How do u get a helicopter?

  1. I need a helecopter

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  1. The difficult way:

    Wait until you reach the mission called "False Idols" (partway through the 2nd island's storyline), and begin the mission with an ambulance at-hand. When the mission begins, ignore the briefing...and just immediately drive the ambulance up onto the disabled lift bridge. You have more than enough time to get near the helicopter that carries one of the targets (Faith). Drive just past the initial large square pillar on the side of the bridge and spin 90 degrees North. Blocking both lanes of the Eastbound side of the bridge, back up so that the ambulance is slightly propped up against the smaller concrete pillar that runs along the side of the bridge. With it angled in such a way, you can get out and jump up onto the ambulance's roof...and then a small jump will get you onto the pillar itself. Get up onto the larger square pillar mentioned earlier, and then the angled girder...and walk up it partway until you pass through what is supposed to be a large light fixture. Look downward to the are standing over a building that has an invisible roof. Sprint-jump from the girder onto that roof, then just wait until Faith's Maverick flies over to you (you'll see it approaching from the West). Just pull the pilot out as you are standing on the invisible roof and fly away (Faith may jump to her death as you do this). If you wait a couple of minutes, one of the other two targets will reach the media building trigger a mission you can just fly the Maverick down to the open area in front of your Staunton garage, then push it into the garage for storage. You have a few minutes from the opening cutscene of the mission to reach the chopper in time, so there is no need to rush.

    Easier way:

    The same mission, but this time with the "Peds Follow You" and "Cars Drive On Water" cheats activated. When the mission begins, just drive on the water over to the airport, where Faith's helicopter is sitting stationary. Pull the pilot out, etc.
    Warning: The "Peds Follow You" cheat may cause problems for you later if saved. It's recommended to just keep a save slot open at this mission and do the sequence whenever you feel like flying around...without saving the game.

    The easist way:

    Using a Gameshark, Codebreaker, Action Replay, or similar cheating disc...just enter codes to allow you to spawn any vehicle you choose at will. In this manner, you can also access ones that are not featured in the game at all (such as the VCN chopper or Hunter helicopter).

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