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    Musashi Miyamoto by Alvinske

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    *          MUSASHI MIYAMOTO FAQ            *
    *           SAMURAI WARRIORS 2             *
    *      layout created by MythrilWyrm       *
    *         FAQ written by Alvinske          *
    *                edition 2                 *
    *                                          *
    "Only one can be the greatest! Guess who."
    Table of Contents
    I. Updates
    II. Legal Stuff
    III. About Musashi
    IV. Unlocking Musashi
    V. Using Musashi
     A. Vital Statistics
      1. Initial
      2. Maximum
      3. Titles
     B. Moveset
      1. Regular Attacks
      2. Charge Attacks
      3. Mounted Attacks
      4. Special Attacks
      5. Musou Attacks
     C. Maximizing Musashi's Effectiveness
     D. Musashi's Tale
      1. Battle of Sekigahara
      2. Vilage Rescue
      3. Chaos in Kyoto
      4. Osaka Campaign
      5. Siege of Edo Castle
      6. Musashi's Dream - Tournament of Champions
    VI. Musashi's Weapons
     A. Twin Blades
     B. Rage & Desire
     C. Skill & Finesse
     D. Mastery & Vision
      1. Obtaining Mastery & Vision
      2. Is it Worth it?
    VII. Q'n"A
    VIII. Special Thanks
    IX. Contact
    To find a certain section, hit ctrl+f, and just type in the section name.
    I. Updates
       Edition 1 - Started and finished April 17th 2007
       Edition 2 - Made MAJOR changes to almost every section, Contents, About
                   Musashi, Vital Statistics, adding Musashi's Tale.
       Edition 3 - Sorry for the long wait for the update, kinda slipped my mind and
                   got lost in the rush and confusion. Making a few adjustments.
    II. Legal Stuff - 
         Samurai Warriors 2 is property of Koei and those fellers
         The layout of this FAQ is MythrilWyrm's design
         Musashi belongs to no man!
         These sites got Version 2 of my FAQ (I'm too lazy to resubmit all of them)
      Neoseeker   (www.neoseeker.com)
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         These sites have version 3
      GameFAQs    (www.gamefaqs.com)
    III. About Musashi
    There are many specuations about Musashi's real life, as there are even
    more stories and legends about him than real written evidence. Here's the
    general knowledge.
    Born Shinmen Takezo, Musashi is thought to be the greatest swordsman of
    all time. He had fought innumerable duels without losing one.
    At the age of 13, Musashi is said to have fought his first duel, against a
    man by the name of Arima Kihei, a procaimed adept at the Kashima Shinto Ryu
    style of swordsmanship. Musashi beat him to death with a bokken.
    Three years later, around 1599, Musashi left his village (around age 15) and
    began to travel Japan, brushing up his skills and participating in duels. In
    1600 he was involved in a war between the Toyotomi and Tokugawa, in whihc he
    was said to have fought for the Toyotomi's side. The army of the West.
    Musashi disappeared after Sekigahara for a while, not showing up again until
    he was around 21 years of age, in Kyoto where he fought a number of duels
    against the Yoshioka school of swordsmanship.
    He challenged the current leader of the school, Yoshioka Seijuro, to a duel
    outside of Rendaiji in Rakuhoku. (Northern Kyoto)
    On March 8th, 1604, Musashi landed a single blow to his opponent's left
    shoulder, crippling him.
    Seijuro transferred ownership to his equally skilled brother, Yoshioka
    Denshichiro. he challenged Musashi for revenge. The duel took place in Kyoto,
    outside a temple. Sanjusangen Do. Musashi showed up late, as he had for the
    first Yoshioka duel, disarmed and defeated his opponent. (who weilded a staff
    reinforced with steel rings)
    This outraged the Yoshioka clan, whose leader was now a 12 year old Yoshioka
    Matashichiro. They formed a group of archers, riflemen, and swordsmen, and
    challenged Musashi one last time.
    Instead of showing up late as he had always done, he showed up hours early.
    From his spot he ambushed the large group and slayed his challenger before
    making his escape from the dozens of attackers.
    With the defeat of Matashichiro, the Kyoto branch of the Yoshioka fell.
    Musashi had singlehandedly defeated the entire Yoshioka school of
    From 1605 to 1612, Musashi drifted around Japan, practicing his
    swordsmanship. It is said Musashi preferred a bokken in these duels, and even
    allowed his opponent to use their real weapons.
    in 1607, Musashi left Nara for Edo. (Now Tokyo) During this time he fought
    and defeated a Kusari-gama practitioner by the name of Shishido Baiken.
    In Edo, he defeated Muso Gonnuske, who would later found an influential staff
    fighting school named Shinto Muso Ryu.
    On April 14, 1612, Musashi had his most famous duel against Sasaki Kojiro. A
    samurai said to have weilded the longest sword of any samurai ever.
    Musashi arrived late and unkempt to the appointed place, the remote island of
    Funajima, north of Kokuma.
    Musashi defeated Kojiro with bokken carved from his boat's oar to be longer
    than Kojiro's nodachi, an impressive feat by any warrior's standards.
    There are several speculations to why Musashi showed up late, one of them
    being it was to unnerve Kojiro. Another is the possibility that he timed his
    arrival with that of the tides, being brought in by them and brought out by
    them at the end of the duel. And yet another is that the setting sun, which
    Musashi is said to have put his back against, acted to blind Kojiro when
    Musashi moved out of the way quickly and struck.
    To wrap up this section, Musashi did several things to warrant his tite of
    "Sword Saint" and in June, 1645, he died a peaceful death. Leaving him
    undefeated by everything but time. This description does little justice to
    the greatest master of The Way to ever have lived.
    IV. Unlocking Musashi
    To unlock Musashi you must unlock all other characters (except Ranmaru & Okuni)
    V. Using Musashi
     A. Vital Statistics
      1. Initial:
         Life - 120
         Musou - 92
         Attack - 92
         Defence - 88
         Ride - 93
         Dexterity - 106
         Speed - 106
         Luck - 93
         Skills - EleCharge 1
      2. Maximum
         Life - 295
         Musou - 276
         Attack - 188
         Defence - 181
         Ride - 182
         Dexterity - 171
         Speed - 171
         Luck - 189
         Self Skill - Reversal - Counter enemy attacks with T
      3. Titles
         1-10: Untamed Frenzy
         11-20: Dual Swordsman
         21-30: Deadly Artist
         31-40: Great Teacher
         41-49: Unrivaled Master
         50: Living Legend
     B. Moveset
    Musashi fights with his signature, Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu style of swordsmanship.
    Some attack descriptions may get confusing if you haven't unocked all of the
    moveset and because he fights with two swords.
      1. Regular Attacks
    S		-Right handed slash, upper right to lower left
    SS		-Left handed slash, upper left to lower right
    SSS		-Spins to his right and slices horizontally right
    SSSS		-Both swords slash from right to upper left
    SSSSS		-Same as above but the other way, right
    SSSSSS		-Same as above but the other way, left
    SSSSSSS		-Same as above but the other way, right
    SSSSSSSS	-Spins to his right, and swings both swords outwards
    X+S		-Swings swords downwards and out
    Dash Attack	-Four horizontal, two sworded slashes, to the right,
                     left, right spin, and right again
      2. Charge Attacks
    T		-Musashi jumps and brings both swords down in a cross
    TT		-A kick wit the left foot to the face
    TTT		-musashi spins to his left and slices horizontally with
                     his left hand and downwards with his right
    ST		-An upwards chop with his right
    STT		-He pursues his target into the air and stabs repeatedly
    STTT		-Stabs both swords into target, holding them in the air
                     shortly while rearing back to kick them to the ground
    SST		-Stabs with both swords forward
    SSTT		-Moves forward and slashes with both swords to the right
    SSTTT		-Leaps forward and slashes outwards, supporting slashes appear
    SSST		-Slices horizontally outwards with both blades
    SSSTT		-Slashes to the left with both swords, then to the right, then
                     slices outwards with both blades
    SSSTTT		-Slashes to the left with both swords, then to the right, then
                     to the left, then slices outwards with both blades
    X+T		-Stabs both swords into the ground, creating a small shockwave
      3. Mounted Attacks
    SSSSSSSS	-Two sworded slashes, alternating sides and ending with two
    ST		-Slashes inwards and upwards with both swords diaganolly
    SST		-slashes inwards lowly with both swords horizontally
    SSST		-Slashes outwards and down with both swords
      4. Special Attacks
    R1+S		-Counters enemy attacks for a short time
    R1+T		-Refills one part of Musou Guage
      5. Musou Attacks
    Level 1		-Multiple slashes with both swords while standing still, ends
                     with three spins to his right, the last one being an ending
    		 taunt and shockwave
    Level 2		-The same as first level, but longer
    Level 3		-Same as above but adds multiple supporting 'slashes' at his
    True Musou	-
    Double Musou	-
     C. Maximizing Musashi's Effectiveness
    Musashi has no real glaring flaws, save his terribly inconveinent Musou
    attack. During said attack Musashi must stay stationary, as in he can't
    move while attacking and must stop attacking to advance in any direction.
    It really sucks when you start hitting a tough general only to have him
    juggled out of your attack range. Aside from that the only other problem
    I've been brought to the attention of is his Charge moves, which are
    better suited for fighting a single enemy and leave him somewhat open from
    the behind.
    Where I thik Musashi really shines is crowd combat. His two swords offer a
    greater range for attacks and thus strike more enemies. So I recommend
    centering yourself in a gaggle of red bars and just going wild with the
    Normal Attacks and SST- combo is helpful for moving about a large crowd
    easily and quickly, while SSST- attacks are good for clearing a large
    group in one direction.
    Around the beginning Musashi is so-so in both fields, crowd and single,
    but as he grows in level his real penchant for crowd fighting emerges.
     D. Musashi's Tale
      1. Battle of Sekigahara: "I thought I was invincible! I had no idea..."
         Victory Condition: Defeat Ieyasu
         Defea Condition: Musashi or Hideie is defeated
    Welcome to the battle! You lose! That's how Musashi's Tale begins. It's the
    battle of Sekigahara and we all know the Western Army lost this one.
    Start by riding around the center killing mindless peons while people talk,
    kill, and get killed talking. You'll get the mission to "Defeat all enemy
    officers that attack you" and that means go seek them out and kill them,
    they're the big red dots. While doing that take care of the few generals that
    are towards the south part of the map. Then head north, (defeating 100
    opponents and a couple of generals on your way) and Ieyasu begins to retreat,
    intercept Ina. After defeating her, head towards the East and stop Ieyasu from
    retreating. Hanzo will appear on the far left of the map and start downwards.
    After defeating Ieyasu hurry back to Tadakatsu and fight a bit until he starts
    to reatreat, then instantly finish him with one hit! Make your way over to
    Hanzo if you're a perfectionist and beat him, then just let Hideie escape.
    Kojiro will have appeared already and is running around the center making fools
    of the nameless nobodies he's fighting. Finish him off and get ready for stage
    2. Village Rescue : "If all you can do with them is hurt others, you don't
    deserve your swords."
         Victory Condition: Defeat the Marauder
         Defeat Condition: All peasans are eliminated, or any main camp is captured
    This is a pretty straightforward map. Beat everyone with a name. Simple.
    Kill a few Raiders and head to the East Garrison. Kill a few more Raiders to
    the north, and head towards the village. Once in there some Raiders attack the
    West Garrison and you're locked in. Kill a few more Raiders, and the gate will
    open. Hurry to the Western Garrison and...Kill a few more Raiders. That's
    right. Now some more Raiders have shown up at the Village. Kill them, and score
    50 KO's within 45 seconds. Now the Marauder and Keiji Maeda show up. Defeat
    Keiji first since killing the Marauder ends the stage. Then kill the Marauder.
      3. Chaos in Kyoto: "The sword is not a tool of death! You hear me?!"
         Victory Condition: Hideyori arrives at the Escape Point
         Defeat Condition: Hideyori is defeated
    Ah, our good friend and rival, Kojiro. He's up to no good now. Hiring Vagabonds
    and trying to incite a riot. Head straight from where you're facing and start
    swinging your blades of fury at everyone with a name that comes your way. Make
    your way to Hideyori and  Ieyasu will start retreating. Don't worry about
    killing him really, unless you want the fourth weapon, and in that case read
    below in the Weapon section.
    Any way, once Hideyori starts downward, go to the top most road where the red
    guys are. Now more Vagabonds appear and start rioting, defeat the remaining
    generals and then deal with the Vagabonds who think you're Hideyori. Why do
    they think that? Well because you go about yelling it. That's why.
    During all this oh-so-thoughtful Yukimura shows up. His help is, well helpful,
    but not too important.
    Now get to Hideyori! He's in the southern part of the map.
    BUT! By the time you get there, Tokugawa reinforcements have arrived.
    You get the mission to "Defeat the Tokugawa Pursuers" so do it.
    Now you get to fight Tadakatsu again, and after beating him, Kojiro.
    Tadakatsu's at the Northern most part of the city, and Kojiro, the Southern, he
    appears when you beat Honda, along with a number of Vagabonds.
    Kick Kojiro's ass and prepare for the next stage.
      4. Osaka Campaign: "I'm getting closer, I can feel it!"
         Victory Condition: Defeat Ieyasu
         Defeat Condition: Hideyori or Yukimura are defeated
    Well, Kojiro won't be bothering you anymore. But now you've got more problems,
    the Tokugawa are after Hideyori again and Yukimura has requested your help.
    If that help invoves slaying countless enemies, you're in!
    You start on the stairs of the Main Ward. Immediately head in and upstairs to
    help Hideyori, who's already in trouble.
    After saving him, make your way back into the Main Ward's yard. Make your way
    south and dispose of a few Generals on your way to destroy a cannon.
    Now make your way North and East. To the right side of the castle, you'll fight
    Ina and a couple of Generals. After defeating them go back to the North and
    West and do the same to Date and his little followers.
    On the far left is a guy, kill him if you want.
    Now make your way South and rid the world of a few generals, and you'll get a
    mission to seize the Sanad Ward. To do that you'll need to beat Kanetsugu.
    After that you'll have access to the Tokugawa Main Camp, where you fight and
    defeat Tokugawa to finis the stage.
    Get ready for the final Level.
    5. Seige of Edo Castle: "Finally a chance to use my sword to end suffering!
    This is it!"
         Victory Condition: Defeat Hidetada
         Defeat Condition: Any allied officer is defeated
    At last! The final showdown. Musashi's chance to use his sword to preserve
    life instead of end it. Let's go!
    From the beginning, head West, you'll eventually run into another favorite
    character of mine, Magoichi Saika, but this is no pleasure. Defeat him and the
    general with him.
    Continue to the West and then to the South, towards Hideyori, because a few
    guys are coming to shake him down.
    Once you help him out, head back into Edo castle, there will be a little
    dialogue and you will be prompted to hurry to the smaller keep.
    Defeat Okubo to get access to the higher levels of the keep.
    On your way up someone locks you in and sets the keep on fire. Kanetsugu then
    appears, and you knoww what that means? Yeah, kill him. And hurry aout it too,
    because Masamune shows up and heads for Hideyori.
    On your way down you'll have to fight several generals to advance. Always fun.
    When you do get down and out, book it to Hideyori.
    When you get near him you'll be sent a mission to help him escape.
    AAAALLLLLLLLLL the way up there at the most North Eastern part of the map.
    Finish Masamune and that other dude, and then help Hideyori out.
    Hidetada Taokugawa appears then, wanting to go out like a man, and charges the
    main Camp from his spot in the South-East corner.
    When you approach hidetada, a Tokugawa ambush appears and begins heading for
    Edo Castle's southern hidden door.
    Defeat Ina and the guy with her, and Kotaro appears at the escape point.
    When you start to approach Kotaro, he'll make shadow doubles.
    The only way to discern the real one is to sit down and make a plan, taking
    time and thinking about it.
    HA! Yeah just kill them.
    Then the only thing stopping you is the almighty Reserve Guard.
    Well congratulations! Watch Musashi's blade cut through chaos itself and
    prepare for no more stages.
     6. Musashi's Dream- Tournament of Champions
    I'd rather not spoil this one for you, and it's rather easy. If you REALLY need
    help that bad email me, I'll help you out, and if I get a lot of requests I may
    just add it after all.
    VI. Musashi's Weapons
     A. Twin Blades
        Basic katana and wakizashi
        Base Attack 21
     B. Rage & Desire
        Better quality katana and wakizashi
        Base Attack 31
     C. Skill & Finesse
        Katana with beads around the guard and wakizashi
        Base Attack 39
     D. Mastery & Vision
        Large sword carved from an oar with no giard and symbols down the blade
        the wakizashi is replaced by a katana with a jutting spike, resembling a
        Base Attack 48
        Element: Dark
        Bonuses: Attack+48  Musou Charge+35  Range+30
      1. Obtaining Mastery & Vision
          Where to get it: Chaos in Kyoto
          How to get it: Defeat Ieyasu Tokugawa before he escapes
          Where it is: A supply team has it
    How I did it: As soon as I had notice that Tokugawa was escaping, I went
    straight to him and beat the crap out of him. I then went to the supply team
    that appeared and beat the crap out of them as well. Then I escorted Hideyori
    and finished the stage by beating the crap out of Kojiro. Simple.
      2. Is it worth it?
    Yeah, I'd say so. It looks pretty cool and has some good buffs. It IS the
    fourth weapon after all.
    It has the Dark element, which I've been told has a small chance of instantly
    slaying an enemy, and as I said before has a cool sound effect :]
    VII. Q'n'A
      A. I haven't gotten any questions about Musashi yet.
    VIII. Special Thanks
     A. I'd like to thank MythrilWyrm for allowing me to use his layout
     B. All the sites that put this up for ya
     C. Koei for including Musashi this time through
     D. Those who sent me info on the Dark element
     E. Viewers like you
    IX. Contact
    I have since changed my email, that last one was getting too much spam and stuf
    and I just recently realized that I didnt change it on my FAQ, so it's now

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