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    Okuni by HinataHyuuga

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    Samurai Warriors 2
    Okuni FAQs v1
    By HinataHyuuga
                                                   =?D ND                          
                                                ND?:~~:=O8 7                       
                                               Z   $7$+ZZNDN                        
                                                 N NNI D8Z N                        
                                            O $=7$O=$??NOOZ?IZO$7                   
                                           $ I+:Z::~~~ZZD8Z$++?$Z                   
                                          N 7~O?~+~=Z7ZD8ZZ7+~~?$                   
                       O DO?+~O=8OO$DO    Z8Z~:7$OOO88DN$ND   =~=ID                 
                    8,,,,7=88O7+8OZ$$:~~O7 NO+~7$O8DDDDDN$D    ~~+7                 
                 DI=7I=.Z~OZ=$7=IIO8$$~?~Z?NO7OOZ8DDDDDNNN$     ==?$                
              O=OO8O7O=$77$?Z8I=?$::88$O~Z+7878ZD8DDDDN    ZZ    +~ZD               
            N7~Z+?~?+IZ~$Z~?O=+=N7~:,$$I888DZ7ZOOOO8DDNNI$$:+$    ZODNN             
           ZD:~~Z++=$7~D~+=OO~~ON8~I:~Z??DDO?IZ$8Z87DDN$II?=?$    $DZ77Z            
         8Z$7I$IZ+:++I+$=I$ZOZ?ODO~7:$I+?=$Z??878OO7NNNDOOZI7Z    I+I?ZOOD          
         Z?O$~=OO~+:~I~?Z~Z:I$ZZZ$ZZZ:~?I7?ZI8$$OZDDDDNNZ8ZO$$    I7I?I7$8          
       8$I7Z$$7?$Z?O$7Z7?=+?++++77D?=~~+I??NO8NODODN8NNN8DO88O    8I~~~+77O         
       ??$I?III+I+8?$$?D+Z=O?=+~Z?I~:==+++DDO8ZO=O8:ZNNND8ZD8Z     N+~~+=77Z        
     NOII+$+$+$I$7~=77DIN?D~=D=~8$$I~=+++7D8ZO?Z7?8Z?ONNNOO8         =::??I7ZZ      
     DO$$OOZZO7?NOO=7DIN?8:OOZ+=$$IZ7II+?DOO8Z7$$IOO7$NNNN8$O        Z==7I7O8OO8DD  
     ?ZI?$$8O?+$?8$$8Z$7+$D$+~D+II+D.Z88Z88ZO$O$88+D8DNNNN8 ZZO       +$ZO7I7OZ7    
     Z?$?O8DI8II8778O?O7O~=$Z???$$ ,~D.?O8OZOZ$O$87DIDNNNNN            DD8O=+++N    
    O8Z8ZO7?ZZN ?OZD+=8$8777N$OION7I7D,OD8O$$IZ$?8ZID?NDNNN8                 7+?=N  
    $Z$ZOZZ$Z7ON8ZODI,$IOIZZOZ$ZZD$$?I7~D8D$I?IN$OD?88DOZNNN                 ID+7 D8
    ?Z88Z?7$7Z8DD $I+=++=777Z87O7OZOIIOODDNI?Z=ZN=OD$Z8DDNNNDODZ$ D                 
     7IIDDO?$ODON7D=~ =~N:D$8$$?7$??I7=:NDD$7?ZIZ8$8DDDD$DN NN                      
     OO$OI77II8DD$~7ZN:~Z++DOO$I$ZON++O,NND$$?77$8DN$88DDINZIN N                    
       ZNDOOZ7OO$DZDID?O?$Z7~D$=N+? =Z=$?DDZ7==III8ODD$8O8NDNNDNN                   
        DDOO$IDDOZ$$?+O?ZZIO+=8ZZ+7:7=7~DD8O?++?7I$O8DOO788DDDNNNNNNND    DND       
         8Z8ODZOOD8D?OI7D$8?8$I+Z?O==?=+~DDZI?==??788DDOZZ8DDODDNDN  NNNNNNNNND     
          D877DOD7I?DIZD 8D7D?I++II$=8I~I8D$=?+~=7$888DD8O8N8ODNNDNNNN NNNNNNNND    
                   N Z787+I7?I8I?I?++O?8DOZZ$I~~=~?$+78OO88DDD77II$O$$$$ZZZ8DDDDDD  
                              D       DOOOZZZZI=?=~?$Z?IOO8OOO88DNZ$$$77$$$$7IIIIZ  
                                     88D $$$$7O+=I=+7ZZIZ88888OO8DDDDD$III?7$I?I$   
                                     8   D$$7?$?II+~?$ZZ$OOO88OOZ88D8D88DN87I7II    
                                                 $DZ$Z$$ZO8N $D?OD8D                
                                                 777O8DNND     NN                   
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction and Updates
    2. Quick History
    3. Unlocking Okuni
    4. Stats
    5. Moveset
    -1) Normal Attacks
    -2) Charge Attacks
    -3) Special Moves
    -4) Musou
    -5) Other Attacks
    6. Attack and Element Analysis
    7. Weapons
    8. Raging Sun
    9. Quotes & Special Quotes
    10. Legalities & Contact
    11. Thanks and Credits
    1. Introduction
    Hello and welcome to my guide to Okuni from Samurai Warriors 2. This is my 
    first time writing a guide so I hope I do alright for a first timer.
    October 19- Version 1 Complete.
    2. Quick History
    This is copied directly from this site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okuni
    Okuni (1572?-1613) was the main founder of kabuki theater. She was a miko at 
    the Grand Shrine of Izumo who began a new style of dance in the dry riverbeds 
    of Kyoto.
    Check the said site for more detailed information.
    3. Unlocking Okuni
    Unlike most characters Okuni has to be unlocked through a minigame. That mini 
    game is called Sugoroku. While I myself do not like this game, the easiest way 
    to win is to collect your flags as fast as you can while buying as many 
    territories on the way.
    NOTE: I myself did not unlock Okuni, it was my brother.
    4. Stats
    Okuni’s starting stats:
    Title Ingenue
    Life 117
    Musou 89
    Attack 90
    Defense 91
    Ride 86
    Speed 98
    Dex 94
    Luck 105
    Okuni’s maxed stats:
    Life 291
    Musou 267
    Attack 184
    Defense 185
    Ride 172
    Speed 158
    Dex 154
    Luck 200
    5. Moveset
    I admit, Okuni doesn’t have the best moveset, but here it is nonetheless.
    S stands for normal attacks, by default it is the [] button
    C stands for charge attacks, by default it is the /\ button
    Those in brackets mean additional hits.
    Okuni's Battle Stance
    Okuni stands up straight, slightly shifting side to side. She holds her 
    umbrella with both hands as it is pointing off to her left side downwards.
    1) Normal Attacks
    S -           A swing from the left to the right.
    SS -          A swing from the right to the left, causing her to turn around.
    SSS -         Another swing from right to left.
    SSSS(SSSS)    Okuni opens her umbrella on her shoulder and spins around several 
                  times ending with an open umbrella thrust. The final thrust is 
                  elemental and pushes back.
    2) Charge Attacks
    I will also put down the shorted name for the charge attacks, it's a quick and 
    easy way to refer to the various combinations of normal and charge attacks. 
    (Ie TTT = C1, STTT = C2)
    T(TT)(C1)   Okuni throws her umbrella forward and it spins around in front of 
                her as she walks forward, sort pushing the umbrella as she goes 
                along. Pressing T constantly will keep the umbrella out longer then 
                normal. The first and last hits break guard, the second and last T
                are elemental.
    ST(TT)(C2)  The first T Okuni kicks the nearest person in front of her upwards. 
                The second T has her jumping up and whacking them while in mid 
                air, keep pressing T to keep whacking. The last T she opens her 
                umbrella and the enemy simply bounces on top of it. To finish 
                things off, the very last attack will knock the enemy a short 
                distance away and create a shockwave upon landing. The second and 
                last T are elemental, as well as the shockwave created by the enemy.
    SST(TT)(C3) For the first T, Okuni opens her umbrella in front of her, stunning 
                any unguarded enemies. The second T she sweeps low, knocking those 
                in front. The last T she stabs her umbrella to the ground, opens it 
                and jumps and twirls above it, creating a small whirlwind and lands 
                a short distance away. The second and last T are elemental.
    SSST(TT)(C4)The first T Okuni knocks any unguarded enemies in front of her 
                straight up. The second T she opens her umbrella and any enemy that 
                lands on it will end up bouncing onto it for a few hits, keep 
                pressing T for more hits. The final T she throws the umbrella 
                around her, hitting enemies a short distance away while ignoring 
                the ones close to you. All three T's are elemental.
    3) Special Moves
    Okuni's Special Stance
    Okuni opens her arms to either side of her as she holds her umbrella with her 
    right hand. She dances a bit back and forth.
    R1+S   Okuni swings the umbrella as she turns, stunning anyone nearby, 
           eventually opening it on her shoulder, a small orb surrounds Okuni and 
           any ally hit by it (except 2 player) will gain a random stat boost for 
           10 seconds (attack, defense or speed) or a Life Up + 50.
    R1+T   Okuni turns around and looks in front of her with her back turned. 
           Then power comes from her feet stunning any unguarded enemies while 
           giving them increased attack but low defense for a short period of time.
    4) Musou
    Musou is a special attack that renders you invincible. You first need to fill 
    up the bar under your Life by at least 1 level. It is activated by pressing the 
    O button (in default settings). By holding the O button you can use a 
    character's Musou unique attack, one that repeats itself until the Musou ends. 
    By merely pressing it, you are allowed to use that character's normal and 
    charge moveset to replace the regular Musou attack.
    There are a total of three levels of Musou, but only level 1 is needed to be 
    ready to be used. Level 1 is the weakest level of Musou, Level 2 is stronger, 
    Level 3 is still stronger and is accompanied by special effect depending on 
    the character.
    True Musou is when you activate your musou while your health bar is red, or you 
    have a certain skill. True Musou is adds power to whatever level you activated 
    on and gives your attacks an added fire element. True Musou's also gives you 
    an added attack at the end. Double Musou is very similar to True Musou only with
    lightning element.
    O Hold      Okuni throws her umbrella and it flies around her in circles. Only 
                those a certain distance away will get hit.
    O Tap       Okuni activates her Musou and awaits your command.
    Level 3     As her Musou is active, orbs appear around her and give random
                support effects to any allies that are hit by it, much like her R1+S
    True Musou  She ends the Musou with her SSTTT attack.
    5) Other Attacks
    Jump S       A quick swing in front of her
    Jump T       She dives to the ground umbrella first creating a shockwave to 
                 hit surrounding enemies.
    Jump + Jump  Okuni does a mid air flip and opens her umbrella, allowing her to
                 float slowly to the ground, you can move Okuni as she is floating
    Horse SSSS   Okuni swings her weapon back and forth on the right side of the
                 horse, ending with her holding it straight out and opening and
                 closing her umbrella several times.
    Horse T      Horse stomp, if you’re moving fast enough it becomes a jump. Both 
                 of which creates a shockwave that hits surrounding enemies.
    Horse ST     A hard swing that send opponents straight up a little bit launching
                 enemies in the air
    Horse SST    Another hard swing, but stuns enemies.
    Horse SSST   Okuni throws her umbrella around the horse, hitting enemies a 
                 short distance away from her.
    Deadlock Bonus - This attack can only be achieved by conquering the enemy in a 
                     deadlock. A deadlock is when you and an enemy (usually a 
                     general) push against each other with your weapons. A bar 
                     appears to tell you who would win, red is the enemy and blue 
                     is you. Press the attack button to increase the blue, the 
                     more blue there is the better chance you have of winning.
                     If you’re even, you and the enemy stagger. If there's more 
                     red, you stagger. If there’s more blue, you make the enemy 
                     stagger. If you fill the bar with blue, you initiate a bonus 
                     attack, hence a Deadlock Bonus attack.
                     Okuni whacks the enemy around with the umbrella a few times, 
                     then she stabs them in the gut. The umbrella stays there for 
                     a second before she pulls it out. The enemy will fall on their 
                     knees then all the way to the ground.
    6. Attack and Element Analysis
    (Coming Soon)
    7. Weapons
    You initially start off with the Umbrella with no added bonuses. But as you 
    play the game you will eventually get more weapons and bonus stats along with 
    them. The first three weapons come with random bonuses and can go up 7 extra 
    empty slots, those slots can be filled by buying random upgrades from the store.
    To get the fourth weapon you must fulfill certain requirements, which I’ll 
    explain below.
    Base attack:  19
    Dance Parasol 
    Base attack:  28
    Scorned Moon 
    Base attack:  36
    Raging Sun 
    Base attack:  44
    Element: Fire
    ATK + 19
    DEF + 20
    DEF + 17
    SPD + 17
    DEX + 20
    DEX + 19
    RNG + 18
    RNG + 17
    8. Raging Sun
    Complete "The Traveling Dancer" mission in Survival Mode on any floor above 60,
    and defeat Keiji Maeda as Okuni.
    I would suggest maxing out Okuni first, the conditions are simple enough but
    the execution isn't. Get a good third weapon, one with moderate attack and
    defense bonuses (20+ each should do).
    I recommend you max out the following skills at least:
    Vitality    Increases your Life
    Potence     Increases your Attack
    Fortitude   Increases your Defence
    Sickle      Get more Critical Hits
    Rage        Musou Gauge fills faster
    Cutthroat   Every 100 KO's restores life
    Fitness     Powerup items have more effect
    Gluttony    Healing Items have more effect
    You should be able to buy them at the store, just go to Free Mode, select 
    Okuni and Shop. If they're not there go back to the character select screen 
    and repeat. It's up for you to get the rare skills, as they will really help 
    you out.
    A bodyguard your choice, I'll let you decide on this one so as to best suit
    your fighting style.
    The Traveling Dancer
    On the first floor you'll see a computer controlled Okuni, there's some dialog 
    and then you can go up the stairs.
    The following 3 floors have you go through a lord and his sub officers. You must
    defeat the sub officers to make the lord appear and defeat the lord after them.
    All the while you must keep the CPU Okuni alive, the stairs are open but don't
    go through them until you defeat the said lords.
    The sub officers tend to go for you as soon as the floor starts. Beat them along
    side Okuni to make sure she doesn't die, use your R1+S, or better yet Level 3
    musou, to help out the CPU Okuni. If the lord goes after you, then stay by
    Okuni's side and wait for him. If the lord doesn't, then go and beat him as fast
    as possible because the CPU Okuni has a tendency to stay back and fight, 
    eventually she'll be overwhelmed and you'll lose your chance at the weapon.
    There are times when you'll get the same thing twice, don't worry though, just
    complete it as usual.
    Hideyoshi     Hideyoshi appears first, unlike the other lords, and goes after 
                  you. Once you meet him, Nene appears to help him out against you.
                  You need to defeat both of them then continue on.
    Tokugawa      Tadakatsu first appears, after he is beaten Tokugawa stays at the
                  stairs. Go and finish him ASAP.
    Nobunaga      Ranmaru goes after as soon as you start, once he falls then 
                  Nobunaga shows up but stays near the stairs. Go and kill him.
    Shingen       Before you can make Shingen appear, you'll need to defeat 6
                  generic officers, all of which seem to use spears. Then Shingen
                  shows up and goes after you.
    Kenshin       Kanetsugu shows up, beat him and Kenshin comes after you.
    Now on the fifth floor of the mission, if you did everything right you'll see 
    Keiji comment on two Okuni's. Then you'll have to help him against your former
    ally, the other Okuni. After she is taken care of Keiji will challenge you.
    Just getting through this is one thing, Keiji is another. There's no easy way
    to beat him, nor can I tell you any strategy, just do it any way you know how.
    9. Quotes and Special Quotes
    Officer defeat    "I hate getting my hands dirty"
    100 KO's          "Would you like an encore?"
    Musou Quote       "Care to dance?" *Musou* "Phew."
    True Musou Quote  "May I cut in?" *Musou* "You're too kind."
    Victory           "Thanks for coming, I hope to see you again soon."
    Special Quotes
    Whenever Okuni encounters a playable officer, she has a small conversation with 
    them. I believe some have more then one depending on the stage. Also some stages
    have say something about a certain location too.
    (Under Construction)
    10. Legalities & Contact
    As with all the FAQs in Gamefaqs, this FAQs is for personal use only and is not 
    to be reproduced or distributed anywhere else without permission. 
    Only www.gamefaqs.com is allowed to host this FAQs.
    Copyright 2006, HinataHyuuga
    Contact: rurouni_chaos@Hotmail.com
    11. Thanks and Credits
    "Thanks for coming, I hope to see you again soon."-Okuni
    First of all I would like to thank you, yes you, for reading this FAQ.
    I would like to thank my brother for being good at Sugoroku and getting Okuni.
    I would like to thank Koei for making this awesome game.
    Thanks to EChang, for helping me out in all the Warriors games.
    Thanks to Gamefaqs, for hosting this.
    http://www.glassgiant.com/ for making an ASCII of Okuni
    Last but not least the Gamefaqs Message Boards, with all their help and vast 
    amount of information.
    In anyone finds anything they would like me to correct, just e-mail me.

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