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    FAQ by Eab1990

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    Puchi Carat FAQ
    By Eab1990/EricAB690
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Version History
    3. How to Play
    4. 1-Player Mode (Puzzle)
    5. 1-Player Mode (VS.)
    6. 2-Player Mode
    7. Characters
    8. Copyright & Contact Info
    9. Credits & Closing
    1. Introduction
    Here I am, making a FAQ for another obscure, cute, Japan-only game, this 
    time, for the Arcade game Puchi Carat. Why? Well, my little brother 
    introduced this game to me via MAME emulator, and with its cute characters 
    and puzzle qualities, I got hooked. The controls were difficult, and to some 
    people, completely unplayable (if that is even a word), but using savestates, 
    I spent long hours trying to complete the game with each character. 
    Eventually, I began to love the game so much that I made a FAQ on it.
    Made in 1997, this is basically a Break-Out! type of game, which, in case you 
    don't know, consists of a paddle and a ball (much like Pong, but not 
    tennis/ping pong), and also, a destructable field. However, this is more than 
    just Break-Out. It has other similar puzzle elements. The puzzle mode is 
    similar to Tetris, if the field were inverted. The VS. system is similar to 
    that of the Puyo Puyo or Bust-A-Move series, while the field looks a bit like 
    the Magical Drop series. The characters are also silly and light-hearted 
    (most of 'em, at least), saying lines for every little thing, just like a 
    true Japanese puzzle game. b(^_^)b
    An interesting tidbit about this game: The name is very similar to an anime 
    character in Di Gi Charat, by the name of Petit Charat, or Puchiko (she has 
    another name; on her own planet, she is known as Cappuccino). Di Gi Charat is 
    a Y2K anime, made in the year 2000, in the coming of the 21st century. 
    "Charat" is pronounced the same way as you would pronounce "Carat," the name 
    of this game; in other words, almost like the word "carrot," or even the word 
    "carat," used to describe gold quality. Anyway, a brief history on the anime. 
    Originally, it was used to support a Japanese store called Gamers by starring 
    their mascot Dejiko, in their own 16-episode, 5-10 minute anime. Dejiko hails 
    from the planet Di Gi Charat (and her real name, Di Gi Charat, is named after 
    the planet, and as you'll notice, resembles Puchiko's real name, Petit 
    Charat; Puchiko and Dejiko are not related, however, but are friends; 
    Dejiko's name on her planet is Chocolat). Anyway, Dejiko is a cute green-
    haired alien dressed as a catgirl (she has shown to have taken off her cat 
    ears and tail) with a mischievous personality and a goal to become a star 
    idol. The anime, although low-budget, was so popular, however, that the 
    series got several OVAs (also known as OAVs, Original Video Animation, or 
    Original Animation Video, NOT Original Adult Video; an OVA is an anime sold 
    at a store without having aired on TV before), spinoffs, a prequel, a sequel, 
    and a movie. The Gamers store also opened in other locations, even in the 
    USA. The sequel even broke away from Gamers to tell its story in a lighter 
    way. Overall, the series includes:
    -Di Gi Charat (the original 16 episodes, Dejiko and company arrive at Earth 
    and crash-land in Akihabara, Japan)
    -Di Gi Charat Specials (season OVAs)
     -Summer Special #1-4 (introduces Pyoko)
     -Summer Break #1-4 (Dejiko's tour of the USA)
     -Christmas Special #1-4 (???)
     -Hanami Special #1-4 (Hanami is Japanese for the cherry blossom/Sakura 
    -Leave it to Pyoko! (spinoff series featuring Pyocola Analogue III/Pyoko, Di 
    Gi Charat/Dejiko's cute nemesis)
    -Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat (prequel to Di Gi Charat, takes place on Di Gi 
    Charat planet, when young Dejiko trains to be an idol)
    -Di Gi Charat Nyo! ("nyo" is Dejiko's catchphrase, similar to "nya," Japanese 
    onomatopoeia for a cat's "meow"; Nyo! is the "sequel" to Di Gi Charat, and is 
    a retelling of Dejiko's road to becoming an idol)
    -Di Gi Charat: A Trip to the Planet (the movie)
    Anyway, that was a rather long summary. If you want to learn more, check out 
    AnimeNewsNetwork or Wikipedia for more info.
    2. Version History
    Version 1.0:
    10/1/06 - Started FAQ
    11/19/06 - Finished FAQ
    11/19/06 - Submitted FAQ to GameFAQs
    3. How to Play
    Although Shiimondo explains the game to you after inserting a coin, and even 
    though the field is there to show you what she is talking about, the dialogue 
    and directions are still all in Japanese. So, I'll sum up everything here.
    You start the game with a field of 3, 4, or 5 lines of stones or gems, 
    depending on the level of difficulty. The object of the game is to bounce the 
    ball using the paddle towards the collapsable field. Bounce the ball to 
    destroy the gems and keep it away from reaching the bottom. As you destroy 
    gems and continue hitting the ball, the field will move down by one line 
    automatically. In addition, if you miss the ball, you will, of course, be 
    penalized, by way of pushing your field down three lines each time the ball 
    hits the bottom of the screen. If the field exceeds the line where your 
    paddle is (past ten lines), the game is over.
    There are three difficulties: Beginners, Middle, and Expert (Puzzle/2-
    Player)/Super Gamer (VS.). Beginners Mode is the easy mode. You start out 
    each game with three lines, and your paddle is (about) 4.5-cm paddle (about 
    the size of two of the "symbol" blocks on the bottom of the screen). 
    Beginners Mode is also limited play, so use it only for practice. Middle Mode 
    is the regular game, starting out with four lines and a 3-cm paddle (about 
    the size of one "symbol" block). Expert/Super Gamer is the difficult game, 
    with five lines and a 3-cm paddle.
    When you start the game (with a Ready... Go!), the field moves down while 
    your paddle has your ball ready. Move the paddle left and right and press the 
    button to shoot the ball. If you don't shoot after a while, the ball is 
    automatically released by itself. When playing, hit a gem with the ball to 
    get 20 points. For each gem you drop, you get 10 points. By dropping an 
    excess amount of gems by hitting a gem and causing it to disconnect it from 
    the rest of the field, you can attack your opponent and/or score lots of 
    Besides the regular colored gems, there are several special and unique gems. 
    They include the following...
    Flashing colored gems, when hit, will destroy all of the gems of the same 
    color (dropping gems below that color in the process), EXCEPT for any other 
    flashing colored gems of that same color. Don't ask me why. In Puzzle Mode, 
    these can be your ticket to an easy PERFECT. Hit the flashing gem when 
    everything in the top row that is holding the field below is comprised of the 
    same color as the flashing gem. Just don't drop 'em or miss your chance.
    Silver metallic gems take two hits to destroy, and generally serve as a 
    hinderence. However, in Puzzle Mode, you may benefit from these with a 
    multiple-hit combo and score mucho points.
    Gold metallic gems cannot be broken by being hit. As with silver metallic 
    gems, hitting a gold metallic gem will count towards a combo. Make use of 
    this as best as you can, but if your field is low, then... Best to drop 'em, 
    hopefully for some bonus points.
    Rainbow flashing gems are rare, but if you hit it, your field will be cleared 
    of all gems, and the field will start anew with 3, 4, or 5 lines (depending 
    on the difficulty). Take care NOT to drop these. It should be obvious, but in 
    case not, hitting these in Puzzle Mode is an instant PERFECT. At the end of 
    Puzzle Mode, it can also help to clear the game.
    4. 1-Player Mode (Puzzle)
    In this mode, using any character, you must clear a certain number of lines 
    (think Tetris), depending on the difficulty. On Beginners mode, you must 
    clear 50 lines, and on Middle and Expert mode, you must clear 200. It sounds 
    a lot, but as mentioned before, you can make it easier on yourself by hitting 
    certain gems and dropping lines. In this mode, the character you pick doesn't 
    affect gameplay, just the background and the audio. For all characters, the 
    field layout is generally the same, only changing depending on difficulty and 
    various occurances during the game.
    The similarities between this mode and other modes include a 10-line field, 
    starting with 3, 4, or 5 lines depending on the difficulty, and a 3-line 
    penalty if you miss the ball.
    On the left is a counter of how many lines you have cleared out of 50 or 200, 
    and how many stones you have destroyed. Your hit counter (which appears after 
    five consecutive hits), as well as bonus points, are briefly shown here too. 
    Note that it only counts how many stones are hit directly by the ball; not 
    gems that fall as a result of broken stones. And finally, a LEVEL UP (and 
    sometimes, a LEVEL DOWN) will appear when you destroy/drop a certain amount 
    of gems. Not sure what either do, though. On the right's some Japanese I 
    can't understand, but doesn't seem to affect gameplay much.
    When you do hit the ball, if you hit a lot of gems without having the ball 
    return to you and the game counts up your hits, or if you drop a lot of gems 
    at once, your character will "attack." This is a combo. The more hits you get 
    before you have to hit your ball again, or the more gems you drop at once, 
    the more bonus points you get. When you do pull off a combo, your character 
    does one of four attacks.
    If you hit 5 or more gems with one bounce, your character will do their 
    fourth attack repeatedly.
    If you drop a bunch of gems at once, your character will do one of the first 
    three attacks, depending on how many you drop. The following values are 
    estimated... For 6-10 gems, the first attack is done; for 11-20, the second 
    attack; and for 21+, the third. Anything less than five gems, and the 
    character will not attack.
    As you run low on gems on your field, the field will automatically move down 
    (again, dependent on the difficulty). However, if you are quick and slick 
    enough to clear your field before this happens, by way of hitting flashing 
    gems, rainbow flashing gems, or simply by hitting the top row gems, causing 
    the bottom to drop, you may get a PERFECT bonus and an eyecatch of your 
    character will appear. You'll also get 10,000 points. Get another PERFECT 
    bonus and a different eyecatch will appear, and you'll get 20,000 points. 
    When you hit the fifth PERFECT bonus (a feat which seems only possible on 
    Middle/Expert, and at least around line 50), a third eyecatch will appear, 
    and you'll get 50,000 points. As you might be able to tell, for each PERFECT 
    bonus, you get 10,000 points times the number of bonuses (or 10000 more than 
    the last bonus). For each individual character's eyecatch, see the Characters 
    If you hit 100 lines, you will get a bonus of 100,000 points on Middle, and 
    200,000 points on Expert! For some reason, though, I lose a level around this 
    part. Don't know why.
    As you approach the "end of the line" (I mean, field... whatever), you will 
    see a rainbow gem on the last line. On Beginners Mode, once you see this, the 
    field will start moving down. Fast. So get the gem quickly to end the game. 
    On harder difficulties, the field will move fast near the middle/quarters of 
    the game, making it even tougher to complete. :/
    If you complete the game, you get a congratulations message and a PERFECT 
    bonus for clearing all 200 lines for an extra 200,000 points for Middle, and 
    400,000 points for Expert! On the next screen, your character, time, level, 
    max. hit, and number of PERFECTs are recorded. Afterwards, the credits will 
    play, in which your character does a few of their poses (mainly, their idle, 
    win, and attack poses) through each stage as the credits roll. At the end of 
    the credits, your character says a select quote, then you are brought to the 
    high score list.
    5. 1-Player Mode (VS.)
    12 gems resting on an altar, scattered throughout the land of gems...
    12 select individuals, each come across and carry their own birthstone...
    To grant their wish, one must battle the others to collect all 12 gems...
    From my point of view, this seems to be the general idea of the story. You 
    choose a character, and help them collect everyone else's gems in order to 
    achieve their ending.
    Note that the gem in the middle of the altar, the blue crystal, which seems 
    to be the game's symbol, is also the stone belonging to the secret character.
    Each stage, or Episode, is played in a competitive 1-game styled matches. The 
    goal of the game is to force your opponent to get their field below 10 lines, 
    or to survive before the opponent happens to force themselves to lose (highly 
    unlikely, but still a possibility). If you win, you clear that level, and you 
    move onto the next. If you lose, insert another coin or lose the game. As in 
    Puzzle Mode, you get points for destroying and dropping gems. You also get a 
    Time Bonus, depending on how fast you defeat your opponent. It seems to take 
    a LONG time before you get no points for time bonuses.
    When you drop a certain amount of gems, the remainder will be carried over 
    onto your opponent's field as gray garbage gems. A character "attacks" and 
    the garbage will come in every time the opponent deflects their ball with 
    their paddle. The garbage gems, in accordance to the character's attack 
    pattern, start from the topmost empty spaces, and work their way down, up to 
    five garbage gems at a time. Each "attack" occurs consecutively, as long as 
    there is leftover garbage. If the character attacks more than four times, the 
    fourth "attack" is repeated until the garbage empties or the game ends (for 
    either attacker or opponent).
    Depending on the character you play as, the order in which you face everyone 
    may be slightly different. For the twelve regular characters, there are 
    eleven Episodes. For the secret character, there are twelve (because she does 
    not have a traditional birthstone, she must fight all twelve for her ending). 
    When you beat the last stage, the gems are placed back on the altar, and the 
    ending plays, consisting of two pictures of the epilogue, and the credits. As 
    in Puzzle Mode, the credits consist of the character posing idly, attacking, 
    or winning. Then, the high score table is shown, and the game is over. In 
    addition, if you cleared Super Gamer mode, you'll get the code and 
    instructions. More on that later.
    6. 2-Player Mode
    I've never played 2-Player Mode (hey, it's difficult playing two-player on an 
    emulator/computer/keyboard), but I imagine that it isn't much different from 
    the one-player modes. With that in mind... Next!
    7. Characters
    Ah, here is the bulk of my FAQ. One thing I tend to look for in my games are 
    cute characters to become attached to. And this game has a few of them for me 
    to enjoy this game!
    There are 12 characters in the game, one for each month, as well as one 
    secret character, of which you can unlock by inputting a code after putting a 
    coin in. This code is revealed to you by the game by beating VS. mode on the 
    Super Gamer difficulty. Of course, since the code is a simple one, you might 
    have the luck of guessing it, or you can simply just look up the code on this 
    FAQ or on GameFAQs.
    Here's how I'll break down each character.
    # (of month/episode/etc.). Name (Romanji translation/English translation)
    *Names: Self-explanitory. Beware, the names are rather obsolete to their 
    Month: The month they represent. Generally, the episode number is close to or 
    around the month number, if not exactly it, but the order in which the 
    characters are fought varies with the character chosen to play as. It is 
    quite possible that the character was born on this month as well.
    Birthstone: What gem the character carries, and where it is carried. Ties 
    into the story mode, where the characters must collect all 12 gems. Based on 
    the month they represent/were born on.
    Symbol: The symbol that appears on the bottom of their field.
    Gender: Male/Female
    Description: My description of the character. Includes notes on appearance, 
    occupation, and personality.
    Eyecatch 1: In Puzzle Mode, the eyecatch that appears with the 1st, 3rd, and 
    every third PERFECT bonus from 6.
    Eyecatch 2: In Puzzle Mode, the eyecatch that appears with the 2nd, 4th, and 
    every third PERFECT bonus from 7.
    Eyecatch 3: In Puzzle Mode, the eyecatch that appears with the 5th PERFECT 
    bonus, followed by every three bonuses.
    Attack Pattern: In VS. Mode, when they give garbage to their opponent, this 
    determines where the garbage gems will end up. Each character has their own 
    separate attack pattern, and thus, their strengths and weaknesses from it. 
    I'll describe the attack pattern by stating which columns are filled, 
    starting from the left, from 1 to 9.
    Comments: My comments on the character. Usually consist of my opinion on the 
    character, an explanation of what Japanese phrase they like to repeat, the 
    character's field, etc.
    Story/Ending: Their story in the VS. Mode and/or their ending. Spoilers 
    alert! (But who really cares, with a game like this?) The ending consists of 
    two pictures, and some dialogue or caption that I can't read.
    1. Garnet
    Month: January
    Birthstone: Garnet, on his wrist
    Symbol: A thumbs-up sign
    Gender: Male
    Description: Red clothes, a bandage on his nose, and on his back... A 
    Eyecatch 1: He's blowing a flower, spreading the seeds.
    Eyecatch 2: He's... stretching out his mouth and sticking his tongue at you. 
    Cheeky bastard...
    Eyecatch 3: Sitting down with crossed legs, Garnet is looking through his 
    Attack Pattern: #1-3, #5, #7-9, the left side, the right side, and the middle
    Comments: Not a very masculine name. Seems to me to be the adventurous type. 
    He's always the first character to face, unless you choose to be him or Paz, 
    that is. As such, I consider him hardly above generic and beginner level. Of 
    course, that doesn't mean he actually is mediocre. Then again, there really 
    is no "better" or "best" in this game, it's all pretty balanced, with just a 
    difference in CPU level. That said, this guy doesn't last long as a CPU in 
    VS. mode.
    Story/Ending: His ending has him beating up the last guy, Paz, then posing to 
    the screen. Wow. Not much earned in completing his game, huh?
    2. Shyst
    Month: February
    Birthstone: Amethyst, on her hat
    Symbol: A ribbon
    Gender: Female
    Description: Shy, blue-haired glasses girl
    Eyecatch 1: A shot of her from slightly above, with her facing up, looking at 
    the screen.
    Eyecatch 2: Weirdest eyecatch yet. With a ^_^ on her face, she demonstrates a 
    rope trick.
    Eyecatch 3: She's removed her glasses. Does she look cuter with or without 
    Attack Pattern: #1, #3-4, #7-9 
    Comments: Double pun on her name. Her personality, and her gemstone. Shyst is 
    a shy, blue-haired girl who probably hangs out in a library, based on the 
    fact that she wears glasses. An awful stereotype, I know. But hey, I "have" 
    glasses, due to near-sightedness, but I rarely use 'em.
    Story/Ending: Not exactly sure what she wishes for. Hm.
    3. Aqua
    Month: March
    Birthstone: Aquamarine, on her forehead
    Symbol: A parasol
    Gender: Female
    Description: Pink-haired woman with cheerful disposition, always seen 
    carrying a parasol and almost always has a ^_^ on her face
    Eyecatch 1: Aqua is wearing yellow pajamas (with green ribbons!) and yawning.
    Eyecatch 2: Wearing a skimpier, white top and skirt, Aqua is brushing her 
    hair with a green brush.
    Eyecatch 3: It's the swimsuit edition! Sporting a green bathing suit, pink 
    hair in braids, and an innertube in tow, I must say, Aqua is actually quite 
    cute here.
    Attack Pattern: #3-7, center field
    Comments: She's not even aqua-colored! What's up with her name? Whatever.. In 
    any case, I'm all for pink-haired, but I find her a bit dull at times. Like 
    Shiimondo, she has a tendency to say "desu," but she doesn't pronounce the 
    "u," and actually says "desu wa." Her eyes always seem "closed." >_<
    Story/Ending: Again, I can't distinguish much from her ending.
    4. Shiimondo/C-Mond
    Month: April
    Birthstone: Diamond, on her (left) arm or in her (left) hand
    Symbol: A teapot
    Gender: Female
    Description: Small, green-haired fairy maid
    Eyecatch 1: Shiimondo is leaning on the petals of a red rose, with a content 
    expression on her face.
    Eyecatch 2: Shiimondo is standing atop the corner of a book labelled "Diary" 
    in cursive. She is carrying a pencil and facing the screen.
    Eyecatch 3: Shiimondo is sewing, it seems. Kneeling down, she has a needle in 
    one hand, thread in the other, and a bunch of pins in a pincushion and a 
    spool to either side.
    Attack Pattern: #1 (leftmost), #3-7 (middle, 5-column), #9 (rightmost)
    Comments: C-Mond... Diamond... How lame. Right, her name's Shiimondo in my 
    book. Anyways, remember when I brought up Di Gi Charat in the Introduction? 
    You can imagine my surprise seeing Shiimondo and her green hair and her maid 
    costume... Er, outfit. She looks like Dejiko! No? Maybe perhaps a little? 
    Well, I find her adorable anyway, so it's no surprise that Shiimondo is my 
    favorite and most used character. Shiimondo, as her appearance/occupation 
    states, is a tiny fairy (also the smallest character in the game), who has a 
    routine of doing maid-like duties and constantly squealing "-desu" through it 
    all. "Desu" is Japanese as a form of being, but is normally pronounced with 
    the "u" silent. When anime characters like Shiimondo pronounce the "u," they 
    are trying to sound cute. In Shiimondo's case, it works well, yes? ^_^
    Story/Ending: Shiimondo, when she's not attending to her maid-like duties, is 
    constantly looking left and right. For what, or for whom? It seems to be none 
    other than a soul mate. Why do I say that? Well, there's not much else to 
    allude to with that diamond ring she carries. What else do you give at 
    weddings, anyway (no, don't answer that)? If you clear Shiimondo's game, 
    she'll find her lucky soulmate... A human! Perhaps... you? >_> In any case, 
    she'll change her hairstyle and dress for the wedding, too. Probably the only 
    ending I can understand solely on the pictures. >_<
    5. Rald
    Month: May
    Birthstone: Emerald, on his tie
    Symbol: A wrench
    Gender: Male
    Description: Glasses-wearing mechanic, carries a wrench and a bag
    Eyecatch 1: In an electrician suit, holding a clipper and a blue wire
    Eyecatch 2: In a scholarly suit.
    Eyecatch 3: How should I put this...? He's cuddling with his giant robot 
    thingy. :/
    Attack Pattern: #1-8, all columns except the 9th, rightmost
    Comments: Let's get one thing straight. I HATE THIS GUY. His fourth attack is 
    so bastardly annoying after hearing it ten times in a row. Not to mention 
    that he's pretty difficult for being the fifth guy you face. Still, he's not 
    the worst character character-wise.
    Story/Ending: I guess he's some kinda genius mechanic. At the end, he builds 
    and controls a giant robot to crush Paz' castle.
    6. Paaru/Pearl & Deeru/Dearl
    Month: June
    Birthstone: Pearl, on Paaru's chest, in the middle of her ribbon (oddly 
    enough, Deeru has a silver pearl)
    Symbol: A bottle of potion 
    Gender: Both Female
    Description: Twin sister (I assume) witches; Paaru is the energetic one with 
    teal-colored hair and white dress, and is usually in the front; Deeru is the 
    shy one with blue hair and dark violet robes.
    Eyecatch 1: Paaru poses by standing on one arm, with the rest of her body in 
    the air.
    Eyecatch 2: Deeru sits down, reading her spell book.
    Eyecatch 3: ZOMG hawt twincest! Paaru happily kisses Deeru on the cheek, 
    leaving Deeru with a wide-eyed blush. I was right! They are lesbian twins! 
    ... How disturbing that I guessed right. >_>;;
    Attack Pattern: #2-#9; All columns except the first, leftmost.
    Comments: Ah, born on the same month as me. My second favorite characters, 
    though Paaru is cuter than Deeru. Paaru and Deeru have a habit of saying 
    "kanji," and though I'm not too sure what it means, it seems to mean "to 
    win." I could easily be wrong, though. Their outfits are rather interesting 
    too. Their charm points are their hats, and the ribbons on their chest. 
    And... God, this feels like Leave it to Kero! on Card Captor Sakura omakes. 
    One more thing... These sisters seem a bit close, don't ya think? A little... 
    too close.
    Story/Ending: Having seen the 3rd eyecatch, the ending makes a whole lot more 
    sense! While I was confused before, I had some idea as to what it really 
    meant. It seems that Paaru really DOES love Deeru, and Deeru becomes braver 
    for Paaru. A shot of Deeru carrying Paaru is shown.
    7. Bee
    Month: July
    Birthstone: Ruby, on his belly
    Symbol: A paw 
    Gender: Male, perhaps...? Otherwise unknown, but I think I'll go with male.
    Description: Cabbit (cat-rabbit hybrid) carrying a pickax, and incapable of 
    Japanese speech, only some sort of Japanese onomatopoeia
    Eyecatch 1: Closeup on his face, where Bee has a glint in his eye.
    Eyecatch 2: Carrying a muddy shovel, Bee holds his ruby gem up to the screen.
    Eyecatch 3: Bee's backpack is slightly emptied, revealing random contents of 
    "treasure," like a frog doll. He is also polishing an item in his hands.
    Attack Pattern: #3-9, all columns except the two leftmost
    Comments: This definitely has to be a ripoff of another cabbit... After all, 
    how many cabbits exist in anime? I'm thinking Ryo-Ohki from the Tenchi Muyo 
    series. Of course, there's also Rabicat from Twinkle Star Sprites. Both of 
    which came before Puchi Carat.
    Story/Ending: Not much I can offer here. Seems like Bee takes a hike on a 
    moonlit night.
    8. Perydot
    Month: August
    Birthstone: Peridot, at the end of her collar
    Symbol: Lips
    Gender: Female
    Description: Voluptuous, green-haired animal-girl hooker
    Eyecatch 1: Were you expecting a show of more skin? Ha! In this one, she's 
    actually wearing MORE clothes... Here, she wears a sort of showtime outfit 
    for her top (y'know, the kind for stuff like magic shows, or something). 
    She's only got panties and leggings below.
    Eyecatch 2: She's back in her usual clothes, and this looks a little like her 
    first attack, with the addition of her S&M (not really... perhaps) whip.
    Eyecatch 3: A rather disturbing shot of her ass pointed towards the screen. 
    Hey, at least I found out where she keeps her birthstone. >_>
    Attack Pattern: All columns except for #2
    Comments: Clearly put into this game for sex appeal. I'm not sure what kind 
    of animal-girl she is supposed to be. In any case, I prefer Shiimondo or 
    Paaru and Deeru, or even the secret character over her (cuteness before 
    hotness >_>).
    Story/Ending: Needless to say, I did play as this animal woman, as I was 
    interested in seeing how her ending would turn out. Frankly, I was 
    disappointed and rather scared. She enslaves the four males of this game, and 
    armed with a whip, becomes their dominant queen. Scary.
    9. Sapphire
    Month: September
    Birthstone: Sapphire, at the tip of her wand
    Symbol: The gem on her magic wand
    Gender: Female
    Description: Purple-haired witch
    Eyecatch 1: Closeup to her face, where she's got a rather evil smirk.
    Eyecatch 2: A body shot, where her hair and clothes have a windy appearance.
    Eyecatch 3: She's removed her crystal crown/headdress, and is applying makeup 
    and powder to her face. Her clothes seem different, a little more loose than 
    before. Hey, even evil, busty witches need to keep a good appearance! >_>
    Attack Pattern: #5-9, the middle and right four columns
    Comments: A purple-haired witch named Sapphire? Sigh... Well, witches are 
    cool, but this one seems a bit cold. She's pretty badass with her spells, 
    Story/Ending: Having defeated Paz, Sapphire takes over the castle and in the 
    background, to add to the drama, lightning strikes.
    10. Opa
    Month: October
    Birthstone: Opal, in his left glass eye
    Symbol: A rose... Could this guy get any more questionable?
    Gender: Male *shudder*
    Description: Ugly ogre/giant, carrying a stick made of some animal bone
    Eyecatch 1: Opa faces the screen in a push-up position.
    Eyecatch 2: He's cheering by flexing his muscles and lifting his chin.
    Eyecatch 3: He's happy, and there are flowers in the background. -_-
    Attack Pattern: #2-8, all columns excluding the sides
    Comments: Ugh, I hate this guy even more than that mechanic genius. I can't 
    tell if he's being manly, a sissy, mocking, or some combination of the 
    previously mentioned qualities. One thing's for sure, he represents his month 
    well. Scary. I hate seeing him in other characters' endings. Especially nude, 
    or with a schoolgirl outfit, my God... Anyway...
    Story/Ending: I was hoping he'd change his appearance to something less of an 
    eyesore, but instead, we get a hot spring scene (thankfully, he doesn't look 
    half as scary as him in other endings), with him surrounded by a few girls 
    (and one boy). Dot, looking surprisingly different without her animal 
    costume, is being carried on Opal's left hand. Sapphire is to Opal's right 
    shoulder, while, even more to my surprise, Shiimondo is in the water, 
    enjoying the bath as well and blushing towards the screen with her ever-cute 
    ^_^ face. In towels are Garnet on the left and  on the right, while  and Paz 
    are water-spouting statues behind Opal.
    11. Paz
    Month: November
    Birthstone: Topaz, heck if I know where it is
    Symbol: His cape covers just about the whole of the bottom of the screen... 
    Like Sapphire's symbol, it looks like a round gem on a magic rod, though.
    Gender: Male
    Description: Sorceror in black robes, wears spectacles
    Eyecatch 1: Paz's cape is outstretched, and his hat is off, revealing long, 
    flowy blue hair. He ALMOST looks like a bishounen (pretty boy) here. And I 
    hate them, with the exception of a select few. *coughJunWatarasecough* Wait, 
    he's a trap. Never mind...
    Eyecatch 2: Paz is reading a green book. Nothing spectacular.
    Eyecatch 3: Facing the screen, Paz's left hand is outstretched. 
    Attack Pattern: #1-4, left four columns
    Comments: Can't make much out of this guy, but he seems to be all important.
    Story/Ending: Well, he's maintained control of his castle... Now what? :/
    12. Ruco
    Month: December
    Birthstone: Zircon, on her pet's forehead
    Symbol: The face of her pet, two eyes, a mouth, and the gem
    Gender: Female
    Description: Red-pink hair, freckles, has a yellow devil on her head
    Eyecatch 1: She carries her pet in her arms.
    Eyecatch 2: She wears a burglar's hood, along with her pet, and carries a 
    large bag of the same pattern as the hood. Take note of her slippers similar 
    to her pet.
    Eyecatch 3: What a ripoff. Plainest eyecatch ever, and for all the time it 
    took... She stands facing the screen with a ^_^ face. Her pet is also smiling 
    atop her.
    Attack Pattern: #2-4, #6-8, the left-middle and the right-middle columns
    Comments: I'm not sure if this girl is trying to be cute, evil, or some 
    combination of the two. I'm sure she's both. Her little devil pet (I don't 
    know what it is) on top of her head copies her emotions exactly.
    Story/Ending: Yet again, another character I can't make heads or tails of her 
    13. Patoraco
    Month: ???
    Birthstone: ??? (The blue gem)
    Symbol: A pyramid
    Stage: A temple
    Gender: Female
    Description: Egyptian girl, has a sphinx headband and a white dress with a 
    cut on one leg
    Eyecatch 1: Patoraco dons an adorable little catgirl outfit, complete with 
    ears, paws, tail, ribbon, and bell. Maybe she could do the "Neko Nyan Dance!" 
    Or some other cat-like dance popular in a few anime... Nekomimi Mode?
    Eyecatch 2: Next, Patoraco sports a gym uniform, carrying a baton and 
    winking. Not exactly my favorite type of fetish, but still cute.
    Eyecatch 3: Ooh, a nurse cosplay this time around. Patoraco is dressed in all 
    white, with a needle in one hand, and a clipboard in the other. Top it off 
    with a little hat. The whole whiteness is a bit plain, but again, still cute.
    Attack Pattern: #1-3 and #7-9, the left and right three columns
    Comments (on How to Unlock): After experiencing much difficulty in completing 
    the Super Gamer difficulty with Shiimondo, even with the use of save states, 
    I discovered the game gives you a code at the end. It read, "A, A, A," and 
    some button which I later found out to be "Start." Of course, the rest of the 
    directions were in Japanese, so I didn't know where to activate it. After 
    reading up the Codes & Secrets section on GameFAQs, I now know that this code 
    is inputted after the inserting a coin, while Shiimondo explains the 
    directions. Then, at the character select screen, she can be chosen at the 
    top, in place of the blue gem. (Note: You can beat the VS. Mode with any 
    character, even Patoraco herself, on Super Gamer difficulty to get the code. 
    You get nothing if you clear Expert mode on the Puzzle game.)
    Comments: My third favorite character, falling just short of Paaru's cuteness 
    (However, Deeru is ranked fourth on my list; I had conflicting issues with 
    ordering the ranks... Paaru and Deeru together are higher on the list than 
    Patoraco). Anyway, being a secret character, she is certainly an oddity. 
    First of all, her paddle is made of small blocks and is carried by mummies, 
    and her field of gems has bird imprints. Secondly, she lacks a month of birth 
    and a traditional birthstone (hers is the blue crystal that is at the center 
    of the altar of the 12 birthstones). I know there aren't 13 months, but 
    seriously, WTF? And thirdly, she also has a tendancy, like Shiimondo, to say 
    "desu" with the "u" pronounced. Not as cute as the fairy maid, but still gets 
    points for being cute. Not to mention, IMO, her catgirl outfit is simply to 
    die for! Based on her eyecatches, she likes cosplay, it seems.
    Story/Ending: Because of her crappy attack pattern, it was very difficult to 
    clear a few stages... *coughRaldcough* In any case, again with the 
    schoolgirls? That's basically the gist of the ending here.
    8. Copyright & Contact Info
    ... Do I really need to do this section? It should be common sense to 
    anyone... If someone works hard at something, and publicly displays it, it 
    should be obvious that this work shouldn't be stolen. At the very least, ask 
    for permission if you need to, and give credit, as I have done to my 
    *sigh* Fine, fine, I'll get this over with. Just to be official, here's my 
    copyright... (I hope there aren't any loopholes in it or anything... It seems 
    simple enough, but I'm no lawyer or anything...)
    This FAQ is Copyright (c)2005 by me, Eric/Eab, and (currently) belongs only on 
    GameFAQs @ http://www.gamefaqs.com and Neoseeker @ http://www.neoseeker.com. 
    Feel free to use this FAQ for your own personal use, but do not take credit 
    for it, or any part of it, and claim it to be yours.
    If you have any questions or comments on my FAQ, or my FAQ is too illegible 
    for you, or you see this FAQ posted elsewhere besides GameFAQs and I have not 
    given permission or anything, or whatever, you can e-mail me at 
    eabiason1990@yahoo.com. Please, no Spam, Flames, Useless Junk E-Mails (asking 
    questions my FAQ answers, for example), or anything of the sort. Any of these 
    E-Mails will be ignored, so don't waste your time doing so.
    In addition to the above, do not ask me for ROMs. I'd give them to you, since 
    this game is Japanese only, but to waste my time to point it out, and that 
    I'd rather not be caught and fined or anything by doing something illegal 
    like that, chances are you won't get them from me. Sorry.
    Like my last and first FAQ, I doubt this FAQ will get much publicity either. 
    Oh well. Most people on GameFAQs type up stuff for the hell of it, right? >_>
    9. Credits & Closing
    We're at the end of my FAQ. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I 
    realize my FAQ is incomplete near the end. The last section is currently 
    already being worked on, and I have a lot of info, but they are still 
    incomplete. As a result, these sections will be blank until I complete them.
    Thanks to the following for their contributions and helping me with this FAQ! 
    I'm keeping the Credits short this time around. >_>
    GameFAQs/CJayC - For their great site, boards, and for posting this FAQ.
    Taito - For making the game.
    You - For reading the FAQ.
    Benpc91 - A puzzle gamer on GameFAQs and a good friend of mine. Currently, 
    the only other person I personally know who plays this game.
    Message board buddies - You know who you are. ^_~

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