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    Kenshin Uesugi by Mythril Wyrm

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    * SAMURAI WARRIORS 2 - Kenshin Uesugi FAQ *
    *         Created by Mythril Wyrm         *
    *              Version 1.13               *
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    Table of Contents
    I. Update History
    II. Legal Notice/Disclaimer
    III. About Kenshin Uesugi
    IV. Unlocking Kenshin
    V. Using Kenshin
         A. Vital statistics
              1. Initial
              2. Maximum
              3. Titles
         B. Moveset
              1. Regular attacks
              2. Charge attacks
              3. Mounted attacks
              4. Special attacks
              5. Musou attacks
         C. Maximizing Kenshin's effectiveness
         D. Kenshin's Story Mode
              1. Kawanakajima
              2. Village Rescue
              3. Melee at Nagashino
              4. Battle of Tedorigawa
              5. Showdown at Sekigahara
              6. Kenshin's Dream: Conquest for Kyushu
    VI. Kenshin's Weapons
         A. Spiked Blade
         B. Seven Spirits
         C. Barbed Fang
         D. Frozen Flame
              1. Obtaining the Frozen Flame
              2. Is it worth using?
    VII. Questions & Answers
    VIII. Special Thanks
    IX. Contacting Me
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    I. Update History
    v1.00 - Completed most sections. Will add missing information and in-depth
    strategies for Kenshin's Dream and 4th weapon after working with him more ex-
    v1.10 - Added strategies for Kenshin's Dream and 4th weapon. Updated list of
    sites that have permission to post this FAQ and made changes to several
    v1.11 - Completed Kenshin's title list. Made minor changes to several sections.
    v1.12 - Made minor changes to a few sections.
    v1.13 - Made minor changes to a few sections.
    II. Legal Notice/Disclaimer
    This FAQ is copyright 2006 by Devin McCain. At this time, only the following
    websites have permission to host this FAQ:
    GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
    IGN (http://www.ign.com)
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    my permission or change it and try to pass it off as your own, there will be
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    for personal use, but do not publish it or attempt to turn profit on it. I'm
    sharing it free of charge, so please respect that.
    All other copyrights and trademarks mentioned in this FAQ are the property of
    their respective owners. I do not claim to own any of them.
    This FAQ may contain spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.
    I take no responsibility for any embarrassment, injuries, or deaths that result
    from the use of this FAQ or any of the information contained herein. If you're
    that stupid, it's your own damn fault.
    Got that? Good. Now, let's move on to the fun stuff...
    III. About Kenshin Uesugi
    The following information about Kenshin Uesugi is taken from the Sengoku-Jidai
    "Kenshin Uesugi was one of the many powerful lords of the Sengoku-Jidai period.
    He is famed for his prowess on the battlefield, his military expertise,
    strategy and his belief in the god of war-Bishamonten. Kenshin Uesugi was known
    to also be an alchoholic. He never had any sons but adopted two different sons
    who would be his heirs. He increased trade in his provinces and encouraged
    Kenshin Uesugi was born in Echigo province and was the son of a powerful
    warlord. Kenshin's father died in battle, starting tumult and civil war in
    Echigo where Kenshin's father was ruler. Kenshin Uesugi fought with his brother
    in battle and won, thus recieving his fathers lands and becoming a powerful
    daimyo of the time. He had gained Echigo but had not completly unified it.
    Kenshin Uesugi's unification of Echigo was a slow process that probably was not
    completed till much later.
    Around the time Kenshin had become the new lord of Echigo, Shingen Takeda had
    won victories in Shinano. The two provinces (Shinano and Echigo) share a
    border. Shingen Takeda gained dominion over Shinano by defeating a few minor
    lords and then defeating Yoshioki Murakami, the leader of the powerful, local
    Murakami clan. The Takeda, originally situated in Kai, had expanded northwards.
    Kenshin watched these activities with alarm. Soon after Yoshioki Murakami was
    defeated, he and another lord went to Kenshin and asked him to help them
    against Shingen. Shingen's northward advance had worried Kenshin Uesugi and so
    he agreed to fight against Shingen Takeda. The two lords fought many battles at
    Kawanakajima though neither side gained any great advantage.
    After 3 battles at Kawanakajima, Kenshin Uesugi expanded his domain to include
    Etchu province by fighting various lords there. After this, he and Shingen
    Takeda fought the biggest battle they would fight, the 4th battle of
    Kawanakajima. Shingen won this battle but at great cost. At the beginning of
    the fight Shingen's brother was killed. Shingen's plan was to pincer the enemy
    or surround Kenshin's army. However Kenshin became aware of this and realized
    Shingen's strategy. He surprised Shingen and his cavalry made an effective
    charge against the surprised Takeda troops. Soon after Kenshin used an
    ingenious tactic. He used a special formation where the soldiers in the front
    would switch with the soldiers in back every now and then. This allowed the
    tired soldiers to take a break while the soldiers who had not seen action would
    fight on the frontlines. This was extremely effective and because of this
    Kenshin nearly defeated Shingen. In this battle is the tale of Kenshin riding
    up to Shingen and slashing at him with his sword. Shingen fended off the blows
    with his iron war fan or 'Tessen.' However Kenshin failed to finish Shingen
    off. Nobufusa Baba drove Kenshin away and Shingen made a counter-attack. The
    Uesugi army retreated and many soldiers drowned in a nearby river while others
    were cut down by Nobufusa Baba's troops and troops of other important Takeda
    Though Shingen and Kenshin still fought, Kenshin became concerned with fighting
    the Hojo. He also fought with the Ashina clan, another powerful clan of the
    time. Kenshin expanded his territory again but was forced to retreat when he
    ran short on supplies. Shingen died around the time and Kenshin reportedly wept
    for the loss of a good rival.
    Sometime later Kenshin Uesugi fought with Nobunaga Oda. He defeated Nobunaga
    Oda despite being outnumbered and might have further expaned into Nobunaga's
    lands. However Nobunaga Oda was fortunate and Kenshin Uesugi died slightly
    after the battle. Some say he died on a lavatory, others say he was
    assassinated by a ninja. However most likely he died from sickness since
    Nobunaga Oda persecuted ninjas. Kenshin might have become the most powerful
    ruler in Japan and could have lived on to defeat Nobunaga Oda perhaps had he
    not died."
    IV. Unlocking Kenshin
    To unlock Kenshin Uesugi, you must complete the following steps:
    -Clear Story Mode with Yukimura Sanada to unlock Kanetsugu Naoe.
    -Clear Story Mode with Kanetsugu Naoe.
    If you start a new game with Samurai Warriors save data on your memory card,
    Kenshin is initially available.
    V. Using Kenshin
    A. Vital statistics
    1. Initial
    Life 125
    Musou 84
    Attack 95
    Defense 92
    Ride 89
    Speed 90
    Dexterity 86
    Luck 93
    Skills: Vitality 1 (A), Fortitude 1 (A), Element 1
    2. Maximum
    Life 314
    Musou 252
    Attack 198
    Defense 193
    Ride 176
    Speed 150
    Dexterity 146
    Luck 187
    Self Skill: Omniscience - Guard against attacks from behind.
    3. Titles
    Lv. 1-10: Hero of Kasuga
    Lv. 11-20: Great Warlord
    Lv. 21-30: Dragon of Echigo
    Lv. 31-40: Bishamon Avatar
    Lv. 41-49: Divine Avenger
    Lv. 50: God of War
    B. Moveset
    1. Regular attacks
    These are the attacks that are available to Kenshin Uesugi once his full combo
    has been unlocked. Some attacks will vary if his full combo has not yet been
    S           - A right-to-left downward slash.
    SS          - A left-to-right upward slash.
    SSS         - A straight thrust.
    SSSS        - A left-to-right upward slash.
    +SSSS       - A right-to-left downward slash followed by two sword twirls and
                  a spinning slash. Available at Level 4.
    +SSSSSSSS   - A right-to-left downward slash followed by a left-to-right
                  slash, a right-to-left downward slash, four sword twirls, and a
                  a spinning slash. Available at Level 13.
    X + S       - A left-to-right slash.
    Dash attack - A left-to-right slash.
    2. Charge attacks
    T        - Kenshin fires a blast of divine energy that circles clockwise around
               him, launching the enemy into the air. It then explodes, knocking
               the enemy away.
    ST       - Kenshin slashes upward, launching the enemy into the air.
    SST      - Kenshin does a right-to-left upward slash that stuns the enemy.
    SSST     - Kenshin swings his sword to produce a wave of energy that knocks
               away all surrounding enemies.
    SSSST    - Kenshin slams his sword into the ground, creating a shockwave that
               launches enemies in a small area in front of him into the air.
               Available at Level 7.
    SSSSST   - Kenshin dashes forward at high speed, stunning all enemies he
               strikes and breaking the guard of blocking enemies. Available at
               Level 10.
    SSSSSST  - Kenshin grabs one enemy and throws him straight ahead. Unblockable.
               Available at Level 16.
    SSSSSSST - Kenshin swings his sword and fires a blast of divine energy that
               zigzags forward, knocking away all enemies it strikes. Available at
               Level 19.
    X + T    - Kenshin thrusts his sword into the ground, knocking down all nearby
    3. Mounted attacks
    SSSS(SSSSSSSS) - A series of four slashes followed by a number of sword twirls.
    ST             - An upward slash. Launches the enemy into the air.
    SST            - A downward slash. Stuns the enemy.
    SSST           - A left-to-right slash. Knocks the enemy away.
    4. Special attacks
    R1 + S - Kenshin summons the avatar of Bishamonten, increasing his reach and
             attack power for 10 seconds.
    R1 + T - Kenshin gestures to create an effigy of Bishamonten. It drifts out a
             short distance and explodes, damaging and stunning nearby enemies.
    5. Musou attacks
    Lv. 1 musou  - Kenshin does a series of alternating right-to-left upward and
                   left-to-right downward slashes in a wide area, finishing up with
                   a shockwave that knocks away all surrounding enemies.
    Lv. 2 musou  - Same as Lv. 1 musou, but more damaging and with a larger final
    Lv. 3 musou  - Kenshin summons the avatar of Bishamonten, further increasing
                   the reach and damage of his slashes. The avatar remains for a
                   few seconds after the final shockwave.
    True musou   - Same as regular musou, but adds a fire element and three rapid
                   slashes before the final shockwave.
    Double musou - Same as regular musou, but adds a lightning element and three
                   rapid slashes before the final shockwave.
    C. Maximizing Kenshin's effectiveness
    Kenshin's biggest drawback is his speed. He's rather slow on foot, which can be
    a great hindrance when you're trying to accomplish missions quickly or dodge
    arrows and bullets. He also has relatively few moves that can combo easily and,
    until you get his last charge attack, has no way to effectively attack enemies
    from a distance.
    If you can compensate for Kenshin's lack of speed, chances are you'll find him
    to be a very strong character. He has a large amount of life and a great deal
    of attack and defense power to boot, so don't be afraid to get down and dirty
    when you're faced with a horde of enemies. In the early stages of the game, use
    Kenshin's SSSS and SSST against groups of peons and his SST and SSSS combos to
    make short work of generals. If you have a couple of spare seconds, summon
    Bishamonten before wading into a group or engaging stronger generals. SSSST
    works well against small or medium-sized groups of enemies and those pesky
    Reserve and Defense Captains, but its limited area of effect makes it a poor
    staple move. SSSSST, on the other hand, works wonders against enemy generals,
    as it will either stun them or break their guard unless they execute a well-
    timed roll. Use it and abuse it to make short work of generals who block in-
    cessantly. SSSSSST should only be used in duels, but SSSSSSST does very well at
    clearing out enemies who are directly in front of you. It has the best range of
    any of Kenshin's attacks, but it's even more effective at close range, where it
    can score multiple hits and give you a chance to catch your breath and summon
    Bishamonten as it sends your foes flying. All said, you're generally safe using
    Kenshin's SSST and SSSSSSST to cut through crowds and his regular or SSSSST
    combos to deal with the stragglers.
    D. Kenshin's Story Mode
    1. Kawanakajima
    "So far you have proven my equal, nemesis...but that will soon change."
    Victory Conditions: Defeat Shingen.
    Defeat Conditions: Kenshin is defeated, or Main Camp is captured.
    You know what they say about first impressions, so be sure to make a good one
    on Shingen Takeda. Counter his tactics by heading southwest from your starting
    position and eliminating Kansuke Yamamoto, Masanobu Kosaka, and Nobukado and
    Nobushige Takeda, working your way from east to west across their ranks.
    Nobushige Oyamada and Nobufusa Baba will assault your main camp; make your way
    back to the northeast corner and fend them off before they do too much damage.
    Follow the northernmost path to reach the west garrison, and defeat Yoshinobu
    Takeda to capture it. Head east and make your way across the central section of
    the battlefield, cutting your way through the enemy generals until you
    rendezvous with your allies. Shingen will move his main camp right before you
    reach him, and Sakon Shima and Nobukimi Anayama will attack your main camp. Cut
    them down and make your way south, stopping only defeat Nobutoyo Takeda at
    the garrison. Make your way west through the fog, but beware of Masakiyo
    Norizumi as you progress. Once your visibility returns, run past your nemesis
    and make a quick jaunt to the north to dispatch Masatsugu Tsuchiya. Without his
    allies to protect him, Shingen will quickly fall to your might.
    2. Village Rescue
    "I pity this enemy for the horrors they are about to face."
    Victory Conditions: Defeat the Marauder.
    Defeat Conditions: All peasants are eliminated, or any Main Camp is lost.
    I hope you have a fast horse, because you'll have to stay on the move if you
    want to protect both the peasants and your garrisons effectively. Start by
    heading southwest and dispatching the two Raiders, then make your way to the
    east garrison and fight off the two Raiders who are attacking it. Two more
    Raiders will appear by the stronghold to your north and start menacing the
    peasants there. After defeating them, head west and enter the village. The
    Raiders will shut the gates as soon as you enter; defeat the four of them as
    quickly as possible and hurry to the west garrison, where four more Raiders lie
    in wait. Once they're out of the picture, return to the village, which will
    once again be under Raider attack. You'll receive a mission to score 50 KOs in
    45 seconds; stay in place and wait for the bandits to come to you for best
    results. The Marauder will finally show himself once the mission ends. Keiji
    Maeda will also appear in the east and challenge you. The peasants should be
    able to defend themselves adequately at this point, so quench Keiji's thirst
    for violence and wipe out any Raiders who get in your way. With only the
    Marauder remaining, you'll be free to teach him what happens to those who
    torment the innocent. Make it a lesson he won't soon forget.
    3. Melee at Nagashino
    "Foolish Oda! You are not worthy of the battle that lies ahead!"
    Victory Conditions: Defeat Nobunaga. 
    Defeat Conditions: Shingen or Kenshin is defeated.
    The minds meet in this battle, which sees you and Shingen Takeda facing off
    against the Oda clan. Help out your nemesis by taking Nagashino Castle, which
    is south of your starting position and lightly defended by Nobukatsu Oda and
    Nobumori Sakuma. Continue southwest to the Tobigaru Garrison, which is defended
    by Mitsuhide Akechi. He'll call in Nobuyasu Matsudaira and Nobumasa Okudaira as
    reinforcements, but you should be more than a match for the three of them.
    Follow the path north and west to reach the Maruyama Garrison and attack
    Hideyoshi Hashiba from behind, then continue west and beat some sense into
    Katsuie Shibata and Nagahide Niwa. The Tokugawa forces will appear at this
    point; defeat Toshiie Maeda if you have the time, but don't pick a fight with
    Tadakatsu Honda just yet. Instead, make your way east and save your nemesis
    from Hanzo Hattori, then take a short walk south and beat back Ieyasu Tokugawa
    and Yasumasa Sakakibara. Once Shingen is safe and sound, work your way west and
    clear out Kazumasa Ishikawa, Narimassa Sassa, and Kazumasu Takigawa. Your
    allies should now be pressing the assault on Nobunaga, and their help will make
    it much easier to defeat Tadakatsu if you're up to the challenge. If not, slip
    past him while he's distracted and introduce the Demon King to the business end
    of your sword.
    4. Battle of Tedorigawa
    "Nobunaga! The great Tedorigawa will wash your ambitions away for good!"
    Victory Conditions: Defeat Katsuie.
    Defeat Conditions: Kenshin or Kagekatsu is defeated.
    You don't have the Takeda army to help you in this battle, but you should be
    more than capable of defeating an army under the command of a shaved gorilla
    like Katsuie Shibata. Start by heading south and taking out Nagahide Niwa and
    Nagachika Kanamori. Kazumasa Takigawa, Nagayori Hara, and Toshiie Maeda will
    charge you; beat them down and follow the path to the south and west to reach
    Funaoka Castle. It's under the control of Morinari Ando and Mitsuhide Akechi;
    defeat them to open the floodgates and wash away Katsuie's momentum. Add injury
    to insult by heading north and beating the big ape into submission, which will
    end the...what? Hideyoshi's back? Head to the southeast corner and defeat him,
    then head north and stop Hanbei Takenada and Koroku Hachisuka from cutting
    their way into your main camp. Nobunaga Oda will arrive and send Oichi and Noh
    to attack your main camp. Hold your position and cut them down as they arrive.
    Only Ranmaru Mori and Nobunaga himself will remain now; make your way southwest
    to their camp and be rid of the Oda once and for all.
    5. Showdown at Sekigahara
    "May the heavens guide my sword to slay my nemesis."
    Victory Conditions: Defeat Shingen.
    Defeat Conditions: Kenshin, Kanetsugu, or Kagekatsu is defeated.
    Protecting your allies is the key to victory in this battle. You have to keep
    both your son and your strategist alive until the end, so be ready to drop what
    you're doing and rush to their aid if they're in danger. That said, you should
    start the battle by heading south and flushing Yoshimasa Kiso out of the
    garrison, then heading northwest to stop the advance of Nobukado Takeda and
    Nobuyuki Sanada. Hunt down Masatoyo Naito and Masakage Yamagata, then head for
    the southeastern part of the battlefield and stop Sakon Shima and his cohorts
    from doing too much damage to your forces. The Tokugawa army will arrive at
    this point, and Ina should be just east of your current position. Drive her off
    to take some of the pressure off of Kanetsugu, then blitz north to reach your
    main camp and cut down Hanzo Hattori, Ieyasu Tokugawa, and Yasumasa Sakakibara
    before they put Kagekatsu in a world of hurt. Once he's out of danger, head
    back to the center and do battle with Katsuyori Takeda, Yukimura Sanada, and
    Tadaktasu Honda. Try to take on Yukimura and Tadakatsu individually; they're
    both rather strong and can cause some serious damage if they team up on you.
    If possible, lure one of them into a group of allied troops and let them serve
    as diversions while you deal with the other. With Tadakatsu, Yukimura, and
    Katsuyori gone, the path to your nemesis will be clear. Charge southwest and
    remind him once again who the mightier warlord is.
    Once Shingen falls, the battle is yours. Enjoy the ending!
    6. Kenshin's Dream: Conquest for Kyushu
    "Great Bishamonten, god of war, I must fight alongside my nemesis!"
    This battle becomes available after clearing Shingen's Dream: Conquest for
    Victory Conditions: Defeat Yoshihiro and Yoshihisa.
    Defeat Conditions: Any allied officer is defeated.
    Even with the aid of your old nemesis, this battle can be fiendishly difficult
    if you don't take proper care of your allies and capture the enemy strongholds
    at every opportunity. Take steps to minimize your frustration by heading north-
    east and eliminating Nagahide Niwa, Kazumasu Takigawa, and Narimassa Sassa as
    soon as the battle begins. Nagamasa Kuroda, Kanbei Kuroda, and Yoyohisa Shimazu
    will launch an attack on your main camp, so bolt to the southwest and dispatch
    the three of them quickly. Make your way northward along the path to protect
    Shingen Takeda from Hideyoshi Hashiba, Hidemasa Hori, and Koroku Hachisuka,
    then make a beeline for Yukimura Sanada and save him from Toshiie Maeda and
    Nene. The northern gates to the enemy camp will open; charge in and do battle
    with Yoshihiro and Yoshihisa Shimazu. You'll soon learn that they are merely
    doubles of the real commanders, who will appear in Tsuruga Castle. Unleash some
    aggression on the fake Shimazus along with No and Nobutada Oda, who will charge
    in from the south to join the battle. Yoshihiro will call in Ranmaru Mori and
    Mitsuhide Akechi as reinforcements; ignore them for now and bolt for the Takeda
    camp to save it from an assault by Iehisa and Tadanaga Shimazu. Double back and
    deal with Mitsuhide and Ranmaru, who should be fighting Shingen and Yukimura.
    If your main camp is in danger, make a beeline for it and beat down Toshihisa
    and Tadatsune Shimazu before preparing for the last leg of the battle.
    With all of your allies safe from harm, you'll be free to focus on Yoshihiro
    and Yoshihisa Shimazu. I recommend taking down Yoshihisa first; he's not as
    strong as Yoshihiro, but he's faster and his attacks can still cause quite a
    bit of damage if he gets in some lucky shots while you're fighting his brother.
    Yoshihiro is another story; his combos can flatten you in seconds, and his de-
    fense is so high that he'll shrug off most of your blows unless your attack is
    maxed out. Make liberal use of your SSSSST combo and both of your special at-
    tacks, and don't be afraid to hide behind your allies if they haven't taken too
    much of a beating. If Yoshihiro clobbers you to the brink of death, roll around
    and try to get him to chase you while you wait for your musou gauge to charge.
    As soon as he starts swinging at you, let him have it.
    Once the last of the Shimazu Devils falls, victory is yours. Congratulations on
    mastering Kenshin Uesugi's Story Mode!
    VI. Kenshin's Weapons
    A. Spiked Blade
    Base attack 21
    Element, bonuses, and number of open slots will vary.
    B. Seven Spirits
    Base attack 30
    Element, bonuses, and number of open slots will vary.
    C. Barbed Fang
    Base attack 38
    Element, bonuses, and number of open slots will vary.
    D. Frozen Flame
    Base attack 46
    Element: Ice
    Bonuses: Musou +19, Attack +50, Speed +38, Musou Charge +34
    1. Obtaining the Frozen Flame
    Where to Get It: Kenshin's Dream: Conquest for Kyushu
    How to Get It: Trigger the geyser by running up the central western path. Enter
    the Shimazu camp in the northwest before any of your allies, and defeat, in
    order, Mitsuhide Akechi and Ranmaru Mori when they appear.
    Where It Is: In the hands of a supply team. It appears by the stronghold in
    the Uesugi camp and moves eastward.
    How I Did It: I started by running up the western path, triggering the geyser
    event in the process, and eliminating Hideyoshi Hashiba and two cohorts. I con-
    tinued north and saved Yukimura from Toshiie Maeda and Nene, then traversed the
    path back to my main camp and cleared out the generals who were attacking it. I
    made a quick jaunt to the east and cut down two of the three generals who were
    attacking Kanetsugu Naoe, then made haste to the Shimazu camp and defeated the
    fake Shimazus, Nobutada Oda, and No. My main camp was under heavy assault at
    this point, so I bolted to the southeast corner and took care of all the
    generals who were attacking it. Ranmaru followed me, but I evaded his attacks
    and got Kanetsugu to distract him. While the two of them were fighting it out,
    I rushed to the Takeda camp and took out Mitsuhide and all of the other nearby
    generals. I then returned to my main camp once again, finished off Ranmaru, and
    claimed the weapon when the supply team appeared. Finally, I headed for Tsuruga
    Castle and took down Yoshihiro and Yoshihisa Shimazu. With a Lv. 38 Kenshin and
    Matsukaze, I was able to finish the battle in a little over 20 minutes.
    The hardest part of obtaining this weapon is dividing your attention between
    the allied camps and the generals you have to defeat. Triggering the geyser
    cuts off the short path from north to south, so you'll have to make frequent
    use of the winding path to travel between the Uesugi and Takeda camps. Bringing
    a fast horse helps immensely, especially when you're trying to beat your allies
    to the Shimazu camp. Make sure that you capture all of the strongholds and wipe
    out as many of the enemy generals as possible each time you're near one of the
    allied main camps, or it may be overrun while you're busy fighting the fake
    Shimazus, Mitsuhide, or Ranmaru. I recommend against bringing a bodyguard with
    you to reduce the odds of someone else landing the finishing blow on Mitsuhide
    or Ranmaru. You might also want to save before fighting Yoshihiro and Yoshihisa
    if you aren't certain that you'll be able to beat them on the first try...after
    all, you wouldn't want all the effort that you put into getting your weapon to
    go to waste.
    Remember that the Frozen Flame, like most 4th weapons, can only be obtained in
    Story Mode on Hard or Chaos difficulty.
    2. Is it worth using?
    Absolutely! This weapon plays off of Kenshin's greatest strength while helping
    to compensate for his greatest weakness. The musou bonus isn't very impressive,
    but the ice element and musou charge bonus can both be quite helpful. Unless
    you have a Barbed Fang with a comparable attack or musou charge bonus and a
    demon element, stick with the Frozen Flame.
    VII. Questions & Answers
    Q: Why a Kenshin Uesugi FAQ?
    A: It hadn't been done yet, and I really like him as a character.
    Q: You got all the characters' names backwards! You're an ignorant dolt who
    knows nothing of Japanese!
    A: Blame KOEI for that one. I know that they anglicized the names, but I also
    know that most of the people who read this FAQ are going to be more used to
    seeing the anglicized names than the original Japanese. Therefore, I decided to
    use the anglicized names to keep the confusion to a minimum.
    Q: I fulfilled the requirements to obtain Kenshin's 4th weapon, but I didn't
    get it! What gives?
    A: Make sure that you've already cleared Kenshin's Story Mode, that you're
    playing his Story Mode on Hard or Chaos difficulty, and that you personally
    defeat Mitsuhide and Ranmaru.
    Q: Kenshin Uesugi's a religious nutjob.
    A: That's not a question, and it's just plain wrong. He's not a nutjob simply
    because he pays homage to a god.
    Q: <insert argument for/against religion here>
    A: Sorry, but that's beyond the scope of this FAQ. Look for an "enlightened"
    high school student if you want to argue about personal belief systems.
    Q: Kenshin's new voice actor sucks! They should've kept Beau Billingslea!
    A: I don't think his new voice actor is bad, but I'd rather be hearing Beau.
    Q: Your FAQ sucks! I've crapped out better FAQs than this!
    A: As soon as you find a way to upload excrement, you should post your wondrous
    creation for all to see.
    Q: I posted my FAQ, and everyone I know thinks it's better than yours! Your FAQ
    really DOES suck!
    A: Congratulations! I am in awe of your superior FAQ-writing skills! Now go
    Q: This is the best FAQ I've ever read! You're a genius and a god among men,
    and I want to know more about you so that I can immortalize you!
    A: Yeah, I get that a lot. My contact info's listed below.
    Q: <insert some question that has nothing to do with the FAQ here>
    A: See the second sentence of my previous answer.
    VIII. Special Thanks
    I would like to thank...
    ...KOEI and Omega Force, for creating the Samurai Warriors series.
    ...the Sengoku-Jidai Database (http://sengokudatabase.tripod.com/id1.html), for
    providing a concise but informative bio of Kenshin Uesugi.
    ...Edward Chang, for his helpful and well-written Samurai Warriors 2 FAQs.
    ...CJayC of GameFAQs, for posting this FAQ.
    ...Leo Chan of Neoseeker, for posting this FAQ.
    ...Dennis of Super Cheats, for posting this FAQ.
    ...the folks at IGN, for posting this FAQ.
    ...you, for reading this FAQ.
    IX. Contacting Me
    If you want to get in touch with me, send an e-mail to mythrilwyrm@gmail.com.
    Be sure to put the word "FAQ" in the subject line of your e-mail, or I'm likely
    to mistake it for spam and delete it. I check my e-mail every day, so you
    should receive a reply quickly in most cases. I accept praise, corrections, and
    constructive criticism, and will give you credit for any information you share
    with me that I decide to add to the FAQ. Rude, crass, or incomprehensible
    e-mails will be ignored or shamelessly ridiculed as my mood dictates, so keep
    your e-mails clear and polite if you want me to respond in kind.
    I also use AIM occasionally. If you want my Screen Name, ask for it via e-mail.
    Happy gaming!

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