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    Mori Ranmaru by Yojimbo_setsuna

    Version: 1.00 Final | Updated: 04/30/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *Backtrak- taking you through those classic games you just have to play again*
                           Samurai Warriors 2- Mori Ranmaru FAQ  (PS2) 
                           Written by Daniel Byrne
                           (c) Copyright Backtrack 2007
                           Developer: Koei
                           Version: <1.00> Final version
    *Please note: This FAQ is owned by Daniel Byrne & Backtrack(c) any 
    unauthorised copying, traces, or taking any other content etc from this 
    document is strictly prohibited. Any breach of this on your (the user's) 
    intentions will result in legal action. 
    1.#: Introduction
    2.#: History of Mori Ranmaru
    3.#: Why I chose Mori Ranmaru
    4.#: Skill Growth
    5.#: Attacks/Charge attacks/Special techniques (entire move list)
    6.#: Weapon set
    7.#: Unlocking Mori Ranmaru
    8.#: FAQ
    9.#: Credits & acknowlegments
    = = = = = = = = = =
    Version history    |
    = = = = = = = = = =
    V. <1.00>
    #30/04/2007 - Character FAQ is completed for Mori Ranmaru in Samurai Warriors2
    V. <0.75>
    #30/04/2007 - Upgraded FAQ to Version <1.00> Final.
    #30/04/2007 - Finished skill growth chart section in FAQ.
    #19/04/2007 - Added how to obtain ultimate weapon 'IRON VENGEANCE'
    V. <0.50>
    # 19/04/2007 - Upgraded FAQ to Version <0.75>
    # 19/04/2007- Completed weapon set section of FAQ.
    # 19/04/2007- Completed Attacks/Charge attacks/Special techniques section.
    # 19/04/2007- Completed unlocking Mori Ranmaru section of FAQ.  
    # 19/04/2007- various minor errors with text of FAQ corrected.
    # 19/04/2007- Began Skill Growth section for Mori Ranmaru. 
    V. <0.25>
    # 18/04/2007- Upgraded FAQ to Version <0.50>
    # 17/04/2007- Started Mori Ranmaru FAQ.
    # 17/04/2007- Completed & compiled history of Mori Ranmaru.
         * * *          |
    1.#Introduction     |
    Hey folks welcome to another Backtrack FAQ, i've been in to samurai for a long
    time now & it should come as no suprise that also as a gaming fan i am an
    avid fan of Koei's Samurai Warriors series. Samurai Warriors, often being
    compared to Koei's other battelfield/historical epic Dynasty warriors.
                 Looking closer & paying more attention to detail you will notice
    the series differ very much from it's counter part with much more unique
    controls & unique combos & abilities & whole new styles of play. I decided
    to write the character FAQ's for which there are a lack of those being two
    evidantly enough, i have composed two walkthroughs & this walkthrough being 
    one of the two i have written to contribute to Samurai Warriors 2, the sequal 
    to the first game. So as Lord Hideyoshi might say "Let's get started shall 
    we?!" I have tried my very best to make this the most comprehensive character
    walkthrough for the character in question that you will need, enjoy! -_^
    Son of Mori Yoshinari, Ranmaru was from the Mino province. In his youth
    he served Oda Nobunaga from a very young age, he was extremly loyal to
    Nobunaga & would have gladly at any given time given his life for his lord.
    Nobunaga in recognition of hsi loyalty & great passion to serve him gave
    Ranmaru a responsible post in Oumi, where he also was rewarded with 500 koku.
    Ranmaru perished in 1582 at the temple of Honoji in Kyoto, he died in his
    service to protect his lord & is to this day remembered as one of Japan's
    finest most loyal samurai of the era. It is also widely belived he had
    an aire of femininity about him, which also lead to a "close" relationship
    between Lord & servant & was a typical tradition among the samurai era.
    3.# Why I chose Mori Ranmaru
    My reasons for choosing Ranmaru over others sometimes, is that he has
    some amazing attacks that have sheer raw power! Mearly by using Ranmaru's
    second special technique you can even increase the gain of power at the cost 
    of defence. One of Ranmaru's charge attacks allows him to rush towards &
    through the enemy slicing them in to the air at demonic speed using his
    massive katana, from this you can combo your opponent/s before they have any 
    kind of real chance to hit the floor (providing they are not quick enough to 
    somersault.) Ranmaru's Musou is also another amazing asset to his credit
    in the game, allowing him to clear large crowds of enemies giving much room
    for dropped Musou sakes & other health restoratives to appear in dangerous
    situations. He looks cool & dispite weilding a heavy large katana his movement
    while running on the field is pretty impressive. There is very little not to
    admire about Ranmaru (apart from being voiced by a female voice actorin SW2,
    which quite frankly takes the biscuit or even the whole packet!) he is
    slightly slugish during some attacks but he is weilding a very large katana
    after all! Besides Ranmaru more than makes up for this with his amazing
    attack power, & even one of his special abilties, a lightning fast stroke
    through the enemy (when used properly this can even be the killing blow
    to any officer or warrior!) making him reliable in a crowd frenzy. Ranmaru
    will serve any skillful SW 2 player well & is just as reliable & efficient
    as Mitsuhide, hopefully this FAQ will help you master Ranmaru's unique style.
    4.# Skill Growth of Ranmaru
    Personal skill:
    Skill growth: Here is Ranmaru's growth chart that he has by default, also
                  note that Ranmaru does not have a story mode so you will have 
                  to use free mode scenarios to earn him skills from other 
    Key: --------=free slot
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    --------     Vitality 1   -------       -------
    Focus 1      --------     -------       Cutthroat 1
    Potence 1    Focus 2      -------       Equestrian 1
    --------     Potence 1    -------       -------
    Cavalier 1   Fortitude 1  -------       -------
    --------     Cavalier 1   Element 1     -------
    Grace 1      --------     Ele charge 1  -------
    --------     --------     ---------     -------
    --------     --------     True power 1  -------
    --------     --------    ---------      -------
    5.# Attacks/Charge attacks/Special techniques << The move list >>
    Attack growth: Charge attacks
    -key:  S= square button T= triangle C= circle button
    -Normal attacks
    S     - Ranmaru Horizontaly slashes with his katana to the left.
    S,S   - Ranmaru makes two horizontal slashes one to the left & another to the
    S,S,S -  Ranmaru begins a series of slashes like the previous two normal 
             attacks slashing left, right, then left again all horizontaly.
    S,S,S,S- After making the previous three slashes another additional slash is 
             made horizontal right now making the combo of normal attacks shape up
             like this: left,right,left,right.
    S,S,S,S,S,S,S,S,- After making a series of four normal attacks, Ranmaru will
                      add several additional upward slashes, continue the slashes
                      by pressing the square button. Ranmaru will finish the
                      attack with fast spinning slash of his katana (the katana
                      will also be enveloped in the element of the weapon you are
                      using, if it has one that is.) 
                             *(element attribute applied to this attack)
    -Charge attacks (combos/moves)
    T(can be pressed up to three times for stronger effect) - Ranmanru launches
    a blue shockwave in front of him, pressing the button more will launch a wider
    S,T- Ranmaru makes a clean swift stroke of his katana & a upward slash
    S,T,T- Ranmaru makes a stoke & upward slash as before & then slashes once 
           through the enemy/s.
                             *(element attribute applied to this attack)
    S,T,T,T- As in charge 2 but with a added second slash strike through the 
             enemy/s after the first rapid slash through the enemy/s
                             *(element attribute applied to this attack)
    S,S,T,- Ranmaru makes two slashes then followed up by a rapid vertical slash
    S,S,T,T- Ranmaru makes two slashes followed by the rapid vertical slash of his
             katana then a horizontal slash to the left.
    S,S,T,T,T- Ranmaru makes two slashes followed by a rapid vertical slash then 
               two rapid horizontal slashes in sucession.
                             *(element attribute applied to this attack)
    S,S,T,T,T,T- Ranmaru makes two slashes followed by a rapid vertical slash then
                 once again two rapid horizontal slashes finally ending in a burst
                 of demonic speed a vertical slash to the left accompanied by a
                 blue short range shockwave.
                            *(element attribute applied to this attack)
    S,S,S,T- Ranmaru makes three horizontal slashes taking a longer charged 4th
             horizontal slash with increased power & knocking the enemy down to
             the ground.
                            *(element attribute applied to this attack)
    S,S,S,T,T- Ranmaru makes three horizontal slashes taking a longer charged 4th
               slash with increased power then adding a rapid upward slash.
                            *(element attribute applied to this attack)
    S,S,S,T,T,T- Ranmaru makes three horizontal slashes taking a longer charged 
                 4th slash then making a rapid upward slah finishing with a wide
                 shockwave to all enemies within range knocking them back & toward
                 the ground.
                            *(element attribute applied to this attack) 
    -Special techniques (R1 button + square or triangle button)
    1: Square- Lightning speed slash/stroke
    2: Triangle- Increases Ranmaru's attack power at the cost of his defence.
    -Musou attacks
    (once gauge is full one, two, or all three levels)
    C (hold down),- Ranmaru spins around swinging his katana in a whirlwind like
            motion spining around & around until the musou gauge is empty or you
            release the button.
    S (press), - After pressing the circle button to use Musou power, as an
                alternative to holding circle press the normal attack button
                each time to execute a musou version of your normal attack,
                Ranmaru makes rapid faster slashes than the usual combo
                enhancing range & power of each attack!
    -True musou/musou effects
    (once gauge is full one, two, or all three levels & life is red in life
      true musou
    C (hold down),- Ranmaru spins faster causing the fire element to occur
                    with each hit in the spin "cycle" Ranmaru finishes the
                    attack with additional rapid slashes & a quick slice forward.
                                   (INCREASED ATTACK POWER!)
    C (hold down),- Ranmaru will do either button you press or hold during the
                    musou just the same as usual but with a very powerful burst
                    with each attack of the element that is imbuned (if any) on
                    Ranmaru's weapon. This is extremly useful for racking up
                    many ko's & this applies to all characters who obtain this
    Musou gauge level one- Standard musou gauge no special effects excluding
                           elemental skills etc.
    Musou gauge level two- Once you power the musou gauge up to level two 
                           Ranmaru's Musou attack deals more damage.
    Musou gauge level three-  *Enhanced elemental musou effects added to your 
                               musou/true musou.
    *You must have the gauge filled, an elemental weapon equipped & the skill
    Musou power, or True power  
    6.# Weapon set
    -The following are the list of weapons for Mori Ranmaru, the listing
    starts from weakest to strongest indicated by the base attack power/strength
    of the weapon
      Initial weapon (default)
      no special properties
      Base attack: 21
      no special properties
      Base attack: 30
      preffered weapon
      no special properties
      Base attack: 38
      *Ultimate weapon
      Base attack: 46
      Special properties:
        Life +37
        Defense +38
        Speed +19
        Musou Charge +37
        Range +14
    #Weapon element: Ice
    #How to obtain IRON VENGEANCE|
    !Before you commence to obtain this weapon ensure the difficulty is on hard!
    To get this weapon, it will basicly be a continuation of the events within 
    the survival mode castle, after you have unlocked Ranmaru Mitsuhide's request
    III becomes avalible on floor 41. Join up with Mitsuhide through the ensuing
    floors, after completing his given request another Keiji request will show up
    back down on floor 31, finish this request also & on floor 46 Keiji's "the 
    truth..." request will appear, so accept this. Finally on this mission you 
    will reach floor 50, here Keiji will turn foe & decide to test your abilities.
    Defeat him to obtain the weapon Iron vengeance (you only have to do this final
    request as Ranmaru in order to get the weapon)
    7.# Unlocking Mori Ranmaru
    Mori Ranmaru is a secret character in survival mode, & the only way to get him
    is to make it to floor 31, while also completing certain character "requests."
    The requests themselves get slightly more difficult as you ascend the castle
    so don't rush, take your time to avoid any frustration later on.
    To unlock Ranmaru, clear Ranmaru's request I on the first floor which unlocks
    Mitsuhide's request and Keji's request.ignoring Keji's for now, clear
    Mitsuhide's Request I on the 11th floor which now unlocks his second request
    on the 21st floor. Clear Mitsuhide's request II which unlocks Ranmaru's 
    request II request on the 31st floor. Clear Ranmaru's II request to finally 
    unlock him in free mode as a playable character. Note: Sadly Ranmaru does not
    have a story this Samurai warriors so you can only use him in any other mode 
    except story.
    8.# Frequantly Asked Questions
    Q. How do i get Ranmaru as a playable character?
    A. To get Ranmaru you must first go through the castle & follow the 
       insructions provided exactly in this guide to obtain him on the character 
       select screen, he is the exemption from clearing story mode with certain
       characters & the only other character exempt from these conditions is 
    Q. Can I use Ranmaru in story mode?
    A. No, after unlocking him you must select free mode or any other mode
       other than story therefore meaning he dose not have one within SW2.
    Q. How can i obtain Ranmaru's last weapon?
    A. By setting the difficulty to hard, then follow the conditons outlined
       in the weapon section of this walkthrough, to obtain 'Iron vengeance'
       which is Ranmaru's last weapon you must play survival mode.
    Feel absolutly free to contribute to this section, as of yet i have no
    further questions/problems with Ranmaru so mail me (contact details below)
    to let me know who, where, what, why or when regarding Ranmaru of course! 
    9.# Credits & Final acknowlwdgments
    - Koei for making Samurai Warriors & allowing us to learn further
    about the warring states period in greater depth & taking great
    care & detail with each warrior's story/background/phisical appearance.
    - Once again you for being part of this walkthrough & reading in to it,
      I appreciate all e-mails, comments, or suggestions about this walkthrough
      or any others you have in mind. However please note that abusive & offensive
      e-mails will simply be ignored & will quite simply be a waste of your time,
      but if you still wanna go ahead after all of this said, be my guest ^_^
    - All of the warriors from the era who fought bravely, valiently, & fought
      with the greatest of honour in ever single battle.
    - Friends & family for their ongoing support.
    Any problems what so ever with this walkthrough or any general questions
    i have not already answered, e-mail me at <dbs_darkstar@hotmail.co.uk>
    oh but don't forget to state in the subject line what it is regarding
    Thank you very much!
    (c) Copyright Backtrack/Daniel Byrne 2007

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