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Cameltry Cheats


  • Ball select

    During game select screen hold the start button while selecting the level.

    Contributed By: Cassady99.

Don Doko Don Cheats


  • Reverse Round Password

    In round 1, jump and swing on the top ledge to find a shimmering circle. Keep hitting it until a key appears, then go in the door (kill the mushrooms in your way but don't finish the round). In the hidden room, find another key in the top left corner (but try not to die getting there), and go in the next door to enter the password by breaking the jars.

    heart, spade, diamond, club, diamond, heart, spade, clubGo to round 51

    Contributed By: straytoasters.


  • Hidden Rooms

    There are 5 hidden rounds in Don Doko Don. They are found by swinging at certain spots to reveal a key (this spot will shimmer as you hit it). When you defeat all the enemies in a hidden room, a chest will fall that you can hit to open. Be sure to grab the crystal ball. If you have all 4 crystal balls after beating the last hidden room, you'll learn the password to access the Reverse Rounds. Beating a hidden room also lets you skip several rounds, a fast way to finish the normal game.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Round 1In the middle of the top ledge, jump a bit and swing at the air
    Round 12Swing a bit over the upper right platform
    Round 23The key is on the highest platform
    Round 32Hammer at the middle left of the face. The key won't disappear quickly, if at all, so you don't have to rush for it.
    Round 43Lower right corner of the floor

    Contributed By: straytoasters.

Puchi Carat Cheats


  • Play as Patoraco

    After inserting coin when C-Mond is teaching you how to play press A, A, A, StartPatoraco

    Contributed By: spinel.


  • Choose 3rd costume

    Simply choose your character by pressing ''A'' button and ''Start'' at the same time to get a different outfit.

    Contributed By: spinel.

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