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    Hidden Packages Guide by Teliko21

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/14/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    A Guide To The Hidden Packages in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
    Author: Tasha
    Started: 11th November 2005
    Completed: 29th November 2005
    Email: Teliko21[at]gmail.com
    Further Info: http://www.leachndjeanesgowild.com/HiddenPackages.htm
    Table Of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2.1 Portland Hidden Packages
    2.2 Staunton Hidden Packages
    2.3 Shoreside Vale Hidden Packages 
    3. Legal Stuff
    4. Version History
    1. Introduction
    Welcome to my first every guide! I started this guide because many people were 
    struggling to find the packages even when using the excellent maps by chunkubis.
    You will find this guide follows the numbering on these maps and hopefully the 
    descriptions will help you find those that elude you. As an added resource, I 
    have maps and pictures available online for most of the hidden packages at the 
    web address above. If you have alternate strategies, comments or suggestions, 
    please email them to the address above. Please let me know if this guide has 
    helped you, I would love to hear from you!
    For every 10 packages you collect, a new reward will spawn at your safe houses.
              10  Packages       Pistol
              20  Packages       Shotgun
              30  Packages       Body Armour
              40  Packages       SMG
              50  Packages       Python
              60  Packages       M4
              70  Packages       Sniper Rifle
              80  Packages       Flamethrower
              90  Packages       Rocketlauncher
              100 Packages       $50,000 Awarded
    2.1 Portland Packages
    1. An easy one to get started. Head to the ferry terminal. Head along the
     northernmost road. You will see a small guard hut next to a barrier. The
     package is in this hut. 
    2. I used a boat and just beached myself here and jumped out to collect. You
     will be able to see this package easily from the boat. Boats are not available
     on Portland, you must wait until you reach Staunton. Then you will find a boat
     down near the docks in Newport. 
     Alternate Strategy: Jackal says that it is also possible to climb on top of
     an ambulance and then jump over the short fence to get this one. Then just 
     keep walking to the scrapyard.
     Alternate Strategy #2: This was sent to me by Adrian. He says that if you get
     a bike you can get over the fence by jumping the ramp that faces it in the 
     construction yard nearby. It is necessary to start from almost all the way
     across the white slab to gain the necessary speed however.
    3. Use a boat to get yourself to the big rock north of the junkyard. (See
     above package description for boat location). Keep walking up the rock and you
     will find the package about half way up on the NE  side.
    4. Head to the junkyard and look behind the car crusher. The package is easily
     seen. It is necessary to jump a small bar to reach it.
    5. Head to the dirt track. The package is located under the El tracks in the
     SW corner of the track. It is hidden in a small dip between 2 big grassy
    6. An easy one to find. Probably easiest to get to from the junkyard. Head up
     the grassbank to the east of the junkyard and just keep going :) The package
     is on the grass at the end of the walkway in a small dip.
    7. This package is on top of the petrol station canopy. A dastardly package. I
     used a PCJ-600 and started from the eastern side of the carlot, drove at full
     speed at the wall in the pic. This sent me flying through the air to land on
     the canopy and collect the package.
     Alternative strategy: This has been given to me by Mike and I think it will
     make alot of people's lives simpler. He simply parks the rear wheels of an
     ambulance  up on the wall on the junkyard side of the petrol station. This
     makes the ambulance higher than normal. He says that if you run along the roof
     you are  able to get enough speed to jump to the petrol station roof and grab
     the  package!
     Alternate strategy #2: This was sent to me from animal_delos. He says that
     there is a ramp in the junkyard over a broken down white car. If you back up
     a PCJ-600, a Sanchez or a Manchez to the far back left corner of the junkyard,
     hold square and X to give yourself a boost start and drive straight at the 
     ramp, it is possible to land on the petrol station canopy without falling off
     your bike but remember to brake when you land or you will just drive off the
     other side.
    8. In a broken down car next to the carlot and behind the Bomb shop.
    9. In the construction site behind the portacabins in the NW corner.
    10. This package is up on the roof behind the air conditioner unit to the
     right of the doorway to your Portland safe house. Get yourself an ambulance, 
     park it against the roof, and climb up on it to get to the roof and collect
     the package.
    11. Out on top of the rocky arch behind Sal's place. Head around the left of
     Sal's place on the grass and keep walking past the benches to the east of the
     mansion, and walk to the end of the rocky arch to collect the package.
    12. On the cliffs to the south of Sal's place.
    13. Out at the lighthouse. You do visit this location in the last mission so you
     could pick it up then. Otherwise just get yourself a boat and head out to the
     lighthouse island. Get out at the jetty on the north side and run up the path
     to the package. It is about halfway up on the left.
    14. Walk around the ledge that goes around this building to the back where you
     will find a ramp leading down to a space not visible from the road that
     contains the package.
    15. This package is only available for collection after the mission 'Blow Up
     Dolls'. Once this mission is completed it is an easy package to find on the
     ground floor in the ruins of the building.
    16. A tough one to collect but you will complete a unique jump to do so :) Grab
     a PCJ-600 and start from the street that has Ammunation and the remains of
     Dolls House on it. Go south on this street to the beginning of an alleyway then
     turn around. Drive full speed up the road to Dolls House. The ramp is in the
     remains of the building. Hit it right and you will land on the roof of the
     construction site. Then just jump down to the package on the lower ledge.
     Alternate Strategy: This was sent to me by animal_delos. He says that you can
     collect the package before the mission 'Blow Up Dolls'. Walk around on the El
     tracks until you are above the construction yard. You can then jump from the
     tracks to the corner of the unfinished building. Then you must drop down to the
     lower ledge from the roof to collect the package.
    17. This package is in the dead end alleyway to the north of the Pay n Spray
     icon on your map. You will find the package behind 2 green bins.
    18. In the middle of the westernmost road, in a raised flowerbed, just to the
     west of the Pay N Spray icon on your map.
    19. In the alleyway behind Ammunation. You will see a small opening that leads
     into a small grassy area. The package is in here.
    20. Approach from east side of block, up grassy slope and package is ahead of
     you and to the right, beside the green bins.
    21. At Marco's Bistro. Head up the first flight of stairs and the package is to
     your left behind the picnic tables.
    22. Underneath the El tracks at Portland View Station across from Package 21.
     If you walk up the grassy slope behind the train station, you will find the
     package up against the wall right under the tracks.
    23. In the alleyway across from the hospital, around the corner to the right.
    24. One of the harder packages to collect. You must use a PCJ-600 and starting
     from Callahan Bridge, drive at full speed up the stairs leading to the El
     station to the north. I personally hit something on the way up which sent me
     flying through the air minus bike. But at least I landed on the roof :P
    25. On a ledge behind the hospital. Just run up the grassy slope behind the
     police station until you are able to get onto the ledge. Head north along this
     to get the package.
    26. Another tough one that needs a PCJ-600. Get a long run up and hit the ramp
     south of the package heading slightly right. You are aiming to land on the roof
     of the uncompleted building to the right of the ramp. Then you can jump from
     roof to roof to get the package.
    27. Steal an ambulance and then jump up on it and then onto the containers to
     the east of the harbor area and to the SE of Package 26.
    28. Hidden in trees to the SE of the police station.
    29. An easy package to get. It is in the T shaped alley just to the south of
     the Chinatown label on your map. There is also a rampage in this alley if you
     are feeling brave :)
    30. On the roof of the sausage factory. Get up on the El tracks (Portland View
     station is probably closest) and walk or drive around until you are above the
     roof. Then you must simply jump down and walk between the signs to get the
    31. This package is on the roof of the southernmost warehouse building in the
     Harbor. Climb up on the roof using the stairs at the eastern end of this
     building and then walk along the length of it. The package is in the SW corner
     hidden behind the left ramp.
    32. In a raised flowerbed in the center of the carpark next to the entrance to
     Callahan Bridge.
    33. Use ambulance again to jump up on portacabin and then jump across to roof
     with package on.
     Alternate strategy: This was sent to me by Markus. He says that it is possible
     to use a bike to jump the ramp behind the fence to the south of the blue
     building to get to the roof. You can then jump from here to the portacabin and
     then from here to the roof with the package on it. The blue building has a 
     flamethrower on it and this building is in the same carpark as the portacabin.
    34. Jump onto the northernmost ship marked on the map and head to it's eastern
     end. Climb up the stairs there and head around to the left to get the package.
    35. Head into the coach depot in Trenton and head to the NE corner to get this
    36. On the last white beam that joins the 2 roadways of Callahan Bridge before
     the water. Drive along the bridge and then jump up on the wall in the centre
     then carefully drop down onto the beam.
    37. In the same area as Package 24. Start from the stairs leading up to the El
     station on a PCJ-600 pointing south towards the bridge. You will have to drive
     at full speed (this includes leaning forwards). There is a ramp just north of
     the bridge that you must hit at a slight angle (right). If you do this right
     you will fly through the air and land on the beam (with or without your bike).
     Even if you don't have quite enough speed your bike will hit the beam and send
     you flying forwards onto the beam. (Re-worded with help from Toppot.)
     Alternate Strategy: This was sent to me by JTL. He says that if you run up the
     right side of Callahan Bridge until you reach the beam that has the hidden
     package on it you can simply drop down to collect the package.
     Another tip came to me from Andrew who said that my strategy might be more
     easily accomplished on a Sanchez as it is thinner and easier to control at
     high speed.
    38. Head to the SE corner of Portland Harbor and you will find this package
     hidden in between the 2 southernmost trailers.
    39. In between 2 green bins at the eastern side of the most southerly buildings
     in Atlantic Quays.
    40. At the end of the western pier in Atlantic Quays. Just be careful not to
     fall in the water :)
    2.2 Staunton Packages
    1. At the ferry terminal. You will see a little dead end road to the right of
     the main road leading to the ferries. Head down this road which leads into a
     carpark. Here you will find the package in between the portacabin and the
     trailer next to it.
    2. Right next to the unique jump ramp in Aspatria on the west side of the ramp.
     It is to the NW of the stadium building. 
    3. Down in the excavation tunnel in the hospital carpark behind the blue fences.
    4. In the raised flowerbed that adjoins the hospital carpark and is opposite the
     Ecoli carpark.
    5. An easy one to get. Just head to the water and you will find the package on a
     rocky outcrop. (Lower than the level of the grass). It is just to the north of
     the northernmost tip of the water to the west of the road.
    6. In the carpark of Ecoli. You must walk around the wall to get the package.
    7. Down in the Liberty Campus subway station to the south of the hospital. Head
     down the stairs and the escalator to the level just above the platform. Go
     around to the left and you will find the package in the corner opposite the 
    8. In the NE corner of Fort Staunton. The building to the south of the most
     northerly road in Fort Staunton has a loading ramp. The package is to the west
     of this, up on a ledge behind the shop sign. You must steal yourself an 
     ambulance and climb up on this and then jump to the ledge to get the package.
     Alternate Strategy: This was sent to me by Tim. He says there is a ramp to the
     east of the ledge. It is possible to run and jump across to the ledge from
     here to collect the package.
    9. Head south on the easternmost road and stop when you get to the bridge. The
     package is on the bridge support on the right hand side. Walk down the grass on
     the right hand side to get the package.
    10. Grab a boat from the dock area in Newport and head north from the pier. You
     will see 2 rocks of differing sizes.You will see the package on the smaller
     rock which is on the right hand side.
    11. Down alley to the SW of the Fort Staunton label on your map. If you come
     through the bollards at the east end of the block you must turn left down a
     side alley to get this package. It is hidden in the corner behind green bin.
    12. On the roof of the cafe. I used a taxi to jump up onto a Trashmaster which
     then enabled me to jump to roof and collect. You can find a Trashmaster parked
     in the hospital carpark.
    13. Climb up in ruined building to the left of the hole in the road (if you are
     facing east) after mission 'Bringing Down The House'. There is a slab of
     concrete that makes an obvious ramp to get to the higher level. Walk through
     the building past the partition to get the package. 
    14. In the carpark south of the stadium. You will find it on the grass in the
     centre of the carpark.
    15. Next to the storm drain (on its south side) just south of the pier to the NW
     of the fire station.
    16. Go up the ramp leading to the pay and spray and then continue all the way to
     the end. The package is between the green bins.
    17. Drive down the road just south of your safehouse that leads down to the dock
     area. The package is on the water side of the overpass support that is just
     ahead and to the left of the curve in the road.
    18. I'm not sure if I got this one in the manner intended but anyway :) I drove
     up to the bridge on the wrong side of the road. At the first gap in the bridge
     you come to (just before the part that raises), I climbed up on the side here.
     Below you you will see a metal walkway. Starting as far back on the bridge side
     as you can, jump out to land on this walkway. You can then just run along it to
     get the package. It might take a few attempts to line up the jump down though.
     Alternate strategy: This was sent to me from Neil. He says that you can use a
     PCJ or dirt bike to go around the curve that heads up to the lift bridge. Drive
     off the bridge close to the corner of the building and you should land right in
     the gap.
     Alternate strategy #2: I do not know the name of the person who sent me this
     strategy so if it was you please get in touch :) Travel up the bridge until
     right before the guard rails (at the end of the curve). If you run up to this
     point and look down you will see the package. It is possible to just jump down
     from this point and collect the package.
    19. Behind the war memorial to the east side of Belleville Park. Run up the
     steps to get the package.
    20. This is up on a glass ledge that runs around a building. To the south of the
     2 parallel alleys south from Ammunation. I used an ambulance to jump up on the
     concrete ledge and then you can get from there to the glass ledge that has the
     package on it.
     Alternate Strategy: This was sent to me by Adrian. He says that if you look
     towards the building with the package on it's awning from the street at the
     west end of the 2 parallel alleys, you will find a small hill that can be used
     as a ramp to get to the canopy and you can then jump to the awning to collect
     the package.
    21. I was on a motorbike while searching for this one. This meant I drove up on
     the median a fair distance north of the package location. The median turns to
     grass and slopes upwards. At the top of the slope you must walk around the
     narrow ledge to get the package. If you go to get this package in a car you can
     probably climb up on the car to get to the median and thus get to the package.
    22. Head down the road that goes through the dock area. Just before you go under
     the bridge you will see a red container on the right hand side, just to the
     south of the raised ledge that leads to the garages. The package is on the
     north side of the container at the end of the ledge.
    23. Drive along Callahan Bridge from Portland to Staunton but drive up the left
     side instead of the right.When you are almost in Staunton you will come to a
     gap in the bridge just before the ramp from Staunton. The package is right next
     to the gap.
    24. On the 1st raised flowerbed after coming off Callahan Bridge. Head west 
     along the road from the bridge until you come to the flowerbed and then jump 
     out to collect.
    25. In the South West corner of the graveyard next to the fence. The graveyard
     is to the north of the fire station.
    26. An easy package to find. Just head upstairs in Phil's gun shop and then jump
     across the small wall. Walk around the small pathway until you get the package.
    27. Head up the road just to the left of the Torrington label on your map.
     Before the road that heads off to the west, get out of your car and get up on
     the median between the 2 sides of the road. You will find the package next to a
    28. This package is by a casino spotlight. You can find it right behind the
    29. In a doorway near the sunken pit that has a giant star statue in it. It is
     2 blocks south of the gun icon on your map that represents Phil's gunshop and
     the package is down the alley to the west of the sunken pit.
    30. This package is up the white stairs in front of a building that is to the
     north of Donald Love's missions. If you look on your map where it says Bedford
     Point, to the east of this you will see 2 dead end roadways. The package is
     to the east of the northern roadway about half a block over. Walk up the white
     stairs in front of this building. The package is in front of the door behind a
    2.3 Shoreside Vale Packages
    1. In the tunnel just to the left of the barriers blocking the side tunnel to
     the north of Cedar Grove.
    2. As you come into the dam area go up the ramp straight ahead and drop down the
     other side. The package is here hidden behind the containers.
    3. Down the right side of the lower dam building to the north of the road loop.
    4. Over on the cliff edge to the west of the most northerly road over the dam.
    5. Behind rocks on the south side of the road loop near the lower dam building.
     Number 3 and 5 are in the same area.
    6. This package is next to the 2nd from right mansion in Cedar Grove. You will
    find it to the left of the house just sitting on the grass.
    7. Walk SE from the dirt area. The package is next to the water.
    8. Up on the rocky slopes behind Wichita Gardens. It is north of the road on the
     eastern side of Wichita Gardens. You will not see it until you are almost on
     top of it as it is hidden in a dip in the rocks.
    9. To the west of the 2nd hairpin turn on the road leading down to Wichita
     Gardens. Walk behind the billboards at the corner of the road. The package is
     near the water.
    10. You will find this package just to the south of the double E in the Pike
     Creek label on your map. It is between the wall of the building and the
     machinery (with the yellow bases).
    11. In the area adjoining the pay and spray in the SE corner of this block.
     Enter from the north road, go past the containers and package is in an area
     enclosed by a metal fence.
    12. Use the ramp behind the police station to get to the roof to the east and
     then drop down to the area full of garages. You will find the package in garage
     number 2.
    13. On the raised grassy area next to the steps just to the south of the pay n
     spray icon on your map.
    14. The package is about level with the hospital icon as far east as you can get
     in Pike Creek down by the water's edge that leads north to the dam.
    15. Just inside the doorway of the southernmost apartment building in Wichita
     Gardens. The package is in the doorway near to a Wanted Star (in the SW
    16. If you drive down the most easternmost road in Wichita Gardens heading south
     this package can be found next to the water's edge hidden behind a rock. If you
     look at your map, you wil see that this road bends slightly so that it heads SW
     for awhile before bending back to the south. The package is just to the left of
     the road after it bends SW.
    17. Next to the green bin near the back wall of the flophouse. This is found in
     the south block to the east of the hospital next to the NW corner of the
    18. This package is in the block to the east of package 17. If you enter the
     block from the westside, you will see some steps leading up to the roof of the
     warehouse in  the NW corner of the block. Run up the steps to the roof. The
     package is in the NW corner next to the ramp.
    19. On the roof of the building behind the hospital. Drive an ambulance to the
     back of the hospital. Climb up on it and then to the wall. Jump from there to
     the roof and run across to get the package in the SE corner of the roof.
    20. Behind the billboards that are close to the dirt track that leads to the
     broken bridge. This is just to the NE of the firestation at the airport to the
     north of the curve in the road.
    21. Hidden in the trees to the north of the airport. It is about halfway between
     the airport and the southernmost road of Pike Creek. It is just above the 'I'
     of Francis of the airport label on your map.
    22. Walk behind the bridge and tunnel entrances, this package is on the grass
     under the bridge.
    23. Use the ramp near the RC van to jump to the ledge around the airport. Then
     drive down to get the package behind the billboard. The ramp is at the
     southern end of the building that contains the firestation.
    24. Use a PCJ-600 to jump from the stair ramp (north of package location) over
     the containers to get the package. You must jump from the stairs as there is no
     other way to get into the enclosed area between the containers to get the
    25. This one is slightly difficult to explain. You see that huge circular
     building in the center of the airport? You need to head to this area. On the
     north side of it, if you stand with your back to the building, you should see a
     set of stairs to the left that lead up towards the ledge. Use a PCJ-600 to jump
     from these to the ledge. Pointing south on this ledge you will see another
     ramp. This also needs to be jumped to enable you to get the package at the
     far end of the ledge.
    26. Behind a sign on the westside of the terminal building. It is about level
     and to the east of the package up on the plane wing. Use a PCJ-600 to jump from
     the stairs SW of the ledge. You will land on the ledge and can simply walk
     along to get the package.
    27. Use a bike to jump from the stairs to the SW of the plane wing. You will
     land up on the wing and then it is simply a matter of walking down to get the
    28. Behind the largest hangar to the SW of the 4 hangars in a row along the
     northern road in the airport.
    29. Down in between 2 yellow and white ramps. If you look at your map it is just
     to the north of the shortest runway to the west of the building to the north of
     the central taxiway connecting the 2 parallel runways.
    30. Go down the ramp to the right of the southernmost runway. The package is
     near the water at the SW corner of the most southern runway.
    3. Legal Stuff
    Please email me for permission before using my guide anywhere. Thanks!
    4. Version History
    14/11/05 Started the guide having already found all packages once. Lacking some
    descriptive detail at present.
    21/11/05 Added some new descriptions and some alternate strategies that have
     been sent to me.
    26/11/05 Added some new descriptions.
    29/11/05 Added some new alternative strategies that have been emailed to me.
    15/1/06 Updated some package descriptions and added some alternate strategies.

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