the right
    buoy, two left directional markers and then a waterfall.  The course turns to
    the right (two right directional markers).  Then right before you pass the next
    right directional marker and the crashed car with it, the shortcut is off to
    the right.  You will see the water after a small patch of dirt.  Just follow
    the water until another patch of dirt which lines you up with the manditory
    jump to the area with the Brontosaurus and such.
    (Thanks WizardKittjoon)
    Shortcut #2)
    The second shortcut is right before you enter the domed building.  You go to
    the right just before the dropoff to enter the domed building.  There is a
    bridge with a sewer grate, you drive right through the sewer grate and it falls
    into the water.  There is a nice straightaway here instead of the slalom of
    directional buoys in the domed building.  You make a turn to the left and the
    door opens and a jump appears.  You need to hit the jump pretty straight and
    with good speed to make it clean.  I feel to maximize the effectiveness of this
    shortcut, if you want to beat the AI, only use it on the third lap.  If you do
    it on the earlier laps, then the AI use it after you initially go through the
    sewer grate.  Use it all three laps if you are looking to improve you lap time.
    Shortcut #3)
    The other "shortcut" is result of a course change.  On the third lap right at
    the end of the area with the Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus and Triceritops, there
    is a big explosion and the wall falls apart giving a new opening.  You cannot
    take the jump that you used in the first two laps.  This shortcut leads you
    "behind the scenes" of the Velociraptors.
    -Polar Plunge (1 Shortcut and Note)
    Shortcut #1)
    The best way to describe this shortcut is that you need to start paying
    attention when you see the large wooden dinosaur/dragon ship on your upper
    left.  Then you will go up three manditory jumps.  Next you will pass a left
    and a right buoy and see part of the wood ship right in front of you and you
    make a left going with the course.  There is a long runway for the jump coming
    up, to get the shortcut you need to exit off the jump heading toward 2 o'clock.
    This will send you through the waterfall and then you are on the shortcut.
    Just follow this upper path.  There will be two ice bumps and then you have a
    runway for another jump which leads you to an ice slide (different from the ice
    slide you go on if you do not take the shortcut).  This shortcut is huge when
    it comes to cutting down your lap times.  I got a half of a lap ahead of the
    AI taking the shortcut all three laps.
    The other thing I want to mention is the jumps after the ice slide change every
    lap, and you can set yourself up for them if you just remember that the first
    lap's jump is in the middle, the second's is on the right and the third's is on
    the left.
    -Cannonball Cove (6 shortcuts, but only 5 can be used on a lap)
    Shortcut #1)
    After the first two jumps (the second is not manditory) there are a bunch of
    scenic waterfalls.  After you make the left turn you have a choice between a
    jump or a bunch of left and right buoys.  The jump is the first shortcut.  Some
    people will not consider this a shortcut because it is marked and clearly
    visable, but it is an option for you to take.
    Shortcut #2)
    After that there is a fort ahead.  Bunny hop through the gate for the second
    shortcut (Try to head a little right to set up the rest of this shortcut).
    AI will use this shortcut after you initally break down the gate.
    Shortcut #3)
    If you do not use shortcut #2 the course goes off to the right.  There is a
    right buoy and a left turn.  The shortcut is before the buoy.  You just
    go left over the sand after the palm leaves and before the rocks.
    Shortcut #4)
    As soon as you enter the skull cave before the left turn there is a
    discolored section of the rock wall.  Blast through it and you will be in the
    shortcut.  This shortcut causes a course change.  There will be a jump that
    appears that takes you up a level and then you will drop back down onto the
    main part of the course.
    Shortcut #5)
    The next shortcut is soon after shortcut #4.
    If you take the jump from the course change caused by shortcut #4, when you
    drop back down the course head to the left and then you will see the
    left buoy.  Make a hard right (90 degrees) around that buoy for the next
    shortcut, which is a short straight away with a jump.
    If you do not take the jump and turn right instead, then you will pass
    through a waterfall.  The course turns to the right, then left and then you
    will see a left buoy.  Make a hard right (90 degrees) around that buoy for the
    next shortcut, which is a short straight away with a jump.
    Shortcut #6)
    The final shortcut does not happen until the third lap.  It is right before
    the place where shortcut #4 takes place.  It is very hard to miss because
    instead of continuing to turn left you go straight instead into the "treasure
    area".  If you go into the "treasure area" you will bypass shortcut #5.
    -Downtown Downpour (2 Shortcuts)
    Shortcut #1)
    At the beginning of the course there will be a right buoy and the course goes
    to the left.  You will go over a manditory jump and there you can go left or
    right.  Go the left way, where the directional marker is pointing.  You will
    see sand bags ahead of you.  You need to submarine and then jump over those
    bags.  The best way to do it is so that the time you are fully underwater is
    when you are right next to the directional marker.  Then, just before the
    fire hydrant pouring out water is a left turn.  You go down the alley and
    make a right between the directional markers.  You go down and make sure you
    head left right away so you do not accidentally go right of the left buoy.
    Shortcut #2)
    Right after shortcut #1 you will see a fallen tree blocking a path.  Submarine
    under it and follow the path.  Make sure you hit the gazebo going straight.
    You can then go over or around (to the right of) the jump.  This is the only
    shortcut in this course that AI seems to use.
    Shortcut #3)
    Soon after shortcut #2 you will go over a striped manditory jump (at least for
    the first 2 laps).  You go straight and see a house in front of you.  The
    course splits around the house, but the shortcut is submarining and hopping
    over the white picket fence.  You break through the window at the left of the
    house and follow the tv's directional marker out of the house.
    -Blackwater Castle (3 Shortcuts)
    Shortcut #1)
    After the first manditory jump there is a left buoy and the course turns right.
    Next there is a right buoy and the course turns left.  If you make that left
    turn 90 degrees instead of following the course's hairpin turn, there is a
    building with a set of doors in front of you.  Go through the doors and hit the
    Shortcut #2)
    There is a rapids-like section where you weave around rocks.  After that you
    drop down a mini water fall and go through a set of arches.  There's a left
    buoy and the course turns right (you should enter this turn wide and exit very
    close to the left buoy) and a right buoy.  Then you see a manditory jump.  The
    shortcut is right after the jump but you have to use the jump to get to the
    shortcut.  If you line yourself up with the left arrow and then just as you hit
    the jump turn right so you are pointing toward the tip of the right arrow.  You
    should be lined up to bust through the wall into a treasure room.  As you head
    out of the treasure room and meet up with the course, there is a left buoy as
    the course turns right, make sure not to miss it.
    Shortcut #3)
    After you fall down a waterfall and go under the bridge right after you are
    getting close to the next shortcut.  There is a manditory jump ("stairs") and
    then you enter the castle area after a right turn.  Follow the "hallways" for a
    bit, and then there is another manditory jump ("cathedral").  As you land from
    this jump the shortcut is on your right.  It is pretty easy to see.  AI will
    use this once you do, so I would suggest using it on lap 3.
       7.0 Unlockables
    The points needed to unlock the items is next to the item.  If an item has a
    "n/a" next to it, it is unlocked when you first play the game.
    The only way to unlock characters, their wetsuits and watercrafts is by
    purchasing them in the Warehouse menu.
    Andy Pierce         n/a
     Boiling Point      5000
     Official Sea-Doo   5000
     Ninth Circle       7500
     Riot Act           7500
     Nemesis            10000
     Boiling Point AQ   5000
     Nemesis AQ         10000
    Haily Hollister     n/a
     Cakewalk           5000
     Official Sea-Doo   5000
     Lickety-Split      7500
     Blond Ambition     7500
     Nemesis            10000
     Cakewalk AQ        5000
     Nemesis AQ         10000
    Jonah Barrett       n/a
     Silent Scream      5000
     Official Sea-Doo   5000
     Black Magic        7500
     Postmortem         7500
     Nemesis            10000
     Silent Scream XRX  5000
     Nemesis XRX        10000
    Kyoko Takahashi     n/a
     Iceblink           5000
     Official Sea-Doo   5000
     Eclipse            7500
     Ultraviolet        7500
     Nemesis            10000
     Iceblink TRX       5000
     Nemesis TRX        10000
    Sha-Blamm!!         20000
     Big Star           5000
     Official Sea-Doo   5000
     Hero Complex       7500
     Shout Out          7500
     Nemesis            10000
     Big Star TRX       5000
     Nemesis TRX        10000
    Coral Suarez        20000
     Sista Shimma       5000
     Official Sea-Doo   5000
     Honeyrider         7500
     Eye Candy          7500
     Nemesis            10000
     Sista Shimma VT    5000
     Nemesis VT         10000
    Amman Ra            20000
     Indomitable        5000
     Official Sea-Doo   5000
     Radiance           7500
     Splendid Yes       7500
     Nemesis            10000
     Indomitable VT     5000
     Nemesis VT         10000
    Wrong Way McNabb    20000
     Crossfire          5000
     Official Sea-Doo   5000
     Hot Cross Buns     7500
     Scot Free          7500
     Nemesis            10000
     Crossfire XRX      5000
     Nemesis XRX        10000
    -Secret Characters
    Zug Zug             50000
    Sneaky Pete         50000
    Rotney              50000
    Michael Hawke       50000
    -World Courses
    Polar Plunge        30000
    Cannonball Cove     30000
    Downtown Downpour   30000
    Blackwater Castle   30000
    Gold Rush Rapids    30000
    Venetian Extreme    30000
    -Stadium Courses 1
    Riptide             20000
    Blindside           20000
    Shockwave           20000
    Tsunami             20000
    -Stadium Courses 2
    Hydra               20000
    Depth Charge        20000
    Nightstrike         20000
    Razorback           20000
    Kraken              20000
    -Freestyle Courses
    Apex                25000
    Juggernaut          25000
    Medusa              25000
    -Tech Time Courses 1
    Cliffside Run       10000
    Harbor Run          10000
    Arctic Loop         10000
    Seaside Loop        10000
    Cliffside Loop      10000
    Harbor Loop         10000
    Cliffside Dash      10000
    Arctic Dash         10000
    Harbor Dash         10000
    -Tech Time Courses 2
    Seaside Dash        10000
    Harbor Circuit      10000
    Arctic Circuit      10000
    Seaside Circuit     10000
    Cliffside Circuit   10000
    Seaside Challenge   10000
    Cliffside Challenge 10000
    Harbor Challenge    10000
    Arctic Challenge    10000
    -Ending Videos 1
    Each character has his or her own ending movie. These can be seen for each
    character after you complete any Career Mode (at any difficulty) with that
    character.  They are considered unlocked when you complete a Career Mode on
    Pro or All-Star or purchase them in the Warehouse menu.  You can also view
    movies you have gotten in the Options-Movies Menu.
    Andy Pierce         25000
    Haily Hollister     25000
    Jonah Barrett       25000
    Kyoko Takahashi     25000
    Sha-Blamm!!         25000
    Coral Suarez        25000
    Amman Ra            25000
    "Wrong Way" McNabb  25000
    -Ending Videos 2
    Sneaky Pete         35000
    Zug Zug             35000
    Rotney              35000
    Michael Hawke       35000
    All-Out AI is the hardest difficulty level.  You really need to know a course
    well to try it on this level.  The mystery song is Amman Ra's "Ancient King of
    All-Out AI          150000
    Mystery Song        1000
       8.0 Other
       9.0 Credits & Thank You's
    This FAQ was written by Bertimus Ra.
    Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild by THQ and Rainbow Studios
    Sony - for PlayStation2
    ASCII Generator - for helping me create the ASCII art.
    Mom and Dad -  for buying my PlayStation2 for me
    Laura - for putting up with my addiction to video games
    Zach, Phil, C-tine and Stroble - for being sweet friends
    Ben - for playing this game with me while at home
    Kaz - for keeping me sane in the LaserTron world
    GameFAQs board posters:
    WizardKittjoon - for the Dino Dominion shortcut and explanation of All-Out AI
    da king of rock - for general tips idea
    The music in Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild is performed by:
    Boss Martians - AMX
    The Exiles - My Goddess
    Soilwork - Natural Born Chaos
    Audiovent - Gravity
    Audiovent - Energy
    The Donnas - Who Invited You
    Juno Reactor - Hotaka
    Treble Charger - Hundred Million
    Kazzer - Pedal to the Medal
    In Flames - Drifter
    Dave Lowmiller did all of the "theme" music for the world courses.
       10.0 Contact
    Questions? Comments? Did I make a mistake in my FAQ?
    If you need anything about Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild, e-mail Bertimus Ra
    If you have questions about the FAQ or an error I did not catch, e-mail
    Bertimus Ra.
    You can also try to contact me at the GameFAQs message boards.  I go by
    Bertimus Ra.
       11.0 Copyright
    This FAQ is Copyright 2003 B. Ransom.
    This FAQ cannot be presented, stored, or used on any other servers besides
    GameFAQs at www.GameFAQs.com with its affiliates.
    The latest version of this FAQ can and will always be found at GameFAQs.
    Any other copying, reproduction, editing, or changing of this document is
    prohibited without permission. This FAQ is for personal use only.
    Splashdown(r) Rides Gone Wild is a registered trademark of Infogrames.
    Sea-Doo(r) is a registered trademark of Sea-Doo. Ownership by myself is not
    implied. If you have any questions over this, please contact me.

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