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    Azai Nagamasa by leonkung000

    Version: 0.80 | Updated: 03/07/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Samurai warriors 2 / Sengoku musou 2 FAQ
    version 0.80
    started on 7 March 2006
    by LeonKung
    Email: kung_tai_tak@yahoo.com
    1. Introduction
    2. Character biography
    3. Unlocking Nagamasa
    4. Story mode
    5. Moveset
    -a-S chain
    -b-Charge moves
    6. Wall Kisser glitch
    -a-Making money at infinite castle
    -b-Kill red aura generals effortlessly 
    7. Abusing Nagamasa on Hell mode
    8. Missions
    9. Weapons
    -a-Descriptions of first 3 weapons
    -b-How to obtain the 4th weapon
    10. Strategies on each stage of musou mode
    11. Description of costume
    12. FMVs
    13. Stats
    14. Final words
    This FAQ has some subjects imcompleted, and it will be done as soon 
    as possible:
    Unfinished parts :
    2. Character biography
    8. Missions
    10. Strategies on each stage of musou mode
    If you feel there is anything that you can contribute to change or 
    improve (from 4th weapon methods to name spellings) please feel free 
    to contact me.
    v. 0.80 - first submitted and some areas unfinished, they will be 
    done as soon as possible
    1. Introduction
    This guide is dedicated to provide information about Azai Nagamasa 
    (some spells it by Asai). Although he may not be the most important 
    person in the sengoku era, he sure has a great part in this release 
    of SW2. He is my favourite character and his moveset caters both 1 
    on 1 and crowded situations, giving him versatility and enjoyment 
    to play as.
    2. Character biography
    Coming soon!
    3.Unlocking Nagamasa
    It is not difficult at all to unlock Nagamasa, clear Oichi's 
    musou mode (who is already avaliable at the start), and Nagamasa 
    will be unlocked the next time you enter the character selection 
    4.Story Mode
    Nagamasa has 5 stages and 1 Extra stage like most of the other 
    characters. They are as follows :
    1. Battle of Anegawa
    2. Battle of Usa-Yama
    3. Defense of Odani Castle
    4. Decisive battle of Shi-zugatake
    5. Battle of Kanegasake
    E. Battle of Sekigahara
    Battle of Sekigahara is unlocked after you clear Nagamasa's musou 
    5. Moveset
    Nagamasa has great versatility when fighting crowds and 1 on 1 
    situations, his S chain consist of mainly horizontal sweeps 
    with his lance and therefore has a great range with a wide area 
    covered. Some of his charge moves are made for 1 on 1 situations, 
    and most of the others have a crowd clearing factor to it. 
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Special moves:
    R1 + T  Summon ambush 
    Summons a team of troops from behind, the type of troops is 
    randomly decided.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    | 5x Female fighters (with Naginata)
    | 4x Kunoichi (speed fighters)
    | 4x Male Ninjas (speed fighters with occasional bombing attacks)
    | 4x Wind Ninja (agile movements coupled with a few special skills)
    | 3x Strike Ninja (pushes the enemies away, good HP)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    R1 + S  Elemental enhancement
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Nagamasa holds his lance up and causes an aura to appear, his 
    lance becomes elemental and he emits clear aura from behind 
    (aesthetics only)
    The element will be the element you have on your weapon, when you 
    have a non-elemental weapon equiped, I believe it becomes wind 
    Advantages and disadvantages of each element enhance:
    *Fire - does additional damage, not a significiant amount however. 
    Recommended for advanced players only, good for 1 on 1 situations. 
    Fire juggle has decreased it effectiveness.
    *Lightning - stuns the enemies, cause them to fall onto the ground 
    slowly, and stops their movements instantly if they are half way 
    into an attack. It also stuns the enemies in the opponent's 
    vincinity and causes shock.
    *Ice - A chance of stopping the enemie's movement completely 
    for a fixed amount of time, the damage done doubles while the 
    enemy is in the frozen state, works particularly well with his 
    wide range S chain when playing Hell mode
    *Wind - Ignores the opponent's defence when attacking, does a 
    great deal of damage (more than fire) when used with his S chain, 
    however this may not be effective for non-flinching enemies 
    (such as in mugenjyou mode)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    5.-a- S chain
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    The first 7 hits are horizontal, most have 360 degrees range, and 
    the effective distance is good too, works well as a crowd killer.
    As you get to the 8-11 hits, Nagamasa does 4 elemental stabs, 
    the range is relatively low and hence should not be used often. 
    The last hit Nagamasa does a 360 degrees elemental spin, with a 
    wide range and area of effect, this also works good as a crowd 
    clearer, however it is a disadvantage that this move comes after 
    the 4 stabs. 
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    5.-b- Charge moves
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    The convention for warrior games is: T=triangle, S=squaure
    T= C1
    ST = C2
    SST = C3 etc
    C1 [non-elemental] - does a 180 degrees slash, knock back and 
    breaks guard, a disadvantage that it has a relatively slow 
    initiation time, can be abused when you have no enemies behind 
    you, however when there is, you are leaving your back wide open
    C2 [non-elemental] - takes the enemy up into the air, not the 
    most useful move he has, as this is non-elemental, it has practically 
    no use other than to show off
    C3 [non-elemental] - does a stab with his lance, stun effect. 
    A useful move when you need to stun the opponent so that he/she 
    is open for your musou attack. The range is slightly low.
    C4 [elemental all time] - does a long range thrust, in a straight 
    line, while running forward, not easy to aim, but great for 
    escaping, the AI is not good at guarding this move, therefore 
    you can use it to charge into a crowd and leave unscarthed. 
    C5 [elemental all time] - flys up and stabs into the ground 
    producing a small earthquake, 360 area attack, with moderate 
    range. This stands out as a quick crowd killer when you are 
    half way in your S chain. This move can be used to quickly take 
    out AI controlled generals as if your S chain is blocked, and 
    you initiate this move, the AI will highly likely to stop 
    blocking and get hit by this. However, if your S chain landed, 
    AI will block this move. 
    C6 [elemental when element enhanced] - Stabs his lance into 
    the ground, and spins horizontally using his lance as the 
    pivot, 360 degrees, range is restricted by his height :) 
    This move is good to kill Defense leaders with shields, as 
    it can break right into the enemy without having to destroy 
    his shield, it also causes a stun that they become vunerable 
    to other attacks. It has fast initiation, however the recoil 
    time is not too good if it misses.
    C7 [non-elemental, unblockable]- stabs his lance into the 
    enemie's chest , and throws the enemy out, only works with a 
    single enemy. When your S chain is blocked, if you initiate this 
    move, the computer will likely to continue blocking (i.e. not 
    moving) and walk straight into this unblockable move. This does 
    a good amount of damage, draws distance, and can be abused on 
    tough 1 on 1 situations. 
    C8 [elemental all time] - stabs a numerous times[the amount of 
    stabs depend on the number of T you pressed] , (like yuki's old 
    C4) and does a jump spin, attacks horizontally with a wide range, 
    then a horizontal projectile appears and clears the front with 
    good knock back effect. I personally do not press T more than 
    twice to get the projectile out as soon as possible, due to its 
    high range and knock back effect which is needed when you are 
    stuck in crowded situations. AI generals will likely to block 
    the stabs, but not the aura projectile, so this move can be 
    used as an opener where the enemy falls on the ground, you can 
    make your preparations for the fight (recovery, summon ambush, 
    elemental enhance, draw distance etc)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    5.-c-.Musou attack
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Musou attack letter - ¤¯ [meaning passion, agape]
    True musou attack letter - «H [meaning trust, loyalty]
    Normal musou - Nagamasa emits an aura to stun the enemies (just 
    like the other generals), and starts stabbing numerous times until 
    your musou gauge has depleted. You can rotate around when using 
    This move is greatly used before you get to lvl 45 (lvl 3 musou 
    comes in), where you freeze the enemy, and initiate your musou 
    to obtain double damage for about 4 seconds. This move does not 
    stand out as a crowd clearer, but a general killer if used properly. 
    Nagamasa's musou can become elemental if you use R1+S to enhance 
    weapon elements first. Therefore, a wind elemental and ice 
    elemental weapon is recommended (for great damage)if you decide 
    to use musou attack as your main weapon on the field. 
    True musou [Hp showing red, or KoRan lvl 2 or above]
    Musou becomes fire elemental, all the stabs will inflict more damage, 
    with gradual damage added. Then he finishes with a few horizontal 
    slashes and poses with sakura petals flying off across the screen. 
    Lvl 3 musou [when you reach about lvl 45, and you have 3 separate 
    gauges in your musou bar] Nagamasa emits an electric field around 
    him , while you can either do stabs with circle, or move around 
    (works like kunoichi's musou), the field does HUGE damage and a 
    SICK number of hit count. This move can be abused (see Wall 
    Kissing glitch below)
    6. Wall kisser glitch
    As i have talked about, there is a glitch at Nagamasa's lvl 3 
    musou (and lvl 3 true musou), where you can increase the damage 
    done by the electric field- A LOT
    Observe when the electric field is emitted, whenever you touch a 
    button on the D-pad, Nagamasa moves, when he makes a nudge, then 
    stop, the electric field RESETS itself!
    So, unleash your lvl 3 musou, and rapidly press up, down, left , 
    right, instanteously, Nagamasa will nudge a bit, and the electric 
    field will reset rapidly too, resulting in rapid emission of the 
    electric field (if this makes sense), there will be tons more 
    emissions when just normal musous, and this can be abused....
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    6.-a- Making money at infinite castle
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    At floors 95-100, you will be facing enemies where you attack them, 
    they drop money....so go to a crowd, and unleash your lvl 3 musou, 
    as they are peons, they can't move when you are musou-ing, so ...
    press up, up , up, up, down , down , down ,down, random buttons etc,
    and you will do immense amount of hits, hence gettin tons of gold
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    6.-b- Kill red aura generals effortlessly 
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    when you emit the field on a general, the general will be pushed 
    back and fly away from you, so, you want to maximise the electric 
    field's hits, what can you do....? to minimise the fly off distance?
    This is the method, push the gereral against a wall, and let a S 
    chain go off until the 4th hit or so so that the enemy will take 
    your hits, then use your lvl 3 musou press up and down rapidly! 
    KEY :   
    *      = impact      
    -----> =direction of movement
    1. ||||| wall ||||| General * <----field--------- Nagamasa
    field hits the general and does damage
    2. ||||| wall |||||*General <--------field--------- Nagamasa
    general hits the wall and bounce back
    3. ||||| wall ||||| *-----> General*<----field----- Nagamasa
    general gets into the field and get hit again!
    4. ||||| wall ||||| General * <----field--------- Nagamasa
    field hits the general and does damage
    "but would u say he's broken goog or just good or what?!?! " - Rigochu
    with this glitch, he is still a normal playable char at open areas, 
    but in areas such as the infinite castle, this glitch can be used 
    quite ..... intentionally, you might WANT to use it when you are in 
    trouble, cos...i did :P
    Wall kisser works the best when there is a medium distance between 
    Nagamasa and the opponent, if you are too far, you cant hit him , 
    and if you are too close, the opponent will bounce off away to the 
    7. Abusing Nagamasa on Hell mode
    Hell mode is not like chaos mode in DW3, but only becomes more 
    difficult due to increase of damage dealt to you, and some button 
    reading. Therefore one possibility to counter this is to read the 
    AI and increase the defense yourself
    I personally use a lvl 3 weapon, with Ice elemental, since having 
    a freezing S chain works better than a stunning S chain on Hell 
    mode due to its ability to stop enemy movement completely, while 
    having them vunlerable to your attacks. My preferred set up for 
    his weapon is:
    Lvl 3 weapon - Holy Lance "Imported Steel"
    base attack 35
    Attributes: [Ice elemental]
    Attack +15   Attack +17
    Defense +18  Defense + 17
    Musou Inc+20 Musou Inc+14
    Musou Inc+15 Range+17
    Yes it is obviously luck that gave me this weapon, and some save and 
    load works done as well, although you do not need a weapon to such 
    quality to counter Hell mode, but a strong weapon always helps. I 
    find myself using Nagamasa's musou to clear generals in Hell mode a 
    lot as it does the most damage. Most of the time I freeze the 
    opponent using "elemental enhance" and unleash a musou from there 
    for double damage.
    Defense and HP are important, but I chose defense as it slows down 
    the rate you lose HP, a +200 rice ball will effectively heal a lot 
    more if you have defense + 40 than health +40. 
    Most Effective moves:
    C5, C6, C7
    C5 is where Nagamasa jumps up and thrusts his lance onto the ground 
    and create an earthquake, it is fast initiating and elemental. Most 
    of the time you will freeze all peons around you, and probably a 
    general as well. When your S chain is blocked by a general, he will 
    be very unlikely to block this due to a slight delay/lag time to 
    initiate this move (fast initiation, but still contains a very 
    slight lag where AI can "think"). This moves should be used the 
    most when you are fighting a general and is surrounded by peons. 
    It often clears off the peons by flying them away, or freezing 
    them, where you can have more time to take the general's health 
    C6 is where Nagamasa stabs his lance onto the ground and does a 
    horizontal kick. This attacks straight through defense leader's 
    shields, hence it saves a lot of time when you are killing those 
    leaders, as you do not have to break the shield anymore by using 
    20+ S chain hits. This attack breaks through shields, and also 
    stuns as well, hence making the enemies open to your attacks, where 
    you can use the most damaging moves such as C8. When peons do block 
    your S chain, they will unlikely to block C6, however a general 
    will still block this as the lag time is shorter than C5. Do use 
    this move carefully as you will leave yourself wide open if you 
    miss due to long recoil time. 
    This move can be abused if you want to clear the cannons quickly 
    in Sekigahara, or in similar situations, where the leaders have 
    strong shields. 
    C7 is where Nagamasa stabs his lance into the enemie's chest and 
    throws him away, although this only works on one enemy, and 
    effectively leaving your back open, it is an unblockable move 
    that can break the guard of the strongest generals (such as 
    Tadakatsu and Keiji), if they block your S chain, they are likely 
    to block this, they think they can block this stab too, too bad 
    for them its a throw attack. It does moderate damage and draws a 
    good distance between you and the opponent. This move can be 
    abused for situtations such as the battle tourament in Mugenjyou, 
    as you fight 1 on 1 with the strongest generals. 
    This move is ineffective in crowds as it is likely that you throw 
    a peon instead of the general you want. 
    8. Missions
    Coming Soon!
    9. Weapons
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    -a-Descriptions of first 3 weapons
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    In SW2, weapons no longer affect your attack number, you will 
    get the amount of hits decided by your skill level. Getting a 
    good weapon for a new character will not increase your attack 
    number, and getting a low level weapon for a maxed character 
    will remain maxed attack
    First weapon - KiriHoko [Meaning : Lance]
    Grey iron lance
    Base attack 20
    Second weapon - Aokishi [Meaning : Azure knight]
    Dark blue lance body with gold handle
    Base attack 29
    Third weapon - Seisou hakuraikou [Meaning : Holy Lance "imported steel"
    Silver lance with gold indentations along the lance body. With a 
    silver-gold handle
    Base attack 37
    Forth Weapon - WaouNoYachihoko [Meaning : Foreign king "eight 
    thousand pike"] 
    Dark blue lance body, with a golden lance head, a wide handle 
    coloured in gold also. 
    Base attack 45
    Fixed additions :
    attack +19
    attack +16
    defense + 17
    horse abilities + 18
    horse abilities + 17
    musou increase +20
    musou increase +19
    musou increase +17
    LIGHTNING elemental
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    -b-How to obtain the 4th weapon
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    The method is to do all missions that is required to start the 
    Azai army's charge to the Oda camp. Nagamasa will say something 
    along the line of "All troops charge towards the Oda camp now", 
    do the procedure under 10 minutes, and the event will appear, 
    and you will get a supply team appearing.
    A horse is recommended, as there is a time limit of 10 minutes:
    1. First, move forward [effectively moving west on the map], and 
    you will see 2 generals : Kani Saizou and Hori Hidemasa, defeat 
    both as quickly as possible using wind elemental weapons as they 
    deal the most damage for now. 
    Time now : 59'24"06
    2. When they are both defeated, pop on your horse and move west 
    again, and you will encounter the 2 generals :  Niwa Nagahide and 
    Kanamori Nagachika, you will receive a mission to clear the area , 
    defeat those 2 as well, they are as easy as the first 2 in difficulty.
    Time now : 58'38"96
    3.By now, you will receive 2 messages from the enemy generals, 
    one is Hashiba Hideyoshi moving to the Yamata Fort, and the 
    other is Shibata Katsuie advances, take no notice with katsuie 
    for now, and move south to the central fort, where Hideyoshi is 
    approaching. When you start to move to the fort, you should see 
    a message of the Asakura army arriving and takes the north west 
    fort, and another one of Katsuie approching the East fort.
    4. Defeat Hideyoshi and Oichi will start approaching Top fort.
    Time now : 57'48"61
    5. All the doors of the fort you are within now will close, you 
    will be ambushed by : Andou Morinari, Ushiie Yukihiro, and Inaba 
    Ichtetu. Defeat them all. Then the doors of the fort will be open, 
    and you can now leave for 2 things, Katsuie assaulting our army 
    at the south, or the generic general waiting at the west. I would 
    recommend Katsuie at the south:
    Time now : 57'15"65
    6. Arrive at the south where Katsuie, Takigawa Kazumasu, and 
    Sasa Narimasa. You will get a mission to defend the base .Take 
    out Katsuie first, as he is the stronges, remember to draw distance 
    and use unblockable moves (C7). Then the mission will succeed, 
    take out the other two with ease. Move to the west fort with the 
    Time now : 55'50"73
    7. Oichi arrives at Komari while you are half way towards the generic. 
    Time now : 55'28"91
    8. Take Gamou Uzhisato out, and you will probably receive a 
    message of Oda calling reinforcement at the North, at the top 
    fort, where Oichi is, ignore it for now, because Oichi is VERY 
    9. Move north after you have defeated Gamou Uzhisato, You will 
    encounter Mori Ranmaru, unlike the other generals, he is actually 
    quite strong, take him out using elements or AI teesing. Half way 
    in the battle with Ranmaru, Akechi Mitsuhide will call ambush 
    where you fought Gamou Uzhisato. 
    10. Ranmaru is defeated, move to the top fort and ignore Mitsuhide 
    for now
    Time now : 54'44"20
    11. Arrive at the top fort, and you encounter Maeda Toshiie and 
    Ikeda Tuneoki. defeat both. If in trouble, try to have Oichi assist 
    you by luring one away, but remember to save often as Oichi may 
    steal your kill.
    Time now : 53'44"50 
    12. Supply Team will appear! At where Mitsuhide is at now, grab 
    your horse and take the weapon. The supply team will move south 
    east and exit from the ally base, try your best to kill the head 
    before they escape, a red weapon case drops, and there is your 
    Waou No yachihoko!
    Time now : 53'01"62
    Of course, this is only a guide line, you should decide your own 
    strategy that is the most effective on you.
    Shortened procedure:
    -Defeat Kani Saizou and Hori Hidemasa at the north
    -Defeat Niwa Nagahide and Kanamori Nagachika at the North west fort
    -Defeat Hashiba Hiedyoshi at the central fort
    -Defeat Andou Morinari, Ushiie Yukihiro, and Inaba Ichtetu when 
    you are ambushed at the central fort
    -Defeat Katsuie, Takigawa Kazumasu, and Sasa Narimasa at the south
    -Defeat Gamou Uzhisato
    -Defeat Mori Ranmaru
    -Defeat Maeda Toshiie and Ikeda Tuneoki at north fort
    10. Strategies on each stage of musou mode
    Coming soon!
    11. Description of costume
    Unlike SW1, there is only one costume in this release. 
    Nagamasa has his signature tall helmet (blue) with a gold U shaped 
    decoration. A light blue metallic vest on top of a grey light armor, 
    with golden feathers stitched to the shoulder opening to his vest.  
    He has 2 black shoulder pads. His gloves are the same colour as his 
    vest. The back of his vest is long enough to cover half of his lower 
    body, where he wears white trousers with protective pads on the legs. 
    Then he has long boots that starts from his knees, with the same 
    colour as his vest
    12. FMVs
    Nagamasa has 5 FMVs, 1 opening, 1 ending, leaving 3 pre-stage 
    videos. To obtain them, just clear his musou mode. 
    Opening- before Anegawa
    Nagamasa betrays Nobunaga and allies with Asakura, considers 
    aspects such as Loyalty, betrayal, and love, charging his army 
    into Anegawa and aims to take Oda out.
    1st video - before Odani castle
    Before the final battle with oda, talks with Oichi about which 
    force she should join in? Would she value love more than familyship?
    2nd video- before Shi-zugatake
    Oda is defeated, Nagamasa feels that what he has done did not 
    obey the laws of loyalty and trust, yet Oichi thinks otherwise...
    3rd video- before Kanegasaki
    Nagamasa woke up in the battlefield of Kanegasaki, and found out 
    that he did not unite the land, it was all a dream?
    Ending - Finish Kanegasaki
    Ending! Do they regret for what they have done?
    13. Stats
    Starting stats
    Health: 115
    Musou: 90
    Attack: 91
    Defense: 88
    Horse abilities: 99
    Movement: 106
    Jump: 100
    Luck: 87
    Maxed stats
    Health: 289
    Musou: 270
    Attack: 186
    Defense: 181
    Horse abilities: 191
    Movement: 171
    Jump: 165
    Luck: 180
    Final words
    Thankyou for reading this FAQ, however please do not reproduce 
    or reuse information presented for reasons other than personal 
    uses, and must not be distributed without permission. 
    Copyrighted 2006 , LeonKung

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