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    Fourth Weapons Guide by EChang

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/20/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       by Edward Chang (chang dot 459 at osu dot edu)
    v1.1 (3-20-06)
    Revision History
    v1.1 (3-20-06)
       Revised methods for Okuni, Nouhime.
    v1.0 (3-11-06)
       All methods completed. Some more FAQs added.
    v0.7 (3-9-06)
       More methods added.
    v0.6 (3-7-06)
       Added methods for about a third of the characters.
    v0.5 (2-28-06)
       Preliminary version. Stats and some FAQs included; methods to be included
       starting in the next revision.
    1. Introduction
    2. Fourth Weapons List
    3. Frequently Asked Questions
    4. Credits
    This is a guide for Koei/Omega Force's action game Sengoku Musou 2. 
    Sengoku Musou 2 is the sequel to the popular Sengoku Musou, known in
    America/Europe as Samurai Warriors. Sengoku Musou 2 adds many new
    characters and features to the franchise.
    This guide is about each character's fourth weapon, a unique weapon that
    can be earned only by performing specific tasks on a specific stage. Fourth
    weapons have the highest base attack for that character as well as many
    useful bonuses.
    This FAQ makes use of SJIS encoding in order to display Japanese
    characters. I included this feature so that if you do not know
    Japanese, you can easily match up the characters on your TV screen
    to the characters in this guide. You will need to have support for
    viewing Japanese characters on your computer, however. Newer versions
    of Windows should have it built in; otherwise, you'll either need to
    get a program like NJStar Communicator, or you'll need to get 
    Japanese character support for Internet Explorer and open this file 
    in IE instead of Notepad/Wordpad. Go up to View and select Encoding,
    then pick Japanese (Auto-Select) to view the characters properly.
    The only website authorized to post this FAQ is www.gamefaqs.com. If 
    you see this document elsewhere, not only are they posting without my 
    permission, but they likely do not have the most current version of this 
    FAQ. Emails to me asking questions already answered in the FAQ, even if 
    the answers are not in the version you are reading, will be deleted 
    without response.
    This list is ordered in the same order as the character select screen,
    so Sanada Yukimura comes first, Maeda Keiji comes second, and so on.
    Each section gives the name and stats of that general's fourth weapon
    and the stage it can be obtained on, with the methods to do so.
    Please note that fourth weapons must be obtained on Hard 難しい difficulty
    and that you must have finished that character's Musou Mode first, not
    including their Gaiden. Weapons need to be earned in Musou Mode, not in
    Free Mode; you can still use 2P to fulfill the conditions. The exceptions
    are Okuni and Ranmaru, who do not have Musou Modes; their fourth weapons
    are earned in the Infinite Castle by doing specific missions.
    Upon fulfilling the conditions for a fourth weapon, you will get either
    a Precious Item report (貴重品報告) or a supply team notification. Once this 
    happens, you can check in your message history (情報履歴) to find where on the 
    map the box or supply team has appeared. As an added bonus compared to the 
    other Musou games, the weapons will show up as a mission (red dot or X on the 
    map) so you'll always know where it is, a very nice touch. In the case of a 
    box, which is handily colored in black unlike most boxes, all you have to do
    is break it open and pick up the item. In the case of a supply team, you 
    have to chase the supply team down and defeat the captain to obtain the 
    weapon before the supply team leaves the map. 
    In Sengoku Musou 2, all 4th weapons have 8 slots for stat bonuses. Multiple
    bonuses for the same stat will stack; for instance, Sanada Yukimura's
    fourth weapon has two slots with Attack + giving him a total Attack bonus
    of +35, even though the maximum for a single slot is +20.
    Ensou Susanoo
    Stats: Base Attack 45
           Fire Element
           Life +19
           Attack +35
           Defense +38
           Horse +18
           Musou Charge +32
    In Yukimura's fifth stage, the Osaka Campaign (大阪の陣), you'll start in
    the castle. Defeat the general who comes up here and make your way downstairs
    and out. Defeat the enemy generals massed in the courtyard. Once the front
    gates open, the Tokugawa army will send a cannon to attack the castle.
    You must destroy the cannon before it begins firing. Around the same time,
    Inahime will come up towards the castle from the east and Date Masamune
    will charge from the west. Go east and defeat Inahime before she enters
    the castle. Now cross the courtyard to the west and head northwest to
    intercept Masamune. Defeat him as well before he enters the castle and
    you'll receive a precious item report. Enter the castle from the west
    door that Masamune was trying to enter and go up to the second floor
    to find the box with the weapon. Then just finish the stage normally.
    You'll want to seal all of the gates around the middle area to make things
    easier on your commander. Remember that the AI has a very tough time
    guarding Yukimura's C3-3.
    *Susanoo is a fire deity in Shinto.
    MAEDA KEIJI 前田慶次
    Ama no Nuboko 
    Stats: Base Attack 50
           Lightning Element
           Life +18
           Attack +53
           Horse +19
           Musou Charge +49
    On Keiji's fourth stage, the Battle of Hasedou (長谷堂の戦い), your simple
    goal is to get 1000 kills. By far the majority of the kills you will get
    will be in front of the third gate, when repeated waves of reinforcements
    show up to the south. Simply kill everything you can, and don't let too many
    enemies run away through the gates. Remember that you can remove your
    bodyguard (square on the bodyguard selection screen) if your bodyguards
    are stealing too many kills. Your ally generals will be ambushed by Date
    Masamune to the north and will probably start dying, but don't worry;
    Naoe Kanetsugu is the only one you need to keep alive, and he's pretty
    hardy. Once you've attained 1000 kills, the supply team will show up
    from the entry point southwest of the third gate and head southeast.
    Intercept them (good thing one of Keiji's specials is to call his horse),
    then hurry up to Kanetsugu and defeat all of the generals around him to
    finish the stage.
    Orochi no Aramasa 
    Stats: Base Attack 46
           Wind Element
           Musou +18
           Attack +35
           Defense +16
           Speed +18
           Musou Charge +35
           Attack Range +19
    In Nobunaga's third stage, the Battle of Tedorigawa (手取川の戦い), 
    you must assist five of your generals in retreating. The generals in
    question are Hashiba Hideyoshi, Shibata Katsuie (柴田勝家), Maeda
    Toshiie (前田利家), Takigawa Kazumasu (滝川一益), and Niwa Nagahide 
    (丹羽長秀). As you approach each general you'll get the mission to assist
    them in retreating, which involves defeating a nearby enemy general.
    After you defeat the general, your ally will retreat to the rear lines
    marked by the Xs. Be warned that if they encounter other generals along
    the way they may stop and fight, so defeat as many generals on your
    side of the river as possible. After all 5 have retreated, Nobunaga
    orders a counterattack. The supply team will appear just south of
    Kenshin's base and proceed southward. Defeat them and finish the
    stage normally. Be careful of the ambush near your home base late in
    the stage.
    *The Orochi is a mythical serpent beast in Shinto.
    Reiken Futsumitama
    Stats: Base Attack 45
           Lightning Element
           Musou +36
           Attack +34
           Defense +35
           Attack Range +37
    On his Gaiden, Mitsuhide Battle For Unification (光秀天下統一戦),
    the first step is to defeat Date Masamune, Maeda Keiji, Shibata Katsuie,
    Okuni, Sanada Yukimura, and Naoe Kanetsugu. Shibata Katsuie starts out
    close to your base, so you'll probably want to go after him first. As
    the stage progresses Maeda Keiji and Okuni will also charge your base,
    as will Yukimura and Kanetsugu. Date Masamune is camped out to the south.
    After defeating all of them, proceed towards Tokugawa's home base. After
    defeating some of the generals outside, Honda Tadakatsu will appear just
    inside. Approach him and it will trigger a mission to defeat him. At
    the same time Fuuma Kotarou will appear in the northeast, and the Akechi
    army will charge. This will prompt the supply team to show up a short
    while later from the north gate. Pick up the weapon, defeat Tadakatsu
    to open the door to Tokugawa, and then defeat him to finish the stage.
    Ama no Murakumo
    Stats: Base Attack 46
           Ice Element
           Musou +19
           Attack +50
           Speed +38
           Musou Charge +34
    On Kenshin's Gaiden, Conquest of Kyushu (九州征伐), you must defeat a fair
    number of generals by yourself. First head up the left side of the map past
    the geyser area. You should get a scene momentarily where the geyser starts
    again, blocking your retreat. Make your way over towards Takeda Shingen,
    and on the way defeat Hashiba Hideyoshi, Hachisuka Koroku (蜂須賀小六),
    and Hori Hidemasa (堀秀政). Soon Nene and Maeda Toshiie (前田利家)
    will appear; defeat them as well. The next requirement is to head to
    the enemy home base in the northwest. However, if you have time you should
    clean up the rest of the map before you do so. Beware though that if you
    kill all the enemy generals outside, your army will charge the northwest
    base, and you must enter that base before they do to continue with the
    weapon's requirements. Once you enter, Shimazu Yoshihiro and Shimazu
    Yoshihisa (島津義久) will reveal themselves to be fakes, and the REAL
    ones will show up in the center of the map. At the same time Nouhime
    and Oda Nobutada (織田信忠) will come towards the northwest fort as well.
    You'll have all four of those generals (two of them being the fake
    Shimazus) on you, and you must defeat them all. Finally, Akechi Mitsuhide
    and Mori Ranmaru will show up. Defeat Mitsuhide first and then Ranmaru.
    This will cause the supply team to show up from the gate inside Kenshin's
    camp. Once you get the weapon, you're not done yet; you must fight the real
    Shimazus, who are both in hyper and both fairly hard. Their stats are so
    high that if you aren't maxed, you may not be able to even stagger them.
    You can use Kenshin's exploding doll special (R1+T) to attempt to dizzy
    them, but be prepared for a tough fight.
    OICHI お市
    Konohana Sakuya: Kiku
    Stats: Base Attack 42
           Lightning Element
           Life +34
           Attack +38
           Defense +34
           Musou Charge +32
    On Oichi's Gaiden, Revolt at Shizugatake (賤ヶ岳の変), begin by defeating
    some nearby enemy generals. Okuni will show up to assist you, and Nene
    will show up on Nouhime's side. Eventually Azai Nagamasa will try and
    charge out of his home base to assist you, but he'll be ambushed. Go
    up and defend him by defeating his ambushers. Now go all the way to
    the south and defeat Oda Nobunaga. Return and defeat Nouhime (beware,
    Nene will be in your way, and you can't defeat her yet). After you do 
    so, Tachibana Ginchiyo and Inahime show up. Defeat them both. Okuni will
    also turn hostile around this time, but again, you cannot defeat her
    yet. Mori Ranmaru shows up as well; defeat him. Finally, you can now
    defeat Okuni and Nene, in that order. Nouhime will show up a second time,
    and the supply team will show up as well, from a gate on the left side of
    the center area. Pick it up and defeat Nouhime to finish. This weapon
    can be quite tough to get thanks to the sheer number of unique generals
    mobbing you and Oichi's only so-so crowd control.
    OKUNI 阿国
    Hinataame no Uzume 
    Stats: Base Attack 44
           Fire Element
           Attack +19
           Defense +37
           Speed +17
           Jump +39
           Musou Charge +35
    To obtain this weapon you must clear the Priestess's Temple Donation
    Solicitation Pilgrimage (巫女の勧進行脚) mission in the Infinite Castle twice.
    Of course, you must successfully complete the mission playing as Okuni.
    The spawning of this mission appears to be somewhat random, so just take
    it as it comes up.
    The first floor in the mission has nothing special; on each of the three
    subsequent stages, you will have to defeat some subgenerals and then
    eventually a general such as Tokugawa Ieyasu or Oda Nobunaga. On the fifth
    and final floor of the mission, you'll come across Maeda Keiji fighting a
    fake Okuni. Defeat the fake Okuni to finish the mission. The second time
    you do this, Maeda Keiji will then say he has something for you and turn 
    hostile. Defeat Keiji and he'll drop the weapon box with this weapon in it.
    Gokuen Kagutsuchi
    Stats: Base Attack 45
           Fire Element
           Life +35
           Attack +38
           Musou Charge +20
           Attack Range +39
           Luck +12
    This weapon wins my vote for the most annoying weapon to get. It certainly
    isn't the most difficult, but it sure is annoying. The conditions are
    simple enough - beat Nobunaga as fast as possible. The problem is that
    it's on Magoichi's fourth stage, Escape from Honnouji (本能寺脱出).
    As you probably noticed when you were completing his Musou Mode, this
    entire map is filled with mist and it never lifts, so you never know
    exactly where you are, and you don't have access to your map or minimap.
    In any case, keep a few tips in mind. Definitely equip a horse, and stick
    close to the walls. If you have to get off of your horse, for instance
    to fight a general, make sure you point your horse in the direction
    you were headed before you get off. That way you'll know which way to go
    when you get back on. Also fight as close as possible to your horse. If
    you get too far, you may never find it again!
    With that said you should study the map carefully at the stage preparation
    screen. Although it won't tell you such, you start in the southwest corner,
    facing north. Once the stage starts head northwards, hugging the wall
    to your left (which is the west wall). After a little bit of riding
    you'll see a villager being attacked by some bandits. Defeat the bandit
    leaders and continue on. A little further north you'll come across another
    bandit ambush. Save the villagers once again. This happens around the
    northwest corner. Now turn east (again by hugging the wall to your left)
    and continue forward. Another event will occur, this time with Mori Ranmaru
    and Nouhime appearing. Defeat them both. Continue east and you'll finally
    spot a fort (which is the fort in the northeast corner of the map). Defeat
    the general guarding the doors and enter. Now Nobunaga will finally appear
    in the fort. Defeat him as quickly as possible. At this point you SHOULD
    get the message saying that the supply team (輸送部隊) has appeared. But 
    of course, you have no idea where, and I can't tell you which way they're 
    going either. Ride out the south door of the fort (in other words NOT the door
    that you entered by) and go straight south. Once you hit a dead end, turn
    right (westwards). Keep going and you should be able to find the supply
    team. I encountered them a little bit away from the southwest corner,
    but again it's hard to tell exactly where they're going. Just to be safe,
    I'd save as soon as you get the message that the supply team has appeared,
    so you can reload if you aren't able to find them within a minute or two.
    Once you defeat them the stage isn't over; you have to find Fuuma Kotarou
    and defeat him. I found him along the east side of the map outside the
    fort, but it's possible that he shows up wherever he wants.
    Tenson Kourin
    Stats: Base Attack 48
           Wind Element
           Life +18
           Attack +20
           Defense +37
           Horse +20
           Speed +19
           Attack Range +19
    In Takeda Shingen's fourth stage, the Battle of Nagashino (長篠の戦い),
    take Nagashino Fort right in front of you. You'll have to defeat the
    general outside to open the doors, then defeat both generals inside to do
    so. Afterwards proceed south and protect the other fort by defeating
    Sakai Tadatsugu (酒井忠次). At about this time Honda Tadakatsu and
    Hashiba Hideyoshi will proceed eastwards and attempt to pincer your
    commander's base from north and south. Defeat them both before they can
    enter the base. I'd take Tadakatsu first as Shima Sakon will go and delay 
    Hideyoshi for you. I'd also take out Akechi Mitsuhide along the way since 
    he'll be headed towards the fort in the southeast. Once this is done
    you'll get an event where it begins raining, thus nullifying Nobunaga's
    muskets. Shingen will order a charge and a few moments later the supply
    team will show up from the south gate, proceeding eastwards. Pick up
    the weapon, then defeat Tokugawa Ieyasu and Oda Nobunaga to finish the
    Stats: Base Attack 44
           Ice Element
           Attack +37
           Horse +34
           Musou Charge +38
           Attack Range +35
    In his fifth stage, Decisive Battle of Mikatagahara (三方ヶ原決戦),
    your simple goal is to defeat all enemy generals except for Tokugawa
    Ieyasu while keeping all of your ally generals alive. The first thing
    you should do is ignore the central fort and take out the forts on the
    east and west sides. This will cause Miyamoto Musashi to get impatient
    and charge, at which point he'll fall into an ambush. The effect of the
    ambush is that he'll lose his hyper mode, so he'll be much easier to
    go in and kill. After taking the center fort, make your way around the
    map killing all of the other enemy generals. The only ones you won't
    be able to reach yet are Inahime and Ieyasu himself. Take the 
    opportunity to take as many gates as you can too, as things are about
    to get a lot tougher. Once you enter Ieyasu's camp the doors will lock,
    and Ieyasu will reveal himself to be Hanzou in disguise. At the same
    time the real Tokugawa Ieyasu will appear outside the camp, and he
    and Inahime will charge your allies, as well as Honda Tadakatsu and
    other reinforcements to the north. You must defeat Hanzou as quickly
    as possible to open the gates. Then speed out and aid your allies,
    prioritizing those who have multiple generals on them. Killing
    generals speedily is of the essence, especially when it comes to
    Tadakatsu. Once you've defeated everybody except Ieyasu, the supply
    team will show up from the northwest gate and head eastwards. After
    they show up, all that's left to do is defeat Ieyasu to finish the
    NOUHIME 濃姫
    Stats: Base Attack 44
           Wind Element
           Musou +38
           Defense +36
           Speed +37
           Musou Charge +36
    On Nouhime's fifth stage, Revolt at Honnouji (本能寺の変), you must
    succeed in the mission to defend Oda Nobutada (織田信忠), and then
    oddly enough you must let Mori Ranmaru die without triggering the mission
    to protect him, with Oda Nobutada still alive. As the stage starts, first 
    defeat the two nearby enemy generals attacking Nobunaga. After the fire 
    attack starts, make your way up the left side (you'll have to take a detour 
    through the small alleys) and approach Oda Nobutada. This will trigger the 
    mission to defend him, which you can succeed at by defeating both generals 
    attacking him. Now return to Nobunaga's side and defeat the new generals 
    attacking him. Watch out for Nobutada; if he gets in trouble you'll have
    to go and save, but of course that means Nobunaga himself might get into
    trouble. After awhile Akechi Mitsuhide will pop up on the east side. This 
    will prompt Mori Ranmaru to charge Mitsuhide's position. Let him and take 
    out any remaining generals trying to attack Nobunaga. After Ranmaru gets near
    Mitsuhide, do NOT approach either of them, as that will trigger the mission
    to protect Ranmaru. If you've already defeated everybody around Nobunaga,
    feel free to go up back to where Nobutada is and continue protecting him.
    Ranmaru will probably take quite a long time to die. Once he does, though,
    the supply team will show up from the west gate near Nobutada's position,
    conveniently enough. Pick it up and defeat Mitsuhide to finish the stage.
    Inga Yomitsu
    Stats: Base Attack 44
           Shura Element
           Attack +39
           Speed +36
           Jump +34
           Attack Range +38
    On Hanzou's Gaiden, Attack on Ueda Castle (上田城攻略戦), your two goals
    are to defeat Fuuma Kotarou and all of his clones, and then defeat
    Sanada Yukimura before defeating Sanada Masayuki (真田昌幸). First
    go up the left side of the map towards the small fort in the northwest
    corner. Defeat the general there and it will prompt Kotarou to show up
    nearby. At around the same time, the Sanada army will try and start
    a water attack on your army by sending some spies to the small fort
    just southeast of the northwest fort. Although you don't have to stop
    the water attack to get Hanzou's fourth, I highly recommend it as it
    stops your morale from plummeting, and the spies aren't too difficult.
    You'll need to defeat the three spy leaders (you can tell who they are
    because they have names over their head) to succeed. As a bonus, when you
    do succeed your map will fill in with all of the hidden passages. Now
    go back and defeat Kotarou. Upon doing so, he'll spawn copies of himself
    around the map. His three copies are in the southeast corner, just south
    of Yukimura, and in the back of the castle on the first floor, on the right
    side. Once you've defeated all three, now you must defeat Yukimura. This
    is unquestionably the hardest part of getting this weapon. Normally on this
    stage you would defeat Masayuki first, capturing the castle and causing
    Yukimura to lose his super-hyper status and just being regular hyper. But
    to get this weapon you'll need to defeat him first. If your stats are too
    low, you won't even be able to stagger him. Once you've defeated him (good
    luck) you will receive a precious item report. The weapon is in the back
    of the castle on the first floor, on the right side, behind where one of
    Kotarou's copies was.
    Shinken Kamudo
    Stats: Base Attack 46
           Ice Element
           Life +37
           Defense +38
           Speed +19
           Musou Charge +37
           Attack Range +14
    The path to get this weapon is basically a continuation of the Infinite
    Castle mission events used to unlock Ranmaru in the first place. Once
    Ranmaru becomes usable, Akechi Mitsuhide's Request 3 (明智光秀の願い3)
    spawns on floor 41. You must accompany him through the next few floors.
    Upon clearing this mission, Maeda Keiji's Request 2 (前田慶次の願いその2)
    spawns on floor 31. Complete this mission as well and a new mission,
    Maeda Keiji's Request "The Truth..." (前田慶次の願い 真実は…) spawns
    on floor 46. Complete this mission and on floor 50 Maeda Keiji will decide
    to test you and turn hostile. Defeat him and you'll gain the weapon.
    Note that only the last mission need be done with Ranmaru to earn the
    weapon; you can clear the other missions using any character you want.
    Mibashira no Utsumiko
    Stats: Base Attack 42
           Lightning Element
           Speed +60
           Jump +40
           Luck +60
    In Hideyoshi's second stage, the Battle of Shizugatake (賤ヶ岳の戦い),
    you must defeat Maeda Toshiie (前田利家) and convince him to retreat
    before Shibata Katsuie orders him to charge, and then you must defeat
    Maeda Keiji when he charges your home base. Toshiie is holed up in the
    fort on the west side of the map. Katsuie very quickly orders Toshiie
    to charge, so pretty much the first thing you should do is ignore the
    mission to take the four forts on the east side and go towards Toshiie's
    base, entering from the east. Defeat the guard captain guarding the door,
    then charge in and defeat Toshiie. If he goes into hyper mode, it means
    that Katsuie ordered him to charge and you're too late. Once he's defeated
    his ally generals will also withdraw from the battle. Go back out and
    towards your own home base. Maeda Keiji will begin to charge your home base,
    but if you go and engage him up north chances are the other enemy generals
    will take out your base while you're doing so. It's better to let Keiji
    come to you; in the meantime, take out the generals that are already
    making their way to your base. Of course, I wouldn't let Keiji IN your
    base, because if your base commander is caught in the crossfire he'll
    quickly die. Keiji is of course in hyper mode, so be careful and fight
    him near a gate if possible for the health item. Remember that Hideyoshi's
    C7 is a throw (unblockable), though in general Hideyoshi's attacks come
    out so quickly anyway that it shouldn't be too bad fighting Keiji. Once
    Keiji is defeated, the supply team will appear from the gate near Toshiie's
    base and head southwards. Pick up the weapon and complete the stage
    Tousen Arahabaki
    Stats: Base Attack 50
           Fire Element
           Musou +15
           Attack +37
           Defense +53
           Musou Charge +33
    On Tadakatsu's Gaiden, Match Before Tenshou (天正御前仕合), you must
    defeat all of the following generals before they are able to enter one
    of the three forts on the map: Hattori Hanzou, Nene, Fuuma Kotarou,
    Maeda Keiji, Miyamoto Musashi, Sasaki Kojirou, Toyotomi Hideyoshi,
    Date Masamune, and Tokugawa Ieyasu. The enemies appear in four waves
    (i.e. ninjas, and then swordsmen, etc.) and the order is somewhat random.
    Once they do appear, the generals will head for one of the three forts
    on the map; if you draw near a general, you'll get a mission to stop him
    from entering whatever fort he is headed to, which also appears somewhat
    random. You must succeed in all 9 missions. If a general goes hyper mode,
    it means he's successfully entered the fort he was headed to and you've
    failed to get the weapon. It doesn't matter if the other named generals
    enter any of the forts, so prioritize the generals listed above first.
    This is much easier if you play on 2P and get the 2P to distract (but not
    defeat) the generals from reaching their goal while you take them on
    one by one. Once you've defeated all nine generals, the supply team
    will show up from a southeast gate and head northeast. Pick it up and
    kill the remaining generals to finish the stage.
    INAHIME 稲姫
    Ama no Makakoyumi
    Stats: Base Attack 44
           Ice Element
           Attack +17
           Defense +33
           Jump +16
           Musou Charge +36
           Attack Range +38
    In Ina's first stage, Attack on Odawara Castle (小田原城攻略戦), your
    simple task is to defeat all enemy generals other than Houjou Ujinao 
    (北条氏直) and Houjou Ujimasa (北条氏政) personally. Be careful that you
    don't get your kills stolen by other generals or your bodyguard. Take
    full advantage of the midstage save system. The enemy generals outside
    the castle to the north and south are the ones most in danger of being
    killed by other generals, so prioritize them first. You must also defeat
    Fuuma Kotarou on the 2nd floor of the castle and the two generals hiding
    in the supply depot to the southwest as part of the conditions. Once
    you've defeated all of these generals, the supply team will appear from
    the northeast gate and head southwards. Intercept them to obtain the
    Koujin Wakatakeru
    Stats: Base Attack 48
           Fire Element
           Musou +17
           Attack +35
           Defense +18
           Speed +35
           Luck +19
    On Ieyasu's fifth stage, the Battle of Sekigahara (関ヶ原の戦い), your
    goal is to defeat all enemy generals. You don't have to keep your allies
    alive, which is helpful. The only tricky part is that you do have to beat
    the generals that normally defect to your side if you play the stage
    normally. Yoshikawa Hiroie (吉川広家) and Mouri Hidemoto (毛利秀元)
    defect if you defeat Ankokuji Ekei (安国寺恵瓊), so leave them all
    alone for now. Start by just defeating enemy generals in the central
    area, and take out the enemy cannons too to stop your morale from
    dropping too much. After awhile, Kobayakawa Hideaki (小早川秀秋)
    will start to waver on whether to defect to your side or not. Ieyasu
    will send Fuse Magobei (布施孫兵衛) to shoot at Kobayakawa to convince
    him. If Magobei reaches the mountain looking over his camp, Hideaki
    will defect, so you do NOT want this to happen. Rather, just stay away
    from Magobei and let him die. It might take awhile depending on the
    status of your morale. Once he dies, the western army will get a
    significant morale boost and all of the generals will charge your camp.
    Now you can defeat all of the enemy generals without worry. Once you
    defeated everybody except Ishida Mitsunari, the supply team will appear
    from the fort in the northwest, heading south.
    Shintasu no Shinsen
    Stats: Base Attack 45
           Ice Element
           Musou +36
           Defense +38
           Musou Charge +35
           Attack Range +37
    On Mitsunari's Gaiden, the Edo Campaign (江戸の陣), you must fulfill
    a certain number of missions. First go to the eastern gate and defeat
    Mogami Yoshiaki (最上義光). This will open that gate. At the same time
    the north gate will open and your general Ukita Hideie (宇喜田秀家)
    will be lured into a trap. Go up there and you'll get a mission to save
    him; do so by defeating the nearby enemy generals.  At this point
    some of your generals will go traitor. Defeat them - Yoshikawa Hiroie 
    (吉川広家), Mouri Hidemoto (毛利秀元), and Kobayakawa Hideaki
    (小早川秀秋). Return to inside the castle and defeat all of the generals
    inside in another mission. Once you do, Fuuma Kotarou will appear and
    attempt to sneak attack your base from a secret door that opens in the
    west. Go and defeat him before he can arrive at your base. Now defeat
    the one guard captain inside the east door of the castle to open a door
    and find a captured ally general, Ankokuji Ekei (安国寺恵瓊). You'll
    receive a mission to escort him back to your homebase. He's a little
    annoying since he stops to fight a lot of people, so clear out as many
    of the enemies as you can. He will be sneak attacked by some generals
    as he moves, so make sure you escort him personally. Now once you've
    done so, enter the castle proper from the north side (very important;
    if you enter the south side first and go in too far, you won't
    be able to get the weapon). Defeat the general there and you'll find
    a sealed door. Ekei will mention that there should be another path
    from the south side. Once this happens, the precious item report
    will trigger and the weapon appears on the bridge between the two
    parts of the castle. Now go to the south side and cross over to the
    north part of the castle, finding the weapon along the way. Beware as
    the stronger generals like Date Masamune and Honda Tadakatsu are lurking
    inside the castle.
    Waou no Yachihoko
    Stats: Base Attack 45
           Lightning Element
           Attack +35
           Defense +17
           Horse +35
           Musou Charge +56
    On Nagamasa's third stage, Defense of Odani Castle (小谷城防衛戦),
    first proceed forward and defeat Hori Hidemasa (掘秀政) and Kani Saizou 
    (可児才蔵). Proceed onwards and defeat Niwa Nagahide (丹羽長秀) and 
    Kanamori Nagachika (金森長近) to take the northwest fort. Immediately 
    head towards the fort in the center. Hideyoshi will break the walls and
    begin charging the castle. You need to defeat him before he invades the
    castle. Meanwhile the fort's doors will close and three more generals
    will ambush you. Defeat them all. At around this time Oichi will begin
    moving towards the northeast. Once she arrives, Maeda Toshiie (前田利家)
    and Ikeda Tsuneoki (池田恒興) will show up in the north. Defeat them.
    Now hurry to the fort in the southeast and defeat the generals attacking
    before Kaihou Tsunachika (海北綱親) is defeated. Nagamasa will then order
    his army to charge. This will cause the supply team to show up from the
    center gate on the west side. It'll head eastwards. Take the weapon and
    finish the stage.
    Stats: Base Attack 46
           Wind Element
           Life +16
           Attack +36
           Defense +37
           Musou Charge +34
           Attack Range +12
    On Sakon's fifth stage, the Battle of Sekigahara (関ヶ原の戦い), your
    simple task is to defeat all enemy generals while keeping all of your
    allies alive. You don't need to defeat the generals that defect from your
    side, so you can ignore them unless they are swarming one of your
    allies. Once you've defeat all of those enemy generals, the supply
    team will show up from a gate along the south side of the map,
    heading west. Intercept them and defeat Tokugawa Ieyasu to finish the
    stage. The vast majority of enemies on this map are generic generals,
    so this shouldn't be too hard even despite the condition that you need
    to keep your allies alive.
    Ootsuchi Ibuki
    Stats: Base Attack 48
           Wind Element
           Attack +34
           Defense +35
           Speed +54
           Musou Charge +18
    On Yoshihiro's fourth stage, Breakthrough at Sekigahara (関ヶ原突破戦),
    you must complete a number of missions personally. First defeat a few
    generals in the center area just to clear things out. Now head towards
    Ishida Mitsunari's position camped out in the southwest. A mission will pop
    up to defend him, which involves defeating the three enemy generals
    besieging him. Kill all of them yourself (i.e., no kill stealing). Now
    make your way towards Shima Sakon in the east to trigger the mission to
    defend him. Along the way, Tokugawa Ieyasu will probably order Hattori
    Hanzou to charge Mitsunari. If he does so, go down south and intercept
    Hanzou, and defeat him personally. Yoshihiro will then tell Mitsunari
    to gather in the center. Take out more generals in the center if you
    think Mitsunari will have problems. Then return to defending Sakon, which
    again involves defeating three enemy generals. After defeating those
    three, Ieyasu will order Honda Tadakatsu to charge. Defeat him as he
    comes down south and Yoshihiro will order Sakon to the center. Now go
    up to the northwest corner, and again defeat the three enemy generals
    besieging Tachibana Ginchiyo's camp. Afterwards Inahime will charge
    westwards, so go and defeat her. Once Ginchiyo reaches the center of the
    map, the real fun begins. A whole mess of Tokugawa army replacements
    suddenly appears, surrounding your allies in the general. You'll then
    get a mission to eliminate the Eastern Army, which basically involves
    killing every new general on the map. You must again do so personally.
    Be careful, Ginchiyo and Sakon have a nasty tendency to steal your kills,
    since they swing so much faster than you. Save after every successful
    kill on your part. Once you kill every general, the doors to Ieyasu's
    camp opens; at the same time a supply team will show up from the northwest
    corner, heading south. Grab the weapon and then return to defeat
    Ieyasu to finish the stage.
    Raikou Suseri
    Stats: Base Attack 44
           Lightning Element
           Life +18
           Musou +18
           Attack +20
           Defense +17
           Speed +18
           Musou Charge +20
           Attack Range +17
           Luck +19
    On Ginchiyo's first stage, Conquest of Kyushu (九州征伐), first head
    eastwards across the bridge. After the ambush scene, defeat Shimazu
    Iehisa (島津家久). Continue eastwards to the fort in the northeast and
    defeat Shimazu Tadanaga there (島津忠長). Now loop down southwards into
    the fort where Shimazu Yoshihiro awaits. Defeat him and the doors will
    open. Head out the east side and go south - time for another ambush
    sequence. After this one, defeat Shimazu Toshihisa (島津歳久). Now
    go down to the main fortress where the boss of the stage, Shimazu
    Yoshihisa (島津義久), awaits. This will prompt Iehisa, Toshihisa, and 
    Yoshihiro to show up as backup. All four of them will be in hyper mode. 
    Now the tricky part - you must defeat IN ORDER Iehisa, Toshihisa, and
    Yoshihiro. This will prompt the supply team to show up from a gate to
    the northeast, which will head westwards. Ride northwest from the enemy
    base leaving Yoshihisa behind (if you defeat him, the stage ends!) to
    intercept the supply team. Despite having four hyper generals on you
    in the end, this is Ginchiyo's first stage, and her moveset is pretty
    darn good, so this shouldn't give you that many problems.
    Kamunaobi no Mitsurugi
    Stats: Base Attack 45
           Fire Element
           Musou +56
           Defense +18
           Musou Charge +51
    In Kanetsugu's Gaiden, Uesugi Conquest (上杉征伐), your basic goal
    is to defeat Date Masamune, Honda Tadakatsu, Hattori Hanzou, and Inahime.
    First defeat the generals that begin charging your base. Soon Uesugi
    Kagekatsu (上杉景勝) will show up in the fort in the northeast. At
    the same time the Date army will show up in the north. Approach Kagekatsu
    and you'll get a mission to escort him to your base. Do so by defeating
    the nearby generals. As he draws near, Date Masamune will show up as
    well. Defeat him and Honda Tadakatsu, Hattori Hanzou, and Inahime will
    show up in the forts arrayed along the map. Maeda Keiji and Sanada Yukimura
    will assist you by taking Hanzou's and Inahime's forts, respectively, so
    you should first go after Honda Tadakatsu. Keiji and Yukimura are both
    pretty hardy, so you don't have to worry about them losing all that
    quickly (although you lose if either of them die, so be warned). After
    defeating Tadakatsu, Hanzou, and Ina, the supply team will show up from
    the gate north of the central plain and travel northeast. Catch up to
    them on a horse; then just defeat Tokugawa Ieyasu in the southwest corner
    to end the stage.
    NENE ねね
    Toyotama no Tobikodachi
    Stats: Base Attack 42
           Ice Element
           Defense +37
           Speed +38
           Attack Range +37
           Luck +38
    In Nene's third stage, Battle of Komaki Nagakute (小牧長久手の戦い),
    you must save the detached force to the east, take Iwasaki Fort,
    and then defeat all of Hattori Hanzou, Inahime, and Honda Tadakatsu. The
    first thing you should do is leave your camp and immediately head to the
    east side of the map. The detached force is extremely weak and will lose
    quickly if you do not get to them right away. To save them, defeat
    Niwa Ujishige (丹羽氏重) and Ii Naomasa (井伊直政). Now enter Iwasaki
    to the immediate south and take it by defeating Sakakibara Yasumasa
    (榊原康政). This will prompt Tokugawa Ieyasu to move his camp to the west,
    while also causing Hanzou to sneak attack your base and Tadakatsu and
    Inahime to come and try and take back Iwasaki. It takes them some time to
    get there, so it's probably better to go back to your camp and defeat
    Hanzou. Hanzou will seal the doors so you'll have to use the ninja route
    just east of the main door to get in; you should defeat him before he
    reaches your main camp. With him defeated, return to Iwasaki and defeat
    Inahime and Tadakatsu. Beware, since Tadakatsu is in hyper mode. As an
    added bonus, defeating the pair nets you 2000 gold. Once this is
    accomplished, the supply team will appear from the gate to the left of the
    middle area. It should be easy enough to intercept them on a horse.
    Stats: Base Attack 44
           Shura Element
           Life +19
           Attack +37
           Speed +38
           Jump +17
           Musou Charge +33
    On Kotarou's Gaiden, Defense of Odawara Castle (小田原城防衛戦),
    you'll need to fulfill a number of missions. The first thing you should
    do is double jump over the ninja path in the wall and start defeating
    enemies in the southern area outside the walls. Pretty soon a siege
    device will appear as well. You need to destroy the siege device, but
    make sure you wait until AFTER the mission to destroy it has spawned
    before you do, or you'll screw yourself out of the weapon. Now
    proceed north and defend the front doors by defeating the three attacking
    enemy generals without letting Chiba Naoshige (千葉直重) die.
    Continue northwards and defend the northern fort by defeating the
    attackers without letting Houjou Ujiteru (北条氏照) die. At about
    this time Nene will infiltrate the castle, but ignore her for now. Go
    towards Hideyoshi's base and eventually Tokugawa Ieyasu and many
    reinforcements will show up inside the castle. Return to the castle
    and succeed in the mission by defeating all six Tokugawa army generals.
    Continue in inside the castle and you'll find that Nene has rigged the
    castle to explode. You'll get a mission to stop her plan. You must
    do so by defeating all bomb ninjas and all gunpowder kegs on the first
    and second floors. The placement is random each time, so search carefully.
    When you've gotten all of them you'll get the mission completed notice,
    so you'll be able to know if you've missed any. With that done climb up
    to the third floor and defeat Nene. Now finally save your ally general
    in the southwest corner, Ogawara Yasuhiro (小笠原康広). Once you've
    defeated the generals around him, he'll begin retreating towards the
    castle doors. Escort him along the way, as he'll be sneak attacked by
    Shima Sakon. Once he reaches the castle gates you're done. You'll get
    a precious item report and the weapon will appear inside the castle on
    the first floor. Pick it up and finish the stage normally.
    Iwasaku Iwatsutsu
    Stats: Base Attack 48
           Shura Element
           Attack +48
           Musou Charge +35
           Attack Range +50
    On Musashi's third stage, Revolt at the Capital (京洛動乱) all you
    have to do is defeat Tokugawa Ieyasu before he retreats. He starts in the
    northwest corner and as soon as the stage starts he begins retreating
    eastwards. Ride up there and defeat him before he leaves and the supply
    team will appear from a gate along the east side, heading south. Pick
    up the weapon and complete the stage normally by allowing Toyotomi
    Hideyori to reach the escape point on the east side, then defeating Sasaki
    Kojirou when he shows up.
    Q. I can't get these weapons!
    A. Make sure you are playing on Hard difficulty. Also, be sure that you are
    playing Musou Mode, not Free Mode.
    Q. I followed everything you said, and I still didn't get these weapons!
    A. If I tell you to defeat a certain general, usually you have to do it
    personally. That means the finishing blow HAS to be done by you. Not
    your bodyguard, not by Yukimura, but you. You should be able to tell
    if you did the finishing blow because you'll get the Experience +200
    or whatever floating over your head and your general will say "Tekishou,
    uchitottari!" ("I defeated an enemy general!") or something similar.
    Barring that, it is possible that there are other conditions that I am
    not aware of, such as having to do things within a certain amount of
    time, or keeping ally generals alive. These methods are the ones that
    worked for me; if they don't work for you, power up your character and
    try again to do things faster, in case there is an unspecified time limit.
    Q. Can I play 2P?
    A. Yes, and in fact I recommend it for certain weapons. However, be
    careful that the 2P doesn't steal 1P's kills if it's important for
    a certain fourth weapon condition.
    4. CREDITS
    Thanks go to:
    Koei and Omega Force as usual.
    The only website authorized to post this FAQ is www.gamefaqs.com. If 
    you see this document elsewhere, not only are they posting without my 
    permission, but they likely do not have the most current version of this 
    FAQ. Emails to me asking questions already answered in the FAQ, even if 
    the answers are not in the version you are reading, will be deleted 
    without response.
    This FAQ Copyright 2006 to Edward Chang. Redistribution in any form,
    including reprinting in electronic or print media, without express
    permission of the author is strictly forbidden.

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