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    Secrets and Tricks Guide by EChang

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/12/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       by Edward Chang (chang dot 459 at osu dot edu)
    v1.0 (3-12-06)
    Revision History
    v1.0 (3-12-06)
       First version.
    1. Introduction
    2. Unlockables
       -Hell Difficulty
    3. Bugs, Glitches, and Tricks
       -Save and Load Tips
       -Money Making
       -Buying Things For Free
       -Level 3 Musou Ougi Abuse
       -Fun With Nene
    4. Credits
    This is a guide for Koei/Omega Force's action game Sengoku Musou 2. 
    Sengoku Musou 2 is the sequel to the popular Sengoku Musou, known in
    America/Europe as Samurai Warriors. Sengoku Musou 2 adds many new
    characters and features to the franchise.
    This guide is about various tricks and secrets in the game, from
    the basic unlockables to bugs, glitches, and exploits in the game to
    make things easier or just simply to fool around and have fun.
    This FAQ makes use of SJIS encoding in order to display Japanese
    characters. I included this feature so that if you do not know
    Japanese, you can easily match up the characters on your TV screen
    to the characters in this guide. You will need to have support for
    viewing Japanese characters on your computer, however. Newer versions
    of Windows should have it built in; otherwise, you'll either need to
    get a program like NJStar Communicator, or you'll need to get 
    Japanese character support for Internet Explorer and open this file 
    in IE instead of Notepad/Wordpad. Go up to View and select Encoding,
    then pick Japanese (Auto-Select) to view the characters properly.
    The only website authorized to post this FAQ is www.gamefaqs.com. If 
    you see this document elsewhere, not only are they posting without my 
    permission, but they likely do not have the most current version of this 
    FAQ. Emails to me asking questions already answered in the FAQ, even if 
    the answers are not in the version you are reading, will be deleted 
    without response.
    Hell Difficulty is an additional level of difficulty in the game. There
    are no special merits for Hell Difficulty yet. (In the first Sengoku
    Musou, the Sengoku Musou Moushouden expansion added 6th weapons that
    were earned on Hell Difficulty). To unlock Hell Difficulty all you
    have to do is clear Oda Nobunaga's, Toyotomi Hideyoshi's, and Tokugawa
    Ieyasu's Musou Modes.
    There are 26 characters in the game; however, when you first start the
    game you'll only have access to 7 characters. To unlock the rest of the
    characters, you must clear the game with some of the default characters.
    Also, if you have save files from the previous games in the series
    (Sengoku Musou and Sengoku Musou Moushouden/Samurai Warriors and Samurai
    Warriors Xtreme Legends) you'll be able to start with more than the
    initial 7. The additional generals you'll get are Uesugi Kenshin and 
    Hattori Hanzou if you have Sengoku Musou, and Honda Tadakatsu if you
    have Sengoku Musou Moushouden.
    Sanada Yukimura - Default
    Akechi Mitsuhide - Default
    Oichi - Default
    Tokugawa Ieyasu - Default
    Ishida Mitsunari - Default
    Tachibana Ginchiyo - Default
    Fuuma Kotarou - Default
    Maeda Keiji - Clear Naoe Kanetsugu's Musou Mode
    Oda Nobunaga - Clear Saika Magoichi's Musou Mode
    Uesugi Kenshin - Clear Naoe Kanetsugu's Musou Mode
    Okuni - Play Sugoroku in Single Player mode and win
    Saika Magoichi - Clear Akechi Mitsuhide's Musou Mode
    Takeda Shingen - Clear Uesugi Kenshin's Musou Mode
    Date Masamune - Clear Saika Magoichi's Musou Mode
    Nouhime - Clear Oda Nobunaga's Musou Mode
    Hattori Hanzou - Clear Fuuma Kotarou's Musou Mode
    Mori Ranmaru - Clear Mori Ranmaru's Request #2 (see below)
    Toyotomi Hideyoshi - Clear Ishida Mitsunari's Musou Mode
    Honda Tadakatsu - Clear Tokugawa Ieyasu's Musou Mode
    Inahime - Clear Honda Tadakatsu's Musou Mode
    Azai Nagamasa - Clear Oichi's Musou Mode
    Shima Sakon - Clear Ishida Mitsunari's Musou Mode
    Shimazu Yoshihiro - Clear Tachibana Ginchiyo's Musou Mode
    Naoe Kanetsugu - Clear Sanada Yukimura's Musou Mode
    Nene - Clear Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Musou Mode
    Miyamoto Musashi - Unlock all characters except Mori Ranmaru and Okuni
    To unlock Okuni, you need to play the Sugoroku (双六) game mode.
    This game plays similar to Monopoly, where you buy territories and
    try to get the most money. Sugoroku is beyond the scope of this guide,
    but be warned that you need to play single player and you need to win
    in order to unlock Okuni.
    To unlock Mori Ranmaru, you need to clear some specific missions in
    the Infinite Castle. Start out on 1F by taking Mori Ranmaru's
    Request (森蘭丸の願い). This request is fairly simple; it just requires
    defeating some enemy generals. Once you complete it, this will unlock
    Maeda Keiji's Request (前田慶次の願い) on 6F and Akechi Mitsuhide's
    request (明智光秀の願い) on 11F. Take Keiji's request on 6F; again,
    it's very simple. Now onto Akechi Mitsuhide's request on 11F. Mitsuhide's
    requests are much more complicated. On 11F, you need to make it to 
    the stairs without passing through a room with any guards. The guard
    positions change as you change rooms. Nevertheless, this one is
    quite simple. Simply go up, left, down, and then down to reach the
    stairs. On 12F, you ned to eavesdrop at the doors without getting spotted 
    by the patrolling guards. "Getting spotted" is defined as being in the 
    same room as the patrolling guards at any time, regardless of whether 
    they're facing you or not. The guards always move in the same pattern, 
    so just take some to memorize the pattern and move accordingly. Once you've
    got the required information, the stairway to the next floor opens.
    On 13F, you need to distract Maeda Keiji so that Mitsuhide can slip
    by him. Go and find Keiji and get him to start chasing you, then
    lead him to the X on the map. Once you do Mitsuhide will make a beeline
    for the stairs. You must continue distracting Keiji until Mitsuhide
    makes it upstairs. Be careful, since Keiji is quite powerful and will
    kill you if you aren't careful. You also cannot kill him, as he will
    instantly heal if he takes more than a certain amount of damage. On
    14F, the mission is the same as that on 12F, just with a bigger map.
    Finally, on 15F you must defeat all of the strike ninjas. This completes
    Mitsuhide's request, and causes Akechi Mitsuhide's Request #2
    (明知光秀の願いその2) to spawn on 21F.
    Make your way to 21F (you can take whatever you want on 16F) and take
    Mitsuhide's second request. This time the missions are much simpler,
    as they just require defeating some generals. Now Mori Ranmaru's
    Request #2 (森蘭丸の願いその2) will spawn on 31F. Make your way there;
    again, you can take whatever you want on 26F. Proceed with Mori
    Ranmaru's missions. The tricky part comes on 33F, where you must choose
    to chase one of 3 possible suspects. Head up the right side stairs
    to chase Maeda Keiji. On 34F, defeat Maeda Keiji. Then on 35F, you
    must defeat Tokugawa Ieyasu and Akechi Mitsuhide. This completes Mori
    Ranmaru's second mission, and unlocks him for use in the game.
    Incidentally the story in these missions continue, and clearing the
    further missions allows the unlocking of Mori Ranmaru's fourth weapon.
    See my fourth weapons guide for more information on that.
    Every character except for Okuni and Mori Ranmaru has a Gaiden (side
    story) which is separate from their Musou Mode. To unlock most of the
    Gaidens, all you have to do is clear that general's Musou Mode, but a
    few of the Gaidens require some extra steps, which I have listed here.
    Uesugi Kenshin - Clear Takeda Shingen's Gaiden
    Oichi - Clear Nouhime's Gaiden
    Saika Magoichi - Clear Date Masamune's Musou Mode
    Ishida Mitsunari - Clear Naoe Kanetsugu's Musou Mode
    Most of the horses in the game come up randomly in the shop; however,
    there are three unique horses, Matsukaze, Kanketsuba, and Houshou
    Tsukige. To unlock them for purchase, you must do specific tasks.
    Matsukaze - You must buy several other high rank horses. This isn't
    tricky at all, but requires some monetary investment. Matsukaze has
    maxed stats.
    Kanketsuba - On 71F, you must take the Supply Leader Rescue mission
    (荷駄頭救出戦). To get this mission to spawn in the first place, you'll
    need to have completed the Medicine Materials mission (秘薬の材料)
    at some point in time. On 71F, simply defeat the bandit leaders.
    On 72F, defeat Saika Magoroku (雑賀孫六); then on 73F, defeat
    Saika Magoichi. On 74F, defeat both Okuni and Saika magoichi. Then
    on 75F, defeat Fuuma Kotarou and all of Hideyoshi's generals. On all
    of these missions, you must keep your supply team captain ally alive.
    Clearing this mission makes Kanketsuba available for purchase.
    Kanketsuba has maxed stats, and additionally has the bonus of setting
    enemies on fire.
    Houshou Tsukige - On 71F, you must take the Merchant's Escort mission 
    (よろず屋主人の警護). Like with Kanketsuba, you must keep your ally alive
    at all times. On 71F, you need to defeat the strike ninjas that attack
    you. 72F is quite annoying, as the supply team captain will start
    wandering around the map at random, not going for the stairs for awhile.
    Escort him all the time and do not let him take too much damage. On
    73F you must defeat bandit captains to unlock the doors in your way.
    On 74F the supply team captain will be lost somewhere; you must find him
    to proceed. Finally, on 75F you must defeat Honda Tadakatsu, Inahime,
    and Tachibana Ginchiyo. Doing so makes this horse purchasable in the
    shop. Houshou Tsukige has maxed power and speed, and has the additional 
    special ability that you cannot be knocked off him.
    Most of the bodyguards in the game come up randomly in the shop; 
    however, there are two unique bodyguards, Shibata Katsuie and Sasaki
    Kojirou. To unlock them for hire, you must complete certain missions
    in the Infinite Castle.
    Shibata Katsuie - On 76F, you must take the mission "The Tragic Beauty"
    (薄幸の佳人). On that floor all you have to do is defeat Oichi. On 77F,
    you must defeat Hashiba Hideyoshi within 1 minute. On 78F, you must
    defeat Akechi Mitsuhide and Mori Ranmaru in 3 minutes. After that, 
    Oda Nobunaga appears and you must defeat him as well to continue
    upstairs. On 79F, several of Azai Nagamasa's subgenerals continually
    respawn; you must defeat them repeatedly until Nagamasa himself shows
    up, at which point you need to defeat him to continue. Finally, on 80F
    you must defeat Shibata Katsuie himself. Doing so unlocks him in
    the shop. The middle three floors are quite tough and you'll have to
    have quite a strong general and good AI reading skills to make it
    through successfully.
    Sasaki Kojirou - On 76F, you must take the mission "Promotion Test"
    (登用試験). On that floor all you have to do is defeat 100 enemies in
    five minutes. Next on 77F you must defeat 3 generals in 5 minutes. Then 
    on 78F you must defeat 3 generals in hyper mode in 5 minutes. On 79F
    you must defeat Sasaki Kojirou in 5 minutes. Finally, on 80F you
    need to defeat a hyper Miyamoto Musashi in 5 minutes. After this a
    hyper Sasaki Kojirou shows up; defeat him to unlock him in the shop.
    Again, the time limits make this tough, so you'll need a strong general
    to succeed.
    There are many bugs and glitches in the game. Some of them are just
    strange or there for fun, but others are actually quite usable (and
    Be aware that you can save at almost any time, including during a battle.
    (Sadly, you cannot save during the Infinite Castle except at every 5
    floors.) To save during battle, all you have to do is select Midgame
    Save (途中保存) and then Save (記録) from the menu. You can save from the
    main menu just by going to options (各種設定), then choosing save
    (セーブ). There are several useful things you can do by saving and loading.
    -If you are trying to Steal a specific skill from a general, you can
    save just before killing that general. If you fail to steal the skill,
    soft reset (Start+Select) and immediately try again.
    -If you are trying to earn a fourth weapon, you can save to keep your
    progress. Saving is particularly helpful to prevent kill stealing on
    the part of your bodyguard or allied generals. If you do get kill-
    stolen, just soft reset and try again.
    -When you are enhancing your weapons in the shop, it's very helpful
    to save from the main menu first. If you do not get a bonus that you
    like, reload and try again; the bonus you'll get will be different each
    This isn't a bug to insta-kill anybody you want (sadly), but it's
    useful in a few limited circumstances. If an enemy is fleeing, it's
    possible to kill them in one hit, no matter how much health they have
    left. The most ridiculous example of this is in the Battle of Anegawa
    (姉川の戦い), playing on Azai Nagamasa's side. If you defeat Tokugawa
    Ieyasu, the rest of his army will flee, including Honda Tadakatsu. 
    While doing this, you can kill all of them, even Tadakatsu, in one hit.
    There are a few useful tips you can use to make money.
    -Toyotomi Hideyoshi's R1+S special tech is an enhancement that makes it
    so that enemies he defeats drop money. The money they drop can range
    anywhere from piddling 5 gold pieces to large 100 gold chests. What
    you get depends on his luck, so buff it as much as possible if you're
    going to go for this method. (Hideyoshi's fourth weapon has Luck +60,
    making it especially suited for this purpose.)
    -If you play any stage on 2P, you get twice the money for completing it.
    So an easy thing to do is even if you are playing alone, to play with
    2P, then just move the second player to a safe place and finish the
    stage normally.
    -You can get a bonus of 2000 gold on certain stages for defeating
    some generals. On the Battle of Komaki Nagakute (小牧長久手の戦い),
    playing on Hideyoshi's side, taking the southeast fort straight away
    will prompt Honda Tadakatsu and Inahime to charge in an attempt to
    take the fort back.  Defeat them both and you'll earn a 2000 gold
    bonus. On the Battle of Anegawa (姉川の戦い) on Azai Nagamasa's side,
    defeating Honda Tadakatsu nets you 2000 gold. You can combine this
    with the insta-kill tip described above to  really make things easy
    for you.
    -In the Infinite Castle, on certain missions you may get 'bonus time'
    after completing a floor's tasks. During bonus time hitting an enemy
    causes them to drop money, and the more hits you make the more money
    you get. You can combine this with the Level 3 Musou Ougi Abuse glitch
    (see below) to make massive amounts of money in a short period of time
    by abusing Nouhime's or Azai Nagamasa's Musou Ougis.
    There is a glitch that allow you to buy things in the store and then get 
    back the money you spent on whatever you bought. To do so, do the
    First, pick a general in Musou Mode and go into a stage. As soon as the
    stage starts, save (Midgame Save (途中保存) and then Save (記録) from 
    the main menu) and then exit the stage (終了 from the menu). Now choose
    resume (再開) from the main menu. On the preparation screen, press X
    to cancel and return to the menu. Now select Free Mode and choose a
    different character from the one you picked earlier. Go into the shop
    and buy whatever you want. If you still have money left over, return
    to the character select screen and pick a different character and buy
    even more stuff. Once you're out of money, return to the stage select
    screen and soft reset with Start+Select. Upon doing so, you should find
    that you have all of your money back, but all of the skills/bodyguards/
    horses you bought will remain in your data! 
    Level 3 Musou Ougis all have additional special support effects during
    them. There is a glitch that can cause these additional special effects
    to come out much more rapidly than normal. Basically all you have to do
    is activate the Musou Ougi, then either mash L1 to guard, or hold down
    L1 and mash the directional pad to keep changing direction. Every time
    you do, the additional effects 'reset' and start happening again. The
    faster you mash, the more often the additional effects come out.
    This trick is most useful with two particular generals, Azai Nagamasa
    and Nouhime. In Azai Nagamasa's case, his additional special effects
    is to cause a 360 shockwave around him. Normally this blows enemies
    away from him, but if you pin an enemy against the wall and then use the
    glitch to mash and cause the shockwaves to come out much much faster
    than usual, you can easily hit the same enemy many times by bouncing
    them off the wall into the shockwave again. You can easily kill even
    hyper mode generals on Hell difficulty with this trick.
    Nouhime's case is arguably even more effective; her special effect
    is to cause several firework-like explosions in front of her. These
    fireworks have extremely large range. Unlike Nagamasa, they only occur
    in front of her; however, in Nouhime's case if you use the glitch
    the fireworks appear so rapidly that the enemies in front of her will
    get hit hundreds of times before they can be knocked away. Again, you
    can easily kill many hyper mode generals with a single Musou Ougi using
    this trick. Nouhime's fireworks are special in that they cannot kill
    an enemy (they will not reduce an enemy's health below 1); however,
    the final shockwave in the Musou Ougi will. Alternatively, you can
    easily exploit this fact by playing on 2P, having Nouhime whittle down
    an enemy general to next to nothing, and then killing that general with
    the other player. This can be extremely useful if you are trying to
    earn certain fourth weapons, for instance, where you need to kill 
    particular generals with particular characters.
    Both Nagamasa's and Nouhime's version of the glitch can be used to
    earn large amounts of money in the Infinite Castle during Bonus Time;
    see above in the Money Making section for details.
    Incidentally, Uesugi Kenshin, Hattori Hanzou, Nene, and Fuuma Kotarou
    have cloning themselves as their special effects, and so this glitch
    has no effect on their level 3 Musou Ougis.
    Nene's R1+T special technique is the unusual ability to transform into
    other characters. At first she only has access to R1+T, which transforms
    her into a generic soldier. As she gains levels she gains R1+TT, which
    transforms her into a generic general. Still not that exciting.
    (Although transforming into a strike ninja can be funny...) The real fun
    comes when she gains her R1+TTT, which allows her to transform into 
    a nearby unique general, ally or enemy. 
    Upon transforming into a general, Nene gains almost the complete
    moveset of that general. The only thing she cannot do is that general's
    special techs (pressing R1 cancels the transformation). The
    transformation lasts until Nene gets hit. Also, if you use her other
    special tech to create clones of herself first, the clones will also
    transform. So one fun thing you can do is clone yourself, then transform
    yourself into say Maeda Keiji, and then perform his Musou Ougi to do
    a Maeda Keiji ougi with quadruple the number of hits.
    If you transform into Hattori Hanzou or Fuuma Kotarou, there is an
    small bug where Nene's original double jump and Hanzou's/Kotarou's
    double jump stack, meaning you can jump forever. This is more for fun
    than anything else, because sadly you can't jump over fort/castle walls
    or anything...
    Finally, using this means that you can actually play as Shibata Katsuie
    or Sasaki Kojirou, who are normally bodyguards or enemy generals only.
    You can either clone them on a stage where they are the enemy, or you
    can bring them along as bodyguards and turn into them yourself.
    4. CREDITS
    Thanks go to:
    Koei and Omega Force as usual.
    The only website authorized to post this FAQ is www.gamefaqs.com. If 
    you see this document elsewhere, not only are they posting without my 
    permission, but they likely do not have the most current version of this 
    FAQ. Emails to me asking questions already answered in the FAQ, even if 
    the answers are not in the version you are reading, will be deleted 
    without response.
    This FAQ Copyright 2006 to Edward Chang. Redistribution in any form,
    including reprinting in electronic or print media, without express
    permission of the author is strictly forbidden.

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